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S panMaSter STRUCTURES LTD. Natural Light

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SpanMaster Structures will provide you with a uniquely pleasant and environmentally sound building experience by providing thoughtful guidance and the highest quality workmanship, without compromise! Britespan buildings Dealer of the year 2018-2019

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ell did we have a change in the weather! Last month it was brutally cold… now… Spring is in the air! That means mud and sludge and HAIR EVERYWHERE! Gotta luv our furry friends! I am sure I speak for most horse people that we are hoping this pandemic finishes soon, and we can get ‘somewhat’ back to normal with events and outings. We see some events that are able to still happen, plus there are the virtual ones, but as we know so many of our Photo by Diane McIndoe favourites have been cancelled. It’s been over one year now for Covid to have affected us all in our activities – who knew it would last that long? Let’s hope the vaccines (and safety measures) help us all in getting back to healthy and active lives with our horses, with our families, and our friends. With our lives turned upside down for the past year, what are you thankful for? What has gotten you through this to maintain some kind of normalcy (or sanity)? Drop us a line, send an email – let us know. In the subject line please put THANKFUL. We’d like to know – and we may print your comment (without your name). Let’s hear from our readers! AND… don’t forget to enter our NEW (dedicated) Drawing Contest! Drawings must be in our hands by April 30th. Some great prizes for you - courtesy of The Finn & Fletcher Co. Let the hair fly!

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Falkland Community Raffle

Porsha and her partner with their new Kioti Mechron!

By Sabrina Ujma, FDCA President


s it has been with many communities in the country, the Falkland & District Community Association was unable to hold two of their biggest fundraisers of the year. The first of those being the Annual Falkland Stampede! The second our Cara-A-Thon dinner and silent auction held to raise funds to pay for the insurance for the Stampede Grounds, including the curling rink, skating rink and ball diamond, and the Community Hall which includes the Senior’s Hall. With the loss of these funds the FDCA held its first ever large grand prize raffle for a Kioti Mechron 2200 side x side, with the help of Timberstar Tractor in Vernon. It turned out to be a successful venture.

With the support of the Falkland Community and surrounding areas we sold over 1700 of our 2000 tickets available which covered the cost of our insurance with enough left over for other projects. The grand prize also went to one of Falkland’s own residents, Porsha Campbell. Thanks to the amazing support from all of the people that bought tickets! We are postponing The Falkland Stampede for 2021 until August, in hopes that we will be able to go ahead with it. We look forward to seeing everyone again!





Mules and Horses

Crosshair Springs Equine Services is a full service equine facility, breeding for quality over quantity! STANDING AT STUD: “Crosshairs Open Season” Registered Mammoth Jack 2021 stud fee $750, live cover

We specialize in producing performance Mules, as well as performance Paint and Quarter Horses. By seeking out specific broodmares to fit our program and only breeding to our top quality stallions, the offspring produced have not disappointed! Over the years we have expanded to own and operate this top notch equestrian facility! Offering such services as boarding, training, breeding, lessons, arena rentals, trail rides, and so much more! We share a passion for both horses and mules, taking great pride in the stock we produce. You can be sure any equine from Crosshair Springs Equine Services is well-handled, quiet, and set up to succeed in their new home! Be sure to browse our website for a taste of what is available.

“Dun A Smart Play” AQHA reining/working cow horse bred stallion 2021 stud fee $600, live cover

Krista & Logan Hunter 780-872-3873 Crosshair Springs Equine Services, Wainwright, Alberta • APRIL 2021



and Horsemen By Glenn Stewart

The other day, a fellow said to me, “I want to be a horseman.” Then he asked, “What is a horseman?” Then he said, “How do I get to be one?” So I thought about it for a minute…


have my opinion of what a horseman is but I know there is a great deal of difference in what one person might call a horseman and what someone else would. So I asked him, “Who do you want to think of you as a horseman?” And he said “other horsemen.” Which brought us back full circle to what and/or who is a horseman? I said some people would say they know 20 horsemen in their community while another, depending on their horsemanship knowledge and of the horse industry, might say they know 20 in all of North America. Being considered a horseman by someone else will be determined by what they’ve seen, done or know about horses and the horse world.

I used the example of driving vehicles. The more you know about driving, for example, the more people you will know who drive, but you wouldn’t consider them “drivers.” Some might say that Joe is an unbelievable driver. “I’ve seen him spin donuts in the Safeway parking lot with his car; he is amazing, and he now offers lessons.” The guy that drives in the Baja 1000 cross-country race or the Daytona 500 might not agree. Their idea of a driver, or someone who they would get a lesson from, would be very different than Joe. Out of these three drivers which two could teach you the most about driving? Chances are pretty good that the Daytona 500 and the Baja 1000 drivers could spin donuts in a parking lot. Joe, however, probably would get laughed out of the Daytona or get killed during the race. So I broke it down some more and said if you’ve owned a vehicle all your life, rode in it and had never been in an accident, does that make you a driver? What if you own multiple vehicles and drive 100,000 km a year, does that make you a driver? What if you have driven trucks, tractors and motorbikes, are you a driver? Does it make you a driver or do you just drive? If it does make you a driver, then what do you call the guy who won the Daytona 500 and the Baja 1000 and also drives all the above-mentioned vehicles? If you saw Joe and the winner of the Daytona 500 drive to Safeway it would be hard to see a difference. However, the knowledge they would have to share with you and the driver you could become would be on different planets. It would be like chalk and cheese. If you only want chalk, the ingredients are much different than if you want cheese. If you’ve never experienced either, it’s hard to know the difference. They both take a while to make and, at the end, you will get chalk or cheese. If you knew before you started that it was cheese you wanted, I’m sure you’d pick the person that could help you make cheese. You decide you want to drive like the Daytona driver. Just by watching him you would not see things even if he explained them first. He would have skills, feel, timing, terminology and understanding of what he does that he could explain, but you might not understand or be able to duplicate what he does, at least not at that moment. However, over time because he is a driver, he could show us how to become one. He knows the path or route to take so it will happen if we have the desire to watch and learn. So I said to the fellow, “you’re first going to have to determine what you think a horseman is.”

6 • APRIL 2021


Once you have decided that, then you need to go hang out with one and stay there long enough to be able to do the things that are happening in front of you that you can’t even see today.” Ol’ Joe spins a mean donut in the Safeway parking lot and is giving lessons but, so do a thousand other would-be drivers. Then you talk with the Daytona 500 real driver and he says, “oh my, forget that and do your best to get rid of all the things that Joe told you.” You have to completely change what you learnt over the past 3 years because it could actually be wrong and dangerous compared to good driving habits. Also, do your homework before spending. We all have limited time and funds, so why not spend them on the very best instruction you can find. How can you spend the most time with the best you know and for the least amount of money? What is a better deal? … $300 for 3 days or $450 for 3 days. For $300 you get 3 hours of instruction with that instructor (1 hour per day). A different instructor or clinician offers 3 days at $450 but you get 18 hours of instruction (6 hours a day for 3 days). Doing the math it’s pretty obvious where your money is going the furthest. At $300 for 3 days you actually paid over 3 times as much than if you had paid the $450. More importantly, are you getting help from someone you consider to be a horseman and not have to change everything later that you thought was fantastic at that time. So what is a horseman? That is for you to decide. It can be easy or extremely challenging to become a horseman depending on what you think one is. Happy Horsemanship, Glenn Stewart

Glenn offers an online study program as well as year round horsemanship opportunities at his home base The Horse Ranch. For more information visit: (See his listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

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BC Equine Arena 2 Trail Association Working with obstacles to overcome obstacles… Building confidence, patience, respect and trust in your equine partnership!


he BC Equine Arena 2 Trail Association (BCEA2TA) is a obstacle course. The principals of confidence, patience, and respect comprehensive forum where BC equine enthusiasts can (CPR) is the focus and keeping you safe in the arena and on the trail is achieve greater success in all aspects of the human/equine our goal. relationship. Our platform will offer a wide range of training and As a member of BCEA2TA you are kept up-to-date on what competitive opportunities with the aim to help you and is happening with our association as a whole. A single your equine achieve a deeper partnership. BCEA2TA is membership is $40, kids 17 and under (as of the current continually building upon various training techniques, year) are free. Affiliated memberships are offered as well in order to assist you with your equine journey. at $100 for the year, so you can promote your clinics As we are an affiliate member of Horse Council and shows and advertise through our website and BC, all of our members are required to have a current Facebook page. As an affiliate you will have access HCBC membership. It is important to us to have to expert advice, documentation and everything camaraderie throughout the province. Our goals needed for a successful event whether in an arena are to have and support clinics and competitions, or out on the trail. and encourage clubs to experience this association Affiliated members can be businesses or clubs that throughout the province. are equine related, offering you the opportunity to advertise and connect with all our other memberships, Dawn Ferster, Founder of the BC Equine Arena Dawn Ferster 2 Trail Association is a Certified Judge through the groups, ranches and organizations (that are associated International Mountain Trail Challenge Association and with BCEA2TA). an Accredited Judge with Horse Council BC. Her thirty years of Check us out at or on Facebook experience as a clinician, trainer and coach allows her to develop and for clinics and competitions. For more enhance your equine experience. Working together, she will help you information email: to or call Dawn Ferster achieve your goals, and can also assist you in the design of your own at 250-808-0738.

WE CARRY A BROAD VARIETY OF HAY YEAR-ROUND FOR ALL DIETARY NEEDS A 20’ container full of 144 square hay bales, delivered to you and replaced when needed

This labour-saving system eliminates hand stacking bales (no friends required) and the requirement to be at home when your hay is delivered.

Contact us for a free quote: 778-745-0033 / Enderby BC Follow us on Instagram and Facebook or visit

Each Box comes with a ‘lab analysis’ of your feed so that you know exactly what you are feeding your animals.

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Fool me once, Shame on You. Fool me twice… Shame on Me

Me riding Polly. Photo by Pat Dymond.

A common occurrence when I was young - if there was a 4-legged animal around, I was going to climb on it. Cow, dog, horse, donkey... it didn't matter. Photo by Pat Dymond.

