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AMO 227


Overhaul / Shockload / Repair of Continental and Lycoming Aircraft engines

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Overhaul Engine Components Overhaul and supply of Hartzell / McCauley and Fix pitch Propellers

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am busy with what I hope are the final stages of a PhD study that seeks, amongst other things, to identify the challenges to the African air transport industry and to prioritise them. I have been surprised by the answers I have received from interviewing some airline CEOs on the challenges faced by the industry. The usual answers I expected include: poor management, lack of skills, lack of access to finance, an uneven playing field with unfair subsidies, high taxes and charges, particularly from airports and on fuel, a poor safety record with concomitant lack of trust from the travelling public, lack of access to affordable finance, foreign airline competition and numerous others. I was therefore taken by surprise when a CEO shrugged off those ‘challenges’ and said that the problem with the industry was simple – there is a very limited market for airline travel in Africa. The instant I heard this view it resonated as a key reason for the failure of fastjet. This airline was started as an African offshoot of EasyJet with much fanfare as an innovative low cost carrier. CEO Ed Winter was full of optimism and told a good story, particularly about fishermen from Mwanza on Lake Victoria using fastjet to transport their catches to market in Dar es Salaam. But what everyone seems to have missed was that the market for this sort of service is tiny – and it was probably never going to be profitable transporting subsistence fishermen’s catches. A CEO I interviewed said it best. He reckoned that the long list of ‘the usual challenges’ are merely ‘irritants.’ He went on to explain, “those things are not constraining growth, they just make it a bit more difficult. Actual growth in the air transport industry

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is restricted only by the size of the market. People are not saying they won’t fly to a place because the handling company fees are prohibitive. They will still fly, but the airline will simply be less profitable.” Was this the reason why the African airline industry as a whole was loss making, while the rest of the world was enjoying unprecedented profits? The CEO surprised again by reiterating that the usual constraints are not challenges to profitability – the challenges to profitability are “market size and affordability. And affordability is about the oil price; when oil comes down ticket prices come down too and more people can afford to fly.” The questions for any African airline operator are then: “How big is the market? Can we achieve economies of scale? Are there a hundred people today who want to fly? If the market is there, we will satisfy it. Look at the successful privately owned carriers - if there is the tiniest opportunity they will seize it and make it profitable.” So the problems faced by the African airline industry seem, at least to this CEO, straightforward: the state must get out of the way and let the private sector get on with it.

Guy Leitch

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Industry Update Guy Leitch


A350-900s SAA is leasing two A350-900s from Hainan Airlines and two from Air Mauritius. The leases are all three year sub-leases and we can only hope that SAA acquired them at singularly competitive rates as the original client airlines no longer wanted them.


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Y the time you read this SAA should have the first two Airbus A350-900s. It has taken the airline ten years to get these most modern and fuel-efficient jets as Airbus first started trying to sell them to SAA that far back. They are intended primarily for the Johannesburg - New York route where they are expected to save as much as thirty tons of fuel per sector – albeit still with weight restrictions from OR Tambo on hot days. It is expected that they will also provide significant maintenance savings over the almost 20 year old Airbus A340-600s, and lower carbon tax costs as well. The first A350 to arrive in South Africa will be one of the two nine month old handme-downs form China’s Hainan Airlines (and before that, South America’s LATAM). These two aircraft are Constructors no #226 and #245 and will receive registrations ZSSDC and ZS-SDD. On 28 October #226 was seen in Singapore, where it had been re-finished in SAA livery, by using decals over the Hainan colours. It arrived at OR Tambo on 31 October.

The A350s will seat 339 passengers, with 30 in business and 309 in economy. This is in comparison to the 317 of the A340-600, which included 42 business and 275 economy seats. The seat configuration came not from Hainan Airlines, but from LATAM, who were the original customers for these two aircraft. They were then taken up by Hainan, who kept the LATAM business class cabin. The two A350s ordered by Air Mauritius will be delivered direct from the factory in Toulouse to SAA. The first aircraft is #354 which will become ZS-SDE and will be delivered on 7 November. The second is #365 which will become ZS-SDF and is expected around 30 November. 


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PORTER PICK-UP It is reputed that the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter was designed by a committee of six Swiss farmers to carry hay into the high Alps, so that they could keep their cattle up there for longer. They knew pretty well what a hay cart looked like but didn’t know much about aeroplanes.


HE whole point of the Porter was to carry a ton of hay up as quickly as possible, land almost anywhere and get back down for the next load. Speed was not a requirement, which may account for the Porter’s nickname, ‘The SOS’, or Stationary Object in the Sky. Quite apart from being a box with wings, the Turbo Porter has an extremely long nose, as though the designers wanted to get the noisy bit as far away from the pilot as possible. The wings don’t actually fit onto the box very well, so they have to stick a bit of pinked tape over the gap. So that is the first impression, but on closer inspection this ugly duckling hides some remarkable secrets...you can take the passengers’ seats out of the ‘Box’ and stack them on seat rails hidden down the back, in the tail. There is even a bomb bay with doors which can be opened and closed by the pilot, in flight. On the current model the passenger cabin has enormous sliding doors on each side which can open the full length of the cabin to the wind, during flight,


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which makes it very convenient for ejecting parachutists, unruly passengers and outsized loads. The cockpit doors are designed to be released during flight, if the pilot decides to go parachuting too. Then there are some interesting little details: For example, the ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder can all be built on the same jigs. The massive main undercarriage has almost a foot of travel on its oleos, allowing operations out of places which would destroy most aircraft and if the landing ground is too rough even for them, they are designed to break away without taking any of the other important bits with them...and Yes...I have actually seen that happen! And then there is the best kept secret of the lot, the engine. The originals had a great big geared, 6 cylinder, 345 hp Lycoming stuck to the fire wall, but the Porter was so slow that the engine would overheat, particularly in the tropics, so, after playing around with the Astazou and Garrett turboprops, Pilatus discovered the legendary Pratt & Whitney PT-6 (‘Pump Turbine No 6’) which had been pumping oil on a pipeline in Canada non-stop for many

years and seemed like an ideal candidate for conversion into an aero engine. It churned out 720 shp and weighed less than half the old piston engine, which is why they had to stick it so far out in front – to balance everything up. I have spent more than 6 000 hours of my life sitting in the front end of the old girl and I have never ever had my faith in the engine tested. As WW2 American pilots used to say...”Put your trust in God and Pratt & Whitney.” The old Porter has saved my life on so many occasions that it is difficult to pick out a single example, but just to give you a flavour, I was flying for the Canadian Occidental Oil Company in South Yemen in 1994. They had a production site up in the wild, barren mountains in the Hadramaut Governorate. The pipeline to bring the oil from the site down to the coast started at 3600 feet above sea level and climbed to 5800 feet before plunging down a 2000 foot escarpment. The pipeline followed a fault line which formed a kind of ramp down the escarpment at an angle of about thirty degrees down the face of the cliff. The pipeline was accompanied by a dirt track known as the ‘Right-of-Way’, which was approximately twenty feet wide and made the total width of the ramp, with the pipeline, about thirty feet between the face and the drop-off. This provided enough room for a Land Rover, as long as the driver had had a quiet night the night before. Ken was driving on the day of the incident I describe. There was a loss of pressure on the pipeline. This would involve a pipeline inspection and so he took Ibrahim, a Libyan pipeline engineer (whose father had been ‘disappeared’ under the Ghadaffi regime) and a couple of workers in case it was simply a matter of lifting something. They drove all the way down to Station

88, which was about halfway to the coast. It was on the way back up the escarpment that the incident took place. Ibrahim was standing on the tail-gate footrest, so that he could jump off and back on again at each joint. It was as Ken pulled away from one of these joints that Ibrahim’s feet slipped off the footrest and hit the ground, driving his face down onto the step. Nobody noticed Ibrahim’s absence until they reached the next joint. Ken initially thought that Ibrahim had just gone to excuse himself, but after ten minutes, he became concerned and started walking back down the right-of-way. He found Ibrahim, unconscious, lying face down in the middle of the track. There was blood on the ground around his head. Ken suddenly realised that he was facing a career-changing emergency, possibly a fatality. He ran down the hill, hollow fear punching at his diaphragm. His first worry was whether Ibrahim’s neck was broken. If it was it was, it would be extremely dangerous to move him. Ken knelt down beside Ibrahim’s head and leaned forward to listen for signs of life. To his enormous relief he detected faint and stertorous breathing. There were teeth mixed in with the blood. “Can you hear me, Ibrahim?” He said but there was no reaction. “If you can hear me, stay still. We are going to get you back to the clinic.” Then Ken raced back up the hill to the Land Rover and called Base Camp. “Hello Base, this is Mobile One.” “Hello mobile one, this is Base. Go ahead.” “Roger Base, can you call the medic to the radio...urgent.” “Copied. Stand by.” Seconds later Jim, the Medic was on the line. “Mobile One, Medic, go ahead.” Ken explained the situation, including the possibility of a broken neck. “Mobile One, that’s all copied. Keep the patient immobile and we’ll be with you as soon as


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possible.” He then pressed a series of short blasts on the camp siren, which was where I came into the story. I raced to the Radio Room and Jim filled me in on the details. “I have the vacuum stretcher and the emergency bag ready. What we need to do is to find somewhere to land as close as possible to the patient,” I nodded, and we were airborne in minutes. I had often wondered if it would be possible to land on the ‘Right-of-way’ on the escarpment and today we would see. I had made several approaches on previous occasions and it looked do-able if the wind was quiet. Today there was no wind and I gave Jim an enquiring look. He nodded as he tightened his harness. “Let’s give it a go,” he said. We lined up just off the lip of the ramp, about three hundred metres below where Ibrahim was lying. I selected ‘Take-off’ flaps and started to climb up, with the ramp just outside my window. When we appeared to be climbing at the same speed as the ramp, I slid across until we were over the track and kept pulling back on the stick until the Old Girl eventually just gave up flying and sank onto the ramp. The left wing tip was a fairly comfortable two metres away from the cliff face and the right main wheel was locked in the right hand rut of the track, a good couple of metres from the edge of the ramp. By the time the wheels brushed onto the ground we were almost stationary and I had to add a lot of power to get up to Ibrahim. I closed the engine and electrics and pulled the hand brake cable to lock the brakes, before I jumped out and chocked the wheels. Then I opened up the back and Jim jumped out, grabbed his First Aid bag and went to have a look at our patient. “Could you bring us the stretcher, Hugh.” Jim shouted. I lifted it out of the cabin and took it over to where Ibrahim was lying. The ‘Vacuum’ stretcher is like a great big bean bag which assumes the form of the patient. Then it has

a little air pump which extracts all the air and the bag grips the patient firmly enough for him to be manoeuvred without risk of further damage. It took the six of us to lift Ibrahim extremely carefully into the stretcher, pump the air out, strap him in and jump aboard, after quickly checking to make sure that all the important bits were in place. There was no space to turn the aircraft around without falling off the ramp or banging a wing on the rocks, so it looked like we would have to taxi up to the pumping station, halfway up the escarpment. There was parking for a truck up there and that should give us room to get the old girl facing down the hill again. I started the engine, completed the pre-flight checks and set off up the hill using almost 30 psi of torque just to keep her moving. Eventually we reached the pumping station platform and I swung the Porter round until it was pointing in the other direction. I lined up carefully on the twin ruts of the Right of Way and allowed it to freewheel down the hill. Immediately the Airspeed Indicator needle began to flicker, I raised the tail, increased the engine torque to 35 psi, selected Take-off Flap and it just floated into the air. It really was that simple. We got Ibrahim back to base and discovered that his jaw was broken in three places, five teeth were snapped, although none actually came out, his nose was broken and both his cheek bones were driven into his face...but, by some miracle, his neck was not broken and I still get a birthday card from him every year... Al Hamdu L’lllah, as they would say in Bradford. 


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KEEPING IT REAL The cargo compartment smoke warning came as a surprise. This was a heavy-weight take-off, well above maximum landing weight and the aircraft was not even through a thousand feet above ground level (AGL). Air Traffic Control were informed of the intention to return immediately.


HE ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring) actions that were displayed were actioned accordingly, with both fire agents being discharged into the aft cargo compartment. The red warning light, however, stayed ominously illuminated. Passing 1500 feet AGL, with an Auto Pilot (AP) engaged, the crew started the acceleration and clean-up process. As the Pilot Flying (PF) I called for ‘Flaps Zero’ there was another loud ‘ping’ and the Master Caution illuminated, with


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a new ECAM stating that the leading-edge slats had failed in the take-off position. The PF had the presence of mind to select the current airspeed, to prevent the AP and auto-thrust system exceeding the maximum speed for slats extended, before calling for the Pilot Monitoring (PM) to complete the latest ECAM actions. In between all this was the need to position the aircraft through radar vectors onto a final approach for the active runway, and the requirement to brief the senior cabin crew member to prepare for a passenger evacuation immediately after landing. Despite that damned smoke indication

remaining illuminated, there were several procedures that had to be completed before the approach could be commenced. The slat issue had some important calculations and set-up to be done. If done in the wrong sequence, the abnormal approach speeds would be incorrect, with dire consequences for the landing. Following this would be the Slat / Flap Jammed Checklist. Then there was that over-weight landing checklist, as this was an A320, which has no fuel dump system. That cargo fire was still active…how long before it penetrated the cabin? No idea, but best the aircraft lands ASAP.

It took nine minutes of frantic checklist activity before the crew announced to ATC that they were ready for the approach. On the hand-over to the Tower frequency, the crew were informed that emergency services were being positioned near the runway, and to continue the approach. Fox Tango (FT) Lead was also on the tower frequency. This vehicle co-ordinates the other emergency response vehicles and is meant to assist in the event of a passenger evacuation on the runway. Sod’s Law is never far away in these situations. FT Lead had to make the call that an over-zealous fire-tender driver had managed to get his large vehicle stuck on the soft shoulder of the runway, effectively blocking it. ATC had no choice but to tell the stricken aircraft on short final to go-around. There would now be vectors for the parallel runway, if, of course, that still-burning cargo compartment didn’t bring the aircraft down… Thank goodness this was being played out in a Level D Airbus simulator. Should I really be saying ‘thank goodness’? I’m not too sure. The nature of simulator training for transport category aircraft has much changed over the past 22 years that I have been flying the big jets. Crew Resource Management and other ‘soft skill’ aspects have come to the fore and have, through the shift to competency based training, enabled a better teaching and understanding of the emphasis we place on the hard skills. The scenario I have described above has not been a part of any LOE (Line Orientated Evaluation) or even LOFT (Line Orientated

sequence of failures and the way these failures would hugely affect the required decision-making process of the crew, due to the massive time pressure. The aircraft was heavy, which immediately brings in an additional checklist if an immediate return is required. Any inextinguishable fire warning has to be the single biggest pressure-cooker in the cockpit. The chance of fudging subsequent procedures is high, vastly affecting the outcome of the exercise. On top of that comes a completely unrelated failure of the slats, which is not necessarily hugely difficult in terms of procedure, but said procedure has to be executed correctly

The 'sweat shop' - Airbus A320 simulator flight deck.

to ensure the appropriate configuration and approach speeds are used. If the additional checklist for landing with slats or flaps jammed is omitted either due to mental ram capacity being exceeded,

Thank goodness this was being played out in a Level D Airbus simulator. Flight Training) that I have conducted in a simulator. Re-looking at this particular sequence of events, it is patently obvious that it is somewhat unrealistic in terms of the

Thus, the scenario that forces a goaround. As a training exercise with plenty of time available in the simulator and with a suitable de-briefing afterwards, there is probably a lot of value in this scenario, as it covers much of the complex failure combinations of ECAM actions, STATUS page use (this is a list of how broken the aircraft is following a failure) and multiple paper checklists. The process of getting the sequence of events correct is an exercise in itself – never mind the time pressure and possibly the most complex go-around procedure available to Airbus aircraft.

or through choice due to extreme time constraints, any form of a go-around would undoubtedly go awry, as the non-standard configuration requires very specific actions and airspeeds on the part of the crew.

As an evaluation, I would say this is too much, and it would result in potential substandard procedural performance by the crew, and a parting impression of simulator training being difficult, unreasonable and unpleasant. So why contemplate such a ‘lesson’ plan? Generation Three aircraft (Boeing 738, for example) and Generation 4 (Airbus, B787) have such comprehensive design and engineering features that a single failure of even a critical system is generally a nonevent. Having said that, the Boeing 737 MAX has proven to be exactly contrary to this design and engineering philosophy, that a single failure source causes the loss of an aircraft…but I digress. The requirement for certified redundancy has caused a dilemma for the designers of type rating skills tests and recurrent validation programs. This coupled with the acknowledgement

FlightCom Magazine


of the need for ‘startle factor’ of the crew, means things have to happen in multiples to both assess procedural proficiency under duress, as well as to create a situation that decisive leadership and decision-making leads to the point of a logical, and safe conclusion. Our present re-current program is, as always, designed around both Airbus’ requirements of specific systems to be highlighted, as well as current safety trends encountered out there on the line, to be part of the plan. Systems for this cycle are Electrical Power, Indicating and Recording, and Information Systems. The first one is a biggie, as the Airbus is very much an electrical beast and one can cause havoc with failures of this system alone. The last two are less critical, and even multiple failures of display screens or information sources, while catching the undivided attention of the crew, would be unlikely to lead to complex decision making. One of the events noted from normal line flights has been that of Overspeed – specifically when encountering adverse weather conditions that result in a sustained exceedance of the maximum Mach number, or Mmo, at high altitude. Thus, on this cycle we are required to reinforce the correct recovery procedure in this regard. Generally, all recurrent sessions consist of two simulator sessions on separate days. Day One is training and practice of certain scripted events (where we do the Mmo event), and Day two is the scenario evaluation (LOE), and then the low visibility revalidation requirements. Each instructor is required to develop their own LOE scenario in isolation of each other, simply to prevent a purely scripted scenario being anticipated by the crew. The positives of this is some form of startle factor, the negatives being a possibly nonuniform assessment tool. To counter the latter, there is a mandatory points system in place for creating each scenario. This attempts to ‘even out’ the complexity of each LOE. My scenario, and the logic behind it, is as follows: The flight is operating from Livingstone, Zambia, back to Johannesburg. The crew have a technician on board as per our outstation requirements.


