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Springfield High School Delaware County Pennsylvania


ttAIl times I have enjoyed greatly,



suffered greatly,

- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

both with those

that loved me, 5



and alone.


- - - - - _ .

- - - - - - - - -

Much have I seen

and known,-


cities ofmen,


councils ,





lam apart

of all that I have met ... 14


"A little nip between classes never hurt anybody." "Valley of the Dolls? Don't be ridiculous. This is ... ah Don Quixote."

"Now I gave out 16 paper clips, but I only got 15 back."

"Class, now do I have your attention?"

"These boards couldn't get you into Sabold!"


" Three years in this same class and I still can't pass."

"The daddy bee does what?!"

.. After school behind Lew's"


"1 thought it said' Men':'


__. ._ - - - - - - .

- - - -

Dr. C. Grottenthaler- Assistant for Instruction to the Superintendent


Dr. R. Grove - Superintendent of Schools

Mr. ]. Bay - Assistant to the Superintendent

School Board: A. McKee, D. Wolstenholme, W. Butler, R. Pemberton, R. Grove, R. Carter, D. Lehrkinder (Solicitor), W. Hollibaugh,]. Windsor

Mr. T. Gartside - Assistant Principal in the Upper School

Mr. G. Thomas - Assistant Principal in the Lower School

R. K. Smith -


they are the ones who probably look at a hundred thousand papers, and maybe one-one thousandth of that many faces. and they are the ones who are expected to know us, all. and rule and endure and guide us, all.

Mr. E. Miller - Administrative Assistant to the Principal


D. Fluke

D. Dietrich

W. Mackrides

Guidance E. Denice

What course? I hadn't thought Yes, I better - think A drop sheet; a roster change Sorry, our mistake. But think ... Good advice and stern warnings Interviews, catalogs "Take a look in our occupational files." Block schedules! A transcript request, think ... All that money just to apply; suppose ... Don't worry. A. Peterson



Lower School: F. Dunbrack, J. Merkel

Upper School: M. Clarke, M. Miller

Upper School: M. Roberts, E. Trucksess

Guidance Office: E. Petre, R. Haenle

District Office: SITTING P. Patton, D. Northington.

M. Omlor, E. Ricketts, F. Ehrig STANDING -

D. Bessey, E. Coli, D. Dalton,

English I. Schmuckler

M. Lane

J. Hirt

K. Merbreier

J. Trumbower B. McClennen

E. Bigelow - Department Head



A. Handler L. Landau

W. Cook

H. LeFever

G. Burd

T. Walter

J. Scheuer

Grammar tools

Forthe discovery of great books great expectations great ideas creating (it's an individual thing, you know ... you are what you write - no one else) a private discovery of communication D. Weiss'


W. Dyke


Dean Stephens - Department Head

E. Pfister

B. Lang



G. Long

E. Troiano

J. Semeister

R. McClennen


Science J.


A strange and different world of formulas and theories.

t=21T-q-the period of a pendulum. And you can't even prove it correct, or adjust a microscope without breaking a slide. But, gradually, you begin to learn, to want to learn

H. Lemmon

S. Hopkins


B. Pearce

G. Smith


G. Wood


G. Irvin

Mathematics A unique language of numbers. Concepts and axioms, equations, variables. y

=-b+-J ba -4ac 2a

calculated reasoning with no room for human error. K. Curley

A. DeMuzio

W. Speakman


J. Weaver- Department Head

D. Fry

R. LoFurno

R. Eley

R. Liberi



R. Wentz

G. Werley

R. Lee

D. Kellogg

P. Greyson


Social Studies

c. Allison


M. Kadis

K. Schaeffer

F. Quercetti


Social Studies A whole new world of not just here and there ... but then and now and before and after thirteen colonies ... 1776 "Who said 'Go West Young Man'?" 1861, Aug. 6, 1945 "What is the language of the Philippines?" ... 1969 Find that we haven't changed much and here, through a stranger's eye, we can see them and they, us ... }. Stinson



L. Colvin

A. Corbin

D. Macek

H. Jones

R. Filson - Department Head

J. Hornaday

M. Smith

R. Locker

T. Gallagher


K. Foley

H. Gotwols - Department Head


N. Nardell

F. Peters


Uno, dos My name isMonsieur Thibaut, Juan, Publius, Hans trois, quatre I livein tapes, language lab, books, posters, people funE, sechs I, II, III, IV, grammar, verbs, vocabulary memorize, drill, repeat septem, octo understand? my tongue won't work my mind in English only nine, ten goodfinally.

s. Rech

L. Balukjian

C. Barcus


M. Papazian



I. Harris

M. Peikert


B. Souders


H. Beldecos L. Ciocciola


R. Woodruff

P. Connor

E. Creed

G. Gooden - Department Head 41

Home Economics

C. Haseltine

Fudge that never became hard, cakes that never rose but tasted good anyway. The rush to clean up before the bell rang. Changing a piece of cloth into a creation of your own. Learning all the things that should come naturally to girls ... but don't. M. MacGregor

Industrial Arts

A. Wentz F. Kunze

C. McCoy


Art It was always a place to be: a sanctuary. Somewhere to rely on your own ideas, your capabilities. You could usually find yourself Amid the paint and paper and the shuffle of a room far from the entire school Yet so much a part of it.

D. Proia

B. Way


L. DelNegro

D. Lauffer


E. Ardao

R. Shoemaker

c. Rush

G. Hart

Physical Education

J. Brusch 44

Physical Education

N. McFadden

B. Yaeck

Smelly sneakers and a wet towel in a heap, a tired smile. The drip drip of the showers a sigh of exhausted bodies waiting for the bell. gym-

Audio-Visual H. Bell E. Thomas

N. Adams

Title III

B. Lubar

Library M. Graham

M. Walter


F. Gallagher and A. Klineburger


Driver Ed


"Check mirrors, fix seat, fasten seat belt, lock door" "Hey does this car have - Screech - power brakes?"

GRIND!! "Once again may I remind you; You can't throw the car in reverse When you're going forward!" Remember sticking your tongue out As you passed the Upper Darby Driver Ed Firebird. Mr. Smith waving to all your friends for you Proudly sporting "Springfield High School Driver Education Car."

J. Cannon

E. Smith

Distributive Education

G. Hatten



E. Wendle

M. Sharer

Physicals every year "Your height and weight are in proper proportion you lost ten pounds!" ... . . . is that really aspirin? Have you a passNo pass - no service! And best of all, they have patients

Individual Progress

F. Wieczerzynski


Bus Drivers

Maintenance Without them, who would clean out the bubble gum from the drinking fountains pick the paper left in the halls keep the cafeteria from flooding lime the field for a football game fix the venetian blinds keep the desks standing, the clocks moving the bookcases standing the lights burning.


FIRST ROW: M. Vintaer, B. Merz, P. Hollinshead, R. Kaye, L. Rizzo, D. Root, C. DiRenzo, T. Diamond, R. Dreer. SECOND ROW: A. Zacharias, P. Weitzel, B. Wolff, J. Quedenfeld, M. Hughes, A. Esposito, B. Moran, B. Ellixon, C. Leonard, B. Arndt, L. Dalusio, L. Mace, J. Hess, D. Gambol, P. LeCalsey, B. MacGregor, J. Jeuchter. THIRD ROW: C. Daley, C. Polk, D. Shockley, P. Gibson, K. Crewdson, D. Borodkin, B. Kauffman, L. Kline, R. Coren, A. Hessemer. FOURTH ROW: C. Wicklund, S. Kester, C. McClellan, K. Krissinger, D. Grimes. FIFTH ROW: D. Mainwaring, K. Schwenzer, T. Irwin, B. D'Ornellas, C. Small, M. Ewell, C. Brewer. SIXTH ROW: S. Carroll, C. Cook, C. Clark, B. Osborn, G. Hemphill, K. Vahey, M. Branton, J. Harrity, M. McClellan, D. Bollinger, R. Kelly, B. James, R. Avila, L. Lintz, J. Batton, S. Shuck, M. Minisci, L. Garjulio, M. French.


President Mark McClellan and Advisor Mr. E: Miller

OFFICERS: Treas. D. Haney, ParI. D. Vicoli, V. Pres. P. LeCalsey, Sect. D. Purcell, Pres. M. McClellan.

Meetings ... Using half of English period to give your report. Trying to spark a little interest in the school. Listen to Mr. Miller: listen, argue, finally vote. All because you want to leave S.H.S. a little better than you found it.

Student Council


'JEWS STAFF ON WALL: A. Esposito, P. Weitzle, L. Mathews, D. Pember:on, L. Keys. ON STEPS: C. Greenstine, T. Niles.

EDITORIAL STAFF B. Stewart, M. McClellan, D. Dickinson, K. Bachman, S. Winn, D. Cadge. Not pictured: D. Pemberton.

Steve Winn: Editor-in-Chief


ADVERTISING AND CIRCULATION STAFF FIRST ROW: C. Lukens, ed. S. Replogle, G. Swan, L. Gilmore. SECOND ROW: S. Wilson, B. Conant, G. McCarron, G. Hand, C. DeAngelis, J. Graham, J. Tapp, C. Corbin. THIRD ROW: J. Detskas, E. Griswold, G. Wagner, J. Barlow, J. Hankins, S. Greenacre, L. Scott, A. Hesemer, J. Taylor. FOURTH ROW: B. Woolson, L. Langshaw, S. Bryan, D. McElroy.


SPORTS STAFF SITTING: D. Walls, K. Schaefer, L. Blaser, M. Stroud, J. Diamond. STANDING: J. Rodney, J. CotIov, B. Stewart, B. James, B. Spohn, G. Fisher.

TYPISTS: R. Hermann, G. Kresge

published by and for the students of Springfield High School the funny thing is how many really publish it, or even know what goes in before it comes to the rest. the 23/84 of a column inch, meeting a deadline which just can't be met because I haven't got a single article and if I ... oh, shut up. We're coming out on the twenty-seventh The Spri-Hian is coming out on the twenty-seventh. The Spri-Hian.

FEATURE STAFF FIRST ROW: C. Rosa, E. Coleman, N. Ash. SECOND ROW: B. Roberts, R. Kern, J. Starr, N. Boccelli, G. DeCowsky. THIRD ROW: F. Huntington, K. Schwartz, M. Bates, A. Guelzp, H. Keating, R. Laub. NOT SHOWN: J. Bernstein, L. Cooper, ed. D. Dickinson, C. Handler, C. Hirsch, B. Lewis, R. Liebhauser, R. Silberstein, J. Simon, D. Teti, T. Whitty.


COORDINATORS: Act. L. Cooper, Sports M. Minisci, Faculty E. Spruce.

EDITORS: Ed.-Chief B. Bacher, Assoc. Ed. J. Whitty, Lit. Ed. G. Davies.

Photographer R. Adler

LAYOUT STAFF FIRST ROW: J. Sarkisian, C. Handler, G. Silverstein, R. Liebhauser, A. Hessemer. SECOND ROW: N. Griffith, M. Spegele, C. Marsland, K. McGrath, D. Koppenhaver, Assoc. Ed. J. Whitty. THIRD ROW L. Andrusko, B. Swan, S. McDowell, P. Young. FOURTH ROW: G. Decowsky, C. Hirsch, L. Mace.

LITERARY STAFF FIRST ROW: M. Forest, R. Kern, R. Liebhauser, C. Hirsch, L. Cooper. SECOND ROW: Lit. Ed. G. Davies, K. Schwartz, B. Ruben, P. Cafferty, L. Silberstein, T. Niles, R. Laub, N. Shields.


Photographer B. Silberstein

Ed. B. Bacher, Adv. 1. Schmuckler

Assoc. Ed.

J. Whitty, C. Niemczweski, Adv.

P. Connor.

BUSINESS STAFF: FIRST ROW: L. Andrusko, M. Rodgers, K. Marra, S. McDowell, D. Koppenhav. er. SECOND ROW: Treas. J. Vottima, V. Pres. A. Aisenbrey, Pres. R. Kelly, C. Handler, E. Utermolen.


Adv. A. Handler

Literary Magazine

words we forgot to use before is coming. "Mr. Trumbower, we can have it printed for forty dollars." "I want that signed in blood." "Mr. Trumbower, we need ten more dollars for the cover." The cover. But what's inside? It's the moments when you become separated from what is around you and you see it all different so you put it in writing. There will be a compulsory meeting of the screening staff tomorrow night, but if you can't come it's ok. You know, for only being number three, we're pretty good.


Philosophy Club

A crowded room full, too often, of semantic hassles. But, in the clashing of opinions, It's easier, somehow, to find someone To listen And out of it all comes, at least something to think about ...

National Honor Society Wherein lies the honor of the Sociey save in the accomplishments of each individual? And if a man strives to attain the goals of the Society in all of his involvements, then the spirit of the National Honor Society is achieved, and a membership card is significant.

Advisor E. Miller

OFFICERS: STANDING: V. Pres. R. Avila, Pres. R. Silberstein, Treas. D. Cadge. SITTING: Seer. J. Whitty, Seer. N. Gordon.

FIRST ROW: M. Spegele, B. Ziv, K. McFadden, C. Dutton, B. Lewis, D. Pemberton, J. Barlow, K. McGrath, M. Cook, N. Gordon, P. Rundbaken, C. Corbin, P. Goldberg, J. Bernstein, C. Dell, J. Whitty, B. Bacher. SECOND ROW: E. Spruce, R. Liebhauser, D. Ferrell, S. Cope, S. Scott, S. Shoemaker, M. Conley, L. Mathews, R. Kern, P. LeCalsey, D. Teti, C. McCall, G. DeCowsky, S. Winn. THIRD ROW: R. Powers, K. Schaefer, J. Ferber, R. Moore, R. Kaye, M. Michelson, M. McClellan, K. Schwartz, S. Pichaske, C. Crissey, P. Young, J. Piatt, D. Cadge, R. Avila, D. Dickinson. FOURTH ROW: R. Hand, F. Borriello, G. Pagano, R. Kalwinsky, J. Simon, R. Silberstein.


It's just a game, a little mind game to see how well your eyes work for a long time - your ears. your mind sitting under the lights like six-year olds in Scott's paper jackets. it's just a game.

TEAM: Alt. C. Corbin, S. Winn, D. Dickinson, M. Conley, B. Silberstein, Alt. M. Michelson.

Social Service One day after school One hour of the week wego to a very small room in a very small school in a very small world to tutor small children in small words and small numbers. Somehow in all this smallness you can find a very large reason.

OFFICERS: V. Pres.]. Bernstein, Pres. A. Kadin, G. Fisher, F. Huntington, B. Spohn.

UPPER OFFICERS: Pres. K. Ford, V. Pres. land. Missing: Sec. N. Novack.

J. Barlow, Treas.

C. Mars-


LOWER OFFICERS: Sec. S. Hillerson, Treas. M. Lucas, Pres. A. Botel, V. Pres. Barbara Walter.

Service Club

Service to others that's Packages to Vietnam at Christmas, cheering, monitoring the halls at lunch, and showing parents where the cafeteria is on curriculum night. A time and place to really do something. To give of yourself; Not just talk about it. Working - really working To make others happy. You gave of yourself. But what you gave Will always remain a part of you. Plus much more. And you began to realize that working as a group made it easier to get things done.


Treas. R. Mason, Sgt.-Arms, T. Bottomley, Sec. D. Moyer, Pres. C. Marchioni. Missing: V. Pres. R. Stewart.


Treas. R. Shefska, Sec. D. Root, Pres. B. Splane, V. Pres. G. Rawding.


Pres. G. Bergmann, Sec. P. Rundbaken, V. Pres. T. Kestler, Sr. Chrm. M. Ziebelman.


Working with education at jobs ... hunted for by Mr. Hatten. Conferences and idea exchanges with other schools Competition in the arts of business.


OFFICERS: V. Pres. A. McCullough, Chrmn. G. Smith, Pres. R. Shefska, Treas. B. Watt.

OFFICERS: Pres. R. Zaffiri; STANDING: C. Alfred, D. Shockley, L. Beaver, B. Bruce; KNEELING: Brannon, G. Kaley, J. McNeff.


" Everybody must get stonesl"

OFFICERS-POINTING: Pres. B. Mooney; STANDING: B. Ferrante, V. Pres. B. Moore, R. Kevis; SITTING: P. Scott, G. Van Houten, S. Lee.

Geology Club


Future Teachers of America from Springfield sponsored by Miss Barcus. Large, all girls Christmas tea, quotes, student teaching Teacher Appreciation Day. A perpetuation; sort of a rebirth, really, of the learning process. OFFICERS STANDING: Sec. S. Replogle, V. Pres. C. Dell; KNEELING: Treas. J. Sinclair; SITTING: Pres. K. Bachman.

J. Gale, J. Vessey, C. Barbour, S. Thomas.

Library Aids

Hours spent in the library, during study hall and after school. Stamping passes, giving them out, and delivering them to the proper study halls. An understanding of the make up of a library, and the books that are there.

Art Service


Poetry Club

Pres. Mike Bates

French Club

OFFICERS: Treas. C. Crissey, Sec. D. McElroy, Pres. J. Whitty, V. Pres. M. Fisch.

Cakebakes, dinners, slides, trips and Christmas carols in French learning a little more Of France and its people A small touch to Become a part of another world.

Weightlifting Club

OFFICERS: KNEELING: Sponsor J. MacIntyre, Seer.-Treas. J. Gianini STANDING: V. Pres. R. Reeps, Pres. C. Marehioni, Asst. Seer. R. Waterhouse, Asst. G. Stratton.

Ski Club

Varsity Clubs

OFFICERS: Pres. D. Marano, V. Pres. Shoemaker.

J. Betts, Secr.-Treas. S.

You waited - one, two, maybe three years to get here. You're a letter winner in Varsity Clu b. Hard work. For a trip to the shore and the pride of wearing the jacket you earned.

A few to begin with, tripling at the candlelight induction ... the mood serious, but smiles somehow still appearing on the faces of those who are proud to belong, proud to have earned the right to belong. New jackets finally arriving; Charms and membership cards to be treasured; Everyone taking pictures for the scrapbook. An opportunity for responsibility, participation, and most of all- friendship.

69 OFFICERS: Treas. D. Mason, Pres. K. Shaeffer, Seer. Pres. M. McClellan.


Harmon, V.

Glee Club Bob Bailey Bob Ballinger John Baratiak James Carras Richard Caldwell Eric Christiansen Andy Coleman Joe Crocco Bruce Delany Rick Gastner Charles Geltz Rich Goodwin Bob Grillet Gary Hilleary John Leonowich John MacDonald Alex Massey Mark McLean Ken Nonemaker Mike Redfern Mark Rosenburg Bob Simpson Dennis Todd Jeff Webb Andy Zacharias

Dawk pounding our notes, Snapping his fingers, counting, directing. "Stick a finger in your ear." "Tune it up!" "Pick-ups to c." Trying to earn a seat in Choir.

OFFICERS: Pres. A. Massey, V. Pres. R. Gastner, Sec.-Treas. R. Caldwell.

Lower Girls' Chorus

Remembering to bring the folder, sitting up straight; feet "flat" on the floor. Pronunciation - remembering to put t's and d's on. counting thirds and fourths. Learning to sing properly in a group, singing alone to discover why you can't. night rehearsals, and demerits. The Spring Concert where you finally proved to everyone and yourself that your year's work was toward a worthwhile goal. Beverly Agnew Cheryl Bachman Jamee Bald Ellan Blodgett Chris Bonsegnore Ann Bottel Liz Boyle Phyllis Braconaro Sue Bryan Barbara Buttler Pat Cafferty Cheri Crispen Jodell Clarke Dot Colflesh Beverly Davis Diane Dawson Barbara Dehnick Barbara Eastman Larin Feeser Maryellen Fehr Nancy Fink Debbie Flood Valerie France Connie Futhey Joann Gale Liane Giachetti Sue Gorby Judy Grimes Marta Guthrie Kathy Hall Ginny Hand Sallie Harvey

Gail Hempill Diane Henley Sue Hillerson Margie Hoover Nancy Jackie Barbara Johnson Connie Joseph Joan Karpowich Dotty Kelly Nancy Klatt Jane Kushma Cindy Kutz Joanne Lang Susan Langshaw Denyse LeFever Eileen Lilly Gail Macbeth Margaret MacDowell Debby Mainwaring Michaelle Malloy Debbie Marazania Denise Marchini Sue Mathews Carolyn Mauger Kris McCalister Bette McCarthy Lynn McConnel Suzy McElroy Lynn McMillan Melinda Metzger Lisa Miller Bev Morrison

Ann Noonan Kim Parvis Karen Pike Capie Polk Janet Ransom Mary Reardon Bev Reid Nancy Ricards Cheryl Richardson Diana Rios Barbara Roberts Barb Rolinson Linda Rumpf Diane Sampson Jeanne Schofield Karen Schwenzer Eileen Semanik Kim Shockley Kathy Spahr Holley Smith Nancy Smith Susan Stagliano Barb Stettler Dorothy Tidd Debbie Togood Margie Trago Diane Voegle Barbara Walter Connie Wickland Penni Wolf OFFICERS: Pres. B. McCarthy, V. Pres. C. Wicklund, Sec. D. Mainwaring. 71



Upper Girl's Chorus

FIRST ROW: C. Kelley, E. Preston, M. Forrest, C. Merkel, B. Conant, G. Stewart, B. Smith, D. Burton, J. Huntsman, C. Handler, L. Kelly, J. Montgomery, L. Rostron, L. Mace, B. Buchy. SECOND ROW: M. Vintaer, K. Fisher, J. Harmon, J. Graham, J. Campis, J. Dudley, N. Shields, M. Grochowski, M. Smith, C. Vanella, M. Marcantuono, L. Rivers, J. O'Hara, S. Campbell, J. Juechter, L. Blaser, B. Arndt. THIRD ROW: E. Schofield, J. Vanlngen, J. Schlosman, C. Sjostrum, K. Kloss, P. Acers, P. Moore, S. Pichaske, M. Vigloti, P. Frank, S. McDowell, R. Pyle, B. Manning, L. Hargrove, J. Toole, R. Kern, G. Wagner. AT PIANO: Accomp. D. Goodspeed.

Music the eternal institution. Always expressed' with "Mouths open or you won't give me the sound I want" to represent time spent in rehearsals with section leaders who work with Dawk to help us achieve our ultimate goal: to learn to understand to communicate a season a mood a thought OFFICERS: Secr.-Treas. J. Dudley, Pres. C. Dell, V. Pres. J. Harmon, Accomp. D. Goodspeed.


District Chorus

Regional Chorus

FIRST ROW: D. Goodspeed, B. Green, C. Marsland, L. Fisher. SECOND ROW: M. Conley, L. Bramble, R. Avila, C. Fansler. THIRD ROW: K. Schwartz, B. Smith, B. Spohn.

R. Avila, B. Green, B. Smith, D. Goodspeed.

District Orchestra

C. Crissey, D. Zanazanian, C. Weldy, L. Mathews, B. Ziv, C. Dell, F. Auld, E. Moore, D. Lewis, W DeRose.

District Band

STANDING: A. Chrostowski, N. Abramchuk, S. Wentz, L. Cohen, D. Burkhart, S. VanPatter, R. Hand. SEATED: V. Lehkinder, D. Lewis, E. Moore, D. Linn, E. Johnson, D. Kushma.

Regional Orchestra

P. McKibben, L. Mathews

Regional Band

T. Moore, L. Cohen, D. Burkhart.

FIRST ROW: C. Montague, S. Bellis, M. Carter, L. Schollenberger, K. Kindig, B. Merkel, C. Weldy, M. Strolle, D. Knowels, M. Bacher, S. Jacoby, S. Hamilton, J. Krejcar, R. Dreer, D. Borodkin, V. Walp, S. Eisek, L. Beers, S. Bittner, A. Stengel, T. Desiderio, M. Jansen, N. DeKorte, R. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Hollinghead, P. Creed, H. Lennon, R. Shapiro, C. Naylor, B. Schmidt, J. Touchton, G. Swan, M. Woodward, J. Omlor, D. Raymond, D. Norman, M. Yost, M. Vaules, S. Mount, C. Gastner, M. Johnson, S. Lehneis, P. Krape, B. Gosser, S. Greenacre, D. Speer, S. Sudjian. THIRD ROW: D. Grotyohann, W.

White, R. Beadling, N. Tapp, J. VanOrmen, J. Roberts, T. Demuth, M. Bradfield, W. Dutton, J. Lapps, D. Frick, B. Thomas, B. Grochowski, V. Marcy, J. Way, W. Fisher, J. Greitzer, E. Gildner, H. McLean, C. Hardy, D. Shaw, B. Pedigo, D. Holden. FOURTH ROW: J. Welch, T. Lenthe, T. Vanella, E. Patchell, W. Ewell, K. Bratz, C. Hark, J. Hulme, M. Christopher, S. Howarth, D. Potts, A. Guelzo, D. Helwig, R. Moore, R. Claure, K. Krissinger, G. Keating, J. Lippard, J. McBrearty, W. Guralnick, J. Battershall, R. Mousley.

Lower Choir

OFFICERS: Seer. S. Jacoby, Pres. J. McBrearty, Treas. C. Weldy.

Caught on a breath, the unity of song holds you Spellbound for a moment. Bubblegum pops. laughter, and a spilled cup of coffee.


Upper Choir Christmas concert Night rehearsals A review. The Academy of Music and Saturday rehearsals The Spring Concert. Hallelujah Someone to look over The Ship of Democracy. Amen.

OFFICERS SEATED: Seer. B. Desiderio, Seer. K. Schaeffer. STANDING: Accomp. D. Goodspeed, Quartermaster G. Rawding, Treas. D. Bollinger, Pres. R. Avila, V. Pres. D. Haney, Accomp. D. Cadge, Accomp. D. Dickinson.

