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Thermally efficient envelopes The way to low energy buildings

Eastgate Offices 24/7 building conserves and generates energy

The Ultimate Test for Design Does it Cause Health?

the 2014 LEED Canada Buildings-in-review sabMag - SPRING 2015




ROXUL NA HEAD OFFICE - New 25,000 square foot two-storey development uses Inline Fiberglass Ltd. High Performance Series 400 Commercial Window System.


235 FITCH STREET SENIORS RESIDENCE - New 50,000 square foot three-storey residential project uses Inline Fiberglass Ltd. High Performance Series 325 Fixed/Awning Windows.


With a commitment to green and sustainable design, through profiles pultruded exclusively in green and recycled material, INLINE is fully positioned to support green building projects and LEED eligibility.

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Industry News, Products, People, Events The Ultimate Test for Design: Does it Cause Health?



CEU: Thermally efficient building envelopes


Visualizing the pathway to low energy buildings

17-41 The 2014 LEED Buildings-In-Review Our annual supplement of LEED-certified buildings


Eastgate Offices for Environment Canada


Interview with Ron Schwenger



Energy-intensive building conserves through heat recovery, PV generation, and tight envelope

Advice from the field on getting the most from vegetated roofs and living walls

42 issuE DON’T MISS next Summer 2015 2015 Canadian Green Building Awards A review of all the winning projects

Design practice: Rebuilding our cities Innovation and resilience at the district scale

CEU: Suburban intensification Strategies to make suburban buildings more sustainable

Cover: Eastgate Office Main Lobby. Photo: Darren Jacknisky, Bluefish Studios. Bottom right: Sustainable suburban intensification in our next issue. The Exchange Building,

Cooper Construction Limited. sabMag - SPRING 2015


Courtesy of the Vancouver Convention Centre


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VISIT While declining oil prices have toned

PUBLISHER Don Griffith 800-520-6281, ext. 304,

down the rhetoric a bit, various levels of government are still trying to convince us

EDITOR Jim Taggart, FRAIC 604-874-0195,

that our future economic well-being is inextricably linked to the extraction, distribution

SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER Patricia Abbas 416-438-7609,

and sale of fossil fuels. We are told that new

GRAPHIC DESIGN Carine De Pauw 800-520-6281, ext. 308,

will provide well paid, long-term jobs that we

pipelines, deep water ports and LNG plants cannot do without. As far as the Canadian Centre for Policy photo: ROY GROGAN

Alternatives [CCPA] is concerned, this is all smoke and mirrors. The fossil fuel-based

Published by

energy sector provides only 1% of Canada’s jobs but contributes fully 25%

81 Leduc St.,Gatineau,Qc J8X 3A7 800-520-6281, ext.304, 819-778-5040 Fax: 819-595-8553

of the country’s GHG emissions. Add to this the fact that Canada consumes

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less than half the fossil fuels it extracts, the remainder being exported to the United States and elsewhere, and it is clear that our current energy policies are causing harm on a global scale. At the same time as the energy sector is expanding, our manufacturing sector is declining. We are reverting to a resource-dependent economic model with an ever shrinking value-added component, rather than investing in the skills training, technical innovation and creative policy making, that are necessary to support the development of a sustainable green economy. One problem is that jobs in the energy sector are mostly unionized and well paid, while those in the ‘greener’ service sector tend to be lower paid, less secure and, as a consequence, less satisfying. Unions could certainly play a more pro-active part in supporting the move away from jobs with a high

Publication Mail Agreement #40024961 Return undelivered Canadian address mail to: Janam Publications Inc., 81 Leduc St., Gatineau, Qc J8X 3A7

carbon impact to others that actually lower emissions, one example being building performance analysis and retrofitting. To smooth what would otherwise be a bumpy transition, CCPA believes that

The print version of SABMag uses Rolland Enviro 100 Satin, a 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and EcoLogo. It is processed chlorine-free, FSC-recycled and is manufactured using biogas energy.

the pricing of all goods and services, whether locally produced or imported, must factor in the environmental cost of associated carbon emissions. For those on lower incomes, for whom such pricing would have the greatest impact, CCPA suggests a carbon transfer - operating on a sliding scale similar to the current federal child tax credit. Business as usual will simply increase the divide that has opened up between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in Canada, and leave those least fortunate to shoulder the economic and social burdens of climate change.

Jim Taggart, FRAIC Editor

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Architectural Canada | RAIC Report

directors. I’d like to share a bit about my life and why I am excited to be the 2015 President of the RAIC. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. My father was a mechanical engineering technician, and we were always moving around. By the age of 20, I lived in six different cities in Nigeria.

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Keystone Architecture & Planning Eco Insulating Glass/Morrison Hershfield

41 Sustainable Forestry Initiative 47

Canadian Prestressed/Precast Concrete Institute


Forbo Flooring Systems

Keystone Architecture & Planning Abbotsford, BC 604-850-0577

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The winners of the 2015 Canadian Green Building Awards will be announced at Canada Green Building Council National Conference on June 2 at 4:15pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Graphics of the winning projects will be displayed, along with food, drink and a festive atmosphere. Please consider attending! We thank our sponsors: Interface, the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, Uponor and Autodesk.

The 2015





In the Winter, 2014/15 issue of SABMag, we published an article by David Mead entitled: Designing Buildings for Real Performance, which discussed ways to close the gap between design predictions and actual in-service energy performance of buildings. This article prompted a response from Andrew Corney of Sefaira, a leading manufacturer of concept-level energy modelling software. We have posted Andrew Corney’s letter, together with David Mead’s response, in the Spring, 2015 issue on our website,




The Case for Concept-Level Energy Modelling-tools

I believe in collaboration and joining forces. Our aim is to be at the table when there is discussion of the built environment by government, the private sector, NGOs, and institutions. We need to demonstrate the economic and social value, and also the civic pride that comes out of the work that architects do every day. How do we strengthen the profession to be of better service to the industry? How do we become the go-to profession when society needs help? Those are some of our goals as we work with regulators and design enthusiasts in many fields.

Mark your calendar for the Canadian Green Building Awards Reception N

President of the RAIC board of

At architecture school, everything was done in the studio, including theoretical courses. We were assessed by a jury of external examiners who were practicing architects. In a studio culture, you get used to having critics and learn to see ideas from various angles. After working as an architect in Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana, I moved to Edmonton in 2004 with my wife. I decided to put my volunteer time into the RAIC because I want to advocate for excellence in the built environment. I think the RAIC occupies a unique position to galvanize the profession across the country. It’s about ensuring a strong practice environment.


