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ilSaggiatore: since 1958, enlightenment and cosmopolitanism in publishing

Luca Formenton Chairman and Publisher, ilSaggiatore

Edited by Liliana Rampello and Giovanni Calarco


About the Curators Liliana Rampello is a literary critic and author of Il canto del mondo reale. Virginia Woolf, la vita nella scrittura (2005). Giovanni Calarco is the Italian translator of The Unspoken Truth by Angelica Garnett.

anessa Bell and Virginia Woolf were exceptionally creative women, sisters and friends. From their correspondence emerges a picture of one of the most intriguing periods of our recent history, as well as their lifelong and mutual affection. A n un p r e c e d e nt e d c o l l e ct i o n of 600 letters carefully chosen from their correspondence, thus providing a first-hand account of their adventurous life and lively relationship, the volume intends to convey a portrait of both sisters and how they perceive d love, family, friendship, and art, while in the background the uninhibited, subdued echo of the Bloomsbury Group can still be heard. Another aim of this collection is to revive the personality of Vanessa Bell, somewhat less known than her sister. The letters reveal the painter’s sensitive voice and allows these highly opinionated sisters to finally speak for themselves.


Published in 2013 | pp. approx. 500 Rights available: World rights NON-fiction


Emilio D’Alessandro’s memoir: a unique fairytale, told with devotion, respect and freedom.


Passions, secrets and habits of a cinema legend Stanley Kubrick as you’ve never seen him

More than 50 pics never seen before!

Emilio D’Alessandro and Filippo Ulivieri



ondon, end of the swinging 60’s. Emilio D’Alessandro is just another Italian minicab driver. He’s young and ready to do almost anything for money. Even driving around a giant phallus and a weird-looking man with a black beard. Emilio is honest, reliable, and manages to find a special place in Stanley Kubrick’s neurotic, obsessive heart. Emilio is the silent guy in the room where the script of The Shining is discussed. Emilio still wears at home the robe that Jack Nicholson used in the movie. Emilio was an extra in Eyes Wide Shut. Emilio knows actors, producers, he knows Kubr ick’s dire cting method down to the smallest detail. And yet he knows nothing about cinematography, which gives the book a completely fresh outlook on one of the most captivating and talked about filmmakers ever.


Stanley Kubrick died ten years ago while finishing the shooting of Eyes Wide Shut. All the memoirs about him conveyed the portrait of a man of genius so obsessed with his work to shut himself off. But who really was Stanley Kubrick? Emilio D’Alessandro lived side by side with the director for 30 years – from A Clockwork Orange until his death. It’s a collection of private memories that offers a completely different perspective on an extraordinary modern artist. The books also contains 50 photos including private snapshots and pictures taken from various movie sets. Published in September 2012 | € 17,00 | pp. 360 Rights available: World rights Rights sold: Germany Auf Bau Material available: provisional English chapters NON-fiction


Karl Polanyi

FOR A NEW WEST and other essays edited by Giorgio Resta e Mariavittoria Catanzariti with a Preface by Kari Polanyi-Levitt

Knut Løvås -


“T About the Author Kar l Polanyi (1886-1964) was a Hungarian Jewish economic historian and social scientist best known for being the author of the Twentieth Century classic The Great Transformation written during his exile in London.

he e conomic histor ians’ message to philosophers today should be: we can afford to be both just and free”. This is the message that Karl Polanyi has always tried to send throughout his life and which was one of the main themes of his unfinished book on the “New West”. The author of The Great Transformation strongly believed in the value of freedom; at the same time he rejected the tendency of the Old West to reduce freedom to the guarantees of free enterprise and private ownership. The current economic crisis has proven once again that his powerful critique of “market fundamentalism” was well founded.

Published in March 2013 | € 20,00 | pp. 288 Rights available: World rights Option: Verso (UK) Material available: English manuscript

Lucio Magri



The only significant revolutionary thinker of his time Perry Anderson, New Left Review

B About the Author Lucio Magri (1932-2011) an Italian leader of Italian Sessantotto , was one of the founders of the newspaper Il Manifesto and a cofounder of Pdup, the Proletarian Unity Party for Communism. He was an unrepentant communist until the very end.

y the late author of The Tailor of Ulm published in the UK by Verso, a posthumous homage to a great intellectual of the Left in Italy. A long conversation recorded just before Lucio Magri decided to end his life with assisted suicide, For communism is the legacy of thirty years of communism in Italy and Europe and the last thoughts of an extraordinary thinker.

