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The last issue of the year! Whoopee!!!! I can relax a bit now, take some time off and do jigsaw puzzles! Why is it as you get older time truly does fly by? How the heck did we get to December already? On the bright side… we have only had to plow the driveway once! (so far)

The What’s This? column is taking a break - Russ is retiring. Mark McMillan started this feature quite a few years back as part of his Cariboo Chatter news. Then he retired. Russ Shandro resurrected it and now it’s his turn to let it go. Thank you Russ for your interesting items that had our readers guessing every month! It always seemed like a contest as to who could get the (right) answer first!


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Merry Christmas y’all!

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Also home of 20047 panel N/N, APHA

Homozygous Stallion “The Huntsman”

Canoa Farms is located in the beautiful Nicola Valley just outside of Merritt, BC. This show facility has an incredible natural Mountain Trail course with water features, tunnels, bridges and other natural obstacles. We host 3-4 clinics per year and now a Sanctioned HCBC Mountain Trail Show.

Next year on July 21-23, 2023 we will be hosting a 3 day, 3 show, Buckle series for both Mountain Trail and Ranch Trail.

We will have up to 14 classes, including a Gamblers Trail Choice class on the Saturday that will have some cool choice of obstacles that can give you more points, with a Gamble at the end that will either add or take points away. This class will have a custom Molly Buckle for the winner, and is open to anyone from Beginner to Advanced to show.

We will have a lead line for our future Champions, youth classes, and for newbies to Mountain Trail we have a “Green as Grass” class and Green classes. There will be Novice, and Open classes as well.

Great prizes on all 3 days. Spotted Horse Studio in Merritt is doing all the prizes, including custom Molly Buckles to the high point winners. We also hope to have Wild Mane Photos back to do photos for the show. For more info visit us on Facebook, or Instagram,

as we
group; or visit our website
Canoa Farms also stands: 16HH APHA Homozygous Tobiano Stallion “The Huntsman.” For more info on shipped and frozen semen visit (pictured above) IS NOW OVER Supplying Your Pets with NEW and Unique Products! THANK YOU to the equestrian centres and stables that entered for their chance to win a 6-pack of Silverline Rake & Shake Stable Forks for their facility. The contest was running for the fall months. THANK YOU to our generous sponsor, The Finn & Fletcher Co., who has continually offered special prizes over the many months of the contest. Let’s see what we can plan for the New Year! Watch for more info in 2023.
to be announced
have a
and a
September’s winner: Stephanie Antonick, Hoof to Heart Horsemanship, Princeton BC October’s winner: Joan Sopow, Faulder Badlands Sport Horses, Summerland BC November’s winner: … yet

Harmony The

Kid on the Block by Ritchie-Smith

With their new state-of-the-art mill and bagging line located in their original community of Abbotsford BC, they can boast something not all feed companies can – they are still owned and managed by local families who have a passion for the industry and giving back to their community.

The equine nutrition market is a challenging one to enter, but Ritchie-Smith is confident they hold a strong contender in Harmony, their line of premium equine feeds launched nearly a year ago. Years in the making, Harmony was developed by a knowledgeable nutrition team that wanted to offer something different. Horse owners themselves, they aimed to create the feed they’d always wished they could find in stores. They started with a fibre-first philosophy to put the focus on digestive health and then simplified the feeding routine by building in all the key supplements to support the gut, hooves, skin, metabolism, and immune system. Special care was taken to formulate using high quality ingredients to deliver performance. This included high levels of Vitamin E, plus organic Selenium, performance chelated minerals, as well as taking a unique approach and using flax oil as the primary fat source in Harmony products.

Their five complete feeds share a universal feed rate of 2.5kg*/ day while their supplement pellet has a rate of 300 grams*/day, to compliment a forage-based diet. The line was carefully formulated to ensure every one of these six products provides the same serving of supplements** to give horse owners the unique ability to “mix & match” and create an ideal ration.

This approach has been steadily winning over members of the equine community, many of whom share openly on social media of the incredible transformation they’ve seen in their horses. Hard and easy keepers alike have seen their weight and topline improved, and even normally dull winter coats have taken on what some fans of this brand have dubbed “the Harmony glow.”

“…30 years old and he’s never looked better!” – Allyssa

“My mare is 22 and already got her fluffy winter coat, but the shine on it is unreal.” – Em

“What I immediately liked about the supplement pellet was how balanced the analysis was in comparison to other similar products.” – Kayla

“The High Fat Pellets have our three-year-olds looking full, shiny and feeling energized.” - Travis Rempel Performance Horses

Beyond the quality and formulation of Harmony, another value customers have appreciated is Ritchie-Smith’s transparency. They feel strongly that people deserve to know what’s in their animal’s feed and have posted their ingredient lists on their website. They also have an open line of email communication for people who have questions or need support with a ration.

With a passionate and committed customer base growing steadily across BC, they have their sights set on Alberta, with hopes of seeing the Harmony brand available to communities all across Western Canada in the near future.

*Based on 500kg horse

** When fed at daily recommended rate of product

Learn more: / Questions:

While Harmony Premium Equine may be a new name to many, Ritchie-Smith is no newcomer to the agricultural feed industry. They’ve come a long way since their launch in 1968; now feeding the largest market share of dairy, layers, hog and turkey farms in British Columbia.
The Harmony team says the honest and unsolicited reviews are pouring in –
Jessa Girard on Nuovo –committed Harmony customer & ambassador Photo by Rylee Smolarchuk

Dixie – the Intersexed Mare

When a mare presents to a veterinarian due to behavioural issues, particularly if they are described as having stallionlike behaviour, an endocrine (hormonal) source is always a consideration.

A tumour of the ovary, known as a granulosa thecal cell tumour (“GCT” or “GTCT”), is the most common culprit of stallionlike behaviour in a mare. Thus, generally the steps in working up a mare with behavioural concerns is to ultrasound the ovaries, +/running a hormone panel (measuring testosterone, progesterone, inhibin and AMH hormones), and then consider removal of the ovary if it is deemed abnormal.

For Dixie, a 10-year-old Quarter Horse mare, who had been surrendered to a rescue due to stallion-like behaviour, it was hopeful that removal of her ovaries would help correct her behavioural issues. She was known to have long-term behavioural concerns and was acting stallion-like. Pre-operatively on exam it was noted that her uterus was very small on ultrasound, and the vagina abnormally narrowed down to a very small tubular structure. Her right ovary appeared abnormal on ultrasound and the left ovary was very difficult to definitively see on ultrasound. Blood work showed normal progesterone and testosterone, but elevated inhibin (which can be seen with a GCT). Thus, it was elected to perform a laparascopic ovariectomy.

This was performed with the horse standing under sedation with a special camera known as a laparoscope that is used to look into a horse’s abdomen through small incisions in their flank. This view right into the abdomen allows the surgeon to seal the blood vessels to the ovary using cautery (a “Ligasure”), ultimately allowing for the safe removal of the gonads.

What is normally a routine procedure became a little more interesting, rather than having two ovaries Dixie possessed one very small gonad on the left side and a TESTICLE on the right side. These were both in the normal locations for ovaries, but did not look like ovaries! Histopathology revealed that both gonads contained testicular tissue. It is definitely not every day that we remove testicles from a mare! In fact this was the first time we can recall this procedure being performed at Moore Equine. Thus, Dixie was diagnosed as a “Male Pseudohermaphrodite,” as she appeared outwardly like a mare, but had a rudimentary uterus/vagina and testicles.

Pseudohermaphrodite is a rare intersex condition, and is particularly rare in horses. This condition is congenital – meaning it is present from birth. This disorder can be due to chromosomal abnormalities or may be due to a lack of target organ response to testosterone (defect in the hormone receptor or in hormone production). Intersex animals may present differently depending on the individual; often times the clitoris of the horse looks abnormally enlarged (like a rudimentary penis), something that can be seen externally. Since Dixie’s external genitalia appeared normal on examination, the diagnosis of pseudohermaphrodite was not made until the surgical procedure was performed, though the abnormal uterus/vagina was suspect of something unusual going on.

On the left is the testicle that was removed from where the right ovary normally would be and on the right is the very small amount of testicular tissue that was present where the left ovary normally would have been.

Removal of the testicles has resulted in a dramatic improvement in Dixie’s behaviour and is doing very well post surgery. As with stallions that are gelded later in life, they can sometimes retain some stallion-like behaviours, as their brain has developed with the presence of testicles, but generally a huge change in behaviour is still noted.

Horses always keep us on our toes as veterinarians… when a mare is showing behavioural concerns it may be that they have normal ovaries, have a tumor in their ovaries, or have testicles! In all cases, surgical removal of the gonads can resolve the behavioural concerns.


