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Lindsey Innes & 13 yr old mare “Thirsty” PureForm Believers for 10 years - With PureForm My Horse Can Fly Lindsey & Thirsty photo credit to Sheila Armstrong

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ur prayers go out to everyone who is affected by the raging fires! And many thanks to all the firefighters and crews working round-the-clock keeping us safe. The countdown is on for the 55+ BC Games being held in the Kimberley/ Cranbrook area September 1115. Good luck to all our horsey friends!!! Next year the Games are in Kelowna. I would like to thank Dr. Marlin Mason for sending in a great article on ‘Recognizing Overheating in Your Horse’… something we should all take note of particularly with the excessive temperatures we all are experiencing. It’s FALL FAIR time… get out there and enjoy! Support your community and thank the volunteers!


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am writing to you in regard to the gradual disappearance of breed shows here in the Lower Mainland and BC in general. As we all are aware, we have each seen a decline in breed numbers, some more than others. We also know that there are economic conditions that seem to be driving this decline, namely the rise in property values here, that has had a domino effect, negatively impacting the Equine Industry. With this in mind, horse show numbers have reached a concerning low, and as such are making it more difficult for not-for-profit clubs to put on single breed shows, and see any profit or to break even. With all this in consideration, we are reaching out to see if there would be any interest in future years, with breed clubs working together in creating combined, multi-breed shows. I do believe that with cooperative efforts, we can all

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work together to elevate interest in our breeds and subsequently bring back the numbers. We can combine our networking and marketing skills to generate more interest with the public. We can also afford the increasingly expensive venues here in the Lower Mainland as we struggle through these challenging times. Please respond at your convenience, and if we do have enough interest, perhaps we can then proceed at planning a meeting, possibly in Autumn, once the show season has concluded. I look forward to hearing from you. - Warm Regards, Peter Morrison,, 604-628-7401 or e-mail



Story and photos by Christa Miremadi

What makes a great horseman or horsewoman? Is it their ability to influence a horse’s behaviour? Is it the way they can mold a horse into a confident, quiet, reliable horse that anyone can ride?


hen we develop our horsemanship skills, what does that mean? Does it mean that we learn how to change a horse and turn it into what we want: a docile, nonspooky, non-reactive and half-dead shadow of what it once was? Or does it mean that we begin a never-ending journey towards understanding the true nature of not only our own horse but all horses, developing our own timing and feel in order to better help the horses we ride to understand what we’re looking for while preserving their natural beauty and spirit? I guess the answer to those questions could be subjective to some but to me, it’s pretty clear. Over the years that I’ve been offering clinics, training horses and teaching horsemanship as the main part of what I do for a living, one thing has become very obvious: many people believe that “horsemanship” is about training and changing their horse, desensitizing, installing buttons and “de-spooking.” The way I see it, they could not be more mistaken! To me, horsemanship is about self-awareness and self-development.

Pinto and Miles working at opposite ends of the bunch as Ginger develops her confidence in Pinto’s support.

The way I see it, a great horseman is someone who understands horses and really, truly gets what motivates them, what makes them tick and can feel and see the slightest changes in their breathing, their eye, their movement or even their skin. Someone who respects their nature and works with it as opposed to trying to change it. Someone who’s able to, much like a master martial artist, blend with the horses they work with, helping them find productive ways of dealing with whatever is causing them to become emotional with the least amount of conflict possible and someone who isn’t afraid to let the horses keep those traits that are at the root of who and what they really are. 6 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Not too long ago, my husband and I had the extreme privilege of attending another stockmanship clinic with our friend, Miles Kingdon. My husband’s Appaloosa mare has had some fear around working with cows and with Miles’ support they made huge changes together over the course of the clinic. Miles has more real life horsemanship experience than anyone else I know. Having acted as either a Working Cowboy, Manager or Cowboss for some of the biggest cattle operations in the country, Miles has gained a ton of knowledge and skill that just wouldn’t be possible to gain without the real, working situations that he’s been exposed to. On top of all the duties involved with the cattle herd itself, he’s been in charge of putting together remudas (building the herds of horses that the cowboys will rely on), assigning the right horses to the right cowboys, buying young horses, raising them, starting the colts and bringing along the older horses who were already in place and started by someone else. All of this while getting his cattle-related jobs done from the backs of these horses! Perhaps the toughest part of the job was solving issues as they cropped up on whatever horse he was on at that time, despite the bad habits that might be present in horses who were started or ridden poorly in the past. These issues might include fixing a busted fence, looking after injured or sick cattle, dealing with dangerous predators or simply trailing hundreds of cattle (1600-1800 yearlings plus a couple hundred cow/calf pairs) at a time - sometimes up to 14 miles a day for branding, turnout, weaning, etc. For all of the things I’ve mentioned above and more, Miles has been inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame as well as been asked to judge at various Ranch Rodeos, The Trainers Challenge at the Mane Event year after year and the Skills of the Rancho in California. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity just to watch a man with this much experience interact with his horse let alone actually learn directly from him! One of the opportunities we had during the stockmanship

Miles in the midst of the cattle.

My husband Pinto and his Appy mare Ginger working alongside Miles for support as Ginger deals with her anxiety and Pinto helps her through a rough spot. clinic we attended was to watch Miles as he prepared his horse for the day ahead. As he looked over his horse and talked about what he was seeing and what it meant to him, he pointed out his horse’s slightly jumpier nature and talked about “de-sensitizing” and what his thoughts were about that. Basically, as I listened to him, my understanding was that this was his horse’s personality and he would not want to change that. He appreciated the differences of this horse from others, what made him an individual, as well as the protection that his horse’s sense of self-preservation offered them both in real life situations. It was a refreshing and reassuring perspective and one I can relate to entirely. If Miles Kingdon, with all his real life experience wouldn’t want to take that nature away from his horse, it certainly made me more confident in my own stance on this subject. I believe it’s our responsibility as a horseman/horsewoman to learn to work with our horse rather than take away those parts of the horse that we don’t like. Too often I see people attempting to desensitize, dull down or alter the way their horse reacts. They expect that when they come for horsemanship lessons with their horse it’ll be their horse who changes and who will learn to behave differently but more often than not, it’s not the horse who needs to change. I’ve missed out on a ton of potential clients over the years by telling them that I can’t/won’t make their horse less spooky but that I can help them to learn to deal with the things that scare them in a more productive way. Horses are flight animals of prey. They get scared. It’s what has kept them alive for millions and millions of years and that flighty, nervous energy that so many people want to change is their strongest, most deeply ingrained instinct. It is at the very core of what a horse is! But what is so very inspiring and significant about horses is that despite this fact, despite their nature and their strongest survival instincts, a relationship can be developed that

Pinto and Ginger finding their groove together as they face the cows alone.

will be so strong that they will literally run headlong into battle for their partner! They’ll march into a writhing herd of cattle despite their anxiety or plunge into a raging river when asked but also have the good sense and firmly implanted survival instinct to save your butt when you make a mistake (which we all do). When armed with good horsemanship, a person can do incredible things with a fully intact, real and spirited horse. To me, a great horseman doesn’t try to change what a horse is. He or she understands their needs and supports their natural responses, guiding them towards a desired response with exquisite timing, impeccable feel and a great deal of trust and skill. To me, horsemanship is the art of developing the feel, timing and awareness in one’s self in order to avoid causing the issues that create anxiety and confusion in both our horses and ourselves and to guide, direct and support our horses, as they are, through any number of challenges. Christa Miremadi has been working with horses since 1984, and is a partner and facility manager in her family business in Langley, Silver Star Stables, where she also provides riding instruction and conducts horsemanship clinics. Christa is dedicated to creating harmony and building relationships between horses and humans through compassionate communication, and to strengthening partnerships by sharing the horse’s point of view. (See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

Ken Buck,

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October C H I L L I W A C K


19 - 21

2018 165+ TRADE












Trainers Challenge Advance Tickets Advance Tickets are on sale for the 15th Annual event. Order your tickets online and SAVE $$$! Tickets are available at the door also.

The crowd pleasing Trainers Challenge returns to see 3 top trainers try their hand at breaking 3 horses from Rocking Heart Ranch Severin Pederson Jason Irwin Evan Bonner

Clinician Line-Up George Morris - Jumping Shannon Dueck - Dressage Glenn Stewart - Horsemanship Doug Mills - Problem Horses Steve Rother - Horsemanship Jonathan Field - Special Guest Appearance

(844) 578-7518 8 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Evan Bonner

Come celebrate 15 Years of the Mane Event at Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC October 19–21, 2018!


e are bringing back a lot of your favourite trainers and clinicians as well as some new faces for our celebration. Returning are George Morris, Steve Rother, Glenn Stewart, and Doug Mills plus special guest speaker, Jonathan Field, who will be doing a lecture on Saturday afternoon and a Q&A session with George Morris on Sunday. Joining in will be Shannon Dueck, a former BC native and daughter of Jacquie Oldham, who will be presenting the Dressage sessions. We also have some great presenters signing up to offer some new topics. Watch our website for additional clinicians and these presentations as they are announced.

they work with the horses from the Rocking Heart Ranch of Alberta. Also, new this year is the draw for a semiprivate lesson with George Morris before the expo opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Contact us at for information on purchasing an opportunity to win one of these spots. Don’t forget the great shopping and information booths – come check out all the vendors on the website. We have some new vendors and are pleased to welcome back many others, and some that have missed a few years are also returning. Don’t forget the Saturday night Equine Experience, we have trick riders, liberty demonstrations, drill teams and more equine entertainment coming. For new attendees the Mane Event is 3-days of equine education, clinics, presentations,

lectures and demonstrations plus shopping, entertainment and a great place to meet old friends. All events are indoors, parking is by donation and tickets are available in advance AND at the door. Camping is available on-site and can be booked on the Mane Event website page.

Severin Pederson

Dynamint Equine ALL NATURAL SOOTHING LOTION for SORE or STRAINED MUSCLES & JOINTS Jason Irwin The clinic application page is open until September 17, 2018 so if you are interested in riding with any of our clinicians please visit the website for more information. Come ride with George Morris, Shannon Dueck, Steve Rother, Glenn Stewart, Doug Mills plus a barrel racer to be announced shortly. If you have a problem horse that won’t load, walks off when you try to mount/dismount, won’t back up or has other issues, we want you to apply for the sessions with Doug. Also, don’t forget that youth riders are invited to apply to ride in the Youth Pro-Am competition on Friday evening. The Youth Pro-Am competition is free to ride in and all competitors receive a prize. We are pleased to announce the competitors for the Trainers Challenge this year are: Severin Pederson from Vancouver Island, Evan Bonner from Washington, and Jason Irwin from Ontario. Come and cheer on these trainers as

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By Glenn Stewart

We have all heard that it is the release that teaches. However, there needs to first be a contrasting stimulation in order for the release to be meaningful, otherwise it is very hard to give the release in the first place.


fter the horse offers a try, allowing him time to rest and relax can be a release, as is sometimes allowing the horse to move. Rubbing or stroking the horse in a way the horse appreciates can be a release; these concepts have great value to the horse and are much needed and appreciated if they have been physically and/or mentally stimulated. When and if you are using a rub as a release, it has to be done like you mean it. Sometimes you may only be mentally stimulating the horse because you didn’t ask them to move their feet. In those times when you do ask a horse to move their feet, it should be to mentally stimulate them, not to play them out. We should always be striving to create a calmer, braver, smarter horse; not one that is just tired. The key to this is to be sure to stimulate the growth in the horse mentally and physically. It is not possible to rub a horse smart or brave. It can become a reward for them if done at the right time and feel. If you think about someone following you around the house rubbing your back, where ever you went, for no particular reason. Your back isn’t sore, but it is starting to get sore


Gooseneck Surge • Works in a front back action to

absorb jerking and jarring on tough roads. • Great for horse trailers, flatbeds and construction trailers.