FlightCom Magazine

During start up, the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) has an Auto Shut-down event as the first engine completes its start cycle. This causes multiple spurious ECAM warnings as the second engine start valve has no air pressure. Once this has been sorted out, some basic decision making is required. Can we go without an APU? What needs to be done to be legal? The requirement to consult the Minimum Equipment List is mandatory, and in some instances missed. The technician needs to placard the inoperative APU in the cockpit, if procedures are correctly followed. A non-normal cross-bleed engine start is now required, and this is a read-and-do procedure from the iPad. This process uses bleed air from the running engine to start the other engine. Once two normal engine starts are accomplished, a review and summary of the situation should be done in terms of risk management. During taxi-out, as is typical of African ATCs, the departure clearance is received, and I just so happen to give a routing that would take the aircraft straight into a giant thunderstorm, south of Victoria Falls airport. This is simple to manage and is there purely to add to distractions during departure. After getting airborne and changing frequencies to Vic Falls approach, I would fail the AC Buss 1. This is a significant failure in such an electrically dependant aircraft, and all sorts of cunning stunts happen as it automatically reconfigures the power source for the AC Essential Buss to take power from AC Buss 2. After the loss of the Auto Pilot, and reconfiguration of cockpit displays, everything is recoverable except Auto Thrust, leaving a relatively serviceable aircraft. However… Upon careful examination of the aircraft status it becomes apparent that we are down to a single AC electrical source, as Generator 1 is isolated with the loss of AC Buss 1, and the APU is inoperative from start up in Livingstone. This leaves us one step away from Electrical Emergency Configuration, which is not a happy place to be. This involves the entire aircraft electrical system being powered by the RAT – Ram Air Turbine, which is a wind-

powered hydraulic pump that pops out near the left main landing gear leg and pressurises the Blue Hydraulic circuit. An Emergency Generator couples into this hydraulic circuit, and produces a paltry 5 KVA, which is just enough to power the absolute minimum systems required to get the aircraft back on the ground. Should the crew assess the loss of normal redundancy correctly and divert to Vic Falls or back to Livingstone using our latest Decision Making Model (DMM), that’s pretty much the end of the LOE. Should the decision be taken to continue on a single generator, I of course provide an overheat of the remaining generator drive system (IDG), which forces the disconnection of this IDG, and electrical pandemonium ensues as we enter Electrical Emergency Configuration. This gets fairly close to the first scenario I sketched at the beginning of this article and is a difficult situation to manage well. The point is to manage the risk so as to not get there in the first place. It is relevant to point out that there have to be three major failures, all unrelated, to get into this situation. Such is the engineering redundancy of modern aircraft. Therefore, an unlikely and highly improbable situation. So why do this? There is certainly value to the traditional “engine bursts into flames and land immediately” scenario, but not a huge amount of the soft skills become involved. These are: leadership and teamwork, decision making, workload management, communication and situational awareness. There is a balance between providing a challenging situation that calls for all resources available to be used by the crew and having a ridiculously over-loaded situation that brings out the worst in some individuals and leaves a lasting negative experience of recurrent training. I am certainly not a human behavioural expert by any means. Luckily, we do have a lot of excellent input available from this area, and it is becoming increasingly involved in this extremely important part of airline pilot development. Having said all that, here’s to never seeing that ‘Black Swan’ event in my or any reader’s career. 

Gemair AMO 1003

YOUR PEACE OF MIND IN AVIATION MAINTENANCE Gemair is an SACAA Approved Maintenance Organisation, AMO 1003 with 5 other African AMO Approvals and has a team of 9 full time engineers who together have a combined total of over 50 years aviation experience. Gemair are able to perform all aviation maintenance requirements on a variety of Non-Type certiďŹ ed aircraft, light singles and twins up to turbo propellers and light jets.

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Gemair also holds electrical and instrumentation approvals

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Defence D arren O livier

An-122 support aircraft arrived before the Tu-160s from Russia.

THE WHITE SWANS VISIT SOUTH AFRICA To the delight of aircraft spotters and the confusion of most neutral observers, two of the Russian Air Force’s (VVS) Tupolev Tu-160 long-range supersonic strategic bombers touched down at Air Force Base Waterkloof on 25 October.


U-160 visits outside of Russia are so extraordinarily rare that South Africa is only the second country outside of Russia (or the USSR) to be visited by these secretive aircraft in their entire operational history. The other is Venezuela, which has had three visits since 2015. So what does this mean? Why South Africa, why now? First we must understand why Russia


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is so protective of these aircraft. The Tu160, named ‘White Swan’ (Белый лебедь) but given the NATO reporting name of ‘Blackjack’, is the world’s heaviest and fastest operational bomber, weighing in at a whopping 275,000 kg max takeoff weight and capable of reaching Mach 2.05 in level flight. It has a range of around 12,000 km when cruising at Mach 0.77, or an estimated 2,000 km range at supersonic speeds. To be able to achieve those performance figures without compromising landing and takeoff speeds or distances, the Tu-160 is fitted with

the world’s largest swing-wing, along with full-span leading edge slats, double-slotted flaps and a sophisticated fly-by-wire system to control it all. It is, undoubtedly, an engineering marvel. While visually it bears a close resemblance to the American B-1B, the Tu160 is larger and faster and has a somewhat different purpose as a strategic standoff missile platform rather than as a direct bomber. Also, unlike the B-1B, the Tu-160 has retained its nuclear launch role and

capability. To this end the Tu-160 can carry 12 Kh-55-type long-range air-launched cruise missiles on two internal rotary launchers, including the nuclear-tipped Kh55SM and Kh-102 and the conventional Kh555 and Kh-101. This gives it a remarkable long-range strike capability, especially as the Kh-101 and Kh-102 are ‘stealthy’ lowobservable missiles capable of flying over 3,000 km and achieving high terminal navigation accuracy. The 16 aircraft still in service have received a number of upgrades over the years, mostly improving their communication, navigation and onboard electronic warfare self-protection systems. They will be superseded by, and upgraded to, a new Tu-160M2 standard over the next decade, featuring greater use of low-observability technologies and substantial improvements in operational range, avionics and defensive systems. It’s little wonder that it’s the crown jewel of the VVS and of the overarching Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS). This is the aircraft on which Russia most depends to give effect to its nuclear deterrent, in a way both the first and last line of defence in any nuclear war. It is absolutely crucial for the effectiveness of that deterrent that Western countries do not learn too much about the inner workings of the aircraft, which is in no small part why Russia has been reluctant to show it off around the world. By the same token, sending a pair of them halfway around the world to South Africa is a powerful signal. Especially as it coincides with another major first in Exercise Mosi, a naval exercise to be held between South Africa, China, and Russia off Simon’s Town at the end of November and reported to include at least one Slavaclass cruiser. That, too, is unprecedented. At first glance the sudden surge of attention appears inexplicable, as the government of South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa has neither pursued a particularly pro-Russian foreign policy nor actively prioritised Russian interests in the country (in sharp contrast to his predecessor), nor have there been any substantial recent shifts in that position. The country is certainly on friendly terms with Russia, but not in the same way as Venezuela has been. However, it can be explained as a combination of Russia’s own near-term foreign policy goals as well as the growing military ties between the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. During the administration of Jacob Zuma, South Africa prioritised the ‘R’ of BRICS, establishing a range of co-operative measures that were far in excess of those pursued with other BRICS members. This included a notorious ‘nuclear deal’ reportedly locking South Africa into a dependent partnership with Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy corporation, for nuclear power plants as well as personal medical treatment for Zuma after allegations of poisoning. The SANDF in turn, likely acting at ministerial direction, ramped up cooperation with its Russian counterpart to the point where it acquired a top secret

exercise find a receptive partner amongst the SANDF’s top brass. That being said, there are no signs that this is anything other than a personal and political alignment, or that it may lead to the acquisition of Russian equipment or the adoption of Russian doctrine or logistical standards. For its part Russia has made growing its economic, political, and military influence in Africa a key part of its foreign policy agenda. Since 2014 its level of engagement with African countries has grown rapidly, resulting in the signing of military and economic co-operation agreements with over 20 African countries, forgiving Sovietera debt worth around US$20 billion (by its

Huge Tu-160 dwarfs some of its ground crew at Waterkloof.

Russian radar surveillance satellite and sent aircrew and other core technical personnel to Moscow for training. The Tu-160 visit in fact, was first planned for late 2016 at the height of this warming of relations, before being postponed owing to aircraft availability issues. Had it occurred then, it may have coincided with that year’s Africa Aerospace and Defence expo, although that was never confirmed. All indications are that even though the Ramaphosa administration’s approach to Russia is cooler than that of its predecessor, the military-level relationship has remained strong. None of the training initiatives has slowed down or stopped and senior SANDF officers have been known to express their desire to grow even closer to the Russian military in recent months. Thus actions such as the bomber visit and the planned naval

own claim) and a host of bilateral meetings and visits. This has culminated in the inaugural Russia-Africa summit held during October in Sochi, which was attended by nearly 50 African heads of government. From a diplomatic perspective, Russia needs to influence Africa’s votes at the United Nations and other multilateral bodies, so it sustains good relations with most of the continent while paying special attention to regional powers like South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt. It needs new markets and trade partners to offset the effects of American and European sanctions imposed since its annexation of Crimea and invasion of eastern Ukraine. On top of that, fully one third of its US$55 billion arms export order book is accounted for by African countries, but it risks losing that market to China, whose

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arms exports have tended to follow its initial economic and industrial programmes in places like Rwanda. And it has a strategic interest in ensuring the United States, European Union, and China do not gain too much benefit from their own African engagements. Above and beyond all other reasons, the Tu-160 deployment was an impressive demonstration of Russia’s strategic capabilities and a useful training exercise for its Tu-160 crews. The two aircraft, RF94102 ‘02 Red’/‘Vasilii Reshetnikov’ and RF-94112 ‘04 Red’/‘Ivan Yarygin’, flew a mammoth 13 hour mission on a route that took it out over the Indian Ocean and away from land for nearly the entire flight, after refuelling mid-air from an Il-78 tanker over the Caspian Sea. They were supported by an An-124 (RF-82034) and Il-62M (RA-86498) which had arrived at AFB Waterkloof a day or two earlier with the support teams and various diplomats, including the head of VVS Long Range Aviation, Lt General Sergey Kobylash. Despite a 24 hour delay caused first

by a technical issue and then, reportedly, adverse weather, the VVS was satisfied with the outcome as it proved the unit’s ability to stage to an unfamiliar airfield far from home base. Given this, we should expect Russian military and diplomatic engagements on the African continent to remain strong. South Africa is still Africa’s most important diplomatic voice at the United Nations. So as long as its government and military are receptive Russia will seek to gain influence through means like joint exercises and showy demonstrations, as well as diplomatic and economic overtures. In fact, there are strong rumours that a Tupolev Tu-95, its Tu142 maritime patrol variant, may visit South Africa as part of Exercise Mosi largely as a result of Russia’s perception of the Tu-160 visit’s success. However, strong obstacles to closer integration remain. The South African military does not operate any Russian equipment and is unlikely to do in the near future, both because of low acquisition budgets and its adoption of a NATO-based

logistics system. Mutual distrust has also not yet been overcome. It was notable that when the Tu-160s visited they were escorted by Hawk jet trainers rather than the South African Air Force’s Gripen fighter jets, reportedly owing to concerns over electronic intelligence gathering. Similarly the visit of the Severomorsk task group in 2017 saw both sides observing electronic emissions control protocols. Hopefully this relationship will be managed maturely. There is nothing wrong with the SANDF growing closer to and learning from its Russian counterparts, provided that does not jeopardise the invaluable relationship it already has with Western armed forces. At the same time the new willingness of Russia to send forces to South Africa for joint exercises can only improve the level of experience and quality of training for SANDF personnel. And it would certainly be great for aircraft spotters. 

w w w. i n ve s m e n t a i rc r a f t . c o . z a

SA Flyer 2019|12

Hangar 11, Rand Airport, Germiston, 1401.


1966 Piper Cherokee Six

1965 Cessna 182H

2000 Bell 206 B-III

AFTT: 6,110 Hours SMOH: 75 Hours SPOH: 30 Hours- Fresh New Interior, Fresh Engine O/H, Fresh Prop O/H, Garmin 695, Fresh MPI.

AFTT: 4,613 Hours Engine TT: 1,500 Hours SMOH: 713 Hours SPOH: 475 Hours Good Paint and Interior! Midlife Engine.

AFTT: 2,725 Hrs Cycles: 3,115 Great Component Times! Dual Wire Strike, Dual Controls, Baggage Extender, Sliding Doors.

R850 000.00 + VAT (If Applicable)

R 750 000 + VAT (If Applicable)

Make an offer

1968 Piper Cherokee PA28-140

2006 Cessna T206H

2008 Bell 206 B-III

AFTT: 7,040 Hrs SMOH: 1,375 Hrs MPI: Done 28/03/2019 IFR Panel, Pilot Toe Brakes, 625 Hrs Remaining on Engine.

AFTT: 1,446 Hours Engine TT: 0 Hours- Since Factory Re-Man Prop TSN: 1,446 Hours Newly Factory Remanufactured Engine!!! G1000 Suite, KTA 810 TAS, ADF & DME, Storm-Scope.

AFTT: 2,825 Hours Van Horn Tail Rotor Blades, Barrier Filter Kit, Baggage Extender, Dual Controls.

R 375 000.00 + VAT (If Applicable)

R 6 500 000 + VAT (If Applicable)

R 8 500 000.00 + VAT (If Applicable)

Quinton Warne  0 8 2 8 0 6 5 1 9 3

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Tel: (011) 659-1962 Cell: 076 810 9751 Fax: (011) 659-1964 Email: francois@aircraftcompletions.co.za Hangar 107 C and D, Gate 13, Lanseria Airport

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THE CEO SPEAKS: Report: Guy Leitch



In his opening Address to this year’s Airline Association of Southern Africa (AASA) conference AASA CEO Chris Zweigenthal addressed the key question: “What’s stopping us? What’s not?” This is an edited version of his address presented in a question and answer format.


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CEO ofr the Airlines Association of Southern Africa Chris Zweigenthal.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects the global airline industry to achieve a US$ 28 billion profit this year. Although down from a US$ 35 billion profit in 2018, it is a positive result. Contrast this with Africa, where airlines are collectively expected to lose another US$ 300 million in 2019. It’s a re-run of 2018 and the ninth straight year of losses for the continent. The picture is similar for our sub-region. For almost a decade we have failed to turn the red ink to black. WHY ARE AFRICAN AIRLINES PERFORMING SO POORLY?

Consider the current status of our region’s airlines: The Southern Africa region comprises 17 states : 16 SADC members and Reunion. It is home to 25 scheduled commercial airlines or which 13 are state-owned, 3 have joint public/private owners and 9 are privately owned. Of these, just 6 are profitable of which two are stateowned. That means 9 are unprofitable. The performance of the remaining 10 is not known as their financial results are not public. They may be profitable, but most likely only marginally. WHAT IS AFRICA’S AIRLINE GROWTH?

Globally, passenger growth has slowed from 6.6% in 2018 to 5.6% this year. In contrast in Africa, average growth has accelerated by 2.8% this year, compared with 2.3% in 2018. August 2019 data released on 9 October 2019 reflect a 3.3% growth globally and a 4.1% growth in Africa, slightly below the annual trend. Over the long term, annual passenger traffic growth is forecast to average 4.4% globally and 5.6% for Africa by 2035. Regarding airfreight, global trade tensions are unfortunately driving a negative global trend of 3.5% in 2019 with Africa interestingly deriving some benefit with a marginally positive growth of around 2% in 2019. August 2019 data released on 9 October 2019 reflect a 3.9% decline globally yet an 8% growth in Africa, reflecting Africa having the fastest growth worldwide. WHAT ABOUT LOW COST CARRIERS IN AFRICA?

Low cost airlines are increasing their presence, operating in 28 of the 55 African States. They occupy about 65.4% of South Africa’s domestic market – and growing.

But they only account for 16% of the entire African market, and a 33% market share globally. THE THEME OF THIS ASSEMBLY IS “WHAT’S STOPPING US?” – WHAT IS?

I am unconvinced that Africa’s leaders fully appreciate aviation’s strategic importance and the benefits it delivers. AASA, in conjunction with IATA, the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) and ICAO, persistently draws government authorities, regulators and policy-makers’ attention to these benefits. Our aim is to encourage collaboration and achieve mutually beneficial solutions.

without reciprocity, allowing airlines of one country to fly passengers and goods between two other countries. Through the African Civil Aviation Commission as the Executing Agency, the AU must convene a meeting of concerned states and airlines (including some that have committed to SAATM), to identify and thrash out the problems. Africa’s credibility is on the line. IS AFRICA’S AIRLINE INDUSTRY SUSTAINABLE?

Inconsistent policies within and between states must be addressed. A positive development is the African Union’s attempt to establish the Africa Continental Free Trade Area. When fully implemented, it will be the world’s largest single trading bloc. Aviation, trade and tourism are among its key pillars. Trade and Tourism will flourish if people and goods can move freely throughout the continent in a visa-free and streamlined customs environment. Visa waivers or visas on arrival are a step in the right direction, but meaningful progress on both fronts is frustratingly slow.

For airlines to be profitable, revenue must exceed costs. In Africa the revenue generated reflects the competitive state of play. Yields are generally higher on regional flights and lower for international flights. This is a result of the intense competition provided by airlines from beyond Africa. African airlines unit costs remain high. Many are dollar based, including aircraft leasing and financing, distribution, maintenance, some infrastructure service provider costs, and fuel, which sells at an average 35% premium compared with global average prices. While African airlines cannot influence currency exchange rates, they must narrow the delta between costs and revenues by increasing aircraft utilisation, raising productivity and reducing other unit costs. This would enable them to offer competitive services to sell at fares that cover their costs, a move towards sustainability.