Today, Equi-Health Canada has instructors from all walks of life; English and Western riders, Vet Techs, Farriers, Massage Therapists, and Recreational riders, to name a few. The one thing these people have in common, aside from their deep passion for the health and well-being of horses and desire to make a difference in the lives of these animals, is their tenacity in building their careers as equine First Aid instructors. Instructors are independent contractors of Equi-Health Canada.

Chelsey Westerbeek has been an EHC Instructor for six years. She joined the affiliate team four years ago and became an Instructor Trainer in her home province of Manitoba. Since then, she has also taken on managing BC Lower Mainland and BC Interior regions, where she travels each year to train new EquiHealth Instructors.

In this fun, yet intense 3-day training program, new instructors learn both Standard and Advanced Equine First Aid, how to sufficiently teach both courses to the public, and how to run their new Equine First Aid instructor business successfully.

Each applicant receives the following when accepted into the program:

• a comprehensive welcome booklet and pre-course First Aid study manuals

• marketing and business development manual

• all PowerPoint presentations needed to teach each course

• access to an exclusive Facebook group for company updates, marketing and business tips, and expertise from senior instructors

• access to a closed instructors-only area of the website

• ongoing mentoring and support from Head Office and the affiliate team as you build and grow your equine business

• the choice of a company vest and certificate of achievement

If you are a go-getter, are comfortable talking to people, teaching, and speaking in front of groups of all ages, and are passionate about

Become an Equine First Aid Instructor

Equi-Health Canada, with the help of veterinarians and other equine professionals, developed the Equine Health & Emergency First Aid course 15 years ago. Their mission was to build a class to teach horse owners how to best help their horse in an emergency, recognize pain in the horse, assess vital signs properly, note hoof issues early on, and deal with an injury postvet care.

equine health and welfare, the EHC Instructor Training Program is for you! Contact Chelsey Westerbeek at 204-951-4088 for more information about scheduled Training Courses coming up in Southern BC in early April 2023 in BC. Space in each course is limited as only a handful of new instructors are trained yearly.


Incremental Progress

You may be thinking, what does this have to do with horsemanship? The idea here that I would like to borrow from Johnny’s song is incremental progress. Just like Johnny builds a car by carrying piece by piece home in his lunchbox, you need to think of building a solid Cadillac of a mount one piece at a time as well. We need to work on getting one piece at a time, and getting each piece going really good, before we can ride around in style by putting all the pieces together.

I am sure you have heard this term, incremental progress, many times, and it is likely something I am thinking about because one, or even a few of the great horsemen I have learned from, talked about it. There is nothing new under the sun, as the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible reminds us, and this concept of incremental progress in horsemanship is no exception. However, I felt it worth writing about, to remind myself, and hopefully help you too, to remember to think from the horse’s point of view. Horses learn best building incrementally, like stepping up the rungs on a ladder. And days when things aren’t going so well, it is helpful to go back to the last thing you were able to do well together. Horses are creatures of habit, they like routine. They like when we feed them at a certain time, they memorize our habits, anticipate our next moves, so naturally incremental progress works well with their nature.

One piece at a time, or incremental progress, is a frame of mind and a paradigm shift to a way of thinking and doing things that makes sense to the horse and works well with his natural tendencies. It is the frame of mind that is helpful to successfully training a horse, in a sustainable way. By sustainable I mean that the horse still likes you at the end of it, and you leave the horse physically and mentally in good shape. You might hit some rough spots along the way, but you can work through them within the session where the horse still feels good about it at the end, and is better (more knowledgeable, and emotionally, mentally and physically fitter) than when he started the session. To get

incremental progress we need to break things down into the pieces they are comprised of. We start by teaching our horse each piece of the whole. Then, eventually we start stringing the pieces together until they start to resemble the end product we are after, whether that be loading into a trailer with ease, a flying lead change, a spin or pirouette, a hard sliding stop or just a safe maneuverable trail ride.

We start with the very basics, these are the pieces: do we have communication to all four feet to move in the direction we want, do we have forwards, backwards, and stop? Can we move the front end independently of the hind end, and the hind end independently of the front end, do we have sideways, do we have lateral and vertical flexion? Next, can we do each of these things at varying speeds and in varying environments. These foundation fundamentals as I like to call them are the primary pieces of anything grander we do with horses. And we need them all, but we need to achieve one piece at a time, and then build from there.

We can build all sorts of exciting maneuvers with our horses by working incrementally and getting each of these pieces smooth, and then combining them. These are the ingredients! On their own something like being able to move the horse forward around the right hind foot might not sound very exciting, but if you were on the side of a mountain on a very narrow trail and you need your horse to pivot his front end around his hind end, to the right, you need to be sure you have this kind of accurate communication in order for you and your horse to stay safe. Something as simple as trailer loading or crossing a bridge is much easier if we have the pieces in place, this primary language, these building blocks of communication, so we can start on a solid foundation. When we build these pieces properly, so that we maintain trust and respect in the process, it really simplifies bigger asks of a horse, such as trailer loading, as you already have a relationship, rapport, and a language in place to start a communication with.

All of this may sound rather elementary, basic and simple. The kind of information that would be most helpful for the novice rider or green colt. However, it is amazing how much we can do with horses, without actually having good communication on these very basic foundation fundamentals I am describing.

Have you ever heard the Johnny Cash song, “One Piece At A Time?” Here is the chorus in case you haven’t heard this classic hit: I'd get it one piece at a time and it wouldn't cost me a dime You'll know it's me when I come through your town I'm gonna ride around in style, I'm gonna drive everybody wild 'Cause I'll have the only one there is a round
Me with Boone, Soda Pop & Hefner. They teach me so much!

When I teach clinics I am humbled by people’s willingness to learn and their desire to never stop improving for their horses. This lovely lady is very knowledgeable and accomplished, but she was willing to work on basics and see what she and her horse could glean.

I used to jump some decent sized jumps, evented a bit, and I have to tell you if someone asked me to get my horse to step his right front foot just one step to the right, I couldn’t have done it. I could jump a course of jumps with speed, do a dressage test, cross a water jump on a cross country course, but I must say, accurate, consistent, timely, communication with feel, I did not have. Even as I got to working on more finite maneuvers, I quickly realized, it wasn’t just my academic knowledge of what exactly I would need to do to ask for something specific I would need, I would need something far more elusive, I would need to develop my feel and timing.

It was precisely when I started to humble myself, and look for something more with horses than just getting them to do what I wanted, that everything changed. And it is still changing and blowing my mind in a beautiful way. Considering the horse is what separates just being a great rider from being a truly great horseman. I aspire every day to be a better person, and I never stop smiling when I think of the parallels of being a good horseman and being a good person. I think this is part of why I love horses so much, they challenge me to be all of what God truly made me to be. It isn’t an easy road trying to become a great horseman, but it is richly rewarding on the deepest level.

So I encourage you, remember the importance of the seemingly elementary pieces, getting them good, and then putting them together to build better things! Incremental progress is key, be happy with just small learnings and improvements every session. One piece at a time friends, and one day, we’ll be riding around in style, just like Johnny.

Wishing you and your furry friends a Merry Christmas and a joyous and wonder filled 2023.

Elisha Bradburn and her husband, Clay, own Faithful Farm, an equestrian centre in the Fraser Valley. Elisha’s passion with horses lies in psychology based horsemanship, with a strong consideration for the horse’s point of view. Elisha is available for clinics, expos, demonstrations and speaking engagements and can be followed on her Legacy Horsemanship pages on Facebook and Instagram or e-mailed at

(See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

Skills Clinic in Falkland; practicing multi-directional shooting while balancing on OKMA's 'Board of Education'

Intro Clinic in Kelowna; learning how to condition their horses to the sights and sounds of the bow and arrow while stationary

Some folks have never held a bow in their life, but can ride, and others have been doing archery since they can remember, but haven’t ridden. Some people have experience with neither bow nor equine.

Truth is, anyone can be successful that has the tenacity, perseverance, and will to succeed.

Okanagan Khanate Mounted Archery’s (OKMA) vision is to coach you through a process that will offer the knowledge and skills necessary to take you (and your loyal horse) from beginner ground archer to fierce mounted competitor. Let’s break that down a little bit, shall we?  Structure, systems, and the right tools are essential for direction and achievement when learning new skills. The framework looks like this:

1. Introductory Clinic. Day 1 is focused entirely on development of the fundamentals of historic, intuitive ground archery where you learn how to use the bow and arrow safely and effectively. Day 2 is where you learn to work with and condition your horse in tandem with the archers and progress towards shooting from horseback!

