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April 2019


Sponsor Feature with Skanska

16 88

NEW MEMBERS Klövern, Savills, Invest in Skåne, 1928 Diagnostics, KHD Consulting International, PRM International, and Captario

Credit: Andrea Bell


Featuring Aggancio, WGSN, IDUN Minerals, and GIANT Innovation


One-On-One with Josefine Liljeqvist of Deloitte Sweden


Featuring Lexington Company, Maria Nila, and Transderma Serums


“What are you looking forward to most about your membership with Gateway?”

21 BEAUTY TALK Feature with Ebba Long of FACE Stockholm

27 EXECUTIVE WOMEN’S CONFERENCE Revamped and more global than ever

Credit: Emil Nordin

11 HOW TRAILBLAZERS ARE SHAPING A NEW ERA One-On-One with Lisa Lindström of Doberman

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THE LATEST AT GATEWAY SACCNY’s innovation hub has several brand new updates

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Dear Members and Friends

Heralding in enormous change for organizations of all types—as both consumers and members of the workforce— millennials and Generation Z are set to transform the business landscape as we know it.

Gateway Residents Featured in This Issue: 2c8 Adapt Event & Expo Stratsys World Childhood Foundation USA GIANT Innovation Zalster Hyper Island Maria Nila Inc. Innovation360 Aggancio Sigma Software Bzzt Briban Invest Everysport Media Group Web Manuals Inc.


In today’s technology-driven, fast paced, and increasingly global world, it has never been more critical for businesses to understand their consumers. Personalization, instant gratification, and authenticity are frequently cited as being paramount in the race to win over shoppers. Businesses are changing the way they operate accordingly, and revamping marketing techniques and operations as a result. Meanwhile, workplaces themselves are undergoing their own makeovers. Gone are the days when newly minted employees were expected to stay at their job for a lengthy amount of time. Instead, the modern day employee brings new qualities to the table and is out to challenge the status quo. Many would agree that the trailblazers of today— who are largely to thank for these changes—are millennials (between about ages 23 and 38 today) and Generation Z (roughly between ages seven and 22 now.) For our April issue, we have set out to uncover exactly how these generations are transforming the business landscape. We have asked experts from both inside and outside of our network from a variety of industries—from tech to beauty— how millennials and Gen Z are changing business operations. We have sought out to reveal what makes them tick, what drives them as consumers, and more. Included in this issue is also a preview of our upcoming Executive Women’s Conference (eWc) taking place this spring (P. 27). We could not be more thrilled to pay tribute to the successes of this event’s speakers, and we hope you will join us to hear their fascinating stories. What’s more, the conference—which will be our biggest event yet—is now a joint venture between Di Digital

and SACCNY. This thrilling news means that the eWc will be taking place on two continents, with a presence in Stockholm as well as in New York and Washington D.C. And that is far from the only inspiring thing happening at SACCNY in the next several months. Our Gateway business and innovation platform is growing, and in addition to putting a spotlight on its residents and featuring what they are most looking forward to about being a part of our community (P. 24), our team has some exciting technology announcements to share (P. 23). We are so pleased to be able to host these residents as they forge ahead with new opportunities for networking and collaboration—all in our lightfilled, expansive Gateway space at 900 Third Avenue. A big thank you to our generous furniture sponsors, who have made the creation of what we have dubbed our ’Scandinavian Oasis’ in New York possible. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Skanska for sponsoring this issue and for allowing us the opportunity to provide these invaluable insights to our network.

Anna Throne-Holst, President, SACCNY


22% 38.2 48% 61%

By 2025, people ages 18 and below will make up this amount of the U.S. population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 1

Median age in the U.S. (In Sweden, the median age is 41.1). 2

The amount of surveyed millennials who agree businesses ”behave ethically.” 3

The number of Gen Z employees who report they would leave their jobs within two years, if given the option. 4

K E Y TH I N G S TO K NO W: millennials

generation z

ages: 23-38 today

ages: 7*-22 today

Generations are defined by the key moments/trends that shape them, and while there is some variation around exact ages, these ranges are popularly cited and are the ones described by the Pew Research Center. 5

*It remains to be seen what the endpoint of Gen Z will be. (These numbers assume the same length of time as millennials and their predecessor, Generation X.)

Tietjen, Alexa. “Move Over Millennials: A New Generation Comes Of Age.” WWD, 22 Feb. 2019, wwd.com/beauty-industry-news/beauty-features/north-west-is-the-face-of-gen-z-genalpha-consumers-1203043323/. 2 The World Factbook 2016-17. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 2016. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html. Accessed 24 Mar. 2019. 3 Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018, published May 2018, https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/millennialsurvey.html 4 Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018, published May 2018, https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/millennialsurvey.html 5 Dimock, Michael. Defining Generations: Where Millennials End and Generation Z Begins. Pew Research Center, 17 Jan. 2019, www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/01/17/where-millennials-end-and-generation-z-begins/. 1


News Cleantech Hub Gains Momentum

Svenska Handelsbanken Has A New President and Group Chief Executive

The Swedish Energy Agency’s program has a

Carina Åkerström is the bank’s first female CEO

base at SACCNY’s Gateway

Credit: Dorn Bracht, alteredcompany.com

The Swedish Energy Agency hosts several Cleantech hubs— and its newly opened New York-based location at SACCNY’s innovation platform and meeting space, Gateway, is gaining momentum. The agency has sent five Swedish startups—handpicked by its team—to be a part of the Gateway community. The aim of this opportunity is to “support Swedish companies and their energy innovations to establish themselves on international markets,” according to a spokesman for the agency. In addition to Gateway’s bright and collaborative office space at 900 Third Avenue, the organizations are set to benefit from Gateway programming and services (think: acceleration programs, business matchmaking, and more.) This Cleantech hub is made possible through a collaboration between the Swedish Energy Agency and SACCNY.