FIRST ROW: J. Hankins, J. Barlow, S. Baltzer, D. Grimes, B. Green, J. Hess, A. Esposito, K. Wynne, W. Hazen, C. Small, C. Mullavey, J. Tapp, D. Purcell, C. Lengel, E. Brougher, L. Streeton, B. Desiderio, L. Beaver, D. Roller, M. Berdan, D. Avila, P. Scott, L. Cox, L. Zulick, D. Rue, B. Breaden, A. Crecilius, E. Kerr, D. Dehnick, B. Smollen, D. Goodspeed. SECOND ROW: P. Hunt, E. Preston, G. Smith, L. Beattie, L. Fisher, R. Kelly, P. Pierce, N. Shields, G. Watson, S. Hollibaugh, L. Miller, L. Bramble, L. Andrusco, N. Gordon, S. Holcomb, N. Steele, A. Schauer, C. Marsland, P. Rundbaken, A. Hessemer, B. Swan, J. Schaefer, B. Mullineaux, L. Gilmore, J. Peck, S. Beck, E. Paine, D. Seastrom, D. Dickenson, K. Schaefer. THIRD ROW: D. Burkhart, C. Shelow, R. Beaver, J. Mangano, J. Morris, D. Rosenberger, M. Conley, C. Fansler, B. Moore, J. Sarkisian, G. Hamilton, S. Moss, S. Patton, D. Boyle, R. Stryker, B. Ferrante, R. Avila, B. Smith, D. Teti. FOURTH ROW: D. Bollinger, J. Fraim, S. Magnin, L. Gildner, J. Santella, D. DeKorte, A. Welsh, P. Hollinshead, E. Schubin, D. Pohlman, R. Waterhouse, W. Fisher, D. Haney, P. LeCalsey, B. Spohn, D. Cadge, G. Rawding, R. Broadley. FIFTH ROW: K. Malick, K. Kayson, T. Kestler, G. Greenberg, B. Williams, G. Windsor, K. Schwartz, J. LeSuer, C. Barbour, B. Isherwood, B. Compton, W. Pollock, B. Lewis, B. Baker, D. Adams, R. Taylor, D. Eastman, S. McLean, D. Rebuck, T. Irwin, M. DeHaven, J. McKinley.

Sound of Music

Maria Rainer

Lori Fisher Cheryl Bachman Sister Berthe . . . . . . . . . .. . .... Linda Schollenberger Anita Esposito Sister Margaretta . . . . . .. . Betty Green Donna Gambol Mother Abbess Barbara Desiderio Carol Marsland Sister Sophia Linda Bramble Carol Marsland Captain Georg von Trapp Keith Malick Franz Karl Schwartz Alan Geltzo Frau Schmidt . . . . . . . . .. . Laurie Streeton Liesl Sue Jacoby Sue Hollibaugh Friedrich . Joe Sparks Louisa Joanne Hess Kurt Doug Holden Joe Fenza Brigitta . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..... Ann Louise Dorwart Nancy Simon Marta . Gail Rudolf Becky Hessemer Gretl ., " . . . . . . . . . . . . Anne Bowen Joleen Lauffer Rolf Gruber Thorn Heavey Bob Smith Elsa Schraeder Amy Hessemer Max Detweiler. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. Glenn Greenberg Herr Zeller Ronald Laub Baron Elberfeld Donald De Korte Admiral Von Schreiber . " , Fred Honsberger Postulants. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. Sue Baltzer Cathy Montigue Festival Contestants Paul Buongiorno Ann Crecelius

Director D. Lauffer


Faculty Show

all our old friends came to the school and blew "Tiny Bubbles" at us for two nights and you know something some of them are really talented - they can really sing dance and make uslaugh.

Dance Band

the anticipation of new members and first rehearsals, then it begins to take shape ... screeching trumpets mellow, often biting trombones subtle blending of saxes coordinated rhythm you feel a drive a pulsating force; intricate rhythms and new meters.

FIRST ROW: F. Honsberger, S. Van Patter, R. Kern, J. Green, R. Hand. SECOND ROW: D. Daly, S. Wentz, L. Cohen, E. Johnson, D. Meisenhelder. THIRD ROW: J. Schink, B. Szewczyk, J. Kern, J. Reifschneider, T. Moore, A. Yanelli.

During the many days, weeks, months, Slowly working up from almost last to almost first. Night rehearsals - usually long, usually nerveracking, but usually entertaining ... Always keep a pencil handy - let your music talk; private jokes between the notes. Last minute - tuning, adjusting, nervously fingering the keys. Then - suddenly, the spotlights blaze and blind; take a breath, downbeat, begin.


The moment is now ...

Flute Susan Compton Chris Dutton Karen Fisch Nancy Griffith Marcia McClellan Karen McGrath Jeanne Pemberton Mary Spegele Violin Flora Auld Leslie Beers Susan Bellis Dot Biela Elizabeth Boyle Annette Breingan John Buchy Jan Cohen Cindy Dell Nancy Diehl April Fallon Gail Freedman Jeffery French Joanne Gale Madeline Johnson Robert Kalwinsky Miram Khelghatian Andrea Kowalczyk Susan Mathews Peggy McKibben Lynn McMillin Rhonda Miller Richard Spegele Diana Stevenson Janet Taylor George Vucelich Doug Zischkau Eric Zischkau BarbaraZiv Viola Karen Bachman Karen Beam Marcia Carter Jesse Millon Adell Povey Debbie Sihler Marcia Yost Lilbet Yursavage Clarinet Nancy Abramchuk Steven Katz Leslie Keys Jill Moss Diane Pemberton Steven Wentz Bass Clarinet Donald Demuth John Diamond

Oboe Denise Carrol Lynn Freedman Roberta Gartside Judy Taylor French Horn Deborah Alston Martha Cook Michael French John Hodge Gary Miller Lesley Styer Robert Trucksess Anita Van Valkenburgh Alto Saxophone Linda Paterson Jack Schink Tenor Saxophone Bruce Szewczyk Tom VanValkenburgh Bass Saxophone Douglas Daly Trombone Mark Chadesy John Green Robert Hand Craig Lewis Rodger Roth Trumpet Lorraine Cohen Ted Fallon Edward Johnson Herbert Keating Mark McConnell Bassoon Sue Cohn Rosemarie Michel Tuba Jon Macks Percussion Mark Celentano David Cox David Lewis David Linn Ted Moore Albert Yanelli Piano Steven Winn String Bass Colin Braybrooks Donald Bretherick George Cooper William DeRose David Glassberg Anne Hollibaugh Evelyn Spruce Jean Reifschneider

OFFICERS: Pres. B. Keating, Lib. L. Mathews; V.¡r-roes. C. Crissey, Lib. F. Auld, Student Dir. T. Moore.

This year the band was more than marching, practicing, and giving a concert. We had a goal of $12,000 to reach if we wanted new uniforms. "It all depends on whether you are willing to work." We worked, license plates, extra parades, car wash, cake sale, Bucks for Band, paper drive. and the red graph on the wall rose. Perhaps we will make it You had to be a part in order to care, and as a part we understand why we worked so hard.

OFFICERS: Pres. R. Moore, Lib. D. Carroll, V. Pres. F. Honsberger, Lib. L. Mathews, Student Dir. T. Moore.


Clarinet: N. Abramchuk, R. Avila, B. Belfiglio, M. Capkovic, C. Cook, S. Dodge, R. Douse, M. Fisher, D. Gerba, R. Hamilton, A. Hilliard, C. Hirsch, S. Katz, P. Kent, L. Keys, P. Krape, K. Kyle, S. Lehneis, D. Lehrkinder, V. Lehrkinder, D. McElroy, G. McNamee, J. Moss, M. Naulty, D. Pemberton, J. Piatt, J. Strehlau, J. Tankle, E. Utermohlen, P. Virgilio, S. Wentz, J. Ziv. Bassoon: S. Conn, B. McKee, R. Michel. Baritone Horn: G. Cooper, J. Fehr, D. Glassberg, R. Hill, D. Kushma, T. Lenthe, F. Schoeninger. Alto Sax: R. Jones, J. Kern, R. Liebhauser, L. Paterson, J. Schink, R. Taylor. Tenor Sax: B. Szewcyk, T. Van Valkenburgh. Baritone Sax: D. Daly. French Horn: D. Alston, S. Barry, M. Cook, M. French, J. Hodge, G. Miller, L. Styer, R. Trucksess, A. Van Valkenburgh. Flute: S. Brown, J. Chrostowski, S. Compton, K. Crewdson, C. Dutton, H. Elfont, K. Fisch, N. Griffith, K. McGrath, C. Myers, J. Peck, J. Pemberton, M. Spegele, C. Worthington. Oboe: D. Carrol, L. Freedman, R. Gartside, J. Taylor. Tuba: C. Braybrooks, D. Bretherick, F. Honsberger, J. Macks, D. Mannion, R. Moore, J. Simon, A. Sulzer. Trumpet: D. Burkhart, L. Cohen, G. DeCowsky, T. Fallon, B. Fleming, E. Herr, D. Huckaba, E. Johnson, G. Kaepplinger, H. Keating, J. Lippard, V. Marcy, M. McConnell, D. Meisenhelder, A. Rives, J. Santella, G. Silverstein, T. Walker, W. Wei. Trombone: M. Chadsey, J. Green, R. Hand, C. Harvey, G. Howard, R. Kern, M. Leevan, ! S. VanPatter, W. Walsh, D. Wynne. String Bass: F. Auld, N. Criswell, A. Hollobaugh, L. Mathews, C. Montague, J. Reifschneider, E. Spruce. Drum: J. Bellini, M. Celentano, L. Clark, D. Cox, G. Hamilton, M. Lawley, D. Lewis, D. Linn, C. McClellan, K. Minteer, T. Moore, B. O'Brian, M. Smalley, R. Spegele, B. WendIe, A. Yannalli. Alto Clarjnet:P. Blue, J. Schofield. Bass Clarinet: D. Demuth, J. Diamond, W. Fisher, J. LeSeuer. Contra Bass Clarinet: A. Chrostowski.


Pep Club Pep Band The gift of music is our part in helping, one part of what makes school spirit. "Who's got Soul?" Seven-dollar jackets Half-time shows at Junior High football games form a circle and play" Mickey Mouse." "Rotvogel, Rotvogel, he's our man ... " "Mr. Touchdown" at soccer games, 4 kegs ... 4 joints ... A flag or a banner? It just goes to show ... school spirit can be fun.


Twirling streaks of silver bayonet's click cold knees numb and blue flags waving. icing to the band.

Color Guard and Majorettes

MAJORETTES: W. Hagen, Sgt. P. Ford, J. Clarke, J. Sheaffer, V. Hoath, S. Baun, R. Baher,: Molen. Head Majorette Donna Hicks

-COLOR GUARDS: L. Streeton, J. Hankins, Co-Sgt. J. Zellner, Co-Sgt. L. Rodgers, P. Curral K. McTaque, J. Carty, D. Sciubba, J. Hess.

Feature Twirler Cheryl Corbin

Cheerleaders Pleading Trying to be a reason for winning. Shakers that turn green on your hands and clunky saddles and bobby socks. "Chris, get in line!" Crowded rides in driver-ed cars Eternally hopeful Never discouraged after a loss Parachutes and Pep Rallies and Programs at lunch Rolled up skirts that always unroll. Graceful cart wheels in the mud Always ... in the spotlight Trying to form that all-important link between the team in the stands and the team on the field.

Co-captains: N. Gordon and S. Shea.


VARSITY BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Mainwaring, D. Polischuk, L. Mace, D. Root, C. Kaepplinger, Co-Captain S. Shea, Co-Captain N. Gordon, F. Stegemerten, R. Kelly, C. Small, M. Long, C. Wickland.

J.V. STANDING: D. Welch, C. DiRenzo, D. Kelly, L. Rizzo, D. Krajeski, R. Dreer, D. Buchanan. KNEELING: Co-Captains C. Crewdson and D. Borodkin. Not pictured: S. Digiovanni.



Co-Captains: Carmen Marchioni and Roger Mason.


Summer practice in August - unbearable heat! Constitutionals! Which way today? On the sleds boys! Right go left, left go right, . Go I, go2. Bounce around boys, bounce around. It takes hard work to be a winner. This team had the spirit to do the job. It wasn't a great team But it was a good team. It lost some, But it won more often. It had pride, desire, dedication, and guts! Was it worth the sacrifice? Ask the players Rock, Mingo, Gumby, Buck All-Delco, Ginner, Clackers, Machinegun, Francis, Rover, Bake, Pete, Tony Gee, J.B., THE WRECKERS! Yes it definitely was!

FIRST ROW, Coach L. Landau, B. Buchanan, M. Stevenson, Co-Captain C. Marchionni, Co-Captain R. Mason, D. Marano, S. Johnson, D. Lehrkinder, J. Cotlov, D. Pataky, J. Betts, B. Gimm, Coach H. Bell. SECOND ROW, Manager B. Kelly, B. Stewart, F. Celluci, T. Anders, J. Holt, J. Giannini, R. Maloney, D. Ardary, G. Mummert, A. Pacitti, T. Giancaterino, F. Siembeda, Manager M. Redfern. THIRD


ROW, Coach H. Gotwols, W. Walsh, J. Brazill, C. Paradis, G. Hatton, D. Reimund, T. Erwin, L. Doeblin, W. Kline, P. Malloy, K. Kaysen, S. Goodwin, L. Davis, Coach B. Mackrides. FOURTH ROW, B. Bohne, G. Windsor, E. Ignarri, F. McLaughlin, D. Flood, N. Pacitti, D. Buono, A. Harmon, B. Shea, G. Price, S. Goodman.


o 35 26 34 26 27 20 21 12

Football '.



.. "'"'.


Haverford Upper Darby Lower Merion Harriton Nether Providence Conestoga Radnor Penncrest Marple Newtown Won 6 Lost 3

COACHES: H. Gotwols, H. Bell, W. Mackrides, and L. Landau.


Opponent 7 13 20

o 12 44 13 27 6


Soccer Springfield 4 2 4

o 2

2 1 1 1 2

o 3

Opponent Upper Merion Brandywine Episcopal Ridley Haverford Radnor Upper Darby Penncrest Lower Merion Marple Newton Harriton Conestoga won 6 lost 6

1 1

o 1

3 1 2 2 3

o 2


SITTING: D. Bollinger, T. Bottomley, B. Stevenson, B. Isherwood, D. McBrearty, D. Ferrell, D. Haney, D. Helwig, M. McClellan, R. Douse, W. Pollack, D. Steuber. SECOND ROW: B. Compton, T. Fink, J. Sheppard, S. Shoemaker, S. Roderick, B. Dodge, R. Laub, D. Stevenson, B. BelFiglio, C. Menan. THIRD ROW: Manager E. Shubin, Manager C. Evans, H. Kelly,D. Eastman, G. Ricketts, T. Jones, C.


McClellan, E. May, T. Cohen, A. Massey, B. Pedigo, S. Miller, Manager J. Diamond, Manager J. Gale. FOURTH ROW: Coach R. Dietrich, E. Taylor, J. Petruzzelli, K. Bratz, G. Keiter, D. Helwig, J. McBrearty, P. Hansen, G. Keating, C. Young, D. Cahoon, Coach W. Speakman.



Coach R. Dietrich; Co-Captains: D. Ferrell and D. McBrearty; Coach W. Speakman.

Summer practice-laps, drills, sprints, talks on bank, and Big Store shirts Win the toss, win the game finally a scrimmage at Ocatrora-Where' s that? Brandywine-overtime victory, water Ridley scoring, penalty kicks, shots that hit the pole, "penetrate, score, back and ready" "3-3-4, or 4-3-3," "Do you have anything to add, Mr. Speakman?" "No, that's about all" ''I've never missed a shot from here!" lecture on bus followed by victory year of disappointment.


Cross Country it hurts. You will be given two commands "Come on. You can pass him ... he's dying." no more oranges? Kerr Lane (3 time~) getting your stick at the finish. Sometimes the glory isn't all inside.

KNEELING: R. Powers, S. Gabriel, M. Lawley, Captain K. Barry, J. Greenstine, R. Smith, T. Heavey. FIRST ROW STANDING: S. George, C. Niemczewski, C. Barbour, L. Pacinelli, G. Guinan, B. Zoolalian, J. Fox, A. Ferber, S. Szewzyk, B. Patterson, C. McCall, M. Saipher, G. Cooper, D. Teti. SECOND ROW: G. Kucheruk, J. Mulhern, T. Kestler, J. Guthrie, J. Ferber, T. Whitty, J. Fonner, D. Bender, C. Fansler.


Captain Kevin Barry

Coach D. Fry

Springfield 15 36 22 29 18 20 26 40


Opponent Radnor Upper Darby Lower Merion Haverford Marple Newtown Harriton Penncrest Conestoga Won5 Lost 3

44 20 36 27 41 40 33 21


Coaches:]. Brusch and G. Hart

Captain Marcia McClellan

Springfield 1

o 2 3 2 4 1 1


Penncrest Harriton Marple Newtown Upper Darby Haverford Lower Merion Radnor Conestoga Won 7 Lost 0 Tie 1

1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 98

Showup at practice in bloomers T-shirts or anything else you can find. Keep Your Body Low. Get Down. Elbows Out. Move Thy Feet. "Okay, Miss Hart." You are a part of many parts which work together to make a whole. This, skills, spirit; the will to win, make the game

FIRST ROW: B. MacGregor, L. Beattie, D. Mason, B. Mullineaux, M. McClellen, Cohen, L. Miller, D. Pemberton, C. Kutz,.Manager R. Liebhauser. SECOND ROW: J. Diamond, L. Zulick, S. Calhoun, S. Anderson, L. Fisher, P. Pierce, A. Fallon, B. Farnese, L. Blaser, B. Davis, M. Viglotti. THIRD ROW: Manager D. Rue,



Manager B. Frank, Manager J. Dudley, C. McCallister, J. McNett, G. Freedman, M. Batch, V. Hoath, A. Bregianan, N. Rickards, B. McCarthy, J. Grimes, C. Holt S. Jacoby, M. Vaules, S. Compton, B. Heavy, Manager M. Ewell, Coach J. Brusch, Coach G. Hart.

You were a small team, this year. " If we only had a 6'5" boy with hustle." But we didn't. You had to make the foul shots scramble play defensive try to overcome the height "We'll press them full court." "There's not much I can say about last night." " Swell" Mr. Werley-working all year for the team Richie- high scorer the floor general Pete-the rebounder, fighting Lou, and the rest. The Team.

Basketball Coach F. Werley

KNEELING: G. Robbins, G. Ries, L. Gargiulo, Capt. R. Miller, P. Miller, B. Koppe, L. Heller. STANDING: Coach A. De Muzio, F. McLaughlin, T. Boyle, P. Ferry, Mgr. J. Gale, J. Wheatley, H. Foley, T. Giancaterino, Coach S. Werley.


Basketball Springfield 72

47 44 55 50 66 40 45

65 53 74 63 57 64 60 51 48 48 65 37

Opponent Avon Grove Haverford Upper Darby Lower Merion Harriton Radnor Penncrest Marple-Newtown Upper Darby Haverford Conestoga Lower Merion Harriton Interboro Conestoga Penncrest Marple-Newtown Radnor Darby-Colwyn St. James Won 8 Lost 12 J.V.Won17 Lost 1

62 49

38 61

46 71

63 50 46 92 64 76

52 69 56 55 53 49

56 50

102 Gale's Garrison: F. Huntington, G. Fisher, J. Gale, S. Miller, B, Spohn.

KNEELING: S. Gabriel, B. Mooney, J. McBrearty, D. Reimund, M. Molle, B. LeBon. STANDING: G. Hatton, T. Quinn, B. Caruso, T. Spencer, H. Kelly, D. Esola, C. Young, Coach B. Speakman.

Capt. R. Miller


Wrestling Springfield 17 21

28 47 33 36 20 36 38 30 48 21


Hill School


Upper Darby Harriton Penncrest Marple- Newtown Lansdowne-Aldan Haverford Conestoga Lower Merion Haverford School Radnor Ridley Township Won 9 Lost 3

18 18 5 11 12

22 6 6 13 2 24

FIRST ROW: G. Papazian, S. Szewcyk, S. Scott, M. Implazo, Co-capt. S. Shoemaker, Co-capt. D. Marano, B. Shea, C. Brewer, T. Damon, J. Betts, R. Mason, E. Bakow. SECOND ROW: R. Marano, C. Mackrides, E. May, B. Skeen, A. Ferber, B. Reynolds, W. Kline, P. Kretchmyer, A. Harmon, S. Goodman, R. Maloney, D. Ardary. THIRD ROW: B. Yaeck, J. Ferber, M. McClellan, S. Cope, B. James, B. Frankenberger, C. Barbour, S. Johnson, J. Cotlov, Coach R. Shoemaker. FOURTH ROW: Mgr. B. Reuben, J. Bowes, R. Winslow, D. Smith, M. Mease, A. Massey, G. Ricketts, K. Kyle, W. Hirst, C. McClellan, Mgr. L. Derchole.

The big six-Marano, Shoemaker, Betts, Mason, Damon, Brewer-weak in lightweights Practice everyday-3:30 "Be on time-Ya think your special?" one hundred degrees in the wrestling room starve for a week sweat to make weight. Championship meet-a rough loss to Haverford "A good loser is still a loser. Why be a loser?" Come backto defeat Haverford School in league competition. The last season for the man who made wrestling what it is here. Coach Shoemaker. Co-capts. R. Shoemaker and D. Marano



Coach R. Shoemaker



FIRST ROW: Capt. D. Bollinger, B. Stevenson, B. Osborn, ]. Sheppard, B. Pieffer, R. Laub, Coach H. Lemmon. SECOND ROW: E. Christenson, D. Flood, B. Benzing, B. DeRose, D. Spegele, D. McGarrah. THIRD ROW: E. Anderson, K. Dunbar, M. Naulty, L. Laub, B. Compton.


KNEELING: T. Heavey, R. Keast, C. McCall, B. Ernest, Co-capt. K. Barry, S. George, Co-capt. B. Robb, Co-capt. J. Greenstine, R. Larzelere, T. Kestler, G. Stratton. STANDING: Coach J. Warshaw, Mgr. J. Walski, J. Mulhern, B Patterson, R. Smith, S. Kutcheruk, P. Vanlngen, S. Mainwaring, R. Langshaw, S. Roderick, R. Laughhead, J. Foy, G. Cooper, G. Guinan, J. Neal, S. Kestler, B. Watt, H. Zischau, B. Lawley, B. Mayer, D. Bender, Coach W. Dyke.

Coach W. Dyke

Winter Track


sprinting through the corridors meets on Saturdays Swarthmore Field House Haverford Franklin Field? racing from the girl's locker room to the music room. Training for the Spring meets.

Girls' Basketball

Co-capt: L. Claure, K. Schaefer


J. Brusch

The Great Roo brought treats before the games, Sent telegrams and made signs, Encouraged and advised the Kangaroos. Here comes the cream of the crop. what? A lady? what happens when they have to kiss the busdriver? Do like the Army, do like the NavySwish! It's all over, it's all over. Here's to you, Miss Brusch and Miss Ardao; Here's to you, team.


29 51 48 18 60

44 49 32

Opponent Harriton Marple-Newtown Lower Merion Upper Darby Radnor Penncrest Conestoga Haverford Won6

24 39 29 33 48 28 26 34

Lost 2

KNEELING: Mgr. L. Paterson, J. Batton, C. Barker, J. Harmon, L. Miller, L. Claure, K. Shaefer, M. McClellan, D. Walls, D. Flohr, Mgr. L. Giachetti. STANDING: Coach L. Ardao, Mgr. N. Jackie, J. Diamond, M. Batch, B. Heavy, S. Jay, J. Omlar, C. Holt, B. McCarthy, C. Blaser, J. Grimes, S. White, B. Davis, N. Rickards, V. Hoath, A. Fallon, G. Freedman, B. Faroese, Coach J. Brusch.


SEATED: G. Hillerson, V. Babiarz, R. Moore, M. Schwartz, STANDING: Coach C. McCoy, R. Stryker, J. Piatt, A. Graeber, G. Pagano, M. Schwartz, Capt. S. Markel.

Chess Team

Rifle Team


You pass bits of your life daily growing up in those familiar rooms. and - in growing up - you are enriching not only your own life, but those around you.

