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2 • February 2019


(The bulk of this story had been printed in Andrea Blair’s book “The Senior Horse Project” in 2014/2015)


purchased Bobbi (aka “Roberta” on her bitchy days), a partbred Morgan 7-year-old bay mare in May of 1993 for $800 from a teenage girl who had purchased her from a local man the year before at auction. Being a baby boomer, and having not ridden horses since my teenage-hood, moving to an acreage in the Okanagan, now I was ready to own my first horse. (Isn’t that what we are all doing now?) Bobbi definitely had her problems and quirks and I was now the one to help sort them out. She didn’t load well, wouldn’t tie, was head shy, and very spooky. In the early years, each spring, our first ride out in the cornfields, she would almost always buck me off. I’ve had many a fall from this mare. Her build was so unusual (high withers, narrow chest) I had a custom made saddle built by Peter Horsnell (one of his last, before his death). It fit her (and me) like a glove! I never came out of that saddle! I sent her to a trainer to see if he could get the spook out of her. One day, during his lunch break, he left her in the round pen. When he came back she was out of it. How’s that for jumping? She has a “10” brand on her hip – the brand was registered with an outfitter in the Cariboo-Chilcotin area I was told – but could never confirm that. Bobbi loved getting out on the trails; ring work and gymkhanas were not her thing. Years ago a friend encouraged me to do a competitive trail clinic. Don’t know how many miles we did in the bush… but when we returned to the vet check, the vet said this horse should be dead, she had no pulse, she wasn’t even sweaty! She was quite impressed with Bobbi and so was I, but my own body wouldn’t allow me to ride those distances. Bobbi had a thing for miniatures. We were out on a trail ride and came across a hobby farm. A miniature donkey was by the fenceline, and when Bobbi saw it, she gave that uh-uh-uh-uh

sound with muzzle shaking, the donkey returned the affection, and I couldn’t get her away from that fenceline! She must have had minis as pasture mates in her earlier years – there was definitely some connection. I did show her in English performance classes and we won many a ribbon over the years! She was very showy and had this tremendous extended trot to die for! (I wished someone had videotaped that trot – as I never saw the power under me.) I bred her to a black Morgan Stallion, Leanders Ace. She was the perfect mother from the start and gave birth to a (even the vet said) “huge colt” who grew to 16.1HH. One year I went on the Children’s Wish Ride in Silver Creek (Salmon Arm) with two other “Morgan horse” riders. We got lost and ended up on this awfully steep, narrow trail – we couldn’t figure out why this was a horse trail – it was way too dangerous. At one point there was a 60 degree slope down to a creek bed and 60 degree uphill on the other side. The other 2 riders chose to dismount. I was too chicken to get off – I knew I could not climb that, and if I hung on for dear life, my horse would get me through safely and she did – whew! We found out afterwards that was the dirt bike trail – yikes – now THAT was a ride! I have always trusted her 100% on the trails – she could get through on any footing, was barefoot, and never lame a day in her life. When the new sport of Mountain Trail came out a few years ago, we got into that! Bobbie loved it – and so did I; although she did have her ‘Roberta’ moments, but we got through most obstacles together. She trusted me and I trusted her. Just in the last 3 years she became a bit arthritic and her back started swaying. I could tell the arthritis was getting to her, but she kept eating, her weight was great. This past fall I chose to make that decision, before things got worse (and winter would come, heaven forbid if she fell on the ice…) to put her down. She is buried at the corner of the arena… her favourite view point… looking down the driveway. - With tears and memories, luv ya Bob! Nancy Roman (P.S. saddle is for sale) February 2019


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e ll h e ll o a n d HAPPY N E W Y E AR to a ll ! I h o p e yo u h a d a g r e at Ch r is t m as h o li d ay a n d we r e ve r y ni ce (o r s li g ht l y n au g ht y is o k ay !). C a n’ t te ll yo u h ow m a ny j i gs aw p u z z l e s I d i d d u r i n g my t i m e o f f… a ve r y l a r g e s t a c k f o r su r e ! B u t s o o o o o wo r t h i t – l ove my d ow n t i m e. S o i t ’s b a c k to t h e r e a l ( h o r s e) wo r l d n ow… a n d I l o o k f o r w a r d to w h at 2 0 19 m ay b r i n g ! Acco r d i n g to o u r W h at ’s H a p p e ni n g? L e t ’s G o ! Goodbye my girl Bobbi! c a l e n d a r… i t ’s sh a p i n g u p to b e a b us y ye a r f o r m a ny. I f yo u h ave yo u r eve nt d ate s b o o ke d , l e t us k n ow ! H a p py to p r i nt f o r a ll to s e e and plan around. D e ce m b e r w as a s a d m o nt h f o r m e as I c h o s e to p u t my m a r e “ B o b b i ” d ow n (s to r y o n p a g e 3). I b e li eve i t w as a g o o d d e c isi o n , a n d t h e r i g ht t i m e. S o this ye a r I w i ll b e m o r e f o c us e d o n t h e o t h e r t wo M o r g a n m a r e s we h ave h e r e. H o p e f u ll y. I f wo r k d o e sn’ t g e t i n t h e w ay ! A l th o u g h t his issu e is a f ew l e ss p a g e s , i t su r e is p a c ke d w i th s o m e i nte r e s ti n g r e a d i n g . I h o p e yo u e nj oy i t ! S e e yo u n e x t m o nt h ,

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4 • February 2019


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Photo by John Major

February 2019


Part 1 By Glenn Stewart

A student asked me a question and so I thought I would share it with all of you, the question: “What is or how do you achieve roundness and/or suppleness?”


can only speak from my own experience and views on any of these topics. The biggest thing we can do for ourselves towards this goal is to truly understand the concept of what it is and the ingredients involved. There are a hundred and one exercises for this; but they are only as good as our understanding of the needs of the horse and the order of the exercises given. What I describe “roundness” as is: “the way the horse carries himself and the muscling that has been developed through continual and proper systematic development.” Suppleness is also developed through continual and proper systematic development. Suppleness comes before roundness. I believe most people look at both of these things as something physical that you can see, and it is; but to get suppleness and then roundness a horse first needs to be mentally and emotionally prepared in that order. And then the suppleness and roundness is achievable. All too often there is no thought This is a tremendously athletic horse I was riding in Brazil. His mind and to the horse’s level of mental emotions moved so quickly that or emotional fitness, only the sometimes, left to his own devices, it physical look that is trying to was like riding a feather in a hurricane. be achieved. It is much easier to see the physical look than the mental or emotional state. Although, it is quite easy to see the mental and emotional state as well, if you are looking for it. One of the harder things to do with a horse is for us to: a) first learn the skills we require ourselves, then: b) take the time to prepare our horse mentally and emotionally for the physical things we want our horses to do, such as being supple and round. If a horse mentally understands what is being asked, then emotionally it is much easier for them to deliver. I think of supple as soft and easily bent, moved and maneuvered. If a horse is soft, easily bent, moved, and maneuvered then it stands to reason that we can ask them to do exercises and carry themselves in a way that will develop muscle in the proper areas to achieve roundness. A horse that is not mentally and/or emotionally prepared gets tight and bracey, the opposite of supple. If you ask a horse like this to get round you will get

6 • February 2019


In this photo Az is carrying himself in a manner that is supple and rounded, he is maintaining this posture as well as his mental and emotional state. muscle development in all the wrong areas. One of my horses that I ride now, Az do Vouga, (Az) might be one of the most athletic horses I’ve ever ridden. However my biggest and most challenging job with this particular horse is to get him emotionally prepared for what he is more than physically capable of doing. It is fairly easy to pick up the reins and hold him into a physical frame but he is not thinking about holding himself as his own responsibility, it’s all up to me. If I ignore the fact that I need to help him more mentally and emotionally, and just work on the physical, I will never be able to access and enjoy all the unbelievable talent and athleticism he has to offer. If we understand there are three areas: mental, emotional, and physical, that we need to develop, but only spend time on one area then we are truly only getting a third at most of what the horse has to offer. A person may be thinking that roundness and suppleness is something we have to wait for, and it is, but it isn’t. Keep the order of things in mind. Mental Emotional and then Physical Supple before Round Maybe another way to say it is: Suppleness comes from a mental and emotional good place. Roundness comes from a physical good place but you can’t get there without the mental and emotional good place first. Everything we do with our horses from day one should be continually and systematically working towards the end goal. We can have little things that our horse is soft, bendable or supple at on the ground before even getting on. As we get these things going then we can ask for them to carry themselves in certain ways developing the muscle and roundness that we are looking for. Finally, when all areas on the ground and in the saddle are developed mentally, emotionally and physically, supple and round, we might call that collection. I believe the closer I follow these guidelines and way of thinking the more success I have. Happy Horsemanship Glenn offers year round educational horsemanship programs at his facility, The Horse Ranch near Fort Saint John, BC and is available to travel for clinics, demonstrations, events and corporate leadership. Longterm study and professional programs are also available. Visit www. for more information or call 250-789-3072. (See his listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)


his past December barrel racer Carman Pozzobon (from Savona BC) won the average at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, collecting over $67,000 to bring her ten performance earnings to $117,884. Carman was the only rider to keep all the barrels standing up through the ten rounds, and is the second Canadian barrel racer ever to win the Wrangler NFR average title. She went from 15th place at the beginning of the NFR up to 4th overall in the final world standings, and finished the season with earnings of $204,831. Congratulations Carman! Can you tell us a bit more? How did you qualify for NFR? Through winning at the Circuits. We have Circuits which are only your home area. I picked Columbia River Circuit but never made it there much. I mostly did Texas and Canada. Who travelled with you to help and/or support you? Madison Wheeler came to help me during the winter in Texas and Arizona. And then Jace Lambert, Nick Teixeira, and Kyla Simmons were with me as we traveled to the rodeos together in Canada. You won the Wrangler NFR with which horse? With my Quarter Horse mare “Ripn Lady.” She is 8 years old now; I’ve had her since she was 3. Our fastest time was 13.6.

How many others were you competing against? We compete against every professional barrel racer to qualify for the NFR; there are over 300 girls or more. The Top 15 in the World run at the NFR, so I was running against 14 other girls, yet I was the only Canadian. Tell us a bit more about yourself Carman. I was born in Merritt BC, but have been living in Savona BC. I started riding before I could walk. I was born into a rodeo family, so I had any horse I could climb on. My first barrel horse’s name was Pete. I used him at Little Britches Rodeos and Gymkhanas. I started barrel racing at the age of 4, but I just went around the barrels… not correctly (lol). I’m proud to have accomplished so much over the years, such as: 2X BCBRA 1D Champion National High School Finals Qualifier 2X Canadian Futurity High Point Champion 2X Derby Superstakes Champion 2017 Canadian Barrel Racing Champion 2X Canadian Barrel Racing Season Leader NFR Average Champion Finished 4th in the World Standings What are your future plans? My future plans are to slow down a bit and stay in Canada more. There I want to be training more futurity prospects and be home once in a while. This won’t be for a few years still though. This year I will try again for the NFR.

Equine Facility Design and Construction Master Planning Site Design and Building

Ken Buck,


Landscape Architect, Equine Design Specialist

Structures Infrastructure Landscape

1.250.540.3001 February 2019


By Christa Miremadi

Some rides feel like heaven, like you’re on top of the world and like you could quite literally do anything with your equine counterpart, and others make you question your right to even look at a horse. I believe we all feel this way from time to time. It’s a normal part of the natural rhythm. o matter how long you’ve been exploring horsemanship or developing your abilities in the saddle, if you’re being honest with yourself you’ll notice that there’s a natural rhythm to your experiences: waves of harmony and disharmony. Some moments can feel like you’ve finally “got it” and you’re reaching a whole new level and others can feel like a complete wipe-out. Although those good moments, where everything is just moving along beautifully and you’re riding high and “in the zone,” are amazing and what we ride for, they’re also the moments when you’re at a peek, you’re at the top edge of a

8 • February 2019


wave that’s about to break-over and we all know what happens next if you don’t know how to surf. In life, just as in horsemanship, we have ups and downs. Sometimes months go by where nothing of any real significance happens at all, where you’re just floating in a lull and then, just like that, it can seem as though everything changes in the blink of an eye and your whole world is falling apart. Or just when you begin to feel as though things are never going to change, something happens and things start to go your way again. Although I’ve been aware of this rhythm for a long time, it’s taken a while to begin to let go of my emotional attachment to the waves. It’s a challenge to try and stay neutral as they pull you to and fro. Thanks to this past year and the many ups and downs I’ve faced, I’ve had plenty of practice in this department! There was a lot of significant changes in my life, some good, some not so good and some completely unexpected. I am grateful for the encouraging and insightful words shared by a good friend while I was finding the rhythm challenging, words I found to apply directly to horsemanship, just as they do to life. He said: “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.” This statement really hit home for me. It would be ridiculous to be upset with the ocean, try to control it or expect it to change if we couldn’t stay upright on a surf board. Either you quit surfing or you improve your skills. Learn to surf… If you wiped out, you wouldn’t cry out for someone to turn off the waves, you’d get back on the board and try again. This is no different when it comes to horsemanship. Either we quit or we learn to ride. And of course, learning to ride includes learning to notice and navigate those swells and lulls that will inevitably occur when it comes to experiencing harmony with our horses. Being angry with our horse for being subject to the same natural rhythm we are is not only pointless but actually counterproductive. Our horses are living, thinking, sentient beings that experience good days and bad days, and just like us, they’re subject to the same natural rhythms that we are. When we consider the fact that horsemanship is a partnership consisting of two beings, both subject to these rhythms, it’s no wonder that some rides are incredible and others we may never want to speak of again. It used to be that when one of those days came along, I’d get really bent out of shape. I’d beat myself up about it and question my abilities as a horsewoman, or even worse, I’d get upset with my horse. Not a nice way to say thanks to my partner! And worse still, things would be a total mess the next day! These days, when I recognize that it’s one of those days, I try to back off, take things easy and pick things up

