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cover story Christy Ma (@lolleroll)

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11.1k 868 Followers Following Follow the foodie behind, a blog that inspires people with all things food-related. Originally from Hong Kong, she frequently travels around the world to discover interesting flavours and is always on the hunt for good coffee and brunch spots.

Were you a food lover before Instagram? Initially influenced by my dad’s love for trying new things, our entire family has always been easily excited by anything food-related. We especially love steak and durian - rarely in that combination though.

What camera do you use? Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM1, with a 20mm f/1.7 lens

How important is the quality of the photograph in achieving Instagram success? How long have you lived in Sai Kung? I’ve been living in Sai Kung since I was 5 years old, which is why I feel so strongly about this beautiful side of Hong Kong that I am proud to call home. Since August 2017, I’ve been based in Singapore to pursue my MBA at INSEAD.

For those who don’t follow you, what is your Instagram all about? My Instagram is all about inspiring people on all things food - whether it’s trying a new cuisine, restaurant or cooking a new dish, there’s so much variety out there that I would love to share with everyone. It makes me happy to infect people with the love for good food and even to trigger people’s cravings at midnight with a photo of a juicy steak. How did the name lolleroll come about? I laugh a lot. But since “lol” had become so overused, I started quoting variations: lols, lulz, lollers... lolleroll. I wish there was a deeper meaning to it, but it’s really purely for fun and I guess that just represents me.

When did you start using Instagram? I’ve been using Instagram for many years, though it only started to become ‘all about food’ about three and a half years ago.


I personally feel that quality of photos is extremely important. Instagram is all about visual content and a good quality photo can go a long way in enticing people to try the dish that’s featured, or repeatedly grabbing their attention to eventually remember your account.

When did you notice your Instagram following starting to gain traction? My Instagram started to gain traction when I started posting more regularly, as I started eating out more and trying new restaurants more

regularly. My photos became more searchable via hashtags and geotags, while some restaurants and food accounts also started reposting my content, which helped me build more followers.

How do you find all the incredible food you feature on your account? At the start, the food I featured was simply whatever I encountered throughout the week. But with more and more new restaurants opening up, I have become more selective. I usually do research by looking at photos and reading reviews on different channels. Instagram is my favourite channel. It’s time consuming to scroll through, but gives you the most authentic information.

Have you had any awkward moments whilst instagramming in a restaurant? When I’m dining with friends I’ve just met, I try my best to keep my camera in my bag… But when the dishes look too good, I tough out the judgmental looks and whip out my camera. The moment people demonstrate shock and embarrassment that I’m using a proper camera to photograph food on the table (without

Sai Kung Nov 2017  
Sai Kung Nov 2017