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GLOBAL PROJECTS Hope, Help, and Healing VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2

JULY 2006

—Passport to a New Life— GPH3 Confronting Human Trafficking in Italy Greetings to our partners in the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we journeyed to Italy. Please know that because of you lives have been forever changed.

When we were invited by Bishop David Azenobar in Texas to join him in Italy to minister to African women who have been lured into prostitution through human trafficking, we immediately sensed the urgency of this need. We were clear that God was calling us to help set the captives free spiritually, emotionally and physically from this modern day slavery. Many of these women feel hopeless, helpless, worthless, and without options. They needed to know that they were not forsaken nor forgotten; they needed to experience the love of God. In a foreign land with no identifying documents, fearing death and/or deportation they need a passport to a new life. A new life in Christ Jesus. (L) Italy a tourist paradise. (Below) Mother and child demonstrate the urgency to share the Word to reach a new generation with hope, help and healing for a better future.

Inside this issue: Human Trafficking in Italy


Sowing Spiritual Seeds


The data on Human Trafficking is alarming: Nigerian women and children are trafficked to Europe—primarily to Italy but also to Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Turin, in northern Italy, is the most common Italian destination for Nigerian trafficking victims. “UN Maps Human Trafficking,” Associated Press, 14 May 2003. The study also found that Africa’s 3.3 million refugees and its estimated 12.7 million internally displaced people are those most vulnerable to trafficking. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that trafficking in human beings is a $5 to $7 billion industry worldwide. Women's Edge: The Gains for Women and Girls Act. Policy Brief: International Trafficking in Human Beings.

The face of young ladies whose freedom and liberty in In 2001, the Nigerian Embassy in Italy reported God makes the work that about 10,000 Nigerian women working in the in Italy worth doing. commercial sex industry were living in Italy; about 800 were deported between 1999 and 2000. Juliet Ume-Exeoke, “Desk Review for the Programme of Action against Trafficking in Minors and Young Women from Nigeria into Italy for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation,” United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Rome, February 2003.

Global Projects partnership with local churches and governmental agencies in Turin, Italy offers an opportunity to directly impact the travesty of human trafficking, the new slavery of the 21st Century. It is a brutal, degrading and demeaning act against humanity that is rooted in greed. Let’s put a stop to this atrocity by speaking for those who have no voice and helping them proclaim the name of our God their hope, help and deliverer. We were able to bring the Word of healing to our sisters of Nigeria. We can continue turning the tide on this illegal act by supporting local ministries and agencies who are committed to preventing the spread of human bondage.

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Pamela Hudson, GPH3 Director poses with Torino church workers who have a heart to serve. They displayed such diligence and help during our visit. These young ladies are touching the lives of others in the church and community.



Sowing Spiritual Seeds

Global Projects Director, Pam Hudson selecting Bibles for purchase. The Word of God in any language spells hope and new found joy. (Below) Dr. Black, Pastor Jude, and store owner pause to display the Bibles which were purchased in Torino, Italy.

It has often been said, “people need to make an investment in knowing.” There are many types of investing and many things to know. When it comes to spiritual things, the things of God, we should give all that we have and all of who we are. As Paul told the first century church in Romans 12:1, we should “present our bodies a living sacrifice.” We need to give our very being to knowing about God in a very intimate way. Paul prayed for the saints at Ephesus (Ephesians 1:17) that God would give them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that they would know him better. That is our prayer for the church in Italy. When asked, “What is one of the greatest needs of the church?” Many Pastors are looking for a bigger building or more members; but when asked this question, Pastor Jude simply responded, “BIBLES.” What a joy to enter a local bookstore and empty the shelf purchasing Bibles for the church. We went to secure 100 but found only 33. There is still a need for an additional 67 Bibles. And this is an opportunity for you to sow spiritual seeds that will produce much fruit in the lives of those who receive them. The people we encountered in Italy were hungry for God and thirsty for the living water that would refresh their souls and restore hope and healing. One of the young ladies that I spoke with did not own an entire Bible, she had a few pages that were torn from a book and crumbled on the edges. The church seeks to provide basic tools and resources such as Bibles for beginners and study aids for the church leaders.

