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Annual Report


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General Manager Ben Scales

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President Bob Cooper

My very sincere thanks to all Board and Council Members and also all Club executives and Members for their assistance and counsel during the last year; it is without doubt that, as President, I have been offered their full support and assistance. The Committees and their respective Chairs are to be thanked for their time, commitment and expertise. Without them working quietly in the background Bowls SA would grind to a halt. The dedication of all staff cannot go without a hearty thank you; with the day to day running of the office remaining at a level of which we should all be proud. The employment of our General Manager, Ben Scales has proved to be an asset to Bowls SA and I am sure Ben will keep the ship on an even keel. There are some Councillors and Assistant Councillors retiring and I thank them for the time and effort they have given to the organisation. To their replacements I sincerely hope their time in office will be enjoyable and beneficial to them and to Bowls SA. After two years Jeff Hammond is stepping away from the role of High Performance Manager to enjoy all the pleasures of retirement. He will continue in a mentoring role assisting the incoming High Performance Manager Bill Cornehls to

establish himself in the position. Bowls SA has been fortunate in securing the services of Bill, a highly regarded and talented bowler, to take over the High Performance Manager and State Coaches roles commencing September 2009. The HP team under the direction of Jeff have put in an inordinate number of hours to introduce new and innovative strategies to identify, promote and train elite bowlers in South Australia. The appointment of Bill can only add to this with bigger and better interstate and national results envisaged for the future. With all levels of state representation in one area, under the control of the High Performance Manager, the training of juniors through to the seniors, both men and women, can only be of benefit to everyone. Bowls SA is very fortunate in receiving invaluable financial assistance through SA Government - Office for Recreation and Sport funding, and our highly valued partners and sponsors. Support from SA Brewing, Lifestyle SA, Lane Print, Tiger Turf, MGA/Allianz/Portfolio Planning, Medibank Private, Kombat, Johnston Withers and Freemasons were all vital to our

operations during the year and Bowls SA is sincerely grateful for their generosity. Our partnership with Bowls Australia has continued to grow and is highly valued as we collectively and collaboratively work towards achieving the common goal of taking the game of bowls to new levels. Thank you to all bowlers for their support over the last four years; it has been a journey I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The vision for Bowls SA is being achieved and with the backing of all bowlers I am sure we will continue to succeed.

General Manager Ben Scales

The last year has been one of significant change for Bowls SA. As well as new staff, including myself, the past twelve months has seen the introduction of the Open Gender Policy and the launch of a number of new initiatives. Bowls SA implemented two major strategies to improve communication with its members. The decision to direct mail the SA Bowler has been a resounding success with positive feedback from the bowling community about the format and style of the magazine. The changes made have also had a financial impact with an increase in income and reduction in costs producing a net cost saving in production, even with the extra costs associated with direct mail. The new Bowls SA website was launched in September and this has also provided the ability for the organisation to disseminate updated information in real time to its stakeholders. Website hits continue to grow and we are looking to build on this growth with the progressive inclusion of country Pennant results for the coming season. Another exciting addition to the website is an on-line version of the SA Bowler in an EzyPage format which increases the readership and provides further benefits to advertisers. Open Gender has had a dramatic effect on the landscape of bowls in this state. As with any


new program, there were some issues with the implementation of the 12 month trial. Through the stakeholder consultation which formed part of the review process, it became evident that the bowling community had a strong desire to have some form of single gender competition available, operating in conjunction with an open gender option. As a result, Bowls SA has decided to seek a formal exemption from the South Australian Equal Opportunity Tribunal to allow single gender competitions (with some form of opposite gender fill-ins) to be played in South Australia; in addition to an open gender competition. Due to time restrictions it is probably not feasible to implement the outcome of this ruling next season, with the likely result being the current trial policy, with some modifications, being extended to the 2009/10 Season. The 2008/09 financial year has delivered another excellent result for Bowls SA. The Finance Committee, led by Treasurer Bob Thomas, should be congratulated on the prudent management of Member’s funds that has led to the second surplus in two years. The organisation is in a very sound financial position to deal with the current crisis with good cash reserves and minimal debt. These factors have enabled capitation fees to be increased by only fifty cents for the coming

season, well below the cost of living increase. Bob Cooper finishes as President of Bowls SA after the Annual General Meeting. Bob had held the position for four years and the organisation has grown and developed under his leadership. It certainly is a thankless job and the tireless work that Bob has undertaken over his term in office will benefit the organisation for years to come. On behalf of all the members and staff of Bowls SA, thank you. Thank you also to Jeff Brown who will not be continuing on in his role of Metropolitan Bowling Director. I look forward to working with Ivy Kluske, the first female President of Bowls SA, and the Board as they undertake the strategic planning process to set the direction for the sport of bowls in South Australia for the next three years. Finally, I would like to personally thank the staff of Bowls SA for their dedication and commitment over the past year. I believe that we have improved the services that we provide the membership and as an organisation we will continue to strive to further improve in this area.

High Performance Jeff Hammond

The Committee, comprising Jeff Hammond (HP Manager), Bob Cooper, Trevor Lloyd and Bob Pearce (Chairman of Selectors), met eight times during the year. The agreed goals were to bring High Performance bowls in South Australia in line with other sports; create opportunities for our elite bowlers to obtain National recognition; and establish a self sufficient HP Management unit that is responsible for the administration of all HP activity. A Coaching Panel for all elite levels was put in place with a common coaching theme; a new seven person Selection Panel comprising both genders was introduced with strict guidelines and a non voting Chairman appointed to ensure that all selection processes were correctly adhered to. In conjunction with country Regions, Regional scouts were appointed to identify and report on players who could be added to our squads. Regular weekend training for all selected State Squads started in May 2008, besides the normal State Squad, additional squads such as a women’s and men’s Foundation Squad and the U18’s and U25 men’s squad were selected and trained earlier than normal. This strategy of preseason training was a first. Based on guidelines set by Graham Sampson, a HP 2012 Squad was selected and trained as a separate entity; with the

objective of getting a player into the Australian squad by the year 2012, which coincides with the World Bowls Championships at Lockleys and Holdfast Bay. This squad concept has essentially been disbanded now, due to the National Silver and Gold tier initiatives. A two day draft bowls camp was held in SA as a pilot project to identify future talent for National selection and was an outstanding success. SA finished with Cameron Dickson, Max Kleinig and Penny Landherr being nominated for the Silver Tier Australian Squad; and subsequently Ashley Klose and Scott Taylor have been added to the Squad. HP encouraged and managed the attendance of our elite players and especially the Silver Tier Squad members at interstate Grand Prix’s in Queensland, New South Wales and Australian Opens providing opportunities to broaden their exposure to highly competitive players.