SACCNY is thrilled to note that one of Sweden’s largest banks now has its first female CEO. Carina Åkerström is Svenska Handelsbanken’s new President and Group Chief Executive. “We have conducted a good recruitment process which has yielded a successful result. Qualified internal and external candidates have been evaluated. All members of the board have been deeply involved and we have also sought the advice of external experts,” says Pär Boman, Chairman of the Board of Handelsbanken. “The choice of Carina Åkerström rests on a very solid, stable foundation, in view of her track record and excellent results over a long period of time.” Carina Åkerström indeed brings hefty experience to the table, with over 30 years of experience at the organization. “I truly look forward to continuing to develop the bank together with all my fantastic colleagues,” she says. “We have a great deal of power in our decentralized work method, not least due to the intuitive skills and deep local knowledge at our branches.”

Innovation Night Begins at SACCNY’s Gateway

SEB Greenhouse x Gateway Launch U.S. Soft Landing Week

A new event series brings preeminent leadership

The collaboration aims to support Swedish

to the stage

entrepreneurship in the United States

Photo Credit: Credit: Linn Persson

Thought leadership and disruption are not just buzzwords in business right now—they are vital for businesses striving to succeed in a challenging, but exciting time. Enter SACCNY hub Gateway’s new concept event series, Innovation Night.

Scaling entrepreneurship is a key value at Gateway—SACCNY’s innovation hub—and our team could not be more thrilled to partner with leading Swedish bank SEB’s initiative Greenhouse on U.S. Soft Landing Week, which aims to do just that.

The series brings together some of today’s best minds in business in celebration of Swedish and U.S. entrepreneurship. Speakers so far have included Sudhir Venkatesh—of Twitter, Facebook, and Columbia University fame—and author Susanne Birgersdotter, otherwise known as the ”app-queen” of Sweden.

Set to take place in November, SEB Greenhouse will send companies to New York for an acceleration week so that they can learn about, prepare, and get expert advice on the U.S. market.

In addition to taking these thought leaders and their cuttingedge insights and tips to the stage, the event provides an enviable networking platform and an opportunity to connect with Gateway’s varied and collaborative community. Everyone is welcome to participate. Always sold out and with a waitlist, keep an eye out for upcoming Innovation Nights at: https://www.saccny.org/events/.

The lineup consists of sales and pitch training, intercultural coaching, a legal seminar, communications strategy, plenty of networking opportunities, and more. Participants will also have plenty of time to explore the city, and will even have the opportunity to visit Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange. Gateway is a vessel for these types of New York-based partnerships and programs, and these experiences offer a point of distinction from other co-working spaces. Please reach out to yasmina.backstrom@saccny.org to learn more.



We asked four experts how these generations are transforming the business world as we know it.

...going digital

IDUN Minerals The beauty industry is changing rapidly, and millennials and Gen Z are a driving and active force. In a recent analysis from E-barometern, a Swedish report developed by PostNord in collaboration with Svensk Digital Handel and HUI Research on the online status, beauty is the second largest category where 32 percent had purchased beauty products online during the past month, trailing fashion at 39 percent. The Gen Z customer demands instant information and gratification. Patience is not a word in their dictionary. No reply means no sales. Freight charge equals no sales. They also want to be represented in the picture, with different skin tones featured and with as much authenticity as possible. Live chat

Credits: Patrik Gunnar Helin

Aggancio As I see it operating in the executive search and headhunting space globally, millennials and Gen Z place new requirements on potential employers. They do not buy into the ‘gold watch’ mentality that existed before, where they can see themselves working for the same company for 25 years. Instead, they are looking for what they can get both in terms of experiences as well as compensation—if and when they decide to join a company. Beyond this more transactional approach, I see that these generations are more causedriven, in terms of fulfilling a higher purpose (whether it be related to the environment, equality, religion, etc.) This is true for both themselves as well as for the company they join.


is a must, as instant reply increases one’s chances to sell. They also demand moving pictures and videos along with easy text and pictures. If you complicate your message, they will move on. Above all, one’s brand also has to be extremely environmentally friendly, in particular in Northern Europe. Plastics and all unnecessary chemicals are red flags for Gen Z, since most of them are well informed and will catch you if you try to fake it. There are many advantages for Scandinavian companies due to our transparency. Our reputation for honesty will serve us well in many markets. —Göran Agardh, CEO of IDUN Minerals

...having high expectations All in all, this difference in what the millennials and Gen Z are looking for in an employer changes the way companies need to operate and run their businesses if they want to be able to win the war for talent. —Andre Haug, CEO of Aggancio Group

”We recognize that millennials and Generation Z have enormous impact on businesses today.”