Other books were also donated to the church to help them invest in knowing as they continue to grow. Resources to help marriages, parents, leaders, counselors, and the pastor. Among the books were: “Can Two Walk Together?” “He’s Not Left Behind: He’s With Me” “HELP! For Your Leadership” “Counseling in African American Communities” and several small Bible study aids. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a Donate a case of Bibles. light unto my path” Ps. 119:105.” Praise God Your donation of $150 can purchase for a pastor whose and pay to ship a case of Bibles to heart it is to preach Italy. For more information on how the Word and teach the you or your church can sow spiritual seeds call 313-201-6286. The blank shelf shows the seed sown into new lives Word. Sow the Word in and the opening to fill with more Bibles to reach even more people. Will you consider giving to fill the need? someone’s life. Amen.



The Battle Is On Young Girls Conference In partnership with St. John’s Tabernacle NPC, GPH3 touches the lives of young women ages 12-25 annually through mentoring, leadership development and discipleship. On the weekend of April 15-17, over twenty-five young girls gathered to grow in the Lord as they shared their faith, had fun Mother Dickinson and Ms Johnetta Jones, and fellowship. Conference chairperson share the leader, Johnetta Jones rejoiced love and excitement for as registrations continued to the weekend conference. increase with representation from eight different churches.

Dr. Sabrina Black with young girls wearing symbolic masks. Thank God the Lord knows who we are and our hearts. No longer do we have to hide or be ashamed, for the greater one is in each of us and His glory shines through.

A clarion call went out to all young ladies to enlist in fighting the war against satan. These young women are standing on the threshold of the future. They are making decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Our prayers were answered: this conference helped the young ladies to gain a better understanding of who they are now, what they want to be, and what they would like to do in the future. This conference reflects the commitment of GPH3 along with St. John’s Tabernacle to mentor, coach, and prepare our young girls for a healthy, happy, and wholesome lifestyle. Praise God for the partnership. Workshops challenged the attendees in several area of life. Minister LaShawn Myers presented effective communication and conflict resolution skills through “Those Are Fighting Words.” Missionary Marla Parker helped the young ladies win the war for their virginity by speaking on “The Battle for Sexual Purity.” GPH3 Director, Pamela Hudson was the coach and drill sergeant for “Basic Training,” on living a successful life as defined by God. Covered in prayer, this session equipped the young ladies to do war in the heavenlies. Dr. Sabrina Black closed the conference by challenging the attendees to take off their mask and be real with one another in her workshop, “The Struggle to be Myself.”.

Pam Hudson, Global Projects Director leading girls in prayer, calling forth greatness, consistency and persistency in their walk with God.

Young girls very pliable to accepting the will of God and reaching out in prayer to the source of their help.



Passport to a New Life

Pamela J. Hudson, Executive Director for Global Projects at TAMPEP headquarters reading posters offering hope to womenthat they are not alone, there is someone who cares about your plight.

Dr. Black with TAMPEP Director Rosanna Paradiso, staff and Pastor Jude discussing the reality of human trafficking in Torino, Italy. An eye-opening dialogue.

Pastor Jude and Mother Doris taking notes and planning how the church can collaborate with TAMPEP to help Nigerian girls on the streets of Torino, Italy.

Pamela J. Hudson with Atty Enrica, translator and staff from TAMPEP returning from street outreach event for witnessing and sharing health and safety information.

