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LINKEDIN SUED FOR E-MAIL ACCOUNT HACKING LinkedIn was sued by customers who claim the company appropriated their identities for marketing purposes by hacking into their external e-mail accounts and downloading contacts’ addresses. >B3

SUNDAY, September 22, 2013 / 16 DHUL QA’ADA 1434 AH

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READY FOR POSSESSION The Muscat Municipality has constructed 460 buildings in the wilayat of Quriyat to hand them over to citizens whose houses were destroyed in the cyclonic storm in 2007. -Es Isam Al Zadjali Report >A4

Syria hands over all chemical stock data The chemical arms disarmament deal, however, has done little to slow fighting on the ground in Syria

AMSTERDAM: Syria has handed over complete data on its chemical arsenal to the world’s watchdog, meeting yesterday deadline to avert military strikes, as regime aircraft pounded targets across the country. The Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons said it was probing the Syrian information that was the focus of a US-Russian deal to head off strikes on Syria. The disclosure comes as UN envoys struggled to agree on the wording of a resolution to enshrine the deal, which stipulates that Syria’s chemical arsenal must be destroyed by mid-2014. The “OPCW has confirmed that it has received the expected disclosure from the Syrian government regarding its chemical weapons programme”, it said yesterday. “The Technical Secretariat is currently reviewing the information received.” On Friday the OPCW said it had received initial data from Syria and was expecting

SURVIVAL: Free Syrian Army fighters eat and read while resting

on Al Arbaeen mountain in the Idlib region on Thursday. -Reuters

more. It has received widespread international support, including from China, whose Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Beijing would “support the early launch of the process to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons”.

Wang also called for the convening of a proposed peace conference in Geneva “as soon as possible”. But the international consensus on the plan has not carried over into negotiations on the wording of a UN Security Council

resolution to back it up. Russia could abandon support for Syrian President Bashar if it learnt that he was not committed to handing over control of his chemical weapons arsenal, the chief of staff for President Vladimir Putin suggested yesterday. But Sergei Ivanov also reiterated Russia’s long-standing opposition to western military intervention in Syria, saying that such action would only aid militants linked to Al Qaeda. “In the event of external military interference the opposition ... would entirely lose interest in negotiations, considering that the US would bomb the regime to its foundations as in Libya, giving them an easy path to victory,” Ivanov said. The chemical weapons disarmament deal has done little to slow fighting on the ground. Yesterday, regime aircraft attacked targets nationwide, including in the provinces of Damascus, Aleppo and Hama, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. The watchdog gave no immediate details about the air raids or casualties. But it said troops, backed by pro-regime militias, killed 15 people, including two women and a child, in the Sunni village of Sheikh Hadid in the central province of Hama on Friday. The Observatory also said rival rebel groups exchanged prisoners under the terms of a deal to end fighting over the town of Azaz near the border with Turkey. -AFP See also >A6



Civic body stops ISM ‘illegal construction’


Muscat Municipality officials have put a stop to an “illegal construction work” going on at the Indian School Muscat (ISM), citing threat to the safety of the children. Last week, the municipality officials visited the premises and stopped the construction work. >A2



GCC set to discuss single fuel price

Barakat to lead Sultanate squad


The first batch of the Sultanate’s contingent arrived in this capital city of South Sumatra yesterday to take part in the 3rd Islamic Solidarity Games, which will begin today with the participation of 43 nations from 57-member Organisation of the Islamic Conference. >C1

Oil ministers in GCC countries will discuss steps that have been taken toward finalising a study on a single price of petroleum products in GCC countries on Tuesday during the 32nd Petroleum Cooperation Committee meeting, according to a news report. >B1


J. K. Rowling g plans to draft aft screenplay of new fiction



Latest unemployment figures paint a gloomy picture for citizens


he unemployment figures released by the Ministry of Manpower paint a gloomy picture as official statistics show 57,664 Omanis were still looking for jobs by the end of August this year. But even more alarming is the fact that 8,798 Omanis were sacked from jobs in the private sector in the first eight months of this year for a variety of reasons, making the job market tougher for nationals than it was last year.  With 20,034 Omanis resigning from their jobs for unexplained reasons, presumably looking for government jobs, the scenario presents a major headache for the government’s employment planners.  While authorities work out ways to create more jobs, corporate leaders are defending firing nearly 9,000 Omanis this year at a time when the country is pushing for a drive to guarantee positions to its citizens. Among the complaints from company bosses is the fact that the Ministry of Manpower supplies youngsters who are either ill equipped when it comes to skills or recommends employees “who are not tuned to


SALEH AL SHAIBANY the working culture in the private sector.” What is more incomprehensible is that more expatriates are finding jobs in the market that Omanis find tough to penetrate. The Ministry of Manpower statistics also show that 130,533 expatriates landed jobs in the private sector, compared to only 37,707 Omanis recruited by our corporate houses between January and August. That brings the total number of expatriates working in the private companies to 1,567,832 compared to 228,903 Omanis. That means Omanis make up only 14.6 per cent of the total workforce in the private sector. Twenty years ago, the private


sector’s main concern was that Oman was a booming economy and it needed more skilled workers while nationals were ill-equipped to fill those positions. But statistics show that the government responded in a big way by investing approximately OMR6 billion in the last two decades on higher education scholarships, and specialised and vocational training. The money that was spent by the Ministries of Higher Education and Manpower was to enhance the working skills of the

Omanis to match the requirements of the private sector. Yet, two decades on, the private sector is still in dire need of local experts, or at least we are led to believe that by corporate bosses. Where has really gone wrong?  Or is it the “working culture” of the private sector that it is not confident about the skills that local professionals have? One other explanation could be that the private sector has been expanding rapidly in the last two decades, which means that the demand for skilled labour is out-


stripping supply, and hence the need “to top up” the remainder of needed skills from abroad. But looking at the official figures, the “top up” of specialised skills is now almost an avalanche, flooding the market with foreign talents and flattening local skilled personnel into near oblivion. With no research to predict the exact requirements of skilled workers in different sectors of the labour market, Oman will always be in the wild about its need for specialised work force. Many feel the private sector

doesn’t show enough commitment to employ local experts. Private companies offer various justifications about why they do not choose an Omani over an expat when it comes to filling a skilled job. Lack of experience is on the top of the list. But if young Omanis are not given a chance and are pushed to work only in the back offices despite having graduated with first class degrees, then another two decades and OMR6 billion more will go down the drain. Graduates are justified in asking whether there is any point in sweating it out for four long years in the university when nothing comes out of it. The degrees they hold close to their hearts on their graduation day would not earn them a seat in the boardroom any time in the future. The future of Omanis with no degrees is even bleaker unless the attitude of the corporate bosses changes. They must genuinely look within Oman first before looking elsewhere to fill those responsible positions. We know Oman will always need the expats but it should not be a need as overwhelming as it is now.


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Muscat Municipality stops ‘illegal construction’ at ISM


Concern over rising cancer cases in Oman The Sultanate has the second-highest rate of cancer among the six GCC countries

Construction work at Indian School Muscat (ISM), was being carried out without taking enough safety

Times News Service

precautions. The work site was also not covered properly to avoid risk to children, say municipal officials

REJIMON K. MUSCAT: Muscat Municipality officials have put a stop to an “illegal construction work” going on at the Indian School Muscat (ISM), citing threat to the safety of the children. Last week, the municipality officials visited the ISM premises and stopped the construction work which was being carried out without their permission. Quoting Muscat Municipality officials, Muttrah Municipal Council member Salim Mohammed Al Ghamary told the Times of Oman, “The school carried out the construction work without permission even though local authorities’ permission is needed for any kind of construction. Law of the land has to be followed. How can they skip that?” “When the officials visited the construction site, they found that the work was carried out risking the safety of the children. I am aware that around 9,000 children are studying in the school. I also

ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION: According to school sources, the construction work was being carried out to expand a big hall for office pur-


later visited the site. How can they act in an irresponsible fashion? This is not right,” Salim said while adding that work will be restarted only after the school receives permission anew. Hall expansion According to school sources, the work was carried out to expand a big hall for office purposes. “The work was carried out without taking any safety precautions. The work site was also not covered properly to avoid any risks,” the sources in the school said. When contacted, Tonny George Alexander, the Indian School’s Board of Directors (BoD) chairman, said he was not aware of the issue. “We at the BoD sanctioned the work much earlier, but the ISM authorities have not informed me about the latest developments. I have to look into the issue. If the municipality has stopped the con-

The school carried out the construction work without permission even though local authorities’ permission is needed for any kind of construction Salim Mohammed Al Ghamary Muttrah Municipal Council member

struction, citing issues of permission and safety reasons, then they are right,” he said. However, the ISM operations manager said that the work was stopped because the classes were going on. When asked whether the work was stopped due to the interven-

tion of the municipality officials, he said he will have to check with the school’s BoD. “I have to check with the BoD. I am not supposed to comment,” the manager said. A director in-charge of the ISM said that even after one week, the school authorities have not

informed about the municipality’s intervention. “The school authorities have not informed me about the municipality’s intervention,” the director in-charge of the school said. Meanwhile, a group of parents alleged that these latest developments show how irresponsibly the school authorities have acted. “We are surprised to know that the school ignored the need to take permission before carrying out the work. The municipality is right in its intervention. We thank them. They take a lot of care regarding our wards’ safety, more than even the school,” the parents said. “The parents also said that if the municipality slapped any fine for the school authorities’ failure, then the amount should not be taken from the school fund. Those whose actions led to this situation should be held responsible,” they added.

MUSCAT: Incidence of cancer is steadily increasing with 35 per cent more cases recorded in 2011 as compared to 2010, said Basim Al Bahrani, director of National Oncology Centre. “Oman faces the challenge of an ageing population and an increased risk of cancer largely due to lifestyle changes,” Al Bahrani said. He added that the Ministry of Health also registered 1,187 newly diagnosed cancer cases. Al Bahrani said that lung cancer is the most common kind of cancer, largely because of the increase in the number of Shisha smokers. This came to light at a workshop organised by the Ministry of Health to find ways to better combat the rate of cancer in the Sultanate. A report published recently by a research centre established by the ministers of health of the GCC countries has found that the Sultanate has the second-highest rate of cancer among the six GCC countries. The report noted that there were 20,000 cancer patients in the Sultanate between 1996 and 2012, with 120 people being diagnosed each year with the disease. Among the women, breast cancer showed the highest rate of incidence, with 104 cases reported each year while among the men, prostate cancer registered the highest rate of incidence, with 100 cases reported per year, stated the report.

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Three held in Kerala for luring woman to Oman The expatriate couple traded the victim to the traffickers, on the pretext of taking her to her work place. Sensing danger, the woman managed to escape and sought asylum in the Indian Embassy

REJIMON K. MUSCAT: Police officials in the south Indian state of Kerala have arrested three people, including two women, for allegedly trying to trade a woman to traffickers under the garb of offering her a job in Oman last Thursday. According to sources and Indian media reports, the trio al-

legedly took a woman from Kerala to Muscat in Oman on August 30 under the pretext of getting her a job as a domestic servant. The woman hailed from a economically poor family and the second accused lured her by offering Rs13,000 (approximately OMR80) in addition to a free air ticket. After reaching Muscat, the woman stayed overnight at the

flat of the accused, who introduced themselves as husband and wife. The next day the couple traded the victim to the traffickers, on the pretext of taking her to her work place. Sensing some danger, the woman managed to escape from the clutches of the gang and sought asylum in the Indian Embassy with the help of another Keralite. The suspects were arrested after she returned home on September 11 from Muscat and filed a complaint with the City Police Commissioner. The police officials said that the accused had been in a live-in relationship for the past five years. Organised racket The police also suspect that more women from the area might have fallen prey to the gang, and are investigating their financial sources. According to lawyers, there is no specific law against human

trafficking in India and such human traffickers are booked either under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act or the Passport Act. “In fact, there is not even a clear definition for trafficking under the current laws. While the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act refers to trafficking for prostitution, it does not provide comprehensive protection for even children. Immoral traffic As per this act, if a person is found with a child, it is assumed that he has detained that child for immoral reasons and can be as such punished for seven years up to life in prison, or sentenced to a term which may extend to ten years,” lawyers said. According to the law, a fine of maximum Rs100,000 (approximately OMR620) can be levied on such an accused. Another section incorporated against the accused is Section 366 (kidnapping) but the act is inadequate as it is often used to book sexual offenders.


Salalah Medical City’s first phase to be ready by 2016 A. E. JAMES MUSCAT: The first phase of the International Medical City (IMC), the $1 billion-healthcare city planned in Salalah, will open for patients towards the end of 2016, even as the project work is going to start next year, a top official of the project told the Times of Oman yesterday. The first phase of the medical city, the Mena region’s first transplant and rehabilitation centre of excellence, is a healthcare complex, which will have a 530-bed tertiary care multi-speciality hospital and three centres of excellence, said Dr Naeema Aziz, Project director, Salalah medical city project, Apex Medical Group (AMG). The Saudi-based Apex Medical Group and its affiliate companies are the promoters of the medical project. The three medical centres of ex-

cellence are for organ transplant and dialysis, diagnostics and rehabilitation. The organ centre will offer transplant facility for liver, kidney and pancreas. “We have received most of the approvals from the government,” Dr Aziz noted. Apart from the healthcare complex, the landmark project – which is coming up in an area of 87,000 square metres of land and will have three major clusters – will have a healthcare resort and an education complex to be developed in the second and third phases. In the second phase, the IMC has plans for a healthcare resort, which will have a four-star medical hotel to cater to the needs of the patients. In this phase, there will be staff accommodation and commercial space. In the third phase, the promoters are building an education complex, which will have a medical college, a nursing college and research and development centres.


Japan and Oman enjoy robust economic ties


s this is my first ‘Envoy Speak’ contribution, I would like to take the opportunity to extend my sincere greetings to readers of the Times of Oman. I am delighted to be involved with the column. The Japan-Oman diplomatic relationship was established in 1972, a year after Oman joined the United Nations. I am the eleventh ambassador since Japan established its embassy in Muscat, in 1983. The bond between the two countries is strong and our bilateral relationship has developed over recent decades. Oman is a key country for Japan’s security, since it holds the Strait of Hormuz through which over three quarters of our oil imports pass, and is a beacon of peace and stability in the Middle East. Historical ties between Japan and Oman can be traced back more than 400 years. As early as 1619, a Japanese Christian passed through Oman on his way to Jerusalem. In 1924, a Japanese geographer, who also made a stopover in Muscat, was granted an audience with Sultan Taimur. This exchange prompted the Sultan to visit

Japan in 1935, after he abdicated the throne. Sultan Taimur then married a Japanese woman named Kiyoko Oyama and the couple lived in Kobe with their daughter, Princess Buthaina. After Kiyoko Oyama passed away in 1938, Princess Buthaina moved to Oman with Sultan Taimur and still lives in Muscat. The Imperial House of Japan has an enduring, close relationship with the Al Busaidi Dynasty in Oman, one of the oldest dynasties in the Arab world. In November 1994, Their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Japan visited Oman, turning a new page in bilateral relations. In return, His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood Al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, visited Japan in 1997 and His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture and cousin of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, in 2008. Both highnesses had an audience with His Majesty the Emperor and His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince. Japan and Oman enjoy a robust economic relationship, built upon a solid foundation of a trusted trade partnership

Japan and Oman enjoy a robust economic relationship, built upon a solid foundation of a trusted trade partnership George Hisaeda Ambassador of Japan

nurtured by the two countries. This relationship has been advanced in recent years with the diversification of Oman’s economy, presenting opportunities for Japanese companies to participate in a wider range of economic activities in the Sultanate. Japan is one of the first and largest importers of crude

oil and natural gas from Oman. Japan also imports a large quantity of vegetables and fish products. Oman imports a large array of consumer products from Japan, notably automobiles and auto parts, machinery and electronic appliances. When I drive along the coastline, deserts, mountains and

ENVOY SPEAK GEORGE HISAEDA other beautiful parts of the Sultanate, I see so many off-road, four wheel drive vehicles, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Subaru, which makes me immensely pleased and proud. Good relations between countries are backed by mutual understanding, and cultural exchange is central to this. My favourite role as ambassador of Japan is bringing cultural exhibitions and events to the friendly Omani people. Bringing traditional Japan to Oman is one way, but I passionately believe it is of equal importance to introduce contemporary Japanese culture, such as state-of-the-art technologies, including robots and hi-tech pub-

lic transport, industrial design as well as popular culture such as music, anime and manga. The Embassy of Japan did just that in 2012 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Oman, which saw a plethora of well-received traditional and contemporary cultural events. Finally, diplomacy is not limited to diplomats. Far from it. Peopleto-people exchange has a pivotal role to play. Organisations which constitute the backbone of good relations have been established over the past 41 years. In Oman, the Oman-Japan Friendship Association, Japan Fan Club and Japan’s International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Alumni are some such organisations. In Japan, we have the Japan-Oman Society, the Japan-Oman Parliamentary Friendship Leagues and the Hiroshima-Oman Friendship Association. I would like to thank everyone who has enhanced the friendship and mutual understanding between our two countries, and I look forward to ever stronger ties. George Hisaeda is Ambassador of Japan to the Sultanate of Oman


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OMAN Shipbuilding ties times presso on India’s agenda In Times of Oman, it all starts with you,

w w w . t i m e s o f o m it’s an . c oyou! mYour energy, all about your opinions, your voice... Speak up, folks!

Indian Navy has 47 ships in order, of which 46 are being built in India. Seven ships are being built in private shipyards. Besides, India is also building offshore ship controls for Mauritius and Sri Lanka

MRUDU NAIK MUSCAT: India is keen to offer expertise in the area of shipbuilding to the region. “We are hoping to tap newer avenues of cooperation with Oman,” said Rear Admiral Anil Kumar Chawla, Flag Officer Commanding, Western Fleet. Indian Naval Ships Mysore, Tarkash, Tabar and Aditya under the Command of Rear Admiral Chawla, are on a month-long overseas deployment to the Gulf to enhance bilateral ties and engage in naval exercises with friendly regional navies. The biennial naval exercise ‘Naseem Al-Bahr’ is scheduled to take place in Oman during the visit. These ships will stay in Oman till September 26. Admiral Chawla pointed out that shipbuilding is one area in which India can contribute significantly. “Today Indian Navy has 47 ships in order, of which 46 are being built in India. They are not only being built by entities where defence equipment is built but also by the private sector. In fact, seven ships are being built in private shipyards in India. Besides, we are building offshore ship controls for Mauritius and Sri Lanka. Clearly, there is tremendous scope for us should Oman require our expertise,” Admiral Chawla said. The Indian Navy is expected to induct 47 ships in the next 10 years, some of which will replace the ones that are at the fag end of their operational life. The Indian Navy today is the largest resident navy in the Indian Ocean region, with a multi-dimensional capability comprising aircraft carriers, modern ships, submarines,

The fact that two important countries of the region are doing an exercise sends a message to the world that there is unity in this part of the world Rear Adm. Anil Chawla Flag Officer Commanding, Western Fleet of Indian Navy

aircraft and marine commandos. Stating that maritime relations were the beginning point when it came to Indian-Omani ties, Admiral Chawla said, “The connection is now stronger than before and maritime dimension has flourished and expanded.” Reiterating that Oman provided tremendous support in supporting ships deployed here, Admiral Chawla said, “This has flowered into the biennial exercise, which is unique to this part of the world. We do this exercise with very few countries in the world.” Interoperability He informed that the scope of the biennial naval exercise has been expanded, and that its main pur-

pose was to build confidence and interoperability. “The fact that two important countries of the region are doing an exercise sends a message to the world in general that there is unity in this part of the world. It reassures other countries using the sea lanes for supply of oil that their ships are safe. Besides, it also reassures the Gulf countries themselves, who are dependent on oil exports. The shared interest in the security of the sea lanes is the key. So I think it is a win-win situation for all,” he said. “Besides, every naval force carries out such exercises to keep its men and equipment fit. So, we would be doing advanced exercises with RNO and this will ensure our readiness to work together is already in place.” The naval cooperation between the countries has progressed steadily with increased port visits by naval ships and training of the RNO personnel by the Indian Navy in hydrography, diving, training management, logistics management and dockyard management. Currently, the Indian Navy has about 22 personnel from the RNO under training in India, and this number is projected to rise to above 100 by next year. Admiral Chawla informed that Oman and India are playing an important role in controlling pirates’ attacks. “Indian Navy is working closely with friendly regional nations in the fight against piracy. We have countered 40 piracy attacks, caught 100 pirates and escorted more than 2,500 ships over the last few years in the Gulf of Aden. Piracy is under control,” he said. Keeping the sea routes safe is highly important for both India and Oman. While Oman is a major oil exporter, and India a major oil importer, this serves the interests of both the countries as well as the entire region, the admiral added. Admiral Chawla informed that India and Oman are also members of the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS), a voluntary and cooperative initiative of 35 countries of the Indian Ocean region, which has served as an ideal forum for sharing information and cooperation on maritime issues. “As part of RNO officers have just come back after presenting papers in the recent symposium. The paper was extremely well researched and provided insight on maritime research,” he said. The IONS endeavours to generate a flow of information among the naval professionals, leading to common understanding and, possibly cooperative solutions along the way.


Express yourself

Women in Oman are better and more sincere workers or years we believed that men are more capable, organised and efficient than women. That was, in fact, typical male chauvinism steeped in cynicism. The past four decades and more have shown that women have been the pivot of development — social, political, economic, etc. The rise of women in every sphere of our life and living across the world has been stupefying and meteoric. Most so has been the phenomenon in Oman. Today, in the Sultanate, women are indeed more sought after as employees than men. They have redefined efficiency and sincerity. There are certainly exceptions. But, exceptions do not prove a rule. And the rule in Oman is, women are indeed better and more sincere workers than men. When we talk about efficiency and sincerity of women in Oman we will not be doing justice to them if we keep their acumen compartmentalised strictly within their professional life. In the Sultanate, women play the role of a fulcrum of the society and in different role as mothers, wives and homemakers. In education, they have made their marks felt and have surged miles ahead of men. In offices, they keep the momentum of work going by shouldering more workloads than men. No, we do not intend to undermine men who play their roles in their own way. But, there cannot be any denial of the fact that women in Oman are often more sought after than men by prospective employers.


colleagues the sincere and needy working women in Oman are performing at par with their men colleagues at the same work place.

Sankarshan Thakur Al Khuwair Certainly, I find women more focused, dedicated and sincere to their duties. If we rewind back to schools, one can find the girls scoring over the boys often. They are indeed more successful in many ways. Out of the school, they are more focused and oriented towards attending their goals. In Oman too, women are no different. They may be considered weak physically, but are definitely mentally stronger than men. They outdo the men in many aspects and have seen to be more hard working. Women by nature are indeed hard working and they make sure every aspect of work is done with perfection. Even at home they are the dominant force, though physically the men are. In Oman, many companies rely on women workforce, as quite often men are found to be lacking sincerity and more interested in their car and phone. Only area where men might be mightier is working at odd hours, extra hours or if the job needs lots of travelling. However, overall women are indeed better off.

Munawar Hameed Mangalwala Ruwi We cannot say it in nutshell that women in Oman are better and more sincere workers than men or vice versa. However, when I look at the issue as an educationist, I have mixed observations. It was in 2010 when I landed in Oman. I was assigned to teach professional taxation course. Within a short time, young Omani girl students proved that they are honest and sincere to their studies in comparison to young Omani boys. They were not just attending the classes with zeal and interest but also made effective and efficient efforts toward their studies. Finally, when results appeared two young girl students of that class got flying marks in their examinations. Last year, two young Omani boys excelled in their examinations.

Mohammed Osama Rawat Ruwi I do not agree that the women in Oman are more sincere workers than men. In fact the sincerity towards the work is directly related to the job satisfaction and the necessity of the job for the particular individual irrespective of their gender. Neither men nor women would work sincerely unless they enjoy their work and the employment is a necessity for them. During my routine work I come across many women workers who are very serious and efficient in their job responsibilities and at the same time I come across women workers in several offices, who are not at all serious and most of the time keep themselves busy in chatting around the offices. Surprisingly the men folk around them in their department, even sometimes their superiors, have to take up additional responsibilities to dispose of the daily routine work. However, several studies have revealed that the women folks all over the world in general, are more sincere towards their responsibilities than men and the women folk in Oman are no exception to it. In spite of being paid less than their men

Kashif Ali Sabiri Sohar To compare the professional skills of men and women in Oman is a hard task. But it goes without saying that today Omani women are in key positions starting at the ministerial posts. Minister of Education, Minister of Tourism and a lot more high-ranked seats are managed by Omani educated and suave women. Women are rendering untiring services in medical, education, civil defence, police, communication, and even in private sectors. To compare the professional skills of men and women in Oman is a hard task. But it goes without saying that today Omani women are in key positions starting at the ministerial posts. According to psycho-analysis of working men and women, it has been reported that women are always more responsible, caring, punctual and even regular. Personally, I have noticed working women exhibiting the high standards of work-ethics in Oman. Modern woman of Oman has proved to the world that she is a part and parcel in the progress of the Sultanate.

HELPING HAND: The municipality has constructed these houses in safe areas. — Supplied photo


Municipality to offer 460 houses for victims of adverse weather Times News Service MUSCAT: Sultan bin Hamdoon Al Harthy, Chairman of the Muscat Municipality, has informed that the municipality has completed the construction of 460 houses in Hail Al Ghaf, Daghmar and Dhabab in the wilayat of Quriyat for those citizens whose homes were hit by an exceptional climatic adversity in 2007. Al Harthy added that roads and lighting have been made available in the area. He explained that the municipality has handed over the houses to the Governor of Muscat’s office to be distributed through a proper mechanism. The company executing the project ex-

peditiously continues to build 90 houses in Al Sulha and 82 in Hajir Quriyat and the work is expected to be completed by the middle of next year. Architectural style The chairman of the Muscat Municipality said that while designing the houses, the municipality takes into account the Omani architectural style, adding modern touches in line with the evolution in the construction practices in the Sultanate. The municipality will float a tender for the establishment of a mosque, a public majlis and children’s playground to serve these new houses in order to complete all public utilities and make it an inte-

grated residential community. Al Harthy pointed out that the municipality has constructed these houses in safe areas far away from the wadis. He added that the houses were divided into five different types in terms of space and number of rooms. The housing units consist of two to six bedrooms with majlis and toilets in addition to a kitchen and a living room. Each house measured 220 to 390 square metres in addition to all the facilities and services required. It is worth mentioning that the Muscat Municipality has provided temporary homes, caravans, for those affected by the exceptional climatic adversity and also maintains these.

Will the introduction of the professional league help football in the Sultanate? Send us your comments with your picture to

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Govt slams ‘spider’ rumours MUSCAT: In a statement issued yesterday, the Royal Court Affairs Ministry has refuted the rumours circulating in social networking sites about the presence of the poisonous ‘Black Widow’ spider in the Sultanate. The Royal Court Affairs Ministry flayed the inaccuracy of the news and urged citizens and residents to only rely upon informaCLASSIC CONCERT: Thursday’s tribute to Verdi took the audience on a chronological tour of Verdi’s

music. — Photograph by Khalid Al Busaidi, ROHM

ROHM celebrates Verdi’s creations The three sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, two tenors, two basses and a baritone gave the audience a chance to hear different voices

Times News Service MUSCAT: The Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) joined the ongoing international celebrations to mark the 200th year since Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi’s birth with a concert of his music on Thursday evening. Giuseppe Verdi was born in 1813 in Le Rancole, Italy, to an innkeeper and a spinner. He studied music as a child at his local church, and by the time he was just 26 years old, had written his ACCIDENT

Expatriate succumbs to road injuries STAFF REPORTER MUSCAT: An Indian expatriate who was gravely injured in a road accident in Sohar three days ago succumbed to his injuries yesterday morning, his friends informed. The victim has been identified as Abdul Wahid, 24-yearold supermarket worker hailing from the south Indian state of Kerala. “Abdul was hit by a vehicle in front of a government office in Sohar. He was badly injured and rushed to Sohar hospital. But, he succumbed to his injuries at around 2am,” the victim’s friends said. “Now, we are trying to prepare the papers to send the mortal remains back to Kerala. He had to come to Oman for the first time,” they added. The authorities have expressed concern over pedestrian deaths and urged people to exercise caution while crossing roads.

first opera, Operto. He went on to write nearly 30 operas as well as other songs and religious works. Though Verdi died in 1901, his music has lived on, constantly placing him among the most favourite opera composers. Thursday’s tribute to Verdi, which was planned by ROHM’s Director-General Christina Scheppelmann, took the audience on a chronological tour of Verdi’s music, from one of his earliest operas, Ernani, to his last Falstaff. With 10 internationallyacclaimed soloists and the Teatro di San Carlo’s orchestra and chorus from Naples, Italy led by German maestro Sebastian LangLessing, it was an evening filled with gorgeous voices and music that reflected a bit of the ROHM’s past seasons (Il Trovatore, Simon Boccanegra and Aida have been performed already) and hinted at the many operas yet to come. One of the strengths of the concert was the variety of soloists. The three sopranos, two mezzosopranos, two tenors, two basses and a baritone gave the audience a chance to hear different voices and perhaps learn more about their ranges. Several of the singers were

especially impressive, such as Armenian-born soprano Lianna Haroutounian, whose voice and stage presence captivated the house, creating a stillness in the theatre so only her voice could be heard while singing an aria from The Force of Destiny. Bulgarian baritone Vladimir Stoyanov was also impressive, with a rich voice that one could have listened to all night, while Italian soprano Anna Pirozzi brought drama and expression to the stage, especially singing the role of Lady Macbeth from Macbeth. Despite only singing samples from different operas, and despite not having full sets, costumes or props, the singers and musicians were able to recreate minidramas on the stage, highlighting why Verdi is among the most popular opera composers. For the ROHM, it was indeed an important event. “The Royal Opera House Muscat is proud to join the world in its celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Verdi’s birth. As an Italian opera composer, Verdi transformed Italian opera by making it more daring, realistic, passionate, and engaging,” said Dr Nasser Al Taee, adviser to the ROHM Board of Directors.

tion coming from reliable sources and to ignore rumours. On the other hand, the Interior Ministry has also denied the “news” being circulated at the social networking sites and the applications of smart mobile phones about the spider. The rumours had claimed that the Interior’s Ministry undersecretary has issued a circular warning about the spread of

a poisonous spider in the wilayats. The ministry in a statement said that such a circular never existed. “The ministry denounces circulation of such news by the social networking sites which spread panic among citizens and residents. The ministry also reaffirmed that departments concerned would issue a warning in case any emergency arises,” the statement said. — ONA


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


65 killed in Iraq bombings, attacks BAGHDAD: Two bombings targeted mourners in an area of the Iraqi capital yesterday, killing at least 56 people and pushing the monthly death toll past 500, officials said. The bombs exploded near a funeral tent in the Sadr City area of north Baghdad at about 5:30pm (1430 GMT), also wounding at least 128 people. Sources said one of the blasts came when a suicide bomber detonated an explosivesrigged vehicle, while the other was either a bomb left under a car or a car bomb. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, medics said. A news reporter said distraught survivors had attacked policemen and firefighters who tried to move them away from the scene. Puddles of blood surrounded the tent. Security personnel killed Meanwhile, nine security forces members were killed yesterday, among them four police who died in an attack by suicide bombers on a base north of Baghdad, officials said. Five suicide bombers bombers, dressed in SWAT uniforms, attacked a base in Baiji in the morning, while most of its forces were out on a mission.

HOPING FOR HAPPIER TIMES Children play on the beach near the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City on Friday. US President Barack Obama will hold talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas tomorrow on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the White House informed on Friday. According to the White House spokesman, Ben Rhodes, this is Obama’s first opportunity to meet personally and at length with Abbas since the launch of direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. — AFP

Police killed one of the bombers, who were on foot, but the others managed to detonate their explosives inside the base. In the northern province of Nineveh, gunmen killed two prison guards and soldier, while a roadside bomb left two more soldiers dead. Militants opposed to the government, including some who are linked to Al Qaeda, frequently target security forces and officials. They have proven they can strike high-security facilities, such as two major prisons in the Baghdad area that were assaulted in July, freeing hundreds of inmates. But other attacks are aimed squarely at civilians. The attacks came a day after two bombs tore through worshippers gathering for prayers at a mosque, killing 18 people. Seven died in other attacks. Violence has surged this year to levels not seen since 2008, when Iraq was emerging from a sectarian conflict that peaked in 2006-2007 and killed thousands of people. With the latest incident, more than 480 people have been killed so far this month and over 4,300 since the beginning of the year, according to a news agency figures based on security and medical sources. — Agencies

EU governments brace for refugee influx from Syria UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said most were families who had crossed the Mediterranean from Egypt. “Fundamentally, the outflow is a symptom of the conflict inside Syria on the one hand and the strains on asylum in the surrounding region,” Edwards said.

Thousands of refugees are seeking a new life in the European Union, especially in the bloc’s wealthier member states, with Italy among the worst affected

BRUSSELS: European Union (EU) governments are bracing for a surge in Syrian refugees that threatens to become a flood as hopes fade for a quick end to the civil war. Some two million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries so far, with four million internally displaced as the death toll mounts to more than 110,000. Thousands are seeking a new life in the EU, especially in the bloc’s wealthier member states, with Italy among the worst affected. Warning The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, has warned to be ready for a massive influx, especially if there are US military action against forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad, one EU official said. “For the moment, the number of those arriving is manageable,”

SEEKING NEW LIFE: A refugee holds her passport and papers as she waits in front of the

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for registration in Beirut on Friday. – Reuters

One dies as over 400 refugees reach Italy ROME: More than 400 refugees who said they were fleeing the Syrian civil war were intercepted near Sicily in the past 14 hours, and one 22-year-old woman died during the passage, Italy’s coast guard said yesterday. A first boat carrying 299 people, more than half of them

the official said, adding: “The vast majority do not want to leave because they still hope they will be able to return home.” However, as those hopes fade,

women and children, was escorted to the port of Syracuse, Sicily, late on Friday. On board was the corpse of one woman who died during the journey. The reason for her death was still unknown, but fellow refugees said she was a diabetic and had died after falling ill more than two days earlier,

the trickle of refugees seeking a new life in the EU is beginning to grow. Italy is among the worst affected, with some 3,000 refugees arriving in August alone, accord-

Ansa state news agency reported. The people on the boat said they had left from Egypt about a week ago. Another boat was located overnight carrying 124 others, who also said they were Syrian refugees, and the coast guard escorted it to a Sicilian port early yesterday. — Reuters

ing to UN refugee agency data. The total number of Syrians seeking refuge has risen to 4,600 so far this year, up from just 369 in 2012, the UNHCR said.

Emergency Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta has said he expects the problem to worsen while Interior Minister Angelino Alfano described the situation as an “emergency” in Sicily, in the south where many refugees land. Alfano said Italy was tripling bed spaces in refugee centres to 16,000 in expectation of more arrivals and would push for a change in European asylum rules to facilitate family reunions which would make it easier for Syrians to leave Italy for northern Europe. Under current EU rules asylum seekers are handled by the country they arrive in but several countries, as in Italy and Greece, are unhappy at bearing the brunt of the exodus while others such as Germany have long claimed the system is open to abuse. Bulgaria has asked the EU for help, with its facilities overwhelmed by the arrival of some 4,000 asylum seekers so far this year, nearly half of them Syrian. “We are working to minimise the risks not only for Bulgaria but for the European Union also,” Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev said. Britain, Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden have insisted that there can be no easing of asylum rules. — AFP


Haj will pass successfully, says minister RIYADH: Saudi authorities are optimistic that Haj will pass without outbreaks of the deadly MERS coronavirus, the health minister said yesterday. The virus, which appeared first in the kingdom last year, has killed 58 people worldwide, 49 of them in Saudi Arabia, according to official Saudi figures and the World Health Organisation (WHO). But “we are optimistic we can achieve yet another success as the Haj pilgrimage season nears” after the minor pilgrimage season during the Holy Month of Ramadan “succeeded despite health challenges such as the coronavirus”, said Abdullah Al Rabia. No MERS outbreaks were recorded at last year’s Haj, nor during the Umrah season in July and August of this year. Saudi Arabia has “longstanding experience” dealing with health challenges brought by the large numbers of people who come to the kingdom. Around two million people are expected at this year’s Haj, which begins on October 13 and lasts five days. Authorities have urged the elderly and chronically ill to avoid the event and have reduced the number of people they will allow to perform come. The WHO said on Thursday it had been informed of 132 lab-confirmed cases of MERS, including the deaths. With the exception of a cluster of cases in the eastern town of Al Ihsa, the focal point of the outbreak has been the capital, scientists said on Friday in an online report published on The Lancet. Experts are struggling to understand MERS, for which there is still no vaccine. — AFP


Tunisia’s ruling party urged to accept blueprint TUNIS: Mediators in Tunisia’s protracted political crisis urged the ruling party yesterday to fully accept their roadmap for the way forward, saying its response so far had been “ambiguous”. The Ennahda party had issued a statement on Friday saying it accepted the blueprint for the formation of a government of independents and a national dialogue to finalise a new constitution and clear the way for elections. But the mediators, who include the powerful UGTT trade union confederation as well as the employers’ organisations Utica, said the party’s response contained “ambiguities” and failed to clearly endorse all elements of the plan.

