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Saints Scene May 2009


Photograph by John Gibbins, Union Tribune. Used with Permission.

St. Augustine High School 3266 Nutmeg Street San Diego, CA 92104-5199 619-282-2184

Vol 28 no. 5

...The Road Together

So Far So Good: Determined Community Rises in Off Times to Support the School By Edwin Hearn, President St. Augustine High School

Journey to Calvary—This photo of Saints and OLP students re-enacting Jesus’ walk to the Crucifixion was published last month in the San Diego Union-Tribune. That’s Felipe Hueso (’11) portraying Jesus with OLP’s Cassandra Gutierrez (middle) and Meghan Cummings. The 18th annual Walk with the Suffering Good Friday Stations of the Cross was sponsored by the Ecumenical Council of San Diego County.

Sweetwater “Red Devil” now a “Saint”

Welcome Richard Sanchez New Saints Varsity Football Coach

Unitas Veritas Caritas


rincipal James Horne announced today that after a nationwide search Sacramento State assistant coach and special teams coor-

Dear Parents and Friends

And on the 7th day, God rested Importance of the ABZzzzzzzzzzz’s


s his final act of creation, God rested. And in that resting, God provides a model for us all. Rest happens in nature – in the animal world, in all of plant life, in the very nature of the earth itself. As any farmer will tell you, the land itself must lie fallow for a time if it is to remain fertile. We are meant to rest and rest is one of God’s great gifts to us. Principal James Horne Our students are, in many ways, overstretched. Their schedules can be packed: a full day of school, family commitments, extra-curricular activities and athletics, after-school jobs, and homework, not to mention social plans. This high level of engagement for our students can bring on both stress and exhaustion. The pressure of becoming a “successful” kid today sometimes comes at the expense of his or her own well-being. Teaching the ethics of responsibility and instilling the value of education needs to coincide with the importance of developing a balance in one’s life. Clearly there is still a month left in the school year. However, as we approach summer we want to encourage Saintsmen to seek the rest they need spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. If we can help them find ways to unwind and share with them the importance of balance in their lives they will be ready to embrace their next set of challenges. Yours in the Spirit of Catholic Education

James Horne Principal

dinator, Richard Sanchez, has been selected from a group of highly qualified candidates to take over as head football coach at St. Augustine High School. He will be the 22nd head coach in the Saints’ 85-year tradition rich grid history. Sanchez is excited to lead the St. Augustine football program, which has advanced to the CIF San Diego Section playoffs 18 times in the last 20 years, winning back to back CIF titles in 2005 and 2006. As an area native and a graduate of Sweetwater High School (Red Devils), Sanchez has extensive San Diego ties. He was the head coach and athletic director at San Diego High in 1998 and 1999. Prior to that he was the head coach at Montclair High School, in the Southern Section, from 1994-1997. At SDHS, he took a program, which had lost 20 straight games and produced an 11-9 overall record. At Montclair, he was named the Mt. Baldy League Coach of the Year after leading the Mounties to a 9-3 record. Continued on page 6.

Don’t Miss Grad Night

Bowl-a-Thon May 29 Tickets Now On Sale See Page 3


he good news is the school’s financial health is excellent. In these uncertain times, we at the school wish to thank the Finance Committee of the Board Edwin J. Hearn, Jr. of Directors for their President rigorous work on our St. Augustine High School behalf. The Committee meets monthly to monitor the school’s financial health and to plan for the future. They are tasked to review the status of tuition collection; compliance with our loan covenants; analysis of monthly financial statements, including actual revenue and expenses compared with budget and our established financial plan, and review our investment portfolio. The Committee recently reported that the school’s current budget numbers closely mirror last year’s and have accurately matched our business plan. That tells us that Saints is valued and important in the lives of our parents, friends, alumni and community. Thanks go to so many, especially Saints parents for such good fiscal news. As noted, we continually evaluate our financial position and we are required to be prudent with our resources. However, because tuition is our largest revenue source, payment of it is critical to our continued good health. And, please be assured that Saints remains financially strong and is positioned to grow and prosper during the coming months. However, not all is bright. As the economy has worsened since the beginning of the school year, some are struggling with the loss of a job and/or home. The financial difficulties of this past year have forced many families to reevaluate what is normally taken for granted and re-prioritize what is really essential. At the school, we’ve seen the need for financial aid grow substantially to date. We’ve been asked to spread aid dollars across a much wider swath of the school population. As a result, a greater effort is being made to help our families who are in need. Given the global recession, some of us wondered if community support for the school might dip as well. Not so. The generosity of the Saints’ community has exceeded expectations and defied the fundraising conditions of most non-profits. The response from our alumni, friends and parents to all of our efforts – Parent Pledge, the Christmas Social Draw Down, the Annual Fund Drive Appeal and, most recently, the Big One – has been very strong. This support beyond tuition creates the “Margin of Excellence” that Continued on page 6.