10 • SEPTEMBER 2018

and a blister from all the rubbing. On the other hand, if you were picking rocks all day, trimming horses, or weeding the garden, a nice massage might be very welcomed. If you have been standing in one spot for a half hour and someone comes along and says, “Hey why don’t you stand still for another half hour?” it might be torture rather than pleasure. Again, on the other hand, if you had been climbing a mountain for the last three hours and someone says, “Let’s sit down and take a half hour breather,” it would have some real value. Most horses enjoy a good rub, but many don’t. The dislike of being rubbed can be very obvious with horses that have not been handled much with no trust or understanding established yet. Being that they are prey animals, and we are predators, it is not high on their list in the beginning. It is possible that horses that have been handled plenty may not really enjoy a rub or rest, because they haven’t been stimulated mentally or physically and all the standing around and/ or rubbing just becomes an annoyance. Another example of what I’m trying to explain is if you offer a piece of pie to someone that


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just finished supper, ate too much and has already had two pieces of pie and you offer them more, it doesn’t have the value as it would to someone that hasn’t had any pie for months and is still hungry from supper. Asking a horse to do the same thing over and over when they already understand the exercise and have been doing it for a year is not stimulating for them unless you are somehow asking them to improve how they are doing that exercise. A rest for a horse when they are looking for one is a release. A rub when they are looking for one is a release. A well-timed rub or rest after a horse has been physically and mentally stimulated becomes somewhat of an addiction for them and something they look for and crave rather than something they have to put up with. Create a trying horse by mentally and physically stimulating them and then offering them the contrast that they are looking for. With the correct amount of ingredients mixed together it is nothing short of amazing the speed in which horses can learn. It is equally amazing how very little change there can be, when components are missed or in short supply. Glenn Stewart travels internationally conducting clinics and horsemanship demonstrations. The 2018 clinic season will include Austria, Costa Rica, Brazil, United States, and throughout Canada. He will be presenting at the Mane Event in Chilliwack this fall. Glenn offers year-round Horsemanship Courses at his home in Fort St. John. The Horse Ranch is currently accepting bookings for Front Row Seating, Summer Camps, High & Wild, and Brazil. For additional information, call 1-877-728-8987, or visit (See his listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)



By Marnie Somers, CQHA,


he AQH Youth World Cup was hosted in Bryant/College Station, Texas from June 28-July 8, 2018. Nineteen countries, including Canada, supported youth teams to compete in cutting, reining, western horsemanship, trail, ranch riding, hunt seat equitation, hunter under saddle and showmanship, and the final results are now in the record books. The Youth World Cup is more than just a competition - it offers a chance for international American Quarter Horse enthusiasts to learn from the industry’s leading riders and trainers. Visit the CQHA website for more historical background on this prestigious international event. A major initiative of the CQHA is to field youth teams for these Youth World Cup competitions held in different countries every second year (even numbered years). Ten well-qualified youth participants were selected from applications received from across Canada for Team Canada 2018. Competition horses are supplied by the host country and teams draw for mounts from the supplied pool. The Team Canada Youth members were: (riders) Hannah Buijs, 17, from Lisle ON; Ellie Gerbrandt, 14, from Roberts Creek BC; James Heitzner, 17, from St. Clements ON; Alexandra Hibberd, 18, from Calgary AB; and Mackenzie Inksater, 17, from Roberts Creek BC; (alternate riders) Cassidy Cressman, 15, from Belleville ON; and Madison Holmes, 16, from New Glasgow NS; (leadership members) Kylie Bond, 16, from Warren MB; Darla Leroux, 17, from Sudbury ON; and Abby Schapp, 15, from Midland ON. The 2018 Team Canada Coach and Manager were Coach Della Cryderman from Murillo ON, and Manager Karen Westerback from Thunder Bay ON, who also served Team Canada as Coach and Manager during AQH Youth World Cup events in 2008, 2010, and 2014.

12 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Team Canada Youth Members with their 2018 YWC Medals Team Canada collectively earned 110 total points and tied for second place overall with Team Germany. However, when the tie-breaker rule was applied (i.e. the team with the highest number of class wins) Team Germany had two and Team Canada had one, so Team Germany was awarded silver and Team Canada bronze medals. Team USA won gold medals with 191 points. Other international countries competing were: Team Australia with 96 points in fourth position and Team Italy with 84 points in fifth position; Teams Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, France, Luxembourg, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Paraguay and Belgium. Representing Canada at international events such as this one, is a costly initiative and Team Canada members and their families are each responsible for fund-raising a portion of their travel expenses. Team Canada appreciates the many generous sponsors who stepped up to the plate. For more information about Team Canada 2018 and/or the AQH Youth World Cup itself, visit the CQHA’s website. The CQHA Board of Directors congratulates the entire 2018 youth team, coach and manager, their sponsors, and support groups both on-site and back at home, for their cumulative contributions to these outstanding results. Team Canada members were all great ambassadors for Canada and CQHA. As always, we are very proud of you! You represent the future of our industry!

Manager Karen Westerback and Coach Della Cryderman

2017 er of the Year Employ

Proud Community Sponsor MAKE YOUR MARK


P: 250.542.6293

TF: 1.855.590.6293



By Lisa Wieben and Birgit Stutz Photos by Lisa Wieben. Rider Jacklyn Hegberg and ‘Maverick’.

In this article, we are discussing another warm-up exercise that will help your horse become more focused, supple, and responsive to your aids. This exercise also creates more impulsion by getting the horse to move more off its hind end.


efore attempting this exercise you should already know how to ride a leg yield. The leg yield is a basic lateral exercise in which the horse travels both forward and sideways at the same time. Just as the name of it implies, it teaches the horse to move sideways, or yield, away from the rider’s leg pressure. The leg yield benefits as both a suppling and straightening exercise, therefore improving a horse’s balance. The horse will also develop more swing and stretch as he develops more suppleness. It also teaches the rider how to use his/ her aids independently and bring the horse properly into the outside rein. We covered how to properly execute a leg yield in the February 2017 issue of Saddle Up. In this exercise the rider will yield the horse from the track or wall toward the centre of the arena and then perform a half circle back to the track or wall maintaining the same bend. Inside and Outside refers to the horse’s bend, not to inside or outside of the ring. * Start the warm-up exercise by tracking right in a working jog, sitting or posting. * As soon as you turn onto the long side and achieve straightness change the horse’s bend from right bend to left bend by using the left leg to create left bend through the rib cage by pressing at the girth and gently applying the left rein for slight flexion. The left rein will stay off the horse’s neck with consistent light pressure. Remember to turn your seat and body slightly in the direction of the horse’s bend toward the wall. * Ask your horse to leg yield off the wall. The horse will be bent around the rider’s pressing leg. Imagine the bend of a banana. Apply your inside leg at or slightly behind the girth, depending on the level of your horse’s training, in timing with the horse’s swing of the barrel (apply leg pressure as the barrel swings away from the inside leg as this is the timing when the inside hind leg is moving forward and can cross over). * Sit tall with eyes forward and shoulders parallel to the horse’s shoulders. Shift your weight very slightly in the direction of travel (leg yield to the right, shift right). The horse will balance under the rider’s weight. Shifting in the direction of travel will aid the horse to the direction as well as creating lightness on the rider’s inside hip, aiding the horse to bring his inside hind up and forward. * Your outside leg is positioned slightly behind the girth of the horse in order to keep the forward energy and to prevent the horse from 14 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Nice bend through the circle to return to the wall. Inside hind is stepping under the body well. going sideways too quickly, or to prevent the hip from leading the movement. The outside leg does not apply a steady pressure, but is ready if needed, lightly on the horse’s side. * The outside rein is a supporting rein and guides the horse into the direction of travel, while also preventing the horse from over bending through his neck and bulging through the outside shoulder. Use half-halts to maintain straightness and rhythm. Half-halts will also be needed if the horse gets rushing or pushy. To attain a quicker sideways action you will need more outside rein to slow the forward movement and take it sideways. When the horse is a few strides past the quarter line, start a half circle back toward the wall, then track left when you reach the wall. The horse will already be bent in the direction of the turn. * Use your inside leg to maintain bend and prevent the horse from falling in. The outside leg will maintain impulsion. * The inside rein will stay off the neck slightly and maintain the bend, without pulling. The outside rein will be supporting the amount of bend needed for the size of the half circle and will also prevent the horse from falling in, when used in conjunction with the inside leg. * The rider’s seat will turn in the direction of the half circle - outside hip toward the horse’s inside ear. * You can add a degree of difficulty by pushing the horse’s hips out on the half circle by moving the inside leg back. The rider will need more outside rein to keep the horse’s shoulders on the circle as the hips move out. * When you reach the wall, track left, then repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. The horse should remain relaxed in its gaits, without speeding up or slowing down. This is a wonderful warm-up exercise to create suppleness and looseness in the horse as well as responsiveness and obedience to the rider’s aids. Lisa Wieben is passionate about working with riders and helping them develop a partnership with their horses through increased awareness and understanding of biomechanics. Her specialty is working with riders of all levels and ages who experience pain, tightness, and loss of flexibility to gain balance and greater freedom of movement. A balanced rider equals

Moving away from the wall. Horse is bent around riders pushing leg and rider’s body matches the bend of the movement. a balanced horse. She is located in Mountain View County, Alberta. www. As an Irwin Insights Level 4 Master Certified trainer and coach, Birgit Stutz helps riders of all levels and backgrounds advance their horsemanship skills by developing personal and situational awareness, focusing on indepth understanding of equine behaviour, body language, psychology

Moving away from the wall and preparing for the circle back to the wall and biomechanics. Driven by her passion for both equine welfare and performance, Birgit believes that facilitating effective communication between horse and rider is an approach that fulfills our responsibilities to the horse and elicits great results. (See their listings in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)



By Dr. Marlin Mason DVM, Accord Veterinary Services

Overheating can be a serious problem in horses, even in conditioned athletes that are acclimated to local climate and weather conditions. More often this is an issue in summer with warm, humid weather; yet it can occur at all times of the year. It can also be a major concern in transported horses, even on short hauls.


s in any species, overweight horses are more prone to overheating. Any sort of breeze, even those supplied artificially with fans can help to cool down your horse due to convection cooling with sweating and the subsequent heat loss during drying. To determine if your horse is at risk for overheating monitor your horses’ basic health parameters such as respiratory rate (RR), heart rate (HR), rectal temperature (RT), capillary refill time (CRT), skin tent test (STT) and attitude, response to external stimuli. In order to recognize abnormal health parameters in your horse you have to first know what is normal in your horse. You can miss more for not looking versus not knowing. Know what the norm is in your horse in the variable conditions and circumstances. Evaluating Health Parameters in your Horse 1. Start with their RR by observing their abdomen rise and fall. Normal RR will vary depending on how fit your horse is. Know what the norm is for your horse in various conditions. Increased respiratory rate is normal after exercise and should decrease within a few minutes of the activity stopping. If your horse continues to breathe heavily, this may be of concern.

16 • SEPTEMBER 2018


2. Taking a temperature rectally with a thermometer is also useful. A large animal thermometer is preferred (ask your Vet), smaller thermometers give less accurate readings but will do if that is all you have. Make sure you insert the thermometer safely and correctly to get an accurate reading. (Ask your Vet). The thermometer should remain in place for at least 2 minutes for a good representative reading. Temperatures elevated above 37.5-38.5 C after cool down or at rest if out on pasture would justify a call to your veterinarian. 3. Overall attitude can relay how a horse is feeling. An overheating horse may be uninterested in their surroundings, hanging their head, or not willing to eat grass or feed that’s offered.

CRT in the HORSE 5. Evaluating Hydration in your Horse. This can be done by doing a skin tent test (STT) in your horse. Pinch the skin up and hold for a moment and then release the pinched skin. Normally the skin should return to the former position in 2-3 seconds. Longer times are suggestive of a degree of dehydration, consult your Vet. The STT can be done in the neck area, at the point of the shoulder or even on the upper eyelid. Results will vary with the age of the horse as well as skin and hair type. 6. Heart Rate Evaluation in the Horse. Once more the normal HR in the horse can vary

Indifferent Attitude in a Horse 4. Capillary refill time is checked by pressing a finger against the gums or gingiva above the front or corner incisor teeth to cause the colour to fade and return. Normal colour should be light pink to pink. After the gingiva is pressed colour should return in less than 2-3 seconds. Also take note of how much moisture is present when touching your horse’s gums, as tacky or dry gingiva can relate to the hydration status of the horse.

Shoulder STT in the Horse

depending on how fit the horse is. The typical HR can be from 32 to 36-40 beats per minute (bpm). In really fit horses the HR may be as low as 28 bpm. Know what is normal for your horse. The HR in the heat stressed or dehydrated horse will usually be elevated and not return to normal levels with rest. The HR can be determined by listening over the heart with a stethoscope. If a stethoscope is not available or you have difficulty in hearing a heart beat the facial artery can be palpated to determine the HR. Either way, count the number of beats or pulsations for a count of 15 seconds and times by 4 to get the bpm. Practice both ways so you are confident and know the resting normal of your horse.