Aviation’s most important contribution is to connect markets. In this respect, reforming Africa’s air transport regulatory framework remains critical. The African Union’s Single Africa Air Transport Market (SAATM) initiative, intended to operationalise the Yamoussoukro Decision of 1999, is intended to help governments leverage sustainable economic growth by opening up and connecting trade and tourism markets with expanded air services. For airlines it should reduce unit costs while increasing revenue. For travellers and shippers it means greater choice and reducing the cost of doing travel and business. However, there are differing views on SAATM. Most are born out of concerns on the impact of SAATM on their businesses. In addition, some airlines and regulators fear what they see as uneven playing fields, especially with respect to the process of granting fifth freedom rights, sometimes

Our industry has been dominated by men, but our region is making some progress in righting the gender imbalance. In South Africa, about 52% of all airline employees are women. While most are in the lower management and staff, three of the eight airline CEO’s (38%) are women. Across the SADC region it is 15%. This compares favourably with the rest of the world, where, according to IATA, just 3% of scheduled commercial airlines’ CEOs are women. However, in the specialist fields, including pilots, aviation engineers and technicians the statistics paint a gloomy picture. In South Africa, women account for just 10% of airline pilots and 10.5% of technicians and engineers. As a high-profile sector, there is much work still to be done. “What is also not stopping us” is the availability of hungry young talent, ready to take up the positions in our industry. About half of Africa’s 1.2 billion inhabitants are

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aged between 19 and 25. It is why Africa is the continent with the highest growth potential; but this is not something to brag about. It’s a ticking time-bomb. We have to turn potential into actual growth. Skills development and mentorship programmes must be implemented so we can transfer the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills, knowing, when it is time to pass the baton, that we can place it in capable hands. IS CLIMATE CHANGE A THREAT?

Climate Change should not hold us back. The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) was reaffirmed at the ICAO Assembly. Ten African countries, including three SADC nations, have volunteered for the pilot and first phase of CORSIA. All states operating international flights above a certain threshold, must comply with an emission reporting programme to their States. This commenced on 1 January 2019 and generates an awareness and need for carbon emission reduction by airlines. HOW IS THE CONTINENT DOING WITH REGARD TO SAFETY?

Historically, Africa’s safety record was dire, but remarkable progress was made over the past decade and it should no longer hold us back. 2017 and 2018 were unblemished by any fatalities or hull losses involving scheduled airline operations in Africa. The tragic loss of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX this March not only brought this run to an end, but has raised serious questions about aircraft design, technology and certification, pilot training and recruiting standards and human factors on the flight deck across the board. It also prompted a worldwide crisis of confidence in the airworthiness certification model that has been in place and served the industry for decades. Our entire industry needs certainty from the safety regulators in each state, on how they will recognise airworthiness certification programmes run by authorities in other countries. This is of particular importance in countries, including those in Africa and our region - which until now have relied on their counterparts in the US, Europe, Canada and Brazil (representing the countries where the major airframe and engine manufacturers are based) to


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vouch for the safety of new aircraft and their engines. We cannot have a patchwork situation where commercial airliners and engines are deemed safe and fit for purpose in one jurisdiction, but not in others. Trust must be restored. HOW DOES THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY ACCOMMODATE DRONES ?

Changes to the safety, regulatory and airspace management systems are also required to accommodate the increasing fleet of unmanned airborne systems as they take on more commercial air transport roles. This is not only about safely sharing airspace, but also how we share the commercial space. We are no longer talking about gimmicky Christmas toys, but sophisticated aircraft capable of carrying heavy cargo loads over relatively long distances. They are

and make doing business more efficient. The flip-side is an imperative for vigilance and continual investment in robust protection and data security systems. Securely preserving the integrity and privacy of data is crucial, especially in the air transport and allied sectors where transactions are done with people and businesses in numerous jurisdictions and covered by various laws. A case in point occurred this July, when the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner slapped British Airways and its parent, International Airlines Group, with a record £183 million fine - representing about 1.5% of their turnover. This was a penalty issued under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, for a data breach that

Africa is the continent with the highest growth potential but this is not something to brag about about to revolutionise the logistics industry in tandem with a boom in e-Commerce and online shopping. Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Amazon and numerous start-ups are also developing and testing passenger and cargo carrying UAS concepts. Rwanda and Ghana are global pioneers, hosting sophisticated UAS systems that deliver medicines from the main centres to remote communities. Visionary airspace design and management ensures they operate safely. HOW IS AFRICA DEALING WITH CYBERSECURITY?

Data-driven technologies represent additional opportunities for African airlines to unlock additional value, especially if they take the hassle out of travel for passengers

affected 500 000 BA customers browsing and booking tickets online. GDPR applies to any business that processes European citizens’ personal data – regardless of where in the world they may be domiciled and operating. AND IN CONCLUSION?

I have looked back past state of the industry addresses, which have often concluded that “we need to do something about our situation, but progress is slow”. We’ve all seen this movie before. It is time we stopped hitting “Repeat” and press “Play” to start a new episode – the one which sees new partnerships and alliances formed, opportunities created (and taken), with a vibrant and heroic Africa emerging. 

2-4 July 2020 Wonderboom National Airport,, Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa


The African Show For General Aviation AERO Friedrichshafen and Messe Frankfurt South Africa have joined forces to bring you AERO South Africa, the largest general aviation trade show on the continent. The event will expose visitors to the latest advances, developments, products and services from exhibitors in the aviation industry.

Why exhibit at AERO South Africa? AERO South Africa gives your company the opportunity to: Interact with industry professionals and buyers Generate new sales leads Nurture relationships and interact with your customers Create brand awareness Launch new products and services to the industry

Organised by

In co-operation with

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China will deliver ARJ21 regional jets into African countries based on its global airline network and partnerships with African airlines.

Jeff Tang


A different route to involvement in African aviation China has been a latecomer to African aviation. Ethiopian Airlines started flying to China in November 1973 but there were precious few other air links between Africa and China for 30 years. R eport : G ordon P irie


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MPERIALISTICALLY speaking, African aviation has been a bit of a mixed bag. The involvement of former colonial powers such as the British, Dutch and French goes back to the 1920s; former Soviet bloc countries began to show interest during the height of the Cold War. And in the last 20 years, Persian Gulf Petro-states and their airlines – Emirates, Qatar and Etihad – have become major offshore hubs for a huge range of commercial flights serving Africa. In a recently published paper, I track how China’s involvement has been different. Official data about the scale and pace of China’s airport projects in Africa are hard to find. In the absence of primary sources, journalistic reporting on current affairs and public projects is the main source of information. These sources can be at variance. And keeping up with developments is evidently difficult. Despite the absence of accurate, clear and consistent information, the picture that emerged during my research shows considerable Chinese activity directed at modernising, extending and building new airports in Africa. The grandest projects are in resource-rich countries.

CHINA’S APPROACH None of China’s biggest three airlines (Air China, China Southern, China Eastern) are prominent in African skies. It is on the ground that China has been flexing its aviation muscles in Africa. This is consistent with China’s 50-or-so years of infrastructure funding and construction on the continent. Energy, water, road and rail infrastructure projects have been the major spheres of Chinese offshore investment in Africa. Civil airports there have been a recent addition. China’s experience of planning, funding, constructing and managing airports at home stands it in good stead. Two 2017 reports noted between US$27 billion and US$38 billion currently being spent on, or earmarked for, spending on 77 construction and associated hardware projects at airports in Africa. China was named in relation to Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal and Zambia. The average price for all projects was US$440 million. At a rough estimate, China accounted for between a quarter and a third of this total airport spending. Excluding unknown expenditure in Ghana, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it spent some US$5.7 billion on these airport projects: US$3.8 billion on a new airport outside Luanda (Angola), US$615 million in Maputo, US$360 million in Zambia, US$345 million at Addis Ababa, US$260 million in Mauritius, US$190 million in Sierra Leone, and US$136 million in Mauritania. Funds from China’s Exim Bank or other agencies are expected to help build a new US$3 billion airport outside Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and a new US$1.4 billion airport outside Khartoum in Sudan. The Chinese investment model involves loans and grants, but also, it would seem, part-exchange deals over oil and minerals. These arrangements have more of a resources-for-infrastructure or barter quality. At the same time Turkish, French, Italian and British contractors have been bidding for airport improvement projects in Africa and for terminal or runway newbuild schemes. These, it would appear, are at a lesser scale and have greater transparency.

WHAT’S NEXT? China’s approach may change in the future. That’s if it can neutralise the pivot of Persian Gulf airports at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. And if it can out-manoeuvre their airlines in global long-haul markets. It may be more likely that China’s penetration of African civil aviation will occur via partnerships with African airlines, and taking equity shares. Some of this has already happened. For example, the Hainan corporation in China has reportedly made

repayments (or default loss of control to foreign owners), the unaffordability of unanticipated maintenance charges, and the inappropriateness of prestige and political vanity projects. Concerns about corruption, due diligence, accountability, social and environmental disruption plague transport projects wherever they occur. Another argument against airport mania in Africa – including one that may be levelled against the seductively shiny steel-and-glass ‘aerotropolises’ touted in

Air China has announced the commencement of its 'Silk Road' in the air nonstop services between Beijing and Johannesburg.

forays into airlines in Ghana and South Africa, and into a Kenyan all-freight carrier. Sales to Africa of Chinese-manufactured aircraft have also started. Attendant spare parts stocks are being pre-positioned. In addition, there are plans for Chinese-led aviation technical and managerial training schools in Africa. These will reduce risk of wasted physical infrastructure and of any associated reputational damage. Some African countries are gearing airport capacity planning to a predicted 5% annual growth in continental passenger numbers by 2035. By that time Africa is expected to be home to eight of the world’s 10 fastest-growing aviation markets. Most African countries don’t have the capacity to prepare for this and will need overseas funds and engineering expertise. But there are concerns. Any arguments against rampant airport investment in Africa could begin with familiar worries about cost overruns in mega-infrastructure projects, the long-term burden of loan

Nigeria and South Africa – is that these opportunist projects are firmly nation- or city-led (indeed, even regime-led). As such, they don’t necessarily fit into any longterm regional or pan-African programme of integrated infrastructure development. At a time of chronic resource shortages and stress this is irresponsible. What can be accomplished technically is not always what should be done. There have always been white elephants and rogue elephants in Africa. The economic and political geography of China’s airport consulting, financing, construction, and management programme in Africa is only now beginning to surface. In future, better statistical information, and richer local information will make for better analysis. Ed’s Note: Published with permission from The Conversation. Dr Gordon Pirie is an Honorary Research Associate, University of Cape Town 

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Industry Update Owen Heckrath

MORE B737 NG PICKLE FORK CRACKS Both Qantas and Southwest Airlines are tightening their inspection protocols to search for cracks in key structural members of their Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.


S recently reported, operators were finding cracks in the ‘pickle fork’, a structural member that joins the wing and fuselage of the 737, well short of the design life of the component. Designed for 90,000 cycles, some operators were finding cracks


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in aircraft with as low as 35,000 cycles. Now, Qantas and Southwest have found 737 NGs with fewer than 27,000 cycles showing cracking of the pickle fork. Qantas will begin inspecting its 33 NGs with more than 22,600 cycles. Southwest’s inspections revealed an aircraft with cracks at 28,500 cycles and will expand its inspections to all of its NG fleet. The current Airworthiness Directive # AD 2019-20-02, which became effective

early in October, requires inspections of aircraft “prior to the accumulation of 30,000 total flight cycles, or within 7 days after the effective date of this AD, whichever occurs later.” Or, “prior to the accumulation of 22,600 total flight cycles, or within 1,000 flight cycles after the effective date of this AD, whichever occurs later.” Reports indicate that Southwest has already pulled three 737 NGs from service to repair the component. 

AMO 1427

South Africa Skysource International SA, Hangar 203, Lanseria International Airport


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SOUTH AFRICA Aircraft Maintenance based at Lanseria International Airport South Africa. With Full Aircraft Refurbishment, Paint, Upholstery, Defect rectification, Pre-purchase Inspection Capabilities. Decades of experience!

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Fast & reliable aircraft connectivity anywhere in the world. Spidertracks is proud to be an IridiumÂŽ partner - offering dedicated global coverage for flight following & communication, no matter where you go.

Experience the difference today. Contact Pieter Cronje to discuss getting started with the world’s most trusted flight data solution. +27 66 203 6205 | pieter.cronje@spidertracks.com


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208 AVIATION Aircraft Maintenance Established in 2007, 208 Aviation cc is a South African privately-owned company that strives to provide a broad range of maintenance and inspection services. Now in our twelth year of operation, we have become a key player in aviation operations on the African continent. Our speciality is the Cessna 208 Caravan, Beechcraft King Air series, Quest Kodiak, Daher TBM and Eclipse 500 aircraft maintenance and technical support. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for providing superior quality and workmanship. Doing things right is how we do business. We consider it our responsibility to go above and beyond when it comes to aviation safety and customer satisfaction. 208 Aviation is also an authorised Quest Kodiak and Daher TBM Service Center as well as a very proud Blackhawk® installation facility. Contact Ben Esterhuizen +27 83 744 3412 Email: ben@208aviation. co.za

ADVENTURE AIR Interior and Exterior refurbishment Adventure Air was established in November 2010 and operates from the purpose built, positive pressure aircraft painting facility fully refurbished to our exacting standards. Using our own process, paint and quality experts together with state-of-the-art electro-static equipment, Adventure Air offers our customers a reliable and high-quality service. Adventure Air offers the following services: Aircraft interior and exterior paint repair, Aircraft exterior complete strip and repaint, Aircraft exterior wash, Aircraft Valet and polish We also specialise in 49% building assistance on the VANS’RV range and MPI’s Adventure Air was successfully audited by the CAA in December 2018 and has received their AMO number: AMO1192. Our vision is to become the market leader and preferred supplier to our partners, our customers, in the aircraft painting and interior refurbishment industry. Contact Lande Milne +27 012 543-3196 or email l.milne@venture-sa. co.za

AERIOS GLOBAL AVIATION – AGA HELICOPTERS AGA specialises in offshore and land based helicopter operations, providing full flight operations and maintenance support, carrying both passengers and cargo. AGA operates from its facility at Cape Town Airport and has operated for UN WFP and is OGP (Oil, Gas and Petroleum) Industry APPROVED, with its EC145 twin engined 2x pilot operations, as well as being a member of SAOGA (South African Oil and Gas Alliance). AGA has over the years serviced a number of contracts in a number of African countries, (Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Sudan, Swaziland, Madagascar, DRC, Liberia), as well as in the Middle East and Afghanistan. AGA operates its own Helistop, in the Port of Cape Town, Customs and Immigration area, which is SACAA Approved for Day and Night VFR operations. This enables them to offer a full OPL (Off Port Limits) service to the Shipping Industry and Emergency Maritime Services (Search and Rescue and Medevac), with our industry partnerships in Cape Town and internationally. AGA’s experienced crews and personnel, supply on deck landing, hoist and cargo slinging services, including Ship Pilot Services, landing on oil rigs, oil and gas tankers, FPSO’s and bulk cargo carriers, while they are still sailing. AGA provides Flight Operations through our Aerios Global Aviation Part 127 and Part 138 AOC, as well as Maintenance through our FliteTech AMO at our Cape Town International Airport facility, in support of our AIRBUS type helicopters. Contact: e-mail: malcolmp@aeriosglobal.co.za Cell: +27 76 420 9100 t : +27 21 934 9127

AERO ENGINEERING AND POWERPLANT Engine Overhaul Based at hangar number four, at Wonderboom Airport, Aero Engineering’s services include the overhaul, maintenance, service, and repair of Lycoming and Continental aircraft piston engines and associated components. Aero Engineering and Powerplant comprises of the following divisions: A) ENGINE DIVISION: • Overhaul of Lycoming & Continental engines, • Carrying out shock-load inspections, • Bench-testing of engines, • Re-boring and honing of cylinders, • Repair on starter clutch gears. B) COMPONENT DIVISION: • The overhaul of all engine components, including: • McCauley, Hartzell, PCU 5000 and Woodward Constant speed units(CSU), • TCM & Bendix Fuel systems, • TCM, Romec, Fuel pumps, • Marvel Schebler carburettors,

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• Garrett & HET turbo-controllers, • Overhaul & servicing of magnetos. C) PROPELLER DIVISION: • The supply of new & second hand Hartzell and McCauley variable pitch propellers, as fitted to piston & turbine engine aircraft, • The supply of new McCauley & Sensenich fixed pitch propellers, • Propeller dynamic Balancing. • D) PARTS DIVISION: The parts division specialises in the sourcing of all piston engine, component, & propeller parts, either from local distributors or from overseas distributors & OEM. Their client base includes local & over-border operators, and owners, of piston & turbine engined aircraft, as well as local & over-border maintenance organizations. The business was founded in 1996 and was taken over in 2006 by partners Andre Labuschagne and Derek van der Westhuizen. They have seven qualified engineers and a loyal clientele. Contact Andre Labuschagne on: Tel: 012-543-0948 Email: aeroeng@iafrica.com Website: www.aeroengineering.co.za

AERONAV ACADEMY Pilot Training Aeronav Academy is committed to providing top-level flight training utilising the most modern equipment available. This not only gives our clients an enjoyable training experience but also provides Aeronav the ability to conduct flight training in a manner that ensures that student pilots will be ready and well equipped to enter the aviation industry of the future. Aeronav Academy is proud to offer a dynamic fleet of aircraft, including Diamond DA20s, Cessna 182s and the Diamond DA42 Twinstar Multi-engine trainer. The Academy’s latest acquisition is the impressive Alsim ALX-65 flight simulator. The amazingly realistic graphics feel of the controls and response make training in this flight simulator a truly first class experience. The school is based at Lanseria Airport. A controlled airspace provides students with an excellent grounding in procedures and gives them the experience needed to cope with operating in a busy airline orientated environment. Whether you choose to fly for pleasure or wish to make aviation your career, Aeronav can provide you with an approved course tailored to your needs. Tel No: + 27 11 701 3862 Email: info@aeronav.co.za Website: www.aeronav.co.za