Community, Camaraderie & Chicks

Senior “MadChaps” Make Community Service Fun

Conversations with Augustine An on-going question and answer dialog on the spirituality of the man who became St. Augustine

Part Seven:

Love for the Church By Fr. Bob Gavatto, O.S.A., (’55) Saints Chaplain

Senior MadChaps—From Left to Right: Patrick Comer, Jacob Corso, Brynmor Hughes, Russell Chapin, Taylor Folwell, Tom Pekin, Nick Yap, Nick Small, Danny Hiser, and Vince Linarelli.

Editor’s Note--In the April 2009 edition, Saints Scene published a photo of seven Saintsmen, who participated in a community service project called MADCAPS. Unfortunately, three were cropped out of the photo. This month we are running the photo and article as it should have run showing all ten seniors. Our apologies to the MADCHAPS for the maddening miscue.


en Saintsmen, Class of 2009, participated as “Madchaps” in the annual performances of the MADCAPS program this year. Established in 1960, Mothers And Daughters Assisting Philantropies (MADCAPS) consists of girls from 7th through 12th grade who reside in Point Loma and Mission Hills and who focus on

hands-on work with local charities with this show as their annual fundraising effort. The senior MADCAPS class invites senior boys, who are friends or relatives of theirs, to join them in that venture. The “Chaps” dance with the MADCAPS as well as being featured in their own dances and antics. Last month’s madness weekend Benefit Shows, held at Correia Middle School Auditorium in Point Loma, were the culmination of several months of dance, song and gymnastic rehearsals. The enthusiastic energetic Saintsmen, whose theme was Rock and Roll, developed great camaraderie with the other 16 Madchaps who hailed from Point Loma, Cathedral Catholic and High Tech High Schools.

Defining Our Expectations

S Dominic Vetuschi (’12)

tudents are taking the English department writing exam this Spring were asked to reflect on our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs). Below is a portion of an exceptional response from freshman Dominic Vetuschi in Mrs. Winnie Arnn’s Freshman English class. “The ESLR’s at Saints are the unique expectations for Saintsmen. We are called to go above and beyond the average expectations for a high school student and become the leaders of our communities. Saints strives to turn us into more than what other high schools might. We are taught the values we will need to hold respectable positions in our communities. These are not spoon-fed to us, but rather taught through experiences that show us how our bodies and minds are tools we need to maintain in order to fulfill the demanding call to action that is the Catholic faith.”

Advanced Placement Testing Dates for the 2008–2009 School Year Date of Exam

Morning (8:00 a.m.)

Afternoon (12:00 p.m.)

May 4, 2009


French Language

May 5, 2009

Spanish Language


May 6, 2009


May 7, 2009

English Literature

May 8, 2009

United States History

May 11, 2009

Biology Music Theory

May 12, 2009

Q: How can your understanding and love for the Church help us today? Augustine Answers: I guess the first thing to clarify is what I mean by the “Whole Christ.” The whole Christ is nothing more than what St. Paul has said: Jesus Christ is the Head and we, the baptized, are his body. All faithful Christians throughout the world make up the Catholic Church, “our true mother, the true spouse of so great a husband” [Sermon 213, 8]. And since the Father always loves his Son and all who are attached to him in this Church, there is no way we can honor and love God as our Father without likewise honoring and loving the Church as our mother. On the other hand, so close are the Father and our mother the Church bonded together, that we cannot offend one without offending the other. “A person will have the Holy Spirit in the same measure in which he or she loves the Church of Christ” [On John’s Gospel, tr. 32, 8]. St. Augustine, pray for us!

The St. Augustine High School Symphonic Band presents its

SPRING CONCERT Physics B Psychology

May 13, 2009

English Language

Art History

May 14, 2009



May 15, 2009

Spanish Literature

Latin: Vergil

NOTE: Some Exam Sessions can last up to 3 1⁄2 hours. 2

Note from Fr. Bob – Fr. Ted Tack, an Augustinian scholar and has written a book “A Man for Our Times, St. Augustine and His Heritage” that recalls from St. Augustine’s writings answers to various questions about his life and about some of the Fr. Bob Gavotto OSA (’55) major characteristics of his spirituality. Incidentally, this book is used by the students for the unit on St. Augustine, which I give to the freshmen religion classes. It is also used for the unit on the Order of St. Augustine, which I give to the sophomore religion classes. Augustine’s greatest love was certainly for Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus dominated Augustine’s life after his conversion. So, we can ask Augustine:

Brandon E. Jagow, director Thursday, May 21, 2009 7:00 PM San Diego State University J. Dayton Smith Recital Hall Admission is Free

Prom Season Primer

Making sure your son’s prom experience is a safe one Mr. John O’Beirne Assistant Principal/Student Affairs


t is the time of year that the prom takes over and parents and children become nervous about the evening and the event. The St. Augustine/OLP Prom will be on May 16, 2009 at the La Jolla Marriott. The event starts at 7 pm and ends at Midnight the doors will close at 7:45 pm and dinner will be served Mr. John O’Beirne at 8 pm. Students will not be allowed in after 8 pm or be able to leave before 11 pm. Please plan accordingly. For many parents the biggest concern isn’t the cost of attending prom, but worry about the risky behaviors associated with proms. Prom night always seems to include news reports where teens display poor judgment and make dangerous choices. We have put together the following list and statistics to help keep your children safe. Thereby making this special occasion something to enjoy and remember with fond memories. Prom Safety Checklist: •Who will be doing the driving? Will they drive themselves or rent a limo? •If driving themselves, keep a list of names and phone numbers of each teen rider, along with names and addresses of all the parents. Insist that the car radio be kept at a low volume, limit the number of children to minimize distractions for the driver, and require each teen to buckle up his or her seatbelt. •Get a complete itinerary, including who your children will be partying with, addresses and phone numbers for the prom location as well as any after-parties your child plans to attend. •If your child will be renting a limo, be sure to check the limo company’s driving record, and don’t be afraid to ask the company to provide it to you. •Does your child know how to contact you throughout the evening? Consider arranging specific check-in

