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Great Chicken Marinade that Are Perfect For Chicken

1. Lemon & Pepper Lemon goes well with chicken, and thus a Lemon & Pepper marinade may be a sure winner. Mix juice and lemon peel with squeezed garlic, sea salt, vegetable oil and crushed black pepper grains and let the marinade rest for a minimum of half-hour . Perfect, for instance , for oven baked chicken!

2. Jamaican Jerk You can also send your guests to the Caribbean with a tasteful Jamaican Jerk marinade. probe your spice jars and blend black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili, turmeric, all spice, ginger, thyme, paprika, salt and sugar. Add onion, garlic and vegetable oil . An exotic taste experience which will be adjusted as desired.

3. Teriyaki You don’t need quite as many ingredients if you would like to form a Japanese-inspired Teriyaki marinade. Mix soy and wine vinegar with honey, groundnut oil , vegetable oil , cumin, ginger and garlic and put it within the fridge. Especially good for barbequing and frying chicken!

4. Honey & Dijon With only five ingredients, you'll make a creamy and delicious Honey & Dijon marinade. Mix honey and garlic with apple vinegar, dijon mustard and vegetable oil . This marinade not only adds tons of flavor to the chicken. It also makes the meat more tender!

5. BBQ with Chipotle Flakes Give the chicken a sweet, spicy and smoky flavor with a delicious BBQ marinade with Chipotle flakes. Take your favorite BBQ marinade and add some finely chopped garlic along side chipotle chili flakes and perhaps some sambal oelek. Taste and adjust until you discover the proper combination between sweet and powerful . a strong marinade, which is particularly suitable for barbequing!

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