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Healthy Eating Ideas

The best yoga & meditation classes

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Healthy events Your yearly planner


Fitness apps

Social wellbeing Be positive and happy

Technology that puts you in control

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Interview: Ricky Cheuk


Chief Operations Officer of Goji Studios

Relax your mind and focus on more important issues

Get the gear Hong Kong's best fitness products and shops


Healthy days out Hiking, trail running and extreme sports


Interview: Sally Andersen The founder of HKDR on setting a healthy mindset


Fitness classes in Hong Kong Ifat Hindes tries out the most challenging classes


Interview: Alvin Cheng Top tips for keeping healthy and active from a personal trainer

26 30

Health kick Hong Kong's healthiest restaurants plus recipes

heart health

Interview: Oliver Corrin

Sort your health plan out and look after yourself

The motivation behind his transformation


diet and nutrition Break bad habits and switch to healthy alternatives

Hong Kong health care Public vs private hospitals plus sporting injuries


Find your zen Meditation, napping and more in the city


Retreat yourself Retreats around the world and in Hong Kong

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Spas in Hong Kong Where to go for some well deserved you time

fitness & routine

Health fads debunked

Build your stamina and explore the outdoors

Is dark chocolate really good for you? We reveal

Cover photo by: Flex Studio

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f you told me a few years ago that I would be editing a fitness guide, I would have laughed at you. But after experiencing my own body transformation in 2016, I’ve never looked back or felt as good. We are in the midst of a health revolution and there has never been a better time to let go of those bad habits. For those of you looking for some fitspiration in 2019, this guide offers a step-by-step rundown to help you start your fitness journey and improve your health. Health is much more than just looking good, it’s about being the best version of yourself. We wanted this guide to reflect the importance of mental wellbeing as much as physical fitness, find your zen in this city on page 34. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some of the leading faces behind Hong Kong’s fitness revolution, including Goji Studios and Jax Coco who share their experiences and expertise on living a healthy life. Get outside and explore Hong Kong’s vast mountaintops while stretching your legs and clearing your head with a range of hikes and trail runs on page 12. Health transformations take time and don't happen overnight, so for anyone feeling unmotivated, don’t give up, you’ve got this!

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Digital Editor Apple Lee

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2 | Healthy Living Guide

Becky Love How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? By practicing yoga. Being more in touch with my mind and body reminds me to eat things that make me feel good, exercise when I’m sluggish and slow down and meditate when life is crazy. It keeps me balanced.

Nicole Cooley How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Running after my toddler helps keep me active, but I also try to go for a hike at least once a week. I include as many vegetables as possible in meals and snacking on fruit gives me a boost.

Ifat Kafry Hindes How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? I think balance is key, I could say juicing, natural foods, exercise and so on ... but without the connectivity of the mind to body there is nothing ... so balance in all things!

Healthy Living Guide | 3

year planner

MAY 25 & NOV 9

Spartan Race

Test your endurance in the World’s biggest obstacle course race. Expect to run, climb, push, pull, throw and crawl through mud and barbed wire. Registration is now open for adults and kids.


MAR 10

With events scheduled throughout the year, MSIG has unique trail challenges starting from 15K to 75K. MSIG Trail @ Braemar Hill on Jan 19, MSIG Ultra @ Tai Po on Mar 30-31, MSIG Immortals @ Pat Sin Leng on Sept 21 and MSIG Summits @ Mui Wo on Nov 3. Prices vary.

Run and hike around Tai Lam with this Action Asia Event. Distances of 5k, 13k and 19k available. 8.30am start. $300. Tai Tong Shan, Tai Lam.

MSIG Trail Running Series 2019

Healthy Hike & Run

MAR 31

Merrell Challenge A team adventure with coasteering, orienteering, running, river running, stand up paddle boarding and special team tasks. Elite team requires 2 members to cover 27km, whilst the Explorer team needs 3 members for 16km.

IRIS Festival

FEB 17

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon The 42km course starts at Tsim Sha Tsui and ends in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. Starts 6.10am. Spectators free. Start Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

4 | Healthy Living Guide

Hong Kong’s biggest Yoga and Wellness Festival, combining yoga, mediation, music, arts, and health and wellness education. This year introduces a new family zone. Iris, Nursery Park, West Kowloon.



healthy events 9am start. Elite Challenge: $1,300 and Explorer Challenge: $1,450. Deep Water Baby Beach.

MAR 24

The Green Run The eco-conscious Green Run has distances of 3km and 10km for individuals and teams. Reusable water cups, recycling bins, simply packaged food, environmentally-friendly souvenirs and e-certificates are all features of this green race. 8am-1pm. $300. Charles K Kao Auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park & Pak Shek Kok Promenade, Sha Tin.

MAY 19


An urban exploration race with no set distance, make your own route via checkpoints and challenges with mission lengths of 1, 2 and 4 hours. Run your own race or form a team. 5.30am. $250. Central Harbourfront Event Space.

Healthy living festival celebrating the benefits and wonders of a vegan lifestyle. Workshops, presentations, vegan food, activities for kids, movie screenings and more. Free admission. Hong Kong Adventist College, Sai Kung.

District Race

Hong Kong Vegfest


The Garden Gathering A 3 day celebration of Spirit, Harmony and Oneness for women and children. Sessions on art, song, dance, yoga, meditation, food and farming. $1,800 for 3 days. Sai Yuen Farm, Cheung Chau Island.

Photo credit: Michelle Procter

MAR 30-31

Hong Kong Beach 5s Asia’s biggest beach sporting festival with rugby, netball, dodgeball, volleyball and football competitions. Family entertainment areas with bouncy castles, food vendors and more. 9am 8pm. Repulse Bay Beach.

APR 13

JUN 13-16

2019 Destination Marathons

Bringing together yoga masters, teachers and students to inspire the growing community of yogis with workshops, exhibitions and classes. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai.

Feb 17 - Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, Hong Kong

Evolution - Asia Yoga Conference

Women’s Five Run

Mar 3 - Tokyo Marathon, Tokyo, Japan April 9 - North Pole Marathon, Galway,

A fun and challenging 5km women’s only run. Individual or team of 2. Additional option to join a 5 week pre-run fitness programme with weekend group training sessions. 8am. Aberdeen Country Park.


May 19 - The Great Wall Marathon, Beijing, China Jun 16 - Phnom Penh Half Marathon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jul 6 - Gold Coast Marathon, Queensland, Australia

Aug 24 - Helsinki Marathon, Helsinki, Finland

Sep 6 - Ladakh Marathon & Ultra, Ladakh, India Oct 13 - Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago, USA

AUG 15-19

Beauty & Wellness Expo Look good and feel great with the latest in healthcare products, smart gear and health foods. $10. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai.

Nov 24 - Mount Fuji Marathon, Tokyo, Japan

Dec 1 - Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Singapore

Healthy Living Guide | 5

health revolution

There’s an app for that Technology that puts you in control of your health

Recent advances in technology offer the opportunity for increased control over wellbeing, more preventative and treatment options, and ultimately less visits to the doctor’s. Products and apps on the market give you the power to gain a better understanding and more control over your health. Take a healthy leap in the right direction with these apps.

MyFitnessPal Keep on top of your calorie count and make sure you are putting the right nutrients into your body. MyFitnessPal helps you record your physical activity and meals, to help you set targets including daily protein, carbohydrate and fat intake as well as micronutrients all of which are vital to a healthy diet.

