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Summer 2012


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Photography by Cat Kemme, Saints Mom (’12).

GODSPEED CLASS OF 2012—Saints faculty member Michael Inzunza (left) and Saints Chaplain Fr. Bob Gavotto, O.S.A. (’55) sing the school’s Alma Mater along with the Class of 2012 at graduation ceremonies at Golden Hall. Bittersweet moment knowing it was the last time the Class of 2012 sat together. Since this picture was taken graduating seniors have dispersed to the four winds. To see where everyone will end up in college next Fall go to Page 6.

…Road Together

Remarkable School Year in Review

Unitas Veritas Caritas


By Edwin Hearn, President St. Augustine High School

n looking forward to 2012-13, it is always worthwhile to reflect back on the just completed year, taking stock of the markers used to evaluate the health of a school. The connective tissue that has Edwin J. Hearn, Jr. driven this year began with the celebration of Saints 90th birthday. The numerous events celebrating and honoring this momentous occasion have helped our students and families better understand the rich heritage of Saints past and the sacrifice of the Augustinians and their lay partners to create a school that is transformative to lives of the students and the community. While the Saints community continues to

Dear Parents and Friends



mazing is the word that summarizes my thoughts as I reflect on the year and the end of school. It is amazing how fast this year has gone. It is amazing the time and energy people have put forth this year to ensure the success of the school’s WCEA/WASC accreditation visit. It is amazing to look at the accomplishments of Saints’ students in the areas of academics, athletics and community service. And, it is amazing to Principal James Horne have built a new athletic field and track to support our school programs. All of this year’s achievements affirm our pride and excitement about being members of the Saints community. Great parents, great faculty & staff, and great supporters make this a very special place. And it is your willingness to give so freely of your time and talent to provide the opportunities for our great students to take on different challenges and enjoy new experiences that make Saints all that it is. Yours in the Spirit of Catholic Education,

James Horne Principal

Vol 32 no. 6

mourn the death of long-time counselor Pat Healy, the celebration of his life will not be forgotten by the community he served. In tribute to Pat as the school’s first counselor, a generous gift has been made by an anonymous donor to name the counseling center “The Pat Healy Counseling Center.” The plaque will be a constant reminder of the great contribution Pat made daily in helping freshman boys find their place at Saints. In April, Saints successfully concluded a six-year accreditation cycle that began over a year ago. By engaging all stakeholders in the development of a ground-up self-study, Saints offered a transparent view of the school that enabled our community to successfully formulate the next Strategic Plan. Jim Horne, Tom Cudal and Christian da Luz are to be congratulated for diligent and expert guidance throughout this process. The completion of the renovation of the main athletic field can certainly be termed a game-changing event for the campus. The installation of the Field Turf and a four–lane artificial track has greatly enhanced Saints ability to run a multitude of programs on our small campus. Track coach Jerry Downey comContinued on page 3.

New Textbook Program Allows Rental Option


aints has moved to an on-line textbook purchase program for the 2012-13 school year. We know these days everyone is looking to save some cash and books are big ticket items. To help ease the burden, the school through a new program aligned with Follett Virtual Bookstore, is now offering parents and students a textbook rental service. The renting of textbooks is being handled through Just as with anything else, renting has some advantages and disadvantages over buying. The following frequently asked questions list (FAQ) is prepared to assist you in making the right choice for you involving whether to purchase text books or to rent them. Q: What is Rent-A-Text? A: Rent-A-Text provides you or your child with the option of renting a new or used textbook rather than purchasing it. At the end of the term, you simply ship the textbook back where it is checked in. Renting instead of buying can save you more than 50% on average compared to the purchase price of a new textbook. Q: Why rent textbooks? A: When you rent books, you’ll pay, on average, less than half the new price. Guaranteed! That’s right, the exact same book, over half off. Q: More than 50%? Sounds great. But is there a catch? A: No catch. Inquiring consumers, such as you, will find that our rental price is, on average, over 50% off the new book price. How many places do you know that will offer their favorite customers an “Over 50% Off Sale” during their busiest time of the year? Q: Sounds good so far. How do I actually rent books? A: Well, here’s what you’ll need to get started: First, renters need to be 18 years or older, with a valid credit card. If you are renting books for your minor child, simply use your information instead of the child’s. An email address and a driver’s license/state ID is also a must. Finally, you’ll need to fill out a rental agreement, Continued on page 6.

Another Perfect Year

100% of Senior Class Off to College


n one of the toughest years for college admission in decades, 100 percent of the 168 graduating Saintsmen from the Class of 2012 indicated that they will be continuing their education next year. They will go to school in 25 states, the District of Columbia, Mexico, and a special program in India. Our Ivy League acceptances were the best in years, with two to Harvard, one to Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn, Yale, and Columbia respectively. We have one student who will go on to Stanford, one to West Point, and several to Notre Dame. In terms of scholarships, we have two Gates Millennium Scholarship winners, one local and one national National Hispanic Heritage Foundation winner, a Ford Salute to Education winner, and ROTC scholarship winners among our notable scholarship Continued on page 6.



Conversations with Augustine, Part 10 By Fr. Bob Gavotto, O.S.A. (’55) Saints Chaplain

[This continues and concludes the ‘interview’ of Fr. Ted Tack with Augustine, in his book “A Man for Our Times.”] Q. We are well aware that you wrote a tremendous number of books in your lifetime. What were the main topics of these books? How did you ever find the time for this in the midst of your many other tasks? Augustine. As I look back I can almost ask myself the same question: How did I ever find the time? Well, probably it was because I could get along with very little sleep at night. Though I would be busy with the affairs of the Church during the daytime hours and often into the evening, I could always find some peace in the late hours of the night and the early hours of the morning. And I was fortunate enough to have some good secretaries at hand who would take notes while I paced up and down in my room and dictated my thoughts. It was the same with the homilies I preached in Hippo, Carthage, and in many other cities throughout North Africa. I always prepared my thoughts ahead of time but rarely wrote them down. But the secretaries would situate themselves throughout the church, again take notes of what I said, and then refer their completed product to me for my correction. As for the subjects of my writing, well, I wrote about almost anything that referred to our faith. Don’t forget, as I have mentioned already, the faith was just getting started, and a lot of people were confused and asking questions. They would often send me their questions and beg me to write and answer their difficulties. I did this at times in letters of reply, but at other times I would write pamphlets or books, depending on the importance of the matter. I’m not going to give you a list of my works here, but maybe we can list a few of the more important ones at the end of this interview. Q: Whatever happened to that monastery you founded in Hippo after Valerius ordained you a priest? Did you found any other religious houses in your time? Augustine: That monastery, as I mentioned earlier, was in the garden of the cathedral church. I lived there myself from 391 to about 396, and I was the only priest; all the rest of my companions were laymen. When I became bishop of Hippo in

396 I did not think it was a good idea to stay there because as bishop I would have to received visitors constantly and this could easily disturb the peace and quiet which should prevail in a religious house. That’s really the reason why I moved to the bishop’s house. Quite frankly, I also turned the bishop’s house into a religious community. But this particular community was one of clerics, not laymen, who lived with me there and followed the same style of life I had established in the garden monastery. Though I didn’t found any other religious communities myself, many of my brothers from that garden monastery became bishops and founded monasteries in their own territories. These monasteries also followed the same kind of life we had been leading in Hippo, a style of life based in the Acts of the Apostles, ch. 4, 32-35. Interestingly enough, my dear sister founded a monastery of nuns in Hippo after I moved there as a priest. She was the superior of that religious community for many years until her death. Q: The Vandal armies surrounded Hippo around June, 430 A.D. How did this affect you and your people? Augustine: Well, you can just imagine how it would have affected us. They put us under siege: We couldn’t leave and others could not enter. They had already done terribly things to all the cities they conquered: burning, torturing, killing, destroying the churches as well a other buildings. I must admit that I shed a lot tears in prayer before God, mainly seeking forgiveness for my sins and those of others. I did everything I could to help my people during this terrible time of trial. I prayed with my fellow bishops that, if it were not God’s will to deliver us from our enemies, that he would at least make all of us strong in accepting his will. Final note from Fr. Tack. This fascinating chat with Augustine about his active life ends here. Three months after the Vandals began their siege of Hippo, Augustine was stricken with what was to be his final illness. He was confined to bed but remained sharp in mind and judgment until the very end. He died as he had lived, a poor man of God. It was August 28 of the year 430 A.D. He was 75 years old.

