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Pre-History ...................................................................................................................................... 3 15th Century ................................................................................................................................... 5 17th Century ................................................................................................................................... 6 18th Century ................................................................................................................................... 6 19th Century ................................................................................................................................... 7 20th Century ................................................................................................................................... 8 21st Century .................................................................................................................................. 14 22nd Century ................................................................................................................................ 15 23rd Century ................................................................................................................................. 25 24th Century ................................................................................................................................. 44

This version of the Star Trek time-line includes the Animated Series, many internet fan-films, and the author’s fan-fiction. It does not include any of the Star Trek novels. In some cases, stardates are followed and some are ignored, as it wasn’t until Star Trek: The Next Generation that stardates were used as a time keeping tool. BCE: Before Common Era. AD: Anno Domini (In the Year of the Lord). CE: Common Era.

The compilation of this timeline is largely based on the Star Trek Chronology: A History of the Future, written by Michael and Denise Okuda. Also on “The Star Trek Annotated Time Line,” by Win Scott Eckert.


TOS – Star Trek: The Original Series

TAS – Star Trek: The Animated Series

TNG – Star Trek: The Next Generation

DS9 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

VOY – Star Trek: Voyager

ENT – Star Trek: Enterprise

NV/P2 – Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II

EXT – Starship Exeter

SF/SFA – Starship Farragut/Starship Farragut Animated

GRIS – Star Trek: Grissom

ToSF – Tales of the Seventh Fleet

HF – Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

ODY – Star Trek: Odyssey

HC – Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles

FED1 – Star Trek: Federation One

INT – Star Trek: Intrepid

ES – Star Trek: Eagle Star

DF – Dark Frontier/Dark Frontier: Operation Deliverance


12 Billion BCE 

The universe created in the “Big Bang”. 300,000 years later, universal cooling allows atoms to form.

11 Billion BCE 

Galaxies form.

6 Billion BCE 

The oldest structures on the Time Planet (“Planet Gateway”) are constructed, including the Guardian of Forever. (“City on the Edge of Forever” [TOS], “In Harm’s Way” [NV])

4.7 Billion BCE 

Sol system forms.

4.5 Billion BCE 

Sol III (Earth) solidifies.

4 Billion BCE 

The first of the humanoid races seeds worlds throughout the galaxy with humanoid genetic code. An advanced computer algorithm message is imbedded within the DNA and scattered in pieces throughout at least 19 planets. (“The Chase” [TNG])

3.4 Billion BCE 

Cellular life evolves on Earth.

200,000 BCE 

The Iconian civilization flourishes, influencing many cultures in the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants of the galaxy. They use a sophisticated system of gateways to travel without the aid of space vessels. The Iconians are later destroyed by the Gray Confederacy. (“Contagion” [TNG], “To the Death”[DS9], “Enemy Unknown, Part III” [HF])


97,800 BCE 

Atomic warfare on Talos IV destroys the surface of the planet and drives the Talosians underground. While they develop impressive mental powers their technology degenerates and eventually they will lose all knowledge of their ancestors’ tools and machines. (“The Cage” [TOS])

50,000 BCE 

Two unknown adversaries are destroyed by a device known as the “planet killer”. The device will eventually reach our galaxy. (“The Doomsday Machine” [TOS])

12,500 BCE 

On Earth, the first Humans migrate to the North American continent. They encounter for a brief time the crew of the Starship Eagle Star from the year 2383. (“Alternatives”, “Ice and Fire” [ES])

11,000 BCE 

At approximately this time in the Delta Quadrant, the Caretaker's people, extra-galactic beings, encounter the Ocampa homeworld and accidentally destroy the atmosphere. Two of the Caretakers elect to remain behind in an immense Array to care for the Ocampa people, having relocated them into a subterranean environment. (“Caretaker” [VOY])

7,735 BCE 

Fabrini goes nova. The Fabrini escape aboard an immense generation ship called “Yonada.” (“For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky” [TOS])

7,631 BCE 

The first of nine “Tears of the Prophets” orbs appear in the skies of Bajor—all but one will be taken by the Cardassians. These orbs possess unique properties and originate from an artificially generated wormhole, the dwelling place of timeless beings which Bajoran religion will refer to as the Prophets. (“Emissary” [DS9])

4 BCE 

Jesus Christ was born. Christ’s teaching would become the basis of Earth’s Christian religion. (Historical accounts.)


1st-10th Century AD/CE 

Surak’s teachings lead the Vulcan people devoted to logic, non-violence, and IDIC. This is the era of the Reformation for the Vulcans. Some Vulcan dissidents, opposed to Surak’s teachings will depart Vulcan and colonize the twin worlds of Romulus and Remus, dominating the Reman culture. (“Balance of Terror”, ST: Nem, et. al)

The Mayan culture arises on Earth. Kukulkan, a benevolent alien being, assists the Mayans in their development. The Mayans will survive into the 10th century. (Historical accounts. “How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth” [TAS])

Mohammed began writing the Qu’ran. This work would become the cornerstone of the Islamic religion. (Historical accounts.)