AERO SERVICES (PTY) LTD Composite Repairs Aero Services (PTY) LTD is a SACAA Approved Design and Manufacturing Organization (DMP21) supported by our AMO (1429) specializing in aircraft composite repairs. Our approvals make us uniquely suited to provide turnkey services for your rotor or fixed wing aircraft, whether it be spare parts made per sample (PMA) composite manufacturing and refurbishment or a full supplemental type certificate (STC) Our services include, Reverse engineering and bespoke design, CNC Routing, Pattern making, Vacuum forming, Robotic trimming, FRP molding, PU and elastomer casting for any industry. Our composite AMO repair processes are supported by highly trained technicians with on wing hot bonding repair capability to assist with AOG situations. To reduce the repair turnaround time we offer a full turnkey repair to include painting of the part if the customer requires it. Even though our main industries are in Aerospace, Rail and Defence, we provide services to a multitude of other industries. Please contact us at: sales@aeroservices.co.za Tel: +27 (0)11 395 3587 Cell: 082 601 7376 http://aeroservices.co.za Northern Perimeter Road, Safair Operations Complex, OR Tambo International Airport, Bonaero Park,1619


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AERO ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS (AES) AES is an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, AMO1011, established in October 2004 and operating initially from Lanseria airport. The company is growing strongly and has expanded to Cape Town International. AES prides itself on providing quality and reliable service on most aircraft, including electrical, instruments, avionics, compass systems and all aircraft components. AES can do your Ni-cad, Lead Acid main batteries, Emergency Batteries, ULB Batteries and ELT batteries at both Branches. AES has recently acquired the Agency for ACK ELT’s. AES can do your Inspections and defects away from base at affordable rates. AES states that the company is committed to the principles of honesty, excellence and dedication. All staff at AES are committed to provide its clientele with quality service time after time, because flying isn’t JUST flying! Contact: Erwin Erasmus (Cape Town) Cell: 082 494 3722 Email: erwin@aeroelectrical.co.za or Danie van Wyk (Lanseria) Cell: 083 269 8696 Email: danie@aeroelectrical.co.za Website: www.aeroelectrical.co.za

AIFA Flight Training AIFA is the AVIC International Flight Training Academy (Pty) Ltd AIFA is accredited with both the SACAA and the CAAC (China) as a Part 141 Air Training Organisation. The School provides world-class training from modern facilities on a modern fleet of aircraft, state-of-the-art aircraft simulators and operates from three training bases in South Africa, namely George Airport in the Garden Route, Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo and Beaufort West in the Great Karoo. AIFA was formed after the acquisition of the former Cape Flying Services during April 2011. AIFA is backed by AVIC-International, a large scale stateowned conglomerate with aviation products and technology import and export as its core business. Headquartered in Beijing, With its total assets of up to RMB 24 billion and accumulated import and export volume of US $24 billion thus far, AVIC-International ranks among the first 20 of China’s top 500 enterprises for import and export. Test Flying Academy of South Africa (TFASA) is our other shareholder, a company with long and successful business relationships with AVIC-International and COMAC in China. AIFA combines the experience of world-class instructors, the beauty of our surroundings, excellent South African weather and the passion for aviation of our personnel to afford our students a modern learning experience which will open doors to an exciting career in the aviation industry anywhere in the world. Our commitment to upholding a very high standard of aviation safety is one of the cornerstones of AIFA. Contact: Oudtshoorn Base: Tel: +27 (44) 272 5547. George Base Tel: +27 (44) 876 9217

AIRBUS Airbus Southern Africa is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. It has maintained a presence in South Africa since 1994. Last year it registered a wholly-owned local entity, Airbus Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd, which is headquartered at Grand Central Airport in Midrand, South Africa. As a world-leading aerospace company, Airbus designs, manufactures and supports a range of 100-600 seat commercial airliners, military transport and special missions aircraft, helicopters, rocket-launchers and satellites. It also provides a comprehensive array of aviation, space and geo-intelligence systems and solutions to government and civilian customers. The Grand Central base is home to the company’s regional Helicopters and Defence & Space businesses. Worldwide, including South Africa, Airbus employs a workforce of around 129,000 people. Contact: contact.marketing.ahza@airbus.com Telephone: +27 11 266 2600 Fax: +27 11 266 2628 Web: www.airbushelicopters.co.za / www.airbus.com

AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE INTERNATIONAL Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance International has a dual footprint. Based both at Wonderboom’s Hangar 5 and Nelspruit Hangars A7, 8 and 9, they are involved in the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of single/ twin piston aircraft, turbine aircraft, business jets and rotorcraft. AMI carries full South African, Zambian, Namibian, Angolan and Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority approval. Furthermore, they have in-house FAA Airframe & Powerplant and Inspection Authorization approved personnel for maintenance and annual inspections on US-registered aircraft based throughout Africa. The Nelspruit and Wonderboom facility carry out heavy structural repairs and maintenance, including insurance work and recoveries. Other services include SID & aging aircraft control, piston engine overhaul, refurbishment, group 7 & 9 rotorcraft maintenance, fixed wing and rotorcraft sales. Their AME’s are licensed on over 200 different aircraft types, over 100 different engines and 85 different helicopters. The client base varies widely from corporates to commercial operators and private individuals throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Please contact Aircraft Maintenance International on: Nelspruit Tel: +27 13 741 8221 Wonderboom Tel: 087 943 8573 Email: admin@aminternational.co.za Website: www.aminternational.co.za

ALCLAD Alclad Sheetmetal Services was established in 1987 and was a Lanseria Airport for over 25 years. In recent years Alclad has concentrated on material sales to the African aviation industry. Alclad’s management team has many years’ experience in African aviation and have been importing and supplying material for more than 20 years. With that knowledge we are capable of locating and supplying the full range of aluminium, stainless, titanium and aerospace alloys. The company’s policy is to provide products and services that meet or exceed the standards set by the aviation industry and which are delivered on-time and at the greatest value. Alclad has agreements with Sigma Aerospace Metals in the USA, who have multiple machine capabilities for all aerospace metal needs. All materials supplied are from approved vendors and supplied with full certification and traceability. Alclad’s commitment to the supply of quality material and knowledge of aircraft materials has made us leaders in supply of aerospace metals to the aviation industry for many years. Recently we have started stocking material at our warehouse close to Lanseria and have large sheet stock inventories that include: 2024: aluminium alloy. 6061: aluminium alloy. 7075: aluminium alloy. Visit: www.alclad.co.za or email; ed@alclad.co.za. Or call Ed Knibbs : +27 832514601

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ALGOA FLYING CLUB Flight Training / Hire and Fly We provide all forms of flying training and self-fly hire with the specific goal of making flying accessible to as many people as possible, within a friendly environment where members, students and their guests can relax after their flights. The Algoa Flying Club, a not for profit organisation of flying enthusiasts with the aims and objects of promoting flying and flying training in all its facets and to the highest standards. It’s the shared experience that helps to make the Algoa Flying Club the right place to earn your wings. We boast a fleet of Cessna 152’s, Cessna 172’s, a Cessna 172Rg, a Sling 2, a Piper Comanche, a Piper Seminole and an Airvan GA8 and a SACAA Accredited Elite Evolution S812 (FNPT 11) Simulator, which offers Multi Engine Piston based on the Beech Baron B58 and a Single Engine Piston based on the Cessna 172RG. Contact: Telephone +27 41 581 3274 Email info@algoafc.co.za

ALPHA ONE AVIATION Alpha One Aviation is a South African registered company specialising in aircraft maintenance, leasing, charter and cargo operations. In addition, we offer recovery services for aircraft in South Africa as well as Continental Africa. Our impeccable track record speaks for itself. Under our South African Civil Aviation Authority approved AMO (Fly High Aviation) we maintain various aircraft types with the ability to offer technical field support to greater Africa and the rest of the world. Fly Alpha Aviation is our South African Civil Aviation Authority approved AOC. We offer Aircraft Charter, Leasing and Cargo Transport from our base at Wonderboom Airport. We have established bases in Nigeria and Gabon to offer the same outstanding service you have come to expect. We have formed key alliances with like-minded companies throughout Africa and the World. Through these alliances we have access to a large variety of aircraft to suit any need. This, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of air freight, ensures your cargo will be delivered timeously. No load is too big or too small for us to move, so get in touch with us to start the process. Hangar 64, Linvelt Road Wonderboom National Airport Tel: +27 11 014 1710 email: info@alphaoneaviation.co.za or visit: www. alphaoneaviation.co.za


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ALPI AVIATION Pilot Training Not ‘just another’ flying academy. A childhood dream and a great passion for all things aviation led to the founding of this company. Alpi Aviation is headed by avid aviation enthusiast, Dale de Klerk, who is an accomplished hangglider, microlight, glider and fixed-wing pilot. Dale has won several regional and national competitions, becoming world Rally Flying Champion in 2003. Dale also earned his Springbok Flying colours in Rally and Precision flying from 1995 through to 2004, and continues to challenge his considerable aviation capabilities in a wide range of aviation techniques, styles and aircraft. ALPI Aviation SA was established after the demand arose for an accredited training organisation to cater for those who don’t want to be, ‘just another pilot’. The intention was to build an accredited Flight School, certified to CAA standards, using experienced instructors with an ethos of respect toward all their students. At Alpi Aviation, we value the individuality of each student, and we will do our utmost to hone their capabilities and enhance their passion. No one is ‘just another student pilot’. It is with this credo in mind that we invite you to personally experience how our broad background of solid aviation experience and expertise can take your flying career to new heights. Contact Alpi Aviation on: Tel: +27 82 556 3592 Email: dale@alpiaviation.co.za Website: www.alpiaviation.co.za

ARENGO 31 - KUNKURU SAFARIS Fly-in Safaris Break away to the sights and sounds of the bushveld, fly to Kunkuru Safaris, with six well positioned thatched chalets with en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioned rooms that sleeps two to four people. Most plains species are found at Kunkuru Safaris and also includes Buffalo, Lion, and Hippo. Fly-in packages start at R500pp, includes one meal and use of lodge facilities. The lodge includes pools and lounge areas with a cash bar. Game drives can also be arranged at an additional cost. Airstrip details: 1200m x 20m Gravel strip, with 15m shoulders on each side Approach 05/23 Windsock in centre of runway 25 20’ 53.50” S 27 41’ 44.20” E Elevation 3740ft Contact Andre Tel: +27 72 733 4584 Email: andre@kunkurusafaris.com Web: www.kunkurusafarisco.za

ARMSCOR GATEWAY TO DEFENCE SOLUTIONS Armscor prides itself in meeting the defence matériel requirements of the Department of Defence (DoD) effectively, efficiently and economically. Armscor’s vision is to become the strategic partner of choice for the local public, private and security community, the rest of Africa and Global partners, whilst, at the core, continuing to optimally serve the DoD. As an Acquisition Agency for the DoD, Acquisition provides cost-effective and safe provision of product systems and logistic support that creates defence capability. AERO SYSTEMS Aero Systems serves to support Air Operations of the South African Air Force (SAAF) and is responsible for the following: Air Combat Support Capability • Fighter aircraft • Combat Attack Support helicopter • Maritime Patrol aircraft • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Air Mobility Capability • Fixed wing aircraft • Rotary wing aircraft • Maritime patrol and surveillance capability VIP Air Support Capability • Intercontinental aircraft • Continental aircraft and • Regional Aircraft

ASCEND AVIATION Aircraft Sales ‘Trustworthy Sales, Airworthy Excellence’ With 20 years of experience in aircraft sales Maartin Steenkamp established Ascend Aviation in early 2014. Aviation sales specialists must not only possess an exceptional understanding of their field and products, but also of the customers’ needs and experience in aviation. Acquiring an aircraft is an emotive as well as a practical decision. Maartin’s market knowledge and track record is greatly respected in the industry and Ascend Aviation’s customers can be assured that they are getting the most honest, independent, objective solutions to their present and future requirements. Ascend Aviation has assembled a team with the experience and abilities to streamline the entire process for buyers, from selection, budgeting and finance, through long-term performance and cost expectations, to ongoing advice and support, thereby making aircraft acquisition and ownership a rewarding and pleasing experience. Ascend Aviation believes personal attention, relationshipbuilding and integrity is key to service excellence, and provides a comprehensive range of services to the aviation industry:

• Aircraft Sales • Acquisition mandates • Aircraft Valuations • Aircraft Management • Aircraft Finance • Aircraft Insurance • Aircraft Ferry including Importation and Exportation Contact Ascend Aviation on: Tel: +27 (0)11 064 5624 Email: sales@ascendaviation.co.za Website: www.ascendaviation.co.za

ATLAS AVIATION LUBRICANTS AeroShell Lubricants Atlas Aviation Lubricants is the macro distributor for AeroShell Lubricants in sub-Saharan Africa. We distribute AeroShell lubricants, greases and fluids throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and more recently Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar. We also supply approved aircraft cleaners and degreasers. Our team offers personalised face to face service and support locally as well as internationally. Shell Aviation, one of the biggest aviation lubricants manufacturers in the world are constantly investing in research and development to stay the market leaders in advanced Aviation Tribology, by offering world class AeroShell Lubricants to the market. Our offices are in Boksburg, Gauteng, 8 km from OR Tambo International Airport. Contact Tel: +27 11 917 4220 Email: sales.aviation@atlasoil.co.za Website: https://atlasoil.africa/aviation/

AVCON JET AFRICA Flight Academy, Self-Fly Safaris Avcon Jet is one of the most well know corporate jet management entities managing over 60 Corporate Jets in Globally with approximately 300 employees at our 12 bases across the world. Avcon Jet Africa was established in 2013, to expand Avcon Jet’s reach into another diverse continent whilst also opening a flight school to train the next generation of pilots. This not only gave way to new regions for students to study and train, but also for our professional pilots and airlines to come and enjoy the luxuries of a flying safari. Avcon Jet Africa’s training division offers PPL to ATPL as well as hour building packages that includes flying safaris through the African bush. The training centre extended its capabilities advanced glass cockpit training on a Cessna 172SP Garmin 1000. Our European partner flight school extends its services into Africa by providing European students a fixed base in Africa to commence with additional flight training as approved by EASA. For further information contact: Tel: +27 11 312 56 76 Email: office@avconjet.co.za URL: www.avconjet.training / www.avconjet.com Facebook: @avconjetafrica

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AVDEX Software Maintenance Tracking Avdex currently renders two leading services: the maintenance tracking of aircraft and management of the administrative functions of any AMO. Our products are user friendly and full training and support are provided. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and staffed by committed aviation professionals, Avdex strives for nothing less than service excellence AMP is an online aircraft maintenance tracking service. It has a central aircraft maintenance scheduling system, which means no schedule building required on the client’s side. AMP’s accurate usage tracking means less down time for the aircraft and more productivity for the AMO. AMP offers a variety of helpful features: • Full aircraft status reports based on live maintenance data • Work packs • Tracking of component movement • SBs, ADs and Manual Revisions tracked by Avdex and notified to client when the AMP Schedule is updated • Tracking usage of an aircraft • Online recording of maintenance compliance AMS is a feature rich AMO administration programme, which takes care of the administrative tasks, such as: • Purchase orders, Inventory control and traceability • Labour and time sheet control • CAA and statutory reporting • Tracking cost of sales Contact Avdex on: Tel: (011) 954-1536 Email: info@avdex.co.za Website www.avdex.co.za

AVIATION DIRECT (PTY) LTD Flight Navigation The internet has opened the world, but for many of us it is still preferable to talk to someone who has the experience and knowledge of local conditions, right? Well, AviationDirect has been around for over 20 years, and we are in the forefront of providing airfield and aeronautical information for Southern Africa within our various products. We have the most comprehensive database of airfields for this part of the world, receiving first-hand information from active pilots and operators in the field. Our exciting range of products for pilots flying in Southern Africa are designed to make the pilot’s task easier, safer and more comfortable. Added to that, we provide excellent customer support. Products that we are particularly well known and respected for are: • The Airfields Directory for Southern Africa and Africa, available in printed and electronic format • EasyPlan, the flight planning software for desktop/laptop PC with Win OS, an easier way to do flight planning, print out


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flight logs and maps • EasyCockpit, Southern Africa’s most used in-flight navigation app for Apple or Android Mobile Devices, there to enhance situational awareness, and, together with Easy-Weather overlays of radar, satellite and winds, to provide additional safety and peace of mind • Logbooks (electronic and printed) which have been devised according to SACAA requirements. Contact: Andrea Antel on: Tel: +27 11 465 2669 Mobile: (0)72 340 9943 Email: info@aviationdirect.co.za Website: www.aviationdirect.co.za

AVIATION PILOT TRAINING Aviation Training Aviation Pilot Training (APT) is a state-of-the-art aviation helicopter training facility that offers every aviation enthusiast the highest quality training offering full Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot licences based out of Fisantekraal Airfield, Durbanville. APT boasts an impressive fleet of Robinson RH22, RH44, EC120, EC130 and EC135. We are an approved SACAA test centre, thereby allowing you to complete your PPL, Restricted Radio and Night Rating exams online. Our Elite S723 FNPT II simulator based on the AS350 helicopter will be available for full Instrument Ratings based from Cape Town International Airport from February 2020. Aviation Pilot Training is definitely “Your Reason to Fly”. Visit our website or contact our offices to make your first booking. Contact: Elsabé or Thuli info@aviationpilottraining.co.za www.aviationpilottraining.co.za 021 036 1459

AVIATION REBUILDERS Aviation Rebuilders is an SACAA approved category B and X5 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, number AMO 188, based in the Showroom right that the entrance to Rand Airport, Germiston. Established in 1997, Aviation Rebuilders is your competitive and reliable option when it comes to of all your sheet metal, welding and flight control cable assembly requirements.  No repair is too big or too small for our enthusiastic team who are always keen and up for a challenge.  Our highly experienced technicians provide excellent quality and turn-around times for your maintenance requirements. Our flight control cable assembly facility offers all standard MIL-SPEC cable and end fittings, ranging from 1/16” to 3/16”, with cables assembled per sample or specification.  Our welding facility offers weld repairs using TIG methods to aluminium alloys, carbon steel and corrosion and heat resistant steels.  The Aviation Rebuilders sheet metal facility boasts an extensive range of tooling and equipment which enables us to offer an excellent repair service

to keep your aircraft flying. Contact Aviation Rebuilders on: Tel: +27 (0)11 827-2491 Cell: +27 (0)82 872-4117 Email: lyn@aviationrebuilders.com

