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Music-making and Learning for Adults 2013-14

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Thank you for taking the time to read through our Music-Making and Learning for Adults brochure. We’re sure you’ll find something in here which will ignite your passion for music. For those of you who have seen our brochure in previous years, you will notice that we have organised things a little bit differently this year. Classes are colour coded in relation to the ability level required to participate. This year there are yet more activities on offer, including those taking place at our exciting new venue which is right in the heart of Gateshead - Gateshead Old Town Hall. We are delighted to have this opportunity to develop and expand our music learning in this beautiful, historic building. We know that you will have many reasons for wanting to learn or make music and we hope to help you achieve your full potential in a relaxed and friendly environment, with experienced tutors, talented musicians and great music. Whatever your reason and regardless of your experience, we make sure that music-making is, first and foremost, fun.

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You are an absolute beginner, you are returning to music after a while or you believe that you can’t sing or play a note. These groups are designed to conquer your fears as well as develop basic skills and technique so that you can quickly enjoy taking your music-making to the next level. There are no auditions and no prior skills or experience needed.

You have a basic understanding of the instrument (or voice) and are keen to improve your technique and repertoire in a supportive group. These classes work as a direct progression from our Absolute Beginner classes and are also for people who can already play a little.

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You’ve been making music for a while or you are confident in your own ability but have not sung in a choir or played in an ensemble before. Maybe you’d like to try a new genre or something a little more challenging. This is a place for you to develop and improve your skills with others who enjoy the same music as you. No auditions, some experience of singing and loads of enthusiasm required.

Ability Level Colour Key You’re a confident musician looking to perfect your skills and use your knowledge and experience to their full potential. Sessions are likely to be genrespecific with performance as a key element of the group’s aims. You may be required to audition. An open mind, commitment and a willingness to enjoy is essential.

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Folk Classes

FOLKWORKS TUESDAY is your platform to start from scratch or develop your folk instrument and band skills within our Tuesday evening folk community. There is the opportunity to join multiple classes and to be involved in fun and exciting end of term events.

Instrumental/ Dancing

beginner & Intermediate Classes

Absolute Beginner Classes

Northumbrian Pipes/ Fiddle/ Melodeon/ Tin Whistle/ Accordion/ Clog Dancing/ Mandolin. The perfect platform to start from scratch. When we say no experience needed, we mean it. These classes nurture your budding instrumental abilities, beginning your journey on your choice of instrument and traditional dance.


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Northumbrian Pipes/ Fiddle/ Melodeon/ Fretted Strings/ Flute & Whistle/ Accordion/ Clog Dancing. Folkworks Tuesday instrumental classes are a great place to improve instrumental technique through repertoire picked specifically to maximise enjoyment and progression.

Advanced Classes

Fiddle/ Northumbrian Pipes/ Melodeon/ Clog Dancing/ Accordion/ Flute and Whistle Whether you’re new to Sage Gateshead, or have progressed through our classes, our advanced classes will increase your repertoire as well as your technique. You’ll work with other musicians and dancers to create performance sets, improving your confidence and style. 19/07/2013 10:15



Bands Basic Band

This group is perfect for people who have little or no experience of playing in a group with other musicians. You’ll play new repertoire as well as learning how bands work and learn together. This band is suitable for people in the beginner classes as well as those with a little more confidence.

Vocal Advanced Bands

Fast tunes, emotive and evocative arrangements, and lots of fun. The Advanced Bands strive to produce high quality sets. Some learning is done aurally and some with notation. Please note that the group will be divided in to two bands on the first week of term.

Advanced Vocal Skills

Focus on your vocal technique and how this aids and affects your harmony singing and solo song choices. Study breath control, intonation, posture, range and ornamentation, set within traditional folk songs and challenging arrangements for groups.

beginner band with song intermediate Band with Song

Whether you’re quite new to your instrument, new to folk, or just fancy a change, this is the band for you. Folk is a huge genre and sometimes you want to dip a toe in and see what happens. Over the year you’ll study some well known pieces by acts such as Bellowhead, Alison Krauss, and Seth Lakeman, as well as some traditional pieces arranged for the class.

Intermediate Bands

For people who feel reasonably confident on their instrument and are ready for a step up into a performing band situation. The Intermediate Bands produce more complex arrangements and study more challenging repertoire than the Basic Band while still being accessible and inclusive. The group will be divided up into two classes on the first week of term.

