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hings are definitely getting back on track with more events and happenings opening up for folks to get out to. The Horse Expo in Red Deer did have a smaller turnout than anticipated; but those that did come out had a great learning and shopping experience! We will be back next year. See the story on page 20. WOW!! Was that one exciting race at the Kentucky Derby on May 7th!! I watched the video online over and over again to see how jockey Sonny Leon was moving up to the front – unbelievable! If you haven’t seen it, go find it online! What a horse! What a race! See page 10 for more info. We have a story about Eventer Dana Cooke from Merritt BC, and fundraising for her upcoming journey to the World Equestrian Games. But she is also donating a portion of those funds to the Merritt Relief Fund. Maybe you can help… see more on page 14. We have a new photo contest happening on our Saddle Up Facebook page; courtesy of The Finn & Fletcher Co. See page 5 for info. You have just one month to enter your photo! Good luck. Until next month…

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Kaelyn Kennedy

Kaelyn Kennedy, founder of TKEQ Equestrian Lifestyle Apparel, is a prime testimony that entrepreneurship is not necessarily defined by how many years you’ve been on this planet.

aelyn demonstrates that the true essence of entrepreneurship belongs to the youth who can bring a fresh take to the table and have the most to gain from improving the world around them. At just 17 years old, Kaelyn noticed a gap in the equestrian apparel market, realizing that most equestrians were wearing popular athletic wear designed for runners rather than athletic wear optimized for equestrian athletes. As a lifelong equestrian herself and an avid competitor, combining her love of fashion and horses towards an entrepreneurial business within a sport allowed her to pursue the life she desired. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Kaelyn, now 22 years old, has driven the rise of TKEQ to become a multi-million-dollar brand with over 40 retail stores across the United States, Canada, Germany and Australia. Her connection with fans has amassed 37,000+ followers on Instagram. Kaelyn hopes her messaging can be inspirational to young aspiring entrepreneurs - she believes that anyone is old enough to start their own business when backed with a clear vision and determination to make it a reality. Building an Empire from the ground up So many successful entrepreneurial ventures have been formed by focusing on a fundamental need that customers have or identifying a gap in the market that the masses are yearning for by creating a business that provides excellent products and services. With social media providing aspiring entrepreneurs access to various markets and an opportunity to connect and build genuine relationships with their clientele, a simple "like" comment, message, or photo or video sharing has proven a fast and effective way to interact with a possible client and build a business empire from the ground up. For Kaelyn, she has demonstrated what the power of social media, especially Instagram, can yield when met with a relentless desire to succeed. While Kaelyn's rise may seem like an overnight success to some, it did not come

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without its share of challenges along the way. For any aspiring entrepreneurs, once the word gets out of your ambitions, chances are you'll be swiftly met by a wave of resistance and doubters ready to slow your ideas down or halt them altogether. While this is the trial and tribulation stage that deters most aspiring entrepreneurs early on, for Kaelyn, it was a blessing in disguise. Despite the naysayers and detractors second-guessing her because of her young age, Kaelyn rode the wave, focusing her energies on cultivating her defiance and began feeling comfortable standing up for her vision and, in turn, gained respect from those that deterred her the most. Legacy and the Future Fast forward to today, TKEQ attire can now be found at many showgrounds such as the Winter Equestrian Festival (Wellington, Florida) and the Desert International Horse Park (Thermal, California). What makes TKEQ The Shop's collection of equestrian attire stand out from the crowd is its mission to promote selfownership, empowerment, and pride through its confidence focused designs. While in the past, many riders would be found in everyday athletic wear, which may be ideal for gym and yoga, but did not cover the demands of the wear and tear that the average equestrian athlete endures. With its four-way stretch, UV protection, and ideal arm and body length for more comfortable wear, TKEQ The Shop’s diverse range covers all the equestrian attire essentials. From outerwear, athletics, sweaters, and accessories that are perfect for competition or casual use, TKEQ has it all. Since its first Equestrian Athletics line launch in 2019, TKEQ The Shop's business direction has changed drastically. To begin with, the site sold out immediately, and since then, it has never looked back. While most equestrian sports may have a finishing line, it's safe to say there is no end in sight to TKEQ The Shop's success with Kaelyn leading the reins.

Join us in Calgary with THE By Gavin Pearson


What are the foundations of success for developing a young horse to maximize their potential in the showjumping ring? US equestrian and 4-time Olympian Beezie Madden and her partner John Madden seem to know the keystone to that foundation, and have the track record to prove it.


unning their stable, John Madden Sales Inc., the name Madden to any equestrian worldwide is synonymous with US showjumping to the highest level. On July 6th, The Madden Method Symposium will give attendees the rare opportunity to experience and gain insight from John & Beezie Madden and their program of developing a horse for showjumping. This one-day Masterclass will showcase demonstrations of flatwork for jumpers to horse and rider preparations to compete. The Maddens will have a group of young jumper prospects to seasoned showjumpers to reveal the progressions in their program. Hosted by the Canadian Sport Horse Association - Alberta Chapter, in the state of the art facility Eventyre Farm, situated in the foothills southwest of Calgary, we welcome all to attend this uncommon event! Attendees can be seated at regular auditor seating, or at VIP tables, with beverage and food service if they intend to be at the event in person. For those who are unable to attend or want to stay in the comfort of their home, the masterclass will be live-streamed as well. During the scheduled break times through the masterclass, attendees can learn more about the CSHA, and visit the other select vendors of tack stores and equestrian fashion stores on site. There will also be mini presentations of the form to function and conformation of showjumpers from world-recognized pedigree and conformation specialist Judy Wardrope. July 6th is set to be a full day of beautiful horses, top class education, and shopping. The Madden Method is the event of the summer no equestrian wants to miss. All event information and ticket sales can be found on

JUNE 2022


By Elisha Bradburn

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23 I am sure you have already noticed that there has been a bit of a theme to my articles so far. The articles on love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are on the fruits of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5:22-23 in the Bible.


he fruits of the Spirit apply so well to everything in life, so, naturally, if we could harvest them for the purposes of horsemanship they would work perfectly for that too. This is what inspired to me to write an article on each “fruit” as a quality of a good horseman. As you also may have noticed, there are so many parallels between life and horsemanship that are fruitful to ponder. I have so many revelations about myself and my relationship with God when I am working with horses. You see, many times, I am like the wide-eyed, sweaty horse pulling myself through the barbed wire of life to my own demise, instead of waiting for my caring master to come and help deliver me from the bind I have gotten myself in. Instead of waiting, I reef, pull harder, struggle and fight, leaving even deeper wounds than if I would have simply relented to

Tom Dorrance – Legendary Horseman

think through the pressures of life and wait on the Lord for His answers, and very real help. To get this help though, I, like the horse, would have to see the value the man in the centre of the round corral had to offer me, and choose to join him. I also see tiny glimpses of how God might see us as I work with my horses. It fills my heart with love and compassion, and my eyes with tears of joy and gratitude. Joy and gratitude for the glimpses that allow me to be more empathetic towards my horse, and other people. All of this gives me the vision of God as the master horseman, and me (or you) as the horse he is helping along in the round pen of life. I’ll bet you have heard of a person being described as a “master horseman?” I am convinced that, while there are a few outstanding people I know who have certainly worked very hard at their craft, and have honed incredible skill to accompany their talents, that there is still truly only one

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master. Let me furnish that idea a little further with a word about an amazing horseman. I heard once in a podcast interview between Pat Parelli and Doug Jordan, a cutting horse trainer, Doug describing Tom Dorrance to Pat for the benefit of the listeners (P.A.T. Progressive Alternative Training Podcast December 10, 2020 Pat Parelli with Doug Jordan – Cutting Naturally). What Doug Jordan said that rocked my world and led to an epiphany of epiphanies – I mean the light bulb went way on, was “Tom (Dorrance) was the most Christ-like person I ever met.” This statement hit me hard. You see, I was trying to find the perfect horsemanship mentor (which by the way doesn’t exist, since we are all human after all) and God lays it out for me. For those of you who don’t know, to give you some context, Tom Dorrance is sometimes called the grandfather of Horsemanship. He revolutionized the horse world by offering alternative ways of working with horses, and speaking from the horse’s point of view. Tom will forever be remembered for enlightening people to find better ways to understand and work with horses. So… one of the most successful horseman, in the ways that matter to me, Tom Dorrance, was described as Christ-like. That was the standout quality of this legendary horseman. This led me to what we really need to be truly successful with horses. The qualities we need to be successful with horses (and people coincidentally) are what I chose to base 9 of the 10 articles I have written so far for Saddle Up magazine on, and those qualities are the fruits of the Spirit. Do we need to study other skilled horsemen, go to clinics, work at building our own skills, do the exercises, and put in the time with our horses? Absolutely! But even more than all that, it is the condition of our heart that counts most. It is ourselves we need to work on. It is these fruits we need to harvest in ourselves daily. I learned what should have been obvious in that lightbulb moment; God made horses, so of course He is the Master Horseman! If I studied His word, learned how to be more Christ-like, and maybe prayed a little more too, I might just become a better human and horseman. If Tom Dorrance, a truly great horseman, was best described as Christ-like, surely pursuing these qualities myself would not only improve my horsemanship, but my life! Funny how that works! Working on myself, not the horse, is the fastest, slowest, most direct, indirect route to true success with horses. It is so simple, but so easily missed. If we focus too hard on the academic part of horsemanship, while neglecting the heart matters, it will, as my dear

My Dad, Chris McBurney and I. Dad exemplifies the fruits of the spirit. Photo Credit: Kylie Bartel friend and fellow horsewoman, Kylie Bartel, so aptly puts it “just fall flat.” We must start with the heart being in the right place, apply the knowledge with our heads, and lastly, apply our skillful hand and techniques. This is the recipe for a symphony of truly harmonious, soft, mutually enjoyable horsemanship. Enjoy applying the fruits of the Spirit, which just so happen to be the qualities of a good horseman, my friends. It is a daily practice and an effort that is so rewarding! I would really love to hear from you if you have a specific topic you would enjoy an article on. Please drop me an email at the address below just to say hi, with your article ideas, feedback, or with any horsemanship questions I might be able to help you with.

Elisha Bradburn and her husband, Clay, own Faithful Farm, an equestrian centre in the Fraser Valley. Elisha’s passion with horses lies in psychology based horsemanship, with a strong consideration for the horse’s point of view. Elisha is available for clinics, expos, demonstrations and speaking engagements and can be followed on her Legacy Horsemanship pages on Facebook and Instagram or e-mailed at legacyhorsemanship@ (See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

NATIONAL TOP 1% Royal LePage Canada

Jesse Chapman

Danielle Chapman ® realtor

unliCenseD team Consultant



personal real estate Corporation


Doug Chapman





$4,000,000 MLS® 193205 + 193203

4301 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls BC

Turn-Key Equestrian centre within 15 minutes of Penticton, this beautiful 22 acre farm was once the site for the Equestrian component of the BC Summer Games. The property has been built up over the last 30 years to include: a 76’ x 176’ indoor riding arena with lighting, 75’ x 200’ outdoor sand arena, 50’ covered round pen, 30 + horse paddocks with shelters, 45’ x 40’ hay barn, 32’ x 32’ barn with tie stalls, tack and feed rooms, and a 70’ x 20’ covered equipment area. There is also a complementary Pet Boarding business on the property. The home is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,800 sq. ft. rancher with a detached triple garage. This location is south facing with full sun and great land for growing grapes for an additional income. The property also borders Shuttleworth Creek which flows year round. Contact Team Chapman for more information.

JUNE 2022


(148th Kentucky Derby ran on May 7 at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky)

By Mark Story,

Sonny Leon gestures after their come-from-behind win… “When I was in the last 70 yards, I said, ‘I think I got this race,’” Leon said. Photo David Coyle.

