2nd Annual On Target Shorthorn Sale

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2nd Annual

March 5-7

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Wow, where did the time go? It seems like just last month we were planning for the first sale, and here we are hard at work to get the bulls prepped for the second sale! Time flies when you’re doing what you love and having fun doing it. Once again, a big thank you to all the bidders and buyers that made the first sale a great success. What a crazy year 2021 was... Drought throughout Western Canada and into the United States, along with Covid restrictions still in place. It has all made for trying times for everyone. Tough times don’t last, tough people do!! The new year brings renewed optimism with some snow on the ground. We, along with Head For the Hills and Mosside Shorthorns, have put together a great group of bulls for your consideration. We feel that there is truly something for everyone in the offering. These bulls are bred for longevity, and docility is a must for all of us. Feel free to give any of the consignors a call to discuss the bulls, or come and check them out here at ACC. Make sure to mark the sale date(s) down on your calendar!

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INSURANCE Alameda Agencies, Bonnie Thompson..........................................................................(306) 489-2258 cell (306) 483-7311 DELIVERY We will try our utmost to deliver sale animals to your gate in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Some animals may have to be delivered to central locations. Bulls can be kept free of charge to buyer until April 15, 2022 at Anwender Cattle Company. $5 per day thereafter. EXPORT US buyers: Sellers guarantee that all animals are exportable to the USA or a full refund will be issued. Please see the terms and conditions for more information regarding transportation and costs. IN-HERD SEMEN The consignors reserve the right to collect semen on any bull sold through this sale. Semen collected will be at the seller’s expense and buyers convenience. Semen collected will be for in-herd use only HEALTH All bulls will be scrotal measured and palpated and bulls over 12 months of age will be semen tested. Bulls under 12 months of age at time of testing will be semen tested prior to delivery All bulls were treated with Ivomec pour on at weaning and Clean-Up and Safe Guard in December 2021. They will also be given both shots of Fusoguard prior to delivery. Dams of all bulls have been tested free from Johnes Disease

Thank you to the buyers from our 2021 sale: James Martin Kent Shaver Colin Kintop Colleen Goertz Jordan Schick Dallas Frank Trevor Lischka Luke Lochart

Lloyd Bugg Garon Pretty Woodruff Ranches A&C Farms Wayne Moellenbeck John Inglis family Shelby Van Metre Dwight Martin

Shorthorn EPD Averages (as of January 18, 2022) BW


On Target Shorthorn Sale













MNM 52J Feb. 2/ 21 BW: 102 205 day: 847

*Video* EPDS BW/ 1.3 WW/ 46 YW/ 74 MK/ 28 CED/ 9 CEM/4 Reg: X-*28858

ME ‘N MY JOHNNY 52J Muridale Iron Man 4X S: Muridale Phantom 10F Muridale Goose 76Y

JTPH Beat The Heat 584C D: ACC Madi 6F McBeth Madi 34W

Scurred. Powerhouse is the best word to describe 52J. He is smooth-made and carries a ton of sheer volume throughout. Johnny has had outstanding performance and masculinity since birth. Coming from a high-end dam that puts her all into her calf each year, 52J is sure to add milk and strong maternal charactersistics to his daughters. Johnny turned heads at the CJSA National Show last summer where he and his dam, Madi 6F, took home the Grand Champion Female title. He is soggy, free-wheeling and one of the most docile bulls we have worked with. 52J is exactly the type of animal we were aiming to produce when we purchased Muridale Phantom 10F in 2020. You’ll be looking for a long time this sale season to find a bull that puts it all together quite like this guy. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with the new owners on taking him down the show road next fall.