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Summer Schools

Durham August

A week of inspirational and enjoyable folk music, song and dance. Our residential Folkworks Summer Schools consist of three schools that run on the same week in different venues across Durham. Each provides an intensive, educational and fun experience for anyone who joins us. The Junior Summer School runs Wednesday to Saturday and is for children aged 9-13. The week long Youth Summer School is for people aged 13-23, and the week long Adult Summer School is for anyone over the age of 18. Adult Summer School

A wonderful way to spend a week of your well earned annual leave! The week is packed full of music, be it in your main instrument, ensemble, sessions, or ‘options’. The modular timetable of Adult Summer School allows you to alter the intensity of the week for your own needs but there are over 42 hours of potential music making during the week. The accommodation is in single rooms with both standard and en suite available; there are also a small number of twin rooms. This is a fantastic environment to learn a wealth of new repertoire, improve your technique and musicality, and make some fantastic friends in the process. There is a tutor concert, a ceilidh, an ‘Over to You’ evening and even a farewell party! We believe that our school is both excellent value for money and outstanding quality, we’d love you to join us and see for yourself. “Best Folkworks Summer School ever last week in lovely Durham. Funny, stretching, ace experience, beautiful music, song and dance... inspiration to work like a demon at improving my playing over the next year.” Frank Smith “The most exhausting, most exhilarating week you will ever spend” Roger Gawley regular participants at Folkworks Adult Summer School For more information about the Folkworks Summer Schools please contact Jack Healy at Sage Gateshead: 0191 443 4582


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Singing Find Your Voice

Discover the voice you never knew you had. This is a group singing lesson which focuses on developing good technique from the start, singing simple harmonies and explaining sheet music in an informal, supportive and fun way. Step into Singing

This is group singing from scratch. In this group you will develop good technique, tips for vocal health and develop listening skills in an enjoyable atmosphere. You will sing simple rounds and harmonies at a relaxed pace, the emphasis being on the group’s enjoyment. All that Jazz

This group is a great introduction to singing jazz and blues. Learning well-known jazz standards, together you will discover the techniques required to sing jazz and blues repertoire and will start to explore vocal improvisation. All singing is in a group setting.

Singing Stellas

Working together in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, singing a wide variety of musical styles, this choir offers the opportunity to develop vocal skills and harmony singing. All singing is in a group setting. This is a women only singing group. Concessions are available to women who live or work in Gateshead. Weekly payment option available.

Philharmonic Voices

Gain an understanding of classical choral singing, develop your harmony singing, improve technique and sight reading skills. This friendly and welcoming group also offers performance opportunities. This choir is not auditioned although we do have to limit numbers of singers within voice types to ensure that the choir is balanced.


An adventurous nonauditioned choir for anyone who enjoys being part of fun, unique and varied vocal arrangements. The group explores different musical genres, including gospel, reggae, pop and folk traditions from around the world. Repertoire is learnt by ear and newcomers are always welcome, as long as you’re up for a vocal challenge and a good laugh along the way.

Femme Chorale

For women with a love for classical choral singing, this choir will work from a wide range of classical repertoire. Meanwhile you will develop your harmony singing, improve technique and sight reading skills. This choir is for female singers of all abilities.

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Sage Gateshead Opera Chorus

Following on from a very successful first year, Sage Gateshead Opera Chorus is bigger and better than ever. In this exciting group you will be working towards performances of operatic highlights and developing a repertoire of music from Grand Opera to Operetta. No previous operatic experience is necessary. In the Groove

In this animated choir you will learn fun and funky arrangements of well known pop, rock and chart classics. With exciting performance opportunities, this choir is sure to leave you feeling uplifted.


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Curtain Call

Working towards a performance, this new and exciting group will study the basics in singing in a musical theatre style, voice projection, character building, script/scene writing and movement in song. In short, bringing music and theatre together. Experience with acting or singing is not essential, just an enthusiasm for musical theatre. Jam Hot

If you enjoy hip hop, R’n’B or funk then this is the choir for you! In this dynamic a cappella group you will have the chance to learn and perform contemporary and classic tracks from these fantastic genres. No prior experience needed. Weekly payment option available for this choir. All tickets charged at concessionary rate.