SleepCycle Sleep plays a crucial role in our health and wellbeing, without it your body won't have time to heal and repair itself. It’s recommended to get eight hours of quality sleep each night, Sleep Cycle tracks your heart rate while you sleep to help you better understand your sleeping habits. The app also wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, helping you maximise your sleep time and wake up feeling well-rested.

6 | Healthy Living Guide


Daily Yoga

Find your inner peace with meditation plans, sleep stories and guided videos to help you relax and stay calm. In the topsy-turvy technology world in which we now live, this app came before the much-acclaimed book, Calm.

With one of the world’s largest database of yoga poses and routines, you’ll be able to improve your ability and fitness from the comfort of your own home. With videos and 30-day challenges, you can set goals, create routines and learn new postures. The app also tracks your activity, calories burned and access to other users to help motivate you to keep going.

Clue Keeping up to date on your monthly cycle has never been easier. With Clue women can track their periods and ovulation cycle, the more information you put into the app, the more accurate advice and data will be. This app takes the mystery out of your menstrual cycle.

Fiit Known as the ‘Netflix of fitness apps’, Fiit provides interactive classes for its users making it easier to workout whenever and wherever you go. When you sign up for the app you’ll receive a heartmonitoring chest strap, which links up to the app and tracks your progress while you workout. These real-time performance stats will help you stay motivated throughout your workout.

fertility tracker

Five minutes with Lea von Bidder Co-founder of Ava, the menstrual and fertility tracker, revolutionising women's health What is it? The Ava bracelet is a medical device that helps women track their monthly cycle. It’s worn only when sleeping, and it measures key physiological parameters including pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability and temperature. Users simply wear the bracelet at night and sync it with the Ava app in the morning. Predictive algorithms then provide personalised data about menstrual cycle, fertile windows and pregnancy. There are only six days a month when it’s possible to conceive and Ava has been clinically proven by the University of Zurich to recognize 5.3 of these days with 89% accuracy.

What makes Ava different? Because Ava measures physiological factors that are directly impacted by the reproductive hormones estradiol and progesterone, it is

unlike any other cycle tracking device or app currently on the market. Sensors in the Ava bracelet collect data and can detect your fertile window, physiological stress levels, sleep quality and more.

Who is it for? This bracelet is suitable for women of all ages who want to learn more about their body whether they want customized data about their health, are trying to conceive, or are trying to monitor their pregnancy. (Ava has not been tested with certain diagnosed conditions that interrupt normal ovulation such as polycystic ovary syndrome or hypothalamic amenorrhea). Ava has helped more than 16,000 women become pregnant since it launched in America in 2016. Since launching in Hong Kong, the team have received a lot of queries about how Ava can help measure physiological levels of stress. Hong Kong is such a fast-paced city and the women here can benefit from the customized health insight that Ava offers.

Healthy Living Guide | 7

goji studios

Gym talk: Goji Studios Fitness tips from Ricky Cheuk, Chief Operations Officer at Goji Studios What is your fitness background?

What is your advice for people starting their fitness journey?

Are you planning on expanding Goji Studios?

Growing up in Canada I played a lot of sports, when I moved to Hong Kong as a teenager I started playing rugby and loved it. I played for the Hong Kong National Team but decided to retire from professional rugby after multiple knee injuries and joined the fitness industry.

Start by setting small and realistic goals and build up gradually. Some people aim to lose a massive amount of weight or get a six-pack in a short period of time. If your goals aren’t realistic then you are bound to give up. Once you see some results you have the motivation to do even more.

We recently launched Goji Elite, our eighth location in Sai Ying Pun and we are looking to open another two to three locations in Hong Kong. We are also looking to expand into China in the near future as we see many exciting opportunities across the border. Stay tuned!

How important do you think it is to make fitness affordable for everyone? We are very lucky to have so many hiking trails and other outdoor activities in Hong Kong, but it’s still a bustling commercial centre with a time-strapped, workaholic culture. Making it important for fitness and living healthily to be accessible and affordable.

What’s your top tip to help people to lead a healthy lifestyle? Find a healthy activity that you’re passionate about so it can become a habit instead of a chore. It also helps to find a training partner so you can support, push and motivate each other regularly.

How is Goji Studios making an impact in Hong Kong’s health revolution? Our goal is to make health and fitness accessible to everyone and to help people understand that it’s more than just working out, It’s about being active and eating well and adhering to the golden 30/70 rule – 30% training and 70% nutrition.

How did you decide on the name Goji and what does it mean? We chose the name “Goji”, as in the goji berry, for its positive associations in terms of longevity, wellness and energy. The goji berry has also long been linked with Asian culture due to its use in Chinese soups and other Asian cuisines.

How does Goji help give its members incentive to visit on a regular basis? We know it’s always hard to get back into a regular fitness routine after the holidays. By launching a “Check-in for Rewards” program our members can redeem rewards the more they visit our clubs, giving them an extra incentive to get back into their fitness routine.

8 | Healthy Living Guide

fitness products

Active Yoga Mat $90 from Cotton On

Adidas NMD R1 Womens shoes $1,099 from footlocker

Adagio Leggings in Burgundy $700 from Pure Apparel Versa Woven Lavender Band $1,998 from FitBit


Back Beat Fit 305 $558.60 from Plantronics

Where to get your fitness fashion and 2019’s top trends Juno High Impact Sports Bra $490 from Brooks

Hock Rotator 2 Jump Rope $1,200 from Lane Crawford

Kinesiology Pre Cut Tape $115 from Mueller online.escapade.

Hock Ropa Expander 8mm $2,200 from Lane Crawford Endurolyte Fizz Mango $59 from Hammer

Smart SodaMagic Machine $1480 from SodaMagic

Hock Vluv Veel Seating Ball $1,800 from Lane Crawford

10 | Healthy Living Guide

gym bunny

Marathon Sports If you’re looking for a onestop-shop, then Marathon Sports is the one for you. With a large selection of brands, shoes and fitness products and accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Shop 40 Tung Ming Building, Des Voeux Road, Central.

Cotton On

Pure Apparel

For fashionable and affordable workout clothes, Cotton On’s Body collection is great for those starting out in the fitness world. The collections allow shoppers to mix and match their outfits and follow trends without breaking the bank. Shop 2-10 D'aguailar Street, Central.

Founded in Hong Kong, Pure Apparel is a part of Pure Fitness gyms, located around the city. By using eco-friendly fabrics, you can take charge of your workout while helping the environment, all while looking great! Kinwick Centre, 3/F, 32 Hollywood Road, Central.

Lululemon A staple in the activewear community over the past few years, Lululemon is extremely popular for their unique and stylish leggings and yoga mats, giving people the chance to express themselves even while hitting the gym. IFC, Shop 1098B, 8 Finance Street, Central.

Healthy Living Guide | 11

healthy days out

A breath of fresh air Healthy activities and days out to give you an adrenaline rush

12 | Healthy Living Guide

Photo credit: Hong Kong Hikers

take a hike

Healthy Living Guide | 13

healthy days out

Hike to it

Twin Peaks and Violet Hill Distance: 4.8km Duration: 2- 3 hours Difficulty: How to get there: Take bus 6 or 66 from Exchange Square to Parkview (at Tai Tam Reservoir Road bus stop). If you’re looking for a challenge then Twin Peaks and Violet Hill is the hike for you. This workout packs a serious punch and is known as the Terrible Twins for its seemingly neverending series of steps (over 1,000 actually). We strongly advise doing the hike this way round (from Parkview to Stanley).As when you’re halfway up the first peak, thinking you should have gone for brunch instead, the visions of Stanley’s food, drink and gentle ocean breeze will keep you going. The first peak is much harder than the second. You begin the hike with an ascent up Violet Hill—barely a warm up for what’s to come.

