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Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) is proud to announce its 25th Anniversary and the upcoming District and Community Celebration and Barbecue. This special commemorative community-wide event will include student performances, games, and bounce houses. FM station NOW 100.5 will provide music and there will be a delicious barbecue. Natomas Unified is extremely proud of the significant strides made since we became a unified school district 25 years ago! Our District’s Vision states that “All NUSD students graduate as college and career ready, productive, responsible and engaged global citizens.” The Theory of Action, approved by the Board of Trustees, provides consistent direction for student success. We strive to provide the most relevant curriculum and pathways for all students. Our Advanced Placement Course Pathway offered at our secondary schools has earned NUSD two national awards. Natomas Unified School District is the first district in Sacramento to offer a TK-12 International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum authorized by IB. Our District’s Vision for college readiness begins at the earliest grades. We have schools brimming with curricular options and we are expanding programs like the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education), International Baccalaureate and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics.) sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017


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parent March 2017

This month, we talked with Cheryl, Sacramento Parent’s newest team-member, who candidly shares her perspective on having a child with a peanut allergy. So of course, it was only fitting to feature her two handsome sons on the cover.



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Self-determination at Summer Camp

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Navigating Nut Allergies

special advertising section Sacramento Parent is proud to announce Blossom Place as the beneficiary for the 9th Annual Babies and Bumps.

Blossom Place offers housing, support and resources for former foster youth and at-risk young women ages 18 to 24. They have recently opened a home for young mothers with infants. Many of these young women have come from very hard, and often hurtful places. But Blossom believes they can become vibrant, thriving women, and strives to walk beside them as they blossom. www.BabiesandBumps.net | www.BlossomPlace.org 4

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Get Ready for a Monstrously Good Time! Find a local Summer Camp at cdicdc.org Come join us for a monstrous adventure this summer! Our camp favorites are back by popular demand along with new camps sure to keep your child moving, creating, cooking, exploring and learning with our qualified staff. With so many great camps to choose from, it’s guaranteed to be a fun time!

locations in: Elk Grove • Rocklin • Davis • Woodland Antelope • Dixon • Sacramento $15 off each week of Summer Camp when you register and pay deposit by April 3, 2017. License #434400406/300607157


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As I was working on this issue, I couldn’t help but flashback to a time when I was deciphering the cutest phonetically spelled out notes and stories from my preschoolers. And it hit me, what a great month to feel like a kid again!

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It kicks off with a legend’s birthday, Dr. Seuss would’ve been 113 this year, but he lives on through his body of work and we still celebrate him. Then (if you’re lucky), you might catch a sneak peek at an elusive leprechaun! Forget the trap this year, build him a garden instead! And, who doesn’t love spending time outdoors soaking in the warm sun? We even get a little more daylight with the time change on the 12th.


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fun finds

March Mash-Up By Shannon Smith


There may be no rhyme or reason to this month’s round-up, but one thing’s for sure—you can win them all, just head over to SacramentoParent.com and enter today!

SAY HELLO, SOPHIE! By Rosemary Wells

Sophie’s parents tell her to say “hello,” “thank you,” and “goodbye,” but the words stick like glue in Sophie’s mouth and won’t come out. She practices saying “hello” to her little sister, Jane, to the chickadees at the bird feeder, and to the statue in the park, but she just can’t say it to grown-ups. It takes a clever ruse by Grandma to show Sophie that talking isn’t really so hard. $18 | www.PenguinRandomHouse.com/ books/530115/say-hello-sophie-by-rosemary-wells/


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Happy Patty Gnomlin! He’s 11” and has plenty of green to ward off any pinches, and he might even bring a bit of luck your way as well! $14 | www.AuroraGift.com


Save the date because we are giving away a family four-pack to Tractor Family Fest, on March 18th from 10am–2pm at the California Agriculture Museum in Woodland. Celebrate National Agriculture Week with the Museum and check out their fabulous collection of early California farm equipment and vehicles, with several visiting engines and modern monster tractors, too. Plus, music, a BBQ, early day gas engines at work, local artists, a chance to climb on a real antique Caterpillar 10, kid’s corner and more! $40 (Family 4-Pack) www.CaliforniaAgMuseum.org


This year marks the Teletubbies 20th anniversary and they are gearing up for a new season. There’s also a newly released DVD, “BIG HUGS” and now, Teletubbies are available as cuddly, soft, plush toys children can snuggle up to. (Available at major retailers, like Target, Toys’R’Us and Walmart) $15 | www.NickJr.com/teletubbies

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Calling all awesome parents, cover cuties (ages 6 months to 6 years), bouncing babies and expecting mamas & papas...join Sacramento Parent at

It's FREE, but the local resources are priceless, the giveaways will be fabulous, the boutique vendors are one-of-a-kind and the entertainment will have the room jumping all day!

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Top Tips On Giving Baby a Bath By Dr. Amy Kim ever leave a baby alone in a bathtub—not even for one second. Keep their tummy warm. Dunk that adult washcloth into the water and lay it on their belly. This will keep them warm and happy during the bath. Start without soap. Babies aren’t very dirty, so it’s best to only use soap on the dirty parts. This will protect that delicate newborn skin from becoming dry. Dunk the small baby washcloth in the water and use it to clean the face, around the eyebrows and behind the ears. This will help to exfoliate any excess oil from those areas and help to prevent cradle cap without unnecessarily drying baby's skin out.

Whether you’ve only been home from the hospital with your tiny bundle of joy for a few days or a few weeks—eventually, you’ll have to give her a bath (scared or not). Don’t fret. Giving a baby a bath is not as hard as it seems. Just follow our top tips on giving a baby a bath (developed in collaboration with parenting experts, Moms On Call, MomsOnCall.com) and you’ll be a pro in no time! You might even enjoy it. Plan ahead. You’ll feel more confident if you have everything you need laid out—before you even fill the tub. Here are the items you’ll want within arms-length reach: • A baby bath tub to fit right in your full-size tub • A small, baby washcloth • A large, adult washcloth • A soft bristle brush • A 2-in-1 hair and body wash, preferably with a cap you can flip with one hand • A baby bouncy seat on the floor of the bathroom with an adult size towel on it Use warm water, not hot. It seems like common sense, but you need to make sure that your baby’s bath water is warm, but not too hot. You don’t need a fancy thermometer to test the water temperature. Just put your arm in. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for her. Fill the baby tub right in the bottom of your adult size tub. Just don’t fill the tub all the way up. She just needs a few inches. Always support their head. In the beginning, you might want to tag team to give a bath. After all, these little guys are slippery. But after a while, you’ll be ready to give a bath solo. No matter who is bathing, make sure someone always, always keeps a hand behind that delicate little head to support it. And never,

Get the dirty parts. Next, squeeze some wash onto the large adult washcloth right on his belly. Use your fingers dipped in soap to clean the hands, feet, armpits, neck folds and groin. Exfoliate the scalp. Use the same hair and body wash and squeeze a pea size amount onto the soft bristle brush. Gently scrub her scalp in a circular motion. This will also help to exfoliate excess oil and help to prevent cradle cap. Use your free hand to rinse off the soap, but be sure to avoid their eyes. Keep bath time short. Once you’ve given a bath a few times, you’ll be able to run through this routine in five minutes or less. Contrary to what you might think, water doesn’t hydrate the skin—it dehydrates it. Keep bath time short to help keep her skin moisturized. Use the bouncer. The baby bouncy seat on the floor of the bathroom is a great place to lift your baby. Continue to hold the back of your baby’s head with one hand and grab her thigh with the other. Lift her right onto the bouncy seat where you can wrap her up in the adult size towel. Save the cute little hooded towels until she is a toddler. Slather on the moisturizer. Once you have your baby dried and diapered, it’s time to slather on a good moisturizer. Applying moisturizer right after the bath will help to lock moisture into the skin. Be sure to use a cream or ointment and not a lotion. Lotions are primarily made up of water and are not very effective for moisturizing. Giving a baby a bath can be daunting at first, but don’t worry— we were all nervous at first. Bath time may become one of your favorite times of the day. Calling all new and expecting parents and families! Join us at Sacramento Parent’s FREE event, the 9th Annual Babies and Bumps! Saturday, April 8th, www.BabiesandBumps.net.

Dr. Amy is a board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon. She is also the first dermatologist mom to release a line of infant skincare products, Baby Pibu, www.BabyPibu.com/, which makes a great Babytime Wash for the tub, among other items. sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 11

CAMP ISSUE Start here to find the coolest summer camps and discover even more at www.SacramentoParent.com!



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Self-Determination at Summer Camp By Heidi Smith Luedtke, PhD

Parents spend a lot of time trying to motivate kids. We use chore charts, checklists, reminders and rewards to get them to feed the dog, clean their rooms, and complete schoolwork. But these techniques don’t change behavior long-term. Real motivation must come from within.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SUMMER CAMP Time at camp may be all it takes to spark a little self-determination in your kid. I know it sounds too good to be true. Your schoolage slacker–the one who expects you to find his homework and pack his lunch– might start doing some things for himself. And, your often-bored tween might come home with more pep in her step.

