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By Carol Hilton uth grew up in Manitoba, where at a ver y young age w o u l d h e l p i n t h e f i e l d s b r i n g i n g i n s h e av e s a s t h e y c a l l e d them. She would drive the team to collec t her friends ever y morning to head to school. Ruth adds that her dad was an a m a z i n g h o r s e m a n , w h o r a i s e d h i s o w n St a n d a r d b r e d s t o r a c e . H e ’s w h e r e s h e l e a r n e d c o m p a s s i o n f o r a n i m a l s . R u t h s t a r t e d t r a i n i n g i n t h e 6 0 ’s a n d j o i n e d AQ H A i n t h e 70 ’s , s h o w i n g i n a ny e v e n t s , H a l t e r, H u n t e r u n d e r S a d d l e , H u n t e r H a c k o v e r j u m p s , We s t e r n P l e a s u r e , C o w h o r s e , Cu t t i n g , R e i n i n g , Tr a i l , B a r r e l R a c i n g , Po l e s and Driving. 2019 Clinicians S h e w o n t h e Wo r l d s i n 19 8 6 o n H y l i n e Jeff Cook-Jumping Billy Jack, a Sir Quincy Bob breeding. Billy Jaimey Irwin-Dressage J a c k s t ay e d w i t h R u t h t i l l o l d a g e t o o k h i m Dana Hokana-Horsemanship a t 32 y e a r s . R u t h a l s o h a d t w o o t h e r s t u d s , Kim Peterson-Working Equitation Hyline Quinc y Bee and Countr y Eclipse, Robert Eversole-Trailmeister a n d b r e d a Wo r l d C h a m p i o n J r. Tr a i l h o r s e Trevor Mertes-Extreme Trail w h o w a s o u t o f C l a s s y Tu c k e r. Jeff Morse-Driving R u t h ’s d a d b r e d a n d t r a i n e d h i s o w n Check the website for more clinicians! St a n d a r d b r e d s u n t i l h e w a s i n h i s 9 0 ’s . Trainers Challenge He did all his own warm-ups before ever y The Trainers Challenge is an race, and raced at Cloverdale track in BC . unique opportunity to see 3 R u t h a l s o o w n e d h e r o w n St a n d a r d b r e d trainers put their skills to work to show the public their abilities and and did all her own training. methods of training an unbroke O v e r t h e y e a r s R u t h h a s h a d m a ny horse. s t u d e n t s , e s t i m a t e d a t 5 0 p l u s . To d a y s h e Ride With Our Clinicians Heritage Park, h a s 15 r e g u l a r s t u d e n t s a n d r i d e s 10 t o 15 Here is your chance to ride with our h o r s e s d a i l y. St u d e n t a g e s r a n g e f r o m 10 Chilliwack, BC amazing clinicians during the expo! y e a r s o l d t o l a d i e s i n t o t h e i r 6 0 ’s . R u t h ’s Apply before September 23, 2019. For more information on how to d ay s t a r t s e a r l y a s s h e h o p s o n h e r f i r s t apply please visit our website. ride at 8 am, put ting in a long day with lessons going till late evenings. Nowadays Ruth concentrates on Reining and Ranch Riding, where her students are always in t h e t o p 3 . R u t h i s c o m i n g n o w 76 t h i s y e a r. AMAZING! S o m e o f h e r m o s t p o p u l a r s a y i n g s a r e… Give them time to think and always thank your horse for the ride so tomorrow star ts with a positive willing mind, and ride the moment. M o s t p e o p l e i n B C k n o w R u t h a s B C ’s a l l a r o u n d Q u e e n , B C’s t r a i l G o d a n d B C ’s Lead Change Queen. Ruth is highly respec ted wherever she g o e s . I f i r s t m e t h e r i n t h e 70 ’s a n d h av e been a huge fan ever since! I believe Ruth needs to be recognized for ever y thing s h e ’s d o n e f o r Q u a r t e r H o r s e s o v e r t h e years.

October 25 - 27



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a ll is jus t a r o u n d th e co r n e r and S e p te m b e r is g o i n g to b e a b us y m o nt h w i t h s o m e th i n g h a p p e ni n g (f o r m e) eve r y we e ke n d ! I ’ ll b e vo l u nte e r i n g at t h e 55 + G a m e s i n Ke l ow n a , for the e q u e s t r ia n p o r ti o n . I h o p e to s e e a l o t o f f a m i lia r f a ce s , s o l o o k i n g f o r w a r d to i t ! A n d g o o d l u c k to a ll t h e co m p e ti to r s , w h o by t h e w ay, a r e co m i n g f r o m A L L OV ER o u r p r ov i n ce ! Cr o ss o u r f i n g e r s t h e we at h e r h o l ds o u t . I f a ny o f yo u a r e i nte r e s te d i n t h e “Gy p s y ” h o r s e b r e e d , o r wo u l d jus t LOV E to s e e th e s e ‘ f l y i n g - f e at h e r e d ’ h o r s e s i n a c t i o n , co m e o n o u t to t h e i r n e w B C s h ow… s e e p a g e 5 f o r m o r e i n f o. I w is h I h a d k n ow n a b o u t 4 - H i n my c hi l d h o o d ye a r s . T h e p r o g r a m o f f e r s s o m u ch to o u r yo u t h , b u i l d i n g co n f i d e n ce, l e a r ni n g a b o u t a ni m a ls a n d n at u r e, a n d s o m u ch m o r e. Plus t h ey g e t to t r ave l to o… s e e t h e i r s to r y o n p a g e 14. Enj oy th e l as t d ay s o f su m m e r eve r yo n e !

ON THE COVER: Gypsy Vanner Breeders CONTRIBUTORS: Carol Hilton, Cathy Huber, Bruce A. Roy, Lesley Armstrong, Christa Miremadi, Glenn Stewart, Phyllis Attrill, Ali Buchanan, Lisa Laundry, Russ Shandro, Certified Horsemanship Association. OFFICIAL VOICE FOR: Back Country Horsemen of BC, Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association, BC Rodeo Association.


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4 September 2019


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IPE Fairgrounds, Armstrong BC | September 27-29, 2019 ouble H presents BC’s first official Gypsy Cob/Vanner and Gypsy cross Horse Show, as well as Canada’s first official Drum Horse Show. We are focused on spreading the word of these amazing breeds, and to show the quality and versatility of the Gypsy and Drum horse. We will have horses attending from all over BC, Canada and the US and we are TGCA and IDHA affiliated. We hope that this show will help grow and inform people of our beautiful breed of horses, as this event will have great exposure to horse lovers from all over the world. All of our admission rates are by donation and donated back to the local community’s youth 4-H Organization. In order to continue yearly, we will need a great deal of help and support. We are looking to partner with businesses to not only make this the best show we possibly can, but also help each other grow. We encourage anyone who would like to sponsor or to help volunteer with the show to contact us, we would love to work with you. Any and all help, ideas or inquiries are welcome. We will also accept donations of any sort as this will go a long way to help. For more information please visit our website: or visit our Facebook page or group Double H BC gypsy horse show. Contact us via email - Thank you for your time, kind regards, Cathy Huber & Julie Hett, event show managers

The Versatile and Colourful


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By Glenn Stewart

We have all heard that it is the release that teaches. However, there needs to first be a contrasting stimulation in order for the release to be meaningful, otherwise it is very hard to give the release in the first place. fter the horse offers a try, allowing him time to rest and relax can be a release, as is sometimes allowing the horse to move. Rubbing or stroking the horse in a way the horse appreciates can be a release; these concepts have great value to the horse and are much needed and appreciated if they have been physically and/or mentally stimulated. When and if you are using a rub as a release, it has to be done like you mean it. Sometimes you may only be mentally stimulating the horse because you didn’t ask them to move their feet. In those times when you do ask a horse to move their feet, it should be to mentally stimulate them, not to play them out. We should always be striving to create a calmer, braver, smarter horse; not one that is just tired. The key to this is to be sure to stimulate the growth in the horse mentally and physically. It is not possible to rub a horse until they become smart or brave. It can become a reward for them if done at the right time and with the right feel. If you think about someone following you around the house rubbing your back, wherever you went, for no particular reason… your back isn’t sore, but it is starting to get sore and a blister from all the rubbing. On the other hand, if you were picking rocks all day, trimming horses, or weeding the garden, a nice massage might be very welcomed. D E R F E N





Sweet Itch

If you have been standing in one spot for a half hour and someone comes along and says, “Hey why don’t you stand still for another half hour?” it might be torture rather than pleasure. Again, on the other hand, if you had been climbing a mountain for the last three hours and someone said, “Let’s sit down and take a half hour breather” it would have some real value. Most horses enjoy a good rub, but many don’t. The dislike of being rubbed can be very obvious with horses that have not been handled much, with no trust or understanding established yet. Being that they are prey animals, and we are predators, it is not high on their list in the beginning. It is possible that horses that have been handled plenty but still not really enjoy a rub or rest, because they haven’t been stimulated mentally or physically and all the standing around and/or rubbing just becomes an annoyance. Another example of what I’m trying to explain is if you offer a piece of pie to someone that just finished supper, ate too much and has already had two pieces of pie and you offer them more, it doesn’t have the value as it would to someone that hasn’t had any pie for months and is still hungry from supper. Asking a horse to do the same thing over and over when they already understand the exercise and have been doing it for a year is not stimulating for them unless you are somehow asking them to improve how they are doing that exercise. A rest for a horse when they are looking for one is a release. A rub when they are looking for one is a release. A welltimed rub or rest after a horse has been physically and mentally stimulated becomes somewhat of an addiction for them and something they look for and crave rather than something they have to put up with. Create a trying horse by mentally and physically stimulating them and then offering them the contrast that they are looking for. With the correct amount of ingredients mixed together it is nothing short of amazing the speed in which horses can learn. It is equally amazing how very little change there can be, when components are missed or in short supply. Happy Horsemanship, Glenn Stewart


Available at THE HORSE BARN

6 • September 2019


3 - 7

D A Y S 778-212-6555

Glenn offers year round educational horsemanship programs at his facility near Fort Saint John, BC and is available to travel and conduct clinics. For more information on Glenn and The Horse Ranch visit (See his listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

By Bruce A. Roy,


he capacit y crowds that f illed the Nutrien Events Centre for the Heav y Horse Show at this year's Calgar y Stampede forced of f icials to close the building's entrances. While the thunderous ovations that greeted the Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons and Shires, shown Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday evenings, to the rousing music provided by members of Calgar y's Philharmonic Orchestra, was over whelming. Ovation followed ovation, as the handsome, harnessed horses, showcased at their best, tramped to the cadence of the music. Ever more popular,

Bryce Smith, Double S Belgians, Menan, Idaho, fielded the World Champion Six Horse Hitch. This turnout of matched 19 hand Belgian geldings was driven by Kyle Forsyth.










year af ter year, the Heav y Horse exhibit has become the most popular agricultural exhibit at The Calgar y Stampede. Shown on halter in the Nor thern Lights Arena, the ringside stands were f illed with spec tators, as class Willow Way Piper, bred and shown by af ter class of stallions, Allan & Wes Gordeyko, Willow Way Farm, females and geldings, Ohaton, Alberta, was Senior & Grand captured spec tator Champion, Champion Canadian Bred, interest. A bank of Clydesdale Mare; the Supreme Champion Clydesdale and Best of Show. cameras captured the colour ful equine images shown centre ring; plus the decorating and showmanship classes of fered for youngsters of three age groups. E xhibitors from Alber ta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado and Utah contested the honours.