“We consider that the Ennahda statement is ambiguous and allows for manoeuvres, interpretations and multiple readings,” said UGTT secretary-general Houcine Abassi. “We can’t accept their agreement, as half of the roadmap is not given a precise response,” he told a news conference. Public response The opposition has yet to give any public response to the blueprint, but Abassi said it had given its agreement. The plan sets a three-week deadline for the formation of a cabinet of independents to replace the current Ennahda-led government after the launch of

a national dialogue between the two sides. It also sets a four-week deadline for the adoption of a new electoral law, the announcement of a timetable for fresh elections and the completion of a long-delayed draft constitution. In its response, Ennahda gave a tighter deadline for the completion of the draft charter but did not spell out its position on the timetable for a new government. Prompt replacement of the existing administration has been a persistent demand of the mainly secular opposition throughout the crisis triggered by the July 25 assassination of opposition MP Mohamed Brahmi, an attack that was blamed on hardliners. — AFP

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REGION Iraqi Kurds vote for better future The election, the first since July 2009, sees three main parties jostling for position in the 111-seat Kurdish parliament, with implications beyond Iraq

ARBIL: Iraq’s Kurds voted yesterday in their first election in four years. The election for the region’s parliament comes as turmoil roiling the Middle East has raised renewed questions about the political future of the Kurdish nation as a whole. The Kurds are spread across a number of neighbouring states, where they have long faced hostile governments but have found increasing space to pursue their aspirations to run their own affairs. Election officials began tabulating votes after polling stations closed at 5:00 pm (1400 GMT), with observers and diplomats reporting that the vote passed off largely without incident. Results The preliminary results are due in the coming days. About 2.8 million Kurds were eligible to vote across the threeprovince region of northern Iraq. Some voters wore the traditional garb that is often reserved for special occasions, while many

MANDATE FOR CHANGE: Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani votes at a polling station in Arbil, capital of the autonomous Kurdistan

region, about 350km north of Baghdad, yesterday. Kurds went to the polls yesterday to elect a new parliament in an election that is being dubbed as the most crucial in the history of Iraqi Kurdish political powers, with potential to change the political structure of the next parliament and the cabinet. – Reuters

women wore full-length abaya robes. The campaign centred on calls for more to be done to fight corruption and improve the delivery of basic services, as well as on how the energy-rich region’s oil revenues should be spent. “The main problem... is economic,” said Mohammed Saleh. The cost of living now is high, and the people need more money. The new parliament needs to organise a programme for solving this.” The 54-year-old architect add-

ed: “For 20 years, our government has been trying to make services good for the cities, towns and even for the villages. “But our country was ruined, it was destroyed—it needs reconstruction,” he said, referring to the years of conflict the region suffered under the rule of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The election, the first since July 2009, sees three main parties jostling for position in the 111-seat Kurdish parliament, with impli-

cations beyond Iraq. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) of regional president Massoud Barzani is widely expected to win the largest number of seats, although it is unlikely to obtain a majority on its own. “We have taken another step in the region to consolidate democracy,” regional prime minister Nechirvan Barzani, the president’s nephew, said after casting his ballot. The Patriotic Union of Kurdis-


US seeks to allay Israeli fears over Iran WASHINGTON: Even as it crafts a response to overtures from Iranian President Hassan Rowhani, the Obama administration is working to reassure Israeli officials there will be no easing of sanctions on Tehran unless it first takes tangible steps to limit its nuclear programme, US and diplomatic sources said. Private discussions taking place at various levels both in Washington and Israel appear intended to calm Israelis’ fears that the United States is moving prematurely toward rapprochement with Iran at a time when they are already questioning US resolve to keep open the threat of military action. But judging from the latest public comments from senior Israeli officials, the White House faces an uphill struggle to overcome those misgivings. The outreach to close US ally Israel comes as Rowhani, who has issued a barrage of favourable gestures toward the United States, prepares to travel to New York for his debut address at the United Nations day after tomorrow and the tantalising possibility of meeting President Barack Obama face-to-face. In public comments, Obama and his aides have been cautious not to embrace Rowhani without reservations. But they have made clear that they are ready to test his intentions to seek a diplomatic solution to Iran’s long-running nuclear dispute with the West.

We’re going to make judgments based on the actions of the Iranian government, not simply their words Ben Rhodes White House deputy national security adviser

“We’re going to make judgments based on the actions of the Iranian government, not simply their words,” White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters on Friday, previewing the speech Obama will deliver before the UN General Assembly just hours before Rowhani takes to the world stage. Different tone Rhodes reiterated that Obama, who has exchanged letters with Rowhani, had no meeting scheduled with his Iranian counterpart, who has struck a dramatically different tone than his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But the White House has left open the possibility they could still meet on the UN sidelines, and a US official has privately acknowledged the administration’s

desire to engineer a handshake between the two leaders, which would be the highest-level USIranian contact since the 1979. Such a meeting likely would not go down well with Israel, where some officials have expressed dismay about how Obama’s handling of the Syria crisis might affect the Iranian standoff. They fear that his failure to follow through with threatened military strikes in Syria could encourage Iran to press on with its nuclear work. The United States and Israel accuse Iran of seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability. Iran says its programme is entirely peaceful and for power generation purposes. The US-Israeli consultations, which were first reported on the New York Times website late on Friday, are expected to intensify

as both sides lay the groundwork for a September 30 Oval Office meeting between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a US official said. As part of a public outreach parallel to the private contacts, the US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, told the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv that Washington recognised that a nuclear-armed Iran would be “much more dangerous” than Syria’s chemical weapons. Despite that, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz told another Israeli newspaper “there is no more time” for negotiations between Iran and world powers and warned that Tehran was on course to develop a nuclear bomb within six months. That followed a statement from Netanyahu’s office on Thursday that Rowhani’s pledge in a US television interview that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon amounted to “fraudulent words” that should fool no one. On Friday, Rhodes sought to placate Israeli concerns, saying there was “not an openended window for diplomacy” with Rowhani who took office in August. But Rhodes insisted there was still “time and space” for a peaceful resolution, possibly a veiled message to Israel against any kind of go-it-alone military action to target Iran’s nuclear sites as threatened in the past. —Reuters

tan (PUK), which is in government with the KDP, however faces a challenge from the Goran movement in its Sulaimaniyah province stronghold. The challenge has been heightened by leadership questions as the party’s veteran chief, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, recuperates in Germany from a stroke. Internationally, the focus is likely to be on the region’s drive for greater economic independence from the federal government, with

which it is locked in multiple disputes. Arbil has sought to establish a pipeline that would give it access to international energy markets, sent crude across the border to neighbouring Turkey, and signed deals with foreign energy firms. It has also capitalised on its reputation for greater safety and stability, as well as a faster-growing economy than the rest of Iraq, to solicit investment independent of the federal government. All this has angered Baghdad, and the two sides are also locked in a protracted dispute over the Kurds’ long-standing demands for the incorporation of other traditionally Kurdish-majority areas into their autonomous region. The region has also become increasingly embroiled in the 30-month-old conflict in Syria. Clashes last month between Kurdish forces and militants seeking to secure a land corridor connecting them to Iraq pushed tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds across the border, seeking refuge in Iraq’s Kurdish region. Barzani has threatened to intervene in the Syrian conflict to protect Kurdish civilians, although officials have since backtracked on those remarks. Iraqi Kurdistan enjoys a high level of autonomy from Baghdad, and the regional parliament has passed laws on a wide range of issues. Kurdistan also operates its own security forces and visa regime and has control over an array of other responsibilities. The Kurdish authorities boast that the region enjoys greater freedom than the rest of Iraq, but their human rights record has come in for criticism. Ahead of the polls, attacks on Goran supporters left one person dead and several wounded. — AFP


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INDIA Over 100 airports to come up: PM Metro can solve city transport problems, says prime minister

Air connectivity has now become necessary to ensure a country’s development. The lack of air connectivity may prove to be a hindrance, said Manmohan Singh

JAIPUR: More than 100 small airports will be developed across the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said yesterday while laying the foundation stone of the Kishangarh airport in Rajasthan. The new airport in Ajmer district, around 120 km from Jaipur, is slated to be operational in three years. Its estimated cost will be around Rs.1.6 billion. “Airports were considered to be a facility for the rich. However, air connectivity has now become necessary to ensure a country’s development. The lack of air connectivity may prove to be a hindrance,” Manmohan Singh said.

AMBITIOUS PLAN: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, left, with Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot

corridor, proposed from Chandpole to Badi Chaupar in Jaipur, will begin soon and is expected to cost around Rs.507 crore. “Cities are the engines of economic development in the country. Sixty percent of the GDP is contributed by the urban areas. As per an estimate, about 60 crore people will be living in cities by 2031. The increasing urbanisation brings with it several challenges. Public transportation is one of them,” said Singh. -IANS

and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot during the foundation stone laying of Kishangarh International Airport in Ajmer district yesterday. -PTI

Improving air connectivity was among the government’s priorities, he said. “Initially, big cities were connected by air. Now the focus is on connecting smaller cities.” “We have launched an ambitious project to develop small airports in small towns and cities. “As per our plans, we will develop over 100 small airports in various parts of the country. Kishangarh airport is the first project

under this plan,” the prime minister said. About 16 crore people in India travelled by air last year. “In the last 10 years, there has been a big jump in people travelling by flights. The number of passengers is expected to go up to 30 crore by the end of 2020. “Huge investment from the government as well as from the private sector in the aviation sector is necessary to cater to this growing demand,” he said.

The Kishangarh airport will prove to be convenient for tourists coming to Ajmer from all over the world, he said. “The world-famous shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty and the temple town of Pushkar are major attractions for people from across the world. Besides tourism, the airport will also help in development of industries in the area,” Manmohan Singh said. The prime minister said the shrine of the Sufi THANE CASE


No reason given for Heathrow airport detention: Ramdev LONDON: A day after he was detained and questioned here at Heathrow Airport by custom officials for several hours, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said yesterday he was not given any explanation for the action by the authorities and claimed he was not involved in anything illegal. “I have never done anything wrong or illegal in my life. I was detained for eight hours at the airport, but was not given any explanation. I asked them repeatedly to give me a reason for detention; but they told that they cannot disclose it to me,” Ramdev said. Ramdev’s detention has drawn criticism from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which urged the Centre to intervene. BJP President Rajnath Singh termed the detention of the yoga guru as “serious” issue and asked the Centre to take cognizance of the matter. “The reasons for his detention have not been made public... as I know, he was detained at the airport for carrying a diary carrying mantras. The diary has been seized and he has been called for fresh questioning today also,” Singh told reporters in New Delhi. There was lack of clarity over the reason for his detention at the airport. Ramdev went to London to attend the function organised by the Patanjali Yogpeeth on the 120th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in the next couple

JAIPUR: Metro rail projects are a viable option to deal with the problem of lack of public transportation with increasing urbanization in the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said as he laid the foundation stone for the Metro phase-I here. He earlier also dedicated to the nation a solar power plant constructed under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in the Rajasthan capital. The work on Jaipur Metro’s underground

A GOOF-UP? Ramdev was quizzed when he arrived at the

airport on a visitor’s visa instead of on a business visa.


“The reasons for his detention have not been made public ... as I know, he was detained at the airport for carrying a diary carrying mantras.”

of days. According to one of the organisers of the function, Ramdev was questioned on books he was carrying which were in Hindi and Sanskrit. Ramdev, a household name among Indian television viewers who tune in regularly to his yoga

shows, was quizzed when he arrived at the airport on a visitor’s visa instead of on a business visa, PTI quoted sources as saying. His spokesman, S.K. Tejarawala, said the pony-tailed Ramdev was allowed into Britain after questioning. -PTI

Life term to doctor for rape in ICU MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court yesterday confirmed the life sentence awarded to a 29-year-old doctor who was convicted for raping a patient in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a private hospital in Thane in the western Indian state of Maharashtra this year. A bench of justices P V Hardas and P N Deshmukh accepted the argument of prosecutor Usha Kejriwal that though the medical evidence did not fully support the victim’s version, the act of the doctor amounted to rape and fell within the definition of 376(d) of Indian Penal Code (IPC). The trial court had convicted Dr Vishal Wanne on charges of rape of a patient who was admitted to hospital. Being aggrieved, he moved the High Court in appeal which was dismissed yesterday. The victim was admitted to general ward of Lotus hospital on January 28, 2013 after she complained of giddiness. She was under the care of Dr Tadvi. Shifted the patient The accused was the Resident Medical Officer on night duty at the hospital. He shifted the patient to ICU after informing Dr Tadvi that her condition had deteriorated. The victim was administered an injection which made her drowsy. In the ICU, there were three beds which were segregated and covered separately by curtains. Wanne drew the curtains and slept on the victim’s bed. He then raped her. Although the victim realised what was going on, she could not resist because of the effect of the injection. Before committing the crime, he asked the nurse in the ICU to go out and take some rest. He also told the victim’s husband to take a nap as the patient was under his care. When the victim informed her husband of what had happened in the night, they lodged a police complaint and the doctor was arrested. He took the defence that the act could not be termed as “rape”. -PTI

saint gives the message of peace when some regions were witnessing communal violence. “I am addressing you from the place where the world famous shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty gives out the message of peace and harmony. People from all religions visit the holy shrine. This message of peace and harmony becomes important when some areas in the country are witnessing communal tension,” Manmohan Singh said.

He said nobody benefits from communal hatred. “This country sets an example for the world about peace among various religions and communities. We should always keep this in mind,” he said. Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh also said the Kishangarh airport will lead to the development. Rajasthan Governor Margaret Alva, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot were also present. -IANS


Humanity cannot tolerate violence any more: Pranab NEW DELHI: Asserting that inter-religious and communal violence is “insanity” manifested, President Pranab Mukherjee yesterday said a few individuals alone cannot be blamed as “our inaction” has created an atmosphere where violence begets violence. Calling for urgently bringing back sanity into “our midst,” the President said time has come to say enough is enough. “Humanity cannot tolerate this any more. We must save humanity and civilisation. This cannot be done by Parliament or law enforcement machinery alone. It has to be achieved through a collective effort of society at large,” he said. Mukherjee said was high time the country re-set its moral compass. “With every act of violence, we are crucifying Jesus Christ again and again. With each act of violence, we are repeating the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi,” he said.

Most absurd allegations, says former army chief NEW DELHI: Former Army Chief Gen V K Singh, who is in the eye of a storm, yesterday said the reports about his misuse of a secret intelligence unit are “motivated” and termed as “most absurd” the allegations that he wanted to topple the Jammu and Kashmir government. Reacting to reports that the Technical Support Division (TSD) was misused for unauthorised operations and indulged in financial wrongdoings, he claimed that the Army and the Defence Ministry had found “nothing suspicious” against the unit in their probe and had sent it to the National Security Advisor (NSA) for closure.

‘Central forces not to be removed from Darjeeling’ KOLKATA: The West Bengal government will not withdraw the 15 companies central forces deployed in Darjeeling where the movement for Gorkhaland has been put on hold till October 20. “We are not withdrawing the central forces as of now,” Home Secretary Basudeb Banerjee said after holding a videoconference with the Darjeeling administration. The meeting was held to review the situation in the hills.

Rebel Trinamool MP quizzed in Saradha scam KOLKATA: A day after he raised the banner of revolt against the party leadership, Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member Kunal Ghosh was quizzed in connection with the multi-crore Saradha scam. Though he did not link the summons from the Bidhannagar police commissionerate, which is probing the chit fund muddle, with his attack on the party leadership, Ghosh said a “conspiracy” has been hatched against him. -Agencies

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INDIA Two more MLAs held for violence in UP ‘SP to be blamed for riots’

While BJP MLA Som was arrested in Meerut district; BSP legislator Noor Saleem Rana has been arrested from Muzaffarnagar

MEERUT/MUZAFFARNAGAR: Continuing its crackdown on those involved in the Muzaffarnagar violence, Uttar Pradesh Police yesterday arrested Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator Sangeet Som and Bajuhan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA Noor Saleem Rana. The arrests come a day after Uttar Pradesh Police took into custody BJP MLA Suresh Rana in Lucknow on charges of making provocative speech to incite riots in Muzaffarnagar in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. “While BJP MLA Som was arrested in Meerut district, BSP legislator Noor Saleem Rana has been arrested from Muzaffarnagar,”

IN THE DOCK: BJP MLA Sangeet Som, left, and BSP MLA Noor Saleem Rana, arrested in connection with the recent riots, being produced in a court in Muzaffarnagar, yesterday. -PTI

Inspector General (law and order) R K Vishwakarma said. Som, accused of uploading a fake video that played a role in provoking communal tension in Muzaffarnagar and making inflammatory speeches, was arrested in Meerut. SSP Deepak Kumar said that Som was arrested from Salava village in his constituency Sardhana amid slogan-shouting by his supporters. Though police said they had arrested Som, the supporters of the legislator claimed he had surrendered before Sardhana police. “I will abide by the law inspite of the fact that this is a false case

against me. I will respond in court. They (SP, BSP) have instigated the riots....We (BJP MLAs) are being made soft targets,” Som told reporters. The IG said Noor Saleem, a BSP MLA from Charthawal, has been arrested in Muzaffarnagar in connection with the violence. Som was later brought to Muzaffarnagar and produced in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Kiran Pal Singh which remanded him to 14 days judicial custody in the video clipping case. He would be produced in another court in connection with the inflammatory speech case, sources said. -IANS

‘J U V E N I L E ’ P R O O F

Accept school certificate as proof of age, rules SC NEW DELHI: Noting the large number of cases where the question of whether or not an accused is a juvenile reach right up to the Supreme Court, the apex court has said that an authentic school leaving certificate (SLC) should confirm the age, and there is no need for a medical determination of this if that document is available. The court remarked that litigation relating to the age of a juvenile accused occurred, despite earlier directions it had given on the method of determining age, under law. Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan and Justice A.K. Sikri made these remarks as the court allowed an appeal by Ranjeet Goswami, who had challenged the Madhya Pradesh High Court verdict. Medical tests The high court had considered age determined by medical tests, rather than the school-leaving certificate as the basis of its ver-

dict. “We are of the view that no cogent reasons have been stated by the High Court to discard the school leaving certificate which was issued on April 10, 2004 by the then principal of the school. The certificate reveals the date of birth of the accused as May 5, 1991. The school leaving certificate was proved by examining the head mistress of the school. She has recognised the signatures of the principal who issued the school leaving certificate,” Justice Radhakrishnan said. “Evidence adduced by the head mistress was not challenged,” the judgment read, “consequently, there is no reason to discard that document.” Addressing confusion over whether Ranjeet Goswami was the same person, Rajiv Ranjan Goswami, the court said the investigating officers had dispelled the confusion that Ranjit Goswami and Rajiv Ranjan Goswami were two different people, and

consequently “we have to take it that the school leaving certificate produced was in respect of the appellant, which has been proved.” “We, therefore, find no reason to reject the school leaving certificate”, the court said, adding that “If that be so,... there is no question of subjecting the accused to a medical examination by a medical board.” Setting aside the high court order, the SC said, going by the SLC, since Goswami was a juvenile on the date of occurrence of the crime, he could be tried only by the Juvenile Justice Board. The court noted with concern the commission of a large number of crimes involving juveniles, triggering demands for lowering, from the current 18, the age at which an accused may be considered juvenile. Ranjit Goswami was accused of committing rape, murder and tampering with evidence along with three others for the crime in April, 2008. -IANS

NEW DELHI/LUCKNOW: Whenever the Samajwadi Party (SP) comes to power, “a series of communal riots begin in UP”, said BJP president Rajnath Singh yesterday after he called off his visit to violence-hit Muzaffarnagar district. “If we see the history of riots, then we can see that whenever the Samajwadi Party (SP) comes to power, a series of communal riots begin in Uttar Pradesh,” BJP president Rajnath Singh said in a press conference in Delhi. The BJP president, officials said in Lucknow, had been requested by District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma not to come to Muzaffarnagar city. -IANS


The Good Road: India’s Oscar entry NEW DELHI: Debut feature filmmaker Gyan Correa’s Gujarati film The Good Road has been chosen to represent India in the best foreign film category at the Academy Awards. It is said to be the first Gujarati film to have made it. “It was a unanimous decision to select The Good Road, which is a movie produced by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC),” renowned filmmaker Goutam Ghose, who headed the selection committee appointed by the Film Federation of India (FFI), said. The story of three individuals on a highway, The Good Road, widely shot in Kutch district in Gujarat, had clinched the National Award for Best Feature Film (Gujarati) earlier this year. It features actors like Sonali Kulkarni and Ajay Gehi. The movie left behind 21 other contenders, including strong films like The Lunchbox, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, English Vinglish, Vishwaroopam, Malayalam film Celluloid and Bengali film Shabdo, he said.“The Lunchbox was a very strong contender. I loved the film,” said Ghose. A committee of 16 people was appointed to make the selection. Irrfan-starrer The Lunchbox, which released on Friday, was

The story of three individuals on a highway, The Good Road, widely shot in Kutch in Gujarat, had clinched the National Award for Best Feature Film earlier this year

said to be a frontrunner for the Oscar, but the movie couldn’t make it. So far in the history of Indian cinema, only three Bollywood films, including Mehboob Khan’s Mother India (1957), Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay (1988) and Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan (2001), have made it to the nomination stage of the Oscar. Last year, Anurag Basu’s Barfi!, featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz was sent as a contender. But it failed to make it to the top five. The Oscar ceremony will take place in March 2014. -IANS


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Stamps featuring Noor Jahan issued ISLAMABAD: If you are an aspiring musician or just a die-hard fan and the picture of our founder Quaid-e-Azam on your mail delivery isn’t really exciting you, the government has a great offer for you — commemorative postage stamps of Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jahan. Pakistan Post issued these dedicatory stamps on Friday in all important post offices in the country. The stamp is for Rs8 and will also be available for overseas orders. Born in a Punjabi family of musicians, Begum Noor Jahan was one of the legendary singers and actors in Pakistan. First woman She was the first woman to record a qawwali for a South Asian film in 1945 and gained immense popularity for her patriotic songs during the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. Having sung almost 10,000 songs, Begum Noor Jahan

Human rights activists along with Christians hold placards to mark the International Day of Peace in Lahore, yesterday. The United Nation’s International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 each year to recognise the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. — AFP


Post issued these dedicatory stamps on Friday in all important post offices in the country. The stamp is for Rs8 and will also be available for overseas orders. — Express Tribune

holds the highest record of film songs in Pakistani cinema. In honour of her selfless contribution, around half a million of these stamps have been printed. The stamp has been designed by Adil Salahuddin, who has also been awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his efforts. — Express Tribune

Taleban leader released ‘to boost peace process’ A spokesman for Pakistan’s foreign ministry said Abdul Ghani Baradar was released in yesterday

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan released its most senior Afghan Taleban detainee Abdul Ghani Baradar yesterday, a senior official said, a move welcomed by Kabul which hopes it will encourage peace talks with the insurgents. Baradar, a one-time military chief often described as the militants’ former second-in-command, was the most high profile Taleban commander detained in Pakistan. “Yes Baradar has been released,” Omar Hamid, a spokesman for Pakistan’s interior ministry told AFP, without elaborating on the circumstances of the release. Later, the foreign ministry also gave a one-line confirmation.

Baradar is someone who has always been eager to join peace negotiations, and we hope he joins peace talks soon. We are optimistic about it, he is still an influential figure, and the Taleban still respect him Mohammad Esmail Qasimyar Member of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council

“Mullah Baradar was released this morning,” Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, the spokesman for foreign ministry, told AFP via text message. He added: “Released in Pakistan. No further details available with me”. The release was welcomed by Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC), the body nominated by President Hamid Karzai to try to talk to the militants, who have waged a bloody insurgency since being ousted from power

by a US-led invasion in 2001. “We thank the government of Pakistan that showed goodwill and answered positively to the request of Afghanistan government,” Mohammad Esmail Qasimyar, senior member of HPC, said. “Baradar is someone who has always been eager to join peace negotiations, and we hope he joins peace talks soon. We are optimistic about it, he is still an influential figure, and the Taleban still respect him.”

Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Friday said that Baradar’s release would facilitate Afghanistan’s reconciliation process with the Taleban as a Nato combat mission there winds down. The Taleban opened an office in Doha in June as a precursor to possible talks but it was quickly shut down after Karzai reacted furiously when they put up a flag and plaque as if they were a government-in-exile. The Taleban’s spokesman in Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid, said they could not yet confirm Baradar had been freed. “We only heard through the media that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will be released. We have not received any official confirmation about his release,” Mujahid said in Kabul. Baradar’s release brings to 34 the number of Taliban detainees that Pakistan has freed since last year, in what Afghan officials hope will encourage peace talks with the insurgents. Karzai had asked Pakistan to help open direct dialogue between his government and the Taleban, who consider Karzai an “American puppet” and have refused to hold discussions with his government. — AFP B A L O C H I S TA N

Pak Taleban release three kidnapped doctors QUETTA: The Tehreek-iTaleban Pakistan (TTP) have released three doctors who had been kidnapped from Balochistan in June this year, Express News reported yesterday. Three doctors were among five people kidnapped in Balochistan while travelling towards Zhob from Loralai district. Zhob borders with the lawless tribal region of Wazirstan. Five people, including three doctors, were kidnapped 42 days ago on June 11, namely Dr Muhammad Anwer Shabozai, Dr Nasrullah Ghilzai, Dr Ayaz Ahmed, paramedic Farooq Ahmed and a driver Muhammad Anwer Khan. District Zhob borders with the tribal region Wazirstan and incidents of kidnapping for ransom in the area are common. Unidentified men had earlier also kidnapped former Prosecutor General Wasay Tareen from the adjoining district of Sherani. They later set him free. A Swiss couple, Olivier David Och, 31, and Daniela Widmer, 28, were abducted in July 2011 by Taleban while travelling in Balochistan’s Loralai district situated 170 km east of Quetta. They were shifted to Wazirstan tribal region and were finally set free after eight months of ordeal. — Express Tribune

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ASIA Sri Lankan Tamils vote; pray for change The vote has been promoted by the

I will try to work with the government and go to the international community if the government fails to cooperate

UN Human Rights Council as a step towards ethnic reconciliation after decades of fighting

JAFFNA (Sri Lanka): Minority Tamils voted in large numbers yesterday in a landmark election they hope will give them a chance at self-rule in Sri Lanka’s north after decades of ethnic conflict that claimed over 100,000 lives. Balloting closed on time after nine hours, but the main opposition Tamil National Alliance, which is expected to win the semi-autonomous Northern Provincial council election, said the military tried to intimidate and discourage voters. Despite reports of sporadic minor “incidents”, about 60 per cent of the 426,000 electorate in Jaffna district voted, deputy elections commissioner S. Achchuthan said. “We took several measures to ensure people could vote freely and those steps appeared to have worked,” he said. “A turnout of over 60 per cent is very, very good for Jaffna.” Provisional figures indicated similar turnouts in the four other districts in the province. Results are expected by today. The vote in the former rebel stronghold has been promoted by the UN Human Rights Council as a step towards ethnic reconciliation after decades of fighting that ended when troops crushed Tamil separatists in 2009. The poll was held amid international pressure

LANDMARK POLLS: A Tamil man shows his ink-stained finger after

casting his vote at a polling station during the first provincial polls in 25 years in Jaffna, yesterday. – AFP

on the Sinhalese-dominated national government to share power with Tamils who are a national minority, but are in the majority in the battle-scarred north. Printing press worker Anandan Kumaraswamy, 57, was among the first to vote near Jaffna’s landmark Nallur Hindu temple. He said he was “praying for change”. The Northern Provincial Council was set up in 1987 but elections were never held and its functioning was controlled directly by the Sri Lankan president. Retired Supreme Court judge Kanagasabapathy Wigneswaran is expected to be the region’s first elected chief minister in a council that will have limited powers over the local administration. Wigneswaran, who turns 74 next month, said he wants to work with Colombo on pushing his Tamil National Alliance manifesto, which calls for “self-government” for Tamils. Wigneswaran’s priorities are payment of war reparations, securing an army pull-out from the former combat zone and taking back land the military still

occupies four years after defeating Tamil Tigers who fought for full independence. “I will try to work with the (Colombo) government,” Wigneswaran said, but vowed to go to the international community if the government fails to cooperate. President Mahinda Rajapakse has accused the Tamil National Alliance—a coalition of several Tamil groups, including ex-militants—of raising expectations of a separate state. Occupation army Wigneswaran has hit back, saying Rajapakse was maintaining an “occupation army” to keep Tamils under “constant surveillance”. “They are here for a political purpose, not for security reasons,” he said. “They must go.” Tamils consider Jaffna, 400 kilometres (250 miles) north of Colombo, as their cultural capital. It suffered extensive destruction and huge loss of life, but since the end the war, Colombo has pumped in millions of dollars to rebuild infrastructure.


K Wigneswaran Retired Supreme Court judge

While thousands are still missing in the north and elsewhere in the country, the military says over 12,000 Tiger cadres who surrendered were “rehabilitated” and reintegrated in society. The military also denies intimidating voters. Some 906 candidates contested 36 seats up for grabs in the Northern Council. Two more seats are earmarked for the party with the most votes under a system of proportional representation. There were elections for two other provincial councils in the largely Sinhalese North West and Central regions Saturday with President Rajapakse’s party expected to win both. However, Rajapakse’s party is expected to be a distant second in the North. Rajapakse has won almost every major election since he led the campaign that crushed Tamil Tigers in 2009. However, the spectacular military success has also triggered international calls to probe allegations his troops killed up to 40,000 Tamil civilians in the final months of fighting. — AFP


Typhoon Usagi batters Taiwan TAIPEI/MANILA: Super Typhoon Usagi, the most powerful storm of the year, brought torrential rain and ferocious winds to Taiwan yesterday, leaving tens of thousands without power and throwing travel plans into disarray as it barrelled towards Hong Kong. Southern Taiwan was battered by the storm, which rolled past the Batanes island group in the far north of the Philippines overnight—tearing coconut trees in half—and headed on towards the Chinese mainland. By 1100GMT Usagi was 610kilometres (400 miles) southeast of Hong Kong, forcing local carrier Cathay Pacific to warn that all its flights in and out of the city will be cancelled from 6pm (1000GMT) today. Usagi was packing maximum sustained winds of up to 195 kilometres per hour, the Hong Kong Observatory said. In Taiwan’s southern Pintung county, storms flooded remote villages, forcing troops to evacuate dozens of people, the state Central News Agency said. “I thought a tsunami was hitting... I’ve never encountered this before in my life,” it quoted as saying a 60-year-old woman who was scrambling to safety with her pet. Six people were injured in Kinmen, a Taiwan-controlled island off China’s southeastern Fujian province, after they were hit by fallen trees, according to the Central Emergency Operation Centre. The typhoon also left 45,000 homes powerless and more than 5,000 households without water, it said. A total of 77 domestic and five international flights were cancelled and ferry services suspended, with schools and offices in many parts of Taiwan closed, especially in the south and east, authorities said. The defence ministry deployed more than 3,000 soldiers to “high-risk” areas and placed 24,000 others on standby. Nearly 3,000 people had

TERRIFIED: A man holds an

umbrella broken due to strong winds as Typhoon Usagi approaches Taiwan, in Taipei, yesterday. – Reuters

already been evacuated, officials said, as the Central Weather Bureau warned people to expect up to 1.2 metres of rain. Philippines In the Philippines’ Batanes island chain terrified locals spent the night in their houses as savage winds raged outside. “This is the strongest typhoon to hit Batanes in 25 years,” Dina Abad, the district’s representative to Congress, said. “The howling winds began at midnight and they churned up to eight-metre waves that damaged the port and sank moored fishing boats,” she said, quoting a mayor of one coastal town. She said coconut trees were torn in half or were uprooted, while terrified residents couldn’t sleep as the storm battered roofs above their heads. The aviation tower at the island’s airport was also badly damaged. In Hong Kong, officials issued a standby signal number one, the first in a five-step tropical cyclone warning system with winds expected to strengthen. “It is anticipated that disruptions will continue on 23 September, tomorrow,” flag carrier Cathay Pacific said in a statement. — AFP



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Here comes another insult for the poor in US


n what can be seen only as an act of supreme indifference, House Republicans passed a bill that would drastically cut federal food stamps and throw 3.8 million Americans out of the programme in 2014. The vote came two weeks after the Agriculture Department reported that 17.6 million households in the United States did not have enough to eat at some point in 2012 because they lacked the resources to put food on the table. It came two days after the Census Bureau reported that 15 per cent of Americans, or 46.5 million people, live in poverty. These numbers were basically unchanged from 2011, but in a growing economy steady rates of hunger and poverty amount, in effect, to backsliding. Cutting food stamps would accelerate the slide. Food stamps kept four million people out of poverty last year and kept millions more from falling deeper into poverty. Under the House Republican bill, many of these people would be impoverished. The struggling middle class is also faring poorly. Though the unemployment rate dropped to a low of 7.8 per cent last year from a high of 9.1 per cent in 2011, median household income was virtually unchanged, at $51,017. In a healthy economy, income would rise when unemployment falls. But in today’s weak economy, much of the decline in the jobless rate is not due to new hiring, but to a shrinking work force — the very definition of a feeble labour market in which employed people work for years without raises and unemployed job seekers routinely end up in new jobs that pay less than their previous ones. Even so, congressional Republicans have shown no inclination to end the automatic budget cuts that, if left in place, will lead to an estimated loss of 900,000 jobs in the coming year, keeping poverty high and incomes stagnant. In addition, there seems to be little Republican appetite for renewing federal unemployment benefits — a lifeline for millions of unemployed Americans — when they expire at the end of 2013. It is nothing new that poor people are stuck and those in the middle class are struggling. The poverty rate, though steady last year, has worsened or failed to improve in 11 of the last 12 years. The latest numbers would have been worse but for “doubling up.” There are currently 10.1 million adults age 25 to 34 who are not in school and who live with parents or others who are not spouses of cohabitating partners. If they were on their own, 43 per cent of them would fall below the poverty line, which last year was $11,945 for someone under age 65. Similarly, while median household income held steady last year, it was still lower by 8.3 per cent than in 2007, before the recession. And the longer the historical perspective, the more dire the situation. From 2000 to 2012, median income for working-age households headed by someone under age 65 (again in 2012 dollars) fell almost $7,500, from nearly $65,000 to just under $57,500, a decline of 11.6 per cent. Against that backdrop, there is no justification for savaging the safety net and decimating the budget.- The New York Times News Service


US adding fuel to the simmering Syrian fire


Merkel will win the elections


or a country and a vote that are both so important for Europe, the election campaign now ending in Germany has been remarkable for its lack of excitement. The assumption from the outset has been that Angela Merkel will win a third term as Chancellor, and the contest between her centre-right Christian Democrats and their chief rivals, the centre-left Social Democrats, led by Peer Steinbrück, has been as calm and consistent as Merkel herself – to the point where some have described it as an election without politics. On the big questions – the future of the EU and its single currency, Berlin’s reluctance to become involved in foreign wars, the components of Germany’s continuing economic success – there is little divergence between the two main parties. In the one televised debate, the differences between Merkel and Mr Steinbrück were so small that it seemed almost like an advertisement for a return to the “grand coalition” many Germans appear to want. Merkel would prefer to stick with the Free Democrats, keeping the right-ish emphasis on sound money that marks the outgoing government. But for that the FDP must reach the threshold for representation in the Bundestag, which cannot be taken for granted. If it fails, the most likely alternative is a grand coalition of the CDU and SPD, despite the latter spending the campaign playing hard to get. A more adventurous option would be a CDU/Green alliance, which Merkel’s U-turn on nuclear energy after the Fukushima disaster, perhaps unintentionally, made possible. Whatever Sunday’s result — and Germany could do worse than vote for more of the same — one thing will change almost at once. Much decision-making in Europe and beyond has been on hold for months, the pending election a useful pretext. With a new government in Berlin, the procrastination will have to end. - The Independent

One must study round the year to avert exam fever When the time comes for examinations a fever named ‘exam fever’ hits the children. It is not exactly a fever caused by virus but a kind of phobia caused by exams. We often see students staying awake till midnight and preparing for their upcoming tests. When students stay awake till late night, we can find their mothers also helping them with their preparations. The preparation process varies from student to student. Some students stay awake till midnight and some wake up early in the morning to study. Staying awake till late night and not getting enough sleep ruin the health of the children. Medicines don’t work for this examination fever but if they would study from the beginning of the academic year

then, I’m sure, this kind of fever or phobia can be prevented. Lubna Fatima Al Ghubra

Will India change if Modi becomes prime minister? We have lately been reading a lot about Narendra Modi. Opinions about him are as varied as his achievements as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Irrespective of whether he actually becomes the prime minister, I would just like to ask a couple of questions. Do you really think that if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister of India, will the minorities in India be in any kind of danger? Will India change into a something else from being a secular country? Manish Kumar Muscat

The United States and its allies had squandered an opportunity which, if explored earnestly, could have paved the way for a peaceful resolution of crisis in Syria. Instead, the group rejected the agreement that Annan brokered in Geneva on June 30, 2012

he world isn’t really feeling relieved still. For now, the United States may have put its missile strikes against Syria on hold under duress at home and from outside. But, it hasn’t yet stopped dabbling in the muddled waters of Syria. And as Marc Lynch says, Washington’s public commitment to a strategy of arming parts of the Syrian opposition continues, with the aim of forcing President Bashar Al Assad to the bargaining table. This proves America is still knee-deep in the Syrian quagmire. Such meddling comes with a hidden price tag, though: They are not only unlikely to rapidly end the bloodbath, but they carry enormous opportunity costs. America’s policy of arming the Syrian opposition is fraught with huge collateral costs and risks. The strategy is wrong and is quintessentially malevolent. The policy will never be able to achieve what it aspires — the regime change. A conviction, therefore, is gaining across the world over Syria. The West, especially the United States, doesn’t want the crisis in Syria to end. Washington, London, Paris have chosen war over peace. Therefore, it does not matter how many are killed in Syria. This inhuman approach has only added to the tragedy which provoked an otherwise careful proAmerican former UN chief Kofi Annan vent out his frustration while delivering his address at the Graduate Institute in Geneva on March 27 this year. Speaking firmly (probably for the first time ever) “against Western calls for more direct military intervention in Syria” Annan said, “Further militarisation of the conflict, I’m not sure that is the way to help the Syrian people. You find some people far away from Syria are the ones very keen for putting in weapons. My own view is that as late as it is we have to find a way of pouring water on the fire rather than the other way around.” Annan’s frustration is understandable and is perhaps more than justified. The United States and its allies had squandered an opportunity which, if explored earnestly, could have paved the way for a peaceful resolution of crisis in Syria. Instead, the group rejected the agreement that Annan brokered in Geneva on June 30, 2012 with “Action Group for Syria”. We admit, it was a baby step but a step nevertheless. The baby wasn’t allowed to move an inch forward and in its hubris to change regime in Damascus the West demolished a rather embryonic foundation that Annan so diligently tried to build. Carnage in Syria thus continued, rather allowed to continue by pouring in “money, guns, and fighters into the country to ensure a steady gushing into the bloodbath.” Subsequently, the CIA stepped up its support for the Syrian rebels coordinating arms shipment which were smuggled into the country with helps from a few neighbouring nations and providing them with classified satellite intelligence on Syrian military deployments.

