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THE WORLD TAKES CENTRE STAGE South Australia gears up for bowl’s biggest event

November 2012

NOV 24 - DEC 9

2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia


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elcome to this 2012 World Championships souvenir edition of the SA Bowler. After four years of preparation the event is now upon us and it certainly promises to be a festival of world class bowls when ‘the World takes centre stage’ at Holdfast Bay and Lockleys. There will be action and entertainment on and off the green across both venues so there will be plenty to enjoy for those in attendance. Grange star Wayne Ruediger and his Australian teammates will be looking for Gold and will no doubt be buoyed by the home town support. Tickets are selling fast and start from only $10 for the qualifying rounds so if you haven’t already secured your ticket head to for the all the details. As reported in the September SA Bowler, the new Board of Bowls SA was elected at the recent Annual General Meeting. Since then the Board has met twice. At its first meeting President Ivy proposed that in view of this being her last term she supported the appointment of John McDougall as Chair. This was

endorsed by the Board. John is an outstanding administrator and his wealth of experience will benefit the Board during his term as Chair of the Board. In accordance with the Bowls SA Constitution President Ivy Kluske will remain as the Chair of the Bowls SA Council. Bowls SA has been working on the exemption that was granted by the Equal Opportunity Tribunal which enabled the Association to offer open gender bowls in conjunction with single gender competitions on an interim basis. After consultation with the membership and discussions with legal representatives, Bowls SA attended the Tribunal for the Hearing that was held on October 24. A number of issues were presented for the Tribunals consideration, including a further exemption. In addition, the Association is also canvassing legislative change. The Tribunal reserved their judgment and Bowls SA will be notified once a ruling has been made and will communicate the result to Members at that time.

As I mentioned in my last column, the support of corporate partners is crucial to the sport and Bowls SA is pleased to announce the continuation of its relationship with Lion and the South Australian Brewery. This is long term partnership and one that has provided many benefits to Members and Clubs over the years and I encourage all Members to support the businesses and companies, such as West End, that invest in the sport and the bowls community. I would like to thank Andrew Smith for his on-going support of bowls in South Australia and look forward to the relationship continuing for many “years” to come.

Ben Scales

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14 THE WORLD TAKES CENTRE STAGE The who’s who of bowl’s biggest event and what to expect over the 16 days.

We are Family: Four Generations at Orroroo Roaring Success The Aero Story: The Quest to Make the Perfect Bowl From all Corners of the World The World Takes Centre Stage Behind World Bowls Hawthorn Bowling Club Bowling Arms on the Rise 2013 Country Carnival: Have a hit after a roll Australian University Games Bluesky Healthcare 60 and Overs Event

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Fours generations of the Bowman family are currently registered members of Orroroo

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President's Message


he long awaited World Bowls Championships are all but upon us and in this Souvenir edition there are many interesting articles on some perhaps unthought-of behind the scenes aspects of conducting an event of this magnitude. Planning has been extensive, with the WB2012 Board working diligently over the last four years to address all facets of the event, including promotion through a range of media options, dietary preferences for the diversity of cultures and communication where English is not an option. Participating countries will soon be gearing up to make the journey to Australia and host clubs are ready to welcome their guest nation. I’m sure their kindness and generosity in opening their doors to welcome the overseas players will be rewarded in the formation of new friendships and alliances. To the many volunteers who

are participating in the event and those that have been training to officiate, a big thanks and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience. A lot has already been said about the importance of members supporting this prestigious event and I trust you will all take up the option, wherever and whenever possible, to witness the world’s elite bowlers at work. Across the State, it’s been business as usual with many Clubs, Associations and Regions celebrating special anniversaries and openings and I’ve had great pleasure in attending many of them. Visiting Clubs is one of the ongoing highlights of my role as President; giving members an opportunity to relate, first hand, their achievements and grievances but most of all, their fundamental love of the sport and a desire to see if prosper. Putting workable policies and procedures in place and adhering to these is crucial to good governance at all levels of the sport. The distribution of the Bowls SA Administration Manual several years ago and the regular updates provides a comprehensive central reference point for Club Administrators to assist them in making their job of managing their club just that bit easier.

Members can also source Bowls SA Policies, procedures and forms on the Bowls SA website and if need be, Bowls SA staff are there to assist with any queries. The Open Singles is the first test of our bowling skills in the lineup of State Events for the season with Finals to be played on Sunday and Monday 11 & 12 November at Salisbury Bowling Club. This was the event that started Scott Thulborn on his phenomenal run last season; can he make it back to back titles? Two very successful national events have already been played, the Under 18 National Championships and the 2012 Senior National Round Robin. Reports are included on Page 26. I offer my personal congratulations to Joe Aarons OAM, Bowls Australia President, on his election as President of World Bowls. This is a huge honour for Joe and Australia and I wish him all the best. I look forward to seeing you at World Bowls and you never know I might even meet up with you at State events. Good Bowling and good Fellowship.

Ivy Kluske

Update BOWLS AUSTRALIA SUCCESS Bowls Australia President Joe Aarons OAM has been elected as the new President of World Bowls, the sport’s governing body, taking over from South Africa’s, John McArdle. Mr Aarons will take up the position at the next World Bowls Biennial Council Meeting to be held on 6 December, during the staging of the 2012 World Championships in Adelaide, becoming the first Australian to take on this position since Betty Collins OAM last held the position of President in January 2008. The term of Mr Aarons’ appointment will see him serve a minimum of two years, through to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Also securing positions on the new look World Bowls Board, are New Zealand’s John Carter, who was elected as the Regional Director for the Asia and Oceania region; England team manager John Bell, whose role also includes the British Isles, while outgoing President, John McArdle will remain charged with representing Africa and the Americas’ regions. At the Bowls Australia Annual General Meeting, held in North Launceston during the Under 18 Championships, Mr Aarons was reaffirmed as a member of the Bowls Australia Board. Also elected during the AGM was Victoria’s Barbara Gilbert, who previously sat in a casual vacancy role, and South Tweed’s Nigel Smith, replacing former director Robert Webb, who completed

his three-term, six year tenure. The Bowls Australia Board reconvened on 25 October to decide on Mr Aarons’ successor as President and Des Skinner was elected to the position. GOVERNANCE REVIEW An extensive Governance Review was undertaken by Bowls SA during 2011, which led to a number of proposed amendments to the Bowls SA Constitution being voted on and adopted at a Special General Meeting in December 2011. A Working Group was formed and feedback was sought on other proposed amendments to the governance structure of Bowls SA with a number of recommendations tabled and discussed at the April 2012 Council Meeting. At this meeting it was agreed that these recommendations would be distributed to all Member Clubs to seek their comment and this occurred in August of this year. Member Clubs were asked to discuss the recommendations and provide feedback to their Region Councillors through the Region structure. The Governance Review will be discussed at the December 2012

Council meeting and it is imperative that Member Clubs have considered the recommendations and provided feedback to their Region Councillors to facilitate discussion at this meeting. WORLD BOWLS TICKETS WINNER In the September issue of the SA Bowler two full season tickets for WB2012 were up for grabs for creating the best slogan to go on a banner to support local bowler Wayne Ruediger in his quest for Gold. Judging by the entries received we certainly have some creative people in the bowls world. Lucky winner of the two tickets was Margaret Wright of Henley Beach for the following banner. 2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia

Wayne’s World Greenskeeper Greensmaster 2012 Worldships

Alsco Volunteer Award

ion Champstr alia Adelaide Au

Ian Perry


here’s no doubt that if a Club’s greens are not at their best the flow on effect can be felt right through the Club. Play is affected, morale declines and membership can suffer. Four years ago Ian Perry took on the role of volunteer greenkeeper at the Stansbury Bowling Club, determined to lift the Club’s greens to be the best in the Southern Yorke Peninsula Association. Ian cuts and rolls, sprays lines and coordinates a strong working group. Working closely with qualified Greens Advisor Brad Porter, Ian spends up to 40 hours a week and has, over the years, been able to utilise Brad’s advice to combat disease and bring the greens back to a standard that the Club and members are proud of. Tournaments are now filled and a number of Finals and Grand Finals, and Association and Region events have been held. Ian has taken on other voluntary roles over the years being President for two years, Secretary for one, Selector for six and Delegate to the SYP Association for three years and is a qualified Umpire. Ian is commended for his dedication to his Club and the sport and congratulated on being named as the first Alsco Volunteer of the Month for 2012-13. Nominations for the next award close 5 December 2012. Refer to for nomination forms and criteria or contact Bowls SA on 8234 7544

