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Vol. 76 • JULY / AUG 2016 •

Special Features:

• Winter golf on the Highveld • Ups & downs: Life on the Sunshine Tour • Celebrity golfer profile – Mike Procter • KPMG golf participation report for Europe 2016




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On the Cover:

The Els Club at Copperleaf takes pride of place on our front cover as part of our feature on winter golf on the Highveld. Legendary South African cricketer Mike Procter chats to us and we have part 2 of the KPMG golf participation report for Europe 2016. So beat the winter chill, grab a cup of soup, sit back and enjoy the read.

Winter golf on the Highveld


Ups & downs: Life on the Sunshine Tour


Celebrity golfer profile – Mike Procter


KPMG golf participation report for Europe 2016 72



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July | August 2016



Send us your letters, giving us your views, opinions or articles of interest (max 500 words). The most interesting letter will be published in the next edition of SA golf Trader.


exercise. It teaches sportsmanship, good

Just a thought, the total number of golfers

fellowship and good manners.

around the world is on the decline and some will argue that golf is not giving the

Thanks for a wonderful magazine and for

instant gratification like games on smart-

playing your part in promoting the game.

phones etc. can. Whilst others will say the decline is the result of the global financial



Winston Hughes

Personally I think the answer is straight forward. What do you do to promote and grow your own business? You advertise. Why is it that the golf industry doesn’t advertise? I’m not talking about ads for golf equipment and so forth but simply ads encouraging people to play golf. There should be ads in the papers, social media, everywhere, to promote golf. We should be highlighting the fact that golfers are

Dear Winston Thank you for a very insightful letter. You are quite correct and the fact that golf can be played from a very young age to a very old age makes one wonder why more people are not playing the game? Golf offers innumerous benefits and these need to be made known to the general pub-

generally healthier people.

lic. We try in our small way to promote the

The golf industry needs to take a proactive

needed in order to see meaningful change.

game but I agree that a collective effort is

role in promoting all of the positives that the game has to offer. We need to broad-


cast to the world that golf is a fun, healthy


July | August 2016


July | August 2016




GALS Vote for your favourite Golfing Gal and she can win a host of exciting prizes. If you would like to see Gerda win then Email: SAGT JULY/AUG to Terms and Conditions apply. 1. Name: Gerda. 2. What is your handicap? 21. 3. When did you start playing Golf? 3 Years ago. 4. Who got you into playing Golf? Jacques Kruger, my boyfriend. 5. Who is your favourite women’s and mens golfer? Paula Creamer men there are two - Louis Oostuizen and Rory Mcllroy. 6. Where are you currently a member at? Selborne. 7. Which is your favourite golf course in South Africa? Cotswold Downs & Selborne. 8. What has been your most embarrassing moment on the golf course? Playing club champs at selborne 3 years ago, on the 7th hole, a par 4. I drove my ball into the bush, and the next shot i could not get out, i had to drop a shot. The next shot was into the trees, and the ball rolled into the water. I had to drop another shot. This continued and i ended up with 13 shots on that hole. I dread that hole everytime i play at Selborne now. 9. St Andrews or Augusta? St Andrews. 10. What do you hope to achieve in the coming years? Golfing as well as career. I would like to drop my handicap to 15 or below if possible, and at work i am content, i am currently in a manager position, i would like to get more involved with strategic planning.

July | August 2016

HEALTH & LIFEST YLE 11. Any superstitions? Yes, i do believe that my morning and night routine during the week should be the same, if it is not, i always feel that there will be some change in my day in a negative way. 12. Favourite Movie: Warrior – with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Excellent movie if you like MMA. 13. Three things I can’t live without: My boyfriend, my cats and golfing. 14. My guilty pleasure: Running (Guilty as this takes me away from my loved ones). 15. My favourite food: Bobotie. 16. Happiness is: What you make of everyday, always be yourself. 17. Get me a plane ticket to: Hawai. 18. Someone I look up to: Holly Holm. 19. I’m not embarrassed to say that I: ...always say what i think of a situation or person, i prefer to be straight forward. 20. Favourite quote: Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re probable right – Henry Ford.

Season Seven

If you would like to be considered as a SA Golf Trader “Golfing Gal” please submit three colour photo’s of yourself on the golf course and two photos of your choice to neville@sagolftrader. One girl per edition will be chosen by us (the editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into). The winner will be the girl who receives the most emails. The competition will be over six editions and closes on 31/08/2016. If you are selected by us you will have to answer the questions that SA Golf Trader puts to you.

July | August 2016



Congratulations to Vincent Smit our winner of the Trivia Quiz May/June edition: he receives two bottles of KWV 12 year old brandy.

1. Who successfully sued the PGA Tour in 2001 for the right to use of a golf cart during competition under the Americans with disabilities Act? a) Casey Martin b) Darron Stiles c) Kyle Thompson

7. Following the retirement of Ken Venturi in June 2002, he was the lead analyst for CBS for over four years, until he was replaced by Nick Faldo after the 2006 season. Who is he? a) Hal Sutton b) Craig Stadler c) Lanny Wadkins

2. The Open Championship was first played on 17 October 1860 at which golf course? a) Prestwick Golf Club b) Musselburgh Links c) The Old Course at St Andrews

8. Whose career came to a sudden halt when he was injured while playing in the 1985 Goodyear Classic in South Africa? While hitting his ball out of the rough with a 9-iron, he struck a tree stump that had been hidden from view causing damage to his wrist, elbow and neck. a) Nick Price b) Andy North c) Denis Watson

3. Who holds the record for the lowest score after 72-holes at the Open Championship? a) Greg Norman b) Nick Faldo c) Mark Hayes 4. Paul Broadhurst made his only appearance at the Ryder Cup in which year? a) 1989 b) 1991 c) 1999 5. Who in 1997 was hired as the lead golf analyst for ESPN/ ABC, working alongside host Mike Tirico but left due to a contract dispute before the 2004 U.S. Open? a) David Duval b) Tom Watson c) Curtis Strange 6. Who was known for his innovation, he was the first to add a third wedge to his bag, was one of the first players to use a sports psychologist and one of the first to emphasize physical fitness for game improvement. a) Johnny Miller b) Tom Kite c) Chip Beck

9. Who was the first Australian to win a U.S. Open? a) David Graham b) Peter Thomson c) Ken Nagel 10. Who is one of the few players in history to win three U.S. Opens, becoming the oldest ever U.S. Open champion in 1990 at the age of 45? a) Bernhard Langer b) Gary Player c) Hale Irwin Proudly sponsored by:

The winner of the trivia quiz will receive two bottles of KWV 12 year old brandy!

1. The first correct entry drawn will be declared the winner. The draw will take place on the 20th of August 2016. 2. The Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence either in terms of the questions, answers or winner will be entered into. 3. The answers to the questions and the name of the winner will be published on the quiz page in the following issue. 4. Results and answers will be published in the next edition of SA Golf Trader. Instructions: 1. Choose one of the answers for each question. 2. Send the 10 letters of your chosen answers in sequence via email to or Fax your chosen answer letters to 086 694 2185.

ANSWERS TO THE MAY/JUNE EDITION 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.C 8

July | August 2016


SA golf bodies join global sustainability drive PGA NEWS

This will in turn significantly enhance the sustainability drive within South African golf as it benefits from global trends in this area. “The PGA has chosen to endorse GEO within the South African golf community due to their International recognition through the Royal & Ancient and the PGAs of Europe. The mutual collaboration with CMASA and TGMASA will allow for targeted engagement with the golf clubs and industry to the benefit of the environment and sustainable best practice,” said Ivano Ficalbi, Chief Executive of the PGA of South Africa. Janyne Marais (CMASA General Manager) and Ivano Ficalbi (PGA of South Africa CEO)


outh African golf is seeking to become a leader in environmental sustainability, with the PGA of South Africa (PGASA), Club Managers Association of Southern Africa (CMASA) and Turf Grass Managers Association of Southern Africa (TGMASA) all signing an international agreement to achieve this. The three bodies at the heart of the South African golf industry have committed to the vision of the Golf Environment Organization (GEO), an international non-profit organization aimed at making golf a global leader in sustainable sport and business. In so doing they have joined major golf bodies such as the Royal & Ancient; the European Tour; the PGAs of Europe; the Club Managers’ Associations in Europe, America and Asia; various golf federations and leading courses such as the St Andrews Links; as well as major sponsors such as Rolex, Lyoness and Toro in committing to make golf more environmentally sustainable.

July | August 2016

Janyne Marais, the General Manager of CMASA, is equally excited about this new initiative in the industry. “This is a very important agreement for us. This enables us to send a positive message to the public and to government about the benefits of golf courses and their role within the green belt. Environmental sustainability is vital and the timing is right for all parties to work together to achieve good practice in this area. We will also continue to work with all of our local consultants to ensure we meet the GEO standard and achieve certification.” According to Jonathan Peach, the Chairman of TGMASA, this agreement has the potential to showcase the already positive work being done at South African golf clubs to achieve sustainability. “There is a tremendous amount of good work already being done, and a global platform such as the one provided by GEO will help to showcase this and create a more positive environment for golf in this country. We are very excited to be a part of a move to bring all the main stakeholders in the golf industry together to create a greater impact in this area.”


tuition & instruction

Hips don’t lie... by Esmiralda Swart - Strength & Conditioning Specialist


ip mobility is a common problem among golfers. Limited hip rotation can be caused either by a physical limitation or poor movement patterns. When the hips don’t move we can expect to see some compensatory movements in the swing and also some swing faults. Limited hip rotation can also increase your risk of developing an injury. Hip rotation in the swing is important because it helps with speed generation and transferring energy to the club head. The most common swing faults associated with limited hip rotation are a sway and a slide. Limited hip rotation can also cause a reverse

spine angle in the swing, hanging back, early extension and a loss of posture. Most of these swing faults are dependent on the side of the limitation. These swing faults also tend to place a lot of pressure and strain on the lower back. There are two tests that can be used to evaluate the hips. The lower quarter rotation test can be used to assess the amount of range in the hips during the backswing and downswing and on each specific hip (left and right) and the pelvic rotation test that can be used to assess the quality of movement in the hips (rotational versus more lateral movement).

Lower quarter rotation test


Pelvic rotation test

July | August 2016

tuition & instruction On the left we see a golfer that presented with limited right hip internal rotation on the lower quarter rotation test and a more lateral movement on the pelvic rotation test. In the swing we can see that he exhibits reverse spine angle. Right hip internal rotation and proper pelvic rotation is important for rotating the hips fully and efficient movement in the swing. On the right we see his swing after he performed the drills and stretches over a period of time. There was a marked improvement not only in the movements and swing but also in the amount of strain the player experienced during the backswing.

How we improve hip mobility will depend on what the cause of the limitation is. Tightness in the soft tissue (ligaments and muscles) surrounding the hip could be the cause. Other factors that could limit hip mobility is muscle weakness or muscle imbalances or simply poor motor and muscle firing patterns. Stretches can be done for tissue extensibility problems. These stretches include a hip flexor stretch, a gluteal stretch, hamstring and a quad stretch. Foam rolling and massage will also be beneficial in loosening up the soft tissue around the hip. Drills that will help with movement patterns and muscle firing patterns include: hip twisters, hip swings and some glute activation exercises.