Celebrating their victory. Photo Dave Clark.

Before 80-1 long shot Rich Strike broke last from the gate in the 148th Kentucky Derby, his rider, Venezuela native Sonny Leon, had such a light footprint in North American horse racing, he had never won a graded stakes race.


n the 2:02.61 it took to finish the 2022 Run for the Roses, Leon turned in a ride — equal parts patient and fabulously bold — that no one present at Churchill Downs on an overcast Saturday will ever forget. Taking advantage of a suicidal early pace, Leon booted the latecharging Rich Strike from 15th at the 1-mile pole to a stunning threequarters-of-a-length victory over favored Epicenter. Leon’s masterful ride helped Rich Strike become the second-longest shot ever to win a Kentucky Derby. Only 1913 Derby winner, Donerail, who

went off at 91-1, has ever won the roses at a longer price than Rich Strike did. “People kept asking me if I was nervous to ride in my first Kentucky Derby,” Leon said afterward in a joyous news conference. “I said, ‘No, I wasn’t nervous. I was excited.’ I was on an 80-1 shot and nobody knew my horse — but I did. I didn’t know if we could win, but I had a good feeling with him.”



len Todd, a longtime advocate for the thoroughbred racing industry, has died. Todd died March 27, 2022 surrounded by his family, according to a message shared on the Hastings Racecourse Facebook page. “Glen played a giant role in British Columbia’s thoroughbred racing industry, whether as an owner of hundreds of racehorses in recent years, or as a business leader in providing direction, insight and vital influence over the ongoing sustainability of the industry,” the message read. “Glen’s passion and commitment to the industry — and the people within it — was unparalleled and will be sorely missed.” Last July, Todd extended an interest-free $1 million loan to fund purse money and keep races going at East Vancouver’s Hastings Racecourse over the summer 2021, while the industry continued to battle COVID-19 prompted business woes. “People were getting desperate, we were going to have to lay all these people off, they had nowhere to go with their horses,” said Todd, who was the owner-trainer of the North American Thoroughbred Horse Co. About 700 staff are employed through the racing season and some 50-to-60 staff with specialized skills live

10 • JUNE 2022


with, and care for, the horses at the racetrack. At the time, Todd said he wasn’t looking for acknowledgment or accolades, just that he wanted to keep jobs in place and horses running. The money was administered by the B.C. Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders and the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective associations. None of it went to Great Canadian Casino, which owns Hastings Inc. and houses the racetrack. — With files from Denise Ryan Glen (aka Mr.T, Dad, Pops, GT, Partner) is survived by his daughters, Shelley (Mike) Bancroft, and Dana (Jason) Barker, grandchildren, Dawson Bancroft, Lincoln, Declan and Fisher Barker, sister Diane, and Mario (Rebecca) Gutierrez and was predeceased by his wife Sandra in 2007. His extended family spans near and far as Glen touched many and treated them all like family, especially through the horse and softball worlds he was so closely attached to. Glen was a father, grandfather, mentor, business leader and friend to so many. A reception was held in Langley BC on April 28th. In lieu of flowers the family has requested donations be made to Glen Todd Legacy Fund benefiting New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society Donations can be made online or by calling directly.

JOH N GLEN DON TODD D E C . 2 0 , 19 4 6 – M A R . 2 7, 2 0 2 2

That is why, both Reed and Dawson said, when they decided they had Kentucky Derby aspirations for Rich Strike, they decided they would stay with Leon instead of looking for a bigger Starting from the outside post after name. making the race as an also-eligible, Rich Strike Before Saturday’s tour de force, Leon’s broke last in the field of 20. Leon quickly guided greatest achievement as a rider may have been his his mount toward the rail, saving ground. back-to-back wins in the Best of Ohio Endurance As Summer Is Tomorrow set suicidal early race on Forewarned. fractions of 21.78 seconds for the first quarterLeon has been a regular rider far from horse mile and 45.36 seconds for the first half-mile, racing’s brightest lights at Mahoning Valley Race Leon and Rich Strike bided their time patiently Course in Youngstown, Ohio. He does win races, near the rear of the Derby cavalry charge. having won 226 in 2021 out of a whopping 1,125 Rich Strike was 17th at the quarter pole, had starts. fallen to 18th at the half-mile mark and was still Reed pointed out that the jockeys who are ahead of only two horses three-quarters of a Sonny’s split-second decision to get off the rail. the biggest stars in the sport “all were where Sonny mile into the race. Photo Eclipse Sports, John Voorhees. Leon has been at some point (in their careers). He’s However, the withering fractions had set the race up for a closer — and when Leon asked Rich Strike to go, the horse a family man, has been content to stay where he is — where he wins.” On Saturday, Leon beat a field that included Hall of Fame riders Mike exploded. Smith and John Velazquez, as well as stars of the moment such as Irad Ortiz Jr., Flavien Prat, Luis Saez and Joel Rosario. “I was like, ‘Whoa, I’ve got some horse,” Leon said. “Those kind of riders get the best horses, ride for the big stables,” At the top of the stretch, Leon swung the hard-charging Rich Strike Reed said. “Sonny hasn’t gotten that chance.” After a Kentucky Derby ride for the ages, that might change. toward the rail, taking the “Calvin “Bo-Rail” path that Churchill Downs Leon was asked what he thought his vintage showing with Rich jockey ace Calvin Borel traveled to Derby victories in 2007 (Street Sense), Strike would mean for his career. 2009 (Mine That Bird) and 2010 (Super Saver). “I want to enjoy this moment,” Sonny Leon said. “We’ll see what happens tomorrow.” “I waited,” Leon said, “and the rail opened up.” Said Rich Strike trainer Eric Reed: “We passed ’em all. What a ride by Sonny.”

However, just as Rich Strike was barreling down the inside toward the front, he ran up on a tiring Messier. In the move that won the race, Leon swung Rich Strike outside Messier — and had enough horse to plow right on past Louisiana Derby winner Epicenter and Blue Grass Stakes victor Zandon to win North America’s most prestigious horse race. “How much courage did our jockey have?” asked Rick Dawson, whose RED TR-Racing owns Rich Strike. “He had as much courage as our horse, and that was a lot.” Leon had ridden Rich Strike in the four races that immediately preceded the Derby. “He helped me train this horse,” said Reed, Rich Strike’s trainer. “This rider has ridden him all along. (Rich Strike) learned the process and (Leon) taught him how to ride through horses and pass horses.”



BAREFOOT HOOFCARE • 204-771-5335

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Loon Lake SK Peachland BC Aldergrove BC Port Hardy BC Black Creek BC Oliver BC Sherwood Park AB Saskatoon SK

Rich Strike takes home the $1.86 million first place prize for the win. Sonny Leon was the winning jockey. The horse had just entered the race on Friday May 6th. Rich Strike, owned by Richard Dawson’s RED TR-Racing and bred in Kentucky by Calumet Farm rallied to win by 3/4 of a length. Trained by Eric Reed and ridden by Sonny Leon, Rich Strike covered the mile and a quarter in 2:02.61 over a fast track and produced an upset second only to Donerail’s triumph at 91-1 in 1913. Rich Strike is the second-biggest longshot in Derby history, after Donerail paid $184.90 in 1913. Flying Horse Farm of Kelowna BC is the very proud breeder of BRASSY GOLD: grand dam of Kentucky Derby 2022 winner RICH STRIKE! Owner/Breeder RJ & Lois Bennett bred their mare Panning For Gold to their stallion Dixieland Brass - a son of Dixieland Band, resulting in Brassy Gold who foaled on the farm in 1996.

Watch for upcoming BA RN PA RT IES !

Kristen O’Connor Owner Chilliwack BC

Champion Horse Blankets 604-845-7179 • JUNE 2022


2021 Award Winners Celebrated at 48th Annual Night of Champions

By Lindsay Ward

The achievements of the Alberta Thoroughbred industry were celebrated in person at the Night of Champions held on Friday, May 6th at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino in Nisku. After two years of a virtual awards format, over one hundred people filled the Paddock Room representing breeders, owners, trainers and the backstretch to enjoy the dinner, awards and dancing entertainment.


Training and Rehab Centre. aster of Ceremonies, Ken Gee, got the Further acknowledgement is also evening underway with greetings expressed to On Track Media & Entertainment Inc. from Chief Executive Officer of Horse for their generous sponsorship and support with Racing Alberta, Kent Verlik, who discussed the the production of the Night of Champions video best path forward for horse racing in Alberta program. The attendees enjoyed the dancing with the new stakeholder engagement and demos and entertainment offered by the Sugar appeals process. He offered a “thank you all for Swing Ballroom. your dedication and passion for the sport of horse racing in Alberta.” Leading Breeder Award Highfield **CORRECTION** The dinner and entertainment were Investment Group Inc. Night of Champions Acknowledges Leading followed by the award presentations with Jockeys by both Earnings and Wins GREEK GEEK winning all four of the categories he The CTHS Alberta office would like to acknowledge that an error has was eligible for including Horse of the Year, Champion Sprinter, Champion Older Horse and Champion Alberta bred. The Misremembered gelding been discovered regarding the awarding of the 2021 Leading Jockey – The earned $174,400 last season with seven wins from nine starts including four Lou Davies Memorial Trophy at the May 6th Night of Champions. In calculating the winner for 2021, the Jockey Club stats used for the stakes; the Alberta Breeders’ Handicap, the CTHS Sales Stake, the Century Mile Handicap and the Don Getty Handicap. GREEK GEEK established a calculation were based on highest earnings not on wins as has been done new track record on August 15th, 2021 over one and one sixteenth miles in the past. By using the highest earnings this meant that Mr. Enrique with a time of 1.42.36. GREEK GEEK is a 2018 CTHS Alberta sale graduate Gonzalez was presented with the trophy rather than Mr. Rico Walcott who bred by Moonshine Meadow Ranch and owned by Riversedge Racing had the highest number of wins at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino in 2021. Stables Ltd. We would like to express our deepest apologies to both Mr. Gonzalez Highfield Investment Group Inc. was named Leading Breeder for the second successive year with Highfield bred runners earning $420,276 from and Mr. Walcott for this error. This will be corrected on our stats and we will note in our Night of Champion archives that Mr. Walcott was the 15 wins last season. Special recognition and appreciation is given to the Night of 2021 Leading Jockey (Wins) and Mr. Gonzalez the 2021 Leading Jockey Champions sponsors: Horse Racing Alberta, Bar None Ranches Ltd., (Earnings). The presentation of the 2021 Leading Jockey – The Lou Davies Century Mile Racetrack and Casino, Century Downs Racetrack and Casino, the HBPA of Alberta, Roy McLellan, Moore Equine Veterinary Centre Ltd., Memorial Trophy will be presented to Mr. Walcott during the 2022 racing Paddockhurst Stables, Rocky Mountain Turf Club and Westana Equine season.

A Night of Champions!

Champion Three Year Old Filly SHELTERED BAY

Multiple Award Winner GREEK GEEK

The 2021 Alberta Thoroughbred horse category award winners are listed below: Champion Claimer - The H.B.P.A. Trophy DUNE D’ORO Champion Sprinter - The Century Downs Racetrack and Casino Trophy GREEK GEEK Champion Two Year Old Filly - The Dwight McLellan Memorial Trophy ONEOFTHEMGIRLS Champion Two Year Old Colt - The Rocky Mountain Turf Club Trophy ASYOUBELIEVE Champion Three Year Old Filly - The Dave Kapchinsky Memorial Trophy Sponsored by Paddockhurst Stables Inc. SHELTERED BAY

12 • JUNE 2022


Champion Two Year Old Filly ONEOFTHEMGIRLS Champion Three Year Old Colt - Sponsored by Bar None Ranches Ltd. TONY’S TAPIT Champion Older Mare - The Moore Equine Veterinary Centre Ltd. Trophy INFINITE PATIENCE Champion Older Horse - The Century Mile Racetrack and Casino Trophy GREEK GEEK Champion Alberta Bred - The Ted Connor Memorial Trophy GREEK GEEK Horse of the Year - The Horse Racing Alberta Trophy GREEK GEEK Further information may be found on the C.T.H.S. Alberta website at Racing information and statistics provided by Equibase and the Jockey Club.