2. Skills Clinic. The goal is to take the foundations of the sport, hone the skills learned at the Intro stage, and begin adding new ones to the repertoire. For example, if you were walking/trotting in the Intro Clinic, now we will get you shooting at the canter in a multitude of course settings. You’ll

A Horseback Archer’s Journey: Skills Progression

Everyone starts somewhere. This is true for any skill. Certainly, it’s the case for horseback archery. People entering this sport exist somewhere on a spectrum of experience.

also learn things like how to shoot faster by loading arrows from the bow hand, shooting at greater distances on the move, and how to shoot in all directions: fore shot, side shot, back shot, offside, on the ground, and up in the air at the Qabaq.

The next stage is competition. OKMA competes on courses designed by the IHAA (International Horseback Archery Alliance). The IHAA has a grading system that provides horseback archers with the means of assessing their skill level and progression from season to season so they can improve and work towards achievable goals regardless of level. It also provides a framework for grouping competitors so that people compete directly against those of similar standard and have a real chance of winning.

The different classes are Walk/Trot (levels WT1-5), Student (S1-S5), and Horse Archer (HA1-10). These scores are obtained during ‘grading competitions’ on the applicable courses designated by the IHAA and posted to their website so you can see how you rank in your own country and internationally against your peers. To keep archers consistently progressing, the IHAA also has international “postal matches,” where a different course is selected every two months. Scores are submitted to the IHAA, who posts them to their website where competitors can see how they ranked against others from around the world! Grading events and postal match competitions are held at local clubs that have proper facilities and judges to keep time and score.

There is no limit to where you can go with this sport.

You can even travel and compete internationally in numerous circuits. OKMA is aiming to attend the 2023 World Championship in Mongolia!

While all of this can seem daunting, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s small steps and consistent practice that will get you there. OKMA runs regular practices with our certified coaches, with both ground, and mounted components. However, it’s imperative that the individual take responsibility for their learning and progress. On your journey, seek to refine what you’ve learned so you’re prepared to be successful in the next stage. When you are practicing or competing, envision precisely what you want to accomplish, set small goals, strategize with your coaches and peers and stick to it. Afterwards, reflect – what worked and what didn’t, what can be improved for next time? Ask others for their second-hand perspective of your performance, draw from experience, and don’t shirk

Nobody successfully avoids these growing pains - so don’t feel lesser for not being at a high level right away; failing your way to success is part of the journey that everyone must undertake.

from constructive criticism or setbacks. Nicole Vincent, a member of Kaspian Mounted Archery (Olds, AB) taking one of the Skills Clinic participant’s Gypsy Vanner for a test drive down the 100m long track in Falkland BC.

Professional Racetrack Groom Course

The Professional Racetrack Groom Course is a “Learn and Earn” concept program that will give you the confidence and skill to become a Groom at Alberta Horse Racing Tracks! This unique program has a blended approach that will allow you to study online, learn from and practice your skill with industry professional instructors, all while allowing you to earn a wage working in the industry!

You will acquire the skills you need to provide intensive professional care to elite race horses.

Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to understand horse behaviors, explain the workings of the horse racing industry, develop personal career skills and much more!

Earn your living Working with Horses every day!

Professional Racetrack Exercise Rider Program

The Professional Racetrack Exercise Rider Program is a “Learn and Earn” concept program that will give you the confidence and skill to become a professional licensed Exercise Rider at Alberta Horse Racing Tracks! This unique program has a blended approach that will allow you to study online, learn from and practice your skill with industry professional instructors. You will acquire the skills you need to exercise race horses on a track.

Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to develop personal career skills and much more!

Program Overview: Registration: Registrations are accepted as long as seats are available, however, it is recommended that you register early as this class is limited to a small number of students to ensure your safety and an optimal learning experience. With support from Horse Racing Alberta and industry professionals you will receive your hands on training at the
in Nisku
Program Overview: Physical Requirements: Participants need to be physically fit, mentally ready, willing and able to ride a Thoroughbred race horse. Admission Requirements: Applicants must undergo a riding test to determine suitability for admission to the program. With support from Horse Racing Alberta and industry professionals you will receive your hands on training at the Century Mile Racetrack in Nisku Alberta. You will first learn in the indoor arena, and then move to the racetrack with your instructors. To complete the graduation requirements you will log 60 rides with industry horses in training. For more information contact Continuing Education & Corporate Training Phone: 403.556.4740 Toll Free: 800.661.6537 PROGRAM DATES: January 16 - April 28, with a paid practicum starting April 29. GROOM tuition is $1000.00 and RIDER tuition is $1500.00.
Century Mile Racetrack

the Driver’s Seat with Elisa Marocchi Those Confounding

At a recent event I officiated at, I was compelled to penalize two different turnouts when they stopped on course. One was due to the driver forgetting the location of the next set of cones and one was due to her pony deciding he needed a bathroom break mid-course! The moral of the story is to keep moving.

Rules 975.7 and 975.8 address turnouts halting on course. If you find yourself lost, don’t stop moving while you’re looking for your next set of cones. Walk forward while you search for the next number, as, if you halt, it can be seen as ‘disobedience’ even if you ask your horse to stop. And teach your horse to keep moving while they pass manure… the young driver at this event was encouraging her pony to move on but he refused to do so; she incurred 5 penalties as a result.

Some parts of the course may be more confusing than others. Oxers are a good example of this. Remember that the basic rule of “red on the right” still applies. Oxers consist of two sets of cones, one which has the obstacle numbers indicated in the usual red/white fashion, and a second set that is marked only with un-numbered red and white markers. You will pass through the numbered set of cones first then the set marked only with a red and a white marker, keeping the red marker on your right, as always. Since the two sets of cones that make up an oxer can be anywhere from 1.5 metres to 3 metres apart, smaller turnouts may be able to drive through the middle of the obstacle from side-to-side.

Diagram 1 shows the correct path through the obstacle (black line) and also shows that it is okay to drive between the oxer elements (shown in green). Ignore the yellow line marked “measuring through – no” that tells the officials that the course may not be measured using that route. Only consider this option if it really makes sense and saves you time, or if doing so sets you up perfectly for another pair of cones as you are running the risk of having a ball down if things go awry.

Yes! You can drive between the elements of an open obstacle (two examples of open

In this second of two articles on the cones competition, we will be covering some of the more confusing and puzzling aspects of this part of a combined driving event.
Cones! (Part 2)
Diagram 1 Mac Henderson Photography Photo PICSOFYOU.COM

obstacles include serpentines and zig-zags). In other words, it’s okay to drive between the “b” and “c” elements on the way to another set of cones (diagram 2).

It’s also just fine to pass through the start/finish line while on course, if that’s the best route to drive. Once you’ve crossed the start line, it becomes “neutralized” until you’ve passed through the last set of cones on course.

Optional routes are also another area that leaves some drivers scratching their heads. These types of elements give drivers the choice of driving through one of two identically numbered cones. So, drivers may encounter two sets of cones, both numbered 6, for instance. When used on a cones course, the course designer is giving the drivers a puzzle and a question to answer. Oftentimes, one route is longer, but has a straightforward approach while the other route may save a good deal of time, but might involve a tight turn or tricky approach. The course is measured using the longer route, so as long as you keep up a good pace throughout the remainder of it, you may not gain much by choosing the quicker, shorter option. However, if you’re moving more slowly, or there are other places on course that require you to slow down, the shorter, tighter option may allow you to make up time.

A word about reduced-clearance cones. These sets of cones are marked using a different coloured set of cones (often, but not always white). They are set 5 cm narrower than the width generally allowed for your class. Drive them just like you would any other set of obstacles! When you practice cones at home, you should generally do so at a narrower width anyway, so this is when that practice will pay off!

If at any time on course, you hear the judge blow his whistle, or ring the bell, do not drive through the next set of cones. Instead, proceed to the judge and he will let you know why he signaled you. If you have made an error on course (perhaps you’ve driven through a set of cones in the wrong order) you’ll be eliminated and won’t be able to continue on course. However, if for example you have accidentally knocked a ball off of an obstacle you haven’t yet driven through, that obstacle will be repaired and you’ll be allowed to continue on course after the judge lets you know it’s okay to do so. You’ll receive penalties for your error, but won’t be eliminated.

Safe driving!

Elisa Marocchi is an Equestrian Canada licensed driving coach and a member of the EC Driving Committee. She owns and operates Wildwood Farm, a full service driving facility near 100 Mile House BC. An active driving coach since 2000, Elisa offers clinics and lessons in a safe, supportive and fun manner both on and off the farm. As a combined driving competitor, Elisa has successfully competed throughout North America with both her own homebred horses and those of clients.

