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he tourism sector is one of the fastest developing sectors of our economy. In the last few years, Burundi has witnessed a tremendous amount of development in the sector that continues to show growth projections well into the future. Rising from a very difficult past, Burundi has over the last few years greatly benefited from the deliberate government efforts that has seen a total revamp of its economic policies with a view to bolstering economic development in the country.

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This has seen massive investments by the government to upgrade existing infrastructure, especially the road network within the country. This has, in turn, created a conducive investment climate that continues to attract new investments in the hospitality sector. Various economic policies that the Government of Burundi (GoB) has implemented over the last few years make it increasingly easier to set up businesses in the country. We offer a one-stop shop for registering a business and issuing the required licenses within 24 hours. This has led to an increased interest by both local and regional investors in setting up operations in Burundi. The hospitality sector in Burundi no doubt remains one of the largest employers in the country and continues to show signs of strong growth.

The hospitality sector in Burundi no doubt remains one of the largest employers in the country and continues to show signs of strong growth.

While catering to mainly business travelers, Burundi is actively developing its tourism attractions to attract more visitors. We are enhancing our conservation efforts in various national parks to ensure that the flora and fauna of our country is preserved for future generations. I have the pleasure to welcome you. Welcome to Burundi your second home, Welcome to our Beautiful Burundi.

Victoire Ndikumana, Minister of Commerce, Industry, Posts and Tourism, Burundi.





Birds take to flight at Lake Rwihinda.





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Dawn Breaks for Burundi

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New Economic Reforms power Burundian Economy


Tourism in Burundi on a trajectory

Photographs by Denis Gathanju, Arnaud Mugisha, National Tourism Office of Burundi and Shutterstock. DISCLAIMER: The contents and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the editor, the publisher or any other organization associated with this publication. While every caution has been taken in the preparation and production of this magazine, the publisher will not accept any liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies and/or omissions.




A touch of luxury in the heart of Bujumbura








Sample Bujumbura’s vibrant night life On a culinery journey in the heart of Bujumbura An icon of hospitality in Bujumbura

One of the world’s most diverse eco-regions


Where chimps roam free Experience the sights and sounds of Burundi A bird spectacle in Burundi


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The tourism industry is one of the economic sectors that has really caught the wind thanks to the new reforms. The sector has over the last few years witnessed a renewed interest from Burundians as well as from regional and international hospitality players.

Africa is on the rise. And Burundi is definitely rising with the rest of the continent. I am extremely pleased to introduce Beautiful Burundi, the first tourism guide for Burundi that seeks to create awareness locally, regionally and internationally on the developments in Burundi. Many would have written off this country, but I promise you that the signs are crystal clear that Burundi is on a path to a renaissance.A revival that offers better and brighter prospects for this East African nation. The recent economic reforms have really turned around this country. It is now many times easier to establish a business in Burundi. Furthermore, the Government of Burundi (GoB) is committed to ensure businesses thrive in a safe and secure environment. This has created a wonderful investment climate for both returning Burundians as well as foreign nationals and companies. The tourism industry is one of the economic sectors that has really caught the wind thanks to the new reforms. The sector has over the last few years witnessed a renewed interest from Burundians as well as from regional and international hospitality players. This has seen the locals plough massive investments, especially into the hospitality industry in the country. And regional and international hospitality brands have been lining up to open shop in Burundi to take advantage of the country’s rising status as a business and leisure destination. And what’s more, the people of this country are incredibly friendly. They carry with them infectious smiles. I have been touched by their smiles, their warmth and hospitality and I invite you to visit Burundi and discover its hidden magic.

Denis Gathanju, Publisher.



We are also looking at developing cruise tourism on Lake Tanganyika to facilitate connection services between Bujumbura and other neighbouring cities that have ports such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia.






urundi is rising and growing and making a determined progression looking forward to a better and brighter future. This East African nation continues to show a lot of promise in almost all spheres of its economy and has over the last few years continued to attract both regional and international investors – many of whom are attracted by the country’s new economic policies and a stable political climate. The tourism industry is one of the sectors that has registered tremendous growth over the last few years. Fueled by the growing businesses in the country and an equally expanding leisure industry, Burundi is a growing East African tiger.





To put matters into perspective, Burundi’s Minister for Commerce, Industry, Posts and Tourism Honourable Victoire Ndikumana spoke exclusively to Beautiful Burundi’s Managing Editor Denis Gathanju. Excerpts: DG


Burundi is unique in many ways. It presents a wide variety of tourism types: lakesides across the country, natural reserves, cultural tourism, spectacular landscapes, and varied configuration of the relief, a favourable climate, art and most importantly our legendary hospitality combined with our outstanding drummers.


Why do you refer to Burundi as the beating heart of Africa?


First of all, if you look at the map, you will see that Burundi is shaped roughly like a human heart! Secondly, Burundi drummers are known all over the world by the way they skillfully beat the drums and dance. This part of our heritage identifies well with the rhythm of Africa! As you know, music and dance are an integral part of the African culture and that is why we celebrate our drummers as such.


This has further been bolstered by easy and straightforward economic policies that have made it far much easier to register and open a business in Burundi. We now have a one-stop-shop where businesses are registered and the required licenses issued within 24 hours.

The tourism industry in Burundi is on a growth trajectory. What makes Burundi such a unique destination?