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We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand JENNIE JEROME CHURCHILL

This only increased bloodshed on both sides. A New York Times report let the cat out of the bag. It said, “The CIA role in facilitating the (weapons) shipments… gave the United States a degree of influence over the process (of weapon distribution)…American officials have confirmed that senior White House officials were regularly briefed on the (weapons) shipments.” At least 3,500 tonnes of arms have already been shipped out to Syria, the New York Times estimated basing on information it collected from anonymous but highly placed officials in Obama administration. The New York Times’ revelation belies President Barack Obama’s oft-quoted claim that the United States have only been offering ‘non-lethal’ military aids to the rebels. That was never true because we now know that the “CIA has been actively funnelling and distributing massive shipments of weapons to the rebels” way back since January last year. These weapons have kept the violence going; these weapons continued to snuff out lives of men, women and children; these weapons kept the Syrian soil soaked with fresh human blood for past two years. These weapons armed Al Qaeda affiliate like Al Nusra Front more than arming the popular resistance and these are the weapons which are only revitalising fundamentalism which is now engaged in “large scale ethnic-religious cleansing” and sectarian violence. On the diplomatic front, the American dabbling in Syria has been equally obnoxious — an utter refusal to give peace a chance. Time and again the United States has torpedoed peace insisting on ‘pre-conditions’ for peace negotiations. Repeating what it did in Egypt, Washington foisted on Arab League Ghassan Hitto, a US citizen of Syrian origin, the opposition Prime Minister. Hitto has been living in the United States since past 30 years and his appointed created immediate repercussions. Moaz Al Khatib, the most respected and popular leader of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution, quit in protest and complaining Hitto was stonewalling his peace initiatives and negotiations. A The Guardian report vindicated Khatib’s grievance. The report said, “Immediately after his nomination as interim (Prime Minister), Ghassan Hitto had distanced himself from Al Khatib’s willingness to negotiate with elements of the Assad regime in a bid to bring an end to the civil war.” Shamus Cooke’s reading of the situation is absolutely spot-on. By appointing Hitto as the leader of the opposition, Obama has splintered the alreadysplintered opposition while making “no peace negotiations” the official policy of the US. The appointment didn’t give as much credibility to the opposition as much as it degraded the Arab League’s legitimacy. On the contrary, the rebel’s seat in the Arab League implied, again, that the US and its allies are fully intent on “regime change,” no matter how many more die. The author is the Opinion Editor of Times of Oman

It is time we do away with capital punishment Slapping death penalty on the four convicted in the shocking Delhi rape and murder case of December 2012 has brought to fore again the debate over capital punishment. Those who support the recent court verdict and are favouring capital punishment should know that shortly after Ajmal Kasab’s hanging, India, along with 38 other member nations, voted against a non-binding resolution abolishing the death penalty at the United Nations. However, looking at the crime records it has been seen that retaining capital punishment has been no deterrent to crime. Given this, all countries should support the UN initiative. More than twothirds of the world’s countries have abolished death penalty,

and their number keeps increasing every year. It is indeed high time that this primitive practice is wiped out completely in this modern age. Ramachandran Nair Ruwi

Developing nations are also equally responsible During the past two decades, emission levels in developing countries including China, India, Brazil, and few others have increased substantially. This makes them equally responsible in global warming and they must display positive political will to do whatever it takes to save our planet from racing towards destruction and warming beyond tolerance. Ashoke Panicker Seeb

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PERSPEC IVE Sharif adopts pragmatic foreign policy course Special to Times of Oman



Sharif has, tellingly, kept his cool by repeatedly urging restraint and not being baited by the manipulated media into raising the negative soundbites and resorting to flagrant patriotism to score brownie points

ith Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heading for the annual UN General Assembly session in New York and a likely sideline meeting with President Barack Obama, it is a good time to look back at his first hundred in office in terms of setting a direction for Islamabad’s foreign policy. The roots of Pakistan’s perennial crisis of vision and mission — as manifested in the national security policies force-fashioned by the deep state and supported in various degrees by the political forces and religious classes — lie with how the state views and deals with essentially five key countries that weigh heavily: India, Afghanistan, United States, China and Saudi Arabia. Of the five countries here, Sharif has been more than clear how his government over the next five years will deal with them. Since he comes riding to power on the back of promises to rescue the country’s economy, sinking under energy shortages, investment dry-up and terrorism, he has pegged not just Pakistan’s economic future but also his political career to deepening economic, political and military ties with China. Within a week of being sworn in, Sharif was in China and managed to convince Beijing’s political and business leadership to invest in the proposed Kashgar-Gwadar trade corridor, comprising a new 1,200km railway line and allied highways as well as a raised profile for the Gwadar Port — already handed to China from Singapore’s control — to potentially make it a free port like Hong Kong. If these two projects materialize they translate into investments anywhere up to $15 billion with allied industrial zones and business and trade corridors translating into economic opportunities worth five times that over the remainder of the decade. Additionally, Sharif has conjured up MoUs with the Chinese state and private companies for generating about 10,000MW of electricity. While MoUs are MoUs and do not necessarily translate into reality, even a 50 per cent materialization brings in its wake huge economic opportunities. Deepening economic ties with China come with a bonus. Deepening strategic ties that simultaneously build on perhaps, Pakistani military’s best relationship with its counterpart anywhere in terms of trust and durability — as opposed to, say the US military with which Rawalpindi — the military headquarters —maintains an unsteady relation-

ship marked by dangerous lows. The latest Sharif government also seems clear about India if its first 100 days in power are any guide. Sharif took a clear stand before and on the eve of election to resolve issues with India and broaden and deepen trade ties with New Delhi. Sadly the recent Line of Control flare up has soured any potential actions from Islamabad, translated from the stated policy goals of the PMLN government. Sharif has, tellingly, kept his cool by repeatedly urging restraint and not being baited by the manipulated media into raising the negative soundbites and resorting to flagrant patriotism to score brownie points. In fact, in an interview to an English publication, Sharif was so explicit as to assert that he views his electoral victory in the May general election as an endorsement by the public to end all hostilities with India, to pursue friendship and to translate its dividends through an economic and trade partnership. As for Saudi Arabia, it is difficult to imagine that the relationship of Pakistan governed by Sharif with Riyadh can go wrong, considering how the royal family saved his life and career from Musharraf in the last decade. Sharif has already paid his due courtesy call to the holy land. The only irritant in this equation is possibly the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline which the government has so far quietly continued to move forward on without understandably making a song and dance about. The government’s policy on Afghanistan also seems to be on a more rational course than it has been 100 days ago. The Sharif government has quietly dropped the key word “friendly” from its standard description of how it views and wants Afghanistan to be. It is now Pakistan wanting a “stable and prosperous Afghanistan”. Ties with the US have not undergone any fundamental shift these past 100 days in terms of PMLN rebooting or rationalizing ties. This period has been spent on courtesies and cautious engagement — perhaps, because a full-time foreign minister is required to deal with the US — but all this may change once Sharif and Obama meet in New York later this month. The writer is a senior journalist based in Islamabad. All the views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of Times of Oman.

Is marriage a business contract?

VASANTHA VAIKUNTH Special to Times of Oman


here is a corporate ruthlessness and emotional need that is tormenting women of the modern society. Somehow the new wave has put women on the social map that did not exist in the ancient times. The empowerment has brought justice to her existence, made her feel competent, on board with men at work and home but there is an edge when it comes to marriage. The whole concept of

marriage has still not changed except for the luxury destination weddings and the whole drama of making vows in front of the priest. Women have a major role to play in keeping the relationship in place and the family together with children. Men cannot relate to this bonding as their minds are filled with career, ambition or waywardness. Woman is the energy, vital force that gives life and deserves honour and I stand by that today even more than before. When the purists talked about natural subjugation and maternal instinct; there was a huge uproar amongst the feminists that lead to social revolution in the world. Women felt the need to rise from suppression and wanted an assertive position in the social setting. They felt the need to educate the girl children and trained them to lead independent lives almost imposing their dreams on to the child. Everything seemed perfect with equality of sexes and women put on a pedestal for her achievements, men preferred to marry career girls for intellectual compatibility. No one knew marriage is not about chatting over a cup of tea in the office, it is a man-woman relationship

under the same roof where compassion, trust, self sacrifice, unconditional love for the betterment of the family are involved. The women of today are confused in marriages as they are not practical. Home becomes a priority for every woman as she is the one who bears the child for 10 months; she lives through the dream of holding him in her arms and is protective. Woman of today is torn between her career and home as she has not gone through the suppression of the older generation of woman. She only has heard that taking care of home alone is not an enterprising thing to do. What do they do after they finish medical or engineering colleges? Society still demands a label of marriage on her. Schools demand parental attention on the children, the world has changed and there are cunning people out there for them to leave their girl children to fend for themselves. The unknown stress and lack of time management skills breaks the family and end up in divorces. The distinct nature of women makes her different and emotional than men. They become more upset and sentimental than a man that makes her vulnerable and anxious.

They need support but men of today feel that women are their equals and they ignore the emotional needs of a woman. It is a strange situation (you cannot have the cake and eat it). People have to be aware of the changing times. We are abusing the institution of marriage, it is not a business contract; it is not about education, career, extended families. It is about two human beings who are ready to share their life with love and trust. The goal is to preserve and give a home to your child who will be the future citizen of the world. Man needs a stamp of his manliness from a woman that makes him confident and productive to the society. They have to bring out the best in each other instead of competing. Stressing the equality of men and women was the need then; now times have changed the needs are harmony, patience and nature of forgiveness if one has to save this institution. Time alone can answer the necessity of this feeble institution.

When fair trials become show trials



eptember 14, 2013 was a landmark date for the Indian legal system. In the high profile gang rape case, commonly known as the 2012 Delhi gang rape case, four of the accused rapists were convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. The rape and murder of a 23 year old student was a brutal and horrifying act of inhumanity and I have no problem with sentencing these men to a long and hard life in prison. Much focus — and justified focus — has been on the victims in rape cases. But what if one or more of the accused happened to be innocent? What are their chances of receiving a fair trial that does not only become a show trial to satisfy the public? A cornerstone in a democracy is the legal system. A working and practicing legal system makes — at least in theory — everyone equal before the law and subdued to the same legal process. One of the outcries from women and human rights organization has been aimed at the fact that many Indian rapists are not held legally responsible for their crimes. But if we want to pursue a legal process, the process must contain all legal elements. One step is the accusation, another investigation and then a decision of preliminary charges or not. And here comes a fundamental and very important aspect of democratic rights: the right to a fair trial. In layman’s term it is called: presumption of innocence or as we know it from American crime shows: innocent until proven guilty. As a journalist I love the power of media. I love how the media can be a tool to get rid of the bad guys. I love how it can help the little guy against the big bad corporations. And I particularly love when injustice done to the most vulnerable part of society — women and children — is exposed by the media. The focus by international media often brought to our attention through the hard work of human rights organizations or protests by the people has saved individuals from inhumane jail and death sentences.

Globalization and international trade have made many governments forced to listen. So when a woman is facing stoning, because she was raped, a Western expatriate is accused of adultery when she reports a rape, or a society is finally fed up with the lack of justice and accountability for rapists, the international media is a useful and willing tool. But like every other kind of power, the power of the media comes with a responsibility. If we want human rights to be respected it includes the rights of all human beings. The danger of the international media attention is when we forget that justice must be build upon laws of reason, thorough investigation and solid evidence and not on the public’s need for justice or politicians need for setting an example. It is then fair trials become show trials. Some might say that there is a greater need for focusing on the many rape victims who have not been awarded the justice they deserve. That there are more rapists walking free than being wrongly sentenced. I agree that the frequency of rapes in the Indian society is a problem, which needs to be dealt with firmly. The fact that so many rapes occur and the fact that authorities are turning the blind eye is disgraceful for a country claiming to be the world’s biggest democracy. It is destroying the sense of justice and belief in the system for the people. But turning the legal system into a mob made media circus provides a wrong sense of justice and is not in any way bringing a solution to the rape issues. We must remember that the Indian legal system is also known for its use of torture to force confessions and corruption of legal personnel. So when under pressure to satisfy the domestic and international society with a guilty verdict a miscarriage of justice is not unlikely. In a justice system, one wrong conviction is said to be worse than 100 acquittals. Let us remember this and make sure that international media attention helps reach the right and fair outcome of a trial. Like every other person — and especially in my quality of being female — I want every rapist brought to justice and pay for his crimes. But in my quality of being human I want it done the fair way with respect for human rights. The author is currently doing her internship with the Times of Oman. All the views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of Times of Oman.

The author can be contacted at

Rise of euroscepticism


A recent poll has shown that euroscepticism is on the rise among four of the big European Union members – Germany, France, Italy and Spain Percentage of people who said EU membership is a bad thing June 2013








26% 38%


Russian forces under Aleksandr Suvorov drive the Turkish army under Yusuf Pasha from the Rymnik River, upsetting the Turkish invasion of Russia.



37% 43%

The Tuscarora Indian War begins with a massacre of settlers in North Carolina, following white encroachment that included the enslaving of Indian children.



President Lincoln issues a proclamation calling for all slaves within the rebel states to be freed on January 1, a political move that helps keep the British from intervening on the side of the South.


MUSCAT: Oman will participate in the forthcoming conference on the insured investment possibility for the developing Arab nations that will be held in Cairo. Mahmoud bin Mohammed Al Jarwani, executive president of the Muscat Securities Market, will head the Omani delegation at the meeting which will last three days. Engineer Salim bin Maser Al Ismaili, executive president of the Omani Centre for Investment Promotion and Export Development, will also attend the conference.

Do you anticipate the current protests in Egypt turning violent?

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*1,000 people polled in each country from late August to early September



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Will Russia and Syria succeed in foiling UN’s Resolution?




A 14

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3



„ Thirty people are confirmed to have been killed in an attack by heavily-armed gunmen on Nairobi’s upmarket Westgate shopping mall, a senior police official said. ‘The death toll is now standing at 30, this includes those who have died at the scene and at the hospital,’ the official told reporters. Senior police sources said they believed a well-organised ‘terror gang’ of about 10 people was behind the assault on the shopping centre, which and was packed with around 1,000 shoppers when it was besieged at midday


China probes online whistleblower

Crisis looms as troop hunt for rebels

„ An eyewitness said that he heard the gunmen speaking Arabic or Somali and saw the group executing shoppers, in what appeared to be the worst attack in Nairobi since an Al Qaeda bombing at the US embassy killed more than 200 in 1998. The Kenyan government, which has troops battling Shebab insurgents in Somalia, said it was still too early to say who was responsible. ‘Investigations have begun to find out the perpetrators of this crime. I urge Kenyans not to speculate,’ Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said in a statement

„ ‘This cannot be a normal robbery because all the survivors are saying how the group confronted them and opened fire,’ a senior police official said on condition he remained anonymous. ‘We have reports there were up to 10 or so attackers and they appeared to be wearing a similar outfit, and others covered their faces,’ another police official said about the attack. ‘The pattern of the attack and the way they were speaking to their targets clearly point to a well-planned attack by a terror gang.’

‘Angie must save the world’ German Chancellor

BEIJING: Police in China questioned a prominent online whistleblower over suspicions of swindling and blackmail and detained him this week for 24 hours, the activist said yesterday, as the government steps up its crackdown on citizens’ activity on the Internet. Wu Dong, better known by his online name of Huazong, or “Boss Hua”, was picked up at a hotel in Beijing on Tuesday and taken in for questioning. “They say I’m suspected of swindling and blackmail,” he said. “Of course this is not true and I’m innocent. I think somebody has it in for me.” Wu declined to say if he thought he was targeted because of his activity online, which he said the police did not bring up. “I really can’t speculate on that,” he said. Wu, who specialises in identifying the luxurious watches worn by Chinese officials in online pictures, became famous last year for his leading role in bringing down a corrupt official who first aroused public ire after he was pictured smiling at the scene of a bus accident in which 36 people died. Criticism grew when pictures of the official wearing high-end watches — as identified by Wu — that he could not possibly afford on his salary were then posted on social media sites. — Reuters

— Reuters/AFP

MANILA: The Philippines urged its citizens yesterday to send more aid for 100,000 people who had fled heavy fighting between troops and Muslim rebels in the country’s south, calling their plight a “humanitarian crisis”. The conflict has claimed more than 100 lives since hundreds of rebels from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) entered the key trading centre of Zamboanga in a bid to derail peace talks with a rival group. While many of the insurgents have surrendered and most of the dozens of hostages they took have been freed, attention has turned to conditions faced by 118,000 refugees displaced by the fighting. “This has become a humanitarian crisis,” Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman said. She said those displaced were staying in 57 evacuation centres, including the city’s main sports complex where over 70,000 people jostled for space and erected tents and shelters fashioned from scavenged materials. “We are trying to organise them by providing them better materials,” she said, but appealed to the public to send in more aid in the form of clothes, food and toys for the many children among the displaced. “The tents are very fragile. If it starts raining hard, there will be a massive problem for children, women, the elderly, the babies and their lactating mothers,” she said. — AFP

Angela Merkel is on course for a third term as chancellor but the big question is with whom she will govern

BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel received a rousing greeting of “Angie must save the world” yesterday at a last-ditch campaign push for votes on the eve of tightly-contested German elections. As the band belted out music, a smiling and relaxed Merkel rallied thousands of supporters at her final stump stop in Berlin before today’s vote in which she seeks another four years leading Europe’s top economy. Merkel, 59, is on course for a third term as chancellor but the big question is with whom she will govern. The last poll before Germany’s nearly 62 million voters go the polls showed her current coalition with the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) set for a downto-the-wire finish with its rivals.

SEEKING CONTINUITY: Supporters of German Chancellor Angela

Merkel attend an election campaign event of the Christian Democratic Union party, yesterday in Stralsund, eastern Germany, a day before the German general elections. — AFP

Their combined tally of 45 per cent may not be enough for the current coalition to secure a majority under German electoral maths. ‘Remains uncertain’ “The continued governing by this coalition remains uncertain,” Gero Neugebauer, a political scientist from Berlin’s Free University said. Merkel’s steering of the eurozone crisis has prompted angry protests on the streets of Greece

and other stricken countries but she told yesterday’s rally that Germany also “needs friends”. Her message to German voters in the countdown to the election, also being watched closely from abroad, has been “you know who I am”, amid consistent voter approval of her handling of the crisis. And she again voiced opposition to any pooling of Europe’s debt, which at the height of the crisis was a key topic for debate among eurozone peers. Her main rivals, the Social

Democrats (SPD) whose candidate to unseat Merkel, Peer Steinbrueck, held a competing rally in the western city of Frankfurt yesterday, scored 26 per cent and their preferred allies, the ecologist Greens, tallied nine percent. Steinbrueck has ruled out a tieup with the far-left Linke, which descended from former East German Communists and won nine per cent in the Emnid poll for Sunday’s Bild weekly newspaper. Amid red balloons and flags, Steinbrueck answered final stump-day questions on his call for an across-the-board minimum wage of 8.50 euros an hour ($11), fair pay and care reform before addressing the crowd in a Frankfurt square. The 66-year-old Steinbrueck, a self-styled straight talking challenger has campaigned for more social justice, slamming what he calls Merkel’s empty policy phrases as “stickers on empty bottles”. ‘Most inactive government’ “Tomorrow evening you can be rid of the most inactive government that has made the most reversals since reunification,” he said in Germany’s financial capital and home to the European Central Bank. “Mrs Merkel is going round and round. Where is this country’s direction?” he asked, adding his party wanted to “correct” the country’s problems.

After a gaffe-prone campaign, he has consistently struggled to chip away at Merkel’s popularity or to score political points in a personality-driven campaign where a popular chancellor is running on her track record. Precarious fate Merkel’s success in holding on to power with her current coalition hinges on the precarious fate of her FDP junior partners who crashed out of Bavaria’s state parliament last Sunday but would, according to the latest poll, narrowly scrape by nationally. The FDP has mounted a homestretch plea to conservatives to “split” their ballot by casting constituency votes for Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) but giving the Free Democrats their second, or party, vote to save the coalition. Merkel has nixed the tactical move, but if the smaller party is kicked out nationally, she will have to seek new partners — most likely her party’s traditional rivals the SPD, with whom she ruled in a previous 2005-09 “grand coalition”. A wild card could be the small parties that have flirted with the all-important five-percent hurdle for entry into parliament, especially the new eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) which scored four per cent in the last poll. — AFP


Mexico landslides kill 101 MEXICO CITY: Mexico looked yesterday to the herculean task of rebuilding after rare storms struck from east and west at the same time, killing 101 people and destroying homes, schools and roads. Officials also started tallying the economic damage in a country where the growth forecast was already lowered drastically in August. President cancels UN trip President Enrique Perez Nieto cancelled plans to travel to New York for the UN General Assembly next week and will instead stay in the disaster area to help coordinate relief efforts over the weekend. Some 200,000 people were left homeless and nearly 60,000 were

Some 200,000 people were left homeless and nearly 60,000 were evacuated, said Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong

evacuated, said Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong. Road repairs alone because of the flooding and landslides in the wake of the storms Manuel on the west coast and Ingrid from the east will cost about $3 billion (2.2 billion euros), the transport ministry said. Since September 14 the country has been hammered by the tropical storms, which damaged

tens of thousands of homes, flooded cities and washed out roads. Mexico had not been hit simultaneously by two powerful storms like this since 1958, the National Weather Service said. As of late Friday the death toll stood at 101, with 68 people missing following a mudslide that swallowed half of the village of La Pintada in Guerrero state, Osorio Chong said. — AFP

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


WORLD Afghan soldier kills three US troops in insider attack happened during a training session in the insurgency-hit eastern province of Paktia, said an Afghan official on condition of anonymity

Under investigation “Three International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) service members died when an individual wearing an Afghan National Security Forces uniform shot them in eastern Afghanistan today,” an ISAF statement said, adding that both ISAF and Afghan officials were investigating the incident. A US defence official confirmed that the three victims were from the United Sates. An Afghan official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the incident happened during a training session in the insurgency-hit eastern province of Paktia. An Afghan National Army

Moscow, Kiev at odds over EU plans YALTA (UKRAINE): Ukraine’s prime minister sought yesterday to calm Russian fears over Kiev’s plans to sign a free trade pact with the European Union, but a Kremlin official repeated threats of retaliatory action. Officials from Ukraine and Russia clashed at an international gathering in the Black Sea resort of Yalta over Kiev’s plans to sign landmark agreements in November with the European Union on political association and free trade. Moody’s Investor Service cut Ukraine’s sovereign credit rating on Friday, partly on concern over relations with Russia.

The incident

KABUL: An Afghan army soldier has shot dead three US soldiers in the eastern part of the war-torn country, the Nato coalition said yesterday. So-called “insider attacks”, in which Afghan forces turn their guns on their international partners, have killed scores of foreign troops in Afghanistan, breeding fierce mistrust and threatening to derail the training of local forces to take over security duties ahead of Nato’s withdrawal next year.


BIG CATCH: International military forces blow up explosive items found during a joint operation in Ghazni on Friday. Afghanistan

National Directorate of Security and international forces seized and destroyed 17,900 kg explosive materials in the central province of Ghazni. — AFP

standings rather than Taleban insurgent plots. Afghan soldiers and police are taking on responsibility for battling the militants from 87,000 Nato combat troops who will leave by the end of 201413 years after a US-led invasion brought down the Taleban regime.

(ANA) soldier opened fire on US soldiers in a military training camp, killing two on the spot, he said. A third later died of his wounds, he added. The attacker was killed when Americans and Afghan soldiers returned fire, he said. The threat of “insider attacks”

has become so serious that foreign soldiers working with Afghan forces are regularly watched over by so-called “guardian angel” troops to provide protection from their supposed allies. ISAF officials say that most insider attacks stem from personal grudges and cultural misunder-

Rise in casualties But the 350,000-strong security forces are suffering a steep rise in casualties as the Nato combat mission winds down and Afghan authorities try to bring stability ahead of the presidential poll set for April next year. On Friday Afghanistan’s interior ministry confirmed that 18

policemen had been killed in a Taleban ambush in the northeastern province of Badakhshan. The policemen, who were returning from an anti-insurgent operation in the town of Warduj, were ambushed by scores of armed militants resulting in a fierce firefight in which eighteen officers were killed and thirteen others injured, the interior ministry said in a statement. The attack and casualties will heighten concerns that Afghan forces cannot provide effective security across the country, where a US-led invasion ousted the Taleban in 2001, in time for the presidential election due in April. — AFP

EU goods Russia says it fears its market could be flooded by EU goods entering Ukraine free of import duties and being re-exported across the long border with Russia. But Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, in a speech to the conference, dismissed the threat of illegal transit of EU goods into Russia as a “hypothetical” one that would not happen in practice. “We are convinced that the signing (of the agreements with the EU) does not hold any risks (for Russia),” he said, adding that he would give personal assurances of this to Russia and its trade allies in the Moscow-led Customs Union. Frustration He also expressed frustration at Russia’s refusal to cut the price of the gas it sells to Ukraine and said Kiev may have to reduce further the volume of its gas imports. Ukraine’s pro-Europe drive has already drawn threats of countermeasures from Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as pressure on Kiev to join the Customs Union. Speaking after Azarov yesterday, Sergei Glazyev, an aide to Putin, returned to the attack, saying that Russia might be obliged to impose duties on any goods arriving from Ukrainian territory, at a huge financial cost to Ukraine. — Reuters


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


US, Cuba reach accord over rescue operations

DAREDEVILRY A Swedish acrobat performs on a Grumman G-164A Ag-Cat aircraft during the AOPA-China Fly-in 2013 air show in Shenyang, China, yesterday. — Reuters

HAVANA: Cuba and the United States have reached a rare preliminary agreement on working together more closely, in the field of air and maritime rescue, Havana’s state newspaper Granma said. Every year thousands of Cubans leave the country illegally aboard fragile boats to try to reach Florida, which is 145 kilometres away. The provisional agreement was reached on Friday and must now be approved by the governments of each country. Havana and Washington have not had diplomatic relations since 1961, two years after Fidel Castro came to power in the Cuban revolution. Under current policy, US-bound Cubans caught on the high seas are repatriated. But if they make it to US shores they are let in, allowed to stay and in a year or so acquire residence papers.

Malaysian PM okayed by party to stay in power KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak faced down a threat to his leadership after nominations closed yesterday without anybody contesting his presidency of the ruling party, officials said. His government suffered its worst performance ever in May elections, prompting speculation that former leader Mahathir Mohamad would back a challenger for the presidency of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). Ahmad Maslan, UMNO information chief, said on Twitter: “Congratulations to UMNO president Najib and deputy president Muhyiddin (Yassin) who won without contest at 5pm this evening.” Najib, who will get at least another three years in the top job, said in a televised interview with CNBC Friday.

Romanians protest to seek bicycle lanes in Bucharest BUCHAREST: Several thousand Bucharest residents got on their bikes yesterday, criss-crossing the streets of the Romanian capital in a protest to demand the creation of bicycle lanes in the congested city. “I have a car but I prefer to ride my bike,” said a protestor who gave his name only as Alexandru. “But sometimes that is very dangerous because there are no bicycle lanes. If there were, the city would be less built up, less polluted and more civilised.” The Organisation for the Promotion of Alternative Transport and the Bucharest Cyclists’ Community, co-organisers of the protest, accuse authorities of promoting projects that worsen pollution instead of encouraging non-polluting means of transport such as the bicycle.

Three teens charged in UK over theft of videogame LONDON: Three British teenagers have been charged over the stabbing and robbery of a man who was walking home after buying the blockbuster videogame Grand Theft Auto V, police said yesterday. The 23-year-old victim was attacked in London in the early hours of Tuesday as he made his way home from a midnight launch event for the notoriously violent game. Three teenagers, aged 14, 15 and 17, have been charged with robbery and grievous bodily harm with intent, a police spokesman said.

Suspect killed after attack on police HQ in Turkey ANKARA: Turkish authorities shot and killed one suspect and wounded another after a rocket attack late on Friday on a police headquarters in the capital. The suspects were believed to be members of the far-left Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the Turkish National Police directorate said in a statement. The DHKP-C is a far-left group that has carried out recent attacks in Ankara, including a suicide bombing at the US Embassy in February. — Agencies

N-bombs ‘dropped’ over US cities in 1961: Report The incident occurred when two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina, after a B-52 bomber broke up in midair days after President John F Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961

WASHINGTON: A US atom bomb 260 times more powerful than the device that devastated Hiroshima almost detonated over North Carolina days after President John F Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961, according to a newly declassified document. Details of the incident were obtained by investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under the Freedom of Information Act. The document was discovered

by Schlosser as he was researching for his new book on the nuclear arms race, Command and Control, according to the Guardian newspaper. The incident occurred when two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina, after a B-52 bomber broke up in midair. Each bomb carried with it the equivalent of 4 million tonnes of TNT explosives. Although the incident had al-


ready been reported on, there has been persistent speculation about the seriousness of the incident and the US government has repeatedly denied its nuclear arsenal risked American civilian lives because of safety flaws, according to the Guardian. Wartime manner But the newly published document shows one of the two bombs behaved exactly in the manner of a nuclear weapon in wartime, with its parachute opening and its trigger mechanisms engaged. Only one low-voltage switch prevented a cataclysm. Parker F. Jones, senior engineer at the Sandia National Laboratories responsible for the mechanical safety of nuclear weapons, produced the report eight years after the event. According to document, which Jones named Goldsboro Revisited or: How I learned to Mistrust the H-Bomb, devastation caused by the fallout could have spread over

Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and even New York City Low-voltage switch Jones concluded that “one simple, dynamo-technology, low-voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe.” He found that three of four safety mechanisms designed to prevent unintended detonation failed to operate properly in the Faro bomb. When the bomb hit the ground, a firing signal was sent to the nuclear core of the device and it was only the final switched that averted disaster. “The MK 39 Mod 2 bomb did not possess adequate safety for the airborne alert role in the B-52,” Jones concluded. — The Independent

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Tibetan glaciers shrinking at summits Protest over Abe’s Fukushima vow

WASHINGTON: The Tibetan glaciers are shrinking. Most of the retreat is thought to be taking place at low elevations, but research now shows that the glaciers may also be losing ice at altitudes up to 6,000 metres. “The glaciers are virtually being decapitated from the top by a warming climate,” says Kang Shichang, a glaciologist at Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research in Beijing. His team looks at signals left in ice by environmental incidents that changed the chemical composition of the atmosphere. “When air bubbles were trapped in glacial ice, so were chemical compounds” in the air, says Kang. Nuclear tests Among those incidents are nuclear tests that were especially frequent between 1952 and 1963, releasing radioactive compounds such as tritium. “This left a distinctive signature in glaciers around the world,” says Kang. He got a gloomy feeling when examining ice cores drilled from two Tibetan glaciers at about 6,000 metres, he explained at the 28th Himalayan Karakoram Tibet Workshop and the 6th International Symposium on Tibetan Plateau Joint Conference in Tubingen, Germany, last month. A core from the Lanong glacier in southern Tibet shows neither the tritium peak associated with

CATASTROPHIC: The glaciers are virtually being decapitated from the top by a warming climate says

Kang Shichang, a glaciologist at Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research in Beijing.

nuclear testing nor any trace of radioactive compounds from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine in 1986. This suggests that ice layers laid down on the glacier from the 1950s onwards have melted or sublimated away. The second ice core, from the Guoqu glacier in central Tibet, has the chemical fingerprints of the nuclear tests and the Galunggung volcanic eruption in Indonesia in 1982, but not the Chernobyl signal. Moreover, the core’s mercury content, which tracks well with global and regional emission trends, ends abruptly in the 1980s. “The glacier has been losing ice in the past three decades,” says Kang.

“It’s surprising that glaciers are melting so high up in the mountains,” says Achim Bräuning, a palaeoclimatologist at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. Higher elevations tend to have colder temperatures year-round. ‘Pretty safe’ “We used to think that glaciers at high elevations were pretty safe, but this study shows that this might not be the case - at least at certain locations,” he adds. “But we don’t know how common the phenomenon is.” Ice cores from extreme elevations are few and far between. The

only other Tibetan glacier that is known to be losing ice at high altitudes is the Naimona’nyi glacier in the southwest of the Tibetan Plateau. But the new findings raise questions about the fate of the region’s water resources, especially as the three glaciers are from different climate zones, says Kang. The Tibetan ice acts as a reservoir for vast regions in China and South Asia, with hundreds of millions of inhabitants. “This might not be unique to the Tibetan plateau,” says Kang. “The only way to get a complete picture of the situation is to drill more ice cores from high mountains around the world.” — The New York Times News Service

TOKYO: A Japanese town abandoned after the Fukushima nuclear accident has protested Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s global promise that the situation of the crippled plant was “under control”, papers reported yesterday. The town assembly of Namie, half of which sits within the 20-kilometre zone around the nuclear plant, unanimously adopted a statement of protest against Abe’s remarks on Friday, saying his comments went against facts on the ground, the Asahi and the Mainichi papers said. The statement said some 300 tons of contaminated water is estimated to be leaking from the plant everyday, which is “a serious situation”, and that toxic water is “far from being controlled or blocked completely,” the Mainichi quoted the statement as saying. ‘Feeling furious’ “Members of the town cannot help feeling furious at the government and TEPCO which neglected Fukushima,” the statement said, referring to Tokyo Electric Power, the company that runs the plant, the report said. Representatives of Namie town were not immediately available for comment at the weekend. When the 2011 tsunami crashed into Japan, Fukushima’s


2011 tsunami crashed into Japan, Fukushima’s cooling systems were knocked out causing three reactors to melt down and spew radioactive particles into the air, soil and sea. Namie’s entire population of 21,000 was forced to flee. — Reuters file photo

cooling systems were knocked out causing three reactors to melt down and spew radioactive particles into the air, soil and sea. Namie’s entire population of 21,000 was forced to flee. But speaking to Olympic chiefs in Buenos Aires just ahead of a decision to award the Games to Tokyo, Abe said of the plant: “Let me assure you, the situation is under control.” Some critics and experts say Abe’s gloss on the disaster is bordering on the dishonest — a senior TEPCO executive flatly contradicted the primier earlier this month. — AFP




LINKEDIN ACCUSED OF HACKING CUSTOMERS’ E-MAIL CONTACTS LinkedIn, owner of the world’s most popular professional-networking website, was sued by customers who claim the company appropriated their identities for marketing purposes by hacking into their external e-mail accounts and downloading contacts’ addresses. >B3


GCC set to discuss single fuel price Times News Service MUSCAT: Oil ministers in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries will discuss steps that have been taken toward finalising a study on a single price of petroleum products in GCC countries on Tuesday during the 32nd Petroleum Cooperation Committee meeting, according to a news report. The meeting will be held in Riyadh at the headquarters of the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Oil analyst Rashid Abanami expects the process to contribute to saving 30 per cent of the total consumption of fuel in Saudi Arabia, which is smuggled to neighbour-

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. — Bloomberg file picture

Oracle CEO’s pay drops 18% to $78.4m Ellison, 69, who is worth $41.8 billion and ranks eighth

Oracle to offer faster databases

on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, was the highest-paid CEO in the US this year, according to Bloomberg data

NEW YORK: Oracle Corp. Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison’s pay package declined 18 per cent to $78.4 million for fiscal 2013 after he gave up an annual bonus and the company missed some of its profit targets. Ellison, 69, who is worth $41.8 billion and ranks eighth on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, was the highest-paid CEO in the US this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Profit forecast Oracle issued a profit forecast for the fiscal second quarter this past week that fell short of most analysts’ projections, as the largest maker of corporate databases faces more competition in business software and stagnating technology spending. While Ellison has been acquiring companies and investing in technology to retake market share, the efforts are taking longer to boost sales. Ellison received $96.2 million in compensation in fiscal 2012, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday. His target bonus for fiscal

NEW YORK: Oracle Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison is facing headwinds in cloudcomputing and business applications. To combat that, the world’s biggest database-software provider is unveiling new products targeting customers of SAP and International Business Machines (IBM) at the company’s OpenWorld customer conference in San Francisco next week. They include a high-end computer system that can tackle more data- processing jobs using fast memory chips. — Bloomberg News

2013, which ended in May, fell to $1.17 million from $3.92 million, while stock-based compensation shrank 15 per cent to $76.9 million. Ellison, along with copresidents Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, also declined an executive bonus plan. With a base salary of $1, Ellison is rewarded via performancebased payouts. He owns 24 per cent of Oracle, which has a market value of $157.7 billion. Oracle shares rose 29 per cent in the year to May 31. Deborah Hellinger, a spokeswoman for Redwood City, California-based Oracle, declined to comment. — Bloomberg News

Uniform fuel price would lead to a hike in some countries and will prompt consumers to rationalise fuel consumption or decide to use cheaper means of transport ing countries to be sold at higher prices, said Arab News in a report. “A unified market for petroleum products could exist within the next six years,” Abanami was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “Such a decision could be implemented only after services for public transportation projects in GCC countries become effective. Most residents in these countries use their own means of transport.”

Abanami referred to the big disparities in the prices of petrol and diesel in Gulf states. “Petrol and diesel enjoy the support of both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which makes for much lower fuel prices compared to other GCC states,” he said, pointing out that oil prices in the UAE are comparable to international prices. He said a uniform fuel price would lead to a hike in some countries. This in turn will

prompt consumers to rationalise fuel consumption or decide to use cheaper means of transport. Oil ministers will discuss other issues concerning the joint efforts of GCC states in the oil sector, which include the executive list of draft regulations in the common law on GCC mining and energy reports for GCC countries, as well as the results of their meetings with economic partners of other countries and economic groups. It will look into the recommendations made by the first petroleum media forum at the GCC and the reports of the Cooperation Council for Energy Affairs in the World Trade Organisation and free trade agreements.