By Samuel Oboh, FRAIC, 2015

Living in different regions gave me the opportunity to see different cultures and people, and to experience what it means to be transient. It also made me understand the value of meaningful friendships. My mother operated a restaurant in an open-air market. We had to wake up every morning at 4:00 am to help her and get ready for school. From the age of 9 until I was 15, I had to fetch pails of water from a few kilometres away. You had to carry your weight within the family. When I was 16, I received an offer of admission to study architecture at the Bendel State University. It was joyful news. However, we didn’t have the money to pay the tuition. My parents had to borrow money from a neighbour.

Arcadian Court


Submissions NOW OPEN for the 2015


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Winnipeg airport first to receive LEED certification

Photo: Laird Kay Winnipeg Airports Authority and Stantec Architecture have announced that the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is the first airport terminal in Canada to become LEED certified, achieving LEED Silver, and one of only 24 terminals worldwide to receive LEED certification for new construction. Stantec, in association with Pelli Clarke Pelli, provided full architecture and interior design services for the airport, which includes 11 contact gates and seven ground-loading gates. Designed as a series of transparent luminous pavilions, the terminal design takes full advantage of the prairie horizon and sky. The new terminal incorporates a number of sustainable design strategies intended to reduce its environmental impact, including high-performance building envelope design, and innovative ventilation and lighting design strategies.

2015 CPCI Pathway to our Future Seminar centres on sustainable building Close to 100 students, architects, speakers, members and industry experts gathered in Toronto February 11-12, 2015 at CPCI’s Pathway to our Future: An Open Dialogue on Sustainability Seminar to discuss the impact of sustainability on architectural and engineering decisions at various stages within construction projects. Speakers shared case studies and their thoughts on how sustainability has evolved over the years and where they see sustainable development going in the future. The event was very well received by all attendees and CPCI is planning on organizing other seminars on sustainability across Canada in the future. More information will be posted on CPCI’s website at

RAIC honours Brian MacKay-Lyons with 2015 Gold Medal

Brian MacKay-Lyons, FRAIC, a founding partner of MacKayLyons Sweetapple Architects, based in Halifax, NS is the 2015 recipient of the RAIC Gold Medal, the highest honour the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada [RAIC] can bestow to recognize a significant and lasting contribution to Canadian architecture.

Ghost 7 Cabins. MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. Photo: JamesSteeves. The jury called him an,“an authentic and original voice in the development of a contemporary expression of traditional regional architecture.” The Gold Medal will be presented at a ceremony at the RAIC/AAA Festival of Architecture, which takes place in Calgary June 3 to 6.

2015 Greenest School in Canada competition launches The Canada Green Building Council [CaGBC] and the Canada Coalition for Green Schools have officially opened the 2015 Greenest School in Canada competition. Now in its second year, this annual competition is open to schools of grades between K and 12 and are judged on:

Brian Mackay-Lyons

• Efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact. • Enhanced health and learning among students, teachers and staff. • Emphasis on sustainability and resource-conservation education. A full submission form can be found at CAGBC/Programs. Submission deadline in June 1.

Remington Centre to be Canada's largest geothermal and green shopping destination

Remington Centre

Located in Markham, Ontario and set to begin construction this year, the 800,000 sq.ft. Remington Centre will build and install one of the country’s largest geothermal systems - 1,100 tonnes of geothermal capacity to provide 100% of the energy required to heat and cool the entire facility.

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APRIL 30, 2015

The NEW RBC WaterPark Place 88 Queen’s Quay West Lobby

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The Ultimate Test for Design:

Does it Cause Health? By Tye S. Farrow and Sharon Vanderkaay

What if our health became the basis for judging every building and every public space? What if every person, everywhere always asked, “Does this place cause health? How does it make me feel?”

Need for a higher purpose

Focus on the desired result

There is no such thing as a neutral place. What we build either

It’s time to redefine the parameters that the sustainability

enhances or erodes our health. The full range of design factors that

movement has focused on. We need to shift our interests as

influence our total health extend beyond the state of our physical

to what are the elements that allow humans to thrive; socially,

health, to include qualities that affect our state of mind.

intellectually, environmentally and economically. There is an

Until recently, attention has been focused almost exclusively on

overarching, pressing need to assess and fuel the demand for

the technical end of the sustainability spectrum. LEED for example,

buildings and places that cause health rather than merely aspir-

has been primarily effective in assessing eco-responsibility from this

ing to stop doing harm. The distinction between causing health

standpoint. By contrast, attention to environmental responsibility

and preventing degradation is crucial. The cause health view is

from a place-making and life-enhancing point of view has been nearly

focused on leveraging human assets and capabilities—regard-

absent. A building might therefore attain LEED Platinum status, while

less of their current state—and engages us in building on these

being extremely unhealthy in terms of its social, cultural and psy-

strengths to optimize health.

chological impact. The Living Building Challenge moves to expand

The concept of optimizing health is a revolutionary departure

the eco-evaluation scope to include health, equity and beauty as

from our historical focus on preventing, curing and/or reduc-

well as site, water, energy and materials. Equally, the New York City

ing disease. For evidence of this imbalance, consider the term

Department of Planning’s Active Design Guidelines focus primarily on

pathogenic, which is widely understood to mean “causing dis-

physical health activity [such as walkability] but fall short of the larger

ease.” A corresponding term for “causing health,” salutogenic,

basket of total health.

is relatively unknown. If causing total health became the basis

The time has come to take the next leap forward by assessing total

for judging every building and every public space, we would

health—encompassing social integration, brain stimulation and spiri-

raise public aspirations beyond prevention, sustaining and walk-

tual regeneration—as part of our evaluation criteria. In other words,

ing. This broader concept of whole health aims higher than a

responsible building today cannot be isolated, placeless and rootless.

goal to sustain.

If what we build is not beloved, it is at risk of disposal.

The movement to cause health builds prosperity by moving

Our quest now is to make the places we live, learn and work a thriv-

upstream to reduce the unsustainable burden of illness on soci-

ing habitat. Yet the sustainability movement is frequently hampered

ety. Cause Health is a model of abundance and regeneration

by politics and disagreements regarding the best way forward. Given

rather than scarcity because it channels today’s wasted down-

this reality, the intersection between individual and public health can

stream resources [including human energy and capabilities, as

be a unifying cause that serves to accelerate progress. In order to suc-

well as financial assets] to instead create places that allow us to

ceed, the cause and criteria must be easily understood and embraced

thrive mentally, physically and socially.

through a common, critical eye by all of us. Studies indicate that public awareness campaigns based on fear and negative global consequences attract initial attention, but they

Beyond good intentions: how change really happens

are ineffective as a means to change behaviour and results. Yet when

Major shifts in norms and values have happened in the past

we become aware of the physical, psychological and spiritual ele-

when people saw themselves as benefiting personally, rather

ments that affect our own day-to-day environment, our values and

than being coerced by laws, lectures and frightening news sto-

norms can shift. The higher purpose of “creating a world of places

ries. We can also observe how attitudes toward food and cook-

that make us feel better” is motivating and less overwhelming than

ing reflect society’s evolving values and self-image. One end of

the fearful concept of staving off climate change.

the food spectrum is dominated by empty calories, unhealthy


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WOULD YOU INVEST IN THIS? I propose to build you a new building. Outfit it with the most technologically-advanced energy-saving products in the world. Then leave all the windows open.