Psychologists use self-determination theory (SDT) to explain why some experiences make us feel engaged and excited while others drain and deplete us. The premise is simple: when an activity meets our needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness, we are energized and empowered. Kids’ basic needs are no different from adults’. Kids want to do things for themselves. They crave a sense of accomplishment and routinely seek feedback. (“Look what I made, Mom!”) And, kids thrive on connections with loved ones and peers. Feelings of belonging boost their self-worth. Summer camp offers loads of opportunities to meet all these needs. And that should make kids (and the parents who love them) very happy campers indeed.

Autonomy The need for autonomy is satisfied when kids control their own lives. At camp, your son will have endless opportunities to care for himself. Staff won’t select his clothes, organize the contents of his locker, or remind him to put on deodorant. No one will delay dessert until he eats his veggies. Independence is what camp is all about. Don’t worry. The world won’t stop if your son wears the same shirt three days in a row. His peers will speak up if he gets super stinky. During the school year, many kids jump from one regularly scheduled activity to the next, with no unstructured time in between. Camp puts kids in charge of their own activities. Maybe your daughter will take a hike. Maybe she’ll paint pottery. Maybe she’ll write you an email. It is up to her to decide how she’ll spend her free time. One thing is certain: she won’t sit around whining about having nothing to do. And if she does, you won’t be there to hear it.

Competence The need for competence is satisfied when kids learn new things and get positive feedback about their efforts. Your child might choose a camp focused on art, science, sports, or music. Or he may opt for a good old-fashioned sleep-away experience, complete with row boats and weenie roasts. Some camp activities may be outside your kid’s comfort zone. Stretching is good. Your child may be unsure she can cross the slippery log over the creek. She may tremble with excitement about her role in the theater production. Peers and counselors will coax her along and give constructive advice. By the end of camp, she’ll be the star of her own adventure stories. If your kid is an experienced camper, encourage him to share what he knows with newbies. Being an ambassador or mentor affirms kids’ competence in a big way. Teaching a peer how to trim a sail or chip a golf ball out of the tall grass will take your son’s skills to a higher level. His confidence will soar in response. continued on page 15

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Self Determination continued from page 13

Relatedness Your biggest concerns about summer camp may center on the social scene. Your child may not know anyone on arrival. That’s okay. Camps create connections in many ways. Your kid will be instantly bonded with bunkmates because they share a home base. Family-style dining and friendly competitions encourage interaction, too. The pursuit of shared goals–like building a robot or putting a frog in the counselor’s sleeping bag–cements kids’ camaraderie. Extroverted kids may make lots of friends at camp. Less sociable souls may not. What matters most is that kids have opportunities to talk, play and live with a diverse group of peers. They won’t all become fast friends. Learning to navigate the choppy waters of friendship formation is a big part of the camp experience. Your kid’s social skills will expand–even if she doesn’t find a new BFF. No matter what your child takes to camp, he’ll come home with a suitcase full of memories and a renewed sense of self-determination. You’ll see it as soon as he wakes from his long post-camp nap. Heidi Smith Luedtke, is a personality psychologist and mom of two adventurous kids. She is the author of Detachment Parenting. Learn more at HeidiLuedtke.com.

Destination Science The fun science day camp for curious kids!

Save $30/wk! Ends March 31st

Held at Sacramento State University destinationscience.org 888-909-2822 sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 15

16 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

Leprechaun Garden By Lady DIY

I’ve loved miniatures and gardening since I was a child, so the increasing popularity of fairy gardens over the last couple of years creates a perfect match of these two distinctive hobbies. I’ve seen people share many clever ideas to personalize their fairy gardens, as well as crafty, tiny, DIY accessories they have tucked in among little, fairy-sized plants. Unfortunately, my three boys have little-to-no interest in anything related to fairies. However, when I suggested that we plant a Leprechaun Garden, I found some willing and eager participants.

Supplies Needed: • Planter or pot • Potting soil • Plants (I used Red Thyme, Alyssum, and Spike Dracaena) • Rocks (spray-painted gold) • Small plastic cauldron (found at a party supply store) • Any other accessories that you think a Leprechaun would like! I used some glass gems leftover from a floral project.

Let’s Get Started: Start by adding a layer of potting soil in your planter or pot. You’ll want to add enough soil so that when you add the plants, the top of the root ball is about 1” below the top of the pot. Figure out the best arrangement of the plants. If you leave the plants in their plastic pots to start, you can move them around and figure out what works best. A good rule of thumb to follow:

• Taller plants (the “thrillers”) towards the back of the pot

• Mid-height plants (the “fillers”) in the middle of the pot

• Short plants that will grow over and down sides of the pot placed in the front (the “spillers”)

As you’re moving the plants around, keep in mind how any accessories will fit into the final arrangement. Once you’ve figured out the best arrangement of your plants, remove each plant from it’s plastic pot, loosen the root ball a little and add it to the planter. When all of the plants have been added, add more potting soil to fill in any holes. Now it’s time to add accessories! I added a path, made out of glass gems. All Leprechauns love a pot o’ gold, so I made sure to add a pot to our garden. Lady DIY lives in Rocklin and stays home with her three boys. When she’s not too busy with DIY projects around the house, she enjoys gardening, fitness and living the glamorous life of a baseball/soccer/football mom.

sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 17

SJE is fully accredited by WASC/WCEA


A School of Excellence, Educating the Whole Child St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is dedicated to providing a quality Catholic education and teaching strong Catholic values. 5701 Locust Ave. Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 481-8845 www.stjohncv.com

Educational Supplies for Parents, Teachers & Homeschoolers

Where Children Love To Learn Rancho Cordova (916)635-4085 M-F 6:45am-6:00pm Follow us on 2016 Award for " Best of the Best"

Diverse, "Hands On" Curriculum Structured Learning Environment Good Balance of Academics, the Arts and Play German and Spanish Yoga Field Trips lic #343612257

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Navigating Nut Allergies By Brittany Fuller Allergic reactions in children can be quite stressful for parents. Depending upon the severity of the reaction; monitoring the child’s daycare, school programs, and extracurricular activities can prove to be a challenge. Educating people that surround and care for your child is a step in the right direction in preventing future episodes.

explains Dr. Grijnsztein. “However, there are some promising treatments on the near horizon like peanut patch therapy, peanut allergy shots, and the very promising oral peanut immunotherapy/desensitization. Unfortunately, peanut allergy reactions can be extremely severe leading to anaphylactic shock and even death in rare situations.”

“Peanut Allergies, like other food allergies, can be life threatening,” explains Cheryl Waples whose son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when he was 10 months-old. “All reactions are different, and the lack of severity of a previous reaction, does not necessarily mean the next one will be similar.”

When a parent suspect’s their child may have a food allergy; specifically in this case to peanuts, receiving confirmation to that allergy via testing can prove important in order to better understand how severe their child’s allergy is. This can help to educate the parent in how to best avoid and treat future reactions. According to Dr. Grijnsztein, every individual is different, and so is their degree of allergic reaction. For example, peanut allergy patients are at a higher risk to develop allergies to other nuts and sesame seeds.

Cheryl recalls the day she learned her son, Cole was allergic to peanuts. While at a baby shower when Cole was less than one-year-old, the hostess was serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the children in attendance. She gave one to her son, and noticed that after consuming it his face swelled up. She immediately called her son’s pediatrician who instructed her to give him children’s Benadryl. Later, she had her son tested, and sure enough he was allergic to peanuts. Dr. Mark Grijnsztein, who specializes in allergy and immunology, states that typical symptoms of a severe allergic reaction may include rashes, swelling of the eyes and face, difficulty swallowing and/or breathing, vomiting and diarrhea, or shock. Allergic reactions, such as peanut allergies, are diagnosed by taking a history of the patient’s exposure and then confirming this allergy with testing. Testing for Peanut allergies can be done by either a pin prick to the patient’s skin, or by drawing blood. “Currently there are no known official Food and Drug Administration approved treatments for curing peanut allergies,”

Cheryl also explains that her son has had no reactions to products which were made in a peanut factory. He also does not react with foods that are made with peanut oil. Although, over the course of time she has discovered that he can have an allergic reaction just by coming in contact with peanut butter.

around one percent of children,” explains Dr. Grijnsztein. “Peanut allergies can develop at any point in life. It may not always develop on the first contact with peanuts. Food allergies in general are more common in children than adults, and 20 percent of patients will outgrow their allergy over time and on their own. Siblings of peanut allergic patients are at higher risk. Allergies in general are hereditary.” No one in Waples family, or her husband’s family suffers from a food allergy. Her son’s reaction to peanut butter was a surprise. This has forced the Waples to be very aware of what he eats, and to make sure to educate parents of the team sports he participates in, parties he attends, and the schools he is enrolled in. In fact, because of his allergy to peanuts, the Waples have had to change their son’s daycare and later, place him in a different school that they decided was better educated at handling his allergy. “The best advice is to meet with a physician who is comfortable and has experience

“This is not, however, the case in all children,” says Waples. “We carry an EpiPen with us at all times, and are not afraid to use it.”

in the diagnosis and management of peanut allergies, like a board-certified allergist,” says Dr. Grijnsztein. The doctor recommends someone that can help guide the patient and their family

“Studies vary, but peanut allergies affect

continued on page 21 sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 19

CCHAT coordinates & refers as appropriate with physicians, other health professionals, school personnel and those involved in hearing aid fittings to ensure your infant’s total hearing healthcare needs are met. We inform referring physicians and professionals of audiologic evaluation results and recommendations a s well as coordinate professional services as required.

