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Vol. 73 • JAN / FEB 2016 •

Special Features:

Special Features: The Serengeti experience Ups & downs: Life on the Sunshine Tour by Ryan Cairns Celebrity golfer profile – Pierre Strydom Golf benchmark survey in Austria 2015




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Our first edition of 2016 kicks off with two very exciting new articles, Ups& downs: Life on the Sunshine Tour by Ryan Cairns and Better golf with Balderstone by Mike Balderstone. We are delighted to have people of the calibre of Ryan & Mike contributing to the magazine. Uit die Joggie se bek and Gap 2 Success came to an end last year and we would like to thank Bertu Nel, Wynand Stander & Paul Cuningham respectively for their most valuable contributions over the years.

The Serengeti experience


Celebrity golfer profile – Pierre Strydom


Ups & downs: Life on the Sunshine Tour


Golf benchmark survey in Austria 2015




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Send us your letters, giving us your views, opinions or articles of interest (max 500 words). The most interesting letter will be published in the next edition of SA golf Trader.


Thanks for a lovely mag; I thought that I would offer my thoughts on the following: My back has really seemed to ache much more lately after my walking rounds. I started to wonder if the push cart is making things worse than carrying. Certainly the heat at the moment is not helping — between my new cart, my cart bag, and all the extra paraphernalia I seem to carry on the push cart. I am thinking that the whole set-up is probably 10 kilograms more than what my carry bag would be. So the other day with the weather still pleasant and knowing that I was going to be playing a course which requires a significant amount of walking between green to the next tee, I decided to switch and carry my bag. For me, that means an ultra-light bag, no extras, no ball retriever and no SA Golf Trader or umbrellas in the bag. The change was noticeable, whether it was the reduced weight, the less strain from just walking instead of pushing, or maybe the fact that I was wearing some lighter clothes. I was ready to walk another 18 (no, wait, let’s not go crazy) - another 9 holes after finishing. I then went home and walked the dog for 2 k’s—and today while I feel some slight ache in my back, it would not keep me from playing if I had the opportunity. My push cart is a new model with very low resis-


tance in pushing but I am surprised in the difference of how I feel. I suspected that pushing was part of the strain, but not this much. Regards Peter West

Dear Peter An interesting result from your experiment! The SA Golf Trader team have pretty much always walked and carried their bags. Prior to the round one has to take into account the weather (umbrella/rain suit or not), the temperature (jersey or not), and the difficulty of the course (how many balls will you need). However many golfers use push carts and seem to be perfectly happy but if your back is better since walking, then like they say in the whiskey ad; keep walking! Regards

January / February 2016





ohann Rupert has been awarded Honorary Membership of the PGA of South Africa, becoming the first amateur golfer in the 90-year history of the PGA of South Africa to receive this award. Rupert received the award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to golf in South Africa and globally, including his role as the Chairman of the Sunshine Tour, his support of South African amateur golf, and his founding and continued support of the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB). “Mr Rupert, through his business influence and passion for golf, has done an immense amount of good work at all levels of the game in South Africa, from development to the professional arena,” Paul Marks,


Chairman of the PGA of South Africa, said. “As the PGA of South Africa, we take great pleasure in awarding Mr Rupert Honorary Membership of the association and in recognition of his tireless and continued support of South African golf.” Rupert received the award at the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek, with Major winners and fellow Honorary Members of the PGA Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel and multiple European Tour winner Branden Grace in the audience of professional golfers, business leaders and golf administrators. “Golf has given me far more than I’ve ever done in giving to golf. It has given me friendships worldwide that I treasure. Thank you very much. It’s a very big honour. The PGA of South Africa does an incredible job and I will really treasure this award,” said Rupert.

January / February 2016


January / February 2016





Vote for your favourite Golfing Gal and she can win a host of exciting prizes. If you would like to see Andor win then Email: SAGT JAN/FEB to Terms and Conditions apply. 1. Name: Andor Townsend. 2. What is your handicap? 32, breaking 100 is on my “to do” list this year. 3. When did you start playing Golf? I started in 2007 when I worked at Mount Edgecombe CC as a chef. Great place to learn as they had beginners courses for ladies. 4. Who got you into playing Golf? My husband is a keen golfer and he bought me a beginner set to see if I would enjoy it. 5. Who is your favourite women’s and mens golfer? Lee-Anne Pace the local favourite, and Jordan Spieth the future of golf. 6. Where are you currently a member at? I was last a member at Jackal Creek but I’m not currently affiliated as I’ve recently only been able to play during holidays. 7. Which is your favourite golf course in South Africa? The course I enjoyed most was Zimbali. Beautiful setting and still playable for the higher handicap golfer. 8. What has been your most embarrassing moment on the golf course? As a beginner, learning the game while playing with experienced golfers was the cause of many an embarrassing moment. Stepping on their lines, playing the wrong ball by mistake, holding up the field because I was playing double the amount of shots are only but a few to mention. 9. I believe you just got married, who is the lucky guy, and were you lucky enough to play a round on your Honeymoon ? I think my husband David booked the golf before he booked the accommodation for our honeymoon. We did a 3 week tour of the garden route which was amazing. Pinnacle Point was without a doubt the most impressive of all the courses we played.

January / February 2016

HEALTH & LIFEST YLE 10. What do you hope to achieve in the coming years? Golfing as well as career. We all know how hard the game can be if you don’t play often enough, so I am looking to join a club again this year and play on weekends. With regard to my career, I have moved into catering management since being a chef and would like to see a progression to operations management as the next rung on the career ladder. 11. Any superstitions? None whatsoever. 12. Favourite Movie: Pay it forward and The Notebook, a nice girly movie – love it! 13. Three things I can’t live without: Chef knife (I love cooking and hate blunt knives), iPad (I’m a bit of a techno junky), Saturday breakfast made by my husband – it’s tradition. 14. My guilty pleasure: Cheese and wine. 15. My favourite food: Asian food in general and an absolute sucker for dim sum. 16. Happiness is: Quality time with my husband. 17. Get me a plane ticket to: The Maldives, before the sea levels rise. 18. Someone I look up to: My father, his outlook on life is inspirational. The eternal optimist. 19. I’m not embarrassed to say that I: ...spent more money on golf gear than any other items of clothing this last December. 20. Favourite quote: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Mahatma Gandhi Season Seven If you would like to be considered as a SA Golf Trader “Golfing Gal” please submit three colour photo’s of yourself on the golf course and two photos of your choice to One girl per edition will be chosen by us (the editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into). The winner will be the girl who receives the most emails. The competition will be over six editions and closes on 31/08/2016. If you are selected by us you will have to answer the questions that SA Golf Trader puts to you.

January / February 2016



Congratulations to Michael Shaw our winner of the Trivia Quiz Nov/Dec edition: he receives two bottles of KWV 12 year old brandy.

1. Who was the first European to win the U.S. Masters?

7. The Open Championship was held on which course for its first 12 years?

2. During the 1981 “Cock of the North Open” in Zambia, Sandy Lyle was not given a free drop when his ball came to rest where?

8. Marin Kaymer is?

a) b) c)

a) b) c)

Seve Ballesteros Sam Torrance Eamonn Darcy

A swarm of red ants A swarm of black ants A swarm of bees

3. In what year did Jose Maria Olazabel win his first US Masters title? a) b) c)

1986 1994 1984

4. Who lost the 1999 Open at Carnoustie in dramatic style? a) b) c)

Jean Van De Velde Bob Cameron Constantino Rocca

5. In the 2010 Arnold Palmer Invitational, winner Ernie Els finished on? a) b) c)

11 under par 15 under par 16 under par

6. Louis Oosthuizen was born in? a) b) c)

Mossel Bay Camps Bay Plettenberg Bay

a) b) c) a) b) c)

Prestwick Carnoustie Ailsa Dutch Irish German

9. Which is the second oldest Open Championship on the European Tour after the British Open? a) b) c)

The German Open The French Open The Dutch Open

10. When this golfer won the U.S. Open in 1965, he became the first non-American to win since 1920. After winning, he donated all but $1,000 of the first-place prize money ($26,000) to junior golf programs and cancer research. Who is he? a) b) c)

Kel Nagle Gary Player Peter Thomson

Proudly sponsored by:

The winner of the trivia quiz will receive two bottles of KWV 12 year old brandy!

1. The first correct entry drawn will be declared the winner. The draw will take place on the 22nd of February 2016. 2. The Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence either in terms of the questions, answers or winner will be entered into. 3. The answers to the questions and the name of the winner will be published on the quiz page in the following issue. 4. Results and answers will be published in the next edition of SA Golf Trader. Instructions: 1. Choose one of the answers for each question. 2. Send the 10 letters of your chosen answers in sequence via email to or Fax your chosen answer letters to 086 694 2185.

ANSWERS TO THE NOV/DEC EDITION 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.A 8

January / February 2016

tuition & instruction

KNOW YOUR RULES New Rule Change for 2016 The clarity of HD television has forced a change to this rule. Previously a player was penalized for his ball moving after address even if the player could not see it with his naked eye. Now a player will only be penalized if he caused the ball to move.

January / February 2016


tuition & instruction

Better Golf with


5 Habits for Highly Effective Practice...

It is a familiar sight on driving ranges around the world; golfers beating away at balls, one after the other trying to achieve “consistency”. Most of this effort is completely wasted. They may have a great practice session there and then, but all too often that doesn’t transfer to the course. Here are 5 habits that will make your practice a lot more effective. Michael Balderstone Managing Director & Performance Director The Golf School of Excellence Balderstone Sports Institute +27 (0) 82 448 0753 @mjbalderstone

1. Train Skills As golfers we tend to get far too caught up in technique, thinking that perfecting this will bring us the results. For a far more effective way of practicing, focus on training the required skills for effective golf. For example in putting, the 3 required skills are starting direction, distance/speed control and greenreading. These can be practiced together or in isolation. Focusing on the skills first will give you great feedback as to which ones you need work on, which may then require technical assistance with a PGA Coach. But if you are competent at the skills, then no need to change the technique for the sake of it. Jordan Spieth is a great example of this.

2. Randomise Practice can be categorised into two types; Block and


Random practice. Block practice is when you repeat the same thing over and over again, building reps to groove a movement. This is what most golfers spend their time doing. Random practice involves changing something shot by shot, for example changing target, club or desired flight. Block practice has its place as part of effective practice, however many studies have shown that random practice is the most effective way of developing and learning a new skill. Golf on the course is 100% random, so practice that way too.

3. Replicate Pressure Similar to number 2, we want to make our practice to be reflective of what we experience on the course, where every shot counts. Hitting a pile of balls one af-

January / February 2016

tuition & instruction

Pace Ladder Drill

Landing Area Ladder Drill

ter the other with no consequence is a waste of time. A great way to represent the actual game in training is to add pressure to your practice by setting target goals to achieve or to play skills based games.

have to pull the ball back a putter length from the hole. This ensures at least a 3-foot hole-out each time. Using the same concept on the course, once you hit the green you have to pull the ball 2 club lengths off the green. Making your practice more difficult makes playing easier.

A nice example of this is playing ‘Par 18’ around a chipping green. Play 9 holes, with 3 easy, 3 medium and 3 difficult up and downs to achieve. Putt out each hole and keep your score. This is great practice on your own or with a partner.

4. Make it more difficult There are many ways you can do this in your golf training, both on and off the course. A great game to play on the putting green or on the course is ‘PullBack’. On the putting green, play a matchplay game against a training partner but after every putt you

January / February 2016

5. Embrace Mistakes Mistakes and failure are essential in any learning process. We grow by stretching our skills just beyond current ability. In other words when we put ourselves just outside of our comfort zones, we experience new things and learn from them. This means mistakes are inevitable and successful people thrive on this as they grow. Some of the best practice sessions you will have are when you are really struggling. This is valuable feedback along your learning journey.