SA BOWLER | November 2012 | 7

e r a We ly! i m fa

Four Generations at Orr T

he sport of Lawn Bowls is often promoted as the “sport for all ages” and there can be no better example of this than the Bowman family which, as of October 2012, has four generations as current members of the Orroroo Bowling Club in South Australia’s North West region. Ranging in ages from 94 to 12 the family has had a playing member in the Club for 60 years and the new generation is following what has been a great tradition. However, before we get onto the participation and successes of the family group it is worthwhile focusing on a bowling club that is in its 75th year of operation and has been an integral part of such an impressive family history. In 1936 a committee was formed to construct a bowling green at Orroroo on council land at the corner of North Terrace and Sixth Street which at the time was considered an eyesore at the entrance to the town. The services of an Adelaide green keeper were sought and he provided rooted grass from Somerton Bowling Club to establish the green and in a few short months the entrance to the town became a corner of beauty. The first clubhouse was a building purchased from Black Rock, 14 kilometres to the south, and transported intact, then placed on the western side of the green. It would remain as the member’s domain until 1940 when it was dismantled and larger clubrooms built. On October 12, 1937 the green was

8 | SA BOWLER | November 2012

officially opened by the Honourable Sir George Jenkins MP and the installation of electric lights saw most games played at night. By 1940, as a member club of the North Eastern Association, pennant matches were played against Peterborough and Jamestown and social games against Caltowie, Quorn, Whyalla and Port Augusta on a weekly basis. Orroroo Bowling Club was up and running and in 1953 the clubrooms were again replaced and the addition of a 60 foot transportable building was joined on. This is how the clubrooms exist today. William Alan Bowman (Alan) was born on February 26, 1918 and began his bowling career with Orroroo Bowling Club in 1952. He has been a financial member of the Club ever since. Over 60 years of continuous service with the Club, there have been many highlights, but two in particular stand out in his memory, the Australian Bowls Championships in Tasmania in 1979 and the 1983 National Championships in Adelaide. Along the way he picked up the Club Singles title in season 1964/65 and fought out legendry battles with fellow club member Wilton Cox finishing runner-up in the Singles on a number of occasions. It has been a long career and Alan, who travelled to Adelaide for Country Week 17 times, has seen some changes. Over six decades he has owned three sets of bowls and remembers the days

when bowls required testing every seven years to make sure they weren’t tampered with. He is not sure of the merits of the new narrow bias bowls and commented recently “I think the ability to draw onto the kitty is lost.” He may well be correct in that assumption and when asked to comment on his preference between grass and synthetic greens he replied; “If you are good enough you should be able to adapt to any surface!” He is equally certain that “good fortune” plays a small role in our sport. “Bowls is a game of concentration. Some luck is involved, but minimal as you can’t rely on luck.” Along with wife Joy, who retired in 2008, Alan has enjoyed the club environment over a long period of time and we should add that Joy has also won a Singles title, in 1981/82 and served as President for two years. The couple must be immensely proud of their contribution to bowls and for them to be a part of four generations of the Bowman family on the greens at Orroroo in 2012 is one of the great stories in our game. Alan and Joy’s son Rob, now aged 60 began bowling regularly at the Club in 1991 and along with his wife Kathie he has also impacted at Orroroo. His greatest contribution to the Club has been in the role of Tournament Director over many years and he has also served as President over a two year period. On the greens he has won two Club Pair’s titles and last season was a member of a team consisting of three generations



You can feel it in the air. The Bowls Season is here again and we are ready to go. For all your bowls needs All Bowls brands

roroo By John Bevin

of Bowman’s, plus Trevor McKay which finished runner-up in the Association Fours. Kathie has been equally active after taking up the sport in 2000. She has won the Club Singles four times and was Association Singles Champion in 2010/11. In 2011/12 she was also a member of the Association Fours winning side and at representative level has played Country Round Robin since 2007. Off the green, a two year role as Orroroo Ladies Club President rounds off a wonderful contribution to the Club. 40 year old Lachie Bowman began bowling for the Club in season 2003/04 and has continued the family’s success of those earlier years. Among his Club titles are the 2006/07 and 2008/09 Handicap Singles and the 2011/12 Club Singles while at Association level he has picked up the 2010/11 and 2011/12 Pairs title in consecutive years. A member of the South Australian Development Squad in 2010 and 2011 Lachie has also represented Region 3 in the Country Round Robin and in 2011 and 2012 was selected for the Region’s Prestige Medley side. His will be a hard act to follow but coming along behind are two young Bowman’s who may yet surpass all that has come before. At 13 years of age Luke is already making his mark at club level grabbing the 2011/12 Handicap Singles title one year after he commenced playing

Shoes | Bags | Clothing Measures | Grips & Polishes Two BIG Locations and has followed up with excellent performances in the 2011/12 Club Pairs and North Western Bowling Association Fours alongside his father and grandfather. As a runner-up on both occasions the teenager obviously has a feel for the game and we can expect to hear more of his talents as his career continues. Alongside him is 12 year old Mack who began bowling in 2010 and is the youngest of what is a wonderful bowling family. There would be few instances, if any, of four generations competing at the same club at the same time and while the younger group continue to impress 94 year old Alan is not yet ready to hand over the mantle. On October 17, only two days before this article was submitted, he was in a winning combination which took out the Wednesday Blieschke competition. We are not sure what is spoken about at Bowman family gatherings but you can bet that Lawn Bowls rates a mention!

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Roaring success


or years bowlers and fellow sportsmen and women alike have enjoyed an ice-cold drink after a long day of bowls or their chosen sport. Behind that refreshing taste is a company that has been committed to contributing to all levels of sport for many years and Bowls SA is pleased to announce the renewal of their longstanding partnership with the South Australian Brewing Company. The long term and continuing support from the South Australian Brewing Company has been a major boost for the sport of bowls and allows Bowls SA to offer services and opportunities to South Australian bowlers each year. Without the backing of such committed and generous sponsors the level of administration for the sport may not be possible. Bowls SA is also fortunate to have former Australian bowler Andrew Smith as the company’s representative and whose passion and long term affiliation with bowls is advantageous to the relationship. The West End Brewery (under the auspice of Lion Australia) has been a major player in the State for more than 153 years. Although the brands

West End and Hahn Premium Light are synonymous with the traditional demographic of bowls, Lion is also responsible for a range of other popular beverages including XXXX Gold, 5 Seeds Cider, James Boags, Heineken, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Corona and Stella Artois to name a few. There are also a range of food and non-alcoholic beverages that fall under the Lion banner of brands as well, including Dairy Farmers, Farmers Union, Yoplait, Berri and Coon.

Bowls SA is delighted to continue their relationship with a South Australian icon. The major assets of the company are still the iconic beers the Brewery produces which are well recognised throughout South Australia including their most popular brand, West End Draught, which accounts for one in every four beers consumed in SA. Due to their robust brands West End contributes significantly to sport, local community, corporate and

arts events around the State. Apart from bowls South Australian Brewing Company is a major supporter of the SA National Football League, SA Cricket Association, SA Jockey Club and the Tour Down Under to name a few. In addition to sponsorship, the Brewery has maintained its annual traditions of the Christmas Riverbank Display (since 1959) and the West End Chimney unveiling for the SANFL premiership teams (since 1954). Some may also be aware of the charity water fountain located at the Port Road brewery and the West End Community Fund which supports specific community projects such as the supply of water tanks to community sports fields in regional South Australia. With the commitment of a company so dedicated to sport in South Australia, bowls and other sports throughout the State have a promising future ahead of them and Bowls SA is delighted to continue their relationship with a South Australian icon.