Class of 1972

Lorraine Adams Beverly Agnew Lonnie Alexander

Freshmen Debbv Alston Joann'e Altieri Juanita Ambrose Valerie Ambrozates Eric Anderson Frank Anderson Janet Anderson Marlene Anderson Joyce Angelozzi Anita Arndt MerriAsh Nancv Ash Mary¡Ann Bacher Bruce Bailey John Bailey Joyce Bailey Larry Ball Dan Bateman Leslie Beers Joanne Bartoletti Jeff Battershall


Freshmen Harry Begg Bob Benzing Karen Berg Ronald Berg

Sharon Bittner Ruth Bivens Carol Blackburn George Blunt

Robert Bollinger Diane Borodkin Ann Botel Phyllis Braconaro

Michael Bradfield Joseph Bradley Mary Bradley Linda Brennan Lydia Brennan Robert Bruckner Daniel Bruno Jean Buky Paul Buongiorno Diane Burke Harold Burkins Eileen Burns Barbara Butler Bob Calder Mike Cannon Ken Carey Mike Carlin Tred Carlson Denise Carney James Carras Charles Cervino John Chacosky Mark Chadsey Agnes Chestnut Andrea Chinici David Chorin Ruth Christie Steve Christinzio Joyce Chrostowski Liz Ciurlino Jody Clarke Donald Coffman Andy Coleman Ellen Coleman Dorothy Colflesh Susan Conn Florence Conneen David Cook Susan Cook George Cooper Richard Coren Pete Cowden Donna Craig Norman Craig Katherine Crewdson Nancy Criswell Steve Critchlow Chuck Crocco


Jim Cunningham Wesley Curry John Curtis Ilpn D' Alonza Janet Davidson Carolyn Davidson Diane Dawson Barb Dehnick Nancy DeKorte Bruce Delany Ellen DeLue Don Demuth Thelma Desiderio Pat Devine Charles DeVinney Joe DeVinney Peter DeVries Terry Diamond Jan Dibeler Rickey DiCicco John Digilio Connie DiRenzo Debbie Downey Robyn Dreer Walter Dutton Denny Dyitt Barbara Eastman James Eckman Harra Elfont Phil Elliott Jim Ellis Joe Ellis Sharon Ersek Nancy Esposito Bill Ewell Peter Falconer Ted Fallon Bruce Farnese Sharon Fay James Fehr

Steve Feld John Ferrigno Gerald Fink Nancy Fink Tim Fink

Karen Fisch Bill Fisher Billy Fisher Martha Fisher Debbie Flood

Bob Ford Patricia Fraim Valerie France Cindy Francis Joe Frasetta

Lynn Freedman Jeff French Mike French David Frick Connie Futhey


Freshmen Joann Gale Neal Gallagher Donna Galletta Jack Gannett Karen Garro Roberta Gartside Cindy Gastner Lynn Gates Dave Geneva Steve Gantile Adrian George Bruce Getty Patrick Giancatarino Patty Gibson Eric Gildner Steve Giordano Wayne Giordano David Glassberg Olga Glenstrup Andy Goldenberg Cindy Goldin Rick Goodwin Susan Gorby Michael Gordon Beverly Grant Dave Grebb John Green Stanley Green John Grietzer Robert Grillet Charles Grizalba Robert Grochowski David Grotyohann Kerry Guerin Martha Guthrie

Patti Hales Kathy Hall Mary Hall Susan Hamilton Donald Hanrahan

Charles Hardy John Harrity Gerry Hartshorn Craig Harvey Lynn Hartzell

Rachel Holstein Rich Hay Gail Hemphill Dianne Henley Barb Herring

Alfred Hilbert Susan Hillerson Andrew Hilliard Clifford Hirsch Elizabeth Hirst

John Hodge Sue Hodgson Tom Holcomb Anne Hollibaugh Janie Hollinshead


Donna Holt John Hornick Barbara Hoppel Robert Howard

Kathy Hughes Lynda Huntzinger Lydia Ipri Cindy Irvine

Nancy Jackson Joanne Jacobs Shirley Jacobs Marcia Janssen Clifford Jay

Barb Johson Madeleine Johnson Sharon Johnson Steve Johnson Mike Jones

Connie Joseph Grant Kaepplinger Roy Kallinen Steve Katz Bob Kauffman Gary Kaysen Gail Kehm Carol Kelly Dotty Kelly Mary Kelly Peter Kent Steve Kerstinnio Nancy Kilbane Don King John Kirchner Dorothy Kiscaden Michael Kivitz Michael Klagholz Bob Klinka Nancy Klatt Jorita Knopf Carl Koellman Walter Kollar Ellen Kopp Thomas Kopp Linda Kovacs Andrea Kowalczyk Debbie Krajeski Ginny Kramer Penny Krape Kurt Krissenger Jane Kushma Joanne Lang Sue Langshaw Joe Lapps Charlene LaPreste Ron Latini Leonard Laub Joan Laverty John Lebano Denyse Lefever Sue Lehneis



Freshmen John Leonowich Craig Lewis Maria Lewis Bill Linaberry John Lippard Bruce Livingstone Albert Lockley Mary Longaker Paul Lukens Bob Lynch Margaret MacDowell Jeri MacNiven Michaelle Malloy Pat Mangione David Mannion Steve Marchini Tommy Marsden Joe Martucci Bob Matthews Sue Mathews Carolyn Mauger John Maxwell Michael McCall Bruce McClane Charles McCarron Ellen McClosky Linda McConnel Kathy McCrossin Jim McCullough Linda McCunney Kathy McDonald Melissa McDougall Audrey McDowell Mary McElroy Michael McFadden

Joe McGarity Patty McGorman Denise McGrath Paul McGrath David McKittrick

Michael McLaughlin Hayden McLian Mark McLean Glenn McNamee Wayne Megonegal

Barbara Merkel Melinda Metzger Rosemarie Michel Dean Miller Elaine'M iller

Lisa Miller Lois Miller Rhonda Miller Tim Miller John Millon

Ken Minteer Diane Missiras Beverly Mohr Marcia Montgomery John Moore




Dick Moore Stephen Moore Judy Morgan Michele Morrone Sally Mount Bill Mowbray Carol Mowbray Eileen Moylan Robert Muir Michael Mullaney Jack Murry Maria Musciano Canita Musika Mark Naulty Regina Neal James Neary Eugene Negro Betti Jane Nelson Tom Nelson Janet Nicholls Terry Niemczewski Grace Noonan Debbie Norman Sue Norrbom Sharon Novack Meg O'Brien Kathy 0' Donnel Denise Pacinelli Michele Panebianco Kim Parris Paul Pataky June Pearson Sandy Peltzman Jeanne Pemberton Ronald Perry

John Perugini Karen Pike Richard Pilson Sandy Plattner Darryl Podgorski

Carol Polinsky Capie Polk Lesley Pollard David Potts Sandy Powell

Chris Powers Rick Powers Lisa Price Janice Quedenfeld Mary Reardon

Melody Rego Bruce Reid Patrick Reid Jean Reifschneider Linda Reimund

Neil Reinauer Donna Remeneier Barbara Rendi Cheryl Richardson Beverly Ried


Freshmen Linda Rieve Albert Rives Linda Rizzo Jack Roberts Katherine Roberts John Rodney

Bob Root Claire Roselli Mark Rosenberg Linda Rumpf Chris Sagan Michele Salaman

Diane Sampson Barbara Sandford Chris Sandstrom Alex Santa Barbara Edward Saunders Carol Scheppman

John Scheuer Jack Schink Jo Schipani Timmy Seagraves Margaret Sebastian Peter Semanchuk Eileen Semanik Robin Shapiro Daniel Shaw Kim Shockley Linda Silbertstien Robert Simpson John Slate Michael Smalley Dave Smith Holly Smith Scott Smith Tom Smupard

John Soster Kathy Spahr Richard Spegele Sue Stagliano

Ann Stengel Laura Sterling Hilary Sternberg Barbara Stettler

Diana Stevenson Debbie Stone Cynthia Strohofer Marguerite Strolle

Walter Stubbs Lesley Styer Judy Sudler Kathy Sullivan


John Suydam Ralph Swan Bruce Szewcsyk Judy Tarkoy Gina Terra Nova Jeff Thayer Ray Thiel Bruce Thomas Cathy Thompson Debbie Toogood Barbara Torelli Mark Tago Andrew Trautman Tara Trenper Jeffrey Triestman Mary Uber Dianne Usher Walter Uttermohlen Bob Vaites Diane Valenti Barry Valentinsen Tony Vanella Pete Vanlngen Pam Virgilio George Vucelich Martin Wade Vickie Walp Pat Walsh Barbara Walter Douglas Warrick Charles Watkins Jeffrey Way Jeff Webb Ester Wei Marcia Weigelt Mark Weinerman Charlie Weisel Doris Weisser John Welch Pam Welch Buddy Wendle Doug Weniger John Wheatly Frank Whitaker Debby Whiteside KathyWike Allison Wilcox Pat Williams Robert Witkoski Sharon Woodburn Marilyn Woodward Nancy Woodwell Frank Woolston Dave Wynne Donna Yacola Pam Yankanich Albert Yannelli Margaret Yates Ken Young Lilbet Yuravage Joe Zaccerelli Michael Zaffiri Patricia Zak Betty Zalkind Cathy Zdiarski PhilZippi Douglas Zischkau Erir Zischkau


ADVISORS: S. Werley and P. Greyson.

CLASS OFFICERS: Treas. H. Kelly, Seer. V. Hoath, V. Pres. C. McClellan, Pres. J. McBrearty.

Leaving behind some of the stigma of the Lower School. Truly, now, a part of the High School Involved now And changing, growing (but you don't realize it, no, not until later) The realization of competition came with Class Standings. "Democracy" entered with class elections. Driver-Ed and Varsity Sports and beginning to think to the future.

Class of 1971 Sophomores

Nancy Abrumchuk Debbie Alexander Joyce Andrusko Dan Antenucci Ron Anzalone Ed Armstrong Bob Arrell Bettice Asparagus Phil Atkinson Cheryl Bachman Bob Baily Dan Baily


Jean Bald John Baratiak Pat Bari Dick Barr Linda Barry Dennis Baruti Marquita Batch Shana Bates Charlene Batista Jackie Batton Eilenn Baxter Robert Beadling Karen Beam Jim Bellini Susan Bellis Beverly Bender Farris Benditt John Benditt David Benham Pam Biener Rick Biggs Ed Billingsly Dorothy Biolota John Black Paul Blanchette Maureen Blewitt Ellen Blodgett Patti Blue Nanette Boccelli Bob Bohne Christine Bonsignore Mark Borriello Faith Bower

Jim Bowes Elizabeth Boyle Timothy Boyle Keith Bratz Jim Brazill

Annette Breingan Don Bretherick Judy Brewer Douglas Brogan Carol Ann Brown

Ted Brown Bill Bruning Suzanne Bryan Pat Buggy Bob Butler

Pat Cafferty Richard Caldwell Stephen Campanella Vicki Campbell Tom Canon

Mary Lou Capkovic Paul Carlin Bob Carpenter Susan Carroll


Sophomores Joseph Carrozza Richard Carter Vanessa Carter June Carty Robert Caruso Steven Cass John Caton Mark Celentano Frank Celucci Ronald Cerceo Denise Champagne John Chandler Maureen Charles Harrise Chazin David Chestnut Wayne Chrinka Eric Christiansen Michael Christopher David Christy Paul Cimini Marie Cipollone Kathleen Clark Richard Claure Jean Clifton Debra Coffman Tod Cohen Lisa Cole Drew Colvin Susan Compton Nancv Conicella Barb;ra Conwav Connie Cook Frank Corado William Coughlan Kathleen Coyle Patricia Creed Cheryl Crispin Joe Crocco Kathleen Culbertson Patricia Curran William Curran Alexander Davidson

Beverly Davis Christine DeAngelis Richard Deckman Robert D'Egidio Timothy Delany

Edward DelGrippo Gloria Delio Buono David Delonis Thomas Demuth Marion DePugh

Larrv Dercole Pau( Desmond Jane Diamond Barbara Dickinson Richard DiPietro

Richard DiRico Sandra Dodge Dennis Dougherty


Susan Downey Mary Helen Duffy Denise Dunn Donna Dunn Thomas Eggers

Barbara ElIixson Lee Erickson Linda Ernst David Esola April Fallon

Lorin Feeser Mary Ellen Fehr Andre Ferber Thomas Fightmaster Judith Fillmore Maureen Flannery Kathryn Flegel Paula Fleisher Brian Fleming David Fohs Colleen Ford Dianne Forester Barry Foster Laurie Foster James Foy Karen Francis Gregory Francisco Valerie Frangelli

Barbara Frank Philip Frederick Kathy Fredericks Gail Freedman Gerald Gabe Stephen Gabriel Joseph Galantino Joanne Gannett Richard Gastner Charles Geltz Diana Gerba Liane Giachetti

John Giannini Roseanne Giuda William Gock Paul Goodman Joy Goodwin Beverly Gosser Virginia Grace Carson Grant Sandra Greenacre Chervl Greenstine Tho~as Gretto James Griffith Judith Grimes Joseph Gra Patricia Gross Allen Guelzo Garv Guinan Wa~ne Guralnick Ki~ Guthrie Dena Hagans


Sophomores Richard Hahn Melanie Hall Richard Hamilton Virginia Hand Paul Hansen Terrance Hanson Alfred Harmon Charles Hart Sally Harvey Gary Hatton Janet Heaton Donald Helwig John Henderson Charles Hepler Eric Herr Kenneth Herring Gary Hilleary Janet Hine Victoria Hoath Douglas Holden Cynthia Holt Margaret Hoover Eileen Hopper Elizabeth Horn Karl Hornick Stephen Howarth Claudia Huber James Hulme Susan Hutton William Iannacone Sherry Idler James Imbesi Jean Implazo Timothy Irvine Karen Islip Nancy Jackie Sue Jacoby Selma Jay Edward Jednacz Don Johnson Nancy Johnsonte Fredrick Jones Tracy Jones William Jordan Jill Kadin Joan Karpowich Ron Kearney

Gregory Keating John Kederies Zana Kehm James Keiter

Florence Keller Mary Jean Kellie Hank Kelly Nadina Kelly

Bob Kern Sandra Kester Stanton Kestler Leslie Keys


Miriam Khelghatian Karen Kindig Steve King Edward Kirshner Mary Klagholz Caryl Klatt David Kline Deborah Knowles Joan Krejcar Paul Kretschner Donna Kromko Deborah Krotzer Richard Krynick David Kushma Cheryl Kutz Cynthia Kutz Cora Lamb Deborah Land George Larson Steve Latini Richard Laughead Robert Lawley Robert LeBon Mark Leevan Richard Lefferts John LeHota Vera Lehrkinder Preston Leisenring Hilarie Lennan Theodore Lenthe Carolyn Leonard Dorothy Lilley Michelle Lilley David Linn Jan Lippman

Steven Litecky Joseph Livezey Sue Ann Lochart Vincent Loro Mary Lucas

Betty Luongo James Lynch Lauren Lytle Gail MacBeth John MacDonald

Debbie MacGregor Elaine Macho William Mackrides Jon Macks Chuck MacLennan

Debbie Mainwaring Jacquelyn Malloy Angela Mangano Peter Mansueto Richard Marano

Arthur Marcellus Denise Marchini Val Marcy Peggy Markiewicz Alex Massey


Sophomores Marilyn Matriciano Debbie Matthews Susan Mawson Ethan May Robert Mayer Shelly Moyer Jeff McBrearty Kris McCallister Eileen McCarron Bette McCarthy Craig McClellan Linda McConnel Mark McConnel Paul McDevitt James McDougall Elizabeth McGarity Daniel McGarrat James McGee Charles McKnett Janice McKnett Blake McLaughlin Danny McLaughlin Lynn McMillin Karen McTague Marc Mease Joseph Mecerendino David Meisenhelder Steve Miller Steve Miller John Metzler Kathleen Metrick Bruce Merz Curt Modes Jan Molen Mike Mollez Hilsa Monroe Cathy Montague Robert Mooney Janis Moore Tom Moran

Bev Morrison Jill Moss Stan Moss Richard Mousley Debby Moylan

Mike Moylan John Mulhern Arlene Mummert Chris Munsell Robert Murphy

John Murray Kevin Murtaugh Alfred Muscari Dave Natale Dorothy Natale

Cindy Naylor Stratton Nicollaides Dottie Nocella James Nonemaker


Kathy O'Brien RayO'Dore John O'Keefe MikeO'Lone Janet Omlor

Andy Oppenheim Karen Ortals Chip Paradis Edward Patchell Linda Paterson

Linda Patters Bob Patterson Bob Pedigo Mike Pereira Donna Petre

Judy Petrelli John Petruzelli Linda Philion Al Phillapone Paul Pieri Joanne Pichaske Denise Piccone Pete Piriano Chauncey Phillips Carl Pliscott Rosemary Polomano Kathy Poulson

Cathy Povey David Prestwood Keven Price Robin Pyle Tom Quinn Janet Ransom Linda Rasmussen Patsy Ray Dianne Raymond Nancy Ready Mike Redfern Jim Reger Maria Rego Dave Reimund Brian Reynolds Bill Rice Nancy Rickards Diane Ricketts Vicki Rickolt Karen Rieve Diana Rios Victoria Rivello Jim Rizzo Barbara Robbins Barbara Roberts Nancy Roberts Barb Robertson Barb Rolison Helen Romanske Cathy Rosa Connie Roselle Lee Rosenbaum


Sophomores David Rumbaugh Jane Rutledge Curt Salla John Salvo June SanGiorgio Debby Santoro Ann Sarkis Billy Scanlon Jeanne Scarlata Kris Schauer Bev Schmidt Jeanne Schofield Linda Schonenberger Berndt Schrader Dave Schwartz Karen Schwenzer Donna Sciubba Jim Secca Sandy Sentman Shelly Septor Bob Shea Joan Sheaffer Gregg Shepherd Lee Shockley Debbie Sihler Kevin Simpson Bob Sinkinson Cliff Siple Bruce Skean Fred Slate George Smith Nancy Smith Steve Smith Bruce Snyder Debby Speer Tom Spencer Richard Spruce Kathy Stadler Mary Stapelton JoAnne Starr Ken Steiert Glen Stephenson Jay Stiteler Wayne Stratton Sona Sudjian Gayle Swan Robert Sweeney Dave Tabor

Laura Taggart Neil Tapp Janet Taylor Judy Taylor Denise Terra Nova

Jessica Tete Lee Thomas Debbie Thompson Patri Thompson

Russel Thompson John Thwaites Joe Ticknor


Dottie Tidd Steve Tieser Dennis Todd Ann Torelli Janice Touchton

Joe Tracz Ted Tremper Barbara Tricomi Margaret Tronco Bob Trucksess

Leonard Turner Paul Van cerver Anita Van Valkenburgh Midge Vaules Bruce Vessey

Diane Voegeli Lynne Walker Janet Wallace Margie Waltz Thomas Ward

Richard Warrington Charles Warth Steve Wassler Chris Watt Joe Weal Cindy Webb WesWei Linda Weigett Pam Wertzel Carol Weldy Denise Whitaker Wayne White Tom Whitty Connie Wicksund Fritz Wiebelhaus Carol Wilber Steve Williams Jim Winslow Penni Wolf Carl Wolfgang John Wolski Denise Woods Nancy Woodwell Sharon Wordlum Cathy Worthington Rick Wright Nancy Wurzer John Yankanich Walter Yankoski Marcia Yost Jimmy Young Linda Young Ralph Young Andy Zacharias Debbie Zanazanian Steve Zehring Glenn Ziegler Richard Zirpoli JohnZiv Janet Zoolalian


Class of 1970 Juniors

ADVISORS: W. Hall and B. Souders.

CLASS OFFICERS: Sec. N. Shields, Treas. W. Fisher, V. Pres. G. Greenberg, Pres.

J. Steiert.


Room 210, their own castle In their own Camelot. Joyce and Debby gone for a year Magazine Sale - Excedrin headache #1968 "Hey - whatever happened to class trips?" Lectures and seminars in American Studies Finally being allowed to drive to school And to eat out. "So, what's in a class?" A feeling, something is different here. Something more than 540 globs of kids A spirit, a feeling of unity, security and pride. To be a member of the class of 1970.

TomAbt Pat Acers Harriette Adaman Dave Adams Roy Adler Ted Anders Pat Anderson Sally Anderson Tom Anderson Lynn Andrusko Dave Ardary Barbara Arndt Debbie Avila Rodger Bacon Bill Baker Ruth Ann Baker Sue Baltzer Cindy Barker Dianne Barker Nancy Barkovich Ginny Barrett


Juniors Lynn Bateman Rick Bateman Jim Batchelder Gary Bauer Sue Baun Richard Beaver Stephanie Beck Chris Behrle Robert Belfiglio Dave Bender Pat Berry Dot Biela Stephanie Biener Lois Blaser Bruce Boone Jim Boose Joe Booty Jim Boya David Boyer Lorraine Bradley Joanne Brannan Colin Braybrooks Becky Breaden John Bridgins George Brockway Mary Ann Brophy Sue Brown Barbara Bruce John Buchy Rosemary Buechele Dave Bulkley Dennis Buono Gary Burkard David Burkhart Beverly Burns

Jim Burns Sybil Burns Shirley Burnley Debbie Burton Linda Buzby

Dave Cahoon Shelley Cahoon Celeste Camagna Sue Campbell Phyllis Carlson

Lynn Carvell Sue Carvell Bob Chestnut Ann Chrostowski Janet Ciaramella

Bob Cicconi Bill Clark Lee Clark Randy Clark Debbie Clarke

Anthony Clauso Mary Anne Clipp Lorraine Cohen Nancy Coleman Bill Compton


Batsy Conant Barbara Conner Bill Conroy Dabby Contampasis Jeff Cook Lynn Cox Bob Cress Ben Curtis Charles Daily Linda Dalusio Doug Daly John Daniel Pete Davidson Lon Davis Joanne Deal Neil DeArros Mike DeHaven Bill DeRose Buddy Diamond John Diamond Carl DiCicco George DiCicco Dave DiGilio Linda DiMattia Ron Doeblin Bernadette D' Ornellas Nancy Douts Eileen Dowrick Ken Dunbar Glenn Durfor John Dyitt Sandy Dyitt Don Eastman Deena Edwards Pattie Eggart

Anita Esposito Chris Evans Keith Fansler Bonnie Farnese Dave Federman

Kathy Feuquay Janice Fink Gary Fisher Keith Fisher Lauri Fisher

Wayne Fisher Donna Fister Terry Fitzgibbon Chris Fleck Jeff Flicher

Patrick Flippin Ken Fliszar Debbie Flohr Drew Flood Huey Foley

Jim Fonner Karen Ford Sharon Ford Margie Forrest Joanne Foster


Juniors Al Fraim Margaret Frank Donna Freeman

Bob Gallagher Bob Galli Lance Gallo Donna Gambol Wayne Gattinella

Linda Gaudioso Mike Geci Anthony Giancaterino Jack Gibson Larry Gildner Linda Gilligan Liz Gilmore Richard Gliem Walt Goettman Joe Gonslaves Steve Goodman Dianne Goodspeed John Goodwin Bob Gordon Chris Graff Jane Graham Bob Grebb Ellen Green Glen Greenberg Charles Greskoff Dave Griest Elaine Griswold Marilyn Grochowski Joe Grossi Gary Gurbada Bill Hagans Debbie Hagner Cindy Handler Jennie Hankins Linda Hargrove Linda Haring Chris Harris Craig Hartzell Wendy Hazen Dave Heaton Don Heaton Brad Hedman George Helmuth Robyn Herrmann Joanne Hess Amy Hessemer Ted Hidell Bob Hill Dee Hill Ralph Hill Gary Hillerson Ken Hirsch


Wayne Hirst Wharton Hirst Judy Hoffmeier Ed Holden Sue Hollibaugh Peter Hollinshead George Howard Dave Huckaba Kathy Humphrey Pat Hunt Frank Huntington Joanne Huntsman Joanne Hutton Ed 19narri Mike Implazo Tom Irwin Jim Jackson Donna Jenkins Lynne Jennings George Jetter Ed Johnson Debby Jones Sid Jose! Joyce Juechter Bill Jupin Pam Just Kai Kayson Wendy Keast Mary Keller Chris Kelley Bob Kelly Jack Kelly Albert Kendro Bob Kenyon Elaine Kerr Dora Kery Linda Kiefner Mike Kilcourse Jim King Joanne Kirchner Louise Kline Wayne Kline Rich Klinka Karen Kloss Randy Kolar Dawn Koppenhaver Lewis Korn Bill Krauss Gail Kresge George Kucheruk Steve Kucheruk Ken Kyle Kurt Lacko Bill Langshaw Gigi LaPorta

Gary Larkin Tina Laspas Les Lawler Chad Leightley Ray Lengel

Sam Levis Byron Lewis Cindy Lewis Frank Leonard Steve Lilly


Juniors Fred Lincoln Laura Lintz Ruth Lockbaum Bob Logan Marcy Long Carol Lukens Mimi Lumpkin Craig MacBeth Stewart MacDonald Lori Mace Anna Marie MacKay Steve Mainwaring Pat Malloy Linda Manion Joanne Marks Michelle Marra Gale Martin Mike Martin Steve Martina Dan Martyn Dave McCallister Cheryl McCann Kathy McCarron Kathy McCulley Ann McCullough Carl McCullough

Debbie McCullough Vance McCune Jim McDaniel Kathy McDevitt Rick McDonald

Sheila McDowell Bonnie McGregor Barbara McKee Martha McKee John McKinley

Frank McLaughlin Steve McLean Tom McLendon Grant McLoughlin Barb McTague

Rohn Meloney Chris Menan Artin Miller Gary Miller

Joanne Miller Ron Miller Steve Miller Jesse Millon

Don Mills Pat Minissa John Mirzoeff Karen Monninger


Janet Montgomery Rick Moore Jim Morris Peggy Morrison Mike Morrison Chris Mullavey

Cheryl Myers Joe Neal Richard Neal Lynne Neikirk Rita Nicholas Tina Niles. BevNoeding Linda Nonemaker Cheryl Nye Joan O'Hara Nancy Overstreet Jane Owen Nick Pacitti Tony Pacitti Ellen Paine Len Palladino Denise Panebianco Sue Paradis Bob Parker Steve Patton Diane Pauling Toni Paxson' Bob Payne Valerie Peace Pat Pearce Joyce Peck Fred Peifer Hal Peitzman Rick Perry Sandy Piselli Don Pohlman Diane Polischuk Wayne Pollock Kathy Pommer Owen Powell Cliff Preston Randy Printz Lynn Pyle Anthony Raffa Dave Rebuck Pat Reed Bill Reiner Ken Reimund Mike Ribecca Bruce Rich Jim Rickards George Ricketts Richard Riley Jim Roberts Skip Roderick George Root Lyn Rosenbaum Dave Rosenberg Linda Rostron Bob Rowan Bruce Rubin Denise Rue Fred Russo Genevieve Sagan Bob Sanders


Juniors Bob Sanford Joe Santella Jerry Sarkisian Dave Satterthwaite Jeanne Schlosman

Doug Schrader Steve Schwartz Lucille Sciasci Linda Scott Pat Scott

Donna Sebastian Robin Sellers Tod Senne Bill Shatkus Carl Shelow Nadine Shields Denise Shockley

Jill Shockley Ed Shubin Mike Simon Dave Simpson Carol Sjostrom Brenda Slabaugh Sue Slone Cheryl Small Bonnie Smith Bruce Smith Janice Smith John Smith Marcy Smith Mickie Smith Robert Smith Betty Smolin Ruthann Souder Karen Spishack Bill Spohn Barbara Stagliano Edna Stamoulis Linda Stanton Alan Stapleton Betsy Steele Geoff Steiert Dave Steuber Dick Stevenson Gail Stewart Joe Stokes Laurie Streeton John Strehlau Lois Strickland Cliff Strolle Mary Anne Stroud Ed Stubbs Phil Styer Arthur Sulzer Bill Suydam Bonnie Swan Bill Swan Ed Sweeney Rick Swift Sam Szewczyk Don Taber Joe Tankle Gale Tamoff Hayden Taylor Rick Taylor


Gary Ticknor Pat Tierney Don Toal Judy Tomlinson Barbara Toole Dave Trautmann Roger Tucker Dennis Urban Elaine Utermohlen Karen Vahey Connie Vanella George VanHouten Scott VanPatter Tom VanValkenburgh John Vella Mary Viglotti Mark Vito Jim Vogel Charles VonPlato Gail Wagner Denise Walls Chris Walters Karen Warrick Peggy Wassler Ned Watkins Jean Watrous Gail Watson Mike Watson Bill Watt Dave Webb Jim Weiler Bob Weinerman Nita Weinstein John Weisel Steve Wentz

Jim Wheatley Sue White Leslie Wilcox Joanne Wilhelm Grant Windsor

Dave Withers Mary Anne Wood Bill Woolston George Woulfe Krista Wynne

Robin Zaffiri Janet Zamblera Mike Ziebelman Herb Zischkau

MikeZizza Steve Zizza Bob Zollman

Bob Zoolalian LynneZulick Jim Zultewicz



One out of every three ~irls uses new improved Kleenex tissues,

"Really, my own box of Kleenexes!"

.John, your answer is off by a hair. "

"You want what?!"

"I can't imagine how he got out through here!"


"Why does she get a box but I don't?"

"Now to disguise the nose."

"The Senior Class wills this keg of scope to the physics department.¡¡

.. According to my calculations, my dark room is best on Saturday night." .. I wonder if those movies we ordered will fit on this projector?"