By Christa Miremadi • (Lessons from the Herd… continued) England and disappointed by the riding available in Vancouver,

Perhaps the earliest lesson I really remember learning was one I received from a little grey pony at the lesson barn I rode at when I was very little, maybe just 6 or 7 years old. But, I was around 3 when I rode my first pony...


his was another little grey pony by the name of ‘Polly’ who’d humour me by letting me sit on her while she was being led around the yard at a stable just outside of my hometown of St. Albans, England during my older sister’s lessons. My family lived in St. Albans until I was around 5 years old, when we made the trek across the pond to live in Vancouver BC. My sister, having gotten used to the open countryside of rural

10 • APRIL 2021


decided to take a break from riding. Separating me from horses, a horse-crazy 5-year-old girl, wasn’t going to happen, so my parents enrolled me in riding lessons. Penelope was very similar to Polly, that first pony I had loved back in England. She was little, white and… a pony. In every sense of the word. She was cute as a button, small, opinionated, temperamental, and 80% evil. I rode Penelope often. I was little enough that whatever mount I was given would have to be under around 12hh if I was going to have any chance at all of controlling them by myself. There was Cheeky, Cuddles, Chief, Kokanee or Penelope. Chief and Kokanee were pretty large (for ponies) but Cheeky, Cuddles and Penelope were only 10 or 11hh. Until that day I liked riding Penelope because she was always so willing to go. I used to get so excited on my way to the barn for my lessons I could hardly breathe. I would have my helmet on from the moment I got in the car and I’d be anxious until I got to the tack room and could see whose name was chalked in next to mine on the lesson board. On this particular day, much to my excitement, it was Penelope. This would be the day that I’d learn about habits and horses. I learned that if a horse does something once, you can be fairly certain they will try it again. If they do it more than once, you can put money on it! For example, if while you’re leading or riding a horse through a barn yard or down the road and they give a little tug on their lead rope in an attempt to snatch a bite of grass as they walk over it, you can be fairly certain that they’ll try it again. If they tug for grass and succeed twice, you can be damn sure that they’ll do it again at the next patch. On this day, however, it wasn’t grass Penelope was after. After a little while of practicing my sitting and posting trot in the big indoor arena at Canterbury Stables, Penelope (understandably) decided that she’d had quite enough of this little punk bouncing around on her back. As we approached the far corner of the arena, where the long side met the short side, Penelope hollowed her back, threw her nose to the outside, dropped her inside shoulder and dove off the rail, setting her neck (as only a pony or a donkey can) and taking off into a full blown bucking fit across the diagonal.

Me working with my young gelding Smoke. Photo by Krystale Sullivan.

I was a tough little kid and I managed to stick to her, I pulled her head up and regained my seat. Straightening my helmet and getting my foot back into the stirrup, I did as I was instructed and took her back out to the rail, picking up her little sewing machine trot again, towards the corner where the long-side met the short side once more. As we got to the corner and I began to ask her to turn, she once again hollowed her back, threw her nose to the outside, dropped her inside shoulder and dove off the rail, setting her neck and taking off into a full blown bucking fit across the diagonal. Now I was getting annoyed. Again, I managed to stick to her and stay in the saddle and, more determined than ever, I did as I was told and took her right back to that corner. Well… Yep! You guessed it. She did it again! This time, I was not so lucky. As I began to get tired (I was only about 6 or 7 years old remember?), I started to lose my grip and my balance and over I went! My left foot slipping through the stirrup and turning it into a tether that would keep me well connected to Penelope as she bucked and farted her way across the diagonal for the third time with me, dragging through the arena dust behind her. Lucky for me, I was wearing a pair of rubber boots that were a bit too big for me. My mom (being economically wise) had either bought me a pair of boots that were too big, knowing I’d be growing out of anything that fit me well quickly, or I was outfitted in my sister’s old hand-me-downs. Whatever the case, it was a good thing because I was only dragged a few strides before my boot slipped off, remaining stuck in the stirrup, and I found my new resting place, in the dirt, somewhere around X… …there’s more… Continue reading at: Christa and Pinto Miremadi own and manage The Rock'n Star Ranch in Pritchard BC. They offer Natural Care Boarding, horsemanship lessons, training and clinics focused on building relationships, strengthening partnerships and developing confidence between horses and humans. Through compassionate communication and sharing the horse's point of view, Christa shares her passion for horsemanship, hackamore/bridle horse development and the art of developing a working equine partner. (See their listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS) APRIL 2021


The Chestnut and Ergot on the Equine Distal Limb By Rachel Vowles, Mile 0 Farrier Company

Most farriers have been asked the question, “What is the purpose of the chestnut and the ergot on the horse’s leg?” And I am sure most of us have answered, “they are remnants of the horse’s second and third toe." Or the old wives' tale of the chestnut once serving the horse as a scent gland.

the chestnut

the ergot


here are many theories out there. Some are based on science, some based on religious beliefs. Whether it is someone asking what they are, where they came from, or trying to remember what they are called, these mystical little keratinized objects always seem to be discussed. When diagnosing the probability of the many theories behind the chestnut and the ergot, their location on the equine distal limb is a good starting point. The equine chestnut, or sometimes referred to as a night eye, is a callosity found on the leg's medial aspect proximal to the knee joint. Since the chestnuts are not located near the distal end of the metacarpals (canon and splint bones), it makes one wonder if the chestnut is, in fact, a remnant of a second or third toe. It seems strange that horses would have a digit suspended from the cannon bone's medial aspect. Would it not create interference? Maybe the old wives’ tale of the chestnut being a scent gland is not such a tale. The equine ergot is a dense fibrous cushion located on the palmar aspect of the fetlock joint. The location of the ergot could suggest that it is a remnant of another digit. Some theories suggest that the ergot was once a pad. Something equivalent to the sole portion of the human foot located at the base of the second toe. Also similar to the sizeable palmar pad on the canine. Studies conducted on remains of the Merychippus (a North American extinct proto horse of the Equidae family) brought some idea of what the distal limb may have looked like during the Miocene Epoch (23.03-5.3 million years ago). In 1985 the Canadian Journal of Zoology published J.J. Thomason’s research dating back to 1942, stating that "Camp and Smith (1942) examined the ligamentary scars on the bones of the manus in several extinct equids. They concluded that the tridactyl, Miocene form Merychippus was fully unguligrade, like Equus, with most if not all the weight being borne on the robust third digit, rather than on the reduced second and fourth digit” (Thomason, 1985). These findings conclude that by the Miocene, “the middle toe evolved into a single large hoof, while the other toes became smaller and ultimately functionless” (Shanley, n.d.). Anatomically the equine distal limb is equipped with a ligament of ergot, as seen in image 3. It is a thin cord running distally from both sides of the palmar pastern. Ultimately this ligament is useless to the horse. Additionally, the ergots centre has a strong attachment point to the underlying fetlock palmar annular ligament. Since ligaments connect bones to bones, and their function is to support the body and its parts mainly, it is suggestive that these ligaments could have served the purpose of attachment to another body column. Maybe that purpose was 12 12 •• APRIL APRIL 2021 2021


to function another digit located at the point of ergot? Some fascinating research of the horse’s history has been displayed through the Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s book, Horses through Time. As editor Sandra Olsen states, "paleontologists have been analyzing the equid fossil record for well over 150 years" (Olsen, 2003), and many paleontologic interpretations are controversial, with contending or alternative hypotheses and theories” (Olsen, 2003). Through these paleontologists' studies, it is believed the horse has evolved from having multiple digits to one digit (the hoof) and long legs for the horse’s welfare perspective of being able to run fast over open grasslands to avoid predation. This change is relevant today from a management perspective as the horse's single-digit or hoof has had to adapt to the ever-changing environment it has been presented with. From the times of universal soft forested ground, when the horse maintained three toes, to the dry arid grasslands, the horse's distal limb has adapted and evolved to allow survival of this unique animal. (See Mile O’s listing in our Business Services section under FARRIERS & SUPPLIES) References: E. (2017, March 20). Making Chestnuts & Ergots Invisible on Horses. Expert Advice on Horse Care and Horse Riding. articles/making-chestnuts-ergots-invisible-horses [Ligament of ergot]. (2008, September). figure/Superficial-structures-of-digit-right-thoracic-limb-medial-aspect_ fig3_260768908 Olsen, S. L. & Carnegie Museum of Natural History. (2003). Horses Through Time. Macmillan Publishers. Shanley, M. (n.d.) On Your Toes. Retrieved From exhibitions/horse/the-evolution-of-horses/on-your-toes Thomason, J.J. (1985). The relationship of Structure to mechanical function in the third metacarpal bone of the horse, Equus caballus. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 63: 1420-1428.

New Owner at

Okanagan Equine Veterinary Services


s we’re sure many of you have heard by now we made a Big Announcement on Facebook March 1, 2021. As of that date Okanagan Equine Veterinary Services has changed hands and we are very happy to welcome Janice Posnikoff DVM to Kelowna BC as the new owner of Okanagan Equine Veterinary Services. Dr. McDonald does not plan to retire and will continue working at Okanagan Equine as an associate veterinarian, along with Dr. Troy Looper. Dr. Posnikoff brings over 25 years experience as a highly respected equine veterinarian, primarily as the former owner of Orange County Equine Services in Orange County, California where she served many long term clients. She now brings her expertise in sport horse medicine to the Okanagan Valley and is sincerely grateful to “accept the reins” from Dr. McDonald as the owner and lead veterinarian at Okanagan Equine Veterinary Services. She looks forward to serving you, the community of the valley. Okanagan Equine is a full service equine hospital and ambulatory practice with a surgical suite, hospital stalls for acute and intensive care, facilities for rehabilitation and a reproductive facility which includes a stallions collection area, full reproductive laboratory, foaling barn, and various sized pens and paddocks for housing of breeding and foaling mares. Dr. McDonald leads the Equine Reproductive branch and will continue to offer foaling services while adding embryo transfer. Both Dr. Posnikoff and Dr. Looper provide evidence based current sport horse medicine utilizing the latest technologies for diagnostics and therapies which include digital radiography, digital ultrasound, video endoscopy and gastroscopy, in house blood analysis, IRAP, PRP, Stem cell therapy, and shockwave. In addition, Dr. Looper has a strong interest in alternative therapies, offering chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, laser and various other modalities.