Been to the Mountaintop—Kairos Style Retreat offers Saintsmen Valuable Lessons By Kate Crachy, Campus Ministry


intense preparation. The retreatants also participated in ampus Ministry along with 26 attendees and liturgies with Fr. Bob and small group activities with 14 leaders recently returned from yet another each other. But not all of the week was spent working. incredibly successful Kairos Retreat. Nestled The attending Saintsmen made ample away on Palomar Mountain in use of their free time by playing epic early Spring, we experienced the games of kickball, hiking down a powerful love God has for each ravine to a nearby river, and staging of us as well as some down time boxing duels thanks in large part to relaxing in community with our Cameron Kayfish’s boxing gear. fellow Saintsmen. Each Kairos While the prospect of missing retreat this year has had its own three day’s worth of schoolwork may unique identity thanks to those seem daunting to some students at who choose to take the leap and Saints, it proved to be well worth the drive up the mountain for a week Kairos Forever — (Left to right): Matt Nickell, effort for those willing to miss a couple away from school. While many Trent Robinson, Coach Sarah Lang, Dan Dietdays of classes. Our faculty are in of the personal details of a Kairos ers, Cole Carter and Brendan Hofstee. full support of our Kairos retreats and retreat must go unmentioned, the make accommodations for anyone missing classes due to fact remains that a truly wonderful experience awaits Kairos. I strongly urge all juniors and seniors to consider those students who attend. going on Kairos before they graduate, for some it turns This Kairos 17 retreat was no exception. Attendees out to be the most remembered highlight of their Saints heard talks given by both student and faculty leaders experience. who spent the weeks leading up to our departure in

Continued on page 7.

Loyal Sons Participate in Kyoto Prize Ceremonies


s part of the internationally acclaimed Eighth Annual Kyoto Prize Symposium held recently in San Diego, several members of the Loyal Sons of St. Augustine served as guides during the opening laureate procession. The Loyal Sons escorted Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera Corp and the Kyoto Prize and each laureate into the ballroom to their tables. The Kyoto Prize is a Japanese award similar in intent to the Nobel Prize, as it recognizes outstanding works in the fields of philosophy, arts, science and technology. The awards are given to not just those that are top representatives of their own respective field, but also to those that have contributed to humanity with their work. The prize is rising in prestige as it covers fields not often awarded by the Nobel Prizes. Pictured with Dr. Inamori (center); are four Freshmen members of the Loyal Sons, Ryan Tweed, Nathan Rains, Austin Diamond and Austin Philips.

SAINTS/OLP GRAD NIGHT 2009 TICKETS $60 Grad Night is an all night party for the class of 2009. It is an opportunity for students to celebrate their graduation in style, and for parents to make sure graduates enjoy a safe and sober celebration. Don’t let your student miss out on this one in a lifetime party! Ticket includes bowling, entertainment, raffle prizes, dancing, food and lots more!

Place: Kearny Mesa Bowl Date: May 29, 2009 Time: 10pm – 5am Tickets: $60 Per Student Tickets Now On Sale For Questions about this event, please email Kathy Martin at or call her 760-845-9786 3



Board of Directors Member Mr. Robert Kevane (’62) and Mrs. Cheryl Kevane with Karen Chipp, right

Fr. John Keller, O.S.A. (’55) and Cee Cresto



School Leaders Fundraiser’s Impr

We can’t do it a

Saints Parents Mr. & Mrs. Neal and Carolyn Panish with Saints Principal Mr. James Horne with Mrs. Cathy Horne

“...the response from our alumni, friends and Pledge, the Christmas Social Draw Down, the recently, the Big One...buoys our spirits and e will thrive. ”

— Edwin

“The spirit of the Saints Community comes al has a part in its success whether its through or or having the winning auction item bid. The A contributions directly support the needs of Sa

Fr. Bob Gavotto, O.S.A. (’55) and Javier Maldonado (’90)

Saints Parents Mr. & Mrs. Dave and Naomi Mezzacappa with Alum Parent Mrs. Debbie Torgeson, right

“My Heartfelt thanks to all who volunteered f especially to Debbie Malloy, who co-chaired nato for so much help and support. To all the and Mr. Ed Hearn, you’re the best!”