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OCCI to take part in Arbil trade summit MUSCAT: Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) will participate with a trade delegation in Arbil Trade Exhibition due to be held in the City of Arbil in the Kurdistan Region in the sisterly Republic of Iraq from September 23 until 26. The delegation, due to be led by Eng. Ahmed bin Saleh Ba Abood, OCCI Board Member, Head of Investment Promotion Committee, include businesspersons and top officials representing a number of industrial companies and factories from different sectors, including foodstuff, medical supplies, building materials, power equipment, batteries, fishing, and textile sector, in addition to the public services. The programme of the visit includes meetings with Iraqi officials concerned with the activation of trade exchange in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and members of the Board of Directors of Arbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as bilateral meetings between

the Omani businessmen and their Iraqi counterparts, in addition to visiting some institutions, commercial, industrial and tourist attractions in Arbil. Ba Abood said that the visit aims at exploring prospects of cooperation between the Sultanate and Iraq in general and Kurdistan in particular where there are promising business opportunities. He added that the participation in the exhibition comes as part of OCCI’s plan and that of the Investment Promotion Committee to participate in such important events that enjoy a broad attention and participation. He affirmed the OCCI’s keenness to provide the companies and institutions from the private sector the opportunity to take part in such exhibitions that open up prospects for trade cooperation between the members of the delegation and companies participating in the exhibition as they come from many brotherly and friendly countries. — ONA

Meethaq offers key support to SMEs Hosts a seminar on Islamic finance for SMEs coinciding with the inauguration of Meethaq branch in Nizwa

Sulaiman Al Harthy. — Supplied picture

Times News Service MUSCAT: Meethaq, the pioneer of Islamic banking in Oman from Bank Muscat, hosted a seminar on Islamic finance for small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, coinciding with the inauguration of Meethaq branch in Nizwa.

Dr Shaikh Khalifa bin Hamed al Saadi, Governor of Dakhiliyah, was the guest of honour at the seminar attended by dignitaries and senior bank officials. Sulaiman Al Harthy, Group General Manager - Islamic Banking, said: “In line with the progressive policies pursued by the gov-

ernment, Meethaq is proud to take the lead in offering key support to SME development in Oman. Meethaq is well positioned to provide Islamic financial expertise to diverse segments and thereby promote the good of society as a whole. Meethaq is committed to supporting the creation of an efficient and effective private sector capable of participating in the economical and social development process and able to compete globally. The Islamic finance industry is growing inthe Sultanate of Oman and this is a great opportunity to contribute to the overall development of Oman.” Sheikh Majid Al Kindi, member of Meethaq Shari’a Supervisory Board, highlighted important aspects of Islamic banking from the Shari’a perspective. He spotlighted the importance of Islam in the socio-economic development of Oman and the wider Muslim

world and the new era of Islamic financial intelligence in the growing field of alternative banking and finance. Sheikh Majid Al Kindi said: “The SME seminar assumes significance in the context of Oman addressing the requirements of youth representing more than 50 per cent of the country’s population, and ensuring development benefiting communities in all parts of the country. Meethaq is committed to supporting SMEs which have a big role to play in Oman’s economy as the country is witnessing a gradual shift towards SMEs.” Meethaq strives to fulfill the needs of customers with innovative Shari’a based products and the extension of the branch network is yet another proof of its commitment and dedication to meet customer expectations for Islamic banking.


Tata-SIA tie-up seen reaffirming India’s aviation market potential MUMBAI: A new Indian airline planned by the giant Tata Group and Singapore Airlines (SIA) reaffirms the nation’s long-term potential as an aviation market, despite the sector’s current financial turbulence, analysts say. Tata Sons, the holding company of tea-to-software conglomerate Tata Group, and SIA said this week they were setting up a fullservice airline after two failed joint bids to take to Indian skies. “This investment affirms India’s reputation as a lucrative aviation market in the long-run,” Amber Dubey, aerospace head at global consultancy KPMG said.

The $100-billion Tata Group in 1932 pioneered air travel airline in India with Tata Airlines, later taken over by the government and rebranded Air India. It will hold a majority 51-per cent stake in the full-service carrier while SIA will hold 49 per cent as they seek to exploit one of the fastest-growing aviation markets globally. “The proposed airline has applied for Foreign Investment Promotion Board approval,” a Tata spokesman said. However, the joint venture needs a slew of other regulatory approvals and it could be another

year before it starts flying, analysts say. Also, while India’s air passenger traffic has doubled over the last seven years, plans for the carrier comes as the sector is flying through rough weather. All but one of the five main airlines is loss-making even though an increasing number of India’s population of 1.2 billion are flying. India’s airlines are contending with the region’s costliest fuel, a falling currency, cutthroat fare rivalry and rundown infrastructure. Still, SIA said it was investing in the carrier as “the Indian aviation

industry is projected to experience future high growth rates”. KPMG’s Dubey said, however, the new airline could prompt more consolidation in the Indian market, without naming carriers which could fall by the wayside. “With growing competition, only four strong pan-India airlines may survive in two years,” he said, adding, “Others may operate in small niche markets and collaborate with the pan-India players.” India’s two full-service carriers, Jet Airways and Air India, are seen as being hit hardest by competition from the new airline, analysts said. — AFP


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MARKET LinkedIn sued for hacking users’ e-mail accounts to get contacts ting our members first, which includes being transparent about how we protect and utilise our members’ data,” he said in an email. LinkedIn required the members to provide an external e-mail address as their username on its site, then used the information to access their external e-mail accounts when they were left open, according to the complaint.

LinkedIn claims to have the largest online professional network with more than 238 million members, including executives from every Fortune 500 company

NEW YORK: LinkedIn, owner of the world’s most popular professional-networking website, was sued by customers who claim the company appropriated their identities for marketing purposes by hacking into their external email accounts and downloading contacts’ addresses. The customers, who aim to lead a group suit against LinkedIn, asked a federal judge in San Jose, California, to bar the company from repeating

the alleged violations and to force it to return any revenue stemming from its use of their identities to promote the site to non-members, according to a court filing. Hundreds of complaints “LinkedIn’s own website contains hundreds of complaints regarding this practice,” they said in the complaint filed on September 17, which also seeks unspecified damages. LinkedIn claims to have the

UNFAIR PRACTICE: The customers asked a federal judge in San

Jose, California, to bar the company from repeating the alleged violations. — Bloomberg file picture

largest online professional network with more than 238 million members, including executives from every Fortune 500 company. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Weiner is quoted in the complaint as saying on a second quarter earnings call, “This strong membership


BlackBerry warns of huge loss, aims to cut 4,500 jobs TORONTO: BlackBerry warned on Friday it expects to report a huge quarterly operating loss next week and that it will cut more than a third of its global workforce, rekindling fears of the company’s demise and sending its shares into a tailspin. The company, which has struggled to claw back market share from the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Electronics Ltd’s Galaxy phones, said it expects to report a net operating loss of between $950 million and $995 million in the quarter ended on August 31, due to writedowns and other factors. More pressure The results will put more pressure on BlackBerry to find a buyer for either some parts of the company, or for all of it. It said last month it is weighing its options, including an outright sale, in the face of persistently lackluster sales of its new smartphones, which run on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. “The company has sailed off a cliff,” said BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis. “What do you expect when you announce you’re up for sale? Who wants to commit to a platform that could possibly be shut down?” The company said it plans to shave its operating costs by some 50 per cent over the next nine months, as it aims to focus its attention on the enterprise market and become a more niche player. But some analysts are skeptical that the company can cut its way back to prosperity. “We believe the most likely outcome is a break-up or sale in total or in parts,” said UBS analyst

– Bloomberg file picture

The company has sailed off a cliff. What do you expect when you announce you’re up for sale? Who wants to commit to a platform that could possibly be shut down? Colin Gillis BGC Partners analyst

Amitabh Passi. A source at a potential suitor said the warning on Friday may speed up the sale process, but it also adds more risks. “I think most will view it as pretty scary. It’s a melting ice cube,” said the source. Lazaridis, who owns a 5.7 per cent stake in the company, has reached out to private equity firms that include the Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group, said

the report. Lazaridis was not immediately reachable for comment and BlackBerry declined to comment. Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry, once Canada’s premier technology company, said it expects to book a $930 million to $960 million writedown in its fiscal second quarter owing to a ballooning stockpile of unsold BlackBerry Z10 devices. — Reuters

growth is due in large part to new growth optimisation efforts.” Doug Madey, a spokesman for Mountain View, California-based LinkedIn, said the lawsuit is without merit and the company will fight it. “LinkedIn is committed to put-

‘LinkedIn pretends’ “LinkedIn pretends to be that user and downloads the e-mail addresses contained anywhere in that account to LinkedIn’s servers,” they said. “LinkedIn is able to download these addresses without requesting the password for the external e- mail accounts or obtaining users’ consent.” LinkedIn software engineer Brian Guan described his role on the company’s website as “devising hack schemes to make lots of $$$

with Java, Groovy and cunning at Team Money!” according to the complaint. Java is a programming language and computing platform released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Groovy is a another language for the Java platform. The plaintiffs, who are seeking a jury trial, provided a link to the engineer’s post, in/brianguan, which they said they last visited on September 13. The customers blamed the use of their contacts on LinkedIn’s strategy, which they quoted from a regulatory filing, to “pursue initiatives that promote the viral growth of our member base,” according to the complaint. — Bloomberg News

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Central Bank of Oman issues tenders worth OMR484m MUSCAT: Certificates of deposit tender was held at the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) this week. The total amount allotted for issue No. 834 was OMR484 million. A bulletin issued by the CBO stated that the average interest rate of these certificates was 0.13 per cent whilst the maximum accepted interest rate was 0.13 per cent. The tenor of these certificates is 28 days, so their maturity date is on October 16. The certificates of deposit issued to licensed banks by the CBO as a monetary policy instrument aimed at absorbing excess liquidity at the banking sector in particular and maintaining stability of the interest rate and the money market in general.

Joint supplier registration system announced MUSCAT: The Ministry of Oil and Gas has signed an online joint supplier registration system contract with Business Gateways International. This project is part of the in-country value (ICV) initiative within the oil and gas industry, which is fully supported by the Ministry of Oil and Gas, according to a press release. The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a unique national project that will benefit all Omani and international suppliers wanting to do business with various oil and gas operators in Oman, as well as with the ministry. It will eliminate the need for the suppliers to register separately with each oil and gas operator and instead it would create a ‘single window’ system for the suppliers to be validated and registered in a common pool of oil and gas supplier base.

Port Sultan Qaboos cargo volumes rise 5% in July MUSCAT: The quantity of cargo unloaded and loaded at the Port Sultan Qaboos (PSQ) stood at 3,149,000 tonnes at the end of July 2013 against 3,000,000) tonnes during the same period in 2012, constituting a 5.o per cent rise. A bulletin released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) pointed out that the quantities of unloaded cargo at the Port Sultan Qaboos rose by 2.8 per cent to 2,575,000 tonnes at the end of July 2013 against 2,504,000 tonnes during the same period in 2012. The quantities of loaded cargo (exports) also rose by 15.9 per cent to 574,000 tonnes compared to 495,400 tonnes during the same period in 2012. The quantity of unloaded and loaded cargo at Salalah Port rose by 12 per cent at the end of July 2013 to 4,684,000 tonnes compared to 4,182,000 tonnes in the same period during 2012. The total unloaded goods at Salalah Port also rose by 17.3 per cent to 4,076,000 tonnes against 3,476,000 tonne.

Dhofar to host youth forum MUSCAT: The 2nd Youth Forum themed “Aspirations of Youth and Requirements of Labour Market,” will be held next Thursday in the Governorate of Dhofar under the auspices of Khalil bin Abdullah al-Khunji, Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) Board. The forum will be organised by OCCI, represented by the Human Resources Development and Labour Market Committee. Organising the forum in the Governorate of Dhofar comes in implementation of the recommendations made at the first forum, which was held at OCCI’s premises in Muscat last May. The forum highlighted the importance of utilising summer vacations in training higher education students and jobseekers at establishments and companies of the private sector. Some companies began training a group of Omani youths and responded to their desires and ambitions in applying and practicing the theoretical aspects at universities and colleges. The training covered various disciplines. Further, some companies employed a number of the trainees. The forum also recommended setting up curricula for scientific research and training, organising various exhibitions that avail job opportunities, addressing differences in privileges between the public and private sectors. The forum will tour all governorates of the Sultanate to meet with the youth. — ONA

The best, brightest, and least productive? We surely need some people in trading and speculation. But how do we know whether we have too many?



re too many of our most talented people choosing careers in finance – and, more specifically, in trading, speculating, and other allegedly “unproductive” activities? In the United States, 7.4 per cent of total compensation of employees in 2012 went to people working in the finance and insurance industries. Whether or not that percentage is too high, the real issue is that the share is even higher among the most educated and accomplished people, whose activities may be economically and socially useless, if not harmful. In a survey of elite US universities, Catherine Rampell found that in 2006, just before the financial crisis, 25 per cent of graduating seniors at Harvard University, 24 per cent at Yale, and a whopping 46 per cent at Princeton were starting their careers in financial services. Those percentages have fallen somewhat since, but this might be only a temporary effect of the crisis. According to a study by Thomas

Philippon and Ariell Reshef, much of the increase in financial activity has taken place in the more speculative fields, at the expense of traditional finance. From 1950 to 2006, credit intermediation (lending, including traditional banking) declined relative to “other finance” (including securities, commodities, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, trusts, and other investment activities like investment banking). Moreover, wages in “other finance” skyrocketed relative to those in credit intermediation. We surely need some people in trading and speculation. But how do we know whether we have too many? Inherently selfish pursuit To some people, the question is a moral one. Trading against others is regarded as an inherently selfish pursuit, even if it might have indirect societal benefits. But, as economists like to point out, traders and speculators provide a useful service. They sort through information about businesses and (at least some of the time) try to judge their real worth. They are thus helping to allocate society’s resources to the best uses — that is, to the most promising businesses. But these people’s activities also impose costs on the rest of us. Indeed, a 2011 paper by Patrick Bolton, Tano Santos, and José Scheinkman argues that a significant amount of speculation and deal-making is pure rent-seeking. In other words, it is wasteful activity that achieves nothing more than enabling the collection of rents on items that might otherwise be free. The classic example

of rent-seeking is that of a feudal lord who installs a chain across a river that flows through his land and then hires a collector to charge passing boats a fee (or rent of the section of the river for a few minutes) to lower the chain. There is nothing productive about the chain or the collector. The lord has made no improvements to the river and is helping nobody in any way, directly or indirectly, except himself. All he is doing is finding a way to make money from something that used to be free. If enough lords along the river follow suit, its use may be severely curtailed. Those in “other finance” often engage in similar behaviour. They skim the best business deals, creating a “negative externality” on those who are not party to them. If the bad assets that they reject — for example, the subprime mortgage securities that fuelled the 2008 financial crisis — are created anyway and foisted on less knowledgeable investors, financiers contribute no more to society than a lord who installs a chain across a river. In a forthcoming paper, Patrick Bolton extends this view to look at bankers and at the Glass-Steagall Act, which forbade commercial banks from engaging in a wide variety of activities classified as “investment banking.” Ever since the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 repealed Glass-Steagall, bankers have acted increasingly like feudal lords. The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 introduced a measure somewhat similar to the Glass-Steagall prohibition by imposing the Volcker

Rule, which bars proprietary trading by commercial banks, but much more could be done. To many observers, Glass-Steagall made no sense. Why shouldn’t banks be allowed to engage in any business they want, at least as long as we have regulators to ensure that the banks’ activities do not jeopardise the entire financial infrastructure? In fact, the main advantages of the original Glass-Steagall Act may have been more sociological than technical, changing the business culture and environment in subtle ways. By keeping the dealmaking business separate, banks may have focused more on their traditional core business. Bolton and his colleagues seem to be right in many respects, though economic research has not yet permitted us to estimate the value to society of so many of our best and brightest making their careers in the currently popular kinds of “other finance.” Speculative activities have plusses and minuses, much that is good and some that is bad, and these are very difficult to quantify. We need to be very careful about regulations that impinge on such activities, but we should not shy away from making regulations once we have clarity. - Project Syndicate * The author is Professor of Economics at Yale University and the co-creator of the Case-Shiller Index of US house prices. He is the author of Irrational Exuberance, the second edition of which predicted the coming collapse of the real-estate bubble, and, most recently, Finance and the Good Society.


‘No need to fret about a govt shutdown’ NEW YORK: Investors may be tempted to shy away from stocks in the next week or two as the latest version of the fiscal follies plays out in Washington. It’s understandable. The prospect of a government shutdown or, worse, default on the federal debt, rekindles memories of 2011 when Washington’s infighting prompted the loss of the United States’ triple-A credit rating and was a primary driver behind the stock market’s last full-on correction. The sense from Wall Street analysts this time, however, is that the current drama is likely to feature more bluster than bravado and contains overblown threats. “Looking back at the pattern that has emerged since the debt

ceiling fiasco back in 2011, the Republican leadership got the message that if there is a government shutdown, most likely their party is going to get blamed,” said Brian Jacobsen, chief portfolio strategist at Wells Fargo Funds Management in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Empty threat “Uncertainty will probably rise ahead of these events, but we think this is likely to be short-lived and probably less severe than some other recent episodes,” said a Goldman Sachs research note. In fact, the current episode could prove to be an empty threat, like the so-called “fiscal cliff,” last December. After weeks of dire predictions of big tax hikes and

draconian spending cuts if no deal was reached, lawmakers came to a last-minute accord, and the market kicked into high gear for 2013. The S&P 500 is up more than 22 per cent year to date on a total return basis, including re-invested dividends. “While we could get a pullback on worries about the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution, my guess is it will go the same way as the fiscal cliff went — a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing,” said Jeffrey Saut, chief investment strategist at Raymond James Financial in St. Petersburg, Florida. “If the market pulls back on (Washington) worries, I think it’s a buy,” said Saut. As the budget battle heats up, the lack of angst among investors

was reflected in a fall in the CBOE Volatility Index , Wall Street’s favorite measure of fear. It ticked down to 13.12 on Friday and has posted three straight weeks of losses for a total drop in that period of 23 per cent. Next week on Wall Street, the widely followed Dow Jones industrial average will open Monday with three new components as Goldman Sachs, Visa and Nike replace Bank of America, HewlettPackard and Alcoa. — Reuters

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Markets rule firm for fourth week, Sensex up 531 points MUMBAI: Despite last day selling due to RBI’s repo rate hike, the S&P BSE benchmark Sensex continued to rule firm for the fourt consecutive week by surging 531 points to finish the week at 20,263.71 on good buying support after the US Federal Reserve decided to maintain its stimulus. The Sensex resumed higher at 19,977.38 after SEBI eased investment norms for overseas entities in government debt, but weighed down as inflation soared to a sixmonth high and closed nearly flat on Monday. The Sensex rallied to almost 3-year high to 20,739.69 on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve unexpectedly left its stimulus programme unchanged, easing fears of capital outflows. The decision may attract investments in most emerging markets, including India, this year. However, the Sensex fell on profit-booking from operators on the last day of the week to end sharply higher by 530.95 points or 2.69 per cent at 20,263.71 from 19,732.76 last weekend after RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan on Friday unexpectedly raised a key interest rate to combat inflation and partially rolled back liquidity tightening measures. The Sensex has gained by 1,744.27 points of 9.42 per cent during the four weeks. The NSE 50-share Nifty also

Sensex weekly 20,700



20,200 20,263.71 19,950 19,804.03 19,742.47


19,700 Sep 16

Sep 17

Sep 18

Sep 19

Sep 20

Source: Bombay Stock Exchange

rose by 161.50 points or 2.76 per cent to 6,012.10 from last weekend’s close of 5,850.60. It has also gained by 540.35 points or 9.88 per cent in the four weeks. Forex Continuing its rally for the third week, the rupee closed higher by 125 paise to 62.23 against the Greenback as fears over the capital outflows receded after US Federal Reserve Thursday refrained from reducing stimulus programme. Sustained dollar selling by exporters and some banks, strong local equities and foreign funds

buying in local stocks too kept the rupee tempo upbeat. The US Federal Reserve on Wednesday unexpectedly kept its $85 billion bond-buying programme intact, making available liquidity for investing in emerging market assets, including local equities and bonds, and easing concerns about immediate capital outflows. As a result, the rupee flared up by 161 paise on Thursday. Sebi’s steps to ease investment norms for overseas entities in government debt would attract more capital flows, also boosted the rupee sentiment. — PTI

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Cultural event boosts Indo-Oman relations Jai Oman Jai Hind, a cultural confluence of

Bank Muscat marks milestone in Themaar savings’ products

India and Oman was a gathering to celebrate victory of friendship, victory of cultural influence and victory of meeting of minds

MUSCAT: Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, hosted a celebration to mark the milestone of crossing 25,000 customers for Themaar recurring savings deposit products within three years of its inception. Senior retail banking officials attended the ceremony at the bank’s head office. Themaar savings deposit products are designed to help customers save for specific goals. Presently two Themaar products are available, one for children’s higher education and the other for retirement. Said Al Badai, DGM – Branches, said: “The Themaar products were launched in line with the bank’s strategy to inculcate prudent savings habit. Many people fail to plan for the future of their children as well as their retirement years. Themaar serves as a proper financial security for children’s higher education and retirement.” Al Badai added: “The Themaar savings concept is very simple as depending on the financial status of customers, the monthly savings amount can be decided. The flexible scheme ensures that customers do not experience financial burden in earmarking a regular monthly deposit amount toward the savings plan.” Themaar Higher Education Savings plan addresses a long-felt need in Oman, providing an affordable and systematic monthly savings plan to cover the higher education costs of children. Themaar helps customers to tap their own savings instead of resorting to loans while sending children for higher education at home or abroad. The plan is open for citizens and residents in Oman. The nominal monthly amount invested on behalf of beneficiary children grows into a substantial lump-sum. The attractive benefits include a handsome bonus on maturity of the scheme. Customers can earn bonus on monthly deposits and all the monthly deposits made by them are fully protected throughout the term, even if they wish to prematurely withdraw in the middle of the term. The bonus rate is equivalent to term deposit rates prevailing at the time of opening the Themaar Higher Education Savings plan and customers are clearly advised of the same. Themaar customers are eligible for three annual cash scholarships worth OMR10,000 each. The scheme offers waiver of future monthly deposits in the event of

death of the family’s breadwinner (customer who has opened the Themaar Higher Education Savings plan), while guaranteeing a lump-sum amount to the beneficiary on maturity of the savings plan which can be used at the time of admission to college. Against the backdrop of Oman’s demographics, Themaar is aimed at benefiting over 50 per cent of the Sultanate’s population who are below 19 years. By saving a little every month, Themaar assures a bright future for Oman’s future generations. The Themaar Retirement Savings Plan allows deposits to be tailored to one’s financial needs after retirement. At a time when savings are critical to ensure a secure future for one’s family, the Themaar retirement plan helps maximise savings. The Themaar retirement savings plan is open to citizens and expatriates. The Themaar Retirement Savings Plan is especially beneficial for sections of society who do not have access to pension schemes from employers. The flexible Themaar savings plan allows customers to decide at what age to retire and the amount of monthly pension/income they require at the time of retirement. With rising costs of living, the plan is an ideal way to benefit from an extra monthly income in the future. With guaranteed bonus, Themaar customers can enjoy appreciation on all monthly deposits throughout the savings term, plus an additional bonus at the end of the pension term. Themaar also provides 100 per cent protection of deposits throughout the term period and customers have access to their deposits any time during the product term. They also get a chance to participate in an annual prize draw for five customers to win OMR500 each. As an added reassurance, in case of death of the customer during the term, the bank will waive all future outstanding deposits and immediately start paying monthly pension/ income to the beneficiary/family. The primary objective of Themaar retirement plan is to provide retirement security. With a longterm perspective, Themaar helps customers in judicious retirement planning. A timely investment in Themaar Savings plan helps to stay financially secure after retirement. All Bank Muscat products and services have evolved over the years in tandem with specific customer requirements.

of people from two different countries

MUSCAT: Muscat Film Production and Distribution Company, in collaboration with Jai Hind TV, showcased a cultural confluence of India and Oman, Jai Oman Jai Hind at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat on September 13. “Jai Oman Jai Hind, a prestigious cultural event is only a beginning towards promotion of cultures and blending moral values of both the nations towards strengthening the already strong relations between Oman and India. It was a gathering to celebrate victory of friendship, victory of cultural influence and victory of meeting of minds of people from two different countries,” said Dr J. Retnakumar, honorary chairman of Jai Hind operations in Oman in his introductory and welcome address. The cultural event was honoured with the presence of His

Highness Nawaf Barghash Said Al Said (Member of Royal family of Oman), Prof. K. V. Thomas (Union Minister from India), J. S. Mukul (Ambassador of India to Oman) and many government officials, dignitaries and ambassadors of various countries. Omani and Indian dignitaries were honoured who have excelled with their contributions in the field of art, social work, medicine, leadership, IT and film society. Salim Saleem Salim Albusaidi, Chairman, Muscat Film Production and Distribution Company, Rahima Musallam Khamis Al Busaidi, vice-chairman, John Kurikesu, managing partner, Shaji Thomas, managing partner also were present and gave leadership for the show. The function was also to promote performing arts of both the nations, recognise talent for excellence in various fields, motivate for more productivity and also identifying and recognising talent. Prof. K. V. Thomas appreciated the showcase of people of Oman and India coming together and exchanging their culture, tradi-

tion, values and strengthening the already existing ties between the two countries. Mukul, also acknowledged his continuous commitment towards stronger ties between the two countries by collaborating and working together as teams and drive forward. There were many enthralling performances representing both the countries. The programme started off with a fusion music of both the nations. Acclaimed artists like Prameela Ramesh performed Bharathanatyam, Jhumpa Chakraborty performed Kathak classical dance and Guru Deepak Roy’s disciples performed Odissi dance and group dance under the composition of Asha Sharath, a popular classic dancer was also performed. There was an entertaining Omani Al Takht Al Sharqi, famous for blending eastern and western music and also the very fascinating Omani Al Nayrouz dance performance. The dances projected the rich cultures existing among the people of both the nations. The dignitaries honoured at the event were Bridget Ganguly

for her contribution to social service, Tariq Al Barwani for his excellence in the IT sector, Dr P. C. Alexander for his contribution to the community health services, Anvwar Al Balushi for his leadership excellence, Girija Backer and Maryam Al Zadjali, director of Omani Society for Fine Arts for their contributions in the promotion of arts and Dr Khalid Al Zadjali for his excellent contribution to the film society. Mariam Al Zadjali, chairperson of Dar Al Atta’a, received the posthumous honour for the late Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali, Founder and Editorin-Chief of the Times of Oman and Chairman of the MPPH Group. Asha Sharath, the popular classic dancer, film and TV actress was honoured for her brilliance in dancing and acting. During the programme, the winners of the Bhavalaya Photo Contest 2013 and Jai Hind TV Interschool English Elocution Competition 2013 winners were felicitated to appreciate the upcoming and budding talents. Vivek Shaji delivered the vote of thanks.


BankDhofar extends its support to several local initiatives and events in September MUSCAT: BankDhofar, the multiaward winning bank in Oman, has extended it supports to several events and initiatives during the month of September. The bank has sponsored three main events: Horse Race Festival in Jalaan Bani Bu Ali, SADAF Carnival to support people with hearing disabilities, and Real Estate Show 2013. Ahmed Al Ibrahim, deputy general manager – Government Banking and Branding commented: “Our sponsorship strategy is very clear; we always support initiatives and events that will benefit not only our customers but the society and the country. Over the years, BankDhofar has played an important role in bringing up and supporting several initiatives and events organised by different establishments and individuals.” The Horse Race Festival in Jalaan Bani Bu Ali was an avenue for horse owners from different governorates in the Sultanate. The festival was under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah


Al Busaidi, wali of Jalaan Bani Bu Ali and was attended by members of State Council and Shura Council and visitors from different governorates across Oman. The programme of the festival included many activities. On September 9, BankDhofar sponsored SADAF Carnival to support people with hearing disabilities. SADAF is a group of volunteers that have been spearheading the cause of making Oman more accessible to those with hearing and speech disabilities. The event was held to recog-

nise and reward all those involved in SADAF’s efforts. The team has all learned sign language and is encouraging more people to do so in order to not isolate those who have these challenges. Their main objectives are to raise awareness of the issues faced by those affected with disabilities, empowerment and supporting those effected with disabilities with inclusion efforts within society. The event was held under the auspices of Sheikh Salim bin Aufait Al Shanfari, chairman of Dhofar Municipality

and Sheikh Ahmed Al Aamri gave the speech on behalf of SADAF. The Real Estate Show 2013 was opened at the Oman International Exhibition Centre (OIEC) on September 11 for three days under the patronage of Salim bin Ali Al Kaabi, deputy chairman of the Shura Council. The event offered participants from a number of Arab and foreign countries to gather and interact with representatives of local companies in the Sultanate. Local and foreign real estate and investment companies participated in the show. During the event, BankDhofar showcased its housing loan products providing the participants and visitors different financing solutions for their projects. Sami Omar Al Zadjali, head of Marketing and Corporate Communication added: “We are proud to be part of these great initiatives. These sponsorships are a testimony of BankDhofar commitments towards the community. Each of these initiatives has played an essential role in creating awareness and educating the society.”


NBO announces ‘Mustaqbali’ winner

Navratri festivities at The Bollywood

MUSCAT: In keeping with its commitment towards rewarding customers of the Mustaqbali account, National Bank of Oman (NBO) announced the winner of Mustaqbali race prize draw during a function recently held at the bank’s head office. The winner, Mansoor Darwish Mansoor is delighted to get a chance to travel to Germany to watch the Omani racing champion, Ahmad Al Harthy race live today. The prize includes an allexpense paid trip to Germany for two, including airfare, hotel accommodation and transportation to the racing venue. This unique prize draw campaign was organised between January 1 to August 15, 2013. To qualify, customers had to open a Mustaqbali account, depositing a minimum salary of OMR350. Mustqbali is a savings account offered to all Omani and expatriate youngsters between the ages of 18 to 25 years. All Mustqabali account holders receive a free debit and credit card, discounted educational loans, free travel insurance

MUSCAT: This Navratri, ‘The Bollywood’ restaurant is poised to get patrons of the popular Indian restaurant into the spirit of the season. While there are varied festivities associated with different festivals, the one common thread that runs through all is delicious food and that is exactly what The Bollywood is all about. One of the most popular outlets specialising in Indian delicacies, the restaurant offers an array of mouth-watering chaats, patties and sandwiches, southern snacks, Punjabi signature dishes and a host of sweets. One of the first major events lined up this season is a Bollywood themed quiz night on October 3, Thursday, at 8pm just a couple of days before the Navratri festival that starts from October 5. Diners can enjoy an interactive quiz based on the Indian cinema and win a round of prizes. The quiz is open to all and will be conducted in an informal format wherein all diners present during the quiz will be given free Dandiya sticks as a token to mark the

for up to $10,000 and free access to all NBO e-banking services. Upon maintaining a minimum balance of OMR100, customers are also automatically entered into the bank’s Al Kanz prize draw. The higher the savings balance and the longer it is held, the higher are the chances of winning the Al Kanz daily and quarterly prizes. “NBO’s Mustqabali account

aims to build and develop a financial foundation which will assist our young customers in managing their finances,” said Moosa Al Jadidi, NBO’s acting head of Retail and Private Banking. “Furthermore, Mustqbali account holders can avail educational loans at discounted rates to further their academics,” Jadidi added.

festival popularly known as the festival of worship and dance. The restaurant has additionally tied up with the Samara Video parlour next to Talentz Centre in Ruwi for visitors to the outlet to receive a voucher to buy one chaat and get one chaat free. They will also be given a coupon to fill in and drop off at the restaurant in exchange for a free pair of dandiya sticks.

The Bollywood has also recently launched its Facebook page with special offers and promotions for fans on the social networking site. Visit the site regularly and stand a chance to win gifts galore. During the last two weeks of September all diners at the restaurant will receive a raffle coupon to fill in for a chance to walk away with complimentary food vouchers and dandiya sticks.


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


THE ALL-NEW NISSAN TIIDA COMES TO THE SULTANATE The completely re-engineered Tiida 2014 is poised to become the new benchmark in the C Hatchback segment

MUSCAT: Suhail Bahwan Automobiles, the exclusive importers and distributors of Nissan vehicles in Oman, unveiled the all-new Nissan Tiida 2014. The completely re-engineered Tiida is poised to become the new benchmark in the C Hatchback segment. The all-new Nissan Tiida is shaped to complement the lifestyle of the young-at-heart customers throughout the region. With dynamic styling, advanced technology and class-leading spaciousness, the completely re-engineered second generation of the Middle East’s best-selling compact hatchback has everything to build on the Tiida nameplate’s established success. Already commanding 54 per cent of the expanding compact hatchback segment in the Gulf, Nissan aims to more than double sales and extend market share beyond 60 per cent with the introduction of the allnew Nissan Tiida. ”The all-new Nissan Tiida is equipped to reward the diverse lifestyles of the Middle East’s free spirits,” said Samir Cherfan, managing director, Nissan Middle East. “Tiida is the region’s most established name in the hatchback market, with a customer loyalty second to none in its class. With refreshed design and improved levels of standard technology, the all-new Nissan Tiida will not only appeal to existing customers but also attract a new range of youthful buyers looking for a stylish and premium hatchback,” he further commented. Commenting on the new prodigy from Nissan stable, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles’ spokesperson commented, “The all-new 2014 Tiida is a modern and charismatic vehicle over-delivering on the fundamentals earned over the last decade, for quality, reliability, class-above innovation, fuel-efficiency, dynamic style and performance. This gamechanging model was most awaited in this segment among the youth in Oman. With its introduction it will raise segment standards to new highs with its sleek styling, best-in-class fuel economy, classleading interior spaciousness, ad-

vanced technology and features typically expected from far more expensive vehicles and globally recognised levels of safety.” Nissan Tiida hatchback, first introduced to the Middle East in 2005, made an immediate impact capturing 36 per cent market share in less than two years in the Gulf region. Today, Tiida hatchback continues to lead the C-hatchback segment with 54 per cent market in spite of increased competition in the Gulf. With the all-new Nissan Tiida, Nissan aims to further push this market share to more than 60 per cent. Under the umbrella of ‘Innovation that Excites’, the all-new Nissan Tiida communication campaign centres on sharing special moments of our lives: ‘Tiida Moments’. All-new Tiida style Inside and out, the all-new Nissan Tiida is dynamically styled. The refreshed aerodynamic body shape blends sophistication with a sporty influence, complemented by widened and lowered stance, electric-folding mirrors and 17” alloys wheels. Inside, a sleek, modern cabin welcomes the driver and passengers featuring quality materials and lifestyle-accommodating design. All-new Tiida versatility No matter what the day has in store, the all-new Nissan Tiida’s owners can be sure of being able to take it in their stride. Class-leading spaciousness provides comfortable accommodation for up to five adult passengers while the standard 60/40 split rear bench offers the option of tackling bulky loads. All-new Tiida features The all-new 2013 Nissan Tiida 5-door hatchback is available with the choice of two engines and five well-equipped grades. Starting with the 1.6-litre ‘S’, which comes as standard with 60/40 rear split bench, dual front airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), BA (Brake Assist), next Generation Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and key-

less entry, rising to the 1.8-litre SL Plus, with leather seats, six airbags and electrically-controlled sunroof. Available options include satellite navigation, 5.8” QVGA colour display and rear view camera and iPod connectivity. All-new Tiida in detail The all-new Tiida offers numerous segment defining attributes that enhance the ownership experience and provide real customer value, including: •Aerodynamically curved body and distinctive racy contours. Every line and curve has been carefully considered to make the best-looking Tiida yet. It’s all new design also has a lower stance giving an aggressive edge to an already stunning shape. Roomy interior: The all-new Nissan Tiida is spectacularly spacious from inside. The interior design and expansive windows give an incredible level of visibility. The 60/40 spilt fold seating gives versatility and more spacious interior and styling with generous new cabin design, giving both driver and passengers an abundance of headroom and kneeroom and more cargo volume to transport equipment.

•Power-train efficiency: equipped with either 116hp (154Nm) HR16DE 1.6-litre or 131hp (174Nm) MRA8DE 1.8-litre engines and the new generation Xtronic CVT transmission, allnew Tiida provides performance and fuel efficiency. The HR16DE 1.6-litre engine is equipped with a dual injector system and twin CVTC (Continuously Variable-valve Timing Control), providing a smoother ride with great control and responsiveness, along with superior fuel economy — making it an ideal road companion for all types of driving conditions. The MRA8DE 1.8-litre engine was developed to excel. With its longer stroke and Twin CVTC system on intake and exhaust valves, it offers greater combustion efficiency and maximum fuel economy. All-new Tiida’s engine is very durable but lightweight, giving great performance and power without adding weight Safety efficiency: All-new Tiida is equipped as standard with AntiLock braking system, brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution, and dual airbags. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) modulates the brakes to

With dynamic styling, advanced technology and classleading spaciousness, the completely re-engineered second generation of the Middle East’s best-selling compact hatchback has everything to build on the Tiida nameplate’s established success. Under the umbrella of ‘Innovation that Excites’, the all-new Nissan Tiida communication campaign centres on sharing special moments of our lives: ‘Tiida Moments’

help the driver maintain stability and steering control as well as preventing the brakes from locking. Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) senses emergency braking and automatically helps to apply maximum braking pressure if needed. Meanwhile, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution automatically varies the braking force in accordance with load distribution to maximise stopping power. Six Airbags – (standard on 1.8-litre SL Plus) Dual front, dual side curtain SRS airbags will protect the driver and passenger in the case of a front or side impact Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) — (Optional on all grades) Tiida’s optional VDC compares the actions of the driver with the current vehicle behaviour and selectively brakes individual wheels and controls engine power to help keep the car on its intended path. Immobilizer — A system that only allows ignition with a particular code key. An attractive multimedia package is available with all-new Nissan Tiida including push to start engine, bluetooth handsfree phone system and streaming audio with iPod or portable MP3 player through USB port. 5.8” colour touch display, navigation, rear view camera, auto and rear A/C vents with dual climate control. Five well-equipped grades The all-new 2013 Nissan Tiida is offered in two 1.6-litre engine equipped grades — ‘S’ and ‘SV’ — with three 1.8-litre models — ‘SV’, ‘SL’ and ‘SL Plus’. Tiida 1.6 S includes: 1.6-litre DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine, Next Generation Xtronic CVT® (Continuously Variable Transmission), 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Ure-

thane steering, power windows: Dr side one touch up/down, antipinch, dual air bags, rear windows defroster with timer, power steering (tilt, telescopic), central door locking, two speakers, immobiliser, electronically-operated bodycoloured outside mirrors, keyless entry, halogen lamps, 15” steel wheels with wheel covers. Options: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). Tiida 1.6 SV (in addition to S features): Steering Switch: Audio, Non Din CD Player, MP3, Aux, AM/FM, four speakers, 16” alloy wheels. Options: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), bluetooth®, 2DIN, CD Player, MP3, Aux, AM/FM, USB connectivity, iPod® connectivity, 5.8” colour display navigation, Rear view camera. Tiida 1.8 SV (in addition to All-new Tiida 1.6 SV features): Smoked coloured halogen lamps, Front fog lamps, Rear parking sensors, Front grille smoke chromed, 17” alloy wheels. Options: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan NAVI: 5.8” QVGA colour display, 2DIN CD AM/FM w/AUX, MP3, RDS, iPod® connectivity, Rear view camera. Tiida 1.8 SL (in addition to 1.8 SV features): Electric folding outside mirrors with integrated side turn lamp, steering switch: drive computer, audio, cruise, bluetooth, leather floor shift knob, Auto A/C, Non din CD Player, MP3, AUX, AM/FM, 4.3” QVGA monitor, USB jack, six speakers, AUX, Push engine starter button. Options: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan NAVI: 5.8” QVGA colour display, 2DIN CD AM/FM w/AUX, MP3, RDS, iPodconnectivity, rear view camera. Tiida 1.8 SL Plus (in addition to 1.8 SL features): Airbags: dual, side, curtain, Leather seats, Power sun roof with tilt and slide Options: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan NAVI: 5.8” QVGA colour display, 2DIN CD AM/FM w/AUX, MP3, RDS, iPod connectivity, Rear view camera. Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA) is largely committed to supporting Nissan’s growth in the Sultanate through major emphasis on customer satisfaction and by providing world-class after-sales services in Oman. With a national network of more than 17 showrooms, 22 service centres and 35 parts outlets, SBA has further built upon its legacy of trust, excellent customer service and providing value for money to each of its customers.