(See her listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

Champion Horse Blankets Kristen O’Connor Owner Chilliwack BC • 604-845-7179 LONGAWAITED INVENTORY ON ITS WAY! Diagram 2

What can We/You do to Help Keep Equestrian Trails Open?

Communication and education go a long way, both within our society and with other user groups who we share the trails with. With these purposes in mind, the Shuswap Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC) hosted a “Horse and Awareness Week” on the Rose Swanson Mountain network of trails near Armstrong. Horse Awareness Week was developed by a few passionate volunteers from the Shuswap Chapter. Two days of guided rides were planned for Sunday October 16 and Saturday October 22, 2022. The weekdays in between equestrians were encouraged to go out and ride the trails on their own. The trail system on the south side of the mountain is well-signed. On the guided ride days an information booth was set up where users were greeted by two volunteers from BCHBC and Armstrong Spallumcheen Trails Society (ASTS), and handed out STOP, STAND, SPEAK information. Thanks to Horse Council BC’s Recreation department, we also had a free draw for a gift certificate to Valhalla Pure, a popular outdoor store.

As an equestrian trail user, what can you do? There are three easy ways to help:

1. Volunteer – at the scene or behind the scene. As a leader or as a participant. With a shovel, a pen or a coffee pot.

2. Organize – paperwork, food, tools, volunteers. We all have a skill to help with.

3. Participate – join the Back Country Horsemen of BC, “Many hands make light work” is one of our mottos. If you ride the trails, help maintain them even if it is a small contribution, it all helps.

For more information contact the Shuswap Chapter of BCHBC via email


Let the Holidays begin!

Countdown to Christmas is here… some great gift ideas are on the following pages. Treat yourself and/or treat that special friend or loved one!


Heartfelt – A Moment in Time

A10-year project has now come to print in time for Christmas. Every horse person has a story about that one special horse. Imagine Olympians and others at the top of their discipline telling stories about a superstar horse that boosted their career. Inside Heartfelt are 12 such stories. Contributors including Robin Hahn, Jonathan Field, Liz Ashton, Hugh Graham and others. About the author: Joy Kimler of Kelowna BC has loved and experienced horses her whole life, starting with attending the horsemanship program at Humber College in 1973-1974. She worked for some of the best horse people of the day, competed and coached in three-day eventing and dressage. As one ages, galloping over cross-country fences is not advised, so she decided to pen her passion into stories. Books can be purchased for $22.00 (plus shipping) from Joy Kimler 250-808-6727 or come to a book signing at Diamond H Tack Store in Kelowna on December 10th from 10:00 to 3:00.

ISBN - 13:9780228880462 ISBN - 10:0228880467 202 pages, 12.7 x 1.3 x 20.32 cm Available on

This is the first book for children written by Kathy Jackson and illustrated by Erica Sutfin. Kathy and Erica are lifelong horse enthusiasts and certified Equestrian Canada riding instructors. Kathy has her full diploma in Equitation Science and Erica is a CanTRA certified Intermediate Instructor and artist. “Our passion for horses and interest in their welfare was the reason for this book. We want to introduce the ten principles of Equitation Science to children.”

The book is 35 pages and sells for $15 locally (Cowichan Valley, VI) and we can ship for an additional $6.00. Order at or e-mail:

Mom, I Want To Ride! A Story About Equitation Science NEW

Everything Pets

From bugs to bones and everything in between, Everything Pets in Princeton BC has your Pets-Mas shopping list covered! Christmas toys, bakery treats and stockings are available and ready to be hung with care! Small animal, bird, fish and reptile supplies are also in stock.

Our new Farm & Feed Store is much more than feed! Seasonal and house plants are arriving now! Stop in to see us today; we would love to see you!

(See their ad on page 23 under PET CENTRAL)

Diamond H Tack Little Oasis

Diamond H Tack wants to THANK EVERYONE for your support and patience over this past year! We are ready for CHRISTMAS and fully stocked with horsey giftware, including: Painted Ponies, Breyer’s, Games, Books, Cards, Ornaments, Calendars, Mugs, Jewelry, Ball Caps and Slippers. You can outfit your horse with the most current blankets and a wide variety of Western & English saddles and tack.

Provide them with their favourite treats, feed & supplements. Check out the latest in high tech riding fashions for horse enthusiasts. Find quality leashes, dog collars or warm coats for your canine friends. We also have a complete onsite custom repair shop to provide your one stop shop, with knowledgeable and friendly staff!

Enjoy our Little Oasis store wide holiday discount for Stance Equitec, KER supplements, gift cards, and more. Horse lovers appreciate PowerStance during this time of year as a support for their hard keepers, and Turmericle products can help manage anti-inflammatory conditions of soft tissues. Shop today for your special someone or your special mount!


The Finn and Fletcher Co.

Silverline Leather Pony Saddles are the perfect size for a young rider with a 12” seat, 2 1/2” cantle height, a 2” horn size and a 7” deep x 20” long skirt. Plus they feature beautifully embossed flower tooling, a fibreglass tree, & 2-way rigging.

Another great gift this season is the CEECOACH & CEEACOACH Plus communications system for trainers & students. The CEECOACH is a high-powered Bluetooth-based communications system designed to allow an instructor or guide to talk directly with up to 5 other users at a distance of up to 500 metres away. Trainers can talk to all students without interruption, and students can ask questions with the press of a button. CEECOACH Plus boasts the addition of active speech recognition, making this device virtually hands free. On sale until Christmas at The Finn & Fletcher Co.

The Horse Barn

Check out The Horse Barn's wide selection of quality horse turnout blankets and sheets to protect your horse from cold and wet weather in the fall, winter and spring months.

Our innovative turnouts are durable, breathable and waterproof with variable grams of insulation in medium weight, heavy weight blankets and light weight rain sheets. Designed to fit a range of equine breeds and statures from miniature, foal, pony, standard horse and draft XL.

Additional protection is offered with removable neck covers and ease of use is available with optional liners for extra warmth!


Hickman Saddlery

Hickman Saddlery offers one stop holiday shopping for all things cowboy/cowgirl… fun, unique gifts! In addition to the great Suspenders they are making... some other gift ideas are… how about a Rustic Cowboy Wine Rack, sizes one to six holders, for that special someone!

Or how about Chinks… they are custom made with hand tooled top and side panels basket stamped and available from baby to adult sizes. Beautiful craftsmanship and great prices!

Visit for more great gift ideas and custom work.

Rivas Remedies

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21 DECEMBER 2022 SADDLEUP.CA • Best Selection on the Island for BOOTS BELTS & BUCKLES MOCCASINS & MUKLUKS Variety of colours available 250-286-3554 6”  16” 13” Available in 48 colours

BC SPCA Animal Centres Return to Regular Hours

After more than two years of COVID precautions, BC SPCA community animal centres across the province have returned to regular hours for public access and adoption viewing.

Throughout COVID, we continued to provide our full range of services, including adoptions, but we had to be creative about how we could continue to serve animals and their guardians while also ensuring that everyone was safe,” says Adrienne McBride, the BC SPCA’s senior director for community animal centres.

“ This included virtual ‘meet and greets’ with staff to discuss a pet’s online adoption profile before making an appointment to come visit the animal in person.” McBride notes that, despite the COVID safety protocols in place, the BC SPCA saw a record number of adoptions throughout the pandemic, with very few of those adopted pets being

given up after people began returning to their former routines.

The pandemic also saw a significant increase in BC SPCA outreach programs. In 2021 alone, the SPCA helped more than 34,000 animals through pet food banks across the province, provided 12,418 nights of free emergency pet boarding and supported more than 11,000 spay/ neuter surgeries for homeless and community animals. “Many people were financially impacted by COVID and we were happy to provide whatever support we could to help keep pets and their families together,” says McBride.

She says SPCA locations across BC have looked forward to opening their doors for regular hours and walk-in adoptions again. “Even though our services carried on throughout COVID, we missed the level of one-on-one interaction we’ve always had with members

Tip of the Month - All that Sparkles and Shines

Most dogs are naturally curious critters. Many dogs calmly selfentertain while other dogs get easily bored and, left to their own devices, can get very creative! It's those that look for things to fill their curiosity that need more physical, mental and emotional stimulation to then be able to relax and most importantly 'not look for trouble!' And... need I remind, December is full of potential trouble for those creative types!