Palpating the Facial Artery in the Horse To cool an overheating horse, start with hosing them off with cool water or a sponge bath with cool water. Avoid using ice cold water as this may be a shock to the horse’s system and result in aversion behaviour to the hose and/or sponging, be gentle. After a cool bath or hosing, be sure to remove the excess water from the coat using your hand or a sweat scraper. Excessive water can trap heat and act in an insulating fashion, rather than continuing to cool the temperature down. If possible placing the horse in a shaded area with a cool breeze

Working horses or those that are sweating in hot weather can benefit from electrolyte supplementation even if they have a mineral block available. Options for supplementation include regular salt (sodium chloride) or light salt (potassium chloride) added to grain, water, or offered free choice. No more than 2 tablespoons per day should be added to grain for a full-sized horse. If electrolyte water is offered, regular water should be available at all times as well. Horses that are used to salt blocks and licks should be gradually transitioned to loose salt over 1-2 weeks to prevent over consumption. Another option is top dressed electrolyte mixes (Doc’s choice at Accord Veterinary Services is Quench Lyte powder) or oral pastes that are commercially available. Top dressing the electrolytes has the added advantage of knowing what and when your horse(s) is getting the needed electrolytes. This may be more important in horses that are on the road a lot versus at home in the pen or on pasture. IMPORTANT: Whatever product you chose make sure the product is formulated specifically for horses. Dog, goat, pig or cow electrolyte formulations will not do for your horse(s) as the horse has specific requirements. Talk to your Vet. IMPORTANT: If your horse does not show signs of sweating during conditions where they would normally be expected to, they may have a more severe condition occurring called anhidrosis, the inability to sweat and may require immediate veterinary care and attention. If you have any concerns, or are not sure, call your Vet. STAY COOL AND FULLY HYDRATED DURING THIS SUMMER’S HEAT WAVE. (See his listing in our Business Services section under VETERINARIANS)

Cooling off/down, be gentle – enjoy! or fan will compliment and continue the cooling down process. Also, if possible, offer free choice, fresh, cool water for drinking. After exercise small drinks of water are preferred during cool down. Do not allow your horse to gulp large amounts of cold water as this may result in a colic-like situation. Note… many horse trailers today come equipped with water misters and fans if you can afford these options. If you do not have these accessories then stop and cool water hose or sponge your horse(s) more often. Plan ahead, leave earlier so your horse is in optimal performance condition when you get there. Good for both of you. Sweating is the natural way for horses to cool body temperature down. Along with loss of water, horses loose important electrolytes in their sweat. These electrolytes are minerals such as potassium, chloride, sodium and smaller amounts of calcium, and magnesium. SEPTEMBER 2018


By Vicki McKinnon

If you have been reading my articles in Saddle Up you know that this is the fourth of what I call my 5 C’s. Courage is defined as ‘the ability to control or face your fear in a difficult or dangerous situation’. For most people who do not have horses, just choosing to be around these large animals is an act of courage.


hey hear about us getting stepped on, bit, kicked, getting thrown off and the various other things that can happen around our horses and all they see is the potential to get hurt. They usually think we are either crazy or the bravest person they know. Most of my friends lean to the crazy side. I think that courage as it relates to our lives with our horses changes over time. As a young rider, courage is about overcoming your fear of the horse, the riding instructor, the show ring and of course that ‘first’ fall. The love and passion we have for horses is more than enough to see us through any of these little hurdles. As we get older, courage becomes about keeping horses in our lives when everyone else we know is focusing on career, family, being successful and all that other stuff. We chose instead to continue to spend lots of money and time on keeping our horses or tried to keep our horses and do all of the above. By now we are beginning to understand that the horse is an important part of our health and well-being. With any luck we get to 50...60 years old and some of us are still competing, but more of us have gone on to mostly recreational riding. By now our horses are more often our companions and confidantes than our ride. Courage is something very different now. It might be that old injuries mean that courage is just getting up in the saddle again. Somehow we feel more fragile and vulnerable. We either know from experience or sense that we won’t bounce back quite so quickly if we hit the ground. It could be that courage is the ability to face the critics that question our sanity because we still keep horses even if ‘we are not really doing anything with them anymore’. Fortunately getting older also means we listen to those people less and what we

know is good for us more. Courage is also about trying new methods, styles and attitudes in our way of being with our horses. When I began to learn about liberty and relationship with my horses I felt like a novice all over again. It made me question everything I had been taught in the past about how to be with our horses and opened my eyes and heart to a more cooperative approach. It has helped create and nurture mutual trust with my horses which gave me the courage to overcome the fear of another injury and rediscover the joy that still exists on the other side of that fear. So having the courage to try something new and different gave me the courage to continue doing what I love. I invite and challenge you to find the courage to incorporate my C’s into your daily life with your horse(s) and your people. • Try to nurture an authentic connection. • Try to communicate clearly and learn to listen, really listen. • Show compassion to all living beings. • Find the peace in doing nothing. Try to be the kind of person your horse would spend time with by choice not just because they have to. About Vicki: I have raised and trained Morgan horses for over 40 years. I know that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person and my passion is sharing the valuable lessons horses have taught me with others. I offer introductory sessions and weekend clinics for groups of 2-4 people. Sessions are held at my farm in Blind Bay in the Shuswap. (See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

18 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Jandana Ranch

30 minutes from Kamloops at beautiful Pinantan Lake Just come to relax... Lake view Guest Cottages and RV campground Horsemanship Clinics, Kids Camps and much more! 250-573-5800 • Inspiration • Education • Fun! • By Kelly Coughlin Photos courtesy of Kirsty Wilson

Landowners, horse and hound enthusiasts, we can bring the Hunt to you!


hrough the fall and winter months the Fraser Valley Hunt Club meets every Saturday at various private farms and estates ranging from Lynden Washington to Merritt to Pemberton. We are looking to expand our territory to allow more people to enjoy the sport and spectacle of riding to hounds. Corn fields, hay fields, riverbanks, wooded trails, and range land can all be appropriate to mount a foxless drag hunt consisting of 3-5 runs over 2-3 hours. We can cobble together a route with some roadwork to hack from run to run. If you have suitable territory we will come and put up the portable jumps a few days before and take them away afterwards and you will receive a free pass to join us on that day’s hunt. We can ensure that all new/novice riders go out with a slower paced hill-topper group. All jumps are optional to ride and western riders can join in too! Pony Clubbers and junior riders are especially welcome. Spectators and photography buffs are welcome to follow along in car caravans, and all meet for ‘breakfast’ at the end of the hunt. If you think you might have appropriate territory for our use, please contact Mr. Aar Koeman 604-835-0845, or send us a message from our website Tally Ho!



Capacity crowds filled the Nutrien Western Event Centre at this year’s Calgary Stampede, to watch the Heavy Horse Show, forcing fair officials to close the building’s entrance to ensure the crowd’s safety.


pectator interest has never been greater, as the Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons and Shires were shown in halter and in harness, where rousing background music was provided by members of Calgary’s Philharmonic Orchestra. This year’s draft horse judges were Logan Behn of Rochport, Illinois; Cal Lipsett, Jr. of Schomberg, Ontario and Jim Pareo of Veguita, New Mexico. Highlights of the Calgary Stampede’s popular event follow.

Lancliffe Master, the 13-year-old, English-bred Shire, that was Supreme Champion Shire, Grand Champion Shire Gelding for Arlin Wareing, Wareing Shires, Blackfoot, Idaho. This imported horse was also a repeat winner.

Paramount Sass Jordan, the yearling Percheron filly, bred and exhibited by Dr. David Bailey, Paramount Percherons, Madden, Alberta, was the Supreme Champion Percheron and Grand Champion Percheron Mare. The Canadian Clydesdale Queen pictured with the three bumble bees and the Clydesdale flower. The Rockers, the entry of Jason Hill, Kingpin Farms of Oshweken, Ontario, tied for first place in Calgary’s popular costume class.

This year’s World Champion Six Horse Hitch was exhibited by Bryce Smith, Double S Belgians, of Menan, Idaho. Kyle Forsyth, his Manitoba-born teamster, has the stepping turnout in hand.

20 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Willow Way Quella, the invincible 2-year-old filly, bred and exhibited by Allan & Wes Gordeyko, Willow Way Farm, Ohaton, Alberta, was Best of Show, Supreme Champion Clydesdale and the Grand Champion Clydesdale Mare, for the second year at Calgary. Equine Infectious Anemia Testing - Points of View s a result of the number of positive Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) cases recently diagnosed across Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is proposing a new National EIA Disease Control Program. They asked the industry to give them feedback in regards to mandatory testing. The CFIA has been collaborating with provincial, territorial and equine industry representatives, among others, over the past few years to develop a new approach to address program issues. One of the main issues has been the low volume of owner-requested testing (surveillance) among western Canada equine owners, even though many positive cases of EIA have been identified in that area. If support is received, the CFIA will proceed with planning the implementation of this program. Review the proposed National Equine Infectious Anemia Disease Control Program, or contact the CFIA directly to have your say.

Rocky View County AB. This is an annual Sale and Stallion Auction. More info at Fall Classic Breeders’ Sale - October 5th & 6th, 2018 (Westerner Park, Red Deer AB) The Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association presents the Fall Classic Breeders’ Sale on an annual basis each autumn. This is an elegant event, held in the European tradition, presenting and offering some of the finest Warmblood Horses for sale by auction! The dream became a goal, then more and more of the Alberta breeders caught the enthusiasm for the project, and the Alberta Fall Classic Breeders’ Sale launched in 1995. The event has continued onward and upward ever since. The breeders and consignors have continually increased the quality and training offered. Horses purchased from this Sale have gone on to perform for their new owners. For more info visit

Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association Sale The 2018 Canada QH Cup Yearling and Mixed Sale takes place Friday, September 21 at Century Downs Racetrack and Casino in

SUMMER TACK SALE! Aug 3rd-Sep 30th



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Equestrian Canada Equestre | Photos: Cealy Tetley, Canada Exits NAYC 2018 with Heads Held High (and heavy with Medals!)


he 2018 Adequan/FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC) presented by Gotham North, held dressage and jumping from July 31 to August 5 in North Salem, NY. NAYC Eventing 2018 was held July 18-22 in Kalispell, MT. Held annually, NAYC is a world-class equestrian competition that provides athletes between the ages of 12 and 21 with the opportunity to represent their country in a team format. This year’s event included the FEI disciplines of dressage, eventing and jumping, and welcomed athletes from Canada, the United States and Mexico. Chase Robertson hits her stride with Freestyle Gold Medal Hot on the heels of her bronze medal performance on August 4, Chase Robertson of Calgary AB, left it all on the centre line to bring home the gold in the Dressage Junior Rider Freestyle. She directed Teresa van Lambalgen’s 15-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Winsome (Obelisk x Wolfgang) through an uplifting routine, scoring 73.775% for the win. She was joined on the Freestyle podium by fellow Individual Competition medalists, US Region 4’s Bianca Schmidt, who took silver with Lou

Heart on a score of 71.905%, and Caroline Garren of US Region 3, who earned bronze riding Bell Angelo to a score of 71.490%.

Beatrice Boucher earns distinction of Most Decorated NAYC 2018 Dressage Athlete With two medals already under her belt, Beatrice Boucher of Saint-Dominique QC, continued her remarkable run at NAYC 2018 with a silver medal in the Dressage Young Riders Freestyle. She and Gilles Bergeron’s 15-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Delfiano (sired by Del Piero), captured the judges’ attention with a striking performance, earning a score of 72.800%.

Chase Robertson and Winsome “I really came here just to get experience with my horse because I’ve only had him for a little over a year, and I wanted to make it a positive experience,” said Robertson. “I wasn’t expecting to walk away with a bronze or even a gold medal; I just wanted to grow and strengthen our relationship. I worked so hard and it’s so emotional – never in my wildest dreams did I expect a gold medal.”








Beatrice Boucher


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Jenny Jelen riding His Querido.

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“My mother is my coach, and I have to thank her and my best friend, Camille, for everything that’s happened,” said Boucher. “I’m also forever grateful to Naima Moreira Laliberté, who gave me the music to compete with. Just being here and being able to do the Freestyle is already a big step, so I was like, ‘Let’s just do our best and we’ll see what happens - be a team, and do that together,’ and it worked really well!” Canada’s One-Two Jumping Punch: Olivia Stephenson wins Gold and Charlotte McLaughlin takes Silver Coming off a gold-medal finish in the Team Competition on August 3, the Canadian Children’s jumping athletes proved their mettle one last time in the Individual Final. Olivia Stephenson of Calgary AB, maintained her composure to earn the individual gold medal riding Chaccana (Chacco Blue x Kannan), an 11-year-old Oldenburg mare owned by Tomboy Farms, with Charlotte McLaughlin of Ottawa ON, following close behind in the silver medal position riding her 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Bronan.

Charlotte McLaughlin (l) and Olivia Stephenson

“Chaccana is 12 years old, like me,” said Stephenson. “She’s more quick when you gallop and not as much on the inside turns, which is where I put all my focus on today in the jump-off, and I think that’s what got us to the top. I just tried to stay focused on what I knew I could do, and I feel really honoured to represent Canada. The support from all the parents, teammates and supporters was a huge thing for us.” “Representing Canada has always been a dream of mine,” said McLaughlin. “Being able to have gold earlier this week and silver today was something that I never thought could happen.” Dressage Young Riders capture Gold in Team Competition The Canadian Dressage Young Riders Team provided sunshine on a rainy day with a gold medal finish for Team Quebec/ Alberta, comprised of Rakeya Moussa of Edmonton AB, Camille Carier Bergeron of Mascouche QC and Beatrice Boucher of Saint-Dominique QC. The team earned an impressive score of 210.145 despite competing at a disadvantage – as the only team competing with three riders instead of four, they did not have the luxury of a drop score.

(l to r): Camille Carier Bergeron, Rakeya Moussa, Beatrice Boucher

NAYC Eventing held July 18-22, 2018, in Kalispell MT Tosca Holmes-Smith of Chase BC, was the sole representative of the maple leaf with a top-10 finish in the CICO-Y2* division partnered with Tom Riddle, a 12-year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by her mother, Ali Holmes-Smith, and sired by Towkay. Holmes-Smith kicked off the competition on July 19, earning a score of 36.0 in the dressage phase for an initial placing of ninth. The following day, Holmes-Smith tackled the cross-country course, featuring 19 obstacles and 32 jumping efforts brought to life by FEI 3* Course Designer Ian Stark of Great Britain. She rode Tom Riddle to a strong, double-clear round, achieving one of the fastest times of the day after clocking in at 6:19 minutes to rise to fifth place in the standings. Holmes-Smith’s last hurdle was the show jumping phase on July 22. There, she conquered the course inside the time allowed with just two rails down to end on a final score of 44.0 penalties for ninth place. More information on NAYC 2018 can be found at

A double-clear cross-country round pushed Holmes-Smith up into fifth place after day two. Photo Credit: Erin Gilmore for Shannon Brinkman Photo.