To our valued clients and patients we appreciate your support. Thank you from all of us and we look forward to serving you.

New owner Dr. Janice Posnikoff DVM (on left) and Dr. Sheila McDonald DVM

Our friendly team APRIL 2021


Leg Yield Exercise By Lisa Wieben and Birgit Stutz Photos and video by Lisa Wieben Elise Petitjean riding Master Scout Gunsmoke aka Smokey

This is a very basic exercise, but when done with consistency it can have a huge impact on the horse’s suppleness, balance, and strength. It will also improve your dressage scores by training the horse to maintain the line of travel rather than leaning into a bend. Accurate figures are a welcome result!


his exercise will set the horse up for balanced changes of bend. It is a great warm-up exercise starting out at the walk and progressing to the working jog. It can be ridden on a figure eight, serpentine, loop, or change of rein across the arena. Our favourite way to start is by riding random bending lines. This allows you to decide when the horse is ready for the change rather than trying to force the changes with the horse feeling tight or quick. Ride around the arena on random bending lines, starting out in left bend. Straighten the horse from your right leg, then initiate the change of bend from your right leg. Now leg

Equine Remedy Holistic Horse & Human Health Massage Therapy

Eve Gordon, BA, CEMT 250-880-2086

Services • Equine & Human Massage • Sheath Cleaning • Disaster Planning • Thermal Imaging • 30 yrs Massage • Equine First Aid • Serving BC & Beyond

14 • APRIL 2021


yield the horse a step or two off your right leg away from the new bend (leg yield to the left, the horse is in right bend) before turning right. This prevents the horse from falling in on the turn. Continue in right bend, then straighten the horse from your left leg, ask for change of bend from your left leg, leg yield the horse off your left leg for a step or two (moving the horse to the right in left bend), then turn left. Keep repeating the exercise. Practicing changes of bends with a leg yield away from the new turn will teach the horse to keep the inside shoulder up on the turn. As an added bonus this will improve your lope departs later in your ride!

Elsie is demonstrating a common mistake: as the rider is turning left, her inside hand has pulled back to ask for the bend and the outside rein has released forward. This creates an overbend in the neck and moves the horse’s weight onto the outside front. The shoulder will end up leading in the leg yield rather than the whole body moving together. Rider aids for leg yield * Sit tall with eyes forward (remember to always look where you are going!) and shoulders parallel to the horse’s shoulders. Your body should always turn in the direction of the bend. * Shift your weight very slightly in the direction of travel (leg yield to the right, shift right). The horse will balance under the rider’s weight. Shifting in the direction you want your horse to move will aid the horse to the direction as well as creating lightness in the rider’s inside hip, aiding the horse to bring his inside hind up and forward. * Ask your horse to move sideways a step or two by applying your inside leg directly below your centre, in rhythm with the swing of the horse’s barrel (apply leg pressure as the barrel swings away from the inside leg as this is the timing when the inside hind leg is moving forward and can cross over). * Your outside lower leg maintains light contact so that it is able to ask for forward movement if the horse begins to slow down and also to prevent the horse from moving over too quickly from the rider’s inside leg, or to prevent the hip from leading the movement. The rider’s upper inner thigh can block the horse’s shoulders from moving over too quickly along with the outside rein. * The outside rein is a supporting rein and guides the horse into the direction of travel, while also preventing the horse from overbending through his neck and bulging through the

Riding the right circle

Straightened out changing to left bend

outside shoulder. Use half-halts to maintain the straightness of the movement as well as rhythm. * Gently apply the inside rein for slight flexion at the poll. Keep consistent, elastic contact (not alternating slack and tight). If you use too much inside rein the horse’s shoulders will bulge out in the direction of the movement and he will lose his rhythm. Keep a slight space between the inside rein and the horse’s neck to allow freedom of movement in the horse’s shoulder. As you ride random bending lines the horse should be able to maintain a level headset. If the horse inverts (lifts up his head) as you begin to ask him to straighten, then go back into the same bending line asking for more bend from your inside leg. Repeat asking for the horse to straighten until the horse can come through the change without inverting, then ask for the new bend. Maintain connection from back to front using your seat and legs to send him forward into your receiving (never pulling) hands. When you practice your next dressage test or work on movements, use this exercise to set up the horse for the corners at the end of a loop or change of rein across the diagonal or the half circle onto centreline. For example, when changing rein across the diagonal, change bend just past the quarter line, then leg yield a step or two to the letter, then ride the corner or make the turn onto the track (short diagonal). When performing this movement in the show ring the rider will take out the leg yield steps, but will “think” leg yield, keeping the aids in place to prevent the horse from falling in. To view a video of this exercise, check out

Moving off the left leg before riding Moving off the right leg before riding the left circle the right circle

If you are unsure of where you are heading it is always a good idea to connect with a coach that knows the sport you want to prepare for. We (Lisa and Birgit) are both available for online and in-person lessons. Be sure to send your questions to as we will answer another reader’s question next month. Lisa Wieben’s passion is empowering women in becoming confident and healthy riders. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Somatics Practitioner she addresses pain, tension, hormones, stress, and the issues that appear as a result. As a Centered Riding Instructor and Irwin Insights Master Level 7 Trainer she works with riders incorporating awareness exercises both on and off the horse. Balance the rider, balance the horse!

Book a clinic that incorporates all the modalities! As an Irwin Insights Level 6 Master Certified trainer and coach, Birgit Stutz helps riders of all levels and backgrounds advance their horsemanship skills by developing personal and situational awareness, focusing on in-depth understanding of equine behaviour, body language, psychology and biomechanics. Driven by her passion for both equine welfare and performance, Birgit believes that facilitating effective communication between horse and rider is an approach that fulfills our responsibilities to the horse and elicits great results. (See their listings in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

As always have fun and feel the difference it makes in your horse!

APRIL 2021



FEEDWAY Filling the Need for Farmers

A new kind of horsepower for the Aantjes Family! Meet the Aantjes Family.


ohnny Racetrack” is best known as the owner of the Penticton Speedway, for 24 years to be exact. He’s always had a passion for horsepower and racing and that passion transferred to his children and wife, Jasmine, as they’ve ran the popular South Okanagan track for 24 seasons. With 22 acres, the family grew the facility to include bull riding events, go-karting and a driving school. Next was the vision to incorporate horse / trail riding from the property and a petting farm. They built an area for a petting farm and brought in horses, miniature horses, goats, rabbits, ducks, pigs and chickens. That brought a need for a lot of livestock feed – and although there was a local feed shop in Penticton – the owner at the time didn’t keep a large inventory and the hours were limited. He wanted to sell, so that’s when Johnny saw the opportunity to get involved. Johnny’s sister-in-law, Rayna, was willing to work with him to expand the shop and be there full-time to serve customers, while Johnny worked more behind the scenes sourcing new products, partnering with farmers for farm fresh eggs and helping keep the store stocked and inventory organized. The original store was called “Speedway Feed,” creating a connection to the Penticton Speedway. Fast forward two years and they have now rebranded as “The Feedway” and moved to a larger location in Penticton… and they have expanded to open two new locations in Oliver and Keremeos. Aantjes decided to fill the void in Keremeos when the local feed distributor closed last year. “We have a lot of people from Oliver and from Keremeos that shop from us locally because they have a hard time getting access to food where they're at. I think a lot of the local farmers will appreciate having a feed store back in Keremeos,” said Aantjes. The Feedway stores offer lots of different feeds and bagged pellets. “Feed is our primary seller. We are able to keep the prices down for feed. Another focus is laying hens and chicks. We are selling chicks now and through the pandemic we are seeing more and more people wanting to live off of their own land and be self-sufficient with animals,” Aantjes added. 16 • APRIL 2021


“One of the things that has helped us with a lot of our customers is we have after-hours access, and when they reach out to us about products or things that they need, we will work hard to try to get them in. We carry a really good inventory. Big or small, we feed ‘em all! – that’s our motto!” And that motto rings true, with feed for chickens, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, pigeons, ducks, dogs, cats and more! They also carry straw, shavings, wood pellets, and hay, oyster shells and grit, bird seed, salt blocks, loose salt, dried mealworms, sunflower seeds, black oil, cat litter, a new line of raw dog food and much more… but one of the best sellers is their farm fresh chicken and duck eggs. The Feedway is focused on maintaining good hours and competitive prices, supporting local farmers and suppliers, keeping a good inventory and offering great service. “Our customers are our friends, we treat them like family.” A huge change for the Aantjes family was the recent sale of the Penticton Speedway last month. The new owners plan to take the Speedway and racing to the next level... the future looks bright for the Penticton Speedway… and for The Feedway too! With more time on their hands now, the Aantjes family will continue to grow their local feed business. They also have their eyes set on a new kind of horsepower, to revive horse racing in the South Okanagan. The three stores are located at: - 5855 Main Street in Oliver - 140-48 Industrial Avenue West in Penticton - 1320 Veteran’s Way in Keremeos

The Equine Foundation of Canada R0011854995

Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary / Photos courtesy of UCVM Donor-supplied equine teaching equipment


timely donation of $100,000 from the Equine Foundation of Canada (EFC) enables UCVM to buy valuable equine teaching simulators to help in educating the expanded class. This includes a clinical teaching package with equine GI tract and colic simulators, power float dental kits, digital stethoscopes, and an ECG. “These are really fabulous teaching models with realistic parts,” says EFC President Bob Watson, of the equine simulators. “The EFC board is really happy that students will have more of these useful learning tools.”