Eighteen men and 15 women, mainly from the Foundation Squad, played a three day test series against country Victoria at Mildura; and four men’s teams attended the four day Prestige Invitation Pairs event in Moama; with Scott Taylor and Ashley Klose winning and Mark Haines and Max Kleinig finishing sixth. Five teams of women from the State Squad attended the 3½ day Moama Women’s Pairs with Denise Caulfield and Faye Luke finishing in fourth place. With sponsorship from Kingscliff (NSW), six Squad members participated in the Kingscliff Pairs; and Ashley Klose and Scott Taylor won the Deniliquin Men’s Pairs. The men’s and women’s State Squad played a three day ‘5 a side’ event at Ascot Park and Somerton Bowling Clubs against NSWIS, and a month later the

High Performance remainder of the Squad played against WA in the same style ‘5 a side’ tournament at Grange. With a similar format, a three day test series was played at Grange; SA v WA. In a trial concept the Foundation Squad, (four rinks of men and three rinks of women), played fours against Regional sides at Tanunda on 30 November. This proved to be very successful and has since been replicated in other country regions at Cowell, and Horsham, where SA played western country Victoria. Other achievements have been the establishment of an U25 women’s squad with the objective of providing a pathway for women between the ages of 18 and 25 similar to the men’s U25 concept. The U18 girls and boys competed extremely well in the National Carnival at Haleukalani in NSW and with both U25 squads now in

place these players will have an opportunity for an uninterrupted career path at elite level. Another initiative was ‘Trainee’ coaches being used to assist our squad training with a view to increasing the number of coaches capable of coaching elite players. The management and administration of anything relating to a HP event, whether inter or intra state, while still highly labour intensive, is now conducted from one central point at Bowls SA, therein significantly improving efficiencies. Despite the best of efforts not all goals were achieved; the outstanding success by our senior men and women in the past two Loy-Carroll Test Series against Victoria, was not replicated in the National Series in Perth and Canberra. There are still many goals for the future and procuring the services of Bill Cornehls to take over


the role of High Performance Manager can only enhance the profile and development of the game of bowls amongst the bowling community. At the end of the season, thanks to the dedication of Trevor Lloyd and Bob Pearce, and support from a new band of enthusiastic coaches and selectors, who put in so much effort and asked no favors, many achievements have been realised.

Development John Cranwell

Junior Development Junior Development was quite exciting during the season with the creation of new programs, some of which will be rolled out in the 2009-2010 season. Despite a small decrease in numbers the SAPSASA and SSSSA Championships were a great success with just over 150 participants at each event. This year saw a change in venue to the Holdfast Bay Bowling and Croquet Club who provided meals and helpers.

Thank you to the club for their support and hospitality, and to Ron Mitchell who was instrumental in the management and planning of both events.

Thirty schools booked clinics through Bowls SA for either SACE accreditation (Years 11 and 12) or ‘Have A Krak’ sessions. Six Active After School Communities programs were organised through Bowls SA; with an excellent result of five students becoming members of the Beaumont Bowling Club.

The implementation of a new payment system for coaches involved in junior programs has helped Clubs to find coaches within their ranks as well as giving assistance to coaches who regularly travel to coach these sessions. The Krak A Jak mats have again been a success with many mats being sold this season.


A number of events were again held with the Western SSSSA Zone and North East Vista SSSSA Zone and there are plans in place to create a weekly interschool competition at one of these Zones in 2009-2010.

As part of our funding agreements with the Office for Recreation and Sport we have been involved with Sports Connect for many years. One of our continuing activities for people with disabilities has been the Australian Bowls Classic which is part of the Australian

Open. Bowls SA supported a team of five players and two officials to travel to Melbourne to take part in the event. Stephanie Simms was again appointed as their coach and had the team practicing many months prior to the competition. The hours of practice were rewarded when Rosemary Lane and Sandra Hall won a Silver medal in the Women’s Pairs; while in the Men’s Pairs Bradley Reeves and Patrick Hayes won Silver and Simon Boon and Michael Lowrie won Bronze.

A Sports CONNECT reference group has now been established with members of Wheelchair Sports, SASRAPID and SA Blind Bowlers all attending.

Development Grants A steady stream of grant applications has been forwarded to Bowls SA with excellent outcomes reported by clubs; the Office for Recreation and Sport alone providing over $85,000 in funding to bowling clubs to support facility and equipment upgrades and new initiatives. Bowls SA were successful in their application for a Move It! (Making Communities Active) grant through the Office for Recreation and Sport, receiving $15,000 over three years to initiate exercise classes in bowling clubs across the state. Fully qualified and insured instructors from COTA SA conduct the classes and to date four clubs have taken up this opportunity.

Get on the Green and Twelve teams competed in the Saturday night State Final; the Night Owls The Bowls Australia national participation initiative Get on the Green was conducted again with 22 clubs registering. Most other clubs ran a Night Owls program with a total of 9,671 social bowlers registered with Bowls SA for the season. Six Region Finals, three in the metro and three in the country, were held with participants from both Get on the Green Clubs and Night Owls Clubs invited to compete. Region Councillors are thanked for their support which made these finals such a great success. A total of 92 teams competed with the winners and runners-up from each Region Final being invited to attend the State Final at Holdfast Bay Bowls and Croquet Club.

success of the night was assured with excellent support from the Club and sponsors Lion Nathan, Henselite and Bowlsworld (WA). The winners were ‘The Stretchers’ from Grange Bowling Club.

The success of Night Owls and the Get on the Green program is an important part of ensuring a strong future for bowls and member clubs. The format provides an opportunity for a different demographic to experience the sport in a fun and relaxed environment; and brings a new element into club life and a potential for future club members. Thank you to Bowls SA Development Officer Shirley Blackwell for all her hard work this season and we wish her good luck for the future.


Committees JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT Ron Peters This year the Junior Development Committee comprised Chairman Ron Peters, Leon Crane, Bowls SA Development Manager John Cranwell and Development Officer Shirley Blackwell, and met twice during the season. The Committee’s role was to assist the Development Manager in establishing and maintaining programs that increase junior participation throughout the State. By developing and implementing comprehensive coaching sessions and drills for use by school and club junior bowlers; and assisting in the planning and coordination of events, camps and competitions for these players they were able to assist the Development Manager to create a range of programs to retain interest. Maintaining effective lines of communication with Region Junior Development Coordinators is also an important aspect of the committee thereby assisting to promote bowls and increase junior participation and membership; as well as identifying talented players for higher level training. The Junior Winter Pennant program was played one Sunday morning each month at the Lockleys Bowling Club, and from January this year

a Junior Summer Pennant was programmed for the first Sunday of the month; also at the Lockleys Club. The aim of these programs was to provide a structured monthly activity solely for players under the age of 18, from all over South Australia, to meet and further develop their skills. Players came from metropolitan clubs and country towns ranging from Laura in the north, Keith in the South East, Moorook in the Riverland, Minlaton on Yorke Peninsula, Murray Bridge, Eudunda, Balaklava and Victor Harbor. As an added bonus a coaching session was held following the game for those that were able to stay.