...seeking out personalized experiences

Businesses must adapt to new shopping behavior. There are a few key things to keep in mind when appealing to young consumers, especially Gen Z. One of them is the rise of individualism.

Credit: (T) Andrea Bell, (B) Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Uniqueness is a priority for Gen Z. Difference doesn’t scare them, as it may have for generations in the past. For Gen Z, there is more emphasis during adolescence on creating their own path, whether that means building new educational systems or their own personal brands. Gen Z wants to reframe outdated social constructs and create new ones. Brands that do the same will resonate with them. They sway towards brands that celebrate self-expression and empowerment. They do not want brands that cater to everyone.

giant innovation Making any broad generalizations about both millennials and Gen Z is difficult as there are many years between the birth years of the first millennials and the last of Gen Z. That said, beyond the enormous implications of their being the first generations of digital natives, I think the best way to describe Gen Z and millennial impact on business can be described simply: values-driven.

Credits: (T) Simon Hecht, (B) Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Especially as we look at the newest entrants into the workforce, we see that they want to connect themselves with businesses that align with their values. This means that an employer’s ability to attract talent will require establishing values that resonate with new potential employees. Many say that the youngest generation in the workforce is

They want brands that cater to the individual. Other ways to appeal to younger consumers include aligning with values that are important to millennials and Generation Z. They are conscious consumers that don’t mindlessly buy into fashion and trends. They do their research and align with brands that share their values—things like gender fluidity, inclusivity, and real representation. Social media is also making it easier than ever before for like-minded teens to find their fashion tribes. But, interestingly, subcultures have been replaced with communities that are built around values—not style. —Sarah Owen, Senior Editor for WGSN Insight

...putting values first “lazy” or “entitled.” This is not true—they are quite hardworking. They simply need to find work to which they can attach their passions and beliefs. Similarly, products and services must also resonate with millennial principles in order to succeed. We see this in almost every industry. To give one example: The millennial and Gen Z preference for natural or healthy drinks has had huge implications on the beverage industry, which has been forced to adjust accordingly. Leveraging the passion of these younger workforce entrants will be the recipe for future business success. —Joshua Cohen, Managing Partner at GIANT Innovation


One - On - One

On Social Impact A Lead at Deloitte Sweden Forecasts Positive Change

Josef ine Liljeqvist

Credits: Jakob Owens

Millennials and Gen Z consider diversity and inclusion, effective communication, and authenticity to be critical. Change often comes with a set of uncertainties. For those in business, this rings especially true. But transformation also often brings plenty of good. And when it comes to millennials and Gen Z, according to Josefine Liljeqvist—Human Capital Practice Lead at Deloitte Sweden— there is plenty to look forward to. “Generation Z believe the two most important skills in the workplace are communication and problem solving,” she affirms. Here, Liljeqvist shares her thoughts on millennials, Gen Z, and how society stands to benefit from their impact. As consumers, how have millennials and Generation Z changed the business landscape so far? An increased demand for authenticity, responsibility, and value indicate that they prefer companies and brands that treat both their employees and their customers well. What do you forecast the business landscape will look like 20 years from


now, thanks to these consumers? In 20 years, it will most likely be heavily influenced by the Generation Z consumer. As consumers they want broad access, individuality, and ethical as well as societal responsibility. Businesses should rethink how value is delivered to the Gen Z customer, stepping up to their demands of high ethics and societal responsibility. What sorts of qualities and skills do they bring to the workplace? With these generations, I believe we will see a focus on creating meaningful work, innovation, culture and flexibility, and a different approach to career development. I also forecast that we will see a shift towards measuring performance not only from a financial perspective, but also measuring the impact business has on society and the environment. This dynamic will demand a greater responsibility from businesses and leaders.

An increased focus on skills such as interpersonal skills, confidence, motivation, strong ethics, and integrity is also likely. We will see a greater focus on diversity and inclusion as well, but we will see a shift in the approach. Instead of just “making D&I a priority” it will be naturally integrated in all we do, as they—especially Generation Z—will have it in their backbone to a greater degree than earlier generations.

Josefine Liljeqvist, Human Capital Practice Lead at Deloitte Sweden

how trailblazers are shaping a new era Doberman Founder and CEO Lisa Lindstrรถm describes the state of female entrepreneurship in business today, transformation, and how the next generation of innovators might help. 11

Credit: Emil Nordin


Lisa Lindström says increased collaboration among various sectors can be a key way to spark change. Social impact, innovation and female entrepreneurship are some of the most prominent themes in business right now—and Lisa Lindström—CEO and Founder of design and innovation firm Doberman—is one of the leaders paving the way for change. In light of her participation as a speaker at SACCNY’s upcoming Executive Women’s Conference, she took a moment to share her thoughts on the business landscape today. Here, she reflects on female entrepreneurship, digital media, how millennials and Generation Z are set to affect organizations, and what needs to happen to encourage positive transformation. How do you see digital media evolving today? I see businesses taking in the potential of digital media and digitalization to really solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Once you start to connect big topics (for example, loneliness or climate change) with all of the technical development and data that is out there, you can really create the products and services that can help accelerate the changes we need. That is enormously helpful, and it also means taking on a lot of responsibility. Considering that, how do you see the intersection between digital media and positive social impact right now? I see various industries collaborating with one another more frequently to encourage positive social impact, but I would love to see even more people coming together—from all of the different sectors—to inspire change.