Blue Jazz Voices

Working specifically with jazz and blues repertoire, this is an exceptional ensemble. Developing a practical approach to solo singing. The group works on improvisation, repertoire, vocal technique and performance. Sage Gateshead Chamber Choir

This forty-strong choir rehearses and performs a broad and exciting repertoire, in the building and around the region. It is an active, lively choir and spontaneous singing opportunities are a regular feature. You will need to be able to read music and hold a line in harmony. All applicants are invited for an informal voice evaluation membership is subject to a successful outcome. 19/07/2013 10:15



Project Singing

This a cappella ensemble focuses on a particular composer or theme from the classical tradition each term. For the autumn term, Project: Singing marks the centenary year of Benjamin Britten. We’ll focus on the English choral music of Britten and his contemporaries, as well as looking back to music by Tallis and Byrd. This is a voice tested choir. Call today to book your voice test.

Look out for the SING TOGETHER choirs in our Events Diaries and on our website. These are large scale singing opportunities for absolutely anyone. There are no auditions, no prior singing experience is needed and you don’t need to be able to read music. You just have to love singing and want to give it a go! All Sing Together choirs are created to work towards a particular performance with a specific theme, so you can choose to sing in all of them or just one. Whatever you choose, you will never forget it. Our first choir this year, will be working with Len Young to learn and perform Mozart’s Requiem. Rehearsals start on Wednesday 25th September and the performance will be on Saturday 30th November, 2013.

Keep an eye on our website for our all new male voice choir coming in 2014

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Instrumental Intermediate Guitar – Next Steps

Guitar Absolute Beginner Guitar

No knowledge required, you’ll learn the basic chords and strumming techniques which will equip you with the skills to play your favourite songs. Beginner Guitar

Some knowledge of basic chords and strumming required, this workshop will build on your chord knowledge and develop your repertoire. Previous repertoire ranges from Bob Dylan to Paolo Nutini.

Good open chord knowledge and some knowledge of barre chords required. You’ll be working on songs with riffs and soloing ideas using the minor pentatonic scales. You will also be developing rhythm and picking techniques. Previous songs include John Mayer’s ‘Queen of California’ and The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’.’ Guitar Stars

Good Open chord and barre chord knowledge, some riffing and soloing confidence required. In this group you’ll be combining chords with riffing and soloing within a progression. You’ll be equipped with a confidence to move around the fret board with purpose. Previous songs include Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ and Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ (2 guitar arrangement).

Intermediate Guitar

Good open chord knowledge required, in this class you’ll be introduced to barre chords in depth. You’ll be looking at songs with and without barre chords and a light introduction into soloing ideas. Previous songs include; The Beatles’ ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’, Willie Mason’s ‘We Can Be Strong’ and Tom Jones’ ‘It’s Not Unusual’.


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Ukulele Absolute Beginner Ukulele

Everyone has to start somewhere and for those wanting to play ukulele, this is it. In no time at all, you will learn the basic chords and techniques enabling you to play the ukulele with pride. Within just one session the group will be able to impress friends and family with at least one song. Sessions are relaxed, fun and supportive. Beginner Ukulele

This group is perfect for people who’ve attended our Absolute Beginner Ukulele course and want to take their ukulele-playing to the next level. You will learn new repertoire, develop your technique and grow in confidence, setting you on your way to our Intermediate Ukulele group.

Intermediate Ukulele

For players who have covered the basics of ukulele-playing and want to develop their skills further. Be introduced to exciting and challenging new repertoire alongside developing new techniques. intermediate ukulele - next steps

For confident learners this is the next step in the ukulele playing journey. Refine your skills and repertoire knowledge with players of a similar ability. Themed Ukulele

For ukulele players who are keen to try some new and interesting repertoire. Each term you will study a different theme. This autumn we will be looking at the songs of Simon and Garfunkel.

Uke Troupe

A fun and informal ukulele group which explores familiar favourites and less familiar contemporary repertoire. Prior experience of playing the ukulele is required; however, players will work on developing skills, technique and musicianship. There will be performance opportunities.

Wooler Ukuleles

Wooler Ukuleles is a ukulele group which meets weekly at The Angel Inn in Wooler, Northumberland. Led by a Sage Gateshead musician, the group formed in Autumn 2012, starting as beginners and now have a wealth of repertoire under their belts. Newcomers are always welcome. Weekly payments are available for this group. If you’re interested in starting up a ukulele group in your area, please contact us at adultlearning@ 0191 443 4627.