Hollywood is coming to Saints Independent filmmaker Chris Cashman (’93) to use campus as location

W Campus as Location – Actor/screenwriter Chris Lusti (’92) is teamed with Chris Cashman (’93) to shoot feature film “Father Eddie” on campus next fall.

Halo Joe’s Schedule: Here’s the summer schedule for Saints on campus Spirit Wear Shop on 33rd Street, just south of the newly turfed sports field. Friday, July 6, 13, 20, 27 – 11:00 to 1:00 Friday, August 3rd, 10th, 17th - 11:00-1:00 Monday, August 20th – 11:30 to 2:00 Thursday, August 23rd – open for all orientations Starting Monday, August 27th back to school year store schedule: Mondays 11:30 to 2:15; Fridays 11:00 to 1:00 (closed all holidays, schedule subject to change)

hat would you do if you had no job or place to live? For Eddie Simmons, he needs money quick so he takes desperate measures and pretends to be a priest to get a job at an all-boys Catholic school. How could he pass up the free room at the monastery? “Father Eddie” is the new feature film in the works from Chris Cashman (Saints Class of ’93) who plans to direct on location at Saints this coming December. Cashman is most known for directing the feature film “Carts” and the short film “Goofyfoot.” He has worked in the film industry for the past ten years - where he even had a brief career as Will Ferrell’s stunt man in such films as “Anchorman” and “Kicking and Screaming.” Cashman has teamed up with fellow Saintsman Chris Lusti (Saints Class of ’92) to write the story. Lusti is a professional comedic screenwriter and actor in Hollywood. After years of talking about writing something about Saints, Cashman and Lusti finally put something together. They wanted to make a movie that shows the Saints experience in a comical way. The film has a couple recognizable character actors such as: Ted Lange (Isaac from the Love Boat), Marshall Manesh (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Lebowski) and Douglas Tait (Thor, Star Trek), so far… “We have all reminisced about our days at Saints, and perhaps even thought that would make a great movie. Well this is the movie that will show the real Saints experience, and what an experience it was,” says Cashman. The production team is turning to the Saints community to help make this film come to life. If you have ever had any interest in seeing your name in the credits as a producer or actor this might be your chance. Through Cashman’s independent production company Frazzled Man Productions they have set up some very exciting perks for anyone who donates to the project. For more information about the film or to help support please visit: www.

School Year Ed Hearn Continued from page 1.

mented that everyday more Saintsmen were asking to join the track team and that the improvement of the team could visibly be seen from week to week. While every athletic team was extremely competitive this year, the Lacrosse Team, in only its third year of existence, won its first league championship and inaugurated the new field by beating San Dieguito High School 9-6 in the C.I.F. playoffs. Under the tutelage of Coach Greg Hecht, the volleyball team won its first back-to-back C.I.F. championship. For

the second year in a row, Saints beat Francis Parker in three for the C.I.F. championship, decisively ending their decade-long dominance of Division IV. Certainly the most remarkable achievement was made by this year’s soccer team. Despite lacking a home field that necessitated every practice and game be held off-campus, the soccer team won the second state championship in the history of Saints. While many of the games were won by the smallest of margins and in the waning seconds of the game, Coach Brendan Johnston’s team played with resolve and determination to the end of each match. The college acceptances for Saints se-

niors are again outstanding. Every member of the class of 2012 will be moving on to higher education in the fall. Director of College Counseling Nancy Caine reported that there were seven acceptances to Ivy League colleges; three graduates will matriculate to Notre Dame and one each to Stanford and West Point. In another “first”, two Saintsmen have won the Gates Millennium Scholarship, bringing that total to seven since 2004. A graduate was named a National Hispanic Heritage Foundation winner and another member of class was a runner-up in the prestigious Kyoto Prize competition. The data garnered from the Senior Exit Survey reveals that the class of 2012

has had an outstanding experience during their four years at Saints. The objective score for the overall experience for class of 2012 is the highest since the inception of the survey. Seventy-five percent of the seniors agreed with the statement that “Mass and Liturgies enhanced my faith and spirituality.” Certainly this outcome reflects the real significance that Saints is for its students. 2011-2012 has been an amazing year of grace for Saints. Achievement has soared and an outstanding roadmap has been set for the next six years. Thank you to the entire community for your part in making this another extraordinary year.



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Select books are also available to rent, saving about half the regular price! Q: How do books ship? A: All orders can be shipped to your home or another address provided via FedEx. Q: Can I return the books? A: Follett Virtual Bookstores will accept book returns up to 30 days from purchase, or 30 days from the first day of class, whichever is later. Call 877-827-2665 for return authorization and processing.

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Q: What are the book options? A: Most books are available New or Used.

1234L 2


Pomp and Circumstance 2012 Senior Honors & Awards

The Gold Medalists

The following members of the Class of 2012 earned the following school awards.

The Saint Augustine Medal Neil Everett Rens Presented by the St. Augustine Alumni Association to the student judged by faculty vote to be the most representative graduate this year on the basis of academic achievement, citizenship and leadership. Honorable Mention Award: Peter James Hulburt

The Christian Conduct Medal Andrew Sebastian Vazquez Presented by the St. Augustine High Austin Guild to the graduate judged by faculty vote to have shown in a superior manner those attributes befitting a Christian gentleman.

The Principal’s Trophy Alexander John Payne and Neil Everett Rens Presented by the Augustinians of St. Patrick’s Church to the graduate demonstrating excellence in studies over the past four years.

John Nathan Dompor Gold Medal Visual and Performing Arts

Alexander John Payne and Neil Everett Rens Gold Medal Studies

The Gold Medal is presented by St. Augustine High School to the senior who has excelled in the Visual and Performing Arts in at least two disciplines. The senior must have exhibited creative and intuitive thinking and been a Saintsman for at least three years.

The Gold Medal is awarded by St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Ojai, California to the Saintsman who has demonstrated excellence in studies in his senior year. Honorable Mention Award: David Evan Lloyd

Honorable Mention Award: Arthur Jay Guardiana Jimenez

Honorable Mention: David Evan Lloyd

Honorable Mention Award: Peter James Hulburt Valedictorians Neil Everett Rens and Alexander John Payne

The Austins

The Austins are presented by the school to selected graduating seniors, who underwent oral examinations in the fields of English, mathematics, religion, science and social studies. The candidates were selected from among the top ten percent of the class in academic rank.

Seamus Patrick McMurrow Gold Medal Athletics The Gold Medal for excellence in Athletics is presented by the St. Augustine Booster Club to the graduate judged by faculty vote to have excelled in (traditionally) at least two sports for two years or more.

The graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average over seven semesters (excluding summer school grades) traditionally is selected as the class Valedictorian. He delivers the farewell oration at graduation on behalf of the graduating class. The selection of the student is made by the Assistant Principal for Academics with the Principal’s ratification. This year there was a tie. Both delivered an address at graduation.