.. I wonder if I could be' All-Delco' photographer?"


President Dick Ferrell, Vice President Dave Bollinger, Treasurer Mike Michelson, Secretary Joyce Vottima. 148

Officers And Sponsors

Sponsor L. Werner

Sponsor W. Speakman

New York Trip 6:45 - please be prompt. quiet bus ride ... it's early yet. The Staten Island Ferry carrying us over a windy Hudson River into New York City N.B.C. revolving doors, videotape samples, a frightening night in the sound effects room. Diner's Delight at the Empire Hotel Lunch? No tax-International property. Lincoln Center, next? R.T. or L.B.? loaves of bread now ... a tired return to S.H.S.

Foreign Students "Mr. Mac is the most informal teacher I had, everybody loves him, though he sometimes locks a student in his closet! Mrs. Way rewarded with a smile even the worst of our drawing and I have to thank Miss Barcus who had been so patient with me ... I never had the right book on the right day! Her class was so lively that she made me like Spanish! For Mr. Hall, he is the type of teacher who asks how many wrinkles Cleveland had, but in spite of it he was really sweet to me - 'Martine, you look like a monkey!' He was just like a friend. Mr. Gartside struck me as being a little weird by the way he treated kids, until I found out it was his job. When I arrived here, I didn't know any students, but their smiles made me feel good; now that I know you, I can say I'll never forget my friendships." Martine Vintaer, France

Brigitte Wolff, Germany

A great problem was not being able to drive when all my friends could. Everyone is so willing to give me a ride and all ... but still ... The first day I was surprised to see everybody carrying their books in their arms - I didn't think I could stand that for a whole year. Gym was great, except for modern dance. I like hamburgers, ice-cream, and football games. The school system is very different here, we have: school on Saturdays, but every day till 2:00; no activities after school; no cafeteria. I like it here - it's different, But I still don't like modern dance.


U.S.A. Narrator A Peter Young Narrator B Phyllis Rundbaken Narrator C Karl Schwartz Narrator D Linda Beaver Narrator E Kathy Hornick Narrator F Debbie Roller Gertrude Staple Carol Crissey John Moorehouse _ Marc Conley Mr. McGill Jack Gordon Ollie Taylor Roger Broadley Eugene V. Debs. . . . . . . . . .. Christopher Niemczewski Mom Williams Susan Davenport Janey Williams Cindy Dell Joe Williams. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Robert Stewart Alec McPherson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Robert Kepner Mrs. Robinson Susan Davenport Morton Christopher Niemczewski Eleanor Stoddard Pearl Goldberg Colonel Edgecombe Barry Stevenson Richard Savage Ron Laub Chairman Jack Gordon Isadora Duncan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Janice Dudley E. R. Bingham Barry Stevenson Miss Simpson Sandi Thomas Dr. Gleason Rodger Broadley Pat Doolittle Susan Davenport Reggie Talbot Christopher Niemczewski

Newsreels, Monologues, Narrations ... Isadora Duncan and Eugene Debs ... a rising young businessman. "We need a table and two chairs at eleven." "Can we have a longer blackout?" Fake a table, a cigar, a coat ... "U.S.A. is the lives of it's people!"



Most Talkative M. Minisci

Most Flirtatious L. Beattie

Individuality M. Conley

Individuality S. Lee

Best School Spirit S. Shea

Best School Spirit J. Argibay Most Athletic M. McClellan

Most Musical T. Moore

Friendliest B. Jones

Most Musical C. Crissey


Most Flirtatious B. Gimm

Most Studious D. Dickinson

Most Athletic R. Mason

Most Likely to Succeed D. Ferrell Most Popular N. Gordon Most studious B. Silberstein, Most Likely to Succeed C. Corbin

Friendliest S. Shea

Quietest N. Patterson Most Popular C. Marchioni

Sometimes you're sitting at lunch or maybe in the lobby and ANNE AISENBREY" Annie" prize possession: a certain west chester state sophomore; favorite memory: nov. 13, 1965; scrivener 4; pep club 3,4; thespians 2,3; drama 1; prom comm.2,3,4. DAVID ALEXANDER "Dave" favorite saying: what can i say? pet peeve: vo-tech school bus driver. CHERYL ALFRED favorite memory: the shore '68; always seen: in chevys; chorus 1,2,3; fbla 3, secr. 4; prom comm. 2,3.

Anne Louise Aisenbrey

David Alexander

Cheryl Louise Alfred

Alexander Demosthenes Anastas

Karen Marie Anderson

Kenneth James Andrien

Sandra Dari Anthonson


ALEXANDER ANASTAS "Greek" favorite saying: lay low; always seen: working at the dairy cottage; student council 1,2; football 2; wrestling l. KAREN ANDERSON favorite saying: hey baby, what's happening? favorite memory: summer of '68.

KENNETH ANDRIEN "Ken" pet peeve: hall monitors; always seen: wandering the halls during my free periods; student council 1; av 1; jets 2,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4; cross country 3; winter track 2,3; track 2,3. SANDRA ANTHONSON "Sandy" favorite memory: july 4; student council1; chorus 1; tri-hi-y 1,2; intramurals 1,2; prom comm. 2,4; may queen nom. 4.


somebody asks do you remember that crazy kid in your eighth grade

JOHN ARGIBAY "Bay" remembered for: giving the boys the shaft; always seen: with puddin and lingus; spri-hian 3; scrivener 4; pep club 3,4; weight lifting 4; a. v. 3,4; service club 4; baseball ,1,2; advisory council chrmn. 4. JAMES ARTY" J.A." favorite saying: sounds like a winner!; favorite memory: may 24,1968; glee club 1,2; a.v. 1, 2; football 1; wrestling 2; baseball 1,2.

John Argibay Jr.

James Scheid Arty

FLORA AULD remembered for: spilling coffee on mr. lauffer's piano; pet peeve: violists; orchestra 1,2,3,4; libr. aid 2,3,4; band 2,3,4; chorus 1,2; dist. orch. 2,3,4; opera 4; fta 4; spri-hian 3. REUBEN AVILA favorite saying: sunnybrook; always seen: smiling; student council 1,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 3, v. pres. 4; band 1,4; choir 1,3; v. pres. 2; pres. 4; dist. chorus 4; regional chorus 4; soccer 1,2.

Flora May Auld

Victor Steven Babiarz

Reuben William Avila

Robert David Bacher

Karen Lee Bachman 157

VICTOR BABIARZ" Pollock" pet peeve: having to cut my sideburns; favorite memory: summer parties; prom comm. 2,4; bowling 4; intramurals. ROBERT BACHER "Honest Bob" always seen: working on scrivener; prize possession: a greek loaf of bread; scrivener 3, ed-in-chief 4; philosophy 3,4; track 2; bowling 2,3; nat. hon. soc. 4; quill and scroll 4. KAREN BACHMAN secret ambition: to meet degaulle with martine; prize possession: my friends; sprihian 2,3, assoc. ed. 4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; dist. orch. 3,4; opera 3; sound of music 4; fta 3, pres 4; social service 3; basketball 1,2; tennis 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; prom comm. 2,3,4.

section? And you do remember ... your introduction to the buil

ERIC BAKOW "Rudabake" favorite memory: football '68 and the robb party; football 2,3,4; wrestling 2,3,4; track 2. VINCENT BALL "Vince" remembered for: being short; pet peeve: fat elephants; glee club 1,2; soccer l. MARILYN BALLAS always seen: in a white amx; favorite memory: christmas eve; red cross secr. 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4.

Eric D. Bakow

Vincent Etheridge Ball, Jr.

Marilyn K. Ballas

Frances Ann Balz

Robert Thomas Bansept

Charles Edgar Barbour, III

Joan Louise Barlow

Kevin John Barry

FRANCES BALZ "Fran" secret ambition: to climb a mountain with jim; remembered for: roller derby in bookkeeping class; social service 3,4; fbla 4. ROBERT BANSEPT "Bob" remembered for: sleeping in sociology class; pet peeve: mr. locker; football 1; golf 3,4. CHARLES BARBOUR "Barbour the barber" secret ambition: to come to school before 7:55; pet peeve: clocks that are fast; choir 1,2,3,4; cross country 3,4; wrestling 2,3,4; track 4.


JOAN BARLOW "Gypsy" favorite memory: a little island; prize possession: a bathmat; student council 4; lit. mag. typing ed. 4; spri-hian 2,4; scrivener 2; chorus 2; choir 3,4; tri-hi-y 3, v. pres. 4; pep club 4; a. v. 4; prom comm. 4; nurses aide 2,4; nat. hon. soc. 4. KEVIN BARRY "Captain Kevie" pet peeve: track practice at the park; favorite memory: beating durbano in c.c.; cross country 3, capt. 4; winter track 2, 3, capt. 4; track 2,3,4.


ding where you spent five years of your life; being guided to

SCOTT BARRY favorite memory: c.m.m.; secret ambition: to get into the 1972 winter olympics; student council 1; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1; ski club pres. 4; fta 4; nature club 1; prom comm. 2; winter track 4; track 1,2,3,4; gymnastics 1,2,3. FRANK BATCHELDER "Watusi" secret ambition: to go into politics; remembered for: announcing springfield foot ball games; 0' hara: student council 1,2; choir 1,2; booster 1,2; football 1; baseball 1.

Scott Alan Barry


J. Batchelder

DONNA BATDORF favorite memory: august 10,1968; remembered for: my ability in a stick; tri-hi-y 1,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL BATES "Napoleon" favorite memory: shs spotlight; favorite saying: how many? spri-hian 2,3,4; poetry club 3, pres. 4; philosophy 3,4; drama 1,2.

Donna Lynn Batdorf


N. Bates

NANCEE BATES secret ambition: to fly; pet peeve: unfriendly people; deca 3,4; tri-hi-y 1,4; intramurals 4. VALERIE BEAM "Val" prize possession: Lc.h.; favorite memory: july 18, 1967; student council 1; intramurals 1, 2.

Nancee Elizabeth Bates


M. Beam 159

the rooms by a friendly (?) ninth grader and feeling a strange LAURA BEATTIE" Laur" favorite memory: march 30, 1968; prize possession: my class ring, my cat, and my car; chorus 1,2,3; choir 4; fna seer. 1; fta 4; pep club 3,4; poetry club 3,4; varsity club 4; a. v. 1,2; french club 1,2,3,4; hockey capt. 1,2,3,4; tennis 1,2; gymnastics 1,2,3, capt. 4. LINDA BEAVER" Muskrat" favorite saying: hi, hoagie; remembered for: losing back loops off man-tailored blouses, right, linda?; choir 1,2,3,4; fbla 3, seer. 4; ski club 4; gym aide 4; intramurals 3,4.

Laura Jean Beattie

Linda Carol Beaver

John Paul Behmke

Richard Tippett Behr

John Thomas Bell

Ruth Joyce Bent

JOHN BEHMKE favorite saying: oh! about that time; remembered for: cutting last period; track 1,2. RICHARD BEHR "tibbit" secret ambition: to get married, but not tell anyone; favorite memory: ocean city, '68; pep club 4; weight lifting 4; wrestling 1,2,3; track 1,4; prom comm. 2,3.

FLOYD BEHRLE" Den" favorite saying: bull feathers; favorite memory: spring concert '68; jets 2,3,4. JOHN BELL "B" favorite saying: what?; favorite memory: december 28, 1966. RUTH BENT favorite saying: you can't win them all; favorite memory: "doctor manners"; fna 3; fta 4; intramurals 2,3,4.

Floyd Dennis Behrle


mixture of awe and fear whenever you wandered into the halls of MARIBETH BERDAN" Meg" pet peeve: double periods of chemistry; prize possession: gibby; choir 1,2,3, 4; drama 1; intramurals l. CHARM AYNE BERG" Diz" favorite memory: october 18, 1968; prize 'possession: an opal ring; track club l. GARY BERGMANN "Gar" favorite saying: "nice head"; favorite memory: ocean city '68; jets 2,3, pres. 4; stage crew 1; prom comm. 2,4; winter track 3,4; track 1,2,3,4.

Maribeth Louise Berdan

Charmayne Karen Berg

Gary Leslie Bergmann

JILL BERNSTEIN spri-hian 4; social service 2,3, v. pres. 4; philosophy3,4; basketball 1; lacrosse I; intramurals 1,2; nat. hon. soc. 4. JANICE BERRY" Ber-Ber" always seen: with my protector mae; secret ambition: to be like a certain he-man gym teacher; student council 1,2; tri-hi-y 1,2; prom comm. 2,3,4; gym aide 2,3; basketball I; intramurals 1, 2,3.




Janice Sue Berry

JOHN BETTS" Secret ambition": to land on the moon; pet peeve: people who boycott grapes; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; choir 1,2; service club 2,3,4; varsity club 3, v. pres. '4; football 1,2, 3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1,2,3, capt. 4. DEAN BLAUSTEIN alwavs seen: at the pride; favorite saying: keep in touch; pep club 3,4; weight lifting 4; baseball 1,2; wrestling 1,2,3,4.

John Rowley Betts

Dean Howard Blaustein 161

the upper school.

ELIZABETH BLEWITT favorite memory: working at the h.s.; spri-hian 1; scrivener 3, co-ordinator 4; choir 1,2, 3,4; drama 1,2. MARK BLUMBERG "Moses Stoned" secret ambition: to do something and not get caught; favorite memory: oct. 19, 1968; service club 4; weight lifting 4.

Elizabeth Anne Blewitt

Mark Scott Blumberg

William Theodore Bohne, Jr.

David Miller Bollinger

WILLIAM BOHNE "Billy" secret ambition: to become owner of playboy club and to make my father v. pres; pet peeve: my brother; chorus 1; choir 2,3; ski club 4; football 3,4; wrestling 2; weight lifting 4. DAVID BOLLINGER "Rip" prize 'possession: a certain bird; pet peeve: excessively moody people; student council: 3,4; class v. pres. 4; choir 1,2,3, treas. 4; varsity club 3,4; weight lifting 4; soccer 1,2,3,4; baseball 1; track 3; gymnastics 1,2,3, capt 4; prom comm. 2,3,4.

FRANK BORRIELLO secret ambition: to become an author; prize possession: my books and records; jets 4; social service 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4. THOMAS BOTTOMLEY "Bottom" remembered for: brumski; favorite memory: april 10, 1968; student councill; service club 3, off. 4; varsity club 4; weight lifting 4; prom comm. 2,3.

Frank David Borriello 162




Thomas Glenn Bottomley

And ninth grade came and you were still stuck in the" dungeon"

CHARLES BOWES "Chuck" secret ambition: finding a slim table at lunch; always seen: trying to find a slim table at lunch; service club 4; pep club 3,4; wrestling 1,2. JOHN BOYLE "Drew" secret ambition: to graduate; favorite memory: turnabout dance '68; chorus 1; choir 2, 3,4; basketball mgr. 1; intramurals 1; gym aide 1,2.


Charles Augustine Bowes, Jr.

John Andrew Bovle LINDA BRAMBLE favorite memory: season of the witch; student council 1,2; spri-hian 2; chorus 1,2, 3; choir 4; dist. chorus 4; sound of music 4; drama 1,2; tri-hi-y 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; pep club 3; scrivener 4; ,hockey 1; intramurals 1,2. CAROLE BRANNAN favorite saying: where's it at?; favorite memory: after junior prom; student council 1; pep club 4. JOHN BRANNAN "Jack" always seen: sleeping; pet peeve: springfield.

Linda Jane Bramble


Carole Anne Brannan


J. Brannan


Charles Arthur Brewer

Rodger Charles Broadley


Eileen Marie Brougher


CHARLES BREWER" Brew" favorite memory: hanging out in the lobby; pet peeve: ba and losing weight; student council 4; scrivener 4; spr-hian 4; choir 1; varsity club 3, 4; service club 3,4; pep club 3,4; a. v. 4; football 1; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1,3; prom comm. 2,3; advisory council4. RODGER BROADLEY" Rodge" always seen: in the playground; favorite saying: forget it; lit. mag. 4; glee club 2; choir 3,4; drama 2, pres. 1; thespians 2,3; social service 3,4; title I 3; jcl3; hist. 4; philosophy 3,4. EILEEN BROUGHER always seen: with ronnie; favorite memory: aug . 23, 1967; chorus 1,2; choir 3,4; hockey 1; intramurals 2; prom comm. 2, 3.

of the lower school with no one younger than you to whom you

KAREN J. BROWN choir 1,2,3, libr. 4; opera 3; dist. chorus 3; gymnastics 1; french club 3; jcl3; nurse's aide 2,3; 'prom comm. 2. KAREN L. BROWN favorite memory: summer of '68; pet peeve: fakes; gymnastics 1; intramurals 1.

Karen Jayne Brown

Karen Louise Brown

William LeRoy Bryan, Jr.

Douglas Gordon Buchanan

Mark E. Buechele

John Stephen Buggy

WILLIAM BRYAN" Roy" favorite saying: don't let your meat loaf; remembered for: eating out; a.v. 1,2; gym aide 1; basketball 1; football 1, mgr. 2; weight lifting 4; rifle team 3, v. pres. 4. . DOUGLAS BUCHANAN "Bucky" always seen: with barb mullineaux; secret ambition: to go out on a date; varsity club; pep club 3,4; football 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1; baseball 1,2,3, capt. 4; weight lifting 1,2,3,4; prom comm. 2,3.

BARBARA BUCHY" Barb" pet peeve: curly hair and 4th period lunches; favorite memory: november 16,1967; spri-hian 4; chorus 1,2, 3,4; fta 4; tri-hi-y 4; pep club 4; intramurals 2; nurse's aide 1,2; off. aide 4; gym aide 1,2; prom comm. 2. MARK BUECHELE "Beek" secret am bition: not to get married till i'm 90 years old; favorite memory: wildwood '68; winter track 1; tennis 1. JOHN BUGGY remembered for: coat and tie; science seminar 1,2; cross country: 1; baseball: 1,2; bowling 1,2.

Barbara Annette Buchy 164

could feel superior; but you were a freshman in "Jeff Petrie High

DONALD BURKARD "Bird" favorite saying: she's nice as heck; secret ambition: to go back to california. GEORGE BURROUGHS favorite saying: chevys rule; always seen: at scotties; football 1; wrestling 2. CAROL BUTLER favorite memory: august 24, 1968; pet peeve: having people call me instead of the alpine inn; shop club 1; hockey 1,2; intramurals 1,2,3.

Donald Robert Burkard

Carol Ann Butler

George William Burroughs

CONSTANCE BUTLER "Connie" favorite memory: ocean city '68; secret ambition: to learn how to ski; tri-hi-y 1, 3,4; a.v. 4; pep club 4; prom comm. 3. DONALD CADGE favorite memory: action '69; pet peeve: assemblies; student council 2; spri-hian 2,3, bus. mgr. 4; nat. hon. soc. 3, treas. 4; orchestra 1; choir 3,4, treas. 2; varsity club 4; philosophy 3,4; prom comm. 2,3,4; golf club 2,4, capt. 3.

Constance Butler

Donald Arthur Cadge

SUZANNE CAMPBELL "Suzy Soup" remembered for: my sneezes; favorite saying: how are your feet?; student council 2; dental club 3; health careers club 3; drama 1,2; intramurals 2,3,4; prom comm. 2. JUDITH CAMPIS "J udy" favorite saying: this is true; prize possession: my bible; chorus 1,2,3,4; french club 3; dental club treas. 3; opera 3; sound of music 4.

Suzanne Marple Campbell

Judith Lynn Campis 165

School" and you could take part in the pride that swept through

LOUIS CAPOZZOLI "Luigi" favorite saying: eh!; remembered for: supplying pretzels in spanish; band 1; intra_murals 2. 'PATRICIA CARAFA "Pat" favorite memory: january 29,1967; secret ambition: to win my bet with kathy; tri-hi-y 4; fbla 3.

Louis Robert Capozzoli

Patricia Ann Carafa

ROBERT CARNEY "Bob" football 1; cross country 1,2. DENISE CARROL favorite memory: april 28, 1967; always seen: with a sailor; student council 2; band libr. 1,2,3,4; orchestra libr. 1,2,3,4; opera 3; french club 2; library club 1; jcl4, pres. 3; fta 4. I


Robert F. Carney

GEORGE CARROLL "George" favorite saying: well steve, i have to hand it to you; secret ambition: to drive a garbage truck to california; basketball club 1; pep club 3,4; wrestling 1,2,3; tennis 2; prom comm. 2. DONNA CHAMBERLAIN prize possession: my car; favorite saying: brilliant; spri-hian 3; fna 1,3; ski club 4; intramurals 1,2,3; prom comm. 3; gym aide 2,3; nurses' aide 4.

George Joseph Carrol 166



Denise Maureen Carrol


Donna Marie Chamberlain

the building. And school spirit was very much there; it was

PAUL CHAVEAS favorite saying: don't answer that; prize possession: my hat; chess 1,2,3,4; wrestling mgr. 1,2,3, 4; baseball mgr. 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1, 2.


Paul Stuart Chaveas

Thomas Cimino

AMY CLARK secret ambition: a ride in a certain green m.g.; prize possession: my 1967 yearbook; student council 1; drama 1,2; health careers 3; intramurals 2,3; prom comm. 2,3,4; nurses's aide 2,3,4; 'libr. aide 3,4; gym aide 4. LINDA CLAURE "Lin" prize possession: keit; favorite memory: penn state weekend; gymnastics 1; varsity club 4; basketball 1,2,3; capt. 4; hockey 1,2,3,4; lacrosse 1,2.

William Clanahan

Amy Clark

Linda Carlota Claure JAN COHEN pet peeve: j.b.; favorite memory: summer of '68; orchestra 1,2,3,4; ski club 4; varsity club 4; drama 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; gym aide 4; hockey 1,2,3,4; lacrosse 1,2,3, 4; gymnastics 1,2,3,4. MARK CONLEY" Flitman" favorite memory: black thursday; always seen: wearing un-american clothes to school board meetings; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; choir 1,2,3,4; dist. chorus 4; opera 3; sound of music 4; philosophy 3,4; soccer 1; cross country 2,3; track 3; scott's hi-q 4.

Geoffrey Talbot Clifton

Mark Conley

Jan Marsha Cohen 167

"in" and nobody questioned it; you felt it, shouted it, shared it,

HEATHER COOK favorite saying: howdy; always seen: driving around; chorus 2,3; scrivener 3; fbla 3,4; tri-hi-y 4; pep club 4; a.v. 4; intramurals 2. MARTHA COOK favorite memory: 7th street beach; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; dist. band 3; opera 3; sound of music 4; social service club 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

Heather Elizabeth Cook

Martha Rogers Cook

Linda Irene Cooper

Stephen Cope, Jr.

Matthew Kurt Corchnoy

Jerrold Louis Cotlov

LINDA COOPER "Coop" secret ambition: to be another morgan; scrivener 2, coordiantor 4; spri-hian 1,3,4; lit. mag. ed. 4; colorguard 2,3; art club 3; philosophy 3,4. STEPHEN COPE "Steve" secret ambition: to kill the bear; always seen: in a totaled red mustang; spri-hian 3,4; nat. hon. soc.: 3,4; choir 1; varsity club 3,4; pep club 4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1,2, 3,4.

CHERYL CORBIN remembered for: big brown eyes; secret ambition: to be a blonde; student council: 1,3; spri-hian 2,3,4; nat. hon. soc.: 3,4; majorette 1,2, feature twirler 3,4; chorus 1; exec. council 4; prom comm. chrmn. 2,3; gymnastics 1. MATTHEW CORCHNOY "Matt" .secret ambition: to keep a secret; favorite saying: let's put it this way; chorus 1,2; a.v. 1,2,3,4; stage crew 4. JERROLD COTLOV "Jerry" pet peeve: all-delco; favorite saying: only 6 more boys; spri-hian 4; service club 2,3,4; varsity club 4; football 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; baseball 1, 2; golf 3,4.


\ Cheryl Ann Corbin 168

and it was good. And you felt a little guilty maybe when nobody

DAVID cox band 1,2,3,4; pep band 4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; basketball club 1; soccer 1,2; basketball 1 ; tennis 1. ANN CRECELIUS" Ann" favorite memory: dec. 13; chorus 1,2,3; choir 4; sound of music 4; ski club 4; health club 1; intramurals 2,3,4.




David Collins Cox

Ann Louise Crecelius

NANCY CRISPIN "Sam" favorite memory: june '68; pet peeve: homeroom; gymnastics 1,3; intramurals 1,2; gym aide 1,2; nurse's aide 4; prom comm.2. CAROL CRISSEY" C" prize possession: membership in the pineapple mafia; lit. mag. 4; nat. han. soc. 3,4; orchestra 1,2,3, v. pres. 4; choir 1,2; dist. arch. 2,3,4; french club 3, treas. 4; jcl3, hist. 4; drama 1; intramurals 1; prom comm. 2.

Nancy Lynn Crispin

Dennis Michael D'Agostino

Carol Stone Crissey

DENNIS D'AGOSTINO "Denny" favorite saying: what's happening? secret ambition: to be a famous musi"cian. RICHARD D'AGOSTlNO "Fields" remembered for: my hair raising experiences; s.ecret ambition: to be a rock' n' roll star. SANDRA DAILY "Candy" prize possession: joe; always seen: with joe, robin and marsha; student councill .


Sandra Anne Daily

Richard John D'Agostino 169

showed up for the junior high sports. And you had" Jabberwocky,"

SUSAN DAVENPORT "Soozie" prize possession: dick; favorite memory: my brother raymond; class council 1; gymnastics 1,2,3,4; jets 4; fta 4; drama 1,2; intramurals 1; gym aide 1,3,4; off. aide 1,4. GEORGE DAVIES" Greg" favorite memory: black thursday; always seen: dairy cottage 7th period; scrivener 3, lit. ed. 4; spri-hian 3,4; lit. mag. 3,4; philosophy 3,4.


Thomas Damon

Susan Davenport

George Hall Davies, IV

Betty Michelle Davis

John Dennis DeAngelis


Gregory Malcolm DeCowsky

BETTY DAVIS "Scum" favorite memory: friday, nov. 13, 1964; prize possession: my dog tag; scrivener 4; rifle team 4; prom comm. 2. JOHN DeANGELIS pet peeve: soul music; favorite memory: cream concert; jets 1,2,3,4; geology club 4.

GEORGE DECKMAN prize possession: my stereo; secret ambition: to own a rolls royce; art club 1,4. GREGORY DeCOWSKY "Greg" favorite memory: glienicke castle, berlin, 1968; secret ambition: to be chief negotiator at the paris peace conference; student council 2; spri-hian 3,4; scrivener 4; band 1,2,4; pep band v. pres. 4; exchange student 3; social service 4; philosophy 4; jets 4; ski club 4; soccer 1; track mgr. 1; nat. hon. soc. 4.