Dragon’s Back Distance: 8.5 km Duration: 3 hours Difficulty: How to get there: From Exit A3 at Shau Kei Wan MTR station, take bus 9 to To Tei Wan on Shek O Road. The hike starts up the stairs as soon as you get off the bus. This iconic Hong Kong hike is a must for all residents and visitors! The Dragon’s Back gets its unique and powerful name from its hilltop undulations, spanning between between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O Peak. The hike offers spectacular views of the Shek O mansions, beautiful beaches and the glistening South China Sea and can be tackled at anytime of the day. With the finishing point at Tai Long Wan, better known as Big Wave Bay, you can cool off and relax before heading home. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit!

Suicide Cliff at Kowloon Peak Distance: 8km Duration: 3.5 hours Difficulty: How to get there: Minibus 1 from Telford Gardens, 1A from Rhythm Garden, get off at Fei Ngo Shan Road. Standing at 603 metres high, Kowloon Peak offers panoramic views of bustling Victoria Harbour from one direction and serene Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay from the other. The hike starts with a steep incline up the mountain for around an hour before you reach the summit. Once there you can follow the trail down to Suicide Cliff (called so because of its rocky feature which resembles a diving board), where you’ll find a picturesque scene of Hong Kong island from above, far better than any rooftop bar! From this point you can head back down to Choi Hung, take care when going downhill as the path can be slippery with loose rocks along the way.

Three Fathoms Cove Distance: 12.1km Duration: 4.5 hours Difficulty: How to get there: From Sai Kung Pier, take minibus 7 to Sai Kung Country Park and alight at Pak Sha O Youth Hostel, on Hoi Ha Road, a few stops before the end of the route. The hike begins at Pak Sha O Youth hostel, with historic sites along the way, including a restored Hakka village that feels lost in time. Although starting off slowly the hike becomes a bit more challenging upon reaching a path to Sham Chung, with dirt trailing replacing the concrete paths and streams gushing down. Once you reach Sham Chung you’ll be greeted with open grassland and a golf course, perfect for picnics. Cross the meadow and follow the concrete path towards the pier, where a ferry calls twice a day on its way to Ma Liu Shui or Wong Shek Pier. The next section follows the coast of Three Fathoms Cove, skirting the rocky foreshore and mangroves. Where the path runs next to the mangrove, look for crabs scurrying between the roots and jittery mudskippers keeping their eyes above water.

14 | Healthy Living Guide

take a hike

Trail running Barker Road to the Peak Distance: 8.85km Difficulty: With a stunning backdrop of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline, this run will feel less like a workout and more like a photo opportunity. The trail has a slight incline, making it great for toning those calf muscles, with hardly anyone around!

Kei Ling Ha to Sha Tin Pass

Tai Hang/Black’s Link/ Bowen Road loop

Distance: 16.7km Difficulty:

Distance: 7km Difficulty:

Make a day trip out of your run and escape up into the hills and away from the hustle and bustle. As part of the Maclehose Trail, runners can enjoy scenic landscapes and challenging hills throughout their journey, making reaching the top that much more victorious, before heading down towards Sha Tin.

Connecting seven main points this trial will take your past Happy Valley Racecourse and Mount Cameron. This is a medium length trail with a mixture of steep up and down hills, perfect for early mornings or later afternoons, it’s bound to get your pulse racing!

Wan Chai to Aberdeen Upper Reservoir Distance: 4.46km Difficulty:

Trail running tips for beginners from avid runner Jack Wyse •

Don't feel like you need to buy all the kit. A good pair of trainers and a bottle of water is all you need.

Go easy at first because the humidity can be stifling; evening runs are more comfortable.

Join a running group that matches your ability; it's a great way to meet people and stay motivated.”

This relaxed and scenic route will take you through Aberdeen Country Park and around the upper reservoir. With smooth ground most of the way and convenient start and end points close to MTR stations, this trail wont take up your whole day, making it a great morning workout.

Healthy Living Guide | 15

healthy days out

Extreme Sports



Who needs Hawaii, when you can learn to surf right here in Hong Kong! Join a group or take a solo lesson and get to know the rules of the water with Surf Hong Kong. Sai Kung is home to Tai Long Sai Wan, one of Hong Kong’s best surfing spots so there is no better time to get out there and start learning.

Conquer new heights and soar through the sky this new year! Yuen Kit has been a paragliding instructor for over 15 years and offers a range of courses and experiences for people to learn. A full course with Kit includes P1 (flying with other experienced flyers) and P2 (flying solo).

16 | Healthy Living Guide

take a jump

Mountain biking


Tackle the trails like never before, on a mountain bike. Crosscountry HK offers riders skill training and guided rides on beginner, intermediate and expert trails across Hong Kong. The company provides the bikes but riders must bring gear including a helmet, gloves and leg or elbow pads.

Feel like getting wet and wild? No this isn't a pool party, try flyboarding! A flyboard is a cross between a snowboard and a wakeboard, attached to a jetski. The contraption shoots riders over 40 feet up into the air. Flyboard HK offers piloting courses for beginners and training for intermediate and advanced riders. Session are 60 minutes long.

Healthy Living Guide | 17


set healthy intentionS Sally Anderson, founder of HKDR on a healthy mindset I've always led an active life, starting with my passion for horse riding from early childhood until I moved to Hong Kong in 1984 and became an aerobics fanatic (this was the 80's and the Jane Fonda era), then more recently my daily dog walking has kept me physically fit in later life. In the 1990s I set up and ran the New Age Shop in Old Bailey Street, I learned about the power of the mind and its importance in day to day life. In fact it was after taking a course in (self) mind control that things really changed in my life and I understood that health isn't just about diet or exercising. I realised that the power of thought could make a huge difference, being able to control my thoughts and not allow negativity to overwhelm me when things get tough has been incredibly important over the years. During my New Age Shop days I also became familiar with health supplements and

18 | Healthy Living Guide

how they can help in many ways, and I still take my daily dose of greens and nutrients to make sure I keep my internal body healthy. I gave up eating meat in the 80's, becoming fully vegan in the past couple of years, and although it's been a struggle up until recently I'm delighted to see the general shift towards a plant-based diet. My life with dogs has also forced me to realise that material possessions mean nothing,

and now that I'm edging closer to my seventies there's a sense of freedom in not really caring about things that don't matter. I'm sure everyone has regrets, but I focus on the positive and consider myself to be extremely lucky despite my very unorthodox lifestyle and lack of money or luxuries. I have my health, and work that is fulfilling and rewarding even if a rest now and then would be nice.

Healthy Living Guide | 19

fitness classes

Fitspiration Health and wellness editor, Ifat Hindes puts Hong Kong’s fitness classes to the test

BounceLimit Rebounder Training Studio The first rebounding fitness studio in Hong Kong to have twenty mini trampolines set up in the studio. Rebounding is stated by NASA as “the most effective form of exercise devised by man”. Bounce Limit offers more than ten different types of classes focusing on body function and weight including TRX Bounce, Combat Bounce and Bounce Pilates. Thorough body workouts, can help you burn up to 1000 calories per class. Bouncelimit states that rebounding ‘absorbs up to 85% of the impact on your knees’ giving you the ability to exercise with ease, which is perfect for those suffering from healed sports related injuries. Each class stimulates lymphatic fluid and helps to detox the body. The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan.