Farm & Ranch Equipment Ltd Outstanding Equine Equipment

1. Think about the sequence that you present the various elements of your presentation.

Parkland Round Pen

Rocky Mountain Round Pen

Portable Corral

Savanah Round Pen

Stalls, Round Pens, Corrals, Footing, Feeder s





By Lesley Armstrong

September signals back to school. At Powell River Therapeutic Riding Association, the longest serving, most brilliant therapy master, returns to his favourite job of schooling young and old this September for his thirteenth year. good teacher teaches. An excellent teacher intuits and respec ts the uniqueness of each student, and builds a trusting respec t ful relationship over the course of the school year. An excellent teacher understands that each class is taught with the same rigour as the last class. Can that level Noelle Pagani – nurse extraordinaire! of intelligence and professionalism be at tributed to a mammal other than a human armed with a teaching degree? Well, those are the words used to describe a 27-year- old lit tle Fjord draf t horse, who ser ves as the Powell River Therapeutic Riding Association’s (PRTRA) longest ser ving horse. His registered name is “Destrier of Namia,” but he is lovingly known as “Desi” by staf f and hundreds of students over the past t welve years. According to head coach, Shannon Durant, Desi is a “therapy master who always enters the ring with a hundred per cent work ethic, and genuinely seems to enjoy coming to work ever y day. Desi intuits the needs of each rider.” For example, one of Desi’s students, a young boy, had hips which were unable to f lex wide enough to sit in a saddle. For four years, once a week during the school year, the young student rode Desi precariously balanced in a side saddle position. When he rode Desi, each hoof had to move in a measured slow pace whereby the nex t step could not be taken until the last hoof had placed and set tled. Normally, equine therapy work s because horses have lovely rhy thmic movement that is calming while assisting with restoring core strength and balance. When this young student was on Desi’s back , Desi had to radically alter his normal equine movement in order to meet his student ’s needs. His job was to ensure that his student remained balanced perched on his back . For four years, Desi did not miss a class or a step! Most new students, par ticularly fear ful children, or children with complex diagnoses, experience their f irst conf idence building rides atop Desi before they move onto other mounts. At that time, coaches Shannon and Shivaun Gingras are able to assess whether a child could match well with another horse, or whether the only possible match is Desi. Frequently, Desi has been the f irst choice. 8 • September 2019


Horses have a sur vival fright /f light ref lex in their DNA . Desi is pret t y much bombproof when approached by bears, dir t bikes, f lying balloons, and wild Hallowe’en costumes. The best Desi bear stor y was provided by Noelle Pagani who repor ted that one summer when a bear banger sent a bear f lying onto her proper t y into Desi’s pasture, she received a phone call from her neighbour stating that Desi had chased the bear back into her yard. Desi is Santa’s Christmas poster boy because he is unbelievably sweet looking. He is also described, when he is not working; as mouthy and mischievous as he will unzip any zipper within reach. Five years ago Desi was diagnosed with Equine Cementosis. Twelve of his incisor teeth and roots were rot ting. He needed to have the equivalent of t welve root canals to sur vive. First though, the decision had to be made, whether his life was wor th the $4000 it would require for a specialized or thodontic vet in Vancouver to per form the surger y. Or, was it time to euthanize the old horse? While it was felt that he would sur vive the surger y, really, was he wor th it? He was old and past his prime. He’d ser ved his time - longer than most therapy horses. Where was $4000 going to come from, plus hauling and ferr y costs, and post- operative board for him in Vancouver? Add to that, he’d need at least six months of f work when he returned to Powell River, daily hours of personalized medical care and specialized food prep. The board voted he was wor th it, as he had ser ved the PRTRA well, and was deser ving of a second chance. The communit y of Powell River raised over $4000 for the sick lit tle horse to have his surger y. Thank s to Noelle Pagani and family, who took him home, f lushed his mouth out four times a day, administered for t y- one days of antibiotics, while preparing a special mushy recover y diet ser ved several times daily; this September Desi will enter his thir teenth year in ser vice to his students as PRTRA’s longest ser ving therapy master. You can meet Desi at Christmas time as he continues to ser ve as Santa’s best lit tle helper and PRTRA’s Yuletide poster boy. Lesley Armstrong is a retired public school teacher. Prior to moving to Powell River, she was involved in schooling and learning from her own back yard equine par tners. Since moving to Powell River three years ago, she has volunteered and/or worked at PRTRA , and has nothing but admiration for its staf f, volunteers and ponies.

alling all horse lovers! Come on out September 1213 to the Kelowna Riding Club and cheer on our 55+ competitors. Almost 80 horses are coming from all of the t welve zones in BC . This will be one EXCITING couple of days for sure!

The judges and events are: Burgi Rommel: Dressage and Western Dressage Brian Jensen: Driving Glenn Perran: Ranch Trail Horse and Ranch Riding Horse Dustin Drader and Daina Hillson: Mountain Trail

Events will begin at 8:30 a.m. each morning, with some disciplines running until 5 p.m., and others done much earlier in the day. There will be three riding rings and one f ield for Mountain Trail going simultaneously both days. The Medals presentations will be at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, September 13, in the Jump Ring in front of the clubhouse. There will be food truck s and concessions on site.



24th AnniversAry CelebrAtion! september 27 & 28, 2019

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1(877)762-5631  email: Find us on acebook SEPTEMBER 2019


By Christa Miremadi

Horse ownership. It can be a wild ride! Sometimes it’s nothing but magic and dreams come true. ther times, it ’s midnight walking for hours on end with a colick y horse, giant vet bills or those dreaded f inal decisions and hear tbreak that we’ll all have to face sooner or later. Being a steward to our horses is such a gif t and is f illed with immeasurable rewards but it is also challenging and f illed with learning and teaching oppor tunities that we either didn’t expect or possibly didn’t want. A few months ago, my young Kiger gelding, Smoke (who happens to be the most accident prone horse I’ve ever owned), came in with the herd spor ting a prett y substantial limp. Af ter watching him for a day or two to see if he’d “cowboy up,” I decided it was time to inter vene. We took a ride downtown to the Kamloops Large Animal Hospital where he was x-rayed and ultra-sounded and we discovered that he’d managed to acquire a mild tear to his Deep Digital Flexor tendon and his Suspensor y Ligament in his hind lef t leg. This news was bittersweet. I was so ver y grateful that his injur y wasn’t worse, but also, so incredibly disappointed that we wouldn’t be doing all the activities I had planned for this summer. With the light star t he’s had (maybe 30 rides between his four th and f if th year), Smoke has had plent y of time to grow and develop and I was really looking for ward to bringing him along. But such is the gif t of horse ownership! This was just going to be one of those summers. Besides, a few more months of fur thering our relationship on the ground wasn’t so bad. However, like so many of us discover when we’re faced with the unexpected, we weren’t entirely prepared. We had a few challenges to overcome. First of all, Smoke was going to need to be conf ined. Second, he’d need to get back into work slowly and quietly. And f inally, he was going to require some rehab. Well… with 167 acres and only one cross-fence, his options were a huge pasture or even a bigger pasture and so our f irst challenge became solving the issue of conf inement. Smoke’s been in small pens before and even spent plent y of time in a box stall so those things, he was prepared for, but we don’t have a barn yet or any smaller pens so Smoke had to move down the road to a friend’s place, where he could be in a barn. He had a box stall with a small paddock attached and was ver y close to home, which was convenient for me, but the companionship of a herd is a ver y strong draw for a horse, especially when a horse is being kept alone and this created some issues. My friend’s horses were just out of reach and Smoke, being who he is, decided that injured or not, he was joining her herd! He jumped out of his guest suite, breaking her fence as he went! Af ter a couple of false star ts, we f inally found a place Smoke was happy enough to stay for a couple 10 • September 2019


Smoke and I downtown Kamloops, upon arrival at Kamloops Large Animal Hospital. of months with another good friend of mine, not too much far ther from home. I could get to him easily and he had enough room to move but not enough to move fast. He had company but not too much stimulation and the fences were high and solid enough to keep him in. Challenge number two: Smoke needed to be walked quietly for f ive to ten minutes, twice per day and we’d need to increase the length and dif f icult y of his walk s in small increments each day. That sounds easy enough… unless of course the horse is a highly intelligent, cooped up 5-yearold Kiger who’s used to living in a big herd, covering lots of ground and who’s got the play drive of a cof fee drinking Border Collie! He was prepared well for leading politely and following directions but leading politely and following directions becomes a whole lot more challenging when you’ve been conf ined for a few week s and are f illed with frustrated energy. Walking Smoke sometimes felt more like f lying a rabid kite than rehabilitating an injured horse and he spent plent y of time on his hind legs when we f irst began the exercise por tion of his recover y plan. He got in touch with his Spanish roots and his war-horse ancestr y and spent a lot of time leaping, rearing, bucking and desperately tr ying to convince me that he was f ine. I was ex tremely grateful, not only for the foundation we had already built and the time I’ve spent working with him in hand already, but for the oppor tunit y that we were being given to practice following direction, even while worked up. It was challenging even for me, a professional horseperson, to stay relaxed, clear and patient while dealing with Smoke’s energy and excitement but I found that of fering him more specif ic instructions, frequent changes of speed and direction and practicing leading from both the lef t and the right side, really helped to keep him interested and focused on me. When he got REALLY frustrated, I even let

Smoke at his temporary home-away-from-home. As well as the confinement and controlled exercise program we were following, I also used supplements and alternative therapies like this Beamer Blanket and Cuff to increase circulation and healing, maximizing Smoke's healing abilities.

Smoke and I out for a trail ride as our long road to recovery finally got more interesting!

him practice wearing a snaf f le bit over his halter, just to give we wouldn’t have other wise. Horse ownership comes with so many ups and downs but if you’re paying attention, even the him something else to think about. In the last month, Smoke finally healed up enough downs are f illed with golden oppor tunities and silver linings. that I was able to bring him home! Not only was his tendon healing but we’d built some smaller pens at home and now had a few horses in training, meaning that he would Christa Miremadi has over 30 years of experience working with have companions. This was a huge milestone towards his horses. From guiding trail rides to starting colts, she’s dedicated her recover y and so exciting for me but it also uncovered our life to developing her horsemanship skills. Christa and her husband, f inal challenge. Smoke was ready to really get into his rehab Pinto Miremadi, recently left their home and jobs of the past 18 program now and was, for all intents and purposes, still ver y years at Silver Star Stables in Langley BC to realize their dreams of owning their own ranch. They now own and manage The Rock ’n green under saddle. At this stage of his recover y, Smoke was supposed to Star in Pritchard BC where they of fer boarding, lessons and clinics: be walking for 45+ minutes, on a f irm sur face with no small building relationships, strengthening partnerships and developing circles. This meant trail riding. This would have been much confidence for horses and humans through compassionate easier to do if we hadn’t just moved to a brand new home communication and by sharing the horse’s point of view. that was surrounded by cattle infested range land. Smoke was well-prepared for following direction outside the arena (See her listing in our Business Ser vices section under TRAINERS) at our old location in Aldergrove but here in Pritchard, he’d never been outside our gates, never come face to face with range cattle (or deer, grouse, bears or dir t bikes…) and without the oppor tunit y to do some ground work, ALL NATURAL SOOTHING LOTION for SORE the way I usually do, it was more than or STRAINED MUSCLES & JOINTS a little ner ve wracking to take this nex t step. Available in 1L Spray bottle for easy and quick application to larger areas, or a 500 ml rub bottle. Smoke astonished me with his A soothing combination of natural essential oils in a gentle willingness and ability to trust and cream base. specially formulated with natural ingredients to take my lead. I found ways to do my assist in the relief of leg, muscle and joint strain. “pre -f light check ” that didn’t put his Internationally recognized tendon under too much stress and I Horse Trainer, Clinician and took a leap of faith and trusted him, and Rider, as well as founder/ myself, that we had enough relationship trainer of the world famous and enough foundation to ride out the Calgary Stampede Drill gate and into the nex t stage of rehab Team: Jill Barron says: together. “As a professional horse trainer, Dynamint Equine Leg I am so grateful for the suppor t of & Muscle Rub is an important aspect of my program. Dynamint is a natural product that has a cooling Kamloops Large Animal Hospital and effect, it calms tired, sore muscles and rejuvenates horses keeping them feeling their best. I use Elisse Miki of Equilibria Therapeutics, Dynamint on my horses and myself. The results I have experienced have not been matched by any who helped me design an appropriate other product in the market. For long hauls and after hard workouts Dynamint is the only product rehab program for Smoke and although I use on horse’s legs. If you are looking for a product that is safe on skin and delivers results, trust Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Rub. Your horse will thank you!” I’d never wish an injur y on any horse, I am even grateful for the unique oppor tunit y National Distributor: Canadian Centurion • 1-800-361-3860 • Local: Janian Imports (604) 462-9238 to strengthen my relationship with Manufactured for: Integrated Bio Systems Inc. • Abbotsford, BC • Phone: 1-877-501-5003 Smoke and develop the communication E-Mail: • and understanding between us in a way

Dynamint Equine



Canadian Cup Dressage Festival Championships


he Championships were held over the July 26 –28 weekend in Maple Ridge BC , with judges Joan MaCar tney and Karen Ashbee. We have the results for you.