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By Nancy Roman


here’s a new Mountain Trail course at Serendipity Farms in South Kelowna. Damarhe Training (Dawn Ferster) hosted an open house on July 29 showing the course she designed at this private farm, and constructed with the help of her other half, Chris. About 32 people came out to see the course and demos given by Dawn, in hand and well as ridden. Built on a slope in a very natural area, with some flat spots, the course offers the majority of obstacles you may see out on the trail, fallen trees, overgrown branches, rocks, water, hills, tight squeeze areas, etc.! This is a private boarding facility, but Dawn will be offering lessons, coaching, and clinics at this new course; and will continue to operate out of the Training Centre (in Kelowna, east of the airport). Hope you enjoy the photos.

Well this one was too easy! It is a Match Stick Holder. Congratulations to all of you! Anne Fiddick, Nanaimo BC George Weninger, Armstrong BC Marnie Gigliotti, Surrey BC Dianne Cooper, Dawson Creek BC Lloyd Wallingford, Mayerthorpe AB Donna Calver, Armstrong BC Rod Parkinson, Falkland BC**Multiple Correct Guesser Jan Robinson, Coombs BC Wendy and Willow, Ashcroft Home Building Centre Henry Pranke, 100 Mile House BC Kathleen Tallen, Williams Lake BC

(See Dawn’s listing in Business Services under TRAINERS)

Farmers. Attention! This unit is 18” wide x 16” tall x 6.5” deep, swivels in the middle. Used for moving a specific item on the farm. These do come in different sizes. This unit dates back to the late 1800s. This was submitted by an enthusiastic follower of the Trivia .

READERS – What’s your guess? Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK! If you or your company would like to sponsor this monthly brain teaser, do call 1-866-546-9922 or email for details.

24 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Cowboy Poetry Posted on FB by Michele Burgard, DVM If only there were more humans who felt this way...

“This Old Horse”

This old horse, the Rancher said she’s seen some bet ter days she’s eat ing up my prof its and costs a lot for hay. A nother horse would suit me a stronger one at that, she’s seen a lot of miles just like my cowboy hat. This old horse, the Rancher said she helped me herd my steer I’m pret t y sure she’s mag ic I k now I hold her dear. A nother horse would suit me one that can run fast maybe one that ’s younger or maybe one that lasts. This old horse, the Rancher said she’s long and far in tooth my children do remembe r her fondly f rom their youth. A nother horse would suit me a gelding in his prime one that needs less f i xin’ that helps me save a dime. Why, they asked, then keep her? why not trade her now? bring her to an auct ion? replace her w ith a cow? The Rancher’s brow grew heav y he took a stag gered step his eyes did show his hardship s in w rink les, as they crept. His breath, he took in deeply as he poised to say his words it ’s as if the earth grew silent that his message should be heard. This old horse, the Rancher said has g iven me her life I wouldn’t trade for any thing nor either, would my w ife. A nother horse would suit me and perhaps someday w ill come but this old gal, I love her she is the chosen one. This old horse, the Rancher said her ser v ice she did lend her and I, have seen the years this old horse, she is my f riend. A nother horse would suit me well but her home is here to keep I owe her sanctuar y my love for her is deep. A nother horse would suit me well and younger days for me and I w ill keep my promise unt il our last breaths set us f ree. — at Diamond s in The Rough Horse Farm

Country Fairs and Historic O’Keefe Ranch Country fairs emerged in the 19th century as a way for rural communities to break out of their daily routine and celebrate agricultural and creative achievements. In 1891, the O’Keefe family participated in the Okanagan Spallumcheen Agricultural Society’s exhibition. Cornelius O’Keefe won prizes for his draught horses and carriage team, while his wife Mary Ann was awarded for her excellence in embroidery. The family continued participating in country fairs throughout the 1890s, frequently winning prizes in fancywork categories. Cornelius married his third wife, Elizabeth in 1900. That October Elizabeth won a prize for her tablecloth at the Vernon Fall Fair. The boys were well-represented in annual fairs too; in 1903, Frank O’Keefe won a turkey in a ri�le shooting competition. This August, O’Keefe Ranch celebrated the heritage and fun of the country fair with their annual Family Fun Day.

Upcoming events: September 7 & 8: Murder Mystery Dinner Show September 15th: Buckaroos & Brews Tickets for events are at

The O’Keefe Ranch is a registered non-pro�it and charitable organization, museum, and historic site. The O’Keefe Ranch is open to the public from May through October and for Seasonal Events. 250-542-7868 | 9380 Hwy 97N Vernon BC



TOP DOG! Why do Dogs stick their Heads out Car Windows? (Courtesy of

on any of those rides. The atmosphere itself is exciting and memorable. “Things like a wider view of the passing scenery and increased accessibility to enticing scents outside the moving vehicle can be irresistible to an animal whose sense of smell is so much more sensitive than ours.” - Vetstreet


hen was the last time you saw a dog with his head out the car window looking sad? Unless it was a St. Bernard chances are probably never (they always look sort of sad, don’t they?). Why do dogs stick their heads out car windows, and why do they love it so much? They love checking out the scenery My dog, Laika, absolutely loves having her head out the window, and she loves it even more when she gets to “speak” to another doggie outside. I’ve been working on getting her to use her polite indoor voice as we pass other dogs, but it’s not quite fool proof yet. Most of our dogs spend the majority of their time indoors, so when they get the chance to go out and see so much of the outside world they can get pretty giddy. What dog doesn’t respond to “wanna go for a ride?” Jumping in the car, regardless of destination, is a sensory overload for our canine companions. I imagine for our dogs a ride in the car is just as exciting as when we go to a carnival. Being surrounded by all those sights, sounds, and smells can be quite stimulating, regardless of whether you go 26 • SEPTEMBER 2018


They love all those smells Since dogs take in so much information about their surroundings via their nose all those outside odors become quite enticing. Dogs not only pick up a ton of different odors with that awesome nose of theirs, they also have an organ called the vomeronasal organ (also known as Jacobson’s organ) that lets them sniff our pheromones. Dogs are able to keep their odor detection and pheromone molecule analysis separate. The vomeronasal organ has its own set of nerves leading to the dog’s brain that’s solely dedicated to interpreting those pheromone signals. Imagine how much information your dog is able to take in, just by having his head out the window. The faster you’re going the more your dog can pick up about the outside world. It’s estimated that dogs can detect some odors in parts per trillion. They possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in us. And the part of their brain that is dedicated to analyzing smells is roughly 40 times greater than our own. “As air moves over the olfactory membrane, odor molecules settle on the scent receptors and get recognized. The more air there is flowing over the membrane, the more scents the dogs can detect.” – Mental Floss The dangers of dogs hanging their head out of cars As with so many other enjoyable things in life there’s a lot of potential dangers when you allow your dog to hang his head out the window. Have you ever had your windshield

chipped by a small pebble? Imagine what that would be like hitting your dog while his head is out of the car window. He is susceptible to getting hit with any of those rocks or dust your car kicks up. If any of that debris hits your dog in the eye it can lead to serious injury.

Ear damage is another concern; they are at risk for developing ear infections from any wind-blown particles or by the wind itself blowing directly into their ears. The constant flapping of a dog’s ears can cause the ear flaps to swell, and repeated trauma to the ears can cause scar tissue to form inside the soft tissue of his ears. Trauma to the ears can cause permanent damage and leave a dog with lifelong ear problems. If there was another dog or squirrel on the side of the road would your dog try to jump out the window? Some dogs certainly will, and even at slow speeds jumping out of a moving car can cause serious injuries. It’s recommended to have you dog restrained in the car if you’re going above 25 mph. With an unrestrained dog the faster you’re going the higher the potential danger. Do you let your dog stick his head out of car windows? I’ll be the first to admit I let Laika stick her head out of the car window, but only around our neighbourhood where we drive pretty slow. I never roll the window all the way down either; it’s not worth the risk of her jumping out. Laika loves our little trips around the neighborhood, and as long as she’s not shouting at every stupid squirrel we pass I don’t mind at all.

TOP DOG! TOP DOG! OF THE MONTH My two favourite fur kids... Bloodhound, 7 years. His registered name is Prince Charming, his call name is Special Agent Magee. His accomplishments: - AKC Therapy Dog Title - Canine Good Neighbour - He is a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs - Reading Education Assistance Dog - Teaches Bite Free for SPCA - Does therapy at Wilmas Transition House - When he was 2 he did meet The Bread Booth at New York City - He LOVES all the attention

Pet Central EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook. 7-19

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Canine Capers SPONSORED BY Your one-stoP Pet shoP Farm, Fencing & Horse Supplies Pet and Livestock Feeds 604-894-6740 Pemberton BC

English Mastiff, 5 years. His registered name is Leeroy Gibbs. He weighs in at about 250 lbs, collar size is 34”. His accomplishments: - AKC Therapy Dog Title - He is a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs - Does therapy at Wilmas Transition House - Reading Education Assistance Dog - Teaches Bite Free for SPCA - He, too, LOVES all the attention.

- BJ, Abbotsford BC

Where is YOUR Top Dog?

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My name is Tessa. I’m almost 5 years old. I star ted trail riding this year - my mom hikes and leads my horse, and I ride. In this picture, I’m riding Mom’s horse Brio. He’s a 14-year-old Quarter Horse. He’s very gentle and takes care of me! - Tessa, almost 5, Oliver BC

Ali and her best mount, Bucky, an Anglo-Arab, 29 years young, recently attended a Mounted Archery clinic close to Edmonton! She has shot the bow in the ground many times before but this was their first time together. She hit the target every time and they both had a blast doing something new! - Submitted by Amanda for Ali, age 9, Calahoo AB

It’s your turn to tell us about YOU! BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Send in ONE photo with a caption (No more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on space availability basis. Email to Put in the subject line “KIDS”. 28 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office THAT’S A WRAP ON THE 2018 BC SUMMER GAMES COWICHAN! Photos courtesy of Susan Harrison


hirty eight Equestrian Athletes from all over the province took to Cowichan July 19-22 for the 2018 BC Summer Games. It was a successful games with 10 Vaulters, 15 Dressage riders, 8 Jumpers and 5 Para Dressage Athletes. BC Summer Games Athletes for Equestrian are between the ages of 11 and 18. Athletes from 8 zones throughout the province qualify to compete both individually and for overall team medals for their zone team. Thank you to all the coaches, officials, athletes, parents, grooms and volunteers for helping to make this wonderful weekend of sport happen. Thank you to Susan Harrison for your hard work as Provincial Advisor for Equestrian. OVERALL TEAM RESULTS: Gold: Zone 3 (Fraser Valley) Athletes: Danae Moore, Bailey Jayne Chapman, Hailey Besse, Emily Besse, Ashley Dykstra, Emma Donegan Head Coach: Eleonore Elstone Silver: Zone 6 (Vancouver Island – Central Coast) Athletes: Leslie Therriault, Rachel Currie, Alice Jones, Mya Paugh, Gracie O’Connell, Charlotte Webster, Rana Harris Head Coach: Selena Pellizzari Bronze: Zone 5 (VancouverCostal) Athletes: Brianna Yellowley, Jessa Girard, Sarah Marshall, Shea Labrenz Head Coach: Jeanine Ellingham INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS BY DAY: SHOW JUMPING – DAY 1 Gold – Zone 5, Jessa Girard Silver – Zone 8, Katya Zanozin Bronze – Zone 4, Tiana Pavan DRESSAGE – DAY 1 Gold - Zone 7, Emma Buhr Silver – Zone 8, Maegan Friess Bronze - Zone 4, Shannon Sutton PARA DRESSAGE – DAY 1 Gold - Zone 6, Tyler Woolley Silver – Zone 6, Kelsey Highsted Bronze - Zone 6, Zachary Lahay VAULTING – DAY 1 Gold - Zone 3, Danae Moore Silver - Zone 1, Cloe Comstock Bronze – Zone 3, Haley Bessie

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS Cont. SHOW JUMPING – DAY 2 Gold - Zone 6, Rachel Currie Silver - Zone 5, Jessa Girard Bronze - Zone 6, Gracie O’Connell DRESSAGE – DAY 2 Gold - Zone 7, Emma Buhr Silver - Zone 4, Shannon Sutton Bronze - Zone 4, Owen Blackwell PARA DRESSAGE – DAY 2 Gold - Zone 6, Kelsay Highsted Silver – Zone 6, Zachary Lahay Bronze – Zone 6, Tyler Wooley VAULTING – DAY 2 Gold – Zone 3, Danae Moore Silver - Zone 1, Cloe Comstock Bronze – Zone 3, Haley Bessie SHOW JUMPING – DAY 3 Gold - Zone 6, Rachel Currie Silver - Zone 4, Zoe Vallee Bronze 5 - Zone 5, Jessa Girard DRESSAGE – DAY 3 Gold – Zone 5, Brianna Yellowley Silver – Zone 7, Emma Buhr Silver – Zone 6, Leslie Therrault PARA DRESSAGE – DAY 3 Gold – Zone 6, Zachary Lahay Silver – Zone 6, Tyler Wooley Bronze – Zone 6, Amanda List VAULTING – DAY 3 Gold – Zone 3, Danae Moore Silver - Zone 1, Cloe Comstock Bronze – Zone 3, Haley Bessie

The Stables featuring Heidi

Rachel Currie and Punch Buggy

Kim Scott (in front), Amanda List on ‘Island Queen,’ assisted by Rachel Brears.

Vaulters: ‘Sam I Am’, Stella French (face hidden), Alice Jones, Rana Harris, Charlotte Webster.