Magna Cum Laude Alexander John Payne

Magna Cum Laude David Lloyd

Magna Cum Laude Andrew Vazquez

The Rev. John R. Aherne, O.S.A., Trophy Pietro Anthony DeLuca

Cum Laude Connor Michael Keefe


Salutatorian David Evan Lloyd The Salutatorian is selected from those who have been invited to sit for the Austins on the basis of an essay written as a Salutatorian address and judged by faculty members.

Austin Parents Association Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Activities:

Cum Laude Jason Nunez

This award honors the outstanding Varsity Football Player with the highest scholastic standing.

Music Joshua Ignacio Macias

Graduating Cum Laude based on a 3.6 or higher weighted grade point average:

Ian Bobilia Patrick Bones Stefan Carnahan Roberto Rivas Dominic Carusillo Spencer Castillo Eloy Sanchez Edwin Corpus, Jr. Maximiliano Cortes Thomas Aubert Davies William DeCino Austin Diamond John Dompor Carlo Escudero Austin Oriol Chad Fitzgerald Ryan Garofalo Irish Giron Adrian Gutierrez Jonathan Heid Peter Hulburt Michael Infantine Daniel Johnston Nicholas Kemme James Lowell Joshua Macias Heriberto Martinez John McGarry

Art Nicholas Allen Di Donato

Newspaper Neil Everett Rens

Juan Moreno IV Spencer Morgan Nicholas Morrell William Morstad Ryan Muir Anthony Nava Brian Nguyen Jesse Noriega Luke Nowland Matthew Palmer Raul Pareyon Nathan Penick Patrick Plein Derek Price Nathaniel Rains Daniel Ramirez Karl Reyes Nicklaus Ruppert Blaine Safir Gerald Liang-Ren Chen Alexander Swider Bryan Tarantino Ryan Tweed Dominic Vetuschi John Wilson Augustus Woestman Kevin Yim Jason Yudiono

National Honor Society and Cum Laude grads

Members must have a Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Members are then evaluated on the basis of service, leadership and character. Thomas Aubert Davies Austin Dean Diamond Austin Gabriel Farres Oriol David Evan Lloyd Joshua Ignacio Macias Ryan Alexander Muir

Honorable Mention Award: Nicholas Tyler Gonsalves and Connor Michael Keefe

Summa Cum Laude Neil Everett Rens

Cum Laude Graduates

Neil Everett Rens Andrew Sebastian Vazquez John Patrick Wilson Kevin Waylon Yim Jason Sacamay Yudiono

California Scholarship Federation Life-Members

CSF Life-Membership is awarded to seniors qualifying earning outstanding grades during four of their last five semesters; one of those semester memberships must be earned with senior grades. Maximiliano Cortes Thomas Aubert Davies Carlo Raphael Fulgencio Escudero Austin Gabriel Farres Oriol Adrian Gutierrez Jonathan Paul Heid Michael Infantine David Evan Lloyd Heriberto Martinez John Conrad McGarry Ryan Alexander Muir Jesse Eduardo Noriega

Jason Nunez Matthew Stephen Palmer Raul Pareyon-Villegas Alexander John Payne Neil Everett Rens Karl Michael Cameros Reyes Nicklaus Karl Ruppert Blaine Patrick Safir Andrew Sebastian Vazquez John Patrick Wilson Kevin Waylon Yim Jason Sacamay Yudiono 55

which signifies your commitment to sending your book back by the rental due date. Q: So when is the rental due date? A: We ask that all rented books be returned by the rental due date on your packing slip. End-of-rental returns ship back pre-paid, so nothing extra comes out of your pocket. We’ll send you reminder emails at the end of term to help you remember to return the rented books. Q: OK, let’s say I forget to send my books back. Then what? A: If you don’t return your books by the rental due date (shown on your receipt packing slip), we’ll charge your credit card a non-return fee as well as a processing fee. After all, if you rent something, you are traditionally expected to return it. The book will be yours, which means you have some options. If you want to keep it, feel free. Otherwise, you can always attempt to sell your book back for top dollar. Q: Why the extra fees if I check-in my rental book past the deadline? A: If you don’t check in your rental book on time, we will need to source another copy of the book in order to have enough

quantities on hand for the next term. The fees cover the additional expenses of finding another copy of the book. Q: What happens if I change classes? A: Rental refunds will be allowed during the normal refund period. Of course, the regular refund rules will still apply: the book needs to be in the same condition as it was when it was rented and you’ll need a copy of your packing slip. See your school’s page on or call 877827-2665 for more return information. Q: Is highlighting and note taking allowed in the books? A: We respect different learning styles enough to not dictate what you do (or don’t do) with your books....within reason, of course. Normal highlighting and note- taking are perfectly acceptable. So, what’s prohibited? Any excessive markings that would render the book unusable for the next customer. It’s the note takers golden rule! Q: Rental sounds great! So can I rent all my books? A: Unfortunately, not every title is available for rent right now. But we’re working hard with your teachers and textbook

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Q: How will I be able to tell if the book I need is rent-able? A: Beginning Fall 2010, all books that are rentable will have a “Rent-A-Text” button on the textbook’s efollett page.

American University Bernard Skomal Arizona State University Nicholas Kemme Barry University Aaron Martinez Boston College Raul Pareyon Gerald Laing-Ren Shen


Jake Storey and Nick DiDonato

Golden Hall marquee announcing Saints Graduation

California State Polytechnic University/San Luis Obispo Ian Bobolia Stefan Carnahan Pietro DeLuca California State University/ Bakersfield Mario Sutka

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Jacob Fulton Fordham University Peter Hulburt Gap-Year Overseas David Patino Marquiz

California State University/ Chico Paul Brown

George Washington University Thomas Davies

California State University/ San Marcos Gaetano Balistreri

Gonzaga University Derek Pharaoah Graham Michael Infantine Lars Leweck Spencer Morgan Nicholas Sullivan

Carthage College Matthew Camarata Case Western Reserve University John McGarry CETYS Universiad Jamie Martinez Jose Soto Fimbres Chaminade University/ Honolulu Luke Daly-Kulani Chestnut Hill College Aaron Gutierrez Columbia University Jason Nunez

Bowdoin College Connor Keefe

Cornell University James Lowell

California Maritime Academy Ted Bendrick Peter Erbes Andrew Healey Thomas Mezzacappa Anthony Prato Robert Reedholm Ryan Tweed

Creighton University Andrew Deeb Ryan Muir

California State Polytechnic University/Pomona John Dompor


Q: Where can I get more information? A: Call 877-827-2665 to speak with a Follett Virtual Bookstores representative. Parents or guardians with questions that were not addressed above are free to contact the school textbook program coordinator at Saints Mr. Matt Linville—

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Academy of Art University Jared Jacob Owens


Salutatorian Address Golde

Q: I don’t HAVE to rent my books, right? A: Nope. The new program gives parents and students options. Some people are going to want to rent new books. Others may want to own a used book. No matter your studying style or budget, you can get what you need here.