Published in November 2012 | â‚Ź 17,00 | pp. 320 Rights available: World rights NON-fiction


Giancarlo Liviano D’Arcangelo



This is touri not your u st gu ide to sual Italy


About the Author Giancarlo Liviano D’Arcangelo (1977) published Andai, dentro la notte illuminata (Peuod) and Le Ceneri di Mike (Fandango 2011). He belongs to the literary movement called New Italian Epic.

housands of square meters of vacant industrial lots tell the rise and fall of heavy industry in Italy. Steel plants, refineries, mines, cotton mills, cement plants. The gigantic factories that from Sicily to Piedmont were emblems of infinite wealth have turned into the symbols of decay and disappointment in less than a decade. The very soul of Italian society saturates these ghost towns, which now look sinister in comparison to the dreams they were built on. The former Fiat factories in Torino, the Officine Olivetti in Ivrea, the petrochemical plant in Ravenna, the cotton mills in Tuscany, the Italsider steel plant in Naples and Taranto’s ILVA steel works. What used to be small-scale cities are no longer inhabited. It’s a sublime piece of narrative journalism, filled with true stories of hopes betrayed and calculating de ce pt io n , c hro n i c l i ng t h e c la sh b etwe e n humanism and innovation that is taking place in the Peninsula. An acute analysis of Italian society as a failed model of wealth and private interest, and the collective price Italians have to pay.

Published in May 2013 | € 16,00 | pp. 256 Rights available: World rights

Antonio Ingroia

IN THE MAZE OF THE GODFATHERS Maybe an honest world will never exist, but we can try


ntonio Ingroia started his training as a prosecutor with Giovanni Falcone. He then worked closely with Paolo Borsellino. He’s now a key figure in the fight against Mafia. Ingroia has explored to the depths of Italian crime misteries, mass slaughters, the network of connections between crime society, legal society and Institutions.


Published in November 2010 | € 16,50 | pp. 200 Rights available: World rights

About the Author Antonio Ingroia is an Anti-Mafia public prosecutor, well known for having opened various investigations on Mafia, one of them regarding Silvio Berlusconi and his alleged links to Mafia. His main focus are the connections between the Government and Mafia. He worked closely with Paolo Borsellino, who paid dearly his prosecution of Mafia’s hidden layers of command.



n intimate biography of Paolo Borsellino, an Anti-Mafia PM killed by the Mafia in the 90s.

Published in 2013 | € 15,00 | pp. 200 Rights available: World rights NON-fiction


Niccolò Capponi

A MAGNIFICENT MYTH The Life and Times of Lorenzo de’ Medici



n good or evil, Lorenzo de’ Medici has been lionized by historians for his political ability and contribution to the world culture. But how much of all this is true? This book will attempt to shed light on the real Lorenzo, but one of the many political players and art patrons in Renaissance Italy. And the carrying theme of the book will be the Luck that accompanied Lorenzo throughout his life, only to betray his successor. Published in 2014 Rights available: World rights

About the Author Niccolò Capponi is a historian, extensively published in English and Italian. A former fellow at the Medici Archive Project, Capponi is a descendant of Niccolò Mac hiavelli, about whom he wrote the compelling biography An Unlikely Prince (Da Capo Press, US, 2010).

THE DAY THAT SAVED THE RENAISSANCE The epic battle that inspired Leonardo da Vinci


he battle fought on 29 June 1440 set the course for Italian and western cultural development, the victory of the anti-Milanese league determining the survival of the artistic and philosophical tenets we associate with the Renaissance. Thus, this book in not simply the account of a blood-splashed afternoon, but rather a composition on 15th century Italy, with Leonardo da Vinci’s lost masterpiece as its leitmotiv.