The epic poem “Beowulf” is composed. In 2371, it will be transformed into a holodeck simulation aboard the Starship Voyager by Ensign Harry Kim. (Historical accounts. “Heroes and Demons” [VOY])

1215 

The Magna Carta is signed in England, Earth. This document will be referred to by Samuel Cogley in 2261. (Historical accounts, “Court Martial” [TOS])

The Aztec culture begins on Earth. The Aztecs are nurtured by the long-lived alien being known as Kukulkan, and will fluorish into the 16th century. (Historical accounts. “How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth.” [TAS])

1452 

Leonardo Da Vinci, an artist, is “born” on Earth this year. As part of his personality improvement program, the Starship Voyager’s EMH program will re-create Da Vinci on the ship’s holodeck in 2373. Much later the same year, Captain Kathryn Janeway will seek Da Vinci’s advice. The artist's creativity will be an inspiration to Janeway during her youth. (“Requiem for Methuselah” [TOS], “Darkling” [VOY], “Scorpion” [VOY])

1478 

The Spanish Inquisition occurs on Earth. (Historical accounts.)


1609 

Galileo Galilei builds the first astronomical telescope. His observations about the moon, planets in the solar system, the sun and individual stars in the Milky Way confirm Copernican theories. The sky is no longer the sole domain of mystics. (Historical accounts.)

1666 

Sir Isaac Newton postulates laws of universal gravitation--linking celestial and earthly mechanics—and his three laws of motion, and develops calculus to discover and describe his theories. (Historical accounts. “Descent, Part I” [TNG], “Death Wish” [VOY])

1675 

On Bajor, the text of the Kosst Amojan is sealed away in the archives, said to contain great evil. It contains the information on how to free the Pah-wraiths. (“The Changing Face of Evil” [DS9])

1682 

The Avkar Solidarity is conquered by the Dominion. (“Like an Eagle, Part II” [ES])

1737 

Tolian Naros is born on El-Aura. (“Modus Operandi” [HF])

1776 

The Declaration of Independence is signed; the United States of America become a separate political entity. July 4. (Historical accounts.)

1783 

The Treaty of Paris ends the Revolutionary War. (Historical accounts.)



The Constitution of the United States is ratified by a convention of the States on Earth. A duplicate of this document will inexplicably appear on Omega VI. (Historical accounts. “The Omega Glory” [TOS])

1789 

George Washington enters office as the first president of the United States of America, on Earth. (Historical accounts.)

1812 

The War of 1812, a dispute between the United States and Great Britain begins. (Historical accounts.)

1836 

The Battle of the Alamo is fought in San Antonio, Texas on Earth. Chief Miles O’Brien and Dr. Julian Bashir will enjoy a holosuite simulation of this historic conflict in 2375. Obsessed with the battle, they will build a detailed model of the Alamo by late 2375. March. (Historical accounts. “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” [DS9], “Afterimage” [DS9], et al.)

1861 

Abraham Lincoln enters office as the 16th president of the United States of America, on Earth. (Historical accounts. “The Savage Curtain” [TOS])

The American Civil War begins on Earth. In 2373, Q will model the Q Continuum upon this period of Terran history for Captain Kathryn Janeway to perceive. (Historical accounts. “The Q and the Grey” [VOY])

1864 

Colonel Thaddeus “Old Iron Boots” Riker, in command of the 102nd New York during General Sherman’s March on Atlanta poses for a photo with the philosopher Q (Quinn). Q carried Riker back from the front line, saving his life. (“Death Wish” [VOY])



The Civil War ends, with the Union victorius. Slavery is abolished in the United States. President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. (Historical accounts.)

1877 

Giovanni Schiaparelli sees lines on Mars, which he calls canali—Italian for channels or furrows. Canali is translated as canals, suggesting they are not natural phenomena. Humans actively speculate about intelligent life on other worlds. (Historical accounts.)

1887 

According to Dr. McCoy, Admiral James Kirk’s eyeglasses date from this era. By 2287, few of them have the lenses intact. (Star Trek II)

1893 

Lt. Cmdr. Data, transported by a temporal disturbance on Devidia II from 2368, finds himself in San Francisco, Earth where he meets Mark Twain and Madame Guinan. An away team, originating from the same future era, rescues Data and ends the invasion of shape-shifter beings. Samuel Clemens is briefly transported aboard the Enterprise-D in the future and then returned to this time. (“Time‘s Arrow” [TNG])

1903 

The Wright Brothers build and fly the first motorized airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, providing that man does not need wings to fly. (Contemporary accounts.)