“The success of the Big One and other fundra ciation have allowed school program budgets year. This generous funding provides the mar men and is a tribute to the parent and alumni c

5 Parents and Big One Volunteers (L-R): Amy Martin, Saints Gina Callipari and Mrs. Joanne Mera.

Photography by Saints Alum

Saints Board of Directors Member Mr. Dave Canedo (’63) with Saints Parent and APA President Mr. John Marin, right

Saintsman Carlos Chavez (’10), a Loyal Son of St. Augustine at work during the raffle ticket sales time

Saints Parents and Big One Co-Chairs: Mrs. Linda Small (left) and Debbie Malloy

Seated (L-R): Mr. & Mrs. Don and Mary Ann Sanders. Standing (L-R) Loyal Sons of St. Augustine, who assisted at the auction are Daniel Webster (’12), Austin Phillips (’12), Sean Ducey (’09) and Nick Ruppert (’12) 4

Saints Alum Parent and Assistant Principal/Academics Mr. Tom Cudal (’72), seated with Saints Parent and Board of Directors Member Dr. Joseph Cave (’72)

Big One)





rs Praise Annual mpressive Turnout

t all without you!

and parents to all of our efforts – Parent , the Annual Fund Drive Appeal and, most nd ensures that we will not just preserve, but

Saintsman on Sax: John Dompor (’12)

32nd Street Jazz Band member Peter Kerrian (’09)

dwin J. Hearn, Jr., President, St. Augustine High School

es alive at events like The Big One. Everyone gh organization, underwriting, volunteering The APA looks forward to reporting how your f Saints.” —John Marin, President, Austin Parents Association

red for the Big One, it was a huge undertaking, red the last 4 events with me. To Laura DiDothe faculty and staff, especially Casey Callery

Left. Mr. Michael Stephenson (Hon. Grad ’06) with Saints Parent Mr. Marty Shives

Saints Teacher Sir Ned Wilson (’58) and Lady Mary Lou Wilson

—Linda Small, Chair, Big One 2009

ndraisers sponsored by the Austin Parent assogets to be supplemented by over $100,000 this margin of excellence in our work with Saintsmni communities.” —James Horne, Principal

1 Left: Saints Parents Mr. & Mrs. Lance and Norma Dormann and Mr. & Mrs Alex and Jill Dominguez

Alum Parent Ernie Torgeson Saints Parents Mr. Tom Kerrian (left) and Mr. Tom Ducey

Left: Saints President Mr. Edwin Hearn and Mr. & Mrs. Melinda and Rudy Medina


Right: Saints Board of Directors Mr. Paul Tuomainen (’63) with Mr. Dave Canedo (’63) Sister Joyce Hampel, C.S.J., Mr. Edwin Hearn with Sister Delores Anchondo, C.S.J., Principal, Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Table #3: (standing, L-R): Mrs. Tram Moser, Mrs. Annette Fleming, Mr. Bill Fleming, Mr. Jeff Riley, Mrs. Julie Riley and (seated, L-R): Mr. Bob Moser, Mrs. Becky Morstad, Mrs. Doris Robinson, Mrs. Joan Millan, Mr. Dan Morrin (’77) and Mrs. Julie Morrin. Mr. Morrin is a member of the Saints Board of Directors

Saints Scene’s roving photographer Ernie Torgeson posed Mrs. Mary Parada and Mr. Frank Asaro away from their spouses to join in a photo with Mr. & Mrs. David and Elaine 5 Camara

Coach Richard Sanchez (Continued from page 1)

Sanchez began coaching for the Sacramento State Hornets in July of 2005 working with running backs and tight ends and coordinating the special teams. Prior to his time at Sacramento State he spent two seasons as an assistant at Valparaiso University. While with the Crusaders, he served as recruiting coordinator, special teams coordinator and secondary coach. In 2004 he helped guide Valpo’s defense which ranked first in Div. I-AA allowing just 128.8 passing yards per game. Prior to working at Valparaiso, Sanchez spent two years at the University of San Diego where he served as the running backs coach and special teams coordinator. In 2003, the Toreros’ special teams limited the opposition to 0.4 yards per punt return, no touchdowns and did not allow a blocked punt. As a running backs coach, Sanchez tutored former CIF San Diego Section star Evan Harney, who ranked second in Div. I-AA rushing in 2003. Sanchez has also worked at San Diego State and with the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League. With San Diego State, he was an offensive graduate assistant with emphasis on the line for two years. In the summer of 2002, he served an internship with the B.C. Lions, coaching the wide receivers and returners during the preseason. As a player Sanchez played two seasons (1989-90) as a wide receiver for New Mexico State. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from New Mexico State and later added a Master’s degree in Exercise and

Nutritional Science from San Diego State University. Following his collegiate playing days, he played one season of semipro football for the San Bernardino Blitz. When asked about the school’s most recent hire, Athletic Director, Mike Stephenson, said, “We are excited about Coach Sanchez, he is going to be an excellent addition to the Saints family. He is an outstanding coach and has great energy and enthusiasm for developing young men.” Sanchez and his wife Maria, have two children, Kristiana and Ricky.