F. Deckman, Jr. 170


your own section of the Spri -

Hian, and the disillusionment of

DOROTHY DEHNICK "Dot" choir 2, 4; chorus 1; guid. aide; prom comm. 2. CYNTHIA DELL "Cindy" pet peeve: contact attacks; favorite memory: ¡springfield weekend '68; spri-hian 3,4; chorus 3, pres. 4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; dist. arch. 3,4; french club 3; drama 1; thespians 2; fta 3, v. pres. 4; pep club 4; intramurals 1; nat. han. soc. 4.

Dorothy Jean Dehnick

Cynthia Dell

DONALD DeKORTE "Don" pet peeve: not being called out of school for a fire; favorite saying: aren't those the fire horns? choir 1,2,3,4; sound of music 4; opera 3; dist. chorus 3; drama 1,2; thespians 3,4; av 1,2,3. BARBARA DESIDERIO" Desi" secret ambition: to be a good driver; prize possession: rookie; student council 1,2; choir 1,2,3, secr. 4; tri-hi-y 3,4; nurse's aide 2; gym aide l;pepclub 3; dist. chorus 3; prom comm. 2,3,4; opera 3; sound of music 4.

Donald Bruce DeKorte

Barbara Desiderio

JUDITH DETSKAS "Judy" favorite memory: springfield weekend '68; always seen: with what's his name; sprihian 3,4; drama 1; av 4; geology club 4; pep club 4; fta 3, sgt-arms 4; intramurals 1,2,3; prom comm. 2,3,4. RAYMOND DEVENNY "Ray" always seen: jlp; pet peeve; garvey and mcmahan's jokes; soccer 1; track 1,2; intramurals 2.

Judith Ann Detskas

Raymond Charles DeVenney 171

a few seniors expressed in the rest of the paper really didn't

GARY DICKERSON "Gar" favorite saying: shut up stupids; always seen: in the halls; glee club 1; choir 2,3; jcl3, v. pres. 4; poetry club 4; football 1,2; track 2. DANA DICKINSON "Whizzo" favorite memory: friendship apples; pet peeve: deadlines; lit. mag. 2; scrivener 3; spri-hian 2,3, feat. ed. 4; band 1,2; chorus 2,3; choir 4; art club 1; jets 4; opera 3; scott's hi-q 4.

Gary Charles. Dickerson

Dana Lynne Dickinson

ADRIENNE DICKSON" Lee" favorite saying: forget it!; favorite memory: st. oalf trip, summer of' 68; tri-hi-y 4; fta 4; philosophy 4; poetry club 4; cumberland valley: tri-hi-y 1,2,3; fta 3; ski club 3; forensics 2,3; library aide 1, '2,3; youth forum 3; prom comm. 3; basketball 1,2. DAVID DICKSON" Dave" favorite saying: i don't get it; remembered for: my make' em fit mechanical drawings; glee club 1,2; drama club 1.

., Adrienne Lee Dickson

David George Dickson

Claire Marie DiEnno

Bianca Dietz

NANCY DIEHL favorite day: friday the 13th; remembered for: being last in the lunch line; orchestra 1,2,3,4; fta 1,4; rifle club 3; intramurals 1. CLAIRE DI ENNO "Earl" always seen: with fields; favorite memory: jan. 27, 1965; student council 1,2; tri-hi-y; intramurals 1,2; may queen nom. BIANCA DIETZ "Bonk" favorite memory: december 24,1967; prize possession: norm; fbla 3,4; intramurals 2.

Nancy Kathryn Diehl 172


affect you, because school was still homework and teachers and DEBORAH DIGIOVANNI "Debby" secret ambition: to give "green one" a new shirt and a bar of soap; pet peeve; jerry blavat; art club 1; intramurals 2; pep club 3; prom comm. 2,3,4. PHILIP DI GIULIO "DeJu!" favorite memory: august 30, 1968; pet peeve: l.m.; nature club 1; weightlifting 4. JOHN DI LELLO "Plaskow" pet peeve: fuzzy ampegs; prize possession: my plaskow shirt; lit. mag. art ed. 4; art club 1.

Deborah Ann DiGiovanni


John Louis DiLello

M. DiGiulio

ROBERT DODGE "Bob" pet peeve: vs's; prize possession: carrots; student council 1,2,3; spri-hian 4; varsity club 4; weightlifting 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; ¡tennis 1,2,3,4. ROBERT DOUSE" Rob" always seen: with diane; favorite memory: strawberry new year's eve; band 1,2,3,4; soccer 1,2,3,4.

Robert Edson Dodge

Robert Stephen Douse

DONNA DOUTS favorite saying: oh brother!; pet peeve: when the school bus leaves school before the close of an assembly; intramurals 3. JANICE DUDLEY" Dud" favorite memory: summer of' 66; remembered for: 496 christmas stockings; chorus 1,2, 3, secr.-treas. 4; pep club 4; varsity club 4; drama club 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; hockey 1,2,3,4; lacrosse 1,2,3; gymnastics 1,2,4.

Donna Marie Douts

Janice May Dudley 173

friends, and you were still rather in awe of the place. Senior Day

BOB DUNN "Dun-hun" prize possession: 1940 de soto; secret ambition: to own a fast car; weightlifting 3. CHRISTINE DUTTON "Christina" pet peeve: having my locker key stolen while pledging allegiance; secret ambition: to organize a paper drive; band 1, 2,3,4; dist. band 3; orchestra 1,2,3,4; social service 3,4; fta 4; jcl 4; french club 2; nat. hon. soc. 4.

.. Robert

J. Dunn

Christine Susan Dutton

BARBARA EASTERDAY" Babs" secret ambition: to be a keypunch operator or a chiropractor; favorite saying: dear gussy; red cross 1; ski club 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. JO ANNE EDWARDS "Lush-ous" remembered for: being a perfect 4 1/2, right keith?; pet peeve: hogsley; choir 1,2,3,4; leather club 2; intramurals; prom comm. 2,4.

Barbara Anne Easterday ROBERT EICKENBERG "Ike" prize possession: autographed picture of yul brenner; always seen: with rosann; soccer 1. BRAD ERNEST "Bub" always seen: at lousy socials; pet peeve: driving in the snow; pep club 4; a. v. -4; winter track 3,4; track 3,4; intramurals 2. WILLIAM ESHBACH "We II" pet peeve: plastic people and bus passes; secret ambition: to go crazy in the middle of market street; athletic club 1; cross country 3,4; winter track 3; hockey 4.

JoAnneX Edwards

\ Robert David Eickenberg 174

Brad D. Ernest

William W. Eshbach

came and the ducks were in the lobby and you wondered about

MARJORY EWELL "Margie" remembered for: 496 christmas stockings; student council 1,4; tri-hi-y 3,4; fta 3; pep club 3,4; varsity club 4; drama 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; a.v. 3; hockey 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2; gym aide 2,3. DONALD FALCONE "BOA" prize possession: the barmobile; pet peeve: tag; baseball 1,2.

Marjory Jane

Donald Falcone


RONALD FALCONE "The Cone" prize possession: valerie; favorite saying: t' ain't no side like the brookside; baseball 1,2,3,4. ROBERT FANSLER "Chahley" always seen: with lois; favorite memory: gianni schicchi; glee club 1; choir 2,3,4; dist. chorus 4; opera 3; bridge club 1; football 2; cross count.ry 4; winter track 2; intramurals 3; gym aide 1,2.

Ronald Franz Falcone

Robert Craig Fansler

ROBERT FEGAN "Skip" varsity club 3,4; chess 2,3,4; bridge 1; tennis 1,2,3,4. JACQUES FERBER "Jack" pep club 4; cross country 4; wrestling 2, 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4. ROBERT FERRANTE "Little Bourbon" secret ambition: to spike mr. lauffer's coffee with ch s ch 2 0h; always seen: drunk; glee club 1,2; choir 3,4; geology club reas. 4; jets 4.

Robert James Fegan


B. Ferber

Robert F Ferrante 175

these seniors and made plans for your Senior Day.

BLAINE FERRELL "Dick" pet peeve: lousy refs; favorite memory: the christmas dance; student council 3,4; class pres. 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; glee club 1; varsity club 3,4; soccer 1,2,3, cocapt. 4; baseball 1,2,3, co-capt. 4. PATRICIA FILIPPONE "Pat" favorite memory: summer of '68; prize possession: cornell mug; lit. mag. 4; red cross 1; nurse's aide 2,3,4.

Blaine Richard Ferrell

Patricia Ann Filippone

Pamela Christine Fillerup

Kathleen Marjorie Fillmore


Laura Fish

PAMELA FILLERUP "Pam" favorite .memory: caracas, venezuela; greatest obsession: john grantland; tennis 1,2,3, 4; rifle team 3, seer. 4. KATHLEEN FILLMORE "Kathy" pet peeve: sister having the same lunch period; prize possession: stuffed snoopy dog; lit. mag. 4; nurse's aide 2,3,4; guid. off. aide 2.

THOMAS FINK "Tom" pet peeve: my last name; favorite saying: what do you think this is anyway?; pep club 4; varsity club 3,4; soccer 1,2,3, 4; tennis 1,2,3,4. MARIA FISCH favorite memory: having mr. werley for a teacher; remembered for: my wardrobe; lit. mag. bus. mgr. 4; scrivener 4; sprihian 2; french club 3, v. pres. 4; poetry club 3; social service 3,4; art 3; off. aide 3; pep club 3,4; drama 1; ski club 4; intramurals 4; gym aide 2, 3; hockey 1.

Thomas Edward Fink

A. Fisch 176

And then you were a sophomore, taking geometry and starting

KATHIE FISHER" Kathie" favorite memory: summer of '68; remembered for: counting the days; spri-hian 3,4; chorus 1,2,3,4; french club 1,2, treas. 3; fta 4; drama I; nurse's aide 2; prom comm. 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2. 'KATHLEEN FORD" Kathy" secret ambition: to win my bet with carafa; remembered for; my parties; tri-hi-y pres. 4; fta 4; social service 4; pep club 4; ski club 4; art I; drama I; fta I; intramurals 1,2,3,4.

Kathie Jean Fisher

Kathleen"'/ Marie (\ Ford

PATRICIA FORD" Patti" favorite memory: the summer of '68; pet peeve: geometry class; band mgr. 2; majorette 3; sgt.-arms 4; track club 1; drama 2; intramurals 1,2,3. RICHARD FOSTER" Rick" secret ambition: to be george of the jungle; prize possession: my motor cycle; chess 1, wrestling 1; rifle 3,4.

Patricia Marie Ford




Richard Leland Foster JOSEPH FRAIM favorite memory: bus trip home on the n.y. trip; prize possession: my double barreled 12 gauge shotgun; choir 1,2,3,4; rifle 4. ROBERT FRANKENBERGER "Berg" always seen: with gayle; pet peeve: all the flaky people; philosophy 4; ski club 4; wrestling 2,3,4; gym aide. MARSHA FURMAN favorite memory: december 13, 1968; always seen: with robin and candy; dental club 3; social service 4; gym aide 3, 4; tri-hi-y 1,4; nurse's aide 4.


Marsha Ellen Furman


J. Frankenberger, Jr. 177

to feel like a part of the school. You elected Bob Stewart

JOHN GALE" All Delco" always seen: trying to be in two places at once; pet peeve: coaches; lib. aid 1,2,3,4; jets 2,3, 4; soccer mgr. 1,2,3,4; basketball mgr. 2,3,4; track mgr. 1; baseball mgr. 2,3,4. LAWRENCE GARGIULO "Gar" favorite memory: "the apartment"; remembered for: always passing out; student council 1,2,3,4; v. pres. 2; service club 3,4; varsity club 3,4; a. v. 1; football 1; basketball 1,2,3,4.

John Patrick Gale

Lawrence John Gargiulo, Jr.

Janice Ann Getty

Joseph Gerard Giannini

Linda June Gibson


STEPHEN GEORGE "Pothole" prize possession: "my college board scores"; secret ambition: to go to college; cross country 2,3,4; winter track 2,3,4; track 1,2,3,4. JANICE GETTY "Spaghetti" favorite memory: november 24,1968; secret ambition: a magic carpet ride; prom comm. 2,3,4; gym aide 4; intramurals 2. JOSEPH GIANNINI "Big G" prize possession: my car; remembered for: my walk; advis. council 4; gym aide 4; football 4; weightlifting 3,4.

Stephen George

LINDA GIBSON always seen: going to class with midge; favorite memory: first two weeks in august '68; pep club 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; haverford: chorus l.

ROBERT GIMM "Gumby" secret ambition: to become a fullback; favorite saying: hi, doll; gym aide 3,4; pep club 4; service club 4; football 1,2,3,4; basketbaIl1,2,3; track 1; weightlifting 3,4.


Karl Gimm

your president and had some say in the policies of the

CHARLES GIRARD "Gar" remembered for: having my own harem; pet peeve: short girls; student council 1,2; rifle club 4; geology club 1,4; weightlifting 4; table tennis 2; philosophy 4. EMILY GLASER "Em" pet peeve: being called to the office; favorite saying: that's right, don't say hi! ; band 1; orchestra 1, secr. 2; tri-hi-y 4; rifle club 4; pep club 4; drama 1; deca 3.

Charles David Girard

Emily Kristin Oneica Glaser

PEARL GOLDBERG favorite song: cinnamon; orchestra 1,2,3,4; fta 4; exec. council 4; ski club 4; gym aide 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; drama 1; thespians 2; hockey 1; gymnastics 1,2,3,4; nat. -hon. soc. 4. HOWARD GOODMAN always seen: with denise; pet peeve: loud mouth girls; rifle club 3,4; bridge club 1; geology 4; ski club 4.

Pearl Anna Goldberg

Howard Mark Goodman

JACQUES GORDON "Jack" always seen: sleeping in class; secret ambition: to own a sports car; thespians 2. NANCY GORDON favorite memory: june 14, 1967; prize possession: hlq-l; nat. hon. soc. 3 secr. 4; chorus 1, v. pres. 2; choir 3,4; varsity club 3, chap. 4; pep club 3,4; cheerleading 1,2,3, capt. 4; tennis 1,2,3,4; may queen nom ..

Jacques Gordon III

Nancy Patricia Gordon


Elizabeth Grannells


school. You were on the J. V. teams now, except for Danny, the

SHIRLEY GRANT "Wac" favorite saying: oh wow!; pet peeve: "shirley"; art club v. pres. 3,4; photography club 3; poetry club 4; lit. mag. 4; philosophy 3,4; intramurals 3. ELIZABETH GREEN "Betty" secret ambition: be s's manager in the olympics; favorite memory: december 15, 1968; lit. mag. 4; choir 1,2,3,4; dist. chorus 3,4; sound of music 4; dental club 3; red cross 1; fta 4; social service 4; french club 2,3; rifle club 3.

Shirley Lynn Grant

Elizabeth Florence Green

Deborah Anne Greitzer

Victoria Elizabeth Gribb

Horace B Griffith, III

Nancy Ann

JOHN GREENSTINE "Green" favorite saying: well, you know how it is; favorite memory: june 4,1967; choir 1; pep club 4; varsity club 4; cross country 4; winter track 3, capt. 4; track 1,2,3,4. DEBORAH GREITZER social service 4; philosophy 4; basketball 1. VICTORIA GRIBB "Vicki" favorite saying: aw pishaw!; favorite memory: ocean city '68; student council 1; tri-hi-y 1,3,4; prom comm. 3; pep club 4; a. v. 4.

John Samuel Greenstine

HORACE GRIFFITH "Hank" favorite saying: wrong!; always seen: with a french horn; student council 1,2; social service 3,4; weightlifting 3,4; pep club -4; prom comm. 3,4; football 1,2; bowling 1,2,3,4. NANCY GRIFFITH "Nance" scrivener 4; band 1,2,3,4; orch. 1,2,3,4; tri-hiy 1; prom comm. 2,3,4.




"soph flash," and you went to the Senior High dances. You could

DEBORAH GRIMES "Debbie" prize possession: rob; remembered for: 496 christmas stockings; student council 4; spri-hian 4; choir 1,2,3,4; pep club 4; fta 4; intramurals 1,2; prom comm. 2,3. JOSEPH GRISAFI favorite saying: never judge a book by its cover; secret ambition: to sing; deca.

Deborah Susan Grimes'

Joseph Grisafi

KIRK GROTYOHANN pet peeve: physics homework; always seen: everywhere; glee club 1,2. JAMES GUTHRIE secret ambition: to pass biology; prize possession: julie; science 1; gym aide 1; cross country 4. SUE HACKETT "Shackett" pet peeve: losing things; favorite teacher: mr. connor; chorus 2,3; intramurals 1,2,4.


Sue Hackett






MARGARET HALL" Midge" favorite memory: july 4, 1968; always seen: blushing; art 3; intramurals 1,2. GEOFFREY HAMILTON always seen: in the band room; favorite memory: mrs. schwandt; student council 2; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1,2,3; choir 4; danceband 1,2,3,4; cross country 1.


L. Hall

Geoffrey Thomas Hamilton 181

pick some of your own courses, you were paying dues, and you ROBERT HAND secret ambition: to be in pep chorus; prize possession: my fine getzen trombone; band 4; dist. band 3,4; dist. orchestra 4; nat. hon. soc. 4. DAVID HANEY" Hane" student council 1, treas. 4; spri-hian 4; chorus 1, v. pres. 2; choir 3, v. pres. 4; pep club 4; varsity club 3,4; golf club 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; soccer 1, 2,3,4; winter track 3; tennis 2,3. JOANNE HARMON always seen: with my shadow; favorite memory: oct. 67; chorus 3, v. pres. 4; tri-hi-y 1; varsity club secr. 4; gym aide 2,3; prom comm. 2; basketball 1,2,3,4; lacrosse 1,2,3,4.

Robert Pemberton Hand

David Charles Haney

Joanne y M~rie (\ Harmon

RICHARD HARRIS pet peeve: study hall; prize possession: me; track 1,2,4. JOSEPH HARRITY "Joe" secret ambition: to transform the water fountain to 80 proof; prize possession: the magic bus to newtown square; student council 4; spri-hian 3; ski club 4; golf club 1,2; a. v. 1,2; gym aide 1,2; basketball 1,2; winter track 3; rifle team 2, pres. 3,4.

Richard William Harris

Joseph Charles Harrity, Jr.

William Thomas Heavey

Louis Stephen Heller

WILLIAM HEAVEY "Thorn" favorite saying: i kan't do it; secret ambition: to out gross binky; choir 1,2,3,4; "sound of music" 4; soccer 1; cross country 3,4; winter track 3,4; track 1,3,4. LOUIS HELLER "Lou" favorite saying: "just as long as your happy"; always seen: on the basketball court; basketball 1,2,3,4.


held the candy sale. You went to Driver Ed once a week and DAVID HELWIG "wig" prize possession: our winning (?) soccer season; pet peeve: class unity; student council 1; spri-hian 4; varsity club 3, 4; soccer 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3; track 1. WILLIAM HENDERSON -;, Hench" favorite memory: jeanne, patti, val, patti; prize possession; my chrysler; baseball; bowling. DEBORAH HENLEY favorite memory: parrot; health careers 1,2, 3; tri-hi-y 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4; gym aide 1,2,3.

David Rabb Helwig

Deborah Sue Henley


B. Henderson

WILLIAM HERrON "Binky" secret ambition: to ride in john's mg; pet peeve: trig.; weightlifting 4; soccer 1,2; wrestling 2,3; winter track 4. FLORENCE HETT "Mae" prize possession: a certain soldier; always seen: with janice; student council 3; tri-hi-y pres. 1; basketball capt. 1,2; intramurals 1,2,3; gym aide 1,2,4; nurses aide 4.


B. Herion

Florence Mae Hett

DONA HICKS pet peeve: s.b.; remembered for: my uncapability to spell; band 1,2,3,4; tri-hi-y 1; gymnastics 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; 'head major<ette 4. DONALD HIORTH "Farmer" prize possession: straw hat; favorite memory: school store (hatten's hangout); philosophy, poetry, chess team pres.

Dona Mae Hicks

Donald Hiorth 183

spent some time behind the wheel. You had a festival of flo

CAROLE HIRSCH" Shrimp" prize possession: my key chain; always seen: talking; spri-hian 3,4; scrivener 4; orch. 1,2; social service 4; french club 3,4; drama 1; art service 3; thespians 2; philosophy 3, 4.MICHELE HOLCOMB "Shelli" favorite memory: summer of '68; prize possession: my guitar; chorus 1,2,3; choir 4; pep club 4; gym aide 2,3; scrivener 4; intramurals 1,2; prom. comm. 3,4.

Carole Ann Hirsch

John HobdeU

Michele Marie Holcomb

James Edmond Holt


JAMES HOLT" Duck" pet peeve: hypocrites; secret wish: knee transplants; student council 2; ski club v. pres. 4; weight lifting 4; varsity club 3,4; football 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3, 4. FRED HONSBERGER "Burger" prize possession: my 1960 opel record hub cap; secret ambition: to be in roller derby; band 1,2,3, v. pres. 4; dance band 1,2,3,4; orch. 1; pep band dir. 4; a. v. 1,4; football 1; track 2.

C. Honsberger

KATHLEEN HORNICK" Horn" pet peeve: bigots; remembered for: my nerve; social service 4; tri-hi-y 4; ski club 4; pep club 4; parkfalls: band 1,2; drama 1,2; pep club 1,2; track 2; gymnastics 1,2; glidden: newspaper 3; band 3; choir 3; pep club 3; volley ball 3. MICHAEL HUGHES "Mike" remembered for: bad puns; prize possession: my eipiphone; student council 2,4; band 1,2; orch. 1; poetry 3; pep club 4; soccer 1,2; track capt. 1,2. ROBERT HUMPHREY "Hump"

Kathleen Mary Hornick 184

Michael Francis Hughes


L. Humphrey, Jr.

wers at your Soph Hop (you were so proud of the decorations . . . ),

WILLIAM ISHERWOOD-"Ish" prize possession: collection of mr. lee's sayings; pet peeve: three speed six's; student council 1; glee club 1, pres. 2; choir 3,4; varsity club 3,4; soccer 1,2,3, .all central 4; wrestling 1,2,3,4. SALLY JACKSON "Sal" remembered for: my driving; favorite memory: may 25, 1968; tri-hi-y 2; dental 3; art service 3,4; gymnastics 1; off. aide 3; pep club 4; prom comm. 1,2,3; intramurals 1,2.

William Thomas Isherwood

Sally"", Rae r\ Jackson


ROBERT JAMES "Beath" remembered for: surf; favorite saying: i'm coming; student council 4; spri-hian 4; scrivener 4; pep club 3,4; service club 3,4; a. v. 3,4; geology club 1; football 1; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1,3; tennis 2; advis. council 4; prom comm. 2. STANLEY JOHNSON" Stan" favorite memory: november 28,1968; prize possession: my blue beanie; student council 1,2; service club 2,3,4; varsity club 3,4; advis. council 4; football 1,2, 3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1.




Robert James IV

\ Stanley Lee Johnson

ROBERT JONES "Puddin' " favorite saying: great googa mooga; favorite memory: joyful weekend at ling's house; scrivener 4; band 2,3,4; dance band 3,4; pep band 3,4; pep club 3,4; service club 4; weight lifting 4; a.v. 4; football 1,2; wrestling 1,2; track 1; advis. council chairman 4. LARRY JUDD "Larry" pet peeve: school; always seen: in the library; choir 1,2,3; golf club 1; baseball 1.

\ Robert William Jones

Larry Wa~ner

Judd 185

and through it all, that year, you developed a vague sense of un

ANNE KADIN "secret ambition: to hijack a trolley; pet peeve: bob kalwinsky; social service 2,3, pres. 4; philosophy 4; prom comm. 2; spri-hian 3. JEAN KAEPPLINGER "Fox" pet .peeve: u.d. rent-a-cop, right barb? always seen: not heard; student council 1,4; chorus 1,2,3; band 1,2; orch. 1; a. v. 4; pep club 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; hockey 1,2; cheerleading 4; lacrosse 1; gymnastics 1,2,3,4; may queen nom.

Anne Louise Karlin

YJean / Christine Kaepplingel

Virginia Ellen Kaley

Robert Knowlton Kalwinsky

Ronald Edgar Kaye

Richard Sheldon Keast

VIRGINIA KALEY" Ginny" favorite memory: playing baseball with hondo; pet peeve: rumors and the class of '68; choir 1,2,3,4; fbla 3, hist. 4; pep club 3, 4; tri-hi-y 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4; scrive-ner 3,4; prom comm. 2,3,4. ROBERT KALWINSKY favorite saying: fm gonna get a f; remembered for: my political geography maps; orch. 1,2, 3,4; opera 3; sound of music 4; jets 3,4; philosophy 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

DONALD KANE "Joseph" favorite memory: bowling a 241; remembered for: my trophy for a high series of 579. RONALD KAYE "rrronald!" favorite saying: impressive!; favorite memory: losing weight; student -council 3,4; varsity club 2,3,4; advis. council 4; cross country 3,4; wrestling 1,2, sectional champion 3; nat. hon. soc. 4. RICHARD KEAST favorite saying: bosh!; secret ambition: to be mr. stephens friend; cross country 3,4; winter track 4; track 1,3,4.

Donald Joseph Kane 186

easiness, and you knew that you were changing and growing up

Herbert James Keating

Kevin Glenn Kelley

Linda Helen Kelly

HERBERT KEATING "Bert" favorite memory: action '69; prize possession: brown corduroy hat; sprihian 3,4; band 1,2,4, v. pres. 3; orch. 1,2,3, pres. 4; dist. band 2,3,4; reg. band 2; dance band 3,4; opera orch. 3; sound of music orch. 4; pep band 4; social service 4; tennis 2,4; nat. ¡hon. soc. 4. KEVIN KELLEY secret ambition: to pass physics; prize possession: my draft card; chorus 1; ,1. v. 2,3. LINDA KELLY" Kel" prize possession: my little gold cross; favorite memory: november 28,1968; student council 1; chorus 1,2,3,4; intramurals.

ROBIN KELLY secret ambition: to live on a far off island; pet peeve: bucket seats; student council 2,4; chorus 1, seer. 4; choir 3,4; tri-hi-y 1; scrivener bus. ed. 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; cheerleading 1,4; tennis 2,3,4; intramurals 1, 2; guid. off. aide 3; may queen nom. WILLIAM KELLY "Bill" secret ambition: to get away from it all; pet peeve: pep rallies.