Alberta Equestrian Federation, The Government of Alberta will match donations to AEF of up to $10,000 for Equine Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR)! About the Campaign Through the SPAR Donation-Matching Campaign, the Government of Alberta is using donation-matching funding to create an environment where Alberta’s non-profit sector thrives. Alberta’s sport, physical activity and recreation programs provide many essential services on which Albertans rely for their physical, emotional and mental health while contributing to their quality of life. The Donation Fund Program has been set to encourage support for the development of sport, physical activity and recreation in Alberta, the Donation Fund Program gives individual and corporate donors a tax incentive to invest in the future of the sector and a process for the acceptance of contributions from charitable organizations. The Ministry of Culture and Status of Women, responsible for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation, administers the Donation Fund Program. This includes support for the development of athletes, coaches, officials, instructors, leaders, volunteers, programs, facilities and events. Creative Partnerships Alberta was created to help bring government, non-profits, business and Albertans together to create an adaptable and resilient non-profit sector. Creative Partnerships is part of the government’s commitment to grow creative and cultural industries in the province by 25 percent over the next 10 years and is an important part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan.

How will this help our Equestrian Community? We hope this initiative will encourage donations to support the AEF for Equine Livestock support, the development of sport, physical activity and recreation in Alberta. In 2022, AEF created a new reserve fund for Equine Emergencies – should you wish your donation to go toward this important fund, please select Physical Activity & Recreation Development online or complete the paper form and select ‘equine livestock support.’ As the Equine Livestock Support option is not available within the online donation process, the Alberta Government has confirmed that any online donations made to the above noted category online, will go toward this. How to Make a Donation Up to $350,000, donation-matching funds are being made available for this Donation-Matching Campaign from April 1st, 2022 to August 30th, 2022. The donation-matching funding builds on donor support of sector programs. Albertans can assist in renewing sector programs across the province. The maximum individual donation match is $1,000. The maximum matching funding per eligible organization is $10,000. Donations for Equine Livestock Support and/or Sport Development can be made on our website or by calling toll free 1-877-463-6233.

JUNE 2022


By Marcia Cooper | Photos by Cealy Tetley

Many of you may know Dana from the time she started eventing at the age of 8, competing in every possible competition available in British Columbia and, when able, competing in the USA, prior to her move to North Carolina. riginally from Merritt, BC, she is now residing in Mooresville, North Carolina. We have all watched her talent, horsemanship, dedication, and perseverance in this sport we all love. Dana is an ‘A’ graduate of the Canadian Pony Club, was a long-time member/participant of the BC Young Riders program, graduated from Kwantlen Polytech University with honours in the Farrier program, a certified Canadian coach, a working student with Rebecca Howard (another former BC Eventer), Rebecca’s “right hand” person at The Fork, then grooming for her at the 2011 Pan American Games and 2012 Olympic Games.

Dana has continued educating herself with as much knowledge possible – seeking out the best coaches (many in BC), listening and learning from upper lever riders, and constantly adding to her "toolbox." In 2019, Dana and FE Mississippi (Missi) were members of the Canadian Pan American Bronze Medal Team, held in Lima, Peru with fellow Canadians Colleen Loach, Jessica Phoenix and Karl Slezak. 2022 has had a fabulous start to the east coast eventing season for Dana and her horses: At the Redhills International 3*S in March,

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14 • JUNE 2022


Dana Cooke and FE Mississippi

Dana and FE Quatro placed 3rd and Dana and Harlequin placed 12th. Dana’s Harlequin horse was bred by another former Merrittonian, who has her veterinarian practice in Maryland. At the April Chattahoochee Hills International Horse Trials, Dana and Missi, landed at the top of the podium against 38 other competitors. This is Dana and Missi’s first 4*S win. At the end of April at the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event, Dana and Missi competed against 46 entries in the 4*S, with only 29 completing all three-phases. Dana said, “It has been a great week here at Kentucky. We put in a consistent dressage test, and I’m pretty happy with her.” “‘Miss Perfect,’ her nickname, has always been a very sweet, polite mare and she tries hard to be good.” The cross-country proved to be quite influential and resulted in a large move up in the leaderboard from 24th to 5th place going into show jumping, where Dana and Missi remained. So where to now? 2022 is World Equestrian Games year (WEG), and Dana is looking to further her 2019 experience as a member of the Canadian Eventing Team by competing in Europe this spring. Going “across the pond,” to compete against some of Europe’s best, she will gather valuable international experience, and will become a more experienced member of the Canadian Team. Her plans for the immediate future are to travel with FE Mississippi to compete in the Millstreet International Event held in Ireland on June 2–4, with the goal of qualifying for,

l to r: At the Pan American Games podium, Karl, Colleen, Jessica, and Dana.

Dana and Missi over one of the iconic crosscountry jumps at the Pan American Games

and hopefully subsequently being selected for the Canadian Eventing Team at the WEG, taking place in Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy September 1418. If not successful in Team selection, “Missi” will remain in England to make the most of their European time, with Dana and Missi competing at the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials September 15-18. Dana has figured out the cost for such a trip is around $30,000 to $35,000 dollars USD. Dana would also like to donate a portion of all money raised to the Merritt Relief Fund via The Merritt Rotary Club, to help her hometown recover from the devastating wildfires and floods that hit in 2021. Dana and her support group have been fundraising since the beginning of April, to raise the necessary funds to make this trip

Celebration gallop at Land Rover Kentucky

happen. To date there has been a successful “Meet and Greet” at Kingfisher Park Equestrian; an All Roads Lead to Europe - Dana Cooke Fundraiser | 32auctions fundraiser; and a raffle for a Hit-Air Vest donated by Chelan Kozak. Further to this, Dana will be doing a clinic at the Equus Equestrian Center in Salmon Arm on June 11-12. As we witnessed with our Canadian Winter Olympic Athletes, some amazing achievements and amazing stories of Courage, Tenacity, Risk and Hope... we ask and hope you will be part of another amazing story. If you wish to donate and become part of Dana’s European Journey or have any questions, please contact us at our email addresses: Marcia Cooper, Dana Cooke, danacooke@

Tremb Services Offers High Tech Knowledge Improving Agriculture and Ranching – Improving your Lives


988. Seems just like yesterday, working to solve all the problems of information technology within the bulk transportation industry across western Canada, from hardware to satellite tracking. Meanwhile I bought a ranch, horses, buildings, equipment, software and on and on and on. This little experiment has revealed the non-existence of technical coordination from suppliers, providers of online services and software access to vendors and customers. Covid brought even more technical requirements with the usage of remote access software and marketing. This change in lifestyle has enticed me to move Tremb Services in a brand-new direction. Look at us now! Tremb has envisioned a new life; “GO Green” bringing our 10,000 hours of experience into a new field of operators whose daily life has been transformed by the pressure of this computer age. High tech knowledge to serve farms and ranches in order to improve lives, is where Tremb is at, and where it wants to be. Between our ability to communicate remotely and our affordable on-site service package, Tremb can provide you with a personal relationship to support your family and organization’s technical needs. These on-site service bundles range from one to five days and are structured on a daily rate. Tremb will assess your technical issues, offer training, teaching about software, hardware installation, network deployment, cabling, as well as security camera system, GPS and satellite communication assistance. “I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the

near future, and appreciate the time taken to read about us.” Sincerely, Richard Tremblay.

Tremb offers a full peripheral assessment and deployment of technology necessary to your present and future operations. There are a lot of options for tracking purposes, equipment manoeuvering and mobility, and some locations will require satellite versus cellular transmission. Tremb will provide the suitable solution to your project with cost benefits analysis.

Tremb Services Ltd.

Hardware • Software • Networking Security Camera System Internet • WIFI • GPS Tracking Email : Phone: (800) 243-0311 Website: HIGH TECH KNOWLEDGE TO SERVE FARMS & RANCHES

JUNE 2022


The 2022 Canadian Warmblood Spring Riding Horse Sale saw a small group of top-quality horses get auctioned off online April 22–25. These horses ranged in age from just coming 3-year olds up to seasoned show veterans who were mainly Canadian bred. e would like to thank the consignors for bringing such a well turned out and prepared group of horses for presentation days and as always, an incredible group of volunteers who help to make the day run more smoothly. Proving that the Canadian market is alive and well, all horses were sold within Canada, from BC all the way east to QC for a sale average of $31,375. Our top seller was the beautiful 4-year-old grey prospect under saddle Juno VF (Hitchcock Van Overis x Parco) who was bred and consigned by Valleyfield Farm. This petite mare is a jumping bean who showed incredible scope and great technique through the chute, combined with age-appropriate show experience and a great mind. The final bid was an impressive $72,000 and she will remain in Alberta. The second high selling prospect under saddle was the gorgeous chestnut mare Luminescence (Don Quixote x Fils De Lully) who was bred and consigned by Klondike Victory Farm. This elegant mare is light on experience but has great potential and a mind to match. She will head out to BC for a final bid of $26,500. Our high selling performance horse was the stunning bay and white pinto Bengal Du Rouet (Balou du Rouet x Varsace B) who was bred and consigned by Nordic Farms. This big gelding showed incredible ride-ability and versatility with wins in both the hunter and jumper rings up to 1.20m. Tigger as he is known around the barn will also stay in Alberta for a final bid of $41,500. (Bengal) The second high selling performance horse was the elegant grey gelding Calvaro (Cassiano x Liberty Son) consigned by Double A Farm and was the only imported horse offered. He impressed with his willingness, kind demeanor and wonderful flatwork. The hammer dropped at $39,000 and he will be heading out to BC. (Calvaro)

Juno VF


One of our great supporters from Quebec went home with 3 lovely prospects under saddle Ularu (Ulysse de Thurin x Rabino) bred and consigned by D&R Ranching; Windsome Sienna (Windfall C.B. x Louis) bred and consigned by Prairie Wynd Stable; and O’Flanigan (Jethro Tull G x Indorado) who was bred and consigned by Klondike Victory Farm. Orange Crush (Tacorde x Burggraaf) also bred and consigned by Klondike Victory Farm will be heading out to Saskatchewan. We would also like to take a moment to thank our teams who make everything possible. Photo and video team Gearhead Media, Two Sisters Photography, LJK Photography and Joanne Wright. Katrina, Ruby and Katie Van Den Bosch and Brie Gillespie for manning the chute and having the beautiful Old Gate Farm prepped and ready for presentation days, even in a horrible spring storm. The Admin Team of Rebecca Beechinor, Gavin Pearson and Lorrie Jamieson as well as the entire committee of Jennette Coote, Chris Gould, Shauna Cook, Katrina Van Den Bosch, Doreen Kulscar, Brie Gillespie and Joanne Wright.