CONSTITUTION Bob Cooper The Bowls SA Constitution Committee worked tirelessly during the year reviewing the Constitution and the By-Laws. Recommended changes to the December 2006 Constitution were ratified by Council on 25 June 2009. A high percentage of Member Clubs have now successfully completed a revision of their constitutions and the club

officials responsible are to be congratulated on achieving this result. Other Member Clubs are still in the process of aligning their constitutions with the Bowls SA model and, unfortunately, others are yet to begin this necessary task. Assistance from Bowls SA is readily available to those Member Clubs that have not commenced this process. Another task that has been completed is the development of Model Rules and Regulations for Associations and Model Rules and Regulations for Regions. In drafting these documents, the Committee recognised the many different ways these bodies are administered, and allowance has been made for each entity to make amendments to suit their particular circumstances. Region and Association officials are encouraged to use the appropriate Model as a template for reviewing their respective Rules and Regulations.

Committees COACHING Jim McCreery The Committee had hoped to be fully engaged in supporting the rollout of the new Coaching course; however this did not eventuate as planned with the Coaching Manuals still being finalised by Bowls Australia, and July the earliest possible starting date. Preliminary work, in preparing groups of those due for reaccreditation and establishing possible locations for examinations, is in place and ready for the four coaches trained and qualified as Assessor/Presenters to swing into action. A major highlight has been the success of our newly developed Club Coaching Course; the majority being conducted in the country. With twenty-six courses completed it is gratifying that over 500 bowlers have now been updated on the latest techniques and knowledge. As a follow up the Committee has documented the procedures necessary to conduct the Club Coaching Course, and these, along with diagrams and photos showing the set up of a variety of circuit drills, will be posted on the website to allow as many bowlers as possible to access the information. Bowls Australia allowed one Accreditation course to be conducted during the year provided the guidelines used


were that of the new format. This caused some issues as not all candidates were able to quickly understand the requirements but the outcome was that six new coaches were accredited. My personal thanks go to Development Manager John Cranwell for his support and energy, and to the Committee members who gave many hours in what has been a very busy year.

UMPIRES Beth Young The Committee comprised Chair, Beth Young; Deputy Chair, Jim Evans; Ray Atkinson; Faye Cole; Neville Nolan; Robert Peake; John Sims; Lyn Teakle and Lyn Walker. Five meetings were convened during the year and all were well attended by committee members. An Appeals Committee comprised of Beth Young, Jim Evans and John Sims was also formed and has conferred on four occasions to deal with appeals. As planned last year, a visit was made to Region 8 where a seminar was conducted at the Balaklava Bowling Club. This was a well organised day where the more controversial laws were discussed during the morning and measuring demonstrated in the afternoon; those attending being most appreciative of the material presented. An Umpires seminar was held at the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club for people interested in

becoming Umpires and Officials for World Bowls. A Markers seminar was held at the Somerton Bowling Club, conducted by Mark Cowan who is Co-ordinator of the National Officiating Committee. A most enjoyable and entertaining day with much information given and an interesting exercise conducted to assess the Markers ability to make decisions on distances. Further sessions are planned for the coming year as we still have quite a way to go in forming new panels of Umpires and Markers. Careful selection of suitable persons will be an important part of these days. The Umpires Law Book has been reprinted and Level 1 Exam papers have been reviewed in the hope that they will be easier for candidates to understand. These papers are now being used. Umpires are continually lost from our clubs but Tutors and Regional Co-ordinators continue to work hard to boost numbers by conducting regular accreditation classes and refresher courses to maintain the standard of existing umpires. Five Tutors have been lost during the year but they have either been replaced or their duties have been absorbed by other Tutors. It is hoped that visits to Regions, to educate and meet the people and encourage more umpires to progress to Level 2 standard, will continue.

Committees MATCH AND PROGRAM Ron Mulliner The Match and Program Committee are responsible for setting the Bowls SA Calendar of Events; and two sub-committees oversee the metropolitan pennant competitions and State events during the season. State events saw an increase in numbers across the events and were well supported and eagerly contested, although some Regions found they could not hold qualifying rounds, with entrants preferring to enter in the metropolitan area. The Women’s 60 & Over Fours competition remains very popular with the entries in the men’s equivalent competition increasing. The Men’s and Women’s Country Carnivals are still the premier events for country bowlers with excellent entries. Thank you to the clubs that provided their greens and facilities, and to all who took on the roles of Event Manager, Venue Manager, Umpire and Marker thereby ensuring that these events ran smoothly and efficiently. This year the Awards Presentation was held as a luncheon at the Glenelg Function Centre, with all winners invited to attend for presentation of the perpetual trophy and an individual trophy to acknowledge their personal achievement. The day was a great success and a memorable acknowledgement for the players

and their families. A highlight of the day was the presentation of the Bowls Australia No 1 cap to David Hutton, descendant of Percy Hutton who was the first player to represent Australia in the sport of bowls at the British Empire Games in 1938. The introduction of Open Gender pennants has had a mixed reaction throughout the State, and a Survey was conducted across all clubs towards the end of the season to gauge players’ reaction and preferences to a range of aspects. The Steering Committee has since met on a number of occasions to discuss the findings of the survey and make recommendations for the future of the pennant competition. The metropolitan pennant season concluded with the Finals for Saturday and Thursday Premier League at Grange and Payneham Bowling Clubs. Both days were well attended and the spectators were entertained by exciting bowling and some very close games. A full listing of country pennant winners is included later in this report. In preparation for the 20092010 pennant season the Match and Program Committee has been revising the Premier

and Metropolitan League Rules and Conditions of Play to endeavour to clarify the intent of each clause and eliminate any ambiguity. An audit of country and metropolitan pennant players was undertaken early in the season with a number of clubs found to be in breach of the Laws of the Sport by playing ineligible players. This audit process will again be undertaken in the new season and Administration Secretaries are reminded to ensure that all players are registered with Bowls SA before they are selected to play. This was my first year as Chair of Match and Program and my thanks go to all who helped me settle into the role and taught me the systems that make Match and Program function. To all Match and Program Committee members who tirelessly put in their time for this great sport; thank you.

