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hope you and yours are kept safe from the Corona Moi! Circa early 80s! Big hair and all! Virus. It is very heart-wrenching and saddening to hear and see the affects it has taken on our world and to the people we know. Let’s hope things return to somewhat normal sooner than later. Saddle Up has a new PHOTO CONTEST for you all (we haven’t done one in quite a few years!) – thanks to our contest sponsor ‘The Finn & Fletcher Co.’. The ‘monthly’ contest will be on our Facebook page running through to December. See page 22 for more details. EXCITING!!! I hope you enjoy this issue – there is lots for you to see and read! Our Fashion Feature shows what is hot (and ‘cool’) for this year – take a look – starting on page 23. As our What’s Happening? Let’s Go! Calendar continues to grow… do check it out. While we are limited to printing just so many dates in the magazine – ALL 2020 dates are included in our online calendar on our website. Start planning your schedule! And did you know you can always get a sneak-peek of the magazine on our website every 1st of the month! That’s just in case you can’t wait for the ‘mailed out’ copies to arrive in stores (or in your mailbox). Be careful out there…

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s mentioned in the February issue, and last month, while cleaning out some old files, paperwork, etc. over the holidays, I came across Saddle Up’s 2005 Jingle Contest. I thought I would share some of them with you over Horses, with their gentle ‘neigh’ contented in their fields of hay to graze, and walk and trot and canter with their herd mates, nudge and banter. Frolicking, without a care, foal and filly, colt and mare. Till the cowboy cries, “Hup, hup!” then it’s time to Saddle Up! - P. Hayes (adult), Canyon BC

the next few months. We had entries from all over BC, Alberta, Yukon, and Texas (yes, Texas, but ineligible). Below are a few more entries that received ‘Honourable Mentions’.

Horses are tame, some horses are wild. But oh what a pleasure they bring to a child. Learning to ride, later entering shows. Winning ribbons and trophies, making friends as it goes. Years go by… memories erupt, over those special words “Come on Saddle Up!” - Virginia Olafson (adult), Surrey BC

Horses, well, I’ve had quite a few from a tender age my interest grew. Just to be around them, sorrel, black, roan or grey, wanted to be with them any time, night or day. Pondering my work over a hot coffee cup, We are both raring to go – so Saddle Up! - Roy W. Olson (adult), Dapp AB

Dear Editor…


y wife and I want to recommend as an amazing winter-break destination the Grand Oaks Equestrian Center in Weirsdale Florida (see photos). We recently attended and enjoyed 2 equestrian events held there. The first was an FEI/US Carriage Association Combined Driving event (CDE) that attracted 106 entries including several top level Canadians. The second weekend was a driving event that included a Derby (timed hazards course). We enjoyed the opportunity to see the very best driving horses, the beautiful carriage turn-outs complete with designer hats, and the exceptional ability of experienced drivers. The setting was a “Gone With The Wind” backdrop complete with oak-lined avenues set on a carpet of emerald green grass. We relished seeing almost every type of hitch including tandems, pairs, 4 horse teams, and even 3 abreast. The horses moved in total synchronization, a testament of many long hours in training. The events were held outdoors with the staff and competitors demonstrating the traditional and delightful southern hospitality. I would recommend that next winter if you are looking to get away from the snow and ice and enjoy a little more sun, check out the Grand Oaks website for their 2021 horse

6 • APRIL 2020


show schedule. The horses are beautiful, the people are friendly, and the location is superb. - Gerry Breckon, Vancouver Island BC (P.S. This event was stunning in the high quality of the turnouts, the driving ability displayed, the exceptional horses, and the beautiful back ground. We saw what driving can aspire to be.)

Letters to the Editor are welcome and printed on a space availability basis.

APRIL 2020


By Glenn Stewart

This is a question I think people should ask more often. I forever see people with horses that are definitely not a good match for them. They are not having fun, are not safe, or have bought the wrong type or breed of horse for what it is they want to do and then they don’t do anything at all with their horse because of it. ome things I would suggest when looking for a horse (that has already been started) would be to make a list of what you want to do with your horse. Do you want to, for example, pleasure ride, jump, work cattle, reining, dressage, race, pull a cart, or take it to the mountains through muskeg, rivers and mountains? Some breeds have a larger capacity to do many things than other breeds. Here are some other considerations: 1. What kind of horse do you need for your skill level, so you don’t end up with something you can’t handle. 2. Is the horse easy to catch? 3. Does it have too much ‘go’ or too much ‘whoa’? Look for sellers that can’t wait to show you all the great things they can do with their horse. If they can’t show you much or not anything and tell you to get on and ride without seeing the owner ride it first; I would be concerned. 4. Can they easily pick up all the feet and hold them to be trimmed? 5. Does the horse load and how well? Can you lead and send the horse into the trailer? Does the horse stay in without being tied or held. Can you back the horse out, or lead them out and stop calmly anytime you like? 6. Does he stand still to be saddled and to get on, or does he need to be tied for saddling and starts jigging around when you mount? 7. What do they use on the horse’s head to ride? 8. What gaits are they willing to show the horse at? How pure are the gaits? Does the horse appear impulsive or dull or just right? 9. Is the horse confident or scared? Does the seller demonstrate where the confidence level of the horse is? 10. Do they show you what they can do with the horse both on the ground as well as in the saddle? 11. Has he been ridden outside in the bush, hills, creeks, rivers, and mud? 8 • APRIL 2020


12. Does the horse appear to be happy and willing or barely hanging in, resentful and/or mistrusting? 13. Is he free moving and athletic or stiff and sore moving? 14. What kind of a foot does the horse have? Does it have a foot that will carry its weight with a good thick wall? 15. Check the horse’s teeth. I had a friend that bought a great looking horse that passed all the above criteria but the horse was missing its front teeth. 16. Is the horse bred to ride or pull, run or goslow? Do your homework and learn what the different breeds of horses were bred to do. Don’t let someone tell you that a horse that has been bred for a certain job is suddenly going to be able to do something completely different. If they are bred to pull, for example, don’t think that they are going to be great riding horses and that you are going to be winning the reining class. Don’t fall into the “Flavour of the Month Club,” know the breed and what it was meant and bred to do. Generally speaking if the horse is cheap, there is usually a reason. On the other hand, if you fall into the Flavour of the Month Club, you might pay an extremely high price for a rusted out station wagon that when you step on it, it backfires, stutters and stalls leaving you in the middle of the intersection. When, with a little research, you could have bought a shiny new Ferrari or Cadillac for half the price and actually got a horse that is capable and has the capacity to ride at any level you are capable of or become capable of in the future. If you need a one-ton dually, don’t buy a scooter and try to hook your horse trailer to it (figuratively speaking!) If you buy a horse that athletically is at or below your present abilities you have nowhere to go with that horse. If you want to improve as a rider it may be very difficult if you choose the wrong

breed for the things you hope to do. If all these criteria check out and you are thrilled and amazed at all you have just witnessed then it might be time to try the horse yourself to see how he feels to you. Then there is the conformation aspect, and age of the horse. Conformation is an essay in itself. It can take years and real effort to be able to develop an eye for good conformation and is sometimes much easier if you know someone who is knowledgeable in this area to give you their opinion. Getting help from a professional farrier that knows what a good foot might be is also an idea worth considering. If all these areas check out maybe it is time for you to try the horse out yourself. Hopefully you have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the colour of the horse or how much hair they have. Hair has no bearing on safety, trainability, athleticism and what your riding experience will be. We are very visual beings and the less knowledgeable buyer might get caught buying hair. Leaving the hair out of it, the price of the horse can’t be considered until all these other areas are looked at. Only then can you get an idea what the true value of each horse you look at should be. Watch out for that Flavour of the Month Club, do your homework, know the breeds and what they are meant to do. Ask someone you respect that has ridden many breeds and use their knowledge and advice. The horsemen I know would happily share what they have learnt over the years with you good and bad, and second hand gold is as good as new. Make a logical choice when buying a horse, not an emotional one, so you can ride for many years and have fun doing it. Glenn Stewart Glenn offers year round educational horsemanship programs at his facility near Fort St. John BC and is available to travel and conduct clinics. For more information on Glenn and The Horse Ranch visit (See his listing in our Business Services section under TRAINERS) APRIL 2020


Three Locations for NTTI Natural Touch Therapy Institute (NTTI) has three campus locations throughout western Canada. ur west coast campus in Vernon BC (formerly the BC College of Equine Therapy) is home to the 2-Year Certified Farrier Program with Instructor & Certified AFA Farrier Scott Livingstone. The Barrhead AB campus offers the 2-year Certified Equine Sport Therapy Program as well as a new and innovative Certified Equine Manual Osteopathic Therapy Program with Instructor & Certified Equine Sport Therapist and Certified Manual Osteopathic Therapist Brenda Fitzgerald. Our eastern-most campus, Vanscoy SK, offers the 2-year Certified Equine Sport Therapy Program with Instructor and Certified Equine Sport Therapist Janelle Lukan. With over 60 years of combined experience as industry leading professionals, Brenda Fitzgerald the NTTI faculty brings their passion and love of horses in which they pass on to their students the ability to delve past the physical symptoms to discover the root of the imbalance. Their ability to approach the body with softness, timing and feel have made them highly successful equine professionals. Natural Touch Therapy Institute was established in 2015 when Brenda and Janelle joined forces to create a series of weekend Janelle Lukan therapy clinics for the horse owner. During the next few years, their passion for sharing knowledge continued to grow and in 2018 they purchased the BC College of Equine Therapy. Currently in their second year of mentorship with Dave Collins, (Founder of BCCET) Brenda and Janelle also bring his 30 years of equine

Proud Distributor of: ComfyFit Harness EMCarriages All equines/sizes Please visit our website at Call 403.995.0055 or Text 403.860.6217 10 • APRIL 2020


Scott Livingstone therapy industry excellence to the NTTI experience. Over the last year, NTTI established a partnership with Scott Livingstone to bring a new Certified Farrier Program to the Okanagan. This 2-year program, as with the other NTTI programs, will be offered in the unique style of part time studies in which the students attend class 2 days a month with additional practical skills to be further developed on their own time between classes. This allows students to maintain their current careers while attending classes as well as eliminating the need to relocate. Scott’s passion is to pass on the knowledge he gained as a journeyman farrier and to educate qualified reputable farriers within the horse industry. Students will benefit from the experience gained practicing on cadaver feet then moving on to the live horse. This course is designed to give knowledge in biomechanics of the equine hoof, conformation as well as balanced trimming and shoeing. This dynamic interactive program will also include forging skills as well as the necessary knowledge to build a successful shoeing career. “To gain knowledge is valuable, but knowing how to effectively apply that knowledge is invaluable.” - Scott Livingstone. (See NTTI’s listing in our Business Services section under EQUINE SERVICES)


The horse world continues to benefit more every year with each technological advance. We understand so much more about every aspect of our horse’s anatomy, health and genetics than ever before.


addle fitting is an ongoing concern for horse owners. Saddle fit can make or break a good ride and a good horse. Pressure mapping is one form of measuring able to offer very precise dynamically driven data. Medical pressure mapping has been around for 20+ years, but most systems are not designed for outdoor and wireless applications. Pressure mapping employs the use of a pressure sensitive array mat wirelessly connected to a computer to record readings of the mat. The motion of the rider and horse is easily viewed during the mapping process, while uneven-ness or “hot spots” on a saddle show up readily and can often be corrected easily. While saddles having no hope of fitting the particular horse are easily diagnosed instead of trying to find a fix. The process involves placing the array mat under the saddle, while a laptop wirelessly records the pressure readings through saddling, mounting and riding while maintaining a reasonable distance from the computer. Video synchronizing will soon be a part of the feedback information. A valuable tool for any rider looking to refine their seat or balance. A “centre of motion” detector on the array mat is an indicator of the rider’s symmetry, balance and position while asymmetrical movements in the horse are also most apparent with this tool. The saddle and the pad are tested separately in order to evaluate the effectiveness of current padding while testing other materials or assessing shim placement. Static saddle fitting; the standard for generations, cannot compare to the wealth of information obtained from pressure mapping. Equeffusion pressure mapping and saddle fitting service offers XSensor measuring along with a menu of reports, video, imaging and measuring for saddle ordering or shopping. Full service saddle repair and custom padding manufacturing is done in our shop in Penticton BC.