Two equestrians were among the 16 BC Summer Games Athletes recognized for outstanding leadership with the Coast Capital Savings Leadership Bursary! The bursary recipients were chosen from over 200 applicants for their significant achievements in sport and education and most importantly for their leadership contributions to their schools, community, or sport associations. The recipients are from communities across the province and their leadership involvement includes service with student councils, community events, food banks, fundraising, coaching, and officiating, to name a few. Way to go Hailey Besse and Leslie Therriault!

Jumpers getting ready to go!

Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •



Chilliwack Riding Club By Riesa Kyne


hat a month! The heat was on! The Chilliwack Riding Club hosted a Speed Event on July 8th at the Heritage Park in the rodeo arena and what a great time we had! We had gymkhanastyled events with a Kamikaze Pole Race to finish the day. Everyone, rider and spectator alike, went home with some beautiful prizes that were meticulously organized by our very own Barb Bodholdt.

group ride in July. The riders made good use of the long days and went for an evening ride on the 13th along the Fraser River from Jesperson Road. To top it off, we hosted a gymkhana at Heritage Park on July 22nd. Thank you to all who attended. Highpoint awards went to the following: Leadline – Lucius Felling Junior – Kassie Brennan Youth – Selina Hartskamp Novice – Deb Sigurdson Senior – Monica Lowe

Jesperson Road Trail Ride

Speed Event prizes

Announcing the Speed Event A great big thank you goes out to the following people and businesses for their generous donations and ongoing support of our club: Cindy & Randy Powell for their sponsorship of the whole Novice class, CJ Brookes, Debbie Garcia, Diane Amyotte of Horse Effects, PureForm Supplements, and Western Outfitters. Corinne managed to organize another

Gymkhana Teamwork Keep an eye out for September when we start our gymkhanas again. We’re planning another horse show as well. We continue to host open rides at Heritage Park. Please check the website at or our Facebook page for updated dates.

NEW BOOK Take a Chance on Me

A story of Rescue and Rehabilitation Author Deb Harper


n 2015 the Canadian Horse Rescue and Re-Homing Society received word that five Canadian Horse yearlings were in a kill pen in Alberta and at risk of going to slaughter. Their mandate is to help our National Breed, especially those at risk. Intervention meant needing to prepare these unhandled youngsters so that they could be adopted into forever homes. One of those youngsters, who was more reactive than the others, was their biggest concern. ‘Benson’ had an unsuccessful short adoption that compromised his ability to trust humans. The other surviving youngsters had been adopted out and were doing well. Benson remained in Alberta and his fate was unknown due to his lack of confidence and fear. It was decided to bring him to BC and enlist the help of someone that might be able to rehabilitate him. The Society received long, lengthy emails as report cards of his slow progress and it was decided to share these in the form of a book as a fundraiser for the Society to help other members of this endangered noble breed of horse. This book is about Benson... the last of the five rescued Canadian Horse youngsters and a chronicle of his journey with Deb Harper as he tried to regain his trust in humans and emotional stability. All proceeds from the sale of this book go back to the Canadian Horse Rescue and Re-Homing Society. Launched July 1, 2018.

30 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Paperback: 324 pages (ebook available) 100+ photos ISBN-10: 1717018327 ISBN-13: 978-1717018328 Product Dimensions: 14 x 1.9 x 21.6 cm $24.79

Princeton Riding Club By Lothar Greczmiel, Vice-President PRC


ur spring 2-day show in May was a huge success. We had 56 classes and over 27 riders. The judge was Lewis McKim from the lower mainland and our Ring Steward was our own Merilee Walden from Princeton. A big THANK YOU to both. NOTE from the President of PRC - Stephanie Antonick: “I’m so proud of the small group of people that volunteer hours and hours of work and time to help keep the PRC shows running every year. They work very hard to put on top quality events and this year’s spring show was no exception. It was great to see fantastic progress made from our loyal participants, the young and seasoned riders. We have gained quite a following of new riders, who have enjoyed our shows. Thank you and see you at our Fall Show in late September.” A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors: Skaha Ford Penticton, Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd., Princeton Standard Pellet Corp., Eagle Valley, Everything Pets, Livin It, Watertec Irrigation, Edge Wholesale Direct, Barry Beecroft Fuels, Hairyback Ranch (Solo Ride), Greenhawk, Country Feed Aldergrove, Okanagan Forest Products and so many more, our supportive volunteers who help

make our shows possible. A huge THANK YOU!! Our next show will be September 29-30th – the Autumn All-Star, English & Western 2 Phase. Please check out our PRC website.

Thank you once again and happy riding.

Placings from our Spring Show: WESTERN SR Champion: Anita Coppaway Dale Arnet, Anita Coppaway, Terry Tomkins Reserve: Terry Tomkins JR Champion: Kabrie Hartwell Reserve: Wyette Antonick W/J Champion: Debbie Powell Reserve: Mary Anderson ENGLISH SR Champion: Danica Combes Mary Anderson Reserve: Dale Arnet Sienna Stein JR Champion: Kabrie Hartwell Reserve: Wyette Antonick W/T Champion: Mary Anderson Reserve: Sienna Stein VERSATILE CHAMPIONS were: SR: Dale Arnet and JR: Wyette Antonick Nina Kosikova, Wyette Antonick, Kabrie Hartwell

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of the beloved

Dr. David Perrin


Submitted August 7, 2018 on Facebook by Creston Veterinary Hospital

he Creston Veterinary Hospital was established in 1973 by Dr. Perrin and he worked in the valley for over 30 years. During his career, Dr. Perrin served on the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association (BCVMA) Council for two terms in the late 1980’s and treated nearly every animal one might encounter in this area. He focused his practice on serving the community and dedicated his life to the people of Creston and their pets. In 1996, he and Dr. Robert McLeod became business partners until Dr. Perrin retired a year later to pursue his passion of becoming an author and sharing his experiences as a “Country Vet.” Dr. Perrin’s compassion and energy shone through in his work and literature. While continuing to locum for the Creston Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Perrin began publishing many Canadian Best Sellers including “Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn,” “Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner,” “Where Does it Hurt?,” “Never Say Die,” “When the Going Gets Tough,” and “Better Late Than Never.” He was a truly gifted storyteller. Dr. McLeod recalls David Perrin’s dedication was such that he managed to get a message to him from the ambulance the day he was involved in a vehicular accident on the Kootenay Pass in 2009. His van plunged 500 feet down an embankment and his first priority was to inform the clinic that he would not be coming in to work the next day due to a fractured cervical spine! Our deepest sympathies go out to the Perrin family and all those affected by the loss of our friend and mentor. A Memorial was held August 11. As per the Perrin family, if you have any kind words or condolences you would like passed on to the family, please send them to - From all the staff at the Creston Veterinary Hospital, we send our love. SEPTEMBER 2018


Kelowna Riding Club By Jenny Bouwmeester


t the riding club we are gearing up for fall in the Okanagan. Not only will the fall bring on cooler weather and a change to the scenery; it will bring on more fun events at the club. Towards the end of the month we will be holding a Dressage Practice day with Sharron Piazza, who will be coming to help riders through their Western Dressage tests. Beginner/ Intermediate English riders are also welcome to attend. Riders can come and practice their test and then work with Sharron to help make improvements. The following day there will be our third Dressage Percentage Day (September 29). These percentage days are great for riders and horses of all levels to come participate in a Schooling show. These shows welcome both English and Western tests, as well as a range of rider levels and ages.

Darlene Trask on Junior (l) and Sarah Jolly on Echo

At the end of September there will be another Gymkhana games event. In October the Equi-Life team will be hosting their Harvest Hunter Jumper Show. For many locals this will be their last chance to fit in another show before the end of the season. This event is always a great environment and welcomes riders of different levels to come show their progress over the 2018 riding season. Near the end of October will be the last Gymkhana of the year. Last year, both of these Halloween month events held their own costume classes where riders had a Harvest lil Devil blast dressing themselves and their equine partners in an array of costumes. Don’t miss your chance to squeeze in a few more events before the end of the year. We will be posting more information about our anniversary event and annual general meeting. Check out our website and Facebook page for more information Thank you for supporting your local riding club.

Alberta Donkey & Mule Club By Sandra Harper and Russ Shandro


he Alberta Donkey and Mule Club was represented at K Days in Edmonton by Katherine Cook with her mule Dixie, and Russ Shandro with his mule Ruger. Two demonstrations each day, along with a steady stream of visits in the barns from noon – 9 pm. The mules loved the attention over the busy two days, and received many compliments on their wonderful demeanour and skills in the demonstrations.

while Ruger loped the arena with Bella hanging horizontally off one side, at stirrup level. We don’t know if anyone has ever performed the fender and other athletic maneuvers, by hanging off the side of a loping mule before... intentionally that is!

Krista Critch (rider) with Logan Hunter and Rod in the wagon The Mule Race with Russ Shandro in front Both mules were very patient while hundreds of pictures were taken with them, and Ruger happily gave many kids a quick ride. During the club demo, Katherine glided through her routine at a steady pace with Dixie’s ears “homing in” on her tasks. There was a surprise addition when Bella Dacosta, a seasoned Trick Rider, requested to have her first time ride on a mule. She skillfully executed a couple of basic moves 32 • SEPTEMBER 2018


The Bruce Stampede saw 14 mules show up to race, participate in the Parade and interact with attendees. Member Serena McLeod harnessed up two teams and brought out 5 riding mules. Serena and Lee had their wagons decorated and by far, had the biggest Parade Entry. Logan Hunter and Krista Critch had a busy schedule in July. They entered both Lloydminster and Vermilion parades along with a mule exhibit new to the Vermilion Fair which featured two month old Hawk who enjoyed being the centre of attention. They also provided a packing

demonstration at the Vermilion Fair. Annika Surridge has been busy as well taking Dixie in the Bruce Parade, and Vegreville Parade, as well as competing in the accompanying horse shows.

Trick Rider Bella Dacosta’s first mule ride

Annika Surridge on Dixie

Hawk at Vermilion Fair

Vernon Young Riders By Abby McLuskey


hat an awesome week Vernon Young Riders had at the Okanagan Stock Show in early July. It was held at the Armstrong Fairgrounds with almost 100 members from 6 4-H Horse Clubs and 7 4-H Beef Clubs. On the horse side, we attended twice a day riding lessons and ground school. Activities in the evenings included gymkhana games, opening ceremonies, Bubble Soccer!! Thank you to OK Zorb Sports for coming out and setting us up with the bubble soccer balls.

Thank you to Glenn Perran, Jessica Hannah, Susy Bairstow and Dustin Drader. After several days of lessons the week wrapped up with a horse show, banquet, awards and a dance. Our members awards included: Faith Seehaver... Intermediate Reserve Hippology Gabe Coates... Junior Reserve Hippology Most Improved from Dustin Drader Ben Currie... Junior Reserve Showmanship Bobbi Wooden... Junior Champion Showmanship Junior Reserve Pleasure

(bubbles): Having a blast with Bubble Soccer Clubs in attendance included: Double L - Kamloops, Kelowna Hoofbeats - Kelowna, Rodeo Rednecks - Barriere, Shifting Saddles - Salmon Arm, Valley Lopers – Kelowna, and Vernon Young Riders - Vernon. We had amazing instructors who spent the week with us and encouraged us to become better riders.

Lillian Batten... Senior Reserve Showmanship Senior Champion Reining Caralynn Currie... Intermediate Champion Equitation Intermediate Sportsmanship Award Lydia Coates... Intermediate Reserve Trail Intermediate Reserve Judging

None of this is ever possible without all the dedication and hours that Lorna Kotz and Diana Dore put into it. A Huge Shout Out to Lorna and Diana. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Connor Seehaver... Senior Champion Showmanship Senior Reserve Pleasure Abby McLuskey... Intermediate Champion Hippology Intermediate Champion Showmanship Intermediate Champion Reining Intermediate Reserve Equitation Intermediate High Point Overall

Vernon Young Riders won Champion in Stall Competition

Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Story and photos by Daphne Davey “Striking the Balance” in Dublin


he 2018 HETI (Horses in Education and Therapy International) Triennial Congress in Dublin was an event of almost Olympic proportions. Nearly 400 delegates from 44 countries mingled in festive spirit to learn about the newest research and practices in a wide In an Equine-Assisted Learning exercise, delegates range of equine-assisted activities. keep a unified line walking the two horses The theme, “Striking the Balance,” placed around the ring. When the line hesitated, it lost strong emphasis on the welfare of the therapy connection with the horses, who failed to respond. horse alongside that of the human participants. While the Congress was based in the city, field trips to the host centre, Festina Lente, provided a welcome break from the over 100 presentations the delegates had to choose between. Two highlights were HRH Princess Anne’s remarks to the assembly, based on her thorough knowledge of the subject, and the Dr. Gillian Lawrence Memorial Lecture, sponsored by CanTRA. Your donation to or www. will make a difference to a child or adult with a disability. For more information, visit and www.

Delegates from Australia, Canada, China and Finland celebrate their teamwork during the psychoeducational vaulting workshop.

One of the many handsome horses at the Festina Lente centre where a variety of native Irish breeds are used.

(l to r) Anne Barnfield (ON), Eliane Trempe (QC), Daphne Davey (PEI), and Melodie Gerbier, CoProgram Manager/Head Instructor, Richmond Therapeutic Riding Association (BC).