January / February 2016


“The Serengeti Experience”


he spectacular Jack Nicklaus Signature course is the first 27-hole golf course in Gauteng and one of six Nicklaus-designed courses in South Africa. The cool season-grassed playing areas provide a wonderful spectacle, especially in the starkness of the Highveld winter. Cool season grasses mean green vistas all year round, and Serengeti is one of the first courses with these grasses in Gauteng. Serengeti comprises an 18-hole course, named Masai Mara, which has rugged grassland with a dune-scape look, and a 9-hole course named Whistling Thorn, which has a more classic feel. The course has been designed as a strategic and technical masterpiece that will test today’s best players, but at the same time remains the ideal course for beginners. One of the unique features on the course is the par-five eighth hole with its island green which can be seen on the cover of this edition. The Serengeti Clubhouse is an impressive 6 500m2 building. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also very functional with all the amenities one would

January / February 2016

expect in such a world-class environment. These facilities include restaurants, lounges, impressive conferencing & banqueting venues, fitness centre and Golf Academy all facilities offering state of the art AV technology and equipment. Serengeti is a piece of Africa in the economic hub of South Africa. Excellent location and accessibility, 40 kms from Johannesburg CBD, Sandton, Pretoria CBD, Pretoria East, 16 kms to Midrand and only 10 minutes from O R Tambo International Airport. Contact them for all your conferencing, banqueting and golf day requirements.

CONTACT: 011 552 7200


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January / February 2016


January / February 2016

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January / February 2016



Class act Pace clinches SA Women’s Open younger generation, however, the savage North-Easterly wind showed up in full force to ruin their title hopes. Park dropped shots at 11, 14 and 15 and Lewthwaite made a triple at the par-four 11th. Although Pace dropped another shot at 15, the ninetime European Ladies Tour champion’s experience won out. “The first nine holes were fine, but we played straight into a two-to-three club wind on the back nine, especially over the last five holes,” said Pace. “Lejan played incredible golf and she is really a talent to watch in the future and I was also impressed with little Carrie Park. What a great debut for her. I also really enjoyed seeing Kim getting back to the kind of form with which she used to dominate the amateur scene. “I am really glad that I came back from the LPGA Tour to defend my title and to start the Sunshine Ladies Tour with another big win,” Pace said.


ee-Anne Pace joined an elite band of back-to-back SA Women’s Open champions when she claimed the sought-after title for a second consecutive year at San Lameer CC in KZN last month. The Pearl Valley golfer closed with a 76 to claim a three stroke victory on three over 219 to emulate American Brenda Lunsford and Barbara Pestana from South Africa, who reeled in successive victories in 1990 / 1991 and 1998 / 1999 respectively. “Now I am really stoked,” said Pace. “I just love statistics and setting records, so this is really, really cool. I knew there were players that won the SA Women’s Open twice, but I never new Brenda and Barbara were the only back-to-back winners. “And I know Mandy Adamson won three times, but not three times in a row. I’m definitely going for the hat-trick next year. That would be an awesome record to own.” Pace carried a healthy eight stroke lead in to the final round after earlier rounds of 71 and 72, but was made to work for her second success. She parred her way to the turn as rookie Carrie Park shortened the gap to five strokes with four birdies on the front nine and leading amateur Lejan Lewthwaite also got within five with birdies at one, four and eight. “Those girls really gave me a run for my money, and Kim Williams also played really well,” Pace said. “I played solid golf, but the birdie putts were just not dropping.” Pace bogeyed 11 and three-putted for a double at the par-four 12th that should have opened the door for the


“The course was absolute exquisite. Last year we had a lot of rain and we could attack the pins, but not this year – it definitely played tougher. Lewthwaite returned an even-par 72 to win the Jackie Mercer Trophy as the leading amateur on seven over 223. Reigning Sanlam SA Women’s Amateur champion Park also carded a 72 to lock down the runner-spot in the pro field on 224 in her rookie debut.


All competitors RSA unless otherwise specified and amateurs indicated as (AMA) 219 Lee-Anne Pace 71 72 76 223 Lejan Lewthwaite (AMA) 78 73 72 224 Carrie Park S-KOR 78 74 72 225 Kim Williams 71 80 74 226 Monique Smit 77 77 72 229 Bonita Bredenhann NAM 82 76 71 230 Ivanna Samu (AMA) 81 78 71 232 Anna Scott GBR 75 80 77 233 Michelle Leigh 80 76 77 234 Alana van Greuning 80 79 75; Azelia Meichtry (AMA) SUI 79 75 80 235 Chiara Contomathios (AMA) 82 77 76; Woo-Ju Son (AMA) 78 78 79 236 Tandi von Ruben 83 78 75; Amy Henning 83 75 78 239 Monja Richards 80 81 78; Nicole Garcia 77 83 79 240 Melissa Eaton 83 79 78 241 Danielle Du Toit (AMA) 85 79 77 242 Vicki Traut (AMA) 84 83 75

January / February 2016

Welcome to the BEST GOLF COURSE 0











2015 2015 BEsT lOcAl RADIO sTATION


As decided by our responding readers in more than 208 930 homes in Johannesburg ’s northern suburbs



BEsT GOlf cOuRsE

Randpark Golf Club As decided by our responding readers in more than 208 930 homes in Johannesburg ’s northern suburbs



AM Weekday Golf Join us for our 9-hole AM weekday golf promotion! Tee-off before 06:20 in the morning during the week to receive a complimentary 9-Hole Breakfast with Coffee/Tea or Cappuccino. Members Rate Visitor Affiliated Rate Visitor Non-Affiliated Rate -

R115.00 R150.00 R170.00

Subject to T&C • TEL: 011 215 8600

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G


January / February 2016

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - G AU T E N G

January / February 2016



Lejan makes spectacular start to Sunshine Ladies Tour “It was wonderful to watch Lee-Anne up close, to chat to her and get to know her a little. She really is an amazing golfer and a great inspiration. “It is such an honour to add my name to players like Ashleigh Simon, Kim Williams and Bertine Strauss on the Jackie Mercer Trophy. I couldn’t have finished my amateur career on a greater note. Now I am really excited to start make my pro debut on the Sunshine Ladies Tour in 2016.” Lewthwaite may have missed out on the second place cheque, but she gained a tidy foothold in the Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies in the first counting event. Pace earned 400 points and Lewthwaite 320 points towards the 2016 Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies in the first counting event and the 80 point difference has the Texas State University graduate champing at the bid to launch her pro career.


enoni amateur Lejan Lewthwaite put a loud exclamation point on her amateur career when she lifted the Jackie Mercer Trophy in the 2015 SA Women’s Open on the Hibiscus Coast in early December. The 24-year-old Wanna Be A Champion made the best possible start to the 2016 Sunshine Ladies Tour when she closed with an even-par 72 to lead the amateur field with a runner-up finish in the prestigious national championship at San Lameer CC

“Lee-Anne has told us that she will be competing on the LPGA Tour early next year,” Lewthwaite said. “She will only play four events, which means that if I can make a solid start in the Ladies Joburg Open and the Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies at Houghton Golf Club, I can build up a nice cushion before she gets back.

Lewthwaite lagged eight strokes behind LPGA Tour winner Lee-Anne Pace at the start of the final round, but reduced the gap on the defending champion with a few early birdies. Both players dropped shots on the back nine before Pace wrapped up her second consecutive victory with a 76 to triumph on four over 219. “I am just over the moon with this result and I can’t believe I finished just three strokes behind Lee-Anne,” Lewthwaite said. “It was an awesome experience playing with her and Kim Williams. I am so proud that I could overcome the nerves and hold my own in the tough conditions and even have a little run at Lee-Anne.


January / February 2016


Steyn sizzles at Joburg Junior Open tournament and I won by default. I was really happy to win at Fancourt, but this time, I had to work for this win and I feel like I earned it. “I was bummed after I led the Central Gauteng Open last month and lost by one stroke. This win totally makes up for that disappointment. It’s an awesome feeling to finish the season on such a high note.” South African Golf Association Golf Manager David Younge was impressed with the high standard of golf on show at this year’s Joburg Junior Open. “We witnessed some spectacular shot-making and I was very impressed to see a winning score of eight under and the top 10 players all finish under par,” Younge said. “We collaborated with Central Gauteng Golf Union on the set-up of the course and it was quite amazing to watch the juniors face a set up similar to the Central Gauteng Open. It was certainly not easy for them, but they really relished the challenge and showcased their skills.”



Less than a month since he let the Central Gauteng Open lead slip, Marco Steyn charged into contention at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington again, but this time, the Modderfontein junior persevered to lift the Joburg Junior Open title. Steyn navigated the East Course in six under 66 to claim his second Junior Open title this season with a winning total of eight-under-par 136. The 17-year-old finished three strokes clear of Matt Saulez from KZN, who closed with 70. “This time it feels like I’ve won a major championship,” Steyn said. “When I won the Dimension Data Junior Open, it didn’t really feel like a win; it felt more like Luca (Filippi) lost the

January / February 2016

136 139 140 141 143 144 145 146

Marco Steyn Matt Saulez Dylan Mostert Keegan Mclachlan Dawid Opperman Fritz Orren Dino Capazario Jan-louis Nel Dehan Joubert Gregory Mckay Chandler Shaw Kyle Opperman Christo (Jnr) Lamprecht Sentanio Minnie Rosswell Sinclair Cole Stevens Ayden Senger Liam Mc Ilroy Dylan Naidoo Keelan van Wyk

70 66 69 70 71 69; 70 70; 69 71 74 67 70 73; 70 73; 69 74; 68 75 76 68; 75 69; 71 73; 70 74; 69 75 77 68; 74 71; 71 74 73 73; 67 79



Samu signs off in style at KZN Junior


outh Africa’s number two ranked Ivanna Samu won the KZN Junior Championship title with a gutsy performance in very tough weather conditions and a week after she defended her title, her face still lights up with delight at finishing the season on such a high note. Lashing rain and driving winds tested the field at Selborne CC, but the 17-year-old Ruimsig junior battled bravely to triumph on seven-under-par 209 with rounds of 68, 71 and 70. Samu was thrilled to win the final event of the season, but even more elated with the way she handled the punishing conditions to pull off an eight stroke victory. “I learned a huge lesson at the KZN Junior - my parents, my coach Graeme Francis and Womens Golf South Africa president Karen Olivant was absolutely right,” Samu explained. “All season long they have all told me that the experience from my international events will pay off, but I never really understood their meaning until we faced those tough weather conditions. I played in similar conditions in Scotland and England and again at the SA Women’s Open, and I realised that I did learn a lot from those events.” Samu reached the quarter-final of the Girl’s British Open Amateur in Scotland in August and finished second in the Girls Division at the Duke of York Young Champions in England a month later. Just three days before the KZN Junior Championships, she outclassed the bulk of the professional field in the SA Women’s Open to finish seventh after navigating a savage North-Easterly wind at San Lameer Country Club for a final round 71. “I was so surprised when I realised I was completely calm,” Samu said. “I realised it was because I knew how to deal with the conditions and I played to my strengths. In those events abroad, I learned how to shape shots into the wind and how to use the wind to my advantage when we downwind. “With all the technology that surround us, we live in such a fast-pace world. We are always chasing instant gratification, but I’ve realised that golf moves at its own pace. I can honestly see the value of experience now. We just have to grind through the disappointments to reap the rewards later.”


Samu said that the standard of golf on the women’s amateur circuit has improved in the last year. “I didn’t defend all my titles, so I tried to play as many events as possible each time I got back from playing abroad to protect my ranking. The standard is definitely higher and the circuit is really strong at the moment. I really wanted to finish on a high and it meant a lot to me that I was able to defend my title. It was a great reward at the end of an amazing year.”


209 217 219 223 226 230 231 231 231 233

Ivanna Samu Kaleigh Telfer Woo-Ju Son Sarah Bouch Brittney-Fay Berger Kaiyuree Moodley Symone Henriques Chiara Contomathios Chloe Royston Jessica Emily Shurety

68 71 70 69 73 75 73 71 75 74 74 75 71 75 80 75 70 85 77 73 81 81 74 76 83 74 74 79 75 79

January / February 2016


Golf RSA breaks ground with first National Squad

“Womens Golf South Africa are nominating their own National Squad early next year. The squad will receive funding from Golf RSA and their Elite Squad players will be invited to attend our National Squad camps.” The National Squad will provide a valuable platform for talented golfers to further develop their skills and showcase themselves through competition, locally and on the world stage. Players on the fringe of selection to the National Squad will also benefit from squad funding via their provincial unions, and will be closely monitored. These players will have a chance to play their way into the squad through good performances.


olf RSA, the governing body for amateur golf in South Africa, has announced a National Squad of 34 players for 2016.