APRIL 2020


Oliver and Lightning.

Oliver and me at Spanish Banks in Vancouver. We frequently rode from Southlands to the beach on the weekends in the summer time.

By Christa Miremadi

Our journey together started a long time ago, in what feels like another lifetime. I was a young kid, thrilled with the excitement of owning my first horse (a QH/ Morgan pony gelding I called Jericho), but ‘my inspiration’ was a young, long legged, green Arab gelding named Oliver. ericho was a scruffy, tough pony with a natural talent for jumping. I was a fearless, horse crazy pre-teen. My coach saw my potential as a promising young hunter/jumper competitor and matched me with this “diamond in the rough.” Together, we polished Jericho into a fine show horse. For a while, I was happy competing with him. We brought home ribbons and trophies in every class we entered, but it wasn’t long before I realized I didn’t like showing, whether I was winning or not. I’m not much of a morning person and the 4 a.m. rising to bathe and braid my pony (on top of the stress and anxiety of a horse show) was just not my thing. Honestly, I was happy to just bomb around bareback and bushwhack for hours on end and these were the things that I longed to do most, but Jericho thought these kinds of activities were a total waste of time. Jericho was the first horse I thought those cliché words, “if I only knew then what I know now” about. I’m sure he could have been a lovely pony, but with our focus set on his athletic development, his shiny coat and winning ribbons, he quickly became a very fit, spoiled monster. He was aggressive around food and he threw high-powered, well-orchestrated hissy fits when he didn’t get his way. Oliver was a short-backed, long-legged, baby-faced colt when I met him. He’d been started too young and had done very little besides trail riding in the mountains (with a rider who weighed too much for his young body). I was a “barn rat,” working off Jericho’s board payments by doing odd jobs, picking stalls, sweeping the yard and exercising horses. Riding Oliver was one of my jobs and quickly became one of my favourites! I was small, didn’t weigh a lot and could ride a buck or two 12 • APRIL 2020


so I was a perfect match for this young, green Arab gelding. Oliver was playful, silly, brave, willing and best of all, enjoyed spending time with me, no matter what we were doing. Jericho, on the other hand, was only happy when we were training for shows. It wasn’t long before I realized Oliver was perfect for me too and I sold my first pony. That was almost 30 years ago and although many others have come and gone, Oliver is still standing in my pasture, still playful and silly, still brave and willing and has a bigger heart and more spirit than I ever fully understood. Together, with my family’s support, 20 years ago in 2000, Oliver and I developed a riding lesson program in Richmond BC. He helped me develop a program that grew to where, not only I was able to make a living, but 4 other coaches were earning an income as well! Oliver became our “#1” in a fleet of school horses and was the example against which all our horses were measured. He jumped, he did dressage, he was great with beginners and experienced riders, he played hoof ball, he was a dream on the trail, he competed in English and Western, he went bridle-less, he worked as a school horse for riders with disabilities, and he was one hell of a healing horse for Equine-Imity, an Equine Assisted Learning program we were lucky to be a part of with Linda-Ann Bowling. Oliver taught literally hundreds of people to ride, helped to build confidence and experience with those who needed a quiet horse, challenged those who needed challenging, exposed weak spots in those who needed exposure and was a shoulder to cry on for those who needed to cry. He’s also been a solid companion to many inexperienced, green horses who needed a positive example over the years. Once, I watched in horror as a nervous student, one foot on the mounting block and the other in Oliver’s stirrup, hovered indecisively between the block and his saddle. As she wavered, our barn cat jumped off the barn roof ONTO OLIVER’S BUTT!!! Oliver never moved, not even when the cat’s claws pierced his hide in order to stabilize her landing. Over the years Oliver taught me the importance of grounded, thoughtful planning, the need for focus and drive when working towards goals, the benefits of mindful observations and listening compassionately as well as the joy and excitement of playful flexibility, spontaneity and silliness. About 10 years ago, Oliver got sick. He was struggling to breath and

Jericho and me in the warm up arena at a Vancouver Pony Club show.

My first pony, Jericho and me competing together 100 years ago. Photo by Pad Dymond.

wasn’t eating. Obviously, this horse would get the best care possible and was moved to my vet’s clinic for a full work over. After x-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork and various other tests, the only thing we knew for sure was Oliver had arthritis in his spine and an extremely elevated white blood cell count. We treated him with antibiotics, which he responded to, but it took almost 3 months before he finally kicked the mystery infection. He recovered but because of the spinal arthritis we’d found, he was retired as a school horse and began his career as my daughter’s full time trail mount. It was also around that time that we created the “Oliver Award,” an award presented to our “school pony of the year.” Our students would vote on the school horse they felt had done the best job of supporting their students that year and would present them with an “Oliver Award.” Oliver became a living legend. As they all deserve, I always wanted to provide Oliver with the perfect pasture retirement. For a while I wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance. He was really struggling in his old age and I didn’t have the means but last year, when we moved to our new ranch, I was finally able to give him 160 acres of grazing, a life without expectation and a bottomless bucket of mash! Today, Oliver lives with his best friend, a Shetland pony named Lightning, and at somewhere well over 30 years old, he’s just lived through the hardest winter of his life! He’s old and stiff, he’s tired and worn out but he’s tough as nails and just doesn’t quit! When he lays down for a nap or to roll, he often needs help getting up but he still runs and plays with his pony and is still (and probably always will be) the horse all others are compared to. I wish he could live for 100 years! Oliver’s seen many things in his lifetime and he’s served countless people. Although I know he’s not the only wonder-horse out there, if there was ever a horse who deserved to be immortalized and honoured for the tremendous contributions he’s made, it is Oliver! He has taught me more than I could articulate and I do my best every day to pay it forward. My horse, my guide, my inspiration, my unicorn. Christa Miremadi has over 30 years of experience working with horses. From guiding trail rides to starting colts, she’s dedicated her life to developing her horsemanship skills. Christa and her husband, Pinto Miremadi, recently left their home and jobs of the past 18 years at Silver Star Stables in Langley BC to realize their dreams of owning their own ranch. They now own and manage The Rock’n Star in Pritchard BC where they offer boarding, lessons and clinics: building relationships, strengthening partnerships and developing confidence for horses and humans through compassionate communication and by sharing the horse’s point of view. (See Rock’n Star’s listing in the Business Services section under TRAINERS) APRIL 2020


Join us in our Fundraising Effort… By Burgi Rommel and Ulli Dargel

There is a magical space at the entrance to Campbell Valley Park in South Langley BC, called the Spirit of the Horse Garden.


t is a space where many of our beloved equine companions are remembered with a plaque honouring their name and the name of the humans that loved them. There are many horses you will recognize remembered there, and the garden is a very unique, peaceful spot to sit and reminisce about life with our equine partners. The garden was created by our long-time friend Joy Richardson. Joy passed away in 2018 and the space was left for Metro Vancouver Parks to take care of during Joy's ailing years. Since Joy’s passing, it has been tenderly brought back to life by many volunteers and is now in need of funding to grow and stay part of our horse community. There will be a Plant Sale at the garden on April 25th from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., and an Open House on June 14th from 12 noon - 3 p.m. The garden is located at 1255 - 208th Street in South Langley and we would love to see you there. For further questions please email us at Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

14 • APRIL 2020


APRIL 2020


Canpressco Products was the driving force behind gaining novel foods status for Camelina Oil in Canada. Through our activities in the Canadian grocery marketplace, we soon realized the value this cold pressed oil has in the animal market. To date, there has not been a recommended ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 that has been documented for horses. It is believed, however, that a ratio ranging from 2:1 to 5:1 Omega-3 to Omega-6 is optimal for a horse's health.


e are proud to offer a 100% Canadian grown and made Camelina Oil. Our processing procedures have been carefully designed to ensure the delicate scent and flavour of the camelina is not damaged during pressing and that the Omega-3 and Vitamin E remains fully intact throughout processing. Our camelina oil is guaranteed to be fresh as we do small batch pressings on a quarterly basis. Our seed is cleaned to the highest of standards to ensure no contamination or foreign seed oils are present in the product. What is Camelina? . ancient Non-GMO oilseed . powerful source of Omega-3 . all natural; cold pressed . balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 profile . transparent roots Benefits of Our Oil The value of this oilseed lies within its unique fatty acid composition. Fatty Acids are the nutritional components of oils and fats. There are two types of fatty acids that are labelled “essential” because they must be acquired through the diet. Neither humans nor animals can synthesize them on their own. These two essential fatty acids (EFAs) are linoleic acid (LA which is synthesized into Omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA which is synthesized into Omega-3). Omega-3 Supplementation in Equines The balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a horse's diet is very important. Both nutrients have important functions within the body, and balancing the two is imperative in order for them to function appropriately. Because horses are herbivores and grazers, their bodies are naturally inclined to having a higher level of Omega-3 compared to Omega-6. Their Omega-3 intake comes from the small quantities of fat in their forage and their Omega-6 comes from the fats found in the oil of their grain rations.

16 •• APRIL APRIL 2020 2020 16


Camelina and Vitamin E Camelina has a high level of natural anti-oxidants in the form of Vitamin E. Vitamin E can be broken down into its chemical components called tocopherols. The following is the breakdown of Camelina Oil into its different tocopherol components: . Alpha-tocopherol: 30 – 40 mg/kg . Gamma –tocopherol: 720 – 740 mg/kg . Delta-tocopherol: 10 – 20 mg/kg Of these tocopherols, gamma has the strongest anti-oxidant effects in polyunsaturated oils such as Camelina Oil. Typically, the more unsaturated the oil, the more prone it is to oxidation, hence a shorter shelf life. However, the high concentration of the gamma-tocopherol in camelina improves the oil's stability in comparison to other oils with similar levels of unsaturated fatty acids, improving its shelf life.

Improve the quality of their skin and hair coat Decrease joint pain in horses that suffer from arthritis Improve bone structure • Help prevent ulcers Help with allergic hyperactivity Have anti-inflammatory effects

Amy Langevin - Authorized Canpressco Dealer Kelowna, BC • • Cell: 604-828-2551 @amylangevincanpresscodealer

A Trailer Donation helps out Rescue Citation RV & Trailers, Kamloops’ trusted provider of trailer sales, rentals and repairs is giving back to the community by donating the use of a 2020 Maverick Deluxe Warmblood size 3-horse trailer to Freedom’s Gate Equine Rescue.

reedom’s Gate Equine Rescue is a registered non-profit and charitable society operating out of Salmon Arm BC. They are focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing at risk horses. With the use of this new trailer Freedom’s Gate will be able to move the rescue horses safely and comfortably without having to spend thousands on a reliable trailer. “We care about our community and are always happy to help where we can,” owner Ester Gerlof says. “We have been supporting Freedom’s Gate for several years and when we noticed that their horse trailer was in need of replacement, we came up with a sustainable plan to help them out.” “I have mentioned many times how amazing Citation RV & Trailers has been to the Rescue, caring for our trailer (ALWAYS for free). They have been a huge supporter of the Rescue for a few years now! From fostering horses, to now......” says Carly Marchand-Jones, co-founder of Freedom’s Gate Equine Rescue. “To say we are overwhelmed, is putting is mildly! A huge thank you to Citation RV & Trailers for their enormous generosity!” Citation RV & Trailers offers a variety of trailers for rent and for sale. But the family owned Kamloops business is mostly known for their experience in RV trailer repair and largest inventory of RV and trailer parts in the BC interior.