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YOUR CHOICE! Horse Sport is the leading Canadian magazine for English riders and competitors Horse-Canada is the premier health and care magazine for all types of horses. or 12 • September 2019


Dressage Judge Joan MaCartney presenting Youth Sportsmanship Award to Elizabeth Savoie and Justin Time, at the MREC Canadian Cup Dressage Festival on July 28. Elizabeth and Justin Time will receive free entry fees to the Pacific Regional Dressage Championships at Thunderbird Show Park on October 4–6, 2019 for Sportsmanship Award.

Dog Days of Summer Show Photos courtesy of Tanya De Leeuw


he MREC Dog Days of Summer show was held over the August long weekend with just over 10 0 horses from all over the province. The judges were Fran Mc Avit y, a Senior Hunter judge from Vancouver, and the Jumper judge was Carlee Thompson from Maple Ridge. The course designer was Joey R ycrof t, from Calgar y and Maple Ridge, and the Jumper Derby course was designed by Kirsten Rodel from Maple Ridge. The Hunter riders were treated to a great new Hunter Ring, which is 160’ X 320’, built by Jack Polo and Lee Walraven of Building Riding Rings. Here are some of the winners of the specialt y classes at the MREC Dog Days of Summer Show. First of all we would like to thank Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. for their kind sponsorship of the many f irst place prizes, and their sponsorship of the $10 0 0 Jumper Derby which was won by Luna Loca ridden by Vanessa Waugh. The winner of the Hunter Ann Birosh Gambler ’s Choice was Bosco’s Quick ridden by Paige Gibson. The Tribeca Mini Medal was won by Devon Wray ton, and the Shor t /Long Medal winner, kindly sponsored by John Dixon, was Justine Carr. The winner in the new Hunter ring for the $10 0 0 MREC Hunter Derby was Suki ridden by Holly Key ton.

The new Hunter Ring

Paige Gibson and Bosco’s Quick

Tribeca Mini Medal

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By Lisa Laundry | Photos by Cody Dillabough ach summer Canada 4-H schedules exchanges across the countr y. Members are expec ted to explore the region, histor y, culture and communit y. This summer, Quesnel 4 - H got to meet members from Loret ta

Busy Bees 4 - H (Manitoba). Eight youth traveled to Quesnel BC to meet their host families. With excitement and anticipation the Loet ta Busy Bee members walked the tarmac into the Prince George Airpor t and the adventures began. E xploring Quesnel was fascinating for the new arrivals. The group tried out some local hikes and park s. One big adventure was a trip to the Ancient Forests. It was there they saw trees that could be as old as 20 0 0 years old. They walked the boardwalk and found wonder ful adventures under the canopy. They learned about cedar trees and were amazed at how big these trees could become. Their trip wasn’t complete without a stop at the “Big” Tree, the Radies Tree and the stunning water fall. As a special treat members got to experience rain in the only inland temperate rainforest in the world.

The Ancient Forest The exchange is a 7- day event and though the weather didn’t always cooperate, it was per fec t for a trip to Barker ville. 4 - H members from both clubs at tended the school house, Chinatown and the cour thouse. They at tended school, wrote on chalkboards and learned about the historic aspec ts of Barker ville. The horses were all harnessed up and ready to take the youth on a wagon ride. They were able to tour Barker ville in a frac tion of the time on the wagon. Af ter ward, they headed past Chinatown and made the hike to the cour thouse. At the cour thouse, Judge Begbie was 14 • September 2019


Barkerville presiding over a trial of the murder of CM Blessing. The 4 - H members got to be the jur y and deemed the defendant guilt y. Af ter a full day of historical learning the members wanted to stop by the smallest provincial historic site located near Troll Mountain Resor t. It is the grave site of CM Blessing (the vic tim in the cour thouse trial). It was the per fec t way to end a trip to Barker ville. Throughout the week , ac tivities were planned to help Loret ta Busy Bee members learn about Quesnel. It is impor tant to show them how our youth live in this great cit y. Cariboo Knockerball was a success, with members crashing into each other and tr ying to team up against their leaders to win a sumo wrestling match. They tried to escape from Cariboo Escape Rooms with only some being successful. One night members even went to check out the local Youth Lounge, where they got to play music, basketball, and other games. Ever yone went back to their host families tired and happy. The exchange students learned that even though Quesnel is a small cit y, there are many fun things to tr y. In the 4 - H pledge, members agree to loyalt y, bet ter living and larger ser vice. Throughout the exchange they put their hands to work and gave back to the communit y. This year they helped to rehabilitate the bleachers at Alex Fraser Park . Paint got ever y where, but members worked together to ensure the communit y would be able to enjoy the rodeo and other events from freshly refurbished bleachers.

Combat Archery

Knockerball After all their hard work and a short break to recuperate, the youth did it all again except this time in Manitoba. Eight youth and two chaperones arrived in the Winnipeg airport ready to give their hands to larger service and their heads to better thinking. headed to the Everyone Assiniboine Zoo where they got to experience polar bears. Seven polar bears roamed the exhibit and the youth were very interested in this animal. Having seen black bears and grizzly bears in BC, this was a first for many to see a polar bear. The stingray exhibit was interactive and members were encouraged to connect with nature. The zoo strives to inspire youth to become The whole group at Prince George Airport environmental stewards. To explore the history of Winnipeg there was a tour of Lower Fort Garry. Located on the western bank of the Red River, the Fort was built by the Hudson's Bay Company. This Fort was mainly used as a supply hub for the local area; however it did trade furs and eventually become an industrial site for flour, lumber and steel. 4-H members enjoyed acting out a historical fur trade deal and got quite animated when working together to get the best "deal." Giving back to the community is important to 4-H and these youth did just that in Manitoba as well. Little libraries were constructed, decorated and filled so they could be erected throughout the town. After two hard days in the heat, the libraries were ready. Each youth took time to write a message in the books to inspire others to give back as well. the 4-H group Finally celebrated their time together at the lake. They got to cliff jump, tube and knee board. The 4-H members were sad to say goodbye but Julianna B. sums it up well, “My first ever 4 -H exchange has been such an amazing experience. When we were on our One of the “Little Librairies” way to BC, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, especially when I walked into the tiny airport of Prince George. I have made some longtime friends that I will NEVER forget because of all the memories that were made.”

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By Erica Burns

Reprinted with permission from Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)

he service he or she provides while caring for your horse’s feet—which may include hoof maintenance, corrective trimming, shoe application—is important for proper horse health and management. However, the job of a farrier can be dangerous, and it’s important that you understand how to make the situation as safe as possible. Here are a few tips to help you do that. 1. Hold the Horse: Holding your horse for the farrier is safer than having the horse tied, cross-tied, or ground-tied. While your farrier is working on your horse’s feet, he or she will often be in unusual positions underneath or around the horse. The farrier may also use stands to hold up the horse’s feet so he/she can approach the hoof with tools at different angles. If a horse slips or acts up while they have a hoof in the air, it is possible the farrier could get injured in the process. If you are holding the horse, you are most likely able to move the horse away from the farrier, hopefully in turn preventing any injury. A spooked horse, or one that moves the wrong way while tied or in cross ties, might not move away from the farrier. This could potentially result in the horse stepping on him/her, the horse kicking out, or an accidental flying hoof making contact with the farrier. 2. Fly Spray Beforehand: Fly spraying your horse’s abdomen and legs will reduce your horse’s desire to stomp flies and swish their tail. A horse who is trying to stomp flies is more likely to pull their hooves away from the farrier while he or she is working or lean extra weight on the farrier in an attempt to move their feet. They may also swish their tail around while the farrier is working on the hind hooves, which can be irritating and disruptive to the farrier’s work. 16 • September 2019


A farrier, or blacksmith, is one of the best people for a horse owner to have a good relationship with.

3. Maintain Safe Distances: Be sure to keep your horse a safe distance from other horses that might nip or bite while the farrier is working. If a nearby horse reaches his head out and bites the horse you’re holding for the farrier, the horse you are holding is more likely to be concerned about moving away from the instigator as opposed to looking out for the farrier beneath him. Most farriers will prefer to work on horses in an aisle as opposed to inside a stall, because there is more room to move around and away from the horse in case of an emergency. There are instances, however, where it will be best to trim a horse inside a stall. Generally, it’s best to let your farrier determine if he or she would like to work on the horse’s feet inside the stall or out in the aisle. 4. Avoid Hazards: Make sure there is nothing dangerous nearby that the farrier or the horse could trip on or get injured by, like pitchforks, lead ropes, buckets, saddle racks, or other barn items that may become a potential hazard if the horse moves while the farrier is working. 5. Practice: If you have a young or stubborn horse, or a horse that is not used to having to hold his feet up for the farrier, go ahead and practice. Work on picking the hooves up, stretch each leg forward or backward like a farrier would do, and even tap gently on the bottom of the hoof with the flat side of a hoof pick or the palm of your hand. This can help the horse get used to things that the farrier is likely to do. The more you handle your horse’s feet, the more used to it they will become, and the better they will behave when the farrier does arrive.

6. Safe Handling: The best way for you to be able to move your horse away from the farrier in case of an emergency is to stand on the same side of the horse as the farrier. That is to say, while the farrier is working on the front and hind left hooves, you are on the left side of the horse; likewise, with the right hooves, you are on the right side of the horse. With the lead safely folded in your hand, be sure to be facing your farrier, and paying attention to where he or she is at all times. Don’t stand directly in front of the horse’s shoulder, where the farrier will need to stretch the leg forward if they use a stand. Instead, stand a little further off to the side, so you can see the horse, see the farrier, and are out of the way of the space the farrier needs to work within. When he or she switches sides, you should also switch sides. You should always stand while holding your horse for the farrier. Always stay alert to what’s going on in the barn and the surrounding area. Your farrier may guide you if he or she has different preferences. 7. Additional Restraint: Most horses don’t need to be restrained for the farrier, but there may be instances when restraint is appropriate. The most common choices for restraint are a lip chain, lip twitch, or a tranquilizer. You should feel comfortable using restraint if you are going to apply it for the farrier. If you are unsure which one of these methods of restraint is most appropriate, talk to both your veterinarian and your farrier to determine which method is best for your horse. It’s important to remember that laws may dictate that only a veterinarian can give a tranquilizer or other medication to a horse. If this is the case where you live, then you will need to plan to have your veterinarian out when the farrier is there.

T he long te rm coup le f inall y made it ‘le gal ’ on Augus t 2 nd at H aney H e rit ag e Park in S alm on Arm BC . S om e of you w ill re co gnize the m f rom the ir hor s e b o arding and training op e ration ‘Jus t 4 H or s es St ab les’ of Arms trong BC . Plus Carm e n is the p reside nt of the Arms trong Ende rby R iding Club ! Way to go you t wo!



TOP DOG! Top Ten Dog Training Tips By Traci Theis and Kellyann Conway Courtesy of

1 - Listen to your dog Learn to listen to your dog. If your dog appears to be uncomfortable meeting another dog, animal or person, don’t insist that he say hello. He’s telling you that he isn’t comfortable for a reason, and you should respect that. Forcing the issue can often result in bigger problems down the line.

2 - Be generous with your affection Most people don’t have a problem being very clear about when they are unhappy with their dogs, but, they often ignore the good stuff. Big mistake! Make sure you give your dog lots of attention when he’s doing the right thing. Let him know when he’s been a good boy. That’s the time to be extra generous with your attention and praise. It’s even okay to be a little over the top.

3 - Does he really like it? Just because the bag says “a treat all dogs love” doesn’t mean your dog will automatically love it. Some dogs are very selective about what they like to eat. Soft and chewy treats are usually more exciting for your dog than hard and crunchy treats. Keep your eyes open for what he enjoys.

5 - Be consistent Whenever you’re training your dog, it’s important to get as many family members involved as possible so everyone’s on the same page. If you are telling your dog “off” when he jumps on the couch and someone else is saying “down,” while someone else is letting him hang out up there, how on earth is he ever going to learn what you want? Consistency will be the key to your success.