1905 

Albert Einstein introduces his special theory of relativity and quantum theory, and introduces the idea of space-time. Einstein also predicts that the speed of light is the absolute velocity in the universe and that mass and energy are equivalent and transposable. (Contemporary accounts.)

1912 

The ocean-liner RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg and sinks in the North Atlantic on Earth. In 2374, Lt. Tom Paris will employ the Titanic’s transverse bulkhead system to the Voyager during the “Year of Hell” timeline. In another alternate timeline, the Starship


Independence from 2377 will investigate a temporal saboteur from the 29th Century using the Titanic disaster to eliminate future rivals. (Contemporary accounts, “Year of Hell” [VOY], “Two Hours” [HF]) 1914 

World War I is sparked with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Serbia. (Contemporary accounts.)

1919 

The Treaty of Versailles is signed ending World War I. (Contemporary accounts.)

1927 

Aviator Charles Lindburgh makes the first nonstop solo transatlantic airplane flight and galvanizes world interest in avionics. (Contemporary accounts.)

1929 

The Space family house outside Cedar Falls, Iowa is built. (“Home and Hearth” [ES])

The United States stock market crashes leading to a long economic recession known as the Great Depression. (Contemporary accounts.)

1930 

Dr. McCoy (from 2261) alters Earth history, accidentally. Captain James T. Kirk and Spock restore history when social worker Edith Keeler dies in an automobile accident in New York City. November 19. (“City on the Edge of Forever” [TOS])

1937 

Aviator Amelia Earhart, who captured the world's attention as the first woman to match Lindbugh's transatlantic flight, vanishes somewhere over the Pacific Ocean while circumnavigating the globe. Earhart is actually one of several humans abducted by the Briori and taken to the Delta Quadrant. (Contemporary accounts. “The 37‘s” [VOY])

1939 

World War II begins in Europe.



Japanese forces launch a sneak attack against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, drawing the United States into World War II. (Historical accounts.)

1944 

In an alternate timeline, the Nazi regime, aided by temporal agents from the future, successfully invades the United States, as a final battle ground for the Temporal Cold War. Sent from the future, Captain Archer and the Enterprise NX-01 are successful in restoring the proper timeline. (“Storm Front, Parts I & II” [ENT])

1945 

German forces surrender.

Japanese forces surrender after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nakasaki; World War II is ended.

The United Nations established. (Contemporary accounts.)

1947 

It is reported that observers in Roswell, New Mexico, find a strange craft, and its crew, crashed in the desert. Officials claim the object was a weather balloon. People begin to believe beings from outer space are visiting Earth. (Contemporary accounts, “Little Green Men” [DS9])

Test pilot Chuck Yeager travels faster than the speed of sound in a new rocket-powered plan. Yeager’s supersonic flight begins the Jet Age. (Contemporary accounts.)

1953 

Izak Ison is born. (December 21.)

1957 

Sputnik-1 becomes Earth’s first artificial satellite. It has a profound affect on the world and enables Russia to take the lead in early Terran space development. Earth’s Space Age, and the so-called space race, begins. A Vulcan observation ship crash lands on Earth, remaining for several months before they are rescued. (Contemporary accounts, “Carbon Creek” [ENT])



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) federal agency is established in North America on Earth. (Contemporary accounts.)

1959 

Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, aboard space vehicle Vostok-I, becomes the first human to travel in space. (Contemporary accounts.)

1961 

A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier named Enterprise (CVN-65) is commissioned.

President John F. Kennedy enters office as the 35th president.

Alan B. Shepard becomes the first American to travel in space aboard Freedom 7. President Kennedy vows that the United States will land a man on the moon before the end of the decade.

The United States launches Mercury 3, a suborbital 15 minute flight in preparation for its first orbital mission next year. (Contemporary accounts.)

1962 

Friendship 7 carries John Glenn in America’s first full orbit of Earth.

The Cuban Missile Crisis takes place, a standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union, which placed nuclear weapons on the island of Cuba. (Contemporary accounts.)

1963 

Theodore Thomas and Bruce Jeremy Space are born, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. (January 27. “Former Enemies” [ES], “Diplomatic Protocol” [ES])

Vostok-VI carries Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshekova into space, staying aloft for 45 revolutions. Maneuvering the capsule she approaches to within 5 kilometers of the companion vessel Vostok-V.

The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is adopted, an early international agreement aimed at controlling weapons of mass destruction.

President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. President Lyndon B. Johnson assumes office as the 36th president. (Contemporary accounts.)


1968 

In an historic first, the 3-man crew of Apollo 8 journeys around the moon, observing and photographing the natural satellite and viewing “Earth rise.” (Contemporary accounts.)