THE AERO STORY: the quest to make the perfect bowl

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ero Bowls founder and CEO Walter Jacobs is a keen Premier League bowler with an Australian title under his belt. When he parted ways with the UK bowls manufacturer, he successfully represented for many years, he became fixated on the idea of creating the perfect bowl. With a background in manufacturing he quickly roamed the world looking for a 21st century solution to the challenge of making the humble lawn bowl as good as it could be. In the process he came across machinery used to make parts for artificial hearts and aerospace components. After detailed technical discussions with the plant manufacturer, a series of trial processes and the development of a number of patented manufacturing applications, the Aero Bowl was well on its way. AeroBowls is the first new manufacturer of bowls in Australia, and the world, for almost 100 years. AeroBowls are made using 21st century advanced digital technology – the same technology used in the manufacturing of parts for the aerospace, biomedical and high performance racing industries. Importantly, AeroBowls married this technology with a number of processes developed and patented by the company to break major new ground in the design and production of lawn bowls. At the heart of this new process is CAD (Computer Aided Design) modelling and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programming and simulation. Every AeroBowl starts life as patented one piece mould, or blank, which is then the subject of shaping and finishing all in the one machine, a multi-tasking 7-axis lathe. The bias, shape, logo, graphics, grip and names are all

applied. The bowl never moves off its axis during this patented process. Every Aero is then transferred to the climate controlled Aero Test Table and individually tested before hand painting and a delicate but sophisticated polishing process that is also used on components of racing car camshafts and the finest Swiss watches. The technology exclusively employed by Aero allows for other unique innovations such as the Aerodentation and Zig Zag grips and the most recent addition to the Aero product line: oversized logos for bowlers who wish to make a statement and/or maximum exposure for corporate sponsors of elite players. Aero do not mass produce bowls…. every set is a Custom Made set of the highest accuracy and manufactured to a tolerance not previously seen in the industry. It’s the precision of this digital technology that lets AeroBowls offer a money back guarantee if the line of the four bowls in a set is not the same when they leave the factory. This uniformity of every bowl of a particular model in the Aero range is why an elite bowler such a Kelvin Kerkow can, and often does, literally ‘leave his bowls at home’ when he travels because he is secure in the knowledge that a new Aero Dynamic off the shelf in Sydney, or Melbourne will be the same in terms of line, feel and performance as his Aero Dynamics back home in Queensland, and likewise for his Aero TurboPros or Aero Optimas. In what is a real Australian success story, serious innovation has resulted in 100% Australian, made, owned and designed Aero precision bowls that are already being exported to New Zealand and the UK, with other markets set to follow.

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2012 World Championships Souvenir Edition

2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia

From all corners of the world


ustralia will launch its quest for international glory in the Adelaide arena with a star-studded contingent of battle-seasoned gladiators and a mix of youthful assassins, when the biennial 27-nation World Championships warfare commences in November. Affectionately dubbed ‘The Jackaroos’, the squad will enter the competition in the prime position to mount a successful campaign, with the women’s team eager to retain the coveted overall winners’ silverware they pillaged from New Zealand soil four years ago. Headlining the charge for the host country is the Australian vice-captain, Karen Murphy, who has established a reputation over the years as a genuine world-beater, and is no stranger to the extreme pressure and fierce opposition the competition will dish up, having skipped the Australian outfit to a Gold medal in enemy territory the last time the event was staged. The world number four will take to the Holdfast Bay and Lockleys greens in the blue-ribbon singles and skipping the Fours when proceedings kick off on November 24, with her sights set firmly on a repeated dais appearance and a swag of Gold medals. Joining Murphy in arms on the battlefield will be the nation’s captain, Lynsey Armitage, who is well aware of the imposing task that her troupe confronts, but has also claimed more than her fair share of the spoils of war throughout her illustrious career, including the prized golden medallion that she looted in New Zealand alongside Murphy. Armitage, the reigning Australian Open Singles champion, has not only been tasked with assuring the nation’s overall success, but also with maintaining the core structure of the team disciplines when she lines up as second in the Triples and Fours. Tasmania’s Rebecca Quail, who only made her international debut 14 months ago, is one of the new brigade of street-fighters looking to leave their mark on the sport’s biggest stage. The talented 24-year-old’s skill set has already been recognised by the national

selection panel, with the Invermay ace earning her stripes as the skip of the Pairs and Fours. Teaming with Quail in both disciplines will be world number six Kelsey Cottrell, who, at only 21 years of age, may seem like one of the new recruits being blooded within the Australian ranks, but in fact boasts an impressive resume that includes 162 international appearances, a Commonwealth Games medal, a world champion title and two souvenirs from her last World Championships hit out in 2008 a Silver and Bronze medal. Cottrell will enter the event in sterling form, having captured her maiden international Singles Gold medal at the six-nation SA International Series on the same greens in May, and contributing to Australia’s recent Trans Tasman success at Lockleys in September. Tasked with the integral leading duties for both the Triples and Fours disciplines is Australia’s female bowler of the year, Natasha Van Eldik. Launching the nation’s campaign in the men’s event is world number two Leif Selby, who is eyeing off one of the few outstanding medals or trophies missing from his already overflowing war chest. The ‘Warilla Gorilla’ may have lost his spot on top of the throne as the world’s number one lawn bowler during his 18-month sabbatical from the sport, but a strong performance in the blue-ribbon Singles could reunite him with his rightful crown. Pairing with Selby is Australia’s reigning international and male bowler of the year, Aron Sherriff, who is a certainty to feature heavily at the pointy end of the competition. Sherriff, the world number four, will also take the reins as the skip of the Fours combination, after a dominant 18 months on the international stage. In the team events, world number six Brett Wilkie will switch from the usual back of the order or Singles positions he has held predominately for the last year and a half, and will instead lead the pack in both the Triples and Fours.

By Aidan Davis

Meanwhile, hometown legend Wayne Ruediger has enjoyed a whirlwind year of on-green success, with the Grange masterblaster making the most of his Green and Gold debut during the SA International Series, walking away with a maiden Gold medal around his neck, and reaffirming the selectors decision with a powerful performance at the Trans Tasman. The South Australian’s knowledge of the Holdfast Bay and Lockleys conditions will be crucial to the success of the men’s lineup, and he will be eager to please in his assigned position of second of the Triples and Fours. Ensuring the job gets done is the everreliable Mark Casey, with the 168 game, 30-year old veteran slotting into the team as skip of the Triples and third in Fours. The reigning Australian Open and Indoor champion has enjoyed an unforgettable year, with a tidal wave of success coming in both the national and international events. However, with a litany of heavy hitters descending Down Under with the intention of plundering and pillaging their way to treasured trophies, the contest is guaranteed to be fierce. Women Singles - Karen Murphy Pairs - Kelsey Cottrell & Rebecca Quail Triples - Natasha Van Eldik, Lynsey Armitage & Karen Murphy Fours - Natasha Van Eldik, Lynsey Armitage, Kelsey Cottrell & Rebecca Quail Reserve – Claire Duke Men Singles - Leif Selby Pairs - Leif Selby & Aron Sherriff Triples - Brett Wilkie, Wayne Ruediger & Mark Casey Fours - Brett Wilkie, Wayne Ruediger, Mark Casey & Aron Sherriff Reserve - Nathan Rice Photos courtesy of Bowls Australia











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T H E L E A D I N G B O W L S I N N OVATO R F O R OV E R 2 0 0 Y E A R S

2012 World Championships Souvenir Edition

s e k a t d l r o w e Th H 2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia

The Exhibitors The World Championships is also an opportunity to check out a range of top quality products and services on offer by the following exhibitors: Aceit – Event Merchandise Southern World Travel Taylor Bowls Bowls NZ – 2016 World Championships Kombat Aero Bowls Henselite True Draw Surfaces Drakes Pride Mak Max Hidow Australia Opal Diamond Factory Bowls Australia/Bowls SA