Christmas trees and all those gorgeous decorations make your home merry and bright however, in one way or 40 others, they can prove to be very stressful for your dogs! Take your time to allow your dogs to adjust to all the new additions in their space. Those lovely green trees? Don't forget they are actually 'trees'. Alive or artificial really doesn't matter that much for a dog and yup, you guessed it... often pups will wonder if 'nature' just came indoors especially for their marking!

Placing your tree up off the floor and/or securing (tying to the ceiling is very effective - for cats too!) will help. Another great way to preserve your tree is to put garden-like half fences or dog gates around it to keep your dog from accessing (especially at night). Spraying the low tree boughs with citronella or bitter apple will deter needle munching and keeping the floors free of needles will prevent them from lodging into your dog's paws.

Colourful bobbles spin and reflect creating all kinds of fun stimulation for inquisitive nosing and chasing. Some dogs are so intrigued with bobbles that they will nose bump, knock them down, chase, break, even bite and eat those tree 'balls'! They are balls after all! Be sure to hang those fragile and glass ornaments up high out of nose and mouth reach!



And, as for the last touch of bling, please forget the lovely tinsel that floats as light as air, off the tree, onto the floor, into your dog’s coat and, all too often, straight down their gullet (forming compactions) while licking and cleaning.

Now your tree is all lit up and glimmering bright... with lights that have cords that make it all possible and... provide the ideal tug and chew opportunity for your dog! Please be sure the cords are hidden under a carpet or taped down securely to avoid 1) your dog's electrical charge and 2) finding your tree toppled down!

And last but by far the most fun of all, are the wrapped gifts left under the tree! Fun and games just waiting for your dog's discovery!

I wish you and your awesome dogs a wonderful Christmas season that is full of love, joy, peace and healthy pleasures for all!

Patricia Skinner-Porter is the owner/operator of Harmony Farm Kennel & Lamb at Monte Lake BC. Offering custom care boarding (non-dog park style) Patricia provides personal care, attention and daily exercise for ALL dog types, breeds and doganalities! She also offers one-on-one dog-owner training, helping individuals to create healthy happy relationships with their dogs. Here she shares her vast array of experience with a beneficial monthly tip for you and your pooch to enjoy!

(See her listing under Pet Central)

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DOG! OF THE MONTH Pet Central For more information on any of these events go to unless another website is provided

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Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us the dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province.



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NEW YEARS EVE in Hawaii UKI Trial, Abbotsford BC










OBEDIENCE CLINIC w/Connie Cleveland, Calgary AB



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BC, 250-375-2528. “Custom
of our communities. We are very excited about connecting with our supporters and friends in person again.” Please note: All staff, visitors and volunteers are still required to wear a face mask when entering BC SPCA Centres. This important safety measure helps protect our animals and the volunteers and staff members who care for them.
is Mona, a 1-year-old Dutch Shepherd. Mona thrives on helping me with horse chores, rodent control and loves herding the chickens around the yard. - Chelsey, Kelowna BC
AAC AGILITY TRIAL (Masters Game), Pitt Meadows BC

Kids... What Are You Doing With Your Horse?

It's your turn to tell us about YOU!

My name is Kyla and this is my Welsh pony Midnight. She is 12 years old. We have been doing pony club for 2 years, it is very fun and we love it.

- Kyla, age 8, Sturgeon County AB

Violet trail riding our dear friend Lynn’s horse Drifter in a winter wonderland.

- Violet, age 6, Powell River BC

Hi my name is Ireland. When visiting my Grama in Nelson she took me for my very first horseback ride. This is Holly and she was 33 years old. My ride was so much fun.

- Ireland, age 4, Coldstream BC

It's aboutallthe kids!

Send in ONE photo with a caption (no more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis. Email to with the subject line “KIDS”

24 • 2022

Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office

As the 2022 show season comes to an end we can start looking forward to a full and successful 2023 competition season. HCBC would like to take this time to refresh everyone on just what the Horse Council BC Provincial Competition system is and how HCBC can support your competition.

Did you know…

Horse Council BC is one of the only provinces in BC to have their own Competition system that includes multi-discipline rules, competition sanctioning, official’s development and carding.

The HCBC Competition system delivers multi-discipline entry level, grass roots competition opportunities. These competitions are an integral piece of building Equestrian Sport in BC. By providing our equestrian athletes with an affordable, fun, safe environment on a level playing field, we will continue positive growth within our multidisciplined sport.

The HCBC online Competition application system is now ready for you to enter your 2023 horse show dates. Here is the link https://

Horse Council BC provincially sanctioned horse shows are able to run under the guidance of the HCBC multi-discipline Rule Book. This affords Competition Organizers the tools and support they need to operate within the recognized sport framework, follow current safety rules and guidelines and be aware of risk management that is necessary and of the upmost importance for hosting a well-planned, successful competition.

BC’s own Competition system also allows competitions access to qualified, trained and certified Officials.

The Horse Council BC Officials’ Certification Program provides a pool of educated officials in the following disciplines:

• Dressage (basic) Judge

• Driving: Pleasure and Combined Judge

• G eneral Performance Judge

• Hunter Judge

• Jumper Judge

• Hunter/Jumper Course Designer

• Vaulting Judge

HCBC Provincial Officials are independent contractors and may officiate at sanctioned or unsanctioned competitions and may hold multiple cards with other equestrian organizations without restriction.

A Guest Card is available for Officials who may have let their status lapse or are from out of province but are able to provide good references and suitable qualifications. Officials who work under a Guest Card may do so three times at which time they will be asked

to reinstate or become recorded if they wish to continue working Provincial Competitions.

A question we often get asked is, can a Nationally certified official work at a Provincially sanctioned competition? The answer is YES, these are two distinct and separate designations, each with their own set of qualifying criteria and selection process.

The HCBC Official’s development program includes recognition of certification from other national and breed association sanction bodies. An Official can be granted provincial status based on their current qualifications and carding from another organizations. It is an easy process and allows Officials to help build the grass roots, entry level competition and encourage best practice. There is also an application process for those who are interested in officiating but are not currently recognized.

Contact for more information.

It’s time to renew: Horse Council BC has auto-renewal again!  Receive a 5% discount on the HCBC membership(s) when registering for auto-renew. The discount applies to HCBC membership(s) only.

The discount will apply to your 2023 and 2024 HCBC membership as long as auto-renew is still in effect.

You can cancel or opt out of the auto renew at any time, however the discount will not be available once you opt out.

Automatic renewal will happen December 1, 2022 but you will be notified November 15, 2022 and given the opportunity to change preferences or opt out of auto-renew.

Automatic renewal can be selected for Adult, Youth and Family memberships.

Children who turn 19 will not auto renew. In a family membership with 2 adults and a child who ages out (or leaves the house), the auto renew will revert to 2 seniors.

Automatic renewal covers HCBC membership, other organizations’ memberships (ie: BCEA, EVABC, DBC), magazines and optional insurance. The automatic renewal will NOT renew retail purchases.

Once you have purchased your membership and received your confirmation, you will have the option of printing out the emailed printable card from the confirmation email. You do have the option of having your card printed and mailed to you as well. If that is the option that you would like, please look for it in your membership walkthrough.

Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •


Equestrian Canada Equestre,

The Royal Wrap-Up: The Magic and History of the Royal Felt by All

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair wrapped up its centennial celebration in Toronto on November 13 with the Royal Rodeo where Amber Marshall of Heartland fame was in the house.

In a course designed by Canadian Olympian Michel Vaillancourt, the athlete and horse combinations faced a challenging course, as many rails fell throughout the marquee event. Competing on home soil, Foster was the first to register a clear round, while riding Northern Light (Plot Blue x Contender), an 11-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare owned by Artisan Farms LLC. The two-time Olympian would be joined by Coyle aboard Legacy and Israel’s Daniel Bluman and Gemma W to a three-horse jump-off.

The 38-year-old Foster was the first to attempt the jump-off, picking up eight faults and an additional time fault. Coyle would best Foster’s time and finish with zero faults. Bluman attempted to dethrone Coyle from first place, but Coyle held up to take home the prize and the ‘Hickstead Trophy’.

Equestrian Canada staff were on hand throughout the 10 days in the interactive booth meeting with the community, selling toques and merchandise, and playing #RideforLife cornhole. A giveaway from Henry Insurance, EC’s preferred insurance partners, was open to fair attendees. The John Deere ride on Ztrak mower that is part of our giveaway contest for Sport Licence Holders, was parked in the booth for the duration of the show and garnered lots of attention. (Contest closes December 31, 2022)

Coyle’s partner in the class, Legacy (Chippendale Z x Bon Ami), the 12-year-old Zangersheide bay mare owned by Ariel Grange, is one of the leading equine talents from Lothlorien Farm in Caledon, ON. The hometown mare was also named Leading Canadian-Owned Horse to round out the awards of the evening.

