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Vol. 85 • JAN | FEB 2018 •

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Knowledge is power - club fitting 101 Celebrity golfer profile – Ampie du Preez Product review - Wilson D300 Family Golf supply & demand trends in Europe




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Glendower Golf Club plays host to this month’s SA Open, the course is in fantastic condition and we can’t wait for the action to start. Francois Marx brings us the first of six very informative articles that he will be doing on club fitting, we chat to musician Ampie du Preez, have a look at the Wilson D300 Family and check out what’s happening in Europe.

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SP E C IA L F E AT U R E S Knowledge is power 10 Club fitting 101 – what you need to know Celebrity golfer profile Ampie du Preez


Product review Wilson D300 family


Golf supply & demand trends in Europe



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January | February 2018



Sergio Garcia claimed the 2017 AGW Golf Writers trophy of three wins in what he has described as the best season of his life.


asters Tournament winner Sergio Garcia was the 2017 recipient of the Golf Writers Trophy, as awarded by the Association of Golf Writers. The 37-year old Spaniard won an overwhelming majority of votes cast by AGW members following a season in which he claimed his first major title. Garcia’s Masters victory was one

January | February 2018

He won the Omega Dubai Desert Classic in February before claiming his first Green Jacket by triumphing in a thrilling sudden death playoff to beat Justin Rose at Augusta in April. Garcia’s third victory came in October at the Andalucia Valderrama Masters which is hosted by the player’s charitable foundation. It is the second time Garcia has received the award. He won the vote after his breakthrough season in 1999 when he was a 19-year old runner up to Tiger Woods in that year’s PGA Championship at the Medinah Country Club near Chicago.



LETTER TO THE EDITOR Send us your letters, giving us your views, opinions or articles of interest (max 500 words). The most interesting letter will be published in the next edition of SA Golf Trader.

To the editor, SA Golf Trader I have been playing golf since a young age. I was mainly self-taught and while not a great athlete, I was athletic enough to learn the game well enough to play on my high school golf team. However after going to university I rarely played. I took up the game again in my early thirties and was able to play in the low to mid 80’s until injuring my back and taking a long time off from the game. When I took up the game again I was almost fifty with many injuries that I needed to work around. It was terrible. I basically couldn’t break 90 and found the game much less enjoyable. I was determined to improve. Eventually I decided to take lessons. What a good decision that proved to be. As was to be expected it didn’t happen after one or two lessons but after the fourth to fifth lesson it all started to click. It did so with only minimal practice in between lessons. While I had good intentions to practice much more, I just didn’t have the time or energy to do so. After my experiences I can honestly say that whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the golf swing right from the onset or you are a seasoned


campaigner, golf lessons are vital. Golf can be one of the most frustrating or one of the most enjoyable life experiences. It is with great joy that I now know that my golf future will be filled with many more happy days on the course. Regards Kevin Watt

Dear Kevin

Thank you for writing in. You make a an excellent point, so often people invest so much time and money into endless buckets of balls on the range and new equipment when all that is really needed is a few lessons with a PGA qualified professional. Without a trained eye to correct your mistakes you can end up exacerbating an existing problem. I am thrilled to hear that you are back on the golf course and enjoying the game once again. Regards

January | February 2018









Links, Hazards & Fairways





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23 Our Nov/ | Dec edition winner was Johan Pietersen

ACROSS 1. Lets begin this crossword puzzle off the 1st (3) 2. Mark “Beer Man” Johnson earned his nickname after driving this truck for 18 years until he regained his professional status, giving hope to aspiring golfers around the globe (9) 7. Not your run of the mill scramble (7) 8. This Swedish born professional golfer achieved the first hole-in-one in Solheim Cup history, her first name is a palindrome (4) 9. The first name of Samuel Ryder’s personal golf instructor from 1925 at the Verulam Golf Club (3) 10. A pitching wedge would take this off your shoulder (4) 15. The father of this European Tour golfer is a PGA Master Professional who has coached Suzann Pettersen, could the son have asked for more? (6,7) 16. Many golfers & guests at the Nedbank Golf Challenge would have stayed in the Sun City main hotel (4) 17. Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan and this golfer are members of the PGA Tour boy band “Golf Boys”, first name (3) 18. A form of the game that is now the 4th fastest growing sport in the United States, behind MMA, Roller Derby, and Parkour (4) 22. Happy Gilmour’s nemesis, the arrogant pro golfer, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ McGavin 23. An extremely closed clubface will result in a hook shot that is short of breath (9)


24. At 103 years old _ _ _ Andreone holds the record for the oldest person to get a hole-in-one DOWN 1. All professional golfers aspire to play above captains and below lieutenant colonels (3,6) 2. Henrik Stenson has a backer, you go and check chief (4) 3. Born in Zimbabwe this golfer won the 2017 Tshwane Open (4,9) 4. Gradual decreases are hidden in Webb Simpson (4) 5. A bull seeing this coloured flag would charge towards a hole placement near the front of the green (3) 6. A golf ball sitting level with the flagstick (3,4) 11. Just in, this SA golfer is hard in the fifth note (7) 12. Slow players beware you may be shoved off your wagons (4,5) 13. You would not say no to this brand of putter (3) 14. Golf channel is owned by which sports group? (3) 19. Designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish this Scottish golf course is one of the best in the world, situated on the shores of a lake, although to say lake would be a mistake (4) 20. Mr. Skins, fried with an eye gone in pairs (4) 21. When Ben Hogan said that he saw “four lights winking at him” moments before he had a head on collision in February 1949, what type of vehicle was he referring to? (3)

January | February 2018






Dietrich Uys - PGA Professional - Irene CC

1. 2.

When did you qualify as a PGA Professional ? I qualified in 2003 What made you choose this career ? Growing up I was always involved with sport and early on found out that I had a bit of talent for a variety of



sports. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that got the manual on ball sense when born. My main sports at school was tennis and cricket which took me to a fairly high level but I never really took it further than that. I played a bit of golf but mainly as a social event with friends until one of our neighbors in our street kind of got the idea into me that I have some talent with golf. I really only started playing golf after school and then my mom suggested to me that I should look at doing a Golf Directorship and Club Management course which



started at Allenby. The rest is history as they say. To get back to your question, I chose the career as I found that golf is a sport that can be played by many people until a very late age. Attached to that is the fact that you learn so much about yourself and other people by just playing the game. This interested me and I’m glad I made that decision early on. Has it always been golf for you ? As mentioned previously, I was involved in many different sports, but golf stuck with me. Did you ever play or did you ever want to play on tour ? I never played or tried to play on tour. The realization came early that you need to be real good or really rich to persue the game. I also prefer being home and travelling the whole country to maybe make a living out of playing golf did not interest me. I do however enjoy playing competitively in our regional PGA Pro-Am’s. Describe a typical work day for a PGA Club Professional. My position is slightly different to the norm I manage a Country Club with a variety of sports available. The typical day starts of early with a cup of coffee and catching up with the financial manager. After that anything can happen. The day is spent managing people and also looking after members and guests. No matter how we plan it can be thrown upside down in an instant.

You have recently won the regional PGA management award, what does this mean to you and the golf club? I am very privileged to be able to have won the award. It is really humbling to receive something like that from your peers. I do however believe that all Club Managers should receive one as it is a taxing job and to try and satisfy everyone is impossible. Can you tell us what the main differences are between a golf club and a country club. The main difference is the variety of sports codes that is offered. We offer 5 different sports codes which allows the Club to diversify. Our sports sections are very involved and carry a good membership base.

January | February 2018





What are the challenges at a golf club like Irene Country Club which has a river running through the golf course and occasionally floods onto the course? Obviously, the river causes havoc when we have floods and the challenges are the clean up afterwards. The amount of papers and silt deposit from upstream is a problem that we have to manage on an ad hoc basis when it floods. Naturally the expenses involved with cleaning is a big challenge as you can clean everything and the next day it might just flood again. It does become frustrating at times but I must commend our course maintenance staff who does the clean up in record time every time to ensure that play continues. The members of a golf club always come first. Do you agree with the phrase “The member is always right”? In most cases that is true, but you have times where the customer takes advantage of a situation. Dealing with people is a huge part of our business and how you handle the tough situations with factual information can most of the times defuse a potential problem and also turn a difficult customer into your best one.

