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Year of Revision & Creations 65


Great brands are consistent. Everytime. Everywhere. The beauty of being present in more than 120 countries and territories is the challenge of maintaining a single, unique identity, along with being simple enough to be understood by local audiences. That’s why the new Blue Book is here, to guide us in every single aspect of the AIESEC brand and to ensure we all know exactly how to represent ourselves as one unified AIESEC in the world.

Brand Our Why

Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. We strive to build a world where people can work towards their own understanding of ‘peace’ while acknowledging and respecting the views of others. Additionally, we strive for a world where through “fulfillment of humankind’s potential”, people can be the best version of themselves.

AIESEC | Our Why


AIESEC | Our How


Our How

We place our confidence in youth as a key to unlock a better future. We believe that youth are the key to shaping a better future. Through each and every experience we provide, we strive to develop youth leaders with the following four qualities:

Empowering Others

Solution Oriented

Communicates clearly, engages in meaningful conversations, and creates spaces that empower others to take action.

Flexible, ready to take risks, and actively finds solutions to challenges.

World Citizen

Self Aware

Aware of global events and enjoys taking an active role in contributing towards making it a better place for everyone.

Understands personal strengths, lives by his/ her values and constantly explores passions.

AIESEC | Our What

Our What

We develop youth leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. We ensure that practical experiences in challenging environments are present by facilitating cross-cultural exchange and creating these opportunities in membership roles.

Cross-cultural exchanges

Membership roles

AIESEC provides an opportunity for young people to work or volunteer abroad in non-familiar environments. This allows them to step outside their comfort zone and expand their worldview, while contributing to the community in which they are working.

Our members work in teams to create and manage these crosscultural exchange experiences. This provides an opportunity for our members to live powerful team experiences and develop their own leadership potential.


AIESEC | Our Values


Our Values

We live and act according to the following 6 values:

Activating leadership

Demonstrating integrity

Living diversity

We lead by example and inspire leadership through actions and results. We take responsibility for developing the leadership potential of others.

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way aligned with what we envision.

We actively learn from different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We act inclusively, respecting and actively encouraging the contribution of every individual.

Enjoying participation

Striving for excellence

Acting sustainably

We create a dynamic and welcoming environment through the active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in our organization.

We continuously improve through creativity and innovation. We strive to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.

We act in a sustainable way for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.

A I E S E C | O u r Ta g l i n e

Our Tagline

Activating youth leadership since 1948

We mobilize youth and like-minded organizations to achieve the SDGs.

We empower youth to become more employable by working with organizations across the world.

We enable young people to live an experience which will help shape a better future for themselves and others.


AIESEC | Our Personality

Our Personality

Inclusive, Energetic, Engaged, Genuine, Simple. We are global, independent, non-political, and not-for-profit. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, creed, religion nor on the basis of national, ethnic or social origin. Overall, we are a youthful source of energy, always there to spark new solutions and ideas and prepared to support youth, no matter what background they have. We stay away from religious and political topics; however, we want to engage in dialog on issues in our world, and bring together various perspectives. We always focus on a positive contribution, ensure diversity and reject discrimination. In our engagements with the topics we care about, no matter whether it is message or design, we strive to be simple and genuine.


A I E S E C | O u r B r a n d To n e


Our Brand Tone

Our tone of voice is conversational and friendly. Our tone of voice is conversational and friendly. The attributes by which we define ourselves are the following:



We are a network of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds and believe in respecting everyone’s opinion and treating it as important. Therefore we are independent and non-discriminating on any basis.

We express ourselves in a friendly, lively and approachable manner, rather than being unnecessarily formal. We seek out conversations on the issues we care about.



In order to deliver on our promises, we learn by doing and by taking action on necessary risks and challenges.

We are engaged with topics that are currently influencing the world around us, and as a youth-run organization, adapt to the effect these topics have on us as youth.



We express our energy and passion as young individuals who are not afraid to dream big and do big.

We represent diversity and do not discriminate on any basis. Therefore we represent a global youth voice that any young person in the world can relate to.

AIESEC | Our Audience

Our Audience Being a youth-run organization that focuses on youth leadership development, we primarily engage youth and organizations as our audiences. For us, youth is defined as anyone between the ages of 18-30. Any young person can participate in one of our products, regardless of educational status. Hence, we refer to “youth” or “young people” as our customers. Next to youth as our focus, we also communicate towards organizations that are like-minded and can support us in making cross-cultural exchanges happen.

Don’t Refer to companies as our only external partners; we partner with diverse like-minded organizations. Refer to students as AIESEC’s only customers, we focus on all youth.


AIESEC | Our Behavior

Our Behavior

As we strive to be simple, clear and relatable, language is an important part of our behavior, so we need to ensure external alignment. This means that we separate internal language and abbreviations from external messages. Besides the words that we use, the topics we talk about are important as well. We like to converse in topics that are about youth leadership, aligned with sustainable development and with our vision and values. Enjoying participation is important for us, though we strive to be known for the core of our organization, and not for the parties we might host in accordance to it.