14 | SA BOWLER | November 2012

oldfast Bay and Lockleys Bowling Clubs are set to come alive and be the focus of attention for bowls enthusiasts around the world when they host the 16 days of the 2012 World Championships. The event promises to be an outstanding exhibition of bowling by the best in the world shooting for the most coveted prizes in the sport. The World Bowls Championships are conducted every four years and were first held in 1966, in New South Wales, and up until the 2008 Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand, the men’s and women’s Championships were held separately. The event has been staged all over the world in countries including South Africa, Canada, England, Scotland and Australia, with this year being the fourth time Australia has played host to the prestigious international event. The format of the Championships sees sides of five players per gender competing for Gold in Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours, as well as the prestigious overall trophies; the Leonard Trophy for men which New Zealand currently hold and the Taylor Trophy for the women which the Australian women will be looking to defend. This year’s Championships sees 27 Countries from across the globe descending on Adelaide with the best players in the world striving to take home a medal. African powerhouses South Africa will

be looking to continue their outstanding form from the 2010 Commonwealth Games where they claimed three Gold medals, whilst bowling minnows Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe will look to continue to improve. The number one men’s ranked player in the world, Ireland’s James Talbot, will be hoping for Gold in Pairs and Triples, and New Zealand’s dynamic duo of Val Smith and Joe Edwards will be keen to defend their Singles and Pairs Gold medals won on home soil in 2008. “Shannon McIlroy will also lead the Kiwis in fine style and has been playing premier pennant for Ascot Park in preparation and we recently had a great encounter with New Zealand in the Trans- Tasman,” Australia’s National Coach Steve Glasson said. With Malaysia’s defending Singles Champion Safuan Said not competing, will Hizlee Bin Abdul Rais step up and defend his countrymen’s title in the blue ribbon men’s Singles, or will Canada’s Ryan Bester take the next step and improve on his Bronze from Christchurch? England, Wales and Scotland will continue the battle of the Kingdom. “Paul Foster and Claire Johnston lead a strong Scottish team in the Singles which includes Alex Marshall and Graeme Archer so they too will prove to be a formidable outfit” Glasson said. English star Natalie Melmore leads the Singles charge for the mother country and Dehli Gold medalist Robert Wheale will be hoping to repeat that feat and

2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia

s t a e r g t n e e c s take home World Championships Gold for the Welsh. The home team of 10, which will be led by captain Lynsey Armitage, comprises one of the most talented and driven Australian teams in recent memory. In preparing for their assault they’ve left no stone unturned in the quest for success in front of a parochial home crowd, but the counter challenge will be fierce by a host of other competitive countries. The ever popular and entertaining pacific neighbours, Fiji and Norfolk Island will join South American representatives Brazil, and Europeans the Spanish and the Dutch to bring colour, culture and a truly international flavour to the event. Patrons attending the World Championships will not only enjoy world class bowls but also a vast array of colour, entertainment and action. At the main entrance to Lockleys, patrons will be welcomed by trade stands showcasing products and services from bowls manufacturers and industry suppliers such as Taylor and Kombat, travel options from Southern World Australia, as well the wares of the Opal and Diamond Factory and the beautiful wines from South Australia’s McLaren Vale of Event Partner Shingleback Wines. Catering is being supplied by renowned Adelaide caterer Blanco and during the luncheon intervals there will be music, player and coach interviews, while all the latest information and news from around the greens will be broadcast on big screens. With both host clubs also offering entertainment options after the

conclusion of play on selected days, the 2012 World Championships will certainly be a festival of bowls. The opportunity to see and support the world’s best bowlers and enjoy the atmosphere both on and off the green is affordable and accessible. Action kicks off from 9am and 10am each day depending on the respective schedule and daily tickets for each of the qualifying days start at just $10 each. A ticket purchased for a particular qualifying day can be used at both Holdfast Bay and Lockleys until December 3. A free shuttle bus will also run between both venues for those with tickets to that day’s play and access to the final six days of competition at Lockleys starts at only $20 per ticket. More information, the schedule and ticket purchases can be found at Photos courtesy of Bowls Australia.

2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia

The Teams Australia Botswana Brazil Brunei Canada China Cyprus England Fiji Hong Kong Ireland Israel Japan Jersey

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SA BOWLER | November 2012 | 15

2012 World Championships Souvenir Edition


ver the last 18 months Lockleys and Holdfast Bay Bowling Clubs have hosted four major international bowling events between them and from 24 November to 9 December 2012 the city of Adelaide will again be on the world stage as the two clubs host World Bowls 2012. It has been a smorgasbord of bowling action through the Under-18 and Under-25 TransTasman series in April of 2011, the Asia Pacific Championships in October the same year, the SA International in May of 2012 and the Trans-Tasman series in September of this year. While the international bowlers go head to head on the greens in lead up tournaments, volunteers, club members and committees continue the hard work that has made such events possible. During November and December 125 volunteers, including 11 from NSW, Queensland and Victoria, will descend on the city to assist in the smooth running of the competition. These volunteers will be placed at one venue for the first 10 days before combining for the finals at Lockleys over the last six days. It is a major commitment by so many support people as is evident by Judy Wiseman. Judy resides in the beautiful coastal township of Cowell on the State’s Eyre Peninsula and has had an association with bowls since the mid-1980s. Many will know Judy and also her sister Denise and brother-in-law Des Rehn who have had long and distinguished careers at country level in our sport. Judy and her husband have plenty on their plate with a motorhome parked and ready to go, family to visit and a lot of other interests in their lives. For this reason she has been unable to play Pennants for the last couple of years and this makes her volunteering at World Bowls even more special. When I asked her why she would commit to travelling 500 kilometres to volunteer she replied “I just love the sport of bowls and I also love helping out. We need as much promotion as we can get.” At the Asia Pacific Championships, Judy spent time on the gates ushering people into the event as well as circulating among the spectators offering assistance and tending to the score boards during individual games.

Judy will be staying with her daughter at West Lakes while attending the tournament and is expecting similar duties this year as she spends her time at Lockleys. As a matter of interest, in the case of Holdfast Bay, numerous members have volunteered to be part of the action in various capacities and without the support of the South Australian bowling community and those from interstate over a 16 day period nothing could happen. The commencement of World Bowls 2012 will again bring focus on the Festival City as the action is beamed to a worldwide audience and you can bet that the metropolitan clubs who are to host visiting teams over the tenure of the event will be a hub of excitement and anticipation. There are 24 clubs involved and many will be tending to the needs of visiting team members who have little grasp of the English language and whose dietary requirements differ from our own. It is all part of being involved in the international community and on a positive note, Australia’s multicultural population will almost guarantee support for each nation. With so many countries involved in what is the “Olympics of Bowls” there will be a wide diversity of cultures and a blaze of colour unrivalled in the Adelaide sporting community for some time. Along with the men’s and women’s five-aside teams, numbers of parochial supporters including wives, husbands and partners will arrive in support and it is interesting to look at the preparation that some need to go through before the competitors enter the first round of competition and avid supporters set up on the sidelines. Over the last eight months I have been in contact with Manager, Phil Luth Snr, and members of Team USA and their story is interesting in its own right. When we look at sporting teams from that country we think of high participation, massive funding and of success at Olympic Games, World Championships and Gold medals at most major sporting events but, in the case of the country’s representative bowlers, nothing could be further from the truth. The selected players in both the women’s and men’s

teams pay their own way and, as working people, many need to ensure that holidays coincide with such an important bowling event. It is an expensive pastime but the selected group are motivated by the thought of success. To assist team members at World Bowls 2012 the distinctive red, white and blue uniforms of the American team will be sponsored by two Adelaide companies whose involvement is critical. In the lead up to the Asia Pacific Championships, prior to the men’s side winning a single Bronze medal, a group of Grange Bowling Club members played a “Test” match against Team USA and I have watched closely on social media as a rematch has been set up for early November. If I am reading the situation right there will be as much concentration on the after match festivities as there will be on what is to be a serious practice session and such things are all an integral part of what is a wonderful sport. With very few exceptions international management and players make themselves available to clubs and individuals alike and past visits by teams from around the world have left a legacy that remains to this day. One only has to stand outside the clubrooms at Lockleys Bowling Club and read two inscriptions etched in the concrete pathway to understand the significance of such legacies. They relate to the Jack High series of 1986 and 1987 and during practice prior to the SA International in May of this year Scottish manager David Gourlay was presented with a photograph of his father David Gourlay Snr who had participated in both years of the televised tournament. Gourlay will be back as Manager of the Scottish team in November and the close association between a bowling club in South Australia and a family on the opposite side of the world will continue. Just prior to the Asia Pacific Championships, McLaren Vale Bowling Club hosted a night with Dave and Jo Edwards and Val Smith from New Zealand. The evening continued a history between New Zealand and the country club which stemmed from a Test match between the Kiwis and South Australia in 1984. It is part of the folklore of the club