The song “Magic Carpet Ride” is recorded by Steppenwolf. (Star Trek: FC)

1969 

Dana Mary Harvey born in New York, New York. (June 26.)

The U.S.S. Enterprise, en route to Starbase 9 in 2261, is accidentally time-warped into this era by a black star. It is spotted on Earth radar, and reported as a UFO by Captain John Christopher. This is the Starship Enterprise’s first journey back into history. Using Sol’s gravitational attraction, the Enterprise returns to the future. (“Tomorrow is Yesterday” [TOS])

The first manned moon shot, consisting of three astronauts, is launched on Wednesday July 16. Humans first set foot on Earth’s moon, Neil Armstrong being the first from the Eagle spacecraft. It is the first of twelve successful landings on the Moon. This is the start of Human manned interplanetary exploration. (Contemporary accounts.)

1972 

President Richard Nixon visits the People’s Republic of China. This event will eventually lead Vulcan philosophers to coin the proverb, “Only Nixon could go to China.” (Contemporary accounts, Star Trek: VI)

The Pioneer 10 Jupiter flyby space probe sends 500 images of this enormous planet, and amazing technical data, back to Earth. (Contemporary accounts.)

1973 

Kevin James Doran born in Jersey City, New Jersey. (March 18.)

Skylab is launched and becomes the first American space station. (Contemporary accounts)

1976 

Viking 2 lands on Mars at Utopia Planitia and sends images. (Contemporary accounts.)



The space shuttle Enterprise undergoes flight testing.

The unmanned space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 depart for the outer planets of Sol, following up on the earlier Pioneer missions. These more sophisticated probes will encounter first Jupiter (in 1979) and then Saturn (1980-81), eventually flying by Uranus (in 1985). At least four more Voyager series probes will be launched before the end of the century. Voyager 6 will be the first Human-built artifact to fall into a black hole. (Contemporary accounts, Star Trek: TMP)

1986 

Tragedy strikes when the space shuttle Challenger is lost with seven crewmembers, 73 seconds after liftoff. (Contemporary accounts.)

Admiral James T. Kirk lands in San Francisco on Earth from 2288 in a Klingon bird-ofprey. With the help of his crew, he transports two Humpback whales and Dr. Gillian Taylor to the 23rd Century to stop an alien probe. (Star Trek IV)

1989 

The Berlin Wall is dismantled, marking the beginning of the end of the Communist reign in Europe. (Contemporary accounts.)

1991 

The USSR breaks up and Russian communism collapses. (Contemporary accounts.)

1996 

The U.S.S. Voyager is brought into the past. They are successful in stopping corporate magnate Henry Starling from using a 29th century timeship to cause a temporal explosion. (“Future‘s End” [VOY])

Khan Noonien Singh, Earth’s first genetically engineered human, escapes to space aboard the shuttle S.S. Botany Bay. (“Space Seed” [TOS], Star Trek II)

1999 

The first module of the International Space Station is placed in orbit.

December 31 passes without incident. The world doesn’t end, the “flying saucers” don't land, and the Y2K Bug doesn't turn off a single light bulb. (Contemporary accounts.)


2001 

9/11. A terrorist force attacks the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC, United States. World governments unite for the first time in order to combat the threat of international terrorism; the incident would later serve as a building block for a united Earth government. (Contemporary accounts.)

2012 

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier named Enterprise (CVN-65) is decommissioned after more than 50 years of service.

2013 

The Aries IV is close to completing its survey mission of Mars when consumed by a graviton ellipse in Mars orbit, leaving two astronauts, Sita Kumagawa and Sergei Novakovich, stranded on the surface for weeks before a rescue vessel arrives. This is humankind’s first encounter with a spatial anomaly. October 19.

Lt. John Kelly, mission commander of the Aries IV, dies within the graviton ellipse phenomena. His body will be recovered for burial by Seven of Nine in 2376, along with the ship’s logs. October 29. (“One Small Step” [VOY])

2030 

Zefram Cochrane is born. (“Metamorphosis” [TOS])

2040 

Television no longer survives as a significant form of entertainment. (“The Neutral Zone”)

2053 

Earth is torn apart by World War III. It is fought with atomic weapons, leaving many millions dead and the environment seriously damaged. (ST: FC)

2060 

The Dax symbiont is “born.”