Armstrong Enderby Riding Club By Lauri Meyers


ith the summer of 2018 behind us, we eagerly are preparing for our September show; our last show of 2018. We will be offering 3 Stakes Classes, English, Western and Trail. If that’s not enticing enough, we will also be awarding trophies for high point in each of our age divisions in each discipline: English High Point - Senior, Intermediate, Junior and PeeWee Western High Point - Senior, Intermediate, Junior and PeeWee Walk Trot High Point - Senior, Intermediate, Junior and PeeWee Trail/Handy Horse High Point - Senior, Intermediate, Junior and PeeWee Need more? Refuel your energy at our scrumptious Pot Luck table? Bring a dish to share and eat like you are on vacation. No one goes hungry. We also have water, pop and juice to rehydrate. If you haven’t got your volunteer hours in, now is the time. Exhibitors must volunteer a minimum of 5 hours during the show season to be eligible for the year-end awards. For the latest news, pictures and information, find us on Facebook, visit or e-mail See you at the show!

BC Lower Mainland Pony Club Story and photos by Joanie Thompson Rally: An Eventful Experience


or many, Rally is a favourite Canadian Pony Club event where members from different clubs come together, camp, and compete in a 3-day event comprised of dressage, cross country jumping and stadium jumping phases. The BC Lower Mainland’s Regional Rally this year took place at Maple Ridge Equi-Sports Centre (MREC) from July 19-22, and the educational aspect of teaching members how to prepare for and attend a 3-day event was again front and centre. Having fun is also a key component of BCLM Rally, and likely the reason some members have attended for 18 years! As in past years, decorating of tack and feed rooms, dressing-up in costume for the opening ceremony, games, swimming in the creek and campfires were a part of the experience, in addition to the opportunity to learn lots about stable management and other elements of horsemanship, such as how to perform proper trot up and cool-out procedures.

2018 Rally Competitors Rally attendees are assigned to teams consisting of a captain, three riders and three grooms. Competing as a team, with team members helping each other, is an enjoyable and unique experience for many since horse riding is usually a solo endeavour. Socializing with members from other clubs, whether on the same team or not, is another highlight, and while the 34 • SEPTEMBER 2018


Boundary Bay Pony Club Rally Team competition is taken seriously, there were examples of cooperation between teams when they needed help. Sportsmanship is definitely still alive at Rally! Stephanie Struys mentored all the teams and won this year’s sportsmanship award. This year’s theme was “Decades,” with teams picking eras ranging from pioneer times to the 80s to influence their decorating and costumes. The winners of the theme category were those lovable hippies from Boundary Bay who brought MREC back in time to the 70s. Top teams in the overall category for ABC and D rally, respectively, were Lake Cheam (members from Mt. Cheam and Burnaby Lake Pony Clubs), captained by Kassandra Hawes, and Gnomies Homies (members from Mt. Cheam and Vancouver Pony Clubs), led by Jami Struys. Congratulations to our Individual Winners: D Division: ABC Division: Starter – Katelyn Kendall (CVPC) Starter – Theresa Krasny (BBPC) Pre-Entry – Brielle Carlow (MCPC) Pre-Entry – Hadley Jack (APC) Entry – Kassandra Hawes (MCPC) Pre-Training – Jami Struys (MCPC) This year National Rally was hosted by Alberta North Region August 3-17 and BCLM has sent a team consisting of riders Stephanie Struys and Amy Willix, Koa Krakowski as groom, and captain MacKenzie MacMorran. The riders will have faced the additional challenge of riding unknown horses. More next month!

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Mellissa Buckley West Coast Summer Classic


he weather was absolutely gorgeous for our summer circuit on July 21-22, with happy exhibitors enjoying the fabulous Thunderbird Show Park grounds. The show saw many point classes, and super prizes. Congratulations to the following Hi Point and Reserve Winners: Superhorse (winning a saddle!): Sudden Attraction Halter Champion of Champions: (receiving a bronze, every year since the award’s inauguration!) Covergurl Level 1 WT Youth: Hi Pt: Victoria Coombs Reserve: Paige Peace Level 1 WT Amateur: Hi Pt: Mary Ratz Reserve: Jeanette Brandt Level 1 Amateur: Hi Pt: Sheryle Harp Reserve: Taylor Schell Level 1 Youth: Hi Pt: Riley Rosa Reserve: Alexa McGowan Level 1 Horse: Hi Pt: Invited N Time Select: Hi Pt: Doreen Earl Rookie Amateur: Hi Pt: Sheryle Harp Reserve: Taylor Schell Rookie Youth: Hi Pt: Casey Hopper Reserve: Rebecca McIvor

Our Judges

Youth: Hi Pt: Leah Anderson Reserve: Alexa McGowan Open: Hi Pt: Frostys Hot Rudy All Breed Ammy: Margo Murray

Small fry kids with Judge Deal Ross

All Breed WT 11 and under: Hi Pt: Victoria Coins Reserve: Paige Peace Congratulations also to the Stakes/Futurity Winners: (Photos courtesy of Sally Rees) Breeders Incentive: Made In Neon Lights - Natalie Hall Tag Team Showmanship: Versionaire - Cindy Nahahara and Doreen Earl Cathy Dumaresq Trail: Invited To A Party - Mike Edwards Breeders Incentive Winner

Life’s a Ride - Recreational Ride Merritt The ride is an LMQHA sponsor and BCQHA event, and this year it takes place Sept 7-9 at Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Ranch. Jeneane Evans started this event and does all the work, organization and fundraising to make it happen. She is doing such an amazing job and this fantastic event is growing more every year. Thank you Jeneane for all that you do, promoting the recreational aspects of these amazing horses. We hope the ride is fabulous as always, we look forward to hearing how it all went. General Membership Meeting Very important meeting September 13th at 6:30 pm at the Lions Hall in Fort Langley. Along with regular discussions and reports, this meeting will be imperative to the planning of the future of LMQHA and going forward. A lot of the decisions regarding shows and the club in general for 2019 need to be made at this meeting.

Cathy Dumaresq Trail Winner

Halter Champion of Champions

Tag Team Showmanship Stake Winner Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association President: Mellissa Buckley,, 604-729-6616 Website: Visit our Facebook page



The Back Country Horsemen of BC

Riding in Celebration of Canada’s 151st Birthday North Thompson Inter-Chapter Ride By Juanita Gibney, Okanagan Chapter These peop le were ama


n 2016 The BCHBC North Thompson Chapter had planned to host a gathering of chapters for the Canada Day weekend in 2017, in celebration of Canada’s 150th, but fires and the Wells Gray Park closure prevailed. Postponing the event to 2018 was met with enthusiasm and the registrants were all grateful that the North Thompson Chapter chose to postpone rather than cancel. It was 4 days of friendship, fellowship and horsemanship with 60 horses and riders arriving in camp eager to experience the wonderful trails available. Riding high above the Clearwater River offered spectacular viewpoints and the trail to the historic and secluded Bee Farm that was operated in the late 1920s by two young women was inspiring. The trails were mainly single track and everyone enjoyed the mountain terrain, both beautiful and challenging. Steeped in time, the 1867 themed inter-chapter ride saw most all attendees dressed for the occasion. The Saturday evening celebration included the McBride chapter Whiskey Runners with BCHBC president Brian Wallace bringing in the whiskey-barrel packhorse sporting two consistent-tothe-period pack-boxes. We never did find out what he had in those boxes. Their presentation was complimented by the appearance of Pat Powell – a lovely side-saddle mounted belle. All were entertained by the Yarrow & Shuswap chapters’ McLean Gang Hanging – a great re-enactment of an event that happened during the mid 1800s in Southern BC. The Okanagan Helmcken Falls chapter hosted the 2-Bit Saloon and Gambling Hall featuring a poker table, a very popular bar where shots could be had (and heard), and a spin-the-wheel feature where everyone spun ‘til they won. Completing the entertainment was Okanagan’s Ed Bakstad, looking for all the world like the original gold prospector… presenting a brief skit with the odd reference to the infamous Sam McGee – reflecting on the great period we were celebrating. Gifts and prizes were given out to attendees, there was something for everyone. Typical mountain weather at the ride venue at the Wells Gray Golf and RV

Resort prevailed – offering sunshine, occasional showers, (a couple real cloudbursts too), a late evening light show and breathtaking sunsets. The resort offers great amenities for trail riders wishing to camp and ride in the Wells Gray Park and many of us plan to come back in the future. No mountain areas Drifter at Wells Gray are complete without some wildlife and several bear sighting stories were told around the evening campfire. One curious bear kept us on our toes as he hung around the edges of camp. Several attendees also took the short trip over to view the spectacular Helmcken Falls. A must do for anyone venturing into Wells Gray Park. Hard work and organizing by Richard Christiansen, Judy Lestander, Liz Morrison and so many more North Thompson chapter members made the weekend run smoothly. An on-site concession was available throughout the event, allowing riders to spend more time in the saddle and less in the kitchen. Friday evening the typical BCHBC-style potluck dinner was consumed with enthusiasm. The challenge for 2019 is to have another chapter host an inter-chapter ride (and we aren’t limited to just one such event) to keep the tradition moving forward as it was so very well-attended and popular. To learn more about BCHBC visit our website at or like us on Facebook: Back Country Horsemen of BC – Provincial. Special thanks to the BCHBC members who took the photos featured with this article. Brian Wallace, McBride chapter

Back Country Horsemen Provincial Executive •

President: Brian Wallace,, 250-569-2324 Vice President: Rose Schroeder,, 604-854-1245 • Vice President: Scott Walker • Vice President: Verna Houghtaling Treasurer: Karen Tanchak, - 250-832-1596 • Secretary: Lisa Galanov,, 250-672-0099 Past President: Ybo Plante,, 250-361-6290

36 • SEPTEMBER 2018



BC Rodeo Association



Great West Equipment Wildcard Rodeo BCRA Polaris Championship Finals, Barriere

WILDCARD RODEO, BARRIERE – August 31 New this year is the Great West Equipment Wildcard Rodeo on August 31st hosted by the BCRA! We are excited for this last chance ride off for BCRA competitors to make the BCRA Polaris Championship Finals on September 1-3 in Barriere BC at the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo. Admission is free to the Wildcard Rodeo (Friday Only). 2018 BCRA POLARIS CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS – Sept 1-3 Come join us for our Polaris Championship Finals on September long weekend in Barriere BC. The 3 performances on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd will start at 1:30 pm each day. Watch the top competitors from across BC compete for the finals champion and season leader titles. This big event is in conjunction with the famous North Thompson Fall Fair, so much to see and do! There will be a family dance and a cabaret dance along with beer gardens. Our 2018 Polaris draw will happen during the Monday rodeo performance at 3 pm, get your tickets before for your chance to win a Polaris side by side. This is a show you won’t want to miss!



Grassland Equipment ~ Williams Lake

RUBY SPONSORS: JD KNIVES & CUSTOM WORKS West Fraser Truckers Association






BC Rodeo Association, Box 71, 2393 Back Valley Road, Cache Creek BC, V0K 1H0 Phone: 250-457-9997 * Fax: 250-457-6265 * * Winter Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 2018/2019 BCRA Board of Directors President: Gord Puhallo 250-394-4034 or 250-267-9647 Vice President: Trish Kohorst 250-613-2633,

Directors: Ty Lytton 250-396-7710 or 250-706-3580, Shaylene Tucker 250-392-6296 or 250-320-0762, Tim Terepocki 250-280-7653, Rhoda Petal 250-394-4349 or 250-267-5550, Allison Everett 250-296-4778 or 250-305-0167, Steve Lloyd 250-925-4669, Patti Gerhardi 250-961-9667, Carl Hyde 250-963-9381 or 250-612-1237, Aaron Palmer 250-851-6725, Kelly Walls 250-267-8865,



Clubs & Associations 28 Years of Celebrating Long Ears

members from across Canada and the US 10/18




CanTRA promotes the benefits of therapeutic riding across Canada through awareness, education, and setting standards for therapeutic riding instructor certification, centre accreditation, hippotherapy, and equine-facilitated wellness.

Contact: • Website:

ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. (Region 17) Arabian Clubs in W. Canada. Rob Calnan, robert_ Youth activities/Shows/Stallion Auction/Clinics, 3/19 ARMSTRONG ENDERBY RIDING CLUB  Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 7/19

CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, 9/18 Equestrian Canada (EC) is the national governing body for equestrian sport and industry in Canada, with a mandate to represent, promote and advance all equine and equestrian interests. 1-866-282-8395 | |


BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB,,, Darcey Woods, President, 250-318-9975 3/19



Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding! We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.

Info on clinics and events at

BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Tina Knott 250-743-9114, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 3/19

9/19 6/16

The Equine Foundation of Canada

BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 8/19, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ.

We are the first charitable organization devoted to equines to be registered by Revenue Canada. Providing funds to veterinary students, veterinary colleges, rescue units and other worthwhile equine causes.


Contact us at or call Bob Watson, President 403-378-4323

BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Debbie Miyashita 250-804-2928,, Meetings, Clinics, Trail Rides, Socials, 2/19

10/16 12/18


BC LOWER MAINLAND PONY CLUB For horse lovers ages 6-25; Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, PPG & more! Tracy 778-999-7400, 4/19 BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB. All mini lovers welcome. President: Vicki Schulz 604-240-3250,, Facebook BCMHC. Clinics & Fun Days 5/19 BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 11/18 5/19


INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 6/19 KAMLOOPS THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-554-3811 Therapeutic Riding Lessons, Vaulting, Summer Camps, Boarding, Birthday Parties

BC RODEO ASSOC., Box 71, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0, Office 250-457-9997,, 9/18 Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!!