The squad will be made up of some of the country’s most talented young amateurs and will feature players from the top of the open amateur and junior amateur rankings, plus a good mix of promising youngsters who have the potential to become great players. South Africa’s top ranked amateur Tristen Strydom spearheads the group of Open Amateurs, while the country’s number one ranked junior Ross Sinclair leads the way in the U-19 section. South African Golf Development Board member Banele Mavusa from Mpumalanga and Wilco Niebaber from Free State, who shared the Most Valuable Player honours in the B-Section at the recent South African Under-19 Inter-Provincial, are also among the 2016 inductees. Funded by businessman Johann Rupert, one of the main objectives of the National Squad is to ensure that should players opt to turn professional, they are well prepared for the rigours of the paid ranks. “We believe that by enhancing the players’ amateur experiences and opportunities, we can produce stronger national teams and provide individuals with the best preparation for life as golf professionals,” explained Golf RSA CEO Grant Hepburn. “That’s where the National Squad comes in. Thanks to the generosity of Mr Rupert, we are able to provide funding, support, advice, training camps and, ultimately, playing opportunities for the best of South Africa’s young golfing talent.

January / February 2016

NATIONAL SQUAD - Seniors (19) Albert Venter Andre Nel Anuerin Gounden Aubrey Beckley Darin de Smidt David Meyers Dylan Naidoo Dylon Jacobs Hayden Garcia Jade Buitendag

James du Preez Jason Smith Jovan Rebula Kyle McLatchie Luke Trocado Matt Saulez Sentanio Minnie Steven le Roux Tristen Strydom

NATIONAL SQUAD - Juniors (15)

Banele Mavuso Cole Stevens Dylan Mostert Franklin Manchest Herman Loubser Jordan Duminy Karabo Mokoena Keegan Mclachlan Keelan van Wyk Luca Filippi

Luke Mayo Marco Steyn Martin Vorster Ross Sinclair Wilco Nienaber



Southern Cape, Free State celebrate at SA U-19 IPT victory


outhern Cape’s youthful exuberance, grit and determination was unparalleled as they marched to victory in the A-Section, while but Free State put the festivities on hold until they could seal the battle for promotion South African U-19 Inter-Provincial at Worcester GC last month. A-SECTION The premier junior team championship delivered the usual mix of upsets and jostling for position, but it proved once again that even when teams look strong on paper, golf is still played on grass. Over the first four days, the five bankers and three rookies dovetailed to perfection against defending champions Western Province, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng North and Ekurhuleni. The final scuffle against 2013 champions Central Gauteng was always going to be a tough battle, but the Garden Route side fought valiantly and was graceful in defeat after the 7 – 5 loss.

“We knew Central Gauteng was going to come at us guns blazing and they really brought the fight to us,” said captain Jovan Rebula as the team celebrated with a series of high fives at the 18th green after the last putt dropped. “They came at us very hard in the Singles and really deserved the victory, but I think the final score speaks volumes about our team spirit. This is an incredible achievement for the whole team. “We’ve come close in past championships, but this week we fought like demons. I think only the past champions of this tournament can understand the incredible pride we share as a team right now. “This was a team effort all the way and everyone deserves to take credit. Throughout the week, every player on the team had a moment where they need to step up and everyone delivered.


“I have to applaud our rookies Martin Vorster, Alan Lones and Julian Sale, who really delivered a champions’ performance. We are team that bats from one to eight; there are no superstars, the whole team contributed and that’s why we pulled it through.” Manager Roger Wessels said Southern Cape’s success was down to winning combinations and a strong team spirit. “We worked out our Foursomes combinations to pair each rookie with an experienced player and the pairings worked to our advantage. We took a solid lead into the Singles in every match and build on the cushion. “This team really played for each other. Our rookies were outstanding in the early games in some of the matches, taking the pressure off the top order. And vice versa, the top order stepped up and were outstanding in pulling through the crucial points to win the matches for us.” Defending champions Western Province thumped Ekurhuleni 7 – 5 to finish second on nine points while Central Gauteng’s final round triumph boosted them to third with seven points. KwaZulu-Natal launched a spirited assault to defeat Gauteng North 7 – 5 and tie them on six points, but the Daises clinched fourth in the standings by half a point in a games point count-out. Meanwhile Ekurhuleni managed to avoid relegation with a lone victory against KwaZulu-Natal, which left Boland holding the wooden spoon after a winless week in Worcester. B-SECTION The celebrations could have started much earlier, but Free State put the festivities on hold until they could seal the battle for promotion in the South African U-19 Inter-Provincial with an unbeaten record at Worcester GC.

January / February 2016

A M AT E U R N E W S Over five days of intense competition, the eight-man team executed a well-laid game plan to perfection. They defeated Mpumalanga, Eastern Province, North West, Northern Cape and Border and, on the final day, came together with unbelievable spirit to hammer Limpopo 10.5 – 1.5. “We came here to prove ourselves and to have pulled it off, means the world to every member of the squad,” said skipper Attie van Wyk. “Although we were pretty much guaranteed promotion after the fourth round, nothing is ever set in stone. We still approached the match against Limpopo exactly the same way as we did every other game this week. “We did a proper job of winning this year. You can’t argue with six matches and six wins – you just can’t argue with that. Every one of the guys played well and the team spirit was fantastic.” Manager Nicky Nel said this promotion was seven years in the making.


“Therion, Attie, Ruan and Franco have been playing together for seven years and Steven and Wilco joined us in 2012,” Nel said. “These six guys have battled for this victory for four long years and I am so incredibly pleased that they can graduate from the junior ranks having finally pulled it through. Our two rookies, GeRico and Leander, punched well above their weight this week. “We set our combinations before we arrived and we never once changed the line-up. It added to the sense of continuity this week. As much as golf is an individual game, our team spirit was phenomenal and definitely a huge factor in our victory. “I am incredibly proud of our team, for their complete commitment and for sticking it out through the hard times. This is an incredible moment for the whole squad. There is no describing what this promotion means to us.” Mpumalanga secured second in the standings with an 8.5 – 3.5 result against Eastern Province, while North West finished third after thumping Border 11 – 1.


(Pos-Union-Played-Won-Drawn-Lost-Points-Matches won)

(Pos-Union-Played-Won-Drawn-Lost-Points-Matches won)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Southern Cape Western Province Central Gauteng Gauteng North KwaZulu-Natal Ekurhuleni Boland

January / February 2016

(6, 5, 0, 1, 10, 46.5) (6, 4, 1, 1, 9, 39.0) (6, 3, 1, 2, 7, 40.5) (6, 2, 2, 2, 6, 35.0) (6, 3, 0, 3, 6, 34.5) (6, 1, 1, 4, 3, 30.0) (6, 0, 1, 5, 1, 26.5)

Free State Mpumalanga North West Eastern Province Northern Cape Border Limpopo

(6, 6, 0, 0, 12, 59.0) (6, 5, 0, 1, 10, 46.0) (6, 4, 0, 2, 8, 42.0) (6, 3, 0, 3, 6, 36.0) (6, 1, 1, 4, 3, 25.5) (6, 1, 0, 5, 2, 18.0) (6, 0, 1, 5, 1, 25.5)



Stonehenge River Lodge, situated on the outskirts of Parys with 2 world class signature golf courses in a 10 kilometre radius. We are also known for our beautiful bird life & fly-fishing Offering 62 en-suite rooms for accommodation up to 120 delegates on site. Conference Facility, Teambuilding & Weddings

24 Hour Conference Package R 912.28 p.p sharing excl Vat 28

November / December 2015

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - W estern C ape

January / February 2016


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - W estern C ape

01 December 2015 - 31 March 2016

Come and play this summer at one of South Africa’s most iconic and oldest golf courses.










January / February 2016

November / December 2015


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - W estern C ape


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - E A S T E R N C ape


Donald Trump threatens to pull £700m investment from Scotland.


onald Trump has threatened to withhold £700m of investment in Scotland if he is banned from entering the UK.

MPs will debate later this month whether the US presidential hopeful should be refused entry. It follows the billionaire property tycoon calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US. More than half a million people backed a petition calling on the tycoon to be barred for his comments, triggering a debate in the Commons. However, there will be no vote at the end of the debate and it will be up to Home Secretary Theresa May to decide whether or not Mr Trump should be excluded from the UK. Mr Trump owns the Turnberry GC in South Ayrshire as well as Trump International Golf Links near Aberdeen. In a statement, his Trump Organisation said it had planned to invest more than £200m at Turnberry and a further £500m at the Aberdeenshire course.

January / February 2016

But it warned that any action to restrict travel would force it to “immediately end these and all future investments we are currently contemplating in the United Kingdom. It added: “Westminster would create a dangerous precedent and send a terrible message to the world that the United Kingdom opposes free speech and has no interest in attracting inward investment. “This would also alienate the many millions of United States citizens who wholeheartedly support Mr Trump and have made him the forerunner by far in the 2016 presidential election. “Many people now agree with Mr Trump that there is a serious problem that must be resolved. This can only be achieved if we are willing discuss these tough issues openly and honestly.” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last month joined the calls for Mr Trump to be considered for exclusion from the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron has previously labelled Mr Trump’s comments “stupid” but said he did not support a ban, telling MPs the tycoon would “unite us all against him” if he visited the UK.


A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - eastern cape

The Fish River Sun Country Club

Golf Course

The 12th par-five stroke, which is played along the river, also tests both mind and technical skills. On the bucket list of every golfer is at least one perfect game on the magnificent 18 hole, Gary Player designed golf course, with bent grass greens and kikuyu fairways. This unique course has many doglegs and well-positioned bunkers that guard both fairways and greens. It is part of the Sunshine Tour, with professionals in the Sun International Challenge Series playing the course for the first time in October 2015. Open to hotel guests and visitors in addition to members at highly competitive rates, the Parklands Course offers a great challenge to all handicaps when the wind blows. Golfers who stray off the straight and narrow are punished by the high vegetated dunes and thick coastal bush flanking the fairways. If this is not enough of a challenge, then driving over the Old Women’s River is a challenge which makes even professionals take a deep breath and focus. The river must be crossed twice, requiring concentration to make it across – making it a feature of the 13th and 16th holes. It comes into play rather dramatically at the 12th hole, the long par 5 signature hole. This dogleg left hugs the river and plays toward an uphill green guarded by thick rough on either side.


The other water hazards are on the 5th and the parthree 8th. Once on the greens, players are treated to what many golfers as the best in the country. An essential aspect contributing to the enjoyment of any golf experience is the condition of the course and here again you will find the course is beautifully kept. In designing the course Gary Player went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the outstanding natural features of the area were not compromised. The course therefore takes the golfer on a seaside

January / February 2016

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - eastern cape ramble which includes sightings of small game, raptors and colourful birds that is most rewarding no matter what the golf is like. Resident course pro

Golf Lessons

The resident course professional is Ruan Delport, a graduate from the Gary Player School of Excellence. He has been with the Fish River Sun since December 2011.

Cart Hire

Greenskeeper Growing up on a small farm in the Bathurst district, Tim Ridden developed a love of the outdoors and nature which has guided his career choices throughout his life. After an eight year stint at the Royal Port Alfred golf course, Ridden was welcomed into the Fish River Sun family. “This is an outstanding course,” says Ridden. “Well set out with unique greens, but they also require a lot of attention. However, it’s definitely worth the challenge!”

Golf Shop Situated next to the Kontiki Bar. The Golf Shop is fully stocked with golf attire.

January / February 2016

Golf lessons are available, provided by a P.G.A. Pro who will instruct at the driving range or if you prefer, playing lessons are also available.

There is a limited number of golf carts available. These need to be booked in advance. Golf Club Staff Golf Operations Manager:             Francois Marais Golf Course and Estate Manager: Tim Ridden Head Pro:   Ruan Delport                                 Contact the Golf Shop at 040 676-1002 for more details on the Membership Options at the Fish River Sun Country Club PE Sales Office - Stefan Ferreira – 041 583 1968 Operating Hours: Winter:          07h30 - 17h00 Summer:        07h00 - 17h30 Telephone:   +27 40 676 1002 Golf Reservations are essential.