Committees SA BOWLER Nola Byass The format and method of distribution of the SA Bowler was subject to a major review during 2008. One of the areas of significant concern was reports of an excess of magazines left in the club. As a result of this review, to improve communication to the members and to overcome the issue of wastage, it was decided that the SA Bowler would be direct mailed for Season 2008/09. Being a fully registered member of Bowls SA entitled those members to receive a copy of the SA Bowler direct to their home address. However to reduce costs it was decided that only one copy would be forwarded to each household where two or more fully registered members lived. Depending on membership numbers, each club still received a number of copies of the magazine delivered to the club for other members and visitors to read. After feedback from a number of clubs, the original allocation was doubled. A Subscription Form was included in the November issue to provide an opportunity for those not on the mailing list who wanted to receive the magazine on a regular basis to subscribe. Another significant change was utilising the skills of the Bowls SA staff to procure advertising in house and to prepare the content to print ready stage. Substantial savings in both areas combined


with an increase in advertising revenue and a rationalisation of the number of issues offset the additional costs of distribution and realised an improved bottom line at the end of the financial year. Changes to the presentation and content of the magazine such as the addition of the ‘Regional Roundup’ which provided space for each region to give a brief report on their activities and news; the ‘Unbiased Opinion’ legal advice column, first introduced during 2007/08; and the inclusion of the Country Carnival draws, were all popular. After members had received their mailed copy, advances in technology were also utilised to make the SA Bowler available online in an EzyPage format. This increased the readership of the magazine and provided the general public access to information about the sport, as well as providing further opportunities for advertisers to promote their products and services.

B wler South Australian


TREASURER R G (Bob) Thomas - Treasurer It is with pleasure that I present the audited accounts for the year ended 30 June 2009. Despite the present economic climate the organisation has attained a satisfactory surplus for the year of $35,924; compared with an estimated budget surplus of $198. The net result of this surplus is that all deficits from previous years have been recovered and Bowls SA is now in a positive situation with accumulated funds. Even though there has been a significant fall in interest rates Bowls SA was still able to invest at a competitive rate and interest received exceeded budget expectations by $1,004. Repositioning the sale of advertising and production of the SA Bowler in-house also contributed to the surplus. Staff continued to review and implement new cost saving strategies and these have been reflected in further decreases in Postage, Printing, Stationery and Phone expenses. The Committee has, throughout the year, reviewed and revised the Bowls SA Finance Policy to ensure it continues to include procedures that safe guard the integrity of the accounting processes and members funds. I would like to thank the members of the Committee and Bowls SA staff for their professional approach and dedication to ensuring that Bowls SA remains financially strong and Member’s funds are utilised wisely.

Financial Statements





Advertising Admin Fees Bowls Australia Aged Receivables Club Member Registrations Club Subscriptions Clearance Fees Club Pennant Nominations Coaching Commission Fines Grants Hire of Equipment Information Guide Interest on Invested Funds Junior Development Lottery Member Servicing Sundry Special Events/Projects Sponsorship Sale of Goods Less Cost of Resale Goods Tournament Entry Fees Umpire Special Games SA Bowler Total Net Income


2009 2318 61,543 1,205 (125) 585,346 16,918 11,917 10,773 2,659 2,169 1,595 171,858 309 2,400 41,004 16,884 0 3,859 214 2,500 64,548 32,319 (25,012) 40,459 4,588 0 92,548

2008 5,391 76,576 0 1,002 562,916 17,219 10,338 10,932 1,507 1,870 1,436 168,600 415 2,961 43,104 17,900 30,357 1,883 176 4,830 47,430 37,803 (33,396) 38,380 1,919 2,791 110,555

1,144,798 1,164,895





EXPENSES Audit & Accounting Fees Bad & Doubtful Debts Bank Fees Bowls Australia Bowls Australia - GOTG Building – Repairs & Maintenance Coaching Computer Rental and Expenses Depreciation Development Manager - ORS Grant Development Officer - ORS Grant State Coach Electricity General Manager Grants High Performance - ORS Grant Information Guide Insurance Junior Development Legal Fees Lottery Marketing Manager Meetings Member Servicing Motor Vehicle Office Office Equipment & Software Pennant Photocopier Postage & Freight Printing & Stationery Promo. Items (Not Resale) Rates &Taxes (Including Water) Representatives Expenses Special Events/Projects Sponsorship Stock Adjustment Subscriptions Telephone & Fax Tournament Tournament Prize Money Travel & Reimbursements Wages & Salaries Umpire

4,309 0 1,680 163,706 0 12,164 2,360 31,038 14,654 44,651 27,995 0 5,217 3,035 4,358 96,370 3,228 27,679 13,083 6,740 0 48,031 2,249 7,092 7,310 3,298 5,662 14,979 17,492 7,438 7,534 3,895 5,129 1,924 5,012 1,196 (277) 1,586 7,815 14,601 29,311 7,415 310,644 2,883

4,250 624 1,500 153,356 18,509 9,128 3,409 24,465 20,246 39,598 28,347 11,063 4,789 739 0 51,647 4,658 29,746 12,575 0 22,015 32,461 1,678 11,919 7,657 3,671 3,138 18,236 9,684 9,284 11,138 2,506 4,652 1,996 5,968 742 1 1,608 9,793 14,798 29,975 5,998 267,588 1,233



COMMITTEES Coaching Constitution High Performance Junior Development LABOD – Disability Special Games World Bowls 2012 Match & Program Promotion &Publicity SA Bowler Umpires/Markers Contingencies Total Expenses Net Surplus

2009 0 587 0 0 605 0 28 1,130 0 129,188 1,466 1,385

2008 145 544 304 521 602 588 2,710 1,363 3,713 190,479 906 4,044

1,108,874 1,102,307 35,924


59,037 660,284 9,166 29,482 6,989 764,958

89,523 645,428 10,980 11,074 4,570 761,575

685,000 24,897 69,578

685,000 29,356 58,638



BALANCE SHEET AT 30TH JUNE 2009 Assets Current Assets Cash in Bank Cash Investments Prepayments Accounts Receivable Stock on Hand Total Current Assets Non-Current Assets Lockleys – Building Lockleys – Motor Vehicle Lockleys – Furniture & Equipment Total Non-Current Assets Total Assets Liabilities Current Liabilities Creditors Credit Cards GST Liability Trust Funds Payroll Liabilities Total Current Liabilities