2063 

Zefram Cochrane launches the Phoenix, the first space vessel equipped with warp drive. Cochrane’s successful test flight attracts the attention of a passing alien ship. Earth makes first contact with the Vulcans. April 5. (Star Trek: FC)

2066 

The Ba’ku colonize an idyllic world in the Briar Patch subjected to regenerative metaphasic radiation. Their aging process is significantly slowed, making their people virtually immortal. The Ba’ku will reject technology and return to a simpler way of life. (ST: Ins, ST:HF)

2071 

The S.S. Valiant galactic survey cruiser disappears near the edge of the galaxy. The ship’s loss will be explained in nearly two centuries when the Starship Enterprise recovers the ship's recorder-marker. The Energy Barrier at the rim of the galaxy influenced one member of the Valiant’s crew, forcing the captain to destroy the ship. (“Where No Man Has Gone Before” [TOS])

2073 

Zefram Cochrane is quoted for saying, “Don’t try to be a great man, just be a man, and let history make its own judgments.” (Star Trek: FC)

2117 

Zefram Cochrane dedicates the Warp Five Complex, tasked with developing a warp engine capable of Warp Five speed. Shortly afterward, Cochrane departs, later reported missing and is believed to have died. (“Broken Bow” [ENT], “Metamorphosis” [TOS])

– 

“Broken Bow” [ENT] SD Apr. 16, 2151 – The Enterprise crew sets on a maiden voyage with a mission to return a wounded Klingon to his people.

“Fight or Flight” [ENT] SD May 6, 2151 – The crew comes across an abandoned ship of dead aliens.


“Strange New World” [ENT] SD Unknown – Crew members go on a survey mission to a seemingly uninhabited Earth-like planet where a mysterious alien presence sends them into a state of paranoid overdrive.

“Unexpected” [ENT] SD Unknown – After discovering the presence of a damaged alien vessel, Archer dispatches Tucker to its aid, but the engineer's encounter with a Xyrillian female has an unexpected side effect.

“Terra Nova” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer and the Enterprise crew set out to learn what happened to the lost human colony of Terra Nova, and discover a tribe of human-hating cave dwellers.

“The Andorian Incident” [ENT] SD Unknown – When Archer and his crew pay a friendly visit to an ancient Vulcan monastery, they stumble into an interstellar conflict between the Vulcans and their militaristic rivals, the Andorians.

“Breaking the Ice” [ENT] SD Unknown – While the Enterprise crew researches a newly discovered comet, Archer tries to deal diplomatically with a Vulcan ship that is suspiciously watching them.

“Civilization” [ENT] SD July 31, 2151 – The Enterprise crew encounters a pre-industrial society that is afflicted with a plague caused by exploitative secret visitors.

“Fortunate Son” [ENT] SD Unknown – Enterprise must intervene when the leader of a human freighter crew sets out for revenge against alien pirates.

“Cold Front” [ENT] SD Unknown – While Enterprise joins an alien pilgrimage to witness a religious stellar occurrence, Archer finds himself again faced against the Suliban warrior Silik.

“Silent Enemy” [ENT] SD Sep. 1, 2151 – An ill-prepared Enterprise is under attack by mysterious aliens with unknown motivations.

“Dear Doctor” [ENT] SD Unknown – Dr. Phlox faces a serious dilemma as a dying race begs for help from Enterprise.

“Sleeping Dogs” [ENT] SD Unknown – T’Pol, Reed and Hoshi get stranded on a Klingon “shipwreck” sinking inside a gas giant. Archer tries to convince a captured Klingon to help before his crewmates get crushed in the intense pressure of the planet’s atmosphere.


“Shadows of P’Jem” [ENT] SD Unknown – When T’Pol is ordered by her superiors to leave Enterprise, she goes on one last away mission with Archer to planet Coridan, where they are taken captive by a militant faction and once again encounter the volatile Andorians.

“Shuttlepod One” [ENT] SD Nov. 9, 2151 – During a shuttlepod mission, Tucker and Reed are cut off from Enterprise and become convinced the starship has been destroyed and that their days are numbered.

“Fusion” [ENT] SD Unknown – A group of atypical Vulcans visiting Enterprise subject T’Pol to uncomfortable new ideas.

“Rogue Planet” [ENT] SD Unknown – While exploring an uncharted planet, Enterprise crew members encounter a group of aliens who are hunting down indigenous creatures for recreation.

“Acquisition” [ENT] SD Unknown – When the Ferengi, a group of intergalactic thieves, stun the Enterprise crew and try to rob the ship, it's up to Trip to work covertly to stop them.

“Oasis” [ENT] SD Unknown – The crew is directed to a barren planet, where a derelict ship may be salvagable for supplies. But the crew quickly learns that rumors about the shipwreck being haunted may be true.

“Detained” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer and Mayweather are detained by the Tandarans in a Suliban internment camp. Learning of the Suliban's persecution by the Tandarans, Archer enlists the aid of Enterprise and his crew.

“Vox Sola” [ENT] SD Unknown – When a strange, symbiotic alien creature boards Enterprise and captures several crew members, it's up to Hoshi to decipher the creature's complex language.