Sound crazy? It is crazy. But you are doing it right now. Every building you are invested in today has windows with R-2 to R-4 insulation. That’s like leaving all the windows open. You can change that with one phone call. Choose windows with ECOGLASS/HM. Get insulating values of R-8 to R-20 and get You’d be REAL energy savings. Just call the number over here

crazy 1-866-331-8235 not to call.

We’ve Brought Sustainability to the Next Level

Ottawa Archive and Library Facility Barry J. Hobin Architects

Morrison Hershfield is a North American Leader in engineering design. Utilizing the newest of sustainable technologies, Morrison Hershfield helps our clients to integrate LEED Version 4 in the design of high performance green buildings optimized to benefit the environment, human health, and the community. Morrison Hershfield’s multi-disciplinary engineering services can help you with your next building project. Our sustainable building services typically include: Expert LEED Facilitation Energy Modeling and Simulation Carbon Footprinting & Verification Building Science & Façade Engineering

Life Cycle Assessment Whole Building Commissioning Code & Life Safety

Constructive Thinkers sabMag - SPRING 2015


Thermally efficient building envelopes

Read this article and take the quiz at: WWW.SABMAGAZINE-EDUCATION.INFO

to receive 1 Core Learning Unit Take approved SABMag continuing education courses for LEED AP credential maintenance.

Visualizing the pathway to low energy buildings Thermally efficient building envelopes have long been recognized as a necessity for low energy buildings in heating dominated climates. Low energy buildings are not only a goal for buildings built to green rating systems, but are also a stated long-term developmental objective of energy standards that are applicable to all large buildings. Building envelope thermal performance is an increasingly essential consideration as industry is tasked with designing and constructing buildings that consume less energy. This article provides an overview of the resources that are now available to practitioners to help design building envelopes that can be aligned with specific project performance objectives and construction realities.

In partnership with:

- By Patrick Roppel Building envelope thermal performance is greatly affected by thermal bridging, or localized areas of

In the past, there were good and logical reasons for design teams ignoring the impact of thermal bridging at interface details, which included:

increased heat flow through walls and roofs. Mitigating

1. Prevailing methods to assess the impact of thermal bridging were complicated

the impact of thermal bridging is not only necessary to

2. A lack of generic data to assess thermal bridging without project specific analysis

reduce energy consumption but is also an important consideration for minimizing the risk of condensation on cold surfaces and for maintaining occupant comfort. Most designers of large buildings have moved

3. The impact of thermal bridging at interface details, especially components with

small areas, was assumed to be low 4. Energy standards and codes typically did not effectively address thermal bridges at interface details.

beyond mistakenly using nominal R-values of assem-

ASHRAE 1365-RP “Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid-

bly cross sections in load and energy calculations.

and High-Rise Buildings”, put forward procedures and data that helped address the

They understand that it’s the “effective” R-value that

first three points. The 1365-RP calculation procedures are similar to the methods

counts; the thermal resistance through an assembly

employed by Passive House, a standard that requires project specific heat loss

that includes the effects of thermal bridging. The pres-

calculations to certify buildings. 1365-RP started a market transformation to better

ent day scenario is more likely to see a design team

evaluate building performance but only scratched the surface in terms of identify-

focused on hard targets for the “effective” R-value or

ing how to mitigate thermal bridging in design and did not address the impact on

thermal transmittance [U-value] of wall and glazing

energy consumption in buildings.

assemblies, but overlooking the impact of thermal bridging at the interface between building envelope components [interface detail]. Examples of thermal bridging at interface details include intermediate floor

Enter the new Building Envelope Thermal Bridging [BETB] Guide

slabs, interfaces between windows and walls, parapets, and intersections to interior walls.

The BETB Guide is a valuable reference tool that contains essential information for

Research has shown that the impact of thermal

evaluating building envelope thermal performance, including easy-to-use methods for

bridging at interface details is significant to the build-

understanding, accurately calculating and mitigating thermal bridging, along with an

ing envelope thermal performance, energy consump-

extensive catalogue of thermal performance data. It expands significantly on previous

tion in heating dominated climates, and the realization

work, and identifies opportunities to incentivize improving industry practice. Emerging

of low energy buildings. Unmitigated thermal bridging

technologies and construction practices that offer substantial improvements to current

can undermine long-standing strategies to improve

construction practice are explored. The BETB Guide systematically addresses the first

building envelope thermal performance, such as mini-

three points above and helps with work that is currently underway to better address

mizing glazing area, maximizing glazing performance,

thermal bridging in energy codes and standards.

increasing air-tightness, and adding more insulation.

Regardless of what designers are compelled to consider for compliance with energy

The importance of mitigating the impact of thermal

standards, thermal bridging should be an essential consideration for designing sustain-

bridging at interface details is ever more important as

able buildings. There is no longer justification to ignore thermal bridging at interface

designs increasingly rely on higher “effective” R-values

details because we know the impact is significant and we have the tools to access how

to meet energy related targets.

to best deliver more efficient building envelopes.


sabMag - SPRING 2015



BUILDINGS-in-review The 2014 list of LEED-certified buildings, and selected building profiles


Thomas Mueller

EVERY BUILDING GREENER Welcome to the sixth edition of the LEED® Canada Buildings in Review supplement, produced in partnership with SABMag. In this supplement, you will see some of the most innovative and well-designed LEED certified buildings in Canada. LEED certification provides a seal of approval in the marketplace knowing that these buildings have gone through a rigorous process to verify their environmental performance targets. Over the past decade, the CaGBC has worked with the industry to change the way that buildings are designed, built and operated making Canada home to the second highest number of LEED certified buildings in the world with over 2,000 LEED certified projects, and more than 5,000 registered. Last year was a milestone year for green buildings in Canada as CaGBC introduced LEED v4 to take performance to the next level. We worked with stakeholders providing guidance and technical input to ensure the successful introduction of the new rating system. CaGBC will provide full certification and technical support for LEED v4 projects using LEED On-line. We are also offering technical training and educational via the web, in classroom sessions and at the national conference and expo from June 2-4, 2015. The CaGBC is pleased to work with SABMag to provide professionals and contractors, building owners and developers, and manufacturers and suppliers with the national exposure and recognition they deserve for being at the forefront of green building innovation. Thank you for your commitment and support for this supplement and congratulations to all for your ongoing contributions toward making “Every Building Greener” in Canada.