After being absent on the international tourism scene for more than 20 years, Burundi was reintroduced on the market as a new destination at WTF China, ITM Russia, WTM London and ITB Berlin in 2011 and 2012. The prizes we won (Best African exhibitor in 2011and 2012 and The Best of the Best exhibitor in 2012 at ITB Berlin) not only encouraged us but also drew considerable attention to us from the world. We are excited to continue improving our tourism to receive many visitors from around the world.


of our nation. We have enacted new legislation that encourages and fosters new investments.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed massive investments in the tourism and hospitality sector in Burundi. What would you attribute that to? Although Burundi went through some tough times, we have turned the page and started a new chapter in the history


Furthermore, an enabling business environment in Burundi is obvious. We are investing heavily in upgrading and building our infrastructure, especially all the roads that lead to the 17 provinces of Burundi and some touristic attraction sites. We are also investing heavily in information communications technology (ICT) by rolling out a fibre optic cable across the country. This will make internet connection fast and affordable for everyone. DG




Aside from the points you have elaborated on. What else would make an investor want to plough their money into the Burundian hospitality industry? Good question. We offer other incentives such as tax waivers for new businesses as well as duty free on equipment imported by these new businesses to help them set up well in Burundi. I love what I am hearing. However, looking back at what Burundi has been through, a long and bloody past; an almost dysfunctional system and what have you; what makes the new investor want to stake their investments on Burundi, especially since you are going to elections in 2015? Like I mentioned earlier, Burundi has turned that page and we have learnt bitter lessons from our past. We are now on a growth path. We have opened up democratic space in Burundi and we have freedom of speech.


All the different social groups have been integrated back into the society and the ethnic divisions are eroding. The Government of Burundi is investing in social projects, social infrastructure and continues to do everything in its power to ensure the safety and security of all people and their properties- locals and foreigners. DG


Burundi has been a surprise package at the last two editions of the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany. What can we expect from Burundi in terms of product development going forward?

Joining the East African Community has been a wonderful opportunity for Burundi. We have greatly benefited from the expertise and experience of our partner states. Burundi as a destination complements well the other four EAC stakeholders. Visitors who have extended their trips to Burundi enjoyed it and so did our tourism industry. DG


Product development is a key component that will help improve leisure and business tourism in Burundi. We are seeking to advance on the gains made thus far first by encouraging beach tourism. We are seeking new investors who are willing to set up new beachfront hotels and resorts as well as a seafront conference and exhibition center. We are also looking for investors who can set up an eco-friendly marina on the Lake Tanganyika and develop a new water sports center.

Health tourism (Well-being and Spa - therapeutic) is another component to be developed. We have numerous natural hot springs in Burundi that can be developed into health and wellness spots. DG


We have been working at developing a common East African tourism approach that seeks to market the entire region as one destination. This gives the visitors a better diversification of things to see and do making their visit even more worthwhile. Also, the single East African tourist visa can attract tourists who had visited an EAC stakeholder in the past can now revisit the region and come to the newly-joined countries like Burundi


That is very interesting, but the East African visa has been much-talked about. What is your take on this? A single East African tourist visa is a wonderful proposition as it reduces the travel time and expenses for tourists. It gives tourists an opportunity to experience a wide diversity in one destination- the EAC.

We are also looking at developing cruise tourism on Lake Tanganyika to facilitate connection services between Bujumbura and other neighbouring cities that have ports such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia. In addition to that, we are also looking at restocking our national parks and reserves with wildlife in order to make these parks attractive for game safaris and ecotourism ventures.

How else can Burundi benefit from being a partner state of the EAC?

Burundi embraces it wholly and hopes that it’ll be implemented soon. DG


But we seem to be talking about having a single East African tourist visa for an eternity and not walking the talk. In your opinion, what seems to be the stumbling block? All partner states of the EAC have agreed on the importance of the single East African tourist visa. However, it is the technical details, especially the one on revenue sharing that seems to be the hindrance of realizing this. But we remain optimistic about it.

Burundi is one of the constituent members of the East African Community. How has this benefited tourism in Burundi?




Travel Information for Burundi


ravelling to foreign lands can sometimes be a major challenge, especially if you are not armed with the correct information before you set off on your journeys. Of course there are so many things that you should be concerned about while planning a trip, whether that trip is a business or leisure trip.

Beautiful Burundi gives you some basic, but critical information that will no doubt ease your travel to Burundi.

Burundi Visa Finding accurate information on the Internet regarding Burundi Visa formalities and rates is still very difficult the Burundi Immigration Authority does not have a website. The website, is currently under construction and will be available sooner. However, Beautiful Burundi sought the required information for entry visas to Burundi. Most travelers, often first time visitors to Burundi, will be asked by most airlines and travel agencies get an entry visa prior to their travel to Burundi. However, the Burundi Immigration Authority which is also known as Police de l’Air et des Frontières (PAFE) in French will provide entry visas to all travelers that require an entry visa into Burundi on arrival at the Bujumbura International Airport or at any official border post. The process of acquiring the entry visa is pretty much straight forward. All the traveler needs to do is fill in the visa form and pay the required amount, get an official receipt and get issued the entry visa. There are a number of different visas with different rates and validity as below:


Visa rates: Type of Visa

Rate / Cost


Entry / Transit Visa

40 USD

3 Days

Single Entry Tourist Visa

70 USD

1 Month

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

90 USD

1 Month

Visa Requirements: For further information kindly contact : • Passport with at least a 6 months validity - Burundi Immigration Authority / Police de l’Air et des Frontières • 2 recent passport photos - Commissioner of Foreigners/ Commissaire des Etrangers • A valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card - Address : 105, Avenue des EtatsUnis, Kigobe Nord, Bujumbura • American Dollars to pay for the VISA - Tel: (257) 22 21 9329, Email: sylvrenizigama@yahoo.fr


SN Brussels Airlines 19, Avenue d’Industrie, Tel (+257) 22 25 6281 Email: sales.burundi@brusselsairlines.com South African Airways 3, Boulevard de l’Uprona, Tel (+257) 22 22 72 22 Email: DorineMuyubira@flysaa.com

Health requirements Travellers are also reminded to carry with them their Yellow Fever inoculation certificates. It is also advisable to get an anti-malaria and Hepatitis B jab before travelling to not only Burundi, but also in other East African countries.

Flights to Burundi There are a number of international airline companies that offer flights into Burundi from Europe and other parts of Africa. Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways offer flights into Bujumbura through their respective hubs in Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Johannesburg. SN Brussels offer direct flights into Bujumbura. Other regional airlines such as RwandAir and Air Uganda provide flights into Bujumbura from Kigali. Air Burundi, the country’s national carrier is set to take to the skies and will offer more direct connections to the region and beyond. As Burundi is now fast developing into a tourist and business destination, thanks to the linkages it now enjoys under the East African Community, more international airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines have indicated an interest in opening flights to Bujumbura and will offer business and leisure tourists more options to fly their favourite airline into Bujumbura.