“Fallen Hero” [ENT] Feb. 9, 2152 - Archer is ordered to transport Vulcan Ambassador V’Lar, an early role model of T’Pol’s, from a planet where her integrity has been called into question.


“Desert Crossing” [ENT] Feb. 12, 2152 - When Archer and Trip are invited to a desertlike planet by an alien leader, they discover he is a terrorist who has lured them there under false pretenses.

“Two Days and Two Nights” [ENT] Feb. 18, 2152 - Shore leave takes some interesting twists when the Enterprise crew finally arrives at Risa, the famous pleasure planet.

“Shockwave, Part I” [ENT] Unknown - After apparently causing the obliteration of an alien colony, Enterprise is ordered to return to Earth, until a surprise visitor offers Archer startling evidence about what really happened...

“Shockwave, Part II” [ENT] Unknown - With Enterprise held hostage and Archer mysteriously missing, the crew faces its biggest challenge yet.

“Carbon Creek” [ENT] April 16, 2152 – T'Pol's recollection of the Vulcans' first encounter with Humans conflicts with what Archer and Trip learned from history books.

“Minefield” [ENT] Unknown – Enterprise becomes disabled by an alien orbital mine while trapped in hostile Romulan territory.

“Dead Stop” [ENT] SD Unknown – Enterprise docks with a mysterious high-tech space station which proves too good to be true.

“A Night in Sickbay” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer spends a fretful night in sickbay with Porthos and Dr. Phlox.

“Marauders” [ENT] SD Unknown – In need of fuel, Enterprise discovers a mining colony that is being controlled by Klingons who are bullying the inhabitants and hoarding their supplies.

“The Seventh” [ENT] SD Unknown – T’Pol is dispatched by the Vulcan High Command to capture a fugitive that has eluded their authorities for nearly two decades.

“The Communicator” [ENT] SD Unknown - Reed and Archer retrieve a communicator left behind on an alien planet, but are captured in the process.

“Singularity” [ENT] SD Unknown – On a “typical” day on Enterprise, the crew finds their routine tasks turn into uncharacteristically strange obsessions over trivial matters.


“Vanishing Point” [ENT] SD Unknown – Following her first experience in the transporter, a series of eerie events leads Hoshi to question whether she is the same person.

“Precious Cargo” [ENT] SD Sept. 12, 2152 – Trip rescues an exotic alien woman from her kidnappers, but ends up on an unexpected romantic adventure.

“The Catwalk” [ENT] SD Sept. 18, 2152 – When a deadly radioactive storm threatens Enterprise, the entire crew must take refuge for eight days in a small maintenance shaft.

“Dawn” [ENT] SD Unknown – Trip is fired upon by a territorial alien and forced to land on the night side of a moon.

“Stigma” [ENT] SD Unknown – T’Pol’s standing on Enterprise is threatened when it is learned that she has contracted a deadly disease.

“Cease Fire” [ENT] SD Unknown – When a military conflict erupts between the Vulcans and Andorians, Archer is brought in as negotiator.

“Future Tense” [ENT] SD Unknown – Enterprise finds a small craft adrift in space that contains what appears to be a human corpse, one the Suliban and the Tholians both try to retrieve.

“Canamar” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer and Tucker are mistakenly arrested and placed on a prisoner transport vessel bound for the penal colony Canamar.

“The Crossing” [ENT] SD Unknown – Enterprise is swallowed by an otherworldly vessel occupied by noncorporeal creatures who seek to trade consciousnesses with the crew members.

“Judgment” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer stands accused before a Klingon tribunal of conspiring against the Empire, and faces a lifetime sentence on Rura Penthe.

“Horizon” [ENT] SD Jan. 10, 2153 – While Enterprise investigates a planetary phenomenon, Mayweather takes the opportunity to visit the cargo ship where he was born and raised.

“The Breach” [ENT] SD Unknown – Enterprise is asked to evacuate a group of Denobulan geologists from a world that has been taken over by a militant faction.


“Cogenitor” [ENT] SD Unknown – Enterprise encounters a race called the Vissians whose third sex of “cogenitors” are treated as second-class citizens.

“Regeneration” [ENT] SD Mar. 1, 2153 – An arctic research team discovers debris from an alien vessel, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids.

“First Flight” [ENT] SD Unknown – While Enterprise is investigating a nebula, Archer hears that A.G. Robinson, his old rival in the early days of the NX test program, has died.

“Bounty” [ENT] SD Mar. 21, 2153 – A Tellarite bounty hunter captures Archer intending to turn him over to the Klingons for a substantial reward.

“The Expanse” [ENT] SD Apr. 24, 2153 - When a probe from an alien source unleashes a devastating assault upon Earth, Enterprise is recalled, then sent to search for the perpetrators.

“The Xindi” [ENT] SD Unknown - Captain Archer and his crew set out to gain information about the mysterious and antagonistic Xindi race.