At side of dam- July 2021 On Target Shorthorn Sale

Udder of maternal sibMNM 3H

Maternal sib- MNM 3K 4




BW/ 3.0 WW/ 57 YW/ 90

Jan. 15/21 BW: 100 205 day: 763

MK/ 78 CED/ 6 CEM/1 Reg: X-*28758

22J has really stood out to us, as well as to vistors, from the start. He puts it all together with extra length, a great hip, hindquarter and possibly the best hair coat of any bull we’ve raised. He’s had the “bull” look since birth and has impressed us with the masculinity that he has shown since; this is an attribute we strive for in our bull calves. To top Muridale Iron Man 4X it off for 22J, he comes from our top S: Muridale Phantom 10F producing cow famiy- the Candy’s. Muridale Goose 76Y Phantom has exceeded our expectaJTPH Beat The Heat 584C tions with his first calf crop here, and D: ACC Candy’s Fruit Roll Up 54F we are excited about the future of ACC Candy’s Winegum 14W this guy. *Video*




Jan. 16/21 BW: 98 205 day: 644

Sire- BSX 10F

EPDS BW/ 2.2 WW/ 43 YW/ 67 MK/ 22 CE/ 7 CEM/3 Reg: X-M484363

Another Phantom calf that has really matured into a very impressive bull prospect. We didn’t set out to breed solid reds, but when we get ones this good, we can’t help but smile. A bull head, smooth shouldered and great depth. Another bull from a top cow family, going back to Diamond Baroness 31L (the dam of ACC General 4U).


ACC JENSEN 28J Muridale Iron Man 4X

S: Muridale Phantom 10F

Muridale Goose 76Y Star P Matrix 4N

D: ACC Zarah Baroness 2Z

Diamond Baroness 31L

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Maternal sib- ACC 3F 5




BW/ 2.3 WW/ 45 YW/ 71

Feb 15/21 BW: 99 205 day: 679

MK/ 22 CE/ 7 CEM/2 Reg: X-*28756

59J is probably the bull that has changed the most since weaning... Turning into one that makes you take a second look. Extra length, depth, smooth -fronted and on a great set of foot and legs. Jager is another bull on offer from the Candy cow family. His dam, Candy’s Eclair 1E, was the Junior Champion Female at the 2018 Canadian National Show as well as a part of our “5 generations” picture of Candy’s this past summer. *Video*

ACC CANDY’S JAGER 59J Muridale Iron Man 4X

S: Muridale Phantom 10F

Muridale Goose 76Y JTPH Beat The Heat 584C

D: ACC Candy’s Eclair 1E

ACC Candy’s Bubble Yum 39Y

5 ACC 67J

Mar. 6/21 BW: 88 205 day: 644

Dam- ACC 1E

EPDS BW/ 0.7 WW/ 45 YW/ 69 MK/ 20 CE/ 10 CEM/5 Reg: X-M484361

The youngest calf in our group, who has really excelled as of late. I am not sure if we have ever had a moderate framed bull with the depth of 67J. Long, smooth and like the other Phantom calves- has above average testicular deveopment. Jefferson will be one to produce desirable replacement heifers for your herd.


ACC JEFFERSON 67J Muridale Iron Man 4X

S: Muridale Phantom 10F

Muridale Goose 76Y Northern Legend 3N

D: ACC Amazing Baroness 2A

Diamond Baroness 31L

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Dam- ACC 2A 6



Jan. 10/21 BW: 96 205 day: 732

EPDS BW/ 3.2 WW/ 58 YW/ 85 MK/ 30 CED/ 5 CEM/4 Reg: X-M48438

A true herd bull in the making here. 14J has had that look from a young age. He’s wide-topped with good lower quarter and adequate depth. 14J will undoubdtedly add pounds and performance to your calf crop. He is backed by one of our top cow families, being a direct daughter of 31U. A full sib, ACC 2F, has one of the best udders you can ask for on a Royalla Ostentatious G404 Shorthorn female. Rockstar has seen S: Royalla Rockstar K274 success on a global scale over the Marellan Mitzi 8087L past few years. Bid with confidence Diamond Regal Legend 4R on lot 6, as he is backed on both sides D: Diamond Uppity Baroness 31U of the pedigree by generations of Diamond Neva Baroness 67N proven cattle. *Video*



ACC 12J Jan. 10/21 BW: 90 205 day: 622

Dam- DAN 31U

EPDS BW/ 3.5 WW/ 56 YW/ 88 MK/ 30 CED/ 7 CEM/6 Reg : X-M48438

Just like his full brother, 12J has been a standout from birth. We believe this moderate framed bull could work on a variety of cows because of his stacked maternal pedigree. He is our smoothest fronted bull this year, with a good haircoat and a great set of testicles. We campaigned his maternal brother, ACC Excel 12E to the National Champion and Agribition Champion titles in 2018. We look forward to seeing the progeny of 12J in the future.