AVISYS AVIATION SYSTEMS AviSys Aviation Systems is an established Maintenance Organisation (AMO 1089) with SA CAA, and other African CAA accreditation to perform component maintenance and overhaul capabilities under its Category B rating. Currently, AviSys is equipped to cater for our clients’ needs as per the SA CAA Approved Capability List and Operational Specifications on the following: Aircraft Braking Systems repair and full overhaul capability with SA CAA Component Release to Service (Authorised Release Certificate) on the following OEM Makes; ABSC, Honeywell / Bendix, Goodrich and Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems. Aircraft main and nose wheel assemblies for the above makes, to repair and overhaul. • Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul • Helicopter Servo Actuator Repair and Overhaul • Flexible Hose Build-up • Engine Fire Bottles HPT, Service, Fill and Re-charge AviSys Aviation Systems is committed to deliver service excellence and quality workmanship at market related prices, carried out with years of cumulative aviation experience in our field by means of dedicated handpicked staff members. AviSys looks forward to establishing long and just relationships with our client base, in order to meet our high standards of customer satisfaction. Hangar 17 Wonderboom Airport Email: dewald@avisys.co.za Phone: +27 (0) 83 442 5884 Fax: +27 (0) 86 618 6996 Website: www.avisys.co.za

BEEGLE TRACKER Tracking, flight following Designers and manufacturers of Iridium-based satellite tracking solutions since 2002. Our devices are used for a wide range of applications, including aircraft, watercraft, birds, animals, personnel and bespoke equipment. Our customers include government and conservation organisations, charter companies, aviation schools and private pilots. Beegle X-1 aviation tracker is a battery-powered, fully automatic tracker that is placed on the dashboard and requires no pilot input, turning on/off and adjusting the position update frequency automatically, depending on phase of flight. It operates for approximately 40 flight hours per charge. Ground personnel are kept up to date with real-time flight progress via our online tracking portal and optionally via SMS notifications for events such as take-off, landing and emergencies. This assists customers in effective trip planning and cuts down on time wasted locating aircraft, especially in remote locations. Beegle X-1 can quickly and easily be transferred between aircraft as needed. www.beegletracker.com info@beegletracker.com +27 (0)21 438 1888

BENVEROY (PTY) LTD – BIOBOR AFRICA Fuel Protection and Enhancement Benveroy (Pty) Ltd, a privately owned South African company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, focuses on developing environmentally sustainable solutions for fuel consumption reduction, and reduction of carbon footprint. Benveroy offers a complete fuel enhancement product package and the related implementation of product injection blending and product dosing systems, for individual aviation companies, and airport infrastructure. This includes high level fuel quality management. Biobor JF ® became the first biocide tested and approved by FAA, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aircraft engine manufactures, for the treatment and prevention of microbial contamination in aviation fuels, and aircraft fuel tanks. Biobor JF ® is also the only biocide that not only fights microbial growth, but replaces lubricity lost in ultra-low sulphur fuels. After 50 years, Biobor JF ® continues to be the most recognized and recommended biocide for all hydrocarbon fuels, bio fuels, transmission and hydraulic fluids, etc. Other aviation products offered are Biobor EB, Lubribor, and Turboline. Benveroy’s company directors have combined more than 60 years of experience in the Engineering, Petrol-Chemical, and Aerospace Industries. Contact Benveroy for all BIOBOR family of fuel additives on: Tel: 011 482 3650 / 011 726 7162 ben@benveroy.com / 071 453 1517 vernon@benveroy.com / 079 524 1461 www.benveroy.com

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Tel: +27 43 736 6181 Email: admin@borderaviation.co.za Website: www.borderaviation.co.za

BLUE CHIP FLIGHT SCHOOL Our Pilots Become Captains! Blue Chip Flight School has 24 years of experience, training professional and recreational pilots from over 30 countries. Situated at Wonderboom National Airport, we provide flight training from PPL to ATPL. Blue Chip has an accredited in-house examination centre, a modern fleet of aircraft as well as an SACAA approved FNPT II simulator. We offer a web based, paperless electronic booking, authosheet and student file system. Hour building is with a difference; we host fly-aways and cross country trips that provide unique opportunities to be exposed to unfamiliar environments, and our instructors are always close at hand for guidance. There is no substitute for a personal visit. Every day is open day at Blue Chip. Better still, talk to people in the aviation industry, former Blue Chip students are in sought after positions worldwide. Contact Blue Chip Flight School on: Tel: 012 543 3050 Email: admin@bluechip-avia.co.za Website: www.bluechipflightschool.co.za

BORDER AVIATION CLUB & FLIGHT SCHOOL Flight Training and Hire & Fly Border Aviation has been training pilots since the 1940’s. We offer diverse training, from Weight-shift microlights to Warbirds, historical aircraft and everything in between. We carry out Ab-Initio Training (PPL and NPL) , Commercial Pilot Training, Conversion to type training, Hour building for Commercial Students, Renewals, Short field landings & take offs, Instrument Flight (IF) Training and Hire & Fly. We now also offer Helicopter Training – PPL to CPL. What makes us unique is that our dedicated team of instructors work with each student on a one-on-one basis, offering them tailored training specific to their needs. We also offer our Training out of three bases; Our East London Airport base allows for Instrument flight training (IF Training). Our Wings Park base is situated just outside East London and allows for Short field training. Our third base is at Queenstown Airfield which gives our students an opportunity to do Mountain flying. We welcome any aviation enthusiast from teenaged Ab-initio students to the casual weekend flyer to pursue their aviation passion. Border Aviation’s fleet consists of a Cessna 150, a modern glass-cockpit Sling 2, a Piper Archer 181, a Mooney M20, a Beechcraft Baron (BE58), a Savannah XL and Helicopter. We are a non-profit organisation that truly believes that aviation is a career that brings a new adventure over every horizon. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us on:


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21 976 70



CAPE TOWN FLIGHT TRAINING CENTRE Operating at Fisantekraal airfield since 2003, Cape Town Flight Training Centre (CTFTC) is Cape Town’s Premier fixed-wing pilot training establishment. Fisantekraal is unique to the area in providing an excellent weather record, a safe learning environment and multiple runways at a location which allows immediate access to the General Flying Area and Cape Town International Airport controlled airspace. CTFTC is a one-stop-shop on the path to the issue of all SACAA aircrew licences and ratings, up to and including the ‘frozen’ ATPL. CTFTC operates only certified aircraft types. Our fleet currently consists of nine aircraft including four Diamond DA-20 Eclipse ab-initio trainers, three IF equipped Piper Warriors, a Piper Arrow for Complex training and a Piper Seneca for multi-engine training. Instrument flying training is also available on the cost efficient FNPT-1 and FNPT-2 simulators. Contact CTFTC on: Tel: 021 976 7053 Cell: 084 440 7922 Email: admin@cape-town-flying.co.za Website: www.ctftc.co.za

ZANDSPRUIT BUSH & AERO ESTATE Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate at the rapidly growing town of Hoedspruit offers 200 stands of which 162 are Bush stands and 38 stands are Aero stands. It is adjacent to the unique landmark ‘Aerotel’ lodge made from a retired Boeing 737. Surrounded by the majestic Klein Drakensberg Mountains, the stands offer a range of views that include a combination of bush, mountain and river views. Aero stands have the option of building a hangar on site as they are situated along the 1 000m hard-surfaced runway where flying enthusiasts can land and hangar their plane right next to their home. A myriad of plains game roam freely within the 1 000ha estate. Of the 1 000ha, 650ha is set aside for the wilderness area. An untouched environment that is available exclusively for owners to enjoy. There are no Big 5 on the estate making it safe for walking, jogging, cycling or horse riding on the Estate An added benefit at Zandspruit is the fabulous weather that is experienced all year round which affords you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living at any time of the year. If you have your own aeroplane you can land and park in your very own hangar. Road accessibility to Zandspruit is a mere 4,5 hours drive from Johannesburg. Alternatively, there are twice daily scheduled flights from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit, as well as daily flights from Cape Town to Hoedspruit. Contact Martin den Dunnen: 082-449-8895 or visit: https://www. zandspruit.co.za/

CHEMETALL Surface Treatment and Coatings Chemetall, the surface treatment global business unit of BASF’s coatings division, is a leading global supplier of applied surface treatments. The company provides proven, high-performance products for aerospace applications such as sealing, cleaning, pretreatment, corrosion protection and non-destructive testing – specially developed to meet the demanding requirements of national and international quality standards. Globally established products such as Ardrox®, Naftoseal®, and Tech Cool® are well approved by all major aero-engine and aircraft manufacturers. With over 60 years of experience in supplying the aerospace industry, Chemetall can offer customers a complete product portfolio with all essential approvals. The quality performance has not only been documented by numerous QM certifications such as DIN EN 9001, DIN EN 9100, ISO/TS 16949, and NADCAP, but also by leading customers, such as Airbus with their SQIP award. Dedicated aerospace experts around the world ensure global support combined to local presence for the specific needs of the global aerospace industry. Production and warehouse sites on all continents ensure a fast and reliable supply around the world. Contact Wayne Claassens: +27 11 9142-500 Mobile: +27 82 5589 924, Email: wayne.claassens@basf.com www.chemetall.com

COMAIR Aircraft charter, FBO and Aircraft management     Based at Lanseria International Airport, CFS provides Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Management, Aircraft Sales and FBO Services to a sizeable share of the Southern African business aviation market.   CFS’s modern aircraft fleet includes various aircraft types, ranging from single engine turboprops to large business jets and airliners, enabling them to cater for various group sizes and to meet all their clients’ business and leisure aviation requirements. Whether the requirement is a fly-in safari, getting a project team on-site, attending multiple regional meetings in a day or taking a head of state to a world summit, CFS has the solution, the experience and the aircraft necessary for the task.  In accordance to the company’s commitment to safety, CFS has been accredited with IBAC’s International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage One certificate in 2018.  With our modern and stylish FBO facilities, CFS offers clients a unique personalised service and a flawless safety record. Tel: +27 11 540 7640 (24HR) Email info@flycfs.co.za www.flycfs.co.za     

COMET AVIATION SUPPLIES Comet Aviation Supplies Comet Aviation Supplies is located near Rand Airport in Germiston, Gauteng. We are the authorised distributors for Rotax Aircraft Engines in Southern Africa, but also offer a range of aircraft parts and accessories for the light aircraft market. We stock aviation headsets, ranging from Pilot Communications USA to David Clark, and class leading ANR models from Lightspeed Aviation. Other products include pilot supplies, maps, logbooks, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and portable oxygen systems. Other products include aircraft tyres, fabric covering materials, AN hardware, handheld radios, panel mount radios and transponders. Our online shop www.cometaviationsupplies.co.za features secure payment options and countrywide delivery. We will also source and import any special products you may require. Contact Tel: 011 825 0048 Email: sales@cometaviationsupplies.co.za

TITANIUM AIR Titanium Air is a private, boutique-style Aircraft Charter and C206 Conversion Training company based out of Lanseria Airport. Flying with a private charter company offers you complete privacy and luxury, while minimising your waiting time at the airport and have you flying within minutes of your arrival. Titanium Air has an unblemished safety record and their pilots have extensive knowledge and experience of all types of aircraft. With one of the finest examples of a C206 in South Africa, pilots looking for conversion training and ratings are eager to get behind the controls of this wonderful aircraft. Titanium Air caters to corporate and leisure travellers alike and specialises in bush and hunting lodge transfers where small aircraft are needed to land on and take-off from dirt runways. Titanium Air is dedicated to its clientele and makes every experience a memorable one, from first point of contact to the safe touch-down at your destination. www.titaniumair.co.za

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C W Price & Co C.W. PRICE AND COMPANY Airport Support Equipment C.W. Price and Company has been involved in aviation and meteorological instruments for over 64 years. They also import aircraft ground power units and aircraft towing and push-back equipment, the latest of which is the ITWGSE (formerly Hobart) 4400 mobile diesel-driven 90 kVA Ground Power Unit (GPU). Based in Midrand, C.W Price are the appointed agents for airport support equipment from the dependable industry standard ITWGSE (formerly Hobart) aircraft ground power to man portable rugged Redbox power packs for aircraft starting. They are also agents for Eagle All Wheel Drive aircraft tow tugs for regional, corporate and military applications. They are the supplier of Peltor aviation headsets along with general aircraft carburettor, fuel injector, magneto and some starter generator spares. Weather stations stand alone or their new online VitalWeather system for remote or sms monitoring of small airports is a specialty of theirs. Contact Kelvin on: Tel: 011-805-4720 Email: cwp@cwprice.co.za Website: www.cwprice.co.za

DIEPKLOOF DIEPKLOOF AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE AMO, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE With 70 years of experience, Diepkloof Aircraft Maintenance (AMO SACAA 1398) are one of the leaders in aircraft maintenance as well as the preferred choice for many clients. Based at Diepkloof airfield, Malmesbury, Diepkloof Aircraft Maintenance is a South African Civil Aviation Authority approved AMO. It is your one-stop AMO facility that offers a wide range of services that include general aviation aircraft maintenance, Non-Type Certified maintenance as well as specialized services. General Aircraft Maintenance: • All single engine Piper & Cessna & Beechcraft series • All Air Tractor, Thrush, Dromader, AG Cat, Piper Brave & Piper Pawnee • All Lycoming, Teledyne Continental engines • All Pratt & Whitney -Turbine & Radial engines. • Robinson R22 & R44 Helicopters • Non-Type Certified (NTCA): • All NTCA Aircraft work - Homebuilt, Ultralights etc… • Specialist Services: • Hartzell & Mc Cauley Propellers • Licenced for complete rebuilds • Specialised Sheetmetal work • Fabric covering and interiors • Aircraft weighing • Welding • Propeller balance Contact details: E-Mail: diepkloofamo@gmail.com Nick Kleinhans: +27 83 454 6366 Pieter v Aswegen: +27 82 784 7133 Danie Vermeulen: +27 79 248 9188 Jurgens Potgieter: +27 71 672 3007

DJA AVIATION Aviation Insurance DJA Aviation was formed over 40 years ago by Dennis Jankelow and to this day remains South Africa’s foremost specialist aviation insurance brokerage, offering the greatest concentration of aviation insurance experience and expertise on the African continent and continuing to lead the market in the areas of product innovation and technical development. DJA Aviation creates aviation insurance programmes for its clients that are perfectly balanced in the critical areas of cost, coverage, service and security. In addition, DJA Aviation’s long-standing and close relationships with the insurers who underwrite its products – locally, regionally and internationally – ensure that a DJA Aviation client is in the best possible hands when losses occur. DJA Aviation is an authorised Lloyd’s correspondent and has conducted aviation insurance business at Lloyd’s for more than 35 years, a relationship that is strengthened by regular visits to the Lloyd’s market by DJA Aviation’s key personnel. DJA Aviation is an Authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP No 15808) and a proud member of the iCapital Group. DJA Aviation’s social responsibility programme includes on-going support for the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind. Contact DJA Aviation on: Tel: 0800FLYING (0800 359-464) Email: mail@dja-aviation.co.za Website: www.dja-aviation.co.za


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Aircraft Parts and Consumables

D.M. Aviation Spares is situated on the north side of Lanseria, based in the Cirrus Hangar, No. 24 (next to Vector Aerospace). The company stocks aircraft parts, aircraft consumables and general consumables. D.M. Aviation Spares was started in 2011 by Daniella Mawson who has been in aviation since 1980 and in the aircraft parts industry since 1990. She therefore has extensive knowledge of parts and their sourcing. D.M. Aviation Spares’ aim is to make life easier for the smaller AMOs at the airport by holding fast moving stock. Daniella goes out of her way to source parts that others say are not available. D.M. Aviation imports parts as well as sourcing hard to find aircraft components. They provide clients with the best prices and service possible. Furthermore, they are agents for Aircraft Spruce and others. For more information, contact Danielle Mawson on: Tel: 082 576 8853 Email: daniellamawson@telkomsa.net

admin staff look forward to welcoming you to the Emperor Aviation family! Contact Emperor Aviation on: Tel: +27 11 824 5683 Email: reception@emperoraviation.co.za Website: www.emperoraviaiton.co.za 100 95 75


Propeller Specialists

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Established in 2008, Dynamic Propellers specialises in the overhauling, repair and maintenance of propellers for commercial and privately owned aircraft. With a staff compliment with a total of around 130 years propeller overhaul experience, Dynamic Propellers overhaul and maintain all Hartzell, McCauley, MT, Hoffmann, Sensenich and Hamilton propellers and is the only enterprise in South Africa that provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services on Dowty and Whirlwind propellers. All of which is done to the highest standards as stipulated by the various propeller manufacturers. Dynamic Propellers’ repair services are performed both in-house in a state of the art aviation engineering workshop, or in the field. Highly skilled engineers will travel domestically or to neighbouring countries and abroad to cater for customers’ propeller requirements. Dynamic Propellers is an SACAA Authorised Service Centre, AMO 1150, and is the sole McCauley Authorised Service Centre for the African continent. Contact Details: Pero Visser Tel: +27 79 492 0592 Email: pero@dynamicpropeller.co.za Andries Visser Tel: +27 82 445 4496 Email: andries@dynamicpropeller.co.za


AMO, Refurbishments, Rebuilds

Emperor Aviation is a fully licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO NR 1226) based at Rand Airport, specialising in the maintenance of Bell and Robinson helicopters. We have a state of the art component overhaul shop and can assist you with any helicopter sales needs. We also specialise in helicopter refurbishments ranging from total refurbishment (interior and exterior) to helicopter rebuilds. Emperor Aviation is an approved Robinson Service Centre and also the official LORD Distributor for 206B and 206L TT-straps in Africa as well as an agent to supply LORD replacement parts. If you’re looking at buying a new or used helicopter, Emperor Aviation can assist you to find the helicopter best suited to your needs. We carry out pre-purchase inspections all over the world to ensure our customers has options of purchases not only in the African market but worldwide. With more than 50 years’ combined experience in the helicopter industry, Paul, Jarrett, Trevor and their team of qualified engineers and