Here is my old gelding ‘Fire’ and I enjoying some down time, taking it easy in the shade on one of those days where just being together in a gentle way was going to be more productive than trying to "make" him get in line. again the following day. Nine times out of ten, when I do things that way, things seem to have worked themselves out overnight and no one has hurt feelings over things they wish they hadn’t said the day before. What I’ve come to realize is that those days are unavoidable and ultimately it doesn’t matter if it was me or my horse who was falling short of perfect. It’s normal and natural and it just is what it is. “Good or bad, this too shall pass.” These days I try to stay present, notice the rhythm and surf my best. I do this by following these steps to the best of my abilities: Notice Allow Reflect Let go Just be First I notice of the fact that we are indeed riding a less than ideal wave. Then I allow myself a moment to feel frustrated and I take a moment to reflect on our situation, assess myself and check in to see if it may be my own rhythm affecting our shared experience and then I let go. I let go of my story about who, what, when, where or why things are going south. Let go of my desire to identify the “problem,” let go of my frustrations that we should somehow be above the same natural rhythm and I let go of my agenda. Lastly, I breathe deeply and experience the moment, allowing it to just be as it is, knowing that “this too shall pass.”

It’s important to keep in mind however, that learning to surf means riding both the ups and the downs with the same set of skills. When things seem to be going well and we’re feeling good, notice that it’s happening! Allow yourself a moment to really experience the joy and excitement and take a second to reflect on your situation, assess yourself and check in with where you’re coming from, what you brought to the table and how it’s impacted the shared experience and then let it go! Let go of taking credit for things working out. Let go of explaining why things worked. Let go of your desire to seize the moment and never let it go and finally just be!

Breathe it in, live that positive moment, share in the joy and satisfaction it brings you and your horse and know that “this too shall pass.” When surfing that natural rhythm, there will be times to push and ask more of yourself and your horse and there will be times where letting go, giving ourselves a break and just being together is more productive. To me, knowing the difference between a wave that’s building and a wave that’s peeked is essential, but the reality is that although we should still work hard towards improvements and progress, we can’t change the natural rhythm any more than we can change the ocean. Christa Miremadi has been working with horses since 1984, and is a partner and facility manager in her family business in Langley, Silver Star Stables, where she also provides riding instruction and conducts horsemanship clinics. Christa is dedicated to creating harmony and building relationships between horses and humans through compassionate communication, and to strengthening partnerships by sharing the horse’s point of view. (See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

Jandana Ranch Inspiration • Education • Fun!

“Janice and Dave Jarvis of Jandana Ranch look forward to another season of connecting with guests from near and far. We will continue to teach empathy, leadership and communication with horses and offer ‘NEW’ themes such as: Women’s Wellness Weekends, Synchronisity with Riding, in addition to our Horsemanship Clinics, Kids Camps and much more! ” Offering a beautiful venue for people who love to travel with their equine partners. Lake view Guest Cottages and RV Campground • Enjoy the Peace and Tranquility!

 250-573-5800• 30 minutes from Kamloops at beautiful Pinantan Lake February 2019


By Robert Fera, AHR.

any feeding regimes in barns today are still based on traditional methods and old-time myths. The bran mash is no exception as there are as many opinions on why one should feed a mash that could fill a whole book. Whatever the reason for feeding a mash, most people believe they are doing their equine friends a favour, but are you really? NO Changes to a feeding program of a horse that are sudden are never kind to their digestive system; and a bran mash whether it is once a week, once a month or in a stressful situation, is a sudden impact on their digestive system. It may cause digestive upset as well as cause a calcium and phosphorous imbalance. Bran contains 10% fibre and 16% protein, and its protein is incomplete as it is lacking in essential amino acids that horses require. Most people feed bran to increase the fibre in their horse’s diet, but bran as stated above, doesn’t have as much fibre as the high fibre rations that are on the market today. Bran also has calcium to phosphorous

10 • February 2019


ratio of 1:10 while a horse requires a ratio of 2:1. This imbalance can lead to developmental problems with young growing horses as well as mares that are in foal. Bran will not fatten a horse nor is it a laxative. In terms of calories, oats and flax and most complete pelleted rations on today’s market contain more energy, and since bran has incomplete proteins it is not suitable for growing horses. Most people will think bran is a laxative after they see their horse the next day with loose, soft manure or more manure than before. In all reality, the sudden switch in diet has caused the digestive system to become upset, hence loose stools. So, a bran mash could possibly put more stress on a horse’s system that is already stressed by illness or exhaustion. The myth that a warm bran mash can warm a horse in cold weather is false. The warmth they get from the mash would last a few minutes if at all. The most efficient way to keep a horse warm in cold weather is to adjust its ration so that it is getting more high-quality hay and less grain. Hay fuels the furnace, the horse produces heat when they are digesting hay, and the digestive process for hay will produce a longer lasting heat than a bran mash. Bran is in no means a bad thing; but if fibre is what you want there are better and nutritionally complete fibre substitutes on the market. Feeding bran to developing horses is in my opinion not a chance I would take because of the possibilities of developmental problems that are associated with the imbalance of calcium and phosphorous. This is one factor that can be controlled, so why risk your young horse? Most of us want to do our best for our equine friends, but we must ask ourselves what we want to accomplish with them and then determine the right feeding program that optimizes the use of nutrients and helps their body’s repair, grow and utilize

energy. A feeding program that contains probiotic, prebiotic and live yeast such as EquineChoice® will assist your horse’s digestive system combat stress and deal with digestive upset. It will also assist with fibre digestion and immune health. There are a lot of complete fibre alternatives to bran on the market today that have more fibre and complete proteins along with vitamins and minerals and are made for all types of horses with different needs. Thinking that you’re doing your horse a favour for giving it a bran mash treat is a large misconception based on old folklore when in fact, by feeding this bran mash once a week or a month, you are causing digestive upset. With advancements in nutrition and more complete feeds on the market there are better ways to get fibre into your horse. If you want to give your horse a mash then warm hay cubes taste great and your horse will thank you for it. Robert Fera is the animal health specialist for Animal Pro Products, a leading manufacturer of digestive supplements for multiple species. He is also owner of Deerpath Breeding and Development, an equine reproduction facility in Ontario. He has many years of experience in stallion management, mare care and foaling. He has been the equine specialist for several animal nutrition companies and has had several published articles on animal health and nutrition. He has spoken at many conferences in Canada and the US and recently studied Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health through the Royal Veterinary College in the UK.

Courtesy of the Canadian Quarter Horse Association And CBC News Edmonton AB -- January 3, 2019

undreds of people are rallying behind a Bentley, Alberta woman after she sustained serious injuries when she was kicked in the face by a horse. Several bones in horse trainer Deserie Rieu's face were broken on December 28 when she took a hoof to the right side of her face. The 35-year-old's mother, Judy Rieu, said her daughter doesn't remember what happened. She said Deserie was working in the barn with a friend who heard two horses squeal, then found Deserie face-down on the ground. "She was laying there, and blood and teeth and everything everywhere," Judy said, noting it seems like Deserie didn't see the kick coming. "It was I think just a freak accident. Most of the horse trainers told us, like 'It can happen to any one of us." Deserie's cheekbone, palate and jaw were fractured, and she lost several teeth. She also had a brain bleed and was intubated until Tuesday, January 1 because her airway was swollen. Family friend, Susan Lehmann started a GoFundMe campaign for Deserie, which has raised more than $25,000 from more than 200 people. "The first thing I thought of was 'Oh my God, like how's she going to pay bills and continue to live ... when she starts to heal?" said Lehmann, who noted there's also a benefit auction online. "All the money will go to Des and help her get through the year ... Because (horse training) that's her business." Lehmann takes her show horse to the training barn Deserie rents in Bentley, about 150 kilometres southwest of Edmonton. "Doesn't matter if she's never met this horse before, she treats every horse in her barn as if it's her own," Lehmann said. "It doesn't matter who you are, you feel like you've been with her forever."

"Deserie underwent surgery Wednesday, January 2 evening to repair the fractures to her face. It will be at least four months until she can go back to work," Judy said. Robyn Duplisea has known Deserie since 2005, when she was working as an assistant horse trainer. In an email to CBC, she noted Rieu won't be able to work until she heals, and will have to continue covering the costs of running a barn. "Horses must be fed, watered and stalls cleaned and while the trainer (is) injured there is a substantial cost," said Duplisea, the owner of Show Horse Today magazine and "The scary thing for many of us in the horse industry is that this type of accident can happen to any of us. Deserie was injured in a way that reminded all of us, how fragile life can be when dealing with 1200 pound animals." "The horse community is deeply connected, and provides support to industry professionals in times of need," Duplisea said. "I have seen horse people give with not only their wallets, but their hearts to support Deserie and her family with financial contributions, goods and services and extensive thoughts and prayers," Duplisea wrote. "Many of us waited with bated breath to hear if she would survive in the early days, and since have relished each update with her very promising progress." Judy said she and Deserie are grateful for the support. "It's pretty amazing," Judy said. "I guess none of us knew how many friends, and what Des's kindness ... meant to a lot of people."

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Made in Canada February 2019


By Lisa Wieben and Birgit Stutz

(This is the third and last article in our mini-series on Somatics and riding. For the first two articles, please check the November and December 2018 issues of Saddle Up.)

As a quick review, Somatics is a movement modality that addresses muscular imbalances in the body. When you feel tight, stiff, achy, notice postural changes, or have chronic pain, Somatics allows you to move with greater ease, freedom and self-awareness. A Somatic rider understands that this freedom allows them to maintain correct position and balance in the saddle and allows for the optimum performance of the horse. he brain controls our muscles, and it retains the muscle contractions that we use the most, desirable or not. When we do something often, that pattern of movement gets stored in our subconscious, just like any habit. It becomes a learned pattern that we essentially forget about. This is called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). Often, aches and pains are associated with it due to a build-up of lactic acid. Constantly contracted muscles also cause fatigue, and we may feel tired all the time. But strength is also affected because a muscle that is chronically contracted to say 30 per cent of its usual length has only 70 per cent available for work. Many people attribute this tiredness and lack of strength to “getting older,” but it is reversible. Three distinct reflex muscle patterns may develop in the body over time due to stress, injuries, surgeries, and repetitive movements. These were noted by Thomas Hanna, the creator of Hanna Somatics. In our last two articles we addressed the Green Light Reflex (the go, go, go reflex, our Type A personalities!), as well as the Red Light Reflex (the startle reflex or stress response). The final reflex is the Trauma Reflex (injuries, surgeries). Think falls off horses! This reflex will show up in a person as unevenness from side to side. One shoulder will be lower, one hip higher, uneven leg length. Joint issues will begin to show, as well as neck pain. Why do so many people need knee and hip replacement surgeries? The wear and tear came mainly from the body becoming misaligned. There may also be a slight twist in the body as the body tried to move away from the painful area. This may be seen as a scoliotic twist. On the horse you may notice that you cannot turn as easily one direction (try sitting in a chair with your right arm in front of you. Turn to the right and see how far you can comfortably go. Now repeat on the other side. Are both sides the same or does one side feel tighter?) Maybe your horse has difficulty picking up a lead – perhaps one of your hips is rotated forward so on the side that your hip is back it makes it harder for your horse to push forward into the lope or canter. Or you always feel your saddle slipping to one side. If 12 • February 2019


Lisa performing a sidebend. Think about making an accordion with your topside ribs. The back remains straight during this movement. one hip is higher you will put more weight onto one side. Lisa Wieben came to Somatics after trying many other modalities after several falls from horses and sports injuries left her body very crooked. “I had developed chronic SI joint problems that had me ‘guarding’ my body from the pain when I would ride, thus causing more tension. In one weekend of Somatic training I knew that every rider needs to learn this!” Birgit Stutz was introduced to Somatics through Lisa Wieben, who showed her several exercises to help her loosen tension in her body that impeded her advancement in her riding. “I used to shorten my right stirrup one hole so I would be able to “sit evenly.” I haven’t had to do that in a few years now. My left shoulder was always lower than my right shoulder due to tightness in my right side, “left-overs” from a car accident 20 years ago. After I suffered a severe fracture in my right leg three years ago, Somatics helped me get back to normal walking as well as riding a lot quicker than what’s considered average.” The goal of Somatics is to regain the full length and use of the muscles and rebalance the body for freedom of movement. We do this through gentle movements that address each pattern and bring conscious awareness back Rider sitting more on the left to the areas of tightness. seat-bone. Notice the contraction Through awareness we gain on the right side and how the alignment. With alignment right heel is lifted. This will be we can align our horses and felt in the saddle as having one help them release tension. stirrup shorter than the other. The right shoulder is dropped, Somatics has many causing the head to tilt to the benefits: improved posture, left. This can be felt as neck and mobility, strength, and shoulder tension, which could co-ordination, improved also lead to headaches. athletic skills, relief from

Seated - how far can you comfortably rotate to the left and then to the right? Do both sides feel the same? Repeat the movement 3 times on each side without going into a stretch and see if your body lets you go a little further each time.