Bringing together the best technologists and companies, along with politicians, decision makers, and policymakers could be the key to transformation. But these kinds of silos are not traditionally known for working well together. For example, politicians might not know of certain opportunities or challenges because they are not as tech-savvy as they could be. So, it is important to consider: In what way could we have more intersections, collaborations or interfaces between policy decision makers, companies, and the technology community? Because that is what will then help accelerate social impact even more. Millennials and Generation Z are known for being cause-oriented, and for seeking out businesses that have some type of positive social impact. How do you think that will affect businesses moving forward?

As organizations, you will be borrowing the talent. That will of course put even more pressure on companies to reflect on how they can best contribute. That is a great development, but it is also challenging. You need to not only reflect on your business model, but also on your leadership—and on how fast you can move. Millennials and Gen Z are changing business in many ways. How do you envision them changing the business landscape from a gender standpoint? I meet a lot of younger men who are feminists, and that in itself will affect a lot. When feminism is a topic shared among everyone, it is not just a woman’s issue anymore. These types of values are critical to millennials. If you are not tackling these issues in a serious way, they will not find you attractive as a company.

For several years now, we have been talking about the fight for talent. That will increase because of this. It will become a must to really reflect on your offering as a business, and you will really need to prove that what you promise is a part of your business model. Millennials will not be loyal otherwise. Millennials and Gen Z are cause-oriented, and they work for society at heart. The company they choose to work for has in turn become a platform from which to promote a cause. They wonder, “Can I make the change I would like to see here?” or “Should I start my own company?”

Lisa Lindström Founder and CEO, Doberman

We need to diversify what an entrepreneur looks like. You can be a mother. You can be a 25-year-old. You can be an academic. We need to show all of these different possibilities. That in itself would provide more female entrepreneurs.

Wealthsimple Trade app designed by Doberman

Female entrepreneurship is a passion of yours that you share with SACCNY. Ahead of your talk at our upcoming Executive Women’s Conference (eWc), what are your thoughts on how we can encourage more of it in the workplace? We need to provide more role models, and show a more diverse entrepreneurship on stages and in media. We need to diversify what an entrepreneur looks like. You can be a mother. You can be a 25-year-old. You can be an academic. We need to show all of these different possibilities. That in itself would provide more female entrepreneurs. We also need to encourage more women to become owners of companies, as it is critical that we fix the ownership structure. And, if we want to see change, we need to see a shift in who is investing in these entrepreneurs as well.

Finally, we must have conversations in schools about entrepreneurship so that in the future there will be a clearer path for more youth to run companies. The stories that are told right now tend to be that you go to university to get a degree, and then to get a position somewhere. We need to tell more stories than that, so that students understand the breadth of the opportunities that are out there. Speaking of entrepreneurship and social impact, SACCNY’s innovation hub, Gateway, just opened. How might a platform such as this one help with these things? When it comes to female entrepreneurship, the more stages we have and the more platforms for networking the better. A platform like Gateway is brilliant because it is all about connecting people, and it boasts a diverse network of entrepreneurs. The whole atmosphere is

collaborative and welcoming. Connecting big and small companies is also especially beneficial for the whole entrepreneurship ecosystem in general, and that is a wonderful opportunity that Gateway offers. Being able to meet like-minded people is helpful, but so is having a variety of different perspectives. That is, after all, what stimulates innovation—and innovation is what we desperately need in social impact.

Lisa Lindström, Founder and CEO of Doberman, will be the Master of Ceremonies at eWc on May 10th in New York.


Sponsor Feature

The Moynihan Train Hall A New Construction at the Heart of the Penn-Farley Complex


To date, 120 Skanska employees and more than 600 union craft members have added more than 3,100 tons of new steel to the new Moynihan Train Hall. Beginning in Malmö, Sweden 132 years ago, Skanska has grown to be one of the world’s largest leading project development and construction companies. In 1971, Skanska USA began its first New York project, the 63rd Street subway stop. Today, Skanska continues the tradition of building projects that shape and improve the lives of New Yorkers. In 2017, Skanska USA and development partners Vornado Realty Trust and Related Companies were selected by the New York State Empire State Development Corporation to completely redevelop the existing James


A. Farley Post Office and Annex Buildings. The project will turn the Farley building—designed by McKim, Mead and White as a sibling to the original Pennsylvania Station— into the majestic Moynihan Train Hall, named after the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The $1.6 billion project is part of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s large investment in infrastructure projects across the State of New York. The train hall will be reinvented, five decades after the loss of the structure that

initially existed. In a statement regarding the Penn Station complex’s expansion, Governor Cuomo said, ”For years there has been talk about transforming Penn Station, but no action, forcing New York’s commuters and visitors to endure congested and potentially unsafe conditions for far too long. The projects currently underway, including a new, state-of-the-art entrance, will not only turn Penn Station into a world-class transit hub, but they will ease the flow for riders and improve the overall passenger experience for all who pass through.”

The Skanska team lowers the first glass panel into the midblock skylight at the Moynihan Train Hall.

Skanska has completed the steel structure for the first of four vaults making up the centerpiece train hall skylight, which will provide natural daylight to the concourse hall through over an acre of glass.