ACC JAGGER 12J Royalla Ostentatious G404

S: Royalla Rockstar K274

Marellan Mitzi 8087L Diamond Regal Legend 4R

D: Diamond Uppity Baroness 31U

Diamond Neva Baroness 67N

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Maternal sib- ACC 12E 7



Jan. 13/21 BW: 92 205 day: 619

EPDS BW/ 1.7 WW/ 45 YW/ 71 MK/ 21 CED/ 8 CEM/ 5 Reg: X-M484365

No matter how we breed 2A, we have never been disappointed with her calf. After consistently producing five top end calves, she gave us 37 embryos on two flushes, one of which 16J is a result. The first Rockstar progeny in North America was born here at ACC- so it was a no-brainer choice as the sire to be used in a flush. Her first three bulls averaged over $7,000. I can picture this bull siring the right kind of females whether purebred or commerical. As 2A is a full sib to ACC General 4U, 16J could be your guy if you’re looking to produce blues. Power and consistency are behind Jericho.



ACC 10J Jan. 9/21 BW: 82 205 day: 630

ACC JERICHO 16J Royalla Ostentatious G404

S: Royalla Rockstar K274

Marellan Mitzi 8087L

Northern Legend 3N

D: ACC Amazing Baroness 2A

Diamond Baroness 31L

Maternal sib- ACC 1D

EPDS BW/ 1.4 WW/ 40 YW/ 58 MK/ 24 CED/ 7 CEM/4 Reg: X-M484219

Scurred. Mist’s Return has always worked well for us on heifers and this cross evidently has done the same. We always hope for females when we breed this way, but the bull calves never disappoint. His dam, 34G, has an amazing udder that we’d like to see on any cow.


ACC CANDY’S JUNIOR MINT 10J Waymar J&J Strawberry

S: HC Mist’s Return 13R

Highfield Irish Mist Paintearth Rama 53U

D: ACC Candy’s Gingersnap 34G

ACC Candy’s Winegum 14W

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Dam- ACC 34G 8

10 ACC 24J Jan. 15/21 BW: 104 205 day: 720

Sire of Lots 10 & 11ACC 4U

Scurred. This is probably the most powerful calf from this mating to date, and definitely the longest bodied. Super deep, thick, a great hip and set of testicles on 24J. He is set down on an extremely strong foot and bone structure with that ideal blue roan colouring throughout. . Whether you are selling calves off the cow in the fall or are wanting to raise some super females- take a look here!


ACC BLUE 24J Northern Legend 3N

S: ACC General 4U

Diamond Baroness 31L NCB Cobra 47Y

D: IPU Ms. Cobra 14B

IPU Ms. Black Attack 247Z

Full sib- ACC 11H



Jan.14/21 BW: 93 205 day: 673

Dam- IPU 14B

A true meat machine: moderate framed, long, wide-topped and sound. His 1300 lb. recip dam did a hell of a job raising him. We have sold numerous full sibs from this mating with success, including last year’s high selling bull in this sale Here’s a bull to add power to any cow herd.


ACC BLUE 17J Northern Legend 3N

S: ACC General 4U

Diamond Baroness 31L NCB Cobra 47Y

D: IPU Ms. Cobra 14B

IPU Ms. Black Attack 247Z

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Full sib- ACC 32G 9

12 ACC 11J

Jan. 10/21 BW: 91 205 day: 613

Udder of dam

11J is a smooth, eye appealing bull backed by some unique genetics. He is very docile and one of the first to meet us at the gate when we walk through the pen. His dam ACC 9C, is a daughter of ACC General 4U- our trusted blue roan producer. She has an amazing udder and always weans off a quality calf for us whether bred Shorthorn or Simmental. This bull will go out and add colour and eye appeal to his calves. 11J has a full brother working for Trevor Neuls at Grenfell, SK.