2012 World Championships Adelaide Australia

and the association between the Vale and New Zealand will continue into the future. On the night all three visitors were granted honorary membership of McLaren Vale Bowling Club and all the host clubs for World Bowls 2012 will have the opportunity to set up or continue such traditions. It would be remiss of us to leave this article without writing on the importance of ITOs (International Technical Officers) at an extended event such as World Bowls. All Umpires and Markers who will officiate during November and December require an accreditation at the highest International level and for Bowls Australia’s Mark Cowan and Beth Young, State Chairperson of Umpires, the selection process has been long and involved. In the lead up to the Asia Pacific Championships in 2011 a group of interested South Australians attended training sessions over some months, under the guidance of Cowan and Young, before sitting theory and practical examinations. Twenty successful South Australians joined a further 16 ITOs from around Australia to officiate at that event and at World Bowls 2012 four from our State, Sandy Wallace, Joan Prosser, Jeff Davis and Dianne Milner will be involved in the final six days of the tournament. They carry with them great responsibility but each is well trained and Cowan is satisfied that those selected will handle the pressure well. When asked to comment he made the following statement; “I trust each and every one of them to go out and do the job. They are well prepared and we are all looking forward to World Bowls.” We will leave you with some words from Beth Young whose efforts over an extended period have seen her run five seminars in townships as far apart as Port Lincoln and Goolwa in the lead up to November. “After all the work” she commented “we have our last training session for World Bowls on 4 November and then it is up to the ITOs.” If the time and effort put in mean anything the technical side of the operation will run smoothly and we wish all involved the best of good fortune.

By John Bevin

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2012 World Championships

2012 World Championships Souvenir Edition

Adelaide Australia

By John Bevin

Hawthorn Bowling Club 100 years and a Welsh Connection


ith World Bowls 2012 only weeks away there is a wonderful and topical story emerging of two bowling clubs on opposite sides of the planet which have set up a unique relationship over recent times. This year Hawthorn Bowling Club, in the Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs, celebrates 100 years of operation as well as a connection with Wales which stretches back to 1912 and former South Australian Premier Tom Price who was of Welsh descent. It is one of the reasons why the club wanted to host Wales for the world titles in its Centennial year and, on the other side of the world over 16,000 kilometres away, Llandrindod Wells Bowling Club, which is situated one and a half hours north of Cardiff, is also celebrating 100 years as a club. It is a small club compared to many in Australia but hosts the international events held in the country. The committee at Hawthorn was aware of the Welsh club’s Centenary plans back in 2009 and in 2011 club member Brian Harmer and his wife Lorna travelled to Wales and visited the club. In August of this year Neil Jenkins and wife Sue also visited Liandrindod Wells and while there the members put on a special lunch for the visiting group. The

20 | SA BOWLER | November 2012

couple met with President Jim Price, Secretary Graham Rees along with Club Captain Yvonne Norton and also caught up with the Welsh Team Manager Phillip Young. Prior to returning home Jenkins was presented with a Welsh Dragon flag which sits in the Hawthorn clubrooms awaiting the arrival of the Welsh World Bowls contingent and a travelling group of supporters.

“If we all put in as we have in these first months then we will have no fear for the future.”

There are many bowling clubs around Australia which have set up an alliance with an overseas club but few, if any, would have a sister club celebrating a centenary in the same year and World Bowls 2012 will bring something very special to Hawthorn. While the Welsh contingent are in Adelaide practice will be the name of the game and any entertainment will be organised to fit in with the team’s program. On November 25 a Centenary Cocktail afternoon will be held in the clubrooms and what a special occasion that

promises to be. In attendance will be the Welsh Women’s Team Manager, Hazel Wilson along with Rose Mitchell, Hawthorn Bowling Club Board member and Historian, whose Centenary book “No Fear for the Future” will be launched by the Governor of South Australia. The title refers to the last five words of the first Annual Report in July 1913 which read “If we all put in as we have in these first months then we will have no fear for the future.” On the walls above the bar is a Centennial mural which progressively tells the story of the club from its inception in 1912 until the present day and if you ask the Board of the Club they will tell you that as they move forward those initial words from the first report still hold true. For those who have been fortunate enough to witness a major sporting occasion at Cardiff Arms Park you would have taken away memories of the bright red national colours of Wales and of the beautiful sound of thousands of Welsh voices lifted in song. How inspiring would it be to sit in the 100 year old surrounds of Hawthorn Bowling Club on an evening in early December as the Welsh World Bowls team and their supporters sang a rendition of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

Bowling Arms on the Rise


ollowing the explosion in use of Bowling Arms in the Eastern states by players with physical problems a new Bowling Arm Players Association has been formed in South Australia. Many players struggle with knee, hip and back problems and various other ailments that have caused their bowling standard to deteriorate over time. This is particularly true of older bowlers and as their standard falls so does their enjoyment of the game. Eventually, many through pure exasperation and embarrassment give the game away well before they would have envisaged. The miracle of the Bowling Arm is that it removes most of those physical problems from the bowling action and, with practise, provides a means to recapture much of the player’s old standard and become competitive again. President Rodney Egge describes his experiences: “I was a pretty good bowler back in the 1970s but I’ve had knee and back problems for the last 10-20 years and have great difficulty

getting down now. As my body steadily deteriorated so did my bowls. I struggled with different ways of bowling to take the stress off my knees but then other parts of the body started giving up as well. By the beginning of the 2010-11 season I was the worst bowler in the bottom side at West Lakes. Every week I was going home mad with myself and finally one Saturday I couldn’t stand it anymore and I decided to stop punishing myself and quit the game. It was only then that I decided to try the Bowling Arm on the basis that it couldn’t be any worse than the way I was currently bowling. Two years on my standard has improved dramatically. I’m having a ball and playing as well as I ever did. If only I had considered taking up a bowling arm years ago and avoided all those years of frustration and anguish.” There are over 2,500 bowlers in NSW using a Bowling Arm and over 1,000 in Victoria. However, many people still resist its use through pride or not wanting to admit that they’re no longer as agile as they used to be. Despite this, Bowling Arm use is on the rise as bowlers realise that it allows

them to become competitive again and maximises their enjoyment of the game. The Bowling Arm Players Association of SA runs events for players already using Bowling Arms and promotes their use to players experiencing difficulties. If you want to learn more President Rodney Egge can be contacted on: 0428 821 658 or

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2013 Country Carnival


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Australian University Games


or six days in late September students representing 41 universities from across Australia gathered in Adelaide to participate in the 20th Australian University Games; an event that has grown to become the largest annual multisport event in Australia. Since its inception in 1993, the Games have developed to such an extent that it now attracts a very loyal annual following of between 5,000 and 7,000 students interested in competitive sport and meeting new friends in a festival atmosphere. Kensington/Marryatville Bowling Club was the venue for the Lawn Bowls contingent and some 100 students representing 14 Universities descended on the Club spending five days competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and the honour of being one of five bowlers selected, on bowling ability and sportsmanship, for Green and Gold. Ron Mulliner was tasked, on behalf of Bowls SA, to manage the event and along with Event Managers for all other sports, underwent group training sessions in preparation for the onslaught. Ron was ably assisted by university students, Aimilia Vakoufari, a non- bowler (at the moment) and Ben Traeger who plays for Murray Bridge, who provided great support during the event. All was in readiness on Monday 24 September, and despite cool and windy conditions, the greens were well prepared, thanks to Gary Thompson, and the Club was ready to feed and hydrate all. The Universities were seeded and split into two divisions; each team playing three

rinks comprising of two Pairs playing 11 ends and one Single playing 21 up, in a round robin format. Modified scoring saw each rink win awarded one point and shots not taken into account unless a ‘count back’ was required when teams were on equal points and rink wins/losses. With their expected youthful exuberance, dressing up in other than regulation sports attire added to the carefree nature of the players and the fun-loving mood. Despite this, as the week developed so did the standard of bowling; the students making the most of every opportunity to show they were still there to win. The playoff for the three medals were of a high standard, and in particular the Singles between hot favourites, Western Australia University and eventual Gold medal winner, Charles Sturt University. At the completion of the Bronze medal game Monash and University of NSW were drawn with one win and one draw each, necessitating one end of high pressure Singles, to determine the Medal winner. In recognition of her sportsmanship during the games, West Lakes player, and University of SA student, Kate Smith was nominated as one of the five selected for “Green and Gold “, status. Well done Kate. In winding up the event, President Peter Glazbrook presented medals to the winners and Ron Mulliner thanked all members of the Club who had helped to prepare the greens, and feed and water the competitors throughout the week; they certainly did their Club proud.