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3



Al Araimi Complex: A favourite shopping destination in Muscat MUSCAT: Al Araimi Complex, Qurum, a boutique family shopping destination, which is home to many international consumer, lifestyle and popular brands, recently welcomed Qup Accessories, a leading name in fashion accessories. The newly opened Qup Accessories showroom is a latest addition to already impressive list of popular brands. It offers a wide range of handbags, shoes, scarfs, wallets, sunglasses, belts, clutches and much more. With a collection of more than 100 designs, Qup Accessories promises to be a one-stop shop for fashion enthusiasts. Further, a range of outlets that are present in mall are also running excellent offers for shoppers. For example, Paris Optics, a leading multinational optical chain across the Gulf is offering ‘buy one-get one free’ on top brands like Carrera, Gucci, Mari Jacobs, Oakley, Mont blanc etc. till October 24. Al Felaij watches is offering 30 per cent off on brands like Michel Herbelin, Cacharel, Longines, Delma and many more. The franchisor of athletic footwear stores, recognised as the world leader in athletic footwear franchising, Athlete’s foot, is running a ‘buy two get one free’ offer on Puma, Adidas, Nike, shoes, bags, T-shirts sports accessories until 30th of this month. ‘The Great Cash Back’ offer from City Watches wherein a customer gets a shopping voucher of OMR4 on every purchase of

OMR15 is a major attraction. The all new collection of NINA RICCI watches is also worth checking out. Adding more to excitement is an amazing 50 per cent discount at Arabian OUD, the scent of luxury and the most refined merchandise for a perfumer, which is valid up September 24. Last but not the least is the 50 per cent discount offer on dazzling outfits for kids at Bella peachy, a children’s apparel boutique, throughout September, which is bound to bring smile on the faces of kids and mothers. Warm ambience Al Araimi Complex has a distinctive and warm ambience that allows shoppers and visitors to enjoy a variety of product offerings that encompass — fashion, accessories, perfumes, toys, electronics, watches, gold and jewellery, sportswear, restaurants, photo processing, and more. Not just this, the complex’s unique lifestyle stores live up to Al Araimi’s ‘true value’ promise through several great brands that are located within the complex. Also catering to the need of food connoisseurs, Al Araimi has some popular restaurants within its premises. For a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the restaurants offer a variety of delectable cuisines to suit differing taste buds. Part of the Al Raid Business Corporation, Al Araimi Complex has added new dimensions to shopping and family entertainment in Oman since its inception in 1994.

OTE Group opens new ACDelco service outlet The massive 3,500 sq-m new facility is centrally located near the Shell filling station at Mabelah Sanaya

MUSCAT: OTE Group, the exclusive dealers of Hyundai, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Subaru, Isuzu in the Sultanate of Oman, has recently announced the inauguration of its new ACDelco multi-brand car service facility at Mabelah. The new state-of-the-art ACDelco service facility, will offer quality service and undertake repair works for all brands of cars at an affordable cost. The massive 3,500sq-m new facility is centrally located near the Shell filling station, at Mabelah Sanaya. The service centre with 16 bays will offer quality regular service maintenance jobs as well as specialised mechanical jobs, AC repairs etc., and will function as a one-stop shop for all brands of cars service and repair requirements. The new ACDelco multi-brand car service outlet will remain open between 8am to 8pm on days except Fridays and is equipped with the latest modern repair tools that are technologically superior and a team of highly qualified technicians to support the customer vehicle requirements.

The opening of the new service centre is part of OTE Group’s long term strategic investment program in infrastructure resources and commitment to provide the best after-sales support to its valued customers and also to expand the footprint across the country. Through this strategy, OTE Group will continue to increase the network of service centres to provide customers with quality after sales service and support. OTE Group is not only investing heavily in adding new facilities across Oman, but also in customer care training for its customer facing service staff and technicians, to ensure customers receive a world class service. OTE Group constantly endeavours to implement measures that deliver a satisfying and rewarding customer experience apart from


greater value and convenience. To deliver maximum convenience to all customers and minimise queuing, OTE Group encourages reservations on vehicle service appointments via website ‘’ or by calling 800-77007 (toll free). With every passing generation, vehicles are becoming technologically superior thus requiring enhanced technician skills for efficient diagnostics and repair. OTE Group continuously focuses on regular training, evaluation and skill up-gradation of its service advisers and technicians, in order to provide world-class service and utmost care to its customers. OTE Group conducts various skill contests amongst the service technicians on a regular basis and encourages them to participate in Technician Skills

Competition on a global level to refresh and enhance their skills and confidence levels. OTE Group has been recognised over the years for its service excellence and has been presented with numerous awards and accolades at various regional and global platforms by many leading automobile manufacturers. OTE Group believes in constant innovation and providing comprehensive after-sales service to support customers and also to increase the customer satisfaction levels. To ensure that customer’s vehicle remains in top operating condition, OTE Group has recently introduced Doorstep Service for Isuzu and Hyundai trucks. As a part of this programme, OTE service team will visit the premises of the fleet customers at a pre-appointed day and time to inspect and carryout routine lube service. The vehicles will also be subject to a thorough 21 Point Check by trained OTE Group service technicians, thereby offering preventive maintenance and also recommend necessary repairs. These on-site preventive maintenance services not only ensure that the entire fleet is in top condition, but also maximises the uptime of the fleet vehicles. The philosophy of having the customer at the heart of everything that is done and as part of OTE Group’s promise to provide unrivalled quality aftersales service across Oman, through a nationwide network of service centres, customers can now focus entirely on enjoying the drive.


Bank Sohar announces interest free ‘Instalment Plan’ for credit card holders MUSCAT: Towards the promotion of easy and convenient use of credit card purchase facilities, with added benefits of an exclusive repayment scheme, Bank Sohar announced the ‘Instalment Plan’ service. Bank Sohar credit card customers will be able to make stress-free purchases and spread the total purchase price over six months in six easy instalments at a zero per cent interest rate. Highlighting the convenience of the ‘Instalment Plan’ service for Bank Sohar credit card holders, R. Narasimhan, DGM — Retail Banking at Bank Sohar commented, “This initiative is not only a great benefit to our customers, but also signals a paradigm shift in the credit card product innovation by D I G I TA L M O V E

Bank Sohar towards customising products to fit client requirements. Bank Sohar’s credit cards are accepted worldwide for making payments and can also be used for cash withdrawals at more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide. As such, customers can use their credit cards while making purchases, whether they are in Oman or travelling. With the introduction of the ‘Instalment Plan’ service, the gains for the card holders are significant. Not only can they make purchases

without having to worry about their account balance, but they also have the advantage of nil interest over a six month period” This promotion which will run until December 31, 2013 aims to highlight the usage of credit cards as well as reward customers by providing them with an easy payment mechanism. Applicable for transactions of OMR200 and above, any customer using Bank Sohar credit cards can avail this service by following a simple

registration formality with the bank’s call centre. While ATM cash withdrawal transactions will not be eligible under this promotion, all other purchases through the credit cards — be by Classic, Gold, Platinum and Internet credit card holders can avail of this facility. Bank Sohar Excel Credit Cards provide an array of benefits to customers including travel Insurance, Purchase Protection, Zero Lost Card Liability, Free Priority Pass and online shopping security via verified by Visa and more. Together with the bank’s bestin-class services, this latest service will add to the appeal of Bank Sohar credit cards as among the most sought-after in the country.


Orpic to launch mobile app MUSCAT: Orpic has made the first move amongst Oman’s heavy industry sector by launching its own app for iPhone. Available free from the online Apple store, the app has been designed to help people better understand Orpic and what it does. It features a variety of sections including Orpic’s products, a photo gallery, community and newsletters, and allows users to drill down further to see what environmental programmes the company is running as well as its major developments for the future, such as the Liwa Plastics Project and the Sohar Refinery Improvement Project. “It’s the obvious way to bring people in Oman and around the world closer to what we do,” says Niyaz Al Balushi, who led the IT development process within Orpic, “They’ll have our latest information at their fingertips, wherever they are. We strongly believe that the community around us should have an easy, cutting edge way of connecting with us.” The launch of the iPhone app is not the end of Orpic’s digital ambition, as iPad and Android versions are also in their final stages of development and should be released in the coming weeks.

Bank Nizwa conducts training programme for new employees MUSCAT: As a part of its commitment to bring new employees’ skills up-to-date and ensure that best customer services are provided, Bank Nizwa employees from the Al Khoud and Salalah branches enthusiastically participated in a recent induction programme which was facilitated by the bank to provide a framework of productive and rewarding work. The course was an initiative by Bank Nizwa, Oman’s first Islamic bank to educate employees about the bank’s culture, values and objectives. It also sets the foundations for alignment between the employees personal goals and the goals of the bank. All new staff members will enjoy the benefits of this induction programme on joining the bank’s team.

The training course provided participants with the knowledge and skills needed to be the best they can as they serve the needs of the bank and its customers. It included comprehensive training on a number of key areas including; an introduction to Islamic banking, Sharia compliant products, customer service excellence, antimoney laundering, selling skills and operations. Employees from these two branches gained valuable training through the bank’s e-learning platform and also benefitted from mini-seminars from senior staff members who shared their extensive industry knowledge. Dr Jamil El Jaroudi, CEO , Bank Nizwa commented on the induction “At Bank Nizwa we have

adapted a philosophy of investing in our people. It is our aim that each member of our staff feels valued and understands the important role they play at the bank each day. We have tailored our induction programme for our new team in order to ensure that each employee can grow within Bank Nizwa and is motivated to perform at his or her best for the good of our company and our customer.” A high percentage of Bank Nizwa staff are in direct daily contact with its customers and the bank recognises that its success depends on their expertise and pride in delivering the banks services. The bank’s induction programme ensures that all employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel at their duties.

Kia Quoris, sedan paired with luxury MUSCAT: It’s not too surprising to encounter a fulfilling feeling from experiencing a Kia. Ask a Kia enthusiast and he would gladly vouch for all what Kia has to offer, to brighten the entire ownership experience. Allowing you the exceptional privilege of obtaining unbeatable value for the money spent. Arif Al Rawahi, an employee with the Ministry of Finance, Oman and a long time Kia customer is an avid lover of cars. He is known to make a decision on buying a car only after having spent a considerable amount of time on researching a range of vehicles in his desired price bracket. Since a while now after his convincing experiences with owning the Kia Optima and the Kia Opirus, Arif Al Rawahi decided to break conventions and opt for the super luxury sedan — the Kia Quoris. “Fantastic car!”, are the words that readily spring out from Rawahi. “I have been really very happy with the car since I saw it on the Internet. That’s when my curiosity for the Kia Quoris grew. The Kia Quoris’ features are truly very superior to any in the luxury class. My family and I are very happy with everything it has to offer. Right from its performance to the luxury,” he added. Unable to withhold the pleasantly rewarding memory of his first day with the Kia Quoris, Rawahi said, “I drove off to Dubai on the same day I took delivery of the Kia Quoris. It was an amazing and relaxing drive all the way. Never on that entire journey did I feel the need to complain of driving fatigue nor the need to rest. We reached Dubai and immediately got busy shopping, that’s how fresh we were. Not to mention the attention we received from many onlookers along the journey. This car is definitely designed to attract attention and so effortlessly,” Rawahi said.

Propelled by a mighty V6 3.8litre ‘lambda’ engine, mated to an 8-speed transmission system, the Kia Quoris is fitted with Kia’s first radar-based Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC). This system continuously monitors traffic conditions and speed in order to maintain a pre-determined safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Integrating the control of various vehicle monitoring systems, including the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and multiple warning systems and can alert the driver, depending on the anticipated level of a collision risk. Detecting a risk of a collision, Advanced Vehicle Stability Management (AVSM) warns the driver via a loud audible alarm and a visual warning on both the Head Up Display (HUD) and TFT LCD cluster. To warn the driver when a vehicle comes into the blind spot zone along each side of the Kia Quoris, there is a new equipment called Blind Spot Detector (BSD). Another innovation, the Lane Change Assistance (LCA) system, helps alert the driver to vehicles approaching from the rear at high speeds. A true 360-degree all-around view in eight different viewing modes is displayed on the Audio Video Navigation (AVN) monitor. It provides a virtual ‘top’ view in motion, so the driver can easily have a full grasp of all his or her surroundings, maximising safety for the car occupants as well as pedestrians. Speaking about his experience with the brand Kia, Arif Al Rawahi was happy to share his view, “When I am at Kia, I always feel like I am among my family. I get focused care and attention which is rare and not usually witnessed at any other brands.” “Previously I have been a customer of several other luxury brands, but there’s something about the team in Kia that keeps me coming back for more,” said Rawahi.


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


Nawras Director of People to highlight unique HR practices

Gold for OHTC Hotels in culinary contest Organised by the Chef Guild of Oman in Muscat, the OHTC Hotels won four medals which included a gold, silver and two bronze by overcoming stiff competition by the international hotels

MUSCAT: Oman Hotels and Tourism Company (OHTC Hotels/Oman Hotels) managed by Aitken Spence Hotel Management Company recently participated in a culinary competition organised by the Chef Guild of Oman in Muscat and won four medals which included a gold, silver and two bronze by overcoming stiff compe-

tition by the international hotels. Chef Guild competition is considered to be a highly skilled contest among all hoteliers in Oman. “We are extremely proud of our team members who continue to retain the Aitken Spence Hotels iconic reputation for culinary art by bringing fame and laurels to our company through this magnificent achievement. “This reflects our strength in being able to produce competent and multi-talented chefs who are able to compete and excel against the best International hotels

in Oman,” said OHTC COO, Srinith De Silva. The teams were awarded points on recipe/hygiene/preparation/ creativity/presentation/taste and the judges of the competition were Oman Chef Guild members. “We at Ruwi Hotel are very proud of Chef Kelum Prasad for winning the gold medal for five course gourmet dinner surpassing the talents of major international hotels. This demonstrates the high degree of culinary expertise we sustain in delivering high quality food for our guest at

Ruwi Hotel,” said the GM of Ruwi Hotel, Harsha Thevarapperuma. The Chef Asiri Chaminda of Al Falaj Hotel won the silver medal for petit fours and Chef Uditha Ekanayaka and Chef Deepal Subasinghe from Al Wadi Hotel won the bronze medals for petit fours and five course meal. Al Falaj Hotel and Ruwi Hotel has established itself as popular venue for leisure travellers and business travellers. The outdoor catering unit of Oman Hotels is very popular with the local community.

MUSCAT: In recognition of Nawras’ emphasis on investing in human growth and development, Kumail Al Moosawi, Nawras Director of People, has been invited to speak at the Gov HR Summit 2013 in Abu Dhabi. To be held tomorrow and the day after at the Etihad Towers, Jumeirah, representatives from government, quasi-government and public organisations will meet to discuss ways in which human resources can evolve to develop both talent and companies actively looking to progress their operations. Engagement surveys Kumail will be presenting topics covering employee engagement surveys and enhancing internal communications. Nawras not only looks at ways of increasing transparency and improving communications, but also has a number of unique methods and different channels for communicating in the workplace. Through the employee engagement survey, Nawras family members can actively participate in shaping communications, thereby increasing engagement. Speaking ahead of the event, Kumail said, “The summit represents an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices with senior representatives of other industries and a chance to share the human capital innovations of Nawras on a regional stage. We believe every member of the Nawras family is a brand ambassador and the valuable contribution of every person makes Nawras a unique working environment.” He added, “The dynamic people development practiced at Nawras helps to drive the organisation forward by creating an engaging and motivational workplace where talented individuals can thrive as part of a growing

team in a fast-paced industry.” The summit brings together key speakers from across the region including Ali Al Khouri, director-general, Emirates Identity Authority; Mohammed Al Hadari, deputy CEO, Securities and Commodities Authority; Major Dana Humaid, head of Advisory Affairs, Strategy Planning and Performance Improvement Department, Abu Dhabi Police — UAE Ministry of Interior; and Marwan Al Sarkal, CEO of SHUROOQ (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority). ‘People Experience’ Nawras constantly pursues new ways to further enhance its dynamic working environment and people-centric approach. Nawras spearheaded the ‘People Experience’ department, a first for the entire Ooredoo Group, to empower Nawras family members with motivational and awareness workshops, team activities that include the annual two-day event called ‘All Hands’ and informal ‘Flash All Hands’ to communicate immediate news, exciting announcements and to share the achievements of the team.







VETTEL STORMS TO SINGAPORE POLE Sebastian Vettel continued his imperious march towards a fourth consecutive Formula One world championship by storming to pole position at the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday after dominating the two days of practice. >C3

Saham stun Suwaiq; Fanja sink Al Ittihad Reigning domestic champions Suwaiq suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of

AT PALEMBANG: OOC chairman Khalid Al Zubair, officials and team

members after arriving in Indonesia. – Supplied photo

Barakat to lead Sultanate squad FAHAD AL MUKRASHI

Saham, while Fanja notched their first win of the Omantel Professional League


OPL ACTION: A Fanja player (yellow) trying to pierce through the Al Ittihad defence. Below, action from the Saham-Suwaiq match. Both the OPL matches were played at Seeb Stadium. – Times of Oman/ Ismail Al Farsi

MUSCAT: Saham stunned League champions Suwaiq 2-1 in a Omantel Professional League (OPL) match, while eight-time champions Fanja notched a big 4-2 win over Al Ittihad at Seeb Sports Stadium yesterday. For Saham, Mohsin Jawhar was the hero as he scored twice to set the win, while Mohammed Al Ghassani was lone scorer for Suwaiq. Earlier, in the first match of the evening, Fanja with a strong lineup couldn’t have asked for a much deserving win than this. In the absence of star players Ahmed ‘Kanu’ Mubarak and Abdulaziz Al Maqbali, it was the young Mubarak Al Miqbali who stood up to guide the team to a sensational victory scoring twice in the game. The Under-22 national team player though missed few chances in the first half, was simply at his best in the session after the breather. However, it was Abdulrahman Sameer who opened the account with the first goal for Fanja in the 17th minute. Five minutes later, a pass from Sameer was stunningly connected to the net by Al Miqbali to bring the second goal for Fanja that gave more headaches for Al Ittihad goalkeeper Salah Sabeeh. With their defence being weak, Al Ittihad had no options than being aggressive. In the 26th minute of first half, Naif Eid netted their first goal through a pass from foreign recruit Kamara. In the 48th minute of second half, the unrelenting Al Miqbali scored the third goal for Fanja

but Al Ittihad staged a comeback when Kamara scored the second goal in the 55th minute. Fanja made it 4-2 in the 56th minute when national team player Raed Ibrahim brilliantly scored through a pass from Sameer. Both sides were defensive for the next 30 minutes till the final whistle of the game. Former star national player Badr Al Maimani who made a guest appearance in the second half could not shine in the game. Later speaking to the media, a delighted Fanja coach Hisham Al Jidran praised his players for PALEMBANG: The first batch of the Sultanate’s contingent arrived in this capital city of South Sumatra yesterday to take part in the 3rd Islamic Solidarity Games, which will begin today with the participation of 43 nations from 57-member Organisation of the Islamic Conference. During the Games, that will run till October 2, Oman will be represented in five disciplines, including athletics, swimming, beach volleyball, tennis and weightlifting. And among the Omani teams that arrived on the eve of the inaugural day are volleyball, weightlifting and athletics squads. Flag bearer The delegation, led by Oman Olympic Committee Chairman Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Zubair, was accompanied by a number of Omani officials, who informed that star sprinter Barakat Al Harthy has been given the privilege of leading the team at today’s opening ceremony. For Barakat, the honour of carrying the Sultanate’s flag comes as a well-deserved recognition for his outstanding achievement s at the international as well as Asian and regional level championships, including a 100m bronze medal at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games in China. Barakat will arrive here today along with Mohammed Obaid Hindi straight from their training camp in Malaysia. The other athletes are scheduled to arrive tomorrow and

among them are Abdullah Al Sooli, Fahad Al Jabri, Khamis Ghabish Al Qatiti and Obaid Al Quraini. Also arriving tomorrow are women athletes Buthaina Al Yaqoobi, Shnoona Al Habsi, Hiba Al Asmi, Raghad Nabil Al Zubaidi and Mazoon Al Alawi. The officials also informed that other teams will arrive just before the start of their respective competitions. Meanwhile, Oman’s chef de mission Ahmed Darwish Al Balushi met his counterparts from other nations at the Athletes Village. During his meetings with the other officials, he discussing a number of topics of mutual interest and also tried to sort out some minor issues concerning the teams accommodation. Ahmed Darwish reached Palembang well in advance to ensure that everything was in place before the arrival of Omani delegation. Saeed Al Harrassi, the Omani mission administrator, is looking after all the procedures required for smooth functioning of the mission procedures.

the big win. “Our boys played a brilliant game today. Everyone contributed in this game and I am quite happy with our performance,” he said. The Spanish coach also warned his team from being complacent. “We are satisfied with the victory but this is no time to rest. If you would have closely watched the game, you must have observed that our players played so well in the first half but they slightly slipped away from the game in the second half. I think we need to correct some areas before we play our next,” he said. Al Jidran also informed that

Abdulaziz Al Maqbali is still recuperating his injury while ‘Kanu’ is expected to play his next game. “Maqbali is still recovering from his injury and Kanu still needs sometime. He might play next game but it all depends upon how he reacts to the net practice,” he added. Speaking about the dismal show, Al Ittihad coach Fawzi Huwaisi blamed his side’s weak defence for the loss. “Our defence is very weak and you have all seen that. We need to really improve to go up in the tournament. I am sure we can comeback in our next game,” he said.


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3

SPORTS Collingwood tips Stokes for Ashes glory ... but not just yet England teams have usually travelled Down Under more in hope than expectation, yet after the exploits of this summer and the 3-1 victory on Australian soil in 2010-11, Andy Flower’s squad will be heavy favourites this time

LONDON: Paul Collingwood knows a thing or two about breaking into a successful England team. Having spent the best part of two years carrying the drinks after playing his first two Tests against Sri Lanka in 2003, the Durham stalwart was famously brought in to replace the injured Simon Jones for the crucial fifth Test in the 2005 Ashes series. Collingwood was ridiculed in Australia after he was awarded an MBE despite posting scores of 7 and 10 at The Oval, yet became a linchpin of England’s middle order over the next six years. Now basking in the warm glow of his personal Indian summer, having helped his beloved Durham complete another County Championship title this week — their third in six years — Shotley Bridge’s finest is convinced he has seen the future. “Nobody has really nailed it down yet,” he responds to a question about England’s troublesome No 6 spot. “Jonny Bairstow has been given the opportunity at the moment but I would have thought in the next couple of years you’ll see Ben Stokes come through. He would obviously take a little bit of the workload off the three seamers as well because he’s an all-rounder. Ben’s got a great opportunity. He’s got power and is a really strong guy who loves the competitive nature of the game and that’s what you want. He’s a really talented kid.” Before anyone accuses him of bias towards a county colleague (and fellow redhead), it should be noted that Stokes was brought up in New Zealand and moved to Cumbria aged 12 when his father Ged — a former rugby league international — was appointed as coach of Workington Town. His accent is a bit closer to Collingwood’s Northumbrian lilt these days, having attended school in Cockermouth and been snapped up by Durham’s Academy, but after scoring nearly 600 runs and taking 37 wickets in the County Championship at an average of 25.35, the 22-year-old is an outside bet to

Five wickets and a quickfire 27 — albeit in a losing cause — in the deciding One-day International at the Rose Bowl last week will also have helped Ben Stokes’ chances, although his mentor (Collingwood) is quick to dampen any comparisons with that other great all-rounder Flintoff

feature in England’s Ashes party when it is announced on Monday at Lord’s. Five wickets and a quickfire 27 — albeit in a losing cause — in the deciding One-day International at the Rose Bowl last

week will also have helped Stokes’ chances, although his mentor is quick to dampen any comparisons with that other great all-rounder whom he shared an England dressing room with for so long.

“I wouldn’t say he’s the new Freddie (Flintoff ) just yet,” says Collingwood. “The thing is, you don’t want to get them in too early and for them to be exposed. But eventually,

when he really works out his game 100 per cent, I think he’s someone who will be in the England team for a long time. “Ben is still only 22 so he has lots of work to do still but he has all the attributes — he’s a good fielder, he can swing the ball both ways and he can bat at six. It would be like having two players in one. But at this moment in time they (England) have got the right team and I think they’ll do well in Australia.” England teams have usually travelled Down Under more in hope than expectation, yet after the exploits of this summer and the 3-1 victory on Australian soil in 2010-11, Andy Flower’s squad will be heavy favourites this time. Collingwood is not the type to follow Glenn McGrath in predicting a 5-0 victory for the tourists, instead admitting “the best Australia can hope for is a draw”. However, with the current top three of captain Alastair Cook, Joe Root and Jonathan Trott posting just a single century between them in the home series, he is wary that there could very easily be a sting in the tail. “It’s a different ball game altogether in Australia,” Collingwood said. “The pressure there will be massive but I think everyone will have to put their hand up at certain points during the series. There may be a time if one of the players doesn’t perform that they may have to change it but I think these guys have got the skills and mentality to make it work. “I think Joe Root is a fantastic cricketer and he is in the right position at the top of the order. He’s one of the guys in the future who could really push for Alastair Cook’s (centuries) record and that’s how lucky we are to have him. “The big thing will be that England will believe they can do it because there are a lot of players who were involved in 2010-11 and the mental side is a crucial factor.” Australia’s victory in the ODI series may have provided a glimmer of hope for coach Darren Lehmann. They now face a sevenmatch ODI series in India before returning home to begin the buildup to the Ashes series. Veteran opener Chris Rogers was one of the few success stories for the tourists this summer and Collingwood believes they missed a trick by opting for youth over experience in replacing the great Ponting/Warne/ McGrath generation. “It’s funny because Australia haven’t been through this for 20 years or more so they’re not used to it,” he reflected. “England have been through it so many times where you have to rebuild and you have to get the right characters in, rather than just picking the most talented people. “Something doesn’t add up for me — how can they lose players like Simon Katich, because he is exactly the kind of person who can stand up and provide crucial experience. But you’d expect them to come back fighting because it’s in their nature.” — The Independent


Defiant Srinivasan says no one can push him out CHENNAI: Under-fire BCCI president N Srinivasan continued to remain defiant by stating that no one could stop him from seeking a year’s extension in the upcoming AGM despite the chargesheet against his sonin-law Gurunath Meiyappan for betting during IPL.”Why should I step aside? I am not disqualified and neither can you push me out,” a combative Srinivasan told mediapersons when asked whether he would step aside following the chargesheet against Meiyappan. Gurunath was charged under sections 415, 420 and 417 of the IPC, which deal with cheating and fraud, and section 130 of Mumbai Police Act, which concerns cheating at games. The Tamil Nadu strongman sought to distance himself from his controversial son-in-law, who was earlier arrested during IPL 6 for placing bets on CSK matches.“I have always maintained that if Gurunath is wrong then the law will take its own course. You people must realise that I am not disqualified at all. The press is trying to take a position and I beg to differ. I don’t agree with you,” Srinivasan said. Evasive Srinivasan was evasive when asked about the two-member probe commission, comprising of retired judges of Madras high court, formed by BCCI. “For your information, the matter is before the Honourable Supreme Court and I am not going to comment on the matter as it is still sub-judice.” Asked about the chargesheet filed against Meiyappan, which has charged the former CSK team principal for session betting which is done by someone privy to team’s inside information, Srinivasan offered a straight bat. “I have not seen the chargesheet yet. I will be asking the secretary of the BCCI to take legal advice,” he said. Srinivasan, whose company India Cements owns the Chennai Super Kings, was forced to step aside as Board president on moral grounds after Meiyappan was arrested for allegedly indulging in betting during the IPL this year. “This is a matter for Gurunath Meiyappan to deal with. The law will take its own course. He has been suspended so he has got nothing to do with the game,” Srinivasan said. “It is up to him to defend his position, it has got nothing to do with me,” he added. Srinivasan, who has remained defiant despite stepping aside, reiterated that he would contest the BCCI presidential election during the September 29 AGM in Chennai. “I will chair the meeting as president and inspite of what you (the media) feel, I may get elected,” he said. — PTI

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


SPORTS Yuvraj, Rahul lead India A to T20 win Yuvi has ‘good chance’ to make India return

Opting to bat, India A posted a mammoth 214 for seven, before bowling out the visitors for just

KOLKATA: Delighted to see Yuvraj Singh get his silken touch back, former India captain Sourav Ganguly on Thursday said the stylish left-handed batsman deserves a comeback into the national team. “It’s really great to see him bat in full flow once again. I’m not surprised that he’s back again. He has 200 per cent chance to make a return,” Ganguly said. (Read Blog: Yuvraj and the over that changed everything) The national selectors are slated to meet on September 30 to pick India’s squad for the upcoming ODI series against Australia at home. “The middleorder must have Yuvraj Singh. With due respect to Dinesh Karthik, I think Yuvraj is a more deserving No 4 batsman,” Ganguly added. Meanwhile, Ganguly also refused to believe that chief selector Sandeep Patil spoke to Sachin Tendulkar about the later’s retirement plans after playing the 200th Test. Ganguly said: “If a player like Tendulkar has the belief to play, I won’t be surprised to see him travel to South Africa.” — PTI

121 in 16.3 overs at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore

BANGALORE: An inspired Yuvraj Singh once again led from the front with an all-round effort while leg-spinner Rahul Sharma produced a five-for as India A cantered to a crushing 93-run win in the one-off Twenty20 match against the West Indies A yesterday. Opting to bat, the hosts posted a mammoth 214 for seven, before bowling out the visitors for just 121 in 16.3 overs at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, which witnessed Andre Russell creating a record in List A cricket as he grabbed four wickets in as many balls in a sensational bowling effort, which, however, went in vain. Before picking up two wickets, Yuvraj had stroked his way to a 35-ball 52, hitting four boundaries and three sixes. Both Unmukt Chand (47 off 29) and Kedar Jadhav (42 off 21) belted four fours and two sixes each in their brisk knocks. With the ball, Rahul was by far the most impressive bowler, returning impressive figures of five for 23 on a pitch where his teammates plundered runs at will. The win could be called a consolation for the hosts after the 1-2 defeat in the unofficial ODI series. Earlier, after being carted around by the Indian batsmen, the

LEADING FROM FRONT: India A skipper Yuvraj Singh plays a shot

during his half century knock. – PTI

West Indies A, albeit a little too late into the innings, found their man in Russell who dismissed Jadhav, Yuvraj (52), Naman Ojha (0) and Yusuf Pathan (0) in the first four deliveries of the penultimate over. The damage had, however, been done by then as the hosts closed in on 200. Seeking to make a comeback to the Indian team, Yuvraj put on a handy 80-run partnership for the fourth wicket with Jadhav, capitalising on a good start given by Uthappa and Chand

for the first wicket. The opening duo put on 74 runs in 6.4 overs before they were separated. The left-handed Yuvraj was merciless against some wayward bowling and played shots at will before edging Russell to West Indies A captain Kieran Powell at midwicket. Jhadav, who was sent into bat ahead of Yusuf, did not disappoint. Initially, Jadhav even outscored Yuvraj. He was a treat to watch as he collected runs with his lofted and ground shots. — PTI


Vettel storms to Singapore pole SINGAPORE: Sebastian Vettel continued his imperious march towards a fourth consecutive Formula One world championship by storming to pole position at the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday after dominating the two days of practice. The Red Bull driver, who is 53 points ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso with seven races remaining, clocked a fastest lap of one minute 42:841 seconds around the floodlit Marina Bay Street Circuit. The German will be joined on the front row by compatriot Nico Rosberg for Mercedes, who was just 0.091 seconds behind. The second row for Formula One’s only night race will be occupied by Lotus’s Romain Grosjean and Vettel’s Australian team mate Mark Webber. “Pole is the best position to start from as it is tricky to pass on this track but it’s such a long race, so there are plenty of opportunities for all of us... we usually get a safety car in this race, too,” Vettel told reporters. Lewis Hamilton will start in fifth place in the second Mercedes while Alonso languished in seventh, outqualified by Brazilian team mate Felipe Massa. Vettel has looked unstoppable since the second practice session Friday and although he set the quickest time ever around the

TOP THREE: Sebastian Vettel of Germany, centre, smiles as he celebrates pole position and is flanked

by Romain Grosjean of France, left, and Nico Rosberg of Germany. – AFP

demanding 23-turn circuit early in the final qualifying round, he had a nervous wait to be sure of pole after gambling that the time would suffice. “It’s a weird feeling to stand in garage with two minutes to go, it’s much worse when you watch the others and there’s nothing you can do,” the champion told reporters after Rosberg just missed out. “I was watching the sectors times closely. Mark started with a purple (fastest) sector and Nico and Romain then had a purple sector, but fortunately my last sector was strong enough. “It was a great feeing, I’m very happy with the result. The car has been phenomenal all weekend.” The pole position was the 41st of Vettel’s career and fifth of the

season and with Alonso so far back on a circuit that is notoriously difficult for overtaking, only a tropical downpour or a series of safety car periods looks like preventing the German from extending his lead on Sunday. Rosberg was disappointed not to have overhauled the triple world champion his final flying lap but still delighted with his overall performance. “It was very close and it was a pity because one tenth more it would have been possible, but second is still a good result and gives us a good position to start the race tomorrow,” the German said. “We are confident about our race pace so I think a great result is possible.” Like Red Bull and Mercedes,

Lotus have a car that suits the rigours of high downforce tracks like Singapore and despite team mate Kimi Raikkonen nursing a bad back and managing only 13th on the grid, Grosjean drove brilliantly to qualify third. “The car has been okay today and if we look at the number of laps we have done this weekend, it is not too bad,” the Frenchman said. “The team made a good decision for the strategy and it is good to be in the front for this grand prix.” The top 10 was completed by McLaren’s Jenson Button, Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo and Sauber’s Mexican rookie Esteban Gutierrez, who reached the third round of qualifying for the first time in his career. — Reuters

C LT 2 0

Sanju, Binny star in Royals win over MI JAIPUR: Teenage sensation Sanju Samson’s early assault and late charge by Stuard Binny helped Rajasthan Royals defeat Mumbai Indians in the opening match Champions League Twenty20 at Sawai Mansingh Stadium here yesterday. Chasing 143 for the victory, the Royals lost their captain and opening batsman Rahul Dravid early. But Samson, who smashed 54 off 47 balls with eight boundaries, provided the momentum to their innings in the company of Ajinkya Rahane, the latter scoring 33 in 31 balls with three fours and a six. Later, Binny hit a quickfire unbeaten 27 off just 14 balls to steer Royals to victory in the company of Shane Watson, who also stayed unbeaten on 27. Earlier, IPL champions Mumbai Indians recovered from a slow start to post a fighting 142 for seven against Rajasthan Royals. Mumbai owed their total to skipper Rohit Sharma (44) and burly West Indies batsman Kieron Pollard (42) even as paceman Vikramjeet Malik (3/24) did well for the hosts with his three-wicket haul. Mumbai Indians were struggling at 43 for four at one stage but Sharma stabilised the innings with his sensible batting while Pollard hit some lusty blows towards the end to up the run-rate. Sharma’s 44 came off 37 balls with three fours and two sixes while Pollard took 36 balls for his 42, laced with six boundaries including two sixes. Hosts had things under control under helpful conditions for paceman as it rained before the match but Mumbai scored 55 runs in the last five overs to make it a good contest. Dwayne Smith (9) had begun fantastically with an elegant cover drive off the first ball of the match but was trapped by Malik. The short ball kept low and Smith was caught plumb. Tendulkar punched two boundaries off James Faulkner and one


Royals’ Sanju Samson plays a shot during their CLT20 match against Mumbai Indians in Jaipur yesterday. – PTI

off Shane Watson but the pitch had something for the bowlers, so the IPL champions made a steady start. But things changed quickly as Malik bowled Dinesh Karthik (2) and Tendulkar (15) was caught behind off Stuart Binny when he tried to drive a good length ball. As if that was not enough new batsman Ambati Rayudu (3) was run out after a mix up with skipper Sharma. Sharma kept the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos in company of Kieron Pollard and the visitors raised their fifty in the last ball of the 10th over when their skipper lofted Binny for a four over point. Brief scores: Mumbai Indians 142 for 7 in 20 overs (R Sharma 44, K Pollard 42, S Tendulkar 15; V S Malik 3/24) lost to Rajasthan Royals 148 for 3 in 19.4 overs (S Samson 54, A Rahane 33, S Watson 27 n.o., S Binny 27 n.o). — Agencies