1,544,432 1,534,569

49,368 1,940 (2,950) 9,400 36,947

85,869 0 3,764 9,400 24,046




STATEMENT OF INCOME & EXPENDITURE FOR YEAR ENDED 30TH JUNE 2009 Non-Current Liabilities Provision for Long Service Leave Total Non-Current Liabilities Total Liabilities

2009 18,238

2008 15,924





Net Assets

1,431,489 1,395,566

Members’ Funds Retained Earnings Current Year Earnings Introduced Funds Building Revaluation August 05

-14,791 -77,379 35,924 62,589 1,167,422 1,167,422 242,934 242,934

Total Members’ Funds

1,431,489 1,395,566

1. In the opinion of the members of the Board: a) The accompanying Income and Expenditure Statement is drawn up so as to present fairly the surplus of the Association for the financial year ended 30 June 2009. b) The accompanying Balance Sheet is drawn up to present fairly the state of affairs of the Association as at the end of the financial year then ended 30 June 2009 Statement by the Board: In the opinion of the members of the Board of Bowls SA Inc and in compliance with Section 35 (2) (c) of the Associations Incorporation Act, 1985: 1) The attached accounts present fairly the results of the operation of the Association for the financial year ending 30th day of June, 2009 and the state of affairs of the Association as at the end of the financial year. 2) The Board has reasonable grounds to believe the Association will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due. The accounts of the Association have been made out in accordance with Statements of Accounting Concepts and applicable Australian accounting standards. This statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board and is signed for and on behalf of the Board on 24 July, 2009 in accordance with a resolution of the Board.

Robert (Bob) Cooper R G (Bob) Thomas President Bowls SA Inc Treasurer Bowls SA Inc

2. SUMMARY OF SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES: The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the relevant Statements of Accounting Concepts, Accounting Standards and the disclosure requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act. The Financial Statements are prepared in accordance with the historical cost convention, except for certain assets which, as noted, are at valuation. The Accounting policies adopted are consistent with those of previous years.

(a) Income Tax The Association is a non-taxable entity, consequently no provision has been made for income tax. (b) Stock On Hand All Stock on hand is stated at the lower of cost and net realisable value. (c) Depreciation Depreciation is calculated on all items of Plant, Equipment, etc., (except computers and peripherals) at 10% of written down value. Depreciation on computers and peripherals is calculated at 25% of purchase price. (d) Cash For purposes of the Statement of Cash Flows, cash includes investments which are readily convertible to cash on hand and which are used in the cash management function on a day-to-day basis. 3. RELATED PARTIES Remuneration and Benefits: Not Applicable 4. RENTAL COMMITMENT Total operating rent commitment in respect of a photocopier and not included in the accounts is: 2009/2010 Not Less than 1 year $7,620/year The Rental commitment is due to cease in November 2012. 5. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS - Superannuation The Association complies with all Award and Superannuation Guarantee Charge requirements and monies are invested in external funds. REPORT OF THE BOARD OF BOWLS SA INC: In the opinion of the members of the Board, during the financial year ended 30th June 2009: a) No officer of the Association, a firm of which an officer is a member, or a body corporate in which an officer has a substantial financial interest, has received or become entitled to receive a benefit as a result of a contract between the officer, a firm of which the officer is a member, or a body corporate in which an officer has a substantial financial interest and the Association. b) No officer of the Association has received directly or indirectly from the Association any payment or other benefit of a pecuniary value. Signed at Adelaide on the 24 July, 2009 in accordance with a resolution of the Board.

Robert (Bob) Cooper President Bowls SA Inc


R G (Bob) Thomas Treasurer Bowls SA Inc

STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS FOR YEAR ENDING 30 JUNE 2009 Cash In Bank Investments Accounts Receivable Prepayments Stock on Hand Creditors Credit Cards GST Liability Payroll Liability Provision for Annual Leave

-$30,486 $14,856 $18,408 -$1,814 $2,419 $36,501 -$1,940 $6,714 -$4,320 -$8,581

Increase in Working Capital activities


Increase/Decrease in Non-working Capital activities: Building investment Motor Vehicle investment decrease Furniture & Equipment Investment increase Provision for Long Service Leave increase Increase in Non-working Capital activities: Increase/Decrease in Member Funds: Introduced Funds Building Revaluation August 05 Member Funds: Increase in Working Capital activities Plus increase in Non-working Capital activities: Less Decrease in Member Funds: Equals Surplus for Year Ending 30 June 2009

0 -$4,459 $10,939 -$2,313 $4,167 0 0 0 31,757 $4,167 0 $35,924

BOWLS SA INCORPORATED AUDITOR’S REPORT TO THE MEMBERS SCOPE: We have audited the financial statements of BOWLS SA INCORPORATED for the year ended 30 June 2009 comprising Balance Sheet (Net Assets $1,431,489), Statement of Income and Expenditure (Net Surplus $35,924), Statement of Cash Flows and the Notes to the Accounts. The elected Committee of the Association is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements. We have conducted an independent audit of these financial statements in order to express an opinion on them to the members. The audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards to provide reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. Our procedures include examination, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the amounts and other disclosures in the financial statements, and the evaluation of accounting policies and significant accounting estimates. These procedures have been undertaken to form an opinion whether, in all material respects, the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards, other mandatory professional reporting requirements and the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act (SA) so as to present a view which is consistent with our understanding of the Association’s financial position, the results of it’s operations and cash flows. The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis. AUDIT OPINION: In our opinion the financial statements present fairly in accordance with applicable Accounting Standards, other mandatory professional reporting requirements and the Associations Incorporations Act (SA), the financial position of BOWLS SA INCORPORATED as at 30 June 2009 and the results of it’s operations and cash flows for the year then ended. NRM Johnson Certified Practising Accountants 43 Edward Street Norwood SA 5067

South Australia, this 24th day of July 2009


Event Winners Singles

State Singles Champion - Open Gary Thompson (Kensington-Marryatville) State Singles Champion - Women Penny Landherr (Kensington-Marryatville) State Singles Champion - Men Brett Hurrell (Hawthorn) State Singles Champion - Disability Barry Charity (Clearview) State Singles Champion - Under 35 Paul Garnett (Kensington-Marryatville) Metropolitan Singles Champion - Women Penny Landherr (Kensington-Marryatville) Metropolitan Singles Champion - Men Mike Hocking (Adelaide) Champion of Champions Singles - Women Marj Richardson (Keith) Champion of Champions Singles - Men Scott Thulborn (Adelaide) Country Carnival Singles Champion - Women Liz Gooda (Mintaro) Country Carnival Singles Champion - Men Roger Spry (Kadina) State Singles Champion - Under 18 Girls Breeanna Dickson (Modbury) State Singles Champion - Under 18 Boys Blake Fiebig (Jervois)