ACC BLUE 11J 3D BLK Full Throttle

S: LFE Strong Arm 815Z

LFE Crocus 123X ACC General 4U

D: ACC Miss Vanna 9C

Mcqueen-Vue Pretty Lady 11P

Full sib- ACC 4G

Photos & Videos * Were taken on January 13 & 14, 2022

Videos will be available on the “On Target Sale” Youtube Channel * Up to date weights and a supplement sheet will be posted on our webite, Farm Gate and our social media pages prior to the sale date(s) * All bulls are located at Anwender Cattle Company- visitors are welcome anytime! * We are approximately 1 hour south of Regina or 30 minutes west of Weyburn

On Target Shorthorn Sale




Apr 20/21 BW: 100 205 day: 773

EPDS BW/ 4.2 WW/ 46 YW/ 69 MK/ 24 CE/ 7 CEM/2 Reg: X-M484524

Here is an April born bull who always caught our eye on pasture. Muscle expression, smooth fronted, eye appeal, long as a week, this guy checks all the boxes. Coming from a pedigree stacked with tremendous maternal power from the Clippers and Hill Haven Breathless, he is bound to fill your replacement pen with heifers that are going to develop into top notch brood cows.


MOSSIDE DEFENDER 33J Rockdell Pride 50K

S: Hill Haven Defender 12C

HIll Haven Breathless 13U Hatfield Ultra 30Z

D: Birdtail HU Clipper 33B

Birdtail EMT Clipper 33X



Mar. 1/21 BW: 101 205 day: 747

Sire of Lots 13 & 14DLA 12C

EPDS BW/ 4.5 WW/ 51 YW/ 79 MK/ 24 CE/ 6 CEM/1 Reg: X-M484522

19J has had the herd bull look since day 1. Long bodied, big barrelled strong EPDs and full of performance. This bull has a half brother working in the renowned Muridale herd. His dam is a maternal powerhouse who consistently weans one of our biggest calves year after year. If you’re looking to add pounds to your next calf crop, here’s your guy!


MOSSIDE DEFENDER 19J Rockdell Pride 50K

S: Hill Haven Defender 12C

HIll Haven Breathless 13U Eionmor Ultra 83U

D: Birdtail EU Doris 19A

Birdtail RG Doris 19X

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Dam- ARM 19A 11


EWE 16J Apr. 3/21 BW: 96

EPDS BW/ -0.2 WW/ 38 YW/ 47 MK/ 22 CED/ 14 CEM/7 Reg: X-*29343

North meets South. On the bottom is the winning Fraser’s Daisy cow family. 100% pure Argentine Shorthorn outcross genetics on the top. Jose Cuervo’s sire was 2013 Palermo Grand Champion and dam was 2016 Supreme Champion. His sire, Hector, is known for calving ease, low maintenance, and easy fleshing.



S: ARG Hector 1777

Leave Elvira X1013 ET SS Fizz 745

D: JTPH Daisy Sophie 610D

Fraser’s Daisy Sophie 5S



Sire- LCCC 1777

EPDS BW/ 1.0 WW/ 36 YW/ 65

Jan. 27/21 MK/ 25 CED/ 13 CEM/9 BW: 74 Reg: X-M484743 205 day: 631 Jim Beam’s mom, Good Cathy, calves very quickly. Even as a heifer, Good Cathy gave birth and had her calf up and sucking within minutes. Head for the Hills Jim Beam is the bull to instill such effortless calving ability into your cow herd.