Bujumbura Head Office Contacts: Air Burundi 13, Avenue du Commerce, Tel (+257) 22 22 84 36/ 22 22 90 92 Email: marketing@flyairburundi.com


Kenya Airways Avenue Patrice Lumumba, Tel (+257) 22 24 35 06 Email : burundigroup@kenya-airways.com Ethiopian Airlines 9, Avenue de la Victoire, Tel (+257) 22 22 68 20 Email : glorian@ethiopianairlines.com Air Uganda 5, Avenue du Commerce, Galerie La Perle Tel (+257) 22 27 72 62 Email : enkenzabahizi@air-uganda.com RwandAir 40, Avenue du Commerce, Tel (+257) 22 25 18 49 Website: www.rwandair.com

Getting around Getting around Bujumbura and Burundi is easy. In Bujumbura, the taxis are clearly marked. The taxis are not metered and it is always advisable to negotiate with the drivers fares before getting on board. The motorcycle taxis are cheaper, but are known to have a bad accident rate and are not allowed within the city center. Public buses are the cheapest mode of transport, especially within Bujumbura and if you are travelling to other towns in Burundi or visiting the neighbouring countries of Rwanda, Tanzania or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


18 A




Lieu de rencontre Stanley et Livingstone




Parc National de Kibira




Monuments Historiques de Kiriri/Vugizo

Reserve Naturelle de la Rusizi

Théier de Teza

Musée vivant de Bujumbura


Eaux thermales




Burundi Location Map


Musée National de Gitéga

Site de signature du Traité de colonisation


Site d’intronisation des Rois, Rubumba

Lac Rwihinda


Sanctuaires des tambours sacrés


Lac aux oiseaux migrateurs

Lac C ohoh a




Parc National de la Ruvubu

Lac Rweru


Danse des guerriers, Intore de Kirundo







Foret de Rukmonge


Foret de Bururi

13. Danse acrobatique, Agasimbo de Makamba

5. Théier de Teza 6. Eau thermale de Munini

12. Danse des guerriers, Intore de Kirundo

10. Sanctuaires des tambours sacrés 11. Site d’intronisation des Rois, Rubumba

8. Parc National de la Ruvubu

2. Chutes de Karera

9. Site de signature du Traité de colonisation

Tourisme culturel

4. Grotte de Kayove

7. Parc National de Kibira

1. Lac Tanganyika


Eaux thermales

La Source Méridionale du Nil

RUTANA Failles des Allemands

Chutes de Karera

16. Monuments Historiques de Kiriri/Vugizo

15. Lieu de rencontre Stanley et Livingstone

14. La Source Méridionale du Nil


18. Musée vivant de Bujumbura

17. Musée National de Gitéga



20. Activités nautiques sur le Lac Tanganyika

19. Lac aux oiseaux migrateurs


Eaux thermales



Routes provinciales

Route nationales









Grotte de Kayove



Danse acrobatique, Agasimbo de Makamba


Eau thermale de Munini

3. Failles des Allemands

Parcs et Réserves Naturelles

Paysages uniques

Les 20 meilleures attractions touristiques



ika Activités nautiques sur le Lac Tanganyika

Reserve Naturelle de Kigwena

Lac Tanganyika

gany Lake Tan


The Burundi Investment Promotion Agency has created a one-stop-shop business activation center that has been operational since March 6, 2012 after the consolidation of at least three other business registration centers into one.

Antoine KABURA

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Burundi Investment Promotion Authority



urundi Investment Promotion Agency (API), through the implementation of bold economic reforms, has shown to the world that Burundi is a privileged destination for investments and, at the same time, we are embarking on boosting the economy. The 2013 World Bank Doing Business Report confirmed Burundi as the Africa’s most improving nation in easing doing business by ranking Burundi 5th worldwide out of 185 economies. This has been facilitated by the talented and dedicated API staff who have continually provided daily support and assistance to investors by providing accurate information and updates on business creation, incentives offered by the Investment Code, practical clues to set up a business plan, and, of course, availing relevant statistical data.


KCB supports efforts to grow investments in Burundi


One-stop-shop business activation center The Burundi Investment Promotion Agency has created a onestop-shop business activation center that has been operational since March 6, 2012 after the consolidation of at least three other business registration centers into one. This has greatly reduced the time needed to register and start a business in Burundi from the initial eleven procedures that would normally take at least 32 days and cost investors US$ 300 to under 24 hours and pay only US$ 30. The one-stop-shop in Burundi is governed by a government decree N째 120/VP2/027 of January 31, 2013 on the creation, organization and the functioning of one-stop-shop for business creation in Burundi. Since its creation, 1291 companies have been created with an average of 120 companies per month.

Honourable T.A. MANIRAKIZA, Minister of Finance and Economic Development Planning and API Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Antoine KABURA introducing the One-Stop-Shop office to the World Bank Group & International Finance Corporation delegation

Statistics from 2012 indicate that the investment climate in Burundi is really vibrant. The agency registered a total of 69 companies with a planned total investment of Burundi Francs (BIF) 436,579,282,083 (US$ 278,210,007 million) which included a foreign direct investment (FDI) that amounted to BIF 375,656,541,666 (US$ 239,386,126 million) and a local investment of BIF 60,922,740,417 (US$ 38,820,578 million). This led to the creation of 1,366 new jobs in Burundi.

Investment code Beside the one-stop-shop, the Government of Burundi (GoB) has gone further by enacting an investment code that is used not only as a guide to investing in Burundi, but also as a strong assurance of total government support and non-interference with businesses in Burundi.