6 - Have realistic expectations Changing behaviour takes time. You need to have realistic expectations about changing your dog’s behaviour as well as how long it will take to change behaviours that you don’t like. Often behaviours which are “normal” doggie behaviours will take the most time such as barking, digging and jumping. You also need to consider how long your dog has rehearsed the behaviour. For example, if you didn’t mind that your dog jumped up on people to say hi for the last seven years and now you decide that you don’t want him to do that anymore, that behaviour will take a much longer time to undo than if you had addressed it when he was a pup. Remember it’s never too late to change the behaviour some will just take longer than others.

7 - Don’t underestimate the benefits of feeding a high quality food Feed your dog a high quality diet with appropriate amounts of protein. If your dog spends most of his days lounging in your condo, don’t feed him food with a protein level that is ideal for dogs who herd sheep all day. The money that you will spend on feeding an appropriate quality food will often be money that you save in vet bills later on. I recommend you always check with your veterinarian for the right diet for your dog.

8 - You get what you reinforce – not necessarily what you want

4 - Tell him what you want him to do There is nothing inherently wrong with telling your dog “no,” except that it doesn’t give him enough information. Instead of telling your dog “no,” tell him what you want him to do. Dogs don’t generalize well, so if your dog jumps up on someone to say hello and you say no, he may jump higher or he may jump to the left side instead of the right. A better alternative would be to ask him to “sit.” Tell him what you want him to do in order to avoid confusion.

18 • September 2019


If your dog exhibits a behaviour you don’t like, there is a strong likelihood that it’s something that has been reinforced before. A great example is when your dog brings you a toy and barks to entice you to throw it. You throw the toy. Your dog has just learned that barking gets you to do what he wants. You say “no,” and he barks even more. Heaven forbid you give in and throw the toy now! Why? Because you will have taught him persistence pays off. Before you know it you’ll have a dog that barks and barks every time he wants something. The solution? Ignore his barking or ask him to do something for you (like “sit”) before you throw his toy.

9 - Bribery vs. Reward The idea of using treats to train is often equated with bribery. Truthfully, dogs do what works. If using treats gets them to do what you want, then why not? You can also use the world around you as a

TOP DOG! reinforcement. Every interaction you have with your dog is a learning opportunity, so when you think about it, you probably don’t use food very often except during active training sessions. So why does your dog continue to hang out? Because you reinforce him with praise, touch, games and walks. Just remember, the behaviour should produce the treat; the treat should not produce the behaviour.

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10 - Freedom Let your new dog gradually earn freedom throughout your home. A common error that many pet parents make is giving their new dog too much freedom too soon. This can easily lead to accidents relating to housetraining and destructive chewing. So, close off doors to unoccupied rooms and use baby gates to section off parts of the house, if necessary. One of the best ways to minimize incidents is to keep your dog tethered to you in the house and by using a crate or doggie safe area when you can’t actively supervise him.

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Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office KEEP CALM & TRACK ON


Photos from the 2017 Focus on Trails Photo Contest

e have been working hard on updating our new Trails Database since spring 2018, but we still need your help! The more track s we can collec t, the more in - depth our Database can be, providing up -to - date and accurate information before you hit the trails. Be prepared for your nex t adventure with trail info and maps from Horse Council BC and Avenz a Maps. We have par tnered with Canadian company Avenz a Maps ht tps://w w w. avenz who of fer a free Smar tphone App that track s your position on a map. The Avenz a App also allows you to create and save GPX track s of your trails. Send those track s to us at HCBC and we can add them to the trail listing in the Online Database. Head over to the trails database at ht tps://hcbc. online/ Trails to see all the website Barb Herringshaw improvements. You can quickly see the trails in your area as pins on a map, print trail maps, upload and download GPX track s and send us photos. We do need your help to review the information already listed for the trails you know. Please send us updates and comments on the trail conditions using the forms provided on the trail database. We will accept your GPX track s data and then create “Geo -referenced” maps that will be available in the Avenz a App on your phone for free. Wendy Forsyth How can you par tner with us on this Projec t? Visit the trails database at ht tps:// Trails to review the trail information already there for the trails you know. If the trail record needs correc tions, you can send us correc tions and updates using the form provided on this page. Visit the Knowledge Base sec tion of the HCBC website, under trails and recreation to f ind a “how-to” document covering downloading the Avenz a Maps App to your smar tphone, saving your track s while riding your favourite trails, and sending us those track s to be added to a downloadable map. We’ll equip your track ing expedition! Take advantage of our loaner Garmin 6 4 ST GPS units. We’ll send you a kit with GPS unit, NiMH bat teries and charger, and a cheat sheet on using them, for up to a 3 week period.

Why is this impor tant to all of us who ride our province’s trails? Current information ensures that the trail you’re expec ting is the trail you’ll f ind when you arrive. Is there potable water? Can you camp? How many pens are there? It ’s impor tant that we provide the best qualit y information we can obtain. Being able to download a map to your smar tphone before you leave, allows you to ride the trails conf idently. You won’t need cell ser vice or use any data while using the Avenz a Maps App on the trail.

Lynn deVries

Dakota Jayde

We hope that of fering a comprehensive, reliable trails database may increase equestrian tourism, aiding the economies of our communities. Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •

20 • September 2019


Armstrong Enderby Riding Club


By Lauri Meyers

he Armstrong Enderby Riding Club has the best members and volunteers ever! Our Pot Luck table at the August show was overflowing with donated drinks and goodies. The club does not charge for food, so donations of food and drink are cherished. Thank you to all who helped feed the participants, supporters and spectators. The heat took a break and the rain was light, all in all the August show was nothing short of spectacular. Several new faces showed up to participate and have some fun. Our main Judge, Dawn Ferster, was her usual fabulous self. Dawn’s feedback and encouragement are invaluable and uplifting. Our Trail Judge, Alana Vos-Lindsay, made the Trail course a relaxed and happy experience. Thank you both for being part of a great show. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with office, whipperin, judge, announcer, pot luck, set-up, take down and everything in between. You are the backbone of our shows. Don’t forget to take the Awards Survey on our Facebook page. It only takes a couple minutes; your vote counts. Our next show is September 22, same time and same place. Come and hang out for the day and meet some great people.

My name is Julie and this is my new pony Sassy!! She is my first horse and I love her so much. We love trail riding e with my mom and we hope to do som Cowboy Challenge events soon! - Julie, age 11, Abbotsford BC

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Equestrian Canada Equestre 2019 FEI Vaulting Championships for Juniors


The Canadian Vaulting Team reached new heights at the FEI Vaulting World Championships for Juniors, held July 24-28, 2019, in Ermelo, NED. The all-Albertan team, made up of Cassidy Johannesson of Rocky Mountain House, Talmage Conrad of Lethbridge, Dallyn Shields of Didsbury, and Averill Saunders of Sundre, rose to the challenge of competing abroad on borrowed horses with professionalism and unquenchable team spirit. Conrad earned Canada’s first-ever top10 placing at the event vaulting on Klaus Haidacher’s 15-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Don Zeno (Dressage Royal x Zeus (Nurzeus)), lunged by Nicole Voithofer (AUT). The 17-yearold claimed seventh overall in the Junior Male Division on a final score of 7.009 over two rounds of competition.


(l to r): Sam Walker, Dannie Murphy, Mackenzie Wray, Samantha Starratt, Dayton Gorsline. Photo Credit: SEL Photography. The Children’s division also saw its share of medals for Canada, first with a bronze medal in the Team Competition. Olivia Blaber, 14, of Ottawa, ON, Joseph Carruthers, 13, of Millarville, AB, and Olivia Stephenson, 12, of Calgary, AB, beautifully handled the added pressure that comes without a drop score to secure their spot on the podium. Stephenson then went on to add a silver medal to the list after two doubleclear Individual Final rounds left her score of two untouched.

(l to r): Talmage Conrad, Cassidy Johannesson, Averill Saunders, Dallyn Shields. Photo courtesy of Terri-Lynn Johannesson.

2019 Adequan/FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC) Canadian Jumpers took NAYC by storm! Canada’s rising stars gained invaluable international competition experience at the 2019 Adequan/FEI NAYC presented by Gotham North, picking up a handful of medals in the process. The maple leaf was represented by 37 athletes from three disciplines, starting with the eventing championship, which took place during The Event at Rebecca Farm, held July 24-28 in Kalispell, MT. Dressage and jumping followed from July 30-August 4 at Old Salem Farm in North Salem, NY. As the eldest competitors at NAYC, Canada’s Young Riders brought their experience to bear for a gold medal finish. Team Canada, comprised of Dannie Murphy, 19, of Charlottetown, PEI, Sam Walker, 17, of Nobleton, ON, Samantha Starratt, 20, of Calgary, AB, and Mackenzie Wray, 20, of Loretto, ON, maintained their composure to come out on top of an extremely competitive field. 22 • September 2019


Top 10 Action from Canadian Eventers Individual competitor, Tosca Holmes-Smith, 19, of Chase, BC, once again found herself in the NAYC top 10 after tackling the Young Riders division with Ali Holmes-Smith’s Tom Riddle, a 13-year-old Thoroughbred gelding sired by Towkay.

Tosca Holmes-Smith and Tom Riddle. Photo Credit: Red Bay Group LLC. Canadian team competition returned to NAYC Eventing after taking a hiatus in 2018. Junior Team Ontario/British Columbia, comprised of Elise Hicks, 17, of Trenton, ON, Sierra Hincks, 16, of Roberts Creek, BC, and Olivia Terdik, 18, of Windham Centre, ON, also improved from an initial 10th place standing after dressage to end in sixth on a final score of 152.4 penalties after the final show jumping phase.

Lima 2019 Pan Am Games (l to r): Olivia Stephenson, Joseph Carruthers, Olivia Blaber. Photo Credit: SEL Photography.

Canada also fielded a team in the Junior division, which placed fifth in the Team Competition. Their final score of 41.02 was produced by Emma Bergeron, 18, of Wellington, FL, Jenna Lee Gottschlich, 16, of Edmonton, AB, Carly Stevens, 16, of Foothills, AB, and Sara Tindale, 17, of Campbellville, ON.

Dressage – Young Riders The Young Riders Team Competition featured thrillingly close scores, with Team Ontario/Quebec ultimately earning the silver medal in a historic finish on August 1. Ultimately, all three podium teams sat within one percentage point of each other – US Region 1 in the gold medal position (205.706), Team Ontario/Quebec in silver (205.676), and US Region 3 in bronze (205.088). In the Junior division, Team Quebec/ Nova Scotia earned a respectable fifth place in the Team Competition on July 31.

The Canadian Show Jumping Team is Tokyo bound for the 2020 Olympics after earning fourth place at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games in Peru on August 7. Team members, Erynn Ballard of Tottenham, ON, Lisa Carlsen of Okotoks, AB, Mario Deslauriers of Bromont, QC and Nicole Walker of Aurora, ON reached their goal of Tokyo qualification on a team total of 30.21 after two days and three rounds of competition. Brazil won gold on a score of 12.39, Mexico took silver with 22.97, while the United States took the bronze medal position with 23.09. The Canadian Dressage Team, comprised of Jill Irving of Moncton, NB, Tina Irwin of Stouffville, ON, Lindsay Kellock of Toronto, ON, and Naima Moreira Laliberté of Outremont, QC, won the gold medal for the third time in the history of the event, and the first time in 28 years, at the Pan Am Games on July 29 and secured Canada’s dressage berth to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. After a foot-perfect performance in the final jumping phase, Canadian Eventing Team members, Dana Cooke, Colleen Loach, Jessica Phoenix and Karl Slezak claimed the bronze medal on August 4.

The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association By Bren Pickel The 2019 CanTRA Awards CanTRA Outstanding Therapy Horse Award (Sponsor: CanTRA) Rudy Mount View Special Riding Association (MVSRA), Olds AB Rudy is a handsome black (now greying) 15.3HH gentleman with soft eyes, white flecks on his forehead, and the typical tan muzzle of a mule. Yes, Rudy is a mule. A special equid who is patient and reliable with every rider and driver he is entrusted with. Rudy, truly, is the right solution to a variety of needs. Thank you, gentle soul, for your extraordinary service in therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities. Jetty Chapman Award - Outstanding Administrator (Sponsors: Christine and Oren Birch) Ruth Carter Fredericton Therapeutic Riding Association (FTRA), Fredericton NB FTRA has seen a great many changes over the past 35 years, but the one constant has been Ruth Carter, having served in virtually every capacity of the organization. Sharing her knowledge and experience, Ruth has provided valuable guidance to other therapeutic riding associations in Atlantic Canada. “Everything she does is for the joy she sees on the faces of the many riders benefiting from these programs,” says FTRA’s current President.

