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Houses, Houses‌ Strange houses

Year 2011 5th Grade Students CEIP Saco e Arce

This UFO house is in Tennessee (USA). It’s white and round. In the house there’s a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. In the kitchen there are 2 chairs, a fan, a clock and a table. In the bathroom there’s a big round white bath and a mirror. In the living room there’s an armchair, a sofa and a cupboard. There are 2 windows and a balcony.

AGUEDA González

This is a tree house. It’s in Canada. There’s a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. There’s one big bed . There are 3 pillows on the bed. There’s a table , an armchair and a fireplace in the living room. There’s a basin and a small bath in the bathroom. ESTELA Araújo

This is a house in Florida. It’s a Houseboat. The house boat is on the water. IT’s small. There are 5 rooms;: two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. There are 2 tables, four chairs, a sink and a cooker in the kitchen. There’s a big sofa and a table in the living room There are 2 beds in the bedrooms. DAVID Martínez

This is a container house. It’s in England. There’s a kitchen, a living room, a toilet , a bedroom and a dining room. There are 2 sofas and a table in the living room. There’s a big table in the dining room. There’s a big bed in the bedroom.


This is a home in Chicago, It’s a Barrel House. There’s a bedroom with 2 beds . There’s an armchair and a table in the living room. There’s a cupboard in the kitchen

MARIA Rodríguez

This is a home in India. It’s a mud hut. There’s a big room. There’s a big bed, two armchairs and one shelf. There’s a lamp on the bedside table. There isn’t a tv or a cd player.

MARIA Dominguez

This is a shoe house. IT’s in Pennsylvania, USA. There’s a kitchen and a living room downstairs. There’s a table and there are 8 chairs. There’s a sofa and a table. There’s a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. LUCIA Pérez

This is an Earth house. It’s in Switzerland. It’s under the ground. There’s a garden and eight big windows at the front. There’s cooker and an oven in the kitchen. There isn’t a table but there are 3 stools. There’s a big modern bed in the bedroom. The living room is very big . There are two big sofas, a table and a lamp. There’s a fireplace, too. These houses are cool in summer and warm in winter.

This Stone house is in Guimaraes, Portugal. It was built between two big stones at the top of a hill. There’s a roof and a chimney. There’s a small door and four small windows.

Strange houses  
Strange houses  

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