BURNABY HORSEMEN’S ASSOCIATION, (Burnaby BC), Self-Boarding Barns, Riding Rings, Trails, Clinics, Lessons, Open Houses, 5/19


KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 12/18 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 8/19 LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Mellissa Buckley,, 9/18 NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 6/19

100 Mile & District Outriders

7/18 8/19

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. President: Mike Kidston E-mail: ~


38 • SEPTEMBER 2018


PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Kristy Forsyth. Visit www.peachlandridingclub. com for information about our Gymkhanas dates and other fun events! 3/19

Clubs & Associations WEST COAST VAULTERS (Parksville BC) New members always welcome! We also travel to Contact Debbie 250-954-9940 3/19


WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Amber 250-392-6402, 8/19 WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 3/19


PINE TREE RIDING CLUB (Barnhartvale/Kamloops), Visit for info on lessons, gymkhanas, shows and clinics, or email 3/19 Overnight it or Stay in Revelstoke BC


CLUBS... your listing could be here for a non-profit rate starting at $100 per year (for 12 issues); and includes a free link on our website.

SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 9/19

Tails to be Told

. . .A treasure chest of memories .

We want you to look back, reflect, recollect, and share your photos and memories with us. This is not a contest - it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you.

Nancy Roman

Send Saddle up one or two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature... So start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information.



What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2018/2019 Events?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE:

Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,


1-30 LAMMLE’S SUMMER TACK SALE, 1-2 SUN MEADOWS DRESSAGE SHOW, Barnhartvale BC, 1-2 ENDURANCE RIDE 2-DAY 12/25/50/100, Last Chance Mountain, Westbank BC, Brittany Linnett 778-829-3433,, 1-3 THE CANADIAN EVENT (fun show for all easy-gaited breeds), Almond Arena, Ponoka AB, see or for more info 2-3 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/GlennStewart (Advanced Workshop clinic), Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494, 3-14 PAUL DUFRESNE TFC 10 Day Camp, (CD & WD, Vaquero/Reining, WE & Trail, SEAT, video analysis) TFC Center, Kelowna BC, Paul 250-317-7725, 5-9 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, Camp 2, James Creek Ranch, Merritt BC, 1-888-533-4353, 6-9 JIM ANDERSON CLINIC, 1447 Airport Way, Revelstoke BC,, Kim Rienks 250-814-1007, 6-9 THE GLOW SLOT (BARREL) RACE, Heritage Park, Chilliwack BC, Hailey 778-242-4482, 7-9 MANAGING LATERALITY CLINIC w/Donna Hawkins, Appleflats Stable, Lake Country BC, Lorraine 250-575-3772, 7-10 STEVE ROTHER HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Summerland Rodeo Grounds, Summerland BC, Simone 250-494-3434, 8 DRESSAGE RIDE THE TEST SCHOOLING w/Lillian Evaniew-Phelan (Eng/West), Grand Forks BC, Wendy Price 8-9 MOUNTAIN TRAIL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Sagewood Mountain Trail Course, Kamloops BC, Colleen Meyer 9 DRESSAGE SHOW Judge: Lillian Evaniew-Phelan (Eng/West), Grand Forks BC, Wendy Price 11-15 55+ BC GAMES (Equestrian), RDEK Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds, Kimberley/Cranbrook, 12-23 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, Camp 4 (Full), James Creek Ranch, Merritt BC, 1-888-533-4353, 14-15 BCCTRA COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDE, Levels 1,2,3, Trapping Creek Trails, Beaverdell BC, Myrna 250-317-8347,, 15 POKER RIDE (Find the Golden Horseshoe), Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, Nancy 250-546-9922, hosted by BC Interior Morgan Horse Club 15 BDRC GYMKHANA, Barriere BC, 15 LANGLEY RIDERS OPEN ENGLISH & WESTERN SHOW, LRS Arena, 4303 208th Street, Langley BC, Mary Ratz, 15 DRESSAGE SCHOOLING SHOW #5, Campbell Valley Park Eq. Arena, Langley BC, Janeen 604-855-1152, 15-16 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, 100 Mile House BC, Lisa Hobbs 250-706-9001, 15-16 GYPSY VANNER HORSE SHOW, Horse In Hand Ranch, Blackfalds AB, (Details TBA) 15-16 BCTCPA Finals, Armstrong BC, 15-21 CALGARY (Priddis), AB, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, 16 2-PHASE EVENT (Dressage and X-Country), Campbell Valley Park Eq. Arena, Langley BC, Val 604-534-8316, 16 LANGLEY RIDERS GAMES DAY, LRS Arena, 4303-208th Street, Langley BC, Ngaire Smart 778-277-0015, 16 BDRC SHOW, Barriere BC, 21 CANADA QH CUP YEARLING & MIXED SALE, Century Downs, Rocky View County AB, 21-22 DIAMOND H TACK TENT SALE, Kelowna BC,, 250-762-5631 21-22 (PWF) HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Dustin Drader, Open to all, Circle Creek Ranch, Kamloops BC, 21-24 (PWF) PROVINCIAL WINTER FAIR (80th Anniversary), Circle Creek Ranch, Kamloops BC, 22 ENDURANCE RIDE /COMPETITIVE TRAIL 25/50/CTR, Cowichan Valley Rail Trail, Duncan BC, Miki Dekel 250-213-9817,, 22 LANGLEY RIDERS OPEN JUMPING DAY, LRS Arena, 4303-208th Street, Langley BC, Michelle Moghari, 22 SIDA % DAY, Topline Stables, Salmon Arm BC, 22 CROSS COUNTRY SCHOOLING DAY #7, Campbell Valley Park XC Field, Langley BC, Annet Moerman 604-504-3125,

40 • SEPTEMBER 2018


22-23 PAUL DUFRESNE TFC CLINIC Foundation Horsemanship & more, Kelowna BC (Friday night demo 6:30pm), Paul 250-317-7725, 22-23 CARIBOO TRAILS BACK TO BACK FIELD TRIALS at Huber Farm, 70 Mile House, Karyn 250-456-7404, 22-28 REGINA, SK, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, 23 AERC HORSE SHOW, Agriplex, Armstrong BC, 23 (PWF) OPEN LIGHT HORSE SHOW & GYMKHANA, Circle Creek Ranch, Kamloops BC, 23-29 THE HORSE BARN TENT SALE, Kamloops BC,, 250-374-3511 25-26 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Armstrong BC, Daina Hillson 250-803-2069, 27-30 SCHOOL OF LEGERETE w/Melanie Bulmahn, Teacher’s Course, Chase BC, 28-29 FALL HORSE SALE, Perlich Bros. Auction Market, Lethbridge AB, 403-329-3101, 28-30 EXPLORING EQUINE HEALTH (The Big Picture Beyond Traditions) w/Tomas Teskey DVM, Vernon BC, 28-30 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Nelson BC, Jocelyn Templeman 250-359-6885, 29 KRC % DAY, Kelowna Riding Club, Kelowna BC, 29-30 AUTUMN ALL STAR, ENG & WEST PHASE 2 Horse Show, Princeton BC, 29-Oct 1 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, Course 1 Partnership, Fort Macleod AB, 1-888-533-4353, 29-Oct 5 EDMONTON, AB, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT,


1-2 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Kelowna BC, Janice Reid 250-765-9188, 1-3 SCHOOL OF LEGERETE w/Melanie Bulmahn, Open Clinic, Chase BC, 5-6 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Victoria BC, Kristina Millar 250-589-5981, 5-6 CWHBA FALL CLASSIC BREEDERS SALE, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB, 5-7 PACIFIC REG’L DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS, Langley BC, contact TBA 5-7 HIGHS CHOOL RODEO, Peachland BC, 6-8 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, Course 1 Partnership, Horse In Hand Ranch, Blackfalds AB, 1-888-533-4353, 7-8 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Ladysmith BC, Jill Sampson 250-245-2829, 9-10 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Duncan BC, Gary Toller 250-715-1242, 10-12 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, 3Rs Horsemanship, Horse In Hand Ranch, Blackfalds AB, 1-888-533-4353, 11-12 MARION WEISSKOPFF HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Port Alberni BC, Chloe Wangler 250-720-6658, 13 HALLOWE’EN FUNDAY, Boundary Horse Association, Grand Forks BC, 14 PRC GYMKHANA, Peachland BC, 14 OPEN HORSE SHOW (Eng/West/Hunter/Halter), Rodeo Grounds at Logan Lake BC, Jill 250-318-8397, 14 SPOOKTACULAR FUN DAY, 10 am start, at Cindy Kirschman’s, Lumby BC, pre register by calling Cindy 250-547-9277 19-21 THE MANE EVENT Equine Expo, Heritage Park, Chilliwack BC, 20 LANGLEY RIDERS GAMES DAY, LRS Arena, 4303-208th Street, Langley BC, Ngaire Smart 778-277-0015, 20-21 PAUL DUFRESNE TFC CLINIC, St. Andrews MB, Paul 250-317-7725,

Dates continued at

Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS


Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 • Chilliwack, BC 4/15



HOWARD JOHNSON INN, Red Deer, 403-343-8444. One minute from Westerner Park. 11/18



BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS DAVID BEERSTRA TRUCKING, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch


WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-260-0110. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch



SILVERADO HORSE CENTER Boarding  Clinics  Lessons  Training Located north of Cochrane AB, at 274254 Range Road 40 Madden AB (GPS coordinates) 9/19


TURNING POINT RANCH (Pritchard BC) 250-577-3526. Full care, rest, rehab, retirement, geriatric. or see us on Facebook 4/19


DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 12/18





Wanted Wranglers / Trail Guides Guide on Guest Ranch / Horse pack trips




Supplements For Horses 2/19

EQUINE WELLNESS & DIGESTIVE SUPPORT (Interior BC & online) 250.368.2002 Products and support for equine digestive health. 6/19

Pre-order your Baumalight generator now for delivery in 8 weeks and get an 8% discount for planning ahead.

1-866-820-7603 •


ARMSTRONG 1-250-546-9174

CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735

wholesale panels & gates | pet food | bagged feed SEPTEMBER 2018

8/18 9/19


Business Services FARRIERS & SUPPLIES



Bring your own horse or ride ours!

affordable ~ pet friendly ~ log cabins with private hot tubs

2018 SPECIAL: Stay 2 nights and receive an introductory guided trailride for FREE! 250-593-9807 8/19 7/18

adventure | riding | hiking

Corrals & Camping – Bring Your Own Horse! 1-800-668-2233 • 108 Mile Ranch BC 5/19




VALLEY FARRIER SERVICES, Bob Johnston 250-546-8254 Certified Journeyman serving North OK/Shuswap for 25 years 5/19

We protect what we love.

Your Partner for Equine, Farm & Liability Insurance 8/19

Get coverage today!


1 800 670 1877 | |



100% B.C. Owned and Operated!

31852 Marshall Place 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Rd. 975 Langford Parkway 1-1227 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave SW 2565 Main St.

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 940-4499 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870


FENCING 130MILERANCH.COM (Cariboo) 250-644-7200 Corrals, Gates, Panels, Bale Feeders, Best Prices in the Cariboo!


Sandy Chevallier

Gates, Panels, Feeders, Continuous FenCe deer & Farm FenCe installations

Listing & Selling Equine and Residential Properties in the Central Okanagan Cell: 250-718-2761 or

Custom built and installed to your needs


GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan Cossentine, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 •





“PastureLine” 4mm : “No Wire” Polymer : Complete ElectricSystems HorseRail products : No-Climb & Diamond Mesh

OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 The best source for all your event and award ribbons!, 9/19

30 years Serving the Horse Industry / / 1-800-665-3307



THE PERFECT SADDLE FIT (Lower Mainland ) 250-526-1868, Saddle Fitting, Consultation & Sale, individual solutions for you & your horse

WWW.APGUESTRANCH.COM (Merritt BC) 250-378-6520 Weddings, Trail Rides, Lodging/Camping/B&B/Bed & Bales, Morgan Horses 6/19



42 • SEPTEMBER 2018



CARIBOO SADDLERY (Williams Lake) Mark Denny 250-392-3735 Over 30 years of Custom Saddles and Leather Repairs 12/18 R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 5/19 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work,


Business Services TRAINERS/COACHES

TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 7/19

LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLES (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 5/19 LISA WIEBEN (Bowden AB), Clinics, Training, Lessons, Centered Riding/Western & English Dressage 4/19




Visit our Langley BC location 106-22575 Fraser Highway w w w. e q u e s t r i a n f a s h i o n o u t f i t t e r s . c o m

WWW.THETRADINGPOSTFEEDANDTACK.COM (Nanaimo) 250-245-2115 English/Western Tack & Apparel, Feeds & Hay, Portable Fencing 2/19



MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton BC) 250-295-4329, Clinics throughout BC, Classical & Cowboy Dressage, Mountain Trail & Driving,


SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 604-850-1243 Foundation Specialist, Natural Horsemanship, 6/19

TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 4/19 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (Vernon) 250-308-8980 Fax: 250-542-5373 RV’s to Horse Trailers. Your Trailer Parts Superstore! 6/19

Vicki McKinnon & the Blind Bay Gang Your guides on a journey to the World According to Horses Introductory sessions 2-3 hours 2-3 day workshops for in-depth study Join us as we follow the hoofprints back home Vicki 250-675-2878, or (Sorrento BC)



TRAILER SALES CUMMINGS TRAILER SALES & RENTALS (Abbotsford) 1-877-856-1988 Horse, Stock, Flatdeck, Utility, Dump, Cargo and Pre-owned, 9/19 KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, 12/18

ACCORD VETERINARY SERVICES (Kamloops & area) 250-314-6566. Dr. Marlin Mason, Mobile Equine/Bovine Vet Services, 8/19 ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL Williams Lake 250-392-5510 / Quesnel 250-747-3053 Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan, Meier, Ree 12/18 DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and more. 9/18 INTERIOR VETERINARY HEALTH SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-769-4217, Mobile Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, VSMT, College of Animal Chiropractors 6/19

TOll free: 1-844-955-2445 or 780.955.2445



KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VET CLINIC 250-374-1486 Drs Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Robert Mulligan, Heather Pedersen 3/19 OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888, Sheila McDonald DVM and Tara Trimble DVM, 9/18

TRAINERS/COACHES ALICIA HARPER of Hylee Training, EC Comp. Coach/Trainer. Specializing in Hunters available for training, lessons/clinics, 10/18

PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales 6/19

BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 7/19

THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 5/19

BRUCE EMLYN HORSEMANSHIP (BC), Connecting with the Mind of Every Horse; clinics and private schooling 8/19


CHRISTA MIREMADI HORSEMANSHIP (Aldergrove) 604-856-2967 Training. 3/19 Problem Solving, Starting, Lessons, Clinics.