This has greatly reduced the time needed to register and start a business in Burundi from the initial eleven procedures that would normally take at least 32 days and cost investors US$ 300 to under 24 hours and pay only US$ 30

Under the code, the GoB guarantees any person or company an investment climate that allows them to invest freely anywhere in the country. The government also allows local and foreign owned companies to buy or rent land anywhere in Burundi for purposes of developing it or setting up businesses. Under Article 11 of the investment code, the government also allows foreign companies to transfer capital and incomes to countries of their choice, after paying taxes. Article 13 of the investment code refrains The Republic of Burundi from any nationalization and/or expropriation of investments made on its territory. Other measures and indicators such as insolvency and incentives code are being reviewed.



Celebrate Burundian Culture



TheGrand Hotelof

Bujumbura Imagine‌ Imagine a location placed on the high and safe grounds of Bujumbura, Kiriri. Imagine a hotel that meets high standards and exclusive comfort: 24h full service, fine cuisine, gym and spa, a fresh breeze on your private balcony, acclimatized and spacious rooms, furnitured in a modern and luxurious style, wifi and full business service - all that topped with a spectacular view of the city and the lake Tanganyika. Imagine different, with Hotel Belair Residence.

www.hotelbelairbujumbura.com www.burunditourisme.com


urundi has been a surprise package at the last two editions of the International Tourism Borse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany.

Last year, Burundi beat strong tourism destinations such as Kenya, Tunisia and Morocco to clinch the Best Exhibitor’s Award. Taleb Rifai, the Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) presented the prestigious award to Ambassador Patricia Rwimo who was the head of the Burundi delegation at the ITB 2012 event. While giving out the prize, Rifai mentioned that Burundi clinched the coveted award due to a number of things, key amongst them being the overall display of its products and the passion with which the Burundi delegation presented. He also mentioned that the Government of Burundi (GoB) had also shown a lot of commitment towards developing tourism in the country. www.burunditourisme.com


Ambassador Rwimo who headed the Burundian delegation and works as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism mentioned that the award presented Burundi a perfect opportunity to further consolidate the gains made by the central African nation that has emerged from the ashes of a devastating decade-long civil conflict. Ambassador Rwimo also mentioned that the award in a strong statement to Burundians and the international community that its tourism industry had at last set off and that the award would greatly contribute to presenting a positive image of the country and thereby attract more tourists into the country.

The dynamism of global tourism is gradually changing with most tourists now looking for specific experiences. They are wiser and just understand what they want. Burundi captured this dynamism perfectly by majoring in cultural tourism, which has become a growing tourism trend across the world. This added marks for Burundi to finally clinch the Best Exhibitors Award. The award puts Burundi on a favourable path to advancing its tourism products to attract both business and leisure tourists who are looking at discovering new places. It also presents investors with a new investment frontier within the East African region. This has been evidenced over the last few months with Serena Hotels and Resorts, arguably the largest hotel group in East and Central Africa, giving strong indications of opening a new city hotel in Burundi’s capital city Bujumbura. The Double Tree by the Hilton is yet another major hotel group that will be setting up shop in Bujumbura.




Safari Communications is a custom publishing company specializing in corporate magazines, catalogues, brochures and corporate branding. We are active in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia and growing.

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Buoyed not only by its entry into the East African Community, but also by a new economic policy, the investment climate in Burundi is has in the recent past received a boost thanks to the announcement of the establishment of two top quality hotels in the nation’s capital Bujumbura.

Double Tree by the Hilton, Bujumbura The hospitality industry in Bujumbura is coming to life after Hilton Hotels announced their acquisition of Bujumbura’s Waterfront Hotel which is also popularly known as Novotel.

Double Tree by the Hilton, Dar es salaam


The hotel which will be known as Double Tree by the Hilton Bujumbura is a welcome addition to the tourism industry in Burundi. Hilton plans a major refurbishment of the 130 room hotel before it is finally opened in 2014.

Double Tree by the Hilton, Dar es salaam







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In the heart of Africa Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika is in a wide park that ends up on a marvellous beach on the banks of the Lake Tanganyika. It offers to the guests a luxurious and relaxing accommodation in an intimate environment. This is a 4 star Hotel with 83 comfortable rooms, including standards and suites rooms . In 2013, the hotel will launch 24 new apartments and studios equipped with kitchen for extended stays. The rental cost includes hotel services (cleaning, internet, security, water and electricity, free access to hotel facilities etc...) from only 2.200USD per moth.



t u O g Eatin Bujumbura is a vibrant city that comes to life in the early evenings. The city is famous for its exciting and vibrant night life. The city has numerous restaurants catering to a wide range of tastes. The city hosts a large expatriate community drawn from all parts of Africa and elsewhere in the world, especially Europe. Burundians are known to be quite adventurous and they love their food. Beautiful Burundi went to check out some of these restaurants and makes its recommendations.

Tanganyika Good for a nice meal out and one of the best restaurants in town. It is located near the port. The restaurant is housed in an old colonial style building with excellent service topped with a cool breeze from the lake. Probably has the best chocolate mousse in town but also excellent fish carpaccio, other fish and meat dishes – such as sangala with blue cheese, grilled lamb chops.

Khana Khazana This is the Bujumbura branch of the restaurants which are also found in Kigali and Kampala. People call this the best restaurant in town. The restaurant is located in the leafy Kiriri suburb of Bujumbura, off Avenue de Belvedere. Beautiful pavilion seating, luxuriously decorated. Great Indian food with numerous vegetarian options. Can accommodate big groups. Closed on Mondays.



Belvedere Situated up on a hill in Kiriri with a spectacular view of the town, lake and the mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Great place to grab a sunset cocktail. There is a bar counter – where you can sip a cold beer, eat some potato curls and look at the beautiful view. Serves a wide range of European cuisine, rather expensive and fancy for the price but the view is great. Service is good here. Prices hover around BIF 12,000-16,000 per main course.

Bora Bora Situated on the lake, about 10 minutes out of town, next to the Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika. Fabulous atmosphere. Everyone orders their pizzas, because they are great and whatever you can’t finish, you can bring home with you. Pizzas run from BIF 9,000-11,000. They also have salads and fish. Good place for drinks on the weekend, while lounging next to the pool. There is also free wireless internet.