SA JOCKEY, Pierre Strydom 1. Where were you born and which schools did you attend? I was born in 1966 Port Elizabeth. Went to Alcona Primary school where I grew up near Fairview race course. I then went to Summerveld Jockey Academy in Durban. 2. How did you get into horse racing? I grew up with racing, as my dad was a jockey. 3. Where does your nick name “Striker” come from? I use to come from the back of the field, and pip the guys on the post. A racing editor then started to call me Stricker. 4. Most memorable or biggest achievement? Winning the July three times & riding 7 winners on one day, also twice. I was voted SA champion jockey 5 times.


5. Most forgettable experience as a Jockey? My bad fall in Hong Kong where I fractured three vertebrae in my neck and I thought that my career was over as I thought I might be paralyzed. 6. We believe that Jockey’s have a very strict fitness programme, what is so different? I don’t do a lot of gym work because our weights need to stay very consistent. I follow a very strict diet and try to stay as supple as possible. 7. Who would you regard as the best jockey of all time? In one way it is a tough question because there are different era’s of racing, but I have a lot of respect for British Jockey Lester Piggot, Michael Roberts, Frankie Detorri and currently Anton Marcus. 8. Who would you regard as the best trainer in South Africa?

January / February 2016


I find that there are a lot of quality trainers around but Mike de Kock is an absolute genius. 9. What is the best horse you have ever ridden & why? London News definitely because of his long strides and unbelievable acceleration.

12. On average how many races do you race per day? I race between 6 & 7 races per day. 13. Is there a weight limit for Jockey’s? Definitely, 50kg bottom weight & top weight 62 kg.

10. How many times have you won the Durban July & what makes this such a special race? I have won the Vodacom July three times. The vibe is awesome and the whole nation gets involved as well as the history of the race makes it special. 11. What is the ultimate race to compete in for a top Jockey? Local definitely the Vodacom July & Internationally the Dubai World Cup.


• When did you start to play golf? I started a bit late in1997 at Nu Market racecourse’s mashie course.

• Which is your favourite golf course in SA? Blair Atholl. I think it is a great lay-out and test of golf.

• What is your current handicap? My handicap is 17. • Where do you play out of? I joined Germiston Golf Club because of my good mate Paul Marks. • Have you ever had a hole-in-one? Not yet.

January / February 2016

• Who is your favourite golfer? Gary Player.

• Who would be in your ideal fourball? The Fab Four. Johnny Geroudin (Ringo Starr), Brett Smit (John Lennon), Gunter Wroggeman (George Harrison) and myself (Sir Paul McCartney). • What is your favourite club in the bag? Most definitely my Lob Wedge.


R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S Sunshine Tour Lion Of Africa Cape Town Open Royal Cape GC, 19 - 22 November 2015 1 Brandon Stone T2 Ockie Strydom Steve Surry 4 Scott Vincent T5 Jean-Paul Strydom Peter Karmis Erik van Rooyen T8 Garth Mulroy Jaco Ahlers Tjaart van der Walt Chris Swanepoel Christiaan Basson


73-66-63-70 67-70-73-67 71-71-68-67 68-73-70-68 71-71-69-69 74-66-69-71 64-71-70-75 73-69-72-67 74-66-73-68 71-70-71-69 72-70-70-69 64-76-71-70

272 277 277 279 281 281 281 281 281 281 281 281

Alfred Dunhill Championship Leopard Creek, 26 - 29 November 2015 1 2 3 4 T5

Charl Schwartzel Gregory Bourdy Benjamin Hebert Sebastien Gros Matt Ford Thomas Linard Joost Luiten T8 Jaco Van Zyl Eddie Pepperell Branden Grace


66-67-70-70 70-72-67-68 68-70-68-72 71-72-63-73 67-74-69-70 72-71-67-70 68-70-71-71 71-72-74-64 74-65-74-68 71-73-66-71

273 277 278 279 280 280 280 281 281 281

Nedbank Golf Challenge Gary Player CC, 3 - 6 December 2015 1 2 3 T4

Marc Leishman Henrik Stenson Chris Wood Danny Willett Victor Dubuisson Branden Grace Robert Streb 8 Byeong-hun An T9 Charl Schwartzel Thongchai Jaidee T11 Emiliano Grillo


68-68-66-67 66-67-70-72 70-71-70-68 67-75-70-68 71-73-68-68 68-74-67-71 69-66-72-73 72-70-71-68 71-74-67-70 70-72-69-71 72-69-73-69

269 275 279 280 280 280 280 281 282 282 283

(-16) (-11) (-11) (-9) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7)


190,200.00 111,840.00 111,840.00 60,600.00 43,560.00 43,560.00 43,560.00 24,698.80 24,698.80 24,698.80 24,698.80 24,698.80

(-15) (-11) (-10) (-9) (-8) (-8) (-8) (-7) (-7) (-7)

€ € € € € € € € € €

237,750.00 172,500.00 103,800.00 73,650.00 53,100.00 53,100.00 53,100.00 32,900.00 32,900.00 32,900.00

(-19) (-13) (-9) (-8) (-8) (-8) (-8) (-7) (-6) (-6) (-5)

€ 1,175,143.00 € 728,588.00 € 407,069.00 € 254,536.00 € 254,536.00 € 254,536.00 € 254,536.00 € 164,520.00 € 150,418.00 € 150,418.00 € 142,897.00

Well done Brandon on your maiden Sunshine Tour victory.


Louis Oosthuizen T13 Thomas Aiken Jaco Van Zyl 15 Ross Fisher T16 Keegan Bradley Matthew Fitzpatrick Andy Sullivan Kiradech Aphibarnrat 20 Scott Piercy T21 Webb Simpson Miguel Angel Jimenez Tommy Fleetwood 24 Russell Knox T25 Martin Kaymer Shane Lowry Bernd Wiesberger 28 Lee Westwood 29 Soren Kjeldsen 30 Steven Bowditch


70-72-68-73 73-69-72-70 66-68-72-78 69-71-73-72 72-69-73-72 69-77-68-72 71-71-70-74 70-68-73-75 73-68-72-74 75-72-72-69 70-72-75-71 71-72-73-72 69-76-68-76 75-71-72-72 74-71-70-75 70-71-68-81 72-81-72-75 74-81-77-73 77-78-77-75

283 284 284 285 286 286 282 286 287 288 288 288 289 290 290 290 300 305 307

(-5) (-4) (-4) (-3) (-2) (-2) (-2) (-2) (-1) (0) (0) (0) (+1) (+2) (+2) (+2) (+12) (+18) (+19)

€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € €

142,897.00 135,376.00 135,376.00 129,739.00 122,684.00 122,684.00 122,684.00 122,684.00 155,634.00 110,150.00 110,150.00 110,150.00 105,292.00 100,592.00 100,592.00 100,592.00 96,831.00 95,421.00 94,011.00

Christiaan Bezuindenhout, winner of the Sunshine Tour Qualifying school.

2016 Sunshine Tour Qualifying School, Bloemfontein & Schoeman Park GC, 8 - 12 December 2015 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T8

Christiaan Bezuidenhout RSA 72-71-65-66-66 340 (-20)

Jack Harrison Andre de Decker Stuart Smith Greg Bentley Jeff Hopkins Bryandrew Roelofsz Russel Franz Christofer Blomstrand T10 Armandt Scholtz Jason Froneman Antonio Rosado Michael Palmer T14 Henry Featherstone Callie Swart Zachary Portemont Johnny Evans Brett Liddle

ENG 68-73-66-66-68 341 RSA 68-68-71-70-66 343 BOT 67-72-62-70-73 344 ZIM 68-72-67-70-68 345 IRL 71-73-70-65-67 347 RSA 69-68-66-73-72 348 RSA 68-71-73-72-65 349 SWE 69-74-69-68-69 349 RSA 70-72-73-70-65 350 RSA 68-74-72-68-68 350 POR 65-71-74-72-68 350 RSA 65-72-72-70-71 350 ENG 73-73-71-68-67 352 RSA 71-78-68-68-67 352 USA 70-71-70-71-70 352 ENG 67-69-74-71-71 352 RSA 70-70-69-71-72 352

(-19) (-17) (-17) (-15) (-13) (-12) (-11) (-11) (-10) (-10) (-10) (-10) (-8) (-8) (-8) (-8) (-8)

R 14,000.00 R 10,500.00 R 8,500.00 R 7,000.00 R 6,000.00 Amateur R 5,250.00 R 4,800.00 R 4,250.00 R 3,750.00 R 3,400.00 R 3,150.00 R 2,900.00 R 2,650.00 R 2,400.00 R 2,150.00 R 2,050.00 R 1,950.00

January / February 2016

R E S U LT S & R A N K I N G S T19 Calvin Pearson Ruan Pretorius Jonathan Agren Bryn Flanagan Jason Viljoen Dayne Moore T25 MJ Daffue Teaghan Gauche Neal Herman Jason Diab Irvin Mazibuko Kevin Rundle Tyron McComb Martin Rominger

RSA 70-72-70-74-67 353 RSA 71-70-69-75-68 353 SWE 69-77-71-68-68 353 RSA 72-70-69-74-68 353 RSA 72-70-71-70-70 353 ZAM 73-67-69-72-72 353 RSA 71-71-73-71-68 354 RSA 69-72-73-72-68 354 RSA 73-73-70-69-69 354 RSA 76-68-68-73-69 354 RSA 73-67-70-74-70 354 RSA 70-75-67-71-71 354 RSA 68-77-68-70-71 354 SUI 72-68-69-71-74 354

(-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-7) (-6) (-6) (-6) (-6) (-6) (-6) (-6) (-6)



1,850.00 Amateur 1,750.00 1,650.00 Amateur 1,400.00 1,400.00 Amateur Amateur 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00

Sunshine Tour order of Merit as of merit not available at date of print.

PGA TOUR Russel Knox, current money leader on the PGA Tour. TOUR tour finals order of Merit OF THE 2015 SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chez Reavie Emiliano Grillo Henrik Norlander Andrew Loupe Roberto Castro Sam Saunders Jamie Lovemark Michael Thompson D.H. Lee Steve Marino


4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

323,066.67 283,666.66 215,742.86 195,404.80 130,785.41 114,950.00 114,179.17 94,830.00 92,300.00 87,843.10

Other South Africans 16 Dawie van der Walt RSA 22 Tyrone Van Aswegen RSA 30 Thomas Aiken RSA

4 4 4

$ $ $

70,005.00 49,637.30 35,125.00

CHAMPIoNS TOUR Final Champions Tour order of merit 2015

PGA Tour order of Merit of the 2015 season

1 Russell Knox SCO 2 Kevin Kisner USA 3 Justin Thomas USA 4 Graeme McDowell IRE 5 Kevin Na USA 6 Smylie Kaufman USA 7 Jason Bohn USA 8 Emiliano Grillo ARG 9 Peter Malnati USA 10 Adam Scott AUS Other Southern Africans 22 Branden Grace RSA 23 Tyrone Van Aswegen RSA 45 Charl Schwartzel RSA 52 Brendon de Jonge ZIM 94 Dawie van der Walt RSA 104 Rory Sabbatini RSA 125 Thomas Aiken RSA 129 Louis Oosthuizen RSA 159 Tim Clark RSA

5 4 4 2 4 5 4 3 5 2

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2,052,160.00 1,951,632.00 1,656,540.00 1,503,600.00 1,456,233.00 1,349,684.00 1,227,736.00 1,143,000.00 900,193.00 798,000.00

2 5 2 5 5 4 3 1 5

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

378,000.00 364,221.00 257,250.00 217,396.00 118,367.00 85,919.00 60,040.00 55,500.00 32,757.00

January / February 2016

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Bernhard Langer GER Jeff Maggert USA Colin Montgomerie SCO Billy Andrade USA Joe Durant USA Kevin Sutherland USA Tom Lehman USA Michael Allen USA Esteban Toledo MEX Scott Dunlap USA

19 21 19 22 20 22 18 22 23 22

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2,340,288.00 2,240,836.00 2,069,619.00 1,533,919.00 1,445,956.00 1,233,715.00 1,164,878.00 1,152,625.00 1,133,612.00 1,111,250.00

Other Southern Africans 19 David Frost RSA 120 Nick Price ZIM 148 Chris Williams RSA

24 5 2

$ $ $

1,465,467.00 29,919.00 12,367.00

Well done Bernard Langer on winning the Champions Tour order of Merit.


calend A r

Sunshine Tour

DATE EVENT VENUE January 2016 7 - 10 14 - 17 February 2016 11 - 14 18 - 21 25 - 28 March 2016 9 - 12