President’s Letter (Continued from page 1)

Saints Play Petco—Saints varsity baseball under new coach Craig Da Luz won the prestigious Lions Tournament this spring and has a winning record to date. Matt Brown (’09) is shown after hitting a Lions Tourney home run. Brown and Jordan McLaughlin (’09) have been named Union-Tribune Athletes of the Week. Saints Varsity will play a game vs. Cathedral at Petco Park May 8 at 4 pm. Tickets are $5 (available at Library or contact: Also there is a new blog:

continues to build Saints beyond the present and into the future. Your continued support buoys our spirits and ensures that we will not just preserve, but will thrive. Historically, Saints has faced difficult times more that once since its founding in 1922, and each time has emerged stronger and more committed to its AuEdwin J. Hearn, Jr. President gustinian ideals. As Saints moves St. Augustine High School forward, let us keep our sights on the prize by laying a strong foundation for the future by continuing to embrace our common Catholic heritage and our ongoing willingness to share our talents, ideas and resources. As we look to the future, let us reinvigorate not just our friendships and good works for the community, but let’s count our blessings and celebrate our greatest asset – our faith in God.

Annual Festival of Arts & Culture a Smash!

Saints Community Supports Campus Fun Fest

Clockwise from upper left: Saints Moms pitching in to feed festival-goers; Cast of Seussical in a sneak preview of Spring Saints/OLP Players musical; Music Director Mr. Brandon Jagow conducts Saints Musicians and memo to Saints Community: “Tolle Lege Plaza is not Latin for Let’s Eat Outside, but on event days like this it might as well be.”


entertained into the evening. Special thanks to committee chairs Jean Hundley and Brenda Muller for tireless service putting together such a classy event. An anonymous alum parent in the food pavilion was heard recommending the Festival become a monthly event. Do we have a second?

Photography by Ernie Torgeson, Saints Parent (’08)


he weather could not have been better for the annual Saints Festival of Arts & Culture. Tolle Lege plaza was filled with a wonderful buffet of international cuisine and camaraderie. In addition to the fabulous food, art students displayed their work; drama students performed a sneak preview of the Spring musical, Seussical and the talented Saints musicians

Advertise in Saints Scene

Varsity Volleyball In Top Ten


Photo by Gregory Simmons (Parent-’09)

aints Varsity Volleyball team worked hard all season and that effort ranked them among the top ten teams in the county. The team photo was taken early spring at the 9th Annual La Jolla National Beach Cities Invitational. St. Augustine swept their pool play (3-0) advancing to the Gold Division. Saints completed the tournament with a record of 5-2 and placed 6th out of the 40 teams participating, losing to Suaharo High School, the Arizona State Champions.

Photos by Saints Parent David Critchlow

Saints Spikers—[Left to Right]: Varsity Coach Gregory Hecht, Nick Small (’09), Geoff Supplee (’11), Taylor Folwell (’09), Justin Simmons (’09), Robbie Cantonwine (’10), Matt Asaro (’10), Russell Chapin (’09), Garrett Ballard (’09), Trevor Salter (09), Nate Dixon (’09), Tomas Stonehouse (’09), Kevin Dixon (’11), Chris Guarin (’10), Matt Pekin (’11), Tom Pekin (‘09) and Patricio Healy (’10).

Saints Volleyball in Action—Nick Small (’09) makes a great dig during a team win vs. Santa Fe Christian High. Setting up for a return shot are seniors Trevor Salter (setter) and Russell Chapin. Carrier Visit—Dr. Jerry Wisniew (’64) Saints sports teams doctor invited Saints President Ed Hearn, Dr. Jose Acosta and his Saintsman son, Miguel for a recent visit aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN 68). The nuclear-powered lead ship of America’s largest class of aircraft carriers, has a crew of nearly 3,000 men and women and when deployed the air wing brings an additional 2,000 personnel. Dr. Wisniew took his guests on a tour of the ship, including a view of a F-18C Hornet landing on the deck. (Left to Right): Dr. Jose Acosta, Dr. Jerry Wisniew (‘64), Ed Hearn, and Miguel Acosta (‘10).

Shop Saints Family Businesses & Services


or a limited time only, St. Augustine’s Award Winning* school/parent/community newspaper is accepting business card advertising in its Sept. 09 thru June 10 monthly editions [10 editions]. The offer is limited to a one school year, one time buy of $500. Business cards will be published, “as is” for the entire 10 months. Note: Because the advertisement page in Saints Scene will be printed en masse (like the yearbook) no monthly changes can be made during the year. Maximum of 24 business cards will be accepted. All sales final. The offer closes at the end of the business day, July 15, 2009 and is made on a first come first served basis, one business card per business/and or location. The school reserves the right to accept advertisements deemed appropriate by Saints Community norms. The new advertising in Saints Scene is an effort by the school to encourage the Saints Community to support the businesses of tuition paying parents and alums. Also, please be reminded there are other advertising venues available to support school activities, i.e. school programs in athletics and fine arts.

