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Fourth Annual AACEM Meeting April 2-4, 2012

Madison Hotel, Washington DC

DAY 1: Monday April 2, 2012

Day 2: Tuesday April 3, 2012

8:00 Breakfast and networking 8:30 Benchmark Survey, Jim Scheulen, MBA 10:30 BREAK 10:45 Benchmarking Panel Discussion David N. Gans, MSHA, FACMPE VP Medical Group Management Association. University Health System Consortium Representative (TBA), AAMC Represen- Theme for the afternoon: “Current Challenges and Priorities tative (TBA) of Academic Departments of Emergency Medicine” “What are we dealing with now, how are we managing, where 12:00 Lunch – Dr. Francesco Mannelli – Levy Family Visiting Professor are we going?” 1:00 Leadership Workshop: Facilitators: David Bachrach, MBA. President, The Physician Executive’s Coach, Inc. R. Kevin 1:15 Group break out Grigsby, MSW, DSW. Senior Director, Leadership What are your biggest challenges in: and Talent Development at Association of American Medi- A. Clinical Operations cal Colleges,“Foundations of Leadership – The Critical B. Managing faculty and other personnel Importance of Integrity, Authenticity, Commitment to C. Developing and maintaining a research program something Bigger than Self, and Awareness”. D. Student Education/medical school affairs . E. Resident Education 5:00 Dinner on your own (local options to be provided) F. Financial Management G. Strategic planning, managing community sites Day 3: Wednesday April 4, 2012 H. Setting priorities, managing workload, other 2:00 Summarize and rank the priority issues 7:30 Breakfast and Networking 3:00 BREAK 8:15 AACEM National Affairs: Session 1 Research 3:15 Group Break Out Taking the priority issues as identified, answer 10:15 BREAK “What are your ‘best practices’ or best advice to 10:30 AACEM National Affairs: Session 2 Regulatory Affairs 11:45 AACEM Closing Remarks and Lunch (box lunch provided) manage the major issues?” 4:15 Report back on best practices for the priority is sues identified. 11:30

Opening of AACEM/AAAEM meeting Lunch and Discussion “Evolution of the Role of Chair in the Academic Emergency Medicine De partment –Where have we come from, where are we at?”

Large Group Discussion. 5:30 BREAK 6:30 Cocktail reception 7:30 Dinner at Hotel


April 2-4, 2012 Madison Hotel, Washington DC