Since 1957

The EFC is a longtime supporter of UCVM, funding some $273,000 in equipment and student scholarships since the faculty’s inception. And while the EFC supports all Canadian veterinary programs, Watson particularly likes UCVM’s emphasis on building patient relationships and providing the opportunity for handson learning in the veterinary practices that comprise the Distributed Veterinary Learning Community (DVLC). Students spend their final year honing their skills in DVLC practicum rotations across Alberta. These scholarships were created to encourage and support a student pursuing equine veterinary medicine. “People are really attached to their horses and it’s important that students get lots of practical experience so they can learn good bedside manner,” Watson says. “The focus UCVM puts on that is invaluable.”

University of Montreal

(250) 782-3766 contact Dawn information or for more To consign,

Here is a shot of the first Vet students at


he Equine Foundation of Canada is dedicated to supporting people who help horses. We recently interviewed Helen Belliard, the Quebec representative of the Foundation. Although Ms. Belliard’s love of horses dates back to her early childhood on a LAUN AinTlove S1with the Morgan farm in Missouri, sheN fell breed in particular, as a teenager. keerC noswaD dloV senoJ dloV Her passion for horses led her to serve on the board of the Canadian ECNAMROFREP & NOITCUDORP Morgan Horse Association where she first met George Wade. George ELand AS ESRand OH was passionate about equine health welfare created The Equine 202and ,tswas 1 yitsapresident M ,yaduntil ruthis aSdeath in Foundation of Canada in11983 1997. Ms. Belliard has also worked in the Foundation since its creation. A lifetime dedicated to equine care! Ms. Belliard’s philanthropic values ​​are a family heritage from her grandfather and her parents! One of the most rewarding parts of Ms. Belliard’s work is contributing LA UNN A TS1 program funds ,ngiseducation. noc oTThe to equine veterinary Equine Foundation’s eerroC osw aD dloVmedicine senoJprograms dloV the five Canadian Universities have veterinary erok m f rn othat on a rotation basis. Mfn RiOFREP & NOITCUDORP noEiC taN mAro Helen Belliard and The EquineEFoundation of Canada are extremely nwaD tcatnocLAS ESROH proud to support the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University t(s1have yaaMdirect ,yad rutaS 6673contribution -281720 )025,2will of Montreal. Their impact on higher education in accordance with their motto: “People helping people helping horses.” The $50,000 gift in 2020 enabled us to purchase an equine palpation model for our future Veterinary Simulation Center. ,ngisnoc oT The Veterinary Simulation Centre will allow veterinary erom rof ro undergraduate students to learn and practice their clinical skills and gain itaenvironment mrofni before progressing into the clinical confidence inn a osafe wacquisition aD tcatn c equipment will allow us to deliver environment. n The ofo this state-of-the-art Veterinary Teaching 6673-287 )052( in Quebec. We express our sincere gratitude to the Equine Foundation of Canada for their exemplary and continuing support of Veterinary 7591 ecniS Education in Canada.


Saturday, May 1st, 2021enjoying this the University of Montreal, HORSE wonderfulSALE gift in these terrible times. It brings and happiness - you can see PRODUCTION &hope PERFORMANCE it in their expressions. Photo courtesy of Vold Jones Vold Dawson Creek University of Montreal. 1ST ANNUAL

1ST 1STANNUAL ANNUAL Vold Jones Vold Creek Vold Jones Vold Dawson Dawson Creek PRODUCTION & PERFORMANCE PRODUCTION & PERFORMANCE HORSE HORSE SALE SALE Saturday, 2021 Saturday,May May 1st, 1st, 2021


Toconsign, consign, To Since 1957 orfor formore more or information information contactDawn Dawn contact (250)782-3766 782-3766 (250)

(250) 782-3766 contact Dawn information or for more Since 1957 Since 1957 To consign,

R0011854995 R0011854995


Spri ng Fashions

If you are looking to outfit yourself, your horse, or gift someone we have some ideas for you on the next few pages.

Be comfortable

Riders Tack

Vict oria Saddlery

Stand out! Western Stockman

Gifts to remember

Horsehair Creations


APRIL GARAGE SALE! Postponed to 2022 18 • APRIL 2021

Diamond H Tack

e are currently jumping into spring with new product arriving daily! We have everyday and show apparel in all sizes for the English competitor. Stock is arriving regularly from Ovation, Arista, Kerrits, Anky, BR, Dublin, Saxon, Equine Couture, Tuff Rider, Equinavia, Ariat, Horseware, SSG, Watson Gloves, Bob Dale Gloves, Troxel, Tipperary, Charles Owen, Back on Track, IRH, Muck, and Dryshod. At Diamond H Tack we also have a great selection for you to outfit your horse with summer sheets, coolers, rain, and fly sheets in all sizes, from Weatherbeeta, Kool Coat, Rambo, Amigo, Saxon, Goliath, Bucas, Equinavia, Century and Back on Track. Don’t miss out on getting the right size in the latest colours and fashions.

Diamond H Tack

Phone: 877-762-5631

Stay dry


Victoria Saddlery


he Ride on saddle cover by LeMieux is a must-have for the allweather rider here on Vancouver Island. This thoughtfully designed cover is made of a durable polyester outer with a soft fleece lining to help protect the saddle. The silicone grip seat provides stability in the saddle, minimizing movement and making riding in the wet easy whilst protecting the saddle from the elements. It’s one of our most popular products; available in two saddle styles, dressage and close contact. If anyone knows the art of grooming and horse brushes, it’s HAAS; producing top quality brushes in Germany, made from natural and synthetic fibres, for many years. HAAS offers a wide variety of brushes for all different uses to help your horse look their very best. We recommend them to any equestrian - a must for your grooming kit! Horseware Ireland Blankets - These are some of the best blankets on the market. Horseware offers a wide variety of different styles, weights, sizes and colours for horses of all shapes and sizes. These high quality blankets will protect your horse from the elements year-round. From minis to drafts, Horseware always has you covered!


A3 2200 Keating Cross Rd Saanichton BC V8M 2A6 ph: 250-544-4942

Western Stockman


pring is coming soon and we have a ton of new styles and fashions for men and ladies. Whether you are riding every day and working in the fields, or hitting the office downtown, we have something for you! Our ladies' fashion for this spring and summer season are coming in quick with new trousers, flare, and extremely high-rise denim! One of the other new amazing denim options we are now able to offer our ladies is Wrangler Bootcut Maternity Denim. Offering our moms comfortability on their horses, working in the yard and heading out on the town at any stage of their pregnancy! Stop by our store in Lethbridge or visit us online at And don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all our new fashions and sales! APRIL 2021


Horsehair Creations

Horsehair Creations by Karen

by Karen


orsehair Creations by Karen began out of necessity to give special Christmas gifts to my family from our horses, lost and living. Through many hours of research, practice and difficulties obtaining supplies during a pandemic, I offered my services to the public. Different designs are available, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, tassels and pendants with either sterling silver or jewelry quality fittings. Hair can be from a beloved lost horse, living horses, combined or my provided hair. Horsehair is a very precious, beautiful medium which I am trusted and honoured to work with. I am located in 100 Mile House but hair is so easy to mail. Once your hair is received, your finished piece will be mailed back within a week. Contact me anytime for a gallery of my designs, ordering, details or visit my Facebook page.


ere at Rider's, our favourite part of spring is all the new fashion collections that arrive! This spring, Lemieux launched three brand new colours, Sage, Musk and Azure! We are proud and very excited to offer such a coveted brand to the Okanagan area. Lemieux not only offers an array of exciting colours in matchy matchy horse fashion but they also offer a variety of quality horse products which are stocked in store and on our website at Rider’s also stocks many amazing Canadian brands such as Struck Apparel, Ogilvy Equestrian, and Dreamers & Schemers which complement the everyday essentials that are also found in the Vernon store.


20 • APRIL 2021


Horsehair jewelry, pet hair jewelry from your hair/fur or stock hair. horsehaircreationsbykaren 250-945-4077

Riders Tack

DRAWING CONTEST Supplying Your Pets with NEW and Unique Products!

OUR NEW CONTEST IS FOR TWO MONTHS – March and April 2021 Entry deadline April 30th. This contest is in SUPPORT of our HEALTH CARE WORKERS and our SENIORS living in care homes/facilities. Your drawing will be a DEDICATION to someone you may know in this position. And we want you to NAME them… and dedicate YOUR DRAWING to them! You could dedicate your drawing to Nurse (or?) Jane Smith… or to your Grandmother Mable Jones. Add in another phrase too if you would like, and/or horse name, dog name. This contest is NOT BEING JUDGED on ‘artistry’ or ‘perfection’. It will be a RANDOM draw for all drawings received.

HOW TO ENTER? Original drawings can either be emailed to (DRAWING CONTEST in subject line) OR Mail a hard copy to us at: Saddle Up magazine PO Box 371 Armstrong BC V0E 1B0 DRAWINGS NEED TO BE IN OUR HANDS BY APRIL 30TH.


The name and sketch/drawing of the person you are dedicating this to; along with a horse and a dog. So there will be at least 3 subjects in your one drawing. Winning drawings will be printed in Saddle Up magazine and placed on our Facebook page. So the person’s name (and yours) on the drawing will be published. We need you to sign your own drawing and then PRINT your full name, age, city/province on the drawing as well. 19 and over need not publish age, unless you want to.

WHAT DO YOU WIN? (Courtesy of The Finn & Fletcher Co.) ARTIST wins a very special Prize Pack! Choice of horse or dog related items. PLUS ARTIST wins a second prize – choice of a Goliath Rain Sheet/Blanket or a Snoozer “Cozy Cave” Bed! ARTIST keeps one of the prizes for themselves and GIVES the other to someone in the drawing!

AGE GROUPS: (you can enter more than one drawing) 10 and under 11 to 18 19 and over TWO PRIZES PER AGE GROUP RULES: Original drawing must be submitted via MAIL (a hard copy) or EMAIL a copy to us. This is NOT a Facebook contest. Must be a Canadian resident (prizes shipped only in Canada). Full name, age (if 18+ under), city/ province must be listed. Open to anyone who wants to draw. You can enter more than one drawing if you’d like.