The BMW SA Open Joburg Open

Glendower GC Royal Jhb and Kensington GC

Tshwane Open Dimension Data Pro-Am PGA Championship

Pretoria CC Fancourt Eye of Africa Golf Estate

Investec Cup

Millvale Private Retreat

Amateur events - Men DATE EVENT VENUE January 2016 6 – 8 Nomads SA Boys U15 Fish River Sun GC 10 – 11 Leopard Trophy Leopard Creek 16 – 17 Free State Senior Open Bloemfontein GC 17 Central Gauteng Mid-Amateur Open Ruimsig CC 22 – 24 Free State Open Maccauvlei GC 23 – 24 Gauteng North Senior Open Wingate Park CC 28 – 30 Gauteng North Open Irene CC February 2015 2 – 5 South African Stroke Play Championship Blue Valley GE 6 – 7 The Players Senior Open Gary Player CC 10 – 13 African Amateur Stroke Play Championship Leopard Creek 13 – 14 Central Gauteng Senior Open Bryanston CC 14 Ekurhuleni Mid-Amateur Open ERPM GC 16 Triangular SAGA Juniors Wanderers GC 18 – 20 Southern Cape Open Mossel Bay GC 23 – 25 Cape Province Open Kingswood GE 24 – 25 WP Masters Strand GC 28 – 29 Sanlam SA Amateur Championship Qualifying George GC March 2016 1 – 4 Sanlam SA Amateur Championship George GC 8 – 10 Curro South African Junior International Durbanville GC 13 – 14 KZN Senior Open Durban CC

CONTAC T DETAILS Boland Golf Union Border Golf Union Central Gauteng Golf Union Eastern Gauteng Golf Union


(021) 873 6828 (043) 740 3899 (011) 485 4251 (011) 425 5316

Freestate and Northern Cape Golf Union Gauteng North Golf Union Karoo Golf Union Sunshine Tour

(057) 899 1724 (012) 667 1087 (054) 332 3323 (021) 850 6500

January / February 2016

calend A r

events calendar jan, feb & march 2016 Amateur events - Men (continued) DATE EVENT VENUE 13 13 – 15 16 – 18 17 – 18 18 – 20 20 – 21 20 22 – 23 23 – 24 23 – 24 26 – 27 28 – 30 30 Mar – 1 Apr 31 Mar – 2 Apr

Gauteng North Mid-Amateur Open Northern Amateur Qualifying Northern Amateur Boland Senior Open Northern Cape Open WP Senior Open Boland Mid-Amateur Open African Mid-Amateur Teams Event Nomads North & South Junior Championship Winelands & African Senior Open Southern Cape Mid-Amateur Open Nomads SA Boys U19 Championship Gowrie SA U15 Challenge Nomads SA Boys U19 Championship

Silver Lakes CC Randpark GC Randpark GC Robertson GC Sishen GC Steenberg GC Stellenbosch GC Devonvale GE Kimberley GC De Zalze GC Fancourt CC Schoeman Park GC Gowrie Farm GC Schoeman Park GC

Amateur events - Women DATE EVENT VENUE

January 2016 6 – 7 Boland Junior Championship 2016 Langebaan Golf & CC 9 – 10 Western Province Junior Championship Durbanville GC 18 – 20 Sunshine Ladies Tour Joburg Open Royal Jhb And Kensington GC February 2016 2 – 4 Sunshine Ladies Tour Ladies Tshwane Open Zwartkop CC 7 Eastern Province Championship 2016 Port Elizabeth GC 8 – 9 Eastern Province Championship - Match Play Port Elizabeth GC 10 – 12 Sunshine Ladies Tour Cape Town Ladies Open Royal Cape GC 14 Gauteng North Junior Championship Waterkloof GC 20 – 21 Border Championship East London GA 27 – 28 North West Championship TBA March 2016 6 Western Province Championship TBA 7 – 8 Western Province Championship - Match Play TBA 8 – 10 World Junior Championship Durbanville GC 13 Kwazulu Natal Championship Victoria CC 14 – 15 Kwazulu Natal Championship - Match Play Victoria CC 21 – 22 Nomads SA Girl’s Rose Bowl Stroke Play Championship Port Elizabeth GC

CONTAC T DETAILS KZN Golf Union Mpumalanga Golf Union Limpopo Golf Union North-West Province Golf Union

January / February 2016

(031) 202 7636 (013) 692 3002 (015) 295 4118 (044) 533 3507

Southern Cape Golf Union Eastern Cape Golf Union Western Province Golf Union Sunshine Tour (Joanne)

(044) 873 5823 (043) 735 4443 (021) 686 1668 (021) 850 6500



EUROPEAN TOUR Australian PGA RACV Royal Pine Resort, 3 - 6 Dec 2015 1 Holman Nathan T2 Frittelli Dylan Varner Iii Harold 4 Lombard Zander 5 Smith Cameron

Aus Rsa Usa Rsa Aus

77-68-70-73 70-72-71-75 74-73-66-75 77-65-71-76 78-69-70-73

288 288 288 289 290

(0) (0) (0) (+1) (+2)

€ € € € €

225,251.00 106,055.00 106,055.00 60,067.00 50,055.00

Other South Africans 21 Nel Colin Rsa 38 Van Rooyen Erik Rsa 48 Van Der Spuy Rourke Rsa 53 Mordt Tyrone Rsa 59 Lloyd Darryn Rsa 65 Ritchie Jc Rsa 69 Curlewis Andrew Rsa 70 Van Den Heever Divan Rsa

78-71-75-70 76-71-75-75 76-73-75-75 79-71-76-74 78-72-75-76 76-72-80-76 76-72-77-80 76-74-80-76

294 297 299 300 301 304 305 306

(+6) (+9) (+11) (+12) (+13) (+16) (+17) (+18)

€ 11,709.00 € 5,631.00 € 3,303.00 € 2,721.00 € 2,615.00 € 2,443.00 € 2,377.00 € 2,352.00

Latest European Tour Order of merit not available at date of print. Well done Dylan in finishing second in the Australian PGA.

Final 2015 European Challenge Tour order of merit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Ricardo Gouveia Sébastien Gros Borja Virto Astudillo Nacho Elvira Joachim B. Hansen Björn Åkesson Gary Boyd Rhys Davies Thomas Linard Jens Fahrbring Jeff Winther Andrew Mcarthur Callum Shinkwin Brandon Stone Jamie Mcleary

Por 18 Fra 18 Esp 17 Esp 14 Den 20 Swe 18 Eng 15 Wal 20 Fra 19 Swe 20 Den 18 Sco 15 Eng 15 Rsa 18 Sco 19

€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € €

251,592.00 178,645.00 150,466.00 114,878.00 113,135.00 104,539.00 96,290.00 94,832.00 91,258.00 89,731.00 87,033.00 82,545.00 81,082.00 80,979.00 80,353.00

Other South Africans 20 Haydn Porteous 67 Dean Burmester 72 Oliver Bekker 87 Justin Walters 135 Dylan Frittelli 199 Thriston Lawrence 213 Zander Lombard

Rsa 17 Rsa 6 Rsa 12 RSA 9 Rsa 6 Rsa 5 Rsa 9

€ € € € € € €

76,641.00 22,267.00 19,591.00 15,9600.00 7,650.00 639.00 360.00

EUROPEAN SENIORS TOUR MCB Tour Championship Constance Belle Mare Plage, 11 - 13 Dec 2015

Colin Montgomery winner of the Mauritius Open as well as order of merit winner on the European Seniors Tour.


1 Montgomerie Colin Sco 68 64-69 2 Frost David Rsa 65-71-68 T3 Eales Paul Eng 67-72-66 Williams Christopher Rsa 68-68-69 T5 Lane Barry Eng 71-66-73 Sherborne Andrew Eng 69-70-71 No Other South Africans

201 204 205 205 210 210

(-15) (-12) (-11) (-11) (-6) (-6)

€ 65,136.00 € 43,424.00 € 27,140.00 € 27,140.00 € 18,498.00 € 18,498.00

European Seniors Tour final order of merit 2015 1 Colin Montgomerie 2 Peter Fowler 3 Barry Lane 4 Gordon Manson 5 Philip Golding 6 Paul Wesselingh 7 Miguel Angel Martin 8 André Bossert 9 Ross Drummond 10 Simon P Brown

Sco Aus Eng Aut Eng Eng Esp Sui Sco Eng

5 12 11 10 12 12 12 11 11 10

€ € € € € € € € € €

679,147.00 222,342.00 171,191.00 143,699.00 108,127.00 107,947.00 96,510.00 94,487.00 93,954.00 90,431.00

Other South Africans 17 Chris Williams




January / February 2016


LPGA final order of merit 2015

Ladies European Tour final order of Merit 2015 1 Shanshan Feng




2 Melissa Reid




3 Nicole Broch Larsen




4 Gwladys Nocera




5 Beth Allen Usa



6 Emily Kristine Pedersen




7 Rebecca Artis




8 Charley Hull




9 Nanna Koerstz Madsen




10 Amy Boulden




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Lydia Ko NZL Inbee Park KOR Stacy Lewis USA Sei Young Kim KOR Lexi Thompson USA Amy Yang KOR Cristie Kerr USA So Yeon Ryu KOR Shanshan Feng CHI Anna Nordqvist SWE

Other South Africans 46 Lee-Anne Pace 88 Paula Reto 117 Ashleigh Simon




37 Stacy Lee Bregman

Rsa Rsa



41 Nicole Garcia




89 Connie Chen




104 Monique Smit




120 Laurette Maritz




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Shanshan Feng winner of the Ladies european Tour order of merit

January / February 2016

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2,800,802.00 2,630,011.00 1,893,423.00 1,820,056.00 1,763,904.00 1,438,312.00 1,294,301.00 1,292,395.00 1,086,338.00 977,743.00

24 22 17

$ $ $

367,231.00 102,187.00 40,831.00

Lydia Ko, LPGA order of merit winner for 2015

Other South Africans 29 Ashleigh Simon

24 25 26 27 24 23 25 25 21 25

Official World Golf Rankings as of end of 2015

Jordan Spieth USA Jason Day AUS Rory McIlroy IRE Bubba Watson USA Henrik Stenson SWE Rickie Fowler USA Justin Rose ENG Dustin Johnson USA Jim Furyk USA Patrick Reed USA

Other South Africans 14 Branden Grace 18 Louis Oosthuizen 35 Charl Schwartzel 65 Jaco Van Zyl 89 George Coetzee 124 Dean Burmester 140 Brendon de Jonge 155 Tim Clark 161 Thomas Aiken 162 Rory Sabbatini 191 Ernie Els


11.33 10.76 10.53 7.80 7.22 7.00 6.90 6.01 5.49 4.60

56 36 44 46 51 53 52 39 40 60

4.08 3.82 2.81 2.05 1.62 1.26 1.15 1.08 1.05 1.05 0.91

55 48 59 39 50 45 67 40 57 50 58


S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps and D owns: L ife on the S unshine Tour

Ups & Downs:

Life on the Sunshine Tour By Ryan Cairns


he Summer events on the Sunshine Tour are played from December to March, where a player has the opportunity to set himself up financially for the rest of the year and exemption-wise for the following season or even beyond that if you pull off a ‘Gracie’ by winning a European co-sanctioned tournament. It really is the time to peak, to throw any doubts in yourself aside, to step up on the tee and give yourself the best chance to cash-in, especially in the co-sanctioned events. For every four ‘Gracies’ however,


there are ninety-six other guys who will be looking for jobs in the very near future. Sadly I haven’t just made that number up either, as with an estimated ten thousand professional golfers on the major and minor tours around the world, less than five hundred make a decent living. In fact, it would be closer to about three hundred players if you ask which of them could afford to buy their own house and have some money left for Christmas presents after a season of travel expenses.