Kate Smith

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SA BOWLER | November 2012 | 23

Bowls Operations Bowls SA Open Singles In an effort to ease the pressure on host clubs and their core group of volunteers, the Bowls SA Match & Program Committee trialled a ‘three player per section’ format for the recent metropolitan qualifying rounds of the Bowls SA Open Singles. On completion of the event the playing group and the host clubs will be surveyed for feedback to ascertain if this concept has merit to be used in other competitions conducted by Bowls SA. The Open Singles event will wrap up with Finals at the Salisbury Bowling Club on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 November.

The Advertiser/Sunday Mail Members may be questioning why the usual supply of results for metropolitan and country pennants have not been available in The Advertiser and Sunday Mail of late. Bowls SA has only recently been advised that typesetting results for The Advertiser and Sunday Mail has been outsourced to AAP in Sydney. Despite these changes Bowls SA is confident that a full supply of results will be readily available during the season and thank The Advertiser and Sunday Mail for their continuing support of the sport. Contact details: Pennants Results Only Fax: 02 8719 2770 Phone: 1800 211 909 Email: The Advertiser Email: Sunday Mail Scott Thulborn

Results Online Slowly but surely, more country Associations are taking up the option of utilising Sportzware Central to record their results and make these readily available to members. Any Association interested in adopting this scoring system, can contact me during the bowls recess and I’ll be more than happy to guide them through the process in readiness for the 2013-2014 season. I’m sure Kenn Rogers won’t mind me saying this but as he always says, “If a dumb bunny like me can use the program, anyone can”. To view results log on to Bowls SA and follow these simple steps: Events & Fixtures 2012/13 Country Pennants

Rhys Taylor

High Performance Under 18 National Championships The Bowls Australia Under 18 Championships were held at North Launceston Bowls Club in early October.

U18 Golden Girls Gold for Girl’s Four The championship provided a great opportunity for our girls, three of whom who had been together for many tournaments. This brought high expectations and the girls didn’t let us down. In a wonderful performance our girl’s Fours defeated the fancied New South Wales combination to take Gold. Breeanna Dickson skippered Cassandra Harvey, Emma Hughes and Lynsey Trenorden to victory; all girls bowling well, but it was Breeanna who hung tough on the last end to deny NSW a six shot return and possible victory. The win was a great reward for the girls who have all worked hard throughout the winter in preparation for the event. Final score 19-17. Silver to Fighting McPharlin Renee McPharlin took on Queensland star Natasha Jones in the battle for Gold in the girl’s Singles, with Renee jumping out to a healthy lead early. Natasha’s never say die attitude brought her back into the game and eventually a two shot lead at 20 to 18. To Renee’s credit, she

squared the match at 20-all with a last draw bowl that took the jack away from Natasha’s shot and match bowl. Again Natasha held the game and despite a wonderful effort in the last end, Renee was unable to capture shot and Natasha prevailed and Silver for Renee. SA competed for Bronze in the girl’s Triples and Pairs but just fell short, however it was a great championship for the girls and congratulations must go to Penny Landherr for her efforts in preparing these players and achieving an overall finish of third. Boy’s Battle The boys were less successful. With three of the lads playing their first Nationals the challenge was always going to be tough and this proved to be the case. Luke Brind narrowly scraped into the Bronze medal play off but was defeated by his Queensland opponent. The Boy’s Triples also competed for Bronze but again were on the wrong end of the result going down to Victoria. Our boy’s Pairs and Fours both struggled to gain wins and, while competitive, they lacked the valuable experience and the consistency that comes with this. The intense hit out will however prove to be a valuable experience for James Bodnar, Isaac Trenorden and Charlie Birnie. The boys finished in the bottom three and while disappointing the lads will be better for the experience when they compete next year. Coach Leon Crane again did a great job in guiding these developing bowlers. Australian Under 18 Squad At the conclusion of the Championships 22 players earned a berth in the feeder system for the next 12 months for the Australian Under 18 Squad. Pleasingly SA Squad members Breeanna Dickson, Renee McPharlin and Luke Brind were named in the National Squad. Congratulations to them all. Due to age Breeanna Dickson and

Brandon Whiley will not be eligible for the next nationals, however these talented players are sure to go on to feature strongly on the green in the future. Leon Crane to Retire The Bowls SA Under 18 and 25 programs has been blessed to have the wisdom, experience and long term commitment of Leon Crane. Leon along with wife Sue have been constants for over 10 years, both having provided a nurturing environment and guiding our young bowlers to develop their game. Leon’s efforts will continue to benefit Bowls SA State teams and Clubs now and into the future with many of his graduates already in the State or Emerging player squads, and a quick look at Skippers in a number of our top division teams will also see many of Leon’s rising stars. Leon will be a difficult man to replace but he has advised that the time has come to spend more time with Sue. Leon, on behalf of all Bowls SA members and the players you have helped, we thank you and wish you well into the future. Senior Nationals Selected SA men’s and women’s 60 and over sides have just completed their first Senior Nationals held at Queanbeyan Bowling Club. The SA men proved to be a competitive group, establishing their position with early successes, defeating WA three rinks to nil, 71-45 and NT two rinks to one, 75-51. They then faced Queensland and found a tougher opponent going down in a tight match 2.5 rinks to .5, 57-45. Round 4 saw the men up against rival Victoria and again the opponent proved too strong with SA going down two rinks to one, 59-45. The run of tight games continued, against NSW, and again the result slipped the other way with SA going down by 13 shots, 68-55, two rinks to one. Round 6 saw the SA men bounce back

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Bowls SA & Bluesky Healthcare Men’s and Women’s 60 and Over Teams against the Tasmanian team winning two rinks to one, 64-55. In the final math SA faced hosts ACT and a win on all three rinks gained them a 12 shot margin and fourth place overall. The SA women found it tougher going, despite starting well with a strong win against WA, two rinks to one, 56-41. A Bye followed and then a loss to the Queenslanders; going down by 14 shots

and two rinks to one. Things didn’t improve against the Victorians. In a hard fought match, decided by only four shots, the SA ladies went down two rinks to one. Round 5 saw SA up against the NSW women and they also proved to be too strong with a 38 shot win. While SA put up a better showing against the Tassie ladies, they still went down

two rinks to one by 15 shots. In the final match of the series SA faced ACT and while winning two rinks they went down by four shots, and finished last overall. While disappointing the experience provides a starting point for our campaign in 2013. With 60 and Over events occurring throughout the season and this experience under our belt we can now look forward to greater interest in next year’s Nationals. Thank you to all the players who represented SA in our first venture into this National event.