Hip twisters (in front of a mirror)

Proper hip movement and full range in the hips are paramount for an optimal swing. If the hips move well then the body won’t have to work so hard and the swing will be more energy efficient and the player will be able to reach greater club head speed. Hip movement during testing can give us an idea of what the swing will look like and the hips never lie. To book a golf fitness assessment contact me on Esmiralda Swart is the Strength & Conditioning Specialist at The Golf School of Excellence Johannesburg Campus. She has a Honours Degree in Sport Science and is a TPI Certifed Level 2 Fitness Professional.

July | August 2016

Band walk (glute activation)


tuition & instruction


July | August 2016

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld


he Highveld offers wonderful winter weather and with that a great opportunity to play its many golf courses at very reasonable “winter special rates”. Due to the height of 1753 m above sea-level, the climate in Johannesburg and on the Highveld is nice throughout the year. The favourable climate is one of Johannesburg’s main attractions. Many local residents, who enjoy annual holidays at the coast, would never consider living in hot, humid Durban or cold, wet Cape Town year round. In summer, the days are not too hot and the nights pleasantly cool. In winter, the nights can be quite cold; even below zero, but during the day the sun shines and lets the temperatures rise up to 25 degrees. Rainfall is to be expected only in summer from October to March.

Otherwise the dry climate of the African interior high-plateau, the Highveld, is dominant. Johannesburg gets an annual average of between eight and ten hours of sunshine per day. Only in August can the winds get up. In Pretoria, about 60 km north of Johannesburg, it is always two or three degrees warmer due to the lower altitude of only 1365 metres above sea-level. (Usually a difference of 100 m in elevation corresponds to 1 degree Celsius difference in temperature.) So browse through this feature and see which course best suits your needs and your pocket this winter. Our front cover picture is of the magnificent Els Club at Copperleaf situated in the heart of Gauteng.

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld

The Els Club at Copperleaf


he Els Club at Copperleaf is the second ‘Signature’ Ernie Els designed golf course in South Africa. This beautiful course has been designed to the highest possible specifications and USGA Specifications. The Els Club at Copperleaf is based just 40 minutes outside of Sandton or just 15 minutes outside of Centurion in Mnandi, Gauteng.

The care and dedication put into the design of South Africa’s first Els Club are evident everywhere. The best design principles have been brought together to produce a golf course which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also challenging and enjoyable for golfers of all standards.

Copperleaf is best defined as ‘modern classic’ – the layout tests every aspect of the game and provides even the longest hitters with a challenge. The course is one of the finest examples of the ‘Highveld grassland’ genre, and players experience a sense of openness and freedom with the Magaliesberg backdrop adding to the country atmosphere.

Home to South Africa’s first Els Club. Built on land once lived on by Ernie Els’ grandfather, Mr Ernie Vermaak, Copperleaf is proud to be home to South Africa’s first Els Club, and a golf course designed by Ernie Els.

July | August 2016

The course makes optimal use of the natural topography, with landscaped recreational areas. Within its unforgettable setting of natural grasslands and rocks, the wide fairways, spectacular water hazards and challenging bunkers delight and test golfers of all levels. Modern and minimalistic design principles are felt throughout the newly designed Els Club, offering spectacular facilities for golfers to relax after their round. The Els Club offers guaranteed five-star golfing, and the ideal way to perfect your game and clear your mind and relax afterwards.


S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld


July | August 2016

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld

July | August 2016


S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld

Glendower Golf Club and the SA Open


ne of the country’s true classics, Glendower Golf Club’s association with the world’s second oldest Open dates back to 1989 when American Fred Wadsworth captured the coveted title. The club also hosted the 1993 championship, won by South African Clinton Whitelaw, and the 1997 championship that saw Fijian Vijay Singh defeat Zimbabwe’s Nick Price for victory. This was also the first time that the Open was hosted as a European Tour event. It is an exquisitely designed, highly ranked parkland golf course situated in Johannesburg. Challenging and set amidst gorgeous surroundings, Glendower Golf Club is said to be a test for the world’s best golfers, hence the welcome return in 2013 of the SA Open where Morten Orum Madsen was victorious in lifting the trophy. Then in January 2015, Glendower hosted the prestigious 104th South African Open Championship, where Andy Sullivan won in a dramatic play-off against Charl Schwartzel to claim victory. The 104th SA Open formed part of the 2014 Sunshine Tour Order of Merit with Ernie Els as Ambassador of this prestigious Championship. Brandon Stone won this year’s SA Open and 2017 will also see Glendower Golf Club hosting this prestigious event.


With a proud history dating back to 1935, Glendower has held many of the country’s flagship tournaments. In 1939 the club played host to its first major tournament, The Transvaal Open Championship. This was won by Mr A.D.”Bobby” Locke in a world record score of 265 shooting rounds of 66, 69, 66 and 64. Other national amateur championships include the 1986 Women’s 72-hole Teams Championship, 1987 SA Amateur and SA Stroke Play Championships, the 1993 SA Men’s Inter-Provincial and the SA Women’s Amateur and SA Stroke play Championships in 2003. Glendower also hosted the 1964 South African Non-European Championships and has been home to the Sunshine Tour’s BMG Classic since 2009. Glendower Golf Club offers brilliant practice facilities with Master PGA Professional Gavan Levenson and his Elite Golf Academy. The practice area is located behind the clubhouse, and the practice putting green is in front. Chipping Greens and bunkers can be found beside the 10th tee. Glendower has a quality stocked pro shop and PGA qualified professional Rudy Whitfield along with his trained assistants can assist you with custom fitting of the best golf equipment, apparel and accessories at great prices.

July | August 2016

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld


July | August 2016

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld

July | August 2016


S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld

July | August 2016


S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld


July | August 2016

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld


July | August 2016

S pecial F eature - W inter golf on the H ighveld

July | August 2016



Johnson wins US Open A

t long last, Dustin Johnson’s moment had arrived. He had endured all forms of heartache on the last days of major championships, whether losing them with a dreadful final round, missed putts on the 18th green or even a penalty for a rules violation.

The score would not be certain until several minutes later, when Johnson indeed received the penalty, giving him a final-round 69 that left him at 4 under par for the tournament. But neither the USGA nor anyone else could deny him what he had waited so long to achieve.

Now, as he walked off the 11th green at Oakmont CC on The final day, he was ahead by two strokes with seven holes left in the U.S. Open. Or wasn’t he?

“I knew I was swinging well,” Johnson said, “and I just kept thinking, ‘It’s just me and the course. I’m playing against the course. I can’t control what anyone else does.’”

As Johnson approached the 12th tee, he was approached by a USGA rules official named Jeff Hall, who told him that he might be assessed a one-stroke penalty for the slight movement of his ball before a putt on the fifth green. Or he might not be.

Shane Lowry of Ireland, who led by four strokes entering the final round, shot a 6-over-par 76 to finish in a three-way tie for second, at 1 under par. He became the first player to blow a lead of four or more strokes entering the final round of the U.S. Open since Payne Stewart in 1998.

The USGA would wait until after the round to decide, which created one of the more surreal scenarios at a championship event in modern sports history: No one could be sure what the score was.

The issue in question was whether or not Johnson caused his ball to move before sinking a six-foot par putt. A day earlier, Lowry had called a one-stroke penalty on himself when his ball moved slightly after he addressed it before a putt on the 16th green. But after immediately alerting a rules official to the movement of his ball, Johnson said he did not cause the movement.

Only by widening his lead even further did Johnson guarantee that this major would not end like all the other ones he had played in. After hitting his approach shot to within five feet of the 18th hole, Johnson sank the birdie putt to secure his first career major title.


The issue seemed to be resolved until Hall, the USGA’s managing director of rules and competition, approached Johnson and appeared

July | August 2016


on the Fox broadcast to explain the situation minutes later. Hall indicated the USGA would assess a onestroke penalty, but wouldn’t say for sure. “We have some concerns,” he said. “We wanted to put Dustin on notice.” The combination of those comments, the indecision by the USGA and Hall approaching Johnson about it in the middle of his round sparked a wave of outcry on social media from fans and other players alike. Rory McIlroy, who had left the tournament after missing the cut, wrote on Twitter: “This is ridiculous. No penalty whatsoever for DJ. Let the guy play without this crap in his head. Amateur hour from (USGA).” Jordan Spieth, who finished at 9 over par, wrote: “This is a joke.” Even 76-year-old golf legend Jack Nicklaus weighed in, arguing with USGA executive director Mike Davis before the trophy ceremony near the 18th green. “They have to either give him the penalty or not,” Nicklaus said. Davis said the penalty was “cut and dried” but that the proper time to discuss it was after the round, when Johnson could watch the video alongside USGA officials. “There have been many instances like this in golf,” Davis said. Johnson, 31 years old, had spent what seemed like an eternity at the top of leaderboards at majors, at just about every time except the end.

July | August 2016

He led after the first rounds of last year’s U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. He led entering the final round of the 2010 U.S. Open and lost it by shooting an 82. He led entering the final hole of the 2010 PGA Championship but lost as a result of a twostroke penalty he incurred for grounding his club in a bunker. He appeared bound for a playoff with Spieth at last year’s U.S. Open until he three-putted on the 18th green in the last round. But all along, he has been outwardly unburdened by the opportunities he has missed. When asked if last year’s U.S. Open motivated him, he deadpanned, “What happened last year?” A birdie by Johnson on the ninth hole and a bogey by Lowry on the same hole minutes later put Johnson alone in the lead by one stroke – or tied for the lead, as it turned out. When Lowry missed a 7-foot par putt on No. 10, the lead grew to two – or one, in retrospect. What became clear after Hall spoke to Johnson was that he would need to win by at least two strokes to be certain that the trophy was his when the last group walked off the green. Though Johnson bogeyed the 14th hole, Lowry could not provide any late drama. He bogeyed the 14th, 15th and 16th holes to finish in a tie with Jim Furyk and Scott Piercy. Finally, things broke in Dustin Johnson’s favor at a major, even when they didn’t.