January / February 2016

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps and D owns: L ife on the S unshine Tour In 2012 my Summer started promisingly with a great friend of mine, Jannie Smit jumping at the opportunity to fly up from Cape Town and caddie for me in the co-sanctioned events. Three months later, I’d missed every cut and spent every Rand in my account doing so. Broke, low on confidence and feeling the walls closing in on me from all directions, Jannie and I sat in a friend’s lounge in Joburg and discussed our options. With conversations like; ‘We can become drug dealers?”“Nope. We’d be terrible drug dealers”, that rainy afternoon yielded few realistic options. Then it hit us that the combination of how well Jannie plays a guitar, combined with my ability to ease passed the preliminary rounds in Karaoke Contests at the local pub, we might have a shot at becoming - a cover band! Laugh now if you like, but if you saw what else was written on that piece of paper you would have done exactly the same. Or currently be serving eight to ten, (with good behavior). There it was. Plan made, as we would form a cover band, then perform in pubs and restaurants before making enough money off our first couple of paid gigs to get back on the Sunshine Tour and never look back! Not quite. First we had to Google, ‘50 popular pub songs’, then rehearse them for days before even starting to find a pub who would want to book us. Jannie then broke me the news that I won’t be able to have a ‘karaoke-song-book’ of lyrics up on stage with me either, so I’d best start learning. Whoever said being a pub-singer was easy, is a liar. But also probably saved me from pulling a Breaking Bad so it’s okay, no grudges. The only place we thought to set off on our musical journey was up North, to my homeland of Zimbabwe. Aaah the land of milk and honey, where the US Dollars flow like a majestic river. If the river has too much silt, then filled with sand until it is considered more of a ditch. In a desert. During a drought. Importantly though, we

January / February 2016

went with our dreams of Rockstardom, (far more alive than we probably should have) but we believed that our break would come and so to Harare we went on the 2am Greyhound bus from Johannesburg as it was all we could afford thanks to the first part of this story being about the greatest and sometimes the cruelest game there is. We arrived in Harare twenty-six of the longest hours possible later and went straight to one of the four pubs who had kindly booked us with nothing more than a friend’s recommendation to go on. Some people actually still wonder if the affectionately dubbed, Zimbos are real, or mythological? Like unicorns.. Kidding, I know unicorns are real. So we got booked by four pub separate owners who had never heard of us, because a friend of ours, who didn’t even know we played music, told them all that we are great. As we were down to our last few coins between us, it’s important to never look a gift horse in the mouth. The short version of our time as a pub-band is that we played at each venue once a week over the next five weeks before returning to South Africa with enough money to get us through about a month back on the Sunshine Tour, if my swing didn’t show up again, like in the Summer. The Investec Swazi Open was the first stop on our ‘bounceback tour’, where I had to pre-qualify in a points based event on a pretty score-able golf course. I fell a few points short of qualifying, checked out of the Lugogo Sun earlier than planned and drove back to Joburg, defeated. Again. Jannie was back in Cape Town getting some work as a sound engineer for real bands in the city. The next event was down in Knysna which meant I’d have to eat into my already dwindling Rockstar-Savings to pay for an air-ticket, as the bus would leave me with little chance of a good nights’ sleep before the tournament starts. Plus I wasn’t into the tournament itself, so to fly all the way down there, stay in a BnB and hire a car all just to pre-qualify for one of only ten available spots in the field


S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps and D owns: L ife on the S unshine Tour

was not a very appealing option, as my original budget of one month on Tour was fast becoming a best case scenario. Jannie then called to say that his mom would lend us the car, with a tank of fuel if we promise not to crash it? Done! I booked a one-way ticket, opting to deal with the return-leg later. Jake Redman, a mate of ours from the Tour then sent a text about an available room in the house they’d organized through his dad’s work. Car? Tick. Bed? Tick. Flight? Tick. But best you make the cut this time, otherwise you’ll be busking in the streets of Cape Town before logging back on to What happened from there can only ever be watched on PVR or re-told over a beer, as the hairs on my arms have just stood on end as I recall the way in which that week unfolded. In a field including a hometown hero, fresh off three European Tour victories in Branden Grace, one withdrawal was called in the night before the pre-qualifier and so I got the spot, as the last player exempt into the field. After making the cut and lying 5 under par before teeing it up in the final round, I had set myself up for a possible top ten finish, which would automatically qualify me into the next event at Sun City. What happened next though, would leave almost every journalist in the media centre, (and myself) unprepared and speechless. We started the day six shots off the lead but more relevantly only 3 shots out of a top-ten finish to qualify for the next event on the schedule. On the par five first hole, I’d left myself about a twenty foot downhill, left to right putt and pushed it. Immediately feeling my error, I walked


after it straight away only to watch it curl back right to left and fall into the middle of the hole. So I guess that made it a downhill right to left putt? Terrible read, worse stroke but a welcomed birdie early on which has only left me two shots outside the top ten. Birdies at 3, 4, 8, 12, 13 and 14 left us walking up the Par five, 15th wondering what the scoreboard looked like as neither Jannie or I had seen one since making the turn an hour or so back. With the ball lying just short of a green-side bunker for two, we saw the scoreboard directly behind line of site with the flag. We were tied for the lead at 12 under par. What? In one of the many moments neither of us will ever forget about that day, we pushed on to up and down for birdie on the 15th before heading up to the 16th tee at Simola Country Estate with a one shot lead. Nerves showed up on that tee as I pulled the tee shot over the left trees, but thankfully avoided the bunkers. As we got to the ball and checked our yardage, a cameraman parked his cart behind Jannie before walking over to ask how many under we were, so as not to waste his time filming if I wasn’t in contention. Jannie pulled out his best ‘Steve Williams’ impression and basically told the guy to please give us some space, to which he did, before we shared a nervous laugh at how ridiculous this day was turning out to be. After hacking it out of an average lie and two-putting for par, we climbed up to the 17th tee which, for those who haven’t played Simola yet is a short, treacherous Par 3 with water right and bunkers left. Get through this and we’ve got a Par 5 to finish with, so suck it up and deal with the nerves later. That was one of the many voices running riot in my head at this point. Solid strike, twenty-five feet

January / February 2016

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - U ps and D owns: L ife on the S unshine Tour

left of the pin, no harm done. The putt however, was straight down-will towards the hazard and the greens were running the quickest they had done all week. Just get it rolling and the green will take it down there. I did, and it did but thankfully the ball caught the back of the cup before gathering too much speed. That was seriously fast. The 18th; tamest of the Par 5’s but not when you have a one-shot lead over a group of great players who’ve all won out here before and even your ears are sweating. Great drive, middle fairway. How? Still no idea. 7-iron left in. Chunked it, front edge, rolls back down the fairway, 10 yards short of the green. Not ideal. Chip it up, lands too far and rolls about six feet by the hole. That putt left for a course record 62 and the outright lead at 15 under Par. Vaughn Groenewald has 2 holes to play on 14 under Par, so this needs to fall if you really want to win this.

short of the green, again. Faced with the exact same chip from an hour ago, I was contemplating the putter as the grass around the ball was too tight for anything but a perfect strike with my lob wedge; a risk that I didn’t feel like taking and messing up in front of all these people. Vaughn then played his chip shot, from about forty yards, so I guess it was more of a pitch. Either way, he stumped it, stone cold next to the flag for a tap-in birdie. I looked at Jannie and asked about the putter, to which he reminded me of our chip from earlier. If you can just land it a bit short of where you did earlier, you’ll be good as we know the line now, so let’s rather chip. To which I agreed saying that if I am going to blow this, I’ll do it by running the risk of duffing a chip in front of everybody in the process rather than backing off at this stage. Now wasn’t the time to play small. The lob wedge was out the bag and after checking the landing spot we’d just spoken about I went into my routine of two practice swings, then took one last look at the spot before pulling the trigger. Good contact. What a relief. Ball lands a foot short of the spot, then checks up and releases along the line we’d spoken about before taking the final bit of break and falling into the front of the hole for an eagle. For a Win. For enough money to fly home and for a full-exemption on the Sunshine Tour.

You practice for these moments your whole childhood on putting greens lit up by clubhouse veranda’s as your parents wind down after the club comp that day but when it comes down to having one stroke at it, you need to stay very calm and even more still. One look at the hole, then back to the ball like you practice and let it go. It fell in the right side of the hole and I’d set the target. Now all I could do was wait. Vaughn birdied the last hole too and whilst I was warming up for a potential play-off, was then ushered into a cart and taken back to the 18th tee for a sudden-death play off against a player who I respected and knew had won out here before. He drove it left and I hit the fairway of the Par 5, in almost the exact spot as regulation play. His hybrid approach missed the green short left but I was more concerned with which club to hit, as this drive was slightly longer than earlier, most probably due to adrenalin as it was a pretty intense situation to be in, especially when less than three hours ago you’d been hoping to finish Top Ten in order to avoid pre-qualifying for the next tournament. I hit seven iron, again, which landed

January / February 2016

“Shake off the bad days, smile and keep showing up, as you never know which day this game is going to smile back at you.” - Ryan Cairns (eternal optimist, dreamer and failed Rockstar) Check out and share Cairnzy’s Maui Golf Tours; where you and your friends get to travel with some of the best Sunshine Tour Players on the circuit and gain knowledge both on and off the course about this fascinatingly cruel, potentially life-changing world of professional golf.






ooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort, known for its spectacular view of the unforgettable Southern Drakensberg, crisp mountain air, rejuvenating clear streams and azure blue skies, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking forward to a golfing weekend away or adventure-filled holiday. A golfer’s paradise, the resort prides itself on the renowned Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf Club, the only 18-hole golf course in the Southern Berg (NGU affiliated). Known to be challenging but fair, the course is ideal for all golfers from seasoned professionals to the first time player. Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf Club boasts the most spectacular views of the Rhino Horn Peak and Lake Kwanyoni boating and trout fishing dam with a beautiful clubhouse, unspoilt fairways and arresting greens that are kept in perfect playing condition throughout the year. The Club’s membership has been increasing every year and now has over 2000 members. Having undergone an upgrade, the course now has an improved appearance with new bridges, cart paths, improvement on the level of the tee-boxes, as well as the additional golf carts. Not only does the resort offer a first class golfing experience, but there is also an array of adventurous activities for families. 2015 saw a number of exciting new editions, with the introduction of a zip line called “The Rinkhals” that stretches from half way up the Beacon Hike down to the Adventure Park, a cricket Field with netted pitch and field, based inside the BMX track (great for all ages, especially father and son bonding) as well as a bow range at the Adventure Park for archery enthusiasts. More adventure-based activities include a the 12km custom built mountain biking track which passes by the resort’s picturesque dam, through the golf course as well as the lush pine forest and is suitable for all riders of all levels, horse-riding which can be booked for beginners all the way through to seasoned veterans, a mini-animal farm, putt-putt, swimming pool with slide and even something for mom – an on-site spa, wellness centre complete with sauna and jacuzzi.


January / February 2016


Country Club Country Club +27 (0)39 313 5141

R61 Lower South Coast Road, San Lameer GPS: S30⁰56.595 E30⁰17.333 Set in the heart of this unique natural environment, San Lameer offers you everything you would include in a dream course. Eighteen memorable holes that weave a natural challenge through the open glades, forest and wetlands with the relaxed roar of the Indian Ocean cheering you on. The course itself, designed by Peter Matkovich and Dale Hayes, is sculptured around one of the last remaining wetland forests on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Clubhouse has just been freshly renovated and is recognized as one of the most attractive in South Africa with spectacular views from the spacious terraces surrounding it. Come and join us for a round of golf on our 18-hole Championship Golf Course in our Tropical Paradise! You don’t have to be a member or a guest staying at San Lameer to enjoy our Golf Course – you just have to book!

January / February 2016




Happy birthday Tiger Woods


iger Woods turned 40 on the 30th of December and whilst he may be battling at present we take time to reflect on what the great man has achieved. Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Rory McIlroy are touted as golf’s new “Big 3,” which is only fitting since it will take at least a trio of top players to replace one Tiger Woods. The ridiculous numbers Tiger put up in his glory days have been somewhat lost in the aftermath of the crowning of Spieth (with two majors and three other PGA Tour titles in 2015) as the world No. 1, Jason Day’s PGA championship and five-time 2015 winning year and Woods’ second straight lost season.


How can one overlook the all-time runner-up in major championships (14 to Jack Nicklaus’ 18), tour wins (79 to Sam Snead’s 82) and most consecutive victories (seven to Byron Nelson’s 11)? Adam Scott offered some perspective ahead of the Hero World Challenge earlier this month when he observed that pups like Spieth were too young to appreciate just how overpowering the 40-year-old former No. 1 really was in his prime. Perhaps the most impressive stat Woods compiled was his most consecutive events without missing a cut – an unbelievable 142 between 1998 and 2005 that shattered Nelson’s previous mark of 113.