Harvey Jolly

Bluesky Healthcare 60 & Overs Event


hirty-four teams from metropolitan Adelaide competed in the inaugural Bluesky Healthcare 60 & Overs event at Payneham recently.. Teams comprising all men, all women or mixed played a medley of Fours and Pairs. After four rounds, only one team, Payneham’s Alan Atkinson with his wife Margaret, and Rex Martin and Matthew Krebbekx had won all games with a score of 104 points. On 96 points, Grange’s John Moloney claimed second place, ahead of Modbury’s Brenton Treverton and Gawler’s Alf Skuse. Feedback from members has shown strong support for the return of this level of competition. So for those who still enjoy a spirited game of bowls but would

prefer to play in a social environment with bowlers of a similar age group, Bowls SA will be conducting another three 60 and Over’s competitions this season. Selectors will be focussing their attention on the players in the local events with the aim of forming a side for the annual National 60 & Over event in 2013. Bluesky Healthcare, South Australia’s leading supplier in mobility equipment has come on board as a major partner in support of the local competition and the South Australian State team. The next event will be at Grange Bowling Club on Wednesday 12 December 2012, so now is the time to get your entry in. See below for more details.

Bluesky Healthcare’s Wayne McNamara with Matthew Krebbekx, Margaret and Allan Atkinson and Rex Martin

O ve r 6 0’s Co m pet it ion Wednesday 12th December 2012 @ Grange Bowling Club 9.00 am for a 9.30 am star t | $80 per team of four (includes hot lunch and desser t) Any combination open medley (fours, pairs, pairs, fours) For more information or to enter a team contac t: Rhys Taylor | Bowls SA | p: 8234 7544 | e:

Prize money:


REGION 1 Phoebe Fulwood Tintinara Foundation Member Phoebe Fulwood began her bowling career in 1955 and has remained a devoted and loyal member ever since. Phoebe served three terms as President, and spent many years as Treasurer, and Minute Secretary for the USEWBA and Division 1. In 1985 Phoebe’s dedication to the Club was recognised when she was awarded Life Membership and again in 2012 when she was presented with a 50 years Continuous Club Service Award and a 90 year Certificate. Her prowess on the green is well known with five Club Singles, three Club Pairs, five Club Triples and nine Club Fours titles. An amazing 57 years on Phoebe is still actively involved in the Club’s social get togethers and competitions; a testament to Phoebe’s love of the game and the flexibility of the sport in catering for all ages.

REGION 2 Member Tributes At the Maitland Season Opening, members paid tribute to four well respected members Ross Whittaker, Des Hasting, John Baker and Col Sandercock. A member since 1955, past President, Life Member and Greens Committee member for many years, Ross Whittaker was presented with a 90 Years of Age Certificate. Then two tireless workers John Baker and Col Sandercock, who have served the Club on and off the green, were surprised with presentation of Life Membership to round off a great start to the season.

REGION 4 New Look at Kapunda After a lot of time and effort by Elsa Pitman and Phil Voumard, Kapunda members have stepped out in their fresh new look for their first pennant games of the season. Feeling smart and inspired the players are reinvigorated to go out and win and with a number of new male bowlers, attendances at Wednesday practice and training have been excellent. In these days of declining membership, it’s heartening to start the season with more members than last year and the aim now is to translate this great start to the season into pennant titles.

Kapunda’s new look REGION 5 Ceduna Oysterfest

Des Hasting

Phoebe Fulwood REGION 2 Season Opening Minlaton was the host for the SYPWBA in early October when Region 2 Councillor Annette Rowntree declared the season open and wished all bowlers a successful and enjoyable round of competitions. After a game of Fours, Region Secretary Audrey May presented 2011/12 Premiership plaques to Division 1 and Division 2 Managers, Margaret Braithwaite and Vicki Eales. With Division 2 having recorded back to back titles the challenge is now on to make it three in a row. 28 | SA BOWLER | November 2012

Des Hasting joined the Club in 1952 and in addition to being a past President and Life Member, he had a stellar career as a champion bowler, playing 83 games for South Australia. As Des was unable to attend, President Greg Treloar and Secretary Jeff Adams visited Des to present a 50 Years Continuous Club Service Award in acknowledgement of his outstanding service to the Club. Des passed away on 18 October 2012, aged 86.

Audrey May, Margaret Braithwaite

Winners: Sam Perin, Gerardo Perone, Larry Vallance, Peter Meyers Showers didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of bowlers who travelled from as far as Darwin, Broken Hill, Perth and the South-East to take part in the Ceduna Oysterfest Classic over the October long weekend. The annual event again lived up to expectations with a field of 96 players, excellent greens and sumptuous catering. Winners of the Saturday and Sunday competitions, Kirton Point skippers Ian Fulton and Fred Gerschwitz were acknowledged with prizes. However, after two days of highly competitive bowling, winning seven of

CLUB & REGIONAL NEWS FROM ACROSS THE STATE their eight matches, a team from Port Lincoln skippered by Larry Vallance took out the major prize, while another Whyalla/Port Lincoln composite team, skippered by Andrew Haines was runner-up to round up another highly successful weekend. REGION 7 Muff Courtney A large crowd attended an afternoon tea in the Encounter Bay Clubhouse for their very popular and loved centenarian Muff Courtney’s 100th birthday early in September. GSWBA Patron June Halstead presented Muff with a framed 100th Certificate from Bowls SA and as a permanent reminder of Muff’s long and valued association with the Club; a seat, suitably engraved, has been installed under the verandah so that spectators can watch bowls in the comfort of the shade.

During the day, as acknowledgement of their respect for their local member, newly elected Bowls SA Country Board Director, Jackie Kelly OAM made a presentation to recently retired Bowls SA Board Director Valda Bartlett. Valda was sincerely thanked for her service to the sport over the last four years. REGION 8 Snow at Hallett What a difference a year makes! South Australia’s contrary weather was never more evident than at 7.15am on Thursday, October 11 when snow started falling across widespread areas of the Adelaide Hills and South Australian country towns. With heavy falls over several hours the mid-North town of Hallett, including the Bowling Club, were blanketed in a thick layer of white. This couldn’t be more different to the scene last year when Green keeper Syd Dowell took a photo of the Hallett greens pock-marked after being devoured by swarms of hungry locusts. Only in Australia!

Muff Courtney Region 7 Gala Day

Valda Bartlett and Jackie Kelly OAM The first Region 7 event of the season was held at Yankalilla when Bowls SA President Ivy Kluske opened proceedings and 96 players took to the green. Winners were a composite team of Kathy Clarke (Encounter Bay), Pam Mayes (Langhorne Creek), and Pat Willets and Oksana Elf of Goolwa.

October 2012 - Snow REGION 9 90 Year Certificate At 96, Sid Ey is still a fully paid member of the Gawler Bowling Club, maintaining a keen interest in Club activities as a Life Member and Patron. While he no longer bowls Sid was an excellent bowler in his day winning many championships over the years. At the Club’s opening of the season, Sid was presented with his 90 year Certificate by Tony Brown (below), Alf Skuse was inducted as a Life Member as was Ron Cummings.

REGION 12 Clare and Bob Buick Green A great honour has been bestowed on Henley Bowling Club stalwarts and Life Members Clare and Bob Buick with the Club’s ‘A green’ named the Clare and Bob Buick Green. In brilliant sunshine worthy of two lovely people, family members joined Club members for a ceremony that saw Clare nearly 90 and Bob 93, jointly unveil the sign bearing their name; indelibly linking them to the Henley Bowling Club. Clare was a foundation member of the Club in May 1959 and their first President in 1962, going on to serve a second two year term 1979 to 1981, having also served as Secretary from 1970 to 1975. Robertson Henry Buick joined on November 4, 1952 and has been a loyal and dedicated member even since. He has bowled with distinction throughout those years, not only as a Henley member, but as a prominent member of the South Australian RSL team. A former feared One Red skipper, Bob took up bowls after returning from the war at the age of 32 which was too late (old?) to return to cricket, so he decided to try bowls. 60 years on he is still a member and visits the Club each week. During Bob’s career, he won the Club Pair’s championship on five occasions and was Club Singles Champion in 1983/84. Bob served as President from 1970-1972, Green’s Manager 19831985 and Club Coach in 1985. Such is Bob’s dry wit and sense of humour, he responded to the Club’s recent advert for a Club Coach. Negotiations stalled! As a loyal club member, Bob was noted for saying, “I’m not bowling for Bob Buick, but for Henley.” The naming of a green in honour of two great Club members, in Clare and Bob Buick, is a worthy accolade of dedicated and loyal service to the Henley Bowling Club.