APRIL 2021




At Snoozer Pet Products we Love your Dogs like Family After all, we make products for Dog People, by Dog People


very single Dog Bed or Lounger we make is hand-sewn in America, using quality material and products only. Each Bed comes with a one year guarantee on normal wear and tear. Our Signature Snoozer Cozy Cave Bed provides a unique haven for all sizes of dogs. The Sherpa interior is super soft yet durable, while keeping your pets warm in any weather. The Canopy system is perfect for those dogs (like Fletcher!) who love getting under the covers! Their own private sleeping oasis! Only luxury materials are used and the special blend of cedar/poly filling offers a clean and comforting scent ongoing. Available in navy, red, khaki or olive, and in small, medium, large and extra large sizes! The Outdoor Snoozer Waterproof Beds are designed for dogs who love the outdoors and dog owners who want convenience and safety. This dog and pet bed will provide a comfortable place for your pet to take a load off his paws! Perfect for camping, the cottage, travel, or just on the patio or deck! This bed is waterproof and machine washable. Available in hazelnut or gunmetal, and in small or large sizes! The Versatile Snoozer Outdoor Patio Beds are water and fade resistant. The washable, removable cover means hours of fun, sun, snoozing and no fear of a light rain. Available in navy or salmon, and in small, medium, large or extra large sizes! For more information and to order any of these amazing Snoozer Beds, simply go online to: A Happy Dog makes a Happy Dog Owner!

22 • APRIL 2021



Supplying Your Pets with NEW and Unique Products!


Pet Central EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook. 9/21

Do you offer a dog service or training business? Sell pet feeds and supplies? You can advertise here! Prices start at only $250 per year (12 issues). Call 1-866-546-9922 or e-mail

Canine Capers SPONSORED BY Your one-stoP Pet shoP Farm, Fencing & Horse Supplies Pet and Livestock Feeds 604-894-6740 Pemberton BC

5/19 4/21

For more information on any of these events go to unless another website is provided




Axle is a 2-year-old German Shepherd. He’s a very intense and active fellow who lives for adventure. His favourite thing in the world is water and he will dive in from any height!! - Rebeca P., Grindrod BC

Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us the dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province. E-mail to and put in subject line: TOP DOG OF THE MONTH. Photos will be printed on a first come first serve basis.

2-4 2-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 8-10 10-11 10-11 16-18 16-18 23-25 24-25 24-25


1-2 1-2 7-10 14-16 21-23 28-30 28-31 29-30 29-30



Do you have a WORKING DOG event coming up? Let us know! Call 1-866-546-9922 or email APRIL 2021


Tails to be Told

. . .A treasure chest of memories .

We want you to look back, reflect, recollect, and share your photos and memories with us. This is not a contest - it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you.


n 1949, my grandfather, Stanley Picken, who was an outstanding horseman, sadly died at the young age of 59 of cancer. He had been President of the Royal City Saddle Club, which existed for many years in New Westminster BC; the club used to hold well-attended horse shows in Queens Park back in the day. (It was the forerunner of the Burnaby Horsemens Association.) My mother Mary, age 25, was unanimously elected to replace him as President. She and the club executive decided to hold a fundraising dance, complete with refreshments in 1950. My father, Earl Healy, a city boy who had grown up on Nanaimo Street in Vancouver, was at this

dance, simply because his brother-in-law Bill Leitch had organized a really good dance band which had been hired for the occasion, and had asked Dad if he could come and help carry the drums and instrument cases. Dad knew nothing about horses or riding, but he saw our mom at the dance, and it was love at first sight. They had a long courtship, as Dad wanted to attend technical college on the Veterans Bill before committing to getting married and starting a family. Our mom told Dad that if he wanted to seriously date her, he had to learn how to ride! True love will do just about anything, and he did learn how to ride saddle seat on my grandmother's 16hh American Saddlebred mare, Dorothy Menard, who had been imported all the way from Kentucky in a rail car. This is their engagement photo from 1952, with my mother riding Stanley's Anglo-Arabian mare Galatia, and my grandmother Isabel on the left. The photo appeared with a congratulatory message on the front page of the Columbian newspaper. They were married on July 31, 1954 and enjoyed a long and happy marriage. I still have all the tack in this photo, and the registration papers of these two lovely mares. - Isabel C. Healy-Morrow

Send Saddle Up one or two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature... So start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information.

24 24 •• APRIL APRIL 2021 2021


A Bo y & His Ho rs e, Al l Sm ile s! , an 18-year-old Ascher is riding High Power Pepto e, owned by Quarter Horse (and a cutting hors Tamara Davies)! use AB - Ascher (age 7), Rocky Mountain Ho

Lo ok & Hu st le! Horse is Peter Pan, he is a 13-yea r-o Welsh gelding. Danyka and Peter co ld mpete in both English and Western events an belong to Thompson Country Pony d Clu - Danyka (age 9), Rocky Mountain Ho b! use AB

This cou l d be YOU! It’s your turn to tell us about YOU! BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! Send in ONE photo with a caption (No more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on space availability basis. Email to Put in the subject line “KIDS”. APRIL APRIL 2021 2021




f you have plans to hit the trails please consider borrowing one of HCBC’s Garmin GPS units to take with you. We have an ambitious goal of mapping all equestrian trails in BC and using our trails database as a resource with up-to-date comments on trail conditions. Please note we do not list trails that are on private property. Here is the process for creating a georeferenced map: * Map tracks with GPS * Submit GPX file to HCBC * HCBC sends file to cartographer * Map is created and uploaded * Map is available for FREE on the HCBC trails database and the Avenza maps store! * Currently we have 23 FREE equestrian trail maps listed. Now for the contest! The first three people to email recreation@hcbc. ca requesting to borrow a Garmin GPS unit will win a HCBC hat! We look forward to hearing from you! CENSUS 2021 IS COMING THIS MAY Do you live on an acreage with your horses? Then you may qualify to complete the upcoming Census of Agriculture as an agricultural operation.

In May 2021, Canadian farm operators will have the opportunity to take part in a national dialogue by completing the Census of Agriculture questionnaire. The Census of Agriculture is a source of community-level data on agriculture. By drawing on these data, decision makers will act in the interest of farm operators, farm communities and agricultural sectors across Canada. Farm organizations are heavy users of census data and draw on this information to formulate policy recommendations, produce communications and outreach activities, and conduct market research. An agricultural operation is defined as a farm, ranch or other operation that produces agricultural products for sale. The definition does include horse operations that do not sell agricultural products but offer boarding, riding or training services. The data collected from the census will greatly improve our governments understanding of the equine sectors needs and will empower our industry to build and maintain a sustainable and healthy equine lifestyle. When you are completing your Census of Population questionnaire, it will ask you if you are a farm operator. If you answer yes, you will be required to complete a Census of Agriculture form. This May speak up for your horses and your industry, information available on the census website.

BC SUMMER GAMES 2022 The Road to Prince George Starts Now! If you are an Equestrian athlete competing in Dressage, Jumping, Vaulting or Eventing and will be 12 to 18 years of age as of Jan 1 2022, or if you are a Para Equestrian athlete, 13 years of age to 30 years of age, you are invited to qualify for the 2022 BC Summer Games being held in Prince George BC July 21–24. Make it your goal and part of your yearly training plan to set your sights at competing at the BC Summer Games! WHAT ARE THE BC SUMMER GAMES? The BC Winter and BC Summer Games are British Columbia’s biennial celebration of sport and community. Since 1978, the BC Games have taken place in 38 communities and involved over 350,000 participants and volunteers and thousands more as spectators and supporters. The purpose of the BC Games is “To provide an opportunity for the development of athletes, coaches, and officials in preparation for higher levels of competition in a multi-sport event which promotes interest and participation in sport and sporting activities, individual achievement and community development.” The BC Games bring together British Columbia’s best emerging high performance athletes, trained coaches, and certified officials for three days of competition. This experience is an important development opportunity and stepping stone towards higher level sport competitions. Host Communities of the BC Summer Games will realize a direct economic benefit of over $2 million while also building volunteer and community capacity and promoting sport and healthy living. Rise above. Reach beyond. CONTACTS Provincial Sport Organization Equestrian Horse Council BC (604) 856-4304 / Provincial Advisor Equestrian Susan Harrison (250) 701-1350 / More information, Athlete Declaration Forms and Technical Packages available at

Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •

26 • APRIL 2021


Equestrian Canada Equestre, Update: Cancellation of the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final The Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) has imposed a further two-week extension of the shutdown of all international events in mainland Europe until April 11, 2021, due to the ongoing outbreak of the neurological form of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1). Equestrian Canada (EC) was saddened to learn of this extension shortly after announcing that Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu of Saint-Bruno QC, had accepted an invitation to compete at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final, which had been scheduled for March 31-April 5, 2021, in Gothenburg SWE, and is subsequently cancelled. However, EC fully supports the FEI’s decision to extend the shutdown in order to prioritize horse health and welfare. How to Protect Canada’s Herd from Equine Herpesvirus Equestrian Canada (EC) is responding to the Equine Herpesvirus (EVH-1) outbreaks in the United States and Europe in close collaboration with all relevant partners and government authorities. Future communications are forthcoming regarding EC’s plans to ensure a safe start to the competition season for both human and equine athletes. Meanwhile, EC urges everyone to exercise extreme caution regarding the movement of equines. What is EVH-1? EVH-1 is a common DNA disease that causes abortion, respiratory

disease and neurological disease in equines. More information on EVH-1 can be found through the American Association of Equine Practitioners and Canadian Food Inspection Agency. What is the status of the outbreak? The current neurological strain of EVH-1 appears to be extremely aggressive and infectious. Several cases have been confirmed in the United States, as well as at equestrian facilities in Ontario and Quebec. To review disease alerts from across North America, visit the Equine Disease Communication Centre and Canadian Health Surveillance System. To receive EC notices of confirmed cases of reportable/ notifiable diseases in Canada, visit our website or contact our office regarding “Health Alerts.” The Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) has cancelled international events in 10 countries on the European mainland due to a similar but unrelated neurological strain of EVH-1 that originated in Valencia ESP. Updates from the FEI Veterinary Department can be found through their website For additional information regarding equine health and welfare, including additional biosecurity information and resources, visit www.