With consumers being careful on how they spend their money these days, are you finding other ways besides golf to attract people to the club? As mentioned previously the Country Club aspect creates other opportunities. Many of the sections run very successful club events which entertain the membership base. As a club we do try and attract more people to the club by way of making it more family friendly and offering a few other social events to not just get the golfer here but also the friends and family of our members. Slow play is one of the biggest problems in golf today, how do you manage slow play at Irene Country Club?

January | February 2018





Slow play is one of the most talked about issues in golf. Our Golf Operations manager and PGA Professional, Johan Keyser, and his team manages the fields daily. Our weekend fields which consists mainly out off members are doing a great job of keeping a quick pace of play. On Golf days we try and setup the course to accommodate for a quicker round of golf. Does your position require you to be available on weekends, evenings, and holidays, and if so, does this place demands on your personal life? It certainly places a high demand on your personal life as you have to spend a lot of time at the club itself. I am lucky that I have a very understanding wife. What are your short & long term goals. The goals really are to improve myself everyday and to try and do the best you can. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I really enjoy the bush and camping with my wife is a

preferred pastime, which unfortunately does not get done as much as you would like. But when we do, a quiet weekend away with my wife and a single malt whiskey is always great. Do you still get time to play? I do but spend most of my day just ogling at the golf course from my office or surrounding areas of the club. I play maybe twice a month and golf has become a game that I enjoy playing with members and beginners to try and make them have a good time. Trying to change people’s lives through the game of golf is a key element for us at the PGA and the enjoyment aspect is a of huge importance.



Club Fitting 101... What you need to know?

by Francois Marx, Qualified Golf Worx Master Fitter.

Every week we watch tour events, seeing the pro’s hit one consistent shot after the other. Sadly, the average golfer sees only how far they hit the ball and aspires to replicate the same distance. Having said that the average driving distance on the PGA Tour is 275 yards, that is only 250 meters! Yes, there are guys who bomb it over 300 meters however irrespective of how far they are hitting any of their clubs, it’s the consistency with which they find the middle of the club face that counts.


ver the coming months I would like to share some insights on what you should be looking at when going for a club fitting. How far you hit should not be the end goal but rather the consistency of your swing. At this point I would like to introduce you to a man


called Ralph Maltby – no not the commentator Roger Maltby. Ralph, in my opinion is the father of modern day club design and fitment. He started as a club builder for Ben Hogan and has become the leading authority on club design, fitment and analyzing equipment.

January | February 2018

SPECIAL FEATURE - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Through years of research he developed a scale on which the ease or difficulty of iron playability is measured. This is aptly named the Maltby Playability Factor (MPF). Without going into too much detail, MPF measures the dimension of the club’s head and allocates a specific value to it. These assessed values are then ranked per designed golf club. Higher values are ‘easier’ and more forgiving to play with. Lower values would be categorized as players’ irons, requiring greater levels of player skill to be more consistent. These rankings do not by any means indicate the quality or craftsmanship of the product, but merely place it within a category that is dependent on the player’s skill. For instance, Colin Montgomery for years played Callaway Big Bertha irons. On the MPF scale, these clubs are considered Super Game Improvement with a very high value of 1110, compared to Danny Willet‘s Apex pro with an MPF of 405 which he used to win the Masters. The Maltby Playability Factor is the premiere club head fitting guide in golf today, because it is based on tested scientific data, not marketing hype. But don’t take my word for it. Master clubmaker Tom Grundner of Tucson, Arizona. had this to say about the Playability Factor: “If you are unfamiliar with Maltby Playability Factor, learn it! It is not just a marketing gimmick. For the first time we have a way of systematically knowing the ease with which a club head or shaft might be used by an average player, and it will revolutionize the way clubs are fit for a player.” A complete list of MPF values for most irons up to 2016, is available at https://www.golfworks. com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/. Understanding MPF values is crucial for any club fitment, as the club head is the most important component of the club, followed by the shaft length, shaft weight, swing weight and the shaft flex, but in that order. Supplementing these critical parameters is loft and lie angle and then grip size.

January | February 2018

Consider that the golf club head is a freewheeling object with its own weight and dimensional properties, being delivered at speed to the golf ball via a lever – the shaft. Dispelling all myths, the club head plays the biggest role in influencing ball flight! Finding the middle of the clubface or the sweet spot, should then be the first and the most important priority when doing a fitting. Understanding its basic design, the cause and effect relationships, and how particular features influence its playability is critical for the end result of more consistent ball striking. Another big misconception or myth is the ‘workability’ of irons. Did you know that the preferred shot shape a player wishes to accomplish, has got very little to do with the club head but by the curvature on a ball which is determined (not exclusively) by three swing parameters namely swing direction, club path and angle of attack. I again refer to Colin Montgomery who played the GBB irons. Being famous for working the ball left to right – yet Colin played his fades with offset irons featuring a cavity back by consistently finding the middle of the club face. Drivers, however, are more complex, as the head size is regulated at 460 cc. Weight distribution in the head will influence launch characteristics. The one aspect to look out for is the face dimension at address. Players will either gravitate towards a deep face like the Titleist D3 range or a shallow one like the Ping G. But remember the manufacturing tolerances are not as accurate as what these manufacturers would have us believe, so my advice for anyone buying a driver or a fairway wood is simply this, buy the one that has passed the physical test of being hit and produces the desired result …. Not a club like it! Over the next few additions I will expand on these parameters and the relationship they have with each other to ensure that the next time you buy clubs, or decide to do a club fitting you will have a better idea what to look for to improve your game.

Happy Golfing!


tuition & instruction

Kids Golf to Tour Success LTAD From L ong Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a framework designed to manage the focus, volume and type of training applied to youth athletes as they develop throughout childhood into adulthood.

LTAD is divided into 7 stages:

John-Henry Hewitt, TGSE Coach stages, we hosts weekly ‘TGSE Kids’ clinics and holiday camps for ages 4 to 12 years old. Here’s what we include; 1. Active start - divided into 4 categories:

Stages 1-3 develop physical literacy before children reach puberty so that these children have the basic skills to be active for live. Physical literacy also provides the foundation which is essential for those that want to eventually become elite athletes in a chosen sport.

Locomotive Skills; Running, jumping, dodging, skipping.

Stability Skills; Balance, Co-ordination, speed, change of direction.

Objective control skills; Catching, throwing, kicking, hitting.

Awareness; Kinesthetics awareness, body awareness.

Stages 4-7 start to deliver elite training for those that want to specialize in one sport, and compete at the highest level possible in that sport. It also grows the complete physical and mental state of each athlete. At TGSE we provide training programs that deliver golfers through each stage of development, from fun kids training all the way up to coaching professionals on the Sunshine Tour. For the initial


Through these exercises we developed a wide range of movement skills along with the desire and confidence to take part in the activities we provided.

January | February 2018

tuition & instruction 2. Fundamental Sport Skills (Golf Specific) Where we combined the normal movement skills with fundamental sport skills. The following is a list of golf skills that we touch on:

These training exercises give the kids the opportunity to improve their golfing ability in a fun, game-based manner.

For those who want to specialise in golf from around 13 or 14 years old, we cover stages 4 to 7 in our full-time Junior Academy program from grade 8 to 12, and our post-matric College and Academy programs thereafter. Our Junior In this fundamental stage, kids develop the Funda- Academy students are in class from 8am to 12am, mental golfing skills. The focus was on providing a followed by elite golf training in the afternoon FUN learning space for the kids, including multisfrom 1pm to 4pm. A modern, flexible academic port physical activities such as “Baseball golf” and model allows plenty of time for a full competitive “Soccer Golf”. schedule. Grip, stance, ball position, alignment, posture, finishing position, green reading, distance/speed control and practice swing/pre-shot routine.