Clare and Bob Buick SA BOWLER | November 2012 | 29


You Be the Umpire


A player from team A suggests that a bowl is out of bounds. The third for team A checks it and picks it up agreeing that it is out of bounds. The opposing third objects. What should be done?


May a visiting affiliated player from another state act as a substitute in a pennant competition?


The first end of a match results in a tied end. (a) Does the end count? (b) Who places the mat to start the next end? (c) Where is the mat placed?


In a closely fought match, a team is holding three close shots when its skip accidentally moves the jack a few centimetres without changing the scoring situation. What should be done?


As players change over during a game, a small child (not a member of either team) wanders onto the rink and plays with the jack. What action should be taken and by whom? Answers page 33

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QUESTIONING THE LAW-MAKING PROCESS Recently a reader questioned a previous article, as to whether the Parliament we elect has a role to make laws that they see as important to the community. I agreed that they do, but I also highlighted that those who make decisions about our lives need to be held accountable. They need to be able to justify what they do and this is a basic premise upon which the community should operate. However, I am particularly concerned about those issues where Governments tend to show little concern to the minority groups in the community. In my view, that is the test for any government, but the strength of its character and its resolve seem to be lacking in a number of areas when it comes to that test over recent times. The Government is a representative body of public servants who serve the people. True, they form parties, have agendas and a series of issues that they go to the electorate with at election time.

If they win they say that they have a mandate or a legitimate basis for governing a community or implementing their changes. I am not sure whether that can be said to be the case in minority Governments, or Governments where the electorate votes to ensure an upper house exists to review legislation, but that is the theory. Commonly, issues and new matters arise after elections for which that argument cannot be used. In South Australia, in particular the current Government has for years bemoaned the existence of the Upper House. I for one am extraordinarily grateful that it exists to review legislation introduced in the Lower House. In South Australia, as elsewhere, interest in the process depends on the issues in debate. In New South Wales recently, minority parties assisted the New South Wales Government to drastically modify the WorkCover system. What they wanted were specific matters pertaining to their parties’ interests. The wider aspects of the issue did not cause them sufficient concern. This is a stark example of how the Parliamentary process worked and a very good example as to why it is that we should not sit back and accept everything we are told by Governments. The media can also assist in probing those who govern on important issues but it is important that media reporting is balanced. Bowls SA is itself intersecting with the law again in a very definite way. Constitutions and rules of each of the Clubs and Associations of Bowls SA govern their day-to-day activities against the backdrop of South Australian and Australian law.

You will also be well aware of the Open Gender policies and the legal requirements that Bowling Clubs and Associations need to observe. A consciousness by us all of the Parliamentary and legal process is a good thing. I am sure that people become politicians and members of Parliament because they have great intentions and goodwill. The political processes can blunt that ideal and often does, which is why we as constituents need to be ever vigilant as to what we are told. Examine and consider it and reject it, if necessary, or force Governments to amend it for change. As a group we have that power. Information is readily available through social media, the Internet and other places and as a community we have the opportunity of being better informed than ever before. We can do that by having an informed view about issues. Constructive criticism is a good thing and we can all learn from that. To just accept what you are told, without question is not the way to go. Be involved. If an issue concerns you contact your local member; react to it and then send in letters as Government tend to take notice of that. Governments, just like Boards in a Bowling Club and all of us, are accountable.

Anthony Kerin

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MAITLAND orDes 1300 663 Hasting

Phone: (03) 9873 0101 635 Phone:CLARENDON (03) 9873 0101 or 1300 663 635 Fax: Lloyd (03) 9873 8974 MALLALA Fax: Peter (03) 9873 8974 Mavis Reid EDITHBURGH RSL Robert Oborn FREELING John Wright

32 | SA BOWLER | November 2012

McLAREN VALE Gordon Walker Brian James 30/3/11 30/3/11 6:50:59 AM

6:50:59 AM

MILLSWOOD William (Billy) Chester

TANUNDA Gilbert Ahrens

MUNNO PARA Keith Smith William (Bill) Neilson Sharon Scott


MURRAYVILLE RSL Jock Etherton Lance Perkins

WALLAROO Bruce Knight WHYALLA Trevor Trewartha


WILLUNGA Max Brooksby

STURT Alister McIntosh Patrick Geue Guido Papagni

YORKETOWN Margaret Algie Arthur Webster

Upcoming Events World Bowls 2012

MGA Men’s Country Carnival

Participants from 27 of the World’s best bowling countries will compete over 16 days. Tickets available at:

The biggest event on the Bowls SA calendar brings together over 1000 country men’s bowlers from all over the state. Particpants play in a week long competition in Singles, Pairs and Fours disciplines.

24 November - 9 December 2012 Lockleys & Holdfast Bay Bowling Clubs

Bowls SA MGA Men’s Country Carnival

Bowls SA Open Singles 11 & 12


Finals - Salisbury Bowling Club

Bowls SA State Pairs 18 15 16 & 17

November December December

Metro Qualifying Metro Qualifying Finals - Marion Bowling Club


SA Qualifying - Salisbury Bowling Club

World Bowls 2012 24 to 9

November December

Lockleys & Holdfast Bay Bowling Clubs

November December

Entries close SA Qualifying - Somerton Bowling Club


Entries close Preliminary and Knockout rounds Finals - Marion Bowling Club

SA v VIC Test Series 8-10


Bendigo Bowling Club

13 17 13 & 20 26 & 27

December December January January

Entries Close - Country Entries Close - Metro Metro Qualifying Finals

21 18-23 24

January March March

Entries Close Preliminary and Knockout rounds Finals - Lockleys Bowling Club

State Triples

Over 60s Competition 12

November February February

Bowls SA MGA Women’s Country Carnival

Australian Open Triples 19 10 & 11

19 4-10 11

State Singles - Men, Women & Open Disability

Australian Open Pairs 19 & 20

4-11 February 2013

Grange Bowling Club

For more information on events contact Bowls SA

24 29 17 & 24 3&4

January January February March

Entries Close - Country Entries Close - Country Metro Qualifying Finals

You Be the Umpire


The skips must agree that a bowl is dead before it can be removed Law 27.3 If a bowl at rest or a toucher in the ditch is displaced by a player and it has not disturbed the head after it is displaced the opposing skip should put the bowl back to its former position. Law Once this has been done the skips should decide whether or not the bowl is dead.


Yes. If there is no eligible member available an affiliated member may act as a substitute or a replacement player provided that the controlling body is satisfied that the affiliated player’s playing ability is not better than that of the absent player in the team. DR 4.7.3


(a) Yes. A tied end is counted as a played end. Law 41.2 (b) The player who played first in the tied end. Law 41.4 (c) The mat must be placed at the option of the first to play in accordance with Law 19.1.1


If a jack at rest within the rink of play is displaced by a player, the opposing skip should put the jack back to its former position. Law 33.1.3.


As the jack has been displaced by a neutral person, it should be put back to its former position. If the skips cannot agree on the jack’s former position, the end should be declared dead. Law 33.3.3.


SA BOWLER | November 2012 | 33




Competition SPONSORED BY:

Simply mark an X on the photo where you think the Jack was, fill in your details below and send to:

SPOT THE JACK Bowls SA PO Box 59, Brooklyn Park SA 5032 The winner will be the entry marked closest to the actual location of the Jack. Entries must be received by 5 December 2012



her c u o $50 V The from Den ers Bowl

Club: ......................................................................................................................................... Address: ................................................................................................................................... ......................................................................................... Phone: ...........................................


Congratulations to: Wendy Koennecke from Warooka Bowling Club Wendy will receive a $50 voucher from The Bowlers Den





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HOLDFAST BAY BOWLS CLUB Friday Open Triples Start 12.30 pm $5 entry fee All welcome

Summer Bowls at Wallaroo Indoor carpet greens

SOCIAL MIXED TRIPLES 12.30pm Every Wednesday Bowls Office open every day 9am to 5pm Phone 8823 2665 Green open for play 9am daily Individuals/Groups/Clubs welcome Website:

ADVERTISE HERE Contact Bowls SA for more information and rates on 8234 7544 or email


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SA Bowler November 2012  

SA Bowler November 2012

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