Don’t Talk in internal common abbreviations (GV, GT, GE, OP, EP, OPS, IPS, EXPA, ICB, ECB) to externals. Promote parties by AIESEC, nor events that are in no way related to any of our mission, core activities or products.

Carol S.

Victor Caraveo Published todayv

Have fun and contribute to a good cause! #AIESEC

Hi Carol! I see that you are interested in oGT! How exactly can we support you? Have you registered in EXPA yet?


Logo | E l e m e nt s & Ve r s i o n s

Elements & Versions

Our logo represents how AIESEC enables young people to discover and develop their potential and head towards their future with a clearer and stronger vision for themselves. It can be used only in horizontal position with any of its four color variants, depending on what looks more clear on your background or design. It should not be modified in any way and should always be used according to the guidelines in this section.


Logo | Size & Space

Size & Space

Do’s & Don’ts

We like our brand to be easily recognized; this is why we have these very simple rules for our logo:

Don’t change the font. Don’t change the official colors. Don’t squish or skew our logo. Don’t rotate the logo in any way. Don’t place our logo on a cluttered background. Don’t add any element into the logo space. Don’t change the opacity of the logo. And please... don’t use old logos.

Keep the size legible and always give it breathing room. How much space does the logo need, exactly? The height of the blue bar on every side.

Space before the A missing


Logo | The AIESEC Human

The AIESEC Human

Since 1948 we have developed over 1,000,000 people through our programs and membership experiences. For us, the AIESEC Human is a reminder of our purpose: looking into the future and moving foward. It allows us to simplify our brand and be more responsive in the digital world and to what’s happening around us. That’s why the background can change to represent specific dates or events that are aligned to our purpose. We only use the AIESEC Human in white or blue, maintaining a flat colored background. The AIESEC Human has a breathing room of 1/4 of its height on every side, so don’t put any elements in it.


Logo | Watermark

AIESEC Watermark Our watermark allows us to be easily recognized while mantaining a clean and simple design. It follows similar rules as the AIESEC Human: a breathing room of 1/4 of its height on the bottom, left and right and half the height on the top. Don’t Change the color. Put any element whithin the watermark breathing space. Use the watermark and the logo in the same publication.



Colors | Our Colors

HEX F85A40

RGB 248, 90, 64

17 CMYK 0, 63.71, 74.19, 2.75

Our Colors


RGB 10, 142, 160

CMYK 93.75, 11.25, 0, 32.25


RGB 255, 200, 69

CMYK 0, 21.57, 72.94, 0

HEX 30C39E

RGB 48, 195, 158

CMYK 75.38, 0, 18.97, 23.53

HEX F48924

RGB 244, 137, 36

CMYK 0, 43.85, 85.25, 4.31

HEX 52565E

RGB 82, 86, 94

CMYK 12.77, 8.51, 0, 63.14


RGB 202, 2014, 209

CMYK 3.35, 2.39, 0, 18.04


RGB 243, 244, 247

CMYK 1.62, 1.21, 0, 3.14

This is our color palette. Our favorite color is AIESEC Blue. It’s bright and energetic, representing our youthful nature. Besides that, we use eight other colors to complement our AIESEC Blue, both digitally and in print. If you don’t know what color to use, please use AIESEC Blue.


#037Ef3 3/126/243 98.8, 48.1, 0, 4.71

Colors | New Gradients

New Gradients In order to keep our brand updated to trends we selected a set of four gradients based mostly on our own color palette. They are only for digital use. These are linear gradients and should be applied in a 45ยบ angle. HEX #037Ef3 HEX #30C39E

HEX #FFC845 HEX #EF4573

HEX #FFC845 HEX #30C39E HEX #EF4573 HEX #BE3591


Font | Secondary Font


Our Favorite Font

Secondary Fonts

Our brand font is Lato.

Extra fonts can be added secondarily to emphasize words, but the main one should remain Lato. Use the font that works best with your design, and always be consistent throughout whatever you’re working on.

We use it in print and on the web. Feel free to use it in any of its styles and weights.

Lato Hairline Lato Hairline Italic Lato Light Lato Light Italic Lato Regular Lato Italic Lato Bold Lato Bold Italic Lato Heavy Lato Heavy Italic Lato Black Lato Black Italic


Do Use an easily legible font. Use a font that contrasts with Lato. Use a font that adds to the tone of your design.

Use complex fonts. Use more than two fonts in one design. Use similar fonts.

Every action matters

Every ACTION matters

Every A C T I O N matters

Every action matters


action matters

Every action matters


The AIESEC Experience is the way in which AIESEC develops leadership in young people. This experience is divided into three separate phases, each with its own products. ​

Experiential Leadership Development Global Volunteer Global Talent Global Entrepreneur

Engagement with AIESEC YouthSpeak Forum Local Volunteer Global Host

Life-Long Connection This Blue Book provides the official value propositions for each of the ELD products. These are not optional - using

anything other than these global value propositions is misrepresenting the brand. For more information on

the other products of the EwA and LLC phase, consult the AIESEC Experience booklet.