3. Learning to Train – We also teach the kids what and how to train in the specific areas in golf and giving them fun games, drills and activities to do while training. During this stage we mainly focus on the following areas: •

Short Game – putting, chipping and pitching

Full Swing – long irons and drivers

Course management – Strategy and etiquette

Our College and Academy programs continue this training until the student is ready to turn professional or to pursue another career path within or outside of golf. In conclusion, LTAD provides a framework and guidelines for coaches, athletes and parents to follow during key development stages. Many parents are incorrectly pushing for their children to specialise as early as possible in golf, with the danger that they do not develop the fundamental movement skills that are essential for success at the highest level. Essentially they put a ceiling on their childs potential from the start. Our recommendation is to play a variety of sports up until around 14 years old, then specialise from there.

January | February 2018


tuition & instruction


January | February 2018

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2018


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2018

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2018


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2018

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


Italian Open returns to Lake Garda The second Rolex Series event in 2018, the Italian Open has moved in the European Tour’s international schedule from October to May, with the 75th edition of the event now taking place immediately after the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.


he 2018 Italian Open will return to the picturesque surroundings of Lake Garda for the first time in 15 years after Gardagolf Country Club was confirmed as the next host venue of the prestigious tournament from May 31-June 3.

January | February 2018

The Italian Open has delivered some incredible triumphs, including last year’s victor Tyrrell Hatton, who sealed his second European Tour win in seven days with a brilliant birdie at the last to claim the title, following his successful title defence the week prior at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland.


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2018

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2018


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January | February 2018

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2018



Yet another

South African victory. “It’s good for me to finally win a play-off,” said Frittelli. “I’m proud of the way I played the 18th hole in the playoff. I hit a good drive there which pretty much sums up the week. Just great ball striking and putting pressure on the rest of the field. And the putting held on at the end.”


ylan Frittelli won his first play-off as a professional to take the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open at Heritage GC in December. He finished regulation play in 16-under-par after a closing round of four-under-par 67, and watched as the man who had led throughout, Arjun Atwal of India, lipped out with an eagle attempt on 18 which would have snatched victory from the South African’s grasp. In the end, Atwal’s birdie forced the pay-off, and Frittelli striped a drive down the 18th fairway in the first play-off hole to set up a birdie which gave him the eventual edge after losing two play-offs on the European Tour (in Perth and in Shanghai) and once in the Eye of Africa PGA Championship back in February.


But it was indeed his very secure long game – longer than it used to be, and mostly very accurate – which gave him the win. What was also impressive about the victory was that it came at the back end of a long stretch on the road. “This is my fifth week and I’ve been to Turkey, South Africa, Dubai and Hong Kong,” he said. “I have my fitness trainer Garth Milne with me and he has kept me fit and strong. I’m feeling good. This is validation of all the hard work I’ve put in. It means a lot to win today.” His 2018 quest is not quite over. The win in Mauritius will take him close to the top 50 in the world, and he wants to get inside that mark to secure his spot in the 2018 major championships and other important tournaments.

January | February 2018

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January | February 2018



Ampie du Preez South African singer, song writer & music producer.


Where were you born and which schools did you attend? I was born in Pretoria and went to Affies for a year, Three Rivers in Vereeniging for a year and ended up in Pretoria North high school.


Do you come from a musical family? My mother plays guitar and piano and can also sing, my grandma on my mother’s side also 7. played piano and sang, and my grandfather on my mother’s side played penny whistle. My mother’s sister is the head coach at the university of the Free States choir, so I would say yes.


What music did you listen to growing up, who influenced you? I was quite the alternative guy, I loved Nirvana, Meatloaf, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Manowar and stuff like that but also listened to Enya. 8.


Which is your favourite album of all time ? Matchbox 20, Yourself or Someone Like You.


What line of work were you first in or have you always been in the music industry? I have a financial management degree from the University of Pretoria and worked at Softline VIP Payroll for a couple of years.


You actually made your name as a song writer 9. and music producer, with what other well known musicians have you worked with ? I started my career as a songwriter because songs


were always more important than anything else, and labels will accept songs far more easily than a new artist. The first people I wrote for was Elizma Theron, Arno Jordaan and Pieter Koen. I got the opportunity to make an album with AB de Villiers as well and lately have been doing my own thing from writing to management etc. Your friendship with AB de Villiers is very well known, according to you who is the better golfer? Hahaha, AB was good a couple of years back but there is no chance that he would beat me. He is still a very dangerous 18 or scratch but I think if we play from the same handicap I would beat him. I play golf every week and play off an 8 handicap. Any chance of another album with him ? AB and I in that time of our lives were best mates and we did everything together, as time went by he got married and had children and I hardly see him anymore these days. I think one’s priorities change with time so I don’t think a cd is on the cards again. Between cricket and his family there is no time for that. When we were younger there was time for anything. What inspires you? A Positive mind, you can achieve anything you want.

January | February 2018

SPECIAL FEATURE - CELEBRIT Y GOLFER PROFILE 10. Do you play any music instruments? I mainly play guitar but I also play a little bit drums and piano. 11. What do you think of talent shows such as “The Voice”? I think it is an eye opener, and I love shows like that. You are just as good as your last show. People in my industry with attitudes must

watch shows like that. There is always someone better than you no matter what. You won’t be on top of your game for your entire career. As we say in Afrikaans ‘As dit pap reën moet jy skep’. 12. Do you live by a particular mantra? No not really, I just believe that you must work hard and enjoy what you do, the rest will fall in place automatically and the breaks will come.


When did you start playing golf? I was probably 5-6 years old.

What is your current handicap? I am an 8.

Are you a member of a golf club? I am a member at Silver Lakes CC in Pretoria.

Which is your favourite golf course and why? I love Leopard creek but I also enjoy Highland Gate and Zimbali CC and a couple of KZN South Coast courses like San Lameer GC, Wild Coast CC and Selborne GC. It is actually a very difficult question cause I believe that we have 100’s of top courses.

Do you play with any of the other SA musicians and if so is there fierce competition between you all? I do play with a lot but there is not really any ball sense and competition. Hahaha. Arno Jordaan is not bad, he is a 12 handicap I think, I play with Dewald Wasserfall 24 handicap and Ricus Nel 16 handicap. I play with ex protea cricketer Johan van der Watt a lot.

January | February 2018

He is also on the sunshine tour. Proper golfer. •

Have you had any embarrassing moments whilst playing golf? Not really no, just the occasional ball that you play out of water or mud etc, always fun times.

Which club do you use the most? Cobra driver F7 Plus, that is my go to club.

Do you walk or take a cart? Usually a cart but love walking courses like Sun City’s Gary Player CC.

Your favourite golfer would be? Rickie Fowler, I am also sponsored by Puma/ Cobra and I think he is going to be top 5 in no time.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one? Yes, had my first one on my birthday. 27 May 2016 at Silver Lake’s 3rd with the bunkers. It was in a golf day, cost me quite a bit, but will do that again and again for that feeling.

Who would be in your ideal fourball? Tiger Woods, still one of my favourites, Scarlett Johansson, ED Sheeran and me of course.




January | February 2018



A tribute to Tommy Horton


tion to the game, as a player, revered coach and long-term administrator, having served on the European Tour Board of Directors and then the Senior Tour Committee for 22 years.

He also won the John Jacobs Trophy as the Senior Tour’s Number One player on a record five occasions and in 2012 he was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the European Tour in recognition of his outstanding contribu-

The Englishman was also a renowned course designer, broadcaster and author, and was always conscious of passing on his knowledge to subsequent generations, including as an instrumental figure in setting up the European Tour’s Annual Training School – Apollo Week later known as MacGregor Week – which was formerly held at the start of each year in southern Spain to give aspiring Tour players a holistic grounding in life as a professional.

ommy Horton, one of the most significant and respected players in the development of both the European Tour and the European Senior Tour, died on the 7th of December at the age of 76.The two-time Ryder Cup player enjoyed a celebrated career spanning more than half a century after turning professional in 1957, winning eight times on the European Tour and 23 times on the Senior Tour.