Bengal Du Rouet

We look forward to our 28th annual Fall Classic Sale Sept 30–Oct 3rd where we offer foals all the way up to performance horses. Calvaro 16 • JUNE 2022


The Canadian National AMATEUR TEAM TOURNAMENT By Laurie Haughton


A New National Program to Support Canadian AQHA Sanctioned Shows and Amateur Exhibitors

he Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA), the Canadian affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), and representative of the largest breed population within the Canadian herd, is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament (CNATT). This program is the first of its kind and its purpose is to nurture Canada’s Quarter Horse show industry as we recover from the effects of the last two years. Developed by the CQHA’s membership committee, CNATT will target the Quarter Horse industry’s largest and most lucrative population, our Canadian AQHA amateur members. CNATT will consist of 10 teams of 10 amateur exhibitors from across the country. Each team will be sponsored by a Canadian owned AQHA stallion. The exhibitors of each team will act as ambassadors by promoting the Canadian AQHA stallion their team is sponsored by. Each team member will compete at Canadian AQHA sanctioned events hosted from May 1st to December 31st, 2022. Points will be awarded based on each AQHA amateur, and not horse/rider combo. In an attempt to increase team member participation and raise awareness for the tournament, each Canadian AQHA provincial or regional affiliate will also be involved in hosting of a fun non-horse related activity. These non-horse related activities will offer a social opportunity for team members as well as an opportunity for them to connect with their sponsoring stallion owners; all while earning points for their team. “Canadian Quarter Horse owners came together through social media to support each other during the pandemic. The CQHA membership committee wanted to develop a program that would keep the community members invested in each other as we return to a regular show season,” said tournament chairperson Joelle Johnson of Drumheller, Alberta. “The tournament has been welcomed with great excitement across Canada and has already attracted interest from a wide variety of Canadian AQHA amateurs who compete in everything from reining and halter to walk/jog and cow horse events. It is our hope that the 100 Canadian amateurs and 10 Canadian owned AQHA stallions involved in the 2022 tournament will be the beginning of a new program for CQHA that will continue and expand in the coming years. We want Canadians to stay connected and supportive of each other, and by using the excitement of competing with their Quarter Horses as the incentives, no matter what discipline, we think we have developed that opportunity.”

To learn more about the 2022 Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament, register as a team member, or inquire about your Canadian owned AQHA stallion becoming a team sponsor, please go to the website. The Canadian Quarter Horse Association exists to address issues of concern to Canadian owners of American Quarter Horses; to be a communications vehicle for and with Canadian AQHA members; and to promote and market Canadian-bred and/or Canadian-owned American Quarter Horses, both globally and domestically. To learn more please visit or contact media director Laurie Haughton, by email at or call 613-978-6977.

JUNE 2022


Tails to be Told

. . .A treasure chest of memories.

R E A DE R S Tel l u s st o r ie s!

We want you to look back, reflect, recollect, and share your photos and memories with us. This is not a contest - it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you. Send Saddle Up one or two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature... So start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information.

18 18 •• JUNE JUNE 2022 2022


In t he Driver’s Seat

Introducing Your Horse to Driving – Part 5 with Elisa Marocchi Your patience has paid off! Your horse is now confidently and happily pulling the singletree and you’re both ready to take the next step – pulling a tire. he goal of this series of exercises is for your horse to be comfortable pulling a tire and to quietly stop and stand with the tire in tow. We’ll accomplish this using the same routine we used with the singletree – a series of small steps to ensure your horse doesn’t become overwhelmed or frightened with the process. Your tire should be a lightweight car-type tire – no rim. Using a heavy tire to start with can make your horse’s shoulders sore and make him unwilling to pull, so stay light to start with. Later, as he gets used to the idea of pushing into the collar, you can add some heavier weight if you want. Attach a short length of chain around the tire using a snap-hook (Photo 1). With your horse outfitted in his harness you’re ready to get started. After a few minutes spent warming up and reminding your horse of your singletree work, let your horse approach and investigate the tire. Then, with a lead line attached to the tire chain, have your trusty assistant pull the tire in a large circle around your horse, as you did with the singletree introduction. Once comfortable with this, follow the same sequence you did previously: let your horse follow the tire as it is dragged in front of him, then to each side and finally behind him (Photo 2). Remember that the first time you pull the tire beside your horse you should start between the horse and the rail or wall of your work space then move to the other side. While you’re doing this exercise, it is important to closely observe your horse for signs of nervousness or anxiety. If you see these signs, move away a bit and give him some room, then gradually work closer again. You should not progress any further until your horse is once again relaxed. Once he’s showing you he’s not concerned with the tire behind him, it’s time to give your helper a rest and make the horse do the work! You’ll likely need to lengthen the traces with loops of baling twine or thin rope to ensure the singletree doesn’t hit your horse’s hind legs while he walks. Using a trace hanger at this point is a good idea. A trace hanger is a strap that runs through the backstrap on the harness, over the croup, with loops at either end. The traces can be run through the loops to help keep them from hanging too low while you’re pulling the tire. Take a moment to remind your horse of the sensation of weight in the collar by having your helper pull on the traces while you ground drive. Attach the traces to the singletree then connect the quick-release shackle on the singletree to the clip on the tire chain. Make sure you have a string or light rope through the quick-release so you can release the tire in the event your horse becomes worried. Begin walking in a straight line, and make your first several corners very wide and gentle – no tight direction changes at this point. Practice stopping and starting once your horse is relaxed pulling the tire (Photo 3). If your horse is calm and seems comfortable with the tire, you can try making slightly tighter turns so the outside trace lays more firmly against his leg. Be happy with a few rounds of your work area in each direction for this first exercise with the tire. Stop before your horse tires or becomes sore – remember he will use different muscles while pulling, and the

Photo 1 – Singletree and tire

Photo 2 - Gaining confidence around the tire

Photo 3 - Calmly pulling the tire collar will also put pressure on him in new places. If all is well, begin progressing as you did with the singletree work. Pull the tire across different surfaces, practice halting and standing quietly, and eventually work towards walking around the neighbourhood while pulling the tire. Spend as much time as needed to ensure your horse is truly comfortable with this exercise. Safe driving! Elisa

Elisa Marocchi is an Equestrian Canada licensed driving coach and a member of the EC Driving Committee. She owns and operates Wildwood Farm, a full service driving facility near 100 Mile House BC. An active driving coach since 2000, Elisa offers clinics and lessons in a safe, supportive and fun manner both on and off the farm. As a combined driving competitor, Elisa has successfully competed throughout North America with both her own homebred horses and those of clients. (See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS) JUNE 2022


By Elisha Bradburn

Clinician Glenn Stewart with his Lusitanos Az & Avero

Mounted Shooters put on an impressive display

The Horse Expo Canada took place at Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta April 15-17, and was a truly celebratory event. Horse enthusiasts from every discipline gathered to learn, shop and be entertained!


he long awaited return of a world class horse event to Red Deer did not disappoint as Horse Expo Canada hosted a 3-Day colt starting challenge. The Trainer’s Showdown featured an all-Canadian trio of talented horsemen, Kade Mills, Jason Irwin and Trevor Mertes. All three gentlemen put forth an amazing display of horsemanship with three previously untrained 3-year-old colts provided by Rocking Heart Ranch, in 5 sessions, over the 3 days. The colts went from barely being halter trained, to being saddled and ridden, and walked, jogged and loped through an obstacle course. Trainer Jason Irwin was so confident in the foundation he had on his colt, he was able to stand on his saddled colt’s back cracking a bullwhip! Seasoned colt starter Kade Mills ended up with the win, earning 1298 of the possible 1650 points. The rigorous judging process was done

20 • JUNE 2022


by a panel of 3 experienced judges, who judged confidentially and independently of each other. Judging was focused on how successfully the trainers could work through challenges and communicate with their colt. There was emphasis on recognizing, through body language, where the colt is at mentally, and prioritizing leaving them in a good place at the end of each session. All of the trainers put forth a truly impressive performance of their skills under pressure. Along with the Trainer’s Showdown showcasing some amazing horsemanship, there were many other opportunities for expo attendees to soak in some learning. World-renowned clinicians, including Glenn Stewart, Barbara Schulte, Hugh Graham and Cindy Ishoy, presented on various fascinating topics over the weekend. There were also a variety of educational demonstrations to take in from saddle fitting, to alternative forms of sports therapy and body work for horses, to breed displays. Along with all the knowledge being shared, there was a bustling exchange in the shopper’s paradise of all things “horse” in the Trade Show. The Trade Show featured everything from Expo organizers Marg Schulz & Ryan Gordon with Trainer's Showdown Winner Kade Mills

a tremendous selection of quality leather goods and tack, to everything fashionable and fun for both horse and rider, to revolutionary horse feeds, and surprisingly delicious jerky! The organizers and life force of Horse Expo Canada, Marg Schulz and Ryan Gordon, would like to extend their heartfelt thank you to all the sponsors, clinicians, exhibitors, and you the horse lovers that all made the event a huge success. Horse Expo Canada looks forward to welcoming horse lovers back to an even more exciting Expo next year, featuring evening entertainment and an expanded Trade Show for even more shopping fun! Remember, Horse Expo Canada is your show, so we welcome your ideas and suggestions on how we can make it an even better experience. Please join us again April 28-30th 2023 at Westerner Park in Red Deer for another inspiring and entertaining weekend of horse-filled fun!

Trainer Jason Irwin standing atop his colt and cracking a bull whip during the finale

A Shopper's Paradise in the trade show

Hickman's Saddlery's extensive leather goods selection in the trade show

Trainer Trevor Mertes encouraging his filly through the obstacles

Miss Rodeo Canada with Horse Expo Easter Basket winners the Greendyks

QR Code to Horse Expo Canada 2022 Photo Gallery

Saddle Up was happy to be back in Red Deer - we took some photos too! A great first show - congratulations to Ryan and Marg! Clinican Hugh Graham

Lynette & Doug Mills with the grandkids (out to support son Kade in the Showdown) Jim Greendyk leading Cowboy Church

It's hard to get good help!

Glenn Stewart's entourage JUNE 2022


“Rider up!” calls the judge from afar, ushering you to take your competition run. The bright sun warms your body, chasing out the cold tingling brought on by the rush of anticipatory adrenaline. This moment is where the months and years of training and bonding with your horse pays off–the thousands of loosed arrows, and the myriad trampled grains of sand and blades of grass silently paying homage to your dedication.


ou ready your bow, check your arrows and take one last look at the azure sky before making your approach, queuing your horse into the canter as you enter the track. You drop the reins and your heart thunders like the hooves beneath you. You balance upright in the saddle and make ready to draw on the beaming yellow bullseye that fixes your gaze. Right as you reach full draw a moment of calm stillness washes over you, seeming like an eternity and a microsecond all at once. You release your arrow with that familiar twang and the world comes rushing back, as does the spirit of every warrior that came before you, rushing through your blood–you were born for this. Okanagan Khanate Mounted Archery (OKMA) is a horseback archery club that stays true to its nomadic heritage by training and competing across the Okanagan Valley and throughout BC. People often ask, “what is a ‘khanate’?” A khanate is a political entity ruled by a khan, typically found on the Eurasian Steppe that is equivalent in status to tribal chiefdom, principality, kingdom, or empire which was often accompanied by the name of a people, tribe, or a geographical region denoting the territory it controlled. Okanagan Khanate denotes a regional presence across the territory to which it claims dominion. This past year OKMA has focused on building the ‘tribe’ by operating a dizzying amount of intro clinics where aspiring warriors learn traditional, intuitive, thumb-draw archery with composite recurve ‘horse bows,’ learn how to position/balance in the saddle, and learn how to condition horses to the new sights and sounds. OKMA is an adamant believer in growing the horseback archery community, and even those without horses are welcome to join, though it naturally poses a barrier to serious aspiring mounted archers. OKMA President, Rick McCurrach, enjoys sharing his origin story with participants to serve as a testament to the fruits of perseverance. His journey started when he encountered a series of books about Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire, sparking an insatiable desire to learn. Unfortunately, like many aspiring warriors, there was little 22 • JUNE 2022


guidance or support; the few contemporary experienced horseback archers in Canada were uninterested in building community or mentoring anyone. Even without a horse or bow, he was determined to not only become a self-taught mounted archer, but to also build the community he never had so that others might achieve their aspirations. Years into his journey he met the world-renowned archer, Kenton Miller, who experienced similar impediments and jumped at the opportunity to mentor someone with equal passion for the sport. Rick is now a coach, an international competitor, and the founder of OKMA as well as a cofounder of the Canadian national organization, HARCAN (Horse Archery Society of Canada). He believes the only obstacle to advancement is the will. Mounted archery is fun but is it ever-challenging! It takes a special combination of seemingly irreconcilable qualities to succeed in the sport: reckless courage and discipline, intensity and grace, confidence and humility, an ability to push boundaries yet accept honest limitations. These qualities are not necessarily innate, nor are they prerequisites. OKMA is here to build a community of people who want to grow personally through challenge, reap the rewards, and share the bounty with others. In doing so, OKMA will play its part in keeping alive the traditions and warrior spirit of the Eurasian nomads to bring the respect and recognition to the sport/martial art that it deserves. We welcome new members and hope that you’ll join us soon. Feel free to reach us on Facebook or at Remember, the obstacle in the path becomes the path, and within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition. "The Obstacle Is The Way"

You e r A t a h Kids... W Your Horse? h Doing Wit to tell us turn It 's y our out YO U ! ab

Sarah sitting on Aunty Jamie’s Shetland pony Smokey who is 8 years old. On her very first trail ride on Auntie’s Haflinger X Ty who is 14 years old. - Sarah, age 7, Quesnel BC

My name is Caite and this is my little Quarter Horse Sam. Sam and I are learning how to jump! Sam is a brave and keen pony and we are looking forward to shows this summer and galloping through the open fields. - Caite, age 12, Indus Alberta


It's all about the kids!