Perfect Year

students. Colleges have also been generous to our boys in terms of institutional money as well. The Augustinians at Villanova have again provided one full tuition scholarship for a graduating senior admitted to that university. So far this class has taken in over $1.7 million in useable scholarships. All and all in a very difficult admissions year, in a tough economy, our students have been very successful. The following report on where the Class of 2012 will report to college was based on information provided in the graduation program. Student may have changed college selection since printing of program.

y r to is H n I s r a e Y r u o F t s Faste all, June 1, 2012

Cuyamaca Colleget Felipe Diaz Zachary Blodgett Dartmouth College Nicklaus Ruppert

Grossmont College Stephen Celestino Gary Dutra Jose Garay Ryan Lepis Trevor Manns Marcos Martinez Esteban Padilla Jake Storey Hawaii Pacific University Billy Ramierez Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey/Campus Monterrey Jose Arreola Luis Astiazaran Johns Hopkins University Neil Rens La Jolla Prep Drew Peterson Loyola Marymount University Irish Giron Joshua Macias Loyola University/Maryland Cole Christy Marymount College Alexander Galan

Mesa College Bryant Campos Fidel Cazarez Jose Favela Adrian Granados Joseph Kennedy Daniel Millan Merrick Murtaugh Jacob Thilemann Stanley Tryka Montana State University/ Bozeman John Wilson Northeastern University Eloy Celis Sanchez Northern Arizona University Kurt Kerner Kenneth McClenahan Adam Miller Felix Rivera Jaxon Smith Michael Barr Ohio State University Maximiliano Cortes Oklahoma State University Jason Bilger Oregon State University Matthew Palmer Point Loma Nazarene University Mitchel Borgstrom William DeCino Princeton University Alexander Payne Providence College Eric Rivera Saint Edward’s University Luis Ortega Saint Louis University Samuel Parada Saint Martin’s University Roger Escobar Kyle Schaar

Saint Mary’s College of California Anthony Tangredi Saint Olaf College Aaron Anderson San Diego State University Gerald Alisasis Cullen Conaty Sean Connors Edwin Corpus Jonathan Heid Timothy Hilgeman Traeger Jarrad Lorenzo Juarez Arthur Guardiana Jimenez Robert Kinslow Marlon Mansour Seamus McMorrow Josh Miller William Morstad Daniele Narelli Anthony Nava Luke Nowland Dominic Padua Nathaniel Rains Daniel Ramirez Karl Cameros Reyes Dominick Sawaya Augustus Woestman San Francisco State University David Slayton Dante Thompson San Jose State University William Gould Santa Clara University Patrick Bones Robert Caya Juan Moreno Southern Methodist University Austin Diamond Southwestern College Jose Perez Daniel Shaw-Cedeno Stanford University Andrew Vazquez Continued on Page 7.

Mr. Ned “Sir” Wilson leads Class of 2012 out of Golden Hall after Graduation Ceremonies.

By David Lloyd (’12)

ellow students, alumni, family, friends, and faculty, welcome to the graduation of the St. Augustine High School class of 2012. In pondering the significance of this day, it is natural to focus on our experiences over the last four years; however, we must also remember to honor the very man who inspired the creation of the rich tradition from which we have grown. St. Augustine once asked, “Do you wish to be great? Then begin by being. Do you desire to construct a vast and lofty fabric? Think first about the foundations of humility. The higher the structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.” St. Augustine High School is the embodiment of these words. The potential for our greatness was brought into being when we accepted the invitation to become members of the Saints community. Sitting at our freshman orientation in 2008, fidgeting in our jackets and ties and donning our new regulation haircuts, we heard much about being “Saintsmen,” and the “Saints experience,” words that floated around us, taking root in our adolescent brains; nevertheless, we knew they meant something tangible, a title to aspire to, a tradition to honor. The Augustinian core values of truth, community, and love became the seeds from which we grew, reflected in all of our activities. Our truths became the knowledge we gained from our studies, as well as the self-awareness acquired from times of reflection in mass and on retreats. Our community embraced us always: students, parents, teachers, counselors, Augustinians, and priests, supporting us, encouraging us, and always inspiring us to offer our best to one another, and the world around us. It has been through that support that we have learned the meaning of love – the selfless gift of our time and energy for the benefit of others. We no longer wonder at the meaning of the Saints experience – we have lived it, and the interweaving of its core values with our characters is what allows us to proudly call ourselves Saintsmen. I am sure every one of us has been out in the community over the last four years, wearing a piece of Saintswear, and been approached by a complete stranger, hand thrust out, proudly introducing themselves as a “Saintsman.” As the 90th graduating class of St. Augustine High School we are part of a community with very deep roots. It is upon the strength of that foundation that we now embark on our individual pursuits, knowing that there is no limit to the height of our achievements, the breadth of our service, or the depth of our love. We are Saintsmen, and it is with great pride that I present our class, the class of 2012.

Nathan Penick

Nick Kemme, David Lloyd (right)

Ryan Muir, Adrian Guiterrez and Jonathan Heid

Thumbs up Matthew Camarata

Matthew Palmer being announced

Anthony Tangredi, Teddy Bendrick and Cole Christy

A few memories of Graduation Night

Continued from page 1.

G ol d en H all , G ol d en M oments

Text Books

Perfect Year

Continued from page 6.

Stony Brook University Martin Shives Texas Christian University Austin Phillips United States Military Academy Nathan Penick Universidad Anahuac Roberto Carrillo Rivas University of Arizona Francisco Feliciano Samuel Turner University of California/ Berkeley David Lloyd

University of California/ Irvine Daniel Acevedo

University of Colorado/ Boulder Daniel Bonin

University of California/ Los Angeles Carlo Fulgencio Escudero Ryan Garofalo Heriberto Martinez Brian Nguyen

University of Colorado/ Colorado Springs Christian Sprague Joshua Vidals

University of California/ Santa Barbara Dominic Carusillo Chad Fitzgerald Daniel Johnston Alexander Swider University of California/ Santa Cruz Kevin Yim

University of La Verne Daniel Farias Nicholas Gonsalves University of Michigan Dominic Vetuschi University of Nebraska/ Lincoln Dustin Gardner Bryan Tarantino

University of New Mexico Nicholas DiDonato University of Notre Dame Spencer Castillo Derek Price University of Pacific Jason Yudiono University of Redlands Eduardo Reynaga Garcia Jesse Noriega University of San Diego Reagan Brandon Anthony Mansour University of San Francisco Alejandro Miyai Juan Ballinas Rangel

Nathan Rhoden Luis Trevino Ronald Zappardino University of Southern California Austin Farres Oriol University of Tampa Blaine Safir University of Washington Nicholas Morrell Villanova University Patrick Plein Whittier College Oscar Brambila Mason Brown 7


Senior Awards And, the winners were:

Neil Ren s (right) ,S their aw ards from t. Augustine Gold school P Medal w resident, in Mr. Ed H ner and Peter H ulbert, H earn. ono

rable me

Millennium ol’s two Gates

with the scho Dr. Jerry Rey n Nunez. so Ja (left) and

ntion ac


Andrew Vasquez (left) Gold Medal in Christian Conduct and Peter Hulbert pose for a photo with school Chaplain Fr. Bob Gavotto, OSA (’55).

iberto Martinez

Scholars, Her

Neil Rens (left) and Alec Payne hoist their shared Principal’s Trophy for Excellence in Academics over four years.

Tony Evenson, ’87 and his mother Karene Evenson award Patrick Plein with the John D. Evenson Scholarship for commitment to the school’s Intramural program.

