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SAFE Bangladesh guidelines for better-building with Bamboo! Easy steps to help your house resist wind, earthquake, rain, last longer and save you Taka!

CROSS-BRACING By adding half pieces of bamboo cross bracing to your walls as outlined below, you’re house will be stronger and resist high winds, storms and earthquakes.


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Where should I place cross-bracing? Cross-bracing should be added to EVERY external wall of your house. These walls should be no more than 12� apart. If they are, a middle wall will need to be braced TWICE. If house is two-stories, top story bracing should be placed directly above the bracing below.


How do I connect the bracing? A drill and M16 bolt with washer is required to connect each end of the cross bracing. You must be careful to have a node at the end of each cross brace and also have a minimum of 2” (50mm) from the bolt to the end of the cross brace. Connections are THE most important part of cross bracing What Bamboo should I use? Thicker bamboo is best but size should be at least 2.5” diameter and 3/4” wall thickness as shown on below; 2” (5

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Roof Bracing Roof bracing is another easy way to strengthen your house. Add diagonal bamboo members to the corners at the top of your walls and fix with bamboo nails.


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HANDY TIPS • Use bamboo treated against insect attack for longer lasting house (contact SAFE for more information) • Protect cross-bracing and all bamboo from rain and wind using CI sheet and careful planning. • Use concrete Katla foundation pads to prevent bamboo posts from rotting in the earth. • Mixing 5% cement with mud plaster will make walls and floor last MUCH longer. (more tips in Bangla RE: Maintenance) MORE INFORMATION SAFE Bangladesh promotes improved building techniques for low-cost housing in Bangladesh. By doing this, we help Bangladeshi’s build better and longer lasting houses, with their own hands! SAFE demonstration houses can be viewed in Jorgen Babur Mart, Dinajpur where you can see all of these techniques in action. If you have any questions, contact; Azit Roy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pulin Roy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Masud xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Bamboo Cross-bracing Techniques (English)  

(May 2012 / S. Stephens) Basic bamboo connections and cross-bracing information sheets.