January | February 2018

AFFORDABLE GOLF - WESTERN CAPE Born in St Helens, Merseyside, on June 16 1941, Horton moved to Jersey in 1945 where he was brought up and educated. He was a mainstay of the European circuit in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, winning eight titles - including four times after the formation of the European Tour in 1972 – and recorded four top ten finishes in The Open Championship, including a share of fourth in 1976 at Royal Birkdale. Horton also played in two Ryder Cups, representing Great Britain & Ireland against the United States in 1975 and 1977. He went on to enjoy even more success on the Senior Tour, winning 23 times, which stood as a record until Carl Mason’s surpassed that benchmark at the OKI Open de España Senior by Cleveland/ Srixon in 2011.His outstanding achievement of winning the Senior Tour Order of Merit five times remains a record though,

January | February 2018

with four of his John Jacobs Trophies coming in consecutive years from 1996-1999, alongside his first in 1993. Horton’s pivotal role in the early development of the Senior Tour, which led to a Tour which in 2018 will have 19 tournaments, cannot be underestimated, particularly as part of the Senior Tour Committee from 1992-2006, serving as Chairman from December 1996 onwards. Prior to that, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of The European Tour on December 4 1984 and remained there until May 1993. Horton was also Honorary Captain at three consecutive Junior Ryder Cups from 2008, helping to nurture a new generation of players. His immeasurable contribution to the game was recognised in 2000, when he was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list.



January | February 2018

January | February 2018




POWER HOLES = New Double Row of Power Holes creates a flexibilty to the framework of the entire face & creates greater face deflection and distance across the face. High Strength Face = Stamped 17.4 Steel face with new Heat Treatment creates extra high strength steel face for performance of a very thin face construction. Clean Classic Shape = Idealized Head shape and styling to create appeal to the player desiring extra distance, with an eye towards Crossover styling. Hosel Adjustment Feature • • • •

More trade than computer focused; will speed/ease custom club building. Not visible fom address. CAD/FEA tested numerous shapes, sizes, depths, positions and configurations. Prototyped several version by CNC miling D200 and C200 heads. Production ready for all 17-4 SS heads.

Shafts • KBS Tour 90 • Same as C200 • Middle weight compliment to the KBS Tour 80 in D300 and KBS Tour 105 in C300 forged.

Fujikura Speeder Pro 58i Matches the full C300 line-up, but with Grey/Black color scheme.

New ‘W/S-2’ Lamkin Crossline • Classic Lamkin Crossline Pattern • New soft EPDM rubber compound • Distant, eye-catching red butt cap

Head Features • ‘Power Holes with Double Row on the Sole • Cast 17.4 Stainless Steel (including independant face insert) • Clean Classic Shaping • Hosel Bending Feature • New Loft Structure • KBS Tour 90, Fujikura Speeder Pro 58i • W/S-2 Lamkin Crossline Grip


January | February 2018


POWER HOLES = New Double Row of Power Holes creates a flexibilty to the framework of the entire face & creates greater face deflection and distance across the face. Forged Carbon Steel = Soft carbon steel construction for optimum preferred feel of the better player. Tour Set-up = Offset, topline width, blade size and head shape created to meet the demands of the better player’s shot shaping set up.

Shafts • KBS Tour 105 Heavier compliment to the KBS Tour 80 in D300 and KBS Tour 90 in C300. Fujikura Pro 85 Real deal, taper tip compliment to the Speeder Pro shaft line of the rest of C300. New ‘W/S-2’ Lamkin Crossline • Classic Lamkin Crossline Pattern • New soft EPDM rubber compound • Distant, eye-catching red butt cap

Head Features • Forged Carbon Steel • Power Holes with Double Row on the Sole - 3iron = BIron: Power Holes - 9Iron-GW: Standard construction - No power lines on topline • Tour approved Shaping/ Styling • KBS Tour 105 Shaft, Fujikura Pr 85 • W/S = 2 Lamkin Crossline Grip.

January | February 2018


A ffordable golf – G arden R oute


January | February 2018


Van Rooyen and Norris set for Open at Carnoustie in July.


hey might have failed to win the rain-affected Joburg Open, but South Africans Erik van Rooyen and Shaun Norris left Randpark GC extremely happy as their second and third-place finishes guaranteed the pair spots at next this year’s Open Championship at Carnoustie. Despite the dominant win by India’s Shubhankar Sharma, Van Rooyen was always looking like he might catch up with the 21-year old. He didn’t. Rather, three shots behind Sharma and three ahead of Norris, Van Rooyen settled for second on 20-under and a ticket to his first ever major championship. “I’m obviously extremely happy because you know, I’m playing my first Open this coming year, so I’m really stoked,” Van Rooyen said after his final round 66 for a total of 20-under-par 267. He will be looking forward to his debut in the oldest open, especially on the back of a solid season on the European Challenge Tour where he finished third on the Road to Oman and earned his European Tour playing privileges, and getting a solid start to his European Tour season.

January | February 2018

Norris, on the other hand, will be making his second consecutive appearance. Last season, he earned his spot via his exploits on the Japan Golf Tour where he finished seventh on their Order of Merit this season. Like any debutant on the biggest stages of world sports, Norris’ first appearance at The Open Championship was more of a learning moment. But, he made the cut and has good experiences of the tournament as he looks to take another shot at one of golf’s most respected venues. “For a South African golfer, it’s a dream to be playing in The Open Championship at Carnoustie next July. Last year I experienced The Open Championship with my family and I look forward to doing it again. “The Open Championship is steeped in history and tradition, you just have to look at the names on the Claret Jug to see what great golfers have won this championship. Carnoustie is a wonderful venue where Padraig Harrington won in 2008 and it will be a great test of golf come next July. I’m really looking forward to the challenge,” said Norris.



January | February 2018

R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S Sunshine Tour

PGA tour order of merit as of 10 December 2017

AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open, Heritage GC, 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2017 1 2 3 4 T5

Dylan Frittelli Arjun Atwal Romain Langasque Louis de Jager Matthieu Pavon Miguel Tabuena T7 Louis Oosthuizen Jose-Filipe Lima T9 Ockie Strydom George Coetzee Jean-Paul Strydom Oliver Bekker Joel Stalter


67-66-68-67 62-70-68-68 67-69-67-67 66-67-67-71 69-68-69-66 66-68-67-71 67-68-71-67 68-66-69-70 66-68-73-67 67-71-68-68 71-69-66-68 67-67-71-69 67-68-70-69

268 268 270 271 272 272 273 273 274 274 274 274 274

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

(-16) R 2,520,150.00 (-16) R 1,749,000.00 (-14) R 1,179,780.00 (-13) R 780,690.00 (-12) R 609,765.00 (-12) R 609,765.00 (-11) R 430,095.00 (-11) R 430,095.00 (-10) R 290,334.00 (-10) R 290,334.00 (-10) R 290,334.00 (-10) R 290,334.00 (-10) R 290,334.00

Other Southern Africans 67 Branden Grace 64 Tyrone Van Aswegen 99 Charl Schwartzel 127 Retief Goosen 187 Ernie Els T195 BrendondeJonge 199 Rory Sabbatini

Sunshine Tour order if merit as of 10 December 2017 1 Dylan Frittelli 2 Oliver Bekker 3 Louis de Jager 4 Ockie Strydom 5 Doug McGuigan 6 Jared Harvey 7 Neil Schietekat 8 Peter Karmis 9 Alex Haindl 10 Louis Oosthuizen 11 Riekus Nortje 12 Jean-Paul Strydom 13 Jean Hugo 14 JC Ritchie 15 Lyle Rowe 16 Jaco Prinsloo 17 George Coetzee 18 Justin Harding 19 Jbe’ Kruger 20 Hennie du Plessis


1 16 16 15 17 17 17 15 15 1 14 15 17 16 18 18 3 18 5 13

R 2,520,150.00 R 1,090,322.25 R 1,009,763.93 R 853,714.42 R 591,970.00 R 590,862.50 R 500,444.25 R 491,723.50 R 431,219.13 R 430,095.00 R 424,581.25 R 403,152.08 R 383,810.00 R 361,260.00 R 345,729.96 R 330,220.92 R 317,134.00 R 313,991.17 R 311,962.00 R 297,520.50