Far left - dropped shoulder. Notice how the horse is not tracking straight. Middle left - before Somatics Middle right - after first clinical session Far right - level shoulders, sitting taller long-term pain, headaches, painful joints and muscles, sciatica, hip/knee/foot pain, frozen shoulder, repetitive use injuries, neck/ shoulder/back pain, whiplash, and breathing problems. A movement that addresses the Trauma pattern is the Sidebend. To do this movement lie on the floor or yoga mat on your ride side. Your knees will be directly in front of your hips and your feet directly below your knees as if you are sitting in a hard-back chair. You can take your top hand over your head and make a cradle for your head, top hand wrapped around to bottom ear. Your eyes will stay looking forward preventing your chin from dropping toward your chest. Begin by inhaling into the rib cage as if you are lifting your topside ribs toward the ceiling. On the exhale you contract the ribs and bring the topside ribs toward your hip while also lifting your top side foot toward the ceiling, keeping your knees together. As you inhale slowly lower the foot and head back to starting position and feel the length coming back into your ribs. You can break these movements down by lifting only the foot and then only the head on the exhale before putting it all together. If you cannot take the hand over the head you could rest it down over the hip and as you contract the ribs you could reach down toward the bottom of your mat. By putting your full awareness into feeling the centre of the body as it contracts and then lengthens begins the process to retrain the brain/body connection and teaches the brain to relax the chronically contracted muscles that pull either the shoulder down and/or the hip up. Somatic movements should be done slowly for maximum benefit with the main focus on the release and relax at the end of the movement. Taking an extra breath between each repetition helps the body more fully ‘shut off’ the muscles that like to stay ‘on’. Lisa Wieben is a Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, Equine Canada Competition Coach, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Trainer, and Essential Somatic Clinical Practitioner. Her passion is working with riders of all ages who experience pain, tightness, and loss of flexibility to gain balance and greater freedom of movement. She is located in Mountain View County AB, offering Somatic Rider Clinics and Confidence Connection Clinics.

As an Irwin Insights Level 4 Master Certified trainer and coach, Birgit Stutz helps riders of all levels and backgrounds advance their horsemanship skills by developing personal and situational awareness, focusing on indepth understanding of equine behaviour, body language, psychology and biomechanics. Driven by her passion for both equine welfare and performance, Birgit believes that facilitating effective communication between horse and rider is an approach that fulfills our responsibilities to the horse and elicits great results.











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CANADA February 2019


By Lois McCabe, Director, Endurance Riders Association of British Columbia (ERABC) Photos courtesy of Tracy Reynolds

Endurance riding is an active equine sport in BC that exposes the rider and equine partner to experiences, environments, and challenges at many levels. Thepremise of the competition is the first horse and rider to finish and is fit to continue, wins. The nuances of the sport are embodied in our slogan: “To Finish Is To Win.” nd what a thrill to finish! From my first ride at High Sage riding my 18-year-old Standardbred gelding, wearing my Wranglers and not wearing a sports bra, coming in with 10 minutes to spare after 6 hours on the trail and covering 25 miles, was a completion and a victory for me! Four years later at Cariboo Gold Rush ride, coming in 5th in

Cooling off at Chase Creek the 50-miler with my Arabian gelding ‘Shy’ was a triumph for me. I finished with time to spare! My horse was happy and sound! I felt like I was going to die but some prescribed cooling (dunking my head in the water trough), a nap, and a beer (or two), tuned me up nicely to get to the potluck dinner and awards. And I won a

prize! I won alfalfa pellets for the horse and BodyGlide for me. The prize is really the ride, whether an attempt or a completion. The other prizes are fantastic (and usually practical) memorabilia of the event - I love my Timber Ridge Ride stemless glass. Endurance riding is a sport with allure for riders who like to spend time on the trail and camping with their horse and friends. Endurance has given me an opportunity to expand my adventures exponentially. New trails and territory, and new challenges. But what really draws people to endurance riding? Everyone has their own powerful persuasions but allow me to list a few that I know to be true: – “I've done many disciplines from dressage to cutting but endurance is the only one where I get to spend lots of time on my horse. Not a few minutes in an arena and waiting and waiting” – “I used to do 50's (miles) all the time. Now I do the fun ride because I still love to come out to the ride but can't do the distances any longer” – “I am aiming to complete the Tevis in 2019” – “I love to ride fast and far!” – “I love riding new trails” – “I like the people” – “I can do it” – “I ride with my children” – “I ride with my Grandma” – “It's amazing what I can learn about a horse’s health and fitness and my own abilities”

Last Chance Mountain Ride (West Kelowna) 14 • February 2019


High Sage Ride

Caribou Plateau (108 Mile) - A brief pause to take in the spectacular scenery at this terrific ride! This time of year is when many riders are in the resting and planning stages for the competitive season. Some people ride year round; others wait until spring; all of us look forward to ride season. Here is our ride calendar for 2019. Please visit our website at http:// enduranceridersassocof bc.wildapricot. org/and know that members and mentors are available to answer your questions and encourage your participation. See you at camp! May 11: Cowichan Rail Trail—Miki Dekel (25/50/CTR I/II) May 18-20: Titanium—Tara MacLeod (25/50 each day, 75 one day, possible 100) June 1: High Sage—June Melhuish (25/50) June 29: Barriere—Terrie Laporte (25/50) July 13: Timber Ridge—Bianca MacKenzie (25/50) Aug 3: Chase Creek Cattle Company—Lori Bewza (25/50) Aug 10: 108 CTR—Joanne Macaluso Aug 24: Quesnel—Erin Wilde (25/50) Sept 7: LCM—Amy Nutt/Heather Bradshaw (25/50) Sept 21: CTR— Trapping Creek - Myrna T Sept 28: Summerland—Brittany Linnett (25/50) A map with all the locations is at 2019 ERABC Ride Map.

he Lakota Agriplex is located in Dawson Creek BC. It was built for the local community 10 years ago by the City of Dawson Creek, and is currently being run by the non-profit organization Dawson Creek Stables and Arena Association. The DC Stables and Arena Association was organized in 1991 to restore the Walter Collins Park and Arena. Mission for the association is to make it affordable for members and to give a ‘meeting’ place to the equestrians in the Peace Region. In 2007, the City of Dawson Creek built a multi-plex, named the Encana Centre that includes the Agriplex.

The Lakota Agriplex houses 110 stalls, 76 tack lockers, a wash rack and grooming area, and a 100 x 200 indoor arena with seating for 500 people. There are outdoor pens as well as an outdoor arena, with parking for trucks and trailers. The DC Stables and Arena Association is made up of directors who are voted in by its members. As a non-profit organization membership can be purchased to ride at the arena. The Lakota Agriplex is equipped to run all types of equine and bovine events and able to host other requested activities. Because of the members and directors who volunteer, and the employees and care-taker (Helga Morrison) at Lakota Agriplex, we maintain an active interest in the development of this marvelous facility. It is because of our volunteers that we can keep our cost to a minimum. DC Stables and Arena Association can operate the Lakota Agriplex with a smaller overhead than a private arena, and keep our costs lower as a result.

Mission Statement: The DC Stables and Arena Associations is a volunteer society dedicated to providing an affordable and pleasurable place for equine sports. The Lakota Agriplex is open 7 days a week for 365 days a year. All users and members are required to have Horse Council BC insurance or equivalent. To date, our renters/users have included: Leask Horse Competition & Sale, Hot Heals (beginner roping), Cutting, Jumping – DC Horse Club and Helga Morrison, Dressage, Doug Mills Clinics, Liberty training with Christine Painter, Gymkhanas, Trash can Barrels – Jackpot, Christmas Extravaganza, High School Rodeo, Reining, Beef Congress, 4-H Club, Roping – Mile Zero Rope Club. To show our appreciation back to the community, DC Stables and Arena Association hosts an annual Christmas Extravaganza that promotes/shows all equine events held at the Lakota Agriplex. Please look at our facility at or contact Caretaker, Helga Morrison at 250-782-1445 or by email dcdsaa@ gmailcom. Office hours are 1-5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Contact Lakota Agriplex for all your equine, bovine and other rental needs. (See their listing in our Business Services section under FACILITY RENTALS)


lberta equine owners and operators of stables are being reminded of the requirement to register for Premises Identification (PID) and the importance of obtaining a PID Number. Registering is free, simple and helps protect your horse(s) in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or disease outbreak. Premises Identification (PID), one of the pillars of traceability, links livestock (including horses) to land locations or premises. Alberta's PID Program was established to plan for, control, and prevent the spread of agricultural

diseases. It is also used as an early warning system to notify animal owners of a natural disaster such as a flood or fire that could affect their animals or operations. Regulations requiring premises identification became law January 1, 2009 as part of the Animal Health Act. If you own a livestock animal or poultry, and that animal is kept at a premises other than a commingling site (e.g. stable), you need to apply for a PID Account and obtain at least one PID Number associated to where the animal(s) are located. If you own an animal

that is only kept at locations controlled by someone else (e.g. stable) and that animal will never be kept at a premises under your care and control (e.g. farm or acreage), you are not required to register for a PID Account. However, you will need to obtain the PID Number from the operator of the site. If you operate a commingling site (e.g. stable, community pasture, fair ground, etc.), you are required to obtain a PID Account, register all your commingling sites and provide the PID Number(s) to the users of your site(s). February 2019


By Nancy Roman he 21st annual Horsey Ladies (Okanagan) Banquet & Charity Auction was held November 16th at the Spallumcheen Golf Club north of Vernon BC. One hundred and thirty horsey ladies from all over the interior came out to celebrate their ‘love of horses’. It’s interesting, of the 130 gals, maybe half of them have horses. The rest just come out for the social, the food(!), and to help fundraise for a local charity. To date we have raised over $99,000 to give back to the communities. There was a silent auction as well as a ‘twoonie-a-ticket’ auction (luck of the draw… you win that prize). Again this year we raised approximately $8,000. That seems to be our average for the last 5 years. Each gal gets a voting slip for their ‘charity of choice’, and after counting them all up, our committee decided to share between the top three vote-getters. Freedom’s Gate Equine Rescue received $3800; Caravan Farm Theatre $2000; and Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge $2000. The 2018 Horsey Ladies committee included: Kathy Mydske, Sheila Sperling, Donna McNab, Sly Keyes, Lisa Warren, Elspeth Manning and Nancy Roman. We’d like to thank the many businesses and individuals that donated to this annual event, it is very much appreciated.

The auction room. 16 • February 2019



Anonymous Armstrong Regional Co-op Armstrong Veterinary Clinic Committee members back row: Nancy Roman, Donna McNab, Sheila Askew's Foods Sperling, Elspeth Manning, Lisa Warren, Kathy Mydske (missing Sly Keyes). Boston Pizza Front row recipients: Robert Miller & Shirley Mainprize of Turtle Valley Buckerfield's Donkey Refuge, Carly Marchand of Freedom’s Gate Equine Rescue, Estelle Butcher Boys Capri Insurance Shook of Caravan Farm Theatre. Caravan Farm Theatre Cariboo Outback Saddles Okanagan Equine Massage & Saddle Fitting Champion Blankets Andrea Howson Country West Supply Okanagan Horsemanship - Tom Lobsiger Cowboy's Choice Panorama Veterinary Services Creekside Animal Clinic Rancho Vignola David's Tea Roster's Sports Club Deep Creek Veterinary Services Royal Garden Restaurant Diamond H Tack SANTA Echo Valley Ranch & Spa Sewn To Be Creations Enderby Jewellers Shepherd's Home Hardware Equestrian Fashion Outfitters SHEquestrian Equimage Decals Silver Spur Equine Freedom's Gate Equine Rescue Skyline Equine Hairy Back Ranch Spallumcheen Golf Club Healthy Horses Sparkling Hill Resort Hour Glass Studio Spirit Quest Books Horse Barn Station BBQ Horse Ranch - Glenn Stewart Sundance Guest Ranch Horse Council BC The Tack Shop Horse Eye Designs Timber Ridge Trails Hudson, Sherry Touch A Texas Interior Hay Sales Town Centre Dry Cleaners Interior Provincial Exhibition Vernon Veterinary Clinic Jandana Ranch Vernon Vipers JenAlio's Italian Village Cheese Company Jessica Sinclaire & SaraJane St. Onge Warren, Lisa Just 4 Horses Stables Waterway Houseboat Vacations Kactus Western Wear Wilkie, Karen Long Road Farm And to our committee members that donate Mane Event so much of their time, dollars, and creativity! Maritime Travel McIndoe, Diane See more photos and info, and our history, on Montana Hill Guest Ranch our Horsey Ladies Okanagan Facebook page. NagBAGS Noble Outfitters

Donna working her magic!