Chez Andre On Rue Rwagasore, on the right as you go up the hill. Beautiful restaurant. Greek-themed, usually empty, but is known for amazing food. Prices are around BIF 12,000-18,000, and they have various kinds of fish, steak, and pasta.




Botanika A family-run boutique hotel/restaurant with wireless connection – so you can do e-mails while eating or having a drink in the terrace or garden. Their salads are great as is the fish steamed with vegetables, hamburgers and other treats available. Food is served relatively quickly and is always good—since the quality of the food is always constant, there are no nasty surprises!




Nice coffeeshop in town, very tranqui l, with wireless internet an d places where you can plug in. They serve real Burundian coffee (a nd fancy coffee drinks), not Nescafe, and offer some food items as well. They also have fruit sm oothies and ice cream. Very sweet, attent ive staff.


On the lake with nice garden and pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes, yo u ca n see hippopotamuses wh ile you eat. They ha ve good pizzas – some say th e best in town--and standard meat, fish and vege table dishes. Pizzas are half price on Tuesday an d Thursday nights.


Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika is in a wide park that ends up on a marvellous beach on the banks of the Lake Tanganyika, offers guest a luxurious and relaxing accommodation in an intimate environment, only 5 km from the city centre and the airport. Noted as the most beautiful resort of Lake Tanganyika shores, it is a 4 star hotel, that offers a wide varieties of good quality services

Hotel accomodations & services Conference rooms:

The hotel offers the opportunity to organize international congresses. Conference rooms are fully equipped with a system sound system, LCD projector and translation equipment for a capacity ranging from 20 to 200 people. The “Tenso Structurre” a covered outdoor space can accommodate up to 500 people. In addition, the hotel organizes different types of events (wedding, dinner, cocktail, ...) in open spaces or on the beach for a number of up to 1000 persons.


In a relaxed atmosphere, the hotel has several bars where you can discuss calmly? Do you like Italian wine, French wine or Chile? Meet at the “Grillade Restaurant”, At “Pizza et caffé” for Fruits juice, or sit quietly in lounge bar for a pleasant evening listening music.

Relaxation center:


Two swimming pools includes a separate pool for children and an olympic large size swimming pool, sauna, a fully equipped Fitness room, a tennis court, Beach volleyball field, a playground for children and open access to a clean beach. www.burunditourisme.com

Hotel shuttle:

Always listening to its customers, the hotel has a range of facilities and services to make feel at ease its clients. The hotel provides free shuttle for the airport (arrivals and departures) and a regular shuttle of the hotel-downtown and vice versa at different times of the day. For those in need to reach offices in town before 8:00 o’clock, a special shuttle to town can be booked at the reception to leave the hotel by 7:30 o’clock. Departure from the Hotel Departure from Town


8h00 9h00 10h00 11h45 14h00 15h00 17h00 18h30 20h15


8h30 9h30 10h30 12h15 14h30 15h30 17h30 19h00 20h45

Safe place for work....

WIFI Internet connection is provided in all the area of the hotel. In addition, the hotel has generator with automatic start and a stabilizer connected to all current sources to regulate the high electrical voltage. Furthermore, the hotel has a wide water tank in case of failure, and to stay connected to the rest of the world, a satellite T.V with English, French and Italian channel

Musical entertainment:

Every Friday night, a dancing with Live-Music is open entertained by NATASHA and the CLUB BAND from 20:00 O’clock. Throughout the week, soft music will accompany your dinner in the huts by the beach on every Wednesday and Saturday nights from 20:00. For a happy end of the week, NATASHA and the Club Band give a live concert every Sunday from 16 to 20:00 in the «Tenso» by the beach


New interesting offers for your Stay... For those who come to stay in Burundi for a period of one month or more or who regularly return to Burundi, a unique opportunity will be offered to you ! In march 2013, the hotel will launch 24 new apartments and studios equipped with kitchen for extended stays. The rental cost includes hotel services (cleaning, internet, travel, security, water and electricity, free access to hotel facilities etc...) from only 2.200USD per moth

Contact us www.burunditourisme.com

Chaussée d’Uvira Bujumbura BP 6573 (BU) phone +257 22250220 / 221 fax +257 22250219

info@hotelclubdulac.com www.hotelclubdulac.com www.facebook.com/hotelclubdulac www.youtube.com/hotelclubdulac



Africa’s most biodiversity rich region


he Albertine Rift is one of the world’s, and Africa’s, most important ecological zones. Measuring more than 1,200 km long Rift Valley in central Africa, the Albertine Rift is flanked by highlands on either sides that also include some of the highest peaks on the continent. The ecological zone also comprises a series of notable lakes that include the Lakes Albert and Edward in Uganda, Lake Kivu shared between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Lake Tanganyika that is shared between Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ecology The Albertine Rift is arguably Africa’s most species rich and endemic-rich regions. That notwithstanding, the ecoregion is also one of its most poorly documented eco-regions in Africa. While the biodiversity of the Albertine Rift is still poorly known, its importance as an ecological zone in Africa cannot


be underestimated as the eco-region is inhabited by a high fraction of the species found on the African continent and a large number of threatened and endemic animal and plant species that can only be found within the ecoregion. Dominated by the Albertine Rift montane forests, the region has an incredibly high biodiversity, with many notable species found nowhere else on earth, such the critically endangered mountain gorillas. The Albertine Rift plays host to more than 400 species of mammals that represent nearly 40 per cent of all mammals found on the African continent. Due to its unique ecology that include highlands, lowlands, wooded rainforests and plateaus, the Albertine Rift offers one of the richest bird regions on the planet. It has more than 1,000 bird species that account for more than half the bird population on the African continent.


Fast Facts Geography: The Albertine Rift is part of the Great Rift Valley system that stretches from the Jordanian Valley in the Middle East and across the Red sea running southwards into Eastern Africa down to Mozambique in southern Africa. The rift was created after the cracking of the tectonic plate that the African continent sits on millions of years ago. In equatorial Africa, the Rift Valley system is branched into two rift systems that include the eastern branch which is often referred to as the Great Rift Valley or Eastern Rift Valley and the western branch which is more commonly known as the Albertine Rift or the Western Rift Valley.