Robin Pearl Kelly


E. Kelly

CHERYL KENT favorite saying: for pete's sake; favorite memory: june 1321; fta 3,4; prom comm. 2,3; tri-hi-y 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4; art club 2; social service 4. WILLIAM KENYON favorite saying: 0' my goodness; secret ambition: to be a policeman; football 1,2.

Cheryl Patricia Kent

William Edward Kenyon, Jr 187

and going somewhere, and you weren't really sure where it was.

ROBERT KEPNER" Kep" secret ambition: to eat a california grape without having a guilty conscience; pet peeve: 'london broiled steak at patricia murphy's; fta 4; philosophy 3,4; football 1; baseball mgr. l. JAMES KERN band; dance band.

Robert Pearce Kepner


Roberta Anne Kern

Thomas Richard Kestler, Jr.

Raymond David Kevis

Caryn Lee Kiscaden

R. Kern

ROBERTA KERN "Roberta" remembered for: being completely crazy; secret ambition: to be a nun; spri-hian 4; lit. mag. 4; scrivener 4; art 1, pres. 3; french club 2; poetry 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4. THOMAS KESTLER, JR. "Tom" remembered for: the hay ride; always seen: waiting; glee club 1,2; choir 3,4; jets 2,3, v. pres. 4; cross country 4; winter track 3,4; track 3,4.

RAYMOND KEVIS "Ray" prize possession: r.s.; always seen: in a cloud of incense; jets 1,2,3,4; geology club 3,4; tennis 2. CARYN KISCADEN prize possession: terry; favorite memory: may 26, 1968; off. aide 2,4; prom comm. 2; intramurals 1,2.


You became a Junior and the feeling grew as you entered the

BRUCE KISTLER secret ambition: to solve the world's problems; always seen: around locker 93 in the morning; ¡student council 2,3; wrestling 1,2,3,4. GERALD KLAGHOLZ favorite memory: first date with barb. e.; favorite saying; is that right.

Bruce Kistler

Gerald Klagholz

A Ralph Martin Klagholz

Gordon Alan Kleiner

RALPH KLAGHOLZ "Marty" football 1; baseball 1,2; golf 3,4. GORDON KLEINER favorite saying: you must remember, you're a member of civilized society; secret ambition: to teach at s. h.s.; spri- hian '3,4; geology 4; prom comm. 3. ROBERT KOPPE secret ambition: to smoke a cigarette; pet peeve: phony-girls; varsity club 3,4; advis. council 4; gym aide 1; basketball 1, 2,3,4; baseball 3,4; intramurals 1,2, 3,4.

Robert William Koppe CAROLYN KORN "Spikes" favorite saying: that's funny!; pet peeve: phony people and cliques; chorus 1, 2,3; tri-hi-y 3,4; art 1; pep club 3,4; prom comm. 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2; gymnastics 1,2,4. LINDA KORN "Mini" secret ambition: to marry a millionaire; pet 'peeve: springfield cliques; tri-hi-y 3, 4; pep club 3,4; prom comm. 2,3,4; a. v. 3,4; art 1; fta 4; off. aide 3; intramurals 1,2. VICKI LANG pet peeve: having 4th lunch as a senior; secret ambition: to know what i want to do; fna 2, treas. 3; tri-hi-y 1; intramurals 1,2,3.

Carolyn Janet


Vicki Scott Lang

Linda Joy Korn 189


jurisdiction of Mr. Gartside and adopted responsibility. And you LYNNE LANGSHAW "Smiley" prize possession: our private little joke, right gail?; remembered for: my confetti; spri-hian 3,4; fta 3,4; tri-hi-y 4; pep club 4; intramurals 1, 2,3; nurse's aide 4; off. aide 4; prom comm. 2,3,4. RICHARD LARZELERE" Lizard" favorite saying: knock it off! will ya, jime?; favorite memory: august 8, 1967; service club 4; varsity club 4; prom comm. 2; football 1; cross country 2; winter track 3,4; track 1, 2,3,4; gymnastics 2,3.

Lynne Diane Langshaw RO ALD LAUB "Ron" secret ambition: complete a chern 2lab without fudging; prize possession: my fiat; scrivener 4; spri-hian 4; band 1; a. v. 4; ski club 4; soccer: 1,2,3,4; track 1; gymnastics 4. ROSEANN LAURELLI "Rosy" secret ambition: get a license; always seen: with fred; spri-hian 3; french "club 1, pres. 2, treas. 3; dental club pres. 3; lacrosse: 1. MARSDEN LAWLEY favorite memory: the day 1 won the "triple crown" ; prize possession: my own cmm staff patch; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1; varsity club 3,4; soccer 2; cross country 4; winter track 2,3; track 1,2,3,4.

Ronald Mark Laub

Mary LaPreste

Richard Carl Larzelere


Marsden Lawley III

/ " Edith Laurelli

PHILIP LECALSEY "Phil" pet peeve: slippery boardwalks; secret ambition: to make the bencl1; student council 3, v. pres. 4; spri-hian 1; choir 1,3, pres. 2, 4; drama treas. 1; pep club 4; soccer 1, 2; intramurals 1; prom comm. 2,3; nat. hon. soc. 4. . SARAH LEE favorite saying: once a gollum always a gollum; secret ambition: to be a sarah lee banana cake; spri-hian 1,3,4; scrivener 3; geology 4; art club 3,4; philosophy 3,4.

Philip William LeCalsey 190

Sarah Jane Lee

looked at the school and could see some faults, and you worked

JAMES LEHNEIS "Jim" secret ambition: it would not be a secret if i told you.; always seen: leaving school. DONALD LEHRINDER "Don" se~ret ambition: to coach mr. mackrides; always seen: keeping bucky away from the guys; band 1,2,3,4; dance band 2,3, 4; golf 1,2; a. v. 2,3; football 3,4.

James Thompson Lehneis

Donald William Lehrkinder CHRISTINE LENGEL "Chris" favorite memory: mr. wood's cafe. study; remembered for: my bass voice; chorus 1,2; choir 3,4; track club 1; prom comm. 2,3,4. JAMES LE SUER" Poughkips" favorite memory: caroling at christmas-time with other choir kids; remembered for: catching chuck during candlelight service!; band 3,4; choir 3,4; dance band 3; weightIifting 4; pok high school: newspaper 1,2; band 1,2; choir 1,2; orchestra 1,2; dance band 1,2; baseball' 1,2; tennis 2.

Christine Anne Lengel

Jalnes Bruce LeSuer

BONNIE LEWIS "Bonnie" pet peeve: rising and shining; prize possession: third floor apartment; spri-hian 3,4; guid. aide 2,3; off. aide 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; red cross club 1, intramurals 1. CAROL LEWIS "Betsy" favorite memory: christmas ball; favorite song: there's a kind of hush; spri-hian 2,3,4; lit. mag. 3; fta 3,4; social service 3,4; french club 4; jcl3,4; prom comm. 2,3, 4; poetry 3; tennis 2,3,4; intramurals 1, 2,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

Bonnie Jane Lewis

Carol Elizabeth Lewis 191

at correcting them. You elected Dick Ferrell your president DAVID LEWIS" Dave" prize possession: my little harp; favorite memory: the night i saw the worst movie; band 1,2,4; orchestra 2,3,4; geology club 4. DENISE LEWIS" Sam" favorite saying: bash; secret ambition: ?; chorus 3; rifle team 3,4; pep club 4; geology club 4; ski club 4; gymnastics 2; intramurals 1,2,3,4; gym aide 4.

DIANE LEWIS" Die" favorite memory: after junior prom; prize possession: my pollock; rifle team 3, 4; pep club 4; intramurals 1,2,3; gym aide 1,2,3,4.

David Paul Lewis

Denise Kathleen Lewis

Diane Marilyn Lewis

Bruce Richard Litecky

Karen Marie Loro

Marcella Elizabeth Lucas

Yacob Luksenberg

RITA LIEBHAUSER remembered for: inability to pronounce properly; pet peeve: various nicknames; sprihian 3,4; scrivener 4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; band 2,3,4; social service 3,4; fta 4; philosophy 3,4; hockey 1,2,3,4; tennis 1,2,3,4. BRUCE LITECKY prize possession: my blues condition; favorite saying: you couldn't print it; choir 1,2,3. KAREN LORO "Shorty" secret ambition: to grow 6"; favorite memory: mike's junior prom; fta 3,4; trihi-y 4; prom comm. 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4.


Rita !" Joyce Liebhauser

MARCELLA LUCAS "Marcy" favorite memory: summer of' 67; favorite saying: oh yeah?; spri-hian 2; scrivener 2; tri-hi-y 3,4; french club 2; ski club 4; prom comm. 3,4; gym aide 2; intramurals 1,2,3. YACOB LUKSENBERG favorite saying: shalom; pet peeve: nasser; philosophy club 4.




this year and helped to form a pep club to bring back some of

JOANN LUONGO favome memory: trips to chester "y"; pet peeve: "noisy nuts"; student council 1,2; chorus 2,3; a.v. 3,4; tri-hi-y treas. 1; basketball 2,3; lacrosse 1,2,3,4; prom comm. 2,4. STEVEN MAGNIN "Steve" favorite memory: wildwood, summer of'68; remembered for: coming late to homeroom; band 1,2; choir 1,2,3,4; football 2.

Joann Davida Luongo

Steven Scott Magnin

KEITH MALICK "Lush" prize possession: bubbles; favodte memory: our parties; choir 1,2,3,4; dist. chor. 3; op'era 3; sound of music 4; bridge cl ubI ; golf 2; football 1; basketball 1,2; baseball 1,2,3; advisory council 4. PAUL MALOCH band 1.

Keith Irvin Malick

Paul Maloch

JOSEPH MANGANO "Yano" always seen: at "the" corner; pet peeve: night choir rehearsals; choir 1,2,3,4; football 1. BARBARA MANNING "Barbara" favorite memory: november 24,1968; prize possession: streamer from b.g.'s car; chorus 3,4; tri-hi-y 1; intramurals 1,2; gym aide 2,3; prom comm. 4.


J. Mangan<J

Barbara Lynne Mao)ling 193

the old spirit. You were on the varsity teams and began to feel

DANIEL MARANO favorite memory: larry's apartment; secret ambition: to be a hippie and go to berkeley; student council 1,2,3; football 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3, capt. 4; baseball 1,2,3,4; varsity ~club 3, pres. 4. MARILYN MARCANTUONO "Cotton" pet peeve: phillecalsey; remembered for: being dumb; chorus 1,2,3,4; fta 4; ski club 4; gym aide 4; prom comm. 2,3,4.

Daniel Joseph Marano CARMEN MARCHIONNI "Machine gun" remembered for: being the" Other" co-capt. with roger; pet peeve: being tied down; service club 2,3, pres. 4; varsity club 3; exec. council 4; football 1,2,3, capt. 4; all-delco 4; wrestling 1,2; track 1,2, delco 3,4; weight lifting 1,2,3, pres. 4; nat. hon. soc. 4. ROBERT MARKEL "Wonder" pet peeve: gold plated shovels; favorite memory: bob's going away party; student council 1,2; golf club 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; soccer 1,2,3; basketball mgr. 1; bowling 3, capt. .4.

KATHLEE MARRA" Kathy" favorite memory: march 11,1967; prize possession: rob; scrivener 4; spri-hian 4; pep club 4; intramurals 1,2,3; gym aide 4; off. aide 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; fta 4; social service 4; libr. aide 1; basketball 1; may queen nom .. CAROL MARSLAND "Swampy" pet peeve: the dirty old man; prize possession: my squeak; scrivener 4; choir 3,4; dist. chorus 4; the sound of music 4; tri-hi-y treas. 4; pep club 4; prom comm. 3,4. JOYCE MARTIN "Joycei" always seen: at the wrong place at the wrong time with jo and nancy; pet peeve: hogsley; fta 4; intramurals 1, 2; prom comm. 2,3.

Kathleen Joy



Marilyn Rita Marcantuono

\ Carmen Joseph Marchionni

Robert Steven Markel

Carol Louise Marsland

Joyce Nancy Martin

more important, for you could drive to school now, and go to

Deborah Mason

Roger Daniel Mason

Alene Dan Masson

DEBORAH MASON "Debbie" pet peeve: always known as roger's sister; remembered for: 496 christmas stockings; student council 1; varsity club 3, treas. 4; basketball 1,2; hockey 1,2,3,4; tennis 1,2,3,4; prom comm.3,4. ROGER MASON "Mingo" favorite saying: cheese and crackers; student council sgt.-arms 4; varsity club 3,4; service club 2,3, treas. 4; football 1, 2,3, capt. 4; basketball 1; wrestling 2,3,4; track 1,2,3,4. ALENE MASSON prize possession: my ring; always seen: with the drex" el "flash"; student council 1,2,3; choir 1,2; tri-hi-y 1,2,3; guid. off. aide 2; intramurals.

RAYMOND MATEY "Ray" favorite saying: I'll bake your biscuit!; remembered for: giving medical advice; prom comm. 3; pep club 4; darby twp.: science club 1,2; student council 1; world affairs council treas. 1, v-pres. 2. LOUISE MATHEWS "Weer favorite memory: escapades of the pineapple mafia; spri-hian3,4; choir 1; band lib. 1,2,3,4; orchestra lib. 1,2,3,4; dance band 1,2,3,4; opera 3; musical 4; dist. orchestra 2,3,4; jcl3,4; philosophy 4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

Raymond John Matey

Louise Ellen Mathews

DEBORAH MATTHEWS "Mugs" favorite memory; jan. 21, 1966; prize possession: pink poodle; deca 3,4; fna; intramurals. DOUGLAS McBREARTY "Doug" pet peeve: dirty old ladies; favorite memory: fire extinguishers; scrivener 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; varsity club 3,4; av 1; exec. council 4; soccer 1,2,3, co-capt. 4; basketball 1,2; track 3.

Deborah Anne Matthews



McBrearty 195

the Burger King for lunch. You took the College Boards in March CHARLES McCALL "Chuck" r.emembered for: always being serious; secret ambition: get easy teachers in college; nat. han. soc. 3,4; varsity club 4; cross country 2,3,4; winter track 3,4; track 2,3,4. SUSAN McCAUSLAND favorite -saying: what's new? pet peeve: time limit on art projects; red cross 1; guid. off. aide 3,4; intramurals. MARCIA McCLELLAN favorite memory: feb. 13, 1968; orchestra 1, 2,3,4; band 1,2; varsity club 3, vpres. 4; basketball 1,2,3,4; hockey 1, 2,3, capt. 4; lacrosse: 1,2,3,4.

Susan McCausland

Charles William McCall

MARK McCLELLAN 'Clell" favorite memory: fire extinguishers; student council 3, pres. 4; spri-hian 3, ed. 4; nat. han. soc. 3,4; glee club 1,2; prom comm. 2,3,4; service club 3,4; math club 1; varsity club 4; soccer 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; nat. merit semifinalist 4. DEBORAH McELROY spri-hian 4; scrivener 2; band 1,2,3,4; french club seer. 3,4; fta 4; tri-hi-y 1; pep club 4; tennis 1,2,3,4; intramurals.


Mark Shelly McClellan

Marcia Jean McClellan

Deborah Louise McElroy


KATHERINE McFADDEN "Kathy" favorite memory: summer '68; nat. han. soc, 3,4; chorus 2; choir 3; french club 2; tri-hi-y 3; pep club 3,4; intramurals 1,2; prom comm. 2,3; gym aide 1,2. JANE McGARITY favorite saying: two's company, ect.; prize possession; detective kit; spri-hian 2; pep club 3,4; social service 4; tri-hi-y 3; gym aide 2; prom comm. 2,3,4.


L. McFadden 196

Jane M. McGarity

and three months later watched the seniors, now your friends,

DENNIS McGEE favorite saying: pshaw! Secret ambition: dentist; football: 4; cross country: l. ~AREN McGRATH scrivener 2,3,4; spri-hian 2,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; opera 3; sound of music 4; french club 3,4; art club 2,3; prom comm. 2,3,4.

Dennis Patrick McGee

Karen Ruth McGrath

JOSEPH McILHENNY" Mac" always seen: with candy; secret ambition: to get married; football 3; baseball 2; advisory council 4. ROBERT McKEE "Bob" prize possession: a piece of the curb; favorite saying: what's going on?

Joseph Paul McIlhenney


R. McKee MARGARET McKIBBEN' Peggy' favorite memory: escapades of the pineapple mafia; favorite saying: hello, ceil? choir 1,2; orchestra 1,2,3, 4; dist. arch. 2,3,4; reg. orch. 2,4; opera 3; sound of music 4; gymnastics 2,3. JOAN McKITTRICK "Joan" secret ambition: playmate of the month; always seen: at kresge's; fta 4; pep club 4; intramurals 2. MARIE McLAUGHLIN "Hip" favorite saying: oh wow! remembered for: being crazy; student council 1,2; cheerleading 1,2.

Margaret Jane McKibben

Joan Louise McKittrick

Marie McLaughlin 197

leave. And you knew you'd have to follow them in a year,

WILLIAM McMAHON" Honda" favorite memory: playing baseball; pet peeve: life. JUDITH McNEFF "Judy" favorite memory: oct. '68; prize possession: 6'3" giant; chorus 1,2; fbla 3,4; historian 4; pep club 4; prom comm. 3. STEPHANIE MEDZARENTZ "Stevie" always seen: in the mustang; secret ambition: to race at indianapolis; student council 1; health club 1; hockey mgr.

William John McMahon

Judith Lynn McNeff

Stephanie Anne Medzareotz

Cristine Dorothy Merkel

Anne Louise Merkert

Linda Anne Mershon

Michael William Michelson

CRISTINE MERKEL "Merk" favorite memory: being miss springfield; secret ambition: to own ast. bernard dog; choir 1,2; chorus 3,4; track club 1; gym aide 4; prom comm. 3,4; pep club 4. ANNE MERKERT "Anne" secret ambition: airline stewardess; pet peeve: mr. lafever's constant grade of 85; student council 1; pep club 4; geology club 4; lit. mag. 2; intramurals; senior movie 4.

LINDA MERSHON "Linda" favorite saying: guess ya have to be there; secret ambition: to meet george of the jungle; student council 2; tri-hi-y 1; pep club 4; hockey 1; intramurals. MICHAEL MICHELSON favorite saying: bfd; class treas. 2,3,4; spri-hian 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; band 1,2; scott's hi-q 4; varsity club 4; interac club; prom comm. 2,3,4; basketball 1,2; winter track 3,4; track 1,2,3,4.


and suddenly Springfield High School looked a lot better, and you

NELSON MILIONE secret ambition: to be a real springfield boy; favorite memory: memorial day weekend; advisory council 4; gym aide l. LOIS MILLER always seen: with craig; chorus 1, pres. 2,3; choir 4; prom comm. 2; gym aide 4; basketball 1,2,3, 4; hockey 1,2,3,4; lacrosse 1,2,3,4.


G. Milione

Lois Jean Miller

PETER MILLER "Breakfast Kid" favorite memory: july 24, 1967; secret ambition: to get along with a certain girl; varsity club 4; service club 3; basketballl,2,4. RICHARD MILLER "Richie" pet peeve: the class of' 69's ability to get along with each other; favorite memory: dec. 23,1967; varsity club 3,4; pingpong 2; basketball 1,2,3, capt. 4; baseball 1,2,3,4; intramurals 2,3,4.

Peter L. Miller


E. Miner

MARIANNE MINISCI "Marianne" always seen: making a fool of myself; remembered for: my nerves; scrivener sports co-ordinator 4; pep club 3,4; thespians 2,3; prom comm. 2,3,4. CHARLES MISERENDINO favorite memory: physics with dean; secret ambition: to become mr. america; photography 1; bridge 2; weight lifting 4.

William John Miller

Marianne Minisci


J. Miserendino 199

wondered what would happen after you left. You made plans and

BARBARA MOORE "Barb" always seen: at the cinema; favorite memory: march 9,1968; red cross 1; fna 3; prom comm. 4; lib. aide 4; intramurals. DEBORAH MOORE "Debbie" favorite saying: obviously!; always seen: at silo's; tri-hi-y v-pres. 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; lib. aide 2. EDWARD MOORE "Ted" prize possession: a balsymoplay; band 1,2, 3,4; dance band 1,2,3,4; dist. band 2, 3; dist. orch. 2,3; student dir. band, orchestra 4.

Barbara Lynne Moore

Deborah Jo Moore


Patricia Jane Moore

Robert Jay Moore


Barbara Anne Mo.ran

M. Moore

PATRICIA MOORE "Pat" favorite memory: aug. 26, 1968; prize possession: a certain senior; chorus 1,2,3,4; fta 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; spri-hian 1; intramurals 2. R()~ERT MOORE "Bob" prize possession: pat; always seen: waiting at the cougar; glee club 1; choir 2,3,4; nature club 1; geology club 2,4; weight lifting 4; football 2,3.

RONALD MOORE" Rotvogel" prize possession: my bole; remembered for: my nickname; band 1,2,3, pres. 4; pep band 4; varsity club 3,4; winter track 4; baseball 1,2,3,4; bowling 2,3,4; weight lifting 3; nat. hon. soc. 4. BARBARA MORAN "Barb" favorite memory: summer of '68; prize possession: detective kit; student council 3,4; class rep. 4; spri-hian 2,3; scrivener 3; tri-hi-y 3; pep club 3,4; lacrosse 1; prom comm. 2,3,4.

L. Moore 200

discarded them and made new ones and looked at colleges, and you FRANCIS MORRISON "Hair" favorite saying: john, fords don't run; secret ambition: to build a super '83. GARY MORRISON always seen: working with figures; pet peeve: my bus pass; baseball 1,2,3,4; prom comm.3. STEVEN MOSS "Peat" remembered for: missing school for jewish holidays; favorite saying: turkey; glee club 1,2; choir 3,4; A.V. 4; bowling 2,3,4.

Francis Joseph Morrison

Gary Raymond Morrison


B. Moss

GRANVILLE MOUNT" Alan" favorite saying: maya trolley grow in your navel; secret ambition: to be an architect; ping pong 1; soccer 1,2. ¡DEAN MOYER "Rock" favorite memory: gar's swarthmore penthouse; pep club 3,4; varsity club 3,4; service club 2,3, secr. 4; advisory comm. 4; football 1,2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1,2,3,4.




Granville Alan Mount

Dean Brian Moyer BARBARA MULLINEAUX "Motormouth" secret ambition: to learn to dance; always seen: with bucky; student council 1; chorus 1,2; choir 3,4; varsity club 4; tri-hi-y 1; pep club 3,4; prom comm. 2,4; hockey 1;2,3,4; lacrosse 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2; may queen nom. GREGORY MUMMERT "Greg" secret ambition: to start in a football game; favotite memory: almost played in the thanksgiving day game; glee club 1; choir 2,3,4; weight lifting 4; football 3,4.

Barbara Anne Mullineaux

Gregory John Mummert 201

really didn't know ... But you went to the Junior Prom feeling happy and

MARIA MUNAFO secret ambition: to do something right for a change; remembered for: my exceptional talent in algebra; A.V. 3,4; fbia 4; scrivener 4; intramurals 1,2,3. PIERRE MUNSELL "Pete" prize possession: 58 corvette.

Maria Patricia Munafo

Pierre Munsell

John Murray


JOHN MURRAY pet peeve: frank zappa; remembered for: stupid jokes; math .club l. PATRICIA MYERS" Spot" favorite memory: sept. 28, 1968; prize possession: ronny; intramurals 1,2.

E. Myers

DONALD NATH "Don" prize possession: fake suede coat; always seen: with taller people. LOREN NEEDLES "Loree" favorite memory: april '67; always seen: on skid row; deca 3,4; dental club 3.

Donald Joseph Nath

Loren Louise Needles 202

George Nelson

a little apprehensive. Then June . .. the summer . .. and you were a Senior.' MICHAEL NICOSIA "Mike" favorite memory: sept. 13, 1967; prize possession: my imported sports car, ha ha; student council 1,2; orchestra 1,2; prom comm. 2,3; gym aide 2,3; pep club 3; A. V. 1,2; baseball 1,2; golf 1,2,4. CHRISTOPHER NIEMCZEWSKI always seen: asleep; favorite memory: black thursday; scrivener 4; lit. rriag. 4; german club 2; cross country 3,4; winter track 3,4; track 2,3,4; brophy prep: debating society 1; tennis 1; summit high: thespian society 2.



Mic"hael Steven Nicosia

Christopher Martin Ladislas Casimir N iemczewski

NANCY NOVACK "Nanc" prize possession: my pretzel can and jelly beans; remembered for: 496 christmas stockings; libr. aide 3; tri-hi-y seer. 1,2,3,4; pep club 4; varsity club 3,4; tennis 1,2, ,3,4; prom comm. 2,3,4. WILLIAM O'BRIEN "Obie" prize possession: ruthann and my drums; fa vorite memory: miss proia's art class; student council 1; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1,2; pep band pres.


Nancy Barbara


Kathleen Grace O'Hara


}. O'Brien


Richard O'Neill

Stephen Kevin Olsen 203

KATHLEEN O'HARA" Kathy" prize possession: certain someone; always seen: flirting; prom comm. 2, 3,4; fta 4; rifle 3,4; tri-hi-y 3; gym aide 1,2,3; basketball 1; track 1; hockey 1; lacrosse 1; gymnastics 1; intramurals 2,3. STEPHEN OLSEN "Jolsen" favor-ite memory: my street-hemi tempest; prize possession: class rank; student council 1; pep club 4; advisory council 4; service club 4; wrestling 1,2; weight lifting 3,4. RICHARD O'NEILL "Bird" secret ambition: get married; prize possession: charmayne.

You entered your last year and worked to get the town to accept

JAMES ORLANDO "Jim" prize possession: smashed up chevelle; favorite memory: chemistry with mr. bartley. BRUCE OSBORN "Born" pet peeve: springfield girls; favorite memory: last tuesday; a. v. 3,4; pep club 3,4; service club 4; prom comm. 2; nature club 1; gymnastics 3,4; weight lifting 3.

James Orlando

Bruce Edward Osborn

Louis Anthony Pacinelli

George Anthony Pagano

Don Andrew Pataky

Neil Richard Patterson

LOUIS PACINELLI "Blade" always seen: jpl; cross country 3,4. GEORGE PAGANO "Bear" pet peeve: how'd your day go, dagoi'; remembered for: my gullibility; student council 2; health club 1; jets 3, treas. 4; bowling 2, 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

GLENN PAPAZIAN remembered for: wrestling at 951bs. for 3 years; pet peeve: homework on the weekend; wrestling 1,2,3,4. DON PATAKY" Stomp" prize possession: pak; favorite saying: fly easy; service club 4; weight lifting 4; football 2,4; wrestling 1,2; baseballl. NEIL PATTERSON pet peeve: shs; chess & checkers 1; wrestling 2,3; track 2,4.

