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SCC Sees You Asian Communities Resource Guide


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SCC has a longstanding tradition of empowering students who come from diverse backgrounds— of varying experience, resources, age and ability—to reach their academic and career goals. SCC recognizes and values the varied Asian heritages and cultural experiences of our students. Whether students plan to transfer, earn a degree or certificate, or improve career skills, you will find that SCC offers a broad array of courses and services to help you achieve your goals.

WELCOME TO YOUR GUIDE TO RESOURCES AND SERVICES FOR ASIAN STUDENTS AT SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE Welcome to Sacramento City College! On this campus we celebrate diversity, nurture personal growth, and inspire academic and community leadership. Just as we ask you to be leaders at the college, the college also commits to being a leader for you. We take part in innovative learning and work to put the college at the forefront of educational empowerment. Our graduates have achieved success in many professions, excelling in our community and beyond as teachers, elected officials, cosmetologists, lawyers, nurses, dental hygienists, entrepreneurs and more. We are dedicated to providing you the support you need to achieve your goals, whether you are planning to transfer to a university or go directly into a career.

Michael Gutierrez

Sacramento City College President

At SCC you will find a vibrant Asian community of students, staff, faculty and managers that are leaders both on campus and in the greater Sacramento area. By working together across the campus we are able to bring together people and resources that create a supportive and fun learning environment. I hope you will join our Panther family and explore the opportunities that are available to you at Sacramento City College.


G We encourage you to get involved, participate, and take pride in your identity and cultural background in whatever you do here at SCC. Cultural events and programming has always had a vital role in our campus life at SCC. Every semester there is a wide variety of ever-changing events for students to engage with all cultures on campus including Asian communities.

SCC Cultural Engagement Centers SCC offers a wide variety of cultural retention and engagement opportunities, to make sure our students are successful. The Asian Pacific Islander engagement center is just one of our Cultural Engagement Centers on campus.

ZPeer mentoring ZStudy spaces

ZSupport services ZWorkshops

ASIAN STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Get involved with students and the campus community Hmong Opportunity Program for Education (HOPE) Since 2006, the goal of the HOPE club at SCC is to promote higher education within the Hmong community and to increase the awareness of the Hmong culture. Club activites create a positive social environment that will help students accomplish their educational goals.

Faculty and Staff Voices Lee Moua — Hmong SUCCESS COACH/STUDENT SUCCESS SPECIALIST As a former first-generation student who comes from the Hmong community, I understand the challenges and obstacles that accompany being from a traditionally underserved and under-resourced community. My experience has afforded me the ability to genuinely connect and empathize with the struggles our marginalized student’s faces here at SCC. I am passionate about inspiring students to use their education as a means to influence positive change within themselves and their respective communities.

As the son of refugee parents, I recognize the struggles my parents faced and the sacrifices they made to provide their family with better opportunities. I strive to validate those struggles by always following in their footsteps to give back to those in need and empowering others to succeed.

Ahn Nguyen — Vietnamese SCC COUNSELOR I am a counselor at SCC. I work with all students, but I specialized in two populations: student veterans and students who were formerly incarcerated or at risk of involvement with the legal system. My family members are refugees from Vietnam. I came to the US when I was about 10 years old. I’ve experienced and observed my family, our extended family members, and our Vietnamese community make the adjustments to living in our new homeland, the USA. We’ve faced discrimination, racism, and other “-isms”. Thus, I can empathize and have compassion for students who just arrived to this country. The transition was and still is not easy for any of us. Academically, I earned my bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology from UC Irvine. After graduation, I worked for a while before entering to graduate school. I received my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from University of Southern California. I’ve had opportunities to work in many communities including south central Los Angeles, Hollywood, Koreatown, rural parts of Northern California, the community colleges, psychiatric hospitals, and a maximum-security prison. My education, training, work, and life experience inform my work with students at SCC. I feel blessed to work among the best faculty and staff members. The excitement of hearing our students’ goals and contributing to their success are the reasons that compel me to go to work every day.

Tasneem Sah, M.S. — East Indian

Minh Tran — Vietnamese



I coordinate the College 2 Career Program at SCC, serving students with ID and Autism, guiding them to pursue their college education into integrated, competitive employment. I also previously worked at FLC in the DSPS office for 9 years.

“Being Indian, but raised in Malawi, Africa and California; I identify with different backgrounds. My diverse upbringing and experiences have influenced who I am today. I began my journey at SCC at age 18 and have come full circle following my passion to serve students.”