Quality Western Wear Made in Alberta, Canada

Canvas Jackets Wool and Canvas Vests Bombers Shirts Wild Rags

New Products made from Italian Wool Selling & Renting Horse Trailers, Dump-, Flatdeck- & Cargo Trailers Kamloops’ trusted shop for RV & Trailer Repairs, Parts and Tires 1619 Valleyview Drive, Kamloops BC Phone 250-374 4121 -

Ladies and Men’s Styles (Custom orders available) See us at The Mane Event, April 24-26


Box 10550 Stn Main, Airdrie, AB T4A 0H8 Cell 403-512-3390 APRIL 2020


Walking over the poles with a long stride (3 foot spacing). The mare’s frame is below level and she’s relaxed.

Walking over the poles with a shorter stride (2 foot spacing). The mare has lifted her head slightly and shifted more onto her hind legs.

Positioning for walking beside the horse. Leading hand is lifting up and slightly back to ask for a half-halt. The whip is keeping the horse stepping under.

By Lisa Wieben and Birgit Stutz Photographer: Dawn Stevens • Handler: Lisa Wieben • Horse: You Otta Have Me

In last month’s article, we discussed how to teach shoulder-in in-hand. Before teaching the haunches-in exercise in-hand, we thought it would be a good idea to get the horse to understand the half-halt and get him used to having a little more pressure placed on him before introducing the haunches-in exercise.


he following are two groundwork exercises you can do at the walk that will help you not only with under saddle work but also with getting more respect from your horse. In the August 2019 issue of Saddle Up, we covered a slow walk exercise under saddle to help connect the horse more through - from back to front. We also love to do a similar exercise on the ground.

Slow walk in-hand To begin with, walk your horse in-hand along the track around the arena at a forward walk, or along a fence line if outside (see our previous article on in-hand leading in the March and April 2019 issues of Saddle Up). Having a boundary on the outside will help keep the horse straight, and having contact on the lead rope, with your hand under the horse’s head, will guide the horse where you want him to go (without pulling, but instead using consistent blocking contact to disallow any unwanted movement). Ask for forward motion with the whip pointing at or lightly tapping the flank of the horse. When your horse walks well in-hand at a good forward walk, breathe out, put a half-halt in your upper body and more contact on the lead rope and say “whoa.” Then ask your horse for a backup (see February 2020 issue of Saddle Up on how to back your horse up in-hand), asking for only one step or two at first, by keeping the block on the lead rope to prevent forward movement, and if needed, tapping the horse in the flank area. If done correctly, this will shift the horse’s weight onto the hind end. Go forward again and with a half-halt in your upper body, ask your horse for a slower walk. The 18 • APRIL 2020


half-halt will ask your horse to shift his weight back and shorten his stride, essentially making your horse’s body shorter from back to front as the hind legs step a little further under. Do not pull back on the rope, but instead raise your hand holding the lead rope slightly. To begin with, only shorten the steps for a few strides, and then allow the horse to move forward again as a reward. Keep the horse in contact. Keep mixing it up between slow, forward walk, and halts and backups. Another exercise we like to do is the following: Position the horse along a wall or fence. Turn around and start walking backwards and slightly to the inside of the horse for safety reasons. If tracking left hold your lead rope in your left hand, closest to the horse and your loops and whip in your right hand. In this position the whip can be used along the body of the horse to maintain position on the track, straightness and forward energy. Have light contact on the lead rope. Ask for forward motion with the whip pointing at or tapping the flank of the horse. Use blocks on the lead rope if the horse wants to rush forward or past you. If the horse wants to come off the wall/fence with his shoulder or hip, use the whip to block the movement, asking him to stay straight. Just as in the previous exercise, ask for halts, backups, and slow walk, then allow the horse to walk forward again. Many horses struggle when there are lots of boundaries (wall, whip, person), but “boxing in” is a great exercise to get your horse to respect your space more and not rush forward. Some horses do better with one way of doing this exercise than the other, but in the end your horse should be able to do the exercise both ways without rushing or being pushy. Another way to help your horse get the idea of the slow walk is to set up four to five walk-over poles. By setting the poles slightly shorter than the horse’s usual walk stride he will start to get the idea to shift his weight back and shorten his steps. During all of these exercises the horse should remain levelheaded. When the horse’s head lifts up above the withers the

Positioning for asking the horse forward, while the handler is walking backwards. The whip can block the shoulder from drifting in and can touch back further to ask for more forward energy.

horse’s back will hollow and he will get more anxious. By keeping the head low to level the horse will get more endorphins and relax with the work. Always make sure not to compromise relaxation. If your horse gets tense, ask for a few forward steps before asking for a slow walk again. Changing the length of the horse’s steps develops the horse’s ability to maintain balance and connection. With improved balance comes improved transitions and lateral work at all levels. (NOTE: Any referenced back issues of Saddle Up can be found under the ‘Archives’ tab at Lisa Wieben is a Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, Equine Canada Competition Coach, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Trainer, and Essential Somatic Clinical Practitioner, and Certified in Eden Energy Medicine. Her passion is working with riders of all ages who experience pain, tightness, and loss of flexibility to gain balance and greater freedom of movement. She is located in Mountain View County AB. Somatic Rider Clinics and Confidence Connection Clinics. www. As an Irwin Insights Level 4 Master Certified trainer and coach, Birgit Stutz helps riders of all levels and backgrounds advance their horsemanship skills by developing personal and situational awareness, focusing

After asking for a halt while walking backwards, Lisa is now asking her mare to step back a few steps to shift her weight back more. From the same position she can then ask for forward steps by tapping near the flank.

on in-depth understanding of equine behaviour, body language, psychology and biomechanics. Driven by her passion for both equine welfare and performance, Birgit believes that facilitating effective communication between horse and rider is

an approach that fulfills our responsibilities to the horse and elicits great results. (See their listings in our Business Services section under TRAINERS)

Dynamint Equine ALL NATURAL SOOTHING LOTION for SORE or STRAINED MUSCLES & JOINTS Available in 1L Spray bottle for easy and quick application to larger areas, or a 500 ml rub bottle. A soothing combination of natural essential oils in a gentle cream base. specially formulated with natural ingredients to assist in the relief of leg, muscle and joint strain. Internationally recognized Horse Trainer, Clinician and Rider, as well as founder/ trainer of the world famous Calgary Stampede Drill Team: Jill Barron says: “As a professional horse trainer, Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Rub is an important aspect of my program. Dynamint is a natural product that has a cooling effect, it calms tired, sore muscles and rejuvenates horses keeping them feeling their best. I use Dynamint on my horses and myself. The results I have experienced have not been matched by any other product in the market. For long hauls and after hard workouts Dynamint is the only product I use on horse’s legs. If you are looking for a product that is safe on skin and delivers results, trust Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Rub. Your horse will thank you!” National Distributor: Canadian Centurion • 1-800-361-3860 • Local: Janian Imports (604) 462-9238 Manufactured for: Integrated Bio Systems Inc. • Abbotsford, BC • Phone: 1-877-501-5003 E-Mail: •

APRIL 2020


By Bruce A. Roy, Photos courtesy of The Draft Horse Journal

The 25th Mid-America Draft Horse Sale, held at the Gordyville USA Auction Centre, Gifford, Illinois, February 18-19, drew a chorus of cheers and a flood of tears. Excitement in Belgian and Percheron breed circles has never been greater.

The $100,000 Percheron mare. Mar-Kar's Morning Glory, bred by Mark DeCook of Sully, Iowa.

ar-Kar's Morning Glory, a 4-year-old Centre View Eclipse daughter, sold for $100,000, a ‘World Record Price’ for a Percheron female, as did the 4-year-old BP Prestige daughter, Ellsworth Glory Bee. "Peas in a pod," these black Percheron mares were purchased by Jane Gray, Trippcrest Percherons, Harrison, Maine. The flying trade for the Percheron females consigned at Gordyville was without precedent. Mar-Kar's Royal Reign topped the consignments of Belgian and Percheron geldings. This dark grey, Percheron wheel horse prospect, sired by Centre View Eclipse, brought the auctioneer's hammer down on an $80,000 bid placed by the Jackson Fork Ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyoming; that is building a Percheron 6-horse hitch that will be shown across North America. . 251 head of Belgian and Percheron stallions, females and geldings sold for a record $11,413 average. . 95 Belgian females averaged $11,781. . 58 Percheron females averaged $16,240. . 64 Belgian and Percheron geldings averaged $10,636. Zane Pickering of British Columbia; Brian Coleman and Gordon Ruzicka of Alberta; Zeph Lariviere and Darren Seamans of

20 • APRIL 2020


The $100,000 Percheron mare Ellsworth Glory Bee, bred by Jim Wiggens of Fowler, Michigan. Saskatchewan, numbered among the Western Canadian buyers that overwhelmed the action-packed facility. Draft horse breeders across North America, indeed even in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, follow these events with more than passing interest.

ur Canadian Farrier Team of Iain Ritchie (Pitt Meadows), John Dixon (Abbotsford), Justin Fountain (Kamloops) and Matt Findler (Vancouver) are all from British Columbia. The team traveled to Kentucky, USA for the World Horseshoeing Classic competition on March 5-7, 2020. Eighteen teams (72 farriers) competed for the title of World Horseshoeing Champions and $10,000 for the team. Congratulations to our Canadian Team on your 3rd place win! The first place winners were Team Revolution from northeastern U.S.; and second place Team TBA from Texas & Oklahoma. Fourth place went to the American Farriers Team

Canadian Team (l to r): Matt, John, Justin, Iain. Photo courtesy of Western Canadian Farrier Association FB page.

Rules of the Competition Each team of four competitors will shoe a single horse each of the three days. Each competitor will trim, make a shoe, nail and finish their corner of the horse. The only thing a competitor is allowed to do to a shoe that is not theirs is to strike, brush and move the shoe in and out of the fire. A competitor is not allowed to make any kind of farrier act upon a shoe that is not theirs, besides the previously stated. The time limit is two hours and thirty minutes for each class and teams may use their time any way they choose with no time limits with hoof prep. Extra time will be given by judges’ discretion only. Each of the three judges will judge all aspects of judging on all competitors.