20 | Healthy Living Guide

Pure Fitness With a goal to inspire and help people to lead healthier, happier lives, Pure Fitness offers clients a wide variety of training methods and equipment. With nine locations across the city, including Central, Mong Kok and Repulse Bay, you can enjoy a convenient and

professional space to work out and improve your fitness. They also offer complimentary workout gear, towels and toiletries in each location, making it easy to enjoy a spontaneous workout! 18/F California Tower 32 D'Aguilar Street, Central.

flex those muscles

POUND Sweat, Sculpt, Rock is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Perfect for those who love a good energised rock out. By using weighted drumsticks, POUND combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and Pilates inspired movements. The POUND songs last from two to four minutes and are carefully curated with sequences to burn fat by high intensity workouts. Up to 900 calories can be burned per hour of this class. Every instructor is trained to provide different versions for different levels, be it beginner or more intense. Instructors encourage their students to express their aggression through their drumming to relieve pressure and stress, a perfect alternative to boxing. Those who leave a pound class will feel refreshed. Classes held at XP Fitness Hub, 4/F Li Dong Building,No. 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central

DEF Boxing Established in 2002, DEF Boxing is well known as one of Hong Kong’s premier boxing gyms and is home to Hong Kong’s very own professional boxer Rex Tso. Def Boxing states no matter your reason for choosing them, be it to get in shape, learn self-defence or simply unwind, they offer space for all. The coaches work closely with you to tailor classes to suit your needs and goals weather in personal training or in their unique Circuit8 training classes. They offer a supportive, nonjudgmental environment for people to learn. DEF Boxing is for all ages, including children. DEF Boxing, B/F 125 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan.

Healthy Living Guide | 21

fitness classes

Flex Studio Offering a range of classes and fitness sessions, including yoga, AntiGravity Fitness and Barre, Flex can cater to everyone's fitness needs. Since opening in 2005, the brand has expanded to two locations; one in Southside and one in Central, as well as increasing their extensive list of classes. The studio is co-directed by former professional ballet dancer Anna Serafinas Luk and Pilates and yoga guru, Heather Thomas Shalabi. 3F and 4F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central.

4D PRO Bungee Fitness Newly opened in December 2018 by Dr Gharavi, a renowned trainer for Olympic athletes, 4D PRO Bungee is a body suspension sling in which you use your body weight to train. The focus is on helping you use your own body weight to train your muscles to move faster and independently, forcing you to engage every muscle with every bounce whilst trying to steady yourself. In the first few classes you will have six basic moves and once you get confidence in those areas, you move on to over a hundred advance stage exercises. 4D PRO Bungee Fitness, 15/F, 83 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai.

22 | Healthy Living Guide

flex those muscles

Hong Kong Self Defence Established by Krav Maga Expert & Martial Artist, Donovan Ryan in 2015. Hong Kong Self Defence empowers people to be safe, fit, healthy and confident via Self Defence training. Donovan's vision was to create an environment where individuals can learn how to protect themselves in an encouraging environment while creating a community of friendships, fitness and spirit. They offer a range of self defence classes including Kids Anti Bullying and Self Defence programs for kids, Corporate Programs and Comprehensive weekly training programs. 110-116, Wings Building, 2/F, Queen's Road Central.

Barre 2 Barre Barre 2 Barre features the BarreAmped method - one of today's hottest workouts. The workout incorporates techniques of dance, yoga and the precision and core integration of Pilates. BarreAmped produces lengthening and chiselling results fast, using small isolated holds with tiny movements and tremendous mental concentration. Expect a challenge and prepare to leave feeling calmly energized with this handson, personal group training session. BarreAmped also focuses on form and neutral spine alignment, to protect the integrity of the body’s alignment and facilitate circulation through the numerous nerve endings along the spine. For those wanting to have a deeper connection with mind and body, these classes at Barre 2 Barre are perfect. Barre 2 Barre Studio, 4/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane Street, Central.

Healthy Living Guide | 23

fitness classes

Up Fitness At 9,000 square feet personal training gym, it focuses on getting the best results for clients. The founder Nick Mitchell, wanted to create a place where people knew they could get results, and opened the first UP location in London in 2009. The brand states; “At UP we believe in constant improvement and are forever working on refining our methodologies and approaches, both internally with clients and in a commercial context.� With state of the art muscle building and fat loss machines and other equipment, you can receive maximum results in very little time. 3rd Floor Unicorn Trade Centre 127-131 Des Veoux Road, Central.

Kangoo Dance and Kangoo power Kangoo Dance is a safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic program accompanied by music, for people of all ages and fitness levels. Teaching students effective jump techniques, to improve core stability, build muscular strength and increase cardio-respiratory endurance. Depending on your fitness level you can opt for a complex or basic workout, the gym can even cater to those with previous joint injuries. Seasoned athletes can also benefit from the plyometric nature of this program and can request for high-intensity sessions. Kangoo Power is a highly motivating interval training program comprised of a series of simple exercise progressions. These movements are repeated at various levels of intensity and then combined. The result is a chain of movements that are linked together to form a nonstop multi-level workout. Classes held at XP Fitness Hub, 4/F Li Dong Building, No. 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central.

Goji Studios Goji founders saw an increasing demand for a complete approach to fitness and martial arts training in Hong Kong that included technique work, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and recovery for their clients. Goji Elite prides itself of offering something for everyone regardless of age, gender or experience. Younibody is Goji’s sister company offering a wide range of nutritional products and services that support your health goals. With an understanding that every body type is unique and bodies operate and recover in different ways. Younibody creates customised nutrition and meal plans that dig deep by studying your DNA, backed by scientific data then can plan your unique fitness regime. Goji Studios, 11/F-16/F, The L Place, 139 Queen's Road Central.

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set a routine Alvin Cheng, personal trainer at Primal Fit What is your top tip when setting a health goal? Set up a reasonable and achievable goal, otherwise you will give up very quickly. Balance. Everything has to be balanced. Not too much of everything - too much exercise is bad for you, too much wine and pizza is bad for you, but a bit of both would make one happier and healthier. Invest in your body and exercise for a minimum of 2-3 hours each week.

How important is a fitness routine? So important. I work out three times a week, plus other team sport games. Your body will get used to the routine - work out - rest - work out - rest, that way you can build you lean muscle faster.

How did you start your fitness journey? I used to work out alone in the gym until one day I met my trainer who invited me to the outdoor area. I fell in love with it right away. We did a lot of body weight exercise and one day he asked me if I wanted to be his partner to help to train more people. That was it and I am so glad that I have chosen this path in my life. Alvin runs outdoor training sessions in Sheung wan, contact him at

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Health Kick

nood food

Organic, vegan, gluten-free and so much more, Hong Kong’s healthiest spots

Grassroots Pantry

Believing that “good food doesn’t have to be bad for you and everything around us”, Grassroots Pantry uses unprocessed, sustainable and organic ingredients, to make their delicious breakfast, brunch and dinner items. They cater to most dietary preferences including raw,

Farmers Choice

Specialising in the ‘farm to table’ experience, Farmers Choice is all about healthy eating. With their own farm in Hu’nan, Farmers Choice grow their own organic products including seasonal vegetables and organic brown rice, which can be found on their catering menu. By polishing and removing the outermost layer from the paddy after receiving an order, they can ensure the rice retains its freshness and aromatic flavour until served. Their vegetables are certified by USDA, IFORM & OFDC and double accredited by Intertek HK. Unit 15, 8/F, Elite Industrial Centre, 883 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon.