John Dompor (left), Gold Medal in the Visual and Performing arts pictured with Mr. Brandon Jagow and A.J. Jimenez, Honorable mention. Principal Ja mes Horne distributes and Alec P Valedictory ayne. hon

ors to Co-V aledictoria

ns Neil Ren


Student Athlete Honors Tennis

Seniors: Neil Rens, 4.56 Andrew Vazquez, 4.44 Connor Keefe 4.30 Jason Yudiono, 4.15 Raul Pareyon, 4.02 Alejandro Miyai, 3.65 Juniors: Michael Balourdas, 4.23 Luis Miranda, 4.13 Edrick Drachenberg, 3.81 Leelye Ashenafi, 3.45



Seniors: Derek Price, 4.09 Nathan Penick, 4.05 Nicholas Kemme, 3.95 Austin Diamond, 3.65 Matthew Camarata, 3.49 Dominic Padua, 3.27 Tim Hilgeman, 3.19 Juniors: Nicholas Munoz, 4.24 Andrew Gaylord, 4.07 Kyle Beddow, 4.00 Patrick Lavelle, 3.97 Tim Chapman, 3.52

Zachary Zichert, 3.24 Cameron Roberts, 3.19 Kyle Mishky, 3.17


Seniors: William Morstad, 3.97 Juniors: James Gonzalez, 3.62 Kyle Daly, 3.23


Seniors: David Lloyd, 4.49 Karl Reyes, 4.12

John Wilson, 4.12 Heriberto Martinez, 4.04 Brian Tarantino, 3.67 Blaine Safir, 3.60 Jamie Charles, 3.51 Daniel Acevedo, 3.47 Sean Connors, 3.43 Bernard Skomal, 3.28 Felipe Diaz, 3.27 Francisco Feliciano, 3.21 Paul Brown, 3.04 Juniors: Joseph McCabe, 4.31 James Zehentbauer, 4.28 Joseph Ramm, 4.23 Benjamin Piorkowski, 4.17

Seamus McM orrow, (left) , Gold Med Honorable al for Athle mention, M tics accepts r. Mike Step his award w henson and ith Nichola Connor Kee s Gonsalves fe, Honorab , le mention, (right).

For 27 years U-T San Diego has published its All-Academic team honoring juniors and seniors who participated in a CIF approved varsity sport and maintained a 3.00 GPA or better. The following is the newspaper’s list for spring/sports. Evan Suda, 4.16 Nicholas Vitha, 4.16 Scott Szafranski, 4.10 Aloysuis Redondo, 4.00 Joseph Maalouf, 3.91 Kevin Skinner, 3.90 Patrick Gerado, 3.87 Austin Schmid, 3.85 Jose Valenzuela, 3.84 Tristan Juarez, 3.79 Joseph Saad, 3.79 Max Kaderabek, 3.69 James Filley, 3.65 Diego Gonzalez, 3.64 Matthew Palpallatoc, 3.58 Austin Hyatt, 3.45 Josiah Gibb, 3.42

Adrian Zavala, 3.39 Mariano Laguna, 3.36 William Raines, 3.34 Brandon Rodriguez, 3.14 Christopher Carlin, 3.07 Maxwell Robertson, 3.06


Seniors: Nicklaus Ruppert , 4.07 Pietro DeLuca, 4.02 James Lowell, 3.78 Ian Bobolia, 3.60 Lorenzo Juarez, 3.53 Robert Kinslow, 3.39

Lars Leweck, 3.33 Martin Shives, 3.16 Juniors: Tyler Hofstee, 4.00 Taylor Ahearn, 3.90 Spencer Calvert, 3.45 Ryan Merrill, 3.32 Connor Filley, 3.31 Ross Lemmel, 3.31 Elliott Stepanof, 3.14 Alexander Gerick, 3.06



Juniors: Jose Fernandez Guerrero, 3.97 Mark Wolford, 3.79 Nicholas Quiroga, 3.66 Scott Walsh, 3.61 Gregory Lowe, 3.59 Michael Cali, 3.45 Adrian Santos, 3.28 Rico Dominguez, 3.15 Joseph Kosen, 3.07

Juniors: Diego Healy, 4.07 Patrick Dixon, 3.97 Spencer Dixon, 3.48 Juan Faustino, 3.41 Robert De Cort, 3.42 Thomas Macie, 3.28

Seniors: Nicklaus Ruppert, 4.07 Kenneth McClenahan, 3.20 Thomas Mezzacappa, 3.15

Seniors: Austin Farres Oriol, 4.27 Spencer Castillo, 4.10 Juan Moreno, 3.72


A Tradition Well Kept, June 1, 2012


Saints Baccalaureate Mass

accalaurate Mass, the traditional last full gathering of graduating seniors on campus, was beautifully celebrated by Fr. John Keller, O.S.A., a 1955 graduate of St. Augustine High School. Wave after wave of seniors dressed in caps and gowns of purple and gold filed into Dougherty Gym passing by a full house of parents, grandparents, family, friends, teachers, staff, neighbors

and a large representation of Augustinian clergy. Listening to the words of God, music, songs and speeches, the Class of 2012 took its place in history along with the 87 classes that came before. Jason Nunez (’12) offered the first reading from Phillipians 4: 6-9. Deacon Richard Hardick (’57) delivered the Gospel from John 15: 9-12 and the Homily was presented by Rev. John Keller, Director of Education for the Province of St. Augustine. Seniors Matt Camarata, Michael Infantine, and Nathan Penick led the Prayers of the Faithful.

Original Team—The following seniors were freshman when Saints began playing competitive Lacrosse. Left to right: Austin Diamond, Nick Kemme, Matt Camarata, Austin Phillips, Derek Price, Teddy Bendrick and Tim Hilgeman.

“…Before all else, live together in harmony, being of

A Season of Triumph

one mind and one heart on the way to God…Honor

Saint Augustine High School Lacrosse 2012

God in one another, because each of you has become His temple.”

Leading Prayers to the Faithful: Nathan Penick, Michael Infante and Matt Camarata

Grad Spencer Morgan with grandparents John and Pat Coseo and OLP sister Hope Morgan


Grad Austin Diamond with Kent Williams and Robin Diamond Williams

– Rule of St. Augustine

The St. Augustine Gold Medal recipient, Neil Rens, addressed the gathering with the reflection. Once again, the Augustinians, staff and faculty of the school with its cadre of Saints Community volunteers organized and conducted another loving and traditional graduation ceremony.

Grad Luis Ortega with Carmen and Luis Ortega

Grad Daniel Bonin with Joe and Pam Bonin


By John c Tolla

Special Section Photography by Cat Kemme, Saints Parent

he St. Augustine Boy’s Lacrosse program won its first City League Championship in 2012, in the Saints’ second year of eligibility. It was a season of trials and travails and, ultimately, triumph. The team began the season with an 11-5 loss to bitter rival Scripps Ranch, an upper division school, but quickly bounced back against La Jolla High with a 3-1 win. Unfortunately, that victory began the team’s most disappointing stretch of an otherwise brilliant season. Beginning with a game vs. Pacific Ridge, Saints Lacrosse lost the next three, including back-to-back, heartbreaking, sudden death overtime losses to La Jolla Country Day and Granite Hills. Saints Lacrosse entered into the season with high hopes as they had come one victory short of the City League Championship in 2011 and returned all but three players from that squad. Now they found themselves at 1-4 and questioning their future. Head coach Glenn Pacitti refused to let his team dwell on these issues, refocused the team’s practice routine, and inserted several new defensive sets. These changes helped the team rally to decisive league victories in the following two games against Point Loma and University City. The new defensive focus paid off as Saints goals against average dropped from 7.4 in the previous 5 games to 3.5 in league play. The next challenge was arch-rival, and “other Catholic school”, Cathedral. Unfortunately for the purple and gold fans, CCHS prevailed in a hard-fought battle at Manchester Field. The Saints entered the spring break at 3-5 with six consecutive league matches ahead. The team was at a cross roads – win out and hang a championship banner, lose any one of the upcoming league games and lose the championship. Lucky for Nutmeg Street Lacrosse, the team had almost two full weeks of practice and some new techniques. On April 4, former head coach John Tolla returned and quickly worked with Coach Pacitti to

generate more offense. The team responded to two weeks of strenuous, long, and spirited practices by decimating their next three opponents with a combined score of 3213. Saints was now 4-0 in City League play and gaining momentum. Saints next two games were against Mira Mesa, the team that beat St. Augustine for the City League Championship in 2011. StA/LAX showed the Marauders who was boss in the City League in 2012, crushing Mira Mesa by a combined score of 22-11. With five straight wins, the Saints had pulled their record to 7-0 in the City League and 8-5 overall. They now stood one victory from their first championship! On May 4, the Saints pummeled Serra High School 13-4 and earned the championship banner for 2012. The regular season ended with an eighth straight win at Fallbrook. St. Augustine entered the post-season tournament on an impressive run and with a lot of momentum. Nevertheless, in a nod to the 2012 season in general, the outcome of their first-round match-up was in doubt until the final whistle. After the first half of play, the 8th seeded Saints found themselves behind 2-4 to the 9th seeded San Dieguito Academy team on the Saints’ home field in North Park. But Saints rallied mightily with a dominating second half to win 9-7. The Saints later lost an emotional battle to playoff tournament runner-up Bishop’s Academy, led by Jake Seau. However, Saints playoff run gave the team a gritty, tough, scrappy reputation for never giving up and always outworking opponents in the end. It was a season of many firsts for the Saints Lacrosse: first league championship, first CIF tournament game win, first home field defense – but, everyone involved in Saints Lacrosse firmly believes it won’t be the team’s last championship.