This Could Be You!!

Send in ONE photo with a caption (no more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis. Email to with the subject line “KIDS” JUNE 2022




Supplying Your Pets with NEW and Unique Products!

Tip of the Month - Crate Training? The Time Is Now! (Courtesy of Harmony Farm Kennel & Lamb)

Never thought it was necessary to crate train your dog? Neither did several of my neighbours when the White Rock Lake Fire incinerated the community of Monte Lake last August 2021.


any rural folks just call their dogs and they come running to jump happily into the car or truck. Well, in the case of emergencies, your dog's incredible radar will pick up your emotion instantly and can have all kinds of reactions including, confusion, fear, flight, aggression and freezing up. Many dogs will flee under pressure especially when they sense high anxiety from their leader! You might call your dog like you always do anticipating its 'normal' response only to watch them take off running away, scared to death of what emotion they perceive. Some may jump in the vehicle and instantly be on the fight with your other pets, while others can take the first opening by jumping out the window or door the first second they see the opportunity. Sadly, I was one of many to search for my neighbours’ lost pets for weeks after the fire. Most were never seen again, while some skeletons were recovered having been consumed by that monster fire. Your dog may love a portable kennel, fight for their life avoiding them, or maybe, your dog has never seen a crate. Well, as summer draws near and wildfire risks weigh heavy on our minds... I am here to suggest that your dogs be prepared to love being in a crate! I guarantee if you have to evacuate, your worry for your dog's safety will be 100 times less stressful and your story will have a happy ending for you and your canine family. Basically, your choices are metal wire and plastic walled crates. When deciding on which one is most appropriate for your dog, first assess your pet's coping behaviour when stressed... if your dog shows anxiety digging, chewing or crying when separated, then perhaps a wire crate is best so they can see out and feel a part of what's going on surrounding them. If your dog is a quiet introverted dog that circles repetitively, curls into a ball covering their head under their paw or into a corner and shakes when worried, they will find more security emotionally in a solid den-type crate. If you're unsure, a mesh style is an easy way to have the benefits of both types - throwing a blanket over the top and sides will provide more privacy when your

24 • JUNE 2022


dog needs more of a cave space. Regardless which portable kennel you choose, be sure that you can secure the door(s) with a snap or dogproof lock that cannot be wiggled or mouthed open. Any dog crate should be large enough that a dog can stand up, turn and lay down comfortably. Be sure your dog's portable house is a great place to go! It is a process to crate train your dog here are some basic tips to consider. Please, take the time it takes, starting now! Preparation will spare heartbreak, every time.  When introducing your dog to use a crate put something that smells like you inside for them to lay on.

 Add a bone or chewy for them to enjoy and help them pass the time.

 Give them one of their favourite toys to keep them company.  It's a good idea to use an associating word like 'kennel' or 'crate' when directing your dog to its safe place.

 Leave the door open until they decide that it's a comfortable and desirable place to go and are not anxious to get out. (If your dog is extremely anxious about crate training you might consider giving it some spray - oral Rescue Remedy flower essence or homeopathic oral anxiety drops 10 minutes before your training session – you might take some yourself if your dog becomes a very difficult challenge!)  Feeding your dog meals inside the crate is a good time to start closing the door. (Adding some water to their food will help keep them hydrated while training so that you don't have to risk a water bowl being spilled until they are comfortable inside this confined space.)  Remember that the 'release' is what teaches, so be very sure to open the crate door only when your dog is calm. Ideally your dog is not in a hurry to leave – if so, simply reduce the time spent in the crate and make it a better place to stay.  Gradually lengthen the time your dog is inside the crate until it's no issue whether they are in or out of the crate. Soon your dog will consider their dog cave a very cool place to



hang out and be easily transferred in times of emergency. Lastly, keep the crate easily accessible this summer, handy near the door or close to your vehicle. I hope you never have to use it, but I know that you can rest assured that your dog family will be safe should you have to evacuate in a hurry.

Supplying Your Pets with NEW and Unique Products!

Pet Central EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook. 10/22 HARMONY FARM KENNEL AND LAMB.COM, Monte Lake BC, 250-375-2528. “Custom Care” boarding welcomes ALL dogs! 12/22

Do you offer a dog service or training business? Sell pet feeds and supplies? You can advertise here! Prices start at only $250 per year (11 issues). Call 1-866-546-9922 or e-mail

Canine Capers Patricia Skinner-Porter is the owner/ operator of Harmony Farm Kennel & Lamb at Monte Lake BC. Offering custom care boarding (non-dog park style) Patricia provides personal care, attention and daily exercise for ALL dog types, breeds and doganalities! She also offers one-on-one dog-owner training, helping individuals to create healthy happy relationships with their dogs. Here she shares her vast array of experience with a beneficial monthly tip for you and your pooch to enjoy!

SPONSORED BY Your one-stoP Pet shoP Farm, Fencing & Horse Supplies Pet and Livestock Feeds 604-894-6740 Pemberton BC

(See her listing under Pet Central)

TOP DOG! OF THE MONTH Hey, we are Luna and Sol! We were born feral in the bush and when we were about 6-7 months we were brought to a rescue shelter. After a few years there, we now finally can enjoy ranch and mountain life with our new family. We love playing at the ranch or hiking in the mountains! - Luna and Sol, sister and brother, mixed breed (Husky, Mastiff, Pitbull, German Shepherd according to DNA test) Submitted by Mum, Anna, Pemberton BC (They are really amazing dogs, just needed some extra patience and time to learn life with humans. )

Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us the dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province. E-mail to and put in subject line: TOP DOG OF THE MONTH. Photos will be printed on a first come first serve basis.

5/19 8/22

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JUNE 2022


Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office Registration is now open! Deadline to register is June 30, 2022. Join us for, 4 fun filled days of Equestrian Competition Saanich Fair Grounds, 1528 Stellys Cross Rd, Saanichton, BC Events for the 2022 55+ Games will include: Arena Driving Trial, Dressage, Western Dressage and 2 new events – Working Hunter and Working Equitation. Participants may compete in a maximum of two discipline divisions. We are very pleased to announce: Cara Whitham, EC SS, FEI 3, FEI 4, will be judging the Dressage and Western Dressage Competition at the 2022 55+ Games in Victoria! Now’s your chance to be judged by one of Canada’s highly regarded Dressage Judges. Dressage Competition at the 55+ Games is the perfect opportunity to enjoy fun, lower level Competition and be judged by one of Canada’s highly regarded Dressage judges. Or…Are you 55+ and have young horse? Why not bring it to the Games and show it off to Cara! Love to show but are intimidated by the big Hunter Jumper Shows? For the first time 55+ is offering a 2’3” Working Hunter Division. This is a fun low-key division where you can jump around friendly, easy 2’3” Hunter Courses, including a Derby and a Handy Hunter. Judge: HCBC Sr and EC Sr Status Hunter Judge: Phyllis Attrill Courses by Victoria’s own HCBC Sr and EC SR Status Course Designer: Peter Holmes. Arena Driving Trial Judge and Working Equitation Judges will be announced soon! Arena Driving Trials: Training Level 1, Preliminary Level 2 For more information please contact 55+ Games Driving Sport Chair, Tina Knott, Dressage: Equestrian Canada Tests to be used Training Level, First Level, Second Level Western Dressage: HCBC Tests to be used Walk Jog, Training Level, First Level For more information please contact 55+ Games Dressage Sport Chair, Claire Vessey,

Working Equitation: Level 1 Introductory, Level 2 Novice A, Level 3 Novice B For more information please contact 55+ Games Working Equitation Sport Chair, Stella French, 2’3" Working Hunter Over Fences: (Course Designer Peter Holmes) 2’3" Low Working Hunter, 2’3v Working Hunter, 2’3" Hunter Derby, 2’3" Handy Hunter For more information please contact 55+ Games Working Hunter Sport Chair, Megan Soellner, Please Note: The registration process is not like a regular horse show, you must register through your Zone Rep before June 30. Information on how to register can be found on the HCBC website Or the 55+ Games website Don’t miss out on attending this fun, low key, inviting opportunity to compete and of course socialize with Equestrian friends from around the province! DRESSAGE JUDGES OFFICIALS CLINIC ANNOUNCEMENT Save the Date! We are very excited to announce a September HCBC/EC Dressage Judges Clinic given by Cara Whitham. As we have Cara in Victoria judging the Dressage Competition at the 55+ Games, we thought we’d keep her for a few days more. The Clinic will be held at the Saanich Fair Grounds, September 1618, 2022. More info and registration coming soon.

Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •

26 • JUNE 2022


The BC Welsh Pony and Cob Association By Debbie Miyashita


e are pleased and proud to offer our second annual VIRTUAL HALTER SHOW for Welsh Sections A,B,C,D and registered Half-Welsh ponies, horses and cobs. Deadline for entries is June 17th and deadline for submission of videos of entries is July 17th. Results will be published mid-August. This is a DOUBLE-JUDGED show with Catryn Bigley from the UK and, back by popular demand, Sheila Renner from BC. This show is open to entries across Canada – the only criteria being that the Welsh is owned by a Canadian. The prize list is available by emailing the Secretary at

Catryn Bigley

Sheila Renner

Equestrian Canada Equestre,

2021 Endurance Year-End Award Recipients Announced The EC Endurance Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Endurance Year-End Awards. These awards recognize individuals and equines that have put countless hours and tireless effort towards the pursuit of personal excellence in endurance, and the sport’s growth in Canada. About the Endurance Awards The EC Endurance Committee provides a variety of awards programs for the endurance community in order to recognize outstanding athletes, owners, horses, volunteers and more. To learn more about available endurance award programs and view lists of past winners, visit awards. The 2021 recipients are as follows: Junior Endurance first place 1. Paige Dombrosky – Redwater, AB Senior Endurance top ten 1. Christy Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB 2. Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB 3. Jaylene Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB 4. Wendy Benns – Campbellcroft, ON 5. Sacha Edgell – Courtenay, BC 6. Whitney Medley – Hope, BC 7. Robert Gielen – Flesherton, ON 8. Brittany Linnett – Summerland, BC 9. Pauline Fleming - Calabogie, ON 10. Terre O’Brennan – Delta, BC Horses top ten – overall rides 1. Nightwind’s Bay Infiniti – Colleen DeVry, Bruderheim, AB 2. Canadian Jaylene – Jaylene Janzen, Spruce Grove, AB 3. Flirt With Fyre – Wendy Benns, Campbellcroft, ON 4. Nightwind’s Indigo Bey – Colleen DeVry, Bruderheim, AB

