Toronto Focus Fall 2019

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Mohawk College: Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation Zero Carbon Building a learning tool for teachers and students By Joanne McCallum and Lisa Bate


In a direct reflection of the commitment to achieve a 30% reduction of 2007 baseline carbon emissions by 2020, the Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation of Mohawk College in Hamilton is the first Institutional building, and second overall in Canada, to be certified under the Canada Green Building Council Zero Carbon Building - Design Standard.


FALL 2019 Toronto FOCUS

The project demonstrates that the technology exists today to design and construct affordable, exceptionally high-performing net zero carbon enclosures to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and 2050, without sacrificing design or aesthetic. Sustainability and design are no longer mutually exclusive, and The Joyce Centre is emblematic of this paradigm shift. 1. The Zero Carbon Joyce Centre clad with insulated precast concrete panels and a curtain wall by Schuco. The building has realized a 50% reduction in water consumption for nonpotable uses partly achieved through a rainwater harvesting system by Pumptronics Inc.