The Albertine Rift is arguably Africa’s most species and endemic-rich regions.

Location: The Albertine Rift runs northsouth from Uganda and arcs westwards, creating a natural border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and further south into Burundi and Tanzania. Mountains: The rift valley is flanked by (from north to south): the Blue Mountains, Ruwenzori Mountains (often called “the Mountains of the Moon”), Virunga Vocanoes (also called the Mufumbiro Vocanoes),  Mitumba Mountains, Mahale Mountains, and Marungu Mountains. Terrain:   The highest point in the mountains flanking the rift valley is Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley (5,110 metres) in the Ruwenzori Mountains which sit on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo north of Lake Edward.





A Hippo at Rusizi National Park




erched on the hill of Kiriri overlooking the Burundian capital and the Lake Tanganyika, Hotel Belair Residence is a brand new hotel with unrivalled facilities and services as well as high levels of comfort and luxury.

In Bujumbura? Need a decent accommodation? Need the peace and quietness in a homely and friendly atmosphere?


Quiet atmosphere And because of the location in the quiet, up market residential neighbourhood of Kiriri in Bujumbura, you are guaranteed of utmost tranquility during your stay. Whether you want to hold a business meeting within the premises or want to have a leisurely chat with friends and family, the Grand Hotel of Bujumbura, is your answer. Belair treasures your comfort and therefore has spacious, comfortable rooms that provide you with a homely experience. It has 30 tastefully furnished rooms that are designed to meet the needs of their divergent clientele. These include 14 standard rooms, 15 suites and a luxurious presidential suite all equipped with their own private balcony. Hotel Belair Residence invites you to experience the Sky Bar, a stylish and exclusive rooftop bar that offers spectacular views on the whole capital Bujumbura and the beautiful Lake Tanganyika surrounded by the mountains of the Congo. Come wind down the day over a cocktail and catch the magnificent African sunset over the blue waters of the Lake Tanganyika in the background. The lounge bar is the perfect spot to meet new people or catch up with old acquaintances while the pool bar offers you a leisurely and relaxed spot cool down and perhaps take a dip into the pool. Wellness Spa Are you looking for relaxation for body and mind? Belair Spa is giving you the answer and invites you to relax, recover or just enjoy. Hotel Belair Residence offers a swimming pool, sauna treatments, luxury massage services and a fitness center. All facilities are equipped with modern and high quality material; professional trainers are always available to offer assistance. And since the hotel is more client oriented, they pull all the stops to make sure that your stay at Belair Residence is as memorable and as comfortable as it can ever be. Their well-trained, multinational and multilingual staffs are on hand to offer their guests all the assistance they need during their stay. Hotel Belair Residence offers a 24hs full service starting from free airport pick up, going over concierge and room services, ending up with business or tourism services to offer you the whole spectrum of Grand Hotel services.










he Kibira National Park is the flagship national park in Burundi. Situated in the north-western part of the country, Kibira National Park is also one of the biggest national park in Burundi. It straddles four provinces and measure more than 400km2.

The park is crested on the mountains of the Congo-Nile divide and extends northwards from the provincial town of Muramvya to the Burundi-Rwanda boundary where it joins with the Nyungwe Forest to form one of the largest protected forests within the Albertine Rift. Kibira National park, like the adjoining Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda, boasts a rich diversity of flora and fauna. About a quarter of the forest cover within the park is primarily montane rainforest.

Chimpanzee tracking The park, just like Nyungwe National Park, is a primate territory. It includes a large population of chimpanzees as well as the black and white colobus monkeys. Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most exciting tourist activities to participate in for nature lovers. However, one should expect to walk long distances through the forest as chimpanzee tracking is not as straight forward as gorilla tracking since the chimps are known to be fast movers unlike the gorillas which primarily stick to one spot for an extended period of time. Birdlife within the park is at its best. More than 250 bird species have been recorded within the park which include the magnificent Great Blue Turaco. The Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) can also be found within the park. Ornithologists regard it as one of the most intelligent birds in the world. The park is managed by the Institut National pour l’Environnement et la Conservation de la Nature (INECN) on behalf of the Government of Burundi (GoB).


KIBIRA where chimps roam free


Facts about chimpanzees • Chimps are the closest animals to humans in terms of gene composition. Humans share between 95 and 98 per cent of their DNA with chimpanzees • Chimps can catch a number of human diseases • Chimpanzees are found in about 21 African countries. The greatest populations are found within the rain forests of central Africa • A fully grown chimp is up to seven times stronger than a fully grown man • Chimpanzees live in communities of up to 150 members. They, like humans, also form lifelong family bonds, especially between a mother and child • Chimpanzees communicate in many ways, most notably through sounds and calls. They also communicate with each other through touch, facial expressions and body language • Chimps live about 50-60 years • Chimps have a certain level of intelligence as they, like humans, use tools. They will, for example use a rock to crack a nut, a twig to chase away flies or use a stick to dig mounds of termites and ants. Chimps use more tools for more purposes than any other living creature or animal except human beings • Chimpanzees can be taught human sign languages • Chimpanzees communicate in different ways, most notably through sounds and calls. They also communicate with each other through touch, facial expressions, patting on the back, kissing, embracing, holding hands and body language • Each night, chimpanzees make nests to sleep in and they never sleep in the same nest twice • When sick or injured, chimps are known to use medicinal plants to treat themselves • Chimpanzees are an endangered species. Their numbers have dropped from an estimated 2 million in the 20th century to fewer than 300,000 individuals today with only six African countries hosting healthy wild populations of the chimps.



Discover Burundi, the Hidden Secret of Africa


n the very heart of Africa lies Burundi, a country of green hills and white sandy beaches, with friendly, welcoming people and a warm climate. The country is an ever changing tableau of different landscapes, cultures, sounds and colours and offers the visitor a truly unforgettable experience. The hospitality and friendliness of the Burundian people is unparalleled and the country has plenty to offer the tourist. Its cultural heritage is distinctive and boasts not only a diversity of traditional dances and music but also the world famous Drummers of Gitega. The country has long been known for its handicrafts which include painting, basket weaving and wood carving, making it difficult for tourists to choose which souvenirs to buy! Tourists can spend the day exploring the city’s museum, monuments and craft centre, then sample the exciting nightlife, with live entertainment in clubs and lakeside bars, and restaurants offering a wealth of International cuisine.