5. Al Sharaz – Jaylene Jansen, Spruce Grove, AB 6. JV Brooklyn Bay – Jaylene Janzen, Spruce Grove, AB 7. More Bang For Your Buck – Robert Gielen, Flesherton, ON 8. Nightwind’s Orion – Colleen DeVry, Bruderheim, AB 9. Hungarian Treasure – Brittany Linnett, Summerland, BC 10. Leeloo Minai – Shannon Thorndyke, Cobourg, ON Novice 1. Anastasia Surayev – Lamont, AB 2. Pauline Fleming - Calabogie, ON 3. Shannon Thorndyke - Cobourg, ON 4. Brenna Mayer – Kamloops, BC 5. Lysane Cree – Kanesatake, QC Junior Novice 1. Jayli Mayer and Saylor Mayer - Kamloops, BC 2. Paige Dombrosky - Redwater, AB Best Conditioned Horse Canadian Jaylene (Canadian) / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB - 5833 points

Canadian Show Jumping Team Third in Nations’ Cup Beth Underhill Delivers Double Clear Rounds for Canada (Jennifer Ward / Starting Gate Communications for Equestrian Canada) The Canadian Show Jumping Team finished third in the €250,000 Nations’ Cup held Friday, May 6, during the CSIO5* International Jumping of La Baule in La Baule, France. Comprised of Canadian Olympians Yann Candele, Tiffany Foster, Amy Millar, and Beth Underhill, Team Canada faced seven other nations in the François André Stadium during the 61st edition of the French show

Canadian Show Jumping Team personnel celebrate Beth Underhill’s clear round in the ‘kiss and cry’ area. From l to r: Karen Hendry-Ouellette, Tiffany Foster, Tim Wilks, Eric Lamaze, Clémence Resseguier, and David Marion. Photo Credit: Pierre Costabadie/ jumping fixture. Canada was competing under the guidance of 2008 Olympic champion Eric Lamaze, who was acting in his new role of chef d’equipe for the third time. Belgium claimed victory with eight faults, followed by France and Canada. The defending champion, Switzerland, was faster than Italy to take fourth place when both countries had 16 fault totals. Germany took sixth position with 17 faults followed by Brazil in seventh with 21 faults while Sweden was eighth with 28 faults. “They are all great riders and what they did today was incredible,” said Lamaze of his Canadian team members. “It’s a new horse for Yann and it was a big ask, but they’ll be further along for the next time. Beth was nothing but class; I’m not sure I could have done any better myself. She is a world-class rider and I’m glad she had the opportunity to show her talent. All four riders are great to work with and everyone came prepared and ready to execute. We tied for second on faults at one of the best shows in the world with eight incredible teams and proved we belonged.” “It was emotional to walk into the ring during the parade carrying the Canadian flag and to hear the crowd cheering for Canada and screaming my name,” said Lamaze, who recently announced his retirement from competition. “I wasn’t sure if I would still feel like I was a part of it if I wasn’t riding myself, but I realized today that I now have more responsibility as chef d’equipe than I ever did riding my own horse. Not only are you a part of it, you’re a really big part of it. Now I’m responsible for four people. I’m the guy in front of the orchestra now.” “Team spirit has never been higher and that’s very powerful,” he continued. “Everyone helps each other, and they treat each other with respect. That’s what it’s supposed to be about. The story for Canada is about to change in a major way. The world is ahead of us and we’re ready for it!” JUNE 2022


Dressage for Gaited Horses? Of Course! By Windi Scott


here is much to be appreciated when gaited horses are ridden in the discipline of dressage. Over the last number of years, enthusiasts have come to realize what a great tool dressage is for both beginner and advanced alike, and how it benefits the horse and rider unit. It’s all about finesse and the demonstration of a high level of mastery and communication between horse and rider. From its most basic principles (even in ground work) to the most advanced, dressage is the act of breaking down each element and working towards the ultimate in partnership and movement. It is a journey that always benefits at each stage. In recent years, it has become possible for participants to

video their levels and submit them to gaited organizations that are developing programs in this area. This is exciting news because most owners are not able to travel to many events and have to be content to work with their horses and coaches in their home area. But this August those interested in dressage have a treat in store! The Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse is pleased to announce that certified IJA judge, Diane J. Sept of Valley, Washington will be presenting a clinic and test opportunity in Gaited Dressage at ‘The Canadian’ 40th Anniversary Event in Thorsby, Alberta on August 5, 2022. For more information check

Diane Sept riding Shaker’s Royal Heir. This was at the first official dressage competition in North America for Tennessee Walking Horses, held in Red Deer, Alberta in 1986. The tests used were developed for gaited horses by a CRTWH committee that included Jo Kingsland, Diane Sept and Helen Williamson.

Susan Jaeger with her gaited TW horse Levi, ready for a dressage demonstration.

Vernon District Riding Club News By Holly Baxter


ur season has begun with a bang! Our April and May clinics were full. Thanks to Lindsay Linford for stepping in for Tanya Rosen. Lindsay operates Eclipse Equestrian in Calgary, Alberta, with the focus on jumping. Our Dressage Test Night was so well-attended a second ring has been added. The next ones being held are June 14th and 21st, so sign up. The Spring Show on the last weekend of April was full to capacity with opportunities to achieve a clear round in the jumper ring and school over a hunter course. The EC Gold/Bronze Dressage Show on May 28-29th is expected to be a full house. Our EC Bronze Hunter/Jumper Show occurs on June 10-12th and the club expects to sell out this one as well. Please be sure to enter early if you want to participate at any of our events. There is a Henk Glijn Clinic June 4-5th. Formerly trained in Holland and after a successful career in Dressage, Henk is now riding and training horses from novice to Grand Prix. Other events in June include Crony Club’s Horsemanship Clinic with Dustin Drader June 25-26th and Wendy Christoff Equitation Clinic June 25-26th. Wendy operates Blue Heron Farm in Ladner and is a well-known dressage coach in BC. Upcoming events for July are Junior Camp July 8-10th and the VDRC Summer Show August 20-21st. The Club is grateful for the wonderful support of the horse community and our sponsors. There have been a couple of lean years and our facility suffered as a consequence. We are grateful to Kal Tire for stepping up when we needed wheels on our tractor. Please visit or our Facebook page for a full list of all our activities, the facility and membership fees. We are open annually from April to October. Come down and watch the shows and clinics, grab a snack from our clubhouse kitchen and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. If you have a horse, Come Ride With Us!

28 • JUNE 2022


Megan Creel on Hologram OHF at the Lindsay Linford Clinic. Photo by breeder Ferne Johnson.

Taya Hanna jumping Starlit Sky. Photo by Emma McKinty.

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES By Karen Gallagher


ur annual Games night with Marta Mcintosh was a rousing success, as always. Games included Jeopardy, Ducks In A Row and Charades. Marta’s Games nights are always tons of fun and educational – we always learn something new! A fun and informative “Intro to Driving and Long- Lining” clinic by Larry Brinker was held at Rita Rawstron’s place. Larry gave us instruction on how to introduce our horse to long-lining and its benefits, safety, equipment and methods. Rita’s horse, Caleb, generously offered to demonstrate, as did our own Elena Kau! In another full-day clinic, we learned a lot about trailering horses legally and safely. After viewing photos of what can go wrong, we all went home and checked each individual component of our hitches, to be sure they are correctly rated for the weight we pull. While we’re getting out and about more and participating in more group activities, please do remember that COVID is still with us!

Especially in an indoor, classroom type setting, it’s still a good idea to be mindful of the people around you. If you’ve been sick, please stay home! If you have any doubts, wear a mask. It’s no fun losing a week or two of riding to illness that could easily have been prevented. Vintage Riders Equestrian Club …for the love of horses! We are a gathering of horse enthusiasts within the Fraser Valley. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome. We meet every 3rd Tuesday in Fort Langley to enjoy fellowship and a speaker and host a variety of clinics according to PHO. Find us on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – public, email: 2022 Upcoming Events: June – Working Equitation July – Mountain Trail

Trailering Safety. Photo by Rita Rawstron

Armstrong Enderby Riding Club By Lauri Meyers


e did it. The AERC was one of the first to host an in-person show, post pandemic – and what a perfect day for it too. Several exhibitors, friends and family showed up to spend a great day in the sunshine. A great surprise at the show was an award for the ‘True Grit’ of a PeeWee member, who hung in there for the day and completed all her classes. The beautiful Pro Choice tote, graciously donated by Go West Quarter Horses, was filled with various goodies for horse and rider. You never know when there will be a surprise prize at the show. AERC would like to introduce the ‘5 buck warm up’ for our posted Trail Pattern, for the show. For an additional $5 you can do a practice ride of the posted trail pattern prior to the class. This option is now on the entry form. Thank you to our Judge, Glenn Perran, for your expertise and

First show for Sage and Billy

Willow and Fancy

feedback and making the show so much fun. Our participants truly appreciate it. Thank you to all the volunteers who jumped in and helped wherever it was needed… you are the backbone of the club. Starting with the June 5 show, the AERC would like to show appreciation to our volunteers for all the hard work they do; the AERC will offer a $5 discount on the day fee, for the next show, for every 4 hours of volunteering. All Exhibitors must pre-register by email/etransfer. Pre-registration deadline is the Friday prior to the show at 9 pm. No entries can be accepted on the day of the show. This allows us to prepare ahead of time and utilize the very limited volunteers that we have. Remember that the first class starts at 9 am. Please hang on to your numbers as those are assigned to you and your horse for all 2022 AERC shows. It’s never too early, or too late, to become a Sponsor for the Armstrong Enderby Riding Club. Sponsorship gets your logo linked on our website, logo on our show bills, Facebook and acknowledgment at our shows. Email for more information;

Senior class JUNE 2022


Thompson Okanagan Working Equitation (TOWE) Susanne Zimmermann


ast month the TOWE chapter hosted Deb Erickson for a WE clinic at Deep Creek Vet Services in Enderby May 13-15. More on that next time. Planning for the 2022 Welcome Back Classic II WECan licensed show is in full swing. We are happy to welcome USAWE “S” judge Poly Limond from California as our judge. Polly will also hold a seminar on the day before the show which will be held from June 30 to July 3 at the IPE fairgrounds in Armstrong. On June 25-26 TOWE will host Darcy Henkel for a two-day clinic at the Kelowna Riding Club. Auditors are welcome - contact me at The focus of the clinic will be on the proper technique for riding through obstacles. Darcy is a sought-after clinician. The Chapter is also planning play days throughout the summer. Please stay tuned for more info on upcoming dates.