What Exactly Is



acrosse, (French: “the crosier”), competitive sport, modern version of the pre-Columbian North American Indian game of baggataway, in which two teams of players use long-handled, racketlike implements (crosses) to catch, carry, or throw a ball down the field or into the opponents’ goal. To the first French settlers in Canada who saw the game, called baggataway, or tewaraathon, by the Indians, the shape of the implement used to catch, carry, and throw the ball suggested a bishop’s crozier (la crosse), giving the sport its name—Encyclopedia Britannia.

2012 Highlights of

Saints Lacrosse First Ever CRUNCH TIME

Championship Season

Lacrosse is not played in a tea room as many of Saints Lacrosse opponents found out this season.

On a Mission--Kyle Beddow( ’13) and a refocused Saints Defense Shuts Down Point Loma High.

Bishop’s Crozier with representation of the Annunciation. Gilt copper and glass cabochons, made in Limoges, middle 13th century. Found in 1819 at Saint-Augustin-lès-Limoges church in France.

Dominators – Captain Patrick Lavelle (’13) leads the way for Saints while Kyle Mishky (’13) celebrates another victory..


Saints offense caught fire in the second half of the season to earn the school its first championship banner in Lacrosse.

Winning Braintrust—Saints Lacrosse Coaches from left to right) Glenn Pacitti, JohnTolla, Bill Anderson and Brett Flynn prepare for the first round playoff game. 12

Back to Fundamentals-Nick Kemme, Austin Diamond, both Class of 2012, and Nick Allard (’14) show Mira Mesa how to pick up a ground ball.

Saints Win!—Seniors Matt Camarata and Teddy Bendrick celebrate a big win.

Splashy Season—Saints Lacrosse head coach Glenn Pacitti gets some Shower-Ade following the championship-clinching victory against Serra High

Bagpipe Salute--The 2012 Saints are piped on to their brand new home field.

First CIF win—Saints LaCrosse players celebrate their first CIF tournament game victory.

Being Grateful—Saints Lacrosse gives thanks for a truly remarkable season.





The Honor Roll St. Augustine High School Scholar Standouts

Congratulations to the following Saintsmen for having earned a grade point average of 3.20 or higher during the Second Semester 2012. SENIORS Class of 2012

BACK TO BACK CHAMPS—Saints 2012 Varsity Volleyball team poses at Cathedral High gym after winning its second consecutive CIF championship. Back row, left to right: Connor Haupt (’14), Michael Young (’14), Austin Farres Oriol (’12), Spencer Castillo (’12), Diego Healy (’13), Joey Moser (’13), Juan Moreno (’13), Antonio Faustino (’13), Robert DeCort (’13), Patrick Dixon (’13), Assistant Coach Aaron French. Front row, Left to Right: Manager Luke Totah (‘13), Manager Anthony Llevares (’13), Assistant Coach Katie Sharpe, Spencer Dixon (’13), Dallas Haupt (’14), Sam Parada (’12), Thomas Macie (’13), Zach Golovko (’13), Oscar Brambila (’12), Head Coach Gregory Hecht, Assistant Coach Christopher Topping.

Excellence In Action



Saints Varsity Volleyball Posts Back-to-Back CIF-SDS Division IV Titles

or the first time in history, the St. Augustine Volleyball team has won back-to-back CIF Division IV Championships. The road to this magnificent feat was fraught with a host of challenges and injuries; however, when the last ball was served in the 2011-12 CIF –SDS section finals, it was St. Augustine that came away with the banner and bit of history. This remarkable CIF run truly began during the closing weeks of the regular season as the St. Augustine Volleyball had to battle La Jolla High School and perennial nemesis, Francis Parker in an effort to secure a top seed in the CIF SDS-Section Division IV playoffs. Saints, led by 2011 CIF-SDS Division IV player of the year, Spencer Castillo, felt confident going into the match against La Jolla having lost a close but winnable game earlier in the season against to the Vikings at their home. The Saints wound up trouncing the Vikings 3-0 in one of their finest performances of the season. The Saints were led that evening by Senior Juan Moreno with 10 blocks and 13 kills as well Senior Co-Captain Spencer Castillo who contributed 23 kills. “We knew that if we could beat La Jolla in convincing fashion, the CIF selection committee would have almost certainly had to award us a top seed. We knew that if we played our brand of volleyball, we would dominate,” said Moreno. Having defeated La Jolla, Saints would close out the season against Francis Parker in the game that was dubbed, “The Battle for the One Seed.” The game lived up the billing as the match saw double-digit lead changes in each game. Unfortunately, Saints would lose the match; however, they did secure the two-seed in the CIF-SDS Division IV playoffs. It is also worth noting that this was the identical scenario that unfolded in the 2010-11 season where Saints would ultimately end Francis Parker’s twelve year reign as CIF –SDS Division IV Champions. As the CIF –SDS Division IV playoffs got underway; the Saints faced the Jaguars from Valley Center in the quarterfinals. In the week leading up to this match, the Saints learned that, due to injuries and scheduling conflicts, they would have to draw up a new rotation and several players not originally in the starting line-up would have to lead the way to victory. Junior setter Zach Golovko, mentored by the steady hand of Captain Spencer Castillo, answered the call in championship fashion, setting a nearly flawless match. Outstanding Juniors Joey Moser and Spencer Dixon assumed the outside hitter positions and were complemented by the stellar play of Sophomore Michael Young at opposite, Junior Pat Dixon and Senior Juan Moreno at middle positions, and Senior Austin Farres Oriol at the libero. The Saints would go on to win the match in convincing fashion and set up a showdown with the surging Santa Fe Christian Eagles in the semi-finals.

The semi-final match would prove a bit more daunting than the quarterfinal match as the Santa Fe Christian Eagles were agile, determined, and disciplined. The Saints would win the first two games of the match; however, the Eagles woke up and defeated the Saints in game three; temporarily denying the Saints from an opportunity to defend their title. In the pivotal fourth game, Saints proved why they were perhaps a team of destiny. The Saints, stunned in game three, roared back with a vengeance in game four to secure a berth in the finals. “There is no way we were going to lose at home in front of our fans. We knew what we had to do and no one was going to deny us tonight,” said Junior Co-captain Diego Healy. It was on to the CIFSDS Division IV finals against Francis Parker with a shot to defend the 2010-11 crown and make St. Augustine Volleyball history in the process! All of the CIF-SDS finals were played at Cathedral Catholic and the Saints knew walking into that gym how significant a win would be, not just to fans of Saints Volleyball, but to the entire St. Augustine community. “There was a look of resolve in the eyes of each of my players and I would describe the team as eerily calm considering all that was at stake,” said Coach Greg Hecht. That looked of resolved translated into one of the most dominating performances of the season as the Saints rose up to obliterate the Francis Parker Lancers in the three straight games, winning game three 25-15! There were countless contributions on that day. Junior defensive specialist Thomas Macie (T-Mac) played liked a man possessed. Junior Middle Blocker Pat Dixon was unstoppable at the net. Junior Outside Hitter Spencer Dixon provided critical kills down line. Senior Libero Austin Farres Oriol was rock-steady; making sure Junior Setter and Co-Captain Diego Healy had perfect passes. Sophomore Opposite Hitter Michael Young was a key factor, providing a balanced attack. Senior Middle Block Juan Moreno confused the Lancer defense time and time again; but the overwhelming force on the floor was Senior Co-Captain Spencer Castillo. Spencer provided the game-winning kills in each of the three games and proved to all in attendance why he was voted player of the year. When asked about Spencer Castillo’s performance, Coach Hecht simply responded, “Dominant!” At the moment of victory, the student section rushed the floor to congratulate the players and coaches and cap a wonderful school year that saw the Saints Soccer team win its first-ever state championship and the Saints Volleyball win back-to-back championships for the first time.