Glenn Edward Papazian 204


the Morton merger. You shifted to block schedules and were able to

CHRISTOPHER PAVLOU "Greek" secret ambition: to ditch n.n.; favorite saying: nurse!; pep club 4; weight lifting4. ROBERT PEIFER favorite saying: "hot lips" ; favorite memory: retreat 1968; student council 1,2; glee club 1, 2; choir 3; gymnastics 1,2,4.

Christopher Paul Pavlou

Robert Peifer DIANE PEMBERTON always seen: with rob; favorite memory: a strawberry new year's eve; student council 1, spri-hian 2,3, news ed. 4; scrivener 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; sound of music 4; opera 3; fta 3; red cross 1; philosophy 3; varsity club 4; basketball 1,2,3,4; hockey 1,2,3, 4; lacrosse 3,4; gym aide 4. STEVEN PETERSON" Sneak" secret ambition: to hold stock in tastycake; favorite saying: you're kidding me; varsity club 3,4; weight lifting 4; golf 1,2; whirlpool club 1,2,3,4; football 1,2,3,4; baseball 1,2,3,4.


Diane Pemberton

Steven Robert Peterson JOHN PIATT remembered for: my hair; band 1,2,3,4; tennis 1,2,4; bowling 2,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4; nat. hon. soc. 4. SUSAN PICHASKE favorite saying: zut!; pet peeve: junior english; french club 2,4; social service 1,2; fta 4; lit. mag. 4; foreign exchange student 3; chorus 1,2,4; gym aide 4; nat. hon. soc. 4. ANTHONY PIERI secret ambition: to get one good picture in the yearbook; always seen: with what's her name; jets 2,3,4; geology4; a.v. 4.

John Elias Piatt, III

Susan Elizabeth Pich,aske


A. Pifri 205

take the Vo-Tech courses. Your Pep Club grew and added spirit to

JOSEPH PINTO "Joe" always seen: with donna; favorite memory: the shore. PAULA POULU "Paula" favorite saying: oh! right; remembered for: my laugh; intramurals 1,2. KAREN POULSON "Karen" ft.a. 4; rifle club 3; social service 4; intramurals 1,2,3; prom comm. 3.


L. Pinto

Paula Mary PoliHi

Karen Lee Paulson

David James Power

Randall Edward Powers

Evelyn Elizabeth Preston

Glenn Kirby Price

DAVID POWER" Dusty" favorite saying: dumbofrump, how ya doin!; remembered for: not having anything to be remembered for; class v. pres. 1; student council 1; cross country 1; basketball 1,2,3; track l. RANDALL POWERS "Puff" favorite saying: i can't afford it; remembered for: my cold; student council 2; glee club 1,2; advis. council 4; cross country 4; winter track 4; track 4; tennis 2; nat. hon. soc. 4.

EVELYN PRESTON "Evie" favorite memory: my advanced biology class; pet peeve: being called eep; chorus 1,2, 3,4; sound of music 4; health careers 1; dental club 3; prom comm. 2,3,4. GLENN PRICE" Phineas" secret am-bition: to be president of the u.s.; remembered for: being beaten by o.j. simpson for the hiessman trophy; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 1; golf club pres. 1; ski club 4; football 4; baseball 4; track 1,2,3; gymnastics 1,2,3,4.


the usually apathetic rallies . .. the usually apathetic students: DANA PURCELL "Cell" favorite saying: carumba!; secret ambition: to eat grapes; student council 1,2,3, seer. 4; choir 1,2,3,4; f. t.a. 1; social service 3,4; prom comm. 3; may queen nom. 4. DOROTHY QUAIL "Dori" prize possession: a certain bear; favorite saying: gimmie a pooh; student council 2; leather club; track 1,2. WILLIAM RAUFFENBART "Bruce" lit. mag. 4; golf 1; wrestling 1,2.

Dana Joyce Purcell

William Bruce Rauffenbart

Dorothy Quail

GARY RAWDING" Gary" prize possession: loving personality; secret ambition: to be 6'5" tall; band 1,2; choir 1,2, ¡¡3,4; a.v. 1,2,3,4; gymnastics 3; bowling 4.

MICHAEL RAY always seen: with hench; pet peeve: augia; football 1.

\ Gary Andrew





ROBERT REEPS "Reeper" secret ambition: to kiss sandy anthonsen; always seen: in the lobby; service club 4; weightlifting v. pres. 4. GAIL REES "Scatterbrains" prize pos'session: our private little joke, right, lynne?; pet peeve: milk machines; sprihian; tri-hi-y 1,3,4; pep club 3,4; f.t.a. 4; intramurals 1,2; prom comm. 2,3,4; off. aide.


c. Reeps


A 0---

/' Gail L. 207

Balloons and shaving cream at the first pep rally and Bob Jones

CRAIG REILLY" Peter" favorite saying: i'm hungry! ; favorite memory: annapolis trip of '68; nature club 1; soccer 1,2. SARAH RENDI "Sandy" remembered for: always talking; favorite saying: you're al' right.

Craig Reilly

Sarah Sandra Rendi



Richard Renninger, Jr.



RICHARD RENNINGER "Rick" pet peeve: mike's fair-weather, good-fornothing rambler; favorite memory: summer of '68; pep club; soccer 1,2. PAMELA RENSEL "Sam" always seen: with a good-looking italian; remembered for: the stars in her eyes; pep club 4; tri-hi-y 1; intram.urals 2,3; gym aide 3; prom comm. 3,4; scrivener 4.


SUSAN REPLOGLE" Sue" prize possession: bruce k.; secret ambition: to have an endless summer; spri-hian 2,3, circul. ed. 4; f.t.a. 3, seer. 4; bridge club 1; intramurals 1,2. DONNA RICKOLT favorite memory: summer '68; pet peeve: compositions and book reports; drama 1; intramurals 2,4; prom comm. 2,3.

Susan Replogle 208

Donna Lee Rickolt

as Santa Claus at your soul Christmas assembly. You took the

GREGORY RIES "Emitt" prize possession: pets; remembered for: puns; basketball 3,4. LORA RIOS "Lori" favorite memory: june 25, 1968; pet peeve: 5th period lunches in my senior year; sprihian 2; rifle club 3,4; prom comm. 2. LINDA RIVERS "Lin" favorite memory: august, 1968; remembered for: putting mustard on french fries; pep club 4; chorus 2,3,4; rifle club 4; intramurals 2; prom comm. 2.

Gregory Paul Ries

Lora Rios

Linda Jean Rivers

MADELYN RODGERS "Lyn" prize possession: "rick"; favorite memory: december 13, 1968 christmas ball; chorus 2,3; color guard 2,3, co-sgt. 4; a. v. 3,4; pep club 4; f.b.l.a. 3,4; scrivener 3, 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; intramural sports 1,2. DEBORAH ROLLER "Deb" pet peeve: honors passes; favorite saying: hello, ceil?; spri.-hian 4; choir 1,2,3,4; f.t.a. 4; j.c.l. 3,4; social service 4; red cross 1.

William Mark Robb

George Harold Robbins

WILLIAM ROBB "Lingus" remembered for: picking up s.s. one hour late; favorite memory: my party; weightlifting 3; pep club 3,4; advis. council 4; scrivener 4; wrestling 1,2,3; winter track capt. 4; track 1,2,3,4. GEORGE ROBBINS "Robbie" always seen: with debbie and at j.l. p.; favorite memory: october 20, 1967; service club 3,4; basketball 1,2,3,4; baseball capt. 1, 2,3,4.


J. Rodgers

Deborah Anne Roller 209


Senior trips to New York and Washington, and presented "U.S.A."

DALE ROOT "Dale" favorite saying: caramba!; always seen: in my cheerleading uniform; student council 1,2,3; pep club 3,4; fta 4; a. v. 2,3; secr. 4; track club 4; ski club secr. 4; cheerleading 1,2,3,4; lacrosse 1; prom comm. 2,3, -4; social service 4; may queen nom. 4. PATRICIA ROOT "Tricia" favorite saying: was ist das?; favorite memory: april in paris; 1968; lit. mag. 4; jcl3; social service 4; art club 1; dental club 3; gym aide 3; nurses' aide 3; intramurals 2.

Patricia Ann-Theresa Root

")( Dale '--Marie Root




,~ ..

NADINE ROSE "Rose" favorite memory: may 27,1967; pet peeve: my ..latin teacher; intramurals 1,2,3. RICHARD ROSSANO "Rozie" favorite saying: boa; prize possession: 09's and a long-haired nut.



\ Richard William Rossano

Nadine G. Rose

ROGER ROTH favorite memory: my bucket; hero: tulula bankhead; band 1; orchestra 1,2,3,4; geology club 4. PHYLLIS RUNDBAKEN "Phyl" favorite memory: c.m.u. summer; sprihian 2; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; chorus 1,2; choir 3,4; jets 2,3; secr. 4; fta 3,4; french club 2,3.

â&#x20AC;˘ Roger

A. Roth 210

Phyllis Ann RundJ>aken

for the Senior class play. You searched for the right colleges

THOMAS RUSSO favorite saying: you're kidding; secret ambition: to get my mustang; band 1,2. RICHARD SADLER "Ric" prize possession: nina; favorite saying: keep the brew rolling; basketballl. MARSHALL SAIPHER "M usa" pet peeve: contemporary education; secret ambition: to radicalize anduril; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; social service 3,4; jets 3; chrmn. 4; cross country 4; wrestling 1,2, mgr. 3,4.

ThQmas D. Russo


Marshall Jonn Saipher

Richard Sadler

CONSTANCE SANDFORD "Connie" favorite memory: summer '68; remembered for: baldness; fbla 3,4; intramurals 2. HELEN SAPNAS pet peeve; william shakespeare; always seen: with a ton of books; lit. mag. 4; dental dub 3; "sound of music" 4; tri-hi-y l. KAREN SCHAEFER" Schaef" secret ambition: to meet the jolly green giant; always seen: above everybody else; spri-hian 4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; choir 1,3, seer. 2,4; prom comm. 2; varsity club 3, pres. 4; basketball1,2,3, co-capt. 4; lacrosse 1,2, 3,4; intramurals 1,2.

Constance Marie Sandford

Karen Lynne Schaefer

Helen Sapnas

APRIL SCHAUER secret ambition: to own an orphanage; favorite memory: november 30, 1968; c,hoir 1,2,3,4; fta 4; prom comm. 2; hockey mgr. 1; intramurals 1,2. PAM SCHINK "Pam" always seen: with buddy; favorite memory: summer '67; tri-hi-y 1,4; fta 4; prom comm. 2,3, 4.

April Lisa Schauer

Pamela Irene

~ink 211

and jobs, and looked, almost frantically, for a future. A liberal WILLIAM SCHOEN INGER "Fritz" prize possession: c.l.m. v.; secret ambition: to lecture mayor daly and the chicago police on guer¡ ilIa tactics; dist. band 3; band 1,2,3, 4; pep band 4; soccer l. ELLEN SCHOFIELD "El" favor-ite memory: t.c.c.o.m.s.y.; prize possession: one medium sized younger sister; scrivener 4; chorus 1,2,3,4; trihi-y 1,2; f.t.a. 4; intramurals 1; prom comm. 2,3,4. WALTER SCHOULTZ prize possession: a box of 1967 girl scout cookies; pet peeve: joe kuharich.

WilHam Frederick Schoeninger, II

Ellen Clark Schofield

Walter R. Schoultz

Karl Edward Schwartz

Marc Stephen Schwartz

Michael Ray Schwartz

Stephen Griffith Scott

KARL SCHWARTZ remembered for: my green bookbag; favorite memory: paris '68; lit. mag. 2,3, ed. 4; scrivener 4; spri-hian 4; chorus accomp. 2; choir accomp. 3,4; dist. choir 4; poetry 3,4; philosophy 3,4; opera 3; "sound of music" 4; nat. han. soc. 4. MARC SCHWARTZ Ali" always seen: at the b.a.; pet peeve: dean; operator club 1; deca 4; baseball 1; golf 3,4; in¡ tramurals 3,4.

MICHAEL SCHWARTZ "Raker" always seen: in the cafeteria during spanish; pet peeve: dean; health careers 1; deca reporter 4; operator club 1; baseball 1; golf 3,4; bowling 3,4; intramurals 3,4. STEPHEN SCOTT" Scottie" prize possession: my y.m.c. a. t-shirt; favorite memory: wrestling practice (?); student council 4; pep club 3,4; varsity club 3, 4; service club 3,4; soccer 2; wrestling 1,2,3,4; tennis 2; advisory council; nat. han. soc. 4.


faction emerged and became known, and their Grape Boycott DENNIS SCULLY always seen: at j.J.p.; secret ambition: to be a shepherd; baseball 2,3,4; o'hara: student council 1. JOSEPH SEAGRAVES "Joe" pet peeve: springfield; always seen: in paoli; wrestling 2,3. DONNA SEASTROM favorite memory: season of the witch; choir 1,2,3,4; exec. council 4; tri-hi-y 1; pep club 4; "sound of music" 4; scrivener 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; intramurals 1.

Dennis Michael. Scully

Joseph M. Seagraves

Donna Elizabeth Seastrom

MICHAEL SHAW" Super-Yaw" favorite saying: i don't say no'ting; favorite memory: physics with dean. SUSAN SHEA" Sue" favorite saying: caramba! ; always seen: in my cheerleading uniform; student council 3; spri-hian 2; chorus 3,4; f.t.a. 4; a.v. 2,3, 4; pep club 3,4; bridge club 1; ski club 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; gym aide 1; cheerleading 1,2,3, capt. 4; may queen nom.

Michael Vincent Shaw

Susan ~/ Jean ~Shea

JANET SHEAFFER" Sheaff" secret ambition: to be a go-go girl; pet peeve: mLlauffer's inside jokes; student council1; choir 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2. RAY SHEFSKA "Ras" prize possession: my nose; remembered for: putting up the happy hanukkah sign; a.v. treas. 4; deca pres. 4.

Janet Marie Sheaffer

Ray Aloysius Shefska 213

seemed almost a joke. Dick Ferrell was your president again and Mark

JON SHEPPARD "Jonne" favorite memory: november 27, 1968?; pet peeve: (two faced) plastic people; varsity club 3,4; soccer 1,2,3,4; track 2,3; gymnastics 1,2,3, co-capt. 4. RICHARDSON SHOEMAKER "Skip" pet peeve: cheerleaders; favorite memory: gaining weight after wrestling; varsity club 2,3, treas. 4; soccer 1, 2,3,4; wrestling 1,2,3, capt. 4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

Jon Sheppard

Richardson Shoemaker, IV

Susan Anne Shuck

Frederick John Siembieda

Robert Phillip Silberstein

Gary Alan Silverstein

MICHAEL SHOUSTAL "Mike" always seen: with lucy; pet peeve: my parents; winter track 2; track l. SUSAN SHUCK" Sue" favorite memory: summer '68; prize possession: detective kit; student council 1, 4; spri-hian 3; tri-hi-y 2,3; gym aide 1,2,3,4; pep club 4; social service 4; prom comm. 2,3,4; intramurals 2. FREDRICK SIEMBIEDA secret ambition: to sell surfboards in oklahoma; favorite memory: dec. 23, 1967; football 1,2,3,4; basketballl.

Michael David Shoustal

ROBERT SILBERSTEIN "Stein" favorite memory: friendship apples; prize possession: sincerity of thought; sprihian 3,4; scrivener 3,4; nat. hon. soc. 3, pres. 4; jets 4; scott's hi-q 4. GARY SILVERSTEIN" Stone Stomach" prize possession: my cycle; favorite memory: last summer; scrivener 4; band 1,2,3,4; choir 1,2,3; a. v. 4; football 1,2; golf 3,4; prom comm. 4; tennis 1,2.


McClellan took over the lead of the Student Council. You became

JAMES SIMON "Jim" always seen: with scott or laurie; favorite memory: ocean city marathon, summer '68; student council 1,3; spri-hian 1,3,4; band 1,2,3,4; social service 3,4; rifle club 3; ski club v. pres. 4; basketball club 1; philosophy 3; basketball 1; baseball 1, 2,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4.

William Simcox


James Michael Simon JANIS SINCLAIR "Jan" favorite memory: springfield weekend '68"the lost key"; student council 1; scrivener 3; spri-hian 4; chorus 2,3,4; f.t.a. 3, treas. 4; french club 2,3; geology club 4; intramurals 1,2,3. CAROL SINKINSON pet peeve: mr. bartley's chemistry class; favorite saying: garbage!; red cross 1; prom comm. 3; gym aide 2,3. JANET SINKINSON favQrite saying: what can i say; always seen: eating, f.t.a. 4; gym aide 3,4; red cross 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4.

Carol Lillian Sinkinson

Janis Lynn Sinclair

Janet Violet Sinkinson

GLENNA SMITH prize possession: my own personal traffic light-s.h.j.; remembered for: my steel corset; sprihian 1,3; chorus 1,2,3; choir 4; deca chrmn. 4, sound of music 4; opera 3, libr. aide 2,3. NANCY SMITH "Mrs. Smith" prize possession: j.t.w. jr.; favorite memory: summer '68; band 1,2,3; orchestra 1,2, 3; f.t.a. 4; track club seer. 1, prom comm. 2,3; intramurals 1,2.

Glenna Jean Smith




Nancy Lee Smith 215

important, and found that your influence in the school was growing.

PETER SMITH prize possession: road maps; pet peeve: springfield h.s.; student council 1; band 1,2,3,4; cross country 2,3; winter track 3; track 2,3. ROGER SMITH secret ambition: to take semeister; remembered for: threading film projectors for mr. filson and mr. semeister; camera club; varsity club; soccer 2; cross country 4; basketballl; winter track 4; track 4; bowling 3.

Peter Smith

Roger M. Smith

William Rutter Sotter

S. Gordon Speers

William Patrick Splane

Evelyn Spruce

WILLIAM SaTTER "Bud" favorite memory: june 27, 1967; always seen: with pam; service club 4; football 1; soccer 2; wrestling 1; baseball 1,2,3,4. GORDON SPEERS secret ambition: to graduate; pet peeve: soul music.

MARY SPEGELE Favorite memory: summers at cape may point; scrivener 3,4; band 1,2,3,4; orchestra 4; fta 4; social service 3,4; pep club 4; tri-hi-y 1; prom comm. 2; nat. hon. soc. 4. WILLIAM SPLANE "Bill" favorite memory: august '67; favorite saying: you dirtball; glee club 1,2; operators 1,2,3, pres. 4; stage crew 2,3, pres. 4. EVELYN SPRUCE" Ev" favorite memory: cranberry; pet peeve: my middle name; student council 1; scrivener 3, coordinator 4; nat. hon. soc. 3,4; band 2,3,4; orchestra 3,4; basketball mgr. 1,2,3,4; prom comm. 2.

Mary Jean Spegele 216

And you had your portraits taken for the yearbook and realized that RAYMOND SQUITIERE "Guinea" always seen: in a daze; favorite memory: jan. 1, 1967; football 3; golf 3,4. . NANCY STEELE "Nancy" always seen: in a blue volkswagon; prize possession: black and white pearl ring; orchestra 1,2; choir 1,2,3,4; fna. l. FAITH STEGEMERTEN "Fi Fi" prize possession: d:r. h: favorite saying: sorry, i can't; track club 1; cheerleading 1,2,3,4; tennis 2; intramurals 1; prom comm. 2,3,4; may queen nom. 4.

Raymond F. Squitiere

Nancy G. Steele

XFaith Lynn Stegemerten BARRY STEVENSON "Bier" pet peeve: girls that have to be in at 9:30; favorite memory: aug. 28, 1951; student council 1; varsity club 3,4; pep club 3,4; operators 3,4; football 4; soccer 1,2,3,4; baseball 1; golf 2,3,4; gymnastics 1,2,3, co-capt. 4; weightlifting 3.

MARK STEVENSON favorite memory: memorial weekend; prize possession: a little girl; varsity club 3,4; football 1,2,3,4; basketball 2; wrestling 1; baseball 2,3,4; weightlifting 3,4.

Barry Edward Stevenson

Mark Edward Stevenson ROBERT STEWART" Beef Stewie" favorite memory: going to the captiol theater; favorite saying: i'll kick your butt; student council 1,2; class pres. 2; spri-hian 1,2,3, ed. 4; varsity club 3,4; service club 2,3, v. pres. 4; pep club 4; chess and checkers 2; student advis. council 4; weightlifting 4; intramurals; prom comm. 2; gym aid 1; football 1,2, 3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; track 1,2,3,4. GLENN STRATTON" Keinvogel" favorite memory: ocean city marathon; prize possession: ask ron moore; weightlifting 3,4; football 4; soccer 1,2; winter track 4; track 1,2,3,4.

Robert Aubrey Stewart

Glenn Dana Stratton 217

it would soon be over. April came, bringing acceptances to colleges

RONALD STRYKER prize possession: sandie; remembered for: my trip to the airport; choir 1,2,3,4; basketball mgr 1; ~baseballl,2,3,4; bowling 2,3,4. JEFFREY STYER "Jeff" favorite memory: friday nights; secret ambition: to write.

Ronald Stryker

Jeffrey Allen Styer

Janis Lynne Tapp

Douglas Michael Teti

Sandra Lynn Thomas

Karen Lee Thprp


JANIS TAPP pet peeve: being gullible; remembered for: getting lost; spri-hian 4; choir 1,2,3,4; jets 4; tri-hi-y 1; hockey 1; lacrosse 1. DOUGLAS TETI remembered for: my intelligent questions; always seen: carrying a st. joe's gym bag; spri-hian 4; choir 1,2,3,4; cross country 3,4; wrestling 1,2,3,4; weight lifting; nat. hon. soc. 4.

ALLAN THOMAS" AI" always seen: going to the firehouse; favorite memory: coach long's chemistry class; glee club 1,2; a.v. 1,2; stage crew 1,2,4; philosophy 4; soccer 1,2. SANDRA THOMAS "Sandy" favorite memory: dec. 13, 1968; favorite saying: tickle me behind the knees and i'll follow you anywhere; lit. mag. 4; scrivener 3,4; art 3; fta 4; libr. aide 1,3,4; social service 4; philosophy 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; sound of music 4. KAREN THORP "Thumper" prize possession: love bug; always seen: with hurbert; student council 1,2,4; lit mag. 4; spri-hian 3; of. aide 1,2, 4; fta 4; pep club 4; drama 1, prom comm. 1; hockey 1.

Allan Shaw Thomas 218

and jobs, and you did have a future after all. Senior Prom and Dinner

CYNTHIA TIESER "Cin" favorite memory: july 12, 1968; prize possession: my detective kit; spri-hian 2; chorus 2,3; tri-hi-y 2,3; pep club 3,4; intra~murals 1,2; gymnastics 1; prom comm. 2,3; may queen nom. BERNARD TOAL "Bud" favorite memory: passing summer school; prize possession: size 10 1/2 combat boots.


Cynthia Jo Tieser

Bernard L Toal, Jr.

CHRISTOPHER TOUCHTON "Buddy bud" always seen: philandering; secret ambition: to raise etruscan marmosets; geology club 4; footballl. ROBERTA UBER "Robin" always seen: with candy and marsha; favorite saying: hey now, none of that; cardinal o'hara; intramurals 1,2.

Christopher Touchton

Roberta Uber

RICK VALENTI remembered for: my manitoba pudding; favorite memory: rodger's bucket; lit. mag. 4.

DIANNE VANAMAN "Di" favorite memory: summer of '67; always seen: at hatchet harry's; track club; intramurals l. JANE VAN INGEN "Janie" favorite saying: oh, come on; prize possession: teddy bear; choir 1; chorus 4; art club 2,3,4; sound of music 4.

Richard Valenti

Jane Van Ingen

Dianne Marie Vanaman 219

Dance ... Baccalaureate ... June fourth ... it was suddenly all over and JUDITH VESSEY lit. mag. 4; band 1,2,4; lib. aide 1,2,3,4; fna 1,3; social service 4. DIANE VICOLI favorite memory: j.!.'s house; secret ambition: tosee smoky at shs; student council 2,3, _par!. 4; spri-hian 2; chorus 1,2,3; drama club secr. 1; tri-hi-y secr. 1; pep club 4; av 4; intramurals 1,2; prom comm. 2,3,4; may queen nom. MARTINE VI NTAER "Martini" favorite saying: de gaulle and i love america; remembered for: my boots; student council 4; chorus 4.

Judith Ann Vessey

Diane Janis Vicoli

Martine Vintaer


Joyce Irene Vottima

MARTIN VOGTS "Rat" always seen: with a smile on my face; secret ambition: to be a springield twp. policeman; cardinal o'hara: rowing 1,2. JOYCE VOTTIMA "Frank votts" secret ambition: to burn a certain house -in ocean city; student council 1,2,3,4; class secr. 2,3,4; scrivener 3,4; tri-hi-y 1; pep club 3,4; spri-hian 2; off. aide 2, 3,4; nurses aide 2,3; prom comm. 2,3,4; exec. council 4; basketball 2; cheerleading 1; bowling 1,2; tennis 2,3,4; may queen nom.

Wilson Vogts

THOMAS WALKER band 1,2,3,4; rifle club 3. WAYNE WALSH favorite memory: my touchdown; band 1,2,3,4; football 4; cross country 1,2; basketball 2; track 1.



C. Walker 220

A Wayne James Walsh

the little cliques didn't mean anything anymore. And you looked back LINDA WARRINGTON "Lynn" favorite memory: summer of '67; always seen: at hatchet harry's; track club 1; drama club 2; intramurals 1, 2.

RICHARD WATERHOUSE "Rick" favorite saying: only 7 hours and 15 minutes to go; pet peeve: 4th period lunch in my senior year; choir 1,2,3,4; weightlifting 3, treas. 4. ALAN WELSH" Alvin" always seen: mumbling to myself; prize possession: a coin bank (to hold my valuable coins); glee club 1,2; choir 3,4; weightlifting 4; baseball mgr. 2, 3,4.

Linda Lee Warrington


Alan James Welsh

Earl Waterhouse

DONALD WESNER "Don" favorite memory: june 3,1966; always seen: in the halls; ping pong 1. JANE WHITTY "Jani" prize possession: my picture of dr. chuckie; sprihian 3; scrivener 3, associate ed. 4; nat. ,hon. soc. 3, seer. 4; french club 1, seer. 2, v. pres. 3, pres. 4; dental club v. pres. 3; pep club 3; gym aide 2,3; nurses aide 3; guid. off, aide 1,2,3,4; prom comm. chrm. 2,3; tennis 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2; nat. merit semi-finalist 4; quill and scroll 4.