G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Logo

Global Volunteer Logo

The concept behind the logo aims to represent the progam in a clear way: Global represents the cross-cultural aspect. Volunteer represents the differentiator between exchange brands. The balloon represents the buying persona’s characteristics: flexibility, curiosity, adaptability, diversity, movement Keep the size legible and always give it breathing room. How much space does the logo need, exactly? The height of the G bar on every side. Please don’t modify the logo in any way. This includes adding or changing text, color and shapes.


G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Logo

Versions Different versions are available for you to use depending on what fits your design better. Feel free to use the full logo or the Global Volunteer watermark, but don’t use them together in the same publication. Don’t forget to use Powered by AIESEC where appropriate. Not sure where that is? Read more in the Powered by AIESEC section of the Blue Book.

Colors The Global Volunteer official color is AIESEC Red, but it can also be used in 100% White or 100% Black, depending on your design.

HEX F85A40

RGB 248, 90, 64

CMYK 0, 63.71, 74.19, 2.75


G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Va l u e Pro p o s i t i o n


Our Value Proposition & Benefits

Global Volunteer for Youth Develop Yourself and the World

A cross-cultural volunteer experience for young people who seek to develop themselves and the world.

Cross-Cultural Environment

Develop Yourself

Be a local in an unknown environment and experience new cultures by working in a diverse and cross-cultural team.

Grow and develop by going through practical experiences and learningby-doing. An intense cross-cultural environment allows you to increase your self-awareness and solution orientation, improve communication skills and develop a global mindset. Become the best version of yourself!

Volunteer Experience Volunteer abroad in NGOs or on projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Tackle pressing global issues to create positive impact in local societies. Don’t just travel. Develop the world.

Discover the art of experiential wanderlust by working with NGOs or on projects directly contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Open your eyes towards the possibility to build, create, teach, and travel. Grab your backpack, it’s time to go!

G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Va l u e Pro p o s i t i o n


Our Value Proposition & Benefits

Global Volunteer for Organizations

Make Local Impact with Global Volunteers

A cross-cultural volunteer experience which allows organizations to bring young people from all over the world to their social impact projects.

Global Perspective

Source with Ease

Add multi-cultural flavor to your team by bringing in our volunteers who care about world issues and bring innovative solutions to work locally.

Reduce your overhead and administration time as we help source great volunteers from our global network for you. Our local AIESEC members assist in culturally inducting the volunteers,d as well as facilitating an enjoyable experience for them in the host city.

Positive Impact Enable eager and passionate volunteers to participate in your project to create positive societal impact. Build crosscultural understanding by facilitating the interaction of volunteers with local communities.


Working with the SDGs

Since all of our Global Volunteer projects are fully SDG-aligned, we often use the Goals as part of our promotion strategy. By describing our opportunities alongside the SDG they target, we are showing our brand is impactful, relevant and credible. But the SDGs are actually an own brand, managed by the UN, whose brand guidelines we need to respect. Make sure you follow these whenever you use the SDGs. If you use the SDG logo, use the one without the UN emblem, as that one is reserved for UN agencies.

Always use the SDG icons or logo with the AIESEC logo in the same publication.

Make sure you keep a breathing room of 0.35 inches around the logo. There are official versions of the Global Volunteer logo with an added SDG-support line. Check them out and use them as appropriate.

The SDG icons should not be manipulated, recolored, or cropped. You can download the most updated versions here.

The SDG icons and logo are available in the six official languages, feel free to use these translated versions as well.

G l o b a l Ta l e n t | L o g o

Global Talent Logo

The concept behind the logo aims to represent the progam in a clear way: Global represents the cross-cultural aspect. Talent represents the differentiator between Exchange brands. Dynamic Globe of Global Talent represents dynamicity, movement, connection with different points of the world. Keep the size legible and always give it breathing room. How much space does the logo need, exactly? The height of the G bar on every side. Please don’t modify the logo in any way. This includes adding or changing text, color and shapes.


G l o b a l Ta l e n t | L o g o

Versions Different versions are available for you to use depending on what fits your design better. Feel free to use the full logo or the Global Talent watermark but don’t use them together in the same publication. Don’t forget to use Powered by AIESEC where appropriate. Not sure where that is? Read more in the Powered by AIESEC section of the Blue Book.

Colors The Global Talent official color is AIESEC Dark Teal but it can also be used in 100% White or 100% Black depending on your design. HEX 0A8EA0

RGB 10, 142, 160

CMYK 93.5, 11.25, 0, 32.25


G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Va l u e Pro p o s i t i o n


Our Value Proposition & Benefits

Global Talent for Youth Gain Work Experience by Interning Abroad

A global internship opportunity for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career.

Global Opportunity

Diverse Industries

Expand your horizon by allowing yourself to develop your career in a global setting. Work in a whole new environment and culture, while adapting to local life in another country.