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


Celtic edge St Johnstone to go par with IC Thistle LONDON: Celtic held off a late St Johntsone rally to claim a 2-1 win at Parkhead yesterday that moves them level on points with Inverness Caledonian Thistle at the top of the Scottish Premiership. Anthony Stokes set up Teemu Pukki to fire Celtic in front in the 10th minute as the Finn marked his home debut with a goal. Charlie Mulgrew then drilled a long range strike past ‘keeper Alan Mannus in the 26th minute as Celtic dominated. Celtic dropped eight points in league matches following Champions League matches last season but never looked in any danger of taking anything but three points from St Johnstone in a match that was more one-sided than the score suggests until a late surge from Tommy Wright’s side. Chris Miller saw his effort blocked by Fraser Forster before Liam Caddis prodded home in the 82nd minute to pull one back for St

Johnstone. Substitute Stevie May hit the post with a header in stoppage time before Forster made a superb save to deny Dave MacKay as St Johnstone came close to stealing a point. Celtic made just two changes following Wednesday night’s European exertions against AC Milan with Derk Boerrigter and Pukki replacing Georgios Samaras and Mikel Lustig. It took Pukki just 10 minutes to mark his home debut with a goal. Stokes controlled an Adam Matthews throw-in before playing a reverse pass into the path of the Finn who drilled it past Mannus, beating the ‘keeper at his near post. Elsewhere, Inverness lost for the first time as Scott Vernon scored a late winner for Aberdeen at Pittodrie, Hibs moved up to fifth with a 2-0 win over St Mirren, Ross County came from behind to defeat Hearts 2-1 while Partick Thistle and Kilmarnock ended in a 1-1 draw. — AFP

STUNNING GOAL: Southampton’s Dejan Lovren, second right, celebrates after scoring a goal during their English Premier League match

against Liverpool at Anfield in Liverpool yesterday. – Reuters

Southampton silence Liverpool at Anfield Southampton

‘Who scored?’ ‘You did!’

defender Dejan Lovren scored with a second-half header to emphatically quieten the premature talk of a title push that had been swirling around Merseyside

LONDON: The wheels came off Liverpool’s bright start as Southampton won 1-0 at Anfield to inflict a first defeat of the season on the English Premier League leaders yesterday. Southampton defender Dejan Lovren scored with a second-half header to emphatically quieten the premature talk of a title push that had been swirling around Merseyside. Everton celebrated a stunning 3-2 win at West Ham United with Leighton Baines twice equalising from free-kicks and on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku heading a late winner. Hull City also twice came back from a goal down to win 3-2 at Newcastle United and Stephane

LONDON: Romelu Lukaku scored the winning goal on his Everton debut at West Ham United yesterday, but admitted afterwards that he could not remember anything about it. A loan signing from Chelsea, the Belgian striker came on as a half-time substitute at Upton Park and claimed the decisive goal in a 3-2 win with a brave 85thminute header. However, he collided with West Ham’s Joey O’Brien in the act of scoring and required lengthy treatment on the pitch before groggily continuing. “I remember nothing about it,” Lukaku admitted. “I did not even know I had

Sessegnon scored against his former club as West Bromwich Albion beat bottom side Sunderland 3-0. Earlier, Aston Villa’s Libor Kozak came off the bench to score his first goal for the club in a 1-0 win at Norwich City. Liverpool took their points tally 10 from five games. Champions Manchester United visit

scored. That was the first thing I asked the doc. I said, ‘Who scored?’ He said, ‘You.’” West Ham twice took the lead in the Premier League encounter, only for Leighton Baines to reply on each occasion with a pair of superb free-kicks before Lukaku’s dramatic late intervention. “It’s great to see a young footballer with old-fashioned attributes to be a winner,” said Everton manager Roberto Martinez of Lukaku. “His link-up play was magnificent in the winning goal. He gets himself where it really hurts. That was a key moment and showed where he can be a key player for us. He can be very special for us.” - AFP

local rivals Manchester City today when Arsenal take on Stoke City and Tottenham Hotspur go to Cardiff City. At Anfield, Southampton grew in confidence as the game wore on and looked by far the more threatening when Lovren headed them into the lead on 53 minutes. The Croat easily held off Daniel Agger to meet an Adam Lallana

corner and directed his header back across goal and past Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet. The visitors then held on comfortably to grab their second win of the season and move up to fifth in the table with eight points. Baines brace Baines was the hero for Everton after his set-pieces twice hauled them back into the match at West Ham. The hosts went ahead through Ravel Morrison in the first half and took the lead again after the break when Mark Noble fired home from the penalty spot before being sent off after getting a second booking. Lukaku showed parent club Chelsea what they are missing when he headed the winner with five minutes remaining. Newcastle’s only major signing of the recent transfer window, Loic Remy was making his first home start and twice put the hosts in the lead at home to Hull. But Robbie Brady and Ahmed Elmohamady cancelled out his first-half goals and Sone Aluko fired in a stunning volley to give Hull victory. Sunderland manager Paulo Di Canio will perhaps be rueing comments he made about his former player Sessegnon’s commitment after the Benin international opened the scoring for his new club West Brom in a comfortable win. Later Liam Ridgewell and Morgan Amalfitano found the net to make it 3-0. - Reuters


Dortmund stay top despite drab draw NUREMBERG: Bundesliga league leaders Borussia Dortmund dropped their first points of the season yesterday with a 1-1 draw at Nuremberg. Having won their first five league games, Dortmund stumbled as left-back Marcel Schmelzer’s first-half free-kick was cancelled out by Nuremberg centre-back Per Nilsson’s secondhalf strike. Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp brought a weakened team with centre-back Mats Hummels missing with a back injury. Star striker Robert Lewandowski and midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan started on the bench, rested after Borussia’s 2-1 Champions League defeat at Napoli on

Wednesday. Dortmund remain a point clear at the top of the table, but Bayer Leverkusen moved up to second place with a 4-1 win at Mainz 05. Australia star Robbie Kruse scored two first-half goals, his first Bundesliga goals for Leverkusen since joining from Fortuna Duesseldorf. The 24-year-old drilled home a pass from Germany winger Sidney Sam after 19 minutes, set up Sven Bender for Leverkusen’s second, then converted a pass from captain Simon Rolfes for Bayer’s third just before half-time. The league’s joint top-scorer Stefan Kiessling then scored his fifth goal of the season when he headed home completely unmarked early in the second half,

before Mainz midfielder Yunus Malli netted a late consolation. The victory lifts Bayer over European champions Bayern Munich into second, but Pep Guardiola’s Bavarians are at Schalke 04 later. Hanover 96 stay fourth after a 2-1 win at home to Ausgburg with Hungary midfielder Szabolcs Huszti netting an 89thminute penalty. After sacking coach Thorsten Fink last week in the wake of their 6-2 drubbing at Dortmund, Hamburg slumped to their fourth defeat of the season at home to neighbours Werder Bremen. Ex-Bayern Munich striker Nils Petersen scored both of Bremen’s goals either side of half-time to compound their north German

neighbours’ misery in a 2-0 defeat. Before the game Hamburg’s director of sport Oliver Kreuzer confirmed ex-Holland coach Bert van Marwijk has been approached to replace Fink with Rodolfo Cardoso the current caretaker coach. Wolfsburg moved up to sixth with a 2-1 win at home to Hoffenheim as Croatia’s ex-Bayern striker Ivica Olic scored both Wolves goals. Hoffenheim took the lead when French striker Anthony Modeste pounced on a mistake in the Wolves defence and fired home with a quarter of an hour gone. Wolsburg came back with two goals in four minutes either side of half-time as Olic fired home from close range for both. — AFP

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


SPORTS Oman U16s arrive in Kyrgyzstan The team reached capital city of Bishkek after an arduous journey but started preparing for the AFC Under-16 Championship qualifying matches in right earnest

MUSCAT: The Oman under-16 football team arrived in the Kyrgyzstan’s capital city of Bishkek to participate in the Group F qualifying tournament for the AFC Under-16 Championship, which is scheduled to take place in Thailand next year. According to information received from the Oman Football Association (OFA), the team reached Bishkek after an arduous journey but started preparing for the matches in the right earnest. The team, who are being coached by Yacoob Al Sabahi, left Muscat early Friday evening but had to spend about than four hours in Dubai before embarking on a journey to Bishkek which lasted more than four and a half hours. Despite arriving there in the early hours of yesterday, the team got down to the business of the training later in the day ahead of tough qualifying matches. The Omani delegation is headed by Abdulrahim bin Ahmed Al Balushi, who is a member of the OFA board, and comprises assisstant coach Hilal Awfi, goalkeepers trainer Shaker Al Balushi, manager Younes Al Shibli, physiotherapist Mohammed Al Harthy, adminstrative assitant Bader Al Batashi and media coordinator Hamdan Al Manni. The team comprises Ammar

BRAVING THE COLD CONDITIONS: Oman under-16 players listen to their coach Yacoob Al Sabahi’s instructions during their first training in chilly conditions of Bishkek

ahead of their AFC under-16 Championship qualifiers yesterday. – Supplied photo

Rushaidi, Abdullah Shabibi, Sultan Rukaidi (goalkeepers); Wadah Al Saadi, Nasser Al Amri, Salah Al Qasmi, Abdullah Al Hajri, Dakheel YahAl madi, and Loay Al Hadidi (defenders); Sultan Al Khalifa, Omran Al Hadidi, Faisal Ali Ashour, Naser Al Naamani, Ali Al Hinai, ZaherAl Agbari, Bader Al Jabri, Amir Salim (defenders); Wadah bin Amer, Yazeed Al Siyabi,

Ali Al Harrassi and Salah Al Yahyaee (forwards). Speaking about Oman’s chances, Abdulrahim Al Balushi said recent training camps and experience of playing against some tough teams augurs well for the team in their qualifying quest. “The boys under went a training camp in Spain which has been a very successful one as they could

play some very tough matches against under-16 club teams in Spain. The team also won second place in recent GCC championship. This experience will help them in the qualifiers,” he said. “But the climate here is bit cold and hopefully the boys can acclimatise themselves in time for the matches. “Thankfully the team’s morale


Al Faisal down Coastal for title MUSCAT: Al Faisal defeated Coastal Cricketers in the final to lift Rising Kokan Cricket League title organised by rising Kokan Team at Ghoubra Power Plant Ground here recently. After being asked to bat first, Al Faisal scored 137 for two wickets in seven overs. In reply, Coastal lost wickets at regular intervals before being bowled out for 47 in 5.5 overs. The tournament was sponsored by Abu Maather LLC, Al Marai, Ramford Institute and Pocari Sweat. Irshad Khan, Regional Manager of Travel Point, presided over the final match and presented trophies to the winners and runnersup. Mohammed Irshad, senior

and Shahab Rizvi, Sr Engineer of MHD InfoTech handed over the individuals prizes.

WINNERS: Al Faisal pose with their trophy. – Supplied photo

coach at Gulf Cricket Academy, was the guest of honour. Anurag Mohindra, General Manager of Imtac LLC, Azimuddin Munshi, Electricity Holding

Co., Khalid Kadiri, Operation Manager of Photo Centre, Gurpreet Singh, Manager of Ramford Institute, Murad Ali Surve, Sales Engineer of Siraj Quriyat Trading,

Final: Al Faisal 137/2 in 7 overs (Wasim 68, Irfat 30) bt Coastal Cricketers 47 all out in 5.5 overs (Amir Khan 4/15), A Rauf 2/5). Semifinals: Al Khoud 87/4 in 7 overs (Sajid Talwaskar 47) lost to Coastal Cricketers 88/4 in 6.5 overs (Sushant 51). Al Faisal 100/5 in 7 overs (Ifrat 44) bt HCC 70/5 in 7 overs (Giri 50). Individual awards: Player of the tournament: Sushant of Coastal Cricketers, Best batsman: Giri (HCC), Best bowler: Amir Khan (Al Faisal), Best wicketkeeper: Muzaffar Shiralkar (Al Khoud), Maximum sixes: Wasim (Al Faisal), Best team: Al Thair Aces.

is high and we hope to clinch the qualifying berth,” he added. But the temperature being around 11 degree Celsius, coach Yacoob put the team through some light training sessions. Reduced group Meanwhile, Bangladesh pulled out of the qualifiers reducing the group to three teams resulting in change

of fixtures. The group also comprises hosts Kyrgyzstan and Qatar. The matches will be played on single round robin format starting with Oman-Kyrgyzstan match on September 25. Kyrgyzstan take on Qatar on September 27 while Oman play Qatar on September 29. Top teams from ten groups and five second best teams will qualify for the finals.


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3

SPORTS OCT Seeb edge Galfar in thriller While OCT Seeb emerged winners after a keen battle with Galfar, Al Faisal, E&Y, Atkins, Assarain B, Tile Marine and Al Rehwan also recorded contrasting victories

MUSCAT: OCT Seeb registered a thrilling 8-run win against Galfar in an Al Ansari Group of Companies sponsored C Division T20 match played at the Municipality Ground No. 1 at Al Amerat. Electing to bat first, OCT Seeb lost their top three batsmen with the score on 37 off 7 overs but recovered to reach 163 for the loss of

6 wickets at the end of their quota of 20 overs. Requiring 164 for victory Galfar could reach only 155 for the loss of 7 wickets at the end of the 20th over. Brief scores: OCT Seeb 163 for the loss of 6 wickets off 20 overs (Nikhil Sampat 50 and Abbas Abdul Aziz 44 no; Said Shihab 2/31 and Asif Abdul Samad 2/34) beat Galfar 155 for the loss of 7 wickets off 20 overs (Khalil Ahmed 76 n.o., and Asif Abdul Samad 34; Sufyan Mahmood 2/31 and Asif Abdul Samad 2/34). Points: OCT Seeb 2 points and Galfar Nil.

Al Faisal win A power packed 135-run second wicket partnership between opening batsman Usman Mohammed 71 (28b, 4x6 and 7x4) and No.3 batsman Mohamed Arfat 66 (34b, 1x6 and 10x4) was the highlight of the Al Faisal Group 53 run win against Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan (MARH). The Enhance sponsored E Division T20 match was played at the same venue. Deciding to take first strike after winning the toss Al Faisal notched up 213 runs for the loss of 5 wickets at the end of 16 overs.

MARH in their turn replied with 160 for the loss of 8 wickets at the end of the revised overs to 16 due to late arrival of their opponents, for which the team were awarded 30 penalty runs. Brief scores: Al Faisal Group 213 for the loss of 5 wickets off 16 overs (Usman Mohammed 71, Mohammed Arafat 66 and Abdul Rauf 38no; Dasharth Padwal 2/17) beat MARH 160 for the loss of 8 wickets off 16 overs (Khalid Moosa 28, Fazil K. Mohammed 23 n.o., and Abrarul Abubaker 21; Muhammad Zahid 3/16 and Abdul Rauf 3/27). Points: Al Faisal 2 points and MARH Nil.

OCT Amerat lose Ernst & Young registered a 41-run win against OCT Al Amerat in a Raha Poly Products sponsored D Division T20 match played at the adjoining ground at Al Amerat. Batting first after winning the toss Ernst & Young scored 175 for the loss of 6 wickets off the 20 allotted overs. OCT Amerat who were docked an over for slow over rate replied with 134 for the loss of 8 wickets off 19 overs. Brief scores: Ernst & Young 175 for

ter were bowled out or 119 off 16.1 overs.

Easy for Atkins In another D Division T20 match played at the same venue during the afternoon session Atkins recorded an emphatic 5-wicket win against TR Engineering. Opting to field Atkins did well to bowl out TR Engineering for 157 off 18 overs. Atkins in reply reached their target with two deliveries to spare losing 5 wickets in the process.

Big win for Assarain B Assarain B registered a comprehensive 10 wicket win against OCT Muscat B in an Enhance sponsored E Division T20 match played at the Municipality Ground No. 3 at Al Amerat. Electing to bat OCT Muscat B were restricted to 137 for the loss of 8 wickets and Assarain B raced to their target getting 140 for no loss off 14.2 overs. Brief scores: OCT Muscat B 137 for the loss of 8 wickets off 20 overs (Abdul Aziz Qader Al Balushi 50 and Riyadh Qader Bakhsh Al Balushi 40; Varghese M.K. 3/22 and Jeetendra Desai 2/10) lost to Assarain B 140 for no loss off 14.2 overs (Mohammed Saleem 71no and Naseem Kushi 54no). Points: Assarain B 2 points and OCT Muscat B Nil.

RAY defeated Al Rehwan registered a 22-run win against Ruqun Al Yaqeen (RAY) in a G Division T20 match. Opting to bat Al Rehwan piled up 169 for the loss of 9 wickets at the end of 20 overs. RAY in reply were restricted to 147 for the loss of 8 wickets.

Brief scores: TR Engineering 157 all out off 18 overs (Humayun Butt 70, Sharad Kohle 21 and Javed Shaikh 20; Shamas Rana 4/27, Jayaprakash 2/29 and Rajesh Shetty 2/36) lost to Atkins 158 for the loss of 5 wickets off 19.4 overs (Shamas Rana 42, Jayaprakash 34, Shehbaz Nasar 29 and Qasim Ali Ahmed 26no; Tarique Khan 2/31). Points: Atkins 2 points and TR Engineering Nil.

Tile Marine victorious In a F Division T20 match played at the same venue Tile Marine registered a 58-run win against Oasis Water. Deciding to bat Tile Marine piled up 177 runs for the loss of seven wickets and requiring 178 runs for a victory Oasis Wa-

Brief scores: Al Rehwan 169 for the loss of 9 wickets off 20 overs (Salih Ismail 34, Nithin Palankandy 32 and Shanid Nalkanth 20; Rajesh Aiyavu 4/28 and Mayank Goyal 2/22) beat RAY 147 for the loss of 8 wickets off 20 overs (Sujith Surendranathan 40, Kodeeswaran Selvarangam 25 and Mifas Mohammed 24 n.o.; Aboo Cheriya 4/28 and Shanid Nalakath 2/29).

the loss of 6 wickets off 20 overs (Sourabh Sharma 31, Nayaz Mohammed 29, Sriram Sridharan 25no, Kiran Joshi 23 and Hassan Hussain 20) beat OCT Al Amerat 134 for the loss of 8 wickets off 19 overs (Nusrat Najman Al Balushi 43 and Khalil Mohammed 23no; Alkesh Joshi 3/25 and Syed Osama 2/8). Points: Ernst & Young 2 points and OCT Al Amerat Nil.

Brief scores: Tile Marine 177 for the loss of 7 wickets off 20 overs (Shaheer Najeeb 69, Jamsher Faiz 26 and Suraj Rao 22no; Anil Kumar 2/26) beat Oasis Water 119 all out off 16.1 overs (Kannan Padmanaban 29 and Shibin Padikkal 27; Nishant Bhavsar 3/8 and Suraj Rao 3/26). Points: Tile Marine 2 points and Oasis Water Nil.

GCC WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL ORGANISING PANEL MEETS The Organising Committee of the second GCC Women’s Volleyball Championship, to be hosted by the Sultanate later this year, met here to discuss the preparations for the tournament. The meeting was chaired by Women’s Sports Committee chief Sanaa bint Hamad Al Busaidy and attended by organising panel members Saada bint Salem al Ismaily, Dr Sulaiman bin Hamdan Al Mawaly, Col Khalifa bin Saif Al Maktomi, Hilal Al Maamari, Amor Al Toqi, Nasser Al Jabri, Hamza Al Aidarus and Fatma Al Harthy. The championship is scheduled to be organised from November 9 to 15. Meanwhile, the Women’s Sports Committee members are scheduled to visit the national women’s handball team who are currently training at the Sohar Sports Complex. The handball team are scheduled to participate in the GCC Women’s Handball Championship in Kuwait from October 3 to 8. — Supplied photo


Going Bananas, OBC take lead MUSCAT: Early leads after the three-game matches saw Going Bananas and the OBC team with 54 points each top the 2013 Unified Oman Bowlers League, which is underway the Oman Bowling Centre. A new crop of Filipino bowlers in Muscat formed the Pinoy Bowlers in Oman (PBO) group, an offshoot of the erstwhile Filipino Bowlers Circle (FBC) and for their initial foray have organised this League with some Omani teammates adding intensity to the challenge for the Top 3 team positions and a host of other awards for individual achievements. Star Pinoy team also did well to stay closer to the leaders by notching 53 points. High rollers for the first week were Khalid Al Azri with a scratch series of 632 pinfalls, while Ian Francisco at 685 total scratch plus handicap score edged out Brian Tianes at 641 for the record. Notable High game achievers were Osias Ruiz (244) and Jun Sabalburo (242), while Au Maksimovic led the Ladies division with a 612 total series. Eight teams of

UNIFIED: Participating teams pose for a group photo. – Supplied photo

six members each are taking part in the League, which has a new scoring format that recognises both the distinction provided by renowned Class A players and the worthy contributions of beginners and the graceful distaff side.

The teams will continue to battle it out every Saturday on a single round-robin series for the next 9 weeks including a week for the positioning round and the Master’s event for both male and female division.




J.K. Rowling’s plan for ‘Potter’-inspired film franchise thrills diehard fans our years after publishing what was to be the last of the Harry Potter anthology, J.K. Rowling is bringing wizardry to America. Rowling surprised fans a few days ago by announcing that she will be drafting a screenplay for a new wizarding world taken from her fictitious encyclopedia Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was published in 2001. Rowling said she will use New York City as a setting for the movie, which is expected to be the first in a series. “Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for 17 years, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world,” Rowling said in a statement. “The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, 70 years before Harry’s gets underway.” The series will focus on the book’s supposed author, Newt Scamander, who diligent fans know was mentioned in the series’ first book. And who also has the greatest name — ever? Rowling diehards the world over are excited to see what comes of Scamander’s New York-set wizardry, so we talked to a few fans, asking them to elaborate on their thoughts and hopes for the series. “It’s the best news for Harry Potter fans. It’s like welcome back to 2001!” said Melissa Anelli, author of Harry, A History. “We think the books are done, the movies are done, we entered this

calm coasting of Harry Potter phenomenon, but then she comes out with this!” “This is the first time we had social media to squee about a new Harry Potter happening,” said Heidi Tandy, a longtime Potter fan at “I was on LiveJournal in 2003 when they announced Book 5. To be able to get on Twitter and get it trending now was just joyful.” To some, the decision to use New York as a backdrop seems like a reward to devoted American fans. “I think people have always wanted to know about the wizards in North America. We loved England and Scotland, but when there were mentions of the Salem trials in the books, I feel like our hearts jumped and we wanted to feel like a part of that world,” Tandy said. “I’m born and raised in New York City, and nothing could make me happier,” Anelli said. “It’s going to be earlier, like maybe the 1920s, so I’m kind of hoping it’s in that glamorous Jazz Age with wizards in flapper robes, which is very on trend.” “I’m really pumped. None of her stories, movies, anything had to do with America, so we feel like we’re a part of the story, and I feel like she did it for her fans over here,” said Steve Petrick, who was named ‘America’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan’ by Moviefone in 2010. Fans are seeing Rowling’s amphibian Scamander as an intriguing person with whom to begin a new series of adventures. “I’m interested to see him as a character, because you can tell that she has a special affection for him,” Petrick said. With this new installation, fans can also hope for a cameo by a very special and much-loved headmaster. “I would be over the moon and just out of my mind if Dumbledore showed up,” Petrick said. —Rachel Lubitz/The Washington Post



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RIVER OF MISTS AND SUNKEN CITIES Face to face with The Yangtze river – a tale of ancient and modern


he river twisted mistily through a great cleft in the mountains. Beside it, blue silhouettes of forested slopes smudged into the haze and it seemed that a landscape scroll painting had come dreamily to life in front of me. Standing on steep steps leading to the White Emperor’s hilltop palace, I was enjoying the majestic sight of the opening of the Yangtze river’s Qutang Gorge — and jostling for space among a group of Chinese tourists. We climbed up past plaques of poetry and through an ornate archway to the palace, temples and gardens at the top of the hill. It was almost impossible to move without stepping into a photograph being taken by the cheerful throng of Chinese visitors. This is hallowed ground, Bing told us, because it is the setting of a famous story in Chinese history — in around AD 220 the wounded hero-emperor Liu Bei lay dying here. With his last breath he entrusted his kingdom and his young sons to his loyal minister Zhuge Liang. The regent was a remarkable statesman and took such care in nurturing the royal boys that he wrote down instructions on how to be a good ruler. These are carved into a great white stone we had passed on the way up, Bing said.

She knew the words by heart having learnt them at school, as most children across the republic still do. I couldn’t quite envisage British kids grappling with that — the treatise is the sort of Magna Carta of China — written nearly 1,000 years before the British document. I returned to my river ship in awe of the Chinese capacity for learning and feeling privileged to have been among people so enthusiastically honouring the ideals of a long-ago past. The present seems altogether more tangled, codes of conduct far more equivocal, particularly concerning developments on the Yangtze. I was on a three-day river cruise from the city of Chongqing to the Three Gorges Dam. The world’s largest and most contentious hydropower project was completed in July last year. During the 17 years of its construction, 13 cities, more than 140 towns and about 1,350 villages were submerged — complete with factories, mines and waste sites. Large new conurbations were rapidly constructed to replace the major sites now under water. Open objection was voiced – largely from outside China. Meanwhile, supporters of the project point out that this has been a brilliant feat of engineering, creating an amazing watercontrol system. The dam is capable

of generating as much energy as 15 nuclear power stations (some say 18); it has tamed a notoriously dangerous stretch of river (this part of the Yangtze used to cause devastation by flooding areas downriver); and it has resulted in the development of a huge reservoir about 640km long. Bing told me that tourism here has

been booming since the dam neared completion. Of course, she said, among local people the project had very mixed reactions: many of the older generation found it heartbreaking to have to leave their homes and relocate; but younger people tend to see the change as offering great benefits. Everyone has to accept that the dam is there now, she added pragmatically. Finished. Done. I was sailing on the Victoria Anna, one of the seven Yangtze cruise ships operated by the American company Victoria Cruises. The 190 or so other passengers were a mixed assortment of Americans, Australians, Scandinavians, other Europeans and Chinese, who made up about a quarter of the total. In this comfortably well-managed community we were told when to eat (dinners at 6.30pm seemed implausibly early, but turned out just right given our breakfast times); we were charmingly entertained each evening by the crew who served us sparkling Chinese beverage (surprisingly good) and donned dancing costumes; and we were efficiently marshalled into small groups for our excursions, led by local guides. On our first morning, I woke to a view of tower blocks looming through fog from the other side of the river. This was Fengdu. Newly re-

built Fengdu, that is. Old Fengdu lay submerged way below our moorings. Work on the new city started in 1999 and it was a fully functioning centre by 2002. Yet little more than five years ago there were still people living in the old town, which was being dismantled around them. My attention, though, was rather more on the here and now. I was spellbound by the face-off between ancient and modern. From terraces beside those time-honoured temples you look over the river to the new city. It is already five times bigger, our guide said, than the old Fengdu lying under the water below. It was on our second morning that we visited the White Emperor’s palace set high above the town of Fengjie, which we walked through on the way. The latter is, again, a brand new conurbation sitting above its drowned predecessor — only this time an ancient gateway and some of the walls were relocated along with the citizens before the rest of the old town was lost to rising water. In the afternoon our cruise ship entered the Three Gorges — Qutang, Wu and Xiling — and we spent several hours gazing through swirling mist at a great parade of cliff and mountain scenery. —Harriet O’Brien/The Independent

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BAHJA CINEMA PLAZA 3 Chennai Express (Action) (PG) Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone 3:30, 9:30pm; CP No:692 Shuddh Desi Romance (Hindi) (Comedy/ Romance) (PG) Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Sushant Singh Rajput 6:30pm; CP No:790

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Ileana D’cruz 8:15pm; CP No 845 Battle of the Year (3D) (Dance) (12+) Cast: Chris Brown, Josh Peck, Laz Alonso 12:30, 5:00pm; CP No 840 Percy Jackson 2 : Sea of Monsters (3D) (Adventure/Fantasy) (PG) Cast: Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario 2:45, 7:00pm; CP No 803 The Family (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee jones 9:00, 11:30pm; CP No:823 Planes (3D) (Animation/Comedy Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 11:30am, 1:30, 3:30pm; CP No:809 Mosawer Qateel (Thriller) (15+) Cast: Eyad Nassar, Dorra, Horreya Farghaly 5:15pm; CP No:832 Phata Poster Nikla Hero (Comedy) (12+) Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Ileana D’cruz 7:15pm; CP No:845 Aftershock (Horror/Thriller) (18+) Cast: Eli Roth, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez 10:00, 11:45pm; CP No: 842

The Family (Action /Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, Tommy Lee Jones 2:45, 9:30, 11:45pm; CP No: 822 Percy Jackson 2 : Sea of Monsters (3D) (Adventure/Fantasy) (PG) Cast: Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson 5:00, 7:15pm; CP No: Planes (3D) (Animation/ Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 2:00, 3:45pm; CP No:808 Battle of the Year (3D) (Dance/Music) (12+) Cast: Chris Brown, Josh Peck, Laz Alonso 5:30pm; CP No:839 The Colony (Action/Thriller) (15+) Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton7:45pm; CP No:792 Aftershock (Horror/Thriller) (18+) Cast: Eli Roth, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez 9:45, 11:30pm; CP No:841 Getaway (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight 3:15, 5:15pm; CP No:796 Prisoners (Drama) (12+) Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal 7:15pm; CP No:828 In Their Skin (Horror/Thriller) (12+) Cast: Selma Blair, Joshua Close, James D’Arcy 10:00, 11:45pm; CP No:835

Percy Jackson 2 : Sea of Monsters (3D) (Adventure/Fantasy) (PG) Cast: Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario 2:15, 4:15pm; CP No: 804 Prisoners (Drama) (12+) Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal 6:15pm; CP No:829 The Family (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, Tommy Lee Jones 9:30, 11:45pm; CP No: 824 Planes (3D) (Animation/Comedy/Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 2:00, 4:00pm; CP No:810 Mosawer Qateel (Thriller) (15+) Cast: Eyad Nassar, Dorra, Horreya Farghaly 6:00pm; CP No:833 Getaway (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez 8:00pm, 11:45pm; CP No:798 Aftershock (Horror/Thriller) (18+) Cast: Eli Roth, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez 10:00, 11:45pm; CP No:843 Ya Ya (Tamil) (Romance/Comedy) (PG) Cast: Shiva, Santhanam, Sandhya 3:30, 10:30pm; CP No:850 Phata Poster Nikla Hero (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Ileana D’cruz, Padmini Kolhapure 6:15, 9:00pm; CP No:846 The Colony (Action/Thriller) (15+) Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton, Kevin

PLAZA 1 Phata Poster Nikla Hero (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Ileana D’cruz 3:30, 6:30, 9:30pm ; CP No:849 PLAZA 2 Grand Masti (Comedy) (18+) 3:30, 6:30, 9:30pm ; CP No:815

Getaway (Action / Crime) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez 2:00, 4:00pm; CP No: 797 The Family (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer 6:00, 11:00pm; CP No 823 Phata Poster Nikla Hero (Action/Comedy) (12+)

9:15, 11:55pm; CP No:830 Planes (3D) (Animation/Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 4:30pm ; CP No:812 Getaway (Action/ Crime) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight 6:30, 8:30pm; CP No:800 Pullipullikalum Attinkuttiyum (Malyalam) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Kunchako Bhoban, Namitha Pramod, Irshad 10:30pm; CP No:819

Zegers 3:30, 5:30pm; CP No:794 Pullipullikalum Attinkuttiyum (Malyalam) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Kunchako Bhoban, Namitha 7:30pm; CP No:817

The Family (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, Tommy Lee Jones 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 11:30pm; CP No:825 Planes (3D) (Animation/Comedy/Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 3:30, 5:30pm; CP No:811 Percy Jackson 2 : Sea of Monsters (Adventure/Fantasy) (PG) Cast: Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario 7:30pm, 9:30 pm; CP No:805 Getaway (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight 4:00, 6:00, 9:30, 11:30pm; CP No:799 Phata Poster Nikla Hero (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Ileana D’cruz, 8:00, 11:00pm; CP No:847

The Family (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, Tommy Lee Jones 5:15, 7:15pm; CP No: 826 Prisoners (Drama) (12+) Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis

Percy Jackson 2 : Sea of Monsters (3D) (Adventure/Fantasy) (PG) 12:30, 3:00, 6:45pm; CP No:807 Mosawer Qateel (Thriller) (15+) 5:00pm ; CP No:834 Prisoners (Drama) (12+) Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal 6:45, 11:00pm; CP No:831 The Family (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer 11:30am, 9:30, 11:45pm; CP No:827 Planes (3D) (Animation/Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 11:30am, 3:00 pm; CP No:813 Riddick (Action/Thriller) (15+) Cast: Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, Kate Sackhoff 1:00pm; CP No:782 Aftershock (Horror/Thriller) (18+) Cast: Eli Roth, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez 4:45, 11:45pm; CP No:844 In Their Skin (Horror/Thriller) (12+) 5:00, 9:00pm; CP No:838 Getaway (Action/Crime) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight 2:45pm; CP No:792 Mosawer Qateel (Thriller) (15+) 4:30pm; CP No:834 Phata Poster Nikla Hero (Action/Comedy) (12+) 6:15, 9:00pm; CP No:848

Prisoners (Crime / Thriller) Cast : Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis 4:00pm & 9:00pm; CP No : 1022 ( 12+ ) The Family (Action / Comedy / Crime) Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron Cast :2:00pm, 7:00pm & 11:55pm CP No : 994 ( 15+ ) In Their Skin (Horror / Thriller) Cast: Selma Blair, Joshua Close 10:00pm & 11:55pm; CP No : 1023 (15+ ) Getaway ( Action / Crime ) Cast: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight 4:00pm & 8:00pm; CP No : 1022 ( 12+ ) The Colony (Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller) Cast: Kevin Zegers, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton 6:00pm; CP No:1023 ( 15+ ) The Conjuring (Horror / Thriller) Cast: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga 2:00pm; CP No : 1023 ( 15+ )

Film Information - 24540856 / Advance Booking - 24540855 Website:

STARS CINEMA Film information 24791641 / 24786776 Ya Ya (2 D)(Tamil) (Comedy) Cast: Shiva, Shantanam, Sandhya 6:30pm (Cinema Main) 3:45 & 9:45pm (Cinema 2) Pullipullikalum Attinkuttiyum(2D) (Mal) (Comedy/Romance) Cast: Kunchako Boban, Namitha Pramod 3:30 & 9:30pm (Cinema Main) 6:45pm (Cinema 2) Thoofan (2D)(Telugu) (Action/Romance) Cast: Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra and Prakash Raj 3:45 & 6:45pm (Cinema 3) Neelaksham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (Mal) (Comedy/Romance) Cast: Dulqar Salman, Sunny Wayne 9:45pm (Cinema 3) Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam (2D) (Tamil) Cast: Karthikeyan, Sri Divya and Sathya Raj 3:45, 6:45 & 9:45 (Cinema 4)

For More Information 24789032, 24786776 Website:



If you can ruff, do not delay

6 2 3 9 8 3 1 8

5 4 2 1 3 4

4 1 9

HOW TO PLAY Fill the empty cells with the numbers 1 to 9, so that each number appears once in each row, column and area. — Seven Galaxies

5 2


7 2 9 8 5 6 3 5 1 4 7 4 9 1 3

8 1 7 2 5 9

5 6 3 7 4 1

2 9 4 8 6 3

1 5 9 3 8 2

7 3 2 4 9 6

6 4 8 1 7 5

4 2 5 6 3 7

9 8 1 5 2 4




1 5 8 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 21 24 27 28 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 39 43 46

Vote Muser’s mumbling Crooked Popular onenamed singer Discoverer’s shout “How do I love —?” First cousin’s mom In the embers “Slammin’ Sammy” Dismantle a tent Really sorry Bundle Set a price “Waterfalls” group Anthracite FBI acronym First-quarter tide Gomez’s hairy cousin Ending for depart Crayola choice Tosses out Bellows Leave out Giving off fumes

49 Morays and congers 51 As a result 52 Letter after pi 53 Beat it, cat! 54 Bang the door 55 Psychic’s power 56 Shade DOWN 1 Green vegetable 2 Unwelcome obligation 3 Cartoonist — Johnston 4 Gridiron pass 5 Multitude 6 Electrical unit 7 Ostrichlook-alike 8 Envelope abbr. 9 Trounce 10 Russo or Magritte 11 B-movie crook 17 Wear a long face 19 — Wiedersehen 22 Phony 23 UN member 24 — -fi flick 25 On a roll

26 28 29 30 32 33 35 36 38

Pack it away Util. bill Thai neighbour EMT technique Eyebrow or rainbow Most meddlesome Gorby’s realm Mil. rank Fable writer

39 Actor — Montand 40 Rank below marquis 41 Links org. 42 Tower over 44 1920s look 45 Pizazz 47 Hematite 48 Cousins of “um” 50 Sault — Marie

Answer to previous puzzle




3 7 6 9 1 8

4 8 5 6 1 3 9 7 2 6 2 1 7 5 9 8 3 4 3 9 7 4 8 2 1 6 5 Previous puzzle Solution

ROBERT Orben is primarily a comedy writer, but he has been a magician and was a speechwriter for Gerald Ford. Orben said, “I always get to the airport an hour early. That way, I can be one of the first to know that the flight has been delayed.” At the bridge table, you can sometimes delay a key play, but much more often you should get down to business immediately. How does that apply to this deal? South is in four spades. West leads the heart king. How should declarer proceed? Over West’s takeout double, North’s redouble indicated 10 points or more and denied four or more spades. (With four or more spades, North would have responded two no-trump, which should be called Truscott, but is often known as Jordan because he popularized the gadget in the United States.) After this redouble, either North and South buy the contract or an opponent plays in something doubled for penalties. North’s three-spade rebid indicated game-forcing values with exactly three-card spade support. South has four losers: two hearts and two diamonds. He has only nine winners: five spades, one heart, one diamond and two clubs. But if declarer can ruff a loser in the shorter trump hand, it will generate an extra trump trick. Here, South should ruff his third diamond on the board. And there is no point in delaying. He takes the first trick and plays two rounds of diamonds. Suppose West wins, cashes two hearts, and shifts to a club. Declarer wins in his hand, ruffs the third diamond high, draws trumps and claims. By Phillip Alder


September 22, 2008

Send us a colour photograph of the child (below 16 years) whose birthday you are celebrating, along with his/her full name, date of birth, address, telephone number and parents’/your name to Times of Oman, With Love, PO Box 770, PC 112, Ruwi or through e-mail to




S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


BORN today, you enjoy studying the world around you and increasing your already considerable knowledge of people. Indeed, your natural instincts will almost always steer you in the right direction when you are dealing with all types of individuals, even those with whom you have little in common, or with whom you would naturally engage in conflict. Your dreams and desires are never far from your mind, and they are often the very reason for you to do what you do; indeed, almost everything you do can be considered a pursuit of your own personal goals. You can sometimes be philosophical and even esoteric in thought, and your words then follow suit. In fact, you can sometimes be quite poetic. You are likely to overcome one or two serious obstacles in your life, and to do so in ways that win you a great deal of praise and admiration from others. You have a diverse set of talents, and you enjoy exploring where they will lead you. Also born on this date are: Tom Felton, actor; Bonnie Hunt, actress; Scott Baio, actor; Andrea Bocelli, singer; Joan Jett, singer; Debby Boone, singer; Shari Belafonte, actress and singer; Tommy Lasorda, baseball manager.