Featuring a new glass canopy roof, as well as elevator and escalator access to all platforms serving the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and Amtrak, the train hall will improve access for Penn Station’s 650,000 estimated daily rail customers. Prior to this, Skanska also completed a predecessor project with the construction on the West End Concourse of Penn Station, which officially opened to the public in June 2017. The new concourse improved passenger circulation and capacity throughout Penn Station by expanding stair access to all train platforms. The opening of the new West End Concourse marked the completion of the first phase of the work to convert the James A. Farley Post Office building. Now, the ongoing 1.3 million-squarefoot renovation will include the new, 255,000-square-foot Moynihan Train Hall—a dramatic transformation of the original, century-old U.S. Postal Service mail sorting

room. Featuring a new glass canopy roof, as well as elevator and escalator access to all platforms serving the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and Amtrak, the train hall will improve access for Penn Station’s 650,000 estimated daily rail customers. The Moynihan Train Hall will be similar in size to the Main Concourse at Grand Central Terminal, and feature transit, retail, commercial, and private development spaces. The renovation comprises demolition of the existing interior. The construction will include new structural and architectural elements, as well as the restoration of the entire historic exterior of the Farley Post Office and adjacent Annex Building.

an improved LIRR concourse underneath 33rd Street. Also on the agenda is replacing mechanical systems to meet the needs of the new station and reconfigured facility. The grand train hall will further help relieve congestion for the hundreds of thousands of travelers that will pass through the new Penn-Farley Complex each day. It will feature a modern design that is easily navigable and capable of handling a high volume of pedestrian traffic far into the future. The Moynihan Train Hall will be seamlessly integrated with the widened and improved LIRR concourse that Skanska recently constructed. It will also combine 21st century passenger amenities and high-quality retail offerings to establish the Penn-Farley Complex as a world-class transportation hub. Skanska is proud to be leading the Moynihan Train Hall redevelopment as part of New York Governor Cuomo’s historic transformation of Penn Station. The grand train hall will make traveling to and from Penn Station easier, safer, and more pleasant for New Yorkers each day—and for generations to come.

Since September 2016, Skanska USA has demolished 6,000 tons of concrete and taken out about 800 tons of steel. Major features include creating new primary facilities for customers, such as ticketing, waiting areas, boarding facilities, and other amenities that will be connected to

New Bronze Members Klövern One of Sweden’s leading real estate companies Klövern is one of Sweden’s largest listed real estate companies with more than 400 properties situated in Sweden, Copenhagen and New York. 1245 Broadway—located on a prominent corner on Broadway and 31st Street in Manhattan—is the latest project from Klövern and real estate development company GDSNY. Construction on 1245 Broadway began in early 2019. The Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)-designed commercial office building will span 180,000 square feet and 22 stories, and will offer retail and restaurant space on the ground floor. 1245 Broadway is situated in one of Manhattan’s most active, and quickly changing neighborhoods. In recent years, the NoMad area has become an epicenter of investment and cultural gravity. The site is within walking distance of Herald Square, Penn Station, Madison Square Park, The NoMad Hotel, Ace Hotel New York, and the developments at Manhattan West and Hudson Yards.

Credit: SOM


Contact: Oscar Frånlund / Jens Andersson Leasing Coordinator, Swedish Clients / CFO oscar.franlund@klovern.se and jens.andersson@ klovern.se www.klovern.se/en

The 12-foot floor-to-ceiling heights on each floor will be emphasized by modular floor-to-ceiling picture windows (also 12 feet high), which frame views from the office spaces and will flood the expansive floors with natural light. These triple-insulated windows will eliminate the need for perimeter heating, reduce heating and cooling costs, limit sound penetration, and allow for maximum views of the city. Generous terraces will provide tenants an opportunity—rare in Manhattan’s office buildings—to connect to the urban surroundings. A private tenant amenity lounge will include skylights, private phone booths, a fireplace, communal work areas, and a beverage station—all with a minimalist feeling, evocative of Scandinavian design.

A commercial real estate advisory firm Savills helps organizations find solutions that ensure employee success. Sharply skilled and fiercely dedicated, its integrated teams of consultants and brokers are experts in better real estate. Its services range from tenant representation, capital markets, project management, portfolio solutions, consulting, workforce and incentives strategy, workplace strategy and occupant experience to client technology solutions. The team has boosted the potential of workplaces around the corner, and around the world, for 160 years and counting. Savills is proud to provide its clients with exceptional international reach and capabilities. As part of a global network of offices in the U.K., Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Africa, and the Middle East, it extends its culture of tenacious client advocacy and exceptional service across all industries.

Contact: Brad Wolk / Kunihiko (Key) Otomo Executive Managing Director, Integrated Consulting Strategies / Corporate Managing Director bwolk@savills.us and kotomo@savills.us www.savills.us


The Savills team is 35,000 people strong, and committed to maintaining a nimble, responsive approach to service with its unique, flat management structure. With an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative environment, its top professionals continually seek out fresh opportunities that help its clients amplify the power of their people.