Western & Dressage Coach, Mountain Trail Course Designer. Clinics/private sessions in mountain & standard trail, ground work, round corral, ponying, desensitizing, balanced riding on/off site. Confidence building through patience & respect. RSTER FEcoaching Join us at our indoor/outdoor trail course. training

Where Your Equine Adventure Begins

250-808-0738 (Kelowna BC) See Damarhe Training on FB

GENERATION PUMP CO. (Interior BC) 250-549-0780 Paul Moore Variable Speed Experts! 6/19



8/18 7/17

DONNA HAWKINS (Aldergrove BC) 604-856-0033 Offering Educational Clinics on evidence-based practices 3/19 7/19

International Clinician and Horseman 1-877-728-8987 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses®, 1-888-533-4353 8/19 SEPTEMBER 2018


Rural Roots - Real Estate

PANORAMIC VIEW FROM THIS FLAT 16.68 ACRE PROPERTY Everything’s on one level in this 3 bed/3 bath 2,680 sq. ft. rancher. Bright country kitchen with newer stainless steel appliances and pantry. The open living room with built-in propane fireplace flows into the family room and formal dining room. Newer vinyl plank flooring throughout. The main bath features a built-in sauna. New washer and dryer stay with the house. There’s a large mud room and a newly finished bonus room off the dining room. Basement is unfinished with a wood stove, sufficient to heat the entire house. Lovely landscaped backyard with a salt-water pool and hot tub. There’s lots of water here; the house has its own well, there are underground sprinklers in the yard, and the fields are irrigated. Heated, insulated workshop with 220 power. 3 car garage. Property is set up for horses, fenced and x-fenced, with a barn and animal shelters. Bonus: 2 bedroom rental property on premises. 5045 Schubert Road, Armstrong BC $1,450,000 MLS® 10156199 DON MUNRO, REALTOR 250-309-0737 Royal LePage Downtown Realty Email:

EXCEPTIONAL LAKE, VALLEY & CITY VIEWS ABOUND FROM THIS PRIVATE 4.2 ACRE PROPERTY Located in SE Kelowna, a custom 4 bed/4 bath 3,889 sq. ft. walkout rancher built by Douglas Lake Homes. Designed for entertaining, the main floor offers open concept living and access to the covered outdoor entertainment areas. A gourmet kitchen complete with central island, granite countertops, gas range, double ovens, wine fridge, and a walkthrough Butler’s pantry. The master suite features beautiful views, custom walk-in closet, ensuite with soaker tub and doorless glass shower. The stables and corrals are adjacent to extensive horse trails that surround the property and equipped with a heated tack room, 870 sq. ft. custom horse barn, with two 11’x11’ box stalls and riding arena. Property backs onto Priest Creek (Crown Land) which gives horseback riders, mountain bikers and hikers access to the endless trails in Myra Canyon Provincial Park. 4531 Gaspardone Road, Kelowna BC $1,695,000 MLS® 10157996 KEITH WATTS, PREC* 250-717-5000 or 250-864-4241 RE/MAX Kelowna • Email:

26+ ACRE SHUSWAP HORSE PROPERTY! 2 HOMES! Main home is a 2 level hand-hewn, dovetail joint log barn which has been carefully restored to retain its original appeal and beautifully renovated inside to provide all the living comforts of a modern home. Second home is a renovated smaller rustic log cabin, fully equipped to accommodate your guests or farm help. Property is level and completely set-up for horses. Fenced and cross-fenced, 3 horse shelters, a round pen and tack building, etc. Approx. 17 acres in hay, a mix of alfalfa and grass. Looking to start an agri-related business? Non-zoned ALR, opportunities are endless. 3120 Carlin Road, Tappen BC $739,000 MLS®# 10163160 JAY AGASSIZ: Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-833-8284 • Homelife Salmon Arm Realty.Com Email: •

GREAT 5 ACRE PROPERTY IN LAKE COUNTRY Property backs on to the Rail Trail, close to all you need, shopping, schools, Reiswig beach, recreation/tennis courts and golf. This is an updated, move-in ready home offering over 1,700 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, open concept with fireplace. Large covered deck with hillside views. Plenty of parking with a shop/garage and outbuildings. Fully fenced with pastures, shelters and a 3 stall barn. Pride of ownership throughout. 11211 Reiswig Road, Lake Country BC $1,197,000 MLS® 10163648 For more information AGENTS: CAM MANNING 250-863-9511 • DARLA COOPER 250-215-3315 • Sage Executive Group, Lake Country BC

YOUR LISTING SHOULD LOVE HORSES?! THIS 6 ACRE ESTATE IS FOR YOU! Custom built main house w/2 separate living areas. Main floor residence has 9’ ceilings, 2 spacious bedrooms, gas fireplace and custom country kitchen w/solid maple cabinets. Kitchen and bath have heated floors, bathroom w/custom tiled shower and soaker tub. Take a private separate entrance up to the second floor with 2 or 3 bedrooms, an open concept oak kitchen w/island and doors to 2 concrete decks. There is an amazing 84’x165’ indoor riding arena, workshop, and greenhouses. Main barn w/6 stalls, 2 tack rooms and insulated hayloft. 4737 Gordon Road, Campbell River BC $1,299,800 MLS® 441821 For more information CALL PAUL STAPLEY – REALTOR 250-286-1877 RealPro Real Estate Services Email: Web site: 10/18

44 • SEPTEMBER 2018


5 CENTRALLY LOCATED ACRES FOR HORSE LOVERS! Completely renovated in 2016! Over $200,000 in upgrades. Private setting on 5 flat usable acres. Fenced and cross-fenced, great for horses and sheep. Approximately 2 acres in grass and 2 acres in forested shade. Structures include a detached workshop/garage, new barn with electricity, tack room, also a shed and chicken coop. Beautiful country setting. 5081 Schubert Road, Armstrong BC $859,900 MLS® 10164823 TRISH GLAZIER 250-558-9598 VantageOne Realty Inc.

BE HERE Call Nancy 1-866-546-9922

Rural Roots - Real Estate

10 ACRES AND A CUSTOM BUILT LOG HOME 3,300 sq. ft. home with 3 large bedrooms, master includes a 15’x15’ sitting room, and 3 ensuite bathrooms. Large decks with gazebo. 3-bay carport, double garage and shop, and a large shed. The barn is 40’x24’x18’h, suitable for horses and hay storage, with access from both ends with huge sliding doors. 2 ponds for watering, fruit trees and garden, root cellar. Rural, yet only 5 minutes to shopping centre. Pictures available. 1061 Bohill Place, Clearwater BC $679,000 CALL OWNER 250-674-3609 Email:

YOUR PARADISE IS WAITING Log home on 45 acres w/25 acres pasture, fenced and x-fenced hillside property, remainder trees. The 3 bedroom/2 bath home offers stunning valley and mountain views. 2 barns, chicken coop, outside hot-tub-area, Finnish-sauna w/wood stove and other outbuildings for your machinery. Plenty of room for your animals. 6 heated livestock waterers in fields. Approximately 7 acres in hay fields. Water license. Come home to a comfortable log home w/ new kitchen, open floorplan, master-bedroom and ensuite, main bath w/walk-in shower. 198 Bluenose Rd, Vernon/Lavington BC $919,000 MLS® 10141870 For more information INGRID BERGER - CALL OR TEXT 250-706-7215 Royal LePage Downtown Realty Vernon Email:


REALTORS THE ULTIMATE TURNKEY HORSE RANCH 20.32 acres, 80’x120’ indoor riding arena, 200 US GPM well. 3,729 sq. ft. 4 bed/2 full bath main residence with great views from the open kitchen, living and dining room area. Also a 780 sq. ft. 1 bed/1 bath second residence. 3 minutes to town. Heated show barn with 5 stalls and auto waterers, viewing area over arena and hay loft. 52’x56’ barn with 6 24’x12’ stalls and a 26’x16’ shavings area. 38’x60’ hay shed. Comes with irrigation system and reel. 30’x48’ workshop with 22’x48’ lean-to. 3 heated automatic pasture waterers. 7.5 acres of irrigated hay fields. 165’ outdoor round pen. 4358 Lansdowne Road, Armstrong BC $2,125,000 MLS® 10165249

IRRIGATED FARMLAND WITH INCOME 39.7 acres of prime farmland, great potential for orchards, vegetables or hay land. The irrigation well produces 400+ US GPM with underground hookups throughout the property, and the domestic well is 100+ US GPM. Beautiful energy efficient 2005 main residence boasts 7,598 sq. ft. with 7 bedrooms and 6 full bathrooms when you include the 3 bed/2 bath suite. Geothermal heating and air-conditioning, built in vac, heated floor on lower level, covered deck. Second residence is 980 sq. ft. 2 bed/1 bath with den/storage room and 9’ceilings. Great for a large family or income. Outbuildings include 2 pole sheds 40’x40’ and 30’x80’. An insulated workshop 38’x38’ with power. Suite, shop, kitchen, second house and land producing generous monthly income currently. 1199 Mountain View Road, Armstrong BC $2,380,000 MLS® 10163101

HORSE PROPERTY WITH PRODUCTIVE FARMLAND 60 acres with 50 level acres of hay field with 3 cuts of hay on some of the best farmland around. High producing well. A well-built and maintained 2,195 sq. ft. 4 bed/2 bath house with den, central air, central vac, gas fireplace, hardwood floor. A 72’x84’ 6,048 sq. ft. new shop/barn/machine shed with a 1,500 sq. ft. loft for possible legal suite. 72’x36’ shop/barn with tack room and office, two 14’x12’ bay doors. Hay and equipment storage. 300’x150’ sand filled outdoor riding arena, 165’ large round pen. Fenced and cross-fenced, 6 auto heated watering bowls and several large paddocks. 5 minutes from Armstrong or 15 minutes from Vernon. Close to schools and on bus route. Quick possession available. 4461 Grandview Flats Road, Armstrong BC $1,750,000 MLS® 10164242

81 ACRE OFF GRID HORSE PARADISE 81.12 acres! Timber, hay, shop, sheds and a home. Sensational view. Live off grid and in comfort! Water well and a 24 volt 9 panel solar system power the house with a 6,500 watt diesel generator for backup. Public road access. 72’x45’ insulated, heated and powered shop with its own solar system. A productive 7 acre hay field and a 24’x32’ hay shed. A flowing creek travels down to the lower horse pastures, orchard area and pond. Perimeter fenced and a cattle guard at entrance. Huge timber value! 5209 Six Mile Creek Road, Falkland BC $799,800 MLS® 10165028


Starting at Only $85

RUSSELL ARMSTRONG, REALTOR, CELL: 778-930-0115 Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd., Vernon BC Email: / Website:



On The Market (Private Sale) Old Baldy Ranch

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2018 Foals will be available sired by:

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The Peruvian Horse

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at!

Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC)


LBJ Sierras Blue Te AQHA Blue Roan and his son AW Blue Fire N Te AQHA Blue Roan


REFURBISHED EARLY 1900s DEMOCRAT With two upholstered seats and rubber tires. Also available turquoise/light blue harness with very pliable synthetic material.

Peruvian Paso Horses Ringstead Ranch, one of Canada’s Largest breeders, now have locations in both Chase, BC and Cayley, AB.

Visit for more Information on this Incredible Breed!

5/19 3/17

Asking $2,000 or $1,500 without harness. 250-231-3952 (Trail BC) Email:

To learn more about this beautiful & unique breed of horse, and for a complete Sales List, please visit our website. 403-860-9763

7/18 8/19

Stallions & Breeders APPALOOSACENTRE.COM 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 7/19 AWARD WINNING FRIESIAN STAR STALLION AI/FRESH. Quality Purebred and Sporthorse Foals,, 604-539-8108 6/19 FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines, 5/19 OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/18 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style 11/18 WILDWOOD RANCHES Reg’d Quarter Horses (OK Falls, BC) 250-497-8452 SS: Standing an own son of Frenchmans Guy. 3/19

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HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 9/18

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