From the July issue… (Bottle Opener) Congratulations also to: Anne Stiles, Oliver BC

Jennifer Sutherland Green, President of FTRA, presents Ruth with her award. Photo courtesy FTRA.

Andrea Gillies Award - Outstanding Instructor (Sponsor: Gay Wood) Paula Bernard Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa (TROtt), Greely ON This award is a celebration of Paula’s devotion to therapeutic riding for over 20 years. As a CanTRA Coach and Examiner, her exemplary skills and focus are unwavering and always for the benefit of the TROtt riders. It’s straightforward, Paula gives; she gives of her time, her knowledge, her humour, her patience, her dedication and her love for therapeutic riding. Rhonda Davies Award - Outstanding Volunteer (Sponsors: John and Donna Davies) Susan Tilley The Equestrian Association for the Disabled (TEAD), Mount Hope ON What every therapeutic riding centre needs is a volunteer who loves helping riders and isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. Sue is known for her compassion and patience for every rider and horse she works with, no matter what the situation is. Sue is thoroughly invested in the TEAD program, which is inspired volunteerism at its best.

(l to r) Diane Luxen, Linda Leggette, Rudy, Brenda Spanier, and Shelene Williams. Photo courtesy MVSRA.

From the August issue… (This was a Cream Separator, whole milk is poured in, cream rises to the top, milk settles to the bottom) Congratulations to: Len Taylor, Armstrong BC Gurina Lund, Chase BC James Schenk, Rocky Mtn House AB

Paula Bernard with Trin. Photo courtesy TROtt.

This month’s item is 5’2” wide x 9” high at centre, used in the early 1900s.

READERS – What’s your guess?

(l to r) Hilary Webb, Sue Tilley, Sue Schramayr. Photo courtesy TEAD.

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Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK! If you or your company would like to sponsor this monthly brain teaser, do call 1-866-546-9922 or email nancyroman@ for details. SEPTEMBER 2019


BC Lower Mainland Pony Club By Mackenzie MacMorran Rally 2019 - The Experience of a Lifetime


or years, Rally has been a major component of Pony Club. Clubs spend all year working and preparing their members for this big, exciting, funfilled weekend, which was once again hosted by MREC from July 18-21st. Rally is a Pony Club event where branches from all over the Lower Mainland come together to compete for four days, and leave with the experience of a lifetime. Each year, clubs send teams including a captain, 3 riders, and 1-3 grooms. The teams set up tack and feed rooms and are then judged in 2 phases; stable management and a rider specific event composed of dressage, cross country, and stadium. All members of the team work extremely hard all weekend and have loads of fun while doing it! Capture the flag in the trees, the grooms’ obstacle course, swimming in the creek, camping with friends and the captains’ round are all activities that add to the thrill of competing and keep members coming back for more. In fact, Jami Struys from Mt. Cheam Pony Club returned this year for her 20th Rally! Rally focuses on developing good

Atley Chapman receiving the inaugural Koa Krakowski award for perseverance presented by Marc Horwitz and Michelle Krakowski. horsemanship and hard-working individuals, while still having fun. Team work and sportsmanship also are key components to being successful at Rally. These qualities are put to the test during the trot-up and cool-out procedures that each team must go through. Sportsmanship is one of the most important qualities at Rally. Team members are encouraged to not only socialize with other clubs and teams, but also help and offer support to one another. Eventing is usually a solo competition, but at Rally it is a team event.

Top overall ABC and D rally teams, respectively, were Geldings with Attitude (members from Hazelmere, Mission Hills, Burnaby Lake, and Boundary Bay), captained by Lucie Shaver, and Gnomies Homies (members from Mt. Cheam and Richmond Pony Clubs), captained by Mackenzie MacMorran. Top Riders in their divisions are: ABC Training - Karis Mackie Pre-training - Emily Shaver Entry - Bailey-Jayne Chapman Pre-entry - Mackenzie MacMorran Starter - Prabjot Sabharwal D Pre-entry – Chandra Rumley Starter – Emilia Thrift This year National Rally will be hosted in the Ottawa region from August 13-16. BCLM will be sending a team comprised of Captain Mackenzie MacMorran, and riders Bailey-Jayne Chapman and Stephanie Struys, and Groom Brianne Tamaki-Chu. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram under BCLM Pony Club.

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club …for the love of horses!

By Simonne Rempel


intage Riders Equestrian Club takes a break from meetings during the summer but we certainly don’t stop “horsing around.” In July, the club held a Mountain Trail Ranch Versatility Clinic with Debbie Hughes and Carmen Teixeira at Hanging H in Chilliwack. Mountain Trail and Ranch Versatility complemented each other well. In this clinic, we split into two groups of four. Debbie led us through her mountain trail course and taught us what is expected in a mountain trail competition. We maneuvered through obstacles and got a good feel for how to ride the obstacles in a show environment with trusting and willing horses. While Carmen gave us a better understanding of what Ranch Versatility is as a sport and taught us ranch versatility patterns. These patterns helped us with getting a relaxed, responsive horse with soft and cadenced gaits. It was a good clinic! We also held an Introduction to Drill event with Brianna Frewin. Riding drill patterns is a great way to put different horses together and do tight maneuvers in unison. We held three weekly practices and learned different patterns to put it all together as one. Oh, what fun! In August, we are looking forward to relaxing with each other at our Summer Social. Socials are a lovely opportunity to spend time together as members and get to know one another better. Vintage Riders Equestrian Club… for the love of horses! We are a gathering of horse enthusiasts within the Fraser Valley. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome. We meet every 3rd Tuesday in Fort Langley to enjoy fellowship and a speaker and host a variety of clinics. Find us on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – public, email: 2019 Upcoming Events: Summer Social Ranch Trip Gina Allan Clinic

Mountain Trail clinic 24 • September 2019


Drill team

Alberta Donkey & Mule Club


By Sandra Harper

t our August 10 -11 Long Ears Days (show report next month) the club was excited to host guest speaker Dr. Jamie Neufeld. Dr. Neufeld is an intern veterinarian at Moore Equine Veterinary Centre outside of Calgary. Born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, she developed a love for horses at an early age and rode western for several years before joining Pony Club. She received her Bachelor of Science (Anatomy & Cell Biology) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in 2013 and 2019. During veterinary school, she spent a summer in Uganda with ‘Veterinarians Without Borders’ to work on a female-empowering food security project involving goats and families in remote areas. In her last year of school, Jamie traveled to Morocco for a clinical rotation at the American Fondouk, a charity hospital for the working equids in the city of Fes. It was here that she experienced the delights and challenges of treating mules and donkeys, and decided to pursue a career in equine medicine. Jamie will continue working internationally with the goal of improving familial livelihood through amending animal health and welfare standards. She is looking forward to learning more about donkeys and mules, and is very excited to attend her first Long Ears Event in August. .

Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse


ummer is the time when we all just want to get out and ride! And riding is what our members have been doing. There was the Summer Solstice ride at Bellis Sand Trails on June 21-23 hosted by the Alberta Walking Horse Association. Ten riders attended a new-to-us trail system just out my back door. The campground welcomed horses, and the sand trails were barefoot friendly. Then I attended a Canadian Cowboy Challenge, winning my Josie Coulter at the division on June 30. I also attended Bellis Endurance Ride another CCC on July 26. We have had two members join the Western Dressage A ss o ciation of Southern Alberta and they have attended several shows already. Congratulations Fran Kerik at the CCC to Lori Dyberg for earning a Reserve Adult Amateur (intro) at the Cochrane Show. CRTWH and AWHA sponsored The Gathering again this year on July 19-21. It could not take place at the Sawhorse Ranch due to the very wet weather so it was held at the Whitecourt, AB arena instead. The Gathering is where members get together to

By Fran Kerik

Our group at The Gathering help each other achieve their goals towards the CRTWH Challenges. Whether videoing for submissions, advice on correct gait, trail obstacles, or achieving a nice canter, The Gathering is the place for experienced and new Walker owners to have a funfilled weekend while growing in their horsemanship skills. We also have members entering Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding. At the Bellis ‘Summer Sizzling’ Endurance Ride on July 27, Josie Coulter riding her gelding Champion’s Copper Shadow, placed 1st in the 25 miles youth division, their second first place this year. Members have made several trips to the mountains so far and have been hitting all their local trails as well if the pictures on Facebook are anything to go by! Despite the never ending rain this summer, our members and our Walking Tanya McDonald and her Horses have been riding, buckskin Walker, coming off riding, riding in a great variety Monument Mountain in the of activities. Hummingbird area of Alberta.



BC Cutting Horse Association

By Cheri Smeeton



oin us September 14-15 for the BCCHA Highland Valley Fall Show to be held at the Highland Valley Arena located at 9390 Meadow Creek Road in Logan Lake BC. The show will offer NCHA, CCHA and BCCHA Approved classes with a full slate of weekend classes, along with LAE 4 Yr Old Open & 4 Yr Old Non Pro classes. Once again we will be holding our 3 BCCHA Jackpot classes along with the CCHA Dave Robson $500 Limit Rider class. Rules and Rider Incentives for the Jackpot classes are posted on our website. Please contact Barb Stuart at or call 250-398-0503 for further information. Spectators are welcome to come out and cheer us on! UPCOMING EVENTS: BCCHA AGM & Banquet—Saturday, November 9th, 2019 Coast Hotel & Conference Centre, 1250 Rogers Way, Kamloops BC Visit our website at for further details on these Events

Oliver & District Riding Club


By Max Alexander

oy is it getting warm! Anyway it is not as hot as the paces that club members were put through at the Debbie Hughes Extreme Trail Challenge Clinic over the weekend of July 6-7. We had some great preparation for what was to come at the wonderful Trail Challenge course that Ken MacRae had built for the club the month before at the D-K Ranch. One thing that was very noticeable was that, in all our previous Trail Challenges at the D-K Ranch, and for three years at the Gillespie Ranch which all focused on challenges you might actually meet on a trail ride, Debbie challenged the horses to be really brave to conquer their fear of the unusual. Her training was very similar to another clinician well-known to the club, Paul Dufresne. His programme, Training for Courage, which he has done for the club, uses very similar techniques. What Debbie did particularly well was the gradual increase in the level of the challenges. Some of the challenges less familiar to the riders that took part were… the use of an old bed mattress that the horses had to walk over, and the use of a bubble machine. Other more familiar tasks involved tires, logs and cans in plastic sacks. So the clinic was, for Debbie Hughes demonstrates how to catch a fish if you’re in deep water with your horse! those who attended, a great experience for them and their horse. The clinic was kindly hosted by the Spanish Cross Ranch to the south of Oliver, owned by Toni and Vikki Souto. Our thanks go to them for the short notice switch to their indoor arena given that the forecast for that weekend was not too good. The club attendees were: Debbie House, Trish Osland, Terry Tompkins, Margie Fisher, Trish Anderson, Dawn MacRae, Sue Saunders, Linda MacKenzie and Cate Turner. We were happy to welcome three non-club members to complete the twelve riders we had planned for this event. The club has just over forty members again, so everyone is enjoying the events and plans that we still have to look forward to. If you are interested in finding out more about us, please go to our Facebook page or come along to our monthly get together on the third Thursday of each month. So on we go into the hot part of the year. If you are out on the trails or working in an arena – ride safe and wear a helmet! 26 • September 2019


Dawn MacRae (our club President) either advertising Alfa Tec hay cubes or preparing to pull a sack of cans around!

Margie Fisher and Trish Osland who were two of the stars of the clinic!