Gain work experience in HR, Marketing, Education, Engineering and many other areas. Our pool of opportunities is always growing, with new industries and fields being added.

Work Experience

Develop Yourself

Launch yourself into a challenging role that allows you to gain a professional edge with our partners who are dedicated to providing an enriching experience, aligned with touchpoints that help you evaluate yourself and grow.

Grow and develop by going through practical experiences and learning-by-doing. An intense cross-cultural environment allows you to increase your self-awareness and solution orientation, improve communication skills and develop a global mindset.Become the best version of yourself!

G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Va l u e Pro p o s i t i o n


Our Value Proposition & Benefits

Global Talent for Organizations Global Interns for your Organization

Hire global interns and add a competitive advantage to your business in today’s global market.

Hire with Ease

Talent Acquisition

With us, sourcing international talent becomes as easy as recruiting in your local market. We customize our recruitment process to make it easy for you to hire global talent.

Behind every successful organization that innovates is a diverse global workforce. Bring interns from all around the world to ensure global input in your business operations. Infuse your business with the fresh perspective of Millennials from around the world.

Stay Competitive

Boost Your Work Culture

Stay dynamic by bringing in profiles aligned to what the market needs and demands; minimize the skill-gap. All around the world, our product attracts talent of diverse backgrounds: HR, marketing, engineering, software development, education, sales and many more.

Millennials are bound to dominate our global workforce. Adapt your business to new trends and become youth-friendly. Our partners have always loved the energy and flair that our interns bring to their workplace while also contributing to a dynamic environment.

Global Entrepreneur | Logo

Global Entrepreneur Logo

The concept behind the logo aims to represent the progam in a clear way: Global represents the cross-cultural aspect. Entrepreneur represents the differentiator between Exchange brands. The lamp bulb of Global Entrepreneur represents ideas, innovation, design thinking, creativity, importance of a small idea to start something great. Keep the size legible and always give it breathing room. How much space does the logo need, exactly? The height of the G bar on every side. Please don’t modify the logo in any way. This includes adding or changing text, color and shapes.


G l o b a l Ta l e n t | L o g o

Versions Different versions are available for you to use depending on what fits your design better. Feel free to use the full logo or the Global Entrepreneur watermark but don’t use them together in the same publication. Don’t forget to use Powered by AIESEC where appropriate. Not sure where that is? Read more in the Powered by AIESEC section of the Blue Book.

Colors The Global Entrepreneur official color is AIESEC Teal but it can also be used in 100% White or 100% Black depending on your design. HEX 30C39E

RGB 48, 195, 158

CMYK 75.38, 0, 18.97, 23.53


G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Va l u e Pro p o s i t i o n


Our Value Proposition & Benefits

Global Entrepreneur for Youth Intern with a StartUp to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Leadership

A global internship opportunity in a startup for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career.

Entrepreneurial Stint

Global Opportunity

Put your entrepreneurial aspirations to the test by working with a startup and embracing the challenges that come with it. Understand the behind-the-scenes of running an entrepreneurial venture through experience.

Take your professional and life experiences to the next level by exposing yourself to a whole new culture and environment, as you live your internship in a completely foreign society. Learn how to adapt in a multicultural environment and stand out.

Expand your Network

Develop Yourself

Leverage from the many opportunities to grow your professional network that will support in your own future entrepreneurial endeavors. Connect with professionals and experts from diverse walks of life who will support later on.

Grow and develop by going through practical experiences and learning-by-doing. An intense cross-cultural environment allows you to increase your self-awareness and solution orientation, improve communication skills and develop a global mindset. Become the best version of yourself!

G l o b a l Vo l u nte e r | Va l u e Pro p o s i t i o n


Our Value Proposition & Benefits

Global Entrepreneur for Organizations

Global Interns for your StartUp

A cross-cultural product where our young talent brings added value to your venture with their entrepreneurial spirit.

Simple and Affordable

Enable Youth

AIESEC makes acquiring bright and fresh minds from around the world much easier than recruiting locally. Meet your shortterm skill requirement by bringing in young talent from diverse backgrounds in an affordable way.

Hire interns who are as passionate to learn and contribute to your venture’s purpose as you are. Enable a fulfilling experience for them as they keenly take on challenges that a startup workplace brings with it.

Boost Your Workplace Tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic culture of today’s world, Global Entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to engage the next generation in your startup scene. By connecting you with high potential young people who are eager to explore, your workplace can evolve with an international edge.

Brand Architecture | Powered by AIESEC

Powered by AIESEC Brand architecture refers to the structure of product brands within an organization and how these are related to or differentiated from one another within the portfolio. AIESEC uses an Endorsed Brand Architecture, which is made up of individual and specific product brands, which are linked together by an endorsing parent brand - AIESEC. Endorsed brand architecture allows: Connecting all our products to the single brand identity of AIESEC

Do Always use the Powered by AIESEC logo when using the individual product brands, or when referring to Youth4GlobalGoals

If adding a second logo to your publication makes it feel crowded, you can also use the AIESEC Human watermark as a brand endorsement. This is especially fitting for cases where the endorsement is obvious such as posts on an AIESEC channel.