By Cat Armitage (l to r) Guest Nancy Roman, previous organizer Cheryle Hickman, Cat Armitage, Lindsay Joyce, Jenny Bakken here was a changing of the reins once more in the organization of the Cariboo Horsey Ladies 8th Annual Christmas Banquet and Charity Auction. This year the event was taken on by Cat Armitage with the help of Jenny Bakken, Lindsay Joyce, and Kay Klippenstein all from 100 Mile area and Paige Cote from Agassiz. The event was moved this year to the Spruce Hill Resort and Spa at 108 Mile, as it had a large banquet room and could accommodate more people. It also gave the opportunity for ladies to attend from further away such as Kamloops, Williams Lake, 150 Mile, Clearwater, Armstrong and Agassiz as there were accommodations on site.

It was held on November 24th with a total of 91 ladies attending. This was the largest turnout to date. Great fun was had by all and when all was said and done, a total of $6,100.00 was raised (the most ever). After all the votes were counted, funds were given to: • $1,250.00 went to help a great Cariboo horsewoman who had lost her home to a fire. • Williams Lake SPCA received $1,500.00 Crooked Leg Ranch Rescue in Quesnel received $1,200.00 • E.L.S. Horse Rescue in 100 Mile House received $1,125.00 • Lone Butte 4-H Club received $1,025.00 One of the donators was Melonie Eva who donated not one, but two of her incredible prints. Melonie is worldrenown for her photography. One of the

Jenny Bakken (centre) presents a cheque to Karli-Rae Ross (4-H Club President) on the left and a cheque to EmiLou Stoeter (of ELS Equine Rescue) on the right, along with some members of the Lone Butte 4-H Club. pictures that she donated will be raffled off in the spring with those funds going towards the 2019 Cariboo Horsey Ladies fundraising. Cat and her assistants were absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of the local community and businesses in 100 Mile House, 150 Mile House, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Chilliwack, Langley, Westwold, Armstrong, and Merritt. We would like once again to thank these incredible companies and individuals for all their donations. THANK YOU TO OUR 2018 SPONSORS:

From 100 Mile House & Area 100 Mile Feed and Ranch Supplies Ace Hardware Andres Art Greenleas Boondocks Restaurant Cariboo Cowboys – Jan Kidston Cariboo Gift Baskets – Jeannie Owen Cariboo Plateau Competitive Trail Rider Group Centennial Law Century GM Century Home Hardware Country Pedlar Donnex Dragon Nest Photos – Mary Worthington Dry Creek Ranch Fox Willow Equestrian Services – Cat Armitage Hansi’s Equine Sport Therapy Higher Ground Natural Foods Lazy B Tack & Feed Lone Butte Veterinary Services Lordco Auto Parts Lynne Wright-Flanders Mark Larsen Melonie Eva Photography Meridian RV Michelle Davis-Ralston Montana Hill Guest Ranch Napa Auto New Cal Feed Nuthatch Books

Outlaws Urbane Clothing Patterson Septic Performance Terrain Pet Valu Pharmasave Piri De Vries Rise and Grind Coffee Shop Rona – Interlakes Rustic Elements Safeway Save-On Foods South Cariboo Equestrian Association Spring Lake Ranch The Iron Horse Pub The Chartrouse Moose The Source The Vintage Equine Tim-Br-Mart Tim Hortons Tupper Ware – Heidi Meier Untied Concrete Village Hair Studio Wettstone Guest Ranch Wychbury Wood – Lindsay Joyce From Armstrong Riva’s Remedies Saddle Up magazine From Chilliwack: Hanging H Arena - Debbie Hughes From Kamloops Circle Creek – Colleen Meyer Debbie Thomson Glass Art Eva Blomfeldt Pettitt Blanket Repairs Greenhawk The Horse Barn Pureform From Lac La Hache: The Magic of Q From Langley/Aldergrove Horse Council BC Hour Glass Studio Dr. N. Klieder and Dr. B. Hodge From Merritt: Spotted Horse Studio From Westwold: Interior Hay Sales - Tina Maynard From Williams Lake/150 Mile House Bosley’s Double A Farrier Eagle View Equestrian Center Laura Klassen

February 2019


By Bruce A. Roy,


ennis Gordeyko, Gor-Dey Clydesdales, Ohaton AB, suddenly passed away December 24, 2018. Well- known and widely respected in breed circles across Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom, he owned the largest stable of registered Clydesdales in the world. No stable in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand, could rival the numbers seen at the Gor-Dey Farm. Dennis was expecting

Gor-Dey Lightning, Reserve World Champion Stallion at Madison, Wisconsin's 2018 World Clydesdale Show. Photo courtesy of Michelle Randolf.


foals from over forty broodmares this coming spring. Weeks before his death, Dennis fielded an exhibit of home-bred Clydesdales at Madison, Wisconsin's 2018 World Clydesdale Show, where 259 registered Clydesdales were shown on halter in the breeding classes. His homebred yearling colt, Gor-Dey Lightning, was World Reserve Champion Clydesdale Stallion; while Gor-Dey Pearl, a 3-yearold mare he had bred and sold for a substantial figure months earlier, topped her class for David Anderson of Anderson Farms, St. Thomas ON - the breeder of the Thoroughbred mare Wonder Gadot, winner of the 2018 Queen's Plate. Little more than a week later, Gor-Dey Lightning was Reserve Grand Champion Stallion at Toronto's 2018 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Dennis was a respected judge, who officiated at Scotland's Royal Highland Show, America's National Clydesdale Show and at Canada's Royal Agricultural

n December 27, 2018 we lost our wise, beautiful rescue mare, Meriaha. My husband and I adopted her approximately 8 years ago after seeing her in the "Saddle Up" magazine. We were looking for an addition to our herd of 3 horses and decided we would like to explore rescuing a horse in need. I saw Meriaha's picture and her beautiful blue eyes reached through the pages of the magazine. We visited the rescue and although we liked the mare, we had concerns about her swayed back. The vet confirmed she was healthy and her back was the result of being neglected following the delivery of several foals. We were looking for a calm companion horse for our herd, not a riding horse, and therefore Meriaha was perfect. This was one of the best “horsey” decisions we made! Meriaha was wonderful with our granddaughter and for anyone who was timid around horses. This mare loved to be pampered, brushed and provided a safe ride for light

18 • February 2019


Dennis Gordeyko judging the Clydesdale exhibit at The Royal Agricultural Winte`r Fair. Winter Fair. Sadly, this 71-year-old horseman had plans to field a Six Horse Hitch of Clydesdale Mares at The Calgary Stampede in 2019, together with a number of home-bred colts, fillies and geldings. Few horsemen in Alberta were better liked than Dennis.

riders like our granddaughter. Meriaha’s light long-lashed blue eyes carried so much wisdom and grace. Her grace brought a smile to our faces and love in our hearts. Despite her calm, she displayed lots of courage and was the first one to check out the moose visiting our property on several occasions. There was also a tiny streak of “no way” when she did not want to do something but for Bob and me she was always willing to try! Meriaha was in her early 30’s and had been having some health concerns. I believe she even had the grace to go after Christmas day. We feel honoured for her horse loyalty and friendship and we are glad she is resting on our Evergreen property! We miss her greatly. Run free our friend, Meriaha! We thank you! - Bob, Ann (Special love from Magic, Sante Cim and Annie (your lovely barn friends)

“Bill – The Bear Wrangler”

Cowboy Poetry

Written by Doreen Zyderveld-Hagel As told to her by Bill Martin

“A Girl and Her Horse”

This old Cow poke went a riding, on a dark and snow y day. I rested upon a ridge top, while look ing for a stray. What to my wonderin g eyes should suddenly appear? It was a black bear, quick ly to draw near.

A g irl and her horse Is somethi ng you cannot replace It’s a bond you cannot break

He came ambling out of the bush, and onto my trail. I then straighte ned up my hat, was determin ed not to fail. That black bear I gave chase upon my trust y mare. As he sped away I couldn’t help, but stare.

A g irl and her horse Is somethi ng you cannot mistake It’s a treasure found by a luck y few

Galloped af ter that big beast, w ith lasso in hand; my thoughts of roping it, an idea not so grand. Why other folk s would truly mar vel at such a sight. Not think ing the bruin would put up such a f ight. He scratched his ears w ith his back paws, while he was a running. This crazy cowboy hot on his heels, the sight was simply stunning . The rope was tossed, just missed him by an ear. Catching him however, I’ d surely k now the meaning of fear.

By Samantha Balatti, Sherwood Park AB

A g irl and her horse Is beaut y and grace It’s determi nation and streng th A g irl and her horse Is the purest f riendshi p It’s love and compass ion

I stopped and coiled up my rope, then came to my senses. Shock ingly aware of how close I came, my body quick ly tenses. Headed north now, teeth chat tering, I’m chilled to the bone. Rode into the trees for shelter, but wanted to go home. Gathered me some deadfall t w igs and branches to make a f ire. Huddling close I realized my situat ion was rather dire. Startled out of my w its, I heard the bushes crack ing. Was that old bear stalk ing and want ing me for snack ing?

A g irl and her horse Is somethi ng built on trust It’s honest y and understa nding A g irl and her horse Is somethi ng of a dream It’s borrowe d f reedom

A las, in that blinding snow, appeared my cows, one, then another. They all were headed for home, one behind the udder. The cows found me, but I was not lost; their sneak y hides I would soon accost.

A g irl and her horse Is somethi ng you cannot replace It’s a bond you cannot break.

I quick ly doused that cozy f lame. Then I took of f af ter them, oh what a shame. Once back at home and none the worse, couldn’t help feeling a tad bit terse. Those cows were now safe again in the corral, and I’m gratef ul that a worse fate, not mine to befall. I bowed my head and thanked the Lord above. He was right there w ith me, when push came to shove. Wisely He caused my rope to miss, on that fatef ul day. Never did He leave my side, unlike that bov ine stray.

About the author; Bill Mar tin AK A “ Wild Bill Mar t-Ock ” Wild Bill is newly married to wife Darlene and they live in Three Hills AB. Bill spent many years working at the Calgar y Stamped e, along with being a Long Haul Truck Driver. His favourite job however was working as a Cow Poke, riding the range in Alber ta’s Eastern Slopes as a younger man. When Bill is not doting on his lovely wife, he is busy as a voluntee r taxi driver to stranded seniors. You can also f ind him in crib tournam ents competi ng good naturedl y with the other good old cow pokes, at Legions througho ut Alber ta.

February 2019


TOP DOG! Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads out Car Windows? Courtesy of

When was the last time you saw a dog with his head out the car window looking sad? Unless it was a St. Bernard chances are probably never (they always look sort of sad, don’t they?). Why do dogs stick their heads out car windows, and why do they love it so much?


ve yet to own a dog that doesn’t love sticking his head out the window. It’s a great way to take in a ton of sights, sounds, and smells. For many dogs the opportunity to get out and experience some of that outside world, even from a car window, is pretty exciting.