S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps & downs: L ife on the S unshine Tour

Bryandrew’s Breakthrough and the Return of Riekus By Ryan Cairns | Photographs by Petri Oeschger

Over the last few weeks, the Sunshine Big Easy Tour players competed in three co-sanctioned tournaments with the Dubai-based, Mena Tour on some of Joburg’s best golf courses. Week one found us on the short, yet treacherous lay-out of Zwartkop Country Club. Over the course of three days the scores reflected the difficulty of the Centurion-based club, with an over par cut-line still managing to dismiss 70 of the 120 competitors. I opened up with a 3 under par 69, followed by a round of 71, before failing to break par with a final round of 74 to finish way down the leaderboard in 41st place. I’ve been working hard on my long game, which paid off for the most part that week but missed too many putts inside of ten feet to ever get into contention. 32

July | August 2016

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps & downs: L ife on the S unshine Tour


he eventual winner at Zwartkop CC is one of the rookies and an evolving character on tour, Bryandrew Roelofsz. I’ve had the pleasure of playing a few practice rounds with him this year and he really is “salt of the earth” as they say. An interesting fact is that Bryandrew took to Social Media earlier this year and successfully raised sponsorship money for the Zimbabwe and Zambia Opens on the Sunshine Tour in April. The total bill for traveling to both of these tournaments is around R30,000 for flights, accommodation, caddie, food etc and with a little help from his friends he covered the bill - I love that story as it not only shows the power of Social Media in our modern world but also how much people care about those closest to them. It takes guts to be honest about needing help the way he did and even more guts to win R80,000 in a co-sanctioned tour event

July | August 2016

just six weeks later. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we see him win on the Sunshine Tour before the end of this season either. Next up was the Joburg City Masters at Glendower Golf Club, one of South Africa’s finest lay-outs and has always been a personal favourite of mine. The first round was met by a ‘Jozi Cold Front’, with a single figure ‘high’ for the day accompanied by a frosty breeze and some light rain for good measure - It was horrific to play golf in, which the scoreboard reflected. Six players either WD (Withdrew), RTD Retired or were DSQ (Disqualified). Now I’m not saying that they were struggling so badly out there, that they each hit their own “Eject Now” button, but I’m also not saying that they didn’t do that either - It certainly crossed my mind at five over par through the first seven holes. Without being able to


S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps & downs: L ife on the S unshine Tour feel your hands at all, it becomes guess-work

The Joburg City Masters was won in style by

as to which direction the ball is going to fly

a British player from the Mena Tour, Craig

off the club face. After some (unrepeatable)

Hinton on a total of 7 under par - I didn’t

self-talk down the eighth fairway, I gath-

get to meet Craig but I’m sure that we will

ered myself and rallied back to shoot one

see more of this quality player in our South

under on the back nine to post an opening

African Summer events soon.

76. With the projected cut sitting at +4, I went into the second round with a posi-

Last up of the three co-sanctioned tourna-

tive attitude having convinced myself that

ments was played at Waterkloof Golf Club

anything par or better that day would safely

in Pretoria. I had never played there before

get me through the cut-line. It worked, as I

that week and was blown away by the speed

went on to post a 3 under par 69 and safely

of the greens, which looking at my scores

jump into the top 50. Following up on the

would have told you! After making seven

69, a final round 70 moved me even further

cuts in a row between the Sunshine Tour and

up the board into an eventual tie for 15th.

these three co-sanctioned events with the

It’s a great feeling to win tournaments, but

Mena Tour, I missed the cut by a few shots at

sometimes bouncing back mentally in tough

Waterkloof and as a result was forced to sit

conditions just to make a cut and bank a

on the sidelines for the final round. It turned

cheque feels unbelievably good too!

out to be the Riekus Nortje show at Water-


July | August 2016

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps & downs: L ife on the S unshine Tour kloof, as he went on to win by four shots on -13 over the 54 holes! Riekus Nortje is another short story worth telling, as he has spent the better part of two years in the abyss having lost his Sunshine Tour card at the end of 2013, despite a very promising rookie season in 2012. More recently he has been coaching at the BDGA, based at Eagle Canyon Golf Estate in order to continue pursuing his dream of playing in the big leagues. By all accounts he is an absolute gentleman and deserves every bit of success along the way - I especially have a soft spot for players like this who put in the hard yards both on and off the course in order to turn their dream into a reality. Mentored by Hendrik Buhrman and Martin Du Toit at BDGA, this 25 year old is already starting to prove exactly what he is made of and surely set for the big stage within the next couple of seasons. Thanks for reading and if you’d ever like to get in touch you can find me on Twitter @CairnzyGolf. Until then, swing smoothly and in the words of Jordan Spieth “Aim Small, Miss Small”.

P.S; If you’d really like an “inside the ropes” experience of life on Tour, check out to join myself and a few other Tour Players on the road from August onwards! July | August 2016


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - western C ape

01 December 2015 - 31 March 2016

Come and play this winter at one of South Africa’s most iconic and oldest golf courses.







July | August 2016

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - western C ape

July | August 2016


R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S Quicken Loans National, Course: Congressional CC 23 - 26 June 2016

Sunshine Tour KCM Zambia Open 2016, Nchanga GC 2 - 5 June 2016 1 Jaco Ahlers 2 Jacques Blaauw 3 Hennie du Plessis 4 Adilson Da Silva 5 Louis de Jager 6 Jean-Paul Strydom 7 Justin Harding T8 Neil Schietekat Danie van Tonder Ruan de Smidt


-17 -17 -15 -14 -13 -12 -11 -9 -9 -9

271 271 273 274 275 276 277 279 279 279

68- 65-67-71 65-65-72-69 72-68-66-67 71-70-65-68 68-72-67-68 70-73-68-65 71-70-66-70 71-72-70-66 69-73-70-67 69-70-64-76

R317,000.00 R230,000.00 R138,400.00 R98,200.00 R82,600.00 R 70,800.00 R 59,000.00 R43,866.67 R43,866.67 R43,866.67

Sunshine Tour order of merit as of 30 June 2016 1 Brandon Stone RSA 2 Haydn Porteous RSA 3 Charl Schwartzel RSA 4 Zander Lombard RSA 5 Justin Walters RSA 6 Christiaan Bezuidenhout RSA 7 Dean Burmester RSA 8 Anthony Michael RSA 9 George Coetzee RSA 10 Richard Sterne RSA 11 Tano Goya ARG 12 Ross McGowan ENG 13 Jaco Van Zyl RSA 14 Jacques Blaauw RSA 15 Keith Horne RSA 16 Dylan Frittelli RSA 17 Adilson Da Silva BRA 18 Louis de Jager RSA 19 Mark Williams ZIM T20 Retief Goosen RSA Branden Grace RSA

6 6 1 9 7 7 8 10 6 6 3 6 7 10 8 7 8 11 11 1 1

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

(-4) (-1) (-1) (-1) (0) (0)

3,625,470.83 3,089,005.58 2,932,250.00 2,655,668.67 2,162,516.67 1,945,870.00 1,937,130.67 1,540,397.00 1,375,895.79 1,241,018.67 1,207,248.00 1,175,673.60 1,020,189.83 956,622.00 807,825.00 713,029.29 695,691.00 678,661.00 645,184.50 582,375.00 582,375.00

PGA TOUR U.S. Open, Oakmont CC 16 - 19 June 2016 1 Dustin Johnson T2 Jim Furyk Shane Lowry Scott Piercy T5 Sergio Garcia Grace


67-69-71-69 71-68-74-66 68-70-65-76 68-70-72-69 68-70-72-70 73-70-66-71

276 279 279 279 280 280

Other South Africans T23 Louis Oosthuizen Charl Schwartzel

RSA 75-65-74-73 RSA 76-68-69-74

287 287


$ 1,800,000.00 $ 745,270.00 $ 745,270.00 $ 745,270.00 $ 374,395.00 $ 374,395.00

$ 82,890.00 $ 82,890.00

1 Billy Hurley III 2 Vijay Singh T3 Bill Haas Jon Rahm 5 Ernie Els


66-65-67-69 68-66-71-65 66-69-68-68 64-67-70-70 66-69-65-72

Other South Africans T57 Tyrone Van Aswegen RSA 69-70-71-74 T64 Dawie van der Walt RSA 70-70-73-73

267 270 271 271 272

(-17) (-14) (-13) (-13) (-12)

$ 1,242,000.00 $ 745,200.00 $ 400,200.00 $ 400,200.00 $ 276,000.00

284 (0) 286 (+2)

$ 15,318.00 $ 14,214.00

World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational Firestone CC, 30 Jun - 3 Jul 2016 1 Dustin Johnson 2 Scott Piercy T3 Kevin Chappell Jason Day Matt Kuchar Jordan Spieth


69-73-66-66 69-69-67-70 71-70-69-67 67-69-69-72 69-72-70-66 68-71-71-67

274 275 277 277 277 277

(-6) (-5) (-3) (-3) (-3) (-3)

$ 1,620,000.00 $ 1,018,000.00 $ 449,250.00 $ 449,250.00 $ 449,250.00 $ 449,250.00

Other South Africans T7 Charl Schwartzel T10 Branden Grace T21 George Coetzee Louis Oosthuizen


72-69-67-70 69-72-71-68 71-72-71-69 71-76-67-69

278 280 283 283

(-2) (0) (+3) (+3)

$ $ $ $

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

233,333.33 167,750.00 91,000.00 91,000.00

PGA Tour order of merit as of 3 July 2016

Dustin Johnson Jason Day Adam Scott Jordan Spieth Kevin Chappell Russell Knox Justin Thomas William McGirt Patrick Reed Matt Kuchar

Other Southern Africans 22 Branden Grace 27 Charl Schwartzel 39 Louis Oosthuizen 107 Tyrone Van Aswegen 108 Retief Goosen 137 Ernie Els 166 Brendon de Jonge 174 Thomas Aiken 176 Dawie van der Walt 196 Rory Sabbatini 200 Tim Clark


15 13 14 15 20 18 20 20 20 18

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

6,591,420.00 6,317,860.00 4,974,085.00 4,585,282.00 3,450,617.00 3,140,086.00 3,138,441.00 3,073,558.00 3,056,531.00 3,003,715.00


12 13 11 25 13 16 25 18 20 16 7

$2,377,076.00 $2,235,519.00 $1,808,203.00 $ 745,891.00 $ 729,162.00 $ 511,679.00 $ 305,213.00 $ 271,911.00 $ 264,493.00 $ 125,198.00 $ 110,361.00 TOUR Rust-Oleom Championship Ivanhoe Club, 13 - 16 June 2016 1 T2

Max Homa John Mallinger Josh Teater


71-69-68-67 68-67-72-69 66-67-68-75

275 (-13) 276 (-12) 276 (-12)

$ 108,000.00 $ 52,800.00 $ 52,800.00

July | August 2016

R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S 4 Dan Woltman USA 5 Jason Millard USA No other South Africans

68-69-67-73 75-66-67-70

277 (-10) 278 (-11)

$ $

28,800.00 24,000.00

Air Capitol Classic, Crestview CC 23 - 26 June 2016 1 T2

Ollie Schniederjans USA J.J. Spaun USA Collin Morikawa USA Brandon Hagy USA Jim Renner USA

4 5

68-67-61-67 67-68-64-64 67-70-63-63 67-65-67-65 66-65-68-66

263 263 263 264 265

(-17) (-17) (-17) (-16) (-15)

$ 112,500.00 $ 67,500.00 Amateur $ 42,500.00 $ 30,000.00

No other South Africans

1 2 3 4 5 order of merit as of 3 July 2016

Wesley Bryan Richy Werenski Ollie Schniederjans Ryan Armour Brad Fritsch

Other South Africans 145 Kyle Scott 169 Garth Mulroy T197 Dawie van der Walt


10 13 11 13 7

$ $ $ $ $

296,092.00 263,470.00 245,713.00 187,950.00 186,990.00


12 2 1

$ $ $

9,977.00 4,095.00 1,605.00

CHAMPIoNS TOUR Constellation a Senior Players Championship Philadelphia CC, 9 - 12 June 2016 1 Woody Austin 1 Bernhard Langer T2 Joe Durant Miguel Angel Jimenez T4 Brandt Jobe Wes Short, Jr. Other South Africans

T13 David Frost


72-69-64 71-68-69-73 74-70-70-68 72-71-71-68 69-69-74-71 71-69-72-72

RSA 72-70-71-76

205 281 282 282 283 284

(-11) (-7) (-6) (-6) (-5) (-4)