Easy plugging of new and upcoming products. New products can be introduced without association with the AIESEC brand if needed, and can be introduced in the brand portfolio depending on their success. The success of one AIESEC product can positively influence the other products in the portfolio. Consequently, the reverse is also possible. Returns on investment on one sub-brand spill over to the other brands as well

Product Brands are brands on their own, however they must always include the “Powered by AIESEC” logo as an endorsement.

Don’t Don’t use the Powered by AIESEC logo on brands you might create, which are not officially part of the AIESEC Experience


Engagement with AIESEC


Engagement with AIESEC

The Engagement with AIESEC (EwA) phase exists to spark an interest in young people to develop themselves and to contribute to a better world. Currently, we have three products in the EwA phase: Local Volunteer

YouthSpeak Forum

Global Host

Local Volunteer is an Engagement with AIESEC product which gives a preview into what an AIESEC Global Volunteer experience looks like. It allows local youth to volunteer on a project or inside an NGO and address one of the Sustainable Development Goals for 6-8 weeks, alongside Global Volunteer participants.

YouthSpeak Forum is a premiere event that brings together young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multigenerational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues. Its aim is to make AIESEC a credible youth voice. The event offers the unique and interactive framework of Inspire, Engage, Act.

Global Host is an Engagement with AIESEC product which gives local families the opportunity to host Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur participants in their own homes during their experience with AIESEC.

Tr a n s l a t i n g P r o d u c t s

Translating Products

The need to localize brand and communication channels is very relevant in many markets. To ensure the most effective brand localization process, entities should adopt instructions that will help control their brand message as it moves across borders. For entities opting to translate AIESEC Product Brands (Global Volunteer, Global Talent and Global Entrepreneur), it is mandatory to use a literal translation - which means translating text from one language to another conveying the sense of the original. These translations must also be approved by the brand responsible in the AIESEC International team. For entities based on bilingual countries or territories, it is recommended to either keep the brand in English or choose to translate it into the most predominant language among your target (youth and organizations).


Content Creation

There is a difference between brand aligned and well designed. The application of our brand into content is one of the main representations of our voice in the world. We want our brand to be genuine, to show the authenticity of our experiences, avoiding fake stories or environments. We want our content to feel clear, relatable and relevant. We challenge our audience, but also inspire them to act. We work hard to make every blog, image or video transmit emotions through storytelling. We loooove simplicity.


Content Creation | Content Goals

Content Goals

Every piece of content that is created should have a clear purpose and trigger an action. The goals of the posts that are created should be one of the following:

Open a conversation

Communicate our organizational purpose

Create a like-minded community

Tell the story of our products

Position ourselves among influential partners Address topics that are relevant to youth


Content Creation | Content Guidelines


Content Guidelines

Be personal, but not too personal

Be playful, but don’t overdo it

When engaging in conversations with people, we approach them in a personal tone. Getting close to a person’s story and fostering authenticity is what we love to do. However, as we are still representing an organization, staying objective remains important.

We are representing youth, therefore have a youthful, energetic and playful voice. This means that we include a joke and 1-2 emojis per conversation! However, we are not over-the-top in our energy, such as screaming and a lot of capital letters.

Be truthful

Be purposeful

We fact check everything and ensure that the sources we use are 100% reliable. This is because we want to be acknowledged as experts in the topics that we specialize in, such as youth leadership development.

In order not to waste time, we only spread something once it is useful and relevant. Everything we do needs to have a reason to be there and a clear call-to-action.

Be representative We don’t use inappropriate street language, slang or sloppy abbreviation (eg: doin’) in phrasing. Other than this, we are ensuring our spelling and grammar are accurate and triple (or quadruple) checked before publishing, as well as in American English.

Content Creation | Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Be activational and inspirational

Be open and inclusive

Our tone is looking to activate others to take action. We strive to empower others to act on the issues they care about.

Diversity and no discrimination are main things we embody in our content. We accept people of all shapes and sizes and are not judgemental. We are also very open for all opinions and welcome feedback.

Be simple

Be aligned

We want to be simple and not complicate our message or share very long stories. We strive to be as helpful and concrete as possible whenever communicating.

Repetition and having a structured pattern is key in maintaining one brand tone. We work towards being as aligned as possible in all types of content, and in all kinds of places.


Photography | Our Approach

Our Photography Approach

Focus on the authenticity of the story and the impact behind the main character. Photography is one of the main ways our generation expresses itself. It is a representation of our personality and the way we see the world. You will see incredible pictures of youth in projects all around the world, either developing in a professional environment or impacting a marginalized community. We want to show the passion and commitment youth puts into making the world a better place. For the brand to be authentic, honesty and reality are key aspects of our photography. We want to expose the world as genuine and real as it is, but with dignity, with the thought in mind that we are here to make a change. We are not sending people abroad to be heroes, but we do believe they make a significant impact. We want to show that bringing in a person from a different culture can impact a community that never had communication with foreigners. We aim to prove that international professionals can bring a new perspective to the business. We want everyone that interacts with our brand to feel what it is to live an experience with AIESEC.