Dogs Love Checking Out The Scenery Laika absolutely loves having her head out the window, and she loves it even more when she gets to “speak” to another doggie outside. I’ve been working on getting her to use her polite indoor voice as we pass other dogs, but it’s not quite fool proof yet. Most of our dogs spend the majority of their time indoors, so when they get the chance to go out and see so much of the outside world they can get pretty giddy. What dog doesn’t respond to “wanna go for a ride?” Jumping in the car, regardless of destination, is a sensory overload for our canine companions. I imagine for our dogs a ride in the car is just as exciting as when we go to a carnival. Being surrounded by all those sights, sounds, and smells can be quite stimulating, regardless of whether you go on any of those rides. The atmosphere itself is exciting and memorable. Dogs Love All Those Smells Since dogs take in so much information about their surroundings via their nose all those outside odors become quite enticing. Dogs not only pick up a ton of different odors with that awesome nose of theirs, they also have an organ called the vomeronasal organ (also known as Jacobson’s organ) that lets them sniff our pheromones. Dogs are able to keep their odor detection and pheromone molecule analysis separate. The vomeronasal organ has its own set of nerves leading to the dog’s brain that’s solely dedicated 20 • February 2019


to interpreting those pheromone signals. Imagine how much information your dog is able to take in, just by having his head out the window. The faster you’re going the more your dog can pick up about the outside world. It’s estimated that dogs can detect some odors in parts per trillion. They possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in us. And the part of their brain that is dedicated to analyzing smells is roughly 40 times greater than our own. The Dangers of Dogs Hanging Their Head Out of Cars As with so many other enjoyable things in life there’s a lot of potential dangers when you allow your dog to hang his head out the window. Have you ever had your windshield chipped by a small pebble? Imagine what that would be like hitting your dog while his head is out of the car window. When your dog’s head is hanging out the window he’s susceptible to getting hit with any of those rocks or dust your car kicks up. If any of that debris hits your dog in the eye it can lead to serious injury. Ear damage is another concern. Dogs that hang their heads out of car windows are at risk for developing ear infections from any windblown particles or by the wind itself blowing directly into their ears. The constant flapping of a dog’s ears can cause the ear flaps to swell, and repeated trauma to the ears can cause scar tissue to form inside the soft tissue of his ears. Trauma to the ears can cause permanent damage and leave a dog with lifelong ear problems. If there was another dog or squirrel on the side of the road would your dog try to jump out the window? Some dogs certainly will, and even at slow speeds jumping out of a moving car can cause serious injuries. It’s recommended to have your dog restrained in the car if you’re going above 25 mph. With an unrestrained dog the faster you’re going the higher the potential danger. Do You Let Your Dog Stick His Head Out of Car Windows? I’ll be the first to admit I let Laika stick her

head out of the car window, but only around our neighborhood where we drive pretty slow. I never roll the window all the way down either, it’s not worth the risk of her jumping out. Laika loves our little trips around the neighborhood, and as long as she’s not shouting at every stupid squirrel we pass I don’t mind at all. Is your dog allowed to stick his head out your car windows? Have you ever had a dog jump out? Does your dog like to bark at every moving thing you pass?

TOP DOG! Pet Central EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook. 7-19

Do you offer a dog service or training business? Sell pet feeds and supplies? You can advertise here! Prices start at only $250 per year (12 issues). Call 1-866-546-9922 or e-mail

Canine Capers Sponsored by YOUR ONE-STOP PET SHOP Farm, Fencing & Horse Supplies Pet and Livestock Feeds 604-894-6740 Pemberton BC



Top Dog! of the Month

8-10 AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Pitt Meadows BC, 9 AAC TUNNELERS AGILITY MATCH, Abbotsford BC, 22-24 ALL BREED SHOWS, OBEDIENCE & RALLY TRIALS, Chilliwack BC, 22-24 AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Langley BC, 23-24 SDDA SCENT DETECTION TRIAL, Saanichton BC, 28 FIELD DOG TEST for Pointing Breeds, Duncan BC,


Bobbi is our 3-year-old black toy Schnauzer. Like all little Schnauzzies, he thinks he's a big dog and, unlike most, he loves to swim! At Canoe Beach I'm sure if he had not been on a long lead line, he'd have headed out across the lake! Photo wiz, friend Kathy. - Dave & Wendy, Lake Country BC

Where is YOUR Top Dog?

Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us the dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province. E-mail to and put in subject line: TOP DOG OF THE MONTH. Photos will be printed on a first come first serve basis.

1-3 9-10 16 16-17 16-17 16-17 17 17 29-31 30-31 31



5-7 AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Pitt Meadows BC, 5-7 FIELD DOG TEST / TRIALS for Pinting Breeds, Nanoose Bay BC, 5-7 CKC AGILITY TRIALS, Kelowna BC, 19-21 AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Abbostford BC, 19-21 FIELD DOG TESTS / TRIAL for Pointing Breeds, Princeton BC,

Do you have a WORKING DOG event coming up? Let us know! Call 1-866-546-9922 or email February 2019


This is my grandson, Cole. He is 7 years old in this picture with ‘Kidd’, an 11-year-old Palomino Paint. We bottle fed him from birth (the horse)… best friend's forever. - Cole, age 7, Monte Lake BC (submitted by Grandma Cindy)

Hi, my name is Wendy and this is Tess. She is a horse that I lease but I still love her very much. She is a 12-year-old she purebred American Bashkir Curly and love I up. ing grow e hors is Korynn Weber's Tess and we are a perfect pair! - Wendy, age 13, Nelson BC

It’s your turn to tell us about YOU! BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Send in ONE photo with a caption (No more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on space availability basis. Email to Put in the subject line “KIDS”. 22 • February 2019


Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office HCBC CORE FUNDING 2019


ore funds are provincial funds targeted for events or projects that support sport growth and development. An approved event or project will be open to all qualified participants in your area, not just your club members. The event or project must support the goals of HCBC for developing sport within the province. Clubs are expected to charge participants reasonable registration fees. Money will be released only after a financial report, receipts and an event summary are received by HCBC.

WHO CAN APPLY? Funding is available to regions, clubs, branches, and affiliates who are members in good standing of HCBC. Each Club or branch may only submit one application per year. Clubs, branches or affiliates should be members for at least 12 months prior to applying, however applications from new groups may be considered.

quotes to substantiate expenses. Grants are intended only for those projects unable to operate on a cost recovery basis. WHERE TO APPLY? Submit by e-mail to, or mail the completed form to: Horse Council BC Finance Dept. 27336 Fraser Hwy Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5. WHAT TYPES OF PROJECTS QUALIFY? The grant is open to all types of projects including provincial championships*, national or FEI competitions, equipment purchase, facility upgrades, or special events. *The only competitions that will be considered for Core Grants are championships of provincial level or higher or FEI levels. WHAT TYPES OF PROJECTS DO NOT QUALIFY? Core grants are not open to “trail” projects. These projects should apply for a HCBC BC Equestrian Trail Grant. Clinics and other educational events will not be considered for Core funding as they are eligible for Participation, Education and Region grants.

WHEN TO APPLY? Applications for funding must be received in our office by April 1. Late submissions will not be considered. HOW TO APPLY? Fill out the application and send it, along with supporting documents to the finance department of HCBC via email (, fax (604-856-4302), or mail (27336 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove , B.C., V4W 3N5). Forms and additional information available at The group must show via the budget sheet that they have contributed financially to the project and participants are charged reasonable registration fees for applicable events. Applications must be accompanied by supporting documents such as quotes for equipment purchase or facility upgrades, budget for events, and letters of support from property owners for facility upgrades. Long term lease or use agreements must be in place. A FULL description of the project is required on the application, including an explanation of who will benefit and the anticipated results of the project and a detailed budget with

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN APPYLING: Funds should be requested only if essential to the project completion. If your association has access to gaming funds, you are not eligible for any form of funding through HCBC without disclosure. You may not be approved for the entire amount you applied for. Projects must be completed within the current calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31). The event or project must support the goals of HCBC for developing sport within the province. Upgrades must be on public property (e.g. city or municipal property, or owned by the applying group) and the applicant must have a long term lease from the property owner (please include a copy of the relevant pages of the lease with your application). If you need further information, please contact the finance department at the office ( or 1-800-345-8055 ext 1007).

Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •

February 2019


BC Cutting Horse Association


By Cheri Smeeton |Photos courtesy of LauraBelle Photography

he BCCHA had a great 2018, with 4 weekend shows and 2 clinics. We offered a free membership to new members competing in our Jackpot classes, which we modified to encourage more participation.

Bob Zirnhelt presenting BCCHA Lifetime Membership Award to June & Ken Hartley Our “HALL OF FAME” group: (l to r) Mary Lynn & Bob Zirnhelt, Rick Hook, Len Monical, and Bob Threlfall. We were very fortunate to have had several of our Hall of Fame members attend our 45th Anniversary Banquet and Awards Ceremony in November. We were also pleased to present Ken & June Hartley, and Craig & Sandi Cook with a Lifetime Membership Certificate. The BCCHA runs on our great members and sponsors. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to allow us to compete with our amazing horses. Please visit our website at for 2019 Upcoming Events

Bob Zirnhelt presenting BCCHA Lifetime Membership Award to Craig & Sandi Cook

Youth High Point Winner Greta Wurtz & Sonitas Colonel Pep

THANK YOU to our cowboys, our turn-back help and our sponsors. Everyone we need to make a show happen! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2018 YEAR END AWARD WINNERS. OPEN (Panorama Vet Clinic) 1st - Travis Rempel & This Cats Max, O/Doug Wiens NON-PRO (Super Save Gas) 1st - Danielle Oslund & Smart Dixie Kit 2nd - Doug Wiens & This Cats Max 3rd - Lori Haywood-Farmer & Dfl Super Foxolena $50,000 AMATEUR (Dr David Ciriani) 1st - Janice Gray & Ctr Smart Jazzy Boon 2nd - Doug Vandekerkhove & Rio Merada $35,000 NON-PRO (Super Save Disposal) 1st - Pat Rorison & Woodnt Ya Know It 2nd - Robin Hay & Cattitude $15,000 AMATEUR (Dr Denton Moffat) 1st - Pat Rorison & Woodnt Ya Know It 2nd - Pat Switzer & Smart Whittle Sindy $25,000 NOVICE HORSE (Collin van den Brink) 1st - Smart Scootin Rio & Glen Beverage, O/Danielle Oslund 2nd - Liketheverythirdtime & Travis Rempel,O/Amanda Fill $5,000 NOVICE HORSE (Michelle van den Brink) 1st - Hot Metal Smarts & Glen Beveridge, O/Richard Hollingworth $25,000 N.H. NON-PRO (Super Save Propane) 1st - Janice Gray & Ctr Smart Jazzy Boon 1st - Sher yl Wurtz & San Taris Dual Oak (Tie) 2nd - Lori Haywood-Farmer & Dfl Super Foxolena 3rd - Amanda Fill & liketherverythirdtime

24 • February 2019


YOUTH (Bob & Mary Lynn Zirnhelt) 1st - Greta Wurtz & Sonitas Colonel Pep $5,000 N.H. NON-PRO (Quesnel Cutting Society) 1st - Catherine Taggart & Touch of Boon 2nd - Michelle van den Brink & Prettiest Cat Yet 3rd - Robin Hay & Docs Shakin Date $2,000 LIMITED RIDER (Joan Gibson) 1st - Sher yl Wurtz & San Taris Dual Oak 2nd - Michelle van den Brink & Prettiest Cat Yet 3rd - Rea Chapman & Badgers Bad Apple HIGH POINT HORSE - San Taris Dual Oak HIGH POINT RIDER - Glen Beveridge 2018 BCCHA JACKPOT CLASS WINNERS SPONSORED BY AMANDA FILL & AJF WHOLESALE LTD. NERVOUS NOVICE RIDER 1st - Sonja Anderlini 2nd - Brittnee Sousa & Rob Walker (Tie) 3rd - Brianna Billy $750 PROGRESSIVE RIDER 1st - Greta Wurtz 2nd - Brianna Billy 3rd - Sharron Piazza $750 PROGRESSIVE HORSE 1st - Sindicats Smart Angel 2nd - Pistol Packin Mischa

Armstrong Enderby Riding Club


By Lauri Meyers

e did it again. We pulled off a Pot Luck Supper back in November that was out of this world and our Silent Auction table had to expand to 3 tables. Thank you to all the members and their families that brought a dish for supper and/or an item for the Silent Auction. 2018 Year End Winners: ENGLISH Senior – Vanessa Schikowski Intermediate – Vienna Meyers Junior – Lynndsay Terpsma Pee Wee – Ali Haworth / Reserve – Azera Murdoch WalkTrot Senior – Emily Stobbe WESTERN Senior – Donna Holland / Reserve – Lynn Higginbotham Intermediate – Vienna Meyers Junior – Lynndsay Terpsma PeeWee – Azera Murdoch / Reserve – Isabella Donn WalkTrot Senior – Christine Fisher Gaskel / Reserve – Emily Stobbe WalkTrot Intermediate – Chelsey Richards TRAIL Senior – Donna Holland / Reserve – Lynn Higginbotham Intermediate – Vienna Meyers Junior – Lynndsay Terpsma PeeWee – Ali Haworth / Reserve – Isabella Donn WalkTrot Senior – Emily Stobbe / Reserve – Christine Fisher Gaskel WalkTrot Intermediate – Chelsey Richards In Hand – Rhonda Bennett / Reserve – Patti & Michael Thomas OVERALL HIGH POINT Senior – Donna Holland / Reserve – Lynn Higginbotham Intermediate – Vienna Meyers Junior – Lynndsay Terpsma PeeWee – Azera Murdoch / Reserve – Ali Haworth WalkTrot Senior – Emily Stobbe WalkTrot Intermediate – Chelsey Richards In Hand – Rhonda Bennett / Reserve – Patti & Michael Thomas

PeeWee Ali Haworth We would like to thank all of our 2018 Sponsors. Your support has helped make 2018 a success for the Armstrong Enderby Riding Club. Armstrong Dollar Dollar Askews Foods Brookside Stables Buckerfield’s – Salmon Arm Chargen Appliance Repair CIBC – Armstrong Country Tyme Country West Supply Diamond H Tack Donna Holland Enderby Jewellers Enderby Rentals Enderby Senior Centre Giffen Photography Greenhawk – Kelowna Just 4 Horses Stables Kaigo Lammles – West Kelowna Le Tack Truck Lynn Higginbotham Mary Jane Resource Centre Mills Vet Montana Silversmiths Planet Bee Rusty Spur Saddle Up magazine The Dirty Pore Vienna and Lauri Meyers

Our monthly meetings will be held every first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Our Facebook page is updated with current information.