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+ go Linked to PURE Fitness, Hong Kong’s trendiest fitness centre chain, nood food is a great place to grab a healthy snack or meal on your way back to the office after a lunchtime workout. There are grab and go fridges offering cold-pressed juices, sandwiches and raw snacks, as well as a full-serviced café with a rotating salad bar, hot food and organic breakfasts. It's a no fuss concept that makes healthy eating quick and easy. The coconut water is rumoured to be the best bottled option in town! 32 Hollywood Road, Central.

vegan, gluten-free, Buddhist-friendly and nutfree. Delicious and unique dishes include lemon Chia seed pancakes, pulled jackfruit nachos and grilled tikka mushrooms with brown rice Biryani. The earthy and minimalistic interiors give this restaurant a rustic and homey feel. 108 Hollywood Road.


A charming salad and sandwich shop in Sheung Wan, Knead gives back the power to the people. It’s a little bit DIY - you can build your own sandwich or salad, choosing from a selection of veggies, spreads, meats, cheese and more. The various breads (featuring everything from Turkish to quinoa loaf) are baked fresh daily. If you can’t decide, there’s a helpful menu that offers suggestions. Grab a beer from the fridge if you want to balance out those nutritious decisions. 28 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan.

kale, yeah!

MANA! Fast Slow Food


+ veg

Serving up organic and plant-based fast food, MANA! Fast Slow Food, is one of Hong Kong’s most popular lunchbreak spots specialising in vegan and vegetarian options. The menu has a range of baked and rolled signature flatbreads with a choice of fillings including tofu, falafel and avocado, vegetarian burgers and daily salads. The company have a strong believe that “food that doesn’t cost the Earth”, and have a zero-foodwaste mentality using compostable and biodegradable packaging, complete with motivational messages inspiring proactive change. There is limited, but adequate seating with the back terrace particularly lovely on a sunny day. 92 Wellington Street, Central.


By working closely with Hong Kong’s local farms, Locofama uses organic fruit and vegetables which are free from any pesticides and chemicals. Their menu is designed for sharing or snacking with many small bites and fresh salads including, spicy sesame soba noodles, black truffle crab dip with toast and spicy spinach quesadillas. They also offer a range of natural and biodynamic wine, which include healthy probiotics and antioxidants, so you don’t have to feel guilty about that sneaky glass! 9-13 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun.


For a balanced meal at a healthy price, Supafood has you covered. This superhero-themed takeaway spot offers savoury items like salads, wraps, coconut brown rice boxes and oolong tea soba noodle boxes. Meat and fish options are available, such as halibut with honey Sriracha and a grass fed beef bolognese. However, the vegetarian options such as baked tofu with sweet miso and baked eggplant with balsamic are just as satisfying. For slow burning fuel, try the coconut chia pudding, carrot cake supaball or one of the smoothies. 3/F, 33-35 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan.

Jihane Jebali, brand manager for Jax Coco on a balanced diet

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables: Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables and go for a variety of colours every day for more variation nutrient-wise. Add protein to your diet: Protein is a very important nutrient for your body. Meat, seafood, eggs, beans, soy foods, nuts and seeds are great sources of protein. Reduce your sugar intake: Opt for lowcalories and limit your consumption of high-sugar food and beverages or other junk food. Prevent dehydration: Drink enough water by keeping a bottle of water at your desk or track your water consumption with an app. (Coconut water helps the body rehydrate and maintain the body’s fluid levels.) Exercise daily: Make exercise a regular part of your routine. Physical activity and exercise has several health benefits including reducing the risk of disease, helping to maintain a healthy weight and slowing the ageing process. Benefits of drinking Coconut water 1.

Provides a great source of electrolytes and contains more potassium than a banana.


Helps to replace sodium and electrolytes lost during exercise.


A delicious source of hydration - coconut water is naturally slightly sweet with a subtle crispy nutty flavour.


Can be used for cooking and making healthy mocktails.


Low in calories and naturally free from fat and gluten.

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Healthy homemade dinners Nutritionist Jaana Harris from The Round Clinic shares her top three healthy dinners What to do


Coconut quinoa stir fry with kale mushrooms and broccoli Light and tasty stir-fries are the perfect way to kick start the New Year. This recipe is packed full of nutrients. It is detoxifying and light on the system.


Prepare the coconut quinoa Place quinoa in a saucepan with 2x cups of water. Add the ginger knobs, garlic clove and a pinch of sea salt. Bring to boil for one-two minutes uncovered. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 12-15 minutes covered. The quinoa should look nice and fluffy. Add coconut oil and “fluff” with a fork. Leave aside whilst cooking the vegetables.


Make the marinade In a bowl combine the chopped ginger, crushed garlic, tamari, olive oil. Mix together.


Cook the veggies In a large frypan, on medium heat, add the marinade. Stir marinade for one-two minutes and then add the mushrooms.


Cook mushrooms in pan stirring until the water is released from the Mushrooms.


Add the broccoli to the frypan and coat with the mushroom water and marinade. Cook for a few minutes until broccoli is bright green.



Add the kale to the pan and continue to cook, moving ingredients around the pan. Once the kale has wilted, stir in the brown rice vinegar. Cook for a further minute. Assemble coconut quinoa on plate and top with veggies. Add sliced chili. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds if desired, eat & enjoy!


Brown rice risotto with pumpkin, mushrooms & sage

One of my favourite recipes, guaranteed to soothe the soul in such a satisfying way.

What you need •

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 1/2 cups arborio brown rice

200g butternut pumpkin, diced

1 small brown onion (or half a larger sized), finely chopped

150g Swiss brown mushrooms, sliced

2 garlic cloves, crushed or finely chopped

What you need:

2 tablespoons fresh sage leaves, chopped

1 cup quinoa

4 cups hot vegetable stock/broth

5cm knob of ginger, cut in half

2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves

1 whole garlic clove

Sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Pinch of sea salt

What to do

1 bunch of broccoli cut into small stems


200g punnet of white/button mushroom

400g Chinese kale leaves/stems For the marinade:

Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius. Line a roasting pan/tray with baking paper. Lightly grease paper with olive oil.


Parboil the rice. Follow packet instructions

1 tablespoon of freshly grated or finely

for washing/cleaning the rice. Place the rice

chopped ginger

in a small saucepan with four cups of water

1 clove of garlic crushed

and bring to boil, uncovered. Reduce heat

1 tablespoon of tamari

to a simmer, add cover and cook for 15

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon of brown rice vinegar

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minutes. Drain water and set aside. 3.

Place diced pumpkin evenly on roasting


Happy bakers!


tray and drizzle with olive oil. Cook the

cooked enough return to a low heat and

2 large celery stalks, diced

pumpkin in the oven for 15 minutes, until

add more stock. Add sea salt and pepper to

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

almost tender.

taste. Garnish with fresh sage leaves.

1 teaspoon of dried chilli flakes

2 cloves of fresh garlic

2 cans of chopped/diced tomatoes

2 cans of organic black beans

1 handful of fresh coriander leaves

1 tablespoon of fresh chopped chives, or

In a small saucepan add stock. Heat to a gentle simmer. This is to stay warm throughout the cooking process.