clip and mail Advertiser

Contact Person


Prom Season Primer Continued from page 3. times, and make sure you can contact your child throughout the entire night. •Communicate with your child specifically about how he would handle difficult situations such as being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver, being offered alcohol or drugs, or pressure to have sex. Be sure to provide parental Mr. John O’Beirne instruction on how best to deal with problems that may arise. •Insist that there are to be no changes made to the itinerary without your prior approval, and make firm rules with no exceptions allowed. •Find out who will be supervising the prom and afterparties. Be sure to speak directly with any parents supervising after-parties your child wishes to attend, since some parents may allow underage drinking, and may not have the same set of morals and values that you do. •Consider volunteering to assist in supervising the afterparties your teen will attend, which will help ensure there are enough responsible adults watching over the partygoers. •Have specific and detailed conversations with your child about alcohol consumption, driving under the influence, drug use and sex, as peer pressure often leads teens to use poor judgment before, during and after prom. •Make sure your child has phone numbers to trustworthy cab companies programmed into his cell phone, and plenty of money to cover the cost of a cab ride, if deemed necessary for any reason. •Will someone in the home wait up until the teen arrives back home safely? If so, who?

•Hotel rooms are not something that we recommend or support. Often there is no parent supervision and children are left on their own to make decisions that are often persuaded by peer pressure. To rent a hotel or motel room it is necessary to be 18 years of age and have a major credit card. Please do not encourage or help your children to rent a hotel room for the night. Statistics You Need to Know: •Contrary to what you may hear or see, most teens aren’t drinking. 81 percent of adolescents age 12 to 17 have chosen NOT to drink in recent studies. [Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 1999] •65 percent of 12th graders disapprove of consuming five or more drinks once or twice each weekend. [National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 1996] •The same amount of alcohol is in a 12-ounce bottle of beer, a 12-ounce wine cooler, and a 5-ounce glass of wine. •Among male high school students, 39 percent say it is acceptable for a boy to force sex with a girl who is drunk or high. [US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS), 1992] •Alcohol is the #1 youth drug problem [Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), 1996] •High school students who drink are seven times more likely to have had sexual intercourse and are less likely to use condoms. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Student Services Office at Saints. I hope this article provides a vehicle to have a discussion with your child on the issues related to the Prom. And remember, I have referred to our students as your children because that is what they are.

City State


Phone Email:

Enclose a check for $500, plus the business card you wish to have appear in every issue of Saints Scene newspaper between Sept. 2009 and June 2010. Make check payable to “St. Augustine High School” and mail to Ms. Casey Callery, 3266 Nutmeg Street, San Diego CA 92104 * San Diego Press Club 2004 finalist “Best External Public Relations Publication.”

Saints Gear Hours For Spring

Saints Merchandise is now available for purchase on campus: Mondays (except holidays) 9:30 am to 2:30 pm and (new) Tuesdays 6 pm to 7 pm

The Honor Roll St. Augustine High School Scholar Standouts Congratulations to the following Saintsmen for having earned a grade point average of 3.20 or higher during the Third Quarter 2008-2009 SENIORS/ Class of 2009

Brynmor W. Hughes Esteban Joseph Johnson Kent Andrew Kerner Min Joong Kim Alejandro Ismael Llamas Thomas Christopher McGrath Jr. Shaun Douglas McMahon Rafael O. Oceguera Eduardo J. Padilla Stephen W. Pascucci Sean-Michael Quintong Alfredo Ivan Ramirez Kyle B. Robinson Kevin J. Salvini Christopher J. Topping Evan Robert Wadginski

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Gabriel Michael Alsheikh Arturo Alberto Armendariz Jeremy Michael Armstrong Ernesto Botello Paul C. Cassani II Patrick M. Comer Alexander Wyllys Dixon Nathan James Dixon Matthew S. Doan Jonathan T. Droessler Samuel King Drummy Fernando E. Echeverri Kevin Joel Gutierrez Paul Guzman Brendan J. Hofstee Adam C. Johnson Peter Adam Kerrian Patrick Thomas Kiernan David H. Klueck Lucas A. Lancaster Eric David Landman Kevin Patrick Leyden Brandon Alden Linn Adam A. Marentes Michael Hassan Memari Vincent Patrick Metti Edward Luu Moser William B. Nieves John Carlo C. Pasco Jeremy Chamlee Payne Thomas C. Pekin Joseph S. Ramirez Charles Ryan Silveria Justin A. Sotomayor Eric T. Whitaker Nicholas A. Yap

JUNIORS/ Class of 2010 Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Jose Miguel Acosta Andres Alvarez Samuel Zachary Banuelos Kele Edward Bigknife Mikkal Gregory Blick Scott Alan Briggs Devin Allan Churchman Jake John Clark Christopher Joseph Curtis Nicholas Albert DeCino Sean Ryan Fitzgerald Sean William Glass Kenneth Howard Gouin,III Drake Van Vliet Grady Kevin Matthew Guico Patricio Andres Healy Elliot Vicente Humphrey Ian Renan Humphrey Mackenzie Boone Keane Daniel Leif Marks Grant Thomas McNamara Lucas Robert Moore Jordan Ramon Muller Cody Chao Young Oei Ezekiel Gonzalez Oliwa Bryce Richard Persichetti Nathan Albert Plein Jairus Eclevia Racelis Anthony Reynoso Riel Ryan Thomas Suarez Jonathan Nile Talia Jack Richardson Utz Clayton Edward Van Aken Philip Ventura Sean Thomas Young