The Langley native Foster was named the Leading Canadian Rider of 2022 with her current placing on the Jumping - Longines Rankings. She was also happy with her young mare, Northern Light and reaching the podium in the Grand Prix event. “It means a lot to me because we had some strong Canadians here this week on their best horses,” Foster mentioned. “And it’s a big accomplishment to land on top, because it’s such a good group.”

Foster, who made her debut in 2001 at The Royal when she won both the CET and the JC Medal, reflected back to that and on how pivotal it is to compete here. “I think the medal and the equitation is so important, it’s your first taste of a little bit of pressure, I think if you can rise up at the moment, it helps to carry on throughout your career.”

The 10-day event saw over 300,000 people come celebrate the best food experiences, livestock and top international athletes and horses competing. With thousands of apple dumplings served, over 1,000 competitors taking to the ring and $1,000,000 in prize money given out over the last 10 days, we’re now all looking forward to another 100 years!

The final night of The Royal Horse Show on November 12 provided some exciting show jumping action in front of a sold-out crowd in the Coca-Cola Coliseum, which witnessed Ireland’s Daniel Coyle win the $250,000 Longines Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Jumping World Cup Toronto. Canada’s own Tiffany Foster finished in third place and the top Canadian, in a field of 21 athlete and horse combinations.

She continued to reflect on the centennial and the history of the event. “There’s also all of this tradition here and that raises you up, because you want to be as good as those that came before you,” Foster said. “To be the leading Canadian and have my name on all those trophies means a lot. That means that I’m part of the history books of the Royal!”

She went on to talk about what many have expressed about the Canadian institution. “The Royal is just magical,” she continued. “It has magic. And the fact that there’s all of this tradition here, I think it raises you up.”

On November 11, Foster exchanged her breeches for a ball gown and was able to live out another kind of magic with what she called her ‘princess carriage ride dream’, when she joined John P. White’s winning coach in the Pemberton Green Meadows Four in Hand Appointments Class along

with equestrian photographer Mackenzie Clark. Amber Marshall (Photo Mackenzie Clark) Staff at our interactive booth (Photo Ben Radvanyi) Tiffany Foster and Northern Light (Photo Cealy Tetley) (Photo Mackenzie Clark) (Photo Ben Radvanyi)

Vernon District Riding Club

It has been a wonderful year at VDRC with many events and shows throughout the season after two years of lock-down. There is great momentum for 2023 with the announcement of the Interior Desert Circuit in partnership with the Kelowna Riding Club. These six shows will run monthly beginning in April and alternate between the two clubs:

April 21-23, 2023 Vernon

May 3-7, 2023 Kelowna

June 1-4 Vernon

July 14-16 Vernon

August 4-6 Kelowna

Sept 29-Oct 1 Kelowna

Our last show of the season, the Thankful Jumper Show, on the October 8-9 Thanksgiving weekend was well-attended. The club would like to thank the tireless Keelly Gordon for organizing the summer and fall shows which have a relaxed and supportive atmosphere so

everyone enjoys the competition. These are great opportunities for riders to jump lower courses with a practice day prior to each show. The club is only as good as its people. The current board, headed by President Allison Covert, the executive and directors and membership are the main reason VDRC is a jewel of a facility in the Vernon area. As always a huge thank you to the annual sponsors of our beautiful facility and club, keeping this venue accessible for all riders. Riders Tack, Nata Farms, Priscilla and Company Re-Max, Lavington Pellet, Boulder Designs and Capri Insurance. We are grateful to our Groundskeeper Jean Guy who keeps the club looking like a park. Have a wonderful holiday season and all the best to you and your horses for 2023! See you next year!

*Editor’s note (from Nancy Roman): Keelly had asked me to volunteer at the Thankful Jumper Show which I did, and while there… I snapped a few impromptu photos to share. Hope I got the names right!

Show organizer Keelly Gordon Meah Hanna and Starlit AJ Rusello and Jack with two friends Billie Becker Izi Duncan and Hobby Taylor Zerr
Watch and learn Time for the walk through
Jaida Assam

Canadian Cowboy Challenge

It is hard to believe that we are in December and close to another Christmas. At this point of time, the spring and summer Challenges went by fast. The number of runs per Challenge was down from 2019 but up from 2021. I think this is a good indication that riders are starting to come back and/or new members are coming out to compete at CCC Challenges. Talking to both judges and competitors, this year’s Challenges went very well.

A s a judge, I have noticed rider obstacle scores going up across all divisions; a good indication of the advancing skill level of the team (rider and horse). I think riders can view their obstacle scores as a guide of their advancement over the Challenge season and from one year to another. This feedback should provide the rider the internal gratification and satisfaction with their riding experience. An external reward or “bonus” would be receiving a year-end award for the Challenge season.

Alana has provided me with her riding experience this past season, along with some comments from a few fellow competitors. Alana reflects that “as winter winds howl and the snow falls, it is a good time to reflect on the past year with the Canadian Cowboy Challenge. It was a great season, with many new faces joining us.” Alana mentions that she saw “… so many horses and rider teams strive to be better each Challenge. Some of our members started taking lessons and competing in other disciplines to up their Canadian Cowboy Challenge game. We enjoyed the friendly competition, social times around the campfire, and what a joy it was to see people once again. For me (Alana) a sure sign that the level of competition is continuing to improve was the task of creating courses for our finals. In order to make it interesting and challenging, a great deal of thought had to go into planning more technical obstacles and patterns for our riders.”

Two new members, Angela and Cindy, shared these comments with Alana. Angela said, “What keeps me motivated when riding is seeing improvement in my horses.” And “I decided I preferred the Canadian Cowboy Challenge. It was a challenge I wanted to take on because it takes a really good-minded and seasoned horse to succeed.” Cindy is patiently waiting for Angela… “to ride Gypsy in the Bucking Crazies division” next year so that Cindy can hopefully ride her at Challenges the following year.

Alana also talked with Sherry, another new member. Sherry indicated that, “I always wanted to come to a Cowboy Challenge but it is mostly about stepping out on my own and doing things with Oakley (my horse). I was going to do as much as I could with him and I started at the Cooking Lake Saddle Club Obstacle Challenge, where I met a Canadian Cowboy Challenge member who said I should come to their next Challenge. So I accepted the Challenge knowing that I would know someone there that knew the ropes. Yes Oakley and I have lots

to learn about riding in the Challenges, and the rules. I enjoyed the Challenge and met lots of new people and had fun.”

The business side of the CCC that I need to mention is our AGM. It will be held on January 23, 2023 via Zoom at 1 p.m. MST. The date and time will be listed on the CCC website and if you want to attend, you need to contact the CCC using our e-mail address for the Zoom link. I am looking forward to next year’s Challenge season already. After the AGM, the board will be busy starting in February preparing for the upcoming season.

Take care and Happy Riding. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Alana starting her obstacle course Shane on the 360 disc Greg going through the water obstacle. Credit Unbridled Photography.

Interior Cutting Horse Association

The ICHA had their Year-end Awards and AGM banquet on October 22, 2022 at the Frick and Frack Tap House in Kamloops. Great food and great company!

Congratulations to all the Buckle winners, to those who won yearend prizes, and to all the weekend show prize winners. We had a great show season which carried 2021 into 2022 due to the pandemic. Thank you to all who contribute to make the shows happen, all the

Awards 2021-2022

Open Horse – sponsored by Dr. David & Rebecca Ciriani

Spots Montana Doc – Denton Moffat 1

Im A Genuine Player – Jerry Rath 2

Smart Little Adan – Lee Poncelet 3

Non Professional – sponsored by Equine Fit

Catherine Moffat – Metallic Wabbitt 1

Carol Schepp – DFL Hickadixie Chick 2

Binky Moffat – CY Runaround Sue 3

10,000 Horse Open – sponsored by Adam Blackmon

Im A Genuine Player – Jerry Rath 1

Smart Georgia Rey – Grant Beyer 2 K it Kat Maisie – Lee Poncelet 3

Youth Rider – sponsored by Ken & June Hartley

Ali Haworth – Call Me Turner 1

Teagan Findlay – Smart little Alley 2 Emily Taylor – Lucky Rey 3

750 Progressive Horse – sponsored by Hub Insurance

Bet Hesa San Lena – Adam Blackmon 1

Hot Time Holly – Jim Rhodes 2

Rockin W Starlight – Ingrid Plummer 3

Green Horse Open – sponsored by RV Doctor

Wood She Be Tuff – Lee Poncelet 1

Scootin Lena Cat – Dwight Fisher 2 Howdy – Terry Hewitt 3

10,000 Novice Horse Non Professional – sponsored by Dr. Dale & Marilyn Henry

Carol Schepp – Smart Little Adan 1

Kevin Bennett – Sindicats Smart Angel 2 Ingrid Plummer – Rockin W Starlight 3

2 500 Limit Rider – sponsored by northwest Saltwater Adventures Kevin Bennett – Sindicats Smart Angel 1

Jim Rhodes – Hot Time Holly 2

Brittnee Sousa – Peptos Royal Scoot 3

750 Progressive Rider – sponsored by Dr. Dale & Marilyn Henry

Sandra Rhodes – Intensions Good Cat 1

Brittnee Sousa – Peptos Royal Scoot 2 K athryn Nair – Lil More Richochet 3

350 Novice Rider – sponsored by Andrew Bromley Amy Babcock – Sugaree Cat 1

Jenn Van den Born – Xacktly My Way 2 K athryn Nair – Lil More Richochet 3

Novice Rider – sponsored by Discount Direct Metals

Angela DeCorte – Wood She Be Tuff 1 Jessica Brackman – Bet Hesa San Lena 2 T ie Megan Petersen – Silver Texas Rose 2

Ranch Horse – sponsored by MH King Excavating Ltd.