Canadian Cowboy Challenge By Hans Kollewyn | Photos Nick Eaton


e are well into spring and our first Challenges began on May 21 in Saskatchewan, and in Alberta on June 4. As indicated in the May CCC update, I will try to expand on the three Es. That is Entry, Execution and Exit. Hopefully the photos will help clarify my explanation. The three Es do not apply to the overall course itself, but to each individual obstacle that makes up the course. That means in the Youth division riders must use the three Es 8 times, Rookie division 10 times, the NP division 13 times and so forth for each respective division. I will start with the Entry. Figure #1 is a team entering a water box. The photo does not include the rider (sorry) but I think it will still portray the main points. Here the horse is looking at the water box and has a straight on approach. You can see the team is moving forward and engaged during Entry. Ears and eyes are focused on the obstacle as I assume the rider is doing the same. The rider still has contact with the horse but has allowed the horse to put his head and neck down for a good perspective of the water box. The horse looks relaxed getting his confidence from the rider. This relaxed and confident appearance should continue through the completion of that obstacle. Figure #2 is of the team Executing the garrocha pole. Notice that both the horse and rider are focused on the pivot point of the pole. The eyes of the rider and the ear and eye of the horse indicate their focus point. The rider and horse present a relaxed appearance with the horse bending to the right with minimal contact from the rider. Rider position is good and the overall appearance is that of a team working together. You can observe the

30 • JUNE 2022


same appearance as the same team Executes a bridge in Figure #3. Relaxed and confidence in the team can be observed in the overall appearance of the rider/ horse team. The next step, the Exit, is overlooked by many riders. If the rider and/or horse moves on prematurely, so does the team and the obstacle is not finished and the Execution is ended abruptly. The relaxed and confident appearance is disrupted ending in a disjointed completion setting up the next obstacle for the team as disjointed. Figure #4 shows the team clearing the curtain and now the team can focus on the next obstacle. Both rider and horse are looking in the same direction. The transition from the completed obstacle to the next is smooth; the horse has confidence in the rider’s leadership. The rider is well-balanced and in good position. The rider contact is good as the horse is bending to the left following the guidance provided by the rider. No force can be seen. With this Exit you have now set up the team to move on to the next obstacle for a relaxed and confident transition to their next Entry. The Three Es are basic but when using this formula through each obstacle, the course comes together whether you are maneuvering through 8, 10 or 13 obstacles. Your relaxed and confident appearance is indicated throughout the division run which you are judged on. Hope this is helpful and enjoy your Challenge season and I will focus on a particular obstacle for next time.

Alberta Donkey and Mule Club By Karina Trudel


he club has had a busy start this spring! We had the honour of providing demonstrations at both ‘Everything Equine On The Border’ in Lloydminster, as well as ‘Horse Expo Canada’ in Red Deer. We were able to show off the diversity and personalities of our long ear friends. Our demo team showed off their skills in Extreme Cowboy Racing, driving, therapy, pattern/obstacle riding, and in-hand skills. We also had a booth at each event and were able to educate and connect with so many fantastic people. Rosie, the miniature donkey, was our main attraction at our booth in Lloydminster, as she was able to hang out with us humans there. We look forward to attending these events next year! Instead of hosting our annual Long Ears Days Show, we are mixing it up this year and are going to hold several “play days or weekends” around the province to encourage people to come out with their long ears and have some fun and learn a thing or two! These will be great for first timers and the experienced alike. We do not discriminate on ear length… horses are welcome too! Check out our website ( or our Facebook group (Alberta Donkey and Mule Club) for dates and locations. We hope to see you there!

Calypso 9

Our group at Horse Expo



We’re going to give you more time to figure this one out – but it was pretty easy! Aluminum cast body 8”x 5”x 3” deep Congratulations (so far) to: Kim Oddy, Maple Ridge BC Jerry Zbytnuik, Vernon BC Rod Parkinson, Falkland BC Jackie Grant, Courtenay BC Karen Maclean, Langley BC Patrick Manderson, Ryley AB Kevin Toews, Bowen Island BC Nancy Knight, Langley BC Lynda Norris, Spallumcheen BC Hans Leuenberger, Houston BC From the April issue Some of you had no clue! This was a Chalkboard Line Drawer; used for drawing 5 parallel lines on black boards. Specifically useful for music teachers. Congratulations to: Lynda Norris, Spallumcheen BC Beverley Fraine, North Vancouver BC Jenn More, from? Michelle Masselink, Chemainus BC Yvonne Olson, Cumberland BC Jerry Zbytnuik, Vernon BC Hans Leuenberger, Houston BC Tammy Ranta, Edmonton AB Ben Loland, Kelowna BC

Do you know what these numbers are for? Simple question… but do you have the correct answer? READERS – What’s your guess? Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to

Rosie in action! Our booth (and Rosie) at Everything Equine

Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK! If you or your company would like to sponsor this monthly brain teaser, do call 1-866-546-9922 or email nancyroman@ for details. JUNE 2022


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Trailering Tips for Safe Horse Hauling Marie Reimer, Member Shuswap Chapter, and Terri Perrin, Member at Large


t’s horse trailering season and, with the pandemic restrictions eased, we can expect to see more horse trailers on the roads. But are they safe? Aside from the fact that wellmaintained horse trailers hold their value, roadworthy trailers provide peace of mind that your horse(s) can be transported safely. Before you hit the highways for a long (or short) haul, here are some maintenance items to perform. Some can be ‘DIY,’ while others should be done by a mechanic.

• Tire tread wear and the age of tires. Be aware that tires can degrade over time. Replace (at least) every ten years. How to tell the age of your tires: Look on the tire for an alpha/numeric code like this: DOT U2LL LMLR 5120. The last 4 digits — in this case, ‘5120’ — indicate this tire was manufactured during the 51st week of 2020.

Living Quarters Trailers Checklist Have a living quarters (LQ) trailer? There are a few more things to do! Towing vehicle TLC: Overall mechanical Get • the propane tested when you are inspection including tires, wheels, brakes, getting your bearings etc. checked. engine, running gear, cooling system, oil, and • After any risk of freezing: Bleach your other fluid changes/top-ups, etc. Adjust mirrors water tank, and fill it with enough water to so you can see your trailer tires and how they are flush the antifreeze (and bleach) from your tracking on the road. lines. Ensure your tow vehicle’s hitch is • Fill and check your hot water tank. professionally installed and your vehicle is rated Put the anode back into your hot water tank. to pull your trailer. Check safety chains. Does the (Does it need replacing?) Turn the valves on e-brake have its own battery on the trailer? Be your water lines to fill the hot water tank. sure to check that! Remember that horse trailers Fill • propane tanks full and check that can come unhitched and the safety chains and the fridge, furnace, and hot water are all the emergency brake serve their purpose of working. stopping the trailer safely without harm to the Test all interior lights, heat, stove, oven, • horses. and air conditioner. A well-maintained trailer Look • for leaks or other damage that Trailer Checklist ensures peace of mind, whether may have occurred over winter. • Brakes camping or competing with your If you are planning on buying an LQ • Wheel bearings horses. trailer, be aware of the weight limit over which • Breakaway battery you require a heavy trailer endorsement. Breakaway cable (ensure it has its own clip) • “A Class 5 or Class 4 driver is required to have a Heavy Trailer • Condition of the wiring, undercarriage, and axles? Endorsement (Code 20) on their BC Driver’s License if they want to • Burnt-out lights? (carry extra fuses and lights) tow a trailer heavier than 4,600 kg. Please note that Code 20 does Inside the trailer: Wooden floorboards for rot. (You don’t want • not permit the operation of an air brake-equipped heavy trailer your horse’s foot to go through the floor!) combination.” • Windows and doors: Latches/locks still working properly? The rubber rings that lock trailer windows down loosen regularly, so Venturing off secondary roads? When possible, take a drive and constantly check and tighten them. • Inside the trailer: Anything loose? Any rough edges? Are all do a reconnaissance of the roads and camping area prior to bringing your horses. You may wish to unload the horses at some point and latches working properly? Put fresh grease on your trailer ball and a bit inside the coupler. walk or ride them the rest of the way. • Smooth starts, stops and turns help ensure the horses are Wheels & Tires Checklist happy in the trailer. Under perfect driving conditions, 90k-per-hour • Wheels for rust and any other damage. Replace if needed. • Tire air pressure (a regular part of every pre-trip inspection). is the ideal speed for safe hauling. Stay safe and have fun! Marie’s horses, Lordy and Espire, wait patiently in their well-maintained trailer. (Note: Never allow your horses’ heads to stick out the window while in transport.)

Back Country Horsemen of BC – serving BC trail riding enthusiasts since 1989! Check out our beautiful website at

32 • JUNE 2022


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Clubs & Associations Alberta Donkey and Mule Club

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Play Days Clinics Shows Trail Rides Community Events Knowledge Sharing High Point in Competitive and Recreational Categories •

The CQHA is the Canadian affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), and representative of the largest breed population within the Canadian herd. Visit us at



ARMSTRONG ENDERBY RIDING CLUB Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 10/22 2/23

CANADIAN THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION CanTRA promotes the benefits of therapeutic riding across Canada through awareness, education, and setting standards for therapeutic riding instructor certification, centre accreditation, hippotherapy, and equine-facilitated wellness.


BC ANIMAL OWNERS ASSOC. Mission is to get ‘legal’ access to non-vet practices to support our companion/farm animals.

Contact: • Website:


BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Ellen Hockley 250-572-7516, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 6/22


CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, 12 /22

BC EQUINE ARENA 2 TRAIL ASSOCIATION (on FB), Clinics & Coaching Building your & your equine’s confidence, 4/23 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 11/22, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ. 2/23

BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB see our FB page. Pres: Michelle Kozyn e-mail:, Trail Rides, Pot O Gold Show, Poker Ride 5/23

Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding!

BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 3/23

We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.

Info on clinics and events at

BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION, Contact Carolyn Farris, email 8/22

A charitable equine organization

FRASER VALLEY’S OWN ‘GRASSROOTS’ CLUB dedicated to promoting the sport of cutting to enthusiasts of all levels See us on acebook & Instagram

funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthy equine causes.


or e-mail:

Bob Watson, President • 403-378-4323 4/23

Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!! Visit our website at:





12/22 6/16


BC WELSH PONY & COB ASSOC. (see FB) Pres: Rosanne 604-302-7650, Breed promotion program throughout the province. 4/23 BOUCHIE LAKE GYMKHANA CLUB (Quesnel BC). May to September. All info on our Facebook Page: B LAKE Gymkhana CLUB. Tel: 250-249-9667 11/22 BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOCIATION (Grand Forks BC), Offering shows, gymkhanas, clinics & more. See us on Facebook, 250-443-3191, 4/23 10/22

Canadian Cowboy Challenge 12/22

A SPORT for the whole Family! Seven Divisions to accommodate all! For more info please call 403-828-2044 or visit


INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 9/22

5th of each month JUNE 2022


Clubs & Associations LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 11/22

PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Kevin Froese ( Info, Gymkhana dates & events at 6/22


Peruvian Horse Club of BC Smooth • Versatile • Intelligent

NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 9 /22

OKANAGAN KHANATE MOUNTED ARCHERY Join us in this incredible sport of Horseback Archery in the Okanagan Valley, BC Intro Clinics • Skills Clinics • Family Clinics • Practices • Competitions • Community

‘The Obstacle Is The Way’


Contact: FB & IG • • • 250-899-4344

OKANAGAN POLO CLUB (Kelowna BC), new members welcome, weekly gatherings, annual tournament, and fun! 9/22

100 Mile & District Outriders

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Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. Harvey President: Adam Mike Kidston E-mail: ~


RUSTY SPURS 4-H HORSE CLUB (Abbotsford BC) Open to Youth 6-19, & Find us on Facebook! 12/22 SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 12/22 VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 4/23 VERNON DISTRICT RIDING CLUB (Vernon BC), check out our website at or visit our Facebook & Instagram pages 2/23 WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 6/22

Clubs - you could be listed here! Non-profit rates start at only $100 per year and includes a FREE web link for one year!

