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GLOBAL PROJECTS Hope, Help, and Healing VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1

MARCH 2008

—SPECIAL COMIC PHOTO EDITION — St John’s Tabernacle Young Women’s Conference Greetings to our partners in the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we make a difference in the lives of young ladies locally and globally. As one of the sponsors of this annual event, GPH3 provides scholarships, resources and mentoring for the attendees. When you give to the ministry of Global Projects, know that because of you, lives have been forever changed.

(L to R) Minister Stephen Moss dropping off daughter LaKirah and her friend Nakirah. They are gearing up to experience hope, help, and healing for a better future. (Below) Inside this Checking In


A Powerful 24 Hours


Waves of Fun


Sound Off—Roll Call


Pizza Party Prep


Conference Theme 09 5 Heart to Heart


Planning Your Future


Body, Mind & Spirit


Nakirah checks in with Teanna, the conference director for this year.

CHECKING IN FOR A POWERFUL 24 HOURS Gods Purpose 4 the Unique You We were excited by this year's conference: we spent the week end planning and helping our young women prepare for their futures. We all had a great time, they were involved in games, informative workshops, and role playing. I am committed along with the women’s department of St. John’s Tabernacle NPC Parents Carmelita Berger and (Bishop John Jones, Jr., Pastor) to helping as many girls as pos- Raynetta Bradley each register sible to accomplish God's pur- their daughter. pose for their lives.Through mentoring, coaching and discipling these young women will have a healthy, happy and wholesome future with a better understanding of who they are now, and who they will become. Mother Adell Dickinson. The majority of people will agree that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Understanding the challenges of being unique in the midst of conformity can be a task. Addressing the issues of struggling teens is the job of parents, t e a c h e r s , churches, and organizations. We are all needed to impact this generation for Christ and help them fulfill their purpose and destiny in the earth. Parenting today’s adolescent is a full time job. This annual conference seeks to The face of young ladies whose freedom and libbridge the gap and erty in God make the work worth doing. The young fill a void in the women’s conference is a place to experience the lives of our teens. love of God. A new life in Christ Jesus; and a Dr. Sabrina Black sense of community among other believers. WaitPamela J Hudson ing in eager expectation of what God will do.



Waves of Fun Fellowship The young women’s conference was not only a splash of emotions, challenges, and inspiration, it was also waves of fun and fellowship. Those who were blessed to gather for the Uniquely you weekend were destined by God to experience a life changing transformation.

Ella Green, Conference Speaker with Mother Adell Dickinson, President Young Women’s Conference are both pool side chaperoning as the girls have waves of fun fellowship.

Over the years conference attendance has ranged from 10-50 girls. This year family crisis hindered 14 young women (from Philadelphia), finances were a hindrance for another 12 (here in Detroit) and, weather conditions (over 15 inches of snow) hindered yet another 8 young women (from Ohio).


Who were the young women that made it? The young women (pictured on the next page) ranged in age from 13 to 20 years old, represented 12 different schools, and 9 different churches. Despite their difference, they shared the common experience of developing and maintaining Christlike Character in today’s society. Statistics show that our young people have many worries. In a recent survey by the American Counseling Association the following data was provided: Worries by the numbers: 55% health of a loved one, 43% the future, 37% schoolwork, grades or test, 37% looks or appearance 26% making mistakes or messing up. This weekend is a risk to be real, to be true, to be transparent addressing life issues that matter most to them daily.

Mother Adell Dickinson with Randaisha Bevelle. This is here third year attending the conference. At 13 almost 14 she is this years youngest attendee.

The girls put their social skills to work as they began getting to know one another by the pool . . . Water became a symbolic metaphor throughout the weekend as we closed with a The girls at the pool were getting acquainted. From left to right, Moriam, Coral, time of cleansing and waves of love, joy and peace. Quatala, Porscha, and Shanae’ dive into the process. Activities were planned that would enhance their body, mind and spirit. These smiles - the beginning.








Now that the girls have checked in, hung out at the pool and have begun to talk with each other; it is time to focus and connect their lives for the future.












Pizza Party Preparation

Pamela J. Hudson, Executive Director for Global Projects at TAMPEP headquarters reading posters offering hope to womenthat they are not alone, there is someone who cares about your plight.

Dr. Black with TAMPEP Director Rosanna Paradiso, staff and Pastor Jude discussing the reality of human trafficking in Torino, Italy. An eye-opening dialogue.

The walls came tumbling down as the young women laughed, talked and broke bread together. So often we see the faces of young girls and not think about the mind behind the mask. This group of future models, doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, scientist, missionaries, activist, authors and many other professions have much to say on the issue of LEADERSHIP. Given an opportunity to write a letter to any leader about what the quality of leadership should look like, here is a snippet of what they had to say: True to their calling...thinking before they act...trusting and able to take a righteous stand. Lakairah Miller ♦ Quality leadership generates a team working together in unity...Seek the approval of God, plus be strong and pray always. Cassandra Cotton ♦ An Ideal leader is not in it for the money, but cares about people and desires to help...Strives to be better and believes everyone has the ability to be great. C. Phillips ♦ Quality leadership consists of accountability, honesty, trustworthiness, and a strong will, but is yet responsive to the needs of the people they serve. Jasmine ♦ A leader should be someone who knows how to lead, as well as able to take action when needed. Shanae' Jordan ♦ The role of the government is not to be in our business in excess, but to help mend the segregation among the people so that color, religion and ethnicity does not keep us isolated. Aigne' Jones ♦ Quality leadership is someone who values education, can handle affairs well and understands the role they play in the government. Lenna Avery ♦ Leaders should be men and women of their word, they should be able to judge their actions and work for the community to see how they are making a difference. Alicia Haugabook ♦ Leaders should want to do what is right. We should respect their privacy and not bring it out on national television. Randasia Bevelle ♦ A Leader is trustworthy...One who is not afraid to take a stand for what they believe...Responsible, caring and a passion in their heart to do right. Moriam Aigoro ♦ Dedicated to the job, willing, and devoted to the job...Selfless -thinking not of themselves but the people they serve. Porscha Avery ♦ ♦ Thank you to the leaders that served as chaperones for the young women’s confernce: Miss’y Jettie Davis, Ms. Tasha Green, Mrs Cassandra Gaines, Minister LaShawn Myers, and Ms. Ella Green. Mother Adell Dickinson, Dr. Sabrina Black and Miss’y Pamela Hudson. ♦