First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Adrian Fernando Arce Garrett F. Ballard Carlos Capetillo Arthur V. Cardones Cole P. Carter Conor T. Concannon Gerald D. Cunanan Drew A. Dominique Justin Paul James Guay Joseph Vincent Gutierrez Michael James Hammock Cristobal V. Huerta Michael Patrick McGlenn Fletcher E. Montzingo Leo Steven Nava Sean Michael Nowland Matthew T. Pacheco Joshua Taylor Querin Javier W. Ruiz-Fimbres Trevor F. Salter Alexander A. Shute Daniel P. Tarantino Angel F. Terrazas Anthony T. Tilley Michael Santino Valentini Joseph P. Vance Matthew R. Villalobos Paul G. Villard Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Jacobo Ackerman Joshua Flores Alcantara Ryan Patrick Atchley Kevin M. Badeaux Kwaminique Andrew Brandon Cory T. Brehmer Gaston Bustamante Anthony John Camara Ramiro Cardenas Mitchell Lea Clements Jacob P. Corso Jackson J. D’Angelo Conor T. Daly Caton T. Del Rosario Kyle J. Dickerson Silverio DiGiovanni Matthew P. Dixon Sean Nicholas Ducey Deane A. Gordon Daniel Bruce Hiser

SOPHOMORES/ Class of 2011

First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Allan James Bantugan Francisco Botello Thomas Anthony Dixon Jeffrey Michael Dormann Peter Robert Dray Daniel Alejandro Font Christopher Lane Freestone Fernando Rafael GarciaGranados Victoria Thomas David Hart Luke Joseph Henning Guillermo Anthony Hernandez Andrew Peter Kondan Paul Anthony Maalouf Mark Michael Malek Christopher Thoms Miller Rodrigo Mora Ryan Jameson Morrell Jason John Perone Alexander Nicholas Prevallet Kinstle Luke Gromer Smith Jackson Trimm Suster Tyler Murdock Torano Jose Manuel Valenzuela Travis Andrew Webb William Anton Young Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Miguel Alejandro Allende Arthur Cody Anderson Matthew Frank Asaro Dana Christian Barbaro Jaime Alberto Bonilla-Fimbres Peter John Cataldo

Saints Scene Your monthly report on the St. Augustine High School Experience

Ivan Louis Cavallino Carlos Antonio Chavez Tim David Cookson Bryan Daniel Cullen Daniel Joseph Deiters Austin Matthew Dickerson Joseph Thomas Erskine Abraham Gallegos Anthony Peter Gautille Mark Allen Gracyk II Samuel Brimhall Howeth Adam Matthew Johnson Nicholas Donald Klotz Alan Trung Lam Asdrubal Samuel Macias Peter Atwell Bradley Martin,III Ethan Patrick Mathias Patrick James McClain Andrew Weldon Mera John Thomas Mossinghoff Alexander Kenneth Padua Charles Francis Salanger Noah Joseph Schaner Paul Thomas Schlosser Joseph Connor Taylor Dennis Reyes Torculas Fernando Antonio Trujillo David Michael Vondracek Donald Leo Walsh Ian Jacob Williamson

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Teague Kristian Ashcraft Gerardo Azcarraga Chris Jordan Perpetua Banaga Thomas More Barrett Kevin Callahan Bauckman Conor Patrick Beck James Robert Birkett Christopher Burton Catt Tyler Christian Connolly Darren Thomas Critchlow Evan James Critchlow Sean Leonard Davey Kevin Thomas Dixon Michael Sean Ebeling Jose Luis Escamilla Ryan Monroe Foletta Jorge Salgado Garcia John Wendell Gehegan Jon Matthew Kalfayan Christian Michael Kondan Brian Sullivan Maloy John Reilly Marin Carlos Cristobal Martinez Christopher Logan McConnell Kevin Michael-James McKinley Brian Jacob Panish Michael Day Phillips Spencer James Poiset Michael Dylan Robertson Matthew Ponteprino Rush Connor Dean Smith Patrick Gromer Smith Derek James Snyder Raymond Sami Totah Zac Spencer Tucker Nicholas Daniel Valentini Adam Morgan Whalen William Arthur Wickett First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Eduardo Ackerman Diego Enrique Austin Cesar Cardenas Connor Mac Niallais Dowling Julian Ricci Garcia Sean Howard Halbo James Gonzalez Joaquin Brody James Leonard Brandon Cole Martelli Austin Jacob McCalley Nicolas Edward Meda Ryan James Mendoza Chase Alan Mohan Minos Alexis Osuna Matthew Joseph Pekin Ryan Phillip Rust Vito Anthony Ryan Nicholas Theodore Samouris