January / February 2016


Fantastic Membership Options Available at Mount Edgecombe Country Club for 2016! -

Includes specials on all the different sporting sections: Golf, Tennis, Squash and Bowls


Monthly payment options available

Contact Julie on 031 539 5330 or to find out further information and pricing January / February 2016



Sunshine Ladies Tour poised for glorious run in 2016


t’s that time of the year when big money meets big opportunities for local and international professional ladies and upcoming amateurs. And with more than R2.5-million to play for, the stakes are loaded. Exciting incentives in store for the 2016 Sunshine Ladies Tour include a bonus pool worth R1-million for the season-ending Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies, record prize money and 54-hole tournaments. The third Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies will launch with the R250 00 South African Women’s Open at San Lameer CC at the end of November. The season resumes in the new year with a bumper run of seven tournaments leading up to the season-ending Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies at Millvale Private Retreat from 10 - 12 March 2016. All eight of the established events in 2016 will have a minimum prize fund of R200 000, which is double what the players competed for last season. Like the last two years, every tournament will carry points for the Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies, which culminates with the final event in the Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies. However, unlike previous years, the 10 players who qualify for this year’s season-finale will compete for a massive R1-million bonus pool. This marks an increase of R400 000 over last year’s bonus pool and will add to the excitement and rivalry in this season’s Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies. “The additional investment from Investec is an incredible boost for the Sunshine Ladies Tour. It represents a real breakthrough for South Africa’s professionals, and provides the kind of spark the Sunshine Ladies Tour can give to a young player’s career. We are incredibly grateful to Investec, the Sunshine Tour and our sponsors for their unwavering support of women’s professional golf in South Africa.”

Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies will undoubtedly be a lot more competitive next year with such a massive incentive to play for. “I also think it has been a fantastic decision to increase the events to 54 holes, which will benefit both the professionals and the amateurs hoping to gain experience on the Sunshine Ladies Tour.” Heather Casey from Investec said they look forward to another successful season with the Sunshine Ladies Tour. “It was very exciting to be part of the launch of the Sunshine Ladies Tour and to watch it grow in the last two years. We have enjoyed being a part of this process and we look forward to seeing which new champions will emerge in the 2016 season,” said Heather

2016 SUNSHINE LADIES TOUR SCHEDULE 29 November - 1 December 2015 R250 000 South African Women’s Open San Lameer CC JANUARY 2016 18-20 R200 000 Ladies Joburg Open Royal JHB & Kensington GC 25-27

R200 000 Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies, Houghton GC

FEBRUARY 2016 2-4 R200 000 Ladies Tshwane Open Zwartkop CC 10-12

R200 000 Cape Town Ladies Open Royal Cape GC


R200 000 Dimension Data Ladies Pro-Am (R25 000 pro-am prize fund) George GC, Kingswood GE and Outeniqua Course at Fancourt

Double Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies champion Lee-Anne Pace also welcomed the new incentives.


R200 000 Sun International Ladies Challenge Gary Player CC

“The increased prize money definitely makes the Sunshine Ladies Tour a very attractive proposition at the start of the season,” said the Pearl Valley golfer.

MARCH 2016 2-4 R200 000 SuperSport Ladies Challenge Huddle Park GC

“The R1-million bonus pool for the final event in the Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies is a huge reward for the players supporting the Sunshine Ladies Tour. The

10-12 Chase to the Investec Cup for Ladies with R1-million bonus pool Millvale Private Retreat


January / February 2016

January / February 2016



7 Things you didn’t know about the SA Open.


he European Tour is back in South Africa for the first event of 2016. The BMW South African Open held at Glendower GC in January and in anticipation we’ve put together a list of eight things you probably didn’t know about the tournament.

Oosthuizen followed suit. Incredibly, Oosthuizen has won the first event of the year in four of the last five seasons.

1. The second oldest Open. The South African Open is the second oldest National Open Championship in golf, behind only The Open Championship. Dating back as far as 1893, when the event began as a series of exhibition matches, the tournament is now in its 104th edition.

The South African Open has been tightly contested in recent years. Seven of the last ten editions have been decided by one shot. Furthermore, we’ve witnessed four play-offs in the last seven years including Andy Sullivan’s victory 12 months ago, when the Englishman defeated home favourite Schwartzel in extra holes.

2. 200th co-sanctioned event.

6. Maiden victories.

As well as being the 20th time the South African Open has been co-sanctioned by The European Tour and Sunshine Tour, this year’s event will be the 200th co-sanctioned event in European Tour history. Fittingly, the first time the event was co-sanctioned with the Sunshine Tour it was held at Glendower GC, when Vijay Singh beat Nick Price by a shot. The tournament returned to Glendower in 2014.

Speaking of Sullivan, his victory last year was the second consecutive year in a row in which a player has made the South African Open their maiden European Tour victory. Both Sullivan and Morten Ørum Madsen hoisted their first ET trophies at this venue and while neither hit more than 50 per cent of the fairways at Glendower GC, both were top 20 in the field in both Driving Distance and Greens in Regulation. Some notable names in the field who could make it a hat-trick of maiden winners this week? Jaco Van Zyl, Paul Dunne, Marcus Kinhult, Renato Paratore and Romain Wattel, to name but a few.

3. Gary Player has won 13 times ! No, that’s not a typo. South Africa’s own Gary Player has won his National Open a record 13 times, spanning 26 years from 1956 to 1981. Fellow countryman Bobby Locke also won the title on nine occasions, most recently the year before Player’s first victory in 1955. 4. South Africans love January. We’re not sure what they eat for Christmas in South Africa but it clearly works. Amazingly, South African golfers have taken home the trophy in the opening event of the year on The European Tour in 13 of the last 19 years. Ernie Els started the trend in 1997, winning the Johnnie Walker Classic by one shot. He repeated the feat in 1999 before the likes of Tim Clark, Trevor Immelman, Retief Goosen, Richard Sterne, Charl Schwartzel and most recently Louis


5. Nail-biting finishes.

7. McIlroy to play 2017? Tournament host Ernie Els hinted that reigning Race to Dubai champion Rory McIlroy may make a return to the South African Open next year. McIlroy last played the event back in 2008, when he finished third. “I thought I’ll leave him this year, but definitely next year we’ll get him down here, maybe put him up in Cape Town, have a good new year down there, and get him to come and play here,” said Els. “I gave him two years to do his thing, and he’s such a great friend of ours and a great supporter of our charity and stuff like that, and we might not even stop there. We’re looking at some other really great players. It’s coming, It’ll happen. I’m really excited about that.”

January / February 2016


January / February 2016



Marc Leishman - winner of the Nedbank Golf Challenge In March his wife was rushed to hospital with a life-threating respiratory disorder. He also had a death in the family this year, and he lost a playoff for the Open Championship. “I’m going to be happy to have this year over with. Audrey was so sick, and then I lost an uncle who I was very close to. So this tops off a tough year for me,” he said. Leishman was one clear of Stenson going into the final round and although he kept himself in the lead with some incredibly solid golf, he always expected the steely Swede to mount a challenge. “Henrik is an awesome player and at times it felt a bit like match play out there between us. I also knew that trouble was waiting on every hole on this golf course so I was focused on every shot.”


But three birdies in four holes over the turn gave him the edge over the field, and he surged further ahead with three birdies in four holes from the 13th to enjoy a five-stroke lead playing the 18th. Stenson bogeyed the final hole to give Leishman the eventual six-stroke win.

Leishman closed with a 67 to win on 19 under par, following 2009 champion Robert Allenby as the second Australian winner of “Africa’s Major”. Henrik Stenson took second place on 13 under following a final round of 72. Branden Grace finished as the leading South African in a share of fourth place on eight under.

“It’s an awesome feeling to win. It’s not very often that you walk up 18 with a good cushion and can enjoy it. Holding this trophy is an awesome feeling.”

It was an emotional triumph for Leishman, ending a 2015 he is happy to see the back of.

“We’ve just moved into a new home and this will definitely help pay for that.”

arc Leishman became only the second Australian winner of the Nedbank Golf Challenge in its 35year history when he claimed a comfortable six-stroke victory at the Gary Player CC last month.


As for what he plans to do with the $1 250 000 cheque for first place, Leishman already had a pretty good idea.

January / February 2016

A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - N orth west

MEMBERSHIP FEES 2016 – NO ENTRANCE FEE Full Male Member Full Ladies Member Students Pensioners Juniors


R2220 R1900 R1600 R1380 R1300

Please contact Marietjie @ 014 574 3636 or for more info Group booking Specials – Yvonne @ 014 574 4111 or

SPECIAL ON GREEN FEES Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – 2 Players sharing a golf cart @ R360 Sundays – 2 Players sharing a golf cart @ R450 We also have Corporate Memberships that caters for your specific needs, for further info please contact Yvonne @ 014 574 4111/

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January / February 2016



January / February 2016

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Long putter ban kicks in


GA Tour players have to adapt to a ban by golf’s rulemakers on long putters being anchored to the body and Tim Clark is among those who expect “some challenges along the way”. South African Clark, one of the leading critics of the rule change along with former major winners Adam Scott, Keegan Bradley and Webb Simpson, has been using the anchored technique for 18 years and the same putter for more than a decade. Clark was publicly vocal in his opposition to the proposal when it was first suggested in December 2012 but says he “will be just fine” with a revamped putting method. “Nearly two decades of putting one way, I don’t think many guys out here that have putted with a short one for that long would like to switch to something else that they haven’t used,” the 40-year-old told Reuters. “There’s going to be some challenges along the way but I feel what I’m going to do will be just fine, though you’re only going to really know when you start in competition. “The major switch for me to the short putter is a lot of muscle memory and retraining of how you use a putter. I’m going to try and do something that’s not vastly different to what I’ve been doing in the past.” Clark, who has landed two career victories on the PGA Tour, has not qualified for the opening event of 2016 – the winners-only Hyundai Tournament of Champions to be played at Kapalua on the Hawaiian island of Maui from January 7-10. The South African’s first opportunity to test out his new putting technique in competition will come the following week, at the Sony Open in Honolulu. Like Clark, 2012 US Open champion Simpson was opposed to the rule change, repeatedly citing the lack of evidence in the PGA Tour’s ‘strokes gained over the field’ putting statistic to support the suggestion that anchoring gave players an advantage. “To change something that drastic, it needs to be based off facts and not what certain people think the tradition of the game looks like,” said American Simpson who switched to the belly putter in 2004. “Very few people ranked in the top 20 in strokes gained in recent years have been using either a belly putter or a long putter.” However, Simpson, 30, a four-time winner on the PGA Tour, says he is prepared for the rule change.


“I’ve been working with a short putter for quite a while,” he said. “I expected the day to come and I wanted to be ready. I didn’t want to be shocked.” Former world No 1 Tiger Woods, a 14-times major champion who ranks among the game’s greatest players, has always adopted a purist approach when it comes to putting. “The art of putting is swinging the club and controlling nerves, and having it as a fixed point is something that’s not in the traditions of the game,” said Woods. “We swing all other 13 clubs. The putter should be the same. It should be a swinging motion throughout the entire bag. “One of the things I was concerned about was the kids getting started in the game who were starting to putt with an anchoring system. Everyone always copies what we do out here,” added Woods. Most players believe users of the belly technique will find the adjustment easier to makE than the ‘broomhandle’ brigade, and a few could end up following the example of Matt Kuchar. American Kuchar uses a putting stroke which is not outlawed by the rulemakers’ proposal since his putter rests against his left arm and not against his chest, stomach or chin. “It will be interesting to see what guys do – whether the guys that anchor go to a counter-balance style or something else,” Kuchar said. “But we always seem to find a way. Most guys found a way out here on tour and they will figure out a way to putt well.”

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World Cup of Golf sees format change


he World Cup of Golf will revert to a two-man team-play format when the tournament returns to Melbourne in November for the 58th edition of the event, organisers announced have announced. A statement from the PGA Tour said the tournament would feature teams from 28 different countries when it is held at Kingston Heath Golf Club in Melbourne from November 21-27. This year’s tournament will carry an $8 million purse with the winning duo splitting $2.56 million. “The World Cup of Golf has a long and storied history

January / February 2016

as one of the true international events in our sport,” PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem said in a statement. “On behalf of the International Federation of PGA Tours, we are thrilled that a course with the reputation and standing such as Kingston Heath will serve as the tournament’s host venue in 2016.” The last World Cup of Golf in 2013 was primarily an individual tournament, with a 60-player field featuring two players from each country participating in 72 holes of stroke play. Jason Day won the individual title for Australia, while Day and Adam Scott won the team portion for the best aggregate score.