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Steel Pan

Absolute Beginner Saxophone

Beginner Steel Pan

Aimed at people who have no prior experience of playing the saxophone, this fantastic introductory course will teach you how to play sax from scratch – even how to put the instrument together! All learning is in a group setting with experienced tutors. All types of saxophones are welcome. Players must bring their own sax. Beginner Saxophone

Ideal for people who’ve attended our Absolute Beginner Saxophone course, or have a basic knowledge of music notation, this is the next step. Develop your skills and experience playing with others. Sax in the City

Studying primarily jazz, funk and soul, in this group you will experience playing in parts and delve further into the theory. Previous repertoire includes songs by Earth Wind & Fire, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson and Miles Davis. This group would suit players who’ve progressed through our Beginner Saxophone class.


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Classically Sax Studying repertoire

which ranges from folk and traditional to classical and classics from films and musicals, in this group you will experience playing in parts and delve further into the theory. Previous repertoire includes pieces from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Sound of Music’, Henry Mancini and old English folk songs such as ‘Dance to your Daddy’. This group would suit players who’ve progressed through our Beginner Saxophone class. Saxophone Ensemble

This exciting ensemble provides a fantastic opportunity to play sax with others. You will be introduced to a wide variety of repertoire and hone your skills with an experienced tutor. The Saxophone Ensemble is aimed at players of grade 3-5 standard although those of a higher grade are welcome to attend.

Bring the sunshine to Gateshead! A chance to learn to play steel pans as part of an ensemble in a fun environment. A wide range of repertoire is covered and the sessions are relaxed and friendly. Intermediate Steel Pan

Perfect for those who’ve already attended our Beginner Steel Pan course. This is the ideal next step. Broaden your repertoire and hone your skills to take your panning to the next level. Don’t Panic: Steel Pan Band

Playing a wide variety of repertoire, this energetic and exciting ensemble brings the sounds of the Caribbean to the North East. Sessions are fun and rewarding, furthering skills and musicianship whilst learning music to performance standard. 19/07/2013 10:15



Other Opportunities Flute Choir

Take part in a brand new Flute Choir aimed at those grade 3-5 standard to come together and explore a wide variety of music. The first of its kind at Sage Gateshead, this is an opportunity for flautists to play together and develop their skills having fun along the way. Samba Drumming

The Rhythm is going to get you! Delve into the world of samba percussion with our experienced musicians in this exciting opportunity. A great way to let off steam and no prior experience necessary. Zumba Live

These are Zumba classes with a difference! Led by a qualified Zumba instructor, this 11 week course will end on a high with music from a live samba band. A great way to stay energised and keep fit. Concessionary rate applies for all attending this class. Gamelan

The Gamelan is a percussion orchestra from Java, Indonesia, consisting primarily of gongs and metallophones. It has been long considered a model of a musical community, playing these instruments can be a truly unforgettable experience and for many a lifelong passion. Come and find out more and take part in this orchestra of percussion. No previous musical experience is necessary.

Accessible Learning Sounds Good to Me

A group of adults with learning disabilities who have a love of singing. A chance to sing for fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Carers and support workers welcome at no extra cost. There are also occasional performances and recording opportunities. The Magenta Singers

The Magenta Singers are a singing group for people of any age who are living with Aphasia. Set up in January 2013, and run in association with the NETA Aphasia Support Centre, this friendly, supportive group sing accompanied repertoire from a wide range of musical genres, including pop, blues and folk, with the aim of developing skills and working towards performances. No experience necessary. The group leaders and volunteers have had some Aphasia training. ÂŁ4 per session All terms 10 weeks First term starts 7th October 2013

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One-off opportunities In addition to our weekly groups and classes, we also have one-off activities which are either related to our performances in some way, or are an opportunity for you to try something entirely new. We also have special events which run for longer than just one day, but will specialise in a particular music genre or theme. Keep an eye on our website for the most current details of these exciting opportunities. In the meantime, here are a few events which are already planned for 2013-14: Folkworks Winter Workout Day We think there is no better way to beat the postChristmas blues than spending a day blowing the cobwebs off your playing and learning some new repertoire. Keep an eye out in our events diary for tutors and classes. Join in and Sing Saturday 21st September 2013 and Saturday 11 January 2014, Sage Gateshead Join in and Sing with Emily Smith and Simon Fidler respectively. These are two of our Join In and Sing days, held throughout the year and led by highly experienced choir leaders who will guide you through an array of choral repertoire. You don’t need to have any prior experience or be able to read music. Each Join In and Sing will have a different theme and all will culminate in a sharing performance for family and friends in Hall One. For more information, join our mailing list or visit our website.