A Whiter Shade Opale – Abby MacNeish 1

Peptos Little Color – Lynne Lucas 2 Scootin Lena Cat – Dwight Fisher 3

Never Won A Buckle – sponsored by Troy Fischer Silverworks Rycki Batten Winner

Top Horse - Im A Genuine Player – Jerry Rath

Top Rider – Brittnee Sousa – Peptos Royal Scoot

participants and most importantly all our sponsors for which we are truly grateful.

The ICHA is a fun club to belong to, which is a true testament to all its members. We offer many different experience levels for horse and rider to compete and enjoy the sport of cutting, our wonderful horses, camaraderie and lots of fun along the way. We are already planning our show season for 2023… hope to see you there.

Our new Executive and Board for 2023 (l to r)

President – Lee Poncelet, Vice President – Jerry Rath, Director – Lynn Lucas, Secretary – Carol Schepp, Director – Amy Babcock Director – Wendy Gerrard, Director – Rob Appleby, Director – Brittnee Sousa, Director – Jim Rhodes, Treasurer – Kevin Bennett, Missing Director – Bonnie Meints

Youth Buckle winner Ali Haworth Top Horse - Im A Genuine PlayerJerry Rath Youth Reserve Champion Teagan Findlay Top Rider - Brittnee Sousa

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club… for the love of horses!

One of the most wonderful things about our Vintage Riders Equestrian Club is the knowledge we gain from each other and each individual’s experiences. When one of those experiences has the power to help others and make a significant difference in the lives of other horses and the people who love them, we are happy to share!

One of our founding members, Rita Rawstron, shares her story today:

“My Connemara pony, Caleb, (now 18) developed laminitis when he was about 12.  It was treated with ice, bute, low sugar diet, gel boots, rest and he recovered... at least for a year or two until he developed it again. I always said if he got it a 3rd time I’d lose him. Well, you guessed it he had another recurrence at about 14. He has EMS (equine metabolic syndrome) with insulin levels off the charts, literally. Normal levels are 5-20; his were over 200! That’s as far as the lab can test.

He was in pain and it was brutal for him and me. I was a hair away from choosing euthanasia.

With the help of my Vet, Dr. Kristin Poirier, we tried everything allopathic. As a last-ditch effort, we tried WIRX, organic cranberries and cinnamon, which helped but didn’t get his levels low enough. Through

Sandy, who owns G’s Organics that makes the WIRX, we discovered an off-label use of a human drug that was helping horses with EMS. A vet in the Cowichan Valley, Dr. Fritz, was experimenting with using this drug, Invokana, in horses. Dr. Poirier, in consultation with Dr. Fritz, put Caleb on Invokana.

Invokana has saved my horse’s life! He improved so quickly, his insulin levels are normal and we are back jumping and riding hard.

I want every horse owner dealing with EMS to know about this as it saved my boy’s life! He truly is a miracle and I am extremely grateful to have my awesome pony back!”

Medicine, whether human or equine, is a continually evolving science. We are so grateful for the ongoing quest for knowledge that brings new solutions to old problems.

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club… for the love of horses! We are a gathering of horse enthusiasts within the Fraser Valley. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome. We meet every 3rd Tuesday in Fort Langley to enjoy fellowship and a speaker and host a variety of clinics according to PHO.

Find us on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – public, email:

Caleb now, at the Fraser Valley Hunt Caleb now, at a wilderness camp outing

Chilliwack Riding Club

We wrapped up another successful competition year on October 30th with our annual Halloween Gymkhana and costume day. The array of costumes was amazing and the effort that everyone made to dress up warmed the heart on a cool day. There were treats for all and a modified Poker Ride added just the right amount of extra fun for the last ride of the year!

Our Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet will take place on December 10th where we look forward to recapping our year and honouring our dedicated riders. Thinking forward to the coming sea son… get your HCBC renewals completed and update your CRC membership online. We’d like to offer more rides, games and com petitions, so sign-up early to get the most out of your membership!

Leadline Highpoint: Chase McPherson

Runner-Up: Marissa McPherson

Peewee Highpoint: Kinsley Lewis

Runner-Up: Heidi Lepp

Junior Highpoint: Kamerin Scott

Runner-Up: Emerson Van Leeuwen

Intermediate Highpoint: Brooke Cap

Runner-Up: Alexis Hughes

Senior Highpoint: Megan Mckay

Runner-Up: Dallas Feragen-Forbes, Rochelle Pederson, Laura Siteman

Novice Highpoint: Heidi Hogan Runner- Up: Isla Lippa

Poker Ride:

1st: Megan Mckay

2nd: Kenna Abbott

3rd: Hannah Lewis

Made of chrome plated steel. Item on left is 6” long and weighs 7oz. Items to the right are 5” long with a point and weigh 2oz.

Congratulations (so far) to: Marie Graham, Vernon BC Karen Berniece Yeadon, South Langley BC

From the October issue

This was a Genuine “Brannock Device”…Used for measuring foot length, width, arch relation to gauge the size of a person’s foot. Many were right with its purpose; but only 3 knew the ‘brand’ name.

Little star-shaped pieces of steel and a red bouncy ball

READERS – What’s your guess? Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to

Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK!

What’s this? Has run its course. Thank you to Russ for looking after this the last few years. Happy retirement to you! Thank you to everyone who guessed over the years!

We’re going to give you more time to figure this one out!
This is the LAST What’s this? item. Russ is retiring!

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society News

The GVHS has had an amazing year with tremendous growth in members and registrations. New programs and events have been added. The registry reached the milestone of 10,000 registered Gypsy Vanners during the summer of 2022 and well on the way to 11,000. The online registry where detail pedigree and other information on thousands of registered and non-registered horses is available free to members.

Everyone is looking forward to the Annual Meeting weekend event on February 24-26, 2023 in Grapevine, Texas. We hope all our Canadian members, and even non-members with interest in the breed, will join us there. The details of the event can be found at

CRTWH 40th Anniversary Year News & Notes

If you’ve been following the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse you’ll know it has been a very busy year for us. This was our 40th anniversary and we celebrated by holding ‘The Canadian’ 40th Anniversary Event.

This multi-faceted undertaking saw the involvement of many owners of Canadian registered TWH, both past and present. Some attended our event in Thorsby and some contributed by donating resources, time, publicity and effort to the many projects that have gone on in relation to our anniversary.

These include:

• The addition of new Modules to the Training Levels Challenge for example, Back Country Trail Riding and Liberty.

• Discussion on developing a youth program.

• The in-depth researching and gathering of photos of Canadian registered TWH that are represented in our breeding history. This will form an accurate archive of what those horses actually looked like.

• The updating of registration applications incorporating new

genetic information on colour.

• All CRTWH forms revised to have a uniform look.

• The addition of e-transfer capabilities and an updated website.

• Program for Excellence Awards now shown not only on a horse’s actual pedigree but also included on the Canadian Livestock Records website information for each horse.

• First ever PFE Platinum Award achieved by a stallion.

• And as a thank you to our members, discounts on transfers and registrations of foals born in 2021 and 2022. There is also an amnesty on fees during this anniversary year for eligible horses not previously registered or transferred with CRTWH.

We are looking ahead to the future now, with discussions on how to best represent our horses, breeders and owners. The CRTWH Board of Directors are actively discussing exciting great new ideas that will expand our already unique and varied programs. We hope to introduce several at our Annual General Meeting in spring of 2023.