Published in 2011 | €19,00 | pp. 240 Rights available: World rights Material available: provisional English chapters

KILL THE MEDICI! Florence and the Pazzi Conspiracy


he murderous attempt against Lorenzo and Giuliano de’ Medici, on 26 April 1478, is a well-known story. Less familiar are the intricacies of 15th century Italian political and military affairs, when Italy was teaching the world

how to rule and how to fight. By analyzing this seminal moment in history, Niccolò Capponi will also describe the highly sophisticated and brutal environment of Renaissance Italy, as its inhabitants danced with their doom.

Published in 2013 Rights available: World rights NON-fiction


Norberto Bobbio

IN PRAISE OF MEEKNESS Essays on Ethics and Politics


A great philosopher, a classic in modern thought

I About the Author Norberto Bobbio (1909 - 2004) was an Italian philosopher of law and political sciences. He also wrote regularly for the national daily La Stampa. A liberal socialist, Bobbio is one of the most important historians of political thought.

n this important volume, the political philosopher Norberto Bobbio confronts some of the most enduring moral questions of our time. Written over the last two decades of the Twentieth century, the essays in this volume develop some of the central themes in Bobbio’s moral and political philosophy. They also reflect his longstanding commitment to liberty, democracy, peace and equality. The opening essay, «In praise of meekness» analyses the virtue of meekness in its individual and social aspects. It identifies the meek person with the nonviolent, and meekness with the refusal to exercise violence against anyone. Meekness, therefore, is the antithesis of politics. In this new expanded edition, Bobbio proceeds to construe a political theory of non-violence.

To be published in 2014. Previously published by Polity Press in 2000. Rights available: World rights

Giovanni Dall’Orto



vast historical account of h o m o s exua l ity c o mb i n e d with commented original literary passages. From ancient Egypt to World War II: rare greek poetry, middle age trial documents for s o d o my, c o r r e s p o n d e n c e s of M i c h e l a ng e l o a nd D o nat e l l o , lively libertines during Illuminism, 19th Century gay tourism and the still unpublished National Archive documents concerning homosexuals exiled during Fascism.


About the Author Giovanni Dall’Orto is an Italian journalist, writer and gay militant (since 1976). Dall’Orto was the Editor in Chief of the monthly Pride. He was twice chairman of Arcigay Milano e national secretary of Arcigay Italia. He published Figli Diversi (Mom, dad, I have to tell you something) about coming out and Manuale per coppie diverse (Handbook for .... different couples).

Published in 2013 | € 25,00 | pp. 500 Rights available: World rights NON-fiction

What really matters for us is to provide storytelling that is ultimately, as Kafka would say, an assault on the frontiers of each human being to himself and to the world

Giuseppe Genna Fiction Editor, ilSaggiatore

Filippo Tuena



The Wasteland meets Jules Verne


About the Author Filippo Tuena (Roma 1953) is an Italian author awarded with Premio G r i nza n e - C avo ur ( 2 0 0 0 ) a nd Premio Bagutta (2006).

obert Scott and his group explorers are rushing through the South Pole with the absolute conviction of being the first to reach the edge. The ship is fully stocked with everything that is necessary to survive extreme climate conditions: furs, snow shoes, dogs, sledges, food, cameras, notebooks and even a ball to play soccer on ice. Only five will reach destination. But there they’ll find out that someone has preceded them 33 days before. And more troubles are about to happen. The fictionalised account of the real – and unfortunate – expedition led by Robert Scott between 1911 and 1912. It is a novel that talks about hope, challenges and crushing defeat. A sublime atmosphere of misty melancholy and existentialist depth. Awarded with Viareggio Literary Prize 2007.

Published in January 2013 | € 16,00 | pp. 352 Rights available: World rights FICTION

FICTION The visionary talent of a young Italian author. A magnetic flurry of surreal Italian landscapes.