APRIL 2020


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Cowgirl Poetry

The Horse Will Not Come On The Morrow By Maia Nunn The horse will not come on the morrow She cannot bear to wait and see The spring flowers in a meadow gone A wind it sweeps her up, away Her frail body creaks and groans telling tales of old And tomorrow another day At death’s door she waits 22 • APRIL 2020


Her muzzle old and grey So like her trade, she is to be Gone for an eternity, ever lost and soon forgotten... The horse with muzzle scarred Worked lonely hours hard Plowed great rocky fields bare The horse will not come on the morrow Away she went into the night

With only the flowers to bade farewell I shall miss that horse of mine Her nicker that calls out my name I’ll miss that horse of mine With grey streaks in blackened mane I hope I’ll see her once again Away she went into the night The horse will not come on the morrow

Spring Fashions Sport 6 Apparel/The Air Conditioned Shirt is a family run company. It all started when founder Monique Vek wanted a cooler shirt to compete in… “It was so hot at a competition, sweat running down my back. I wished I was wearing my cycling jersey." That is how the whole company began. We were the first company to use technical fabrics in western wear. Six years later this Canadian company is still cooling riders off all over the world. The shirts make a huge difference when it comes to competition. Just a few of the stats are: Never wrinkle Never pop open Easy care Never fade 100% UV Protection Never untuck Durable

Welcome to ‘almost’ Spri ng! Looki ng for somethi ng new, somethi ng comfortable. . . or somethi ng COOL this year? Check out some newer fashions on the followi ng pages.

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Quick dry and best part keeps you cool in extreme temperatures (wear tested to +47)(113) Everything from Western Wear to English to Travel apparel.

- Monique Vek (President, M Sport 6 Apparel Inc)


APRIL2020 2020 APRIL


Spring Fashions his spring, Lemieux launched four brand new colours, French Rose (pictured), Champagne, Citron and Mint (pictured)! We are proud and very excited to offer such a coveted brand to the Okanagan area. Lemieux not only offers an array of exciting colours in matchy matchy horse fashion but they also offer a variety of horse products which are stocked in store and on our website Le Tack Truck stocks many amazing Canadian brands including Struck Apparel, Ogilvy, and Dreamers & Schemers which complement the everyday horse essentials that are also stocked in the Vernon store!

pring is just around the corner. We have a great selection with new products arriving daily for both horse and rider! Check out our latest clothing for men, women and children. Ashley is demonstrating some fashions from Kerrits, Arista, Ariat, BR Comfort, Anky, Dublin, Prochoice, Horseware Equinavia-Horze, Troxel, Charles Owen, as well as the Back on Track Lynx Helmet with the MIPS technology. Don’t forget to accessorize your horse, pony, foal or mini with fashions from Weatherbeeta, Horseware, Prochoice, Bucas, Equinavia-Horze, Cashel, Goliath and much more… We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable riding season, and look forward to helping you all this year.

24 • APRIL 2020


Spring Fashions e are thrilled to announce the arrival of HKM to Vancouver Island. HKM is a premium distributor of quality equestrian clothing and equipment at affordable prices. HKM carries competition clothing, accessories, stable supplies, and equestrian clothing from children's to plus sizes. The Pompoose Collection features stunning velvets and satins adorned with beautiful crowns, absolute elegance for your horse. For the rider, the HKM Seattle rain coat is the perfect coat for our west coast weather. Waterproof, breathable, lightweight with reflective detailing, this coat will keep you and your tack dry and cozy. Available now at April's Tack Boutique.

April Johnson • 250-924-0066 PO Box 1529, 411-B First Ave, Ladysmith, BC April’s Tack Boutique


he summer show season will soon be here and Kerrits has a great new show coat to keep you looking both professional and cool on the hottest summer days. The new Kerrits Aero Show Coat’s high tech stretch mesh fabric allows air flow through the open weave to maximize breathability and comfort while allowing the ultimate in freedom of movement. Available in Black or Navy. Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. Price $249.00 Also new to the show scene for 2020 is the new Tipperary Windsor Helmet. This helmet has sophisticated styling along with MIPS (Brain Protection System) technology. Available in either Matte Black with Black Chrome Trim or Matte Black with Rose Gold trim. Sizes S, M, L. Price $349.99

APRIL 2020


Spring Fashions on't miss these cool denim riding breeches from Horze, now with a high waist for extra support! High waist jean breeches with a silicone full seat print gives you confidence, support and grip in the saddle. The back pockets are embroidered with a bit motif. These breeches are super versatile - you could easily go from wearing them around town to mucking out the stables! Bound to be a firm favourite. The denim fabric is durable, a perfect choice for everyday use. Features: Trendy denim riding breeches High waist Contrast stitching Embroidered back pockets Full seat silicone print Inseam 71cm Enjoy the comfort and cooling details of the sporty Horze Women's Trista Sun Shirt. This stretchy and breathable sun shirt is both stylish and comfortable, perfect for riding or casual occasions. The quick-drying fabric offers UPF 30+ protection and works with the mesh under arms to provide an ultimate cooling effect while you ride. The 1/4 zip front allows you to wear the collar up, or down to reveal the contrasting inner lining of the collar. Choose from a variety of trendy or traditional colours and pair with breeches for a cool summer look. Features: Technical 1/4 zip shirt Breathable and quick drying material Nanotex fabric with UV protection: UPF 30+

26 • APRIL 2020


Mesh detail under sleeves for improved air flow Contrasting color inside the collar Nanotex fabric (See The Trading Post Feed & Tack’s listing in our Business Services section under “Tack/Clothing Shops”)

On to GreenerPastures Vista Valleys Wings Of Glory 2002-2019


ings and Amelie became an amazing partnership right from the first meeting at the local fair (IPE) when Amelie walked up to me and said she wanted to lead my little silver dapple Mini around the fairgrounds. I hesitated knowing that Wings was not overly fond of children but this young lady looked very sure of herself and what she wanted. Wings walked off with her as if she knew this was going to be a good thing! A few farm visits later and Wings was bought for Amelie’s surprise 10th birthday gift. Many parades and successful horse shows fol-

lowed for the next 3 years. Wings kept her little person safe navigating the driving show rings until Amelie became extremely competent and then no holding this pair back! Sadly Wings developed an inoperable tumour and a very tough decision was made. Wings and Amelie... you two made a lot of people smile. What a beautiful team you two were! - Submitted by Joan Cunningham, Vernon BC

Me Llamo Conquistador - My Name is Conqueror


ragedy struck our little farm... in an immense way that is uncomprehendable to me. Have you ever had a bond with another animal that was so deep and strong, that you just fit together? You looked forward to seeing each other every day, to dancing in harmony with each other, laughing and sweating from the glorious exercise you provide for each other. Enjoying the exhilaration of just knowing. I had the joy of having that connection with my noble and generous Me Llamo Conquistador (Merlin)... for a very lucky 23 years! But that had to end in late January. Merlin lay sleeping early in the morning in his barn when the barn roof collapsed and ended his life instantly. He was the only one left in the wreck - the others fled to safety, but not my boy... he was in a deep sleep and had no chance. I am grateful for his quick and painless end to life. I am grateful for his huge try, his love to please me and try so very hard, even when it was SO hard sometimes. His love for me grew stronger every day, and mine for him. I would frequently look into his Andalusian eye, and see the history that it brought to me, the noble, strong, war horse, but yet he willingly turned loose to me. I am humbled, I am bitter sweet sad. REST IN PEACE dear Merlin. Merlin truly was a Conqueror... Together we conquered... I miss my hero SO much... - Chris Adderson, Chase BC

April 2020




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Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies? Courtesy of


oomies are a sudden release of energy in dogs. It’s a common behaviour (especially in young dogs), and it’s simply a way for dogs to release pent up energy. Any dog can get the zoomies, but they’re most commonly seen after a bath, during play, and late at night. The scientific term for that ‘sudden burst of energy’ is frenetic random activity periods (FRAPS), but many refer to them as the rips or zoomies. If you’ve ever seen your dog run around the house after a bath like a maniac that’s the zoomies. If your young puppy gets sudden bursts of energy late at night that’s the zoomies.

Zoomies are common in young dogs If you have a young dog the zoomies are quite common and generally nothing to be concerned about. Zoomies are a quick way for our dogs to release extra energy. And although they’re more common in young dogs, older dogs get them too – especially when engaging in play. As dogs mature those sudden bursts of energy tend to happen less frequently. While these outbursts are common they might indicate that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise. When my dog Laika was an adolescent she’d often get them before bed, and I took it as a sign that I hadn’t quite exercised her enough that day. If your dog gets the zoomies often try giving them some more mental and physical exercise. Just adding a few quick mentally stimulating games to their daily routine can have a huge impact. For my dog, a 5 minute nose work game such as ‘find the treats’ is just as tiring as a 30 minute walk. Many dogs get the zoomies after a bath Does your dog go crazy after a bath? If so you’re certainly not

28 • April 2020


alone. Something mysterious happens to dogs after a bath – they go nuts. Running around the house, jumping up on furniture, zipping from room to room. Most dog owners are quite familiar with the post bath zoomies. Experts believe dogs get the zoomies after a bath because it’s a quick way to get rid of nervous energy that’s been pent up. Zoomies after a bath is their way of showing relief that bath time is finally over. Dogs often get the zoomies when playing Dogs can get pretty excited when playing, and it’s common for them to get the zoomies (excited dogs also have a tendency to hump due to over stimulation). When Laika plays with other dogs she almost always gets the zoomies – running around the yard, tongue out, looking happy as can be. There’s something endearing about a dog’s willingness to get silly, and it’s something I never tire of seeing.

Supplying Your Pets with NEW and Unique Products!

“PAW”ETRY Poem For New Puppy Owners (author Unknown)

Don’t smell crotches, don’t eat plants. Don’t steal food or underpants. Don’t eat my socks, don’t grab my hair... DON’T RIP THE STUFFING FROM THAT CHAIR! Don’t eat those peas, don’t touch that bush. Don’t chew my shoes, what IS this mush?!? Eat your cookies, drink your drink. Outta the toilet, outta the sink! AWAY FROM THE LITTER BOX, IT’S FOR THE CAT! (and must you kiss me after that ?) Raising a puppy is not for the lazy. Those rugrats are funny, but also quite crazy. Don’t despair through the toil and strife, ‘Cause after three years you’ll get back your life! So let’s go for walkies, so you can do your “thing,” And maybe I’ll get back my new diamond ring!



Pet Central EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook. 8/20

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! U O Y e b d l u o c This

tland is 5 my Aunty’s horses. Smokey, the She h wit me is This . ses hor love I Hi, my name is Sarah, and the Haflinger is 13 years old. years old and an auction rescue. Ty - Sarah (age 5), Quesnel BC

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Send in ONE photo with a caption (No more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on space availability basis. Email to Put in the subject line “KIDS”. 30 • April 2020


Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office MEET YOUR 2020 HCBC BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Karen Swantje

Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (BC Division) -

Fraser Valley East – Elaine Bessuille

Secretary/Treasurer - Sharon Pickthorne

Grant Watson

Fraser Valley West – Lisa Mander

Officer in General - Nancy Olson-Beaulieu

Dressage BC - Wendy Christoff

Vancouver Sunshine Coast - Gil Hansen

Officer Specializing in Competition - Susan Harrison

Endurance Riders Association Of BC - Terre O’Brennan

Okanagan Similkameen – Myrna Thompson

Officer Specializing in Coaching - Dr. Susan Thompson

Equestrian Vaulting Association Of BC - Rebecca Bird

Prince George Cariboo - Carolyn Dobbs

Vice President of Industry - Lynda Atkinson

Harness Racing BC Society - Lynda Atkinson

North West - Christine Hassell

Vice President of Membership & Marketing - Tracy

Horse Trials BC - Julie Johannson

Vancouver Island South – Susan Harrison


Western Canadian Reining Association - Theresa

Vancouver Island North – Teg Harper

Vice President of Recreation - Terre O’Brennan

Tremeer BC Hunter Jumper Association - Justine Annandale

Affiliate Directors:

Director at Large: Rose Schroeder

Back Country Horsemen Society of BC - Sharon

Regional Directors:

Joan Chess-Woollacott


East Kootenays – Arlene Ridge

Alane Lublow

BC Carriage Driving Society - Ellen Hockley

West Kootenays – Elizabeth Saunders

Gordon Frazer

BC Therapeutic Riding Association - Karen Swantje

Thompson Shuswap – Carolyn Farris

Canadian Pony Clubs (BC Division) - Karen Ritchey

Peace River – Jennifer Petley

Join the Fun! BC Summer Games are coming to Maple Ridge July 23-26, 2020! ARE YOU A BC RIDER OR VAULTER BETWEEN THE AGES OF 12 & 18?


e part of the Equestrian Team at the BC Summer Games in Maple Ridge! Qualify for the BC Summer Games at local qualifier shows around the province from now until June 2020.