289 (+1)

$ $ $ $ $ $

270,000.00 420,000.00 224,000.00 224,000.00 166,600.00 133,000.00

$ 47,600.00

Champions Tour order of merit as of 3 July 2016

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Bernhard Langer Billy Andrade Woody Austin Duffy Waldorf Kirk Triplett Miguel Angel Jimenez Joe Durant Scott McCarron Colin Montgomerie Rocco Mediate

Other South Africans 13 David Frost 123 Christopher Williams


11 13 11 13 13 5 12 12 11 12

$ 1,559,050.00 $ 830,191.00 $ 818,245.00 $ 771,018.00 $ 767,965.00 $ 724,950.00 $ 666,705.00 $ 663,973.00 $ 647,403.00 $ 634,724.00


13 1

$ 559,569.00 $ 10,000.00

EUROPEAN TOUR Lyoness Open, Diamond CC 9 - 12 June 2016 1 2

Wu Ashun Otaegui Adrian

Chn 69-72-65-69 Esp 64-76-67-69

July | August 2016

275 (-13) 276 (-12)

€ 166,660.00 € 111,110.00

3 Mcevoy Richard Eng 4 Morrison James Eng 5 Lombard Zander Rsa Other South Africans T10 Van Der Walt Tjaart Rsa T38 Burmester Dean Rsa T42 Kruger Jbe Rsa

71-69-68-69 277 (-11) 70-72-68-68 278 (-10) 67-70-68-74 279 (-9)

€ 62,600.00 € 50,000.00 € 42,400.00

72-74-68-68 282 (-6) 73-72-70-73 288 (0) 72-74-70-73 289 (+1)

€ 15,800.00 € 6,600.00 € 5,300.00

BMW International, Golf Club Gut Laerchenhof 23 - 26 June 2016 1 T2

Stenson Henrik swe Fichardt Darren rsa Olesen Thorbjørn den 4 Jacquelin Raphaël fra T5 Aphibarnrat Kiradech tha Garcia Sergio esp Other South Africans T21 Lombard Zander Rsa T33 Stone Brandon Rsa T38 Van Zyl Jaco Rsa

68-65-67-71 68-69-68-69 67-67-67-73 65-68-72-72 69-64-74-71 71-68-70-69

271 274 274 277 278 278

(-17) (-14) (-14) (-11) (-10) (-10)

67-68-71-77 283 (-5) 70-72-74-69 285 (-3) 71-68-73-74 286 (-2)

€ € € € € €

333,330.00 173,710.00 173,710.00 100,000.00 77,400.00 77,400.00

€ 21,400.00 € 15,040.00 € 12,600.00

100th Open de France, Le Golf national, 30 June - 3 July 1 2 3 4 T5

Jaidee Thongchai Molinari Francesco Mcilroy Rory Cabrera Bello Rafa Kaymer Martin Stone Brandon Other South Africans T11 Sterne Richard T38 Fisher Jnr Trevor T45 Walters Justin T62 Van Zyl Jaco

Tha Ita Nir Esp Ger rsa

67-70-68-68 68-71-72-66 71-66-70-71 73-69-70-67 74-68-68-70 69-68-73-70

273 277 278 279 280 280

(-11) (-7) (-6) (-5) (-4) (-4)

€ € € € € €

583,330.00 388,880.00 219,100.00 175,000.00 125,300.00 125,300.00

Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa

76-68-69-70 71-71-73-74 71-72-77-70 71-71-79-76

283 289 290 297

(-1) (+5) (+6) (+13)

€ 57,190.00 € 22,050.00 € 17,150.00 € 8,925.00

European Tour Order Of Merit As Of 4 JULY 2016

1 Willett Danny Eng 8 2 Mcilroy Rory Nir 5 3 Cabrera Bello Rafa Esp 13 4 Oosthuizen Louis Rsa 10 5 Wood Chris Eng 16 6 Stenson Henrik Swe 8 7 Grace Branden Rsa 9 8 Westwood Lee Eng 12 9 Jaidee Thongchai Tha 14 10 Luiten Joost Ned 16 Other South Africans 15 Schwartzel Charl Rsa 7 20 Stone Brandon Rsa 9 39 Van Zyl Jaco Rsa 7 52 Aiken Thomas Rsa 4 66 Porteous Haydn Rsa 17 75 Fichardt Darren Rsa 13 78 Lombard Zander Rsa 8 83 Sterne Richard Rsa 10 89 Fisher Jnr Trevor Rsa 10 94 Coetzee George Rsa 7 97 Frittelli Dylan Rsa 8 98 Walters Justin Rsa 14 128 Burmester Dean Rsa 8 134 Horne Keith Rsa 7 150 Kruger Jbe Rsa 10 155 Els Ernie Rsa 7 158 Norris Shaun Rsa 8 161 Van Der Walt Tjaart Rsa 9 168 Otto Hennie Rsa 13 170 Blaauw Jacques Rsa 173 Van Rooyen Erik Rsa 5 191 Hugo Jean Rsa 11

€ € € € € € € € € €

3,134,208.00 1,321,645.00 1,708,154.00 1,621,352.00 1,582,150.00 1,448,095.00 1,268,293.00 1,159,814.00 922,200.00 916,044.00

€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € €

785,662.00 625,755.00 421,229.00 328,585.00 274,039.00 237,391.00 222,756.00 211,178.00 186,286.00 173,222.00 167,122.00 163,354.00 122,860.00 92,810.00 72,390.00 65,863.00 61,253.00 58,708.00 50,540.00 44,727.00 40,358.00 31,425.00


calend A r

Sunshine Tour


Vodacom Origins of Golf

Wild Coast CC

AUGUST 2016 4 - 6 18 - 20 24 - 26

Sun City Challenge Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour Sun Wild Coast Sun Challenge

Gary Player CC Arabella CC Wild Coast Sun CC

SEPTEMBER 2016 8 - 10 21 - 23 29 Sep - 1 Oct

Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour Sun Carnival City Challenge Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour

Sishen GC Ebotse Links Simola Golf & CE

Amateur events - Men DATE EVENT VENUE JULY 2016 2 – 3 5 – 7 8 – 10 10 11 – 12 14 – 15 24 30 – 31

Eastern Province Senior Open Nomads SA Boys U17 Championship Limpopo Open Lowveld Mid-Amateur Open Nomads Inland Noom Tshwane Junior Open North West Mid-Amateur Open Border Stroke Play

St Francis Bay GC Kingswood GE Koro Creek GC White River CC Modderfontein GC Pretoria CC Rustenburg GC Fish River Sun GC

AUGUST 2016 4 – 5 4 – 5 6 – 7 7 7 – 8 20 – 21 25 – 27

SA High Schools Championship Ernie Els SA Primary Schools Championship Northern Cape Senior Open KZN Mid-Amateur Open Africa Junior Open Mpumalanga Senior Open KZN Amateur MP

East London GC Port Shepstone CC Kimberley GC Durban CC Fish River Sun GC Witbank GC Margate CC

CONTAC T DETAILS Boland Golf Union Border Golf Union Central Gauteng Golf Union Eastern Gauteng Golf Union


(021) 873 6828 (043) 740 3899 (011) 485 4251 (011) 425 5316

Freestate and Northern Cape Golf Union Gauteng North Golf Union Karoo Golf Union Sunshine Tour

(057) 899 1724 (012) 667 1087 (054) 332 3323 (021) 850 6500

July | August 2016

calend A r

events calendar JULY, AUG & SEPT 2016 Amateur events - Men (continued)


KZN Senior Spring Classic

Umhlali CC

1 – 2

Western Province Mid-Amateur Open

Royal Cape GC

2 – 4

Mpumalanga Open

Middelburg CC

4 – 5

KZN Senior Tournament

Zimbali CC

10 – 11

Border Mid-Amateur Open


12 – 13

Louis Oosthuizen Junior Club Championship

Mossel Bay GC

17 – 18

Lowveld Senior Open

Nelspruit GC

19 – 23

SA Inter Provincial

Fish River Sun GC

30 Sep – 2 Oct

Ekurhuleni Open

Reading CC

Amateur events - Women

DATE EVENT VENUE JULY 2016 3 - 6 10 - 13 11 - 13 31

Gauteng North Championship Sanlam SA Amateur Match Play Championship R & A Junior Open Nomads Gauteng Junior Championship

Woodhill CC Ebotse Links Kilmarnock, Scotland Royal JHB & Kensington GC

AUGUST 2016 1 - 4 9 - 13 16 - 17 27 - 28

Annika Invitational Girls British Open Amateur Gauteng Stroke Play Championship Southern Cape Championship

Bokskogens GC, Sweden Royal St. Davids Parkview GC Oubaai GC

SEPTEMBER 2016 4 - 5 11 - 12 12 - 15 14 - 17 24 - 27

Northern Cape Championship Ekurhuleni Junior & Senior Championship Duke of York Young Champions Trophy World Amateur Teams Championship Boland Championship

Kimberley GC TBA Royal Birkdale GC Cancun, Mexico Arabella GE

CONTAC T DETAILS KZN Golf Union Mpumalanga Golf Union Limpopo Golf Union North-West Province Golf Union

July | August 2016

(031) 202 7636 (013) 692 3002 (015) 295 4118 (044) 533 3507

Southern Cape Golf Union Eastern Cape Golf Union Western Province Golf Union Sunshine Tour (Joanne)

(044) 873 5823 (043) 735 4443 (021) 686 1668 (021) 850 6500




Najeti Open, AA St Omer GC 16 - 19 June 2016 1 T2

Lima José-Filipe Por Detry Thomas Bel Tadini Alessandro Ita T4 Huizing Daan Ned 4 Stewart Duncan Sco Other South Africans T21 Lloyd Darryn Rsa 65 Bezuidenhout Christiaan Rsa 69 Lombard Zander Rsa 78 Bremner Merrick Rsa

Acorn Jersey Open, La Moye GC 9 - 11 June 2016

66-70-71-68 67-67-71-72 68-71-71-67 71-69-67-71 65-72-67-74

275 277 277 278 278

(-9) (-7) (-7) (-6) (-6)

€ € € € €

32,000.00 18,000.00 18,000.00 11,000.00 11,000.00

70-69-70-74 74-66-77-73 75-69-70-78 73-71-79-74

283 290 292 297

(-1) (+6) (+8) (+13)

€ € € €

1,872.00 500.00 430.00 260.00

SSE Scottish Hydro challenge, McDonald Spey Valley GC 23 - 26 June 2016 1 2 T3

Heath James Fox Ryan Perrier Damien Smith Jordan L T5 Murray Tom Selfridge Chris No other South Africans

Eng Nzl Fra Eng Eng Nir

68-62-65-68 65-66-70-64 70-65-66-65 66-66-70-64 65-67-68-68 65-64-67-72

263 265 266 266 268 268

(-21) (-19) (-18) (-18) (-16) (-16)

€ € € € € €

40,000.00 27,500.00 16,250.00 16,250.00 11,250.00 11,250.00

Made in Denmark challenge, Aalborg GK, 30 Jun - 3 July 2016 1 2

Ritthammer Bernd Ger 67-68-70-67 Van Der Vaart Jurrian Ned 68-71-66-68


Frittelli Dylan Rsa Hahn John Usa Knappe Alexander Ger Other South Africans T26 Rohwer Martin Rsa 75 Bekker Oliver Rsa