Planning The Conference Theme for 2009

Looking ahead to the future, the girls suggest the following themes for the 09 conference: We rise at dark/ we are the light of the world ● One touch from the Lord ● Leap toward your destiny ● Holding the universe in your hands ● The sky is the limit ● As I get closer to the Lord my burden is lifted ● Reaching for hope ● The evolution of a young star ● It’s in your hands ● Keep your head up ● Reaching for the Stars Gets you off the ground. ▬They each shared their motivation.

BELOW (L) As they wait to find out who won the 2009 conference theme contest challenge the focus is shifted to their future. Pamela Hudson, director of GPH3 talks to the young women about leadership qualities and character; along with the WRAP writing group. The question is presented, “If you could write a letter to any leader current or past, who would it be and what you say?” (R) Dr. Sabrina Black, founder of GPH3 reviewing theme submissions along with parent, Tasha Green; speaker, Ella Green; St John’s Tabernacle youth director, Missionary Jettie Davis; & prayer coordinator, Cassandra Gaines (who were all volunteer chaperones). Congratulations to Teanna, who provided the winning theme “Be the Star God Made You to Be”. She will receive free registration to the 2009 conference and serve on the planning committee. Praise God!



Worship and the Word—The Unique You—Heart to Heart Saturday began with a time of praise and worship; followed by instruction in the Word from Minister LaShawn Myers who led the girls in a dynamic heart to heart session. Four simple questions opened the

door to dig deep into issues of self identity, self acceptance and holy boldness in Christ. The questions were: 1) What do I LET people see? 2) What makes me unique? 3) Am I okay with being unique (different)? Why or Why not? 4) Do you know what God says about you? The opening scripture was in Hebrew 4:13 and closing thoughts were from Psalms 139:14. In between responses, dialogue about the answers given were confrontational, comforting, and comical. This discussion was a springboard to more

personal sharing and interaction. The ball was passed and question cards were pulled from a box. Whatever was asked you had to answer. This was not as tough as the next phase. After each young women had a turn passing the ball they were then able to ask one another a personal heart to heart question. Laughter turned to tears as many of the girls took off their masks and allowed themselves to be vulnerable. Transparency was necessary to prepare for the healing that was yet to come.




Retired school teacher, Ella Green, still provides education and instruction to help young people plan for their future by discovering the plan God has for them. (Jer 29:11, Eph 2:10, Eph 4:1)

Prayer warrior Cassandra Gaines, speaker Miss’y Carolyn Kelly and Mother Adell Dickinson follow along in the 12 slide handout as the girls do a self assessment and identify tentative career goals through various work styles.

Sis. Green holds the wall size chart on which each of the girls on the team will list their tentative career goals and identify the probable path towards achieving that goal.

The girls were divided into teams to enhance their social skills and ability to network and partnership with others. Each team selected a leader, recorder and reporter; then discussed their answers with one another and posted it on the chart. This comprehensive session listed jobs associated with Realistic-Social-Investigative-Conventional-Enterprising-Artistic work styles; they addressed career paths such as the work force, career training schools and college. From 8th grade to 12th grade graduation critical steps and stages were identified: meeting with school counselors, SAT/ ACT exams, applying for financial aid -FAFSA, declaring a major or minor, pros and cons of Historical Black Colleges and Universities and much more. For many of these young women this was their first serious conversation about their future.

It was a great time at the Embassy Suites hotel for the young ladies: Educational, Enlightening, Enriching. If you would like to sponsor a young lady for next years conference or send girls from your church contact us at 313-2057300 or email us at If you have transferable skills to share be a blessing this generation.



Body, MIND, and Spirit—the young women are mentally stimulated to THINK.

Instruction on poise and etiquette presented by Mrs. Southeastern Michigan.

A powerful closing session with Sis. Carolyn that led to emotional healing. Your donation to Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing will make a world of difference through local and global impacts. The lives of many will be touched and transformed as you become a covenant partner and give to the work of this ministry. 2 Corinthians 9:6b “and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” Become a monthly partner by sending your tax deductible donation made payable to Global Projects: GPH3, 17136 Wildemere, Detroit, Michigan 48221. Visit us on the web at or call 313-205-7300, Fax 313-345-9531. You can also email us at GOD BLESS YOU!

GPH3 News Girls Conference Comic Edition  
GPH3 News Girls Conference Comic Edition  

Global Projects is the Corporate Sponsor for the annual young girls conference hosted by Mother Adell Dickinson. Forty young women 12-21 gat...