Make outpatient appointments by calling 916-361-7290 www.cchatsacramento.org

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SAVE THE DATE! 9th Annual April 8, 2017 www.BabiesandBumps.net




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Allergies continued from page 19

through their new diagnosis to help avoid adverse and future reactions in order to keep their children safe. “Speak up loudly,” Waples adds. “It is the life and well-being of your child. Don’t assume people understand, or even care about the life and death nature of your child’s situation. Don’t be afraid to pull your son or daughter from a school, sports team, or any social or family setting that does not acknowledge the danger of such an allergy, and make sure you take specific steps to prevent exposure.” For more information on food allergies, please visit the Food Allergy Research and Education website at www.foodallergy.org. Special thanks to local mom, Cheryl Waples and Dr. Mark Grijnsztein of Sutter Health, Elk Grove, www.SutterHealth.org/dr-marki-grijnsztein.html. Next month, we will bring you part 2, as we talk with The Allergy Station at SacENT on seasonal allergies.

Photograph courtesy of Tiny Dreamers by Bree Franklin, www.BreeFranklin.com

Brittany Fuller is a writer from Lincoln, where she lives with her husband and three children. In addition to her work as a journalist, she is an aspiring author. When she is not writing she enjoys reading, gardening, working out, and spending time with her family.

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WWW.KIDSCAMPFAMILIES.COM sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 21

22 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

Mom, How Do I Spell…? Little Writer in the Making By Jan Pierce, M.Ed.

Nothing is more exciting than watching our children learn to read and write. The good news is, if they’ve heard hundreds of stories, have books to interact with, have access to writing materials and see you model reading and writing in everyday life, they’re just chomping at the bit to learn to read and write, themselves.

Writing sample courte

sy of Reese, age


IT’S A CHALLENGE Learning to write with conventional spelling is no easy feat. Imagine starting over again in a new language (in which there are twenty-six times two symbols, dozens of sounds made by said symbols and a list of rules as long as your arm), all with exceptions. You might just pass on that bit of learning. But, your child can’t pass. Reading and writing are the doorways to learning. They need those skills and will use them for the rest of their lives. And, let’s face it; kids have the capacity to persevere where we adults might be prone to giving up.

READING AND WRITING = LITERACY You can’t talk about writing without including reading skills. Emergent literacy is the term we use when children gain knowledge, bit by bit, gradually gaining understanding of the way the English alphabet works. Young children, even babies and toddlers are in the process of becoming readers and writers. As we, adults expose them to books and provide a rich learning environment, children make their way through a series of lessons toward conventional reading and writing proficiency.

FROM SQUIGGLES TO WORDS Here are the stages children move through as they become more and more skilled in writing. 1. Drawing and Scribbling At an early age children begin to understand that messages are conveyed with pencil and paper. They see words in books, they see letters and words in their home and in public places, they see their parents reading the mail and reading books. They want to do that, too. So they begin by making marks on paper. Even toddlers enjoy scribbling and later drawing. They may tell you their marks are pictures of a family member or pet, or they may convey the message they have in their head, “This says, I love you, Dad.” Parents can encourage every effort at written communication and suggest more writing projects. This is not the time to “correct mistakes.” Their efforts are not mistakes, they are developmental strides toward real words and sentences. continued on page 25 sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 23

A private Montessori education program Infant – 6th Grade Our curriculum and instruction is designed for children to have a natural inclination towards learning and guide themselves from concrete materials to abstract learning skills. • • • •

Hands-on & self-directed choices Personalized curriculum Music and Dance programs Gardening classes

7331 Beech Ave. Orangevale, CA

916.987.5663 www.clairesmontessori.com

Carden School of Sacramento

A Distinctive Alternative in Classical Education

A warm and caring place where childhood is cherished, learning is by doing, and the whole family is encouraged. Optional extended care available.

Sacramento Parent's Education Guides


Private School


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Register for the 2017-2018 school year Call for more information or to arrange a tour. 10933 Progress Court, Rancho Cordova

916-861-1625 www.RiverCityChristian.org/Preschool California Community Care License #343611329

Little Writer continued from page 23

2. Letter and Letter-like Forms Children are learning the alphabet via books, songs, labels, and written messages in their environment. They try to reproduce those letters. They may try a circle shape for the round letters and straight lines or block shapes for others. They begin to understand that letters are strung together and move from left to right.

unpredictable may be wrong, but the writing is now both legible and understandable; “I rod mi bik.” Since the words approximate the correct spellings, they get their message across to readers.

or her own pace—sometimes hovering between two levels for a time, before moving on. There is no rush. The focus should be on writing as a tool of communication and it should be enjoyable.

Provide lots of opportunities for the child to respond in writing. Work on vowel sounds, both long and short during short lessons, but allow the invented spellings in their writing efforts.

As much as possible, encourage writing growth through authentic writing tasks. Let’s say you want to learn French. Which would you rather do, trace five words in that language beginning with a certain letter, or try to write a short letter to your friend? Fill in the blanks on the names for food items or make a real grocery list, or order from a lovely French restaurant menu?

Parents can model writing real words such as family names, posting labels for common items around the house, and continue to provide any writing information the child asks for. 3. Beginning and Ending Sounds As they learn the sounds that each letter makes, they’ll try to string them together into words. They understand that they must use certain letters in a certain order and add spaces in between. Each word carries meaning. They’ll hear the beginning sound of words first, thus a letter c or k may mean cat. Later, they’ll include the ending sounds (ct) and some children notice dominant sounds in the middle of words, such as, bbl for bubble. Parents can begin to print out three and four letter words for their children. Help them notice that each sound works together to make the word. Write their name and let them copy it. Encourage any independent writing and champion their efforts. 4. Invented Spellings Now, your little writer is cruising. The vowel sounds which are so tricky and

Children tire of rote memory work. Sometimes it is necessary, but usually there is a better, more authentic option. Have them write to a pen pal, tell the story of their pet’s life, write an invitation to a friend for a sleepover— you get the picture. Give them a real reason to practice and then the “work” is also fun.

5. Conventional Spellings Through much trial and error, study, and through reading many books, children finally arrive at conventional spellings of our English language. Even adult writers continue to misspell many words, since English has so many similar sounds and so many exceptions to our rules.

YOUR ROLE You, the fortunate parents, have the joy and privilege of directing your little writers toward success. Your child will move through the various stages at his

Reading and writing are essential tools for learning. They open the door to knowledge about anything at all in this great big world. You can help your child master reading and writing at the earliest age possible by providing a positive learning environment in your home from day one. Read books, engage in conversations, make books and writing materials available, and give lots of praise for any and all reading and writing efforts. You’ll be amazed when your child asks, “Mom, How do I spell (you add the big word.)”

Jan Pierce, M.Ed., is a retired teacher and reading specialist. She is the author of “Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun: Unplugged.” Find Jan at www.JanPierce.net. sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 25

A� est���i��e� M�n�e�s��� s�ho�� �� ��� �e�� � E�� Gr���

Celebrating 35 Years in the Community Serving Children 18 months through Kindergarten in an Educational Environment, Nurturing the Whole Child.

Our mission is to provide safe, loving, nurturing and homelike environment with academic excellence and loving care, that enables the children to have fun as they learn and grow. Established since 1986. Preschool - Ages 2-5 year olds Before & After School Care Elementary school kids (Kindergarten - 6th grade)

Child Action & Calworks accepted. Call for details.

COMPARE AND SAVE! One of the Best Rates in Town!

Operating Hours:

7:00am - 6:00pm 8842 Williamson Drive, Elk Grove 95624

Innovative New, Public, Tuition Free, K-8 Charter School GROWTH PUBLIC SCHOOLS (GPS) GPS Students • Learn to Do in a Project Based, Hands-on Learning Environment • Learn to Learn through Personalized Plans • Learn to Be with a Focus on Social, Emotional Skills Small, safe school with 14:1 student to teacher ratio--opening August 2017 at 9320 Tech Center Drive in Sacramento, CA near the La Riviera, Rosemont and Rancho Cordova communities. Currently enrolling Kindergarten and first grade.

