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CEIP Saco e Arce - 2012

ESL students in grades 5 and 6 write about how they spend Christmas

I´m Yago. I love Christmas because Santa Claus brings presents to boys and girls. On Christmas Day I get up at 8 o´clock. I have milk and biscuits for breakfast. Then, I open the presents from Santa Claus. I want a book, a game and clothes. I help my mum with lunch. She prepares desert and my dad lays the table. We eat roast chicken with chips and turron . Delicious! It’s my favourite dessert. After lunch we play games in the living room. My favourite game is parcheesi.

Happy Christmas!

Yago Gonzalez – 5EP

On Christmas day in the morning I get up and go to the living room to open my presents. Then, I have breakfast with my family and later we go to my granny’s house. My cousins and I go to the park to play football or basketball. At about 2 o’clock I have lunch with my family and we talk. Later, I play games with my friends. In the evening I stay at home and have dinner with my family. Later we watch a film. My favourite film is “The Pink Panther”

Fermin Cruz – 5EP

In the morning I get up and I open the gifts that Santa Claus put under the tree. Then, I play up to lunch time. In the evening I visit my friend Venezia. I go to her house. Late in the evening we go to my aunt’s house to have dinner.

Diego Céspedes – 5EP

On Christmas Day in the morning I get up and I open the presents. They are under the Christmas tree. I play with my toys, I have milk and biscuits for breakfast and I open my stocking from Santa Claus. It’s very exciting! Rodrigo Rivera – 5 EP

On Christmas Eve I have a great time because my family comes for dinner. On Christmas Day in the morning we open the presents Santa Claus put under the tree. We play games. Then we have lunch. We eat sea food, octopus and nougat. On New Year’s Eve we go for a walk, we go to church and we have the 12 grapes to celebrate New Year.

Brayan Calviño – 5 EP

Hi, my name is Yesica and I’ll tell you how I spend Christmas. On Christmas day I wake up at 8 o’clock and I open the presents under the Christmas Tree. I have a shower and get dressed, then, I usually help with lunch. We usually eat shrimps, scallops, crab… In the afternoon we go to the shopping centre. I love Christmas!

Yesica Ribeiro – 5 EP


Friday, 7th December Today is a holiday. My mum, my sister and I decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments, hearts, a star… and we also use some Christmas drawings that my sister and I drew yesterday. Saturday, 15th December I get up at half past six a.m. because I have to go to A Coruña. I have a rehearsal with Galicia Symphonic orchestra. My cousins and my aunt came for dinner and when they left it was very late. Monday, 17th December In the morning, I go to school. After school, I go home and I get ready to go to the conservatory, because I have a violin audition. After the audition we went home, I had dinner and I went to bed immediately, because I was very sleepy. Friday, 21th December Today my sister and I went to Maria De Melo’s house, one of my friends, because it was her birthday. We had a great time! Once at home, we send our Christmas cards.

Maria Rodríguez – 6 EP

1st December The whole family decorate our Christmas Tree. 7th December We all help to wrap Christmas gifts. 20th December My family from Barcelona visit us 25th December We open the presents under the Christmas tree 31st December New Year’s Eve!! We have lunch at my aunt’s house. 1st January Happy New Year 6th January We open presents again. They are from The 3 Kings.

Maria Alvarez – 6 EP

16th Dec. We decorate the house and the Christmas Tree. 19th Dec. We go shopping. We buy presents and we wrap them with beautiful paper. 24th Dec. My mum prepares octopus with potatoes and many other foods for dinner. It was a delicious dinner!! 25th Dec. We open the presents from Santa Claus.

This Christmas we had a very good time!!

Maria Dominguez – 6EP

Dec. 1st We start the Advent calendar Dec. 10th We practice carols and we decorate the house and the Christmas tree. Dec. 15th We send postcards to our family and friends. We wrap the gifts for the family. Dec. 21st I decorate my room with garlands Dec. 24th We have dinner with the family Dec. 25th In the morning we open our presents. At about 12 o’clock we prepare lunch and at 1 o’clock the guests come for lunch.

Estela Araujo – 6EP

1th of December Winter is coming. The day is cold. I can´t go out alone and now I am at home playing with Luna my dog and talking to Fermin and Alba. 10th of December Today we got a lot of homework and it isn’t cool and when I finish I go to play with Mateo at the park. 21th of December This is the first day of winter and it’s really cold. I spend all day in my hot house playing “Minecraft” with Fermin, Alba and Miguel. 24th of December Today my grandad came to my house for dinner and brought the presents too but I can’t open them. We ate cow and shellfish. 25th of December Yeah! It’s time to open the presents. My favourite is my new computer. It’s very cool! I spent all the morning playing “Happy wheels” the best flash game.

David Martinez – 6EP

I always spend Christmas with my family. On December 18th we decorate the house with lights and a Christmas tree in the living room. On December 24th we have dinner at my grandparents’ house and on the 25th and 31st of December at my paternal grandparents’ house. On the 25th we opened the presents and I loved it. My mother bought a perfume for me, for my sister a makeup case and for my father a sweatshirt and pants. My favourite day was New Year’s Eve. We had the twelve grapes at midnight but they were very harsh and we had a good time because my aunt was doing silly things. Lucia Perez – 6EP

Christmas Time  

ESL students in grades 5 and 6 write about how they spend Christmas

Christmas Time  

ESL students in grades 5 and 6 write about how they spend Christmas