Canadian Show Jumping Team Fifth in $150,000 Wellington Nations Cup Amy Millar Delivers Double Clear Performance for Canada The Canadian Show Jumping Team finished fifth in the $150,000 CSIO 4* Nations Cup, presented by Premier Equestrian, held March 5, 2021, at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington FL. Erynn Ballard, Mario Deslauriers, Tiffany Foster, and Amy Millar represented Canada in the only Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) sanctioned senior team event held during this year’s Florida winter circuit. A total of eight teams competed for victory over tracks set by American course designers Steve Stephens and Nick Granat including Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Mexico and the United States. “All the Canadian horses jumped very well in the Nations Cup,” said Mark Laskin, Chair of the High Performance Jumping Committee. “We had three new horses that hadn’t competed for Canada previously and they gained critical experience towards their future careers. Special

recognition should be given to Amy Millar who laid down two picture perfect rounds and led the way for us with a double clear performance.”

Equestrian Canada Announces 2020 Jumping Youth Bursary Recipients Equestrian Canada is pleased to announce the hard-working young athletes who were chosen by the EC Jumping Committee to receive Jumping Youth Bursary funds for 2020. In recognition of the challenges young riders face as they strive to continue their education while competing at high levels of the jumping sport, the Jumping Youth Bursary was developed for athletes between the ages 14-21 who compete in hunter, jumper and equitation

TEAM (l to r): Mario Deslauriers, Tiffany Foster, Amy Millar and Erynn Ballard. Photo courtesy Jump Media. Amy Millar and Truman owned by Millar Brooke Farm Ltd. and Overlund. Photo courtesy of Jump Media.

divisions. The program is made possible through a generous matching donation by Mark Samuel, Kevin Sanford and the Samuel family. The following athletes have been awarded $1,000 each through the 2020 Jumping Youth Bursary in recognition of their hard work and dedication: Olivia Blaber, 16, of Ottawa ON Courtney Catchpaugh, 22, of Rocky View Cty AB Béatrice Daviault, 20, of Saint-Damase QC Ellah Dubeau-Kielty, 17, of Burlington ON Aylen Ferguson, 22, of Carp ON

Sasha Maniaci, 17, of Ottawa ON Kieley McQuaker, 18, of Schomberg ON Mackenzey Nadeau, 22, of Carleton Place ON Lauren Schickler, 16, of Hamilton ON Julia Wiggins, 18, of Kanata ON For additional details regarding the Jumping Youth Bursary Program, please visit

APRIL 2021


Alberta Donkey & Mule Club – A Tribute… Submitted by Irene Morck

Obituary of an Amazing Mule, Maizie


ur old mule Maizie died this winter. She was 16HH, at least 36 years old, raised by the Amish in Kentucky, from a Standardbred-Tennessee Walker mare and a Mammoth Jack. She belonged to my husband Mogens Nielsen. Maizie was intelligent, mischievous, gentle, overly attached to her buddies, a real character with a sense of humour, and an ear-shattering bray. She loved to sneak into our barn and garage to steal grain or apples—but only when we weren’t watching. Maizie led an amazing life, won countless ribbons competing against horses, and had numerous admirers. From 2001 to 2010, Mogens and Maizie competed in Spruce Meadow’s Battle of the Breeds, winning ribbons in Trail, Precision Driving, and Compulsory Skills. She was part of Team Mule that won the overall 2008 Telus Battle of the Breeds against 13 breeds of horses. Maizie and a teammate pulled a wagon on the week-long 1996 Western Stock Growers’ Centennial Cattle Drive across CFB, Suffield, Alberta, and another summer, pulled a wagon amidst huge boulders of the deep, swift Panther River. This mule took greenhorns safely up steep mountains. She carried Mogens on a cattle drive across the wide North Saskatchewan River, and on a hot summer day, with Mogens’ lasso, helped drag a big bull up a steep hill. Mogens rode Maizie in the 2009 Calgary Stampede parade, he packed her in the mountains, won ribbons with her as the only mule competing with horses in a High Country Driving Show at Spruce Meadows, he rode her across Alberta in 1996 in 11 days, and won ribbons with her on 25-mile Competitive trail rides. The smallest child could ride this mule. Many a photo has been taken of Irene’s head between Maizie’s back legs to show that she never ever would kick. Maizie enjoyed a challenge, could untie any knot with her teeth to release herself or other equines, then often stayed in place as though still tied. In trail classes, she’d use her head to bunt the huge ball through the goal posts. Mogens and Irene belonged to Maizie for over 30 years. She added so much to our lives and to countless others.

Irene showing that Maizie would never kick. Photo by Kazuha Wilsdon.

Mogens with Maizie at a trot, keeping cart wheel from knocking the tennis balls off the rails. Notice that Maizie has her tongue wagging out, while still in precise control. Photo by Irene Morck.

Team Mule, in their Telus Battle of Breeds Championship blankets, Spruce Meadows. Photo by Irene Morck.

Mogens and Maizie enjoying the view, Cox Hill Ridge, Kananaskis, Alberta. Photo by Irene Morck. 28 • APRIL 2021


Mogens on Maizie leading the pack string crossing the Panther River in Alberta. Photo by Danny Gibson.

BC Interior Morgan Horse Club By Nancy Roman


he club held its Annual General Meeting via ZOOM on February 27th – although I was unable to participate that day. Our 2021 Executive is: President – Michelle Kozyn Vice-President – Bev Routledge Treasurer – Laurie Lyons Secretary – Karen Wilkie Thank you to our outgoing President, Tom Nobles, for his years of giving to and guiding our club, for volunteering his services, and for participating in many of our activities. Following the AGM, the ‘ZOOMers’ discussed upcoming 2021 business. The annual Tack Sale held in the spring will not be happening this year. Neither will the annual Pot O Gold Open Show, held in the summer months. Both are ‘tabled’ until 2022. And understandably so, due to COVID health regulations and safety for all. There was talk of having a spring trail ride, locally in the North Okanagan. And our Fall Poker Ride could happen again at Timber Ridge. Both to be confirmed. Next club meeing (via ZOOM) will be held May 1st at 10 am. Anyone interested to join our club or needing more information can visit our page on Facebook, or email our NEW president, Michelle at Stay safe everyone!

From the March issue

We’re going to give you more time to figure this one out! This item is 5” long, fits in the palm of your hand. Weighs 5 oz. Only 1 correct in by press time. Congratulations to: Jim Schenk, Rocky Mtn House AB

From the February issue

It’s an antique cigar roller! And no correct guesses! Wow!!

Armstrong Enderby Riding Club By Lauri Meyers


e have been brainstorming and trying to figure out shows during this crazy pandemic year. With great appreciation and huge thanks to our wonderful judges, they have made this possible. We have our 2021 Schooling Show Dates. The dates will stand for either a physical show (if possible) or a virtual show. Either way the AERC will be offering a way for exhibitors to show this year. So dust off your hat and boots and get ready for some fun shows. Our AERC Show Dates are as follows: April 18 – Virtual Show with Judge Mellissa Buckley May 30 June 27 Aug 15 Sept 26 No membership is needed for the virtual shows. Those shows are open to everyone. Check our website for show rates. www. AERC Membership gives members discounted rates for the physical shows.

Zoom meeting participants – somewhat modified – by Lauri Meyers.

Class lists will be amended to comply with Provincial Health regulations and restrictions. Check Facebook for the revised class list. Follow us on our all new Instagram page, come check it out.

This specific item is 2.75” long, the widest part is 1.25”. The opening on the shaft is 3/8” long and 1/8” wide. It was developed over a short period of time in 1866 and then went into mass production to be used in the food, munitions, and packaging industries. It has varied in size over the years but the function has remained the same. Good luck! READERS – What’s your guess? Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to

Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK! If you or your company would like to sponsor this monthly brain teaser, do call 1-866-546-9922 or email nancyroman@ for details. APRIL 2021


Vintage Riders Equestrian Club - FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES

By Simonne Rempel


e held our February meeting online with a brief business portion followed by two discussion sessions. Guest speaker Sandy Lang discussed “Finding the Sweet Spot” in our training and riding. Sandy’s topic was a good introduction to our second discussion which was on “The Window of Tolerance.” Members read this article from Horses and People magazine in the March-April 2020 issue. Both topics provided a discussion period that gave us something to think about and to put into practice. Thank you Sandy for sharing your time with us. We are happy to say that we moved forward with a two-day Pole Clinic. Jessie Blackmon set up an interesting pole course that stimulated our riding, balance, rhythm, bend and direction. Her pole clinic has become an annual event for us, and we enjoyed being able to go ahead with it. We used the appropriate waivers and followed the PHO and COVID-19 protocols. Once again, members enjoyed our Virtual Happy Hour. Meeting like this, has been a nice way to connect and socialize. As spring approaches, we are looking forward to better weather and more daylight, giving us more time to spend with our horses.

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club …for the love of horses! We are a gathering of horse enthusiasts within the Fraser Valley. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome. We meet every 3rd Tuesday in Fort Langley to enjoy fellowship and a speaker and host a variety of clinics. Find us on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – public, email: 2021 Upcoming Events: Online General Meetings Virtual Happy Hours Online Equifit with Gina Allan Ranch Trip

Tennessee Walking Horse News By Kristy Coulter



he Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse would like to congratulate the owner of Uphill Sand’N Sable (aka Betty), Marjorie C. Lacy. Betty is the first Tennessee Walking Horse to achieve the Platinum Breeders Award. Uphill Sand’N Sable was sired by Honey Boy’s Rebel out of Uphill Arnica. The Platinum Breeders Award is reserved for breeding animals whose offspring achieve all three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, in the CRTWH Program For Excellence. Because Betty is a mare, she needed to have at least three offspring (by at least two different stallions) with these achievements. This means that Betty’s offspring satisfied the standards of conformation, movement in hand, flat walk under saddle, running walk under saddle and canter under saddle.

There is a lot of support and a whole bunch of fun for anyone wanting to join our registry or participate in the Canadian Triple Challenge Programs. If you are not sure where to start, we invite you to follow us on, go to our website www.crtwh. ca, and reach out to our members. We are always ready to give you a helping hand.