S: Prospect Hill Ember Candy 24E

Prospect Hill Candy 7C

Prospect Hill Banner Eagle 44B

D: Prospect Hill Good Cathy Ann 20G

Prospect Hill Yo Cathy Ann 3Y

On Target Shorthorn Sale

Dam- PHF 20G 12



EWE 17J Apr. 4/21 BW: 96 205 day: 691

BW/ 2.9 WW/ 47 YW/ 74 MK/ 23 CED/ 4 CEM/-1 Reg: X-*29344

Firestorm genetics combined with one of the most winning cow families in the Shorthorns. We have a real soft spot for this bull: kind, easy going, and lots of hair. Whenever we haltered the bulls, Snow Storm is the bull the kids would end up scratching and combing every time! Use this bull to get some treasured blue or red roans, with the hair and disposition ready-made to show.



S: Head For The Hills Skorza Gino

MLSF 5288C JTPH Beat The Heat 584C

D: Maple Lake Hot Sophi 8009 ET

Fraser’s Daisy’s Sophie 5S

18 Embryos (x3)

Guaranteeing one pregnancy at 60 days if implanted by a licensed embryo technician

From one of our top producing and proven females, and cow families, 2A is a full sister to ACC General 4U- our trusted blue roan producer.

Prospect Hill H L Rufus 5R

S: Paintearth Rama 53U

Paintearth Sindy 43R

Maternal grandsireJTC 584C


Northern Legend 3N

Full sib to embryosACC 5E

D: ACC Amazing Baroness 2A

Diamond Baroness 31L

Sire- HAS 53U



a) 5 straws of JSF Golden Rod b) 5 straws of JSF Golden Rod c) 5 straws of JSF Gauge 137W d) 5 straws of JSF Gauge 137W

JSF Goldenrod 57U

Alta Cedar Ultimate 130K

Byland Axis 1D85

S: Leveldale Javelin 535R

S: SBR Tsunami 20T

D: KL Gold Rose

D: KL Mina Star 1051

Leveldale Janet 229M Waukaru Gold Element 156 KL Double Rose

On Target Shorthorn Sale

JSF Gauge 137W

SBR Dee 232 KL Duplicator

KL Mina Star DD


Terms and Conditions

under which this sale will operate Terms: The terms are cash, unless other arrangements are made with the seller before the sale. All payments must be made to the respective owner and no release of animals will be given until satisfactory settlement has been made. Bids: The highest bidder shall be the buyer. Every animal must be transferred to a new owner by the seller. Risk: All animals are at the purchaser’s risk as soon as the closing of sale. Errors: If errors are noted in the catalogue, announcements made via Farm Gate Timed Auctions will take precedence. Certificates: Each purebred Shorthorn animal is recorded in the Herd Book of the Association. Certificates of Registry and Transfer will be recorded by the seller and furnished to the purchaser free of charge Shipping: Assistance will be given in loading and shipping animals, but no risk is assumed by seller. In shipping, the buyer shall make the arrangements with the trucker, with the assistance from the seller if need be, with no risk to the seller. Export: Sellers gurantee that all animals are exportable to the USA, or a full refund will be issued. The sellers will arrange and pay for veterinarian testing and forms as well as trucking to a border crossing. The cost of transportation from the crossing as well as any brokerage fees and other miscellaneous costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Sellers will assist in finding transportation for the animal(s). Warranties: (1) Each owner warrants clear title to the progeny and right to sell the same. (2) Unless otherwise noted in the catalogue or announced via Farm Gate Timed Auctions, each animal is sold as sound. (3)BULLS: are sold as being able to serve after reaching 15 months of age. Should any bull not meet this requirement within 2 months, the matter shall be reported in writing to the seller, who shall then have 3 months to prove the bull’s ability to meet the requirement to leave a minimum of 5 cows settled in calf, before refunding the purchase price. In no case shall the seller be responsible for more than the sale price of the animal. (4) Above warranties cease when the animal is disposed of by the original purchaser. Health Status: The Health papers shall be provided for each animal when required. Such health papers must carry the health status as required by the Canada Department of Agriculture, or the state, or the province to which the animal is going.


On Target Shorthorn Sale


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