Andrea Gentile


The apocalypse of a mind holding on to the remote edges of the human phenomena



he Pope R. just had a stroke. The TV broadcasts his agonized body 24/7. The world is watching him with growing anxiety. Meanwhile, Maria’s mother has left the house. Nobody knows where she’s gone. She could be dead by now. Maria is looking for her. She walks through the village of Masserie di Cristo, looking for a dead body. Hoping it’s not a dead body. She slowly acknowledges that her surroundings are not the same. Maria walks into a café, it’s deserted. Only a television buzzing, showing the agony of Pope R. Maria walks into a church and finds nothing but cattle chewing hay. iPhones are out of service, the internet doesn’t work. The world itself, maybe, doesn’t exist. The road surface cracks open, the soil breaks.

About the Author Andrea Gentile (1985) lives in Milano. This is his first novel.

What happened to the Pope? What happened to her mother? Whatever happened to Maria?

Published in September 2012 | € 14,00 | pp. 167 Rights available: World rights FICTION


Tenera Valse



Noir, pseudo self-fiction, loss of innocence: a terrible, cruel, wonderful novel


na is the cradle of unconscious mischief. Alea, a young restless girl, describes, like an accomplished surgeon, the anatomy of her family, as if it was body parts. The madness of the father. A misterious abuse. The brother’s self-appointed exile. The ambiguous power struggle that begins in childhood turns the child into a criminal. Alea commits a homicide that allows her to see all the different stages of evolution: mineral, vegetable, animal and human.

About the Author Tenera Valse is a famous Italian artist, mainly known for her shocking autobiographical performances. She declares: «Any job is basically a form of prostitution. Libertine Sex is a form of art. And one pays for Art».

Published in September 2012 | € 15,00 | pp. 346 Rights available: World rights

Pier Paolo Pasolini





About the Author Pier Paolo Pasolini was a poet, a journalist, a director, a screenwriter and a writer, before being murdered in 1975. He is considered one of the most influential intellectuals of the 20th century.

ilan, 1959. A mob of teens act as bullies in town. Self-styled teddy boys, they armwrestle, they rob, flirt and fight; Milan is in the background, a brutal city that becomes alive at night. BEFOGGED is the tale of a night of desperate and cruel bravado: it begins with the assault of a man in his car, continues with a theft committed in a church at the outskirts of Milano, and finally culminated with the aggression of a gay man. This stark tale was made into a movie in 1963, which was never released. It’s a faithful portrait of the Northern metropolis in the years of the industrial miracle, with its cast of petty bourgeois and immigrant proletarians, naively braggart and unrelentlessly violent.

Published in September 2013 | â‚Ź 12,00 | pp. 160 Rights available: World rights FICTION


Igino Domanin



If you thought DeLillo was eerie, you should read this.


he European Commission has finally decided to redesign the city of Milan. Through a series of massive explosions the neighbourhood of Bicocca disappears, and Duomo, the main church of the city – a trademark of Milano – is blasted and a new society takes its place instead. Published in 2013 Rights available: World rights

Within the massive hole left by the explosion of the Duomo a new generation of human beings is bred. These human beings live in the hole in a semi-vegetative state. As time passes, their Homo Sapiens brains are replaced by that of a reptilian. Humanity regresses to a primeval state.



I don’t play rock. I play black.

Miles Davis

Enrico Merlin, Veniero Rizzardi



70 original photographs and 90 original documents, never before published

B About the Authors Enrico Merlin, musician, published in the USA the first complete catalogue of Miles Davis (recordings, interviews, television performances, etc). He also collaborated in the making of the Miles at Isle of Wight DVD by the Oscar winning director Murray Lerner. Veniero Rizzardi teaches at the University of Venice and Freiburg.

itches Brew, Miles Davis’ great double album was recorded in three days (from the 19th to the 21st August 1969) and created a new style: Fusion. Its success was enormous and it sold more than half a million copies, making it the second greatest success in the history of jazz, after Kind of Blue (1969), also by Davis. This book is the fruit of years of research in the Columbia archives and dozens of interviews with the protagonists of the time. It tells the story of the epic days in that summer of ’69, when Davis and his genial producer Teo Macero, constructed the album, mixing and remixing tapes: the story of three days of messy and ininterrupted sessions which end up becoming one of the most radical events in the history of contemporary music.