State Pairs Champions - Women Penny Landherr (Kensington-Marryatville) Janet Cocks (Prospect-Broadview) State Pairs Champions - Men James Gregory, Mark Haines (West Lakes) Country Carnival Pairs Champions - Women Margaret Marshall (Mt Gambier) Heather Richards (Pt MacDonnell) Country Carnival Pairs Champions - Men Gerado Perone, Mario Valcic (Pt Lincoln) Champion of Champions Pairs - Women Jackie Gardiner, Cherie Morgan (Modbury) Champion of Champions Pairs - Men Mick Dunt, Wayne Haskett (Modbury)

State Pairs Champions - Under 18 Girls Renee McPharlin (Balaklava) Breeanna Dickson (Modbury) State Pairs Champions - Under 18 Boys Liam Patience (Booborowie) Angus Dickson (Victor Harbor) State Pairs Champions - Mixed Breeanna Dickson (Modbury) Ian Miller (Somerton)


State Triples Champions - Under 18 Girls Renee McPharlin (Balaklava) Nicole Bartlett (Murray Bridge) Breeanna Dickson (Modbury) State Triples Champions - Under 18 Boys Josh Thompson (Kensington-Marryatville) Blake Fiebig (Jervois) Zane Cini (Semaphore)  State Triples Champions - Women Colleen Overall, Jan Stringer, Penny Dunbar (Hope Valley) State Triples Champions - Men Bob Miller, Ian Huckle, Bradley Klose (Marion)


Country Carnival Fours Champions - Women Daphne Guerin, Kathleen Jones, Joan Warner, Christine Bevin (McLaren Vale) Country Carnival Fours Champions - Men John Threlfall (Moonta), David Pearce (Kadina), John Van Der Wyst (Renmark RSL) Steve Eichenberger (Moonta) State 60 & Over Fours Champions - Women Joan Prosser, Judy Brooks, Eunice Dale, Janet Cocks (Prospect-Broadview) State 60 & Over Fours Champions - Men Bob Ely, Ron Hogg, Graham Lawes, Malcolm Cornock (Morphett Vale)

Pennant Winners Metropolitan Pennant Wednesday


Premier League

Premier League Division 1 - West Lakes Division 2 - North Gawler Division 2 - South Adelaide

Division 1 - Ascot Park Division 2 North - West Lakes Division 2 South - Marion

Metropolitan League

Metropolitan League

Division 1 North - Hope Valley Division 1 South - Somerton Division 1 East - Toorak Burnside Division 1 West - Woodville Division 2 North - Clearview Division 2 South - Edwardstown Division 2 East - Tranmere Red Division 2 West - West Lakes Red Division 2 Central - Henley Division 3 Northeast - Beaumont Division 3 South West - Reade Park


Premier League

Division 1 - Marion Division 2 North - Kensington-Marryatville Division 2 South - Lockleys

Metropolitan League

Division 1 North - Gawler Red Division 1 South - Novar Gardens Division 1 East - Tranmere Red Division 1 West - Clearview Division 1 Southwest - Ascot Park Division 2 North - Payneham Division 2 South - Ascot Park


Division 1 North - Modbury Division 1 South - Somerton Division 1 East - Beaumont Division 1 West - Rosewater Division 2 North - Gawler Red Division 2 South - Blackwood Division 2 East - Reade Park Division 2 West - Henley Red Division 3 North - Elizabeth Division 3 South - Brighton Division 3 East - Toorak Burnside Red Division 3 West - Woodville Division 3 Northeast - Adelaide Division 3 Southwest - Marion Division 4 Northwest - Beaumont Division 4 South - Brighton Red Triples West - Marion North - Tranmere East - Payneham Red

Pennant Winners Country Pennant MEN’S SATURDAY Region 1 UPPER SOUTH EAST Div 1 - Keith Green Div 2 - Keith Green LOWER SOUTH EAST Div 1 - Mt Gambier RSL Red Div 2 - Mt Gambier RSL Red Div 3 - Millicent Div 4 - Naracoorte Red Region 2 YORKE PENINSULA Div 1 - Kadina Div 2 - Moonta Red Div 3 - Moonta Red SOUTHERN YORKE PENINSULA Div 1 - Warooka Div 2 - Stansbury White Div 3 - Yorketown Red Region 3 UPPER NORTHERN Div 1 - Port Augusta Red Div 2 - Port Augusta Red NORTH WESTERN Div 1 Boucher - BHAS Port Pirie Blue Div 2 O’Shaughnessy - Laura Div 3 Mahood - Orroroo Div 4 Royal - Peterborough Region 4 BAROSSA & LIGHT Div 1 - Angaston Div 2 - Tanunda Black Div 3 - Tanunda RIVERLAND Div 1 - Renmark Div 2 - Moorook Div 3 Green - Monash Div 3 Gold - Waikerie

SILVER CITY North Broken Hill White MID MURRAY Swan Reach Region 5 SOUTHERN EYRE PENINSULA Div 1 - Cummins Red Div 2 - Kirton Gold EASTERN EYRE Cleve Green UPPER EYRE PENINSULA Ceduna Gold Region 6 HILLS Div 1 - Woodside Div 2 - Mt Barker 1 Div 3 - Lenswood LOWER MURRAY Div 1 - Murray Bridge White Div 2 White - Mannum Div 2 Red - Jervois PINNAROO LINE Div 1 - Lameroo Red Div 2 - Parilla Red Region 7 GREAT SOUTHERN Div 1 - McLaren Vale Div 2 - Langhorne Creek Div 3 - Port Elliot Div 4 - Port Elliot Div 5 - Milang

Pennant Winners SOUTHERN Div 1 Green - Morphett Vale Div 1 Red - Clarendon Div 1 White - Reynella Div 1 Blue - Morphett Vale Div 2 Red - Christies Beach KANGAROO ISLAND Div 1 - Kingscote Gold Region 8 WOOROORA Div 1 - Hamley Bridge Div 2 White - Riverton Black Div 2 Red - Hamley Bridge White BROUGHTON Div 1 - Mundoora Div 2 - Brinkworth Black MID NORTH Div 1 - Burra Div 2 Red - Clare Green Div 2 White - Auburn