272 (-12) 273 (-11)

€ €

67-68-70-69 274 (-10) 64-70-67-73 274 (-10) 65-70-70-69 274 (-10)

1 T2

Manson Gordon Wolstenholme Gary Woosnam Ian T4 Williams Chris T5 Brown Simon P Smyth Des

1 T2


€ 73,472.00



€ 60,247.00



€ 56,046.00

4 Bernd Ritthammer



€ 55,469.00

5 Alexander Knappe



€ 54,220.00

3 Damien Perrier

Other South Africans 30 Dylan Frittelli



61 Jacques Blaauw



€ 10,845.00

63 Christiaan Bezuidenhout



€ 10,510.00

113 Danie Van Tonder




129 Darryn Lloyd




139 Michael G Palmer






Usa Eng Esp Esp Eng Eng

67-66-67 67-67-67 66-68-67 67-64-70 70-66-66 68-66-68

Other South Africans T12 Kingston James Rsa 69-69-66 T34 Williams Chris Rsa 71-68-70

(-10) (-10) (-10) (-8) (-7) (-7)

€ 38,630.00 € 21,890.00 € 21,890.00 € 14,164.00 € 10,984.00 € 10,984.00

221 (+5)


200 201 201 201 202 202

€ € € € € €

45,000.00 22,500.00 22,500.00 22,500.00 12,130.00 12,130.00

€ €

5,447.00 2,070.00

(-10) (-9) (-9) (-9) (-8) (-8)

204 (-6) 209 (-1)

European seniors tour order of merit as of 3 July 2016 1 2 3 4 5

European Challenge Tour order of merit as of 4 July 2016 Eng

Thelen Tim Brown Simon P Linhart Pedro Martin Miguel Angel Sherborne Andrew Spence Jamie


1,548.00 306.00

2 Matthieu Pavon

206 206 206 208 209 209

Swiss Seniors Open, Bad Ragaz GC 30 June - 3 July 2016

28,800.00 19,800.00

1 Jordan L Smith

69-67-70 71-65-70 67-67-72 70-72-66 70-69-70 71-65-73

Other South Africans 45 Kingston James Rsa 71-76-74

€ 10,800.00 € 10,800.00 € 10,800.00

71-69-71-71 282 (-2) € 68-74-77-79 298 (+14) €

Aut Eng Wal Rsa Eng Irl

Colin Montgomerie Bernhard Langer David Frost Paul Broadhurst Tim Thelen

Sco Ger Rsa Eng Usa

1 1 1 4 4

€ 270,142.00 € 144,016.00 € 64,584.00 € 62,186.00 € 55,182.00

Other South Africans 10 Chris Williams 30 James Kingston

Rsa Rsa

4 3

€ 38,375.00 € 13,307.00

LADIES EUROPEAN TOUR Tipsport Golf Masters Golf Park Pilsen 17 - 19 June 2016 1 1 T2 T4

Thelen Tim Usa Nanna Koerstz Madsen Den Pamela Pretswell Sco Stacey Keating Aus Linda Wessberg Swe Albane Valenzuela

67-66-67 68-65-65 70-65-68 68-64-71 66-71-67 69-65-70

Other South Africans T22 Stacy Lee Bregman Rsa 71-69-69

200 198 203 203 204 204

(-10) (-15) (-10) (-10) (-9) (-9)

209 (-4)

€ € € € € €

45,000.00 37,500.00 18,750.00 18,750.00 11,250.00 11,250.00


July | August 2016

R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S LPGA order of merit as of 4 July 2016

Ladies European Tour order of Merit as of 3 July 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Beth Allen Nanna Koerstz Madsen Nuria Iturrios Shanshan Feng Florentyna Parker Georgia Hall Stacey Keating Camilla Lennarth Charley Hull Nicole Broch Larsen

Usa Den Spa Chi Ger Eng Aus Swe Eng Den

Other South Africans 59 Stacy Lee Bregman 76 Nicole Garcia 86 Ashleigh Simon 104 Connie Chen

7 7 3 1 6 7 7 7 1 6

Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa

€ € € € € € € € € €

3 4 2 5

83,176.19 73,603.75 73,136.05 72,324.45 66,177.77 47,095.64 45,860.27 44,153.53 42,280.16 40,440.87

€ € € €

9,657.43 5,634.82 4,125.00 2,868.87



Lydia Ko





Lydia Ko



$ 1,816,738.00


Brooke M. Henderson



$ 1,285,715.00


Ariya Jutanugarn



$ 1,148,033.00


Sei Young Kim






Haru Nomura






Lexi Thompson






In Gee Chun






Ha Na Jang






Minjee Lee





10 Anna Nordqvist





19 Lee-Anne Pace





62 Paula Reto





107 Ashleigh Simon





131 Bertine Strauss





Other South Africans

Meijer Lpga Classic Grand Rapids, 16 - 19 June 2016 1 2 3 T4

Sei Young Kim Carlota Ciganda In Gee Chun Lydia Ko Lexi Thompson


Other South Africans 56T Paula Reto RSA 63T Ashleigh Simon RSA

65-69-65-68 65-69-66-67 66-67-65-71 67-68- 67-68 65-67-66-72

267 267 269 270 270

65-70-77-71 283 68-68-73-75 284

(-17) (-17) (-15) (-14) (-14)

(-1) (0)

$ 300,000.00 $ 182,127.00 $ 132,120.00 $ 92,234.00 $ 92,234.00

$ $

5,228.00 4,587.00

Walmart NW Arkansas Championship Arkansas GC, 24 - 26 June 2016 1 T2


66-62-68 64-66-69 65-63-71 65-70-65 66-66-68

196 199 199 200 200

(-17) (-14) (-14) (-13) (-13)

$ 300,000.00 $ 157,838.00 $ 157,838.00 $ 77,379.00 $ 77,379.00

Other South Africans T13 Lee-Anne Pace RSA T32 Paula Reto RSA

67-67-68 69-68-69

202 206

(-11) (-7)

$ 29,248.00 $ 11,678.00


Lydia Ko Candie Kung Morgan Pressel Angela Stanford Moriya Jutanugarn

Cambia Portland Classic, Portland, 30 Jun - 3 Jul 2016 1 2 3 T4

Brooke M. Henderson CAN

Stacy Lewis Suzann Pettersen Austin Ernst Mariajo Uribe


Other South Africans 6T Lee-Anne Pace RSA 41T Paula Reto RSA

65-68-70-71 72-70-67-69 69-64-74-72 72-66-69-73 67-67-71-75

274 278 279 280 280

69-72-72-68 281 71-74-71-71 287

July | August 2016

(-14) (-10) (-9) (-8) (-8)

(-7) (-1)

$ 195,000.00 $ 120,962.00 $ 87,750.00 $ 61,259.00 $ 61,259.00

$ 36,094.00 $ 5,993.00


Official World Golf Rankings as of end of 1 MAY 2016 1

Jason Day




Dustin Johnson




Jordan Spieth




Rory McIlroy




Bubba Watson




Henrik Stenson




Rickie Fowler




Adam Scott




Danny Willett



10 Branden Grace



14 Louis Oosthuizen



22 Charl Schwartzel



65 Jaco Van Zyl



89 Brandon Stone



111 George Coetzee



117 Dean Burmester



135 Retief Goosen



151 Thomas Aiken



Other South Africans


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - the garden route NE WS CLIP

Van Zyl shifts focus to Olympics home to the added stress of building a house. This was definitely wasn’t a decision I took lightly, but something had to give and I decided to forego the Majors in July in favour of the Olympics.


“I expect that there will be a camp that will criticize me for withdrawing from the Majors, but I feel very passionate about golf’s debut at the Olympics. Rory (McIlroy) said in a recent press conference that we play four “Olympics” a year because Major titles are what we play for, but I don’t agree.

Speaking from his home in Benoni, the world number 65 said he would be spending the next six at home, working on his game in preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August.

“To me, the Olympics is the pinnacle of all sporting events and to have the chance to represent Team South Africa on sports’ biggest stage is an honour I don’t take for granted. I need to go to Brazil with the rest of the South African team knowing that I am in peak mental and physical health and that I can give my best over four rounds.

outh Africa’s Jaco van Zyl has taken the unprecedented decision to withdraw from the Open Championship at Royal Troon and the US PGA Championship at Baltusrol at the end of July to recharge his batteries.

“I was really starting to feel the effects of a very packed schedule at the French Open last week,” Van Zyl explained. “I have been at it almost non-stop since I returned to golf last January. I’ve had a jam-packed season this year, including a lot of travelling between continents, and then coming


“The Majors will still be there next year, but I don’t know if I will get another chance in 2020. To be part of the first South African team at the Olympics is a massive honour and I owe it to SASCOC, Gary Player, South Africa, Paula (Reto), Ashleigh (Simon) and the player who will be joining me in the men’s competition to be at my best.”

July | August 2016

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - the garden route


Statement from Lee-Anne Pace team has been monitoring the situation regarding the Zika Virus and finding out as much information as possible. After weighing up all the options and discussing it with my family and team, I have decided that due to the health concerns surrounding the Zika Virus, I will not be participating. I hope that everyone can understand that this was a very difficult decision to come to, however my health and my future family’s health must come first.

“I have advised South African Golf Association, South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee, Mr Gary Player and Sunshine Ladies Tour that I have withdrawn my name from consideration for the South African Olympic Golf Team for Rio. I was very much looking forward to the opportunity of being part of the South African Golf Team and the wider South African Olympic Team. However, over recent months my


I’m a very proud South African and I love representing my country whilst I play on the LPGA Tour around the world. To see the South African Flag flying at each tournament is a great motivator for me, along with all the fantastic support I receive from home. I wish the South African Olympic Team all the very best in Rio. I also want to thank the IOC for golf’s return to the Olympics and I wish the IOC, Rio 2016 and the IGF a very successful Olympic Games.” Lee-Anne Pace

July | August 2016



Chalmers defies all odds in Reno Greg Chalmers had never won in 386 starts, the longest streak among active players. Chalmers, 42, can now add the PGA TOUR to the list of circuits on which he’s been victorious. He arrived at the final hole with a one-point lead in the modified Stableford format before making eagle to close his win in style. Chalmers’ victory in Reno, Nevada, came hours after Dustin Johnson won at the Bridgestone and at an hour when many undoubtedly were enjoying their Fourth of July weekend. You missed a great story if you were one of those lighting incendiary devices instead of watching the action out of Reno. You would have seen Chalmers’ perseverance pay off. It was a victory that sent many of his peers to social media to express their happiness for the likable Australian.

Chalmers sat outside the top 200 in the FedExCup before his win. He left with tee times in the year’s last two majors and the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Chalmers still has work to do if he wants to join the other players in the PGA TOUR’s postseason. Even after his victory, he ranks outside the top 125 in the FedExCup. This just reinforces how far out on the PGA TOUR’s fringes he sat before his win. Chalmers ranked 490th in the world ranking when he won. Two of this season’s winners were actually ranked lower at the time of their victory: Hurley and Brian Stuard, who was No. 513 when he won the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. There are so many perks that come with finishing first. For this trio, it included a full-time job for the next two years. Stories like this are sources of inspiration.