I came to the States 28 years ago as an immigrant from Saigon, Vietnam. Just like other immigrants, Southeast Asian immigrants are faced with many challenges upon their arrival: language barrier, culture shock, and Asian stereotypes. SCC was a good place for a first-generation college student like me. I received all the benefits for low socioeconomic students then transferred to CSU Sacramento where I earned a B.A. in French. I feel so fortunate to help my CalWORKs students with employment opportunities, develop job skills, and meet state requirements for participation.

From a new immigrant who barely spoke English to a permanent staff at SCC, I say “Set your goal and go for it!”

Brandon Courtney Fong — Chinese OUTREACH & RECRUITMENT CLERK My grandparents came to the United States in the 1930s. My grandfather owned a restaurant and worked 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and my grandmother worked at a cannery for 12 hours days, 5 days a week. They always stressed the importance of education to their 5 children. By living that experience through hard times, my father was the first to graduate from college in his family and continued to stress the importance of education until the day he died.

Linda Lee — Hmong CAMPUS INTERVENTIONS CLERK I grew up the in Central Valley, graduated from Merced College with an Associate in Business Administrations, and moved to Sacramento to pursue my undergraduate degree from National University in Sociology. As a first-generation college student, school has its challenges and I have conquered them all. I have over 10 years of experience working in Student Services and I am here to help you!

Resources for Dreamers and Undocumented Students The Undocu-Resource Program at SCC advocates for undocumented students, their families and community members affected by the undocumented experience. We encourage students to break the barriers in education and we empower them to become leaders of change. We understand the complexity and struggle of constantly changing immigration policies and multiple identities each undocumented student holds. We want dreamers to succeed and thrive at Sacramento City College.

The West Sacramento Center works closely together with the City of West Sacramento to create educational programs that serve the community and remove barriers to education.

The Davis Center is the only community college located on a UC campus! The proximity to UC Davis presents a unique opportunity for students to transfer to a UC with a network of friends, fellow students and university faculty already in place.

Academic Resources

Student Voices

Library Resources

Ethnic Studies Department

The Sacramento City College Library not only offers a wide range of resources for all students, but also houses a robust collection of culturally inclusive materials. Students can check out books and DVDs that explore a wide range of topics concerning Asian heritage and contemporary issues.

The Ethnic Studies Program at SCC is open to all students and serves as a response to the needs, demands, and experiences of Sacramento’s minority communities. The program presents a broader perspective on ethnic groups.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

ZResearch Help Desk ZTextbooks on reserve ZSilent Study areas & Group study rooms ZComputers and Printing Visit us on the 2nd Floor of the LRC


We offer a broad array of courses in

ZIntroduction to Ethnic Studies ZAfrican American Studies ZAsian American Studies ZMexican American/Chicano Studies ZNative American Studies ZGeneral courses on American ethnic groups in Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and History

“Get in touch with a counselor and success coach in the first month of your first semester. It is essential to set a strong foundation for yourself by sitting down with a counselor to plan out what classes to take and setting goals with a follow-through plan with a success coach. Success coaches can also guide students in identifying their interests, deciding on a major, and developing good study habits Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to get involved with clubs, organizations, and campus resources!”

Simrit — Punjabi Cognitive Science & Philosophy Majors

SCC is committed to your success These support services provide additional benefits to SCC students who qualify based on their specific backgrounds or student needs.

RISE Program RISE is a support service for students that goes above and beyond to ease the transition from high school to community college using a “family approach” in order for students to feel welcomed on campus. As students grow with the program, many have found employment through RISE as student assistants.

RISE Food Distribution

Purity — Philippino-American Computer Science Major & U.S. Army Active Reservist

“The Veteran’s Resource Center is a place for almost all student veteran needs. It is a place for completing simple tasks like printing paper, or grabbing a quick snack. The VRC is also a safe place for the vets that may need a little bit more care and attention. We encourage student veterans to explore life outside of the VRC and SCC, showing that there is a chance of retaining a sense of normalcy in their own life.”

The Sacramento City Food Bank partners with RISE at SCC to help students and staff with food security. Food distribution provides a substantial assortment of food and produce, giving students and staff the necessary tools to stay healthy and fed while on their college journey.

Veterans Resource Center We have an on-campus facility designed to help Veterans and their dependents with homework, VA benefits and Admissions. It also provides computer access, free printing, appointments with a designated VA counselor, and a place to hang out with other Veterans on campus.