P h otog ra p hy | Ou r P h otog ra p hy Ty p e s

Our Photography Types

Social Impact

Professional Development


Focused on the social projects we provide and the impact they generate.

Focused on the internships we provide and how the participants develop through the experience.

Focused on our physical touchpoints, showcasing the diversity of our membership and our work as a leadership development organization.


Visuals | Our Visual Approach

Our Visual Approach

Simplicity is key. Visuals are one of the easiest brand representations, but also the most frequent to be misaligned. By giving time to conceptualize and ideate during the production time, we make sure to bring our message across in the designs we do. We seek trends that can make our brand speak our generational language. We make sure that each and every image portrays our brand personality and tone.


V i s u a l s | V i s u a l Ty p e s

Visual Types




To highlight a text or phrase that refers to an external author.

To present a phrase or idea of an exchange participant.

To simplify a complex idea or process.


V i s u a l s | V i s u a l Ty p e s

Visual Types



Partnership images

To represent data.

To encourage reactions in the audience.

To share about projects we are running with our partners.


Visuals | Illustration

Our Illustration Approach

The sky is the limit. We love to use illustrations. They’re perfect for explaining complex ideas, themes or processes. For the most part, we like our icons and illustrations to be flat and colorful, always ensuring that our designs match our audience. For example, when talking about youth-related themes, we use playful, colorful illustrations. Whether simple, fun, or elegant, our content should always be easy to identify and understand at a glance.


Video | Our Approach

Our Video Approach

I want you to feel what I felt Videography is one of our main ways of expression and the most powerful content that allows others enjoy and engage with our stories. We ensure this by putting storytelling at the core of every production, and by engaging our viewers with a youthful approach in our language, trends, and resources. We don’t see perfection in the quality of the equipment used to record or the output footage, but in the story we expose and how we expose it. We understand the importance of being present in trends and being adaptive to our channels. We showcase the most genuine moments and the everyday actions that bring our products to life. Here you can find elements that will help you improve your videos like: animated logos and sourcing icons.


Video | Video Process

Video Process Define your objectives: Determine the main goal of your video, the place or channel it will be posted in, the length, your audience and the call to action. Make a script: Organize your ideas on paper, allocate time slots for the main highlights of your video. Collect your resources: Once you know how your video will look like, collect any resource you need: footage, soundtrack, record audio, fonts, etc. Create the skeleton: Bring your story to life by creating the first skeleton of your video and tracing as much of the story as possible. Collect feedback: Share your story skeleton with people that can enrich it: colleagues, partners, team leaders, etc. Add details and enhancements: Once your story is approved, make sure you go the extra mile. Ensure the quality of your video by adding details that will make it unforgettable: animations, doodles, titles, intro, outro, credits, subtitles, sound effects, color correction, etc.


V i d e o | V i d e o Ty p e s

Video Types



To motivate our audience through a message or story.

To let our audience know about our brand, our products or opportunities.

This message is for you(th). Take action now, with the Young Person’s Guide: Changing the World Edition. #AIESEC #YouthDay #Youth4GG

You can explore and experience a completely new culture when you #LiveTheExperience! What are you waiting for? #AIESEC #Leadership


V i d e o | V i d e o Ty p e s

Video Types


Raising Awareness

To let our audience get informed about what is happening in the world.

To let our audience learn about new topics or trends.

On the occasion of the #PartnershipsForTheGoals Day, let’s take a moment to rewind and look back to how #Youth4GG came to being, as well as how we started the fight for the 2030 agenda! #AIESEC #Leadership

Today is #WorldBloodDonorDay! We want to say thank you to every individual that has donated blood in the past, saving a lot of lives. Small Actions, have big Impact! #AIESEC #Youth4GG #TakeAction


V i d e o | V i d e o Ty p e s

Video Types

Showcasing stories



To inspire our audience by presenting our participants’ experiences.

To let our audience know about our projects with our partners.

To express a complex idea in a simple way.

Changing the world is all about the small actions that end up making a big difference. Follow Tamara’s journey in Indonesia as she works on SDG 4, Quality Education, in the eight episode of Youth4GlobalGoals: The Series. #AIESEC #Youth4GG #Tamara4GlobalGoals #PWC


Writing | Our Writing Approach

Our Writing Approach

Conveying passion in little words Writing is a way of expression that leaves less space for interpretation. As there is little visual support, the text needs to be understandable and clear, while telling stories in detail. Therefore, our writing aims to do exactly that; convey our passion in short, clear writing. When we are producing written pieces, one of the most important things for us is to let our personality and passion as organization shine through. Through the way we write, we want to pull people into our stories, personalities and the passions that we have for the topics we write about. We want people to take action and join us! The same goes for our written conversations, where in a personal approach, we want to inspire action in others.