So often we see the faces of young girls from third world countries on television as some organization makes an appeal for financial support. We hear about the famine and dirty water filled with parasites. We witness the sickness and disease. Viewing these things it’s not hard to imagine why they have been lured into sexual slavery due to the economic hardship that often plagues their lives. These young women ranging in age from 12 -30 don’t sign up to become prostitutes; they believe they will have a better life abroad, especially when they are given the hope and promise of employment. The Passport and VISA that each girl receives led them to bondage instead of freedom. Sadly after their families have many times sold the farm or some prized possession and borrowed money to help cover the expenses of travel, these young women find themselves in a foreign land with broken promises. Think of some little girl you know trying to make it in another country. These girls usually from the village, lack education, have limited survival skills, don’t speak the native language and don’t understand the culture. An increasing number of young girls continue to be lured away from families who are struggling in a bad situation to unknowingly become a part of something worse; an abhorrent system of human trafficking. Many are lost, raped or abused in transport. Others arrive beaten, broken in spirit, and stripped of identifying documents. While in Turin we heard one story after another that epitomized the lack of safety and security that often plague the lives of these victims. Sold to pimps and madams that work them from sunset to sunrise the primary concern for most of these girls is to not die on the streets. That’s just the beginning of the issues. They also worry about contracting HIV/Aids from unprotected sex with men who are known to sleep with prostitutes; they worry about unwanted pregnancy, back alley butcher abortion and lack of childcare or proper health care. Their overwhelmed with the thought of how long will it take to pay off the debts incurred to bring them to a place they don’t want to be and numb as they have sex with the next man and pray they don’t get beaten or robbed. Very few get out. And those that do have no employable skills and they find themselves doing what they have done yet dying daily as they attempt to make a living. As these victimized women and children are trafficked from location to location throughout the world, this epidemic will grow. Sex trade is an explosive industry which creates a multitude of problems as HIV is transmitted throughout communities. There is a lot that must be done throughout the world to defeat this terrible human rights abuse. No one government, church or organization can do this alone. We must work together; as partners in the Gospel we can accomplish so much more to impact this issue. Global Projects is looking to work with you as we put an end to this horrific travesty which is destroying the innocence of the next generation. We must shed light on human trafficking and bring it to an abrupt stop. You can help make a difference: Pray, Give, Go. A young girl needs your help. The goals of Passport to a New Life were to IMPART the Gospel of Jesus Christ, INVITE the girls to make a decision to accept the love of Jesus, INVESTIGATE ways to live a new life in Christ. Global Projects for HOPE, HELP and HEALING met with government officials and members of TAMPEP (Transnational Aids Prevention Among Migrant Prostitutes In Europe Project) to help those in the Nigerian church community to secure guidelines for partnerships to help those who are less fortunate. It was a blessing to partner with Church of God Mission in Torino Italy and help them to fulfill their vision "To build People Into Leadership with a Global Passion Deeply Rooted In Christ." They can see beyond the street and are making plans for housing, skilled trades, literacy training, childcare, and spiritual development. (CONTINUED NEXT PAGE)



Passport to a New Life

Our arrival was announced by this printing shop who's workers and owners were so gracious to distribute posters and flyers around town. To God be the glory.

Building people into leadership is a serious business that cannot be compromised. It goes beyond just bringing the young ladies in off the street. It is a discipleship process that employs the R.T.E.P tools as Core Values in their process: R stands for … Right Living — Eph. 4:24 T stands for . . . Team Work — Acts 2:44, Ezra 4:3, Ecc 4:12 E stands for . . . Evangelism — Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15-16 P stands for . . . Prayers — Luke 18:1, Phil 4:6, 1 Thess 5:17, Matt 16:19

Dr. Black visiting for prayer at the home of Deaconess Alice, one of the church Mothers.

The GPH3 process of Discipleship is to be a lifelong learner as someone who is spiritually grounded and mature teaches you how to: Learn God’s WORD the Bible. Live God’s WAYS in Holiness. Learn God’s WILL for your Life.

The marketplace offered a time to shop, greet vendors and share laughter. Rosanna's sister a Christian (2nd from Rt.) wanted to meet us and help us find bargains. Although she spoke no English, the language of God’s love allowed us to communicate effectively.

Entrepreneur and Church Mother, Doris at her shop putting the finishing touch on outfits she made for Sunday Woman’s day church service.

Love God’s PEOPLE through grace, mercy, forgiveness, and acts of kindness. As we strengthen the hands of the church leaders they are better equipped to help the young ladies. We need you to partner with us as we partner with them. Your prayers and financial support will enable us to continue the good work that was begun addressing Human Trafficking. Passport to a New Life provided more than documents for a new identity. We see a future where believers (young or old) everywhere around the world are: economically empowered, spiritually stabilized, socially balanced, financially equipped, politically positioned, evangelistically re-fired, prayerfully avid, and communally incisive. We saw this manifest in a pastor who previously worked for a travel agency involved in the trafficking, and a young girl we interviewed that has come out of prostitution and attends the church.