BC Games Purpose: “To provide an opportunity for the development of athletes, coaches, and officials in preparation for higher levels of competition in a multisport games event which promotes participation in sport and sporting activities, individual achievement and community development.” Age Group: Minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 years of age as of January 1, 2020 Zone Team Composition: 4 Athletes per zone - 8 zones in total. Wildcards: 16 wildcard spots in addition to the zone team spots Events and Categories: Dressage, Para Dressage, Jumping, Eventing and Vaulting

*New for 2020: Eventing and 1.0m Show Jumping* All events open to both male and female athletes on equal terms and are combined male and female events. Current Equestrian Canada Rules apply. Athlete Declaration forms are available from Horse Council BC, or at qualifying competitions. Forms must be carefully read, completed, signed and returned to Horse Council BC following the competition with all required documentation attached. Athletes must submit a minimum of two scores or official results from a minimum of two different approved competitions achieved within the qualification period and submitted an Athlete Declaration Form. Equestrian - Provincial Advisor: Susan Harrison, email: For more information visit

Photos from Summer Games 2018 in Cowichan. Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 •

April 2020


Equestrian Canada Equestre, Horse and Rider pass after Accident at Horse Trials


questrian Canada (EC) is deeply saddened to report that Katharine Morel of Fort Saskatchewan AB, and her horse, Kerry On, died following an accident on course at the Rocking Horse Winter III Horse Trials in Altoona FL, on February 29, 2020. Morel, 33, and the 8-year-old Thoroughbred mare suffered a rotational fall at fence eight of the Intermediate level cross-country course at the United States Eventing Association recognized competition. Morel was immediately transported by Lake County Emergency Medical Services to Waterman Hospital in Tavares FL, where she later succumbed to her injuries. Kerry On suffered fatal injuries and passed shortly after the fall.

Morel discovered Kerry On as an off-the-track 3-year-old, and together the pair worked their way up the levels to make their FEI debut in 2019. “Today, the equestrian industry lost not just an exceptional athlete, but an exceptional person, as well as the horse she loved,” said EC High Performance Director, James Hood. “On behalf of EC, I extend our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Katharine, as well as to the entire team who surrounded Kerry On.” EC will work closely in cooperation with our sister federation, US Equestrian, to investigate the fall and continue developing methods to improve safety for riders and horses alike.

The Winner’s Circle – March 2020


anadian athletes racked up wins at the FEI level around the world from Jan. 26 to March 1, 2020. Help us congratulate the winners!

Austin Krawitt of Okotoks AB, helped his teammates January 31 on Ashland Team 2 – the United States’ Helen Graves riding Kafka du Printemps and Ty Simpson riding Quality Iris, as well as Germany’s Klas-Kristoff Kudlinksi and Charles 82 – to secure victory in the $25,000 Hermès Under 25 Grand Prix Series Team Event at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington FL. Jacklyn Duff of Edmonton AB, and Venus du Gue (Cap Kennedy*Bois Margot x Quaprice BoiMargot Quincy *Quap), Windermere Stables Ltd’s 11-year-old Selle Français mare, topped the $8,000 Rushy Marsh Farm CSI 2* at WEF on February 6. The pair jumped clear in 64.75 seconds to win the single round competition. Two-time Canadian Olympian Tiffany Foster, 35, of North Vancouver BC, rode her long-time partner, Brighton, to victory in the $73,000 CSI 5* CaptiveOne Advisors 1.50m Classic on February 9 during week five of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington FL. Fifteen-year-old Eric Krawitt of Calgary AB, was victorious in the $5,000 CSI 2* NorthStar Tour Welcome 1.30m on February 11, during the Palm Beach Masters Series® in Wellington FL.

Ali Ramsay of Victoria BC, enjoyed a banner week during the CSI 3* Desert Circuit V at the Desert International Horse Park in Thermal CA. On February 21, Ramsay and Lutz (pictured), an 11-year-old Westphalian gelding (Lordanos x Pilot) owned by Ramsay Equestrian Inc., topped the $40,000 CSI 3* Diamond Tour Speed class. Lindsey Paton of Abbotsford BC, topped the CSI 3* competition in Thermal CA, on February 27. She rode her 12-year-old Holsteiner/ Thoroughbred-cross gelding, Capilano HF (Capone I x Colonel Rae XX), through a clear jump-off rode in a lightning-fast 29.37 seconds to best Richard Fellers and Mojo of the United States, who were just shy of the mark at 30.92 seconds. Other Canadian winners include: Jordan Steenbeek of Woodham ON Erynn Ballard of Tottenham ON Vanessa Creech-Terauds of Caistor Centre ON Ava MacCoubrey of Cobourg ON Megan Lane of Loretto ON Emilie Bussereau of Saint-Nicolas QC Diane Creech of Caistor Centre ON Camille Carier Bergeron of Mascouche QC Scarlett Hansen of Outremont QC Rebecca McGoldrick, a Canadian residing in Banbridge GBR

Eric Krawitt. Photo by Kathy Russell Photography. Tiffany Foster. Photo by Starting Gate Communications. 32 • April 2020


Ali Ramsay. Photo by ESI Photography.

Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse By Kristy Coulter


he Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse is so much more than a registry. We are dedicated to naturally gaited Walking Horses and their people. The CRTWH hosts an annual clinic that is very informative - for beginners all the way up to higher level riders. The Training Levels Challenges provide motivation for owners to progress with their horses. We also partner with provincial clubs like the Alberta Walking Horse Association. The CRTWH’s annual clinic is very informative for both spectators and participants. This is a very supportive, no pressure clinic. There is always a sharing of ideas in a safe atmosphere. The clinic is a great way for new owners to learn about gaits and how to get the best from their mount. It is also very informative for not-so-new Tennessee Walker owners. Everyone always walks away with a little more knowledge under their belts in a relaxed environment. The CRTWH also has a Training Levels program that is informative and challenging. You can go through the various levels at your own pace. The program provides a structure, but you are under no obligation to test for the levels. If you do decide to challenge the tests, it is quite simple as you can do it through video. We offer trail, horsemanship and driving levels. We also offer a Ride/Drive/Alternate program. This is similar to a saddle log. You simply sign up and log your time for the year with us. It can be riding, driving, or time spent with your horse on Liberty or ground work, trick training, etc. At the end of the year, you receive a badge for your collective hours. The Alberta Walking Horse Association is a club that partners the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse. The AWHA hosts many trail rides throughout the summer months. After their annual AGM this year, they had a great time making rhythm beads that you are sure to see on some horses out on these rides! They also hold an annual “Gathering” that we all look forward to. We play games with our horses, attend “mini” clinics and have a free sharing of knowledge from all of our members. This is a very good place to meet a lot of good people who care deeply for the Canadian Tennessee Walking Horse. The Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse will be at the Mane Event in Red Deer, April 24 -26, 2020. Please feel free to stop by our booth and learn more about our Registry. The CRTWH Annual Meeting will be held May 9 at Ponoka. There is a lot of support for anyone wanting to join our registry or participate in the Canadian Triple Challenge Programs. If you are not sure where to start, follow us on Facebook and reach out to our members. We are always ready to give you a helping hand.

From the March issue… We’re going to give you a bit more time to figure this one out! This is a 10lb unit with set screws strategically located. The unit is secured one way and by adjusting one screw, it can be turned 180 degrees. One correct guess in so far… Congratulations to: John Kulak, New View AB From the February issue… It’s an Ear Trumpet or First stage Hearing Aid. The photo showed it in brass, but earlier versions were made from the horns of bovine. Congratulations to: Colleen Ross, Merritt BC Isabel Healy-Morrow, Kamloops BC Lynda Norris, Armstrong BC Debbie Hagen, Nanaimo BC Bill and Catherine Knox, Kelowna BC Randy Fielder, Rock Creek BC Walter & Marion Furlong, Strathcona County AB

This unit stands 12” high and 8” wide at the base. It is no ordinary scale. It had a specific use for weighing a very specific commodity.

Trail ride near Donalda

Spring Driving Clinic

READERS – What’s your guess? Discuss this item with your friends and send your guess to

Do include your city and province please. Saddle Up will print names (and location) of those with the correct answer in a future issue. GOOD LUCK! If you or your company would like to sponsor this monthly brain teaser, do call 1-866-546-9922 or email nancyroman@ for details. The rhythm beads made at the AWHA AGM April 2020


Armstrong Enderby Riding Club By Lauri Meyers


hat a great turnout for our March meeting. We mixed things up a bit and moved the meeting to the Anchor Inn in Armstrong. It was a popular decision. Watch the Facebook page for more information regarding our meeting venues. There will be some fee adjustments for our 2020 Show season. Membership prices will be staying the same, at $25 for Single and $45 for Family. Show fees will change; Member pricing will be $8 per class, $50 for the day and Pre-Registration discount is $40 for the day. NonMember prices are $10 per class or $70 for the day. Non-Members do not qualify for the pre-registration discount. Our Trail class guidelines have been clarified. Participants can ride the Trail class in either Western or English, not both. Once the Trail class is completed, if time permits, it will be left open for participants use. Membership, Pre-Registration and Horse Council forms can be found on our website, Once the forms are filled out, you can email them to, along with your e-transfer for payment. Then all you have to do on show day is to check in at the office, show you HCBC card and pick up

your back number. We do require proof of Horse Council membership. Clinics will be offered the weekend before each of our shows. Spaces will be limited, so sign up early. Clinic dates are: April 12 - Showmanship May 24 – Horsemanship/ Equitation June 21 – English/Western Pleasure August 9 – Trail Contact us on Facebook or by email, AERCcanada@, for more information and to sign up. See you at the show.

Oliver District Riding Club By Paddy Head


ith February comes a hint of spring and a desire to get back in the saddle after a cold, snowy winter. Members of ODRC began planning spring and summer activities at their January winter party. The club held a unique quiz at the party. Members were asked to send in a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know. Everyone took the quiz and prizes were handed out for the top three scores. Donations for a food bank or animal rescue gave members a draw ticket. The prize was a beautiful print of Dawn MacRae’s painting. Verla Strawn was the lucky winner. January and February monthly meetings have been held at The Welcome Inn in Gallagher Lake. Attendance has been excellent, along with discussions and ideas for the year’s events. Most of the clinics planned have filled already. Sharron Piazza’s clipping clinic had a good attendance in January. ODRC is looking forward to several spring clinics and a fun filled and educational 2020.