Absolute Beginner Guitar 11am-1pm & 2-4pm Saturday 17th August, Gateshead Old Town Hall £5 If you have a guitar hiding in the house that you would like to learn how to play then why not give it an airing this Summer? Learn some basic chords and strumming techniques and, with any luck, you’ll have a party piece by the end of the session.

Absolute Beginner Ukulele 11am-1pm & 2-4pm Saturday 17th August, Gateshead Old Town Hall £5 Discover the joy of playing the ukulele. You don’t need to have played before, or be able to read music - led by a professional musician, we can even provide the uke for you. So what are you waiting for?


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Your special days From stag and hen dos, to birthday parties, we’re able to provide music workshops to make any occasion truly memorable. We can offer a variety of instrumental or vocal sessions, suitable for absolute beginners and great fun for everyone. From ukuleles, to steel pans, there are lots of fun choices on offer. Sessions can be held at Sage Gateshead or at a suitable venue of your choice. We can also provide specially designed team building workshops for corporate events. To find out more contact us at In the Region

You can get involved and make music across the region through a series of one-off taster activities and new choirs or instrumental groups. Further information can be found in our Events Diary and on our website. If you have a particular request, please do feel free to contact us at adultprogramme@ with details of what you would be interested in doing and where, and we will be happy to consider this.

Live Recording Experience Perform in your choice of Hall One, Hall Two or Northern Rock Foundation Hall. A unique opportunity to enjoy two hours of live recording time on stage at Sage Gateshead. Our in-house recording engineers will provide you with a fully mixed professional quality CD at the end of the session. More information and bookings: Cost: ÂŁ199. Maximum five people. Halls subject to availability. Exploring Music talks & classes Exploring Music Talks are an ideal and accessible starting place for those unsure about music or a particular topic but who are keen to learn more. The weekly talks cover a wide range of musical genres as well as exploring the lives and music of musicians and composers. There are also evening classes which run on a Thursday evening in five week blocks and cover a particular subject in more depth than is possible in an individual talk. For more information, please visit our website.

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Other groups that meet at Sage Gateshead Streetwise Choir Tuesday, 10am-12pm: Streetwise Choir is the UK’s first choir involving people who’ve experienced homelessness, together with their friends. Singing everything from pop to jazz, folk and classical music, Streetwise Choir is run by the charity Streetwise Opera in artistic partnership with Sage Gateshead. Just come along or for more information call 020 7730 9551 or visit Caedmon Choir Tuesday, 8-9.30pm: An independent community choir whose repertoire includes traditional and contemporary songs both local and from other parts of Britain. The group also sings songs from other countries and cultures, in a wide range of styles. For more information and to inquire about vacancies please visit

Cobweb Orchestra Wednesday, 1-3pm: A friendly and welcoming group which is open to players of all standards. It does not matter if you have been playing for years, or haven’t, you will find something of interest in the varied repertoire. For more information call 01937 831163, email admin@ or visit Bede Wind Friday, 7.30-9pm: A community wind band that plays a wide range of music and gives about ten concerts every year in the North East with occasional concert tours abroad. New players are welcome at about grade 5 standard. For more information please visit a rehearsal or contact Elaine Middleton on 0191 483 8031

Photography: Mark Savage, David Tiernan, Sally Baitch

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Term Dates

All terms are 11 weeks long and include a half term break. Where possible we try to tie in our half term break with that of Gateshead schools, however, this is not always possible. Autumn Term

w/b Monday 16th September - w/b Monday 2nd December, 2013 Half term: Monday 28th October - Sunday 3rd November Spring Term

w/b Monday 13th January - w/b Monday 31st March, 2014 Half term: Monday 17th February - Sunday 23rd February Summer Term

w/b Monday 28th April - w/b Monday 14th July, 2014

Half term: Tuesday 17th June - Sunday 22nd June Monday classes will end 21st July due to no session on 5th May bank holiday Monday classes will have half term on 26th May due to Bank Holiday