Guided Tours Our standard tour of Burundi will enchant you as you unveil all the hidden secrets of Burundi. This 10 days tour is ideal when combined with any if not all of our cross boarder tours.

Kaze Tour (1 Day)

Burundi being a relatively small country allows you to enjoy several attractions in a day as it possible to leave the city early in the morning and be back before dark

Ibuka Tour 2 Days

This is a relaxing 1 night away tour ideal for a short get away if you visiting Burundi for business or simply transiting through the country

Akaranga Tour 4 Days

This tour is mainly focused on our cultural and historical heritage combined with our unique waterfalls and hot springs

Iwacu Tour 6 Days

This tour combines the Akaranga Tour with a choice of your favorite water and extreme sports

Akeza Tour 10 Days

Discover all the main tourist attractions of Burundi

Muragaruka Tour 12 Days

This is our 1st Cross Boarder Combo Tour which includes the Iwacu Tourcombined with either the Jane Goodall chimpanzees in Gome National Park in Tanzania or mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national Park in Rwanda

Akabirya Tour 14 Days

This is our 2nd Cross Boarder Combo Tour which includes the Iwacu Tour combined with both the Jane Goodall chimpanzees in Gome National Park in Tanzania and the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national Park in Rwanda

Contact us P.O. BOX 2745, BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI Cell: +257 71 518 608 Email: info@visit-burundi.com TripAdvisor : Akeza Discovery Tours Facebook: Akeza Discovery Tours Skype: Akezadiscoverytours www.visit-burundi.com



The Livingstone-Stanely Monument at Mugere in Burundi. Where Dr. David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanely visited and spent two nights between November 25th and 27th 1871.



National Museum of Burundi History lovers will find the national museum in Gitega a worthwhile place to visit. The National Museum is located in the central city of Gitega and was built in 1955. The museum houses a collection of cultural artefacts from the ancient times of the Burundian monarch. There is also a collection of other historical artefacts collected by early settlers and archeologists. Also on display is a collection of a series of historical images that tell the story of Burundi. The pictures include those of the Burundian king, the queen and prince.

King’s Mansion

The story of ancient Burundi is told in the display of old cultural artefacts such as men and women’s accessories, jewels and baskets from the local people. Visitors to the museum are also reminded of the much celebrated royal warriors whose spears and shields are displayed.

Kings in the traditional Burundian society were a revered lot. They were well respected by their subjects and ruled Burundi during some of its best times.

Old guns from the colonial era can be found in the museum as some old currency coins that were used for trade of goods and services at the onset of the colonial era in Burundi.

Burundi was ruled by a king for more than four centuries, well before the arrival of the German and Belgian colonialists.

Muramvya is one of the locations where visitors can relive the golden years of the Burundian kingdom. During the era of the Burundi kingdom, Muramvya remained the political nerve center of the kingdoms. Here, visitors can get to visit the royal mansion, also known as ikirimba, a spacious palace that also included the royal courts where there were mansions for the royal prices and officials serving in the king’s court. Other areas close to Muramvya also had royal residencies. These included Bukeye and Kiganda where the king would lead his subjects to the annual planting season. The Mbuye royal zone is also an interesting place to visit. The area is sandwiched between the Mount Kiziba, Iteka Hill and Buyaga Hill. This is where some of the most famous Burundi kings came from. They included King Ntare Rugamba, King Mwezi Gisabo and King Mutaga Mbikije.



Lake Tanganyika The open waters of the Lake Tanganyika remain one of Burundi’s much prized natural assets. The lake not only nourishes the population with a healthy supply of protein-rich fish, but is also a major trade corridor for Burundi with neighbouring nations of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Burundi has a major port on the southern edge of its capital Bujumbura where large cargo vessels dock and load and offload exports and imports. The long waterfront adds to Burundi’s natural assets. Many hotels have been established along the beaches. The public beach is a beehive of activity, especially over the weekends. Currently Burundi is developing a tourism master plan that will bring in foreign investors to set up a world-class marina, a beach resort and a conferencing center overlooking the open waters of the Lake Tanganyika. There are also plans of developing an in-land luxury cruise that will serve Burundi and its neighbouring countries, mainly Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. A thriving water sports industry is also set to take off from the lake. Scuba diving and snorkeling is currently offered by some tour operators and hotels. It is also possible to go jet skiing while sport fishing is also on the rise. The Lake Tanganyika is one of the great lakes of the Rift Valley. Spread over a surface area of more than 32,900 square kilometers, the Lake Tanganyika is the second largest and second deepest freshwater lake in the world after Russia’s Lake Baikal. The lake sits in a scenic area sandwiched by high mountain ranges on both sides.

City Museum The City Museum in Bujumbura, also known as Musée Vivant in French was set up in 1977. It remains on of the major attractions for tourists arriving in Bujumbura. The museum has a mixture of Burundian life as displayed in various cultural, natural and artistic heritages of the country. It also includes both natural and man-made attractions. The royal palace remains one of the star attractions at the museum. Visitors can walk around the entire royal grounds as well as enter the royal palace that is actually a big hut with a thick grass-thatched roof. Its aquarium is one of its attractions. Here, visitors get to see some rare fish species from the nearby Lake Tanganyika. The museum’s star attractions remain the big animals. The lazy crocodiles in the grounds will jump to life when visitors throw in a rabbit after paying a small fee. Visitors can also get to see a caged leopard and some local chimpanzees.