EXECUTIVE AIRCRAFT REFURBISHMENT “Quality is our Passion;” this is the mantra that we live by at Executive Aircraft Refurbishment. We are an Aircraft Interior and Exterior refurbishment facility, based at Lanseria International Airport, quality workmanship and service excellence, combined with knowledgeable staff has earned us the reputation of No.1 Aircraft Interior and Exterior refurbishment facility Complete aircraft exterior paint strip and resprays are done all under one roof, designing paint scheme lines, logos to customer specifications. We also offer a mobile touchup service to our customers ensuring their aircraft stays in mint condition. Our interior shop also specialises in complete interior refurbishments such as the refurbishment of overhead stowage bins and seating, roof-liners, cockpit glare-shields, cabinets and galleys, wool carpets, textile and nontextile floor covering, refurbishment of seats and foam building in varying modern styles. We manufacture interior window sun-shields and aircraft exterior ground covers. EAR also re-web and re-certify aircraft safety belts. Executive Aircraft Refurbishment are the right choice for interior and exterior refurbishments of your aircraft from interior refurbishment to exterior spray painting, we do it all. Entrust your fleet to Executive Aircraft Refurbishment for a new fresh look and we promise to have your aircraft ready and serviceable when you need it. Tel: +27 (0)10 900 4300 | Mobile: +27 (0)82 547 8379 Info@ earefurbishment.com | Francois@earefurbishment.com Hangar 203 (interior shop) and 31(paint shop) Lanseria International Airport South Africa, Gate 5, North Side

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Aircraft Upholstery

F. Gomes Upholsters is a family based upholstery company. Established in 1979, the company specialises in aircraft, as well as motor vehicle, boat and furniture upholstery. F. Gomes Upholsters will refurbish your aircraft interior to look like new, giving it the class it deserves. They use only the best quality materials, and their craftsmanship is outstanding. Mr Gomes, the founder of F. Gomes Upholsters, has been in the upholstery business for close on 40 years and as such brings many years of experience and professionalism to the company. F. Gomes Upholsters provides an expert re-upholstery and upholstery service that caters to any upholstery need. No job is ever too small or too large. F. Gomes Upholsters is based in Johannesburg. For exceptional craftsmanship at the best prices, contact F. Gomes Upholsters on: Tel: (011) 614 2471 Fax: (011) 614 9806 Email: gomesuph@netactive.co.za

FEDERAL AIRLINES With over 20 years of safari transfer experience, Federal Airlines is known for its premium point to point shuttles that fly guests to the country’s most luxurious and sought after game lodges. Operating since the ‘90s, they were the pioneers. Their core service provides daily shuttle departures from OR Tambo International Airport and Kruger-Mpumalanga International Airport to various luxury safari lodges throughout the country. They have since partnered with world leaders in luxury safari experiences as part of their commitment to raise the bar in bespoke aviation. In addition to their shuttle flights, Federal Airlines can provide bespoke, private charter flights to any destination within southern Africa. For more information contact Federal Airlines on: Tel: +27 (0) 11 395 9000 Email: shuttle@fedair.com Website: www.fedair.com


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All FBO Services, Tailor Made Charters

Fireblade Aviation (Pty) Ltd is a luxury FBO facility and an aviation department (AOC/AMO). The company started in July 2014, and is located in the Denel Precinct at OR Tambo International Airport. We can provide on-call service to customers and clients 24 hours a day. We facilitate international arrivals and departures from the Fireblade FBO, with a fully compliant Customs and Immigration service. Fireblade Aviation’s fleet consists of a Bombardier Global 6000, a Bombardier Challenger 350, 2 x PC12s, a AW139 VVIP helicopter and a AW119 helicopter. Our operations are ideally located for corporate flights and general charters due to the close proximity to the Johannesburg CBD and our location at the Eastern Precinct of OR Tambo International Airport. We provide various on-site services, namely, hangarage, Jet A-1, aircraft handling, cleaning and catering. Contact Fireblade Aviation on: Tel: (010) 595 3920 Email: fltops@firebladeaviation.com Website: www.firebladeaviation.com

FLIGHT TRAINING COLLEGE, GEORGE. The worldwide shortage of Professional Pilots is now a reality. Shrinking Defense budgets will ensure that almost all future Airline Pilots will come from the private sector. Recognizing the challenges, SAA Training Captain, Walter Waldeck founded FTC in 1999 to foster the discipline, passion and professionalism synonymous with the aviation industry. Sully Sullenberger’s miraculous landing on the Hudson River demonstrated the importance of “Primacy Training.” Flying must be taught correctly from the start, because in a crisis, there are no second chances. Primacy must be second nature. This type of training can only occur in a highly disciplined, controlled environment led by professional instructors with extensive operational experience. Just as a doctor takes years to hone his skills, there is no short-cut to becoming an airline pilot. But with the boundless opportunities worldwide, there has never been a better time to start climbing the ladder towards becoming a professional pilot. For a clearer understanding of what we do, read the career guidance chapter on the FTC website. Contact: +27 44 876 9055 ftc@flighttraining.co.za www.flighttraining.co.za



Instruments, Avionics and AMO

Flightdeck Instrument Systems (AMO 999) was founded in 2005 under another well-known name. The company started operating full time in 2008 and the name was changed. We specialise in all aircraft instrumentation, avionics and autopilot repairs, overhauls and installations, including EFIS installations. We also have a wide variety of loaner units to reduce time on the ground for your aircraft, and all work will come with a free quotation if required. Flightdeck Instrument Systems currently holds the agencies for JP Instruments (engine monitoring), Alcor (engine management), Aircraft Spruce, EDMO, MGL Avioincs, FDS avionics and Mid-continent instrument company to name a few, with others being added all the time. We are also authorised installers for Aspen Avionics. Flightdeck Instrument Systems operates out of Tempe Airport in Bloemfontein. We have just moved into new premises which boast a massive state of the art workshop as well as a spacious hangar, so your aircraft can be looked after like it is our own. Give us a call for you instrument, autopilot and avionics requirements. Contact Andrew Bennetts on: Tel: 073 513 3205 Email: andrew@aibloem.co.za



Your peace of mind in aviation maintenance GEMAIR AMO1003 Andries.gemair@telkomsa.net

Gemair was started in 2007 Andries by Andries Venter, 082 905 5760 a South African Air Force trained engineer with over twelve years of aviation maintenance experience. Since relocating to Lanseria International’s south side in 2009, the company has continued to grow and now looks after the maintenance needs of a full range of privately owned, training and charter operated aircraft. These range from Non-Type Certified Aircraft through light singles and twins and on to turbo-props and light jets. Gemair is a recognised CAA Approved Maintenance Organisation, AMO number 1003, and has a team of nine full time engineers who together have a combined total of over 50 years of aviation experience. Backed up by the full time administrative staff, Gemair is able to perform all your aviation maintenance requirements. The company has expanded into aircraft interiors through the acquisition of Lanseria Aircraft Interiors and aircraft charter through the acquisition of Out of the Blue Air Safaris. Contact Andries Venter: Cell: 082 905 5760 Email: Andries@gemair.co.za


Executive Charters

FLYONICS (PTY) LTD Flyonics (Pty) Ltd is an avionics design, consulting, servicing, and installation company capable of supporting a variety of aviation modification and certification projects as well as repairs and maintenance of a wide range of general, regional and business aviation aircraft. The depth and range of its resources enables them to provide optimal solutions for operators, installers and maintainers as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. Flyonics (Pty) Ltd was founded by Micahel Karaolis out of a need for professional experience in installations and systems integration on many different types of aircraft, complex in-the-field system troubleshooting and servicing, as well as Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) design. Flyonics (Pty) Ltd is fully capable of working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Design Organisations and customers throughout an entire installation process to ensure that the job is done technically correct and satisfies the intent of the modification. Hangar 30 Rand Airport Germiston E-Mail: michael@flyonics.co.za

KZN Aviation is an established BEE compliant multi-tasked aviation company, based at Virginia Airport in Durban North. We are licensed in terms of the South African Civil Aviation Authority and the Air Service Regulations. KZN Aviation own and operate both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, offering a range of services that include helicopter and fixed-wing VIP charter work, contract work, tourism flights, powerline and pipeline inspections, aerial photography, vehicle searches, traffic surveillance and patrols to name a few applications. KZN Aviation has a hand-picked team of professional and dedicated staff who are available 24/7 to offer assistance, advice and provide cost effective quotations. We have vast experience in the charter and contract market and have been actively involved in aviation for decades. KZN Aviation pride themselves on ensuring that high quality services, tailor-made to meet customer requirements are provided efficiently and effectively without compromising safety. Our rigorous safety standards are maintained by highly experienced flight crews and are constantly reinforced through the highest levels of professionalism and integrity displayed. Our crew receive recurrent training to ensure performance remains consistently exemplary. Contact KZN Aviation on: Tel: 031 564 6215 Email: mel@kznaviation.co.za Website: www.kznaviation.co.za

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g Edge Aviatio Leadin n ZT-RGA

“Sharing the passion”

• • •

Graphical multimeters Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test equipment Resistance calibrator (decade box), capacitance meters. Loop Testers, Earth resistance Testers Contact M and N Acoustic Services on: Tel: 012-689-2007/8 Email: admin@mnacoustics.co.za


Helicopter Firefighting and Heavy Lift Operations

Leading Edge Aviation is an SACAA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO 261) based at Nelspruit Airfield in Mpumalanga. Leading Edge Aviation (LEA) caters to numerous fields including firefighting, external lift operations, wildlife conservation and refurbishing and restoring of aircraft interiors and exteriors, including fitment of SACAA approved windows. Utilizing their UH-1H and UH-60 helicopters, LEA are perfectly positioned to meet your utility helicopter requirements. Whether you need supplies moved, wildlife relocated, natural disaster support, construction equipment lifted or fire suppression carried out, LEA are available to assist. With lifting capabilities up to 3000kg’s, we use the latest equipment and vast experience to meet our clients needs. In addition, LEA has the only SACAA approved painting booth in the Lowveld and carries out all painting using Boeing and Airbus approved products across the Cessna, Piper and Embraer and Beechcraft range. Our interior refurbishment division carries out the finest leather and upholstery work. All painting and leather work includes CRMAs for the applicable aircraft. Peter, Zeph, Sipho, Alfred and Lucas, along with the team, will ensure all your refurbishment expectations are met and exceeded. Feel free to contact Leading Edge Aviation with any queries: Tel: +27 13 7413654 Email: office@leaviation.co.za Website: www.leadingedgeaviation.co.za


M AND N ACOUSTIC SERVICES (PTY)VIBRATION LTD VIBRATION, HUMAN AND DC/LF M and N Acoustic Services (Pty) Ltd performs SANAS accredited The Following instruments can be calibrated calibrations on acoustic, human vibration, vibration and DC/LF measuring Aces, Vibrex, Honeywell, Rion, Casella, 3M & Svantek equipment. The laboratory operates according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Specification for the competence of calibration laboratories and also according to the requirements of the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). They do accredited calibration on acoustic and vibration measuring equipment and/or transducers, and certificates with usable results for the end user (user specified points). Our electrical calibration capabilities include but are not limited to: Handheld and bench meters (analogue and digital) up to 6 ½ digits • Thermocouple and RTD Thermometers (simulation) • Process Calibrators (mA and Volt source and measure) • Data Loggers • Strip and Chart Recorders • Watt Meters • Current Clamps and Clamp Meters • Panel Meters • High Pots - Insulation Testers CONTACT • Amanda PowerNaude Supplies 012 689 2007 | e-mail: admin@mnacoustics.co.za


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• Aircraft Finance • Engine Overhauls • Avionics Upgrade • Finance • Aircraft Purchases • Aircraft Funding • Re-finance • Engine Finance • Engine Funding

Merchant West is one of the largest privately-owned financial institutions in South Africa. We provide alternative business funding outside of the commercial banks. As an agile business with an entrepreneurial approach, we pride ourselves in structuring flexible and innovative finance solutions that meet the industry requirements of our clients. Our financial solutions are operated as independent business units headed up by skilled and experienced executives who have surrounded themselves with industry experts. Merchant West has become a key partner in the Aviation industry in South Africa specializing in Aircraft finance including purchases, avionics upgrades as well as engine overhauls. We pride ourselves in our unique view of the industry, specialised support, knowledgeable staff and the products we offer. Contact Contact: Shayne Wright shaynew@merchantwest.co.za +27(11)-305-9490 +27(71)-373-8825

MICRO AVIATION SA MICRO AVIATION SA One of South Africa’s most prolific aircraft manufacturers is Nelspruitbased Micro Aviation SA, run by well-known entrepreneurs, Terry and Andrew Pappas. They have been very active in marketing and selling single engined, New Zealand made B22 Bantam ultralight aircraft and then began designing and manufacturing their own model, the Bat Hawk. The aircraft is powered by the ubiquitous industry standard 100hp Rotax 912, dual ignition, four stroke engine. The Bat Hawk has an all up weight of 540 kgs. The Bat Hawk has created a niche for itself in providing a uniquely low cost bush aircraft that not only handles very well but is a great platform for surveillance personnel and conservationists. The aircraft can operate into and out of extremely short landing strips and its high engine location allows an almost uninterrupted view from the cockpit. An active B22 and Bat Hawk owners group often meet to take part in cross country flights and social occasions and the pilot community for these small aircraft is expanding rapidly. Micro Aviation can be contacted at: 082 828 6706 or info@bathawk.co.za



Out of the Blue Air Safaris or OOTBAS for short was established by well-known Lanseria charter pilot Stan Nel in 1995. It has recently become part of the Gem Air group of companies. Out of the Blue Air Safaris has been flying thousands of clients to destinations ranging from private game lodges to major international airports in the Southern African region. Out of the Blue Air Safaris has a wide variety of aircraft, from the Cessna 206 to the King Air 200 so they are able to take passengers or freight, pressurized or unpressurized, single or twin engine. The company’s mission is, “To provide the best service to our customers with safety; our customers and ourselves, as first priority.” Contact Andries Venter: Tel: 082 905 5760 Email: charters@gemair.co.za


Robinson Dealer

Namagri Aviation is a privately-owned Namibian company, based in Windhoek since 2008 Namagri Aviation are official dealers and service center appointed by Robinson Helicopters in Namibia. We provide clients with quality and experienced assistance with the purchase and maintenance of new and pre-owned helicopters. Our aviation department is divided in a helicopter and fixed wing. We sell new and second-hand helicopters. We deliver Aerial Works services in the Agricultural sector and also offer specialised equipped airplanes to clients for application of de-bushing granules during rainy season. Namagri De-Bushing Services was the 1st legal entity in Namibia that attended to bush encroachment through aerial applications. At Namagri you will find a group who are dedicated, passionate and committed to provide the best service to our customers in making every aviation dream take flight. Contact: www.namagri.com +264 81 1286821 alex@namagri.com +264 812166910 adri@namagri.com


Air Charter

Pambele Aviation is the continuation of Jemax Aviation in a new guise with fresh branding. The company has been operating in the South African non-scheduled air charter market since 2006. The core of the personnel involved with the company since its infancy will perpetuate the business and will continue to provide a reliable and quality air service. We strive to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service with the appropriate aircraft type to suit their needs and budget. The following aircraft types are available for charter: Beechcraft King Air B200; Pilatus PC12; Cessna Caravan 208B and an array of piston engine aircraft. The primary base of operation is at Grand Central Airport, Midrand, with a satellite base located at KMI Airport. However, our airport and route options are as limitless as the client’s air charter transport needs. Contact: Tel: (+2711) 805-0652 Email: fjoubert@pambele.aero

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Here we believe that personal attention from vastly experienced instructors is the key to producing exceptional pilots who are confident and competent. Our passion is helping you pursue your passion – achieving a career in aviation. Our student pilots train to become international airline pilots flying the world and commercial pilots flying for major airlines here in the South Africa. | Call us +27 (0)58 0500493 | www. Specialisinginfo@flyparamount.co.za in the creation and delivery of bespoke meals to some of Southern flyparamount.co.za

EXECUTIVE IN-FLIGHT CATERING PAR AVION CATERING Inflight Catering Founded in 2000, Par-Avion Catering is now in its second decade of producing and catering to the private charter, discerning individual and corporate world. Having originally set our as a niche VIP jet caterer at South Africa’s major international airports, Par-Avion has extended its service offerings to its valuable clients both at home and in the office. Par-Avion offers a full range of complete catering services for both corporate and social occasions. Over the year’s Par-Avion has successfully served heads of state, visiting dignitaries and celebrities alike. Corporate heads use our services on their aircraft, in their offices, and in their private homes. A high level of confidentiality ensures every request is met in detail and with discretion. Par-Avion provides everything from staged, unstaffed boardroom functions and buffet to complicated event management and product launches requiring full-service co-ordination in design, catering, and logistics. Contact: Lanseria Telephone : +27 11 701 2600 E-Mail: par-avion@mweb.co.za Web: www.par-avion.co.za Cape Town Telephone: +27 21 934 0058 E-Mail: capetown@par-avion.co.za O.R. Tambo Telephone: +27 11 395 2677 E-Mail: ortambo@par-avion.co.za

Africa’s most discerning aircraft and corporate operators, Par-Avion Exclusive Catering is proud to be considered among the leaders in executive in-flight catering and associated services to the aviation industry. Our footprints at the international airports of Cape Town, OR Tambo and Lanseria International Airports support our unsurpassed dedication to offering the very latest in niche products and services to our discerning and well travelled clientele. Years of building authentic client-service relationships has allowed us the opportunity not only to cater to international corporates and global operators PELICAN PRODUCTS Custom Cases but also extend our expertise to include special events and parties, cafés and Since 1976, Pelican is the global leader in design and restaurants, luxury ofcoach catering, boardroom catering and platters. manufacture high-performance case solutions and advanced

PARAMOUNT AVIATION Flight School Paramount Aviation Academy is an exclusive flying school in the town of Bethlehem, nestled in the foothills of the Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. Here we believe that personal attention from vastly experienced instructors is the key to producing exceptional pilots who are confident and competent. We are an exclusive flying school in the town of Bethlehem, nestled in the foothills of the Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.