Winner of our winter draw

Events March 8 - Saddle Fitting Clinic, with Dana from Nickers Saddlery, at D Bar K April 4-5 - Debbie Hughes’ Rider Confidence Clinic, at D Bar K April 25-26 - with demo Friday evening - Ranch Riding Clinic with Shari Gurney Galbraith, at Willowbrook Stables, Willowbrook June 6 - English and Western Ride a Pattern/Percentage Day, judged by Lillian Evaniew-Phelan, at Desert Park August 29 - The ODRC Challenge! Judged by Dustin Drader, at Desert Park October 4 - Tentative date for Halloween Show, at D Bar K

Welcome Inn meeting 34 • April 2020


Vernon’s Crony Club is Expanding in 2020!!


ust off your boots and come ride with us this spring at the lovely Vernon Riding Club. Membership is now open for the 2020 expanded version of Crony Club. This season we will offer two riding session times. Flight A will start at 9:30 a.m. and Flight B will start at 10:30 a.m. Each group riding will last 1 hour. This should accommodate everyone who wants to join us to enjoy this fun, educational, supportive riding group. We are a group of adult recreational riders who meet up on Sunday mornings to ride together under the guidance of Ruth Moore, BHSAI Certified Coach. We welcome all riders, all breeds, of horses and all levels of horsemanship skills. The fee for Crony Club is $50 per person, which entitles you to

By Kathy Velocci

attend 5 of the 7 scheduled group riding sessions. Payment details upon registration. All Crony Club riders must be members of Vernon Riding Club. has membership details, and Crony Club info is listed under Recreational Riding. During our group riding sessions, we will work on trail obstacles, pole and pattern work, basic dressage and even perhaps a musical ride!! Every week is different. Dates for 2020 are April 26, May 3, May 10, May 17 & 18, May 24, May 31 and June 21 is our rain date. You choose which dates work best for you. Further information and registration please contact Kathy Velocci 250-545-4185 or e-mail

Princeton Riding Club By Lothar Greczmiel


ur last year in review was a great success. The two shows that we put on went extremely well. Our new Dressage ring that we had ready for our fall show had great reviews from the contestants. The PRC club, also in conjunction with the town of Princeton, did Christmas caroling and a hay ride at the town’s Christmas light-up. We had 8 horses and riders dressed up for the festive season. We had around 150 carolers over a 2 hour period. What a blast it was! Spring time has finally arrived… the long winter is gone! Clean up the tack and get ready... IT’S SHOW TIME!!! The Princeton Riding Club is

getting ready to host our 6th annual, 2020 Spring Fling Horse show on May 30-31, a 2-day event held at the Princeton Fairgrounds. The events will be Western, English and Hunter/Jumper classes. Our judge will be Sasha Hopp. Also our Fall Show will be held on Sept 12-13 in conjunction with the Princeton Fall Fair which will be held on Sept 12. Check out all information, classes, forms, registration on our PRC Facebook page OR email Stephanie Antonick at santonick@hotmail. com

Our Christmas Hay Wagon Rides April 2020


Kelowna Hoofbeats 4-H Club

By Brooke McGee, Trinity Stawnichy, Jordyn Jardine, Simone Lamberton, and Haley Burnell


n February 2020 we got together four times. In the first meeting, we learned how to do demonstrations, speak and shows, and speeches. Some of the tips we learnt were to project our voices so the back of the room can hear us and to speak clearly. This night got us ready for club speeches on February 17. We had our Club Public Speaking at Hollywood Road Education Center. There were 10 people that gave a speech. On February 21 we had District Public Speaking also at Hollywood Road Education Center. The top 3 juniors, seniors and any cloverbuds doing speeches at our Club Speeches made it to Districts. We ended the month with a little club bonding at Kelowna McCurdy Bowling Center on the February 24. All of our members had a blast and got to know each other! The whole club is looking forward to March’s events and meetings!

Club Speeches

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club ... for the love of horses! By Simonne Rempel


pril showers bring May flowers.” I think we are through with the showers but bring on the flowers and the green grass! For our February meeting, we had Trish Craig of Crofton Horse Transport speak to us about horse trailering safety. We had a good Q&A period where she shared the do’s and don’ts of trailering, along with great tips and tricks. As spring rolls around, be sure to do a thorough inspection of your trailer. Don’t forget the breakaway switch. Happy trailering! Love was in the air, as a group of 9 Vintage Riders enjoyed a stroll through Campbell Valley Park on our Valentine’s Day Ride. It was loads of fun, and what would a ride be without the goodies afterwards. Thank you trail committee. You are always looking after us. We are busy planning and our calendar is getting full with fun and educational events for the upcoming months. Please see these events listed below.

36 • April 2020


Vintage Riders Equestrian Club …for the love of horses! We are a gathering of horse enthusiasts within the Fraser Valley. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome. We meet every 3rd Tuesday in Fort Langley to enjoy fellowship and a speaker and host a variety of clinics. Find us on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – public, email: 2020 Upcoming Events: Annual Treasure Hunt Easter Bonnet Trail Ride Pole Clinic May Flower Trail Ride Otter Co-op Field Trip Destination Rides (See our event dates in Saddle Up’s “What’s Happening?” calendar)

BC Interior Morgan Horse Club By Nancy Roman


e held our club AGM on February 22 at the Anchor Inn Pub in Armstrong with a good turnout and some new members joining us. Our returning Board of Directors are: Tom Nobles (President), Bev Routledge (Vice-President), Laurie Lyons (Treasurer), and our new Secretary is Karen WilkieBoyd. We thank outgoing secretary Bobbi McCall for her services this past year. Tom says he will stay on for one more year; but a new president will be sought for 2021. Thank you Tom! Alan Smythe said he may be able to step up to this position next year (had to put it in writing Alan, wink wink). Our Tack Sale on March 28th is now sold out with 36 indoor vendors and one outdoor. More on that next month. Tom and Bev will coordinate the Plant Sale this

spring, with delivery just before Mother’s Day. The Pot O Gold Show on June 20th is shaping up nicely. Ellen Hockley will be the driving judge (and we are adding ‘pairs’ classes this year; not just single). Glenn Perran returns as our main judge, and we will have a few minor changes to the show program; which should be out around the end of April. We have joined up with the new Thompson Shuswap Working Equitation Chapter (of WECan), who will be offering a Working Equitation Schooling Show on Sunday June 21st, with judge Trish Hyatt. More news on the show(s) next month (and/or on Facebook). Again I ask, if anyone is interested to be a sponsor of the Pot O Gold, with prizes or monetary donations, please contact me at 250-5469922 or email

BCLM Quiz 2020 By Chanell Bordeleau


he BC Lower Mainland Pony Club provides numerous events that members can participate in, such as Prince Phillip Games, Rally, and Quiz. Quiz is one of the few Pony Club activities that does not require the use of a horse. The goal of Quiz is to prepare Pony Club members for their upcoming written and practical tests which will advance them to higher levels. However, even if you are not testing, Quiz is a fun and educational way to get to know your fellow Pony Club members! The day consists of three components upon which you are evaluated plus other fun activities such as a craft room. First, there is the written test which includes numerous questions covering all aspects of the horse and Pony Club world. Questions range in difficulty from level to level. For example, a question asked could be, “What do you call an all brown horse?” or “Who was the last triple crown winner?” In addition, there may be diagrams one is asked to label, like the letters in a dressage ring or the bones that make up the horse’s skeleton. The second aspect of Quiz is the identification portion. Members are given the opportunity to look at and pick up an assortment of horse-related objects or pictures. The goal is to examine the object and indicate what it is. One might be asked to identify different grooming utensils, pieces of tack, or photos of famous horses and riders. This year, participants were asked to examine different bones of a horse’s leg, which was particularly interesting. The final aspect of Quiz is team games. Within levels, three to four members are placed on a team. Each team plays several horse games, like charades, jeopardy, or bridle up, a game where you must work together to put together a bridle. All participants gather for an awards ceremony at the end of the day. There are both individual and team placings awarded. At the higher levels, those who place in the top four are offered a chance to go to National Quiz. This year’s A/B level winners are Bailey Chapman, Mackenzie MacMorran and Hadley Jack. The C2 winners are Emelia Thrift, Lucie Shaver, Karis Mackie and Chanell Bordeleau. On behalf of BCLM Pony Club, congratulations to all and good luck in Edmonton! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram under BCLM Pony Club.

Vanessa Waugh and Simrin Gill with their personalized dandy brush from the craft room

Vancouver Pony Club at Quiz

April 2020


Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Mellissa Buckley Horseman’s Bazaar Things are really shaping up for this year’s Bazaar! The change of venue seems to be exciting to vendors - we are getting some we have never had before! It is now May 23 at Abbotsford Exhibition Park! Hours 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. If you would like a booth, a tack table or to do a demo, contact Mellissa at and I will put you in touch with the head of that department. We would love volunteers as this is the 50th year anniversary! Shows We are confirmed! All Novice Show AQHA/APHA/All Breed at Langley Riders arena on May 10. FREE with BCQHA or BCPHC membership!! Judge: Teresa Sullivan.

Next up we have a 1-day show on June 28 and the beautiful Maple Ridge Equi-Sport Centre! This will be AQHA/APHA and will be judged by Mario Boisjoli. We are hoping to keep entry costs minimal for this event also. Finally, we have Todd Bailey judging an AQHA/APHA show at Maple Ridge Equi-Sport Centre on Sept 26-27. The 26th will see our Breeders Incentive Futurity and hopefully some other stakes/fun classes dependent on sponsorship, and the 27th will see AQHA/ APHA classes. Again we are hoping to keep entry costs low for this event. With this new approach to shows we are hoping for new people and some that were tired of the expense and strain of big circuits to come out and show along with the regulars! We encourage you to attend and come try ‘breed’!

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association President: Mellissa Buckley,, 604-729-6616 Website: Visit our Facebook page

Langley Riders Society By Bethany Hill | Photos courtesy of RGM Photography


e are gearing up for another busy year at LRS! Thank you to all our returning Directors and the new ones just starting for 2020. Our first event of the season will be our April 18 Fun Show and Tack Sale. It will include a little bit of everything Games, English, Western and Jumping classes… along with a tack, baked goods and craft sale. It’s going to be a fun (no points) day to play with your horse, hangout with some friends, and maybe try a new discipline. Helmet rule in effect, but you may ride in any tack you choose. Membership discounts if you sign up on Fun Day. Your only requirement to start the day is that you must have your 2020 HCBC membership. We are also very excited to announce LANGLEY RIDERS 2020 POINT CHASER BARREL SERIES IS BACK! CBR SANCTIONED . Buckles in Each D at the end of the series and more great prizes! . Current Races dates below . $400 Added in open each DBL header April 26th May 30th June 20th Open rodeo race July 25th August 15th Our Regular Tuesday and occasional Saturday practices will start up as soon as the weather permits! For the latest club info and updates, check out our website www. or follow us on Facebook.