He arrived in Reno with conditional status on the PGA TOUR and just 11 FedExCup points. He had missed the cut in five of six TOUR starts this season; the lone exception was the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions, which, of course, has no cut. He finished 58th there.


“Tenacity helps,” Chalmers said. “You just never know what’s going to happen.” No, you don’t. He proved that Sunday.

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Mike Procter - South African cricketing great 1. Where were you born and which schools did you attend? I was born in Durban on the 15th September, 1946 and I attended Treverton, Highbury and Hilton College. 2. You played in seven test matches between 1967 and 1970, all of them against Australia. What are your best memories from that time? Playing my 1st test in Durban and winning both series pretty convincingly. The fantastic team spirit and the honour of playing in two great sides. 3. You had an enormous impact on Rhodesian cricket in the 1970s and playing for them you equaled the world record of six successive centuries in first class matches, what made you move there? Barry Richards and I were the only two South African professionals playing Currie Cup cricket and I was offered a contract by the Rhodesian Cricket Union. We had some of our happiest days and met many wonderful people. 4. You captained the Springboks against the English in their 1981/82 “rebel tour”. We won the test match and all three ODIs. How good was that English side and what were your thoughts on the tour as a whole? The 1981/2 English team was a strong side led by Graham Gooch. 5. You played for Gloucestershire for 13 years where you enjoyed huge success with both bat and ball. Am I correct in saying that you notched up two successive hat tricks in 1979, firstly against Leicestershire and then the very next game against Yorkshire and they were all given out LBW? I was fortunate to get a number of hat tricks in my career and to score hundreds in the same matches was pretty special.


6. You had a slightly different bowling action; did you actually bowl off the “wrong” leg? No, I did not bowl off wrong foot but because of a very quick arm action it appeared so. 7. Who was the toughest batsman to bowl to? I was fortunate (or unfortunate) to bowl to many great batsmen - in no particular order - Graeme Pollock, Viv and Barry Richards, Clive Lloyd and Geoff Boycott mainly because of his very defensive play. 8. Who was the most fearsome bowler that you ever faced? Jeff Thompson, Joel Garner, Dennis Lillee, Mikey Holding.

Jeff Thompson

Joel Garner

Dennis Lillee

Michael Holding

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SPECIAL FEATURE - CELEBRIT Y GOLFER PROFILE 9. Who would you say was or is the best all-rounder of all time? In my opinion the best all-rounder the world has seen is Sir Garfield Sobers.

isolation affected our cricket? I don’t think the 20 odd years of isolation affected our cricket at all. The Currie Cup was a very tough competition and we reached the semi-final of our first World Cup in 1992 having beaten the hosts Australia in our first match and then losing in the semi- final to England with strange rules in place. South Africa has never progressed further than semi-final stage in any World Cup competition since then - nearly 25 years ago!! 11. You now run the Mike Procter Foundation; can you please tell me some more about that? The Mike Procter Foundation was formed to help Ottawa Primary school, using cricket as the vehicle to help better the lives of all the children.

10. You were the first coach for the Proteas when South Africa returned to International cricket, had the years of

12. What do you think the future holds for South African cricket? To be honest I am not sure what the future holds.

GETTING ON TO GOLF • When did you start playing golf? I started playing golf during my Highbury days at Kloof Country Club.

• Which is your most trusted golf club? My rescue club.

• What is your current handicap? A struggling 16 handicap.

• Do you walk or take a cart? I take a cart, as after five ops (including knee-replacement on one knee) I really struggle walking.

• Where do you play out of? Mainly Royal Durban.

• Your favourite golfer would be? Simon Hobday – certainly a great character.

• Which is your favourite golf course and why? Sunningdale Golf Club in England. There are fabulous holes set in beautiful surroundings and it is a real test of golf.

• Have you ever had a hole-in-one? No I have never had a hole-in-one. • Your ideal fourball would be? Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Sir Winston Churchill and myself.

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Country Club Country Club +27 (0)39 313 5141

R61 Lower South Coast Road, San Lameer GPS: S30⁰56.595 E30⁰17.333 Set in the heart of this unique natural environment, San Lameer offers you everything you would include in a dream course. Eighteen memorable holes that weave a natural challenge through the open glades, forest and wetlands with the relaxed roar of the Indian Ocean cheering you on. The course itself, designed by Peter Matkovich and Dale Hayes, is sculptured around one of the last remaining wetland forests on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Clubhouse has just been freshly renovated and is recognized as one of the most attractive in South Africa with spectacular views from the spacious terraces surrounding it. Come and join us for a round of golf on our 18-hole Championship Golf Course in our Tropical Paradise! You don’t have to be a member or a guest staying at San Lameer to enjoy our Golf Course – you just have to book!


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Ahlers wins Zambia Open Jaco Ahlers won his fourth Sunshine Tour title at the KCM Zambia Open in dramatic fashion, overcoming Jacques Blaauw on the second play-off hole at Nchanga GC last month. “I can’t really describe the emotions right now. I’ve had my fair share of play-offs and I’m glad I could get his one done as well,” he said. Ahlers started the final day two shots ahead of Blaauw, however a late charge of four birdies on the back nine from Blaauw saw the two players head down the 18th to decide the winner, both on 17-under-par for the tournament. Both players made gutsy birdies on the first extra hole, however an uncharacteristic error from Blaauw saw him overshoot the green with his approach shot on the second extra play-off hole. Unable to get up and down, Ahlers lagged a first putt up to the hole for a tap-in par. “The emotions definitely crept up in the play-off. After I hit my

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second I didn’t really think I had a chance because Jacques has hit a few good chips from that distance. It worked out in my favour. You know he played well, we all played well this week. Well done to him as well and it’s been a good week,” explained Ahlers. Since moving down to George and starting a family, Ahlers has changed his mental approach to the game, and it’s a more relaxed approach that he says is paying off. “I think it’ll sink in when I get home. You know my wife been giving me some uphill and it’s motivated me to do well this week and we’ll definitely enjoy this together. You know, I’m going to have a serious holiday now and I can’t wait to get home and celebrate,” said Ahlers. “It’s been hard work. After my Investec Cup win – the past year I’ve had a tough time. The work is paying off and I’ve had a few guys helping me out and I can’t really say anything else. It’s just a great feeling,” said Ahlers.



• 10-15 minutes from the following attractions:

Several Premier Championship Golf Courses

** All popular Durban and Umhlanga Rocks swimming beaches

** uShaka Marine World ** Gateway Theatre of Shopping and Entertainment World ** King Shaka International Airport ** ICC International Convention Centre ** All Kingspark Sporting Stadia / ** Moses Mabhida Stadium • 5 Minutes from - La Lucia Mall • 2 Minutes from - Several popular family restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, supermarkets, shops & banks Contact Lawrie and Lorraine Stewart: | 083 625 7546 9 Clinch Crescent, Glenashley, Durban North |

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A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - L impopo


dunhill Links is proud to announce Branden Grace as a brand ambassador Dunhill Links continues its longstanding relationship with golf with the announcement that South African golfer Branden Grace will be the new brand ambassador of the luxury golfwear collection. Grace, currently ranked 12th in the world, is one of the most talented golfers in the sport, notably winning the RBC Heritage on the US Tour this year, the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in 2012 and the Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa in 2014. Last year he finished tied fourth in the US Open and third in the US PGA Championship. The dunhill Links collection is inspired by golf’s sporting heritage, in particular, the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship held every year in Scotland. Designed to be worn on and off the course, the elegant collection keeps players dry on the fairway and clubhouse-ap-


propriate. Made for the man who is confident in both his swing and his style, the range complements any sartorially minded sportsman. Respecting tradition and honouring dunhill’s brand DNA, modern technologies help to achieve a functional yet luxurious product. Key product attributes include a premium fit, fabric and finish, lightweight wearability, and pre-treated with a water resistant finish for wet weather-appropriateness and practicality. Innovative and stylish, the Links collection is an imperative for any golfer. Branden Grace stated, “It’s an honour to be the ambassador for dunhill Links, a brand whose authenticity and performance excellence makes them the perfect on-course partner, and winning the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and the Alfred Dunhill Championship are career highlights.”

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A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - N orth W est / M pumalanga

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Lamprecht, Jarvis triumphant at Fancourt to-back birdies,” Lamprecht said. “I was two ahead when we turned, though, so my aim for the back nine was just to play for pars to protect my lead. “At 10, I hit my drive slightly left, but I went for the green in two and just missed the first putt from 20 feet for eagle. I boxed the birdie putt, though, and that kept me safe. After the bogey at 12, I hit it to 20 feet at the 14th and holed the birdie putt to stay ahead.


outhern Cape junior Christo Lamprecht and Casey Jarvis from Ekurhuleni braved high winds, rain and icy conditions to come up trumps in the Dimension Data Junior Open at Fancourt in July. Overnight leader Lamprecht closed with a hard-fought for two-over-par 74 to claim the main title by two strokes on three under 212. Gauteng North’s Keegan Mclachlan carded a 72 to share second with Kyle de Beer after the Eastern Province junior returned a 71. Meanwhile 12-year-old Jarvis battled the elements to hold on for a six shot victory on one-under-par 216 in the Under-15 Challenge. Lamprecht shook his head in relief at having survived what he called “the most brutal day” of his short golfing career. “The conditions were incredibly testing,” said the 15-year-old Oubaai golfer. “We anticipated cold and windy weather from the forecast, but we expected the wind to start picking up around 11h00. It was ice cold when we teed off and the wind was already howling. The day just got grumpier as dark clouds and rain moved in. The temperature dropped into single figures and the wind just kept picking up speed. It was really, really brutal.” Lamprecht opened with an one-under-par 72 at The Links to grab a three-way share of the lead with Jayden Schaper from Ekurhuleni and North West’s Andre van Dyk and took pole position with a four under 68 at the Outeniqua course on Thursday. His experience in windy coastal conditions shown through in the final round as he kept clear of the chasing pack at the par72 Montagu course and never relinquished the lead, despite bogeys at par five fourth and short eighth and further drops at 12 and 15 on the back nine. “The birdies at 10 and 14 really saved the day,” said the Louis Oosthuizen Junior Academy player. “Keegan got within a shot of me when he started with back-


“I dropped 15 and Keegan birdied 16 to get back within two shots, but I was able to save par at the last three holes to seal the win. I’m really relieved that I finally got it done, because I’ve had a few chances in the last couple of months. They say that the first win is always the toughest and I’ve done it in the toughest conditions possible, so I hope I won’t have to work quite as hard for the second win.” Jarvis lagged one off pace from Gauteng’s Marcus Taylor after a first round 71 at the Outeniqua course, but moved four shots clear of the chasing pack with a second round 72 at The Links. He mixed four birdies with five bogeys for a final round 73 to seal his victory. “The conditions were really, really tough, but I’m happy with the scores I produced under the circumstances,” said the HPC Golf Academies player.