This is a Razor Blade Sharpener. The dull blade was placed within the guides of the base. The lid was closed and held tight. The string was drawn back and forth a few times in each direction. This activated the little roller discs, that would restore the cutting edge to the blade. Congratulations to: Steven Clark, Ashcroft Home Building Centre Ray Cody, Abbotsford BC Dianne Cooper, Arras BC Walter Furlong, Sherwood Park AB We had more guesses from the November issue! It was a Butter Churn. Cream was poured into the container. The crank was operated and salt was gradually added. It was cranked until a thick compound, butter was created. Congratulations to: Donna Eaton, Vina, Alabama Kathleen Tallen, Williams Lake BC Patricia Evans, address not provided Don Johnson, Salmon Arm BC Josh Gaudet, Torrington AB Diane Cooper, Dawson Creek BC Merinda Reid, Rimbey AB Don Ivens, Kelowna BC Rod Parkinson, Falkland BC Walter Furlong, Sherwood Park AB Henry Pranke, 100 Mile House BC Jackie Scheepbouwer, Cloverdale BC Andrew, Ashcroft Home Building Centre

It stands 10" high and is handcranked to perform its function. There are several variables on the appearance, but they all performed the same function dating back to the 1700's. I recall seeing the unit being commonly used into the mid 1960's and was probably used even later than that, in isolated agricultural areas. Good luck!

READERS – What’s your guess?

Azera Murdoch Donna Holland

Emily Stobbe

Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK! If you or your company would like to sponsor this monthly brain teaser, do call 1-866-546-9922 or email nancyroman@ for details. February 2019



Alberta Donkey and Mule Club

bought a 2-year-old mule in 2012. She wasn’t the pretty buckskin appaloosa, the shiny white one, or the cute buckskin that was already started. She was tied in the barn, waiting on me to notice her. The breeder walked me by her many times, I think hoping I would consider her on my own. She was 16.2 hands high at two years, and I had recently sold a big horse and was not inspired about another OVERSIZED riding animal. Finally… “What about this one?” the breeder asked brightly. “I’m looking for a saddle mule,” I said. “Oh, but she would make a real good one,” the breeder encouraged. “I can make you a heck of a deal on her.”

Margie and me at ‘Writing at Stone’ The magic words were spoken. The cash counted, bill of sale written, and the big molly reluctantly loaded into my trailer for the five hours home. Two years later we started going on trail rides, first a fundraiser for cancer treatment in High River, hosted by Keith & Denise Stewart of the Key Ranch. Twenty five kms in Kananaskis, a lake of blue water was the destination. Every August friends of the Bar U host a ride to help fund the museum. Margie and I were not the only mules there! We had a great time but at the lunch stop Margie got stung in the face by ground wasps! I was not aware she got stung, she was cranky and shaking her head all the way back. When we got home I saw all the welts.

King Brothers House 26 • February 2019


By Carla Perry

A camping trip with girlfriends to the Waldron was the first overnighter for Margie. I’m proud and privileged to have explored the home of the famous King Brothers before it was gone. Margie waited across the creek for me while I had a peep in the windows, and traipsed the yard. We have made several trips to the Waldron as guests… once for my birthday… At Kananaskis birthdays don’t get better than that. One of the cool things I like about riding a mule, are the details they excel in. She knows exactly where my knees are and overhead branches too. Taking lessons got me started with a group of High River ladies. We didn’t just do lessons, but started doing trail rides at each other’s places. Margie and I took a swim in the Highwood River near Hogg Park, and a huge fish swam down the length of our group, but the water was too deep for Margie to jump away from it. I had never thought of a fish being a factor on a trail ride. I found out Margie does not love moose ‘at all’. Across the river from the town of Dorthy we traversed the grasslands of the Wintering Hills - the moose love it here too. Margie was in a state of terror the whole time. We helped pull bulls from a grazing lease near Indian Graves, what a beautiful place with wild onions, and black bear tracks, and MOOSE! This time I brought calming spray, it helped, she wasn’t totally dysfunctional like at Dorthy, but she kept telling me something was behind us. It wasn’t long before a big bull moose caught up with us, and passed us at a trot about 100 feet away. When I am with Margie her ears tell me the location of wildlife. Writing on Stone gets the cool factor award for this year. If you ever get a chance to ride Writing on Stone, do it, I will be back when I can. But the most rewarding part of having Margie has been all the people I meet, and get to ride with. I have made some real friends.

At Blue Rock

Chilliwack Riding Club


e at the Chilliwack Riding Club hope ever yone had a ver y Merr y Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’re looking for ward in 2019 to hosting gymkhanas, horse shows, clinics, group rides, and many social events at our new lit tle club house on the grounds of the Atchelit z Threshermen’s Association (more news about that a lit tle later in the spring!).

Christmas Ride and Ugly Sweaters! On December 1st we held our 2018 Annual General Meeting and Year- end Awards Banquet. Thank you to ever yone who at tended and volunteered, brought a great dish to share, and bid in the silent auc tion. The suppor t of the members and their friends and family is so greatly appreciated and the ef for ts did not go unnoticed. At the AGM this year we said goodbye to some direc tors whose hard work and dedication will be sorely missed. Our ver y best wishes go out to Erin Cyrankiewic z, Sarah Lefebvre, Kristen Mof f it t, and Jeremy Mof f it t. We welcomed as new direc tors Devona Har tskamp, Luanne Yellow f ly, and Chelsey Felling, and would like to thank them for volunteering with us. Barb Bodholdt and Penny Boldt renewed their terms and will continue as direc tors with Lindsay Adam, Rupa Bhullar, Tanya, Jones, Corinne Kriegl, Riesa Kyne, Melanie Millin, and Kaitlin Tot tenham.

Rupa Bhullar, Riesa Kyne & Chelsey Folk

By Riesa Kyne

Tanya Thompson, Barb Bodholdt & Rupa Bhullar trophies We awarded some fantastic door prizes and draws during the evening and were very happy to recognize the efforts of our year-end High Point winners: Senior - Monica Lowe Youth - Selina Hartskamp Junior 1st – Kassie Brennan Junior 2nd – Ellie Garcia Junior 3rd – Hannah Horton Junior Runner-ups – Lydia Felling, Jordyn Folk, Hannah Lewis, Kinsley Lewis, Alexis Lowther, and Hayden Thompson Leadline – Peyton Haan Leadline Runner-ups – Lucius Felling, Alec Kyne, and Grant Kyne Fast Times (Stakes & Poles) – Chelsey Folk Fast Times (Barrels, Keyhole, Pole Turn) – Megan McKay Most Improved Rider – Lydia Felling Most Improved Horse – “Lena” belonging to Tanya Jones Sportsmanship, Youth – Hannah Lewis Sportsmanship, Senior – Tanya Thompson & Barb Bodholdt Service Award – Barb Bodholdt Thank you sincerely to all of our sponsors: Diane Amyotte & Horse Effects, Carla Bekkering, Barb & Ken Bodholdt, PureForm Equine Supplements, Corinne Kriegl, Aidan & Riesa Kyne, Megan McKay & Canadian Barrel Racers, Panago Pizza, Bernice Whitting, Monica Lowe, Andrew Fournier, Wally Guenther, Rick & Valerie Guenther, Keith & Susan Hovey, and Kerrie Brennan. We hosted our Ugly Sweater Christmas ride on December 27th. We had some great costumes and some, well, really ugly sweaters! Thank you to everyone who came out to join us and for those who made the New Year’s Day ride that departed from the Vedder Bridge. We’ll have lots of events and activities this year and plenty of open rides at Heritage Park. Please keep an eye on our website at and our Facebook page for upcoming events.

Lydia Felling & Carla Bekkering

Hannah Lewis & Carla Bekkering

Rupa Bhullar & Peyton Haan

Rupa Bhullar & Selina Hartskamp

Rupa Bhullar & Monica Lowe

Rupa Bhullar & Kassie Brennan February 2019


Equestrian Canada Equestre Nominations Officially Open for Equestrian Canada National Awards Nominations have officially opened for the Equestrian Canada (EC) National Awards, and will remain open until February 11, 2019 at 4p.m. ET. It’s time to celebrate the impressive achievements of individuals, equines and organizations who have contributed to the growth and success of the equestrian community over the past year. EC Sport Licence Holders, Registered Participants and Affiliates are encouraged to submit nominations through the new EC Awards Portal at Full award criteria, information and nomination forms can be found at The following awards are open for nominations:

Gold Medal Award Equestrian of the Year – The Dr. George Jacobsen Trophy Junior Equestrian of the Year – The Gillian Wilson Trophy Horse of a Lifetime – The Hickstead Trophy Horse of the Year - NEW Canadian Bred Horse of the Year Canadian Breeder of the Year Volunteer of the Year Owner of the Year Equestrian Canada Media Award – The Susan Jane Anstey Trophy Health & Welfare Award


Kelowna Riding Club

t ’s a new year for the Kelowna Riding Club, and we have tons of fun events and shows planned for ever yone! Our winter has been fairly mellow, and during the beginning of Januar y one of our board members rode their horse ‘Elis’ over to the grounds to check out the duck s!

Youth walking the Trail course We were so pleased with the results of bringing in more Western events and the par ticipation that followed. Our aim is to keep this ball rolling so that the Okanagan equine communit y

28 • February 2019


 The Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Canada… Has been officially awarded to Thunderbird Show Park in Langley BC for a three-year term beginning in 2019. Thunderbird held its first Nations Cup in 2016, and by 2018 was hosting CSIO 5* level competition. Widely considered one of the top venues in North America, the prestigious facility will continue to act as the site of the Canadian qualifier for the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ for the next three years. In addition to the Senior Nations Cup, Thunderbird will also host Young Rider, Junior, and Children’s Nations Cups. The 2019 edition will take place during the CSIO 5* Odlum Brown BC Open, set for May 28 to June 2. “When my parents, George and Dianne Tidball, founded Thunderbird 45 years ago, they envisioned a boutique horse show with exceptional service, top sport and an ongoing commitment to excellence. They always wanted our exhibitors and spectators to wonder what would be new at Thunderbird next year and it’s a legacy we're proud to continue. With the Nations Cup returning for another three years, you can expect each BC Open tournament to be bigger and better than the last—my parents wouldn't have had it any other way.”

By Jenny Bouwmeester

can feel at home at the riding club. We want our members to feel welcome at the club, to feel that the club is also their home, a place to hang out, and grow as a rider. Check out our website to see the full list of events ranging from Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, General Per formance, Western Riding, and Trail. Also, stay connec ted with our Facebook page, as we post entr y forms and reminders on this site. In March we will be having our annual Spring clean-up. This is a great time to contribute to the club to help get the grounds ready and beautiful. Not only will this event bring you closer to the grounds but also the communit y, as you work together with other members. These hours can be put towards your volunteer hours for the year. Please remember to renew your memberships early to receive our early-bird pricing. Early-bird pricing will increase on March 19, 2019. Membership forms can be found on our website. We welcome and appreciate non-riding members as well! w w w.

Elis with the ducks (far right)

Zip and Lucci in Western Dressage

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Mellissa Buckley 2019 BAZAAR





e have an exciting new change in date for the 2019 Bazaar! This year we are hosting it in April on the 7th at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley. With the change in date, we are hoping to avoid some date conf lic ts as well as aiming for warmer weather for all who at tend. Please stay tuned for more details and we would love more help in organizing. Please save the date to volunteer for our biggest fundraiser of the year.

We are ver y excited about our show July 18 -21 at Thunderbird Show Park! We are back to a 4 day format, will have a minimum of 6 judges, and the amazing prizes all have come to expec t from this show. We will also have money added futurities. Please save the date and mark your calendars!

In order for us to of fer our shows, we need to do a lot of fundraising and sponsorship drives. Allison is our new fundraising direc tor and is full of ideas. Please check our Facebook page and the LMQHA page of BCQHA .com for up to - date details. For example, she just ran a bingo fundraiser by the printing of this ar ticle. Please tr y to suppor t these fundraising ef for ts as much as you can to make them as successful as possible for your club.

Please make sure you visit our LMQHA Breeders Incentive Facebook page! The Stallion Auc tion will run Februar y 4th8th and will have some amazing Quar ter Horse and Paint Stallions for you to choose from. The winner of each breeding gets a FREE entr y into a closed Futurit y that the nominated Stallions' get are eligible for. Typically the purse is bet ween $2,500 -$3,000!