Learn More www.growthps.org | info@growthps.org | 916-287-0531 26 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

www.TheGiftOfKids.net We Offer • Day Care (ages 6 wks.-5 yrs.) • Preschool (ages 18 mos.-5 yrs.) • Summer Camps (ages 18 mos.-10 yrs.) • 1/2 Day Morning Preschool Program • Private Kindergarten • Homework Tutor Club(K-5th) • Before & After School Programs

(Transporting to & from many schools) • Saturday Date Night (ages 6 wks.-10 yrs.)

Call to Schedule Your Tour Today! Check Out Our Convenient Location:


5130 Golden Foothill Pkwy., El Dorado Hills


Hours: 6:30am-6pm

Infant Lic. 093616199 • Pre-School Lic. 093616198 sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 27

28 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

2017 GUIDE TO PRESCHOOLS & CHILDCARE Adventure Christian School

Roseville | Rocklin | 916-781-2986 2 1/2 years through 8th grade Mon-Fri, 7am to 6pm Our award winning program will prepare your child to succeed in today’s world using strong academics, Christian values, small class sizes, credentialed teachers, and state of the art facilities. Preschool, Elementary & Junior High Programs available. www.AdventureChristianSchool.org

Camellia Waldorf School Sacramento | 916-427-5022 Preschool to 8th grade

Brighton Preschool

Granite Bay | Folsom | 916-353-0681 Brighton Private Schools of Granite Bay and Folsom are proud to offer “Excellence in Education for Your Child, Peace of Mind for You” for children ages 6 week through 5 years of age. Please call us to learn how Brighton can enrich your child’s education and your family’s life. www.BrightonSchools.com

Carden School of Sacramento

Sacramento | 916-488-1313 | Mon-Fri, 7am to 6pm 3 to 4 years old

Now located in Sacramento’s Pocket neighborhood, Camellia Waldorf School offers an outstanding academic program, small class size, outdoor education, Spanish, music, field trips, and athletics. Established in 1989 and fully accredited by AWSNA.

Carden School of Sacramento provides an academically based Pre-Kindergarten for 3 and 4 year old children. This phonics based, fundamental education is an outstanding advantage for students preparing for Kindergarten.



Child Action, Inc.

Sacramento | 916-369-0191 Talk with someone who cares about child care as much as you do. Our Child Care Counselors help parents through the often emotional process of choosing quality child care. www.ChildAction.org

Child Development Centers

Antelope| Davis | Elk Grove | Natomas | Sacramento | Woodland 916-286-7865 ​Infant/toddler through Kindergarten and after school care Top notch learning and fun with preschool, before/after school programs, and camps. Inspiring children to develop a love for activities in STEM, leadership, creative arts, healthy habits, and more, all led by qualified, knowledgeable, and committed staff. www.CDICDC.org

Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking Sacramento (CCHAT) Rancho Cordova | 916-361-7290 Birth to 8 years-old Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 3:30pm

CCHAT is an auditory/oral early intervention program that teaches children with hearing loss (birth to 3rd grade) to listen and talk.

Claire’s Montessori International Academy Orangevale | 916-987-5663 Infant/Toddler, Preschool to 6th grade

Claire’s offer hands–on education, music, dance, and gardening classes, field trip and athletics. Established since 1994. www.ClairesMontessori.com


Consumnes CSD Tiny Tot Preschools

Elk Grove | 916-405-5311 Mon-Fri, 8:30am-11:30am, 12:30pm-3:30pm, 3 to 5 years Our caring teachers follow the California Department of Education’s Preschool Learning Foundations to better prepare children for kindergarten and instill a lifelong love of learning. www.YourCSD.com/351/Tiny-Tot-Preschools

Elk Grove Montessori

Elk Grove | 916-685-6540 18 months to Kindergarten 7am to 6pm Elk Grove Montessori School is a nurturing environment fostering independence and autonomy, while supporting a lifelong love of learning through the Montessori philosophy of education. www.ElkGroveMontessori.com

sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 29

Granite Bay Montessori

Providing a personalized academic journey for ages 2 years to 8th grade.

Affordable Tuition-Based Private Montessori School


Open 7:00 am - 6:30 pm Low Student Teacher Ratio (12:1)

CALL NOW FOR A TOUR! 9330 Sierra College Blvd., Roseville, CA 95661 (916) 791-7849

Individualized Hands-On Learning Comprehensive core subject matter Project based life and social sciences’ curricula Practical life skills at all ages Art, Music, P.E., & Enrichment Classes


7450 Pocket Road, Sacramento A nonprofit, independent school, fully accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Whispering Oak Montessori Academy

Fostering Growth Nurturing Peace Inspiring Curiosity

Are you searching for something more than just an early learning center or for a better education for your children? Whispering Oak Montessori Academy offers a rich, nurturing and stimulating environment firmly grounded in the Montessori Method and designed to lay the foundation for a life long love of learning. Students are encouraged to grow to their full potential in a program designed to educate the whole child.

Call us for a tour and more information!


• Full Academic

Montessori curriculum

• Infant/Toddler/Preschool/Kindergarten 6 weeks to 6 years

• Nutritious and Delicious meals prepared on-site

• Art & Music Appreciation • Spanish Language

8085 Oak Ave., Citrus Heights, CA 95610 www.whisperingoakmontessori.com 30 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

Golden Valley Academy

Elk Grove | 916-689-8823 Mon-Fri, 6:30am-6:30pm, 2 to 5 years Our mission is to provide safe, loving, nurturing and homelike environment with academic excellence and loving care, that enables the children to have fun as they learn and grow. Established since 1986. www.GoldenValleyAcademy.com

Granite Bay Montessori

Granite Bay | 916-791-7849 2 years to 8th grade Mon-Fri, 7am to 6:30pm Since 1991, GBM has successfully provided a safe, stimulating, peaceful environment which nurtures the whole child. Using the Montessori method, children develop a love for learning at a young age. www.GbMontessori.com

Kiddy Club Preschool & Daycare

Sacramento | 916-617-7248 Mon-Fri, 6:30am–6pm, 18 months to 1st grade Affordable Full-Time or Part-Time Toddler, Preschool & Transitional Kinder Program Available. Year Round program. Free Tour Today! Call Now! www.KiddyClubDaycare.com

Kid’s Camp

Folsom | El Dorado Hills | East Roseville | West Roseville Elk Grove | Citrus Heights | 916-358-5276 Hourly child care for ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Days, evenings and weekends. Superior care, the cleanest centers. Free preschool during paid child care services. Ask about our bounce, laser tag, and party facilities. www.KidsCampFamilies.com

Little Blossom Montessori

Little Folks University

New Gold River location! Our curriculum includes Motor Education, Sensory Education and Academic and Cultural Activities. Our environment is responsive to the needs of the learner. The children learn in the environment carefully prepared for them

Our hands-on curriculum engages children 6 weeks to 12 years old. Each child has an opportunity to learn, develop and explore at their own pace. Our teachers provide an environment that enable each child to learn and grow as an individual.



Little Orchard Preschool

Merryhill School

Little Orchard has been providing children with an environment that promotes a natural desire to create and learn, carefully nurturing each child to their greatest potential since 1991.

Offering outstanding private education with a curriculum that prepares students for success. Our preschools offer the perfect balance of learning and play. Our elementary and middle schools continue to foster a love of learning by providing challenging academics along with specialty classes.

Natomas | 916-515-0550

Loomis | 916-652-4973 Infant t​ hrough Pre-K


Folsom | 916-985-7055

Greater Sacramento | 877-959-4187 Preschool through 8th grade


Natomas Christian Preschool

Sacramento | Natomas | 916-246-3320 Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm, 3 to 5 years Christian Preschool that focuses on the individuality of each child. Rolling enrollment. Children must be ambulatory and potty trained. www.NCSLions.com

Natomas School Readiness Preschool

Sacramento | 916-567-5516 Mon-Fri, 8am-11am or 12pm-3pm, 3 to 5 years Our free half-day School Readiness preschools are led by credentialed teachers. We provide developmentally appropriate experiences with foundational academic and social emotional skills to prepare students for school success. https://natomasunified.org/departments/school-leadership-and-support/early-learning/school-readiness-program/

River City Christian Preschool Rancho Cordova | 916-861-1625

A warm and caring traditional preschool program featuring small classes and hands-on learning. Half-days, two, three and five day programs for ages 2.5-5 including Transitional Kindergarten. Optional extended care available. www.RiverCityChristian.org/preschool

San Juan Unified School District

Early Childhood Education Arden-Arcade | Carmichael | Fair Oaks | Gold River | Orangevale | Citrus Heights 916-971-5988 | Mon-Fri, Infant to Preschool Offering a variety of quality, research-based programs for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children. Subsidized and fee-based offerings available. Learn how we can meet your child’s needs! www.SanJuan.edu/ece sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 31

100% All Natural Products Same Day Service Peace of Mind Prevention

Deanna Fox 916-220-9994

STAR Preschool

St. John the Evangelist Preschool

STAR Preschool provides a caring and nurturing environment combined with high-quality curriculum that offers children a variety of rich experiences to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the world around them. Extended care options available.