Prices held from last year! Book for the term

Full price per term £66

Concession price per term £39

Book for the year (x3 terms) and save

Full price per year £177

Concession price per year £99

Double Up Deal

Enrol onto one class and get any other class at the concessionary rate (termly classes only). Concessions are available for people over 60, members of the Silver Programme, students and people in receipt of benefits. If you enrol for one of our activities and decide that it isn’t right for you, we will offer you a full refund as long as you let us know within your first three weeks of attending. Once you’ve enrolled, we will send you a ticket which you will need to retain and bring along to your first session. Due to the popularity of some of our choir and classes sometimes we are required to hold a waiting list. If the class you want to enrol onto is full then your name will be added to a waiting list and you will be contacted when a space becomes available. Adult13 v2.indd 17

0191 443 4661

17 19/07/2013 10:15

Monday Venue Time Sage Gateshead Chamber Choir SG 7-9pm Blue Jazz Voices SG 7-9pm Beginner Guitar SG 6.30-7.30pm Intermediate Guitar SG 7.30-9pm Curtain Call GOTH 7-9pm Beginner Steel Pans SG 6.30-8pm Flute Choir GOTH 6.30-8pm Themed Ukulele GOTH 6.30-8pm The Magenta Singers GOTH 1.30-3pm Intermediate Ukulele Next Steps GOTH 8-9pm Tuesday Femme Chorale SG 6-8pm In the Groove SG 7-9pm FWT Advanced Vocal Skills 1 SG 7-8.10pm FWT Advanced Vocal Skills 2 SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Basic Band SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Band With Song SG 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Band with Song SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Bands SG 7-8.10pm FWT Advanced Bands SG 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Northumbrian Pipes GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Fiddle GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Melodeon GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Tin Whistle GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Accordion GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Clog Dancing GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Absolute Beginner Mandolin GOTH 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Northumbrian Pipes SG 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Fiddle SG 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Melodeon SG 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Flute & Whistle SG 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Accordion SG 7-8.10pm FWT Beginner Clog Dancing SG 7-8.10pm FWT Intermediate Fiddle SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Melodeon SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Fretted Strings SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Northumbrian Pipes SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Flute & Whistle SG 8.20-9.30pm FWT Intermediate Accordion SG 8.20-9.30pm

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19/07/2013 10:15

FWT Intermediate Clog Dancing FWT Advanced Fiddle FWT Advanced Melodeon FWT Advanced Northumbrian Pipes FWT Advanced Flute & Whistle FWT Advanced Accordion FWT Advanced Clog Dancing Wednesday Sounds Good to Me Intermediate Guitar: Next Steps Absolute Beginner Guitar Voicebeat Absolute Beginner Ukulele Beginner Ukulele Intermediate Ukulele Uke Troupe Sage Gateshead Opera Chorus Find Your Voice All That Jazz Project: Singing Zumba Live Jam Hot Gamelan Thursday Intermediate Steel Pan Don’t Panic Steel Pan Band Intermediate Guitar Guitar Stars Philharmonic Voices Samba Drumming Step into Singing Absolute Beginner Saxophone Beginner Saxophone Sax in the City Classically Sax Saxophone Ensemble Saturday Singing Stellas

Adult13 v2.indd 19


8.20-9.30pm 8.20-9.30pm 8.20-9.30pm 8.20-9.30pm 8.20-9.30pm 8.20-9.30pm 8.20-9.30pm

SG 3.30-5pm SG 7.30-9pm SG 6.30-7.30pm SG 7-9pm SG 6.30-7.30pm SG 7.30-8.30pm SG 6.30-7.30pm SG 7.30-9pm SG 7-9pm SG 7-8.30pm SG 7-9pm GOTH 7-9pm GOTH 6-7pm GOTH 7-9pm GOTH 6.30-8pm


6.30-8pm 8-9.30pm 6.30-8pm 8-9.30pm 7.30-9.30pm 6.30-8pm 6.30-8pm 6-7pm 7-8.15pm 8.15-9.30pm 7-8.15pm 8.15-9.30pm

Absolute Beginner



FWT Folkworks Tuesday

Beginner Intermediate Advanced SG at Sage Gateshead GOTH at Gateshead Old Town Hall

19/07/2013 10:15

Sage Gateshead, St Mary’s Square, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead, NE8 2JR 0191 443 4661 Adult Learning at Sage Gateshead Like us on Facebook: ‘Adult Programme at Sage Gateshead’ Follow us on Twitter: @Sage_AdultProg

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Music making for learning for adults 2014  

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Music-Making and Learning for Adults brochure. We’re sure you’ll find something in here w...