AUTORITE DE REGULATION DE LA FILIERE CAFE DU BURUNDI (ARFIC) 279, BOULEVARD DE LA TANZANIE BP 450 Bujumbura Burundi Tél : +257 22 22 5333/ 22 24 2685/ 22 21 9915 Fax : + 257 22 55 32 / 22 85 59 Email : arficdg@yahoo.fr Website : www.burundicoffee.com



Birding Northern Burundi offers the ultimate bird watching safari


urundi is one of the best bird watching countries in Africa. The country sits within the Albertine Rift eco-region, which is one of the richest bird habitats in Africa. The montane forests and associated habitats of northern Burundi play host to about 23 of the 37 bird species of the Albertine Rift Endemic Bird Area. The northern sections of Burundi are perhaps the best bird watching sites in the country as they not only have a high populations of birds, but also have a wide range of bird species.

Burundi boasts five Important Bird Areas (IBAs) covering more than 1,000 km2. All the five IBAs are protected ecosystems with three of them being national parks with the last two comprising a forest and nature reserve. Their habitats are also varied as two of them are montane forests with another two being wetlands while the last IBA being a mixture of savanna woodland and wetland. The Kibira National Park, which joins with the Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda is one of the best bird watching sites in Burundi. More than 200 bird species have been recorded in the park which also holds many of the Albertine Rift endemic bird species. Additionally, the Kibira National Park is also home to five species of the Guinea–Congo Forests biome while a further two species of the Guines-



Burundi Congo Forests, the Trachyphonus purpuratus and Illadopsis fulvescens, also inhabited the forests within the park but are now thought to be locally extinct. Unique bird species such as the Lake Victoria Basin and Zambezian biomes have also been previously spotted in the park. The endangered Grauer’s Swampwarbler is also resident in the park.

The Lake of Birds The Kirundo region in northern Burundi is yet another wonderful location for bird watchers. Kirundo sits close to the Shinge and Rugero hills and covers an approximate area of about 425 hectares. This natural paradise is also home to the Lake Rwihinda or the Lake of Birds. Lake Rwihinda lies close to the Akanyaru wetlands, which is one of the important bird areas in Rwanda. This site holds www.burunditourisme.com

large numbers of breeding aquatic such as the African Darter Anhinga rufa, Black Egret Egretta ardesiaca and Black-headed Heron Ardea melanocephala. Other bird species that can be spotted within the lake ecosystem include the Papyrus Yellow Warbler Chloropeta gracilirostris and Papyrus Gonolek Laniarius mufumbiri. Lake Rwihinda is an inland lake with an islet that can be accessed using dugout boats from the local communities. The narrow dugout boats floating on the calm waters of the lake heighten the excursions for bird watchers as they move from one location to another in search of birdlife. The lake is carpeted by a wide range of floating plants, especially water lilies. The lake and its surroundings are part of a nature reserve that is managed and protected by the National Institute for the Environment and Nature Preservation (INECN). The area has remained a conservation and protected site since 1959.

Bird Spectacle The Ruvubu National Park in northeastern Burundi is yet another ornithological paradise. The park boasts more than 200 bird species key amongst them being home to three species of the Guinea-Congo Forests biome. Rusizi National Park which is located to the north-west of the capital, Bujumbura and lies adjacent to the frontier with the Democratic Republic of Congo, is also rich in birdlife which are attracted to the park due to its strip of flood-plain. Stretching about 35 km long and 2 km across beside the east banks of the Rusizi River, the flood-plain which also joins with the Rusizi Delta at the mouth of the Lake Tanganyika offer a bird spectacle unlike any other. A diversity of waterbirds to be found within the locale include a large population of Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus, Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor and the White-faced Whistling-Duck Dendrocygna viduata. Other key species are White-winged Tern Chlidonias leucopterus and African Skimmer Rynchops flavirostris. The Bururi Forest Nature Reserve which is situated on the extreme southern edge of the Congo-Nile divide completes the five IBAs found in Burundi. The nature reserve is a small patch of forest lying to the west of the town of Bururi in southwestern Burundi where a total of 87 bird species have been recorded.


Leisure Star Hotel with its facilities dedicated to relaxation offers a range of activities to enjoy: a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and a sauna. Bar A place where you can relax while enjoying snacks with a glass of wine or cold beer Restaurant With its two restaurants, the hotel brings the local decor with a touch of modernism. While seating at a terrace, the restaurant offers a friendly atmosphere, a tasty menu elaborated by our Chef. The hotel also provides the room service with hot dishes, cold snacks. (24 hours) Conference rooms The conference rooms are located at the top floor providing you a spectacular view of Bujumbura and the Lake Tanganyika with an audiovisual technology. Other All our rooms have: Bathrooms Air Conditioner Bathtub/ Shower Safe deposit box Hair dryer Minibar Satellite 56 with flat screen, Wi-Fi

A Homely Experience


O U R 58




S S E C C U Swww.burunditourisme.com

• Politically stable and in full reconstruction • Implemented bold reforms to liberalize its business and investment climate • Open for business with concrete investment opportunities in the sectors of services,hotels and tourism, manufacturing, agribusiness, mining, all types of transport and ICT • GDP growth rates forecasted at 4.5% in 2012 and 4.8% in 2013 • Duty-free access to COMESA and EAC Member States and accordingly to a market of more than 450 million consumers • Classified as 5th best reformer worldwide and 1st in Africa (Doing Business Report 2013) • Strong investment guarantees - Member of MIGA and of the African Trade Insurance Agency • New investment code with attractive incentives: freedom of establishment and investment, easy entry modalities, simplified administrative procedures, tax advantages etc • A professional investment promotion agency ready to assist investors in English and French throughout and beyond their investment journey

Tel: +257 22 275996 Email: contact@investburundi.com Website: www.investburundi.com










National Tourism Office of Burundi B.P 902, Bujumbura, Burundi, Tel: +257 22 22 20 23 Fax: +257 22 22 93 Email: ontbur@cbinf.com Website: www.burunditourisme.com

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Beautiful Burundi  

Beautiful Burundi is a tourism guide published by Safari Communications on behalf of the National Tourism Office of Burundi and the Ministry...

Beautiful Burundi  

Beautiful Burundi is a tourism guide published by Safari Communications on behalf of the National Tourism Office of Burundi and the Ministry...