At St. John the Evangelist Preschool, we offer affordable, quality preschool programs. We proudly teach age-appropriate early childhood education to develop the whole child. We focus on intellectual, academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.



The Gift of Kids

The Learning Years Academy

Roseville | Granite Bay | Loomis | Lincoln 916-632-8417 | Mon-Thurs, 8:30am to 12pm, 3 to 5 years

Carmichael | 916-481-8845 x239 Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm, 2 years 9 months to 5 years

El Dorado Hills | 916-521-1835 Infant care, 6 weeks-18 months, Preschool/Toddler care, 18 months-3 years, Preschool/Childcare, ages 3 to 5

Rancho Cordova | 916-635-4085 Mon-Fri, 6:45am-6pm, 2 years to 1st grade Providing a structured, hands-on environment where students can learn while having fun with friends.

The Gift of Kids offers a structured, fun, loving program that fits every family’s needs. We offer daycare, preschool, before and after school care, summer camps and date nights.

German, Spanish and yoga are included in the program, in addition to academics, music and the art.

www.TheGiftOfKids.net Get your kids in the groove of fruits and vegetables by booking a class today!

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Warner’s Granite Bay Country Day School

Whispering Oak Montessori Academy Citrus Heights | 916-722-8118 Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5:30pm 6 weeks to 6 years

Granite Bay | Roseville | 916-797-0222 Pre-K, Jr-K classes, 2 to 6 years TTH and MWF AM & PM programs. Extended day to 4pm

Encouraging independent, self-directed learning for life in a child-centered environment. Offering care for Infant through Kindergarten while promoting an international community valuing peace, respect for others and pride in individual differences.

A beautiful, country farm setting where children can explore nature. Excellent academic preparation and celebrating childhood daily! For our lesson and class schedules, visit our website!



Wonder-Land Christian Preschool and Daycare Carmichael | 916-481-1798 Mon-Fri, 7am to 6pm, 2 to 12 years

Host a Magical Birthday Party! Choose from 5 packages!

We have a fully qualified staff of loving, caring teachers ready to help your child excel and love learning! We have Full-time and Part-time openings to fit your schedule and we drop-off and pickup from several Carmichael Elementary Schools. www.Wonder-LandSchool.com



More information & reservations: www.fairytaletown.org (916) 808-7062 32 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com


Tuesday-Friday 9-11am, & Friday 6-9pm Please visit website for play times when kids are on school break. Register for Our Upcoming Spring Break Camp!


Coupon must be used at time of booking. Expires 03/31/17


2939 Promenade Street West Sacramento

Now able to BOOK ONLINE


sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 33


! h c r Ma We must have found the end of the rainbow, because we’ve got a pot full of golden events to keep you and your leaping leprechauns busy all month! We recommend confirming events before you go. All phone numbers are area code (916) unless otherwise noted. See our full calendar listings at www.sacramentoparent.com.


Science Trivia Night 6pm at World of Wonders Science Museum, Lodi Eat, drink and think! An engaging science experience within a casual atmosphere for the curious minds in our community. Free! 209-368-0969 www.WowScienceMuseum.org Spring, Summer & Fall Hours Start 9am-4pm at Fairytale Town, Sacramento Beginning March 1, Fairytale Town will be open daily for the spring, summer and fall seasons, weather permitting. Weekday admission is $4.75 for adults and children ages 2 and older. Weekend admission is $5.75 for adults and children ages 2 and older. Children ages 1 and under are free. 808-7462 | www.FairytaleTown.org Wee Wednesday 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Children ages 3 to 5 and their grownups are invited to this gallery-based art experience. The adventure begins in Tot Land with groups leaving at 10:30 and 11:00am. This is a family program. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org


Books Before Bedtime Celebrating Dr. Seuss 6pm at Fairytale Town, Sacramento Join Fairytale Town as they celebrate Theodore Seuss Geisel’s 113th birthday with Seuss-themed hands-on activities around the park. Come dressed in your pajamas and enjoy fun literacy based activities, readings from your favorite children’s books, bilingual storytime, poetry, arts, crafts and more. And, “If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” 808-7462 | www.FairytaleTown.org Celebrate Dr. Seuss! 4pm at Southgate Library, Sacramento Celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’

34 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

Birthday with a fun program of Seuss-related activities and crafts, read-aloud a favorite Dr. Seuss book, and even Dr. Seuss Bingo! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Girls Rising in Sacramento 5pm at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento The Sacramento Chapter of Links, Inc. joined by the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California, and Crocker Art Museum present a dynamic program inspired by the documentary, “Girl Rising.” As the education crisis facing girls around the world attracts increasing global attention, The Links, Inc. seeks to address these issues within the Sacramento region through this multi-faceted program highlighting the power of education to change the future of girls. This program is open to girls ages 12 and over to attend along with a parent, caregiver and/or mentor. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org Seuss-abrate! 4pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento March 2 is Read Across America Day. Join the library and celebrate with all things Dr. Seuss! All ages welcome. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Baby & Me Yoga 9am at Baby & Me Yoga, Sacramento Spend an hour each week reconnecting to your body and bonding with your baby through the power of Yoga. Classes focus on areas of the body that hold the most tension when parenting young babies. This class is appropriate for babies age 0–newly crawling. 530-277-2041 | www.KellieJoy.com/yoga Family Game Time 4pm at Southgate Library, Sacramento Join your family, friends and neighbors for some fun board games! Games will be available for both children and adults. Snacks will be provided. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Teens Only Night 6pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento Head to the library for free pizza, video games, movies, activities, crafts and more at this after-hours program. Open to youth in 6th-12th grades. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Sacramento Home & Garden Show (3/3-3/5) All day at Cal Expo Meet and learn from top local experts in a casual, comfortable, no-pressure environment. You’ll see the newest in landscaping, gardening, patios, fencing, decks, heating and air, solar, insulation, remodeling, new construction, plumbing, kitchens, baths, closets, home furnishings, appliances, lighting, roofing, painting, gutters, home security, windows, doors, siding, tile, stone, granite, BBQs, pools, spas and more. 263-3000 | www.CalExpo.com


5th Annual Brazilian Carnaval 6pm at Old Sugar Mill, Clarksburg Enjoy an evening with Brazilian band SambaDa, dancers/percussion by Brazilian Dance Company, and live music in food court by Tabajara. Admission includes a complimentary samba class and one complimentary drink. 261-0412 | www.OldSugarMill.com Annual Trout Fishing Derby 8am at Howe Park, Sacramento Join the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District (FEC) and the California Department of Fish and Game for the Annual Fishing Derby. Enjoy a day of fishing, fun, and prizes. Howe Park Pond will be freshly stocked with trout. 927-3802 | www.FecRecPark.com Kids Movie Matinee 1pm at Folsom Public Library Join the Folsom library for monthly movie matinees for your kiddos. 355-7372 | www.Folsom.ca.us Roseville Run for Freedom 8am at Maidu Park, Roseville Roseville Run For Freedom is a 5K charity fun run formed and led by teen girls. The profits of this run will be donated to The Grace Network, a local organization that fights human trafficking. www.RosevilleRunForFreedom.org Leapin’ Lizards! 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Do lizards really leap? What do they eat? Join the Nature Center as they explore the world of these scaly creatures! 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.net

calendar Sensory Storytime 10:30am at Southgate Library, Sacramento This inclusive storytime was developed for youth with autism and/or sensory disorders and their families/caregivers. It features songs, stories, sensory activities and interactive materials. The program is targeted for a developmental age of 2 to 6 years old. Behaviors and/or noise are no problem. Siblings are welcome! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Kids & Company Gallery Adventure 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Amusing and educational, this tour is the perfect way to introduce art to children ages 5 and older (and the adults who tag along with them) in a fun and playful manner. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org

Planning Your Special Needs Child’s Future 6pm at Sierra College, Roseville Campus Sierra College Community Education presents this program with speakers Margaret Heiser Fulton, an experienced estate planning attorney and James F. Huyck, a public benefits consultant. They will help you create an effective plan for the future, plus more! Register soon to get your spot! 781-6280 | www.SCCommEd.org


Family Craft 4pm at Sylvan Oaks Library, Citrus Heights A different project will be featured every month. All materials provided, free of charge. Make something to keep! Children under the age of 8 require adult supervision. Materials funded by the Friends of Sylvan Oaks Library. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Wee Wednesday 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Children ages 3 to 5 and their grownups are invited to this gallery-based art experience. The adventure begins in Tot Land with groups leaving at 10:30 and 11am. This is a family program. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org