Writing | AIESEC Blog


Blogging gives us the unique opportunity to strengthen our vision and transmit our organizational message while showcasing the impact our opportunities create. Using a blogging platform can provide a space to share meaningful stories and inspire customers to live an experience with AIESEC, while connecting powerful visuals with persuasive pieces of writing. Whether they are about spotlighting a personal experience lived by an exchange participant or about providing clarity on a new concept, the articles we publish should always follow the brand voice and be tailored to our customers. Remember, we are writing for youth, so adapt your style and what you express to best fit what our desired audience wants to read. While doing research, look at blog pages popular among youth and borrow elements that are going to enrich your pieces and channel. In order to ensure a complete and effective content strategy it’s vital to take advantage of all the creative freedom and impact blogs can provide by including them in your plan. Don’t be afraid to use writing as part of your approach or to experiment and come up with innovative ways to engage customers with blogging. Great stories are not only amazing for conversion, but also the most powerful tool we have to engage youth with leadership development.


Wr i t i n g | Bl og Ty p e s


Blog Types

Personal story



Either by writing in first person or presenting it as an interview, spotlighting someone’s experience brings the reader closer to the message and easily engages them with our purpose.

By keeping up with current trends and world issues, we make sure we stay connected to our audience. Informational pieces provide context, data and views on recent happenings by connecting them to our mission.

We inform customers about recent campaigns, new events or collaboration by presenting them in promotional posts, which guide them through the new experience, offer instructions and generate excitement.



Used by most millenial blog networks, listicles present bigger chunks of information in an easily digestible and fun way. They are usually highly shareable, as well as easier to process on the go.

Used as a way to break out of the usual blogging pattern, quizzes and surveys are an fun, interactive way to engage customers with your content and message without being too pushy.

Writing | PR Statements

PR Statements

When we are making PR statements, we make our tone more professional than in all other written pieces, because they are coming from AIESEC as an organization. Based on the content of the statement, the partners involved in it should always be clearly and correctly portrayed and tagged, as per the partners’ wishes. The following are the most important things to keep in mind when writing a PR statement: Refer to AIESEC in the first person (‘we’) and audience in the second person (‘you’). Use easily understandable and conversational language, as if you are explaining something to a friend. Keep it short and sweet, brief, and to the point. It is better to be clear than clever. Keep it professional. Use correct spelling and grammar. When using English, always use American English. Engage partners with it, and tag them if relevant. See our PR examples here: press


Brand Partnerships | Our Approach

Our approach to Brand Partnerships Cooperating to amplify our common purpose As a sole brand, you can put a lot of effort into raising awareness for the topics you care about. However, the magic starts when you have the opportunity to team up with another organization or partner willing to fight along with you. This is exactly why we’re so fond of brand partnerships. They give us the opportunity to amplify our common purpose and give it a bigger reach. With brand partnerships, the most important thing for us is to ensure that we clarify this common purpose. We only partner in case the end goal of the campaign aligns with the mission of our organization. Additionally, the most important thing is that the brand partnerships do not affect either brand’s standards, integrity and voice. The channels that we use should also always be the most relevant ones to our partnerships, to make sure our audience remains engaged.


Brand Partnerships | Co-branding Guidelines


Co-branding Guidelines

When setting up a co-branding partnership, there are several things that need to be defined. Clarity on the common goal The most important thing to define is the goal of the partnership. The common goal should be something that aligns with the purpose of all the organizations involved in the brand partnership. In case of AIESEC, this means that we can partner for youth leadership development, cross-cultural exchanges, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Clarity on the measurement of success The second step after knowing the specific goal of the campaign, is knowing what the measurement of success will be, and therefore what co-branding type should be used. This can be employer branding, external product campaign, or other activities, but for all organizations involved, it should be clearly defined what they want to see as the measurement of success of the brand partnership.

Clarity on the channels Knowing the measurement of success from all organizations involved in the partnership, there can be clarity on what channels and platforms can be used to launch it. This includes discussing what social media and internal platforms are the most relevant in order to reach the common goal. Clarity on the content plan Since there is clarity on the goal, the call to action and the channels used, the next step is to evaluate the content plan for the campaign. This includes determining what kind of content will be created, how it will be created, and in what timeline. Therefore, in the content plan, the following are clearly defined: - The messages being sent - The call to action - The content that will be created, and by whom - The hashtags - The timeline In general, it is important that both parties are involved in making the campaign a success.

Bra n d Pa r t n e r s h i p s | Co - b ra n d i n g Ty p e s

Co-branding Types

Employer Branding

Brand Positioning

Campaign focused on presenting our partners as employers of choice.

Campaign focused on raising awareness about a like-minded brand.

Awareness Campaign

Internal Product Campaign

Campaign focused on raising awareness about a specific common topic

Campaign focused on promoting an AIESEC product sponsored by a partner.