(See our event dates in Saddle Up’s “What’s Happening?” calendar) 38 • April 2020


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Keeping the Trails Open By Marie Reimer, BCHBC, Kamloops Chapter


hen out riding your favourite trail, ever stop to think who keeps them maintained? Being out in nature enjoying the beautiful scenery on a trail with your trusty steed is one of the joys of horseback riding. Eleven years ago, I joined Back Country Horsemen of BC because I wanted to explore more trails in this amazing province. I started to learn that many people in this organization spend a lot of time ensuring there are safe trails to ride and enjoy, and that those trails are maintained. In fact, the organization “… focuses on safety for horses and rider, environmental stewardship, trail building and maintenance … and fun!” Both men and women are Chapter members, with many members participating in multiday back country pack trips each year. Beyond going for a day ride on our beautiful trails, if you have ever camped with your horse at Lundbom Lake, Tunkwa/Leighton Lakes, Spruce Hills, Trapping Creek, Alco Park, or Manning Park, just to name a few locations, your horses have used corrals built by Back Country Horsemen. Often these corrals are built and maintained in partnership with Parks BC or the property owner. This year the corrals at Kane Valley are ready to be installed, providing another wonderful place to take your horse camping. There are 22 Chapters in BC and the number of hours members have donated to building and maintaining trails since 2002, is a staggering 75,722 hours with a value of $1,386,055. I know this number is lower than actual because when Chapter members are out riding, they will often clear a log, or some brush, and those hours often don’t get counted. It is just part of the fun of riding out. Horse Council BC has taken over the BCHBC trails database and it is an amazing resource on their website. Take a few minutes and look through the trails listed on the website. If you see the listing for a trail you have recently ridden, there is a section where you can write your comments. The more information we can include for each trail, the better the database will be. Riders often wonder about the level of difficulty, if there are bridges, creeks, etc. so that is very helpful information to include, as well as rig parking and any seasonal hazards. The trails where horse camping and corrals are available, are highlighted in blue. If you are interested in meeting new people, contributing to the ongoing maintenance of trails, would like to meet new people to ride the trails with, or want to support the continued access to trails in BC; joining your local Chapter is a great way to ensure ongoing access to trails in BC. Youth up to the age of 17 enjoy a free membership. We hope to see you at our next chapter meeting! For more information about Back Country Horsemen of BC visit our website at

Kamloops Chapter remove barbed wire on the trail in Pritchard

Aldergrove Chapter members clear trail on Rainbow Trails in Merritt

Back Country Horsemen Provincial Executive •

President: Brian Wallace,, 250-569-2324 Vice President: Rose Schroeder,, 604-854-1245 • Vice President: Scott Walker • Vice President: Verna Houghtaling Treasurer: Karen Tanchak, - 250-832-1596 • Secretary: Lisa Galanov,, 250-672-0099 Past President: Ybo Plante,, 250-361-6290

April 2020


Clubs & Associations 31 Years of Celebrating Long Ears


members from across Canada and the US

Our low cost membership includes $5 Million and $30,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Check out our web site for more information 3/21

CRHRA is a voice for the Recreational Rider.


ARMSTRONG ENDERBY RIDING CLUB  Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. 8/20 12/20

CANADIAN THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION CanTRA promotes the benefits of therapeutic riding across Canada through awareness, education, and setting standards for therapeutic riding instructor certification, centre accreditation, hippotherapy, and equine-facilitated wellness.


BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB,,, Darcey Woods, President, 250-318-9975 4/20

BC PAINT HORSE CLUB, Open Show & Competition Program, award sponsorships for local clubs, youth scholarship. 2/21







Certifying equine professionals such as riding coaches & equine facility managers. CHA accredits equine facilities for insurance discounts & publishes educational horsemanship manuals & hosts networking conferences. Visit To find a certified equine professional or accredited site visit


CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, 11/20 Equestrian Canada (EC) is the national governing body for equestrian sport and industry in Canada, with a mandate to represent, promote and advance all equine and equestrian interests. 1-866-282-8395 | |

10/18 12/20

Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding!

BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION, Contact Carolyn Farris, email 6/20

Fraser Valley’s own ‘grassroots’ club dedicated to promoting the sport of cutting to enthusiasts of all levels See us on acebook & Instagram



BC LOWER MAINLAND PONY CLUB For horse lovers ages 6-25; Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, PPG & more! Carol McDonald, 5/20



BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Pres: Tom Nobles 250-838-2228, leetom., Clinics, Pot O Gold Show, Trail Rides, see our FB page 4/21



BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 9/20, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ.



BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Ellen Hockley 250-572-7516, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, 4/20


Contact: • Website:

We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.

Info on clinics and events at

A charitable equine organization funding veterinary colleges and students, and other worthwhile equine causes.


or e-mail:

Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!!

10/20 6/16


Bob Watson, President 403-378-4323

3/21 9/20

2/21 11/18

BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOCIATION (Grand Forks BC), Offering shows, gymkhanas, clinics & more. See us on Facebook, 250-443-3191, 3/21

8/20 12/20

INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 7/20

CLUBS... your listing could be here, year-round, starting at only $100 per year (for 12 issues); plus we give you a FREE LINK on our website. See page 4 for contact info. 40 • April 2020


KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 3/21 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 9/20 LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Mellissa Buckley,, 11/20

Clubs & Associations NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 7/20 OLIVER & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, Pres: Dawn MacRae 250-689-0156,, Clinics, Summer Show & more, see our FB page 4/21 7/20

100 Mile & District Outriders

7/18 9/20

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. Harvey President: Adam Mike Kidston E-mail: ~

PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Calista Collins,, 250899-0830. Info, Gymkhana dates & events at 4/20

PRINCETON RIDING CLUB, Pres: Stephanie Antonick, See us on Facebook. Offering shows, clinics and more! 12/20 SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, 10/20 VINTAGE RIDERS EQUESTRIAN CLUB (Fraser Valley BC), English/Western, lectures, clinics, socials, safe and fun,, on Facebook 3/21 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Amber 250-392-6402, 9/20


WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE ASSOCIATION, Barb Stephenson (Secretary) phone 403-933-5765 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) 4/20

Tails to be Told

. . .A treasure chest of memories .

We want you to look back, reflect, recollect, and share your photos and memories with us. This is not a contest - it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you.

Send Saddle Up one or two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature... So start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information.

April 2020 2020 April


What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2020 Events?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE:

Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,


3-5 BCCDS ELISA MAROCCHI CLINIC, Fraser Valley,, 3-6 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC W/GLENN STEWART, Cochrane AB, Dar 403-470-0327, 4-5 MANUELA MCLEAN CLINIC, Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre, Kamloops BC, or 4-5 ORC RIDER CONFIDENCE CLINIC w/Debbie Hughes, D Bar K Ranch, Oliver BC, Dawn 250-689-0156, 5*** DATE CHANGE and location for LMQHA Horsemens Bazaar… see May 23 5 CATTLE SORTING, Rockin’R Ranch, Pritchard BC, 250-804-8039,, pre-registration & deposit required 5 CHEVALLIER’S 2nd ANNUAL LADIES SPRING WARM UP, Jackpot Rodeo, Peachland BC, Sandy 250-718-2761, MEET & GREET (mini Mane Event), 11 am, Guests Speakers, Lone Butte Hall, 5 Lone Butte BC, info or call Cat 250-644-4388 BELL CREEK ARENA CUTTING, Chilliwack BC, 10-11 DRIVING CLINIC, Open to all levels, The Ranch, Pritchard BC, 10-12 Ellen Hockley AAHABC SPRING FLING (Region 17 Qualifier), Thunderbird Show Park, 10-12 Langley BC, Marla, VREC EASTER BONNET TRAIL RIDE, Langley BC, contact: 11, on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – Public INTRO TO MOUNTAIN TRAIL CLINIC, Circle Creek Equestrian, Kamloops BC, 11-12 Colleen 250-682-1002,, BCCDS ELLEN HOCKLEY CLINIC, Thompson Okanagan, 11-12 CATTLE SORTING, Rockin’R Ranch, Pritchard BC, 250-804-8039, 12, pre-registration & deposit required 12 AERC CLINIC – SHOWMANSHIP, Armstrong BC, pre-register at 3L’S HORSEMANSHIP, Villa Training Stables, Langley BC, Tamara Chmilar 17-19 1-888-533-4353, DIAMOND H TACK SIDEWALK SALE, 9 am, Kelowna BC, 18, 250-762-5631 PRC SPRING CLEAN-UP (10am-2pm), Peachland BC, 18 LRS FUN DAY SHOW/GAMES/JUMPING & TACK SALE, LRS Arena, 18 Langley BC, Mary 778-878-0611,, 18-19 STEPPING IT UP MOUNTAIN TRAIL CLINIC, Circle Creek Equestrian, Kamloops BC, Colleen 250-682-1002,, AERC HORSE SHOW, 9 am start, Agriplex, Armstrong BC, 19 19 NEW & USED TACK SALE(3rd Annual), 10 am, Lone Butte Hall, Lone Butte BC, info or call Cat Armitage 250-644-4388 HERITAGE CLASSIC CUTTING, Chilliwack BC, 23-26 24-26 THE MANE EVENT, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB, 24-26 DRIVING CLINIC, Open to all levels, The Ranch, Pritchard BC, Ellen Hockley 24-26 ***CANCELLED - BC EQUINE EDUCATION SUMMIT, Quality Inn, Abbotsford BC, tickets at or call 1-800-345-8055

25 BCCDS FAST EDDY FUN DAY, Vancouver Island,, 25 PLANT SALE, Spirit of the Horse Garden, Langley BC, 25-26 BCCDS ELLEN HOCKLEY DRIVING CLINIC, Thompson Okanagan,, 25-26 RANCH RIDING CLINIC w/Shari Gurney Galbraith, Willowbrook Stables, Willowbrook BC, Oliver & District Riding Club, see us on FB 25-26 VREC POLES CLINIC, Langley BC, contact:, on Facebook at Vintage Riders Equestrian Club – Public 25-26 BCTCPA CATTLE PENNING, Barriere BC, 26 BCCDS POKER RIDE & DRIVE, Prince George (Cariboo),, 26 CATTLE SORTING, Rockin’R Ranch, Pritchard BC, 250-804-8039,, pre-registration & deposit required 26 PRC SADDLE SERIES & GYMKHANA, Peachland BC, CARIBOO TRAILS DRIVING CLUB, Ride & Drive Poker Ride, 26 70 Mile House BC, info LRS BARREL RACE, LRS Arena, Langley BC, Paul 604-773-5319, 26, 27-May 3 LADYSMITH (V. Island) BC Learn equine massage! Certification Course Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, 30-May 3 AAHABC MAY CLASSIC (Region 5 & 17 Qualifier), Thunderbird Show Park, Langley BC, Marla,


1 REAL DEAL RANCH HORSE SALE, Showcase 2 pm, Perlich Bros., Lethbridge AB, Nichole 403-329-3101, 1-2 WILD ROSE DRAFT HORSE SALE, Cow Palace, Olds AB, Barb 403-933-5765, 1-4 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC W/GLENN STEWART (Stage 1 & Workshop), Ter race BC, Rowena 250-641-0072, 2 SPRING HORSE SALE, 11 am, Perlich Bros., Lethbridge AB, Nichole 403-329-3101, 2 LRS GAMES DAY, LRS arena, Langley BC, Ngaire 778-277-0015,, 3 LRS JUMPING SHOW, LRS Arena, Langley BC, Julia 604-856-7567,, 4-Jun 12 KAMLOOPS BC 6 week Advanced Equine Massage Course Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, CCF, 7-11 ARENA TO TRAIL TRANSITION w/Dawn Ferster (Beg & Int sessions), Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, Dawn 250-808-0738, 8-9 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart (Stage 1 clinic), Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494 or 9 BCCDS MT. SICKER PLEASURE DRIVE, Vancouver Island,, 9 LRS ENGLISH/WESTERN SHOW, LRS Arena, Langley BC, Mary 778-878-0611,,

MORE DATES AT SADDLEUP.CA Do you have your 2020 dates booked yet? Send them in (required format only, as above) – our readers want to know! Remember, we can only fit so many in the magazine, but we print them ALL on our website! 42 • April 2020


Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS

EQUINE HEALTH For Horses DR. REED’S Supplements

Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 • Chilliwack, BC 4/15 6/20


HOWARD JOHNSON INN, Red Deer, 403-343-8444. One minute from Westerner Park. 12/20

Hidez Equine Compression Products Canada Hoods, Ice Compression Socks, Compression Socks, Travel and Recovery Suits, Active Suits Check us out at acebook or call or text 403-704-6417 We will connect you with a rep in your area! 9/20


2/21 12/20



Horse Shavings  Hog Fuel  Bark Mulch Serving the BC Interior 250-503-7432 4/21

formerly David Beerstra Trucking

NATURAL TOUCH THERAPY INSTITUTE (BC/AB/SK) Certified Farrier & Equine Therapy Programs 4/21


WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-260-0110. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch





SILVERADO HORSE CENTER (Cochrane AB) Boarding, Clinics, Lessons, Training, 11/20


TURNING POINT RANCH (Pritchard BC) 250-577-3526. Full care, rest, rehab, retirement, geriatric. or see us on Facebook 5/20 ARMSTRONG 1-250-546-9174


CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735

wholesale panels & gates | pet food | bagged feed  Shops

 Driveways

 Barns

 Metal

 Garages


 Houses

 Metal


Duncan Farrow  250-503-6099  Serving the Okanagan and Shuswap 9/20

8/18 10/20


DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Ok/Shuswap) 250-309-0629 or 250-838-2157, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 3/21



Wanted Wranglers / Trail Guides


Guide on Guest Ranch / Horse pack trips

8/19 9/20

D E A D LI N E 5th of each month

ROB TEIT, Journeyman Certified Farrier (Kamloops & Area) 250-574-6838 4/20

FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT HOME BUILDING CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Co-op Dealer & Pet Foods. You can find us on Facebook 9/20 April 2020


Business Services FEED DEALERS


31852 Marshall Place 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Rd. 975 Langford Parkway 1-1227 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave SW 2565 Main St.

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 940-4499 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870



100% Canadian


FENCING 130MILERANCH.COM (Cariboo) 250-644-7200 Corrals, Gates, Panels, Bale Feeders, Best Prices in the Cariboo!


Listing and Selling – Rural and Residential Properties in the North Okanagan and Shuswap Cell: 250-549-0996 / Office 250-546-3119 Armstrong 9/20


Gates, Panels, Feeders, Continuous FenCe deer & Farm FenCe installations

Custom built and installed to your needs

GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan Cossentine, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 •

OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 The best source for all your event and award ribbons!, 10/20

SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS DON LOEWEN SADDLERY, 1802 Houston St., Merritt BC, 250-525-0220 Custom saddlery, chaps, repairs, leather bags & more,


RT LEATHER (Kamloops) 250-574-6838. Saddle & Tack Repairs (English & Western), Custom Leatherwork, 4/20



FERRIS FENCING “PastureLine” 4mm : “No Wire” Polymer : Complete ElectricSystems HorseRail products : No-Climb & Diamond Mesh

30 years Serving the Horse Industry / / 1-800-665-3307 4/20 3/19

DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 8/20 WWW.HORSEGEARCANADA.COM - online shopping - always open! Tack, hoof boots, nutritional products, grooming products & more. 4/21 WWW.THETRADINGPOSTFEEDANDTACK.COM (Nanaimo) 250-245-2115 English/Western Tack & Apparel, Feeds & Hay, Bedding, Footwear 4/21

GUEST RANCHES WWW.MEADOWLAKEGUESTRANCH.COM (Clinton BC) toll free 1-833-238-1200 Back country trails, bed & bale, multiple updated private lodgings on 700+ acres 7/20

TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 5/20 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (1645 Eagle Rock Rd., Armstrong BC) 250-308-8980, RVs to Horse Trailers. Your Trailer Parts Superstore! 7/20


SPRING LAKE GUEST RANCH, (100 Mile House BC) 250-791-5776 Beautiful Ranch on 600 acres & private lake,


CUMMINGS TRAILER SALES & RENTALS (Abbotsford) 1-877-856-1988 Horse, Stock, Flatdeck, Utility, Dump, Cargo and Pre-owned, 10/20


KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, 3/21


Solve Insurance Services Inc.  250-861-3777

BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 8/20 6/20


CARLWOODSPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM (Kelowna BC) 250-808-1486, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Cowhorse, Colts started, Farrier service 6/20 DAWN FERSTER (Kelowna BC) Coaching/Training/Workshops 250-808-0738 Mountain Trail/Western/Dressage, see Damarhe Training on FB 2/21

WWW.FOOTNOTEFARM.COM (Langley BC) 778-822-3276 Certified instructors, safe & sound horses, curriculum followed, privates for beginners. 4/21


International Clinician and Horseman 1-877-728-8987 44 • April 2020


Business Services VETERINARIANS


Debbie Hughes |

INTERIOR VETERINARY HEALTH SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-769-4217, Mobile Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, VSMT, College of Animal Chiropractors 7/20

Clinician, Trainer, Competitor

Specializing in Mountain Trail, De-Spook and Horsemanship Clinics


JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses®, 1-888-533-4353 9/20 LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLES (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 6/20 LISA WIEBEN (Bowden AB), Clinics, Training, Lessons, Centered Riding/Western & English Dressage 5/20 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton BC) Clinics & Horse Training, Working Equitation, Classical & Cowboy Dressage, Wilderness Trail. 7/20 SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 604-850-1243 Foundation Specialist, Natural Horsemanship, 7/20 THE ROCK’N STAR RANCH (Pritchard BC), Horsemanship, Training, Rehab, Clinics, Horse lay-ups, 4/20

VETERINARIANS ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL Williams Lake 250-392-5510 / Quesnel 250-747-3053 Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan, Meier, Ree , Bennett 3/21 DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and more. 11/20

KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VET CLINIC 250-374-1486 Drs Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Robert Mulligan, Heather Pedersen 4/20 OKANAGAN EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM,


WALES EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-258-2299 Drs. Alex Wales and Dr. Susan Wales, 7/20

WELL PUMPS Serving BC’s Interior for over 50 years GENERATION Pump Co.

rs. repair.. stall & the yea Meeting your water needs through ter system in a w Water well pump specialist. Full

Paul Moore 250-549-0780 | | Gary Moore 250-558-6812



Starting at just $250 per year (for 12 issues). Plus we can add a link on our web site for only $50 per year!

Call 1-866-546-9922 for more info

Stallions & Breeders APPALOOSACENTRE.COM 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 8/20 FOOTNOTE FARM FJORDS (Langley BC) 778-822-3276. Registered & imported breeding stock. Bred for performance and built to last. 4/21 OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, 12/20 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style 2/21

2011 Gypsy Vanner Stallion (Sired by Tumbleweed)

DNA tested homozygous for the Tobiano gene (Part bred foals can be registered Pinto)

Bred for temperament and conformation. Kaze is kind, athletic and versatile with a confident, forward attitude on trails. Standing to a limited number of kind, approved mares for the 2020 season.

DEADLINE 5th of each month


(AI only, fresh, cooled semen)

Purebred mares $1,100 Part bred $1,000

Cell: 250-731-9997 (Port Alberni BC) Email: North Fork Kaze

Call 1-866-546-9922 for more info April 2020


On The Market (Private Sale) The Peruvian Horse

Peruvian Paso Horses

We Have the Blues!

Ringstead Ranch, one of Canada’s Largest breeders, now have locations in both Chase, BC and Cayley, AB.

To learn more about this beautiful & unique breed of horse, and for a complete Sales List, please visit our website.

2020 Foals will be available sired by:


LBJ Sierras Blue Te | AQHA Blue Roan and his son AW Blue Fire N Te | AQHA Blue Roan Aaron & Colleen Wangler 250-843-7337 (Dawson Creek BC)

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at! 403-860-9763

9/20 7/18

Visit for more Information on this Incredible Breed!

6/20 3/17

Rare Breeds Dragonfly Acres Offering Quality Offspring By: Fell: Murthwaite Talisman Imported, FPS approved, FIS clear Versatile, working breed

Friesian: Otto Fan Kenettas Ster, FHANA, CFHA Graceful and majestic

2010 Amber Champagne AQHA Stallion Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Dun It 2007 Sooty Dunalino AQHA Stallion; Sugar Bar, Hollywood Jac 86 2008 Homozygous Black Tobiano APHA

6/20 Lisa 604-817-8596 • Langley, BC

Horses for Sale/Australian Shepherd Dogs 250-499-6514 6/20


Rural Roots

JEWEL OF THE EQUINE WORLD The prestigious BC Appaloosa Centre is a 150+acre horse ranch, with approximately 125 head of the most outstanding Real Appaloosas found anywhere! A rare, historic and unique breed! Fenced and x-fenced, paddocks, outdoor arenas, stables, covered round pen, cedar barn, “Silver Eagle Barn” with lighting and running water. A creek runs through it, with water rights. Six maintained dugouts for watering. Access to Tabor Mtn Recreation area (250 km of mapped wilderness trail system). Recognized as “Distinct Breed,” five or more generations of exceptional Progeny. A 2,900 sq. ft. custom built log home with amazing views, wrap-around deck and walk out basement. Separate caretaker property rented. 12090 Buckhorn Lake Road, Prince George BC $1,720,000 MLS® R2441103 / Also listed on Commercial: MLS® C8031037 CARRIE NICHOLSON, PREC 250-614-6766 EXP Realty

46 • April 2020


HOBBY FARM FOR SALE Enjoy the amazing views of Canim Lake Valley as you go about your chores on this beautiful 10 acre property. The acreage is set up for your animals already as it is fenced and x-fenced with a 3-stall barn, loafing shed and chicken coop. This custom built house with unique touches has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. There is a large 32’X40’ shop with mezzanine storage and 200 amp service. The guest cabin has full living quarters for your guests. Visit the listing to go to the Virtual Tour online. 6355 Spuraway Road, Forest Grove BC $725,000 MLS® R2437370 CALL TAMARA VAN LOON Cell: 250-706-2742 RE/MAX 100


Shop & Swap! BOARDING


Double Delichte Stables

Full Board $325 monthly (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon  250-309-2384 Coldstream, BC 

5/20 11/19

HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 5/20



FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL 2006 REG’D PINTO PASO FINO MARE. Stands at 14.2HH. Smooth gait on the trail. $5,000. 604-796-3684 (Agassiz BC) PANABODE LOG WALL KIT, 30’ x 30’, windows and doors. $35,000 plus delivery. 250-545-4212 (Vernon BC)

Some spaces available for 2020 Season Upcoming Clinics listed on: Luttmer Training and Clinics Quesnel BC ~ 250-249-9613 9/20


Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 email: Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 12/20

Complete Balanced Bioavailable Source Of Essential MACRO and MICRO nutrients for HEALTHY HORSES WWW.ULTRA-KELP.COM



May 29, 30, 31, 2020 CanTRA’s National Conference at Olds College, Olds AB Professional presentations on Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Biomechanics, Equine ParaSport, Equine-Facilitated Wellness, Program Management, and more.

Registration closes May 1, 2020 Details at or call 519-767-0700

~ Harness ~ Farrier Supplies ~ Horse/Pet Supplies & Feeds ~ Sure Crop Feed Dealer Deep Creek General Store


3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong

EDGE Wholesale Direct


26129 - 31b Ave., Aldergrove BC • 604-857-2436

YOUR AD COULD BE HERE ONLY $60 per issue (or less)

April 2020