Using a large saucepan, bring it to medium heat. Add one tablespoon of olive oil. Swirl to coat. Heat oil for one minute. Add onion, garlic and mushrooms. Gently cook for a few minutes, until softened and smelling delicious.



Add parboiled rice to the saucepan

Spicy tomato soup with black beans

There is nothing quite like a beautiful bowl of rich comforting food. Soup is the answer for curing a winter’s chill, making you feel enveloped in warmth from the inside out.

dried chives

What to do 1.

temperature, add olive oil and swirl around

with onions and garlic. Gently stir to mix

pan. Once the oil is hot add carrots, onion

ingredients together for one minute, and to

and celery. Cook for 5 minutes constantly

coat the rice in the oil. Reduce the heat and

stirring, until vegetables are soft.

add two ladlefuls of hot stock. Stir gently


over a low simmering heat, until the liquid is


stock, one ladleful at a time.

crush and add the garlic. Bring the soup to

pumpkin and chopped fresh sage leaves.

boil, and leave for 2 minutes.

Continue to cook the risotto with stirring.


Once all the stock has been added continue have a nice creamy, thick appearance. Turn off the heat and stir in the fresh spinach leaves until wilted. Taste the risotto to make sure you have the desired texture. Your risotto should be cooked al dente. If it’s not

Add the stock, tomatoes, black beans and give a good stir. Using a garlic crusher,

After approximately 20 minutes, add the

to cook and stir over a low heat until you

Add cumin and chilli. Give a good stir and cook for a minute.

absorbed into the rice. Continue to add the 7.

Heat a large saucepan to medium

Turn the heat down to low and let the soup simmer for 30 minutes, with the lid

What you need

off. 5.

Serve the soup into bowls and top with fresh

1 litre of vegetable stock

2 tablespoons of olive oil

coriander and chives. If you desire, add a

1 medium sized red/purple onion, finely

dollop of Greek yoghurt. Enjoy!

diced •

1 large carrot. Skin peeled and diced

For more information visit

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ditch the diet Hong Kong expat Oliver Corrin transformed his body in 6 months




y transformation wasn’t as difficult as you might think and, if you follow a few simple guidelines you can achieve your body goals in no

time. First things first, there is no perfect program, magical diet or supplement, however, there are many brands who make a living out of leading people to believe this. I believe that the most important tool you need is one you will already have - determination. You need the determination to adopt the right habits and routines, and stick to them. This is helped by developing the right mindset and having supportive people around you. Eight years ago, I ate whatever I wanted and smoked and drank everyday. Looking back I felt pretty rubbish. On my 25th birthday I realised that I needed to make a change. That realisation gave me the determination I needed. I immediately stopped smoking, joined a gym, cut out all sugars, crisps and carbs and started eating lean foods, including salad and chicken. I lost weight quickly, but I understand that this type of diet is difficult to maintain, especially in Hong Kong. Now I follow the below rules for the majority of the time, and I believe in balance and enjoying a little bit of everything now and then.

30 | Healthy Living Guide

Reduce your intake of added sugars (that includes alcohol) For weight loss, or if you have obesity or Type 2 diabetes this is vital. An easy start is to stop eating cereals, these are usually packed with added sugars. Instead, eat fruits as they have natural sugars. Be wary of food labelling and avoid ingredients such as syrup, rice, corn, dextrose and maltose.

Don’t eat three hours before bed, and always eat breakfast This is a type of fasting and the main benefit is fat loss. If you not a breakfast person, that's most likely because you are overeating the evening before which messes with your hormones. Get your body accustomed to eating breakfast, preferably one high in protein to keep you full until lunch time.

Eat 100 grams of carbs a day Carbs are not the enemy and those such as oats, rice and potatoes are important building blocks for muscle. Stick to a rule of 100 grams of carbs a day (equal to just over a cup of oats, or a medium size potato) and eat these in the morning, not at night. This will naturally lead you to eat more protein and vegetables (a good rule is one handful of protein and two

handfuls of vegetables each meal.) During the evening, eat half an avocado or add olive oil to increase your fat intake and keep you fuller in the absence of carbs.

Do not mix fat and carbs Just because something is labeled as ‘healthy’ doesn't mean it’s going to help you lose weight, a good example of this is avocado toast. The body uses good fats (avocado, salmon, olive oil, nuts) and carbs (potatoes, oats, rice) as energy. If you consume both in the same meal, it will use one for fuel and store the other as fat. This is the same with eggs benedict and most mexican wraps that contain both avocado and rice.

Don’t eat wheat A wheat-free diet (as followed by Hugh Jackman followed during the Wolverine years) will eliminate breads, pasta, pastries and breakfast cereals. This approach can help to shift stubborn body fat, and it only takes between five to 30 days to drop a ‘wheat addiction’. For more information, tips and advice, follow Oliver's fitness journey on Instagram @olivercorrin Good luck and enjoy the journey!

public vs private

Healthcare in Hong Kong Private and public hospitals for the whole family

Private hospitals Adventist Hospital, Happy Valley: Stubbs Road, 3651 8888, Canossa (Caritas), Mid-levels: 2522 2181, HK Baptist Hospital, Sha Tin: 2339 8888, HK Sanitorium and Hospital, Happy Valley: 2572 0211, Matilda International Hospital, The Peak: 2849 0111, St Teresa’s, Ho Man Tin: 2200 3434, Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, Wong Chuk Hang: 3153 9000,

Public hospitals Details of all public hospitals can be found on the government website: Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital, Sandy Bay: 2817 7111 Queen Elizabeth, Kowloon: 3506 8888 Queen Mary, Pok Fu Lam: 2255 3838 Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern, Chai Wan: 2595 7920 Prince of Wales, Sha Tin: 3505 2211 Ruttonjee, Wan Chai: 2291 2000



• Private hospital means private, semi-private or shared rooms with a maximum of four people. • One-on-one support from nurses. • Luxury amenities on hand such as slippers, etc. • English is spoken in all private hospitals. • International food served.



• Going private isn’t cheap so check that your insurance covers your costs. • You have to reserve your hospital place with a down payment as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. • Private hospitals aren’t equipped for emergencies so they will transfer patients to the nearest public hospital.


• Public hospitals are the best place for emergencies. • They are larger and have more clinical expertise and equipment on hand to help. • Registration is quick, and Hong Kong ID Card holders pay very low rates per day for treatment. • Low costs for appointments and medication. • A public hospital can’t turn you away. • Doctors are usually very experienced and deal with emergencies frequently.


• Strict appointment times and a long wait to see an obstetrician. • Patients who don’t have emergencies or time-sensitive illnesses may have appointments rescheduled. • You aren’t guaranteed to see the same doctor. • Rooms contain numerous beds (between 3 and 10). • Only canteen-style Chinese food is served. • Some medical staff might not speak English. Healthy Living Guide | 31


Homeopaths & Naturopaths Take a more natural path to healing IMI (Integrated Medicine Institute): 2523 7121, Balance Health: 2530 3315, HK Integrative Medical Practice: 2523 8044,

Opticians High-street opticians offer routine eye tests and a good range of spectacles and sunglasses Glasstique and Puyi Optical: 2700 8833, HK Ophthalmic Associates (not just a shop selling glasses; also for more serious issues): 2526 6198, Lens Crafters: 2343 8223,

Chiropody Dr Simon Yuen from Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital advises on runners injuries 50% of regular runners report having more than one injury each year, with foot and ankle injuries being the most commonly reported by long distance and marathon runners.