Bra n d Pa r t n e r s h i p s | Co - b ra n d i n g Ty p e s

Co-branding Types

External Product Campaign

Activational Campaign

Campaign focused on promoting an external product sponsored by a partner (IE Business School & PR → Let’s do it world).

Campaign focused on presenting an onground activation, sponsored by a partner.

Sponsored Campaigns

Physical Engagements

Campaign focused on presenting an AIESECspecific topic, sponsored by a partner.

Printed material for physical partnership spaces.


Social Media | Our Approach

Our Social Media Approach

Publishing stories to gain impactful reach You can create beautiful pieces of content, however, if you are not sharing them in a structured way on social media, this means that half of the effort put into the creation is not optimally used. For that reason, we focus on ensuring that the way we structure our social media posts is also supporting the message we send. Through social media captions, comments and messages, we want to ensure that we are inspiring more people to act and interact with us.


Social Media | Channels





Accessibility to the largest global audience is what Facebook offers us. For that reason it is the perfect platform to reach the highest amount of youth with the most various messages and content types we have.

For us, Instagram is a natural platform used to express ourselves, as it gives us the opportunity to be visually present and share our stories in a simplistic and impactful way. It allows us to be creative, interactive and create conversations with our main audience: youth.

A great channel for fast conversations, easy interactions with externals and measuring traffic on specific hashtags and during events.



It’s an important platform for us to present our longer-formatted videos. It provides a space for us to collect our storytelling through video, and make it actionable.

A perfect platform to reach likeminded organizations who can support us. It is the best place to get professional input on our brand and present topics that concern us.


Social Media | Examples

Community Management Building communities that engage. Having great content for your social media platforms is only the first step in ensuring success. With people being delivered more and more information during the time they spend online, the need for an effective engagement strategy becomes paramount. It’s exactly because of this why we believe that one of the most important things to take into consideration, not matter the channel we speak of, is community management. Community management has long evolved from a purely administrative structure to a vital asset in any digital marketing strategy. It focuses on strengthening the brand message and organizational purpose through different types of direct and indirect interactions. By making sure that our customers receive the support, information and incentives they need, we directly contribute to the succes of any campaign and content plan. Community management includes answering comments, responding to feedback, managing page messages and ending calls to action. In any interaction, it is vital that we stay true to our brand voice and communicate in a way that represents AIESEC and our vision in the best way possible.


Social Media | Hashtags

Captions, Tags & Hashtags

The caption is a crucial part of publishing the content, as it ensures that its message is amplified and has a call to action. Structure a caption in the following way:

We are consistent in our hashtags and do not invent a new hashtag for every post. We will only add hashtags to be consistent and aligned in tracking.

Start with an activating sentence that catches attention. This can be an enthusiastic message, interesting fact, quote, or a question. Make sure to tag the relevant parties in case you mention externals.

Ensure to read the content guidelines and have a look at the examples in the next page.

Include the connecting call to action as many times as possible: What do you want people to do? If relevant, Include the hashtags for the content piece. The official hashtags that we use in the posts that we share on social media are: #AIESEC #LiveTheExperience #Leadership When working with our ELD products, we also have the hashtags #GlobalVolunteer, #GlobalTalent and #GlobalEntrepreneur.

For social media there are two types of written communication that we manage in a specific way. Firstly, the captions that are attached to each social media post. Secondly, the social media community management of comments, responses and messages. Be aware of the content guidelines, which apply for all social media posts!



Legal Notes

Legally, AIESEC’s general brand is the one that needs to be protected first. It is trademark registered in the EU27 and a lot of other entities in the network. The Global Plenary allocated a specific fund for trademark registration. If you are not sure if the AIESEC Brand is properly protected in your entity, contact the President of AIESEC in your entity or the Global Finance Board (GFB). Other names in our brand, such as. ‘YouthSpeak’ or ‘Global Volunteer’ are not registered trademarks of AIESEC because they are generic brands. Vocabulary about Countries / Entities Legal forms aside, AIESEC is a single organization running its activities on a global scale. This is why it is strictly forbidden to call entities “AIESEC XYZ”, and the only correct way to position your entity is as “AIESEC in XYZ”.

We never only refer to “Countries” or “Nations”, because this will indirectly imply AIESEC taking a political stand. Use “countries and territories”. This is a very sensitive topic, so please pay attention to it especially in your media and public relations. Don’t AIESEC XYZ Countries/Nations Trademark number: 004400347 Type: figurative Nice Classification: 35, 36, 41 Trademark number: 004400339 Type: word Nice Classification: 35, 36, 41

Do AIESEC in XYZ Countries and territories


Year of Revision and Creators

This Blue Book was created with all passion and creativity of 6 AIESECers. July, 2018. Special recognition to: Sabino Alejandro Angel Mendoza Moniek van Waaijenburg Julian Kossmann Ioana Varga Gaurav Jeena Ankith Abraham Joaquim Sanvictores Tanya Landysheva Omar Issa Tamas Viski Ali Soliman Hans Dinata Laurin Stahl Noelle Guirola Omar SaldaĂąa Lian Tolner