Invest in Skåne The design wave from Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden

Meet some of its companies here: Happy Ears Earplugs with a chic aesthetic that filter through sound of the highest quality. www.happyears.co Mylhta Bringing together natural materials, quality craftsmanship, and innovative techniques, these designs are inspired by Scandinavian nature. www.mylhta.com Nordgröna This brand offers sound-absorbing panels made from Reindeer Moss. www.nordgrona.com

Stoft Studio Image Credit: Anton Olin/imagebank.sweden.se

Invest in Skåne is the official business promotion agency for Sweden’s southernmost region, Skåne. It provides professional advice and services to international companies considering Skåne for future investment, and assists regional companies in developing their international business. Skåne, a region with strong influences—and ties to Sweden’s neighboring country Denmark—has in recent years seen an uptick in the number of design companies making an international impression. Still representing the classic Scandinavian look, the Skåne vibe is more edgy, crossing cultures and creative boundaries.

Scandinavia Form Scandinavian inspired design rooted in juxtaposing craftsmanship and classic objects with an alternative context. www.scandinaviaform.com Stoft Studio A design studio in Malmö focused on the importance of stories—small fragments and pieces that influence what they create. www.stoft-studio.com Swedish Ninja Swedish Ninja was inspired by the thought that traditional Scandinavian design can be reimagined in unexpected ways. www.swedishninja.com

Contact: Andrea Kviecinska Business Development Manager andrea.kviecinska@skane.com www.investinskane.com

Not a member yet?


Visit: www.saccny.org/memberships to learn more about our different


New Small Business Members 1928 Diagnostics


Saving the power of antibiotics

Sparking a new era in drug development

Credit: Anders Ternesten

1928 Diagnostics is a digital health company, which aims to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and to help save the power of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is an emerging threat against humanity. Fast diagnostics and effective tracking of bacteria are key in the fight against these superbugs. 1928 offers a cloud-based software platform for hospital laboratories, public health authorities, and relevant organizations to identify and profile bacteria as well as their resistance to antibiotics. The platform also enables information sharing between relevant stakeholders on a local, national, and global basis to facilitate efficient outbreak tracing. Now entering the European and U.S. markets with full commercial focus, 1928 seeks experienced sales and business development specialists to help form its U.S. team. Ultimately, its platform will serve healthcare, food safety, and veterinary medicine segments.

Contact: Kristina Lagerstedt Founder and CEO kristina.lagerstedt@1928diagnostics.com www.1928diagnostics.com


In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a great need to find better ways to bring drug candidates to market. Making the right decisions—for both projects and portfolios—is key for success. To answer this need, Captario CEO Johannes Vänngård gathered a group of senior pharma experts and data scientists in order to revolutionize strategic decision making in pharma. Combining expertise, new methodology, and cloud-based simulation, Captario answers strategic questions the industry was previously unable to answer. Vänngård expects that everyone in the industry who seeks to be competitive will be using Captario SUM® or a similar platform within the next few years. Captario works with leading global pharmaceutical companies. In late 2018, it established a presence in Greater New York to support U.S.-based growth.

Contact: Erik Post CFO and Head of U.S. Operations erik.post@captario.com www.captario.com

KHD Consulting International Coaching and training with intercultural expertise

PRM International Household goods shipping with modern methods and old-fashioned service

Credit: Atlantic Container Line Ltd.

KHD Consulting International provides results-focused coaching and training to help organizations and individuals succeed in a global, multicultural, and increasingly complex world. Its edge is its team’s expertise and first-hand experience in working and living globally. Specifically, the staff is skilled in managing complex cultural challenges in a diverse context, has excellent coaching skills from years of experience with psychological insight, and has a strategic business mindset. KHD Consulting supports leaders to find solutions to their challenges—be it leading and motivating global staff, improved communication skills, or leading for business success and personal satisfaction across cultures. The organization also coaches and trains teams to build trust and collaborate for improved performance. In addition, it provides expert cross-cultural competence training for groups and individuals.

Contact: Katarina Holm-DiDio Principal Coach and Founder kat@khdinternational.net www.khdinternational.com

PRM International movers provide careful packing and door-to-door containerized shipping solutions for household goods, personal effects, automobiles, artwork, exhibits, and fine furniture. Established in 1994 by Ed Banfield, the company is built upon a family heritage dating back to 1946 in the household moving industry. Licensed and bonded by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the company specializes in shipping to and from Sweden, the U.K. and Western Europe. In an era of impersonal service, the company prides itself on providing personalized, professional service with special attention to the small details that make an international relocation a success. PRM International handles large and small shipments, and has affiliate agents throughout Sweden and the globe.

Contact: Edwin F. Banfield, Jr. President ed.banfield@prminternational.com www.prminternational.com +1 908-204-1900



The New Consumer How to Appeal to Millennials and Gen Z

Maria Nila, Lexington Company, and Transderma Serums

Thought leaders describe key ways to reach today’s shoppers. Millennials and Generation Z are all about showing the world what they have bought, what they use, and how they live. Focusing on design elements is therefore a key part of reaching this target market. This generation wants to take photos of their home, and share their lives and experiences on social platforms. Always think about how your product affects the consumer’s personal brand. In the end, it is all about how the product and brand connects to these generations. You want consumers to talk about your product in some way. This can be done in several ways. For example: Is the product environmentally friendly? Is it fun or interesting to talk about? Does the consumer want to take a photo of your brand? If you ask yourself those questions, you are on the right track.