Vernal Pool Critter Walks 10am at Sacramento Splash Education Center During the wet phase, the Mather Field Vernal Pools host many dozens of species. Watching and wondering about them draws you deeper into their ancient, mysterious world. At the Vernal Pool Critter Walks, you’ll meet loads of cool critters. 364-2437 | www.SacSplash.org


All Aboard for Story Time! 11am at California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento Let railroads help introduce and foster the love of reading for your little ones! This interactive and fun program is designed for imaginative young children ages two to five. Museum volunteers will read a different railroad-related book each month and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents. 323-9280 www.CaliforniaRailroad.museum


Fratello Marionettes 4pm at Orangevale Library Enter the world of Mother Goose Land where all your beloved characters are brought to life. Follow Mother Goose as she introduces you to her favorite stories. This program is perfect for families. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Little Peeps 9:30am at Sacramento Zoo This class will include a mini-lesson, fun craft, and activities such as stories and songs to expand learning. Little Peeps will also enjoy a special visit with one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. At the end of the class, caregivers will receive additional activity ideas to continue the learning fun at home. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org


An “Irish Tale” Puppet Show and Leprechaun Traps 4:30pm at Rio Linda Library An Irish Tale is the story of three brothers, and their journey to catch Liam the Leprechaun. The brothers are smart, but leprechauns are tricky! Laugh along with this fabulous, funny, toe-tapping performance by The Puppet Company. Afterwards, build your own leprechaun trap with a mixed array of materials. Perhaps you’ll catch a Rio Linda Leprechaun! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Little Peeps 9:30am at Sacramento Zoo This class will include a mini-lesson, fun craft, and activities such as stories and songs to expand learning. Little Peeps will also enjoy a special visit with one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. At the end of the class, caregivers will receive additional activity ideas to continue the learning fun at home. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org Minecraft Gaming 3:30pm at McKinley Library, Sacramento Join the library for an afternoon of Minecraft gaming! Each player will be given their own computer to battle with friends on our library server or build new creations and in creative,

survival, or hardcore mode. Players of any level of experience are welcome. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Be a Nature Detective 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Sharpen your observation skills and head out for a self-guided woodland scavenger hunt. Take your observations and turn it into inspiration for creature origami! Learn how to make different animals, suitable for different skill levels.This program is for 5 years old and up—not suitable for preschoolers. 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.net Community Day 11am at Sacramento Adventure Playground All ages are invited for a day of play! Children will create their own play structures and spaces by repurposing everyday items such as cardboard boxes, household wares, natural elements and unexpected items. A fun, safe environment where children can use their imagination and creativity to direct their own play! Free! 222-3831 | www.SacAdventurePlay.org Kids Night Out 5:30pm at WOW Science Museum, Lodi Hangout at the WOW enjoying crafts, science experiments and pizza! 209-368-0969 www.WowScienceMuseum.org Prom Giveaway 2pm at South Natomas Library Community donations of gently used dresses, accessories and other formal wear will be given away free to teens ages 13 to 19. Please bring your school ID. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Shamrock’n Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and Leprechaun Dash 8am at Raley Field, Sacramento Put on your kilt, grab your lucky four-leaf clover, and join in for the annual Blue Diamond Almonds Shamrock’n Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and Kids’ Leprechaun Dash. Run the Tower Bridge, see the Capitol, enjoy 15 live bands on course, run through the loud cheer station at Blue Diamond Almonds, and finish on the field at Raley Field. 855-969-5515 | www.ShamrocknHalf.com Sing Along, Move Along Musical Fun 11am at Rancho Cordova Library Join musician Bonnie Lockhart in this interactive musical program featuring folk songs from many countries and cultures! This program is for young children and their families! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Sensory Storytime 10am at North Natomas Library This inclusive storytime was developed for kids with autism and/or sensory disorders. It features songs, stories, sensory activities and interactive materials. It is targeted for a developmental age of 2 to 6 years. Behaviors and/or noise are no problem and siblings are welcome. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 35


Don’t miss out on our upcoming camps this summer! June 26-30 • Safari Week July 10-14 • Bug Week July 17-21 • Hawaii Week July 24-28 • Space Week July 31-Aug. 4 • Super Hero Week

(916) 781-2939


36 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com



March Hare Madness 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Hop on over for a hare raising good time. Join a Naturalist for a hike and discover where a rabbit would make a nest, hide from danger or find a tasty plant to eat. 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.net Sunday Playday 10:30am Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Designed for children 4 to 6 and their grownups, Sunday Playday is a gallery-based artmaking experience designed to support school readiness. Led by a Museum educator, children will participate in a fun make-and-take project using a variety of art materials, inspired by a different artwork each month. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org Super Sunday Art Academy 1pm at Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville Make time for art in this art academy offered every second Sunday. Learn about different places, artists, and artistic styles in this fun art program for all. 783-4117 | www.BlueLineArts.org W.O.W. Bus 10:30am at Fair Oaks Park The “Wonderful Outdoor World” Bus is getting kids back outdoors! 966-1036 | www.FairOaksPark.org


All Aboard for Story Time! 11am at California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento Let railroads help introduce and foster the love of reading for your little ones! This interactive and fun program is designed for imaginative young children ages two to five. Museum volunteers will read a different railroad-related book each month and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents. 323-9280 www.CaliforniaRailroad.Museum Mother Goose on the Loose 6pm at Maidu Library, Roseville Spend time with Mother Goose doing a storytime with songs and rhymes. Appropriate for ages 0 to 5. Parent participation is required. 774-5221 | www.Roseville.ca.us


Homeschool Day: “JapanAmerica” (Drop-In) 12pm at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Students will explore a suite of exhibitions that examine cross-cultural dialogue between Japan and America. The day’s journey includes a visit to the studio, which will be transformed into a print lab where students can experiment with carving blocks and pulling their own prints. 808-1182 | www.SacLibrary.org Storytime 9:30am at Karen’s Bakery, Folsom Visit Karen’s Bakery in Old Folsom every 2nd Tuesday of the month for a special storytime featuring zoo animals. 351-3527 | www.FolsomZooFriends.org

Tales to Tails 6pm at Maidu Library, Roseville Is your child a shy reader? Children can gain confidence by reading to friendly library dogs. Ages 6 to 12. 774-5221 | www.Roseville.ca.us


Fuzzy Buzzy Creatures 4pm at South Natomas Library Make electrified felt creatures using conductive thread and LED lights. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Greenwood Creek Dog Walk 5pm in the Pilot Hill area Join ARC Forest Restoration Coordinator and dog lover, Autumn Gronborg, for this play-date & walk. This is an easy-moderate hike of about 2.5-3 miles. Well-behaved, leashed dogs only. Contact ARC to sign up and for the meeting location. Free, but donations are encouraged. 530-621-1224 | www.ARConservancy.org Magician Perry Yan 3:30pm at Elk Grove Library Magician Perry Yan is back by popular demand! Perry’s comedy will keep you laughing while his sleight of hand magic will leave you in awe! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Little Peeps 9:30am at Sacramento Zoo This class will include a mini-lesson, fun craft, and activities such as stories and songs to expand learning. Little Peeps will also enjoy a special visit with one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. At the end of the class, caregivers will receive additional activity ideas to continue the learning fun at home. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org Mother Goose on the Loose 9:30am at Martha Riley Community Library, Roseville Spend time with Mother Goose doing a storytime with songs and rhymes. Appropriate for ages 0 to 5. Parent participation is required. 774.5200 | www.Roseville.ca.us Off the Grid: Sacramento Zoo 5pm at Sacramento Zoo Off the Grid is partnering with the Sacramento Zoo to bring food truck dinners and live music to one of Sacramento’s favorite destinations. Guests will enjoy a selection of ten unique food trucks, live music from local musicians, as well as discounted admission into the Sacramento Zoo. 808-5888 | www.Facebook.com/ events/877765408996173/ Read Across America 11:30am at North Sacramento Hagginwood Library Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Visit the library for Storytime fun featuring books by Dr. Seuss! Preschoolers 3 to 5 years old and their caregivers will enjoy picture books, songs and action rhymes. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org St. Patrick’s Day Science 4pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento

Rainbows and pots of golden fun! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Science fun at the library. This program is for school age children. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Friday Family Flicks 4pm at Southgate Library, Sacramento Join the library for a fun family movie, “Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life.” Free popcorn will be provided. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Little Peeps 9:30am at Sacramento Zoo This class will include a mini-lesson, fun craft, and activities such as stories and songs to expand learning. Little Peeps will also enjoy a special visit with one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. At the end of the class, caregivers will receive additional activity ideas to continue the learning fun at home. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org STEM: K’NEX 4pm at Rancho Cordova Library Use connectors, rods, and wheels to create architectural feats of the imagination. This program is for school-age children. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Baby Loves Art 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Baby Loves Art engages babies (up to 18 months old) in a visually stimulating gallery walk and gives parents and caregivers a fun opportunity to connect with their babies and each other. All baby noises are expected and welcome. Strollers are allowed, and front carriers are recommended for the best art view. Please no backpacks or rear carriers. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org Dr. Seuss Party 2pm at Ella K. McClatchy Library, Sacramento Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with this Dr. Seuss-themed party! Read a Dr. Seuss story, make a slimy oobleck, create your own Dr. Seuss crafts and creations, and enjoy Dr. Seuss-themed snacks.. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Rockin’ & Learnin’ 3pm at Lakeshore Learning, Roseville Music and learning fun with activities inspired by Pete the Cat! *Enjoy dance and play during music and movement activities, create cool guitar crafts and cat hats, listen and sing along to Pete the Cat stories. 774-4304 | www.LakeShoreLearning.com Shriners Celebration 6pm at Elks Tower Historic Ballroom, Sacramento Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California is pleased to announce Andra Day will share her Grammy-nominated voice in a memorable performance for the benefit of its sacramentoparent.com MARCH 2017 37

calendar specialized pediatric healthcare programs. The tone and flavor of this exclusive evening will be set superbly by the culinary gifts of Rich Mahan. 453-2321 | www.ShrinersCelebration.org The Mom Conference 9am at 1800 Wildcat Blvd, Rocklin You’re invited to spend the day celebrating being a mom! Spend time with friends, develop new friendships, gain new insights and have a great time. Enjoy snacks, drinks, lunch, presentations and more! Head to the website to register and to see who will be there to help you celebrate! 833-6263 | www.TheMomConference.net Tractor Family Fest 10am at California Agriculture Museum, Woodland See a fabulous collection of early California farm equipment and vehicles as well as additional visiting engines and tractors. There will be special activities for the whole family, and an expanded kids’ corner for even more fun! Don’t miss a chance to climb on a Caterpillar 10 plus so much more! 530-666-9700 www.CaliforniaAgMuseum.org


Creature Feature 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Meet some of the animal residents at the Nature Center up close. Learn about each of their unique journeys and how they became an educational ambassador for the Nature Center. 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.net Kids & Company Gallery Adventure 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Amusing and educational, this tour is the perfect way to introduce art to children ages 5 and older (and the adults who tag along with them) in a fun and playful manner. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org Wonder Lab 11am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento This drop-in art-making program, open and free to all, is designed to spark creativity! Children with learning and developmental disabilities and their families are especially welcome. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org


All Aboard for Story Time! 11am at California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento Let railroads help introduce and foster the love of reading for your little ones! This interactive and fun program is designed for imaginative young children ages two to five. Museum volunteers will read a different railroad-related book each month and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents. 323-9280 www.CaliforniaRailroad.museum


After School Science Club 4pm at Southgate Library, Sacramento Do you like to investigate, create and get messy?

38 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com

Join the afterschool science club and explore fun hands-on science activities. In March, They’ll be making Mystery Mess! Kids in grades K-8 welcome. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Recycled Mini Greenhouses 4pm at Orangevale Library Calling all kids! Time to pull out your green thumbs! Use recycled paper-towel rolls and plastic containers to get your grow on! The Friends of the Orangevale Library are providing soil, seeds, and mini spray bottles to help you start your own garden. Supplies are limited— feel free to bring your own! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Garden Fun for Children 11:15am at Rancho Cordova Library The Yisrael Farm presents garden programs for children. Kids get their hands dirty gardening and learn about growing food and healthy eating. Fun for everyone in the family. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org


Little Peeps 9:30am at Sacramento Zoo This class will include a mini-lesson, fun craft, and activities such as stories and songs to expand learning. Little Peeps will also enjoy a special visit with one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. At the end of the class, caregivers will receive additional activity ideas to continue the learning fun at home. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org NorCal Bats: Bugs, it’s what’s for dinner 4pm at Rancho Cordova Library Meet live bats and learn how they help to protect our food. Part of the Go Local series. For all ages. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Storytime 10:30am at Folsom Zoo Visit the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary (Weather Permitting) on the Canid Deck every 4th Thursday of the month for a special storytime featuring puppets and zoo animals. 351-3527 | www.FolsomZooFriends.org

or a stuffed animal friend to hang out with in the fort! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Live Wild Animals with Nature’s Critters 2pm at Ella K. McClatchy Library, Sacramento Do you love snakes and frogs? Do you want to know more about turtles and insects? Join in as the Nature’s Critters show you reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds, and other live wild animals, tells you about the habitats they come from, and lets you pet these amazing creatures. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Nature Explorers 10am at Sacramento Zoo Join the Zoo and the Sacramento Library in an open play environment, the last Saturday of the month. They will be reading stories, playing, and exploring the wonders of the natural world with a new topic each month. Visit the Nature Explorers page for more information. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org Prom Drive Giveaway 4pm at McKinley Library, Sacramento Teens, need to find a way to make Prom more affordable? Then join the library for the Prom Drive giveaway. Try on dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories to take for free with a valid student ID! Adults must be accompanied by teens. Limit of one outfit per person. Dressing rooms will be provided. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Revolution Run 9am at John Adams Academy, Roseville Join John Adams Academy in Roseville for their annual Revolution Run. There are 5K and 10K options available for all age groups. After the run, there will be games and vendors for the whole family. www.JohnAdamsAcademy.org Sensational Spring 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Explore your senses as you absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of spring on this Naturalist led hike. 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.net


Little Peeps 9:30am at Sacramento Zoo This class will include a mini-lesson, fun craft, and activities such as stories and songs to expand learning. Little Peeps will also enjoy a special visit with one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. At the end of the class, caregivers will receive additional activity ideas to continue the learning fun at home. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org


Blanket Fort Storytime 2pm at Ella K. McClatchy Library, Sacramento Families with children ages 5 and under are invited to join for fun songs, stories, and activities. This month they will building blanket forts to read in! Feel free to bring a flashlight and/

Sutter Children’s Center Wellness Festival 11am at Fairytale Town, Sacramento Celebrate active and healthy living at the Sutter Children’s Center Wellness Festival! Enjoy free play, games, healthy fun and more. Sutter’s representatives will be on hand to answer questions and provide information. Plus, local health

calendar organizations will be offering activities, games and information on healthy lifestyles. Admission is free thanks to a generous grant from Sutter Children’s Center! 808-7462 | www.FairyTaleTown.org


Hawk Talk 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center Do you wonder which hawks you are seeing in your neighborhood this season? Learn some tricks of the trade about how to identify the most common hawks in our area, learn more about these specific raptors, and get close up with one of the Nature Centers resident hawks. 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.net Mother Son Wacky Golf Tournament 8pm at Emerald Lakes Golf Course, Elk Grove The Cosumnes Services District (CSD) is hosting the 2nd annual Mother Son Wacky Golf Tournament. Leave your golf clubs at home because CSD will provide the equipment. You’ll make your way down the fairway with tennis racquets, baseballs, frisbees, and other sports equipment. 405-5300 | www.YourCsd.com ZooZoom 8am at Sacramento Zoo Join the stampede as thousands of runners raise funds to benefit the Zoo. Are you as fast as a hare or as slow as a tortoise? Find out at the

37th annual ZooZoom. There are options for everyone from a 5K to a 10K to Kid’s Fun Runs. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org


All Aboard for Story Time! 11am at California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento Let railroads help introduce and foster the love of reading for your little ones! This interactive and fun program is designed for imaginative young children ages two to five. Museum volunteers will read a different railroad-related book each month and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents. 323-9280 www.CaliforniaRailroad.Museum


Pajama Storytime 7pm at Folsom Public Library Children and their families are invited to share stories, songs, and rhymes together Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Picture Book Room. Bring your favorite blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal and enjoy the best of children’s literature shared in a fun and relaxed setting. Pajamas welcome, but not required. Intended audience is ages 2-6, but all ages are welcome. 355-7273 | www.Folsom.ca.us


Wee Wednesday 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Children ages 3 to 5 and their grownups are invited to this gallery-based art experience. The adventure begins in Tot Land with groups leaving at 10:30 and 11:00am. Wee Wednesday is a family program. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org


Pokemon Tournament 3:30pm at North Natomas, Sacramento Join the library for a Pokémon tournament! Guests are invited to bring copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon for Nintendo DS and battle/ trade with friends! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org Stories and Art 1pm at Folsom Public Library Slightly longer stories, songs and fingerplays shared in this storytime program for children ages 3 & up. Simple art activities for preschoolers follow this 30 minute storytime, too! 355-7372 | www.Folsom.ca.us


Lego Mania 3:30pm at Valley Hi-North Laguna Library Come build with the library! Go CRAZY building to your heart’s content. You bring your imagination and creativity, and they’ll supply lots and lots of Duplo and Lego blocks to build with. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

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All phone numbers are area code (916) unless otherwise noted

Jack and the Beanstalk

March 4-26 at Davis Musical Theatre Company Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum. We smell another wonderful fairytale brought to life! “Jack And The Beanstalk” is a splendid spin on the classic tale. Wackiness ensues as Jack tries to escape the magical kingdom! Recommended for the whole family! 530-756-3682 | www.DMTC.org