EOPS EOPS provides resources to students who are financially and educationally disadvantaged and helps them complete college and achieve their career goals.

CARE CARE provides extra benefits for EOPS students who are single parents and head of household receiving public assistance from CalWORKS or TANF.

NextUp Program for Foster Youth NextUp connects Foster Youth students to valuable resources and tools that can help them succeed in college.

Disability Services & Programs for Students (DSPS) DSPS offers support services designed to improve access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities.

Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) The MESA program provides academic support such as tutoring, a study center, computer lab, textbook checkout, and other personal and professional development opportunities. The program emphasizes collaborative study and helps students achieve high academic achievement.

Faculty Voices Pao Lee — Hmong ADJUNCT COUNSELOR I came from a disadvantaged background and struggled as a student. I attended college without any knowledge or support of the college process. I received tremendous support from EOPS, and they helped me pave my way into success. I am truly grateful for all of the support I’ve received and would like to give back to students and my community. I’ve come full circle and am very excited to be able to work with students, faculty and staff across campus. My philosophy of being a leader/support person is displaying a positive role model and having a vested interest in the student success and support programs. I believe education plays an important role in the improvement and enhancement of every individual throughout life, and it is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of students’ success by providing the resources needed to assist them in the attainment of their educational goals. I’m excited for this opportunity and to walk on this journey with students and to help students pave into their own success.

“I am fully committed and determined to advocate for students, as I believe every student, if given the proper guidance, can find a path to their own personal success.”

Transfer to a university Prepare for your career

First in your family Dreamers Dreamers First in your family Overcoming Overcoming challenges challenges Beating the Beatingodds the odds

Sacramento City College has resources to help you accomplish your career goals

Career Center

Explore career options with workshops, assessments, and guidance. Connect with employers who are looking to hire students.

Transfer Center Each semester we provide workshops, tours, and fairs to assist students with their transfer goals.

Work Experience & Internships Internships give you hands-on experience in paid and volunteer work for real employers.



Stories of Success ASHLEY — Filipino I’m the 3rd in my family to go to college. I am at CSU Sacramento pursuing my B.S. Degree in Psychology, and planning to get my Masters in Psychology to become a School Psychologist. I hope to open my own practice to help children and adolescents who suffer from mental illnesses.

“My family and boyfriend have always pushed me to do well when it came to my academic career. I want to make them proud and leave a legacy for my future children to see.”

PREETIKA — Indian I am a Psychology major and graduated from Sacramento City College in the Spring of 2019. After graduating, I transferred to CSU Sacramento to pursue the next level of my educational goals.

“Working towards a college degree can be one of life’s most challenging and difficult journeys but in the end the reward is priceless because it opens us up to many new and exciting opportunities.”

TAMMY — Hmong I am glad that I was able to join the Hmong community on campus by joining the H.O.P.E. club where we hosted events and activities on campus that helped nourish our culture and grow our community.

“Be brave and ask for peer advising, and surround yourself with students and faculty members who will guide you to your success.“

Start your journey at SCC APPLY ONLINE Fall Semester — Apply in April Spring Semester — Apply in November Visit our welcome center in the Student Services building

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Jennifer — Hmong Kinesiology Major

“Don’t limit yourself to your fears and doubts. Take as many open opportunities as possible even if you don’t think you’ll get it, you never know what possibilities await for you. I’ve relied heavily on the many campus resources, and have met new friends and faculty who have helped me navigate my journey at SCC and find my home on campus.”

What challenges have you faced?

Danielle — Filipino International Studies Major

“Graduating high school in the Philippines and not knowing anyone here was a big challenge for me. But when I applied for a job on campus, it really helped me get more involved. I got to know the resources SCC has and was able to meet and befriend new people. Sometimes you have to push yourself and build those relationships that will then become your support system.”

Apply for Financial Aid The Financial Aid Office can connect you to a variety of Federal, state, and local sources of financial assistance for those SCC students who meet the eligibility requirements. Submit the FAFSA application online or through the myStudentAid mobile app

If you are not a US citizen, permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen, start by completing the California Dream Act online instead of the FAFSA

Apply for financial aid as early as October 1 of the year before you plan to take classes. Applications are due by March 2.


First-time, full-time student?

We will waive your tuition fees for the first year! No income requirements!

You must be a California resident or eligible AB 540/AB 2000 student. Enrolled in at least 12 units, no more than 18 units per semester. If you have a documented disability that affects your ability to be enrolled in 12-18 units, contact the Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS) office at (916) 558-2087

Everyone is welcome here

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