I believe that the digital trend is here to stay, and I believe that all retail would do well to embrace the digitalization. Lexington Company uses an omnichannel strategy to reach out to all of our targeted consumers. While the in-store experience may appeal more to baby boomers and Generation X, our strong focus on digital development is what attracts both millennials and Generation Z. Technology is key for these generations. Just in the previous year, we developed both a 3D store as well as a 3D showroom. We have also made great progress with our online store, enabling mobile as well as desktop shopping in a new way. And, despite all of the changes, we still see the importance of showcasing products in-store.

Transparency is key. It is critical to deliver what you promise, and to continue to strive to optimize content for social media in order to engage more with your audience. I think we can appeal to millennials and Generation Z by treating them like individuals, and placing an emphasis on personalization. Meeting them in-person to listen to their experiences and needs is also crucial. These generations want to be heard. Minimal ingredients that are sustainable, cruelty-free, and organic appeal to them. These details are important to millennials and Generation Z, and that will affect many businesses moving forward.

— Thomas Barkå,

— Kristina Lindhe, Creative

— Graziella Gallelli

CEO North America of

Director, Co-Founder, and

Ronlán, President and

Maria Nila Inc.

CEO at Lexington Company

Founder of Transderma Serums

One- On- One

Beauty Talk Why Innovative Marketing is Essential

Face Stockholm

FACE Stockholm’s Head of Communication, Ebba Long, describes the brand’s relationship with millennials and Gen Z. Since its launch in 1982, FACE Stockholm has managed to make its name known on a global scale. And according to Ebba Long, the brand’s Head of Communication, this feat has been no happy accident. In fact, she notes that the label’s success has been in large part due to FACE Stockholm’s willingness to understand— and truly connect with—its consumers. Here, Long discusses her team’s journey in drawing in millennial and Gen Z shoppers. What does FACE Stockholm do to appeal to today’s consumers? Since we are an indie beauty company with a worldwide presence, we have to work twice as hard to reach out to the younger audiences in comparison to the multibillion dollar marketing budgets the larger beauty corporations of the world play with. Not only do we rely on specific influencers on various social media platforms, we have also partnered up with some well established brands such as Reebok. We have a roster of products, tried and tested throughout

the years, that have achieved a cult following. To keep it fresh, we have to think outside of the ’beauty box’ to reach the younger crowd through various marketing campaigns, events, collaborations, and language. An added bonus is that Sweden—as a country and culture—has become such a trend in its own right. Organically, the younger audience has sought us out on their own accord due to that. However, it is imperative that we are approachable to all ages with our marketing efforts, as beauty really is timeless and ageless. Are there elements of Scandinavian style evident in your brand’s products? Yes, we breathe and live Scandinavian (especially Swedish) style, not only in our carefully curated and eclectically designed retail stores, but also in how we present the brand online. We strive to try to make the online experience similar to the offline one. Even though we are in the business of color, we do value white space and a sense of minimalism.

Why might those specific details appeal to millennials and Gen Z? Since we are a color-focused beauty brand, we have the tools to aid the younger generation to express themselves. FACE Stockholm thrives on cultivating individuality, and we present that in a careful balance of color surrounded by white space. What are your top tips for other businesses in regard to how to appeal to millennials and Gen Z? Dare to take a leap, and shake things up in the marketing department. The younger generations are much more curious and are not afraid to voice their opinions and thoughts. Learn from that, and explore. Examine how they use your site, the products they come back for, and what makes them tick. It is a two-way conversation. Rethink your tactics, and don’t be surprised if they do not fall for the same old outdated marketing tricks.


The Latest at Gateway Our Gateway community is growing—and it has gotten several brand new updates. Our space has been decorated with generously donated furniture featuring the minimalist, clean aesthetic that Swedish design is known for. What has bloomed is a Scandinavian oasis in New York, and we could not be more proud of the result. But our pride extends far beyond the décor. Gateway’s community is expanding, featuring residents that extend from forwardthinking technology firms to a nonprofit that seeks to help create a world safe for children. In addition, our technology center has been completely revamped, replete with a new portable podcast studio as well as cuttingedge technologies for video collaboration and distance learning. ”The lab here is set up to be a dynamic living thing so that when new technologies come out we can test them,” says Gateway’s tech guru,

Greg Harper. ”It is a resource available for our members, but also a resource with which to create content.” What’s more, we have hosted a variety of exciting events over the past few months, and we have even more in store. Our annual Executive Women’s Conference is being completely reimagined (See P. 27), and we also have launched an Innovation Night series—both events that speak to SACCNY’s collaborative nature, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are so pleased to host this community, and to offer its residents and members a platform with which to flourish. To learn more about our Gateway community, please go to www.saccny.org/gateway

Gateway offers the latest technology on the market

Niklas Heuveldop

Margot Walström, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and

President and CEO, Ericsson North America

Karl Wellner, Chairman, SACCNY


H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

TAKE A LOOK INSIDE GATEWAY Furniture from Bolon, Design House, Flexhouse, Gemla, Gärsnäs, Halcon, Ire, Mass Productions, and, Swedese, and more.


Dr. Anders Wall 23

A spotlight on Gateway’s Residents “What are you looking forward to most about your membership with Gateway?”

ADAPT Event & Expo Adapt offers technical event and expo projects.




I really enjoy Gateway’s community of driven entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators. It gives you a lot of positivity, new input, and ideas that help you with your own business. —Viking Grandin, Senior Project Manager

*Gateway residents as of date of publication.