Rendell Aguilar Sino Geoffrey Alan Supplee Ryan James Villard Jesse Ian Watson Alexander Rafael White Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Nolan Cornelius Alisasis Andrew Anthony Angulo Victor Joseph Asaro Anthony William Bane Kevin Michael Barajas Andrew Herbert Barrack Nicolas James Barrack Carlos Martin Bradshaw Ryan William Burgunder Patrick McZeal Carr Hayden Gerard Cave Brandon Landeros Colchin David Alexander Cook Joseph Wesley Cook Jack Peter Corrao III Michael John Coyne Grant James Dexter Joseph David Dray Roberto J. Estrella Joseph Taylor Evans Michael Patrick Evans Jake Miles Gilbert Wally John Marcial Gonzalez Tyler Berton Hodgdon Jordan Robert Hood Garett Thomas Kain Jonathon Jacob Keena Michael John LoCoco Vitorio Nicklaus Guiseppe Lorenzini Matthew Rudolph Mercado Jason Alexander Moreno Cole Jordan Neal Ricardo Noriega Sebastian James Revels Matthew Richard Ryan Steven Michael Salanger Adam Thomas Secord Carlos Hiram Soto Donovan James Theseira Taylor Ryan Patrick Tonner Ryan Victor Vermeulen Ryan Lawrence Walsh Paul Ian Westermeyer Patrick Michael Wynne

FRESHMEN/ Class of 2012 Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Patrick Joseph Bones Dominic Joseph Carusillo Spencer Riley Castillo Maximiliano Cortes Thomas Aubert Davies Pietro Anthony DeLuca Fernando Manuel Echegaray Carlo Raphael Fulgencio Escudero Austin Gabriel Farres Oriol Chad Alexander Fitzgerald Jacob Christian Fulton Michael Joseph Infantine Daniel William Johnston Connor Michael Keefe David Evan Lloyd Joshua Ignacio Macias John Conrad McGarry Nicholas Bennett Morrell Ryan Alexander Muir Alexander John Payne Nathan Timothy Penick Derek Lee Price Neil Everitt Rens Alexander Tyler Swider Ryan Theodor Tweed Andrew Sebastian Vazquez John Patrick Wilson

Publisher: Edwin J. Hearn, Jr. Saints President Editor-in-Chief: James Horne Saints Principal Senior Editor: Steve Chipp (’68), Alumni Director Managing Editor: Thomas Shess, Alum Parent (’05) Art Director: Carol Sherwood Chief Photographer: Ernie Torgeson, Alum Parent (’08)

Kevin Waylon Yim Jason Sacamay Yudiono First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Aaron Daniel Anderson Juan Ignacio Ballinas Rangel Ian Amadeus Bobolia Roberto Carrillo Rivas Eloy Celis Sanchez Anthony Lloyd Cook William Robert DeCino Austin Dean Diamond John Punzalan Dompor Irish Joseph Giron Adrian Gutierrez Jonathan Paul Heid Peter James Hulburt Lorenzo Juarez Nicholas Austin Kemme James Eliot Lowell Heriberto Martinez Spencer Herbert-William Morgan William Patrick Morstad Daniele Giovanni Narelli Anthony Patrick Nava Jason Nunez Matthew Stephen Palmer Raul Pareyon Patrick Thomas Plein Daniel Gregory Ramirez Karl Michael Cameros Reyes Nicklaus Karl Ruppert Kyle Patrick Schaar Dominic Arthur Vetuschi Augustus Joseph Woestman Ronald Rudolph Zappardino Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Daniel Adam Acevedo Gerald Comia Alisasis Mitchel James Borgstrom Mason Anthony Brown Paul Joseph Brown Vincenzo Anthony Bruno Robert Etienne Caya Fidel Cazarez Jr. Cole Donovan Christy Cullen Quinn Conaty Christopher Joseph Condon Sean Christian Connors Edwin Flores Corpus Jr. Daniel Clyde Farias Ryan Raymond Garofalo Derek Roman Pharaoh Graham Andrew Meyer Grant Arthur Jay Guardiana Jimenez Robert Alan Kinslow Lars Thomas Leweck Anthony Najib Mansour Marlon Oram Mansour Josh Perry Miller Alejandro Ryuichi Miyai Juan Manuel Moreno IV Brian Thienan Nguyen Jesse Eduardo Noriega Dominic Gabriel Padua Drew Alan Peterson Jr. Anthony Santino Prato Nathaniel Douglas Rains Robert Fitzgerald Reedholm Nathan Christopher Rhoden Andres Eugenio Rothenhausler Blaine Patrick Safir Daniel Joseph Shaw-Cedeno Gerard Paul Liang-Ren Shen David Clark Slayton Wyatt Patrick Snyder Nicholas Patrick Sullivan Mario Sutka Anthony Joseph Tangredi Bryan Joseph Tarantino Stanley Andrew Tryka Samuel Austin Turner

The Mission of St. Augustine High School Our mission is to provide a Catholic liberal arts education for young men in an environment that promotes the development of mind, heart and body in the Augustinian tradition. By helping to form loving disciples of Jesus Christ we communicate to the world the gospel values of community, truth and love.

Circulation Director: Casey Callery, Associate Director of Advancement Austin Parents Assn. Editor: Annette Fleming Editor Emeritus: John D. Keller O.S.A. (’55) Correction Policy While every effort is made to be accurate, we occasionally err. We do apologize to those impacted and kindly ask that you notify the Managing Editor so we may choose to publish corrections or amplifications in future issues.


May 2009 Issue, Vol 28 No. 5, St. Augustine High School, San Diego CA