Betty at 25 years old

Northfork Uphill Bucccaneer (‘Beau’)

Uphill Heiress (‘Bibi’)

Uphill Star (‘Sugarlump’)

Betty’s qualifying offspring are: Uphill Heiress (by Uphill Heir Trigger) Uphill Star (by Walkien Jesse Skywalker) and Northfork Uphill Buccaneer (by Northfork Top Traveller). These three Canadian Registered Tennessee Walkers are all exemplary specimens of our breed’s standards. The Platinum Breeders Award is based on breeding decisions, patience, commitment, energy and desire. I think this has been well- demonstrated by Betty’s owner. 30 • APRIL 2021


Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Marilyn Griffin


e are excited to announce that LMQHA has joined forces with the BC Paint Horse Club to make a coordinated effort to host both a series of Virtual Shows and an AQHA, APHA approved point show (August 14 and 15 at Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre)! The two clubs are working together to help keep the shows alive during this Pandemic. The first virtual Horse Show series is up on Facebook. Ask to join the group BC Virtual Horse Show to take a look at the rules and the classes available. Our Pattern book will be posted on March 15th and you will have until April 11th to get your entries in for our first series.

Our Judges will be either accredited Judges or very experienced trainers and PRIZES are CASH back! Show attire is not required but clean and pretty is appreciated. This will get you ready for the LMQHA Schooling Show which will be held Sunday, May 2nd at Delta Riding Club Grounds. Melissa Buckley will be returning for the weekend to Judge our show. We hope everyone can make it. Of course MASKS and social distancing are required and show details are listed on our website and Facebook group.

Go West Quarter Horses new addition ‘Frankie’ Ashley & Sly (Andrea Walker Photography)

Tami Hutton’s new foal ‘Luna’ (AQHA/APHA Filly)

Hailey & Cache Avery Caron

Cowboy Challenge fun

Windsum Western Show riders Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association President: Tamara Jameson, Website: Visit our Facebook page

APRIL 2021


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Horse Council BC Online Trails Database

By Sharon Pickthorne


re you thinking about taking a road trip with your horse to explore new trails? Have you recently moved and want to discover the location of the best local trails? Do any of the trails in your area have new amenities that other riders should be aware of? Good news! The online Trails Database maintained by Horse Council BC (HCBC) addresses these questions plus so much more. It currently lists 248 trails and campsites in eight regions throughout British Columbia. It provides information such as nearby cities, photos, trail length, directions, water, parking, camping, maps and dated comments from users. The Trails Database was initially created by long-time Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC) member Jack Breaks and published on their website. Unfortunately, BCHBC’s website was hacked and the information became inaccessible. In a spirit of collaboration, BCHBC decided to transfer the records to the Horse Council website. With the ongoing support of BCHBC members, your Horse Council recreated and expanded the database. If you ride trails on public lands, you are encouraged to help HCBC keep the information current and accurate. Here’s how: Let’s Make it Bigger and Better The Trails Database is only as good as our riders make it. I am sure HCBC staff would love to go and ride trails … but alas, they have other jobs to do. It is up to all of us to check and add trail information. You can help without even owning a Smartphone by: 1. Going to the HCBC website and clicking on ‘Recreation,’ then choosing ‘Online Trails Database,’ then selecting your geographic area. 2. Reading the entries for trails you are familiar with. If they are outdated or need corrections, you can easily update by clicking on the link on the main page under ‘Contribute to Our Database.’ 3. Select the existing trail name, and the current data will show. Correct and/or add anything needed. 4. You can also upload photos of the trails and post comments. 5. Types of comments? If you have ridden recently and discovered a hazard, that is a perfect comment. You will find the place to post comments under the Trail Record. There is a tab titled ‘Comments.’ Together, we can make this a world-class trail encyclopedia!

Maps In 2017, the Central Vancouver Island Chapter of BCHBC created a geo-referenced map of the Spruston trails. The technology that creates this type of digital map enables someone to see where they are on a map on a Smartphone without accessing cell service. This great new tool was presented to HCBC as a possible addition to the Trail Database. HCBC was keen and partnered with a Canadian company called Avenza Maps. ( HCBC also hired a cartographer who creates maps of any trails using GPX tracks on public land. The free Avenza Smartphone app tracks your position on a map without using data or having cell service and allows you to create and save GPX tracks of your trails. Once you’ve recorded a ‘track,’ there is a link within the Trail Database to upload it to HCBC, and they will create a map to be added to the trail listing. Both HCBC and BCHBC members appreciate your contributions to work toward the continual improvement of the Trails Database. Happy Trails! Help with Avenza: Go to and look under ‘Knowledge & Support/Documentation.’ Scroll down to Avenza Maps and you will see the links for iPhone or Android help.

Back Country Horsemen Provincial Executive ~

President: Scott Walker,, 250-764-8555 or 250-300-8415 Vice President(s): Karl Arnold,; Verna Houghtaling,; Sandra Erickson,; Marie Reimer, Treasurer: Debra Oakman,, 250-897-5779 Secretary: Christine Heffernan,, 250-714-6001 Past President: Brian Wallace, 250-569-2324

32 • APRIL 2021


Clubs & Associations 31 Years of Celebrating Long Ears

Join the Canadian Quarter Horse Association Membership is FREE!

members from across Canada and the US

ARMSTRONG ENDERBY RIDING CLUB  Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 9/21



The CQHA is the Canadian affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), and representative of the largest breed population within the Canadian herd. Visit us at

NOW YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE. CRHRA is a voice for the Recreational Rider.

Our low cost membership includes $5 Million and $30,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Check out our web site for more information 4/22


BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Ellen Hockley 250-572-7516, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 5/21

BC Equine Arena 2 Trail Association

Working with obstacles to overcome obstacles Building confidence, patience, respect and trust in your equine partnership! 4/22


CANADIAN THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION CanTRA promotes the benefits of therapeutic riding across Canada through awareness, education, and setting standards for therapeutic riding instructor certification, centre accreditation, hippotherapy, and equine-facilitated wellness.

Contact: • Website:


BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 10/21, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ.

CERTIFIED HORSEMANSHIP ASSOCIATION (CHA) Certifies equine professionals, accredits equestrian facilities, & publishes educational manuals, webinars & videos. 8/21

BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB see our FB page. Pres: Michelle Kozyn e-mail:, Trail Rides, Pot O Gold Show, Poker Ride 5/22

CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, 12 /21

BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 3/22 BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION, Contact Carolyn Farris, email 7/21

1-866-282-8395 | |

FRASER VALLEY’S OWN ‘GRASSROOTS’ CLUB dedicated to promoting the sport of cutting to enthusiasts of all levels See us on acebook & Instagram

Equestrian Canada (EC) is the national governing body for equestrian sport and industry in Canada, with a mandate to represent, promote and advance all equine and equestrian interests. 10/18 2/22

Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding! We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.


or e-mail:

Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!!

2/21 11/18

Info on clinics and events at

11/21 6/16

A charitable equine organization funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthwhile equine causes.


Bob Watson, President 403-378-4323

4/22 10/21

BC WELSH PONY & COB ASSOC. (see Facebook) Pres: Rosanne 604-302-7650, Breed promotion program throughout the province. 4/22 BOUCHIE LAKE GYMKHANA CLUB (Quesnel BC). May to September. All info on our Facebook Page: B LAKE Gymkhana CLUB. Tel: 250-249-9667 6/21 BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOCIATION (Grand Forks BC), Offering shows, gymkhanas, clinics & more. See us on Facebook, 250-443-3191, 4/22

Canadian Cowboy Challenge


A SPORT for the whole Family! Hoping to host a full season of Challenges in 2021 For more info please call 403-828-2044 or visit


INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 8/21 KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 3/21 APRIL 2021


Clubs & Associations LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 10/21

PRINCETON RIDING CLUB, Pres: Stephanie Antonick, See us on Facebook. Offering shows, clinics and more! 2/22


RUSTY SPURS 4-H HORSE CLUB (Abbotsford BC) Open to Youth 6-19, & Find us on Facebook! 12/21

NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 8/21

SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 11/21

OLIVER & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, Pres: Dawn MacRae 250-689-0156,, Clinics, Summer Show & more, see our FB page 4/21

100 Mile & District Outriders

7/18 10/21

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. Harvey President: Adam Mike Kidston E-mail: ~

SPIRIT OF THE HORSE GARDEN, a place to honour our equine friends; memorial plaques available,, FB 11/21 VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 4/22 WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 5/21

PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Kevin Froese ( Info, Gymkhana dates & events at 5/21

Clubs - you should be listed here.

Peruvian Horse Club of BC Smooth • Versatile • Intelligent

Non-profit rates start at only $100 per year.


What’s Happening? Let’s Go!


Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,



29-May 7 LANGLEY BC, 6 week advanced Equine Massage Therapy Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF,


5 ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP w/Dawn Ferster at Paradise Hills (11-2), Lumby BC,, limited spots available 9-10 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart (Stage 1) Cochrane AB, 250-789-3072, or 11-12 ADVANCED STAGE 1 & 2 HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart, Cochrane AB, 250-789-3072, or AERC OPEN SHOW (Virtual?), Armstrong BC, 18 and FB 19 ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP w/Dawn Ferster at Paradise Hills (11-2), Lumby BC,, limited spots available 25 PRC SADDLE SERIES BARREL RACES & GYMKHANA, 30 REAL DEAL RANCH HORSE SALE, Perlich Bros. Auction Market, Lethbridge AB, 403-329-3101,


1 SPRING HORSE SALE – Foothills Auctioneers at Perlich Bros. Auction Market, Lethbridge AB, 403-329-3101, 1 PRODUCTION & PERFORMANCE HORSE SALE, Dawson Creek BC, Dawn 250-782-3766, 2 LMQHA ALL BREED SCHOOLING SHOW at Delta Riding Club, 6-9 MOTHER’S DAY ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP w/DawnFerster at Timber Ridge, Lumby BC, 7-8 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart (Stage 1 Clinic), Smithers BC, contact Anika 250-846-5494 or LADYSMITH (V. Island) BC, Learn equine massage! – Certification Course, 8-14 Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, 9-10 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart (Advanced Workshop Clinic), Smithers BC, contact Anika 250-846-5494 or 21 ARENA 2 TRAIL WORKSHOP w/Dawn Ferster at Timber Ridge, Lumby BC, 21-24 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Glenn Stewart (Stage 1), Selkirk Saddle Club, Revelstoke BC, Traci 250-837-9628,



Business Services EQUINE SERVICES


NATURAL TOUCH THERAPY INSTITUTE (BC/AB/SK) Certified Farrier & Equine Therapy Programs 4/21

Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 • Chilliwack, BC 4/15



FARM SUPPLIES CATTLE FEEDERS, free-standing Panels, fence line Feeders, bunk silage Feeders made from oil field pipe. Call Dan 250-308-9218 (BC wide) 6/21



HORSE HAY SALES (Calgary AB) Meadow Brome Grass/Alfalfa mix, tested,, 403-325-5556 2/22


Horse Shavings  Hog Fuel  Bark Mulch Serving the BC Interior 250-503-7432 4/21

formerly David Beerstra Trucking


MATT ROBERSON - Certified Journeyman Farrier & RACHEL VOWLES


WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-838-0111. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch



KPU Advanced Farrier Science Graduates

t: 250-280-0155 | 250-886-7595 • e:


DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Ok/Shuswap) 250-309-0629 or 250-838-2157, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 4/22 10/21



Wanted Wranglers / Trail Guides Guide on Guest Ranch / Horse pack trips

8/19 10/21

EQUINE HEALTH CANPRESSCO CAMELINA OIL. Omega 3-6-9 & Vitamin E., Brand Rep: Amy Langevin 604-828-2551, 5/21


Supplements For Horses 4/21

100% Canadian


31852 Marshall Place 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Rd. 975 Langford Parkway 1-1227 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave SW 2565 Main St.

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 940-4499 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870


ASHCROFT HOME BUILDING CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Co-op Dealer & Pet Foods. You can find us on Facebook 10/21

FENCING Gates, Panels, Feeders, Continuous FenCe deer & Farm FenCe installations

Custom built and installed to your needs

GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan Cossentine, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 3/22 •


D E A D LI N E 2/22

5th of each month APRIL 2021


Business Services TRAILER REPAIRS


TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (1645 Eagle Rock Rd., Armstrong BC) 250-308-8980, RVs to Horse Trailers. Your Trailer Parts Superstore! 7/21


CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735

PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 6/21



KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, 4/22


FERRIS FENCING “PastureLine” 4mm : “No Wire” Polymer : Complete ElectricSystems HorseRail products : No-Climb & Diamond Mesh

30 years Serving the Horse Industry / / 1-800-665-3307 5/21 3/19


ALICIA HARPER of Hylee Training, EC Comp. Coach/Trainer. Specializing in Western, available for training, lessons/clinics, 2/22 BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 6 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 9/21 DAWN FERSTER (Kelowna BC) Coaching/Training/Workshops 250-808-0738 Mountain Trail/Western/Dressage, see Damarhe Training on FB 3/22 9/21

International Clinician and Horseman 1-877-728-8987


SPRING LAKE GUEST RANCH, (100 Mile House BC) 250-791-5776 Beautiful Ranch on 600 acres & private lake,

JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses®, 1-888-533-4353 10/21


LESSON PROGRAMS WWW.FOOTNOTEFARM.COM (Langley BC) 778-822-3276 Certified instructors, safe & sound horses, curriculum followed, privates for beginners. 4/21

REALTORS Listing and Selling – Rural and Residential Properties in the North Okanagan and Shuswap Cell: 250-549-0996 / Office 250-546-3119 Armstrong 10/21

SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS DON LOEWEN SADDLERY, 1802 Houston St., Merritt BC, 250-525-0220 Custom saddlery, chaps, repairs, leather bags & more,


DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 9/21


SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 778-344-3804, Foundation Horsemanship & Working Equitation, Clinics & Lessons, 8/21 THE ROCK’N STAR RANCH (Pritchard BC) Natural Care Boarding. Training. Education. Offering quality care, horsemanship support & education. 3/22



WWW.HORSEGEARCANADA.COM - online shopping - always open! Tack, hoof boots, nutritional products, grooming products & more. 4/21

LISA WIEBEN (Bowden AB), Clinics, Training, Lessons, Centered Riding/Western & English Dressage 6/21 LUTTMER TRAINING AND CLINICS, starting horses, building trust and confidence, Quesnel BC 250-249-9613, see updates on Facebook 10/21



LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLES (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 7/21

ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL Williams Lake 250-392-5510 / Quesnel 250-747-3053 Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan, Ree , 4/22 INTERIOR VETERINARY HEALTH SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-769-4217, Mobile Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, VSMT, College of Animal Chiropractors 8/21 OKANAGAN EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM,


WALES EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-258-2299 Drs. Alex Wales and Dr. Susan Wales, 8/21


WWW.THETRADINGPOSTFEEDANDTACK.COM (Nanaimo) 250-245-2115 English/Western Tack & Apparel, Feeds & Hay, Bedding, Footwear 4/21 36 • APRIL 2021


Starting at just $250 per year (for 12 issues). Plus we can add a link on our web site for only $50 per year!

1-866-546-9922 for more info

Rural Roots

SOUTH CARIBOO 160 ACRES EQUESTRIAN/HAY RANCH RECREATIONAL ESTATE PROPERTY WITH INCOME POTENTIAL Equestrian enthusiasts take notice! To purchase a revenue-generating 15.99 acre lot featuring a 5,800 SF main house, 3,100 SF log house, 1,152 SF carriage house, covered outdoor pool, hot tub, BBQ entertaining area, 14 box stalls, new workshop, enclosed hay shed, indoor & outdoor riding arenas, and more. A private park setting with Little Campbell River running through the back of the property. A truly unique estate offering.

447 232nd Street, Langley, BC $7,890,000 JESSE GODIN Cell: 604-760-2187 • NAI Commercial Fly-Through Video:

Enjoy your own Heartland in the Cariboo, on the Fishing Highway near 100 Mile House! 4 bedroom, 2 bath, Log House with vaulted ceiling Set up for horses, 130’x280’ sand arena, 7’ high x38’round pen 10 paddocks, 4 stall barn 25’x52’ with tack room and 20 ton hay loft 50 acres cultivated hay field, produced 70+ tons in 2020 25 acres sub-irrigated hay field, another 40 acres cleared to plant 30’x60’ shop (Man Cave), cement floor, wired 220, 14’6” overhead doors

Virtual Tour/Photo Gallery: Priced at $1,125,000 Contact: Linda Poel 250-706-9286



Stallions & Breeders APPALOOSACENTRE.COM 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 9/21 FOOTNOTE FARM FJORDS (Langley BC) 778-822-3276. Registered & imported breeding stock. Bred for performance and built to last. 4/21 OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/21 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style 3/22

2011 Gypsy Vanner Stallion (Sired by Tumbleweed)

DNA tested homozygous for the Tobiano gene (Part bred foals can be registered Pinto)

Bred for temperament and conformation. Kaze is kind, athletic and versatile with a confident, forward attitude on trails. Standing in Maple Ridge BC to a limited number of kind, approved mares for the 2021 season.


(Live Cover, AI, fresh cooled semen)

Purebred mares $1,100 Part bred $1,000

Cell: 250-731-9997 (Port Alberni BC) Email: North Fork Kaze

STUD FEE: $1,000 Fresh cooled shipped semen Andalusian Stallion Tailwinds Gatillo AI services available at collection sites located in Cache Creek or 15.3HH dark bay Abbotsford BC Special consideration for Warmblood and TB mares this season. For more information call 778-868-7401 See our page: Tailwind Enterprises



On The Market (Private Sale) The Peruvian Horse


We Have the Blues!

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at!

for Trail ~ Work ~ Show

2021 Foals will be available sired by:

LBJ Sierras Blue Te | AQHA Blue Roan and his son AW Blue Fire N Te | AQHA Blue Roan

To learn more about this beautiful & unique breed of horse, and for a complete Sales List, please visit our website. 12/21

Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC)

Visit for more Information on this Incredible Breed! • 403-860-9763 Locations in Chase BC and Cayley Alberta 10/21

7/21 3/17

Glynn Irish Sport Horse If you’re looking for your “Heart Horse” look no further!

We breed and train GYPSY COBS AND VANNERS


Champion bloodlines and amazing temperaments to suit everyone’s adventure!


All saddles in new condition

(pictured) PRESTIGE, medium wide tree, 18” seat. $1800 STUBBEN JUVENTUS Junior, medium tree, 17” seat. $1800 STUBBEN JUVENTUS Junior, wide tree, 17” seat, fits Quarter Horses well. $2000 ALBION LEGEND 5000, medium tree, 17.5” seat, brown leather. $1500

Girths, Snaffle Bridles and Bits also for sale. ALL IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Call 250-546-9011 or 604-807-6104 (North Okanagan)

38 • APRIL 2021








Aimee & Luc Beauchamp 250-438-1066 (Princeton BC) 10/21


HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 6/21


Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles


Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 email: Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm



that has a little bit of everything

Complete Balanced Bioavailable Source Of Essential MACRO and MICRO nutrients for HEALTHY HORSES WWW.ULTRA-KELP.COM


Double Delichte Stables

Full Board $350 monthly (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon  250-309-2384 Coldstream, BC  9/21

Dealer for

Pet Food & Supplies Wood Shavings and MORE


3455 Pleasant Valley Rd. Armstrong, BC

FULL, PARTIAL OR SELF-BOARD in either a group pasture or paddocks with run-in sheds with access to pasture • Overnight camping with paddocks available • Heated auto waterers • Round pen and • 120 x 160 sand Arena 10/21

Contact: Indigo Ridge Farm 4784 Stepney Road, Armstrong BC 250-898-4075 /



40 • APRIL 2021


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