Everysport media group Everysport Media Group is a sports data and media company. My membership with Gateway has exceeded all expectations, and it offers an amazing and inspiring work environment with the opportunity to expand my network here in New York. —Rasmus Hult, Head of Marketing Everysport Media Group is a sports data and media company.

world childhood foundation USA World Childhood Foundation USA contributes to creating a world where all children are free from violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation.

zalster Zalster is a Facebook Marketing Partner and an Instagram Partner that helps companies scale their advertising with AI.

Credit: Fredrik Grääs

Gateway, with its new generation of Swedish entrepreneurs, is a unique environment where we can forge innovative partnerships and together develop new solutions to create a safer world for children. —Joanna Rubinstein, President and CEO

I am excited to be in an environment where you get the best of both worlds: The curiosity and enthusiasm of a startup as well as the impressive knowledge and network of an established company. —Emma Kinnas, Managing Director North America

briban invest

Credit: Marcus Jonsson

Briban Invest is a family office


The professional benefit of working at Gateway is second only to the joy its community brings.

Stratsys platform.

—Inga Barchan, Investment Manager






In addition to the view from the space on 900 Third Avenue, I am looking forward to getting to know the Gateway community, and to learning about all the different journeys and experiences therein. —Joakim Stattin, Growth Manager

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Visit: www.saccny.org/gateway to learn more about our different memberships


Credit: Simon Hecht

giant innovation GIANT Innovation gives large organizations the tools they need to move with speed, creativity, and agility. Gateway provides a unique opportunity for innovation-driven businesses like mine to be in the center of New York—with all it has to offer—while simultaneously tapping into some of the best ideas, talent, and technology out of Europe. —Joshua Cohen, Managing Partnerredits:

BZZT Bzzt is an electric taxi cab service. We are excited to grow and learn in Gateway’s creative environment of excellence, and we are committed to contributing to everyone while sharing our joy of life, discipline, and playfulness. —Emanuele Ancorini, Senior Advisor

hyper island


Hyper Island designs learning experiences.

2c8 is a company.

We are thrilled to be part of the Gateway community, where the positive energy of the beautiful space and the SACCNY staff are palpable. We look forward to exchanging best practices with our neighboring companies who are also focused on innovation and positive change, and to learn, unlearn and relearn— which is what Hyper Island Business Transformation is all about. —Liana Slater, Head of Business





We look forward to extending our professional network in New York, and to the exchange of experiences with foreign nationals who have successfully launched their businesses in the United States. — JanE Larsson, Founder and CEO

maria nila inc.


I look forward to sharing experiences about how to succeed as a Swedish company in a U.S. business landscape. —Thomas Barkå, CEO North America

I am excited about being a part of a community of high-growth innovative companies, and the chance to stumble upon highflyers by the coffee machine. —Julia Doria, Commercial Officer and Co-Founder

sigma software

web manuals inc.

Maria Nila offers 100% vegan and cruelty free hair care products.

Innovation360 is a technology and innovation management consultancy firm.

Credit: Patrik Gunnar Helin


Aggancio is an executive search firm. We are looking forward to connecting with—and potentially helping—Swedish companies that come to New York to build a successful U.S. business. —Andre Haug, CEO

Sigma Software offers and development teams.



The moment we set foot in Gateway’s office, we were showered with a warm welcome from all of the staff, and instant support for all of our needs. What’s more, we were—and still are—fascinated by the opportunities and services available for all of its members. —Katherine Tuluzova, Head of PMO U.S.

Web Manuals airlines.






Gateway is a great starting point for companies looking to make it big in the Big Apple. —Martin Lidgard, Founder and CEO






THE Executive Women’s Conference

Revamped and more global than ever

This year’s event is set to be SACCNY’s biggest yet. SACCNY’s annual Executive Women’s Conference has long been integral to our organization, but this year’s conference has been completely reimagined—and it is going to be our biggest, most cutting-edge one yet. We have teamed up with leading Swedish newspaper Di Digital for the first time to produce it, and the result is a transatlantic event that brings together some of the best minds in business today. For starters: The multi-day event is set to take place over two continents (locations are secured in Stockholm, Washington D.C., and New York.) Women are coming together on a global scale, and it was critical to SACCNY that our conference reflect that. We have fully revamped eWc’s look and content, keeping in mind the drastic changes in tech, business and entrepreneurship that are affecting so many industries across the world. This year’s lineup—which includes both eWc and its Female Founders portion—is set to feature women who exemplify the best in leadership. The experiences are designed for other female leaders and founders from all corners of the globe, and an unforgettable combination of networking and activities is in store. The adventure begins with the Female Founders contest in Stockholm on April 10th. Two winners will then launch off to


the United States and join our U.S.-based conference. In Washington D.C. (May 9th), participants will have the chance to have lunch with Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States, and to take a tour of the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. House of Representatives. Finally, participants will be invited to travel to New York for a day-long program (May 10th) that will comprise an exciting mélange of fireside chats and panel talks


at PwC, various on-site company visits, and a friendly pitch contest at SACCNY’s innovation hub, Gateway. We are thrilled to collaborate with Di Digital on this experience, and hope you will join us in celebrating and encouraging female leadership. Please find more details at: www.saccny.org/ewc-2019.