You know where you’re headed, but there are some who would try to derail you in order to promote their own agendas. Hold your course.

SCORPIO S [[OCT. 23-NOV. 21] You’ll want to watch another in action for two reasons: to glean some unique subtleties, and to position yourself to respond.



WORLD Max 39 Min 31 Max 22 Min 10

Max 33 Min 26

Max 37 Min 28 Max 22 Min 11

Max 34 Min 29

Max 11 Min 8

Max 39 Min 25

Max 41 Min 28

Max 40 Min 25

Max 40 Min 30

Max 37 Min 26

Max 29 Min 25

Max 22 Min 14

Max 29 Min 24 Max 26 Min 11

GULF Abu Dhabi Doha Dubai Kuwait Manama Riyadh

38 41 39 43 43 42

27 31 30 29 26 28

WORLD Athens Baghdad Beijing Berlin Boston Cairo Colombo Frankfurt Hong Kong Istanbul Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur Lisbon Paris Perth Singapore Tokyo Toronto

25 38 25 19 23 35 30 22 28 22 19 33 31 24 17 32 29 15

19 22 18 13 10 22 26 12 25 14 10 24 20 15 13 21 20 7

L O N G D I S TA N C E B U S T I M I N G S ( O M A N NAT I O NA L T R A N S P O R T C O M PA N Y S A O C ) * S U B J E C T T O C H A N G E

FROM MUSCAT (RUWI) QURIYAT - SUR - JAALAN (Route 36) Dept Destination Arrival Time Time 15:00 Quriyat 16:30 15:00 Sur 18:00 15:00 Jaalan 19:30 TO AL BURAIMI (Route 41) 06:30 Sohar 06:30 Buraimi 08:00 Buraimi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Buraimi 16.00 Sohar 16.00 Buraimi TO SINAW (Route 52) 17:30 Sinaw


Operating Days Daily Daily Daily

FROM JAALAN-SUR-QURIYAT (Route 36) Dept Destination Arrival Operating Time Time Days 05:30 Sur 06:45 Daily 05:30 Quriyat 08:30 Daily 05:30 Ruwi 10:00 Daily

08:50 11:00 14:30 15:45 17:40 18.35 20:20

Daily Daily Daily via Ibri Daily Daily Daily Daily



TO AL BURAIMI (Route 41) 07:00 Sohar 07:00 Ruwi 13:30 Ruwi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Ruwi 13:00 Sohar 17:00 Ruwi TO SINAW (Route 52) 07:00 Ruwi

08:55 11:40 20:20 14:55 17:40 19:20 22:15

Daily Daily Daily via Ibri Daily Daily Daily Daily



08:40 11:00

Daily Daily

To Yanqul (Route 54) 14:30 Nizwa 14:30 Yanqul

16:50 19:30

Daily Daily

To Yanqul (Route 54) 06:00 Nizwa 06:00 Ruwi

TO IBRI (ARAQI) (Route 54) 08:00 Nizwa 08:00 Al Araqi

10:20 12:30

Daily Daily

TO IBRI (ARAQI) (Route 54) 15:40 Nizwa 15:40 Ruwi

17:55 20:20

Daily Daily

TO SUR (Route 55) 07:30 Sur 14:30 Sur

12:00 18:45

Daily Daily

TO SUR (Route 55) 06:00 Ruwi 14:30 Ruwi

10:45 19:00

Daily Daily

TO FAHUD - YIBAL (Route 62) 06:30 Fahud 06:30 Yibal

10:30 11:15

Daily Daily

TO YIBAL - FAHUD (Route 62) 12:30 Fahud 12:30 Ruwi

13:15 17:30

Daily Daily

TO MARMUL-SALALAH (Route 100) 07:00 Salalah 20:00 10:00 Marmul 20:30 10:00 Salalah 23:30 19:00 Salalah 07:40

Daily Daily Daily Daily

TO SALALAH -MARMUL (Route 100) 07:00 Ruwi 19:50 10:00 Marmul 13:15 10:00 Ruwi 22:30 19:00 Ruwi 07:30

Daily Daily Daily Daily

TO MARMUL (Route 101) 06:00 Marmul


TO MARMUL (Route 101) 06:00 Marmul




DUBAI TO SALALAH (Route 102) 15:00 Salalah 07:00


CAPRICORN [DEC. 22-JAN 19] You will want to curb your own emotions for a while so that another’s actions do not result in rising tensions.

AQUARIUS [JAN. 20-FEB. 18] An attractive offer comes your way. What you are planning may have to wait while you assess the options now available to you.


SALALAH TO DUBAI (Route 102) 15:00 Dubai 07:00

PISCES [Feb. 19-March 20] You and a rival may come close to a head-on encounter, but a third party steps in and appeals to your sense of propriety.

ARIES [March 21-APRIL 19] You must transition from one thing to the next several times today, as smoothly and as swiftly as possible. Many are depending on you.

TAURUS [APRIL 20-MAY 20] You must be ready for anything, even as you follow a carefully charted course. Beginnings and endings may become conjoined.

GEMINI [MAY 21-JUNE 20] You know better than anyone else how to make certain things work, yet you may have to employ patience as a superior offers a few suggestions.

CANCER [JUNE 21-JULY 22] You may not be able to avoid all interruptions or distractions, but if you keep your eye on the prize, your progress is assured.

LEO [JULY 23-AUG. 22] What satisfies you most may be in short supply during the first part of the day. Others drift into your orbit in a gradual fashion.

High tide Low tide

11:01pm 4:56am

TO DUBAI (Route 201) 06:00 Sohar 06:00 Dubai 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Dubai 15:00 Sohar 15:00 Dubai

08:30 11:30 15:30 18:30 17:35 20:55

Daily Daily Wed,Thur Wed,Thur Daily Daily

TO DUBAI VIA FUJIRAH & SHARJAH (Route 204) Dept Destination Arrival Operating Time Time Days 07:00 Fujairah 11.45 Daily 07:00 Sharjah 13.30 Daily 07:00 Dubai 14.00 Daily

TO DUBAI (Route 201) 07:30 Sohar 07:30 Ruwi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Ruwi 15:30 Sohar 15:30 Ruwi

10:50 13:40 16:15 19:10 18:45 21:35

Daily Daily Thur-Fri Thur-Fri Daily Daily

FROM DUBAI VIA FUJIRAH & SHARJAH (Route 204) Dept Destination Arrival Operating Time Time Days 16:00 Sharjah 16:30 Daily 16.00 Fujairah 18.15 Daily 16.00 Ruwi 23.00 Daily


PHARMACIES Round the clock Al Hashar Pharmacy, Ruwi: 24783334; Appolo Medical Centre, Hamriya: 24782666; Muscat Pharmacy, Ruwi: 24702542, Salalah: 23291635; Atlas Pharmacy, Ghubra: 24503585 Muscat Region Apollo, Al Hamriya. Tel: 24787766 Muscat, A Seeb Market. Tel: 24421691 Muscat, Al Khuwair. Tel: 24485740 Muscat, Al Hail South. Tel: 24537080 Dhofar Region Muscat, Al Nahdha Road, Salalah. Tel: 23291635 HOSPITALS Al Amal Medical & Health Care Centre: 24485052 Atlas Hospital: Ruwi: 24811743/ Ghubra: 24504000 Al Musafir Specialised Medical Clinic: 24706453 Hatat Polyclinic LLC, Ruwi: 24563641, Azaiba: 24499269, Sohar: 2683006 Al Raffah Hospital: 24618900/1/2 Al Massaraat Clinic & Laboratory: 24566435 Al Makook Medical Coordinance Centre: 24499434 Apollo Medical Centre, Hamriya: 24787766, 24787780 Capital Polyclinic: 24707549 Badr Al Samaa Polyclinic, Ruwi: 24799760/1/2 Capital Clinic, Seeb: 24420740 Ceregem National Raak: 24485633 Dr Harub’s Clinic: 24563217 Elixir Health Centre: 24565802 Emirates Medical Centre: 24604540 1st Chiropractic Centre: 24472274 Hamdan Hospital: 23212340 International Medical Centre LLC: 24794501/2/3/4/5 Kims Oman Hospital: 24760100

24 Hrs Emergency: 24760123 Lama Polyclinic, Sohar: 26751128, MBD: 24799077, Al Khuwair: 24478818 Magrabi Eye and Ear Hospital: 24568870 Muscat Private Hospital: 24583600 Welcare Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Al Khuwair: 24477666 Al-Hayat Polyclinc LLC: 22004000 ROYAL OMAN POLICE Emergencies and inquiries: 9999 General Directorate of Passport and Residence: 24569603 Directorate General of Customs: 24521109 Traffic violations inquiries: 24510228 Public Relations Admin: 24560099 ACCOMMODATION Al Bahjah Hotel: 24424400 Al Bustan Palace: 24764000 Al Khuwair Hotel Apartments: 24478171 Al Madina Holiday Inn: 24596400 Al Maha International Hotel: 24494949 Al Fanar Hotel: 24712385 Al Falaj Hotel: 24702311 Al Qurum Resort: 24605945 Azaiba Hotel Apartments: 24490979 Beach Hotel: 24696601 Bowshar Hotel: 24491105 Coral Hotel Muscat: 24692121 Crowne Plaza Muscat: 24660660 Crystal Suites: 24826100 Golden Tulip Seeb: 24510300 Grand Hyatt Muscat: 24641234 Haffa House Hotel: 24707207 Hotel Muscat Holiday: 24487123 InterContinental Muscat: 24680000 Majan Continental Hotel: 24592900 Marina Hotel: 24711711 Midan Hotel Suites: 24499565 Mina Hotel: 24711828 Muttrah Hotel: 24798401

Nuzha Hotel Apartments: 24789199 Oman Dive Centre: 24824240 Park Inn: 24507888 Qurum Beach House Hotel: 24564070 Radisson Blu Hotel: 24487777 Ramee Dream Resort Seeb: 24453399 Ramee Guestline Hotel: 24564443 Ruwi Hotel: 24704244 Safeer Hotel Suites: 24691200 Sheraton Oman Hotel: 24772772 Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa: 24776666 The Chedi Muscat: 24524400 The Treasurebox Muscat Hotel: 24502570 AIRLINE OFFICES Muscat Airport Flight information (24 hours): 24519456/24519223 Aeroflot: 24704455, Air Arabia: 24700828, Air France: 24562153, Air India: 24799801, Air New Zealand: 24700732, Biman Bangladesh Airlines: 24701128, British Airways: 24568777, Cathay Pacific: 24789818, Egypt Air: 24794113, Emirates Air: 24404400, Ethiopian Airlines: 24660313, Gulf Air: 80072424, Indian: 24791914, Iran Air: 24787423, Japan Airlines: 24704455, Jazeera Airways: 23294848, Jet Airways: 24787248, Kenya Airways: 24660300, KML Royal Dutch Airlines: 24566737, Kuwait Airways: 24701262, LOT Polish Airlines: 24796387, Lufthansa: 24796692, Malaysian Airlines: 24560796, Middle East Airlines: 24796680, Oman Air: 24531111, Pakistan International Airlines: 24792471, Qatar Airways: 24771900, Qantas: 24559941, Royal Jordanian: 24796693, Saudi Arabian Airlines: 24789485, Singapore Airlines: 24791233, Shaheen Air: 24816565, SriLankan Airlines:



[[NOV. 22-DEC. 21] You may have to do some focused, concentrated work in the midst of a clamour that is not of your making.

6.04pm 5.55am

10:10am 4:44pm

SEA STATE: Slight to moderate along the southeastern coast with a maximum wave height of 1.5 metres and slight along the rest of Oman’s coasts with maximum wave height of 1.0 metre. HORIZONTAL VISIBILITY: Good over most of the Sultanate becoming poor during thundershowers and fog.


[[SEPT. [S S 23-OCT. 22]

Sunset Sunrise (Tomorrow)

wind will be northeasterly light to moderate during day becoming variable light at night and over the rest of the Sultanate wind will be southeasterly light to moderate.

[AUG. 23-SEPT. 22] You are expecting one thing, but another is likely to come down the pike and knock you off balance — but only temporarily.

12.05pm 3.31pm 6.09pm 7.19pm 4.40am


lear to partly cloudy skies along the coastal areas of Dhofar governorate and adjoining mountains. Mainly clear skies over the rest of the Sultanate with chances of convective clouds development and thundershowers over Al-Hajar mountains and adjoining areas towards afternoon associated with fresh downdraft wind and chance of early morning low clouds along Oman sea coast and fog patches along the southeastern coast. EXPECTED WIND: Along the coastal areas of Oman sea


Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Fajr (Tomorrow)

24784545, Swiss International Airlines: 24796692, Thai Airways: 24705934, Turkish Airlines: 24703033 MUSEUMS Bait Al Baranda: Corniche (seafront opp fish market), Open from Saturday to Thursday 9am to 1pm and 4 to 6pm Natural History Museum: Al Khuwair, Tel: 24604957, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm; Thursday: 9am to 1pm Museum of Omani Heritage: (former Omani Museum), Madinat Al Alam, Sat-Wed 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday 9am to 1pm, Tel: 24600946 Armed Forces Museum: Bait Al Falaj, Tel: 24312651, Open from Sat to Wed: 8am to 1:30pm; Thurs 9-12pm and 3-6pm; Fri 9-11am and 3-6pm. Al Hoota Caves 24498258; Turtle Beach 96550606/96550707 Children’s Science Museum: Shatti Al Qurum, Tel: 24605368, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday: 9am to 1pm Oman-French Museum: near Muscat Police Station, Tel: 24736613, Open from Sat to Wed: 8am to 1:30pm, Thurs: 9am to 1pm Bait Al Zubair, Muscat: Tel: 24736688, Al Saidiya St., Muscat Open from Sat to Thurs: 9:30am to 6pm. National Museum Ruwi: Tel: 24701289, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday: 9am to 1pm Sohar Fort Museum: Tel: 26844758, Open from Saturday to Wed: 8 to 1:30pm Thurs: 9am to 1pm Muscat Gate Museum: at Al Bahri Road, Muscat open from Sat to Wed 8am to 2pm



WY682 WY676 WY406 WY916 WY824 4H583 BG021 TK776 EY384 ET624 QR170 EK866 FZ041 GF560 NL669 WY904 WY638 WY674 WY686 WY658 WY668 WY102 FZ043 WY602 WY274 WY202 WY342 NL768 G9114 WY236 WY242 EK862 WY252 WY226 WY212 WY268 EY382 QR166 9W530 WY3302 WY604 WY3922 WY372 WY3902 WY902 IX549 GF562 WY324 IX337 WY606 WY632 IX817 WY918 WY812 WY906 WY3304 WY610 QR6162 WY656 FZ045 WY346 WY204 WY246 WY292 QR164 WY664 WY254 WY232 WY284 GF564 WY646 WY3306 WY908 TG507 G9116 WY910 WY614 FZ047 WY152 9W534 WY312 WY312 KL441 AI973 6.00E+81 WY144 BA073 QR168 WY624 UL205 AI907 LH618 EY388 LX242 GF566 WY912 WY636 WY124 WY414 WY116 AI985 9W540 WY134 QR172 WY654 WY662 WY612 WY717 WY696 WY3906 WY348 WY406





WY676 WY682 WY434 WY916 4H583 TK776 WY3904 EY384 ET624 EK866 QR170 MS930 FZ041 GF560 WY904 WY674 WY658 WY686 WY638 EP6555 WY668 WY102 WY602 FZ043 WY274 WY202 WY282 WY422 G9114 WY242 WY236 WY252 EK862 WY212 WY3902 WY226 EY382 WY326 QR166 9W530 IX443 WY604 WY372 WY342 WY918 WY332 WY902 WY384 GF562 WY818 WY3302 WY826 WY632 WY606 PK259 WY906 WY812 WY324 WY610 FZ045 PA450 WY204 WY246 WY292 WY264 WY3304 WY254 WY664 WY232 WY656 GF564 WY646 G9116 WY910 WY614 FZ047 WY434 AI977 WY312 9W534 KL441 WY338 AI973 BA073 6.00E+81 QR168 WY624 UL205 AI907 LH618 LX242 WY3906 EY388 WY912 WY636 GF566 SG061 WY414 AI985 9W540 WY916 QR172 WY654 WY816 WY662 WY717 WY612 WY696 WY406 WY424 WY648






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BA072 AI986 QR173 9W539 WY685 WY811 WY251 WY201 WY225 WY211 WY281 WY601 WY371 WY273 WY235 WY637 WY903 WY241 WY657 WY325 WY667 WY383 WY341 TK777 4H584 ET625 EK867 MS931 FZ042 QR171 EY385 WY3901 GF561 WY901 WY603 WY3301 EP6556 WY917 FZ044 WY253 WY263 WY291 WY815 WY631 G9115 WY245 WY231 WY203 WY323 WY605 WY311 WY905 WY717 WY717 EK863 EY383 QR167 9W533 IX442 WY337 WY609 GF563 WY645 WY3303 WY423 WY655 WY413 WY153 WY131 WY663 WY113 WY101 WY121 WY405 WY433 PK260 WY909 WY141 FZ046 WY675 WY613 PA451 WY623 WY3905 WY911 WY681 WY647 GF565 WY915 WY695 WY653 WY635 WY661 G9117 WY611 FZ048 AI978 WY411 WY3907 9W529 KL442 WY673 QR169 6.00E+82 WY421 AI908 UL206 AI974 GF567 EY381 LX243 LH619





S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3

C1 1


What does your coffee say about you? CAPPUCCINO LOVERS are obsessive and latte drinkers are easy to please, according to Dr Ramani Durvasula. But aside from providing the oft needed early morning boost to coffee lovers, the type of coffee a person likes to drink can also reveal a lot about their personality, according to a new study. Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula analysed 1,000 coffee lovers and examined common personality styles and psychological traits. In her results, Dr Durvasula found that those with a penchant for black coffee are typically purist, no-nonsense individuals with a tendency to prefer the simple life, although they could also be abrupt, impatient and even averse to change. In contrast, latte drinkers tended to be intent on pleasing others, but could also show slightly more neurotic attributes. ‘Perfectionist’ cappuccino drinkers are perhaps the most high-demand personality, with Dr Durvasula’s research finding them to be obsessive and controlling, overly sensitive, and health-conscious. — Heather Saul /The Independent

Health kick can reverse the ageing process Study conducted suggests our genes may be a predisposition — but they are not our fate


he results of a study conducted by the University of California suggest that going on a health kick could reverse cell ageing, according to researchers. The small pilot study, conducted by a team from the Preventative Medicine Research Institute, examined how telomere shortness in human beings acts as a “prognostic marker of ageing, disease and premature morbidity” . Just as shoelace tips stop fraying, telomeres keep chromosomes stable and prevent mixups when cells divide. But each time a cell divides, its telomeres shorten. In the end they can no longer ensure chromosomal stability and this is when genetic mistakes begin to occur. Eventually the cell freezes and stops dividing, or destroys itself. The speed at which telomeres shorten varies in individuals and biological ageing is faster in people who already have rapidlyshortening telomeres. Short telomere length in white blood cells is especially associated with age-related diseases, including many types of cancer. But the results of this study

showed positive changes to diet and lifestyle encouraged longer telomeres. Researchers followed 35 men who had suffered low-risk prostate cancer and had chosen to undergo active surveillance. Twenty-five male participants placed in the “intervention group” underwent a series of lifestyle changes to their diet, activity, stress management, and social support such as counselling. Ten men in the control group did not undertake any lifestyle changes and continued to live as they normally would. Blood samples were taken for analysis from both groups five years later. Men in the intervention group who had switched to a strict vegetarian lifestyle, exercised and practised yoga showed considerably genetically younger cells. Instead of the length of their telomeres shortening, they increased by ten per cent. In contrast, the telomeres of men in the control group had shortened in length by 3 per cent. It has been suggested as a trigger mechanism for the genetic scrambling associated with prostate cancer. Men with short telomeres in prostate cancerassociated cells are much more likely to die from the disease. Professor Dean Ornish, from the Preventive Medicine Research Institute at the University of California in San Francisco, US, who led the team, said: “The implications of this relatively small pilot study may go beyond men with prostate cancer. “If validated by large-scale randomised controlled trials, these comprehensive lifestyle changes

may significantly reduce the risk of a wide variety of diseases and premature mortality. “Our genes, and our telomeres, are a predisposition, but they are not necessarily our fate.” “Our bodies often have a remarkable capacity to begin healing themselves, and much more quickly than we did once realise, if we simply make the lifestyle changes that are really the primary determinants of our health and well-being,” he said. “It’s not the fountain of youth, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. Until now we thought that only telomeres could get shorter. Now we found

The speed at which telomeres shorten varies in individuals and biological ageing is faster in people who already have rapidly-shortening telomeres

that they actually can get longer.” Results were published in the Lancet Oncology Journal last week. However, some experts are arguing that as the group were only monitored for a five year period, it was too soon to draw definite conclusions from the results. Biochemist Dr Lynne Cox, from Oxford University, said: “This new study suggests that reducing stress, improving diet and increasing exercise have the effect of not only preventing telomere loss but also of leading to small but significant increases in telomere length, as measured in circulating white blood cells. “It is perhaps too soon to judge whether this increase in telomere length will correlate with increased longevity or healthspan. “There are two things to bear in mind here. Firstly, short telomeres that occur as result of chronic stress are highly associated with poor health, and studies in mice have shown improved tissue health when telomeres are restored experimentally. Secondly, by contrast, globally increasing telomere length in cancer-prone mice actually predisposes to more aggressive cancers. “The small increases in telomere length in this new human study are more likely to correlate with improved health than cancer risk, though it is too early to be definite.” The studies authors also concluded that: “Larger randomised controlled trials are warranted”, to confirm their findings. —Heather Saul/The Independent


S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3

EXTRA to thieves remotely taking d e l ove has y r ou g olo rv n h eh c te icl r a es C ar falling under the co of a c ntro y t i l l of bi i s cri os mi p e na h t ls. h t wi


irst it was your personal computer. Then it was your phone. Is your car now the number one target for hackers? It’s a scary thought. A personal computer or smartphone hack might be hazardous to your privacy or financial health. But car hacking raises the stakes to a whole new level. Then there’s the prospect of your pride and joy being pinched courtesy of a smartphone app. But how likely are these nightmare scenarios? In simple terms, car hacking is already happening. Thieves took advantage of a combination of vulnerabilities in factoryfitted alarm systems and a diagnostic port typically used to read fault codes during servicing. They gained access to the port without triggering the alarm and used it to reprogramme blank keys, in London. The whole process takes just a few minutes and the upshot was thieves in possession of fully functioning keys and making off with expensive cars almost at will. The car manufacturer has since released a software update to remove the vulnerability. That’s reassuring but will be little consolation to those who had their cars stolen. More recently, cyber-security researchers based in the US showed how the latest safety and selfdriving car technology could be turned against vehicle owners. Charlie Miller, a security engineer at Twitter, and Chris Valasek, director of security intelligence at security firm IOActive, aimed to increase awareness of car hackability by hooking up a Nintendo game-console controller to a USmarket SUV. They were able to accelerate, brake and steer as though they were playing a video game. Except this wasn’t a game. It was a very real two-tonne SUV and it had been comprehensively hacked.

could be catastrophic This .

CAR HACK ATTACK If there is a good news angle to this, it’s that those exploits, along with the thefts, all require physical access to cars. Where things get really worrying is the potential for wireless attacks. What if the bad guys could compromise your car as easily as they take over your laptop’s web browser? And do it from behind a computer screen hundreds or thousands of miles away? And they might just be able to, thanks to two key trends in car tech. The first is automation. The latest cars can pack 30 or more electronic control units or ECUs. These tiny digital brains now

Cyber-security researchers based in the US have shown how the latest safety and self-driving car technology could be turned against vehicle owners

have at least partial control over everything from steering and braking to suspension settings and throttle inputs. The problem is, anything controlled by computers is hackable. The other part of the puzzle is connectivity. Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and cellular data such as 3G are now widespread in new cars, allowing remote access to in-car systems. Most new cars also offer USB connectivity with some level of in-car smartphone syncing or integration. Even if your car doesn’t have wireless capability of its own, plugging in a

smartphone effectively puts it on the net and at risk of a cyber attack. It’s that combination of automation and connectivity that could create a perfect storm of wireless hackability. If that’s the theory, what’s the reality of wireless car exploits today? Professor Stefan Savage of the University of California, San Diego, is one of the world’s leading experts on automotive cyber security. He said that wireless attacks are indeed possible. He says he knows this because he and his research team have done just that themselves. “We demonstrated remote wireless exploitation of vehicles using both Bluetooth and cellular networks via software bugs in mediaplayer firmware and diagnostic systems,” Savage reveals. “We then had fairly arbitrary control over other ECUs including the ability to remotely brake or turn off the brakes altogether.” Terrifying stuff. What’s more, car-makers are now much more aware of the risks posed by car hacks than even a few years ago. Several car manufacturers we spoke to emphasise efforts made to separate critical car-control systems from user-accessible and networked features such as multimedia and entertainment set ups. If history proves anything about modern electronics, it’s that there’s no such thing as a completely hackproof computer system. Very likely it’s a question of when, not if, cars are stolen or crashed courtesy of a wireless exploit. But cars are made up of multiple systems. They aren’t highly integrated devices like laptops or phones. That gives manufacturers a decent shot at restricting hacking to a rare occurrence and preventing cars from suffering the sort of malware plague that currently afflicts personal-computing devices. The future of road safety depends on it. —Jeremy Laird/The Independent


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Toyota Corolla 1.6 Xli 2009 single owner. Contact 98180493

Acc available in Muttrah behind Oman house. Contact 99354340 Fully furnished Executive bachelor room with all facilities ac, washing etc in Mumtaz, Ruwi- Contact/ SMS 99459843 Big two rooms for sharing opposite Al Nahda Hospital. #98725208 Room for rent in Ruwi. 95372192 Furnished room in Al Falaj area with attached balcony & Wadi Kabir for Indian bachelor/Students single. Contact 96761960 Furnished room in CBD area for Executive bachelors free wi-fi, non-cooking, Advance deposit. Contact 95934642

Nair Girl Beautiful post Graduate Thiruvonum 25 legally Divorced, seeks alliance from professionally qualified having good job in Oman/ Dubai preferably 32. Contact 96783213 Christian RC boy, fair, 35yrs, Mechanical Engineer, working in Muscat. Contact 92718685 Kerala RC boy 31 yrs Draftsman, Muscat from Kottayam Dt seeking suitable alliance. Contact 98157825 or (91) 9946872295 37 Years, Christian widow, 2 kids, working in Medical field in Oman, looking for suitable alliance from Christian Orthodox Marthomite Roman Catholic denominations, Preferably working in Muscat. Contact 99838349 Orthodox parents seeks alliance for daughter, 26/158, B. Tech working in MNC in Muscat from well placed professionals. Email : Hindu, 35 yrs lady from Mangalore, Working as beautician in Oman, seeks suitable alliance. Contact 95208305 Keralite Hindu 28 yrs Biomedical Technician working in Oman need suitable proposal. Contact 99433516 Email: Kerala boy 38 years Chartered Accountant in Sultanate of Oman Hindu Nair seeking suitable alliance. Contact 97133729, E mail :

*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication.* Subject to space availability


S U N D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624


ADMIN Omani female Receptionist (Educated) required with Knowledge in English letter typing. Email

SALES / MARKETING Required Salesman for building materials trading company in Muscat with good experience in Oman market. Please send CV to email:

PRO required urgently for a school in Ghala /Azaiba. Apply immediately to Required for a leading international company in the field of IT located in Ruwi, CBD Area, a female employee (Administrative Secretary) holding a diploma in IT and familiar with public relations and staying in Wilayat Muttrah. CVs to be sent to the email:

ACCOUNTANCY Urgently required Qualified & experienced Accountant, IT & Administration, for a Muscat based well known construction company. Email: Fax 24488057 Wanted Accountant, minimum 5 years experience with D/L. Contact 95098253 / 92191191 email: Reputed Construction Company required Accountant experience in Construction Company with accountancy degree. Email:

BEAUTY Exclusive Ladies SPA & Saloon in Salalah has an opening for female Operation Executive exp. min. 3 yrs, energetic & independent to operate. Guest relationship & strong knowledge in ERP. Send CV

Requires energetic Sales Executives. Fresher with no experience may also apply. Email




Required Cook: Minimum 1-3 years cooking experience (minimum), 3* - 5* hotel experience English: Written and conversational. Please email CV’s:, 97165014

Wanted Mathematics lecturers with PhD and 5 years of college teaching exp for immediate Joining. Very good salary package offered. Interested candidates send you CV to

Wanted Pilipino Dental Nurse or General Nurse for Dental Polyclinic in Muscat (Preferable with MOH License). Contact 94351050

Required Kitchen assistance/ Delivery Driver with 1-3 years of driving experience in oman Interested in developing career. Please email CV’s:, 97165014

Required Omani Teacher for teaching Arabic for School in Ghala /Azaiba. Apply immediately to

Urgently required North Indian part time cook in mutrah. Contact – 99100314

DOMESTIC HELP Required Housemaid Pilipino full time. Contact 98563312 Part-time housemaid (Tamil/Malayalam) required in the afternoon, near Star cinema, Ruwi. Contact after 5 pm - 99682680, 92934990


Required Indian lady beautician, Al Amerat, visa & accommodations available. Contact 92059502

Omani Heavy bus Driver required for a contracting company. Email:

Required General Beautician, Indian Nationality with local release for beauty parlour at Al Ghubrah. Contact 95134495 / 95622129

Urgently required part time female/ Male Driver with 2 – 3 years experience, English/ Arabic speaking, age between 35 to 45 years. Contact 99171138

Required urgently experienced Beautician. Contact 99467033

CATERING Required Catering Manager with 3 - 5 years catering experience (minimum), 3* - 5* hotel experience Good command - Microsoft Office. Please email CV’s:, 97165014

A petroleum field (SAOC) company seeking for light duty driver, holding Oman driving license with commercial and private vehicle with 2-3 years experience. Fax: 24485908 Email: Wanted Driver. Call - 24170076 / 98936716. Send resume: Car Driver personal. # 96694954

Wanted Principal / Vice Principal and Arabic Teachers for a bilingual (Arabic-English) School in Ghala. Native Arabic speaking preferred. Knowledge of English is an advantage. Please apply to Wanted Computer Teachers for Eastern Pearl Private School, Darsait. Contact 92923349

ENGINEERS/TECH Require Hydraulic Technician with 5 years experience in Gulf. Contact 99450633 Land surveyor, storekeeper, mason, shuttering carpen ters, steel fixers, electricians, plumbers, helpers. Contact 99412085, 95204550 E-mail:, Or upload to Civil Site Supervisor / Coordinator, diploma holder with 2-3 years experience in site metal fabrication /erection projects. Valid Oman D/L preferable. Contact 99102383 Email:

MEDICAL Wanted Ophthalmologist (DO), Staff Nurses (female) with MOH license for a polyclinic. Excellent Salary package. Contact 99006915 Email

Omani Staff Wanted : A reputed hospital in Muscat urgently needs Omani HR Manager, Reception Staff, Nursing Assistants, Technicians, Security, Drivers for immediate recruitment. Please send your CV to we will call you. Required Pharmacist/Assist. Pharmacist with MOH license for a pharmacy in capital area. Shatti Al Qurum Medical Center is looking to employ qualified and registered nurses (Dentist hygienist and Gyno). If interested, please send your qualifications and experience to: Tel: 93655425 A licensed dentist is needed to rent a running dental clinic in Sohar (next to Sohar university). Contact 95603395 Required Asst. Pharmacist with MOH License for a pharmacy in capital area. GSM: 92820570

MISC Looking for men (2) with “full experience” to run the laundry shop in Mawaleh South. Priority applicants and who wish to run the shop on contract basis; not salary basis. Knowledge of English and Arabic languages + Computer Use skill required. Contact 9722 1304 Required an Arabic spoken office boy from Kerala. Contact 92345861

Required for a reputed trading company based in Dubai, UAE for its Oman operations, having minimum 3 years experience in carpets, carper tiles, raised access flooring and parquet flooring, should have valid Omani license. Contact or fax 24799943 Urgently required a Leading Insurance Brokers is looking for experienced “Marketing Executive’’. Send your CV to Required Sr. Sales Executive : Candidate should have minimum 5 years experience in ready-mix concrete Industry or special building material with excellent contact with consultant & contractors. Candidate should have sound marketing & sales exposure with valid Oman driving license. Suitable candidates may send their C.V to: Email: Required Salesman cum Driver with Education certificate for trading company visa ready. Contact 99250248

SIT. WANTED Indian, female, 38 yrs, administration& accountant, exp. in India & GCC seeks suitable post # 93048539 Indian male, 27 Yrs, B.Com, having 7 Yrs experience in Finance & Accounts seeking suitable position. Contact : 98205735 Accounts Assistant Post : B. Com having 4 years Accounting experience having knowledge of day today entries and assist to main Accountant . Also knows MS office and excellent with Tally package. Contact no : 93214484/98485871 Indian male 25- holding valid driving license having 2 years of experience in sales, looking for suitable position. Contact 98562921

Required Sales Coordinator : Candidate should have 3-4 years experience in concrete industry should have a good flair in sales & marketing. Suitable candidates may send their C.V to: Email: Required Storekeeper: Candidate should have minimum 3-4 years experience to handle spare parts of heavy vehicle with computer knowledge. Suitable candidates may send their C.V to: Email: Required a Sales Executive for building materials trading company. In Oman experience minimum 1 year. Preferred only with Driving license. Send CV to Sales Executive - experienced/ fresher in building material /structural steel. Apply to recruitments. Marketing company requires Sales Executive salary + incentive, visa available send CV at Contact 95748080 Leading construction company requires Quality Assurance (QA) & quality control (QC) Electric Engineer, Personnel. Send CV to :

SIT. WANTED Mechanical Engineer with 3 years experience in Sales & Marketing in India and having valid Omani driving license looking for suitable opening. Contact 96596482 Indian female, BE Chemical engineer with 3.5 yrs exp in chemical industry in R@D,QA @QC, production, seeking suitable placement, available to join immediately. Contact 98490086, e-mail - 24 yrs female with driving license, BBA plus I.A.T.A, 3 years experience seeking suitable position in secretarial, admin, HR, Procurement, travel. Contact 95337828 or e-mail at Administration & Purchase Officer with over 25 years of working experience in office management & procurement in Oman is looking for a suitable vacancy. Has valid Omani driving license. Contact 92048765

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3




ADMIN/HR Indian female Graduate - Fresher - Seeking position as HR Assistant, Customer Care. Contact 94469249 or Sri Lankan female 27 years having 7 years experience in administration, customer service with excellent English and computer knowledge seeking suitable placement. Contact 96144390 Indian male 46 years, seeking suitable position in Admin or as Storekeeper. Contact 91385251 Indian, Male,28 yrs, MBA HR with 8 years experience in core HR/ Specialized in Recruitment in Tier 1 comp, Currently employed in Muscat with Valid Oman DL. Looking for growth opportunity - 95951127 Indian female 10 years experience in admin and customer care seeking for a suitable job. Contact 97132322 Email ID: Indian female, MBA( HR & Marketing) B.Tech ( Electronics & Communication) with experience. Contact 96963961 Indian female MA, MBA (HR) with 5 yrs GCC exp, presently working as HR Coordinator in groups of company, seeks suitable placement. Contact 93498876 29 Indian female MBA 2 years experience in Accounts and Administration skilled with MS Office, seeking for suitable position. Contact 96962240 Indian male 4 years of HR experience, looking for Admin, Recruitment job. Contact 99489496 HR & Administration officer 15 years experience, looking for a suitable opening. Contact 95893806 Indian Male, 27 years, 5 years’ experience as a Customer/Client relation Manager in MNCs. Seeking suitable posts in Customer relations/Administration/HR. GSM: 93088407

ARCH/ INTERIOR Indian female B.Arch 1.7 years of work experience in India, seeking a suitable placement in Oman Muscat. Contact 94373984 Email Artist Masters of fine Arts having 20 years experience of all kinds of Arts and decoration works in Oman, looking for suitable placement. Contact 92635029 Iraqi Architect 22 years experience. Contact 97608513

ACCOUNT. & FINANCE 14 Years exp Accountant Indian male. Contact 971506742791 UAE, 99337624 Oman Indian female MBA (finance) working with reputed company in Muscat with valid Oman D/L seeking for suitable placement in finance / accounts. Contact 97197683 Muslim Chartered Accountant and M.Com, 12 Years of Experience, At present in UAE, seeking good Job in Accounts, Finance, Audit etc. # 00971 50 9607654, 00968 9985 7838, E mail : Indian male 25 yrs B Com Accountant having experienced of 3 years looking for a good placement Contact 97803996 Accounts works up to finalization on part-time / fulltime. #96247295 Accountant, Indian, with Qatar experience in Accounts, seeks suitable position in Muscat as an accounts Executive. Contact 94460349, E mail : Indian male 28 Chartered Accountant, looking for suitable placement in Finance and Audit department. Email Contact 96357827

Indian female, Accountant, 7 years Oman experience, well versed in accounts and administration, seeks employment. Contact 95607661 Indian male, 31 yrs, MBA Finance & Bcom.4 yrs experience as an Accountant in Muscat. Knowledge up to finalization & Omani D/L seeking suitable placement.Mob-91157952 Manager Accounts & HR MBA finance PGDHRM 10 yrs experience in India 14 yrs experience in Muscat Presently working in Construction/ Earth works co. in Muscat available to join immediately. # 91103856 Email Indian, B. Com graduate with 9+ years experience, great exposure in Accounting/Administration job(TallyErp9), seeks suitable placement. Omani Driving License, Contact: 96001864 Young male B.Com Graduate with Accounting Software Tally requires job. Contact 98668738 Sri Lankan male 36 yrs, Chartered Accountant and Graduate of B.Sc Business Administration ( Major Finance), excellent skills and experience in Finance Management and Auditing over 13 yrs, dedicated and result oriented, looking for a suitable placement.# 96747660 Email Chartered Accountant, Indian male 37 years 4 years experience in Oman, total experience 11 years. Contact 93795838 Indian male, 23 years B.Com Graduate Pursuing ICWAI (CMA)- INTER, seeking for suitable placement. Contact 97736123 / 99427946 Accountant, B.Com male 10 yrs experience knows Tally, MS Office, looking for part/ full time job. Contact 96171646 MBA finance and marketing Indian male 24 years 1 year experience in Accounts seeking suitable placement. # 94223199 / 98293616 Email: Indian male, 24 years, B.Com MBA Finance, H.R) 1 years experience in accounts, now on visit visa, seeking suitable placement. Contact 93439561 / 98251197 Experience Accountant looking for part time job in Accounts. Contact 96558699 13 yr experience in finalization of Accounting seeks part time job. Contact 95380650 Indian male, B. Com + 7 years experience as an Accountant & Cashier, seeks suitable placement. (Mob:93903458) Chief Accountant, 22 yrs. experienced, seeks immediate placement. Contact 95598477 / 99013963 Senior Accountant seeks part time job. Contact 99013963 / 98803439 Male 27, looking for Suitable Position of Finance Officer. 8.5 years of Experience, 3 years in Oman. Contact 99841436 Chartered Accountant with ICWA Inter having 5 years experience in accounts, costing, budgeting, Insurance, treasury & Banking operations - Available for Immediate Joining. Contact : 96596380 Indian male 39, Accounting professional 15+ years experience in Accounting, Auditing, available for immediate joining. #96675398 Charted Accountant from India, Post Qualification experience 21 years, working in Muscat since July 2011, at a Senior position in a group of SME’s, seeks suitable change. Contact 94201290 Email Part time Accounts /Audit service. Contact 97104365 / 92418779 (call after 5P.M). Indian male, 25 years, MBAFinance Graduate, 1 year experience with computer knowledge, on the lookout for suitable openings in Oman. Contact 93870465 and email : .