Thomas Mueller President and CEO, CaGBC

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platinum ÌÌ 220ÌportageÌave,ÌWinnipeg, MB, Artis REIT ÌÌ 30ÌVictoria Gatineau, QC, Multivesco ÌÌ CentraleÌdeÌcogénérationÌauÌbiogaz,Ì St-Thomas de Joliette, QC, EBI Énergie ÌÌ CentreÌofÌnewtonÌphaseÌii Surrey, BC, Ctre of Newton Property Inc. ÌÌ ElementaryÌteachers'ÌFedÌofÌonÌHQ,ÌToronto, ON, Elem. Teachers' Fed of ON


ÌÌ EvergreenÌBrickÌWorksÌ-ÌCtreÌforÌgreenÌCities,Ì Toronto, ON, Evergreen Brick Works ÌÌ perkinsÌ+ÌWillÌCanadaÌVancouverÌoffice,Ì Vancouver, BC, Perkins + Will ÌÌ RobinsonÌplace,ÌonÌgovÌBuilding,Ì Peterborough, ON, Infrastructure ON ÌÌ SimcoeÌHall,ÌlakeheadÌuniversity Orillia, ON, Lakehead Univ. Physical Plant

ÌÌ StudentÌResidence,ÌlakeheadÌuniv,ÌOrillia, ON, Lakehead Univ Physical Plant ÌÌ toronto-dominionÌCentre,Ì222ÌBayÌStÌ Toronto, ON, Cadillac Fairview ÌÌ ValeÌlivingÌwithÌlakesÌCentre Sudbury, ON, Laurentian University ÌÌ VandusenÌBotanicalÌgarden Vancouver, BC, City of Vancouver - RealEstate & Facilities Management

gold ÌÌ 100ÌVentureÌRun Dartmouth, NS, The Hardman Group Ltd. ÌÌ 1100,Ìboul.ÌÌRené-lévesqueÌouest Montreal, QC, Oxford Properties Group Inc. ÌÌ 1140ÌWestÌpender,ÌVancouver, BC, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ 1250,ÌBoul.ÌRené-levesque Montreal, QC, Oxford Properties Group Inc. ÌÌ 14106Ì-ÌCanaccordÌgenuityÌplace Vancouver, BC, Cadillac Fairview Corp. ÌÌ 180ÌQueenÌStreetÌWest Toronto, ON, GWL Realty Advisors ÌÌ 22ÌEddyÌStreet,ÌGatineau, QC Broccolini Construction Inc. ÌÌ 230ÌSackville,ÌRegentÌpark Toronto, ON, Toronto Community Housing ÌÌ 255ÌalbertÌStreet,ÌOttawa, ON GWL Realty Advisors ÌÌ 269ÌlaurierÌavenue Ottawa, ON, GWL Realty Advisors ÌÌ 287Ìnelson'sÌCourtÌ-ÌBuildingÌ1 New Westminster, BC, Wesgroup Properties ÌÌ 33ÌYongeÌStreet Toronto, ON, GWL Realty ÌÌ 354ÌdavisÌRoad,ÌOakville, ON, First Gulf Corporation ÌÌ 360Ìmain Winnipeg, MB, Artis REIT ÌÌ 438ÌuniversityÌavenue,ÌToronto, ON, Dundee Realty Management Corp. (DREAM) ÌÌ 4teÌinc.ÌdesignÌStudio Ottawa, ON, 4té inc. ÌÌ 5775ÌYongeÌStreet,ÌToronto, ON Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada c/o Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ 6880ÌFinancial Mississauga, ON, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ 701ÌWÌgeorgia Vancouver, BC, Cadillac Fairview Corp. ÌÌ 720ÌKingÌWest,ÌToronto, ON, Greiner-Pacaud/ Hamilton Management Inc. ÌÌ 777ÌBayÌStreet Toronto, ON, Canderel ÌÌ 777Ìdunsmuir Vancouver, BC, Cadillac Fairview Corp. ÌÌ 800Ì5thÌave Calgary, AB, Artis REIT ÌÌ 90ÌElginÌStÌ-ÌJamesÌmichaelÌFlahertyÌBldg,Ì Ottawa, ON, Great West Life Realty Advisors ÌÌ 95ÌWellingtonÌStreetÌWest Toronto, ON, Cadillac Fairview ÌÌ a.ÌBlairÌmcphersonÌSchool Edmonton, AB, Bird Construction Group ÌÌ alberniÌdistrictÌSecondaryÌSchool Port Alberni, BC, School District No 70 18

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ÌÌ WaterparkÌplaceÌRecertification Toronto, ON, Oxford Properties Group ÌÌ WatershedÌConservationÌCentre London, ON, UTRCA


ÌÌ BanqueÌnationaleÌFlagshipÌ-Ìsucc.Ì&Ìbur.Ì Sherbrooke,ÌSherbrooke, QC, Banque Nationale du Canada BanqueÌnationaleÌ-ÌnouvelleÌsuccursale,Ì av.ÌSt-david,ÌQuébec, QC, Banque Nationale Groupe financier BaxterÌCorporationÌCanadaÌHeadÌoffice Mississauga, ON, Baxter Healthcare ÌÌ BCÌoilÌ&ÌgasÌCommissionÌReidÌBldg,ÌFort St. John, BC, WL Construction ÌÌ BdCÌmarkham,ÌMarkham, ON, Business Development Bank of Canada ÌÌ BellÌtrinityÌSq.ÌRecert.,ÌToronto, ON ÌÌ BentallÌCtreÌtowerÌiV,Ì1055ÌdunsmuirÌSt,Ì Vancouver, BC, Ivanhoé Cambridge ÌÌ Bio-CanadianÌCoastÌguardÌBuilding Dartmouth, NS, Dept of Fisheries and Oceans ÌÌ BmW/miniÌlangley Langley, BC, OpenRoad Auto Group ÌÌ BowÌValleyÌSquare,ÌCalgary,ÌaB Calgary, AB, Oxford Properties Group ÌÌ BCÌCancerÌagencyÌCentreÌforÌtheÌnorth,Ì Prince George, BC, Cancer Agency, Centre for the North ÌÌ BrooksÌCropÌdiversificationÌCentreÌ SouthÌgreenhouse,ÌBrooks, AB, Alberta Infrastructure ÌÌ CaisseÌdesjardins,ÌSte-Therese, QC, Caisse Desjardins Thérèse-De Blainville ÌÌ CaledonÌEastÌo.p.p.ÌStation Caledon, ON, Town of Caledon ÌÌ CarrefourÌdeÌl'innovationÌingoÌ-ÌÉcoleÌdeÌ tech.Ìsup.,ÌMtl, QC, École de tech. supérieure ÌÌ CentralÌCondoÌ-ÌphaseÌi Ottawa, ON, Urban Capital ÌÌ CtreÌdeÌdonnéesÌinternetÌintelligentÌdeÌtEluSÌ àÌRimouski, QC, TELUS ÌÌ CentreÌsurÌlaÌBiodiversité Montréal, QC, Université de Montréal ÌÌ CFERÌdesÌChênes,ÌDrummondville, QC Waste Management ÌÌ ChilliwackÌSecondaryÌCampusÌBuilding Chilliwack, BC, School District 33 ÌÌ CityÌofÌSaintÌJohnÌpoliceÌHeadquarters Saint John, NB, City of Saint John ÌÌ CommerceÌplace,ÌEdmonton, AB, bcIMC Realty Corporation c/o GWL Realty Advisors Inc. ÌÌ CommonÌareas,ÌtheÌCoREÌShoppingÌCentre Calgary, AB, 20VIC Management Inc. ÌÌ CRCHum Montréal, QC, CHUM ÌÌ directÌEnergyÌCentre Toronto, ON, Exhibition Place ÌÌ douglasÌparkÌElementaryÌSchool Regina, SK, Regina Public Schools