PGA TOUR Hero World Challenge, Albany GC 30 Nov - 3 December 2017 1 2 T3 T5

8 T9 11 T12 T14

17 18

Rickie Fowler Charley Hoffman Tommy Fleetwood Jordan Spieth Hideki Matsuyama Patrick Reed Justin Rose Francesco Molinari Matt Kuchar Tiger Woods Justin Thomas Kevin Kisner Alex Noren Daniel Berger Kevin Chappell Dustin Johnson Henrik Stenson Brooks Koepka


67-70-72-61 69-63-70-72 66-69-74-67 68-67-72-69 71-66-72-68 72-66-71-68 68-68-71-70 69-68-71-70 67-70-72-71 69-68-75-68 69-70-74-68 70-72-75-70 73-69-74-71 75-73-70-70 68-70-74-76 68-72-76-72 70-71-77-71 71-78-72-70

January | February 2018

270 274 276 276 277 277 277 278 280 280 281 287 287 288 288 288 289 291

(-18) $ 1,000,000.00 (-14) $ 400,000.00 (-12) $ 212,500.00 (-12) $ 212,500.00 (-11) $ 145,000.00 (-11) $ 145,000.00 (-11) $ 145,000.00 (-10) $ 135,000.00 (-8) $ 122,500.00 (-8) $ 122,500.00 (-7) $ 115,000.00 (-1) $ 109,500.00 (-1) $ 109,500.00 (0) $ 107,000.00 (0) $ 107,000.00 (0) $ 107,000.00 (+1) $ 105,000.00 (+ 3) $ 100,000.00

Justin Thomas USA Pat Perez USA Patton Kizzire USA Justin Rose ENG Patrick Cantlay USA Brendan Steele USA Austin Cook USA Chesson Hadley USA Whee Kim KOR Marc Leishman AUS RSA RSA RSA RSA RSA ZIM RSA

2 4 5 1 2 2 4 5 6 2

$ 1,766,500.00 $ 1,677,532.00 $ 1,669,872.00 $ 1,660,000.00 $ 1,331,900.00 $ 1,247,250.00 $ 1,228,149.00 $ 1,131,107.00 $ 1,106,025.00 $ 1,063,500.00

3 2 3 4 3 3 4

$ 298,425.00 $ 264,206.00 $ 133,115.00 $ 85,417.00 $ 16,003.00 $14,012.00 $ 13,135.00 TOUR Tour regular season starts 8th January 2018.

CHAMPIoNS TOUR Champions Tour first tournament 12th January 2018.

EUROPEAN TOUR Australian PGA Championship, RACV Royal Pines Resort, 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2017 1 2 3 T4

Smith Cameron Zunic Jordan Bland Adam Bransdon David Leishman Marc No other South Africans


68-67-67-68 66-69-64-71 66-66-71-68 69-71-66-68 67-65-74-68

270 270 271 274 274

(-18) (-18) (-17) (-14) (-14)

€ 159,033.00 € 106,018.00 € 59,733.00 € 44,084.00 € 44,084.00

AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open Heritage GC, 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2017 1 2 3 4 T5

Frittelli Dylan Atwal Arjun Langasque Romain De Jager Louis Pavon Matthieu Tabuena Miguel

Other South Africans 7 Oosthuizen Louis T9 Bekker Oliver Coetzee George Strydom Jean-Paul Strydom Ockie T14 Walters Justin T16 Fichardt Darren T22 Schietekat Neil Vincent Scott T27 Burmester Dean T32 Blaauw Jacques Kruger Jbe Rowe Lyle Williams Mark T40 Mcguigan Doug Porteous Haydn T50 Karmis Peter T57 Basson Christiaan T62 Kruyswijk Jacques Prinsloo Jaco

Rsa Ind Fra Rsa Fra Phi

67-66-68-67 268 (-16) € 158,500.00 62-70-68-68 268 (-16) € 110,000.00 67-69-67-67 270 (-14) € 74,200.00 66-67-67-71 271 (-13) € 49,100.00 69-68-69-66 272 (-12) € 38,350.00 66-68-67-71 272 (-12) € 38,350.00

Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Zim Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Zim Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa Rsa

67-68-71-67 67-67-71-69 67-71-68-68 71-69-66-68 66-68-73-67 68-66-69-72 70-66-70-70 70-70-68-70 70-70-68-70 71-70-68-70 71-70-69-70 67-72-70-71 72-69-72-67 69-66-71-74 69-71-66-75 69-71-66-75 73-67-70-73 72-69-72-71 68-72-72-74 69-68-77-72

273 274 274 274 274 275 276 278 278 279 280 280 280 280 281 281 283 284 286 286

(-11) (-10) (-10) (-10) (-10) (-9) (-8) (-6) (-6) (-5) (-4) (-4) (-4) (-4) (-3) (-3) (-1) (0) (+2) (+2

€ 27,050.00 € 18,260.00 € 18,260.00 € 18,260.00 € 18,260.00 € 14,450.00 € 12,950.00 € 10,500.00 € 10,500.00 € 9,020.00 € 7,600.00 € 7,600.00 € 7,600.00 € 7,600.00 € 6,400.00 € 6,400.00 € 4,100.00 € 3,250.00 € 2,700.00 € 2,700.00


calend A r

Sunshine Tour


BMW SA Open Championship

Glendower GC

FEBRUARY 2018 1 - 4 8 - 11 15 - 18 22 - 25

Proposed New Event Eye of Africa PGA C/ship Dimension Data Pro-Am Cape Town Open

TBA Eye of Africa GE Fancourt Royal Cape GC

MARCH 2018 1 - 4 13 - 18 19 - 24

Tshwane Open Vusi Ngubeni Qualifying School Qualifying School

Pretoria CC Modderfontein GC Randpark GC

Amateur events - Men DATE EVENT VENUE JANUARY 2018 8 - 10 13 - 14 14 19 - 21 20 - 21 26 - 28

Nomads SA Boys U15 Free State Senior Open Central Gauteng Mid-Amateur Open Free State Open Gauteng North Senior Open Gauteng North Open

Kingswood GE Heron Banks GC Kyalami CC Bloemfontein GC Silver Lakes CC Waterkloof GC

FEBRUARY 2018 3 - 4 6 - 9 10 - 11 11 13 - 16 19 - 21 22 - 23 25 - 26

Central Gauteng Senior Open South African Stroke Play Championship Senior Players Championship Ekurhuleni Mid-Amateur Open African Amateur Stroke Play Championship Cape Province Open Western Province Senior Open Sanlam SA Amateur Championship Qual

Ruimsig CC Pecanwood G&CE Sun City GC Kempton Park CC Glendower GC George GC King David Mowbray GC Durban CC

CONTAC T DETAILS Boland Golf Union Border Golf Union Central Gauteng Golf Union Eastern Gauteng Golf Union


(021) 873 6828 (043) 740 3899 (011) 485 4251 (011) 425 5316

Freestate and Northern Cape Golf Union Gauteng North Golf Union Karoo Golf Union Sunshine Tour

(057) 899 1724 (012) 667 1087 (054) 332 3323 (021) 850 6500

January | February 2018

calend A r

events calendar jan, feb & march 2018 Amateur events - Men (continued)

DATE EVENT VENUE FEBRUARY 2018 (continued) 25 - 26 Cape Winelands Senior Open 27 Feb - 2 Mar Sanlam SA Amateur Championship MP

De Zalze GC Durban CC

MARCH 2018 4 Gauteng North Mid-Amateur Open TBA 8 - 9 KZN Senior Classic Zimbali CC 10 Border Mid-Amateur TBA 11 - 12 KZN Senior Open Umhlali CC 11 - 13 Northern Amateur Qual Randpark GC 14 - 16 Northern Amateur MP Randpark GC 22 - 23 Boland Senior Open Hermanus GC 23 - 25 Northern Cape Open Sishen GC 25 - 26 WP Seniors Masters Durbanville GC