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portable lighting systems, with extensive experience in the

With continued dedication to quality productproducts and service, we strive to give our development of premium products.ofPelican’s are designed and built to last a lifetime and are used by professionals in the most clients the peace of mind and knowledge that we will indeed go to any lengths demanding markets including aviation, police, defence, firefighters and to ensureindustrial. their requirements are met expeditiously and with excellence. Pelican is the expert in extreme protection, offering standard or customised case solutions for the transport and packaging needs of the aviation and military sector. These rugged cases are watertight, airtight, chemical-resistant, lightweight, durable, impact-resistant and reusable. They have been used in the Military sector for over 40 years, offering the Legendary Lifetime guarantee. Moreover, Pelican is the world’s largest manufacturer of aviation approved reusable plastic shipping and storage containers. The company offers bespoke case solutions designed by high-qualified engineers specialised in developing containers for UAVs, aircraft engines and for the most sophisticated equipment. Sanette Nel, Manager Sub-Saharan Africa Tel: +27 83 645 4330 Email: sanette.nel@peli.com Website: www.pelican.com

PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA OEM Support Pratt & Whitney Canada Customer Service Centre provides OEM support to customers in Africa, offering comprehensive services for all P&WC engine models. As the OEM we offer you a unique advantage; the confidence that your engine is in the hands of the people who know it best. Our engine repair and overhaul services and support are


backed by a global state-of-the-art service network of engine OEMowned facilities. Pratt & Whitney Canada local Africa support is provided out of Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg and from our new office at Wilson Airport, Nairobi. The local team provides comprehensive support from technical via Field Service Representatives, sales via Regional Sales Manager and on wing services via Mobile Repair Technicians. Please contact the team for all requirements in support of your P&WC engines from troubleshooting assistance, repair and overhaul solutions, engine sales and rentals or on wing services including borescope and Hot Section Inspections. Contact Tel: +27 714035247 Email: kaval.shah-emea@pwc.ca Website: www.pwc.ca RAINBOW SKYREACH PTY LTD Light Sport and Recreational Aircraft Rainbow SkyReach is the manufacturer of the BushCat range of light sport utility and recreational aircraft. The first BushCat flew in 2001. There are now 255 units flying in South Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia. The aircraft’s key selling points are its low purchase price, low running cost, STOL performance and reliability. The aircraft is extremely well suited to an airborne patrol application due to its low/ slow flying ability, its endurance and low noise. Available in nosewheel, tail wheel and amphibian configuration. Rainbow SkyReach is based at Springs Airport, Gauteng, South Africa and can be contacted on: Tel: +27 (0)11 817 2298 Email: sales@fly-skyreach.com Website: www.bushcat.aero

PROPELLER CENTRE Propeller Centre is a family business and the oldest operating propeller shop in South Africa, established in 1977 by Theuns (Senior 1941-2008) and his wife, Brenda Du Toit. It has now passed to their sons, Theuns (Junior) and Dolf Du Toit. Propeller Centre focuses on delivering a safe, excellent quality and cost-effective service that meets its clients’ requirements and maintenance schedules. They provide away from base services throughout Africa and as far away as Afghanistan, sending fully equipped teams to refurbish, service, disassemble, assemble, dynamic balance, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and repair on-site. Propeller Centre is an MT Propeller certified service centre and is approved to work on the following propellers: Hartzell, MT Propeller, McCauley, Hamilton Sundstrand, Hoffman, Sensenich and Whirlwind. They have a comprehensive NDT Shop, while inspections provided include eddy current, dye penetrant, magnetic particle inspection and ultra-sonic inspection. Propeller Centre is approved for the MORE programme to carry out vibration analysis on PT6A engines with the Hartzell approved Micro Vib 2 dynamic balancer. MORE Company has the only FAA STCs issued for complete engine maintenance on PT6A engines, to extend life, improve reliability and safety, and reduce costs. For any queries contact: Theuns: 071 362 5152 or Dolf: 082 852 8965 or visit: www.propellercentre.com

SIGNATURE FLIGHT SUPPORT Signature Flight Support Cape Town is part of Signature Aviation Services Group Company that provides a distribution network for business aviation services and is part of the world’s largest Fixed Base Operation (FBO). Signature’s Cape Town FBO has full handling capabilities for aircraft and passengers, customs and immigration assistance, aircraft fuel, catering on-site and other facilities. In addition to standard amenities, there are features such as a VIP lounge and pause areas for the crew. The building has a private conference meeting space that can hold up to 40 people. Signature Flight Support Cape Town has three aircraft processing hangars and the ability to handle all types of aircraft, inclusive of but not limited to VIP and charter class aircraft. Signature Flight Support Cape Town has a motivated and enthusiastic team who adhere to the group’s nominated values of integrity, responsibility, safety, service, people and performance. Jet A1 and Avgas are available on a 24 hour basis at competitive prices. Signature Flight Support has in-house security for vehicles and aircraft left over-night, offers hotel and car bookings and has an on-site restaurant and conference room facility. Contact Signature Flight Support on: Tel: +27 (0)21 934 0350 Email: cpt@signatureflight.co.za Website: www.signatureflight.com

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SKYHAWK AVIATION Flight Training Skyhawk Aviation was established by Mike Gough (a current SAA Airbus Training Captain) in 2008. A recent move to Hangar 30, gate 5 is testament to both the growth of Skyhawk as well as the steady uptick in the international demand for pilots. Aimed specifically at developing the professional pilot, we specialise in both the full turn-key contract clients as well as individuals starting out on the road to flying for a living. Part of our services include accommodation, transport and visa services. A recent partnership with the Sakhikamva Foundation has introduced a unique program for school goers, which essentially aims to get learners excited about maths and science through aviation. We are also a COMPASS assessment centre, which is the foremost pilot aptitude assessment method in Europe, used by most airlines. If you want to find out if you have the Right Stuff, come through for an assessment. Tel: 011 701 2622 Email: mikegough@mweb.co.za www.skyhawk.co.za

SOUTHERN ROTORCRAFT USA Engine Repair and Overhaul FAA Repair Station # D57R025X Rotorcraft, Turbine, Engine & Component Services Southern Rotorcraft USA, is an FAA certified repair station specialising in Rolls Royce 250 Series engine repair and overhaul, as well as Bell component repair and overhaul. Southern Rotorcraft USA also offers engine and component exchange pool services, pre-purchase inspections, USA export Certificate of Airworthiness, helicopter rebuilds and refurbishment, and disassembly, packing and shipping. Southern Rotorcraft USA occupies a 25,000 sq. ft facility, which has a state-of-the-art NDT department – additional equipment to its machining department, bleed valve and fuel nozzle overhaul, helicopter spray paint booth and engine test cell. Our inventory for the Rolls Royce 250 Series engines and the Bell 206B and L helicopters are available to the industry via our website: www.rotors-r-us.com. Southern Rotorcraft CC, based at Cape Town International Airport, sources and supplies spare parts for Rolls Royce 250 engines and Bell 206 helicopters, and we are also stockists of Avid Air carbon fibre lined compressor cases for the Rolls Royce 250-C20B compressors. Contact Southern Rotorcraft cc on: Tel no: +27 (0) 219350980 Email: sasales@rotors-r-us.com Website: www.rotors-r-us.com


Maintenance and Manufacturing SKYSOURCE INTERNATIONAL

Quality Maintenance

Skysource International South Africa, a Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, situated at Lanseria International Airport, strives to provide its clients with only the best quality service, ensuring a relationship with trust, confidence, integrity and peace of mind in a job well done. Specialising in turbo prop aircraft we deliver aircraft refurbishments with an excellent lead time and quality maintenance including, but not limited to phase 1-6 inspections, annual inspections, airframe and sheet metal repairs. With highly skilled and experienced technicians, we strive to only deliver the best quality service beyond our client’s expectations. As we have the knowledge of the time constraints involved in aviation, we work hard to ensure we keep to a reasonable timeframe to have your aircraft ready and serviceable when you need it. Contact: Telephone: +27 10 900 4300 E-Mail: info@skysourcesa.com http://skysourceinternational.com


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Sport Plane Builders cc (AMO 1189) is based at Wonderboom in Hangar 58C, on the south side. Sport Plane Builders cc has the rating A, B, C, W and X (welding). It is mainly involved in the repair service and manufacture of non-type certified aircraft (NTCA), and is also the holder of a Part 148 manufacturing organisation license (M712). Operating since 2005 and run by Pierre van der Walt with his team, they are involved in various initiatives: Running a composite workshop where composite repairs and parts are manufactured, including non-structural and structural repairs on type and nontype certified aircraft. They also model and construct new composite plugs and moulds. Sport Plane Builders cc supply the under carriage and composite components for the new Bat Hawk. They also have manufacturing licenced for steel and aluminium manufacturing • Assist owners in building RVs, as well as servicing and restoring them. • Partners in the new PCAD 700 6 seat single turbine aircraft project. • Building to order the Ravin 500 – full Composite Comanche look alike. • Building the turbine Compair – a six to eight seat Walter 601D turbine powered tail draggers.

• Maintain and rebuild various Rotax engine powered aircraft. Contact Sport Plane Builders cc on: Tel: 0872308468/69 Cell: 083 361 3181 Email: pmvdwalt@gmail.com www.sportplanebuilders.co.za


Aviation Operations, Pilot Training, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Maintenance, Charters

RAND AIRPORT ‘Your friendly general aviation hub’ Rand Airport is a privately owned civil airport, situated in Germiston. It has a long and diverse history and a visit to the airport will ensure regular classic aircraft sightings. It is known for being home to many of South Africa’s leading aerobatic teams as well as the SAA Museum, which boasts an array of vintage aircraft that are open to the public to experience for themselves, together with historic photographs, aircraft instruments, timetables, and much more. The airport furthermore houses charter companies, numerous flight schools, aircraft maintenance organisations, aviation supplies, all the major car hire companies and other aviation-related businesses. The airport is a busy hub for both fixed wings and helicopters alike, private and commercial. If you want to spend a day out with many varied activities to choose from (one of them being planespotting) then head for Rand any day of the week. Tel: 011 827 8884 Email: info@randairport.co.za Website: www.randairport.co.za


Aircraft Dismantling Experts

RAMMSA has been in the aircraft dismantling business since 2000. In this time over 85 airliners have been scrapped. This includes the DC-10, 727, 737, DC-9 and MD-80 amongst others. Our clients include Safair, Global, 1Time, and Nationwide. Being active in the market, RAMMSA has been responsible for cutting up most of the aircraft in South Africa. Our equipment is of top calibre and suitable for any dismantling application, and we take care of all arrangements and necessary permits required by the airport authorities. Our focus now is on smaller business and corporate aircraft parting out and scrapping. We buy Falcon, Hawker and Citation jets in any condition. RAMMSA also buys any aircraft engines which are used for re-sale and scrapping. We pride ourselves in offering our clients an effective and quick solution with regards to dismantling equipment and removal of obsolete aircraft from site. We service all of Africa. RAMMSA – Recycling is an Education. Contact RAMMSA on: Tel: 083 244-4180 Email: rammsa.sa@gmail.com Website: www.rammsa.co.za

Starlite is a diverse, solution driven company, offering a wide range of aviation services and products. Our 20 year track record is impressive, having operated in over 30 countries on 5 continents in harsh, hostile and austere environments. We are long term partners to corporate, commercial and military customers and one of the market leaders in: helicopter and aeroplane contract operations, pilot and drone training, charters, aircraft sales and maintenance. www.starliteaviation.com Contact: Starlite Aviation Operations (Contract and Emergency Operation Enquiries) Fiona McCarthy: +27 82 552 3813 fionam@starliteaviation.com

Starlite Maintenance Durban Emmanuel Mhungu: +27 82 402 7117 emmanuelm@starliteaviation.com Starlite Aviation Training Academy Klara Fouché : +27 83 324 8530 klaraf@starliteaviation.com

Starlite Aero Sales Klara Fouché: +27 83 324 8530 klaraf@starliteaviation.com

Pilot Training Enquiries +27 31 571 6600 / +27 44 692 0006 train@starliteaviation.com

Starlite Charters Jennifer de Lange: +27 82 977 1847 charters@starliteaviation.com

Drone Training Enquiries Andre Smuts +27 82 868 4435 train@starliteaviation.com

TAM INTERIORS With our team of skilled and creative personnel we offer a bespoke personalized service, TAM Interiors provides a full spectrum of services in aircraft interior design. Our goal is to provide customers with quality workmanship. We strive for perfection, whether it be a small common repair or a total custom restoration. There is no job too big or too small. Nothing makes us happier than giving our customers quality workmanship for one of their most prized possessions. Recognising that your requirements might be diverse, we work closely with you to get a clear understanding of your needs. We take care in listening to your ideas, so that we can provide a tailored solution reflecting your choice of style. These insights guide us to create products of high quality that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We only use Genuine Leather and the highest grade of materials. Our services include: • Refurbishing of seats and interior panels • Perforated leather and double stitching

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• Custom foam rebuilding on seats • Cutting and binding new carpets • Fitment of new roof linings • Refurbishing window plastics • Cotton canvas seat covers • Burn tests • and much more For more information contact TAM Interiors: Mynhardt 0834550215 tamaircraftinteriors@gmail.com http://tamaircraftinteriors.webs.com

their customers’ needs and requirements, and maintaining an exceptional level of service has allowed the company to evolve from a local company to global organisation. Contact Velocity Aviation on: Tel: +27 11 659 2306 Cell: + 27 78 051 6586 / + 27 082 872 3263 Website: www.velocityaviation.co.za



TITAN HELICOPTER GROUP Helicopter Services The Titan Helicopter Group (THG) operations provide professional lateral solutions to customer requirements throughout the world, with particular emphasis on safety and efficiency. Creativity plays a key role in the management of our supply chain, logistics, distribution, people transportation and exceptional customer service, both on- and offshore, including VFR and IFR operations carrying from 1 to 30 PAX. Our Vision The Titan Helicopter Group of companies, consisting of various licensed operators, approved maintenance organisations and a technical training centre in South Africa, will continue to offer a diverse service to the Global Market through a culture of safety and excellence. Our Mission To provide superior equipment with motivated and competent staff, delivering a proficient service. To promote a personalized service by valuing and focusing on client’s needs. To utilize our dynamic and pro-active safety and quality systems in order to maintain the highest standards in the interest of preserving lives, equipment and the environment. Office Tel: +27 44 878 0453 Email: info@thghelicopters.com www.titanhelicopters.com

VELOCITY AVIATION Velocity Aviation was created in 2007 to deliver exceptional service with regards to Flight Clearances, Ground Handling, and Aircraft Parts. With the primary focus of creating a service unique to the African continent, the company’s accuracy, efficiency and professionalism are always combined to match and adapt to the client’s needs in order to exceed their expectations. Whether it’s providing passenger assistance, aircraft charter and management, flight planning or refuelling services or sourcing and delivering parts, Velocity Aviation handles every situation in a positive, professional and personalised manner. Several manufactures have appointed Velocity Aviation parts division as a direct distributor, agent, or franchisee. The organisation has extensive inventories, including Goodyear Aviation tires and tubes, BP aviation lubricants and turbine filters, new and overhauled avionics and components and general parts and accessories. Velocity Aviation guarantees the fastest and most efficient response to


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Gyrocopter, Trojan

Wagtail Aviation specialises in the designing and manufacturing of custom-made Gyrocopter to satisfy the end-user requirement. Gyro’s are inexpensive to own and maintain, are stable, easy to operate, has a short take-off and landing, and can fly comfortably at very slow speeds.  Gyrocopter’s uses:  • Patrolling of livestock and farm observations • Surveillance, including fire management • Aerial Agricultural application • Support for anti-poaching operations • Recreational • Aerial oversight Our Trojan with its innovating engineering makes rough terrain landing possible and is powered by 260HP Subaru EJ 25 Turbo powerplant. With an empty weight of 420kg, she can carry a payload of 300kg.  She has a cruising speed of 120-140km/h and a slow speed of 56km/h.  All these features make the Trojan your “bakkie’ of the sky”, you will soon not understand how you ever got around without it.  Contact: Braam Hechter Cell: +27 (84) 697 7703 E-mail: marketing@wagtail.co.za www: www.wagtail.co.za


Pilot Supplies

Wings ‘n Things is a specialist pilot supplies shop based at Lanseria and Grand Central airports, catering for all levels of aviation enthusiasts and is the preferred supplier to many aspiring and professional pilots. We are authorised dealers of some of the world’s premium aviation brands, including Jeppesen, David Clark, Bose, and ASA. We are also resellers of Pooley’s, Garmin, Icom, RAM Mounts and many more local and international aviation brands. So, whether you are a professional or recreational pilot, student pilot, aviation enthusiast, looking for a gift for that someone special or just looking to spoil yourself, visit one of our shops at Lanseria or Grand Central, or shop online, for the widest range of aviation related products and gifts. Visit our website to see the full range of products that we carry. Contact Wings ‘n Things on: Tel: +27 (11) 701 3209 Email: lanseria@wingsnthings.co.za or info@wingsnthings.co.za Website: www.wingsnthings.co.za

BACKPAGE DIRECTORY A1A Flight Examiner (Loutzavia) Jannie Loutzis 012 567 6775 / 082 416 4069 jannie@loutzavia.co.za www.loutzavia.co.za

Alpi Aviation SA Dale De Klerk 082 556 3592 dale@alpiaviation.co.za www.alpiaviation.co.za

Adventure Air Lande Milne 012 543 3196 / Cell: 066 4727 848 l.milne@venture-sa.co.za www.ventureglobal.biz

Apco (Ptyd) Ltd Tony/Henk + 27 12 543 0775 apcosupport@mweb.co.za www.apcosa.co.za

AES (Cape Town) Erwin Erasmus 082 494 3722 erwin@aeroelectrical.co.za www.aeroelectrical.co.za