The most frequent problems runners have are: • • •

Knee: patellofemoral pain syndrome, iliotibial band friction syndrome (runner's knee), hamstring muscle injuries Leg: tibial stress syndrome (shin splint), stress fracture of tibia Foot and ankle: achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, stress fracture of the metatarsal

Runners can prevent these injuries by: • • • •

Wearing the appropriate footwear Having the appropriate training schedule Taking anti-inflammatory medications Stretching (a proper warm up and cool down exercise)

If you are running out and about in Hong Kong and find yourself in a bit of trouble, Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital operate a 24-hour Outpatient & Emergency service. 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang.

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Put your best foot forward Karlyn Harfoot: 2877 1683,

Physiotherapy Fix those aches and pains Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centre: 2530 0073, Byrne Hickman: 2526 7533, Physio Central: 2801 4801,

Dentists Most dental practices have specialised orthodontic services Bayley & Jackson: 2526 1061, Diestel & Partners: 2522 2099, The Dental Network: 2719 6700,

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zen and the city

Feeling stressed?


lthough - and probably because Hong Kong is not known to be a place for relaxation and peace of mind, there are still many ways to find stillness amid the chaos of everyday life in this 24/7 city. So, step away from your piles of work and put away your smartphone - just for an hour or two. Here are five ways to pull out some inner peace for yourself and find your zen.

MEDITATION If you have too much going on in your head or feel on the brink of a burnout, meditation can be a simple solution with life-changing benefits.

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Sometimes switching off for just 30 minutes is enough to bring back a sense of calmness into your life. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre is a charity centre that offers free meditation courses, seminars on topics such as positive thinking and various workshops that promote spiritual well-being. The courses are conducted in both English and Cantonese. 17 Dragon Road, Tin Hau, If you would prefer a private meditation session Enhale Meditation Studio offers 60-minute private sessions with a preferred coach with personalised guidance catered to your goals. 14/F The Plaza, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong.


ISOLATION TANK The isolation tank is an old phenomenon in the wellness market, invented by neuroscientist Dr. John Lilly in 1954. They became especially hip in the 1970s, but the float tank centre business dried up in the mid-1980s. Over the past decade there has been a new wave of tank enthusiasm. This unique treatment provides an isolated space that blocks out all light and sound to help you relax, meditate and of course, float. Using DreamPods which are filled with water and 500 kilograms of Epsom salt and magnesium, bodies becomes weightless, similar to the dead sea, allowing your muscles to completely relax in an anti-gravity environment. Float On HK offers both 60 minute and 90 minute floating sessions starting at $630. 89 Caine Road, Mid-levels,

The DreamPod acts as an escape with total darkness and silence

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zen and the city

MASSAGE It almost goes without saying that massage is good for the body and mind. It relaxes your muscles and mood. It’s been proven that during massages, hormones are released, which increases your serotonin levels and make you feel happier. Some studies even suggest that massage can ease depression. Let your body and mind take a well-earned break by popping into one of the many massage parlours in town. Sense of Touch Central Day Spa offers a range of massage treatments including a Tension Relief Back Massage starting at $520 for 30 minutes. 1-5F, 52 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

FLOWER ARRANGING Most of us have either received or gifted flowers at some point in our lives and felt that immediate burst of happiness, surprise and gratitude that a bouquet brings. Research suggests that flowers have a positive impact on emotional health and are a natural moderator of moods. So if you find peace within nature, why not consider flower arranging as a way to boost your mood. Learn the art of flower arranging at The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement HKAFA, 15/F Hennessy Plaza, 164 Hennessy Road, Wanchai.


Zen at home Owner of Hong Kong-based Enhale Meditation Studio Mira Christanto on finding zen in everyday life: 1. Mindful shower: set an intention to dissolve tension. Mindfully feel the water as it hits your fingers, and tell yourself to be grateful for warm, running water. Wash in a different manner than usual and notice what thoughts come up. 2. Light a candle: spend a minute softly gazing at the flickering flame. In this hypnotic state, the mind settles into quietude, leaving you calm and enhancing your self-awareness. 3. Go for aromatherapy: essential oils like lavender have been shown to react the same way biochemically that antianxiety medications do with certain neuroreceptors. Place a couple of drops on your sofa, feet up and enjoy. 4. Listen to the right music: music can help lower your body’s level of anxiety hormones. So go ahead and put on your favourite soft jazz, classical or meditation music to ground yourself.

Get your power nap at one of the comfy capsules at SLEEEP

If you’ve been having trouble concentrating at work, or just feel exhausted halfway through the day, it's important recharge and refresh yourself the natural way without caffeine. SLEEEP is a hi-tech capsule hotel that provides a peaceful environment for guests to take a

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quick nap. Booking starts from $99 for 45 minutes and $599 for a night. The real-wood lining, soothing music, essential oils and soundproof doors are all designed to help you get a restful nap. 242 Queen's Road Central.

5. Phone detox: that buzzing thing fuels the release of stress hormones. Swith on the silent mode, make the screen greyscale, unsubscribe to everything and don’t bring it to the toilet! 14th Floor, The Plaza, 21 D’Aguilar Street Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

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Re-treat Yourself Wellness retreats around the world in 2019

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worldwide retreats

Healthy Living Guide | 39


Yogaventures Retreat, step back and bathe in some well deserved ‘me time’ at Yogaventures Bali retreat. Relax, explore, practice yoga, hike magnificent waterfalls, swim, surf, watch dreamy sunsets, get pampered - it’s up to you. Everything is optional, even the yoga. This retreat includes daily yoga classes such as nourishing yin yoga, energising movement, wellness workshops and yoga nidra meditation by candlelight. Choose from a private room with a king bed and ensuite or twin room with a shared bathroom. For more inclusions, see the website. Dates: June 19, 2019 - June 23, 2019 Location: Uluwatu Surf Villas, Bali Price: Early bird prices start at $15,589

Mii Amo Approved by celebrity wellness devotee, Gwyneth Paltrow, this retreat provides everything that you need to discover your true self. Set amongst the natural beauty of the red rock landscape, Mii Amo offers customised packages to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Their bespoke 3, 4 or 7 night spa packages include luxury accomodations, dining, smoothies, supplements and use of fitness facilities. Pricing also includes daily credits for spa treatments. Dates: All year ‘round Location: Mii Amo Wellness Spa, Sedona, Arizona Price: Prices for the 3 night package start at $9,716

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worldwide retreats retreats

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat The Banjaran wellness programmes take a holistic approach to wellness by incorporating healthy meals, exercise and luxurious treatments. Programmes are customisable, and you can choose your length of stay from two to 21 days. Guests can choose from the following programs: detoxification, longevity, rejuvenation, weight management, fitness or tailor-made experiences. Dates: All year ‘round Location: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Sunway City Ipoh, Malaysia Price: On request

Gwinganna Detox at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat Transform your lifestyle with Gwinganna’s exclusive customisable retreat. A dedicated wellness retreat with innovative programs, Gwinganna provides guests with the opportunity to rest, recharge and make lasting lifestyle changes. If you’re looking to introduce or reintroduce healthy habits, wellness and a sense of calm, this is a great place to start. Dates: Dates vary from February to June 2019 Location: Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, South East Queensland, Australia Price: 15 different program options available, prices vary.