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Patrick Joseph Bones Dominic Joseph Carusillo Spencer Riley Castillo Eloy Celis Sanchez Maximiliano Cortes William Robert DeCino Pietro Anthony DeLuca John Nathan Dompor Carlo Raphael Fulgencio Escudero Austin Gabriel Farres Oriol Chad Alexander Fitzgerald Irish Joseph Giron Derek Roman Pharaoh Graham Michael Joseph Infantine Daniel William Johnston Connor Michael Keefe Nicholas Austin Kemme Lars Thomas Leweck David Evan Lloyd Joshua Ignacio Macias Heriberto Martinez John Conrad McGarry Juan Manuel Moreno IV Spencer Herbert-William Morgan Nicholas Bennett Morrell Ryan Alexander Muir Anthony Patrick Nava Brian Thienan Nguyen Jesse Eduardo Noriega Jason Nunez Matthew Stephen Palmer Raul Pareyon-Villegas Alexander John Payne Nathan Timothy Penick Derek Lee Price Billy James Ramirez Neil Everett Rens Karl Michael Cameros Reyes Nicklaus Karl Ruppert Gerard Paul Liang-Ren Shen Alexander Tyler Swider Bryan Joseph Tarantino Andrew Sebastian Vazquez Dominic Arthur Vetuschi Kevin Waylon Yim Jason Sacamay Yudiono First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Daniel Adam Acevedo Gerald Comia Alisasis Juan Ignacio Ballinas-Rangel Stefan Taylor Carnahan Roberto Carrillo Rivas Cullen Quinn Conaty Edwin Flores Corpus Jr. Thomas Aubert Davies Andrew Richard Deeb Austin Dean Diamond Eduardo Reynaga Garcia Adrian Gutierrez Jonathan Paul Heid Peter James Hulburt Lorenzo Juarez Joseph Michael Kennedy Robert Alan Kinslow James Eliot Lowell Joshua Perry Miller Alejandro Ryuichi Miyai William Patrick Morstad Daniele Giovanni Narelli Luke Christopher Nowland Samuel Joseph Parada Patrick Thomas Plein Daniel Gregory Ramirez Nathan Christopher Rhoden Eric Mario Rivera Blaine Patrick Safir

Bernard David Skomal Nicholas Patrick Sullivan Samuel Austin Turner Ryan Theodor Tweed Augustus Joseph Woestman Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Daniel Adam Acevedo Aaron Daniel Anderson Luis Carlos Astiazaran Zach Michael Blodgett Mason Anthony Brown Paul Joseph Brown Matthew Christopher Camarata Robert Etienne Caya Cole Donovan Christy Sean Christian Connors Jacob Christian Fulton Ryan Raymond Garofalo Andrew Raymond Healey Timothy John Hilgeman Arthur Jay Guardiana Jimenez Trevor Willson Manns Marlon Oram Mansour Nathaniel Douglas Rains Dominick James Sawaya Daniel Joseph Shaw-Cedeno Martin Austin Shives Luis Carlos Trevino

JUNIORS Class of 2013

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Robert Frederic Aragon Michael Athanasios Balourdas Garrett Philip Barclay Robert Edmund Hubbard Baughman Joel Sinlao Bautista Kyle Grohmann-William Beddow Abelardo Corral Patrick John Dixon Jose Armando Fernandez Guerrero David Stephen Francis Jr. Andrew Thomas Gaylord Patrick Cristobal Gerardo Gregory Thomas Heid Nicholas John Hessling Tyler Berend Hofstee Robert Milton Jertberg III Tristan Juarez Joseph Christopher Keane Jordan Joseph De Jesus Lapira Alex Richard Larson Patrick James Lavelle Joseph Thomas Maalouf Jason Luab Mapa Joseph Edward McCabe Thomas Harold McCarthy Matthew Peter Meda Ryan Alan Merrill Luis Andrés Miranda Joseph Le Moser Nicholas Colwell Munoz Nicholas Stephen Nadhir Benjamin Jackson Piorkowski Darren Joseph Poland Joseph Clifford Ramm Xavier Aloysius Nerona Redondo Cameron George Roberts Juan Miguel Rodriguez Gallegos Carlo Salomon Ruiz Cole Richard Schenewerk Austin Joseph Schmid Austin Andrew Siragusa Kevin Patrick Skinner Ryan Michael Stamper

Saints Scene Your monthly report on the St. Augustine High School Experience

Evan Daniel Suda Scott Francis Szafranski Jose Oscar Valenzuela Nicholas Alexander Vitha Andrew Dominic White Thomas Jefferson Wickett Mark Robert Wolford Jr. James Joseph Zehentbauer First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Alberto Acosta Taylor Brant Ahearn Jose Sebastian Alberdi Isidoro Anthony Balistreri Flavio Rene Borquez Christopher Michael Carlin Damian George Carusillo Timothy Luke Chapman Spencer Edward Dixon Edrick Drachenberg James Sullivan Filley Josiah Amos Gilb Diego Francisco Gonzalez Will James Marcial Gonzalez Huy Nang Ha Francisco Koichi Ishino Max James Kaderabek Kostas Yiannis Kotselas Mariano Lino Laguna Andrew Patrick Leyva Lance Patrick Martin Kyle Francis Mishky Ryan Denver Neck Maxwell Mark Nelson Kevin Osman Nicolas Alejandro Quiroga Stephen Coleman Rougas Joseph David Saad David Trung-Hieu Tran Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Albert John Comia Alisasis Eli Ashenafi Thomas Daniel Blick Michael Francis Cali Brock William Crecy Robert Frank De Cort Jr. Cooper Stephen DeGraw John Paul Dixon Rico James Dominguez Kyle Anthony Edmonds Antonio Jose Diamsay Faustino Luis Andres Fernandez Daniel Patrick Flanagan Christopher Ryan Graham Jose Mario Hank Diego Francisco Healy Joseph Richard Howder Austin Gannon Hyatt Alexander Julian Kondan Ross Gordon Lemmel Anthony Vince Cala Llevares Gregory Scott Lowe Michael Alexander Martin Manuel Alejandro Martinez Pazzi Brady Stephen Mendoza-Geitz William Macaspac Raines Emilio Javier Rivera Adrian Llevares Santos Elliott George Stepanof John Scott Taylor Scott Anthony Walsh

SOPHOMORES Class of 2014

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Santiago Alcala Jacob Burton Alvord Patrick William Anderson