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ÌÌ QuarryÌParkÌProfessional Calgary, AB, Artis REIT ÌÌ QuinteÌConsolidatedÌCourthouse Belleville, ON, Infrastructure Ontario ÌÌ rCMPÌeÌdivisionÌHQ,ÌSurrey, BC, PWGSC ÌÌ reflectionsÌCondoÌ85ÌTheÌdonwayÌW. Toronto, ON, FRAM Building Group ÌÌ riverÌCentreÌi,ÌSaskatoon, SK, Triovest ÌÌ robertÌC.ÌgillettÌstudentÌCommons Ottawa, ON, Algonquin College ÌÌ rotmanÌschoolÌofÌManagementÌsouthÌBldg,Ì Toronto, ON, Rotman School of Management ÌÌ royalÌCentre,ÌVancouver, BC, Brookfield Office Properties ÌÌ senecaÌCollegeÌ-ÌNewnhamÌCampusÌBldgÌAÌ Toronto, ON, Seneca College ÌÌ shaughnessyÌstationÌCommunityÌBranchÌ33 Port Coquitlam, BC, Vancouver City Savings Credit Union ÌÌ sheldonÌKennedyÌChildÌAdvocacyÌCentre Calgary, AB, Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre ÌÌ siègeÌsocialÌdeÌlaÌCapitaleÌgroupeÌfinancier Québec, QC, La Capitale immobilière MFQ

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ÌÌ 10469Ì-ÌCanadianÌTireÌgrandviewÌHighwayÌ Centre,ÌVancouver, BC, CT REIT ÌÌ 1100ÌMelvilleÌstreet Vancouver, BC, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ 1130ÌWestÌPender Vancouver, BC, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ 120Ìlynn-Williams Toronto, ON, First Capital Asset Management ÌÌ 146Ì-Ì150ÌlakeshoreÌroadÌWest Oakville, ON, First Capital Realty Inc. ÌÌ 1699ÌleÌCorbusier Laval, QC, VC - Société en commandite ÌÌ 191ÌPioneer Winnipeg, MB, Artis REIT ÌÌ 1919ÌMinnesotaÌCourt Mississauga, ON, Carttera Private Equities Inc. ÌÌ 333ÌMain Winnipeg, MB, Artis REIT ÌÌ 4321ÌstillÌCreekÌdr.Ì(WillingdonÌParkÌPh.Ì6),Ì Burnaby, BC, Triovest ÌÌ 901ÌKingÌstreetÌWest,ÌToronto, ON, Crown Property Management Inc. ÌÌ AgrandissementÌdeÌlaÌmaisonÌmèreÌdesÌ sœursÌdeÌNotre-dameÌduÌsaint-rosaireÌ Rimouski, QC, Congrégation des Sœurs RSR ÌÌ AgrandissementÌduÌCollègeÌMontmorency Laval, QC, Collège Montmorency ÌÌ AirportÌexecutiveÌPark,ÌBuildingÌ10 Richmond, BC, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ AirportÌexecutiveÌPark,ÌBuildingÌ7 Richmond, BC, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ ABÌHealthÌservicesÌsouthÌHealthÌCampus,Ì Calgary, AB, AB Health Services South Health Campus ÌÌ ABÌinfrastructure,ÌedmontonÌNorthÌ PetroleumÌPlaza,ÌEdmonton, AB, AB Infrastructure ÌÌ ABÌinvestmentÌManagerÌCorp.Ìoffices Edmonton, AB, AB Investment Management Corp.

ÌÌ vandermeerÌToyota,ÌCobourg, ON, Vandermeer Toyota ÌÌ vaughanÌCityÌHall,ÌVaughan, ON, City of Vaughan ÌÌ versantÌestÌ-ÌsAQ,ÌGatineau, QC, Ì First Capital Realty Inc. ÌÌ visionÌ'74Ìinc.ÌNursingÌandÌrestÌHomeÌ Addition,ÌSarnia, ON, Vision '74 Inc. Nursing & Rest Home ÌÌ WaterÌgardenÌPav.Ì&ÌBaggageÌBldgÌArtsÌCtreÌ Thunder Bay, ON, City of Thunder Bay ÌÌ WaterlooÌregionÌCourthouse Kitchener, ON, Infrastructure ON ÌÌ WaterlooÌregionalÌPoliceÌservicesÌNorthÌdiv.Ì Waterloo, ON, Region of Waterloo ÌÌ WestÌvillageÌTowerÌA,ÌToronto, ON, Deltera Inc. ÌÌ WestbrookÌCentre,ÌCalgary, AB, Calgary Transit ÌÌ WilliamÌg.ÌdavisÌBuildingÌ3rdÌFlrÌrenoÌ Mississauga, ON, Univ. of Toronto Mississauga ÌÌ YorkÌMillsÌCentre,ÌToronto, ON, Manulife Financial