Amateur events - Women DATE EVENT VENUE JANUARY 2018 23 - 26 30 Jan - 1 Feb

Canon Ladies Tshwane Open Joburg Ladies Open


FEBRUARY 2018 3 - 4 6 - 8 6 - 7 17 - 18 22 - 24 24 - 25 28 Feb - 2 Mar

Eastern Province Championship Cape Town Ladies Open Gauteng Mid Amateur & Senior Championship Border Championship SA Womens Masters North West Championship Supersport Ladies Challenge

Port Elizabeth GC TBA TBA East London GC TBA TBA TBA

MARCH 2018 8 - 10 11 26 - 27

Investec SA Womens Open Kwazulu Natal Championships Nomads SA Girl’s Rose Bowl Stroke Play Championship

TBA Mount Edgecombe CC TBA

CONTAC T DETAILS KZN Golf Union Mpumalanga Golf Union Limpopo Golf Union North-West Province Golf Union

January | February 2018

(031) 202 7636 (013) 692 3002 (015) 295 4118 (044) 533 3507

Southern Cape Golf Union Eastern Cape Golf Union Western Province Golf Union Sunshine Tour (Joanne)

(044) 873 5823 (043) 735 4443 (021) 686 1668 (021) 850 6500


R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S LPGA TOUR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Wade Ormsby

European tour 2018 order of merit as of 4 December 2017

1 2 3 4 4 4 7 8 9 10

Wade Ormsby AUS Dylan Frittelli RSA Paul Peterson USA Julian Suri USA Alexander Bjrk SWE Rafa Bello Cabrera ESP Jordan Zunic AUS Romain Langasque FRA Tommy Fleetwood ENG S.S.P. Chawrasia IND

Other South Africans 23 Louis Oosthuizen 33 Oliver Bekker 33 George Coetzee 44 Justin Walters 51 Thomas Aiken 55 Darren Fichardt 62 Scott Vincent 69 Dean Burmester 78 Haydn Porteous


2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2

€ 357,710.00 € 213,238.00 € 145,393.00 € 133,055.00 € 133,055.00 €133,055.00 € 127,770.00 € 87,185.00 € 70,000.00 € 62,199.00

1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1

€ 31,784.00 € 21,456.00 € 21,456.00 € 16,979.00 € 15,350.00 € 15,216.00 € 12,338.00 € 10,599.00 € 7,520.00

EUROPEAN CHALLENGE TOUR European challenge Tour schedule not released on day of print.

Chris Williams

European Seniors Tour as of 29 October 2017


Sung Hyun Park KOR So Yeon Ryu KOR Lexi Thompson USA Shanshan Feng CHI Ariya Jutanugarn THA Brooke M. Henderson CAN Cristie Kerr USA Anna Nordqvist SWE Moriya Jutanugarn THA Sei Young Kim KOR

Other South Africans 42 Ashleigh Buhai 83 Lee-Anne Pace 131 Paula Reto


23 23 22 22 27 23 23 20 28 25

$ 2,335,883.00 $ 1,981,593.00 $ 1,877,181.00 $ 1,728,191.00 $ 1,549,858.00 $ 1,504,869.00 $ 1,414,752.00 $ 1,335,164.00 $ 1,320,900.00 $ 1,278,166.00

22 22 23

$ 461,094.00 $ 163,831.00 $ 55,267.00

LADIES EUROPEAN TOUR Ladies European Tour final order of merit as of 10 Dec 2017

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Georgia Hall ENG Carlota Ciganda SPA Azahara Munoz SPA Klara Spilkova CZE Anne Van Dam NED Florentyna Parker ENG Aditi Ashok IND Mel Reid ENG Suzann Petterson NOR Camille Chevalier FRA

Other South Africans 20 Lee-Anne Pace 43 AshleIgh Buhai 63 Nicole Garcia 72 Stacy Lee Bregman 123 Connie Chen


10 6 5 10 13 14 7 6 5 9

€ 368,934.60 € 160,797.56 € 111,749.23 € 104,717.99 € 100,843.09 € 94,609.00 € 92,149.37 € 91,269.14 € 69,106.58 € 64,002.98

8 5 12 10 3

€ 47,594.14 € 28,536.17 € 19,710,32 € 17,319.04 € 1,905.00

World Golf Rankings as of 10 DECEMBER 2017


1 Clark Dennis 2 Chris Williams 3 Philip Golding 4 Magnus P Atlevi 5 Peter Fowler Other South Africans 12 James Kingston

LPGA order of merit as of 10 December 2017


13 12 14 14 13

€ 202,583.00 € 177,384.00 € 160,475.00 € 153,238.00 € 147,216.00



€ 104,046.00

1 Dustin Johnson 2 Jordan Spieth 3 Justin Thomas 4 Hideki Matsuyama 5 Jon Rahm 6 Justin Rose 7 Rickie Fowler 8 Brooks Koepka 9 Henrik Stenson 10 Rory McIlroy Other South Africans 22 Louis Oosthuizen 30 Branden Grace 32 Charl Schwartzel 55 Dylan Frittelli 134 Richard Sterne 135 Dean Burmester 136 George Coetzee 143 Erik van Rooyen 162 Shaun Norris 172 Brandon Stone 177 Haydn Porteous 193 Darren Fichardt


45 48 52 49 40 44 48 47 44 40

11.04 9.71 8.71 8.36 8.36 7.73 7.12 6.61 6.28 6.05


44 52 47 52 46 52 52 46 52 52 52 46

3.98 3.27 3.10 2.33 1.26 1.26 1.25 1.19 1.07 1.04 1.02 0.95

January | February 2018

January | February 2018




January | February 2018


Last-gasp eagle gets Walters European Tour card.


ustin Walters regained his European Tour card on at the last possible moment as he eagled the final hole of the Final Qualifying Stage which was played in Spain. Walters joined compatriots Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Jacques Kruyswijk as South African representatives amongst the 33 players who gained playing privileges for the 2018 European Tour season. Walters was outside the projected score for players to gain qualification as he teed off on the par-five 18th, after he had made bogey on 17 and slipped into a precarious position, two off the pace. But the eagle on 18 lifted him back into contention for one of those precious spots, although he had to endure a long and agonising wait before he was sure he would qualify. He finished outside the top 100 players on the 2017 Race to Dubai who retained their playing privileges for 2018, which meant the only way back was through Qualifying School. Bezuidenhout was also outside the top 25 and ties as he teed off on the 18th, and he needed a birdie on that hole. He knew, however, that he had made two pars and a bogey in


his three trips up that hole during the five previous days of the marathon that is Final Qualifying Stage. However, he managed to dip under par and finish on 13-under in a share of 25th. Like Walters, he had to wait for quite some time before his fate was confirmed and he knew he’d be playing on the big stage in 2018. There were no such difficulties, for Kruyswijk. He reached the 18th five-under for the round, and he was coasting home. But he made doubly sure by making eagle on 18 to finish on 19-under in a share of second behind the runaway winner Sam Horsfield who carded a staggering 27-under for the six-round tournament. Sharing second with Kruyswijk was Danish veteran Anders Hansen, who won the 2009 Joburg Open and the Vodacom Championship the same year. That won him the Sunshine Tour Order of Merit ahead of Charl Schwartzel. He retired after the 2015 European Tour Season, but he has launched a come-back bid. Anthony Michael was not able to gain his card after he closed with a two-over-par 72 on the final day.

January | February 2018


January | February 2018




January | February 2018


January | February 2018




January | February 2018


January | February 2018


A ffordable golf – K Z N


Simple Minds set to rock the 2018 BMW PGA Championship


cottish rock band Simple Minds will bring the 2018 BMW PGA Championship, he first Rolex Series event of the new season – to a close when they headline the BMW Show Stage at Wentworth Club on Sunday May 27.

Fans can now book tickets to Simple Minds and some of the world’s best golfers at Wentworth by clicking here. Early bird tickets for all four days of the tournament, plus the Wednesday Celebrity Pro-Am, are also now available.