Aref Avionics Hannes Roodt 082 462 2724 arefavionics@border.co.za

Chem-Line Aviation & Celeste Products Steve Harris 011 452 2456 sales@chemline.co.za www.chemline.co.za Comporob Composite Repair & Manufacture Felix Robertson 072 940 4447 083 265 3602 comporob@lantic.net www.comporob.co.za Corporate-Aviators/Affordable Jet Sales Mike Helm 082 442 6239 corporate-aviators@iafrica.com www.corporate-aviators.com

Fly Jetstream Aviation Henk Kraaij 083 279 7853 charter@flyjetstream.co.za www.flyjetstream.co.za Flying Frontiers Craig Lang 082 459 0760 CraigL@fairfield.co.za www.flyingfrontiers.com

Flying Unlimited Flight School (Pty) Ltd Riaan Struwig 082 653 7504 / 086 770 8376 riaan@ppg.co.za Atlas Aviation Lubricants C. W. Price & Co www.ppg.co.za AES (Johannesburg) Steve Cloete Kelvin L. Price Danie van Wyk 011 917 4220 011 805 4720 Foster Aero International 011 701 3200 Fax: 011 917 2100 cwp@cwprice.co.za Dudley Foster office@aeroelectrical.co.za Sales.aviation@atlasoil.co.za www.cwprice.co.za 011 659 2533 www.aeroelectrical.co.za www.atlasoil.africa info@fosteraero.co.za Dart Aeronautical www.fosteraero.co.za Aerocore ATNS Jaco Kelly Jacques Podde Percy Morokane 011 827 8204 Gemair 082 565 2330 011 607 1234 dartaero@mweb.co.za Andries Venter jacques@aerocore.co.za percymo@atns.co.za 011 701 2653 / 082 905 5760 www.aerocore.co.za www.atns.com Dart Aircraft Electrical andries@gemair.co.za Mathew Joubert Aero Engineering & PowerPlant Aviation Direct 011 827 0371 GIB Aviation Insurance Brokers Andre Labuschagne Andrea Antel Dartaircraftelectrical@gmail.com Richard Turner 012 543 0948 011 465 2669 www.dartaero.co.za 011 483 1212 aeroeng@iafrica.com info@aviationdirect.co.za aviation@gib.co.za www.aviationdirect.co.za DJA Aviation Insurance www.gib.co.za Aero Services (Pty) Ltd 011 464 5550 Chris Scott Avtech Aircraft Services 0800Flying Gryphon Flight Academy 011 395 3587 Riekert Stroh mail@dja-aviation.co.za Jeffrey Von Holdt chris@aeroservices.co.za 082 555 2808 / 082 749 9256 www.dja-aviation.co.za 011 701 2600 www.aeroservices.co.za avtech1208@gmail.com info@gryphonflight.co.za Dynamic Propellers www.gryphonflight.co.za Aeronav Academy BAC Aviation AMO 115 Andries Visser Donald O’Connor Micky Joss 011 824 5057 Guardian Air 011 701 3862 035 797 3610 082 445 4456 011 701 3011 info@aeronav.co.za monicad@bacmaintenance.co.za andries@dynamicpropeller.co.za 082 521 2394 www.aeronav.co.za www.dynamicpropellers.co.za ops@guardianair.co.za Blackhawk Africa www.guardianair.co.za Aeronautical Aviation Cisca de Lange Eagle Aviation Helicopter Division Clinton Carroll 083 514 8532 Tamryn van Staden Heli-Afrique cc 011 659 1033 / 083 459 6279 cisca@blackhawk.aero 082 657 6414 Tino Conceicao clinton@aeronautical.co.za www.blackhawk.aero tamryn@eaglehelicopter.co.za 083 458 2172 www.aeronautical.co.za www.eaglehelicopter.co.za tino.conceicao@heli-afrique.co.za Blue Chip Flight School Aerotric (Pty) Ltd Henk Kraaij Eagle Flight Academy Henley Air Richard Small 012 543 3050 Mr D. J. Lubbe Andre Coetzee 083 488 4535 bluechip@bluechip-avia.co.za 082 557 6429 011 827 5503 aerotric@aol.com www.bluechipflightschool.co.za training@eagleflight.co.za andre@henleyair.co.za www.eagleflight.co.za www.henleyair.co.za Aircraft Assembly and Upholstery Centre Border Aviation Club & Flight School Tony/Siggi Bailes Liz Gous Elite Aviation Academy Hover Dynamics 082 552 6467 043 736 6181 Jacques Podde Phillip Cope anthony@rvaircraft.co.za admin@borderaviation.co.za 082 565 2330 074 231 2964 www.rvaircraft.co.za www.borderaviation.co.za info@eliteaa.co.za info@hover.co.za www.eliteaa.co.za www.hover.co.za Aircraft Finance Corporation Breytech Aviation cc Jaco Pietersen 012 567 3139 Emperor Aviation Indigo Helicopters +27 [0]82 672 2262 Willie Breytenbach Paul Sankey Gerhard Kleynhans jaco@airfincorp.co.za admin@breytech.co.za 082 497 1701 / 011 824 5683 082 927 4031 / 086 528 4234 www.airfincorp.co.za paul@emperoraviation.co.za veroeschka@indigohelicopters.co.za Bundu Aviation www.emperoraviation.co.za www.indigohelicopters.co.za Aircraft Maintenance @ Work Phillip Cronje Opelo / Frik 083 485 2427 Enstrom/MD Helicopters IndigoSat South Africa - Aircraft Tracking 012 567 3443 info@bunduaviation.co.za Andrew Widdall Gareth Willers frik@aviationatwork.co.za_ www.bunduaviation.co.za 011 397 6260 08600 22 121 opelonke@aviationatwork.co.za aerosa@safomar.co.za sales@indigosat.co.za Celeste Sani Pak & Inflight Products www.safomar.co.za www.indigosat.co.za Aircraft Maintenance International Steve Harris Pine Pienaar 011 452 2456 Era Flug Flight Training Integrated Avionic Solutions 083 305 0605 admin@chemline.co.za Pierre Le Riche Gert van Niekerk gm@aminternational.co.za www.chemline.co.za 021 934 7431 082 831 5032 info@era-flug.com gert@iasafrica.co.za Aircraft Maintenance International Cape Aircraft Interiors www.era-flug.com www.iasafrica.co.za Wonderboom Sarel Schutte Thomas Nel 021 934 9499 Execujet Africa International Flight Clearances 082 444 7996 michael@wcaeromarine.co.za 011 516 2300 Steve Wright admin@aminternational.co.za www.zscai.co.za enquiries@execujet.co.za 076 983 1089 (24 Hrs) www.execujet.com flightops@flyifc.co.za Air Line Pilots’ Association Cape Town Flying Club www.flyifc.co.za Sonia Ferreira Beverley Combrink Federal Air 011 394 5310 021 934 0257 / 082 821 9013 Nick Lloyd-Roberts Investment Aircraft alpagm@iafrica.com info@capetownflyingclub.co.za 011 395 9000 Quinton Warne www.alpa.co.za www.@capetownflyingclub.co.za shuttle@fedair.com 082 806 5193 www.fedair.com aviation@lantic.net Airshift Aircraft Sales Cape Town Flight Training Centre www.investmentaircraft.com Eugene du Plessis Oraya Laemkaew Ferry Flights int.inc. 082 800 3094 021 976 7053/084 440 7922 Michael (Mick) Schittenhelm Jabiru Aircraft eugene@airshift.co.za admin@cape-town-flying.co.za 082 442 6239 Len Alford www.airshift.co.za www.cape-town-flying.co.za ferryflights@ferry-flights.com 044 876 9991 / 044 876 9993 www.ferry-flights.com info@jabiru.co.za Airvan Africa Capital Air www.jabiru.co.za Patrick Hanly Micaella Vinagre Fireblade Aviation 082 565 8864 011 827 0335 010 595 3920 Jim Davis Books airvan@border.co.za micaella@capitalairsa.com info@firebladeaviation.com Jim Davis www.airvan.co.za www.capitalairsa.com www.firebladeaviation.com 072 188 6484 jim@border.co.za Algoa Flying Club Century Avionics cc Flight Training College www.jimdavis.co.za Sharon Mugridge Carin van Zyl Cornell Morton 041 581 3274 011 701 3244 044 876 9055 Joc Air T/A The Propeller Shop info@algoafc.co.za sales@centuryavionics.co.za ftc@flighttrainning.co.za Aiden O’Mahony www.algoafc.co.za www.centuryavionics.co.za www.flighttraining.co.za 011 701 3114 jocprop@iafrica.com Alpha One Aviation Chemetall Flight Training Services Opelo Wayne Claassens Amanda Pearce Kishugu Aviation 082 301 9977 011 914 2500 011 805 9015/6 +27 13 741 6400 on@alphaoneaviation.co.za wayne.claassens@basf.com amanda@fts.co.za comms@kishugu.com www.alphaoneaviation.co.za www.chemetall.com www.fts.co.za www.kishugu.com/kishugu-aviation

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BACKPAGE DIRECTORY Kit Planes for Africa Stefan Coetzee 013 793 7013 info@saplanes.co.za www.saplanes.co.za

MS Aviation Gary Templeton 082 563 9639 gary.templeton@msaviation.co.za www.msaviation.co.za

Kzn Aviation (Pty) Ltd Melanie Jordaan 031 564 6215 mel@kznaviation.co.za www.kznaviation.co.za

North East Avionics Keith Robertson +27 13 741 2986 keith@northeastavionics.co.za deborah@northeastavionics.co.za www.northeastavionics.co.za Landing Eyes Gavin Brown Orsmond Aviation 031 202 5703 058 303 5261 info@landingeyes.co.za info@orsmondaviation.co.za www.landingeyes.com www.orsmondaviation.co.za Lanseria Aircraft Interiors Owenair (Pty) Ltd Francois Denton Clive Skinner 011 659 1962 / 076 810 9751 082 923 9580 francois@aircraftcompletions.co.za clive.skinner@owenair.co.za www.owenwair.co.za Lanseria International Airport Mike Christoph Pacair 011 367 0300 Wayne Bond mikec@lanseria.co.za 033 386 6027 www.lanseria.co.za pacair@telkomsa.net

Skyworx Aviation Kevin Hopper kevin@skyworx.co.za www.skyworxaviation.co.za

Legend Sky 083 860 5225 / 086 600 7285 info@legendssky.co.za www.legendsky.co.za

PFERD-South Africa (Pty) Ltd Hannes Nortman 011 230 4000 hannes.nortman@pferd.co.za www.pferd.com

Southern Energy Company (Pty) Ltd Elke Bertram +264 8114 29958 johnnym@sec.com.na www.sec.com.na

Litson & Associates (Pty) Ltd OGP, BARS, Resources Auditing & Aviation Training karen.litson@litson.co.za Phone: 27 (0) 21 8517187 www.litson.co.za

Pipistrel Kobus Nel 083 231 4296 kobus@pipistrelsa.co.za www.pipistrelsa.co.za

Southern Rotorcraft cc Mr Reg Denysschen Tel no: 0219350980 sasales@rotors-r-us.com www.rotors-r-us.com

Plane Maintenance Facility Johan 083 300 3619 pmf@myconnection.co.za

Sport Plane Builders Pierre Van Der Walt 083 361 3181 pmvdwalt@mweb.co.za

Precision Aviation Services Marnix Hulleman 012 543 0371 marnix@pasaviation.co.za www.pasaviation.co.za PSG Aviation Reon Wiese 0861 284 284 reon.wiese@psg.co.za www.psg aviation.co.za

Starlite Aero Sales Klara Fouché +27 83 324 8530 / +27 31 571 6600 klaraf@starliteaviation.com www.starliteaviation.com

Rainbow SkyReach (Pty) Ltd Mike Gill 011 817 2298 Mike@fly-skyreach.com www.fly-skyreach.com Rand Airport Stuart Coetzee 011 827 8884 stuart@randairport.co.za www.randairport.co.za Robin Coss Aviation Robin Coss 021 934 7498 info@cossaviation.com www.cossaviation.co.za

Starlite Aviation Training Academy Durban: +27 31 571 6600  Mossel Bay:  +27 44 692 0006 train@starliteaviation.com www.starliteaviation.com

Litson & Associates Risk Management Services (Pty) Ltd. eSMS-S/eTENDER/ eREPORT/Advisory Services karen.litson@litson.co.za Phone: 27 (0) 8517187 www.litson.co.za Loutzavia Aircraft Sales Henry Miles 082 966 0911 henry@loutzavia.co.za www.loutzavia.co.za Loutzavia Charters Henry Miles 012 567 3873 charters@loutzavia.co.za www.loutzavia.co.za Loutzavia Flight Training Gerhardt Botha 012 567 6775 ops@loutzavia.co.za www.loutzavia.co.za Loutzavia-Pilots and Planes Maria Loutzis 012 567 6775 maria@loutzavia.co.za www.pilotsnplanes.co.za Loutzavia Rand Frans Pretorius 011 824 3804 rand@loutzavia.co.za www@loutzavia.co.za Lowveld Aero Club Pugs Steyn 013 741 3636 Flynow@lac.co.za Marshall Eagle Les Lebenon 011 958 1567 les@marshalleagle.co.za www.marshalleagle.co.za MCC Aviation Pty Ltd Claude Oberholzer 011 701 2332 info@flymcc.co.za www.flymcc.co.za MH Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd Marc Pienaar 011 609 0123 / 082 940 5437 customerrelations@mhaviation.co.za www.mhaviation.co.za M and N Acoustic Services cc Martin de Beer 012 689 2007/8 calservice@mweb.co.za Metropolitan Aviation (Pty) Ltd Gert Mouton 082 458 3736 herenbus@gmail.com Money Aviation Angus Money 083 263 2934 angus@moneyaviation.co.za www.moneyaviation.co.za


Skyhorse Aviation Ryan Louw 012 809 3571 info@skyhorse.co.za www.skyhorse.co.za

FlightCom Magazine

SAA Technical (SOC) Ltd SAAT Marketing 011 978 9993 satmarketing@flysaa.com www.flysaa.com/technical SABRE Aircraft Richard Stubbs 083 655 0355 richardstubbs@mweb.co.za www.aircraftafrica.co.za SA Mooney Patrick Hanly 082 565 8864 samooney@border.co.za www.samooney.co.za Savannah Helicopters De Jager 082 444 1138 / 044 873 3288 dejager@savannahhelicopters.co.za www.savannahhelicopters.co.za Scenic Air Christa van Wyk +264 612 492 68 windhoek@scenic-air.com www.scenic-air.com Sheltam Aviation Durban Susan Ryan 083 505 4882 susanryan@sheltam.com www.sheltamaviation.com Sheltam Aviation PE Brendan Booker 082 497 6565 brendanb@sheltam.com www.sheltamaviation.com

Sky-Tech Heinz Van Staden 082 720 5210 sky-tech@telkomsa.net www.sky-tech.za.com Sling Aircraft Kim Bell-Cross 011 948 9898 sales@airplanefactory.co.za www.airplanefactory.co.za Solenta Aviation (Pty Ltd) Paul Hurst 011 707 4000 info@solenta.com www.solenta.com

Starlite Aviation Operations Trisha Andhee +27 82 660 3018/ +27 31 571 6600 trishaa@starliteaviation.com www.starliteaviation.com

Status Aviation (Pty) Ltd Richard Donian 074 587 5978 / 086 673 5266 info@statusaviation.co.za www.statusaviation.co.za Superior Pilot Services Liana Jansen van Rensburg 0118050605/2247 info@superiorair.co.za www.superiorair.co.za The Copter Shop Bill Olmsted 082 454 8555 execheli@iafrica.com www.execheli.wixsite.com/the-coptershop-sa Titan Helicopter Group 044 878 0453 info@titanhelicopters.com www.titanhelicopters.com TPSC Dennis Byrne 011 701 3210 turboprop@wol.co.za Trio Helicopters & Aviation cc CR Botha or FJ Grobbelaar 011 659 1022


www.trioavi.co.za Tshukudu Trailers Pieter Visser 083 512 2342 deb@tshukudutrailers.co.za www.tshukudutrailers.co.za U Fly Training Academy Nikola Puhaca 011 824 0680 ufly@telkomsa.net www.uflyacademy.co.za United Charter cc Jonathan Wolpe 083 270 8886 jonathan.wolpe@unitedcharter.co.za www.unitedcharter.co.za

United Flight Support Clinton Moodley/Jonathan Wolpe 076 813 7754 / 011 788 0813 ops@unitedflightsupported.com www.unitedflightsupport.com Unique Air Charter Nico Pienaar 082 444 7994 nico@uniqueair.co.za www.uniqueair.co.za Unique Flight Academy Nico Pienaar 082 444 7994 nico@uniqueair.co.za www.uniqueair.co.za Van Zyl Aviation Services Colette van Zyl 012 997 6714 admin@vanzylaviationco.za www.vanzylaviation.co.za Vector Aerospace Jeff Poirier +902 888 1808 jeff.poirier@vectoraerospace.com www.vectoraerospace.com Velocity Aviation Collin Pearson 011 659 2306 / 011 659 2334 collin@velocityaviation.co.za www.velocityaviation.co.za Villa San Giovanni Luca Maiorana 012 111 8888 info@vsg.co.za www.vsg.co.za Vortx Aviation Bredell Roux 072 480 0359 info@vortx.co.za www.vortxaviation.com Wagtail Aviation Johan van Ludwig 082 452 8194 acrochem@mweb.co.za www.wagtail.co.za Wanafly Adrian Barry 082 493 9101 adrian@wanafly.net www.wanafly.co.za Windhoek Flight Training Centre Thinus Dreyer 0026 40 811284 180 pilots@flywftc.com www.flywftc.com Wings n Things Wendy Thatcher 011 701 3209 wendy@wingsnthings.co.za www.wingsnthings.co.za Witbank Flight School Andre De Villiers 083 604 1718 andredv@lantic.net www.waaflyingclub.co.za Wonderboom Airport Peet van Rensburg 012 567 1188/9 peet@wonderboomairport.co.za www.wonderboomairport.co.za Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate Martin Den Dunnen 082 449 8895 martin@zandspruit.co.za www.zandspruit.co.za Zebula Golf Estate & SPA Reservations 014 734 7700 reception@zebula.co.za www.zebula.co.za

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