James and the Giant Peach

March 10 - 25 at Roseville Theatre “James and the Giant Peach” is Roald Dahl’s fantastical tale of a boy, his insect friends, and their amazing journey across the ocean on a giant piece of fruit. This brilliant musical will entertain and delight the entire family. 772-2777 | www.RosevilleTheatreArtsAcademy.com

L.O.S.T. (Losing One’s Self Temporarily)

March 26 at Mondavi Center-Jackson Hall The Los Angeles-based Diavolo, founded by choreographer and visionary Jacques Heim, uses dance to explore the relationship between the human body and its architectural environment. On and around a giant morphing staircase with multiple doors, passageways, and shifting surfaces, dancers reckon with transitions and tenuous balance, taking the audience on a journey between vulnerability and control, losing and reshaping yourself as you traverse your daily lives. 530-754-2787 | www.MondaviArts.org

Ron Cunningham’s high flying Peter Pan is perfect fun for the whole family! 552-5800 | www.SacBallet.org

Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Through March 19 at Sacramento Theatre Company Teeming with shipwrecks, fairies, and magic, “The Tempest” is considered by many to be Shakespeare’s finest romance. It concerns the deposed Duke Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, who have been stranded for a trying twelve years on a small island where nothing is quite as it seems. 443-6722 | www.SacTheatre.org

The Brothers Grimm Spectacular

March 1-5 at Sacramento Theatre Company The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are turned on their heads in this fastpaced, rollicking ride as two narrators and several actors attempt to combine all 209 stories, ranging from classics like “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” and “Hansel and Gretel;” to more bizarre, obscure stories like “The Devil’s Grandmother” and “The Girl Without Hands.” This wild comedy with lots of audience participation and madcap fun is performed by Sacramento Theatre Company’s School of the Arts Young Professionals Conservatory students. 443-6722 | www.SacTheatre.org

The Fabulous Fable Factory

March 29 at Community Center Theater More fun than a muddy puddle! Peppa Pig is hitting the road for her first-ever U.S. theatrical tour, “Peppa Pig’s Big Splash!” The original production features Peppa, George, and all their friends in an all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and muddy puddles! 808-5181 | www.PeppaPigLiveUS.com

Through March 19 at Sutter Street Theatre This is a delightful story of an inquisitive youngster who discovers an old factory operated by a Mr. Aesop and a human machine of nine fable makers. After she accidentally turns on the Fable Making Machine the adventure begins and some of Aesop’s best-known fables come to life including, “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” “The Tortoise and the Hare,” and others; the young girl surprises everyone, including herself, with her moral-making ability. 353-1001 | www.SutterStreetTheatre.com

Peter Pan & Viva Vivaldi

The Great Gatsby

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash!

March 24-26 at Community Center Theater Presented by Sacramento Ballet and Viv Vivaldi; Let your imagination soar on a non-stop flight past the second star on the right to Neverland with the boy who won’t grow up. Join Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys as they outwit the nefarious Captain Hook, the baddest Pirate of them all.

Through March 19 at City Theatre-Sacramento City College Sacramento City College’s City Theatre continues their season celebrating the college’s 100th anniversary with Fitzgerald’s classic of decadence, idealism, and excess, creating a portrait of the Roaring Twenties that has been described as a cautionary tale regarding the American Dream. 558-2228 | www.CityTheatre.net

The Ugly Duckling

March 18 at Harris Center for the Arts Be uplifted by the thoughtful Hans Christian Andersen story in which an ugly duckling discovers that he has become a handsome swan. This heartwarming musical production about the passage from the awkwardness of youth to the grace of maturity has been acclaimed by audiences around the world. 608-6888 | www.HarrisCenter.net

40 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com


All phone numbers are area code (916) unless otherwise noted 10th Annual California Hall of Fame Artifact Exhibit Open now through September 12 at California Museum Highlighting the lives and legacies of inductees into the 10th class of California Hall of Fame, this exhibit features artifacts and ephemera on loan from the inductees’ personal collections. Notable artifacts include: Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones costume from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981); George Takei’s Hikaru Sulu costume from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986); Isabel Allende’s Presidential Medal of Freedom for Literature awarded by President Barack Obama in 2014 and more. 651-0934 | www.CaliforniaMuseum.org Chasing the Horizon March 10-April 16 at Pence Gallery Charles Cunningham was born and raised in the Central Valley, and his travels throughout the valley and into the Sierras are the subject of his work. Using oil, watercolor, and acrylic, he flattens his scenic views by using vibrant, flat blocks of color. In so doing, his landscapes become almost abstract in feel, creating an impression of a particular place that is filled with light and devoid of man. 530-758-3370 | www.PenceGallery.org Mira Loma High School IB Art Show March 14-April 2 at Sacramento Fine Arts Center Established April, 1986, The Sacramento Fine Arts Center (SFAC) is a California

nonprofit corporation, authorized under IRC sections 501C3, whose mission is to contribute to the cultural life of our community. See what Mira Loma students are up to at this exhibition! 971-3713 | www.SacFineArts.org Two Views Open now through May 14 at Crocker Art Museum This exhibit of photographs by Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank opens exactly 75 years to the day after United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 during World War II, authorizing the Secretary of War to designate certain areas as military zones, and clearing the way for some 120,000 Japanese Americans to be incarcerated in camps scattered throughout the American West. A compelling collection of photographs presenting two views of internment and incarceration in the early 1940s. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org U.S. Presidential Election Twitter Activity Exhibit Open now through March 30 at Pence Gallery This project, designed by Jiayi Young and Shih-Wen Young with the assistance of Weidong Yang, Qilian Yu, and Bartek Kłusek, transforms the 2016 United States Presidential Election Twitter data into a large-scale installation to probe the question of how social media assumes form and dominates the shaping of the future of a nation. 530-758-3370 | www.PenceGallery.org

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Does Your Child Belong on the Cover of a Magazine? Sacramento Parent is looking for our 2017 Cover Kid at the 4th Annual Cover Kid Search sponsored by Sunrise Mall. It’s free to enter, simply join us at Babies & Bumps on April 8th, between 9am and 1pm at the Citrus Heights Community Center.


parent September 2015

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GRAFFITI FOR KIDS? sacramentoparent.com

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Check in at the Cover Kid Search booth and you will receive a time slot with the photographer, then feel free to enjoy the event while you wait for your chance to be discovered! Time slots are limited, so arrive early. Michelle McDaid, of Memories by Michelle and our editor have shared the following tips: Who Is Eligible? Children ages 6 months to 6 years-old that live in the Greater Sacramento region. How to Enter? Simply bring your camera-ready child to Babies & Bumps to reserve a few minutes with the on-site photographer. How Will a Child be Chosen? A panel of judges (including the publisher, editor-in-chief, editor, and graphic designer) will review the images and our Cover Kid will be announced in early May.



LANGUAGE www.WhatMattersToMoms.com


Music therapy can help promote the development of:


• speech and communication • motor skills • social skills • cognition and learning skills • self-expression and creativity ACTIVITIES

Accepting new clients for individual and group services. Contact us today for a free over-the-phone consultation.

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(530) 662-5882


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www.brubbees.com | 916.824.1134 3125 Penryn Ave, #340, Penryn, CA 95603

Entry is free, but early arrival is recommended as space is limited. Families are invited to enjoy the event and activities as they wait for their child’s opportunity to be photographed. Doors open at 9:00am.

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL SESSION 1. YOUR BABY NEEDS TO BE SITTING UP UNASSISTED. Newborns and infants require special attention and props. Unfortunately, in an environment where we photograph many children in the space of a few hours, there isn't time to accommodate the needs of younger babies. Bring them out and enjoy a super fun day at Babies and Bumps, but wait until they're a little older to sit in front of the camera for the Cover Kid Search. 2. BRING YOUR PARTNER, A FRIEND OR RELATIVE ALONG WITH YOU. This way one of you can stand in line and the other can enjoy all the fun and engaging activities with your child. In general, lines and waiting are hard for little ones and, if they're irritable, getting that mega-watt smile for the camera is going to be tough. 3. PACK SNACKS AND DRINKS. Ditto the previous comment. Happy children with full bellies are smiley children! 4. DRESS TO IMPRESS. In a big group of cute kids, the ones dressed in something fun (something that reflects their personality) will often stand out from the crowd. That said, avoid anything gimmicky.


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44 MARCH 2017 sacramentoparent.com Restrictions may apply. Please call for details. 2017 MMTIP LLC All rights reserved.

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Sacramento Parent March 2017  

This month you might catch a sneak peek of an elusive leprechaun! Forget the trap this year, build him a garden instead! Plus, save the date...

Sacramento Parent March 2017  

This month you might catch a sneak peek of an elusive leprechaun! Forget the trap this year, build him a garden instead! Plus, save the date...