Best known for their singles Don’t You Forget About Me, from the soundtrack of the film The Breakfast Club, and Alive and Kicking, the Glaswegians have sold more than 70 million records worldwide.

Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr, who has fronted the band since the late seventies, said: “It’s fantastic that we will be able to experience something we have never done before when we play at the BMW PGA Championship next May.

The popular band won the Ivor Novello Award for ‘Outstanding Song Collection’ in 2016 and will draw from a back catalogue which includes five number one albums when they take to the Show Stage in the Championship Village after the final putt has dropped. With their 17th album due at the start of 2018, Simple Minds are preparing to follow in the footsteps of rock bands Kaiser Chiefs, Mike and the Mechanics and Status Quo, all of whom have played at the BMW PGA Championship in recent years.


“We’re very excited to bring the curtains down on what promises to be an enthralling week on the golf course. Bringing music to a golf event is a fantastic idea, and we are relishing the chance to be part of it.” “The Show Stage concerts have become a very popular part of the line-up during BMW PGA Championship week, alongside world class golf, and Simple Minds will ensure the curtain is brought down on the 2018 tournament in spectacular style.”

January | February 2018

A ffordable golf – K Z N

January | February 2018



Fearless Higgo seals Bobby Locke victory

right back on course. He obliterated a second dropped shot at nine with a string of four birdies from 11 to sign for a 67. A second round 68 saw him start the final day three off the pace from Van Heerden, who took pole position with rounds of 64 and 68. However, as the Mpumalanga amateur lost traction, Higgo raced into the lead but former number one Kyle McClatchie also had title aspirations. A birdie finish for a 66 shot Higgo to the top of the pile and he started the final round three shots clear of Van Heerden and McClatchie, who posted respective rounds of 72 and 69.


outh Africa’s top ranked Garrick Higgo overcame a strong challenge from Andre van Heerden to clinch victory in The Bobby Locke, thanks in no small part to a grandstand finish in the final round at Parkview GC Tied for the lead through 14 holes, the 17-yearold Boland junior rose to the occasion and produced a sensational birdie-birdie finish to close out a three shot victory with a final round 68. Over the course of 72 holes, Higgo demonstrated the mental fortitude and composure that took him to the top of the South African Golf Association’s Open Amateur Rankings. Having pinned his drive at the opening hole in the first round, Higgo hit his approach at the par five to 15 feet, but four-putted for a bogey start, but a birdie at the second got him


Higgo gave back a shot to the field with a bogey at the fourth, but birdied six to keep the chasing pack at bay over the first nine holes. Two more gains at 11 and 13 moved him to 17 under, but Van Heerden fired five birdies in a row from 10 to grab a share of the lead. “The wind blew a gale in the morning, but it was a little less severe wind in the afternoon,” Higgo said. “I managed to get through the first nine holes in level par and I just kept my head in the game. Being able to keep the focus and stay in the moment is probably the biggest strength of my game.” Van Heerden carded 68 to take sole second on 16-under 272. Western Province’s Deon Germishuys – who led the first round with a 63 – signed off with a 72 to take third on 10-under, while Ryan Dreyer shot 73 and McClatchie 76 to share fourth on eight-under-par 280.

January | February 2018


Nienaber caps banner season at CCJ


ree State junior Wilco Nienaber capped a dream season with his 10th victory when he overpowered the Woodmead Course at CC Johannesburg to capture the Central Gauteng Open title in wire-to-wire style at the end of November. Nienaber was 18 under on the par fives alone as he thundered to an eight-shot win on 19-under-par 296. The 17-year-old Bloemfontein junior laid the foundation with a brilliant eight-underpar 64 in the opening round. He carried the momentum to successive rounds of 69 and headed into the final round with a three stroke lead. He stretched his advantage with five birdies and knocked in a three-footer for a closing birdie to close with a 67. Matt Saulez from KwaZulu-Natal took second on 11 under, South Africa’s top ranked junior Jayden Schaper from Ekurhuleni finished a further stroke back, while Garrick Higgo from Boland – the country’s top amateur and the Bobby Locke winner a week before– wrapped up a share of fourth on nine-under 279 with David McIntyre from Central Gauteng.

January | February 2018

Nienaber was excited to end the season on a high note. “I’m in the middle of exams, so I couldn’t play The Bobby Locke last week or the Harry Oppenheimer Trophy next week,” said the Grade 11 Grey College scholar. “The Central Gauteng Open was my last tournament and to finish the season like this is dream come true. “ am incredibly happy with the result. It was really great to share it with my dad, who was on the bag. “I want to thank my parents, who are my biggest fans. And my coach Quintin Williams, who is always there for me. Also, thank you to GolfRSA and the South African Golf Association for all the opportunities they’ve given me this year. And a big thank you to Dean Burmester, who gave me some awesome pitching tips when he let me play with his TrackMan.” It certainly has been a banner season for the GolfRSA National Squad player.



Higgo captures Harry Oppenheimer Trophy


oland junior Garrick Higgo produced another winning performance to capture the season-ending Harry Oppenheimer Trophy at the end of November. It was the second time in three successive starts that the country’s leading amateur celebrated victory and – following his Bobby Locke triumph two weeks prior – it marked the second time in two weeks that Higgo finished in the winner’s circle after being missing out on a trophy finish in the same events 12 months ago. The GolfRSA National Squad player opened with a four-under-par 68 at Maccauvlei GC to finish three shots behind first round pacesetter Jason Rossiter from Central Gauteng, but he rocketed into the second round lead with a six-under 66. The 17-year-old De Zalze golfer began the third round on 10-under 134, one shot clear of Rossiter and two ahead of fellow GolfRSA National Squad players Casey Jarvis and Malcolm Mitchell two shots back in joint third. David McIntyre, Anuerin Gounden and South Africa’s top ranked junior Jayden Schaper was a further shot adrift. Higgo mixed three birdies with a lone bogey in the third round and boxed an eagle putt at the par-five closing hole for a 68. He heading into the final round on 14-under


202, with a three shot lead over Gounden from Ekurhuleni and Free State golfer Therion Nel, who charged into contention with a flawless 66. He kept control with an eagle at the par five second and was lining up a short birdie putt at the seventh when the hooter sounded. For a second consecutive year, the tournament hit by a lightning storm. The dangerous conditions persisted and officials were forced to reduce the event to 54 holes. Higgo was thrilled to finish the 2017 on a high note and to cement his number one spot in the Open Amateur rankings ahead of the seasonal break.

Final Result (top 10)

202 205 206 208 209 210 211

Garrick Higgo Therion Nel Aneurin Gounden Jason Rossiter David McIntyre Malcolm Mitchell Kyle McClatchie James du Preez (Jnr) Cameron Moralee Jayden Schaper Byron Coetzee

68 66 68 71 68 66 68 70 67 65 71 70 69 69 70 69 68 71 71 68 70 70 69 71 71 71 69 66 72 73 70 73 68

January | February 2018


Sweet seventh for Western Province


estern Province celebrated an extraordinary achievement when the team wrapped up their seventh successive triumph in the South African Super Senior Inter-Provincial Championship at Pezula GC in Knysna from 4-8 December.

which the championship was contested.

“There was an incredible spirit and camaraderie between all the teams that was just fantastic,” he said. “You never heard complaints. Just praise for great shots and putts and good-hearted banter. I The defending champions made a bold statement of also want to congratulate Pezula. This has to be one intent with a resounding 7.5 – 1.5 victory over North of the most magnificent courses in South Africa West in the first round. They kept on track with a con- and it was the perfect backdrop to a truly fantastic vincing 6 – 3 result against Southern Cape in round championship.” and the 6.5 – 2.5 outcome against KwaZulu-Natal in Twelve months after they were relegated, Gauteng round three strengthened their resolve. North went undefeated in the battle for promotion “We were pretty confident going into the final round, against Boland, Border, Eastern Province, Free State but we knew it would be a humdinger,” said Western and Northern Cape to lift the B-Division title and Province manager Trevor Steensma. “Every guy on guarantee their return to the A-Division. the team knew the stakes and they were ready to leave it all out there.”