Part time accounts / audit services. Gsm 99761216 Male Accountant MBA, ICMAP (finalist) 6.5 years experience in finance, accounting, payroll, audit, administration, ERP,SAP,TALLY, seeking for good opportunity E-mail: faisalsaeedrana@hotmail. com Faisal Saeed : 97268088 Part time Accountant / Internal Auditor computerized and Manual Accounts, Driving own car. Accounts up to finalization. Contact Kumar 96414305 ACCA Member, Graduate (UK), 24 yrs male, 3 yrs experience, tally ERP -9, quick book & MS Office looking for suitable placement. #97268263 Part time Accountant with 15 yrs experience in Accounts Finance Audit & tax management. #95857199 Finance Accounts Indian male B.Com MBA 31 years, Exp 6 years. Contact 93257426 / 92365310, Email : Finance Controller 15+ years versatile experience in Oman, seeks immediate openings#92439941 Indian male, 27 yrs Accounts 4 years experience in Oman, seeks similar position. Contact 93770862 Email Indian male, 27 yrs Sales Executive 4 years experience in Oman, with valid Oman driving license, seeks similar position. Contact 91161698 Email Accounts Manager, MBA Finance & PG Diploma in HR, total 24 yrs experience, working in Oman since 14 yrs now working in Oman forconstruction co. in Muscat, can join immediately. Contact 91387354, ACCA finance professional 5 years experience including 1 yr in Oman experience, looking for suitable placement. Contact 95174220 Chartered Accountant, Indian female 25 years, with good Knowledge and experience in Finance, Accounts, Audits, immediate joining. Contact 92530131 / 24785757 Email : Indian female 33 years 5 years experience in Muthoot Finance Ltd, Now on visit visa, seeks suitable jobs. Contact 96214105 Email Accountant Indian Male, Having valid Omani driving license age 31, B.Com Graduate with 10 years of computerized Accounting experience in India, UAE & Oman, seeking suitable jobs. Contact +968 94058639 & +968 95704584 Indian Female, having over 5 yrs of experience in Customer Care, Accounts & Administration, seeks suitable placement.#92801607 Accountant: Indian male, 10 years experience, 6 years in Oman, with Oman driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact 97123002 Email CA, MBA (Finance) Indian male with 20+ years Oman experience seeks senior position in finance /Accounts in a reputed organization. Contact 99022386. Email: Accountant Indian male 2 years experience B.Com, Tally, Peachtree. Contact 93050561, Email

M.COM, ACMA (ICWA) 35yrs, 12 yrs exp (2 yrs in Oman with valid D/L) in finance, costing, budgeting & business plan, accounts finalization, advanced excel presently at US MNC Chennai, India interested to relocate to Oman. # 91-9789900628 Email: Indian male Accountant B.Com 4 years exp in India prof in Tally ERP9 seeks suitable placement currently on visit visa. Contact 91377681 house Manager and Accountant, NOC available & can join immediately seeks suitable placement. Contact 92203972 Indian female 35 B.Com with 5 years experience & driving license, seeks suitable placement. Contact 95871492 Indian Male, MBA ( Finance) with 5 years experience as Senior Analyst at reputed company in India, Seeks job in Finance or Accounts. Contact 91378950 Email Chartered Accountant Young Indian female 25 years with Good knowledge and experience in Finance, Accounts and Audit of large corporate, available for immediate joining. Contact 92530131/ 24785757 Email Male, Indian 26 yrs Accountant 4 yrs in Oman. Contact 95960600 Mumbai Born, male-24, PGPM + MBA (Finance) with one year experience as a financial analyst in India. seeks job in finance. Tel: 98711999 email:

CATERING Indian male BSc Hotel Management with 10 yrs experience and Oman D/L, seeking suitable replacement. Contact 95066454

DOMESTIC HELP Srilankan Maid available, part time hard working, trustworthy good with Children & Animals, Cooking. Contact 98024739 Housemaid looking for part time job, good English experience. Contact 98024739 Housemaid looking for part-time/ full time job. Contact 93889545

DRIVERS Driving looking for job. Contact 92617293 Driver English & Arabic speaking. Contact 97146169 7 months Driving experience in Oman having D/L, seeking for suitable placement also, have 3 years 7 months driving license in Kuwait. Contact 94256123 Male 29, looking job for light driving having good driving experience in company in Oman, like Nawras mobile etc. Contact 96914164 / 97304221 Indian male L/D Driver. #93078481 Driver 6 years exp with car, have valid Oman driving license with AutoCAD knowledge. NOC available. Contact 95962384 47 years Indian Heavy Driver 16 years experience in Oman, looking for suitable placement. Contact 93842371 / 99389268 Light Driver. Contact 97020205 Heavy Duty Driver with Oman license, now on visit visa in Oman, experience 4 years Oman. #92775607 Light driver. Contact 95387829

B.Com 21 yrs with 1 yrs exp Indian male valid D/L. Contact: 95186796 Accountant M.Com, MBA, with 7 years experience looking for suitable placement. Contact 93029334 Email Indian male Accountant with 7 years experience (Expert in Tally ERP-9) seeks suitable placement. Contact 94251297 Email : Jordanian Senior Accountant 11 Years Experience, Worked In Constructions, Tourism Company and Poly Clinic, Experience in Tally Erp9.Contact 96470036

20 Yrs Exp Light Duty Driver. Contact 91210747 4 yrs Experienced Indian Driver looking for job as driver. #93079087

DRAUGHTSMAN BSc Interior designer with 6 years in Mumbai and 2 years in Oman, seeking a suitable job for Site Co ordination. Contact +968 95796137 Male Philipino, 23 yrs . Draftsman. knowledge on 2D and 3D Auto cad , 3D max, 3yrs. Experience in oman, contact : 96095641



Electrical D/man, experienced, on visit visa. Contact :96516924

25 years Indian male, B.E Aeronautical, 2 Years experience on Maintenance repair and overhaul. Hands on experience on Gas turbine engine and Autocad 2007. Contact 00919739656833 Email:

Indian male Draughting and coordination 8 years experience in Civil and MEP, working in Reputed firm Muscat, looking suitable placement. Contact 96395748 10 years Gulf experienced D/man cum surveyor using soft ware Auto CAD liscad Aut plotter, road Estimate seeking suitable job. Contact 96358250 AutoCAD Draughtsman Gulf Experienced Ph: 98310977 Autocad d/man, gulf exp, exp in Arch, interior, structural, 3D, PH : 96722150

DESIGNER Interior Designer Indian male, looking for suitable job 5 year experience (3D Designing, Auto CAD designing Photoshop) Finish Interior designing diploma & civil diploma. Contact 93098456 / 92787854 Email 3D Visualizers / designer having 2 D & 3 D experience in Oman, knowledge of interior & exterior, seeking for good place part time or fulltime, having Omani D/License. Contact 95268877 AutoCAD 2D, 3D Technician 3 years exp with Oman driving license, NOC available. Contact 95962384 Indian female, 25yrs Bsc-FASHION DESIGNING, 3yers experience in designing field and teaching. looking for a sutable placement. Contact: 98785310. Email:

EDUCATION 26 Years Indian female BA. B.Ed & MSW degree holder applying for Teaching & office administration post. Contact 94162888 Email Indian female, BSc B.ED, fresher looking for a teacher’s job for secondary section from 5th to 8th for all subjects. # 97645135 / 93023379

ENGG. / TECHNICAL Mechanical Engineer with 5+ years experience in project management and estimation of oil and gas projects. Looking for suitable change. Contact: 95974435 A BE Civil, 26 yrs male, with 4+ yrs of exp and having an ongoing exp in oil & gas with all HSE trainings, inductions and having defensive driving license is looking for urgent placement# 93525766 Telecom Engineer 4 years experience in all Huawei equipment MW& BTS of site survey maintenance. Contact 94462554 Indian Female 23 years old, Aeronautical Engineering graduate with 1 year 6 months experience, expert in MS Office tools, Technical documentation, reports and excellent communication skill. mail: B.Tech Mechanical, 26yr Indian male having 4 yr experience in plant construction,structural fabrication & erection in India. # 0091 9546418417 Planning Engineer having M Tech in Construction Management with 2 years experience. Currently employed for a reputed company construction company in Oman. Proficient in Primavera P3 and P6. Mob; 98278801 / 99461643 e-mail id; B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Indian male 27 years single 4.5 years experience as Electrical quality inspector in reputed heavy industry abroad currently in Muscat placement. Contact 92521239 Email:

BE Civil Engineer 20 years in Oman senior positions with D/L, looking suitable position. Contact 99663090 Indian male 24, B.Tech Mechanical Engg. Completed seeking suitable placement. Contact 99052921/ 99434987 Indian male: BTech, Electrical and Electronics having 3 years experience in operation and maintainance of EHV substation, projects, technical coordination,electrical designing and drafting,handled E autocad, Contact :95669828 Email: Mechanical Engineer with 3 years experience in Sales & Marketing in India and having valid Omani driving license looking for suitable opening. Contact 96596482. Indian male Biotechnology Engineer recently passed looking for a suitable opening and ready to join any time. Contact 95130163 Bio-medical Engineer (B-Tech), 3 years experience in India, on visit visa seeks suitable placement. Contact : 92163918, 27 Years, male presently working as a Site Engineer (BE Mechanical) having 4 years experience in Erection & Fabrication of steel structures, seeking a suitable placement in Oman. Contact 93370241 Email: Indian male 27 years, 3 years experience in Refrigeration field with valid Driving license, seeking for suitable job. Contact 91273654 Degree Civil Engineer, 7 years experience in UAE, having valid UAE driving licence,currently available in visit visa. Phone: 93321785 Indian female,25yrs, Electronics & Communication Engineering Graduate with one year experience as Specialist Operations in an MNC BPO and with Optical Fiber Communication Engineering Certification from BSNL seeks suitable placement. Contact:98637434 B.Sc in Civil Engineer, 6 years experience in Construction field in UAE Dubai, having UAE driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact 97125780 Mechanical Technician 36 yrs Indian male 9 yrs Gulf experience 3 yrs in Oman with D/L, seeking suitable placement. Contact 96287511 Email Sudanese B.Sc Mechanical Engineer MBA holder 4 years experience, Thermal Electricity power plants combined cycle. Contact 95816951 Mechanical Engineer western educated 25 year old Male looking for suitable placement with valid Omani driving license. Email MD. Hasan Habib Diploma in Electrical having 8 years experience (3 years in Oman MEP). # 95881358 Email Indian Female Electrical Engr, 4years experience in application engineering/ projects/ technical coordination -93770649 Male Computer Technician Diploma in applied 4 years exp Electronics & computer maintenance, language English, Arabic seeking suitable placement. Contact 92501456 Mobile Software Technician 2 years exp in Gulf, well known languages Hindi, Arabic & English. Contact 95330129


S U N D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3


Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624

SITUATION WANTED ENGG. / TECHNICAL Q.C. Inspector 25 yrs experience in Chemical and food. #92106143 Computer Engineer (Indian), 21 yrs seeking a suitable job opportunities in Oman, Fresher on visit upto to 5th October. Contact 96306993 8 years experienced Civil Engineering diploma holder 5 years in Civil 3 years in PEB with valid Oman license seeking good opportunities. Contact 97408346 Civil Engineer 1 year Exp as (Design Engineer & Shop Drawing) professional @ AutoCAD ,ETABS, Revit, Robote structural analysis. Contact no : 91381068 Civil Engineer 6 years Exp as (Site Technical office Engineer, QS, Planning engineer & Site Engineer) Professional @ AutoCAD, Sap, P3 & office. Contact no: 91148708 B.Sc in Civil Engineer 4 years experience in Oman and D/L, seeks suitable job. Contact 98475572 Email Indian male Diploma with 9 years of Instrumentation experience in Automation (SCADA, PLC &DCS) based Industry, seeking a suitable placement. Contact 95868048 Email Project Engineer Micro tunneling sewerage Network with 18 years experience infrastructure with good skill also having valid Omani D/L, seeking suitable placement. Contact +968 94220778 / Email Indian Keralite 33 years male ITI Electrician, 13 years exp, 5 years Gulf experience able to handle fire alarm AVS PS system and Plumbing with valid Oman D/L looking for suitable placement in Muscat area. Contact 93367545 Mechanical Engineer western educated, 25 years, male looking for suitable placement with valid Omani driving license. Contact 99624582 Email Experienced 12 yrs Gulf 1yr Oman exp. as land surveyor in building / road construction seeks immediate placement. Contact 97850467 Indian Civil Engineer (BE & Diploma) with 2.5 years experience in Oman, 6 years in India with valid Omani Driving license, looking for suitable placement on release. Contact 91229885 B-Tech Mechanical Fresh Engineer Indian male Presently in Oman, looking for suitable vacancy completed PDMS course. Contact +968 96332565 / +968 95786556 Email: BE Mechanical Engineer, also completed advance diploma in Oil & Gas, seeking suitable job. # 93056016 Email: B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Indian male with 2 year experience and valid Omani driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact 95127955 Email Diploma-in- Civil Engineer, 4 years experience in Sultanate of Oman also having Omani driving license. GSM : +968 98899738, E-mail: Electrical Engineer, Indian, Female, with 10 years experience, 4 years in consultancy firms in UAE seeks suitable job in Muscat. Mob: 91279796 Indian male B Tech Chemical Engineer, looking for suitable placement in Oman urgently. Email Indian Civil Project Engineer with 10+years Gulf exp, suitable for Project works/ QS works, Omani D/L, seeking a suitable position. Contact 93476959 Purchase / procurement officer, Gulf exp, exp in MEP Products. Contact 93243846 B.Sc Engineer (Civil Engg Degree), 5 Yrs experience with good construction skill, looking for suitable placement. Mobile: 93247929, Email: Indian Male 35 yrs, Instrumentation Engineer, DEI, NTC, NAC, ATI-EPI. 14 yrs of Instrumentation Exp. in the field of Sales, Construction, Commissioning & Maintenance with Reputed Co’s in Oman, UAE, Qatar & India. Have Indian D/L, and Oman L/L. Seeking suitable Job, Contact: 93376354, Email:




M.Sc Agriculture / Horticulture Sudanese Female looking for suitable job. Contact: 95498223

Indian male 33 years, with more than 10 years experience in hardware and networking specialization in network administration. Router configurations hands on experience in troubleshooting hardware networks & software related problems looking for suitable placement now on visit. Contact 96206320

Experienced midwife from Sri Lanka (experienced in Maternity care and clinical service) is looking for suitable placement in a hospital or local clinic. Contact 93397026

Indian Male, B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engg with valid CCNA certificate and 6 yrs experience in BMS, project management & maintenance seeks suitable placement. Currently in India. Pls call Muscat contact No. 99639375 Mechanical Engineer Indian male having 10 years GCC experience in HVAC & MEP with valid Omani D/L, seeks suitable job in a reputed company. Contact 96093552 MEP Supervisor exp 15 years, HT, LT (exper.) with D/L, dp maintenance. Contact 96297274 Indian female, B-Tech Civil Engg, 3 years (6 months in Oman) experience in QS, Estimation, Cost control & planning, seeks suitable job. Contact 92047375 Email

HOSPITALITY Indian male MBA in Hospital Mgmt bachelors in Hotel Mgmt training experience in Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing. # 93038671

INFORMATION TECH. ITIL, OCP, CRISC certified IT Professional with 20 yrs. exposure to Dubai & Oman markets having expertise in ERP, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, security, IT/Project Management, Citrix, Oracle etc. is looking for immediate placement. Contact: 95602424 Over 6 years Enterprise level exp. system and Network support professional, looking for suitable Opportunities. Contact 97132723 IT Professional, 32, Indian Male, Graduate, CCNA, MCSA, Sun Solaris SA1, 9years of exp. in Hardware Networking,Wintel/Linux/Unix Servers, Data Centre Administration & Service of Printers/MFP & Copier, Now on Visit Visa looking for the suitable post. #98327017 10 Years of Technical presales experience, Graduate from University of Huddersfield UK, previous experience of working with ZTE, looking for job. Contact 91379396 Male 35 years, MCA having 15 years experience in Sale / service of electronics and software products like Vehicle tracking system tracking system (IVKS), speed limiter sophisticated IT related products seeks suitable change.#93214096 Mail ID: Indian female IT Engineer with 7 years experience, looking for Right placement in ERP application and database management. Contact 93630405 / 99229095 Email Indian male having experience 5 years +, Looking for opportunity in Computer Hardware and Network support field. Contact 97268796 Indian male 25 Years BE Computer Science and Engineering CCNA MCP certified 2 years experience valid Oman license Now in Oman, seeking for suitable job. #98688414 Email CCNA , CCNP & Juniper firewall certified IT professional with 7 years experience, expertise in network & security design, configuration, implementation & troubleshooting looking for suitable placement. Contact 97656607 Email: 33 yrs, male NEBOSH, IGC1,2,3, BCS computer science CCNA, net working experience, IELTS, Banquet hall management, High School Administration, 15 years relevant experience. Contact 92046361Email CCNA male 28 years with 4 years experience in system and network support, looking for job. #98479807 IT professional, Indian male Gradate, CCNA, CCNP, MCITP Exchange server 2010 with 1year experience now on visit visa seeking for suitable placement. # 99392339 Email: B.Tech Information Technology male with 1 year of Oman experience currently working on SAP ERP, SQL server with one of the reputed company, looking for a suitable job. Contact 91057689, Email

Indian male 26 yrs, Graduate with CCNA, CCNP, MCSE and MCITP, Exchange server 2003 & 2013, 4.7 yrs experience in Networking, presently on visit visa. Contact 96157622 IT professional Indian Male ME in CSE, 12 years IT experience (6 months in Oman, 3 years in Dubai, Emirates Airlines/Project management, Software development in Dot Net, Training , Technical & Customer Support, Marketing) looking for suitable post, for immediate placement. #92664161 or 98261787. Email: Indian male, MCA, 8 yrs exp, JAVA, J2EE, Struts, AJAX, Oracle, SQL. Contact 93858967 Email Indian male 27 years old, Masters in Computer Applications with 4+ years experience, Key skills: Oracle Pl/sql and .net Seeking Suitable placement. Contact: +919538345624 Indian male 29 BSc. IT CCNA with 3 yrs experience, looking for a suitable placement in Networking or IT service. Contact 98871199 Indian male, MBA (HR & IT), having 1.5 yrs. working experience as Asst: Mgr (HR & Admin), seeking for a suitable post. Contact 98031852 Email : Indian male, MCA, MBA-HR, B.Com with 9.5 yrs. Exp. looking for a suitable opportunity as IT Project Head & SAP HR Consultant (Multi tasking) presently come on visit visa in Oman, Contact GSM : +968 92801761 E-mail : Indian male 26 years MSC telecom (UK) B.Tech (EC) having 3 years experience in IT/Telecom seeks suitable placement.Contact 95285710 Email : Indian female, B.Tech, 5 yrs of exp, JAVA, J2EE, AJAX, Struts, Oracle, SQL. Contact 96200984 Email

MANAGER/ SUPER Indian Qualified Farm Manager 20 yrs experience in Commercial cultivation of vegetable fodder fruits, looking for immediate placement release is available. # 94142846 Sr. Project Manager Indian National With 18 yr Experience In managing Civil Construction Business Seek Opening in reputed Civil Company ready to join immediately contact-92685422 or Commercial Manager (Contracts Specialist ) in Construction in Muscat till 30th September seeks placement 92829562 email: Indian male 42 Years, Ex Army 5 years exp in Muscat worked as Warehouse supervisor, looking for a suitable post, having Omani license, on visit visa#94050311 / 94050378 Store Keeper/ Asst Store keeper Indian Male Graduate with Tally 1 year experience in Store, Looking for suitable placement. # 94028814 Indian total exp18 years with 10 years Gulf exp as a services center in charge in electronics & Gulf driving License, seeks suitable placement in Oman. Contact 96527926 Business Development Manager with 6 yrs experience in Oil & Gas, Business development, Sales & Marketing with Oman D/L, seeks a suitable placement. Contact 92961826 Email

Pharmacist with MOH license need job. Contact 98217100 Staff Nurse with MOH license, available immediately. Contact 98278741 / 99433415 Arabic Dentist with MOH License looking for suitable Placement, contact 91138009 Male Nurse with MOH license and ACLS seeks placement. Contact 93262628 Email: Indian female 23, M.SC Bio Chemistry with experience in teaching and clinical lab work looking suitable placement in teaching/ laboratory technologist/ chemist. Email:, contact 97200435 M.Sc Biotechnology Clinical Research Clinical Data management IPR 4 Years experience. Contact 92136290 Email Indian male Nurse with MOH License, 1 year experience from Oman as company Nurse is Looking for a job, now on visit visa. #93645954


SALES / MARKETING A dynamic Sales & mkt professional with valid license & 4 years experience in Oman, looking for a suitable position. #96054760

Indian male 2 years exp in Sales, Have a valid Oman driving license, seeks suitable placement. Contact 98613038

B.Com + Tally 26 yrs, with 3 yrs exp in building materials sales, Indian male valid D/L. Contact 98462052

Indian male MBA Sales & Marketing, 7 years of experience holding Oman D/L, looking for a suitable position in the same.#95475833

Indian male 26 years, 4 years experience in Oman sale and marketing with D/L, seeking suitable placement. Contact 9209244 Email 6 years experience in Ware house cum store keeper, interested in sales seeks suitable placement. Language known English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil. Contact 96357001 Indian male 2 years exp in Oman, looking for job as Marketing Executive in Van or mini truck.#96148903 An Indian having rich Gulf experience in Sales Marketing ( in House) Procurement Admin, seeking suitable placement at Senior level. Contact parthinath123@ / Contact 93689602 Indian male MBA 6 years experience in IT Sales business development and training staff in telemarketing and customer service in Oman on visit. Contact 91380575 Indian male MBA Sales & Marketing, 7 years of experience holding Oman D/L, looking for a suitable position in the same.#95475833

29,Indian, female, NEBOSH IGC, PG in Marketing, BSC & MSC Microbiology, 1.5 years experience, looking for suitable placement. #95117139

Indian male 24 MBA 2 yrs exp in Marketing on visiting visa. Contact 97138676 Email

Chemical Manufacturer all type of Detergent and car care. Contact 98651593

Pakistani 28 yrs male Business Development Executive MBA (Marketing) ACCA (process) having 4 yrs experience in Oman and good Contacts throughout the market. Contact 97899811

22 yrs old Pakistani female looking out for a job. Contact 97019570 27 Years Male, MBA Supply Chain Management requires position in Warehouse, procurement, distribution, logistics, import/ export, production department. #93619846 LAND SERVEY, having 1 year exp. in Total Station, auto level, theodalite, on visit visa, 97249473 Indian Male, experience in Store/Operation//Logistic/Coordinator having good communication skills, seeking suitable change. #94355675 Indian (M) with 11 yrs exp. (7-India & 4-Dubai) in Sales & Office support with Omani D/L need a job in Oman. Call 98267793

SECRETARIAL & OFFICE Indian female, having work Experience as Customer Service, Front Office Exec, Office Admin in India & Oman, looking for a suitable position. Contact: 98405390

PROJECTS Looking for HSE Advisor job. Qualification NEBOSH IGC and OSHA education masters in Geosciences age 28 years. Contact 93835938

SALES / MARKETING Indian male MBA Sales & Marketing, 7 years of experience holding Oman D/L, looking for a suitable position in the same. #95475833 Indian male BSC (PCM) working as BDM with Oman DL exp in Decorative paints Tiles waterproofing and Chemical, seeks employment. # 96613487 Email A dynamic Sales & Mkt professional with 9 years of experience currently situated in Muscat, looking for suitable position.#95304232

Manager/Super 12+ yrs experienced Purchase Manager with D/L & release , seeks placement.#97073942.

Indian male 26 yrs 5 yrs experience in Sales & Marketing 2 yrs experience in Tele Marketing & customer services, Fluent in English, seeking suitable placement. Contact 91034271

Indian Male 42, B.Com Graduate, 19 years experience in AC,LCD, LED installation Manager seeking sales, service or Supervisor post, on visit visa. #98044075 Mail

Indian, age 24, having valid driving license, with more than 3 years experience in sales, looking for suitable vacancy. Contact 95920731 Email musthafamuhammed753@

Sales Manager having 15 years of experience in Retail management in Oman & Currently handling Electronics & home appliances, seeking suitable placement, Release available. # 93826379 id

Indian male 32 yrs, holding Oman D/L 11 yrs experience in Building material, Electronic Electrical items Sales, seeking suitable position Familiar with all places in Oman. Contact 92153176

Worked as Sales Supervisor for 3 years having valid Omani driving license 5 years Sales experience in Oman. Contact 94009447 Marketing Manager 25 years experience in Building materials in GCC/ Oman. Contact 94381598 Young Male Graduate BA Hons (Marketing)- United Kingdom with 2 years experience & driving licence seeks suitable placement in Business development/Brand management/Logistics. call – 96402727 Male 28,B.Com, Having over 7 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, valid D/L, seeking for a suitable position.Contact:96662739 or Male 36 Years 6 years experience in Oman as Sales Executive, Home appliances field with Driving License. Good Command in Arabic. Contact 94378787 MBA, Indian male (30 yrs), 6.5 years experience in Sales / Marketing / Admin with Omani D/L, seeking for suitable placement. Contact 95480402 Email MBA in Marketing & Finance with 2 years work experience in Oman, with valid driving license and good communication skills, Seeks suitable placement. Contact 91181288 / Email Indian male B Tech MBA with 4 years of marketing/sales experience on visit visa seeking suitable placement Ph 96010724

Indian male B.A 7 years experience in Financial product Marketing Sales, looking for job. #96194656

Indian Counter Salesman experience, Omani D/L. Contact 97438780

Indian male 6 years experience in Sales & Marketing, Looking for job. Contact 96108700

Outdoor Salesman with 10 years Oman experience with valid driving license. Contact 93600795

Female European 31 yrs, Bachelor of Accounts, 13 yrs of Exp. as Showroom/Front Office Manager (Fashion Accessories/Jewellery)/ Office Secretary (Educational Consultancy). Can speak, write, and read English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hindi and Telugu. Seeking suitable Job, Contact: 93376354, Email:

Indian male MBA marketing / finance with 4 yrs of exp in sale & marketing looking suitable placement in sales/ marketing/ sales coordination/ customer care/ retail/ admin jobs.#98443722 / 92409198

Indian male 5 yrs exp in Sales & Marketing in Oman with Oman D/L. Contact 95460860 / 95891953 Email mohammed.shufaf@gmail. com India female, 26, MBA, experience in media marketing and market research, looking for suitable opportunities in Communication/PR/ Branding, Valid D/L. Contact details: MBA (Marketing and HR) & B.Tech (Electronics and Biomedical Engineering) with 1.5 years experience in marketing and media field. Contact 96175799 Email: MBA, 30 Yrs, Indian Male with 7yrs of Marketing & Sales exp on visit visa. Contact 98823315 Indian male 25 yrs, Valid Oman driving license, 2 years experience, looking for suitable job. #98562921 Mechanical Engineer: Presently working in Muscat with valid Oman DL. Having 10 Years of experience in Technical Marketing, Project Sales & Execution. Looking for a suitable placement. Contact 96295282 27 years Indian male 8 years’ Indian market experience in the field of Event Management, Sales & Customer Service, looking for a challenging opportunity in Muscat in relevant field. Contact 96167803 Indian male 27 yrs having 6 years experience in Sales & Marketing including FMCG Products in Kerala, Fluent in English and Hindi, looking for immediate placement, currently in visiting visa. Contact 94041305 Email : Indian male 25 yrs MBA Mrkt BSc Biotech 4 yrs exp in Sales & Mrkt experience in Oman with valid Omani D/L, looking for a suitable position. Contact 94080049/ 95138285 Email

Sudanese B.Sc Computer Engineer with 6 years experience, looking for Marketing, Sales, IT Jobs. Contact 97099676 B.Tech E & I, 8+ yrs experience Sales, Marketing Procurement, etc, currently working in Oman valid D/L, looking for suitable placement. Contact 97233074 / 95140207 Indian male B.Com 33 years having 7 years experience in Sales Coordination, Office Administration and warehousing in Oman in the field of Furniture, EHA, IT Products. Contact 92786255 Indian male 6 yrs experience in Oman Sales field, having valid Omani Driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact 92868522 15 yrs exp Purchase, Sales, Store & Admin, fluent English, Arabic, know computers, Omani D/L. #99717061 MBA( MKTG)6 yrs exp Sales & Mktg valid OM D/L, Ind Male 30yrs currently working as an AQT manager. Contact 97757866 Indian male 37 yrs, having 6 yrs exp. in purchasing with D/L seeking suitable placement. #99345732

TOURS & TRAVEL B.Sc Indian male 5.5 yrs exp Airline /Travels, Diploma in Travels. Contact 97099386 Indian Male, PG in tourism, 23 years, seek suitable job in travel & tourism. Available for immediate joining .ph 92409102 , Mechanical Engineer with 5+ years experience in project management and estimation of oil and gas projects. Looking for suitable change. Contact: 95974435 Indian Male 23years, BE Computer Science graduate with one year experience as system administrator & network analyst & one year experience as hardware technician seeking suitable placement. Contact 97268625.

S U N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3



Dolphin Watch, Dhow Cruise with Buffet, & Land Tours Al Ainain Marine Tours- Contact: 98029602, 92808636


We arrange Tours to Jabel Alakhdar / Shames wahiba Sands. Contact 99839898



WEB, ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) creation and management at rock bottom price. Contact: http//webviewoman

COMPUTER BUSINESS MANPOWER Manpower supply maintenance & civil work contracting. Contact 98425389 Housemaid, male / female cleaner, driver, light and heavy gulf valid D/L, house boy, & skilled and unskilled categories, form Srilanka, India. Contact Mr jerry 95175192 Email:

Learn Baking Cakes & Icing Decoration, sugarcraft, creative water falls & Handicraft classes. Contact 96761960 Learn Drawing & painting for children. (MBD area Ruwi) Contact 99737812

BUSINESS BUSINESS CANADIAN company .for immigration & manpower is looking for a partner in Oman with license !For contact 0097333054453 Looking for Omani partner for business development services. Contact 93194825 Email:

Morning Star Rent A car. Contact 94475478 / 24478505/ 24478589 Omani Consultant Engineer established new building contract and interior design looking for: Working partner for building contracting, Working partner for interior designing Email : -, contact : - 93223140

*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication.* Subject to space availability



S U N D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 2 , 2 0 1 3




Water proofing ABUQABASContact 99320217/24788722 Carpet, sofa- cleaning, glue removing, shampooing, house cleaning, polishing & painting etc. Contact – 99542979 / 98855815 A/ C maintenance, servicing & installation. Split A/C Servicing RO 10.000 Only. #94217681 / 99210141

Subcontractor solutions. Contact 96754569

Carpet, sofa- cleaning, glue removing, shampooing, house cleaning, polishing & painting etc. Contact – 99542979 / 98855815

Split & Window A/C, Servicing. Contact 99380307 Electrical Plumbing Painting Contract and Maintenance. Contact #98456535

Building maintenance, electrical, plumbing, painting cleaning, false ceiling, compound wall, interlock. Etc. Contact: 9408676 Carpet Shampoo, marble & tile polishing, pest control & antitermite treatment, general cleaning painting, Plumbing, Electrical, shifting. Contact Mundhir Al-Rizaiqi trading. L.L.C. Contact 24810137, 99450130

Tailoring, stitching. Contact 93694035 MARBLE CRYSTALLIZATION restore the original shine of your marble.# 24793614/ 99314807

Electrical Works, Maintenance, Building Gas Pipelines, Fire Alarm & Security systems. Contact Amjad Majees Trading & Contracting: 99467936

Split & Window AC Servicing & repairing. Contact 99557080

Dish Antenna Sales & Service, Dish TV, Tata Sky showtime & all other kind of satellite installation renewals. Contact 95779616

A/C service repairing, Installation, piping AMC maintenance for low prices. # 92963132 / 92620740

Split & Window A.C Servicing & repairing. Contact 99380307

Marble Restoration, Mosaic tiles polishing, carpet shampooing, maintenance. Contact ABU QABAS99320217 /24788722

Marble polishing & crystallization building cleaning floor, floor polishing, carpet, sofa shampooing, pest control, anti termite, shifting, maintenance. Contact 99504275

Painting / building construction & maintenance. Contact 99057348

Civil Maintenance, painting, Electrical land scaping. # 96465032

FREE INFORMATION ABOUT ISLAM. If you would like to know more about Islam, please call: 99425598, 96050000, 99353988, 99253818, 99341395, and 99379133. For ladies: 99415818, 99321360, 99730723 Orvisit:

House shifting and transporting. Contact 92490422

GUARANTEED CLEANING: Carpet & sofa shampooing, Contact 99314807/24792998

A/C service RO7/- , repairing & installation, painting, building all maintenance. Contact 95563858 / 99326786

Door to Door Computers repair specialist laptop software Website cartridges.Contact 99199376

Genuine Ayurvedic treatments &massage, ayuredic clinic AL Khuwair. Contact 24478618/ 97263637/ 97109295

Cleaning Service, Carpet & Sofa Shampooing Marble grinding & Tile polishing, pest control. Contact 99448057 / 95401996

Split A/C window cassette type standing unit installation, maintenance servicing. Contact 97145652 / 99540621

GOOD NEWS Promotional offer at Conventional halls in CBD area hall space at great value. Contact 99238074

Ayurvedic treatment for backache paralysis arthritis etc. & massage All Season (Vaidyaratnam). Contact 24475280 / 95371664 / 92504980


Accounting and audit services project feasibility study. Contact97133729 Email: GULF INTERNATIONAL LLC all kind of pest control. Contact 92326955 SPLIT / WINDOW A/C servicing 5/10 RO. Contact 95084850 House shifting, packing and Transportation. Contact 99657644 / 98518013 Building maintenance, electrical, plumbing, painting, cleaning, false ceiling, compound wall, interlock, lift maintenance etc. Contact 95885106 / 95829331 Electrical plumbing, Tiles interlock water proofing maintenance & contract RIZWAN 99429071 / 91162345 Pest control water proof. Contact 99067923 1. A/C, Fridge & Washing Machine servicing & Repairing, 2. Painting , Plumbing, Electrical & Carpentry Works. Contact 97014234 / 24504281

Special package for RO. 15/Home service available. (Threading, facial, waxing, pedicure, manicure, hot oil treatment) Home service available. # 99722031

CHANGE OF NAME We, Abdul Rasheed Noushad (name of father, holder of Indian passport no. Z 2366111) and Silja Thajudeen (name of mother, holder of Indian passport No.F0787211) having permanent address in Arif Dale, opp Tharangini Cinema Venjaramoodu, Trivandum, Kerala (complete postal address in India) and presently residing at the following address in Seeb P.B.No.1353 P.C No.121 Sultanate of Oman, hereby solemnly affirm and declare to change the name of our child Miss Naseehath (name as per present passport), holder of Indian passport No. J 6977597 date of issue 18/09/2011 issued at Muscat. The name of our child will child be henceforth known as Dina Noushad (new name) for all purposes. Any objection towards change of name of our minor son may please be communicated to Embassy of Indian, Muscat, diplomatic Quarters, Al Khuwair, P. Box No.1727, Postal Code112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman.

T22 09 2013  
T22 09 2013  

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