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A F F O R D A B L E G O L F - N eighbouring countries

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Turning back the clock is the Golfer from the past?


• Born, January 6, 1921 and passed away, September 1, 1998 our mystery golfer was an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour from 1947 to 1961. His 40 Tour wins place him tenth of all-time, and he won three major championships. • He graduated as a dentist, but gave up his practice at age 26 to become a full-time Tour golfer. • He became a top player despite having one leg slightly shorter than the other. • He played on three Ryder Cup teams: 1953, 1955, and 1959 – with the U.S. winning on all three occasions. • He won the 1955 Masters and the U.S. Open in 1949 and 1956. • Back problems and struggles with his nerves during competition ended his career in the early 1960s, when he was only in his early 40s. • He appeared in two movies “Follow the Sun” and “The Bellboy”. • In 1986, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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Where’s the ball? 2 1

4 5

Ockie Str ydom sy of Picture: courte

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Irish Ryder Cup star dies

hristy O’Connor Junior, one of the biggest names in the history of Irish golf, died on the 6th January at the age of 67. O’Connor is best remembered for beating Fred Couples in the 1989 Ryder Cup at The Belfry, a stunning two-iron shot at the last setting up an unlikely victory that helped to ensure the contest finished 14-14, meaning Europe retained the trophy. He is believed to have been on holiday on the Spanish island of Tenerife when he died. A cause of death has not yet been disclosed.


The Golfing Union of Ireland described O’Connor as “a gentleman, an iconic figure of Irish golf and a true ambassador”. It added, in a statement: “He was a pioneer for professional Irish golfers and inspired a generation of players.” The nephew of another Irish golfing great, Christy O’Connor Senior, O’Connor made two Ryder Cup appearances and won 17 professional tournaments, including four victories on the European Tour. In his later years he was heavily involved in golf course design.

January / February 2016

Overview of the Golf Market in Austria Austria was a strong contender nation for the 2022 Ryder Cup. This was the first time that Austria put itself forward to host the world’s largest golfing tournament, a testament to its devotion and development in the sport. The Austrian Golf Association has been making important strides in encouraging the promotion of the sport to young people and tourism associations to inspire growth and added value to the local communities in which their golf courses are situated. This report is based on operational data from nearly 60 golf courses surveyed during the summer of 2015, based on their business performances in 2014. Some of the key findings of the study include: • Membership fees in Austria are relatively low compared to other countries in Western Europe, given the nation’s standard of living. On average there are approximately 753 members per course. • Austria, together with Germany, is the European country with the highest proportion of female golfers (35%). • The average number of rounds-per-year played at Austrian golf courses is 19,255. • 69% of all surveyed facilities reported a positive Gross Operating Profit (GOP) in 2014, while 15% made an operating loss. Profitable golf courses made an average profit of around EUR 177,000, based on average revenues of EUR 1,023,000. It is important to note that 72% of the surveyed clubs are profit oriented organisations. • About 79% of the total revenues are made up of membership and green fee revenues, and only 21% are other revenues, including, food and beverage, Proshop, sponsorship, tournaments, etc. Approxi mately 88% of the surveyed clubs outsource their golf academies and/or food and beverage service points. • Future expectations for the golf industry in Austria appear to be good, as over 60% of the surveyed clubs expect good to excellent results in their future performance. Thirty-five percent predict mediocre results in the near-future.

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Golf Eichenheim, KitzbĂźhel, Austria


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Carya Golf Club, Belek

Golfclub Zillertal, Uderns, Aust

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1x Luxury w/end for 8 to Langebaan Golf Estate. 4 BedroomLodge. (West Coast). Self catering including a round of golf per person. Total cost R 5 500-00. Contact 083 293 0220.

KZN, MIDLANDS & DRAKENSBURG Cathedral Peak Hotel. 2 night weekend getaway for two - Dinner/Bed/Breakfast. R 3 500-00 all in. Contact 082 705 8764.

Barton Vineyards Villas. 4 night weekend getaway for 6 - 5 Star self catering. R 5 000-00 for all 4 nights. Contact 083 293 0220. SWAZILAND Royal Swazi Sun. 6 night stay for 2 including breakfast. R 6000.00. Contact 083 293 0220. game drives. (Naboomspruit)Total cost R 3 500-00. Contact 083 293 0220. Luxury w/end for two to Euphoria Golf Estate. In the hart of the Waterberg region. Including b/b and a round of golf per person. (Naboomspruit)Total cost R 1 600-00. Contact 083 293 0220. FREE STATE Luxury w/end for two to Stonehenge River Lodge. (Parys). Including b/b. Total cost R 1 500-00. Contact 083 293 0220.

Champagne Sports Resort. Weekend for two incl. all meals. R2 500. Contact 082 705 8764. Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort - 2 night weekend getaway for two - Bed & Breakfast and golf included. R 2 000-00 all in. Contact 082 705 8764.

MPUMALANGA Luxury 4 night break for 6 to Mjejane Game Reserve on the banks of the Crocodile river in the Kruger Park. Self catering. All in R6 000-00. Contact 083 293 0220. Sabi River Bungalows. 2 night weekend getaway for two - Dinner/Bed/Breakfast. R 2 500-00 all in. Contact 083 293 0220.

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Luxury 7 night week stay at Kruger Park Lodge for 4 people. Self catering. R 8 000-00. Contact 083 293 0220.

Monks Cowl (Near Champagne Sports Resort) - 2 night weekend getaway for two - Dinner, Bed & Breakfast and golf included. R 2 000-00 all in. Contact 082 705 8764.

Hotel Numbi. 3 nights stay for 2 people inlc. breakfast. 10km from Kruger National Park. R1 500-00 for the entire stay. Contact: 083 293 0220.

LIMPOPO Luxury w/end for two to Monate Game Lodge (Nylstroom). In the hart of the Waterberg region. Including all meals and


WESTERN CAPE Mosselberg on Grotto. 4 Star. Weekend stay for 2 including breakfast. R 2000.00. Contact 083 293 0220.


Cobra imitation leather bag. Very good condition. R 400-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Taylor Made synthetic stand bag. R 600-00. Good condition. Contact 082 440 9827.


Battery operated moonbuggy for sale. 3 months old – Ideal for golfers, last up to 36 holes when fully charged. Can also be used as a mobility scooter. Reason for selling: Storage space. R 8 000-00 negotiable. Contact 082 497 2249.


Titliest Driver 910 D3 9.5 degree loft. Fijikura Rombax pro 95 stiff shaft. R2 500.00 Contact: 081 464 6612 / 081 748 8988 Cleveland Classic 290 driver for sale. It has 9.0 of loft with a 43” Stiff Miyazaki shaft. Still brand new and asking price is R1 750. Contact: | / 082 853 9022. Taylor Made R11. S driver & 3 wood. Stiff shaft , as new. R 4 000-00. Contact 082 830 8880. Callaway Alpha driver stiff stock shaft. As new. R 4 700-00. Contact 082 805 4277. Cobra bio cell driver (black&white) plus stiff shaft. As new. R 4 000-00. Contact 082 805 4277. SLDR 430 TP driver (only one in RSA). Brand new. R 5 000-00. Contact 082 805 4277. .

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Callaway 3 deep fairway wood. R 2 600-00. As new. Contact 082 805 4277. Taylor Made Burner 3 Fairway wood 15deg. Good condition. R 800-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Titleist 980F 3 Fairway wood 15deg. Good condition. R 800-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Taylor Made SLDR 15 degree, new. R 1 500-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Titleist 913 F and FD, fairway metal, new, with head cover. R 2 000-00. Contact 082 375 7757.


Titleist 735CM irons. Shafts S300. R 4 000-00. Contact 082 644 9041. Mizuno MP 32 irons 3-PW, Dynamic Gold Lite R300 shafts. As new - 10 rounds played. R 2 500-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Ping Eye 2 #1 iron. Good condition. R 400-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Ben Hogan Apex PC irons. 3-SW. Good condition. R 1500-00. Contact 082 440 9827. Cleveland TT, stiff flex brand new in the box. 4-SW. Only R5 000-00. Get 3 new, Z stars balls included. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland 588 MB Forged Irons (3-PW) DG. R 10 500-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland 588 ALTITUDE STEEL (4SW) R 5 750-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Titleist 714, AP1 irons (Longest Iron in Golf) 4-PW (stiff or regular flex). New Dynamic Gold XP 95 shafts KBS tour and Dynamic gold s300/x100 shaft also available for this product. R 7 999-00 or R 6 900-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

button centre shaft R2500 & Red X like new R1800. Pretoria. Contact 071 855 0000.

Ping G20 irons. Mint condition. R 5 400-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Nike Method mod, mallet putter. Used, immaculate condition, great putter. R 2 000-00. Contact 082 375 7757.


Cyclops HD Golf Video camera for rental for events like Golf Days and functions. Can be rented per day for R500 inclusive. Portable and simple Plant, Point and Shoot. Contact Michael 079 443 2070 in Gauteng. Sonacaddie Golf GPS V500. Pre-loaded with SA courses, excellent condition, full working order. Easily 2 rounds without re-charging. Complete with all accessories, instructions, box. R1200 or nearest. Johannesburg. Contact 082 652 1144.


Taylor Made Spider Blade Putter with cover. R1 500.00. Contact: 081 464 6612 / 081 748 8988 Scotty Cameron putters with original grips shafts and head covers for sale. Newport 2 studio select R1800. Contact 071 855 0000. Newport 2.6 select black head 3

Nike Method 35 inch, slim 2.0 grip. Great condition. R 750-00. Contact 082 375 7757.


Plot for Sale : Nkonyeni Golf Estate (Swaziland ). Situated on 4th Green. Beautiful landscape. Close to all amenities on this magnificent Golf Course. Please contact me on E-mail should you need more info contact 071 897 1285 or email


Titleist Vokey SM 5 wedge series 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64 degree wedges available. R1300-00 per wedge. Any 3 wedges R 3 750-00. Contact 082 375 7757. Cleveland Rtx Wedges. 54 & 60 degree X 100 shafts, brand new. R 2 000-00 for both or R 1 100-00 per wedge. Contact 082 375 7757. Cobra BIG trusty rusty (new) 50 degree. R 650-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Placing a classified ad is now even easier! To place your classified ad, simply e-mail your classified to:

Cleveland 588 ALTITUDE GRAPHITE (4-SW). R 6 650-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

Mizuno JPX EZ forged, 4 to sandiron, XP105 Shaft. R 7 900-00. Contact 082 375 7757.

SA Golf Trader reserves the right to edit and omit any classified adverts at its sole discretion. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Something Funny! Ode to Golf

In My Hand I Hold A Ball, White And Dimpled, And Rather Small. Oh How Bland It Does Appear, This Harmless Looking Little Sphere. By Its Size I Could Not Guess, Or The Awesome Strength It Does Possess. But Since I Fell Beneath Its Spell, I’ve Wandered Through The Fires Of Hell. My Life Has Not Been Quite The Same, Since I Chose To Play This Stupid Game. It Rules My Mind For Hours On End, A Fortune It Has Made Me Spend. It Has Made Me Curse And Made Me Cry, And Hate Myself And Want To Die. It Promises Me A Thing Called Par, If I Hit It Straight And Far. To Master Such A Tiny Ball, Should Not Be Very Hard At All. But My Desires The Ball Refuses, And Does Exactly As It Chooses. It Hooks And Slices, Dribbles And Dies, And Disappears Before My Eyes. Often It Will Have A Whim, To Hit A Tree Or Take A Swim. With Miles Of Grass On Which To Land, It Finds A Tiny Patch Of Sand. Then Has Me Offering Up My Soul, If Only It Would Find The Hole. It’s Made Me Whimper Like A Pup, And Swear That I Will Give It Up. And Take To Drink To Ease My Sorrow, But The Ball Knows ... I’ll Be Back Tomorrow. Author unknown


Answers: Ball 4, Carey Middlecoff

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