Tamara Yoga Retreat This wonderful little studio located in Perth, Western Australia owned by ISHTA trained yogi Tamara Graham, will be hosting many yoga retreats throughout 2019. But the one that caught our eye was their India retreat in March, which you can attend for either seven or ten days. Jaisalmer is located on the edge of the Thar Desert, and Samode, outside of Jaipur. From fairy-tale palaces and epic forts to colourful festivals and wildlife encounters, you’ll get to enjoy India at its vibrant best. Dates: March 10 - 23, with option to attend different portions of the retreat. See website for details. Location: In Jaisalmer, for the desert citadel

portion of the retreat, guests will be staying at Suryagarh, a 5-star boutique fort hotel. Then for the Jaipur portion, the stay will be at the Samode Palace, a 475-year-old palace.

Price: There’s pricing for each leg of the journey and three different choices of rooms – single, twin share or triple share.

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Hong Kong Retreats

Kadampa Meditation A peaceful sanctuary of calm located amongst the chaos of Causeway Bay, Kadampa Meditation Centre provides people in Hong Kong with the opportunity to learn and practice Buddha’s teachings. There is a silent meditation retreat at Kadoorie Centre in April which focuses on developing inner peace. Their post-summer festival retreat takes place in August and focuses on meditation and Buddha’s teachings. Dates: 12 - 14 April, 16 - 18 August, 2019 Location: Kadoorie Centre, Lam Kam Road, Shek Kong, Yuen Long, New Territory and Kadampa Meditation Centre, 1/F Causeway Tower, 16-22 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay

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hong kong retreats

Pure Yoga, 40-Hour Inner Retreat Journey deeper into pranayama, meditation and mindful Asana. This 40-hour Certificate training takes place over 5 Saturdays, with 25 in-studio hours and approximately 15 hours of home study. Every Saturday morning, your three hour practice will consist of a lecture, vinyasa / yin-yang practice, leading into pranayama / meditation and a very long savasana. Saturday afternoon will be an in-depth study of postures and breathing exercises. Dates: 4 May - 1 June, 2019 Prices: Pure Cardholders Early-Bird 20% off discount: $880 (ends 28 February) Non-Pure Cardholders Early-off 10% off discount: $990 (ends 28 February) Regular Price: $1,100 Location: Pure Yoga, 3-19 Wing Fung Street, Starstreet Precinct, Wan Chai

Treat yourself at home Light some candles, burn some incense, dim the lights and host your own retreat at home. Yoga is a great way to stretch and unwind, and YouTube Yogi Adriene Mishler from channel ‘Yoga with Adriene’ has hundreds of easy to follow videos to choose from. Roll out your yoga mat and feel like you’re a million miles away. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a bath in your apartment, keep those candles burning, pop in a bath bomb and soak your cares away.

Ananda Marga Meditation Centre Rejuvenate, detoxify, balance and relax with a yoga and juice detox retreat. Energize your body with the daily juice diet, balance your chakras through yoga, relax your mind with meditation techniques and expand your understanding with health and fasting lectures. Dates: 26 - 28 April, 2019 Prices: $2,300 Location: Cheung Chau Island Caritas Ka Fai House

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spas in hong kong

Recovery mode After all that hard work you deserve a treat! Sense of Touch Indulge your senses at Sense of Touch. With a range a treatments from facials and massages to manicures, so you can feel like the best version of yourself possible. The spa offers both male and female treatments. 1-5 floor, 52 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

The Peninsula Spa Overlook Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline from the comfort of a massage bed. Their Body Contour Collection is a range of treatments that help aid the slimming process without any intrusion to your body. The Peninsula Spa, 7/F The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Kowloon.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa If you really want to reward yourself, how about The Ritz-Carlton Spa? Located on the 116th floor the Spa offers panoramic views of Victoria Harbour along with a range of relaxing treatments including the popular Lava Shell Body Therapy. Prior to, and after your treatment guests have full access to the facilities so you can soak in the spa while soaking in the view. ICC, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Lush Spa With some of the cutest products in the city, Lush has made a name for itself with handmade and ethical bath and body products. With only one spa location in Hong Kong, they are exclusive with their treatments offering 30 minute consultations prior to each one. They have a range of treatments including a deep-tissue rub downs and sumptuous scrubs. Each experience comes with its own unique soundtrack. G/F-4/F, Soho Square, 21A-21B Lyndhurst Terrace, Central.

Melo Spa at Hyatt Regency Enjoy a post gym unwind at the Melo Spa. Their treatments are designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and soul, perfect for those aching muscles. They offer a range of meditation packages including seaweed baths and de-stress aromatherapy, using locally sourced ingredients. Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin.

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GYMS, ZEN Barre 2 Barre

4/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane Street, Central 9688 3503

Flex Studio

3F and 4F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central 3468 3132


XP Fitness Hub, 4/F Li Dong Building,No. 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central 2951 9178

4D PRO Bungee Fitness

15/F, 83 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai 3426 9223

46 | Healthy Living Guide

BounceLimit Rebounder Training Studio

The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan 2441 0021

Goji Studios

3F and 4F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central 3184 2755

Pure Fitness

18/F California Tower 32 D'Aguilar Street, Central 8200 0032

Hong Kong Self Defence

2/F, Wings Building, 110-116 Queen's Road Central 9033 9157

DEF Boxing

B/F 125 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan 2840 0162

Kangoo Dance and Kangoo power

XP Fitness Hub, 4/F Li Dong Building, No. 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central 2951 9178

Up Fitness

3rd Floor Unicorn Trade Centre 127-131 Des Veoux Road, Central 2798 9000

Float On HK

89 Caine Road, Mid-levels 2548 2844



G/F-4/F, Soho Square, 21A-21B Lyndhurst Terrace, Central 3915 0638

Sense of Touch

1-5F, 52 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 2526 6918

Farmers Choice

Unit 15, 8/F, Elite Industrial Centre, 883 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon 2370 4881

MANA! Fast Slow Food

92 Wellington Street, Central 2851 1611

Melo Spa

Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Ma Liu Shui 3723 7684


242 Queen's Road Central 9604 6049

Grassroots Pantry

108 Hollywood Road 2873 3353

nood food

32 Hollywood Road, Central 8199 8189

Peninsula Spa

7/F The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Kowloon 2696 6681

The HK Academy of Flower Arrangement

15/F Hennessy Plaza, 164 Hennessy Road, Wanchai 2388 2979


9-13 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun 2547 7668


3/F, 33-35 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan 2812 6088

Healthy Living Guide | 47

food myths

Food facts debunked Dr Tse Tak Sun, Cardiologist at Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

1 We should only eat one egg yolk per day The truth: new guidelines prove that egg yolk is healthy and there is no longer limitation in the dietary cholesterol intake.

2 Red wine contains antioxidants which may be good for heart vessels The truth: excessive red wine is not good for the liver and we do not recommend drinking large quantities of red wine regularly.

3 Taking one aspirin pill a day lowers the risk of heart attacks The truth: a recent large scale study tells us that the risk of taking aspirin may increase the risk of internal bleeding.

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4 Butter isn’t good for the heart due to saturated acid. Which is why the food industry introduced margarine The truth: hydrogenated fatty acid from margarine is trans fat and is detrimental for the heart.


6 Coconut oil is better than other oils The truth: coconut oil is a saturated fat and excessive intake of saturated fat will raise LDL levels, and ultimately increase heart attack risk.

7 Omega 3 supplements decrease the risk of heart attacks

The truth: there is no proof that Omega 3 supplements can lower risk of having a heart attack.

Cocoa inside dark chocolate is an antioxidant and healthy for the heart. The truth: most of the chocolate nowadays doesn’t use cocoa and contains sugar which is not good for the heart.

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