ÌÌ AnimalÌCareÌandÌControlÌCentre,ÌEdmonton, AB, City of Edmonton, Planning & Dev. ÌÌ ArchbishopÌJordanÌCatholicÌHighÌschool Sherwood Park, AB,Elk Island Catholic Schools ÌÌ AtriaÌComplexÌ-Ì2225,Ì2235,Ì2255ÌsheppardÌ AveÌe,ÌToronto, ON, EPIC Realty Partners Inc. ÌÌ AvayaÌCanadaÌ-Ì425ÌleggetÌdrive Kanata, ON, Avaya Canada Corporation ÌÌ BdCÌsherbrooke,ÌSherbrooke, QC, Banque de développement du Canada ÌÌ BlackBerryÌAdvanceÌTech.ÌCtreÌ-Ì560Ì WestmountÌrd,ÌWaterloo, ON, BlackBerry Ltd ÌÌ BlueÌWaterÌBridgeÌCorporateÌCenter Point Edward, ON, Blue Water Bridge Auth. ÌÌ BradfordÌWestÌgwillimburyÌleisureÌCtreÌ Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON,Town of BWG ÌÌ BrooklinÌTowneÌCentreÌ-ÌBuildingÌM,ÌWhitby, ON, First Capital Asset Management ULC ÌÌ BuildingÌA,ÌÌTheÌexchange Toronto, ON, Cooper Construction Limited ÌÌ CalgaryÌConnectÌshellÌCentreÌ31stÌfloor Calgary, AB, Shell Canada Limited ÌÌ CalgaryÌPoliceÌserviceÌ-ÌWestwindsÌCampusÌ eastÌBldg,ÌCalgary, AB, Calgary Police Service ÌÌ CalgaryÌPoliceÌserviceÌForensicÌCentre Calgary, AB, Calgary Police Service ÌÌ CambridgeÌCampusÌ-ÌPhaseÌ1,ÌCambridge, ON, Conestoga College Institute of Tech. & Advanced Learning ÌÌ CanadaÌgamesÌCentre Halifax, NS, Halifax Regional Municipality ÌÌ CanadaÌPostÌCorpÌHamiltonÌMountainÌ deliveryÌdepot,ÌHamilton, ON, Canada Post ÌÌ CanadaÌPostÌTorontoÌWestÌdeliveryÌdepot Toronto, ON, Canada Post Corporation ÌÌ CanadaÌPostÌWinnipegÌMailÌProcessingÌPlant Winnipeg, MB, Canada Post Corporation ÌÌ CanadianÌTireÌCanmore Canmore, AB, Canadian Tire Real Estate Ltd.

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ÌÌ danielsÌCapitalÌgrpÌ2515ÌMeadowpineÌBlvd.,Ì Mississauga, ON, Meadowpines (45) Ltd Part. ÌÌ danielsÌspectrum:ÌaÌculturalÌhubÌinÌregentÌ Park,ÌToronto, ON, Artscape ÌÌ darrylÌJ.ÌKingÌstudentÌlifeÌCenter London, ON, King's University College ÌÌ deerfootÌAtria Calgary, AB, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP ÌÌ domeÌBuilding,ÌrideauÌHall Ottawa, ON, National Capital Commission ÌÌ dr.ÌdonaldÌMasseyÌschool Edmonton, AB, Bird Construction Group ÌÌ ÉcoleÌcommunautaireÌAurèle-lemoine,ÌSt. Laurent, MB, Division Scolaire Franco-MBine ÌÌ ÉcoleÌsecondaireÌNorval-Morrisseau Richmond Hill, ON, Conseil scolaire Viamonde ÌÌ ÉcoleÌste-Thérèse,ÌDieppe, NB, Ministère de l'Éducation et Dév. de la petite enfance ÌÌ edmontonÌremandÌCentre,ÌEdmonton, AB, AB Infrastructure - Capital Projects Division ÌÌ espacesÌduÌdirecteurÌdesÌpoursuitesÌ criminellesÌetÌpénales,ÌQuébec, QC, Société québécoise des infrastructures ÌÌ estherÌstarkmanÌschool Edmonton, AB, Bird Construction Group ÌÌ extendicareÌTimmins Timmins, ON, Extendicare (Canada) Inc. ÌÌ eYÌCenter Ottawa, ON, 2256240 ON Inc. ÌÌ FCrÌofficesÌatÌshopsÌatÌNewÌWest,ÌNew Westminster, BC. First Capital Asset Mgmt ULC ÌÌ FirstÌCapitalÌ-Ìst-HubertÌ-ÌBuildingÌC Longueuil, QC (USGBC) ÌÌ FlorenceÌHallockÌschool Edmonton, AB, Bird Construction Group ÌÌ FondactionÌCsNÌÉdificeÌQuébec Québec, QC, Fondaction CSN ÌÌ FrederictonÌConventionÌCentre Fredericton, NB, City of Fredericton sabMag - SPRING 2015


sabMag - SPRING 2015





A real window on the technological future, EBI Energie Inc. was the first Quebec company a decade ago to begin producing renewable natural gas by processing landfill gas. Using landfill gas, EBI produces enough energy to satisfy the needs of 10,000 homes.

Landfill gas cogeneration plant: AN EFFICIENT PROCEDURE Landfill gas from the technical landfill site is the only fuel used to generate the plant’s energy. It produces two types of energy, which is why it is called a cogeneration plant: - 9.4 MW of electrical energy - 6.1 MW of energy in the form of heat Cogeneration allows us to achieve an energy efficiency rate of 64%, or 25% more than a standard conversion power plant. Electrical energy is produced from seven generator sets, six of which are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The energy produced by the plant is used to address the building’s needs for domestic hot water and heating as well as for other on-site installations. It is notably used to heat the leachate water to increase the efficiency of the biological treatment process in winter. AN ECOLOGICAL SITE IN TERMS OF WATER MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING - 95% of construction waste was recycled, which exceeds LEED requirements - The white roof reduces heat islands, minimizes the impacts on raising the ambient temperature and reduces the need for air conditioning - Rainwater is collected to feed a sensitive wetland environment - Efficient plumbing allows us to reduce water consumption by 42% compared to standard equipment


sabMag - SPRING 2015

Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation in Design Regional Priority Total

14/26 10/10 31/35 7/ 14 10/15 6/6 3/4 81/110

LOWER IMPACT MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS FOR USERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Materials with high recycled content: Steel: 75% Acoustic concrete blocks: 75% Exterior metallic siding: 84% Drywall: 99% - More than 50% of the wood used for woodwork, parapets and furniture as well as outside wood is from forests managed with regard to environmental and social impacts that is FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] certified - Paint, sealants and adhesives were selected for their low emissions of VOCs - Office equipment is GREENGUARD certified without urea formaldehyde - More than 40% of materials used are locally sourced. This practice encourages the local economy and reduced transportation-related pollution. It exceeds LEED requirements - A collection and recycling system allows us to recover paper, plastic and glass Thanks to the benefits of cogeneration, the building is completely independent and carbon-neutral. In its integrated waste management goals, the company is able to brilliantly transform waste into green, renewable energy that helps contribute to sustainable development.

WaterPark Place 2014

Oxford Properties Group has been implementing green building design and operating procedures at WaterPark Place [WPP] for over a decade.