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Mellissa Buckley | Photos courtesy of Sally Rees West Coast Summer Spectacular


rom the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU to everyone who made our West Coast Summer Spectacular the fun, memorable, amazing show that it was! To our generous sponsors, we can’t do any of this without you! Your thoughtful contributions are appreciated more than we can express. Your support is vital to our ability to host any events... you are awesome! To all who attended, please browse through our program book and consider patronizing the businesses who contributed to our organization. They are fantastic! To our top notch show staff, big thanks once again for running the show smoothly and with a smile. Your professionalism, personalities and genuine desire to make this the best show that you can is evident in every aspect of the event. We are truly blessed to have you. To the volunteers who put so much passion, thought, effort and time into planning and organizing the event with the hopes that it will be an event to be proud of, your hard work shows in every detail. Thank you for all that you do to make this an inviting and exciting event. We know that it can be taxing to put together pieces of the show when trying to show yourselves and we appreciate all you do. Finally, huge THANK YOUs go out to all those who attended as exhibitors. We are so grateful that you chose to join us! You are all the best group of people! Everyone was so happy and pleasant and a true joy to be around. The feeling of camaraderie was wonderful. From the loyal regulars to new faces and some faces we haven’t seen in years! We hope that you join us again! Stakes/Futurity results are subject to audit and will be posted at our earliest convenience  Congratulations to all our Award Winners! Superhorse: (Kathy's Show Halter sponsored in part by Kathy's Show Equipment / Reserve: Leather branded directors chair) Superhorse: Sudden Attraction / Reserve: Good To Know I'm Cute Halter Champion of Champions: Sherry Sultz

AQHA High Points: (Buckles and Buckle Plaques / Reserves: Leather Branded Barstools) Rookie Youth: Camille Kennedy / Reserve: Emily Gauthier L1 Youth: Alexa McGowan / Reserve: Sydney Swallom Youth: Alexa McGowan / Reserve: Sydney Swallom L1 W/T Amateur: Jeanette Brandt / Reserve: Mary Ratz-Zachanowiz Rookie Amateur: Ellen Thompson Sheen / Reserve: Caitlyn Johnson L1 Amateur: Taylor Schell / Reserve: Ellen Thompson Sheen Amateur: Jody Peardon / Reserve: Taylor Schell Select: Maralynn Rehbein / Reserve: Arlana Dagneau L1 Horse: Hes The Only Tenisee / Reserve: Incredible Options Open Horse: Good Grief Grover / Reserve: Incredible Options ALL BREED: (Saddle pad sponsored by Red Horse Tack / Reserve: Leather branded briefcase) 11 and under: Evelyn Hockley Youth: Samantha Harvill / Reserve: Tylor Harvill BCPHC Open Paint Show Program: Avery Caron We are pleased to announce the official Stakes/Futurity results! Thank you so much to our sponsors who made it all possible! Breeders Incentive Yearling Tri Challenge: Champion: $1740 Mechanics In Motion - owned by Pia Petersen, shown by Mellissa Buckley Reserve: $1160 Array Of Fire - owned and shown by Karla Hein Cathy Dumaresq Memorial Trail Stake: Champion: $367.50 Good Grief Grover - owned and shown by Gordie McEachen Reserve: $245 Good To Know I'm Cute - owned and shown by Taylor Schell Tag Team Showmanship: Champion: $ 357.50 Dodge Da Bullet - Sydney Swallom and partner Reserve: $268.13 Versionaire - Cindy Nakahara and Doreen Earl Ranch Riding: Champion: $367.50 Dellas Blazen Oakie - owned and shown by Dorothy Brown Reserve: $245 Zippos Opal Affair - owned and shown by Cindy Meinhardt 3 & 4 yr old Western Pleasure: Champion: $326.25 Made To Be Noticed - owned by Renay Crosby, shown by Kerri DeKubber Reserve: $239.25 Notice My Mechanics - owned by Michelle McIntosh, shown by Patti Woods

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association President: Mellissa Buckley,, 604-729-6616 Website: Visit our Facebook page



The Back Country Horsemen of BC Okanagan Chapter hosts Inter-chapter Weekend The wild wild west!!! By Juanita Gibney, Okanagan Chapter BCHBC

What is a BCHBC Inter-chapter Event?


his activity provides the perfect setting for gathering with other BCHBC members from across the province for riding and fellowship and is gaining rapidly in popularity. Different than the annual Rendezvous, no clinics are offered and it is mostly unstructured, with the focus on fellowship. After the hugely successful Inter-chapter ride hosted by the North Thompson Chapter in 2018, the Okanagan chapter of BCHBC decided to host a similar event in 2019. Looking for a venue that was able to host a lot of people and horses brought us to Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp located between Merritt and Logan Lake. With an enthusiastic and hardworking committee of volunteers, efforts paid off with the event being sold out in just a few days after it was announced in the winter. This is a great indicator of the desire for events such as this. With close to 40 rigs, 60+ horses and more than 70 attendees, the spacious camp accommodated us well. The weather proved to be a bit of a challenge with a lot of rain falling on the Thursday when most Our camp members were arriving. But horse people are a sturdy lot and managed it. A few enthusiastic arrivals took a short cut into camp via an atv trail that cuts off the main trail down into camp. And they made it! Holy cow, Kelly Hawes (and the rest of the “over-the-bank” gang) you have grit! Most importantly the riding on Friday and Saturday was mainly rain free, although a few riders were caught in some cloudbursts while on the trail Friday morning. There were all lengths of trail loops to explore, with great footing and diverse scenery. Whether you wanted to ride for an hour or ride for five, the network offered it all. From wooded trails opening to views of the vast valleys and hills, to riding beside and above Mamit Lake, the scenery was rewarding. With the OK saloon tent set up near the communal fire-pit,

The dinner group everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and social time after dinner on Friday evening, along with some fun entertainment. Members were introduced to a bean bag toss game, officially known south of the border as ‘Cornhole’, followed by a “Name that Western Movie” contest where the crowd had to identify theme songs from the epic westerns to win prizes. Both were met with enthusiasm. Saturday’s Poker Ride was a resounding success with 90 poker hands taken. The winning hand belonged to Gena Rome, a new member of the BCHBC Chapter, with three kings and two deuces. Attendees arrived to the Saturday evening dinner, catered by Hidden Valley’s Exploring Mack family, decked out in their favourite western movie star attire. There were some great costumes, but the highlights were “One-eyed Jack” Malcolm Dion and the favourite western lady recognition went to Trinet Eijndhoven. A great job done by all volunteers, led by our chapter president Nancy Thompson. A huge thank you to all of our generous sponsors for making the weekend so successful! Thank you also to Arlene Ladd, Karen Stearns, and Cynthia Walker for sharing their photos with us. And now we cast our eyes to where the next Inter-chapter weekend may be held. With 22 chapters of BCHBC, we look forward to attending many more and seeing more trails across our beautiful province.

Back Country Horsemen Provincial Executive •

President: Brian Wallace,, 250-569-2324 Vice President: Rose Schroeder,, 604-854-1245 • Vice President: Scott Walker • Vice President: Verna Houghtaling Treasurer: Karen Tanchak, - 250-832-1596 • Secretary: Lisa Galanov,, 250-672-0099 Past President: Ybo Plante,, 250-361-6290

28 • September 2019


BC Rodeo Association 2019 BCRA SCHEDULE August 30 Great West Equipment Wildcard Rodeo Aug 31-Sep 2 BCRA Polaris Championship Finals, Barriere … more at

OUR BCRA 2019 SPONSORS Thank you for your continuing sponsorship for the 2019 season! New 2019 Sponsorship Package available at for partnership opportunities


WILDCARD RODEO, BARRIERE Second Great West Equipment Wildcard Rodeo on August 30th hosted by the BCRA! We are excited for this last chance ride off for BCRA competitors to make the BCRA Polaris Championship Finals on August 31st, September 1st & 2nd in Barriere BC at the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo. Admission is free to the Wildcard Rodeo (Friday only). 2019 BCRA POLARIS CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS Come join us for our Polaris Championship Finals on the September long weekend in Barriere BC. The 3 performances on Aug 31st, September 1st & 2nd will start at 1:30 pm each day. Watch the top competitors from across BC compete for the finals champion and season leader titles. This big event is in conjunction with the famous North Thompson Fall Fair, so much to see and do! There will be a family dance and a cabaret dance along with beer gardens. Our 2019 Polaris draw will happen during the Monday September 2nd rodeo performance at 3 pm, get your tickets before for your chance to win a Polaris side-by-side. This is a show you won’t want to miss!


Grassland Equipment ~ Williams Lake

Ruby SPONSORS: Four Rivers Co-operative, Armstrong Regional, Otter Co-operative Assn.



West Fraser Trucker’s Association

BRONZE SPONSORS: Gord & Diana Puhallo Marshall Veterinary Clinic COPPER SPONSORS: Diamond 7 Performance Horses

Cache Creek Veterinary

Lil Red Pony

The Horse Barn, Kamloops

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** The British Columbia Rodeo Association Office is moving back to Williams Lake, BC as of September 15, 2019. The BCRA Office and Entry Position has been awarded to Jaime Macdonald. Congratulations Jaime! We look forward to working with you! Watch for new contact information.

CHILCOTIN SERIES SPONSORS: PETtanicals Chilcotin Lodge Chilcotin Towing

Colorz HUB BM Clothing Co Western Vogue

BC Rodeo Association, Box 71, 2393 Back Valley Road, Cache Creek BC, V0K 1H0 Phone: 250-457-9997 * Fax: 250-457-6265 * * Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm • Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm 2019 BCRA Board of Directors President: Gord Puhallo 250-394-4034 or 250-267-9647 Vice President: Matt O’Flynn 250-255-7678,

Directors: Ty Lytton 250-396-7710 or 250-706-3580, Tim Terepocki 250-280-7653, Allison Everett 250-296-4778 or 250-305-0167, Denise Swampy 250-392-7153 or 250-305-9109, Aaron Palmer 250-851-6725,

Shaylene Tucker 250-392-6296 or 250-320-0762, Rhoda Petal 250-394-4349 or 250-267-5550, Steve Lloyd 250-925-4669, Carl Hyde 250-963-9381 or 250-612-1237, Kelly Walls 250-267-8865,



Clubs & Associations 30 Years of Celebrating Long Ears


members from across Canada and the US

Our low cost membership includes $5 Million and $30,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Check out our web site for more information 2/20

CRHRA is a voice for the Recreational Rider.


armstrong enderby riding club  Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 8/20 11/19

CANADIAN THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION CanTRA promotes the benefits of therapeutic riding across Canada through awareness, education, and setting standards for therapeutic riding instructor certification, centre accreditation, hippotherapy, and equine-facilitated wellness.


BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB,,, Darcey Woods, President, 250-318-9975 4/20

Contact: • Website:





BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 9/20, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ. BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Pres: Tom Nobles 250-838-2228, leetom., Clinics, Pot O Gold Show, Trail Rides, see our FB page 3/20 BC LOWER MAINLAND PONY CLUB For horse lovers ages 6-25; Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, PPG & more! Carol McDonald, 5/20 BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 12/19




Visit our website for upcoming events






Hosting BCCHA, CCHA & NCHA Shows, Clinics and Youth Events.



BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Tina Knott 250-743-9114, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 4/20


Certifying equine professionals such as riding coaches & equine facility managers. CHA accredits equine facilities for insurance discounts & publishes educational horsemanship manuals & hosts networking conferences. Visit To find a certified equine professional or accredited site visit

dedicated to promoting the sport of cutting to enthusiasts of all levels See us on acebook & Instagram


CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, 10/19 Equestrian Canada (EC) is the national governing body for equestrian sport and industry in Canada, with a mandate to represent, promote and advance all equine and equestrian interests. 1-866-282-8395 | |

10/18 11/19

Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding! We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.

Info on clinics and events at

9/19 6/16

A charitable equine organization funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthwhile equine causes.

BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION, Contact Carolyn Farris, email 6/20

Fraser Valley’s own ‘grassroots’ club



Bob Watson, President 403-378-4323




or e-mail:

BC RODEO ASSOC., Box 71, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0, Office 250-457-9997,, 10/19 Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!!