Donald Domeika Wesner

Jane Katharine Whitty

HARRY WILKINS rifle club. PAMELA WILLIAMS "Ribet" favorite memory: spanish II class; scrivener 4; tri-hi-y 1; pool club 2; intramurals 1, 2.




Pamela Sue Williams 221

and wondered, because just maybe you didn't really learn to ROBERT WILLIAMS "Bruce" prize possession: my foam rubber snake; glee club 1; choir 2,3,4; fta 4; science club pres. 1; rifle club 4. SUSAN WILSON" Sue" favorite memory: friday the 13th; prize possession: a special birthday card; sprihian 4; fta 4; tri-hi-y 4; pep club 4; health careers club 1; intramurals 1, 2; nurses' aide 4; gym aide 4; office aide 4; prom comm. 2. STEVEN WINN "Puttyman" prize possession: magic dancin' shoes; favorite memory: black thursday; spri-hian 2,3, ed.-in-chief 4; lit. mag. 2,3,4; scrivener 3,4; band 1,2,3; orchestra 4; philosophy 3,4; math club 1; prom comm. 2; soccer mgr. 2.

Robert Bruce Williams

Susan XMarian Wilson

Steven Jay


MARTIN WOLF favorite saying: the deacon shall kill; prize possession: my steel wool; basketball 1. BRIGITTE WOLFF" Gitti" favorite memory: the great group; pet peeve: french; student council 4; gymnastics 4. ELIZABETH WOOLSON "Beth" favorite memory: kickoff dance; secret ambition: to beat penncrest; spri-hian 4; fta 4; tri-hi-y 4; arts and crafts 1; gym aide 1,2; nurses aide 4; office aide 4; guid. off. aide 4.

Martin Lee Wolf

Brigitte Wolff


A. Woolson

PETER YOUNG" Airhead" favorite memories: black thursday and 1/23/68; pet peeve: christmas trolleys; scrivener 4; lit. mag. 4; chess 1; choir 1, 2; philosophy 3,4; soccer 1,2,3,4; nat. hon. soc. 4; social service 4. ROSANN ZAFFIRI "Rosie Magonya" favorite saying: ya know what they say in the old country; always seen: with bob and pam; scrivener 4; art club 1; cheerleading 1; prom comm. 3; fbla 3, pres. 4; pep club 4; intramurals 2,3.

Peter David Young



Rosann Zaffiri

appreciate what may have been the five best years of your life. MICHELE ZALKIND "Mitch" remembered for: catching up on my homework; pet peeve: homework; spri-hian 3; scrivener 3,4; bridge club 1; jcl; intramurals 1; prom comm.2. RONALD ZEIGER "Zeigs" favorite memory: august 23, 1967; prize possession: eileen. JACQUELINE ZELLNER "Jackie" prize possession: one black falcon with orange and yellow flowers; secret ambition: to stowe away on the s.s. anadarko victory; orchestra 1,2; color guard 1,2,3, sgt. 4; rifle club 3, 4; fta 3; prom comm. 2.

Michele Zalkind

Ronald Eugene Zeiger

Jacqueline Phyllis Zellner

KURT ZERBE prize possession: my'50 plymouth; pet peeve: the alarm clock at 7:00 a.m. BARBARA ZIV favorite memory: s & g with ariyeh; favorite saying: ra-ta-ta; lit. mag. 4; orchestra 1,2,3,4; dist. orch. 2,3,4; reg. orch. 3; state orch. 4; philosophy club 4; social service 4; french club 3.

Kurt Walter Zerbe

Barbara Jan Ziv

Not Pictured In Memoriam "We are call'd - we must go ... A birth, As all men know ... will never see Thro' eternity. All things were born ... All things must die." - Alfred, Lord Tennyson-

Steve Land 223

Jacqueline Brechtel David Coughlin Michael DeLuca Barbara Dibeler Richard Durbam) Alan Greber Charles Gryn Philip Jensen Jeffrey Jones Robert Kestler Boyd Maits John McCafferty William Mooney Robert Rowlands Margaret Werner


· . . Yet all


â&#x20AC;¢ experzence


is an arch


where-through gleams that untravelled world;


for my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset,


to strive,


to seek ,


to find,


and not to yield." - Alfred Lord Tennyson-


Senior Directory Anne Aisenbrey 45 Thornridge Rd. David Alexander 229 Indian Rock Dr. Cheryl Alfred 306 Avon Rd. Alex Anastas 208 W. Woodland Ave. Karen Anderson 2II E. Leamy Ave. Kenneth Andrien 521 Beatty Rd. Sondra Anthonsen 670 Dutton Circle James Arty 527 LeHann Circle John Argibay 944 Springhaven Rd. Flora Auld 218 Beechwood Ave. RuebenAvila 164 N. Norwinden Dr. Victor Babiarz 34 Lownes Lane Robert Bacher 217 S. Highland Rd. Karen Bachman 401 Northcroft Rd. Eric Bakow 465 Prospect Rd. Vincent Ball 436 Wheatsheaf Rd. Marilyn Ballas 338 Garden Rd. Frances Balz 415 Larchwood Rd. Robert Bansept 21 Wayne Ave. Charles Barbour 929 Stoneybrook Dr. Joan Barlow 256 W. Leamy Ave. Kevin Barry 334 Sedgewood Rd. Scott Barry 685 Vernon Rd. Frank Batshelder 34 Congress Ave Donna Batdorf 345 Lynn Rd. Michael Bates 548 Vernon Rd. Nancy Bates 15 Plymouth Rd. Valerie Beam 331 Hawarden Rd. Laura Beattie 530 Hempstead Rd. Linda Beaver 9 Waverly Ave., Morton John Behmke 224 Powell Rd. Richard Behr 275 Ballymore Rd. Dennis Behrle 145 Old State Rd. John Bell 362 Yarnell Dr. Ruth Bent 125 N. Rolling Rd. Mari Beth Berdan 121 S. Rolling Rd. Charmagne Berg 228 Foulke Lane Gary Bergmann 327 Rambling Way Jill Bernstein 223 Parkview Dr. Janice Berry 222 E. Leamy Ave. John Betts 204 N. Rolling Rd. Dean Blaustein 543 Valley View Rd. Elizabeth Blewitt 167 Sherman Rd. Mark Blumberg 600 Maplewood Rd. William Bohne 248 Worrell Dr. David Bollinger 1I9 Morton Rd. Frank Borriello 232 Indian Rock Dr. Thomas Bottomley 75 Mansion Rd. Charles Bowes 328 Lewis Rd. John Boyle 610 Saxer Ave. Linda Bramble 347 Spring Valley Rd. Carole Brannan 731 Dutton Circle John Brannan 731 Dutton Circle Jacqueline Brechtel 136 E. Springfield Rd. Charles Brewer 425 Prospect Rd. Rodger Broadley 620 Barry Dr. Eileen Brougher 901 Springhaven Rd. Karen J. Brown 504 Maddock Rd. Karen L. Brown 941 Church Rd. Douglas Buchanan 150 Morton Rd. Barbara Buchy 340 Lewis Rd. Mark Buechele 228 Sedgewood Rd. Stephen Buggy 127 School Lane. Donald Burkard 961 E. Woodland Ave. George Burroughs 470 Valleyview Rd. Carol Butler 231. Ballymore Rd. Constance Butler 472 Briarhill Rd. LeRoy Byran 336 W. Springfield Rd. Donald Cadge 316 Alliston Rd. Suzanne Campbell 27 Wayfield Rd. Judith Campis 261 Frankline Ave. Louis Capozzoli 24 E. Thomson Rd. Patricia Carafa 840 Coppock Lane Robert Carney 420 Garden Rd. Denise Carrol 438 Lynbrooke Rd. George Carroll 16 Saxer Ave. Thomas Cimino 501 Yale Ave. William Clanahan 310 Butler Rd. Amy Clark 356 Lynn Rd. Linda Claure 319 Wayne Ave. Geoffrey Clifton 307 Gleaves Rd. Jan Cohen 138 N. Rolling Rd. Mark Conley 606 E. Leamy Ave.

Heather Cook 153 Sherman Rd. Martha Cook 158 Scenic Rd. Linda Cooper 40 Meetinghouse Lane Stephen Cope 943 Edgewood Dr. Cheryl Corbinl41 Dogwood Lane, Fox Valley, Concord Twp. Matthew Corchnoy 508 Kennerly Rd. Jerry Cotlov 977 Rocklyn Rd. David Coughlan 853 Homestead Ave. David Cox 476 Kerr Lane Ann Crecelius 555 Vernon Rd. Nancy Crispin 1342 Baltimore Pike Carol Crissey 238 Summit Rd. Dennis D' Agostino 457 Kennerly Rd. Richard D'Agostino 457 Kennerly Rd. Sandra Dailv 621 S. Chester Rd. Swarth Thomas Da~lOn 155 Plymouth Rd. Susan Davenport 272 N. Rolling Rd. George Davies 85 S. Rolling Rd. Betty Davis 624 Vernon Rd. John DeAngelis 472 Hawarden Rd. George Deckman 212 Harwicke Rd. Gregory DeCowsky 65 S. Rolling Rd. Dorothy Dehnick 507 Hawarden Rd. Donald DeKorte 120 Greenhill Rd. Cynthia Dell 514 Williamson Lane Michael DeLuca 501 Wayne Ave. Barbara Desiderio 544 Maddock Rd. Judith Detskas 545 Rutherford Dr. Raymond Devenney 346 Foulke Lane Barbara Dibeler 239 Parham Rd. Gary Dickerson 222 S. Norwinden Dr. Dana Dickinson 331 N. Lehigh Circle, Swarth Adrienne Dickson 646 E. Leamv Ave. Dave Dickson 300 Ridgewood Rd. Nancy Diehl 517 Collins Dr. Claire DiEnno 104 Wayne Ave. Bianca Dietz 200 W. Springfield Rd. Debbie Digiovanni 1I52 Providence Rd. Philip DiGiulio 143 Netherwood Dr. John DiLello 523 Barry Dr. Robert Dodge 429 Blair Rd. Robert Douse 242 Taylor Rd. Donna Douts 324 Hemlock Lane Janice Dudley 148 Sherman Rd. Robert Dunn 222 Wells Lane Richard Durbano 236 Gleaves Rd. Christine Dutton 340 Prospect Rd. Barbara Easterday 500 Wesley Rd. JoAnn Edwards 938 Edgewood Dr. Robert Eickenberg 488 Granite Terrace Brad Ernest 499 Wesley Rd. William Eshbach 1023 West Ave. Marjory Ewell 131 Cascade Rd. Donald Falcone 1I3 Wayne Ave. Ronald Falcone 1I3 Wayne Ave. Robert Fansler 18 S. Hillcrest Rd. Robert Fegan 30 Schuyler Ave. Jack Ferber 600 Beatty Rd. Robert Ferrante 357 Wyndmoore Rd. Richard Ferrell 1207 Providence Rd. Pamela Fillerup 1012 Edgewood Dr. Patricia Filippone 931 Westdale Place Kathleen Fillmore 41I Kerr Lane Thomas Fink 292 Valley View Rd. Maria Fisch 785 Parker Lane Laura Fish 213 E. Leamy Ave. Kathie Fisher 400 Harwicke Rd. Kathleen Ford 268 Hemlock Lane Patricia Ford 66 S. Rolling Rd. Richard Foster 457 Southcroft Rd. Joseph Fraim 2 S. Shelburne Rd. Robert Frankenberger 460 Hawarden Rd. Marsha Furman 300 Sunnybrook Rd. John Gale 905 Green Briar Lane Lawrence Gargiulo 287 Lewis Rd. Stephen George 963 Providence Rd Janice Getty 970 Stoney Brook Dr. Joseph Giannini 648 Cheyney Rd. Linda Gibson 567N. Rolling Rd.

Robert Gimm 928 Maple Ave., Glenolden Charles Girard 477 Sherman Rd. Emily Glaser 618 W. Rolling Rd. Pearl Goldberg 463 Colonial Park Dr. Howard Goodman 519 Sharpless Rd. Jacques Gordon 627 Kennerly Rd. Nancy Gordon 320 Hawarden Rd. Elizabeth Grannells 128 Netherwood Dr. Shirley Grant 730 W. Rolling Rd. Alan Greber 122 Colonial Park Dr. Elizabeth Green 633 Beatty Rd. John Greenstine 507 W. Springfield Rd. Debbi Greitzer 855 Church Rd. Vicki Gribb 637 Evans Rd. Horace Griffith 363 N. Rolling Rd. Nancy Griffith 361 Lewis Rd. Deborah Grimes 741 Rhoads Dr. Joseph Grisafi 225 Worrell Dr. Kirk Grotyohann 622 Newlin Rd. Chas. Gryn 42 Wayne Ave. James Guthrie 227 Gibbons Rd. Sue Hackett 244 Sedgewood Rd. Margaret Hall 103 N. Highland Rd. Geoff Hamilton 253 Parham Rd. Robert Hand 333 E. Springfield Rd. Dave Haney 86 Shelburne Rd. Joanne Harmon 664 Old School House Dr. Richard Harris 225 Brock Rd. Joseph Harrity 549 Claremont Rd. William Heavey 26 E. Scenic Rd. Louis Heller 223 Ballymore Rd. David Helwig 65 Indian Rock Dr. William Henderson 39 Lownes Lane Deborah Henley 687 Old School House Dr. William Herion 527 W. Rolling Rd. Mae Hett 425 Alliston Rd. Donna Hicks 334 Wayne Ave. Donald Hiorth 257 Sunnybrook Rd. Carole Hirsch 52 Worrell Dr. John Hobdell 948 Lincoln Ave. Michele Holcomb 656 Evans Rd. James Holt 1005 Lincoln Ave. Fred Honsberger 31 White Oak Rd. Kathv Hornick 272 Hemlock Lane Michael Hughes 512 Baltimore Pike Robert Humphrey 322 S. Norwinden Dr. William Isherwood 590 Rutherford Dr. Sally Jackson II 1 Longview Dr. Robert James 610 Prospect Rd. Philip Jensen 723 Saxer Ave. Stanley Johnson 420 Prospect Rd. Jeffrey Jones 86 Duncan Rd. Robert Jones 242 Maple Ave., Morton Larry Judd 324 Rambling Way Anne Kadin 19 N. Hillcrest Rd. Jean Kaepplinger 243 Ridgewood Rd. Virginia Kaley 431 Kerr Lane Robert Kalwinsky 1090 West Ave. Donald Kane 325 S. Rolling Rd. Ronald Kaye 125 Rambling Way Richard Keast 145 Rambling Way Herbert Keating 343 Summit Rd. Kevin Kelley 169 Netherwood Dr. Linda Kelly 436 Blair Rd. Robin Kelly 454 Hawarden Rd. William Kelly 79 Indian Rock Dr. Cheryl Kent 535 Evans Rd. William Kenyon 540 Andrew Rd. Robert Kepner 315 Parham Rd. James Kern 458 Larchwood Rd. Roberta Kern 50 Shelburne Rd. Robert Kesler 261 Fairview Rd. Thomas Kestler 312 S. Norwinden Dr. Raymond Kevis 336 Avon Rd. Caryn Kiscaden 634 Hey Lane Bruce Kistler 473 Southcroft Rd. Gerald Klagholz 12 Saxer Ave. Ralph Klagholz 301 Rambling Way Gordon Kleiner 27 N. Woodland Ave.

Ronald Laub 317 N. Lehigh Circle, Swarth Roseann Laurelli 364 Sedgewood Rd. Marsden Lawley 7 S. Hillcrest Rd. Phil Lecalsey 442 Thatcher Rd. Sarah Lee 38 Lownes Lane James Lehnies 520 Wesley Rd. Donald Lehrkinder 334 Hemlock Lane Christine Lengel 244 Rambling Way James LeSuer 67 Duncan Lane Bonnie Lewis 526 LeHann Circle Carol Lewis 673 Vernon Rd. David Lewis 425 Kent Rd. Denise Lewis 955 Edgewood Dr. Diane Lewis 955 Edgewood Dr. Rita Liebhauser 123 Morton Rd. Bruce Litecky 417 Maplewood Ave. Karen Loro 624 Andrew Rd. Marcella Lucas 64 S. Forest Rd. Yacob Luckensberg 17 Wingate Ave., Haifa, Israel Joann Luongo 931 North Ave. Steven Magnin 326 Harwicke Rd. Boyd Maits 100 Shelburne Rd. Keith Malick 1000 Westwood Dr. Paul Maloch 600 Newlin Rd. Joseph Mangano 617 Evans Rd. Barbara Manning 1024 Edgewood Dr. Daniel Marano 235 Parkview Dr. Marilyn Marcantuono 473 Colonial Park Dr. Carmen Marchionni 400 Collins Dr. Robert Markel 421 Larchwood Rd. Kathleen Marra 704 Parker Lane Carol Marsland 510 Williamson Lane Joyce Martin 444 Valley View Rd. Deborah Mason 320 Madison Rd. Roger Mason 320 Madison Rd. Alene Masson 105 Wayne Ave. Raymond Matey 571 Evans Rd. Louise Mathews 1149 Providence Rd. Deborah Matthews 229 Jackson Ave., Collingdale Doug McBrearty 412 N. Rolling Rd. John McCaffery 25 School Lane Charles McCall 242 Hillview Dr. Susan McCausland 502 Yale Ave., Morton Marcia McClellan 33 Bennett Rd. Mark McClellan 337 Pinecrest Rd. Deborah McElroy 216 Rambling Way Katherine McFadden 168 S. Highland Rd. Jane McGarity 100 Harwicke Rd. Dennis McGee 314 Bennett Rd. Karen McGrath 90 Meetinghouse Lane Joseph McIlhenney 444 Barker Rd. Robert McKee 776 Eaton Rd. Margaret McKibben 439 Wayne Ave. Joan McKittrick 509 Barry Dr. Marie McLaughlin 211 S. Swarthmore Ave. William McMahon 857 Springhaven Rd. Judith McNeff 225 E. Leamy Ave. Stephanie Medzarentz 420 Stanfield Rd. Christine Merkel 337 Brock Rd. Anne Merkert 435 Kerr Lane Linda Mershon 469 Maplewood Rd. Michael Michelson 1000 West Ave. Nelson Milione 580 W. Woodland Ave. Lois Miller 135 Snyder Lane Peter Miller 15 S. Britton Rd. Richie Miller 313 Lynn Rd. William Miller 233 Hemlock Lane Marianne Minisci 549 Weymouth Rd. Charles Miserendino 248 Hemlock Lane William Mooney 15 Shelburne Rd. Barbara Moore 342 Ashwood Rd. Deborah Moore 400 Wayne Ave. Edward Moore 143 Rose Lane Patricia Moore 925 Greenbriar Lane Robert Moore 412 Sherman Rd. Ronald Moore 960 Green Briar Lane Barbara Moran 249 Lynbrooke Rd. Francis Morrison 732 Hilltop Rd. Gary Morrison 1401 Baltimore Pike Steven Moss 123 Harned Dr. Granville Mount 124 Summit Rd. Dean Moyer 640 Newlin Rd. Barbara Mullineaux 116 Wood Rd.

Gregory Mummert 658 N. Bishop Ave. Maria Munafo 974 Edgewood Dr. Pierre Munsell 128 Morton Rd. John Murray 437 Colonial Park Dr. Pat Myers 112 Hillview Rd. Donald Nath 997 Stoneybrook Dr. Loree Needles 413 W. Springfield Rd. George Nelson 208 Welsh Dr. Michael Nicosia 162 Rambling Way Chris Niemczewski 326 Kent Rd. Nancy Novack 125 W. Thomson Rd. William O'Brien 249 Parham Rd. Kathleen O'Hara 333 Lester Rd. Kevin Olsen 120 S. Norwinden Dr. Richard O'Neill 416 Indian Rock Dr. James Orlando 639 Sproul Rd. Bruce Osborn 132 Snyder Lane Louis Pacinelli 645 Cheyney Rd. George Pagano 448 Glendale Circle Glenn Papazian 636 Buttonwood Dr. Don Pataky 42 Indian Rock Dr. Neil Patterson 345 N. Rolling Rd. Christopher Pavlou 298 Valley View Rd. Robert Peifer 231 E. Leamy Ave. Diane Pemberton 42 Locust Ave. Steve Peterson 79 S. Hillcrest Ave. John Piat 354 Rambling Way Susan Pichaske 540 LeHann Circle Anthony Pieri 357 Yarnall Dr. Joseph Pinto 318 Kent Rd. Paula Polilli 507 Claremont Rd. Karen Poulson 360 Valley View Rd. David Power 534 Hempstead Rd. Randall Powers 124 N. Norwinden Dr. Evelyn Preston 48 S. Forest Rd. Glenn Price 1001 Harvard Ave., Swarth Dana Purcell 136 Hart Lane Dorothy Quail 533 Maplewood Ave. Bruce Rauffenbart 127 Rose Lane Gary Rawding P.O. Box 292 Michael Ray 300 Pinecrest Rd. Robert Reeps 449 Thatcher Rd: Gail Rees 489 Wheatsheaf Rd. Craig Reilly 34 Shelburne Rd. Robert Reinauer 865 E. Leamy Ave. Sarah Rendi 814 Homestead Ave. Richard Renninger 272 Valley View Rd. Pamela Rensel25 Myrtle Ave., Morton Susan Replogle 37 White Oak Rd. Donna Rickolt 337 Bennet Rd. Gregory Ries 525 Evans Rd. Lora Rios 1250 Providence Rd., Secane Linda Rivers 406 Stanfield Rd. William Robb37 Plymouth Rd. George Robbins 530 Kennerly Rd. Madelyn Rodgers 11 S. State rd. Deborah Roller 475 Wayne Ave. Dale Root 448 Colonial Park Dr. Patricia Root 655 Dutton Circle Nadine Rose 771 Eaton Rd. Richard Rossano 10 N. Alford Rd. Roger Roth 25 Neild Rd. Robert Rowlands 242 Claremont Rd. Phyllis Rundbaken 230 N. Rolling Rd. Thomas Russo 11 Myrtle Ave., Morton Richard Sadler 15 Rose Lanem Marshall Saipher 107 Wayne Ave. Constance Sanford 266 Powell Rd. Helen Sapnas 563 Valley View Rd. Karen Schaefer 249 Worrell Dr. Janet Schaeffer 381 Valley View Rd. April Schauer 375 Harwicke Rd. Pamela Schink 646 Barry Dr. Fritz Schoeninger 436 Maddock Rd. Ellen Schofield 273 Orchard Rd. Walter Schoultz 350 Harwicke Rd. Karl Schwartz 426 Northcroft Rd. Marc Schwartz 52 Neild Rd. Michael Schwartz 52 Neild Rd.

Stephen Scott 770 Bradford Terrace Dennis Scully 656 Prospect Rd. Joseph Seagraves 121 N. Norwinden Dr. Donna Seastrom 223 Rambling Way Susan Shea 619 Old School House Lane . Ray Shefska P.O. Box 218 John Sheppard 769 Bradford Terrace Richardson Shoemaker 117 Rose Lane Michael Shoustal452 Thatcher Rd. Susan Shuck 352 Ashwood Rd. Frederick Siembieda 1056 Westwood Dr. Robert Silberstein 637 Cheney Rd. Gary Silverstein 516 Philmar Court William Simcox 368 Bennett Rd. James Simon 28 Indian Rock Dr. JanisSinclair 578 Ruther ford Dr. Carol Sinkinson 104 S. Forest Rd. Janet Sinkinson 104 S. Forest Rd. Glenna Smith 261 School Lane Nancy Smith 317 S. Norwinden Dr. Peter Smith 414 E. Thomson Ave. Roger Smith 528 Valley View Rd. William Sotter 832 West Ave. Gordon Speers 524 Maplewood Rd. Mary Spegele326 Wayne Ave. William Splane 43 Duncan Lane Evelyn Spruce 336 Larchwood Rd. Raymond Squitiere 260 Gibsons Rd. Nancy Steele 346 N. Rolling Rd. Faith Stegemeiten 217 Lynbrooke Rd. Barry Stevenson 329 Ashwood Rd. Mark Stevenson 236 N. Rolling Rd. Robert Stewart 534 Sheffield Dr. Glenn Stratton 152 Hillview Rd. Ronald Stryker 426 Glendale Circle Jeffrey Styer 721 Evans Rd. Janis Tapp 269 Orchard Rd. Douglas Teti 222 E. Thomson Ave. Allan Thomas 300 Valley View Rd. Sandra Thomas 656 S. Chester Rd., Swarth Karen Thorp 422 Maddock Rd. Cynthia Tieser 57 Mansion Rd. Bernard Toal33 Netherwood Rd. Christopher Touchton 441 Pinecrest Rd. Roberta Uber 420 Wayne Ave. Richard Valenti 239 Colonial Park Dr. Dianne Vanaman 462 Stamfield Rd. Jane VanIngen 1001 Old Sproul Rd. Judith Vessey 119 Ashwood Rd. Diane Vicoli 314 Foulke Lane Martine Vintaer UIS rue des Mardelles, Brunoy, France Martin Vogts 266 N. Rolling Rd. Joyce Vottima 1009 Westwood Dr. Thomas Walker 927 Edgewood Dr. Wayne Walsh 944 Greenbriar Lane Linda Warrington 511 West Rolling Rd. Richard Waterhouse 327 Indian Rock Dr. Alan Welsh 482 Granite Terrace Margaret Werner 240 Sedgewood Rd. Donald Wesner 619 Laurel Rd. Jane Whitty 409 Colonial Park Dr. Harry Wilkins 27 Greenhill Rd. Bruce Williams 307 Wyndmoor Rd. Pamela Williams 483 Thatcher Rd. Susan Wilson 255 Gibbons Rd. Steven Winn 212 N. Highland Rd. Martin Wolf 626 Sherman Rd. Brigitte Wolff 1 Berlin 51, Teichsti, 69f, Germany Elizabeth Woolson 321 Ballymore Rd. Peter Young 600 W. Springfield Rd. Rosann Zaffiri 19 Myrtle Ave., Morton Michele Zalkind 995 Edgewood Dr. Ronald Zeiger 756 Rhoads Dr. Jacqueline Zellner 333 Oakdale Place Kurt Zerbe 710 LeHann Circle Barbara Ziv 249 Gibbons Rd.

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1969 Scrivener  

1969 Scrivener  

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