WPP [10 and 20 Bay Street in Toronto] achieved a significant milestone in 2012 with its initial LEED Canada EB: O&M Gold Certification. In 2014, the complex became the first buildings in Canada to achieve LEED Canada EB: O&M recertification at the Platinum level. The recertification allowed the complex to improve on its level of LEED certification, with an achievement of 81 points, and is now being used by Oxford to inform the recertification of other LEED buildings in its portfolio. Customer engagement initiatives around sustainability included Oxford’s Gear Up to Less Energy lobby event, Oxford Recycles interactive game, Canopy Project Earth Week installation, E-Waste Drive, and Lighting Optimization campaign.

LEED SCORE CARD - PLATINUM Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation in Design Regional Priority Total

21/26 8/14 32/35 4/10 8/15 5/6 3/4 81/110

Performance highlights from the complex’s recertification were as follows: • Achieved an Energy Star score of 91 or REALpac normalized energy performance of 19.1 ekWh/ft* [as at December 31st, 2014] *NOTE: This is within the top quartile of REALpac’s national data set

• Approx. 31% reduction in water use compared to the LEED baseline achieved through conducting a survey of water fixture performance and replacing the high flow fixtures with low-flow models. • 86% of the building’s energy use is metered [170 meters]. Data is electronically collected and logged, and is regularly reviewed by the operations team to identify opportunities for savings. • 100% of the water-consuming end uses are sub-metered to help monitor trends and help identify opportunities for savings. • Achieved a waste diversion rate of 77%. • Over 75% of building occupants use alternative methods of transportation to commute, aided by the new PATH extension from Union Station, constructed by Oxford, to the building. • An average of 82% of customers are represented on a joint landlord-tenant green team that has been meeting since 2012.

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National Bank

With $214 billion in assets as at January 31, 2015, National Bank is the sixth largest bank in importance in Canada and the lead banking institution in the province of Quebec. National Bank has branches in almost every Canadian province and through its representative offices, subsidiaries and alliances; it is present in the United States, Europe and around the world. In its new location at the corner of King West and Jacques-Cartier in Sherbrooke, the new Flag Ship occupies 15,000 sq. ft. on two floors and includes a 5000 sq. ft. branch and 10 000 sq. feet of office space for the National Bank Financial as well as services for regional companies.

Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement’s mandate consisted of providing a full traditional architectural service; hiring and coordination of engineers and consultants, production of plans and specifications; call for tenders; site supervision; contract administration; project management and LEED certification. The design had to meet the “normalized” criteria of the National Bank within a tight budget and schedule. The design development and construction sequence had to meet the requirements for LEED-CI Gold certification.

LEED SCORE CARD - GOLD Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation in Design Total


sabMag - SPRING 2015

5/7 1/2 9/12 6/14 10/17 2/5 33/57

The FranÇois Dupuis Recreation Centre


The François Dupuis Recreation Centre provides a new six lane, 25m pool, and leisure pool for the developing community in Ottawa East. Ancillary functions include an exercise room and public meeting rooms. The design offers a model for how contemporary architecture can engage with the suburban community and landscape. A striking exterior appearance signals it’s unique status as a public space – and the organization of the building extends the delineation and expression of public space into the building interior. Sustainability: The preservation of an existing copse of trees, natural lighting throughout the facility, along with the following design features, contribute to the building’s sustainability profile. The building design is registered LEED® Silver. • Heat recovery from excess pool water • Energy performance – 40 to 50% better than Model National Energy Code for Buildings • Radiant in-floor heating • Attention to air quality • Robust building envelope and durable building material selection and detailing • Water saving landscape design and plumbing • Controlled storm water run-off • Reduced heat impact from roof and landscaping • Use of renewable, recycled and regionally produced materials

The MacEwan University Service Centre The MacEwan University Service Centre [USC] has been designed built to LEED Silver Standard. This 5,000m2 addition, uniquely situated on top of an existing five level parkade, is home to 230 administrative and support staff. The USC was the first step in MacEwan University’s downtown campus strategy, a project that will eventually see all students, staff and faculty consolidated on the City Centre Campus.


Sustainable features: • Effectively located to alleviate the need to use valuable and limited campus land. • Reduced energy consumption by up to 40% in comparison to a conventional building of its size by optimizing energy performance of the electrical and mechanical systems. • Will save between 20 to 30% of water use compared to a conventional building through use of low flush toilets, waterless urinals, and low flow faucets. • Open concept with operable windows has allowed for access to daylight, fresh air and views. • The project diverted 75% of construction and demolition waste from disposal in the landfill. • Ensured that at least 20% of the building materials and products were extracted, processed and manufactured within the region and at least 50% of the wood-based materials were certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council. • Designated preferred carpool stalls, secure bicycle storage, and shower facilities available. • Implements a Green housekeeping program. • Incorporation of a high albedo roof.


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Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation in Operations TOTAL

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The Colchester East Hants Health Centre The Colchester East Hants Health Centre [CEHHC] located in Truro, Nova Scotia is the primary acute care facility serving residents of two counties, and operates 108 inpatient beds, a wide range of outpatient clinics and satellite services. Opened in November 2012, CEHHC is the first LEED Certified Hospital in Nova Scotia.

Architechture49 and Farrow Partnership designed the building under the mantra of “causing health”, focusing attention on delivering an environment that would do more than just treat ill health. Low cost strategies of providing perpetual acts of causing health and key components of the facility’s success included maximizing daylight, and developing healing gardens in plain view of interior spaces that are easily accessible by patients, staff, physicians, volunteers and visitors creating an escape from ‘hospital life’. Landscaping was designed to eliminate the need for permanent irrigation. High efficiency fixtures reduce the need for potable water within the building. The CEHHC team worked to reduce energy needs and increase efficiency, achieved through a high performance building envelope and energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems. Equipment was selected to eliminate CFC and HCFCs. A strong post-construction commissioning process was implemented, with maintenance and operations developed for the anticipated life of the building systems. CEHHC was constructed with materials chosen for their low environmental impacts and reduced use of virgin materials. Exemplary goals were achieved for recycled content in materials [33.6%] and the use of regional materials [30.7%].


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Throughout construction a high priority was placed on sorting recyclables from construction waste, with more than 74% of waste diverted from landfill. CEHHC strives to reduce waste by providing conveniently located sorting bins for separating organics, metals and glass, paper and waste, with an implemented “pack it in, pack it out” policy. A clean environment in a Health Care facility is essential for patients, staff, physicians, volunteers and visitors. High standards of air quality control during and after construction were achieved. Low emitting sealants, adhesives, coatings, finishes and wood construction were specified and installed. In addition, CEHHC committed to reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminates by installing GreenGuard certified furniture throughout the building and committing to a similar or higher standard of furniture in future acquisitions. For more information, please visit:


The Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa is pleased to announce that its Eco River Lodge, a $3.5M expansion project completed in 2011, has received LEED® certification by the Canada Green Building Council. This designation makes the Eco River Lodge the first LEED-certified hotel in the National Capital Region.