“Anomaly” [ENT] SD Unknown - Enterprise starts experiencing effects of the spatial distortions pervading the Delphic Expanse, and falls victim to predatory aliens.

“Extinction” [ENT] SD Unknown - On a mission to investigate an abandoned Xindi vessel on a jungle planet, Archer, Reed, and Hoshi succumb to a virus that mutates them into a primitive life-form.

“Rajiin” [ENT] SD Unknown - The NX-01 gets closer to a showdown with the Xindi when Captain Archer takes on an enigmatic passenger: a beautiful slave, named Rajiin.

“Impulse” [ENT] SD Unknown - When Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Vulcan ship stranded in the Delphic Expanse, Archer and his boarding team are attacked by insane, zombie-like Vulcans.

“Exile” [ENT] SD Unknown - A powerful telepath makes contact with Hoshi and offers to help Enterprise find the Xindi… for a price.


“The Shipment” [ENT] SD Unknown - Archer, Reed, and Major Hayes infiltrate a XindiSloth industrial colony to learn more about the weapon of mass destruction that will be used against Earth.

“Twilight” [ENT] SD Unknown - A spatial distortion leaves Archer unable to form any new long-term memories. Years in the future, he wakes up one morning and is stunned to learn the outcome of the human-Xindi conflict.

“North Star” [ENT] SD Unknown - When a settlement of humans living a 19th Century western lifestyle is discovered on a Delphic Expanse planet, Archer and crew set out to learn how they got there.

“Similitude” [ENT] SD Unknown - When Trip suffers a catastrophic injury, his only hope for survival is a transplant from a “mimetic simbiot” which Phlox grows from one of his exotic creatures.

“Carpenter Street” [ENT] SD Unknown - Archer and T’Pol travel back in time to 2004 Detroit to stop a Xindi plot.

“Chosen Realm” [ENT] SD Unknown - Religious zealots hijack Enterprise to us it as a weapon against enemies of their faith.

“Proving Ground” [ENT] SD Dec. 6, 2153 - An Andorian ship led by Commander Shran arrives in the Delphic Expanse to help Enterprise hone in on the Xindi superweapon.

“Stratagem” [ENT] SD Dec. 12, 2153 - Archer finds himself face-to-face with Degra, the designer of the Xindi superweapon, and tries to trick him into revealing its location.

“Harbinger” [ENT] SD Dec. 27, 2153 - As Archer tries to unravel the mystery of a rescued alien, long-simmering feelings explode among his senior officers.

“Doctor’s Orders” [ENT] SD Unknown - The fate of Enterprise is in Dr. Phlox’s hands as the rest of the crew must be induced into a coma in order to survive a trans-dimensional disturbance.

“Hatchery” [ENT] SD Jan. 8, 2154 – Archer goes to extreme lengths to save an abandoned nest of Xindi-Insectoid eggs ready to hatch.


“Azati Prime” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer sets out on a suicide mission to destroy the Xindi super weapon as Enterprise faces a brutal attack.

“Damage” [ENT] SD Unknown – While dissension among Xindi ranks festers, Enterprise tries to recover from a devastating attack.

“The Forgotten” [ENT] SD Unknown – Two high-ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of their super weapon if Archer can prove they’ve been manipulated. Meanwhile, the crew mourns their lost mates.

“E2” [ENT] SD Unknown – An attempt to use a Xindi subspace corridor leads the Enterprise crew to a bizarre encounter with their own descendants.

“The Council” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer and Hoshi stand before the Xindi Council as T’Pol and Reed lead a team into the heart of a Sphere.

“Countdown” [ENT] SD Feb. 13, 2154 – With help from Xindi allies, the Enterprise crew attempts to stop the arming of the weapon aimed toward Earth.

“Zero Hour” [ENT] SD Feb. 14, 2154 – Archer puts his life on the line in a risky gambit to intercept the Xindi superweapon and disarm it from within.

“Storm Front, Part I/Part II” [ENT] SD Unknown - Enterprise NX-01 returns to Earth.

“Home” [ENT] SD Unknown – Once the NX-01 finally returns to Earth, the weary crewmen face repercussions of their journey in the Delphic Expanse, both positive and negative.

“Borderland” [ENT] SD May 17, 2154 – When genetic supermen left over from the Eugenics Wars hijack a Klingon ship, Archer must rely on their creator, the criminal Dr. Arik Soong, to help hunt them down.

“Cold Station 12” [ENT] SD Unknown – Arik Soong leads his band of Augments to a medical facility where hundreds of genetically enhanced embryos are still stored, intending to retrieve them and bring them to life.

“The Augments” [ENT] SD May 27, 2154 – In defiance of their “father,” Arik Soong’s Augments devise a heinous plot against the Klingons which will surely lead to interstellar war.