DIMENSION DATA JUNIOR OPEN RESULT (top 10) 214 216 219 221 223 224 227

Christo (Jnr) Lamprecht Keegan Mclachlan Kyle De Beer Luca Filippi Alex van Wyk Andre van Dyk Jayden Schaper Franklin Manchest Bradley de Beer Wilco Nienaber

72 68 74 75 69 72; 73 72 71 77 66 76 75 69 77; 72 76 73 72 75 76 75 71 78 79 71 77; 74 72 81;

DIMENSION DATA U-15 CHALLENGE RESULT (top 10) 216 222 224 225 226 228 229 230 234

Casey Jarvis Warwick Purchase Samuel Simpson Barend Botha Tristan Galant Marcus Taylor Luka Stanisavljevic Yurav Premlall Antoine Sale Luke Pienaar Luhan Bester Daniel van Seumeren

71 72 73 76 74 72 75 72 77 75 75 75 78 70 78 70 78 80 75 74 80 77 75 78; 75 73 82 79 78 77; 77 77 80; 76 79 79

July | August 2016


Filippi takes a bow in St Francis


uca Filippi went through an intense battle of attrition when he wasted an eight shot lead to lose the Dimension Data Junior Open last July, but the young Western Province standout finally got his just deserts when he claimed the St Francis Links Nomads National Order of Merit event last month. Filippi made the most of the balmy first round conditions to open with a one-under-par 71 for a one shot lead over Southern Cape’s Christo Lamprecht and he closed out a battling 73 for a four shot victory over Lamprecht on even par 144.

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to sport psychologist Theo Bezuidenhout and my coach Grant Hepburn, because they armed me with the mental strength to get through the rough patches and I also want to thank the Ernie Els and Fancourt Foundation for all the support. I don’t think anyone can appreciate just how happy I am at this moment that I’ve thrown the monkey off my back.” Lamprecht closed with a 76 to take second on four over 148, while Bryce Leach from Central Gauteng moved into sole third at 153 after closing with a 74.

FINAL RESULT (top 10) 144 148 153 154 155 157 158 159

Luca Filippi (Western Province) Christo Lamprecht (Southern Cape) Bryce Leach (Central Gauteng) Reece Haikney (Central Gauteng) Sentanio Minnie (Ekurhuleni) Luke Mayo (KwaZulu-Natal) Sebastian Terblanche (KwaZulu-Natal) Dylan Mostert (Ekurhuleni) Keegan Mclachlan (Gauteng North) Ge-Rico Muller (Free State) Jethro Newton (Southern Cape)

71 73 72 76 79 74 78 76; 76 78; 74 80 78 77 78 79 75 83 80 79; 78 81

Du Toit drives to victory at SA Girls “I am thrilled to bits over this win and the way that I won,” gushed the delighted Du Toit. “I gained a lot of experience playing in the Junior Golf World Cup in Japan and I felt a lot more confident coming to Orkney this year. “I was determined to make a good start and to build from there and I am really proud that I achieved what I set out to do. I’m really thankful to everyone that supported me, especially my parents, my coach and the Gauteng North Golf Union and I’m so proud to justify their backing.”


auteng North junior Danielle du Toit gave credence to the old adage “when at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” when she seized a runaway victory in the Nomads SA Girls Championship at Orkney GC last month. In 2014, Ivanna Samu lost the prestigious title in a three-way play-off to Cara Gorlei. A year later, Samu returned and defeated Du Toit at the third extra hole to claim a play-off victory. Du Toit continued the runner-up to champion trend at this year’s championship with an impressive nine stroke victory over Samu.

July | August 2016

A-DIVISION RESULT (TOP 10) 211 220 222 223 227 228 229 230

Danielle du Toit Ivanna Samu Chiara Contomathios Woo-Ju Son Lindi Coetzee Chante van Zyl Symone Henriques Kajal Mistry Caitlyn Macnab Crystal Beukes

67 72 72 73 73 74 73 76 73 73 71 79 73 77 77 78 73 77; 77 78 73 75 76 78 79 78 73; 77 76 77



Samu fights for Gauteng North Champs win when the leader dropped four successive shots from the fourth hole. Hall bogeyed eight, but took the outright lead with a birdie at the 10th while Samu dropped two at the par four. Both players bogeyed 13, but Samu got within a shot of Hall when she birdied 14. She dropped another shot at 16, but retaliated with back-to-back birdies and clinched victory when Hall bogeyed the closing hole. “My putting really let me down on the front nine and I tried too hard to play the perfect shot at 10 when I just should have gone for the middle of the green,” Samu said. “It got a little better down the back nine, though. I hit a solid drive down the fairway at 14 and a gap-wedge to eight foot and holed the putt for birdie at 14. That birdie and seeing my coach (Graeme Francis) arrive, gave me that positive kick I needed down the last couple of holes. “I thought I needed two birdies to tie Casandra for a play-off, so that’s what I played for. I hit my tee shot slightly left and a great approach to 50 feet and two-putted for birdie at 17.


auteng junior Ivanna Samu had to dig deep on the back nine at Woodhill GE and the country’s number two ranked player showed some serious BMT to win the weather-interupted Liberty Gauteng North Championship in early July. Samu notched her fifth title this season when she edged out Casandra Hall from Ekurhuleni by lone shot on seven-over-par 223 with rounds of 76, 70 and 77. Newly-minted Nomads SA Girls Championship winner Danielle du Toit from Gauteng North took third on 228, while fellow Gauteng North player Larissa du Preez and Cara Gorlei from Western Province shared fourth on 230. Samu was relieved, but also pleased to be pushed to the limit by Hall ahead of the Sanlam SA Women’s Amateur Championship, which tees off at Ebotse Golf and Country Estate on Sunday. “I really had to push myself to win this one,” said the 17-yearold Ruimsig golfer. “The course set-up was tough and the greens were very hard and slick. It was a really good test before the Sanlam SA Women’s Match Play and I must applaud Casandra. She piled on the pressure and really pushed me right up to the end.” Samu led Hall by five shots at the start of the final round and the difference was still five after the Ebotse golfer bogeyed the first and Samu dropped a shot at the third. But Hall pounced with a birdie at the fifth to join Samu in the lead at six over


“At the final hole, I drove it down the middle of fairway and hit a sand-wedge from 87 metres into the green. The ball pitched past the flag. I still don’t know how I got back spin on that slick green, but the ball spun back to about six feet. I put a really positive stroke on the putt and boxed it for birdie. “It was only after Casandra came to congratulate me that I realised I had won. She put up a huge fight and I think she will be tough to beat at her home course.”


223 Ivanna Samu 224 Casandra Hall 228 Danielle du Toit 230 Larissa du Preez Cara Gorlei 232 Caitlyn Macnab 233 Kajal Mistry 234 Kaiyuree Moodley Catherine Lau 235 Woo-Ju Son 238 Sarah Bouch 240 Lenanda Van der Watt Zethu Myeki Symone Henriques 241 Shawnelle De Lange 242 Demi Flanagan Chiara Contomathios 243 Chante Van Zyl 244 Crystal Cooper Eugenie Clack

76 70 77 75 76 73 75 77 76 86 73 71; 80 75 75 79 73 80 76 77 80 81 79 74; 76 76 82 81 82 72 83 82 73 84 81 75; 83 79 78; 80 81 79 77 82 82 83 82 77; 83 81 78 82 80 81 88 81 75; 84 81 79

July | August 2016


Husfeld headed for final Franz-Wilhelm Husfeld took full advantage of local knowledge to shot a 70 at Stellenbosch GC and nail down a spot in the Glacier Junior Series National Final in October.


n a perfect day for golf, Husfeld, a 3-handicapper from the host club, beat Niehaus Loots, who plays off plus 1 out of De Zalze, on the fourth playoff hole after Loots also carded a 70. Husfeld’s win in the A Division secured him a spot in the National Final at San Lameer Golf Estate in October.

Keelan conquers GGC to earn spot in National Final Keelan van Wyk from Ruimsig shot a level-par 72 in the Glacier Junior Series golf tournament at Germiston GC last month to secure himself a spot in the National Final in October.


an Wyk, a scratch golfer, was rewarded for a consistent round with a place in the prestigious showpiece event at San Lameer Golf Estate later this year. Kayle Wykes, an under-13 from CMR with a handicap of 7, scored a nett 70 to win the under-13 nett competition. The A Division winners of the nationwide tournaments all qualify for the National Final.

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Turning back the clock is the Golfer from the past?


• • • • • •

He was born on December 28th, 1946 in Birmingham, Alabama U.S.A. In 1971, he won the Houston Champions International and was the PGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year. He went on to multiple victories throughout the 1970s, but he was at his peak in the latter part of that decade. He won the 1977 U.S. Open at Southern Hills Country Club and the 1985 PGA Champion ship at Cherry Hills Country Club. At the 1977 U.S. Open, as he walked to the 15th tee of the final round, he was notified of a caller anonymously phoning in a death threat on his life. The police presented him with options, and he courageously opted to play on, winning by one stroke over Lou Graham. He finished in the top 10 of the Masters six times in seven years from 1974 to 1980; he retired as a touring professional in 2009 but remains Alabama’s most outstanding amateur and professional golfer. In 2007, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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Whichctone ball?

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Where’s the ball?



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C J Du Plessis July | August 2016


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SPOT THE 10 DIFFERENCES Brought to you by:

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Mark Williams Brought to you by:

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A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - N E I G H B O U R I N G CO U N T R I E S


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Golf Participation Report for Europe 2016

Growth initiatives for European golf


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KPMG Survey: Country Statistics

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Fujikura flywire xx green shaft new. World Number 1 long drive shaft 3 years in a row. R 2200-00. Contact 084 483 8880.


Cleveland Rtx Wedges. 54 & 60 degree X 100 shafts, brand new. R 2 000-00 for both or R 1 100-00 per wedge. Contact 082 375 7757. Cobra BIG trusty rusty (new) 50 degree. R 650-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

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Golf Shops

GAUTENG Golf Clubs Akasia GC Avion Park GC Benoni CC Bronkhorstspruit GC Bryanston CC CMR GC Copper Leaf GE Dainfern GC Eagle Canyon GC Ebotse GC ERPM GC Germiston GC Glendower GC Glenvista GC Hillside GC Irene CC Jackal Creek GE Johannesburg CC Kempton Park CC Killarney GC Krugersdorp GC Kyalami GC Leeuwkop GC Maccauvlei GC Meyerton GC Modderfontein GC Observatory GC Parkview GC Pebble Rock GC Pollak Park GC Pretoria CC Pretoria GC Randpark GC Randfontein GC Reading GC Riviera on Vaal CC Royal Jhb & Kensington GC Royal Oak CC Services GC Silver Lakes CC Southdowns CC Springs CC State Mines CC Wanderers GC


