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What is your favorite song of 2012?

Who is you favorite artist of 2012?

Shelly Dykstra Front Office “Call Me Maybe by Carly Rea Jepsen because it’s contagious.”

Beth Prentice 7th Grade English teacher “Pink because her songs fire me up when I run.”

Kristi Carson 8th Grade “Trouble by Taylor Swift because it’s amazing.”

Haley Gartland 8h Grade “Adam Levine because he is a good singer.”

Gabby Cree 8th Grade “Gangnam Style by Psy because it’s funny.”

Erica Pallas 8th Grade “Justin Bieber because he is cute and has good moves.”

Daphne Jackson and Jillian Musk 8th Grade “Whistle by Flo Rida because there’s a super presh lesson in every line.”

Nolan Duff 8th Grade “Psy because I love the song Gangnam Style.”

Courtney Dunn 8th Grade “Looking Strip by Maroon 5 because Adam Levine is gorgeous.”

Mandy Antcliff 6th Grade “Flo Rida because he has good songs.”

Sam Powell 8th Grade “Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift because it’s a good song. ”

Cassidy Hall 8th Grade “One Direction because they are talented and aren’t like other boy bands. Plus they’re British and Irish.”

Five Top Songs of 2012 by: Amanda Hichue Maggie Duff Jackson Clark Ca’Nasia Herron

1) As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber 2) One More Night- Maroon 5 3) Live While We’re Young - One Direction 4) Gangnam Style - Psy 5) Some Nights - Fun

31% 29% 17% 15% 10%

What is your favorite movie of 2012?


Madelin e Eckerm an 6th Grade “Hunger Games because it’s interesti ng.” Dalton Peevy 8th Grade “Paul because the main character is an alien.”

1) Hunger Games


2) Red Dawn


3) Dark Night Rises


4) Pitch Perfect


5) Breaking Dawn Part 2


Blake Freeman 6th Grade “The Dictoator because it’s super funny.” Hezekiah Slater 8th Grade “Wreck it Ralph because the fat dude is funny.”

Devon Borema 8th Grade “Sinister because I love horror movies.”

Ben Thies 8th Grade “Ted because it’s funny.”

Kara Green and Julia Kwapiszewski 8th Grade “Red Dawn because the guys are tots presh, we love them.”

Jillian Musk 8th Grade “Pitch Perfect because fat Amy is tots perf.”

Haley Wiewiora 8th Grade “The Avengers because it’s a really good movie.”

Josh Huston 6th Grade “Project X because it’s a really cool movie.”

Top Five Favorite Movies of 2012

What is the funniest movie of 2012?

Joeley Jazdzyk 6th Grade “21 Jump Street because it combines action and comedy.” Dawn Mendendorp 8th Grade English Teacher “Rise of the Guardians because I like the Easter bunny and I laughed hard.”

The Best of 2012  

The Best of 2012 - Sailors On the Scene

The Best of 2012  

The Best of 2012 - Sailors On the Scene