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association President: Mellissa Buckley,, 604-729-6616 Website: Visit our Facebook page

Langley Riders Society

By Bethany Gildemeister | Photos courtesy of Ron McCarthy,


appy New Year to everyone from all of us at Langley Riders. We would like to thank all of our members, volunteers and directors for making 2018 a great year at the club. Congratulations to all the year-end Award recipients as well. We are looking forward to seeing you all again for lots of fun events this year too. Check our website or follow us on Facebook for the latest news and event info.

Winner of the $500 Super Horse Award provided by Grey Ghost Ranch. Jeneane of Grey Ghost Ranch; Winner - Reece; Vice-President - John

Games Director – Ngaire; President – Paul; Website & Membership director – Bonnie; Vice-President & Treasurer - John

Show Director – Mary; Winner of Overall High Point Award – Carmen; Vice-President - John

February 2019


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Kearsley Creek Equestrian Camp in the Stave West Recreation Area 2018 By Rose Schroeder, Yarrow Chapter of BCHBC


e all know when opportunity knocks; you should open the door, right? Here is who knocked and how that door was opened for the Yarrow Chapter to be able to build an equestrian campground complete with 8 sites and 16 corrals. This is a story full of acronyms. Please pay attention and read carefully. One of the things that Yarrow participates in is the Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group (CRAG). This group was started by our Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC), and District Recreation Officer (DRO) back in 2010. We operate in the Chilliwack Forest District (CFD). It is huge and probably the busiest district in all of BC, largely due to the fact it includes these areas: Vancouver, Whistler, the Lower Mainland out to Manning Provincial Park, from the 49th parallel (Canada/USA border) to Yale. Motorized recreation and mountain biking were exploding and the issues were many. Two representatives from each form of recreational use were invited to be part of CRAG. You would be amazed at the collection that showed: kayakers, cavers, snowmobilers, equestrians, dirt bikers, mountain bikers, hikers, fishermen, hang gliders, atv’ers, 4x4’s... about 32 different Clubs and Societies. CRAG is not a registered Society; we don’t have an executive board, no bank account and only keep notes not official minutes. BUT we do discuss issues and events, are updated and advise on RSTBC plans and usually have a speaker on a proposed project or educational opportunity AND find solutions. It was at one of these CRAG meetings that Yarrow learned of the formation of the Stave West Recreation Area between Mission and Maple Ridge. New campgrounds were being planned for management of the area. It was an ideal site for an equestrian campground and trails. Through negotiation A fabulous lunch provided to the volunteers and partnership, RSTBC built the campground and Yarrow Chapter coordinated the funding of and built the 16 corrals plus some signage. Valuable volunteers came from Yarrow and Aldergrove Chapters, the Mission Horse Club, and Haney Horsemen, with funding from Horse Council BC (the BC Equestrian Trails Grant), the Back Country Horsemen of BC Trails Fund, Diane Kubas and Action Roofing. Local donors were awesome! When they learned who we

Thank you to our valuable volunteers were and what we were doing, they offered discounts or services (Edge Wholesale Direct, Midway Wheel Abrading, Allenby’s Farm and Home Hardware). Our Valuable volunteers stepped up in force to spend 3 full days working with their own tools and equipment. There was a job for everyone. If you couldn’t run a tractor, post pounder or mix cement, you could likely use a cordless drill, pound a hammer or make coffee and deliver water. One of our members is a caterer Stave Lake view north in her regular life and brought us out a banquet style lunch the second day. What a treat 9 km out in the bush. We camped onsite so evenings were spent around the campfire, rehashing our day’s work, laughing at our antics and planning for the morrow. So now we have a campsite. Trails are next. Yarrow Chapter is currently exploring the current trails and logging roads, participating in planning meetings with the City of Mission and RSTBC to figure out what trails are out there, what needs to be built and who will use what. We share this area with other motorized and non-motorized users; there is active logging and the Zajac Ranch for children. All this because 2 of our members attended a meeting and opportunity knocked. Thing is, someone has to be there to hear the knock and open the door!

Back Country Horsemen Provincial Executive •

President: Brian Wallace,, 250-569-2324 Vice President: Rose Schroeder,, 604-854-1245 • Vice President: Scott Walker • Vice President: Verna Houghtaling Treasurer: Karen Tanchak, - 250-832-1596 • Secretary: Lisa Galanov,, 250-672-0099 Past President: Ybo Plante,, 250-361-6290

30 • February 2019


BC Rodeo Association 2019 TENTATIVE BCRA SCHEDULE April 26-28 Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo May 19-20 Keremeos Elks Rodeo, Keremeos May 25-26 Clinton May Ball Rodeo, Clinton June 1-2 72nd Kispiox Valley Rodeo, Kispiox June 1-2 Chetwynd Rodeo June 8-9 Princeton Rodeo, Princeton June 15-16 Fort St John Rodeo June 22-23 Vanderhoof Indoor Rodeo June 29-30 Annual Bella Coola V.R.R. Rodeo July 6-7 Anahim Lake Stampede, Anahim Lake July 13-14 Pritchard Rodeo July 19-21 Quesnel Rodeo August 3-4 Whispering Pines, Kamloops August 3-4 Interlakes Rodeo, Roe Lake August 9-11 Chilliwack Fall Fair & Rodeo August 17-18 Redstone Rodeo August 17-18 Alkali Lake Rodeo August 23-24 Smithers Fall Fair & Rodeo August 30 Great West Equipment Wildcard Rodeo Aug 31-Sep 2 BCRA Polaris Championship Finals, Barriere


Thank you for your continuing sponsorship for the 2019 season! DIAMOND Corporate SPONSORS:


Grassland Equipment ~ Williams Lake

GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN BEFORE MARCH 1, 2019… for a chance to win a $50 Tim Horton’s Gift Certificate! New membership forms are available on the website or renew via rodeo management! Do not forget your waiver(s). BCRA OFFICE MANAGER/ENTRY SYSTEM SECRETARY CONTRACT POSITION Proposals are being accepted by the BC Rodeo Board of Directors for a contract position to fulfill the duties of Office Manager and Entry System Secretary. This will be a single contract submitted by individual(s) who are able to fulfill the duties and obligations outlined in the Request for Proposal. The Request for Proposal will be available on the website February 1, 2019 or contact the BCRA office to have one emailed directly to you. All proposals must be submitted to by the Closing Date of July 15, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. NEW 2019 SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE available at for partnership opportunities. 2019 RODEO GUIDE ADVERTISING opportunities available until February 15, 2019. NEW pricing for 2019, visit our website at www. or email the office at for pricing and more information.

Ruby SPONSORS: Four Rivers Co-operative, Armstrong Regional, Otter Co-operative Assn.



BRONZE SPONSORS: Gord & Diana Puhallo Marshall Veterinary Clinic COPPER SPONSORS: Diamond 7 Performance Horses Lil Red Pony Cache Creek Veterinary The Horse Barn, Kamloops CHILCOTIN SERIES SPONSORS: PETtanicals Chilcotin Lodge Chilcotin Towing Colorz HUB BM Clothing Co Western Vogue THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! If you would like to keep the Cowboy Way alive please check out our Sponsor Package for partnership options at or call the BCRA office at 250.457.9997.

BC Rodeo Association, Box 71, 2393 Back Valley Road, Cache Creek BC, V0K 1H0 Phone: 250-457-9997 * Fax: 250-457-6265 * * Winter Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm 2019 BCRA Board of Directors President: Gord Puhallo 250-394-4034 or 250-267-9647 Vice President: Matt O’Flynn 250-255-7678,

Directors: Ty Lytton 250-396-7710 or 250-706-3580, Tim Terepocki 250-280-7653, Allison Everett 250-296-4778 or 250-305-0167, Denise Swampy 250-392-7153 or 250-305-9109, Aaron Palmer 250-851-6725,

Shaylene Tucker 250-392-6296 or 250-320-0762, Rhoda Petal 250-394-4349 or 250-267-5550, Steve Lloyd 250-925-4669, Carl Hyde 250-963-9381 or 250-612-1237, Kelly Walls 250-267-8865,

February 2019


Clubs & Associations BURNABY HORSEMEN’S ASSOCIATION, (Burnaby BC), Self-Boarding Barns, Riding Rings, Trails, Clinics, Lessons, Open Houses, 5/19

28 Years of Celebrating Long Ears

members from across Canada and the US 2/19




ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. (Region 17) Arabian Clubs in W. Canada. Rob Calnan, robert_ Youth activities/Shows/Stallion Auction/Clinics, 3/19

NOW YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE. CRHRA is a voice for the Recreational Rider.

Our low cost membership includes $5 Million and $30,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Check out our web site for more information 2/20

armstrong enderby riding club  Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 7/19 11/19


CanTRA promotes the benefits of therapeutic riding across Canada through awareness, education, and setting standards for therapeutic riding instructor certification, centre accreditation, hippotherapy, and equine-facilitated wellness.

Contact: • Website:

BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB,,, Darcey Woods, President, 250-318-9975 3/19

CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, 10/19

BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Tina Knott 250-743-9114, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 3/19

Equestrian Canada (EC) is the national governing body for equestrian sport and industry in Canada, with a mandate to represent, promote and advance all equine and equestrian interests.

Hosting BCCHA, CCHA & NCHA Shows, Clinics and Youth Events.

1-866-282-8395 | |

Visit our website for upcoming events



BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 8/19, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ.

Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding! We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.

Info on clinics and events at

BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Debbie Miyashita 250-804-2928,, Meetings, Clinics, Trail Rides, Socials, 2/19

9/19 6/16

A charitable equine organization funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthwhile equine causes.

BC LOWER MAINLAND PONY CLUB For horse lovers ages 6-25; Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, PPG & more! Tracy 778-999-7400, 4/19 PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE HELPING HORSES

BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB. All mini lovers welcome. President: Vicki Schulz 604-240-3250,, Facebook BCMHC. Clinics & Fun Days 5/19

10/18 11/19

Bob Watson, President 403-378-4323



BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 12/19 5/19

BC RODEO ASSOC., Box 71, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0, Office 250-457-9997,, 10/19 Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!!

12/19 11/18

BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOCIATION (Grand Forks BC), Offering shows, gymkhanas, clinics & more. See us on Facebook, 250-443-3191, 2/20 32 • February 2019



Interior cutting horse association New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 6/19 KAMLOOPS THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-554-3811 Therapeutic Riding Lessons, Vaulting, Summer Camps, Boarding, Birthday Parties


KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 12/18 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 8/19

Clubs & Associations LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Mellissa Buckley,, 10/19

PINE TREE RIDING CLUB (Barnhartvale/Kamloops), Visit for info on lessons, gymkhanas, shows and clinics, or email 3/19

North OK therapeutic riding assoc. 250-549-0105 Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 6/19

100 Mile & District Outriders

Overnight it or Stay in Revelstoke BC 7/18 8/19

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. President: Mike Kidston E-mail: ~

PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Kristy Forsyth. Visit www.peachlandridingclub. com for information about our Gymkhanas dates and other fun events! 3/19


SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 9/19 VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 2/20 WELLS GRAY RIDERS ASSOCIATION, (Clearwater BC) www.wellsgrayriders. com, find us on Facebook! Gymkhanas, clinics, trails, drill team & more 2/20


WEST COAST VAULTERS (Parksville BC) New members always welcome! We also travel to Contact Debbie 250-954-9940 3/19 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Amber 250-392-6402, 8/19


WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 3/19

Tails to be Told

. . .A treasure chest of memories .

We want you to look back, reflect, recollect, and share your photos and memories with us. This is not a contest - it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you.

Nancy Roman

Send Saddle up one or two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature... So start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information.