Waterkloof GC Wingate CC (012) 542-1309 Woodhill CC (011) 970-7000 Zwartkops CC (011) 849-5211 (013) 932-3940 Driving Ranges (011) 706-1361 Colbyn D/R (011) 472-8060 Grasslands D/R (012) 668-8900 Greenhills D/R (011) 875-0400 Jim and Jerrys’ D/R (011) 801-6611 Kimiad D/R & (011) 749-1638 Mashie Course (011) 826-2466 Observatory D/R (011) 827-7818 Panorama D/R (011) 453-1013 Sandy Bunker D/R (011) 432-3150 Six Fountains D/R (012) 546-1764 Verwey D/R (012) 667-1081 Wits D/R (011) 251-6721 Zwartkops D/R (011) 202-1620 (011) 970-1075 Golf Shops (011) 442-3880 (011) 660-4365 Second Chance (010) 594-0034 The Golfers Club (011) 466-2888 Edenvale (016) 422-1263 The Golfers Club (016) 362-0809 Fourways (011) 608-2033 The Golfers Club (011) 648-9574 West Rand (011) 646-5400 The Pro Shop (012) 808-0883 Woodmead (011) 362-6757 (012) 460-3372 (012) 386-6836 (011) 215-8600 (011) 693-5414 (011) 907-8906 (016) 430-1380 (011) 640-3021 (011) 740-0016 (012) 651-4411 (012) 809-2110 (011) 943-4448 (011) 362-5031 (011) 740-9962 (011) 447-3311

(012) 460-2542 The Pro Shop (051) 430-7313 (012) 997-1298 Bloemfontein (012) 998-0011 WESTERN CAPE (012) 654-2111

Golf Clubs (012) 342-3882 (082) 777-8912 (011) 828-9555 (011) 662-1603 (012) 997-2240 (011) 487-3898 (012) 661-0533 (073) 109-4239 (012) 809-0430 (082) 371 7323 (011) 717-9416 (012) 654-4830

(011) 440-0558 (011) 453-6352 (011) 465-9985 (011) 475-7519 (011) 602-8888

FREESTATE Golf Clubs Bethlehem GC Bloemfontein GC Clarens GE Clocolan GC Ficksburg GC Kimberly GC Kroonstad GC Ladybrand GC Oppenheimer Park Parys GE Schoeman Park GC Tempe GC Vaal de Grace

(058) 303-0940 (051) 447-0906 (058) 256-1270 (051) 943-1933 (051) 933-3711 (053) 841-0179 (056) 212-5169 (051) 924-3146 (056) 353-2131 (056) 818-1567 (051) 408-3811 (051) 402-1489 (056) 811-2013

Arabella GC Atlantic Beach GC Bellville GC Bredasdorp GC Clovelly CC Devonvale GE Erinvale GC King David GC Kleinmond GC Langebaan GC Mowbray GC Paarl GC Parow GC Pearl Valley GC Rondebosch GC Royal Cape GC Shelley point CC Simonstown CC Somerset West GC Steenberg GC Stellenbosch GC Strand GC Westlake GC

(028) 284-0000 (021) 553-2223 (021) 913-3100 (028) 424-1855 (021) 784-2111 (021) 865-2080 (021) 847-1144 (021) 934-3056 (028) 271-3525 (022) 772-2112 (021) 685-3018 (021) 863-1140 (021) 930-2160 (021) 867-8000 (021) 689-4176 (021) 761-6551 (022) 742-1394 (021) 786-1233 (021) 852-2925 (021) 715-0227 (021) 880-0103 (021) 853-6268 (021) 788-2020

Driving Ranges Riverclub

(021) 447-3757

Golf Shops The Golfers Club Century City

(021) 555-3540

THE GARDEN ROUTE Golf Clubs Fancourt - Montagu / Outeniqua Fancourt - The Links Fynbos GCE George GC Goose Valley GE Kingswood GE Knysna GC

(044) 804-0183 (044) 804-0785 (042) 285-0321 (044) 873-6116 (044) 533-5082 (0861) 727-170 (044) 384-1150

July | August 2016

SA GOLF TR ADER DIREC TORY Mossel Bay GC Oubaai GE Pezula GC Pinnacle Point GR Plettenburg Bay GC Simola GE

(044) 691-2379 (044) 851-1234 (044) 302-5300 (044) 606-5300 (044) 533-2132 (044) 302-9677

Prince’s Grant GC (032) 482-0041 Royal Durban GC (031) 309-2581 Sakabula GC (033) 330-6751 San Lameer GC (039) 313-5141 Scottburgh GC (039) 976-0041 Selborne Park GE 087 135 05589 Southbroom GC (039) 316-6051 Golf Shops St Cathryns GC (033) 444-1945 The Pro Shop (044) 871-0620 Umdoni Park GC (039) 975-1320 Bells Academy Umhlali CC (032) 947-1181 Umkomaas GC (039) 973-1330 EA STERN CAPE Victoria CC (033) 347-1394 Wild Coast CC (039) 305-2799 Golf Clubs (031) 303-1728 Bushman Sands GC (042) 231-8000 Windsor park GC East London GC (043) 735-1356 Driving Ranges Fish River Sun GC (040) 676-1101 Lynton Hall (039) 975-1502 Gonubie GC (043) 740-5645 Golf Academy Hankey GC (042) 284-0335 Mt Edgecombe D/R (031) 502-3480 Humewood Links GC (041) 583-2137 University Dbn D/R (031) 261-8062 Jeffreys Bay GC (042) 293-2532 Westville D/R (031) 265-0148 Katberg GC (040) 864-1010 Port Elizabeth GC (041) 374-3140 Golf Shops (031) 566-5292 Royal Port Alfred GC (046) 624-4796 The Golfers Club Shark River GC (041) 581-6188 Umhlanga (031) 263 0034 St Francis Bay GC (042) 294-0467 The Pro Shop St Francis Links (042) 200-4500 Durban Uitenhage GC (041) 966-1868 LIMPOPO Walmer Park GC (074) 259-1788 Walmer CC (041) 581-1877 Golf Clubs West Bank GC (043) 731-1523 Elements (014) 736 6910 Zwartenbosch GC (042) 291-0569 Private Golf Reserve

Driving Ranges Harbour View D/R Londt Park D/R Walmer Woods D/R

(084) 622-7259 (041) 360-8707 (082) 372-8252

Golf Shops The Pro Shop - PE

(041) 363-0470

KZN Golf Clubs Amorello Game Lodge (035) 562-3182 Beachwood CC (031) 564-4257 Bluff National GC (031) 467-7448 Boschoek GC (033) 234-4232 Cathedral Peak GC (036) 488-1888 Cotswold Downs GC (031) 714-4432 Durban CC (031) 313-1777 Glengarry GC (033) 701-1355 Greytown CC (033) 417-2441 Kloof CC (031) 764-0555 Ladysmith CC (036) 637-3521 Margate CC (039) 317-2340 Maritzburg GC (033) 396-5755 Mt. Edgecombe CC (031) 539-5330 Port Shepstone GC (039) 695-0141

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Euphoria GC Hans Merensky GC Kameeldoring CC Koro Creek GC Naboomspruit GC Polokwane GC Swartklip GC Univ. of Limpopo GC

MPUMAL ANGA Golf Clubs Barberton CC Belfast GC Bethal GC Delmas GC Drakenzicht Mountain Links Graceland GC Kinross GC Komatipoort GC Kriel GC Kruger Park Lodge Leopard Creek GC Lydenburg GC Nelspruit GC Middelburg CC Morgenzon GC Sabie Country Club Sabi River Sun GC Standerton GC Tweefontein GC Walker Park GC Whiteriver GC Witbank CC

Driving Ranges Broham D/R Riverside Golf Park

Windhoek CC

Klerksdorp GC Leopard Park GC Magaliespark GC Mooinooi GC Orkney GC Pecanwood CC Potchefstroom GC Rustenburg GC Sandy Lane GC Seasons Eco Golf Estate

(013) 755-6156 (013) 757-0960

(002646) 125-8498


THE P.G.A. of (011) 485-1370 (018) 462-6696 South Africa (018) 386-3086 (012) 207-9102 To be listed in the (014) 574-4111 (018) 473-2899 SA Golf Trader directory, (012) 244-8000 please contact (018) 293-0210 (014) 597-1814 Neville on 082 705 8764 or (012) 244-3000 Louis on 083 293 0220 or (082) 804-2780

Driving Ranges Jim & Jerrys

(017) 620-1188 (017) 687-0122 (082) 888-0188 (017) 617-1145 (013) 737-5000 (013) 791-2406 (013) 235-3391 (013) 744-0958 (013) 282-6176 (017) 793-3074 (013) 764-2282 (013) 737-7311 (017) 719-1123 (013) 686-9660 (074) 259-1788 (013) 751-3781 (013) 656-3109

(014) 743-5000 Golf Shops (013) 757-1264 (015) 781-3931 The Pro Shop (015) 491-5563 Nelspruit (014) 495-0026 LESOTHO (014) 743-1963 (015) 295-4118 Maseru GC (00266) 223-21164 (014) 786-0186 (015) 268-2183 NAMIBIA


(013) 712-2923 (013) 253-0981 (017) 647-3265 (013) 665-5077 (083) 708-1994

(012) 205-1485

the office on 086 101 9005 or Email: 79


Something Funny! The A to Z of Golf Cabbage: Deep, thick, inescapable rough. Also called spinach. Green, leafy vegetables are not good for your golf game. Caddy: Individual who carries bags for golfers and assists them in the playing of the course. Ideally, a caddy should possess the eyes of a big-game hunter, the strength of a linebacker, the patience of a diplomat and the memory of a Mafia witness. Carpet: The green. Soft, wellmanicured fairways are also referred to as being “like carpet.” Cart girl: The lovely young lady who operates the beer cart (a motorised vehicle that carries refreshments to golfers out on the course). These refreshments typically cost a fortune, which probably explains why golf courses hire beautiful young women to sell them.

be moved without penalty from any non-permanent wet area, such as a rain puddle. Tears, however, no matter how copious, do not constitute casual water.

Chilli dip: An improperly executed chip shot in which the club hits the ground before hitting the ball, usually resulting in a shot that rolls just a few inches. This is one shot you have in common with Jack Nicklaus because everyone who has ever played golf has done it. You’ve just done it a little more frequently than Jack.

Cart golf: Term for when two golfers riding in the same golf cart repeatedly hit the ball in the same direction (usually into the rough). An efficient but not necessarily pleasant way to play.

Club Weight: There are three ways to measure the weight of a club: its overall weight, which ranges from about 13 ounces for a driver to just over 16 for a sand wedge; its swingweight, which is arrived at using a complex calculation of the relationship between the distribution of mass among a club’s components and the length of its shaft; and its “bringweight,” which is an estimate of its apparent heaviness on the 18th fairway on an afternoon in July and ranges between 21 and 46 pounds.

Casual Water: A temporary accumulation of water. The rules of golf provide that a ball may

Clubhead Covers: Wool or leather “mittens” slipped over the heads of woods to keep them dry.



Zip-on coverings that encase the entire club in wetsuit material are also available and permit the eventual reuse of a favourite club flung into a water hazard, assuming that blind rage was tempered with foresight. Comebacker: A shot that backs up after hitting the green. Or, for a high-handicapper, a tee shot that hits one of the tee markers and ends up behind you. Cup: The metal or plastic cylinder fitted into the hole in the green. Strictly speaking, it is only the liner of the hole, but in regular golf usage players will often say “cup” when they mean “hole,” just as they frequently will say “just in bounds” when they mean “out of bounds,”“Oh, here it is” when they mean “I can’t find it” and “five” when they mean “seven.” Cut: A controlled shot that moves from left to right. Most golfers shout “Cut!” to their ball after they see it heading well to the left of their target, not realising that this is not an “on-demand” feature of a golf ball.

Answers: Ball 3, Hubert Green

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