Midweek Region 2 YORKE PENINSULA Wallaroo Mines Red SOUTHERN YORKE PENINSULA Curramulka Region 3 NORTH WESTERN Blieschke Eastern Div - Melrose Green Blieschke Western Div - Pt Pirie Red Region 4 BAROSSA & LIGHT Lyndoch Gold RIVERLAND Renmark RSL White Region 5 SOUTHERN EYRE PENINSULA Div 1 - Kirton Red Div 2 - Coffin Bay Gold EASTERN EYRE Cowell Region 6 HILLS Mt Barker 1 LOWER MURRAY Murray Bridge Magpies


Pennant Winners WOMEN’S ASSOCIATIONS Region 1 SOUTH EAST Div 1 - Mt Gambier RSL Blue Div 2 - Mt Gambier RSL Pink Div 3 - Port MacDonnell UPPER SOUTH EAST Div 1 - Bordertown Red Region 2 YORKE PENINSULA Div 1 - Moonta Red Div 2 - Moonta Green SOUTHERN YORKE PENINSULA Div 1 - Yorketown Div 2 - Yorketown Blue Region 3 NORTH WESTERN Div 1 - BHAS Pt Pirie Blue Div 2 - BHAS Pt Pirie Red FLINDERS Booleroo White SPENCER GULF Whyalla Golf Red Region 4 BAROSSA & LIGHT Nuriootpa RIVERLAND Div 1 - Berri Div 2 - Waikerie Div 3 - Moorook MID MURRAY Morgan SILVER CITY North Broken Hill

Region 5 SOUTHERN EYRE PENINSULA Div 1 - Cummins Navy Div 2 - Port Lincoln Green WESTERN EYRE PENINSULA Streaky Bay Blue EASTERN EYRE PENINSULA Cowell Region 6 HILLS Mt Barker White LAMEROO & DISTRICTS Lameroo Gold LOWER MURRAY Div 1 - Mannum Div 2 - Tailem Bend

Region 7 GREAT SOUTHERN Div 1 - Victor Harbor Red Div 2 - Meadows SOUTHERN Div 1 - Christies Beach Gold Div 2 - Christies Beach KANGAROO ISLAND Kingscote Blue Region 8 WOOROORA Balaklava Gold HUTT & HILL RIVER Mundoora Green NORTHERN LIGHT Booborowie

Metropolitan Club Membership Club

Men Men Men Women Women Women Men Women Men Women F AS J/S F AS J/S GOTG GOTG A A

Adelaide Airport Adelaide Adelaide High OS Adelaide Oval Ascot Park Beaumont Blackwood Brighton Clarence Gardens Clearview Croydon Edwardstown Elizabeth Gawler Glenelg Grange Hahndorf Happy Valley Hawthorn Henley Hindmarsh Holdfast Bay Hope Valley Kensington/Marryatville Lockleys Marion Marion RSL Millswood Mitcham AFA Modbury Munno Para Novar Gardens Para Hills Payneham Penfield Port Adelaide Prospect Broadview Reade Park Rosewater Salisbury Semaphore

19 1 11 40 13 57 2 43 19 17 44 106 7 35 3 3 214 51 74 16 39 4 56 30 55 12 110 31 142 27 73 5 141 59 67 19 35 6 82 41 106 6 1 39 9 80 32 44 1 12 3 22 11 77 3 15 88 39 76 8 35 3 99 22 4 49 10 26 22 44 1 15 2 100 28 91 8 1 52 1 83 20 56 36 97 13 75 35 93 2 1 33 6 149 86 104 22 128 10 57 3 40 4 105 2 51 58 21 140 32 53 22 116 56 85 19 3 37 90 59 102 13 49 124 73 120 30 1 63 12 221 73 39 1 13 1 27 1 5 73 16 35 6 1 19 5 40 24 165 47 2 86 8 4 223 56 73 25 15 11 64 27 27 14 30 20 64 34 80 21 137 1 3 39 64 36 32 6 1 9 6 53 1 19 61 52 76 23 40 1 6 63 17 27 14 130 30 1 55 5 121 43 68 3 1 31 199 78


Metropolitan Club Membership (continued) Club

Men Men Men Women Women Women Men Women Men Women F AS J/S F AS J/S GOTG GOTG A A

Somerton 150 128 36 42 272 Sturt 44 2 75 29 Toorak Burnside 68 13 27 1 12 10 Tranmere 94 2 54 75 Trinity Gardens 38 3 1 20 2 44 Two Wells 54 Underdale 43 1 4 45 Unley Park 39 17 Uraidla 38 1 17 Walkerville 69 25 84 45 West Croydon & Kilk RSL 18 3 West Lakes 110 11 6 41 4 2 175 Woodville 48 27 84 Justices 8 2 Bowls Past Presidents 1 Master Builders Ass of SA 2 Mixed Electric Light Bowls Assoc 3 South Australian Police 2 Club Bowls SA 3 Unley Park Sports Club 38 18


3,916 504 39 1,430 174



129 45 27 19

75 33

308 3,229 1,276

Country Club Membership Club

Men Men Men Women Women Women Men Women Men Women

Aldinga Bay Alford Angaston Ardrossan Arno Bay Arthurton Auburn BHAS Balaklava Barmera Beachport Berri Birchmore Blanchetown Blyth Booborowie Booleroo Centre Bordertown Brinkworth Broken Hill Burra Bute Cadell Caltowie Ceduna Christies Beach Clare Clarendon Cleve Coffin Bay Coonalpyn Cowell Crystal Brook Cummins Curramulka Edithburgh RSL Encounter Bay ETSA Port Augusta Eudunda Frances Freeling Georgetown Geranium Gladstone Goolwa Gulnare Gumeracha Hahndorf Hallett Hamley Bridge

29 4 1 24 27 17 7 55 2 25 33 23 64 40 52 28 24 1 2 11 1 21 21 18 24 1 17 1 10 69 8 45 6 44 48 5 27 3 21 58 1 44 2 21 23 3 16 3 53 1 1 31 1 46 23 15 3 11 1 31 12 1 30 10 26 3 10 1 1 31 17 68 2 31 4 25 8 34 4 22 1 30 2 25 18 41 20 1 10 2 11 25 19 57 4 51 3 5 86 56 62 4 39 9 45 16 38 15 43 1 26 1 36 1 21 7 27 2 6 9 27 1 22 21 49 1 27 1 69 42 1 14 37 1 23 17 32 1 18 136 78 72 38 1 29 2 10 56 4 24 1 15 16 6 45 2 17 20 4 11 2 28 11 5 36 12 9 105 16 76 2 100 60 16 5 45 1 13 19 1 1 16 1 10 38 10 1











