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Classfeedback of my first Pepsi Max draft In general the majority of the class feed backed that the advert was too long and dragged on; they come to conclusion that it is enough for a series of 3 adverts instead of just one advert so it was mandatory that I edit down the advert with just the best scene out of the three. The class and teacher favored the first scene the most as they said it was the strongest successful clip with minimum errors in comparison to the other two as the other two had a number of audio errors, transition errors and a few camera angle errors. The graphic match they particular liked how it transitioned onto the other sceneshowever it was not carried onto the third scene so I am going to have to remove both 2 and 3 scenesin conclusion no matter how much I liked how the graphic match worked. The students in my class liked the variation of shots as well as the different narratives to attract different target audiences something I wanted my advert to do in combination with the editing. My editing showed a good use of time and space however they noticed a few shots out of focus, mainly in scenes2 and 3. In conclusion I am going to take out scenes2 and 3 and focus editing on scene 1 and 4 and sort out all the audio levels and issuesthat fall in those scenes,I also need to do a voice over for my last still image of the ad and then my final draft will be ready to be shown.

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