“I am incredibly proud of this team and with their never-say-die attitude. When we came down to Knysna two weeks before the tournament, I already had a sense that this team could to it. Their team spirit was incredible. They had a huge goal, but they were 100 % committed. They are a team of stars who really played for each other.” Steensma said he was also impressed by the spirit in

January | February 2018

(Position, Union, Played, Win, Draw, Loss, Points, Games) 1

Western Province

(5, 4, 1, 0, 9, 31)


Central Gauteng

(5, 3, 2, 0, 8, 27)



(5, 2, 1, 2, 5, 24)


Southern Cape

(5, 2, 0, 3, 4, 22.5)



(5, 1, 0, 4, 2, 17)


North West

(5, 1, 0, 4, 2, 13.5)



All-Africa champions elated and humbled


waZulu-Natal trio Malcolm Mitchell, Clayton Mansfield and Matt Saulez and Garrick Higgo from Boland successfully defended South Africa’s title in the All Africa Golf Team Championship last month, but the quartet left in Zimbabwe with much more than a trophy. The team headed into the final round at Elephant Hills GC with a 22 shot lead and posted a team total of 209 to win the title for an eighth successive time by 30 strokes on 845. Mitchell also won the Individual Competition on 12-under-par 276 with rounds of 67, 68, 73 and 68, while Higgo, Mansfield and Saulez finished fourth, fifth and eighth respectively. Mitchell described the event a real eye-opener. “It was the first time Matt and I wore the green and gold outside South Africa’s borders and the first time Garrick and Clayton played for South Africa as seniors,” Mitchell said. “We were obviously keen to continue South Africa’s proud record and we were elated with the result, but on the trip home this past weekend we reflected on just how privileged we are as South Africans. Saulez, who will be travelling with Mitchell to Argentina in November to represent South Africa in the Juan Carlos Tailhade Cup and the Argentine Amateur Open, added that the competing against


the other African nations put things into a different perspective for the team. “Like Malcolm said, I don’t think any of us realised just how privileged we are until it stared us right in the face,” he said. “I think that is why we all enjoyed hosting a golf development clinic for little juniors from a nearby school. It was an hour out of our lives, and a small thing really when you think about it, but to see the excitement on their faces was humbling. It was incredibly gratifying to teach them and to give back, even just a little, to the game that gives us so much.”

Teams Leaderboard – Final (Top 5) 845

South Africa

211 209 216 209



225 215 218 217



222 221 221 226



219 220 227 229



226 229 221 226

Individual Leaderboard – Final (Top 5) 276 Malcolm Mitchell


67 68 73 71

285 David Amm


76 67 70 72

286 Issa Abu Al Ela


71 72 70 73

287 Garrick Higgo


68 77 72 40

290 Clayton Mansfield


78 70 71 71


73 74 72 71

Tonderayi Masunga

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Full marks for Ferdie at SA Senior Amateur


hen asked about his highlights of the Fellowship Cup, Matt Saulez didn’t talk mention his debut or South Africa’s roaring 26 – 6 victory. Instead, Saulez talked about friendships forged with the Indian competitors and the chance to run shoulders with the rest of the GolfRSA squad during the three-day Test at Leopard Creek.

Unheralded Ferdie van der Merwe sealed a sensational maiden victory when he clinched the SA Senior Amateur Championship title in dramatic fashion at Hermanus GC last month. The 51-year-old from Wellington stunned the field when he shot into contention with successive rounds of 72 in his debut on the senior amateur national circuit. Not surprisingly, the ‘rookie’ earned overwhelming applause after he defeated reigning Players champion Andre van Dyk at the first extra hole of a sudden-death play-off. “I feel 10 feet tall,” said the beaming Van der Merwe. “I’ve won more than 50 titles in club opens or Boland Golf Union events, but this is such a special moment. “I’ve hit the ball so well all week, but the putts refused to drop. It was frustrating, but I had my partner Cornel (de Jager) on the bag and she kept me calm and confident that the putter would warm up. I holed a short one for birdie at 12, but it took another seven holes before it warmed up again. “That last putt wasn’t very long – maybe six feet – but it rolled on the perfect line all the way and when

January | February 2018

it dropped, I almost couldn’t believe it. You know, I nearly didn’t even enter. They told me I had to enter online and I couldn’t figure it out, so if it wasn’t for Mariette at Boland Golf Union, I wouldn’t even have been here this week. “I’ve played Hermanus just twice in the last 18 years. We had to endure three club winds in all three rounds and this week was a real test of patience, but what a fantastic test of golf. To beat some of the legends of the game and to win on the senior circuit has been a dream, but now it’s a reality. I am sure this is how David felt when he knocked down Goliath.” Le Roux closed with a 75 to finish third on 223 in a tie with Watson, who signed for 82.


Ferdi van der Merwe

72 72 78 (play-off / first extra hole)


Andre van Dyk

71 76 75


Francois le Roux

74 74 75

Graeme Watson

72 69 82


Stephen Johnston

74 73 77


Craig Poulton

77 73 75

Rurik Gobel

75 75 75

Morgan Phillips

75 72 78


Jock Wellington

73 73 80


Brian Mampies

80 75 72

Stanley de Beer

75 76 76

Richard Bruyns

74 72 81


A ffordable golf – N orth W est / L impopo


Pinnacle Point Voted Best Golf Course in SA...Again!


n an awards programme that celebrates worldclass golf destinations, Pinnacle Point Estate has been voted South Africa’s Best Golf Course. This is the second year in a row that the golfing gem of the Garden Route has taken top honours at the Annual World Golf Awards.


Votes were cast online by professionals working within the golf travel and tourism industry – senior executives, travel buyers, tour operators, agents and media professionals, as well as golf tourism consumers (the public). The voting worked on a first-past-thepost system to ensure impartiality and independence.

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A ffordable golf – N orth W est / L impopo NE WS CLIP CONTINUED

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A ffordable golf – L impopo


January | February 2018

A ffordable golf – L impopo / M pumalanga


January | February 2018

A ffordable golf – M pumalanga

January | February 2018


A ffordable golf – N eighbouring countries


January | February 2018

G reenkeeping


FANCOURT WINS IAGTO’S GOLF RESORT OF THE YEAR AWARD golf industry professionals from across the globe.


ancourt has been honoured Golf Resort of the Year (in the category ‘Rest of The World’) at the prestigious 18th annual International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) Awards held in Cannes, France on 12 December 2017. The winners were announced during Peter Walton’s Welcome Address to

January | February 2018

Fancourt is a global landmark for golfing and leisure travel. Golf takes pride of place, with all three of the estate’s 18-hole golf courses designed by a team led by Gary Player. The courses – Montagu, Outeniqua and The Links (a privately-owned club) have continued to garner praise from the international golfing community, whilst their fairways attract players from across the world.



Turning back the clock


• • • • • • • •

is the Golfer from the past?

Our mystery golfer was born on October 27th 1956 in Middlebury, Vermont, U.S.A. She was rated one of the top junior snow skiers in the America as a 13-year-old. She turned professional and joined the LPGA Tour in 1980. She won LPGA Rookie of the Year honours in 1981 with her first professional victory coming at the Mazda Japan Classic. When she won the U.S. Women’s Open and the Women’s British Open in 1992, she became the first golfer to win both in the same year. She played on the U.S. Solheim Cup team five times (1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, and 2002) and captained the team in 2002 and 2003. She was one of several athletes named “Sports Illustrated - Sportsman of the Year” in 1987. The San Francisco earthquake of 1989 caused her to lose her home and possessions. She became one of the first LPGA players to publicly announce that she was a lesbian. Her and long-time partner Rebecca Gaston have two children: daughter Bryn and son Blake.

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Whichctone ball?

e r r o c e h t is

Answer on page 80

Where’s the ball?

1 2 3

4 5

Lee-Anne Pace January | February 2018

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Louis de Jager

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