12/19 11/18

BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOCIATION (Grand Forks BC), Offering shows, gymkhanas, clinics & more. See us on Facebook, 250-443-3191, 2/20

Interior cutting horse association New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 7/20 KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 2/20 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 9/20


30 • September 2019


LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Mellissa Buckley,, 10/19

Clubs & Associations North OK therapeutic riding assoc. 250-549-0105 Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 7/20 OLIVER & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, Pres: Dawn MacRae 250-689-0156,, Clinics, Summer Show & more, see our FB page 3/20 7/20

100 Mile & District Outriders

7/18 9/20

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. President: Mike Kidston E-mail: ~

PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Calista Collins,, 250899-0830. Info, Gymkhana dates & events at 4/20

SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 9/19 VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 2/20 WELLS GRAY RIDERS ASSOCIATION, (Clearwater BC) www.wellsgrayriders. com, find us on Facebook! Gymkhanas, clinics, trails, drill team & more 2/20 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Amber 250-392-6402, 9/20


WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 4/20

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2019 Events?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE:

Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,


4-8 SPRUCE MEADOWS ‘MASTERS’, Calgary AB, 7 GOLDEN HORSESHOE POKER RIDE, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, info Nancy 250-546-9922 or 7 LCM, West Kelowna BC, Amy Nutt/Heather Bradshaw (12/25/50) 7 CYPRESS HILLS CHILDREN’S WISH RIDE, Reesor Ranch, Maple Creek SK. Join our FB group 'Cypress Hills Wish Ride' or email 7-8 BC MOUNTAIN TRAIL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Sagewood Mountain Trail Course, Kamloops BC, Colleen Meyer 7-8 WORKING EQUITATION Fall Fling Show, Olds AB, 7-8 ROPING CLINIC SUMMER SERIES, Kelowna BC, 7-13 CALGARY (Priddis) AB, Learn equine massage! Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, 10-14 55+ BC GAMES, ‘Equestrian’ at Kelowna Riding Club, Kelowna BC, 13 ALBERTA THOROUGHBRED SALE, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB, 403-229-3609, 13-19 CWHBA NATIONAL TOUR, Stallion Performance Testing for Lifetime approval. Olds AB, Jennette Coote, 14 BDRC Buckle Series Horse Show, Judge: Lillian Evaniew-Phelan, Barriere BC, Darcey 250-318-9975, or on FB 14 BCHBC Robson Valley Chapter Poker Ride, McBride BC, Shelly 403-619-3450, 14 LRS Open English & Western Show, LRS Arena Langley BC, Bethany 604-614-8226,, 14-15 BCCHA HIGHLAND VALLEY FALL SHOW, Highland Valley Arena, Logan Lake BC, Barb 250-398-0503, 14-15 ALL LADIES RODEO & CFB QUALIFIER, The Beach Town Showdown, Peachland BC, Sandy 250-718-2761

14-15 CWHBA NATIONAL TOUR, Breeders Show & Stallion Licencing, Saskatoon SK, Charmaine Bergman, 14-20 EDMONTON AB, Learn equine massage! Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, 15 BDRC GYMKHANA, Barriere BC, Kyra Blackburn 250-214-1924, or on FB 15 LRS Open Jumping Show, LRS Arena, Langley BC, Bethany 604-614-8226,, 15 AERC ‘OVERALL CLASSES’ CLINIC, Armstrong BC, 15-16 MULTI-DISCIPLINE CLINIC w/Lillian Evaniew-Phelan, Barriere & District Riding Club, Barriere BC, Darcey 250-318-9975, email 16 CWHBA NATIONAL TOUR, Stallion Licencing, National Mare Inspection & Riding Horse Test, Olds AB, Jennette Coote, 17-19 ARENA TO TRAIL TRANSITION, working w/obstacles, confidence-building, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, Dawn Ferster 250-808-0738, 20-21 BHA DRESSAGE CLINIC w/Lillian Evaniew-Phelan, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191, 20-21 COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDE, Trapping Creek, Carmi BC, Myrna 250-317-8347,, 21 BEGINNER HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Dawn Ferster, Damarhe Training, Kelowna BC, or 250-808-0738 21 TEAM ROPING SUMMER SERIES, Kelowna BC, 21 CWHBA NATIONAL TOUR, Breeders Show, Mare Inspections, Foal Futurities, Open Foal Class & more. Red Deer AB, Sheri Cameron, 21-22 CARIBOO TRAILS DRIVING TRIALS, 70 Mile House BC,, 250-456-7404 21-27 KAMLOOPS BC, Learn equine massage! Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, 22 ADVANCED HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Dawn Ferster, Damarhe Training, Kelowna BC, or 250-808-0738 22 BHA DRESSAGE RIDE A TEST SCHOOLING SHOW w/Lillian Evaniew-Phelan, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191,



What's Happening? Let's Go! 22 GYMKHANA, Upper Clearwater Arena, Clearwater BC, Michelle 250-256-1800, 22 LRS Games Day, LRS Arena, Langley BC, Bethany 604-614-8226,, 22 CWHBA NATIONAL TOUR, BC Stallion Licencing, Mare Inspections, Foal Futurity, Open Foal class. Marilyn Powell 22 AERC OPEN SHOW, 9 am start, Fairgrounds at Armstrong BC, 24-27 JOSH NICHOL CLINIC, Southwind Ranch, Tappen BC, or 27-28 EQUINE CONFIDENCE & MOUNTAIN TRAIL CLINIC w/Debbie Hughes, Circle Creek, Knutsford BC, Colleen 250-682-1002, 27-28 DIAMOND H TACK TENT SALE, Kelowna BC, 250-762-5631, 27-29 DOUBLE H GYPSY COB SHOW, Fairgrounds, Armstrong BC, Cathy Huber 250-309-1208, 27-30 BC AG EXPO HORSE SHOW, North Thompson Agriplex, Barriere BC, 28 SONORA DESERT DASH, Summerland BC, Brittany Linnett (25/50) BREAKAWAY ROPING & TEAM ROPING, Chevallier’s Arena, Peachland BC, 28 Sandy 250-718-2761,,

28-30 29

COURSE 1: LEADERSHIP & PARTNERSHIP, PG Agriplex, Prince George BC, Tamara 1-888-533-4353,, GYMKHANA & BARREL RACE, Peachland BC, Calista 250-899-0830,,


3-5 COURSE 2: CONFIDENCE CLINIC, Horse In Hand Ranch, Blackfalds AB, Tamara 1-888-533-4353,, 4-5 FALL HORSE SALE, Perlich Bros.Auction Market, Lethbridge AB, 403-329-3101, 4-5 CWHBA FALL CLASSIC BREEDERS SALE, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB, 4-6 ARENA TO TRAIL TRANSITION, working w/obstacles, confidence-building, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, Dawn Ferster 250-808-0738, 5 TEAM ROPING SUMMER SERIES FINALE, Kelowna BC, 5-6 VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB, Gina Allan Clinic, Fort Langley BC,

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Stallions & Breeders 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 8/20

SUNSET RIDGE RANCH km 408 N Klondike Highway, Yukon, 867-332-8832. SS: APHA Leo's Bar Yazhi (homozygous) offspring for sale, 2/20

FOOTNOTE FARM FJORDS (Langley BC), 778-822-3276, Registered imported performance lines 3/20

SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style 12/19

Old Baldy Ranch (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/19

WILDWOOD RANCHES Reg’d Quarter Horses (OK Falls, BC) 250-497-8452 SS: Standing an own son of Frenchmans Guy. 3/20

Rural Roots

8.92 ACRE HOBBY FARM Located in the heart of the Robson Valley, this 2,828 sq. ft. home features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room, farm-style kitchen, a home office, and flex room that is currently used for dog grooming, along with a walkout basement, two covered decks and cold room storage. Suitable for horses, the property is fenced and x-fenced and has a 31’x41’ barn with 2 box stalls and hay storage. There’s also an 18’x32’ garage, fenced garden, chicken coop and playhouse. This is an affordable property in a great rural community in the Rockies. 6652 Read Road, Dunster BC $359,000 MLS® #R2348791 SHELLY BATTENSBY 250-566-1086 RE/MAX Centre City Realty

32 • September 2019


HOBBY FARM FOR SALE This property is set up perfectly for a Hobby Farm with plenty of buildings for hay storage and pastures. Fenced and x-fenced with a 3-stall barn and chicken coop. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. There is a large 32’x40’ shop with mezzanine storage, 200 amp service. The guest cabin has full living quarters for your guests. Virtual Tour online of this custom built home! 6355 Spuraway Road, Forest Grove BC $775,000 MLS® R2331895 CALL TAMARA VAN LOON 250-706-2742 RE/MAX 100 E-mail:

HEY, FOR THE COWBOY AT HEART! This newer attractive southwest style Santa Fe 3 bed/4 bath home is located on 11.4 acres, 20 minutes east of Osoyoos. Ideal horse property with a 4-stall barn (30’x40’), tack room, hay storage and shelter. There are fenced irrigated pastures, a 70’x180’ riding arena, and land for riding just down the road. For the hobbyist, a large 25’x40’ shop. Home has a great view to the east of mountains and valley. Bonus… 9 mile creek crosses the property! Home uses an open floor design with high ceilings and decorated in a western theme. Spanish courtyards surround the home. Duplicate Listing Agriculture #180094. 657 Ravenhill Road, Osoyoos BC $998,000 MLS® 180095 BOB GRANHOLM 250-983-3372 RE/MAX Wine Capital Realty, Oliver BC

Rural Roots

AROSA RANCH ON 160 ACRES Custom built log home with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Currently operating as a B&B with a campground, 9 RV sites (serviced) and a duplex cabin. Horse stables and pasture. Incredible mountain and valley views. 6760 Highway 3, Osoyoos BC $1,395,000 MLS® 177502 - 177504

4.9 ACRE HOBBY FARM Charming Country home with a fabulous view of the valley. Loads of mountain trails from this property. Two horse paddocks and tack room, 24’x36’ work shop, large deck for entertaining, 2 fish ponds, landscaping. Plenty of room to expand. 19837 Kruger Mountain Road, Osoyoos BC $489,000 MLS® 179254

ALLAN TAYLOR 250-498-9886 or 250-495-3873 • RE/MAX Realty Solutions, Osoyoos BC •

more Listings on Next Page 5 ACRES JUST OUTSIDE PEMBERTON BC Beautiful executive home, separate rental/caretaker suite and deluxe 3 stall barn with hay loft, all just minutes from Pemberton. Located in a quiet cul-de-sac within the Owl Ridge Estates subdivision. All aspects of the property have been meticulously maintained and seller is motivated. SWEET!! 1928 Sweetwater Lane, Pemberton BC (reduced by $100K) $1,349,900 MLS® R2385969 FRANK INGHAM 604-230-8167 Royal LePage/Sussex Realty, West Vancouver BC

AMAZING 6.84 ACRE LANDSCAPED PROPERTY Spacious and well-maintained 2,800 sq. ft., 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with attached double garage and single carport. Two main barns; one with 7 oversized in/out stalls (30’x68’), the second barn (64’x34’) offers easy access for hay storage, heated tack room and workshop areas. There is also a 4 box-stall shed row building, and a 12’5”x20’ storage cabin. The property has board and barbed wire perimeter and x-fencing. Acres of pasture, an arena area, and a 2 acre Mountain Trail equine park complete with trestle and suspension bridges. 63405 Yale Road, Hope BC $1,175,000 MLS® #R2380617 DAVID RADMORE, PREC • 604-869-2945 / 1-800-446-5686 Re/Max Nyda Hope BC •

BEAUTIFUL 9.85 ACRE HORSE PROPERTY PRIVATE HOBBY FARM ON 11.9 LEVEL ACRES PRIVATE 4 ACRES WITH 2 HOUSES Only 3 kms from Armstrong, currently operating as a Thoroughbred Ten minutes from downtown Armstrong and located on a quiet no-thru An awesome, quiet and private place to raise a family with an updated 5 Breeding farm. Cute upgraded 3 bed/2 bath farmhouse, as well as a newer 2 lane. So Private! Fabulous set-up for your horses with a riding area, round bedroom home, new 5 stall barn with tack room, riding ring, huge detached bed/2 bath manufactured home for extended family or farm help. Property pen, 8 fenced pastures, shelters, heated auto waterers and water hydrants. heated shop and a second house for guests or mortgage helper! Level and is fenced and x-fenced with a 90’x178’ riding ring, large double-fenced Small barn with hay storage, 2 tie stalls, power and water. Shop with 220 fenced with paddocks for your horses. Main house features a separate stallion pen, 3 grassy paddocks and a large pasture, shelters, auto waters amp, sliding door plus separate tack room with power and water. One level living/dining area and kitchen with family room and nook. Main level and covered round bale feeders. The high producing irrigation well provides ranch-style home with 3 beds/2 baths and wrap-around deck to enjoy the master with ensuite and walk-in closet, plus 2 bedrooms and second bath. ample irrigation water for the entire property. The barn is set up with 6 large farmland views! Many updates since 2015 including new heated concrete The entry level has a large rec/family room, 2 bedrooms, full bath, studio/ stalls, a tack room, feed storage and frost-free water hydrants. This property floors, kitchen sink & faucet, all new appliances too! Master bedroom has an bonus room and laundry/mud room at the garage entrance. Minutes to has great potential for a horsey family or hobby farmer of any type! ensuite with a generous shower. Triple garage with 220 amp service. shopping and schools and only 15 minutes to downtown Vernon! 4338 Salmon River Road, Armstrong BC 4858 Salmon River Road, Armstrong BC 133 Dure Meadow Road, Lumby BC $1,150,000 MLS® 10189651 $809,999 MLS® 10183073 $988,000 MLS® 10187128 For more information contact: RE/MAX PRISCILLA & COMPANY 250-549-7050 ~



Rural Roots 10.38 ACRE HORSE & HAY PROPERTY The 2,249 sq. ft. 3 bed/2 bath Log House is in immaculate condition, with a large view deck to watch over your horses and pastures. Loads of updates including a kitchen remodel in 2015. Five acre alfalfa/ grass mix hay field at the back of the property that gets partial sub-irrigation in the spring. Property is completely fenced and x-fenced including 3 paddocks with shelters, 2 front turnouts and 2 large pastures. There is a 72’x184’ sand arena at the front that has grown back into grass, a 30’x24’ barn with stall, hay loft, power and water hydrant, chicken coop, and a 20’x20’ heated/wired shop with attached wood shed. Move in ready!