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Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,





10-12 11-12

2-5 3

3-6 4 4 4 4-5 5 5 5-11

HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Loon Lake SK, Francine 204-771-5335, ARENA 2 TRAIL Private Sessions w/Dawn Ferster, Trail BC, email HORSEMANSHIP FOUNDATION COURSE (4 parts) w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC, 250-789-3072, STAGE 1 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC, 250-789-3072, ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP (Beg. to Adv.) w/Dawn Ferster, Trail BC, email POT O GOLD OPEN SHOW, Fairgrounds, Armstrong BC, Nancy 250-546-9922, ALL ENGLISH SCHOOLING SHOW, BHA Riding Club grounds, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191, ROSEBRIAR RANCH RALLY, Westlock AB, Leane 780-307-6863, ARENA 2 TRAIL COMPETITION w/Dawn Ferster, Trail BC, email AERC HORSE SHOW, Fairgrounds, Armstrong BC, 7-DAY PACKING & SHOEING CLINIC w/Colleen Luttmer(Murphy), on FB Wildhorse Ventures at Merston Creek Ranch, Quesnel BC, 250-249-9613

34 • JUNE 2022


9-12 10-12

11-12 11-12 13-16 15-19 16-19 18-19 18-26 23-26 24-26

STAGE 1+ & 2 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC, 250-789-3072, HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Peachland BC, Francine 204-771-5335, HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Dustin Drader, Grassland Grazers Ranch, Beaverdell BC, VDRC HUNTER JUMPER SHOW, Vernon BC, FUNDRAISING CLINIC w/Dana Cooke, Equus Equestrian Centre, Salmon Arm BC, or Dana INTRO TO WORKING COW HORSE w/Whitney Watson-Wilson, BHA Riding Club grounds, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191, PINE ROCK VENTURES DOUBLE HEADER, Bluffton AB, Janet 403-848-1790, STAGE 2+ HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC, 250-789-3072, STRATHCONA MOUNTED TROOP, Spruce Meadows Tournament, Calgary AB, HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Aldergrove BC, Francine 204-771-5335, INTRO TO MOUNTED ARCHERY, Kneller Road, Falkland BC, or 250-899-4344 HORSEMANSHIP INTENSIVE CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC, 250-789-3072, HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Port Hardy BC, Francine 204-771-5335, BCHBC RENDEZVOUS, CN Centre, Prince George BC,

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 24-27 25 25-26 25-26 28-30 29-Jul 10 30-July 3 30-July 3

4-DAY COLT STARTING CLINIC w/D’arcy Luttmer, on FB Wildhorse Ventures at Merston Creek Ranch, Quesnel BC, 250-249-9613 STRATHCONA MOUNTED TROOP, Sundre Pro Rodeo Parade, Sundre AB, WORKING EQUITATION CLINIC w/Darcy Henkel, Kelowna Riding Club, Kelowna BC, Susanne HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Dustin Drader. Crony Club at Vernon Riding Club, Coldstream BC, Kathy 250-545-4185, ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP (Beg. to Adv.) w/Dawn Ferster, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, STRATHCONA MOUNTED TROOP, Spruce Meadows Tournament, Calgary AB, WELCOME BACK 2 WORKING EQUITATION SHOW & Clinic, Armstrong BC, or Cathy HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Black Creek BC, Francine 204-771-5335,

3 6 7-10 9-10 11-14 16-18 16-19 20-Aug 3 21-24 28-31 30-Aug 1

CLINIC w/Stephanie Conti, BHA Riding Club grounds, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191, ENGLISH/WESTERN SCHOOLING SHOW, Judge Stephanie Conti, BHA Riding Club grounds, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191, THE MADDEN METHOD SYMPOSIUM w/John & Beezie Madden, Eventyre Farm, DeWinton AB,, hosted by HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Oliver BC, Francine 204-771-5335, INTRO TO WORKING EQUITATION w/Jacquie Doucet-Howes, BHA Riding Club grounds, Grand Forks BC, Madalene 250-443-3191, STRATHCONA MOUNTED TROOP, Calgary Stampede, Calgary AB, 3-DAY ROUND PENNING CLINIC w/D’arcy Luttmer, on FB Wildhorse Ventures at Merston Creek Ranch, Quesnel BC, 250-249-9613 PRAIRIE SKY RANCH TRIPLE HEADER, Saskatoon SK, Cheryl 306-978-9596, HIGH & WILD LEARNING HOLIDAY ADVENTURE w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC,250-789-3072, BC SUMMER GAMES, Prince George BC, HOOF TRIMMING CLINIC, Sherwood Park AB, Francine 204-771-5335, 3-DAY TRUST & CONFIDENCE CLINIC #2 w/D’arcy Luttmer, on FB Wildhorse Ventures at Merston Creek Ranch, Quesnel BC, 250-249-9613

KIDS & YOUTH WORKING EQUITATION CLINIC & Fun Show w/Darcy Henkel, Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby BC, Susanne

AUGUST date TBA 3-10 5-7 11-14 13-14 19-20 20-21 21-22


30-Aug 1

25-28 26-29 31-Sep 4

RIDE & DRIVE POKER RIDE, Cariboo Country Carriage Club, Karyn HIGH & WILD LEARNING HOLIDAY ADVENTURE w/Glenn Stewart, The Horse Ranch, Baldonnel BC, 250-789-3072, CRTWH 40th ANNIVERSARY EVENT, all Gaited Horses welcome! Thorsby AB, ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP (Beg. to Adv.) w/Dawn Ferster, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, BAR-U CHALLENGE, Bluffton AB, Al 403-828-2044, STAGE 1 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart, Mission Acres Arena, Cochrane AB, 250-789-3072, VDRC SUMMER SHOW, Vernon BC, STAGE 2+ HORSEMANSHIP WORKSHOP w/Glenn Stewart, Mission Acres Arena, Cochrane AB, 250-789-3072, HEART OF THE HORSE Colt Starting Competition, Silver Sage Arena, Brooks AB, tickets at HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart, Agriplex, 100 Mile House BC, Kendra Debit 250-392-2454 INTERIOR PROVINCIAL EXHIBITION & STAMPEDE, Armstrong BC,

SEPTEMBER 9-11 13-15 13-17 18 23-25 23-26 25 (tbc) 28-30

SALMON ARM FALL FAIR, Salmon Arm BC, ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP (Beg. to Adv.) w/Dawn Ferster, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, 55+ BC GAMES, Victoria BC, AERC HORSE SHOW, Fairgrounds, Armstrong BC, HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Dustin Drader, Grassland Grazers Ranch, Beaverdell BC, BC AGRICULTURAL EXPO (4-H), Agriplex, Barriere BC, POKER RIDE, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, fundraiser for the BC Interior Morgan Horse Club (on FB), Nancy 250-546-9922, ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP (Beg. to Adv.) w/Dawn Ferster, Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC,




1-866-546-9922 for more info

1,642 sq. ft. Rancher with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. N/G furnace with A/C, wood stove, Telus internet. Double garage, large heated shop, 30’ x 36’ hay barn with 2 stalls and tack room, large heated greenhouse, riding ring. Approximately 35 flat acres in hay, water rights for both properties, separate well for the house, fruit trees, deck with N/G BBQ hookup, wired for hot tub. The new well drilled in 2009 produces an estimated 60 GPM. Lots of parking, additional outbuildings and amazing mountain and valley view! 1027 Salmon River Road, Salmon Arm BC $1,925,000 MLS® #10249764 RON LANGRIDGE 250-833-6236 Century 21 Executives Realty E-mail

JUNE 2022


Business Services FARRIERS & SUPPLIES








VALLEY FARRIER SERVICES, Bob Johnston 250-546-8254 Certified Journeyman serving North Okanagan & Shuswap area





• Horse

Shavings Fuel • Bark Mulch • Compost • Hog

100% Canadian


Ph: 250-503-7432 NATA FARMS Serving BC’s Interior including South Okanagan WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-838-0111. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch

31852 Marshall Place 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Rd. 975 Langford Parkway 1-1227 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave SW 2565 Main St.

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 940-4499 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870





Wanted Wranglers / Trail Guides Guide on Guest Ranch / Horse pack trips


7/22 6/21

ASHCROFT HOME BUILDING CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Co-op Dealer & Pet Foods. You can find us on Facebook 11/22

8/19 11/22

ARMSTRONG 250-546-9174

CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735

NANAIMO 250-912-0095




Spring Lake Guest Ranch



36 • JUNE 2022

SADDLEUP.CA • 250-791-5776 (100 Mile House BC)


FARM SUPPLIES DAWSON CO-OP HOME & AGRO CENTRE, 250-782-3371 10020 Parkhill Drive, Dawson Creek BC,

Close to nature Far from crowds 8-10,000 acres & private lake




5th of each month

Business Services LESSON PROGRAMS


WWW.FOOTNOTEFARM.COM (Langley BC) 778-822-3276 Certified instructors, safe & sound horses, curriculum followed, privates for beginners. 5/23



BC’s Leader in Agricultural Real Estate 2/23

International Clinician and Horseman 1-877-728-8987 LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLES (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 8 /22

604-852-1180 •



Elisha Bradburn is available for Clinics & Events Based out of Faithful Farm in Langley, BC Follow Legacy Horsemanship on Facebook and Instagram E-mail inquiries to

DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 10/22

TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 7/22

TRAILER SALES KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, 4/23

TRAINERS/COACHES BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 6 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 10/22 DAWN FERSTER (Kelowna BC) Coaching all levels using obstacles, in-hand, equitation. Clinician, IMTCA and GP judge. See Damarhe Training on FB. 250-808-0738 3/23


Build Something Lasting

SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 778-344-3804, Foundation Focus Working Equitation, Natural Horsemanship, 9/22 SOMATIC RIDER AND ENERGY MEDICINE - Lisa Wieben (Vernon BC) Balance the Rider, Balance the Horse,, 403-335-5993 7/22 WILDHORSE VENTURES AT MERSTON CREEK RANCH (Quesnel BC) 250-249-9613, Horse Training & Clinics, Horses & Cariboo Mountain Dogs for sale. See us on FB 12/22

VETERINARIANS ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL Williams Lake 250-392-5510 / Quesnel 250-747-3053 Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan, Deitrick 4/23 INTERIOR VETERINARY HEALTH SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-769-4217, Mobile Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, VSMT, College of Animal Chiropractors 9/22



ELISA MAROCCHI (100 Mile House BC), EC Licensed Driving Coach 250-706-2824 Clinics, Lessons, Training on/off farm, 5/23 WALES EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-258-2299 Drs. Alex Wales and Dr. Susan Wales, 9/22





On The Market (Private Sale) The Peruvian Horse

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at!

Looking to the future with:

Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC)


We breed and train GYPSY COBS AND VANNERS Aimee & Luc Beauchamp 250-438-1066

(Princeton BC)


AW Blue Fire N Te AQHA Blue Roan AW Poco Kintaro | AQHA/NFQH 98% Palomino with dun dilution Axels N Steel Dust | AQHA/NFQH 98% Grullo

If you’re looking for your “Heart look no further!

Visit for more Information on this Incredible Breed!

8/22 3/17




“CUPID” - Holsteiner by Cassini/Silvano N Canadian Warmblood Stallion


• World class Jumping & Dressage lines • Extremely Athletic & Versatile • Lovely Temperament Fresh/Frozen Semen available


Contact Ueli & Ruth Boss (Armstrong BC) 250-546-7959 / Text 250-517-9051 E-email:

Stallions & Breeders APPALOOSACENTRE.COM 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 9/22


5 Panel Negative AQHA Stallion Standing at: Charles Rance Equine, Ashcroft BC and (owners) Circle M Farm, Qualicum Beach BC For breeding inquiries email

FOOTNOTE FARM FJORDS (Langley BC) 778-822-3276. Registered & imported breeding stock. Bred for performance and built to last. 5/23 OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/22 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales, on

38 • JUNE 2022






HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 7/22


Complete Balanced Bioavailable Source Of Essential MACRO and MICRO nutrients for HEALTHY HORSES Contact: Brigitte MacKenzie, 604-768-9558 (cell/text) WWW.ULTRA-KELP.COM 1-888-848-9988

DEEP CREEK GENERAL STORE Leather & S titches Custom Sewing

Leather Hats, Belts, Moccasins Holsters, Knife Sheaths Upholstery Work & many Repairs


Th e Le a t h er La d y


that has a little bit of everything Dealer for

Pet Food & Supplies Wood Shavings and MORE


3455 Pleasant Valley Rd. Armstrong, BC

Sherri DeBoer 250.838.0778 Box 62 Grindrod BC, V0E 1Y0

See what’s NEW at

JUNE 2022


40 • JUNE 2022


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