February 2019


What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2019 Events?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE:

Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,


16 23 24

AGM, BC Interior Morgan Horse Club & BC/Yukon Zone, Anchor Inn Pub, Armstrong BC, Tom Nobles 250-838-2228 SKIJORING, Clearwater BC, Christine 780-712-1659,, SOUTH CARIBOO EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION General Meeting (1-3pm), Lone Butte Hall, Lone Butte BC, guest speaker TBA, Cat Armitage 250-644-4388


9 KTRA HOE-DOWN Fundraiser, Columbo Hotel, Kamloops BC, see Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association on Facebook STONY PLAIN NEW & USED TACK SALE (10-2), Heritage Pavilion, 9 Stony Plain AB, info or Facebook LADYSMITH (Vanc. Island) BC, Learn equine massage! Certification Course, 9-15 Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, CARIBOO HORSEY LADIES 3rd Annual Potluck Luncheon, Lone Butte Hall, 10 Lone Butte BC, open to all. Fun Silent Auction. Cat Armitage 250-644-4388 KAMLOOPS COWBOY FESTIVAL, Kamloops BC, Mark 1-888-763-2221, 14-17 EDMONTON AB, Learn equine massage! Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, 17-23 RMT, CEMT, CCF, SOUTH CARIBOO EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION General Meeting (1-3pm), 24 Lone Butte Hall, Lone Butte BC, guest speaker TBA, Cat Armitage 250-644-4388 25-May 3 LANGLEY BC, 6-week Advanced Equine Massage Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, THE MANE EVENT EQUINE EXPO, Scottsdale AZ, 29-31 TACK SALE, Armstrong Curling Club, Armstrong BC, Table rentals call 30 Nancy 250-546-9922, WORKING EQUITATION CLINIC w/Julie Alonzo, Spanish Cross Ranch, 30-31 Oliver BC, Vikki 250-498-7446 or 250-498-7720,



*DATE CHANGE - LMQHA HORSEMENS BAZAAR, Thunderbird Show Park, Langley BC,


7 AERC HORSE SHOW, Agriplex, Armstrong, BC, 13 DRILL TEAM INTRODUCTION DAY at 1pm. Everyone welcome, Clearwater BC, Elysia 13-14 BCCHA BONANZA CUTTING, Circle Creek Ranch, Kamloops BC, Barb 250-398-0503, email 14 GYMKHANA, Smokin True Ranch, Clearwater BC, Michelle 250-256-1800, 14 SOUTH CARIBOO EQUESTRIAN ASSOC. 2nd Annual New & Used Tack Sale, Lone Butte Hall, Lone Butte BC. More info call Cat Armitage 250-644-4388 SOUTH CARIBOO EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION General Meeting (7-8:30pm), 25 Lone Butte Hall, Lone Butte BC, guest speaker TBA. Cat Armitage 250-644-4388 26-28 THE MANE EVENT EQUINE EXPO, Red Deer AB,


2-5 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart (Advanced), Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494 or 5 AERC HORSE SHOW, Agriplex, Armstrong, BC, 10-12 JATON LORD HORSEMANSHIP & COW WORK CLINIC, Heatherdown Hills Arena, Parkland Country AB, contact Darlene 780-554-5090, 11 COWICHAN RAIL TRAIL, Duncan BC, Miki Dekel (25/50/CTR I/II) 12 GYMKHANA, Upper Clearwater Arena, Clearwater BC, Michelle 250-256-1800, 13-15 JIM ANDERSON CLINIC, Remuda Ranch, Chase BC, Kelly 250-679-2815 18-20 TITANIUM, Fort St. John BC, Tara MacLeod (25/50 each day, 75 one day, possible 100) 24-25 WORKING EQUITATION CLINIC w/Darcy Henkel, (Demo Fri. 7-9pm), Dunster BC, Birgit 250-968-6801, 24-26 CANADIAN OPEN HORSEBACK ARCHERY CHALLENGE, Mount Currie BC, 25-26 SIDA BRONZE/GOLD/% COMBO, Salmon Arm BC,

Do you have your 2019 dates booked yet? Send them in (required format only, as above) – our readers want to know! Remember, we can only fit so many in the magazine, but we print them ALL on our website!

Stallions & Breeders 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 7/19 AWARD WINNING FRIESIAN STAR STALLION AI/FRESH. Quality Purebred and Sporthorse Foals,, 604-539-8108 6/19 FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines, 5/19 Old Baldy Ranch (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/19 34 • February 2019


SUNSET RIDGE RANCH km 408 N Klondike Highway, Yukon, 867-332-8832. SS: APHA Leo's Bar Yazhi (homozygous) offspring for sale, 2/20 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style 12/19 WILDWOOD RANCHES Reg’d Quarter Horses (OK Falls, BC) 250-497-8452 SS: Standing an own son of Frenchmans Guy. 3/19

Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS


Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 • Chilliwack, BC 4/15



HOWARD JOHNSON INN, Red Deer, 403-343-8444. One minute from Westerner Park. 11/18

BC's Most Complete Veterinary Drugstore

We do Veterinary Compounding

Receive $5 OFF $50 purchase with this AD until Aug 31 2016.

arena maintenance

*Some restrictions apply

5778-176A Street, Surrey, BC, V3S 4H3, 604-576-2888 •


12/19 11/19

BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS David Beerstra Trucking, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch



WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-260-0110. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch


BOARDING FACILITIES / RETIREMENT / REHAB JJ’S PLACE (Coombs BC) 250-248-4050 Self, semi, or Full boarding for injured, ageing, retired, or casual pleasure horse. Also on Facebook


SILVERADO HORSE CENTER Boarding  Clinics  Lessons  Training


Located north of Cochrane AB, at 274254 Range Road 40 Madden AB (GPS coordinates) 9/19

TURNING POINT RANCH (Pritchard BC) 250-577-3526. Full care, rest, rehab, retirement, geriatric. or see us on Facebook 4/19 7/19

DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-309-0629, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 2/20

LAKOTA AGRIPLEX Dawson Creek BC, 100’x200’ indoor arena, outdoor arena, 50’ round pen. Rental inquiries to Caretaker 250-782-1445, 2/20



Wanted Wranglers / Trail Guides Guide on Guest Ranch / Horse pack trips


Pre-order your Baumalight generator now for delivery in 8 weeks and get an 8% discount for planning ahead.




Supplements For Horses 2/19

EQUINE WELLNESS & DIGESTIVE SUPPORT (Interior BC & online) 250.368.2002 Products and support for equine digestive health. 6/19


ARMSTRONG 1-250-546-9174

CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735

wholesale panels & gates | pet food | bagged feed February 2019

8/18 9/19


Business Services FARRIERS & SUPPLIES




adventure | riding | hiking

Corrals & Camping – Bring Your Own Horse! 1-800-668-2233 • 108 Mile Ranch BC 5/19



VALLEY FARRIER SERVICES, Bob Johnston 250-546-8254 Certified Journeyman serving North OK/Shuswap for 25 years 5/19

Your Partner for Equine, Farm & Liability Insurance



Get coverage today!


ASHCROFT home building CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Co-op Dealer & Pet Foods. You can find us on Facebook 8/19

100% B.C. Owned and Operated!


We protect what we love.

31852 Marshall Place 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Rd. 975 Langford Parkway 1-1227 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave SW 2565 Main St.

1 800 670 1877 | |

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 940-4499 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870 5/19

FEncing 130MILERANCH.COM (Cariboo) 250-644-7200 Corrals, Gates, Panels, Bale Feeders, Best Prices in the Cariboo!



Gates, Panels, Feeders, Continuous FenCe deer & Farm FenCe installations


Custom built and installed to your needs

GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan Cossentine, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 •


FAWNDALE FARMS (Thompson/Okanagan area) Farm & Residential Fencing. Lance Savage 250-260-0848, 10/19



“PastureLine” 4mm : “No Wire” Polymer : Complete ElectricSystems HorseRail products : No-Climb & Diamond Mesh 30 years Serving the Horse Industry / / 1-800-665-3307


OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 The best source for all your event and award ribbons!, 9/19


Saddle Fitters


THE PERFECT SADDLE FIT (Lower Mainland ) 250-526-1868, Saddle Fitting, Consultation & Sale, individual solutions for you & your horse

WWW.APGUESTRANCH.COM (Merritt BC) 250-378-6520 Weddings, Trail Rides, Lodging/Camping/B&B/Bed & Bales, Morgan Horses 6/19

SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 5/19 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work, 6/19

36 • February 2019





DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 7/19

LISA WIEBEN (Bowden AB), Clinics, Training, Lessons, Centered Riding/Western & English Dressage 4/19 LIVE RADICALLY 306-314-4002 LIFE COACH, 4-H AND PONY CLUB CLINICS, WWW.LIVERADICALLY.CA




Visit our Langley BC location 106-22575 Fraser Highway w w w. e q u e s t r i a n f a s h i o n o u t f i t t e r s . c o m

WWW.THETRADINGPOSTFEEDANDTACK.COM (Nanaimo) 250-245-2115 English/Western Tack & Apparel, Feeds & Hay, Portable Fencing 2/19


MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton BC) 250-295-4329, Clinics throughout BC, Classical & Cowboy Dressage, Mountain Trail & Driving,


SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 604-850-1243 Foundation Specialist, Natural Horsemanship, 6/19



ACCORD VETERINARY SERVICES (Kamloops & area) 250-314-6566. Dr. Marlin Mason, Mobile Equine/Bovine Vet Services, 8/19

PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 4/19 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (Vernon) 250-308-8980 Fax: 250-542-5373 RV’s to Horse Trailers. Your Trailer Parts Superstore! 6/19

TRAILER SAles CUMMINGS TRAILER SALES & RENTALS (Abbotsford) 1-877-856-1988 Horse, Stock, Flatdeck, Utility, Dump, Cargo and Pre-owned, 9/19 KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, 2/20

ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL Williams Lake 250-392-5510 / Quesnel 250-747-3053 Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan, Meier, Ree 2/20 DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and more. 10/19 INTERIOR VETERINARY HEALTH SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-769-4217, Mobile Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, VSMT, College of Animal Chiropractors 6/19 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VET Clinic 250-374-1486 Drs Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Robert Mulligan, Heather Pedersen 3/19 OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888, Sheila McDonald DVM and Tara Trimble DVM, 10/19 PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales 6/19

TOll free: 1-844-955-2445 or 780.955.2445




THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 5/19

Well pumps

BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 7/19

GENERATION PUMP CO. (Interior BC) 250-549-0780 Paul Moore Variable Speed Experts! 6/19

BRUCE EMLYN HORSEMANSHIp (BC), Connecting with the Mind of Every Horse; clinics and private schooling 8/19 CHRISTA MIREMADI HORSEMANSHIP (Aldergrove) 604-856-2967 Training. 3/19 Problem Solving, Starting, Lessons, Clinics.



Western & Dressage Coach, Mountain Trail Course Designer. Clinics/private sessions in mountain & standard trail, ground work, round corral, ponying, desensitizing, balanced riding on/off site. Confidence building through patience & respect. RSTER FEcoaching Join us at our indoor/outdoor trail course. training

Where Your Equine Adventure Begins

250-808-0738 (Kelowna BC) See Damarhe Training on FB

your listing should be here

12/19 7/17

year round


Starting at just $250 per year (for 12 issues). Plus we can add a link on our web site for only $50 per year!

DONNA HAWKINS (Aldergrove BC) 604-856-0033 Offering Educational Clinics on evidence-based practices 3/19

International Clinician and Horseman 1-877-728-8987 JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses®, 1-888-533-4353 8/19

Call 1-866-546-9922 for more info

LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLEs (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 5/19 February 2019


On The Market (Private Sale)

We Have the Blues! 2019 Foals will be available sired by:

Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC)



LBJ Sierras Blue Te | AQHA Blue Roan and his son AW Blue Fire N Te | AQHA Blue Roan


The Peruvian Horse

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at!

Peruvian Paso Horses Ringstead Ranch, one of Canada’s Largest breeders, now have locations in both Chase, BC and Cayley, AB.

Stunning Gypsy Vanner Weanling for Sale in BC!

Visit for more Information on this Incredible Breed!

5/19 3/17

Contact us for details. Additional foals are available. Check our website to meet your Dream Horse!  604-510-1935 •

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Buy direct from our warehouse. Canadian Made. #1 Quality Wholesale priced. 1000’s of mats in stock! 4’x6’x1/2” Delivery to BC and Alberta customers available.

Also Available

• Wash mats • Entrance Mats • Boot Scrapers

604 -776-2220 38 • February 2019

$49.99 4’x6’x 3/4”


33391 Maclure Rd., Unit 107 Abbotsford SADDLEUP.CA

To learn more about this beautiful & unique breed of horse, and for a complete Sales List, please visit our website. 403-860-9763

7/18 8/19

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7 3,


Pleasant Valley Trailer Sales Ltd. Thuro-Bilt: Stock and Horse

Wrangler 2H: $10895 | 17’ Stock: $12500 We have a full line of trailers: Enclosed, Utility, Car / Equipment, and More! Wholesale wire fencing and Corral Panels: Chicken, Hog, Cattle, Round Pens, and More!

29571 Fraser Hwy., Abbotsford, BC

604 856 1988 • 1 877 856 1988


Ph. 250-545-2000 Toll Free 877-476-6558 7885 Highway 97, Vernon, BC V1B 3R9


~ Harness ~ Farrier Supplies ~ Horse/Pet Supplies & Feeds ~ Sure Crop Feed Dealer Deep Creek General Store

100% Natural Organic 60 Minerals ~ 12 Vitamins ~ 21 Amino Acids Premium Quality Pure Kelp Supplements For All Your Farm Animals & Pets



3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong

WWW.ULTRA-KELP.COM 1-888-357-0011 WWW.ULTRA-KELP .COM • TOLL FREE 1-888-357-0011

Leather & Stitches Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles THE HOME OF Solo-Ride AND OUR Signature Hoodies ®


The Leather Lady Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 email: Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 12/19



HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 4/19


For Sale


TWO REGISTERED CURLY MARES FOR SALE. Extremely gentle and willing to learn. Some riding time on both. Need to know they are in a good home and well cared for. Price negotiable. Call/text 250-253-6789 or email (Tappen BC) 2/19

Ad deadline February 5th for the March issue February 2019


40 • February 2019


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