Koki = KOKO’S SMOKIN SURPRISE TF #2375 - an apt pupil in Liberty Training with Sue Gamble, Swastika, ON. Smokey = Uphill Heir Trigger #360 - First stallion to achieve the Platinum Award in the Program for Excellence. Photo of one of the Walkers registered in Canada in the early ‘70s. Lady’s Merry Mist #89 (was maternal granddam of Uphill Heir Trigger).

The Back Country Horsemen of BC

Recognizing Two Dedicated Volunteers & Our Cowboy Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to our 2022 Volunteers of the Year

Each June, at our annual Rendezvous, we recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to our organization, and to the community as a whole. On behalf of the BCHBC membership, thank you to both of the amazing women featured here for their extraordinary dedication and volunteer spirit!

Eileen MacDonald ~ Robson Valley Chapter

Eileen has been a member of the BCHBC for more than a decade and was a founding member of the Robson Valley Chapter in 2010. She is also the Chair of our Provincial Communications Committee. In this role, she coordinated the revisions, publication and distribution of the current BCHBC Chapter Handbook, and created a standard format for formal BCHBC documents to ensure consistent document control. Eileen has worked diligently to educate BCHBC members on trail rider safety and has organized many activities that provide the foundations for well-directed activities of BCHBC members. She has also been the Volunteer Coordinator of the Rendezvous Committee for many years with a goal of making the volunteer role fun and ensuring ample opportunity for networking between chapter members across the Province.

Eileen also works in collaboration with several organizations such as the Regional District of Fraser Fort George, Village of McBride, Ministry of Forestry, Rec Sites & Trails, Mount Robson Provincial Park, McBride Community Forest, plus local hiking, biking and ski clubs.

One of her most recent volunteer tasks (as a member of the Robson Valley Chapter Trails Committee) was the administration and coordination of an over $250K+ five-year project. This included the development of a 78 km trail system, three trail heads, and a 12 site MacIntosh Rustic Equine Campground, a BC Recreation site on Crown Land. This project was massive and included close collaboration with many community and government stakeholders and included applications for approvals and funding, procurement of contractors, writing of contracts, and more.

Linda Buchanan ~ Shuswap Chapter

Linda Buchanan has been a BCHBC member for 21 years. She started with the Yarrow Chapter, helping out with trail clearing work bees, positions on the chapter executive, and organizing educational and social events. Linda was a huge part of the Yarrow chapter’s

Headwaters Corral Equestrian Campsite in EC Manning Provincial Park project, working closely with BC Parks, and helping to secure funding.

When she retired and moved to the Turtle Valley in Chase in 2013, Linda immediately began to revive the Shuswap Chapter by taking the role as Chapter Chair, a position she held for the maximum sixyear tenure. Since then, this chapter has grown in numbers (from 13 to 70+), has taken on local projects (such as Skimikin, South Canoe and Larch Hills Trails), and works closely with the Shuswap Trail Alliance and has a partnership agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC at Skimikin. She has also become involved on the Provincial Board as a Vice President, on the Insurance Committee, and as Chair of the Trails Committee. Her ongoing efforts speak to her commitment to see BCHBC flourish in the province as a whole and have had an impact on the success of the Shuswap Chapter in particular.

Cowboy Poetry Contest Winner


Peter ~ Yarrow Chapter

In 2013, we lost longtime BCHBC member Ernie Buckles. He was a grand old cowboy with a passion for the backcountry and a real talent for cowboy poetry. In his honour, the annual Ernie Buckles Cowboy Poetry Contest was started.

The 2022 BCHBC cowboy poetry contest winner was Mikayla Peter. She recited her original work, ‘Grounded Souls’ to a very appreciative audience at the Prince George Rendezvous. Her efforts won her a place on the Ernie Buckle perpetual plaque, plus a beautifully engraved Montana silver buckle embossed with Ernie’s image.

A life-long horse lover, Mikayla has been a member of the Yarrow chapter since moving to Chilliwack about five years ago. Mikayla was a junior member when she and her mother, Claudia Zamprogno, attended their first Rendezvous in Merritt in 2019. The next year, at the RV held in Nanaimo, she presented her first poetry reading. After a two-year break, due to the pandemic, she honed her writing skills to pen her award-worthy poem.

This fall, 20-year-old Mikayla is excited to turn her passion for all things equine into a career. She started the farrier program in Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Cloverdale.

Read Mikayla’s poem—and find a link to a YouTube video of her poetry reading— online at Click on the ‘Our Latest News’ tab in the top menu bar, and scroll down to read her poem, and others.

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BCHBC respectfully acknowledges that our members are privileged to recreate on the unceded traditional lands of First Nations people of British Columbia. Our 2022 Rendezvous event held in Prince George this past June, recognized two outstanding volunteers and crowned a new Cowboy Poet! Terri Perrin, Member at Large & Saddle Up magazine article coordinator Volunteers of the Year 2022, (left) Eileen MacDonald & Linda Buchanan. (Oops! Note that they are holding each other’s plaques!) Sandra Erickson (Chair, Prince George-Omineca Chapter) & Brian Marriot (BCHBC President) present Mikayla Peter with the Cowboy Poetry Award.

ARMSTRONG ENDERBY RIDING CLUB S chooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 10/23

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2/23 Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!! Visit our website at: 3/23 5th of each month DEADLINE Alberta Donkey and Mule Club Play Days • Clinics • Shows • Trail Rides • Community Events • Knowledge Sharing High Point in Competitive and Recreational Categories 6/23 Canadian Cowboy Challenge A SPORT for the whole Family! Seven Divisions to accommodate all! For more info please call 403-828-2044 or visit 12/22 A charitable equine organization funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthy equine causes. Bob Watson, President • 403-378-4323 DONATIONS WELCOMED THE EQUINE FOUNDATION OF CANADA PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE HELPING HORSES 4/23 BC ANIMAL OWNERS ASSOC. Mission is to get ‘legal’ access to non-vet practices to support our companion/farm animals. 4/23 6/23 LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Tamara Jameson,, 12/22 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 11/23
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in this incredible sport of Horseback Archery in the Okanagan Valley, BC

SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 12/22

VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 4/23

PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Kevin Froese ( Info, Gymkhana dates & events 6/23

WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 6/23


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38 • DECEMBER 2022 SADDLEUP.CA On The Market (Private Sale) Stallions & Breeders APPALOOSACENTRE.COM 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 9/23 BREEDERS PHOTO ADS ONLY $60 OR LESS NEXT DEADLINE JANUARY 5 2023 YOUR AD COULD BE HERE! AW Poco Kintaro | AQHA/NFQH 98% Palomino with dun dilution Axels N Steel Dust | AQHA/NFQH 98% Grullo Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC) AW Blue Fire N Te AQHA Blue Roan Looking to the future with: 12/22 5 Panel Negative AQHA Stallion Standing at: Charles Rance Equine, Ashcroft BC and (owners) Circle M Farm, Qualicum Beach BC For breeding inquiries email 4/23 FOOTNOTE FARM FJORDS (Langley BC) 778-822-3276. Registered & imported breeding stock. Bred for performance and built to last. 5/23 OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/22 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales, on 3/23 URGENT... HERD DISPERSAL Selling due to health reasons. Special provisions offered to entire herd purchase. Selling only BCAC ranch raised and trained family friendly Appaloosas For more information call 250-963-9779 or visit
39 DECEMBER 2022 SADDLEUP.CA • HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS MISCELLANEOUS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 2/23 Shop & Swap! Leather & Stitches The Leather Lady Custom Sewing Leather Hats, Belts, Moccasins Holsters, Knife Sheaths Upholstery Work & many Repairs Sherri DeBoer 250.838.0778 Box 62 Grindrod BC, V0E 1Y0 12/22 DEEP CREEK GENERAL STORE ARMSTRONG’S GENERAL STORE that has a little bit of everything 250-546-3955 3455 Pleasant Valley Rd. Armstrong, BC Dealer for Pet Food & Supplies Wood Shavings and MORE ULTRAKELP.CA 1-888-848-9988 Complete Balanced Bioavailable Source Of Essential MACRO and MICRO nutrients for HEALTHY HORSES Contact: Brigitte MacKenzie, 604-768-9558 (cell/text) REALTORS, YOUR AD SHOULD BE HERE 1/9 PAGE STARTING AT JUST $90 1-866-546-9922 for more info 5th of each month DEADLINE Rural Roots MOUNTAIN VIEW HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIR has partnered with Buck’n Clean Horse Laundry Service, offering pick up & delivery service in the Chilliwack & Lower Mainland area, 604-8457179,
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