16 5

12 1 10 10 23


7 6 6 7 27 10 16 20 8 9 6 3 7


Country Club Membership (continued) Club

Men Men Men Women Women Women Men Women Men Women F AS J/S F AS J/S GOTG GOTG A A

Happy Valley 39 Hawker 14 16 Iron Knob 16 1 2 Jamestown 59 27 6 Jervois 44 1 18 1 20 9 Kadina 57 37 58 34 Kalangadoo 28 2 10 Kapunda 50 24 33 8 Karoonda 33 16 1 5 Keith 59 2 22 2 2 Kimba 44 3 31 7 29 5 Kingscote 42 1 1 21 3 8 Kingston 48 33 40 13 Kirton 82 4 1 43 Kirton Port Lincoln 65 10 23 Koolunga 20 4 Lameroo 36 3 27 5 9 Langhorne Creek 51 1 15 28 14 Laura 23 3 12 Lenswood 32 5 2 1 1 Lobethal 50 1 15 14 10 Lock 22 13 Loxton 110 44 41 7 Loxton RSL 33 3 16 Lucindale 23 21 Lyndoch 47 1 21 2 36 24 Lyrup 25 18 Maitland 47 4 38 16 12 Mallala 38 3 27 36 4 Mannum 60 10 24 3 27 12 McLaren Flat 33 1 2 8 3 McLaren Vale 71 3 3 37 63 36 Meadows 37 3 15 14 3 Melrose 32 1 18 8 7 Meningie 39 26 Milang 24 2 15 1 Millicent 75 7 48 4 99 41 Minlaton 31 1 27 26 17

Country Club Membership (continued) Club

Minnipa Mintaro Monash Moonta Moorook Morgan Morphett Vale Mount Barker Mount Gambier Mount Gambier RSL Mount Pleasant Mundoora Mundulla Murray Bridge Murray Bridge RSL Murrayville Myponga Naracoorte Naracoorte RSL North Broken Hill Nuriootpa Oakbank Orroroo Owen Padthaway Parilla Parndana Paskeville Penola Peterborough Pinnaroo Poochera Port Augusta Port Broughton Port Elliot Port Germein Port Lincoln Port MacDonnell Port Neill Port Noarlunga Port Pirie Port Victoria Port Vincent Port Wakefield Quorn Redhill Renmark Renmark RSL Reynella Riverton Robe 32

Men Men Men Women Women Women Men Women Men Women F AS J/S F AS J/S GOTG GOTG A A

14 5 1 23 2 14 4 30 84 2 1 65 5 49 31 2 9 15 1 14 1 6 80 3 2 31 97 53 53 20 31 92 39 89 126 68 55 47 1 1 15 24 7 15 3 35 27 30 10 97 7 2 49 2 2 49 40 1 24 22 44 1 14 75 37 12 32 14 56 8 29 63 26 27 3 9 36 25 1 28 10 28 21 3 5 27 2 1 42 24 55 22 2 1 21 24 31 29 1 10 1 15 30 1 11 1 8 1 63 1 47 2 18 38 20 2 88 1 42 38 31 1 11 78 4 43 2 1 88 45 29 4 21 20 91 2 38 1 27 75 2 39 26 30 1 23 9 33 25 9 37 13 7 39 18 5 15 2 19 60 36 45 32 48 1 25 82 4 25 37 34 24 13 36 2 28

1 6 50 4 12 30 33




14 5 18 22 52 2 12 23 9 5 5 5


Country Club Membership (continued) Club

Men Men Men Women Women Women Men Women Men Women F AS J/S F AS J/S GOTG GOTG A A

Robertstown 21 1 Roxby Downs 17 2 Saddleworth 44 2 Snowtown 32 Spalding 21 7 Stansbury 39 1 Strathalbyn 76 1 Streaky Bay 64 2 Swan Reach 18 Tailem Bend 43 Tanunda 59 5 Tarlee 25 2 Tintinara 34 Tumby Bay 58 6 1 Two Wells Ungarra Victor Harbor 124 7 1 Waikerie 67 2 Wallaroo 70 Wallaroo Mines 53 2 Warooka 50 Wasleys 26 3 Watervale 14 1 Whyalla 38 7 Whyalla Golf 55 6 Willunga 49 1 Wilmington 21 1 Wirrabara 21 2 Wirrulla 21 1 Woodside 40 4 Wudinna 37 Yacka 13 Yankalilla 53 Yorketown 48 Zinc Broken Hill 33 6 1

20 9 23 11 19 19 18 13 1 19 29 65 32 40 8 11 16 24 7 18 22 65 19 15 1 5 1 11 4 31 4 16 11 23 3 18 7 61 6 34 14 29 52 14 40 32 21 24 13 41 1 31 3 3 3 2 7 6 17 6 30 16 28 1 66 25 26 30 23 18 16 1 12 22 22 14 2 32 42 25 36 33 23

TOTALS 7,312 152 152 3,948 111 27

589 319 2,124 1,080

Membership Summary CATEGORY



METRO MALE Full 4,150 4,188 METRO FEMALE Full 1,824 1,741 METRO MALE Junior/Student 33 36 METRO FEMALE Junior/Student 3 5 METRO MALE Assoc/Social 476 336 METRO FEMALE Assoc/Social 78 100 METRO MALE Admin 1,144 1,925 METRO FEMALE Admin 458 767 METRO GOTG MALE METRO GOTG FEMALE COUNTRY MALE Full 7,092 7,137 COUNTRY FEMALE Full 4,112 3,998 COUNTRY MALE Junior/Student 118 140 COUNTRY FEMALE Junior/Student 13 15 COUNTRY MALE Assoc/Social 158 144 COUNTRY FEMALE Assoc/Social 90 111 COUNTRY MALE Admin 1,725 1,825 COUNTRY FEMALE Admin 634 774 COUNTRY GOTG MALE COUNTRY GOTG FEMALE

4,218 1,625 48 10 374 124 2,442 1,087 1,439 641 7,303 4,009 150 17 170 135 2,015 940 1,486 754







2 007-08 2008-09 4,076 1,536 42 13 471 158 2,473 864 1,867 429 7,311 3,939 165 24 161 122 2,047 1,024 1,191 583 28,496

3,916 1,430 39 9 504 174 3,229 1,276 746 308 7,312 3,948 152 27 152 111 2,124 1,080 589 319 27,445

Corporate Partners

SA Bowls Annual Report 0809  
SA Bowls Annual Report 0809  

Annual Report 2008/2009 Board of Directors Patron Auditor Nicholas Matsis - NRM Johnson Solicitor Anthony Kerin - Johnston Withers & Ass...