GPH3 Director Pam Hudson shares the Word of God in Torino, Italy as she provides a “Passport to a New Life” by reminding them of the hope that is in the Word of God.

Pastor Jude was so excited with our coming, he called London, Nigeria, and Texas to let others know of the help and encouragement he felt. Praise God!



GREAT COMMISSION Covenant Partners Your donation to Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing will make a world of difference through local and global impacts. The lives of many will be touched and transformed as you become a covenant partner and give to the work of this ministry. Jerusalem ($100+), Judea ($151+), Samaria ($250+) and the Uttermost parts of the Earth ($350+) represent levels of giving that will allow us to take the Gospel of the Good news to those who are lost. Be a part of what God is doing to foster hope, help, and healing to people, locally and abroad, around the USA and the world. Global Projects launched a C.A.R.E. Mission to aid counselors in helping displaced hurricane Katrina disaster victims. We have empowered women with financial scholarships in Nigeria for new businesses. GPH3 has visited Italy addressing Human Trafficking and provided resources for local area churches, and conducted systematic theology courses for pastors in rural villages of Africa. These are just part of the work that God has allowed us to do 2 Corinthians 9:6b “and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” Become a monthly partner by sending your tax deductible donation made payable to Global Projects: GPH3, 17136 Wildemere, Detroit, Michigan 48221.

Passport Part II—November Mission to Italy Give thanks and venture to Italy to share the love of God and give others something more for which to be thankful Join the Global Projects team lead by Director, Pamela J. Hudson as they journey to Torino, November 26th—December 4th, 2006. Ministry opportunities will range from preaching and teaching to the masses to street witnessing, visits to orphanages, schools, and counseling centers; leadership development and meetings with governmental officials to help establish working relationships with the local Nigerian church community. Estimated cost for this trip $2400 which covers airplane ticket, lodging, meals, ground transportation, and GPH3 fee (Incidentals, i.e., passport, shots, toiletries, etc. not included). Help us confront modern day slavery as we deal with the travesty of Human trafficking, selling young girls from Nigeria into prostitution. Although their identification documents have been taken we can give them a passport to a new life in Jesus Christ.

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Exciting things are happening at Global Projects as God continues to open doors of ministry and opportunities for partnerships. Go to our website to see updates, photos, download previous newsletters and make on-line donations. When you give, lives are impacted around the world. You can learn about upcoming events and even purchase tickets. You can download a missions trip application or make a deposit on your trip. Tell your family and friends about the Global Projects Website address. Feel free to add us as a link from your site (logo available).



Beauty from the Inside Out — Continued

(Above Left) Each young lady received a duffle bag filled with items to remember the weekend. They were very satisfied with their gifts. (Above Center) Dr. Black and a participant for the weekend share the joy of the whole event. (Left) Did someone say strike a pose? Check out this threefold chord, here we stand together in unity - sisters in the Lord.

(Right) “So you think you can dance?” Talent show allowed each girl to work as a team and praise God in the dance with collective gifts. So much fun!

Crafts, creativity, and food from Clyde’s kitchen helped to make the weekend successful. A big, big thanks to Deacon Dickinson for the great meals and many snacks provided. Mother Adell Dickinson, GPH3 Board Member (left) always young at heart, joins in the swimming fun. Joyfully showing how fun is for everyone— modeling how to have a good time.

(Above) Beauty of God and joy of the Lord, were both reflected in the faces of these girls. A time of fun, laughter and fellowship with new friends.

The girls were divided into teams to enhance their social skills and ability to network and partnership with others. Each team choreographed a dance routine to, “Victory” by Yolanda Adams. It was a great time at the Embassy Suites hotel for the young ladies. If you would like to sponsor a young lady for next years conference or send girls from your church contact Johnetta Jones or Mother Adell Dickinson at 313-862-4203.

(Left) Look at me . . . I can swim and still look good. (Above) Friends sharing a moment from swimming to smile for the camera. Splash!


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GPH3 News Italy Passport to a New Life  
GPH3 News Italy Passport to a New Life  

Global Projects leaders Pamela Hudson and Dr. Sabrina Black help Pastor Jude (former trafficker) by providing advocacy and victim/survivor s...