RIGHT IN ARMSTRONG ON 41.4 ACRES Truly the only property of its kind and the single largest undeveloped agricultural title within the city, on a sought after cul-de-sac, partly in the ALR. A gorgeous updated 2,796 sq. ft. 5 bed/4 bath home with custom kitchen, and attached 4 car garage. Partially covered deck with sublime views of the valley. Perimeter fenced and x-fenced, 23 acres of sub-irrigated hay land produces 2 cuts of hay, 7 additional acres of workable land. 100’x185’ outdoor riding arena w/livestock pens, a heated insulated 26’x44’ shop w/additional covered 26’x24’, and a machine shed 32’x96’. A fancy 3-stall barn with feed room, heated trophy/tack room, bathroom, hot water tank, separate septic, and a 26’x84’ hay shed with attached loafing barn.

4825 Salmon River Road, Armstrong BC $799,800 MLS® 10187870

3930 Patten Drive, Armstrong BC $2,390,000 MLS® 10185500

81.12 ACRES! TIMBER, HAY, SHOP, SHEDS AND A HOME Sensational one-of-a-kind view. Live off the grid and in comfort! Good producing well and a 24V 9 panel solar system power; house has a 6500W diesel generator for backup with wood stove heat and propane furnace. 72’x45’ insulated, heated and powered shop runs off its own solar system. Productive 7 acre hay field. 24’x32’ hay shed. Flowing creek travels down to lower horse pastures and orchard area, collecting in a pond. Property is newly perimeter fenced in 2016 in 5-strand barbed wire, with cattle guard at entrance. Turn out your horses, graze some cows or grow some hay/crops. Huge TIMBER value here. Borders crown land on 3 sides!

20 ACRES NESTLED AT THE BASE OF HULLCAR MOUNTAIN Live off the grid on quiet no-thru road, 5 bedroom family rancher with spectacular view of the Okanagan Valley. Fully set up for horses, 4 pastures, wood rail fencing, 40’ round pen, 8 stall barn, heated auto waterers, hay/shavings storage, 90’x120’ riding arena, large tack room. Beautifully updated open concept home with vaulted cedar ceilings, big country kitchen, generous bedrooms, large master with walk-in closet & full ensuite, floor to ceiling wrap-around wood burning fireplace. 20’x40’ indoor pool with sauna, exercise room, fully finished basement (inlaw suite?). Entire house heated with wood boiler, including pool and hot water, or use the forced-air back up with heat pump. Good producing well 12GPM, 10 mins to Armstrong or Enderby.

5209 Six Mile Creek Road, Falkland BC $799,800 MLS® 10175801

4250 Frederick Road, Armstrong BC $1,380,00 MLS® 10184928

HORSE HEAVEN ON 20 ACRES WITH 2 HOUSES Main residence features south west styling and western accents with great views from the open kitchen, living & dining area, 4 bedrooms/2 full bathrooms. Second house is a 1 bed/1 bath perfect for family or rental income. Both homes have heat pumps, natural gas furnaces & A/C. Indoor riding arena (80’x120’) has attached heated 5-stall barn with auto waterers, heated wash rack, tack room & feed area. Viewing area over arena and a hay loft. 52’x56’ barn with 6 24’x12’ stalls and a shavings area. 38’x60’ hay shed with lean-to. 4 pasture sheds/shelters. Boasting a 200 US GPM irrigation well, underground mainlines and reel included. 30’x48’ workshop with lean-to. 7.5 acres of irrigated hay fields with remainder in irrigated pasture. 165’ outdoor round pen. 40’ 4 horse automatic walker.

9.05 ACRES - VERY PRIVATE AND QUIET ROAD Minutes from Armstrong. 3 bedroom/2 bathroom log house with fully-finished walkout basement. Gorgeous floor to ceiling stone fireplace. 2 smaller pastures with one large pasture. Property is fenced and x-fenced, mature shade trees for privacy surround the house and both sides of the deck. New hot water tank in 2017. 2014 hay shed measures 24’x36’x10’ high. Scenic pond with a second well next to it. 5-stall horse barn with hay loft and tack stall with direct pasture turnout. Property fronts on Wyatt Road and Knob Hill Road. 45’x23’ log shop/storage area with power.

4358 Lansdowne Road, Armstrong BC $1,998,000 MLS® 10182519

4294 Wyatt Road, Armstrong BC $625,000 MLS® 10183069

REMARKABLE ESTATE PROPERTY ON PRIVATE 20 ACRES Horse boarding or your own private equestrian facility? 60’x120’ heated indoor riding arena with viewing room; 9 stall (1 is a double) heated stable with 3 additional tack-up stalls; a wash station and a bunk house across from the 1-bedroom suite; 98’x20’ loafing shed which could be converted for implement storage or into an additional 5 indoor/outdoor pens; 40’x32’ hay/equipment storage building; a double bay shop (28 x 38); and 7 loafing sheds and adjoining paddocks. Main residence is a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with beautiful original brick work and hardwood, and a masterpiece stone fireplace in the livingroom. Another large bedroom is atop the 2-car carport, ideal for guests or aging kids. The property is supplied by a 40 US GPM well. 4452 Sleepy Hollow Road, Armstrong BC $1,798,000 MLS® 10185217

Realtors your ad could be here Call 1-866-546-9922 for more information 34 • September 2019


For these and other properties contact Russell Armstrong 778-930-0115 Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd., Vernon BC

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Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

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HOWARD JOHNSON INN, Red Deer, 403-343-8444. One minute from Westerner Park. 12/19

Hidez Equine Compression Products Canada Hoods, Ice Compression Socks, Compression Socks, Travel and Recovery Suits, Active Suits Check us out at acebook or call or text 403-704-6417 We will connect you with a rep in your area! 9/20

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BC's Most Complete Veterinary Drugstore

We do Veterinary Compounding

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TURNING POINT RANCH (Pritchard BC) 250-577-3526. Full care, rest, rehab, retirement, geriatric. or see us on Facebook 5/20

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DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-309-0629, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 2/20



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SPRING LAKE GUEST RANCH, (100 Mile House BC) 250-791-5776 Beautiful Ranch on 600 acres & private lake,




Solve Insurance Services Inc.  250-861-3777

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FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT home building CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Co-op Dealer & Pet Foods. You can find us on Facebook 9/20

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DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and more. 10/19

TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (1645 Eagle Rock Rd., Armstrong BC) 250-308-8980, RVs to Horse Trailers. Your Trailer Parts Superstore! 7/20

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BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 8/20 CARLWOODSPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM (Kelowna BC) 250-808-1486, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Cowhorse, Colts started, Farrier service 6/20



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Western & Dressage Coach, Mountain Trail Course Designer. Clinics/private sessions in mountain & standard trail, ground work, round corral, ponying, desensitizing, balanced riding on/off site. Confidence building through patience & respect. RSTER FEcoaching Join us at our indoor/outdoor trail course.

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KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VET Clinic 250-374-1486 Drs Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Robert Mulligan, Heather Pedersen 4/20

WALES EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-258-2299 Drs. Alex Wales and Dr. Susan Wales, 7/20



THE ROCK’N STAR RANCH (Pritchard BC), Horsemanship, Training, Rehab, Clinics, Horse lay-ups, 4/20


JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses®, 1-888-533-4353 9/20 LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLEs (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 6/20 LISA WIEBEN (Bowden AB), Clinics, Training, Lessons, Centered Riding/Western & English Dressage 5/20

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On The Market (Private Sale) FOR SALE

Empresse’s Champagne Raven

(Registration pending) Super gaited, 2019 Tennessee Walking Horse filly with colour

Peruvian Paso Horses Ringstead Ranch, one of Canada’s Largest breeders, now have locations in both Chase, BC and Cayley, AB.

To learn more about this beautiful & unique breed of horse, and for a complete Sales List, please visit our website.

2010 Amber Champagne AQHA Stallion Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Dun It

Asking $2,500 CDN

2007 Sooty Dunalino AQHA Stallion; Sugar Bar, Hollywood Jac 86

Also for sale Cremello, buckskin producing TWH mare Chocolate coloured 2009 TWH mare 2011 Icelandic bay mare

2008 Homozygous Black Tobiano APHA

Horses for Sale/Australian Shepherd Dogs 250-499-6514 12/19

Call or text 204-212-1960 E-mail: (Invermere BC) 403-860-9763




for a single draft horse or large saddle horse

In very good condition, but not fancy enough for shows.

All steel running gear with rubber covered wood wheels. Excellent (mint) condition.

$1,000 OBO

The Peruvian Horse


for a draft horse

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at!

Visit for more Information on this Incredible Breed!

$3,500 OBO

Contact: or call 250-843-7567 (Progress BC)

Contact: or call 250-843-7567 (Progress BC)

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Shop & Swap! We Have the Blues!


2019 Foals will be available sired by:

LBJ Sierras Blue Te | AQHA Blue Roan and his son AW Blue Fire N Te | AQHA Blue Roan

38 • September 2019




Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC)

Local Sales & Service for Southern BC Call or email: Don Bowman  (250) 549-9009 

Shop & Swap! Boarding

Double Delichte Stables

Full Board $325 monthly (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon  250-309-2384 Coldstream, BC 



HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 10/19



Next Ad deadline JUly 5th 11/19

100% Natural Organic 60 Minerals ~ 12 Vitamins ~ 21 Amino Acids Premium Quality Pure Kelp Supplements For All Your Farm Animals & Pets


THE HOME OF Solo-Ride AND OUR Signature Hoodies ®

WWW.ULTRA-KELP.COM 1-888-357-0011 WWW.ULTRA-KELP .COM • TOLL FREE 1-888-357-0011



Leather & Stitches Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles

~ Harness ~ Farrier Supplies ~ Horse/Pet Supplies & Feeds ~ Sure Crop Feed Dealer Deep Creek General Store

The Leather Lady


3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong


29571 Fraser Hwy., Abbotsford, BC

604 856 1988 • 1 877 856 1988 12/19



, 13



26129 - 31b Ave., Aldergrove BC • 604-857-2436

Save your Hay! Save you Money!

BIG BALE BUDDY Round Bale Feeder


Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 email: Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 12/19

EDGE Wholesale Direct


Also Available

3 sizes starting at $109.95  1-866-389-9952

Pleasant Valley Trailer Sales Ltd. Thuro-bilt Renegade 2H Deluxe: $13800 Thuro-bilt 13’ Horse: $10895 Plenty of 5 x 10 LD Panels Available! Trailers, Wire, Corral Panels, Gates, etc: Enclosed,Utility,Equipment,Dump & more! Chicken,No Climb,Cattle,Round Pens and More!

Ph. 250-545-2000 Toll Free 877-476-6558 7885 Highway 97, Vernon, BC V1B 3R9

September 2019


DO IT ALL WITH THE TRACTOR THAT DOES IT ALL. A year round kind of tractor Kubota’s Standard L-Series was built to be versatile. It can transition effortlessly between seasons and tasks with the simple change of an implement. It’s a one-stop-shop kind of tractor. |

40 • September 2019


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