The 10,000 square foot Eco River Lodge received this coveted certification thanks to continuous efforts by the Wakefield Mill’s team and its co-owners, Lynn Berthiaume and Robert Milling, to respect the hotel’s Gatineau Park location by reducing its ecological footprint. “We regard our role within the Park and neighbouring community as one of environmental stewardship,” says Berthiaume. “We view every effort to limit negative effects upon this beautiful landscape as an obligation on our part. We adopted architectural design, engineering and materials with the objective to minimize the building’s impact upon the environment and to take advantage of natural resources to conserve energy.” The Eco River Lodge was recognized for its eco-friendly performance regarding its: • Passive solar design, which relies upon floors, windows and walls to collect and distribute energy for efficient seasonal warming and cooling • Energy efficiency through geo-thermal exchange • High-efficiency water delivery systems • HCFC-free refrigeration and fire suppression systems • A well-sealed thermal envelope inhibiting air and moisture transfer • Recycled-content and eco-friendly building materials • 75% recycled construction waste • Electrical vehicle recharge site

Choose SFI There’s a simple way you can ensure healthy forests for generations to come while supporting the people and communities in North America who depend on them. Choose the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Standard. It’s a symbol of responsible forestry. Learn more at

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Eastgate Offices for Environment Canada Energy-intensive building conserves through heat recovery, PV generation, and tight envelope


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Second/third floor plan


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4 Roof plan

Ground floor/site plan

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Lobby Retail Reception Offices Library

6 Records 7 Mail 8 Loading 9 Electrical/Mechanical 10 Roof-mounted PV modules

3 This project, known simply as ‘Eastgate’, is a double agent. Although it functions as a healthy, sustainable office space for its occupants in Edmonton, the building is also a 24/7, mission-critical facility designed to ensure that Environment Canada’s important weather forecasting work continues under any circumstances. By Kent McKay

Main Lobby [1]. Playful exterior treatments and main entrance [2]. open plan weather office [3].

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Ron Schwenger Principal of Architek [] in Vancouver, Ron Schwenger has a living architecture technologies company, and sage advice on vegetated roofs, living walls, living facades, rainwater harvesting, storm water mitigation.

Architek supplies and installs vegetated roofs and

extending the lifespan by 2 to 4 times. There is significant cost savings

facades. Are we past the “early adopter” stage with these systems,


to municipal infrastructure as well. The storm water mitigation qualities

and are they becoming more mainstream?

of green roofs hold back water that would normally be immediately

RS t

Although green roofs and living walls are being used more

frequently in the past five years or so in North America, we still have

deflected in to the storm sewer system, preventing flash flooding and costly damage.

a long way to go to catch up to Europe where they have used these

Both green roofs and living walls or facades play a key role in a

technologies for five decades. There is still a considerable amount of

biophillic approach to building design and subsequently cool and

education needed in the area of specifications and standards to help

improve air quality which leads to healthier and more productive living,

with long-term performance of green roofs and living walls.

learning, healing and working environments.

Also, we need municipal bylaws to catch up to sustainable building technologies, and incentives to encourage green building practices. SABMAG u

What does an architect, project manager or build-

ing owner need to think about when they are considering using

You’ve worked on some complex projects, such

there some types of projects where vegetated roofs and facades don’t make sense? RS t

these systems? RS t


as the Van Dusen Botanical Garden pavilion in Vancouver, but are

In any given circumstance one has to measure the benefit

Protecting the building envelope and providing genuine

versus the cost and risk. Although, Architek is very fortunate with our

sustainable benefits depend a lot on the integrity of the engineering

relationship with our partners like Zinco and Greenscreen, we can

behind the green roof system chosen. Building owners and architects

handle almost any architectural green roof and wall. I continue to be

also need to decide if the green roof area is going to be accessible or

amazed at what I see happening here and in other parts of the world

not. Plant selection is key in these decisions. Although green roofs only

and keep an open mind to any possibilities. The Central Building in

need minimal maintenance, they do need to be cared for just like any

Sydney, Australia, for example, has living walls and Jakob cable facades

other living natural landscape, and will favourably impact the sustain-

literally covering the entire outside faces of two towers with manoeu-

able performance of the building more so than any other system. In

vrable mirrors above directing sunlight into the towers' canyons to

extensive green roof situations, the saturated weight is usually under

insure the plants thrive. Proof, that when we think it through, we can

22 lbs. per square foot and additional structural support is probably

design and build almost anything.

not needed, however, in any semi-intensive or intensive green roof

SABMAG u What kind of support or interaction does a supplier/

installation using more than 6 inches of soil/grow media, a structural

installer need from the architect and project manager for the instal-

engineer's involvement is mandatory.

lation to finish on time and on budget?

Living walls can be very impressive and spectacular, however, much

RS t

Excellent question. The construction industry is dependent

like a shiny new sports car, there is a serious commitment required

on a competitive bid and tender process for cost controls which makes

towards ongoing maintenance. Once again, orientation, plant selection,

it conflicting for experts in specific systems to get involved at the

and water management are key.

design stage. But I believe that we are not just a supplier of living build-


Just adding to the above, what is your sense of

ing systems, we are also the source for expertise, detailing and cost

return on investment of capital costs [design, materials and instal-

efficiency. Therefore, the earlier we get involved in the design stage, the

lation], and maintenance?

more thought out and complete the design detailing will be. Flattening

RS t

Although green roof vegetation layers are an extra cost

the process and involving industry experts early in the process will lead

[usually about $15- $17 per square foot], there is a long term savings

to a better system in the long run and almost always save costs. We

in the form of protecting the waterproofing membrane and usually

provide shop drawings, and can offer design-build services.

photo left: green roof, van dusen botanical garden pavilon. Photo centre: green wall, mountain equipment coop.


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EnvironmEntal Product dEclaration

EPD PrEcast concrEtE

In accordance with ISO 14025

Place de l’Escarpement, Quebec City, QC – LEED Gold Certified Architect: Pierre Martin Architecte

EPDs are third party verified (certified) reports published by product manufacturers that provide quality assured and comparable information regarding environmental performance of their products or system. The CaGBC LEED v4 Rating System and Architecture 2030 are emphasizing the demand for EPDs, by addressing transparency in environmental lifecycle impacts and the selection of building products with improved lifecycles. North American Precast Concrete associations are working together with ASTM International and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute to achieve a third party- verified EPD; providing comprehensive, uniform, and transparent details about a product’s composition and environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. Available in the fall of 2014.

ask insightful questions before making decisions. Expect transparency. For your free copies of the Life Cycle Assessment of Precast Concrete and the CPCI Sustainable Plant Program contact CPCI at: or (877) 937-2724 or visit

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