Gregory Thomas Barajas Kieran James Berton Kevin Christopher Bitar Nickolas Anthony Camarata Braulio Saul Castillo Bernardo Edgar Cervantes Nicholas Dhuyvetter Nathaniel John Fisher Iztac David Flores-Ortiz Jose Fernando Galan Enrico Antonio Garcia Ryan A Goff Tyler Joseph Rex Hadzicki Patrick Martin Hagan Sean James Hicke Dillon Kelliher Keefe Ariel Delmundo Kenney Matthew James Kubasak Gabriel Alexander Lopez Kim Johnson Mahoney Brendan Thomas McNamara Michael Paul McRoskey Kyle Matthew Meneses Matthew Joseph O’Connor Patrick Michael O’Connor German Padilla-Choy Nathaniel Soliman Nepomuceno Pascual Daniel Reid Pekin Christopher Jonas Rice Timothy Ryan Bautista Sacamay Timothy Joseph Liang-Yong Shen William Gromer Smith Jamie Patrick Steckbeck Sean Joseph Sullivan Joshua Connor Wharry Travis Buchanon Wilkie Steven Charles Yevchak Thomas Marshall Yourg First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Samuel Stephen Buse Brian Patrick Duggan Ryan William Faupel Christian Edward Franco Julio Esteban Garcia-Granados David Sediq Hanany Javier Ignacio Haro-Lopez Connor Patrick Haupt Matthew Kane Joseph Lawrence Liu Adam Joseph McGrath Joseph Joshua McGuire Brennan Akio Miya Matthew Hayden Morton Derek Anthony Navarro-Anderson Evan James Nichols Pablo Ortega Ulises Osuna Philip Gordon Greub Park Christian-Moreno Polak Joseph Fitzgerald Preimesberger Jordan Spencer Richardson Cody John Russell Edward Michael Simpkins Connor Michael Speed Tyler John Tanaka Justin Charles Toscano Connor Joseph Whalen Andrew McKenney Williams Konrad William Woestman Michael Joseph Young Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Gabriel Jose Amezcua TEduardo Luis Acosta Robert Sebastian Aguais Gabriel Jose Amezcua Tomas Arellano Ricardo Astiazaran Christopher James Barr

Publisher: Edwin J. Hearn, Jr. Saints President Editor-in-Chief: James Horne, Saints Principal Senior Editor: Steve Chipp (’68), Finance & Facilities Augustinian Columnist: Fr. Bob Gavotto, O.S.A., (‘55) Saints Scene Coordinator: Thomas Shess, Alum Parent (’05): Staff Writers: John White and Robert Blodgett, Saints Dads Copy Editors: Kathy Wilson and John White, Saints Parents. Art Director: Carol Sherwood, Sherwood Newsletter Design:

Garrett Robert Blodgett Hector Gonzalo Castellanos Gonzalez Mitch Douglas Cohen Benjamin Carr Concannon Alec Christopher Cruz Cheyne Robert Davis Phillip Richard Deeb Paul Huy Doan John Charles Downey Matthew Daniel Eis Ryan James Engelbrecht Joseph Umberto Falcone Blake Ferguson Rodrigo Garcia Davis Hall Glazener Dallas Michael Haupt Ivan Haley Herholz Michael Jereige Jacob Daly Keane Nicholas Robert LeSchofs Trevor Newcomb Leweck Joseph Fitzgerald Mazzeo Edward Timothy Morris Justin Daniel Page Aubrey Dean Palhegyi Charles Christopher Rayner Nicolas Jake Schiele Christopher Aaron Shelton Patrick Dougan Shinsky Anthony Giovanni Sylvester Sergio Valdez Rodrigo Vazquez-de-Mercado Nathan Evan Watson Daniel Wan Woo

FRESHMEN Class of 2015

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0 or better Alexander Sison Agpaoa Nicholas Tayag Alberto Ricardo Alvarez Theo Anastos Austin Cole Beaulieu Steven James San Agustin Borja Andres Manuel Bustos Matthew James Bywater Kyle Michael Cato Grant Riley Connors John Andrew Dalessio Alexander Joseph Danilowicz Thomas Robert Geiser Rex Patrick Hammock Ian Timothy Harkness Christopher Lawrence Heffner Marcelo Hernandez-Gamez Matthew James Ingraham Aden Quinn Khalil Michael Joseph Leahy Christopher Lawrence Lee Christian Douglas Lloyd Nicholas Matthias Lograsso Eric Daniel Lujan Ryan Patrick Martin Samuel James Matney Brandon Anthony Nadhir Ivan Dario Otanez-Lopez Corwin Palacios Christopher Derek Sanchez Julio Serrano John Jacob Smart Jr. Matthew Howard Smith Samuel Baker Sphire Matthew Robert Tolliver Sebastian Isaac Torres-Galvan David Raymond Valley Luis Enrrique Vidrio John Joseph Zizzi First Honors GPA of 3.60 to 3.99 Giovanni Oliver Aguilera-Reyes

Carlos Fernando Alonso Michael Christopher Anderson Frank James Buncom, IV Matthew Thomas Callahan Rodrigo Castellanos Gonzalez Lucas Robert Celeste Brandon Nicholas Cerezo Michael Thomas Cline Christopher Ryan Gesell Charlie Braxton Giron Thomas James Goodridge Tyrus Raymond Greene John Wilson Hamlin Erik Victor Joplin Jon Jeffrey Lapira Matthew Alexander Martin Mathias Morales Charles William Muldoon Christian Leighton Onwuka Alberto Miguel Ordonez Miranda Jeffrey Anthony Pacheco James Clayton Palmer Matthew Paul Perez Gerardo Pina Anthony Moreno Polak Andrew Christopher Quinn Logan Andrew Dale Rank Martin Gabriel Rascon Bryan Reynoso Riel David Alexander Rivera Angel Rivera Larrea Matthew Xavier Rodriguez Tanner Pace Safir Jesus Xavier Sanchez Francis Martin Sapien Misha James Schultz Andrew Robertson Stoddard Nathan James Suarez Fernando Vallejo Lucas O Van Epps Second Honors GPA of 3.20 to 3.59 Nicholas Alexander Allen Martin Kristian Arceo Gavin Thomas Armstead Arman Amad Attisha Quinn Matthew Bandy Geoffrey Boulger Bruno Calderon Ricardo Rafael Castillo Carson Philip Chandler Joseph Michael Costa Kevin Joseph Cotant Brady Christopher Curran Tyler Raymond Dexter Sean Patrick Dixon Alec Z Drachenberg Thomas Eduardo Enriquez Steven Joseph Franca Grant Jared Gainor Jason Edward Gros Sergey Jamison Palermo Grosser Michael Douglas Handy Cole Joseph Lemmel Mark Thomas Lovejoy Ryan Jacob Madsen Justin Mina Magbutay Nicholas John Marchesano Caston Grant Martin Collin Ryan McNicholl-Carter Marco Christopher Cutri Moura Nicolas Nassif Baloyan Andrew Michael Parada Luis Eduardo Peraza Francisco Javier Rabago Thomas Robert Rodgers Alfonso Tirado Octavio Andres Tudela Samuel Parker Van Horne Joseph Wahib Wehbe Kristopher Anthony Willis

Chief Photographers: Ernie Torgeson Photography by: Cat Kemme, Saints Parent Circulation Director: Casey Callery, Director of Community Relations and Special Events. Austin Parents Assn. Editor: Theresa “TK” Kosen Editor Emeritus: John D. Keller O.S.A. (’55) Correction Policy: While every effort is made to be accurate, we occasionally err. We do apologize to those impacted and kindly ask that you notify Saints Coordinator: for any corrections.

Mission of St. Augustine High School – Our mission is to provide a Catholic liberal arts education for young men in an environment that promotes the development of mind, heart and body in the Augustinian tradition. By helping to form loving disciples of Jesus Christ we communicate to the world the gospel values of community, truth and love. 15


Vol 32 no 6, St. Augustine High School, San Diego CA


Vol 32 no 6, St. Augustine High School, San Diego CA