Published in August 2009 | € 35,00 | pp. 318 Rights available: World rights, Spanish rights sold to Global Rythm Music


Vinicio Capossela


Rebetika music belongs to everybody. It’s stateless. It’s music for uprooted people. Born from separation, it connects human beings.



About the Author Vinicio Capossela is one of Italy’s m o st p o p ula r mu si c ia n s a nd songwriters. His style is strongly i nf l ue n c e d by U S sing e r and songwriter Tom Waits, though it also draws from the traditions of Italian folk music (especially those of Southern Italy) Capossela’s lyrics are highly distinctive and often inspired by literary sources such as John Fante, Geoffrey Chaucer, Céline, Wilde, Coleridge, and others.

ne of Italy’s most belove d and gifte d songwriters, Vinicio Capossela, shares his wild travel notebooks, scribbled on journey through Greece and its searing recession. A rebellious musician among traditional Rebetiko players, the blues of modern Greece. These people are embittered with poverty and crushed by austerity, but remain proud and feisty. Drinking, playing, weeping together. Capossela observes and sketches every crucial moment. A book that is a riveting flow of emotions on the streets of Athens, capturing the yearning for freedom, and the cry for justice of a whole people. “From 1821, with the independence, came the first loan from England. From then on we’ve always been blackmailed. Greece was the first country to have a resistance army. But then there was the civil war and from then on we were only puppets, our strings being pulled by others.” With his latest record, Rebetiko Gymnastas, Vinicio Capossela has revealed the sound of Greece. With Rebetiko Tefteri he uncovers Greece with a passionate eye: the Greece of temples, riots and revolutions. Crisis, dance and music. The Greece of rebetiko. Published in May 2013 | € 13,00 | pp. 160 Rights available: World rights




Enzo Restagno



The pleasure of life is all about… uncovering the secret quiver of life.

R About the Author Enzo Restagno has taught History of Music at the Conservatory of Turin. He is considered one of the most important specialists in modern and contemporary music and is now the artistic director of the MiTo Settembre Musica festival.

Published in 2009 | € 35,00 | pp. 676 Rights available: World rights

avel’s music expresses an elegance that finds no comparison among composers. His kindness made him a perfect dandy, but the ironic levity of his attitude and his work are a far cry from the cliché of creative struggle. An unbearable perfectionist according to his enemies, a composer of magnificent talent for his lovers, Ravel revealed his emotional qualities only through his music. Obsessed with giving voice to «the soul of things», Ravel spends his lifetime trudging the road towards an ever-shifting horizon. Through accurate analysis of archives Enzo Restagno delivers an extensive and touching portrait of this delicate composer.

Elvio Giudici

VERDI’S OPERA IN DVD From Aida to I Vespri Siciliani: 25 Operas, 173 dvds. A classic reference book


iuseppe Verdi, one of the most celebrated Italian composer of Opera music was performed through two centuries in various ways. This is a catalogue of all the theatrical representations that marked the evolution of Verdi’s work. It’s an essential tool in understanding how melodrama changed in the last 50 years. The best – and worst – performances of Rigoletto, Otello, Lady Macbeth and Aida.


About the Author Elvio Giudici is the author of The Opera in Cd and Audiotape (ilSaggiatore). Giudici is an accomplished music critic with a special flair for Opera.

Published in November 2012 | € 25,00 | pp. 500 Rights available: World rights

Gianfranco de Bosio

AIDA History and images of the best Aida ever staged


ianfranco de Bosio devised and put on stage a version of the Aida, which has been performed at the Arena of Verona for decades and still thrives. The book is a diary of de Bosio who describes the staging of 1982, by replicating the exact scenic designs made in 1913 by Ettore Fagiuli. Filled with more than 100 sketches and pictures, this book is a unique homage to Italian Opera and Verdi’s most beloved work. A true gem for Opera aficionados worldwide.

Published in June 2013 | € 18,00 | pp. 256 Rights available: World rights

About the Author Gianfranco de Bosio is a major Italian theatre director. He is a Professor at IULM of Milano and at the Scuola del Piccolo Teatro, Milano. He directed Aida at the Arena of Verona from 1982 until 2013. Music

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