“The Forge” [ENT] SD Unknown – Earth’s embassy on Vulcan is bombed, and the ensuing investigation puts Archer and T'Pol on the trail of a Vulcan religious faction hiding in a treacherous desert.

“Awakening” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer and T’Pol encounter the Syrrannites, a radical group hiding in the Vulcan desert, while the NX-01 crew contends with Vulcan power ploys.

“Kir’Shara” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer, T’Pol and T’Pau attempt to bring the Kir’Shara—an artifact believed to contain Surak's original writings—to the Vulcan capital, as the NX-01 gets involved in a Vulcan-Andorian military clash.

“Daedalus” [ENT] SD Unknown – The inventor of the transporter, Emory Erickson, comes aboard Enterprise for a risky experiment.

“Observer Effect” [ENT] SD Unknown – Noncorporeal aliens study the Enterprise crew as they respond to a fatal viral infection brought on board from an away mission.

“Babel One” [ENT] SD Nov. 12, 2154 – Enterprise journeys to Babel with a Tellarite ambassador on board for peace talks with the Andorians, when a distress call from Shran is received.

“United” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer tries to unify the Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcans in a plan to capture a marauder ship threatening to destabilize the region.

“The Aenar” [ENT] SD Unknown – Archer visits Shran's icy homeworld to find an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, to determine their connection to the marauder destroying ships in the region.

“Affliction” [ENT] SD Nov. 27, 2154 – While Enterprise visits Earth for the launch of Columbia, Phlox is kidnapped and forced to help the Klingons deal with a grave threat toward their species.

“Divergence” [ENT] SD Unknown – With Columbia’s help, the Enterprise crew grapples with sabotage to their ship as they pursue the truth behind the kidnapping of Phlox.

“Bound” [ENT] SD Unknown – As a gift for negotiating with the Orion Syndicate, Captain Archer receives three Orion Slave Girls.


“In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I” [ENT] SD Jan. 13, 2155 – In the mirror universe, Commander Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest in order to capture a future Earth ship found in Tholian space.

“In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II” [ENT] SD Unknown – In the mirror universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab.

“Demons” [ENT] SD Unknown – A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine talks to form a new coalition of planets.

“Terra Prime” [ENT] SD Unknown – A human isolationist leader threatens to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately.

2156 

The Romulan Wars begin between Earth forces and the Romulan Star Empire. The war is fought with primitive atomic weapons, and the Romulan fleet is not even equipped with warp drive. (“Balance of Terror” [TOS])

2160 

The Romulan Wars are ended by the Battle of Charon. The Romulans suffer a humiliating military defeat at the hands of Earth forces. The Romulan Peace Treaty is signed, establishing the Romulan Neutral Zone as a buffer between the Romulan and Remus and the rest of the galaxy, violation of which is considered to be an act of war. All negotiations were conducted by subspace radio, without face-to-face contact between the parties. (“Balance of Terror” [TOS])

2161 

The United Federation of Planets is incorporated. Captain Jonathan Archer is one of the dignitaties at the charter ceremonies, which include representatives from seventeen planets. (“The Outcast” [TNG], “These are the Voyages…” [ENT])

2165 

Sarek of Vulcan is born. (“Journey to Babel” [TOS])



Jonathan Archer is elected to the presidency of the United Federation of Planets. Eventually, Archer is considered one of the greatest presidents in the Federation’s history and has an entire planetary system named in his honor. (“Between Friends” [GRIS])

2179 

Tolian Naros and Siroc have a falling out. Naros sets Siroc adrift in the Briar Patch. (“” [HF])

2180 

The New World Economy begins to take shape and money “goes the way of the dinosaur.” Fort Knox is turned into a museum. (“Dark Frontier” [VOY])

2195 

Robert April is born. (“The Counter-Clock Incident” [TAS])

2218 

First Federation Contact with the Klingon Empire. The incident is a disaster, leading to nearly a century of hostilities between the Klingons and the Federation. (“Day of the Dove” [TOS], ST: VI)

2222 

Montgomery Scott is born.

2224 

Sybok is born to Sarek and a Vulcan princess. (ST: V)

2227 

Leonard H. McCoy is born.

2230 

Spock is born.


2233 

James Tiberius Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa. (Conjecture.)

2236 

The S.S. Columbia crash lands on Talos IV. There is only one survivor, Vina, the Talosians first human contact. (“The Cage” [TOS])

2237 

Spock undergoes the Kahs-whan ordeal on Vulcan. His life is saved by his cousin Selek (Spock from the future) prior to the actual test. His pet sehlat, I-chaya dies. Selek teaches Spock the Vulcan nerve pinch. Spock is joined by law, tradition, and the Vulcan mind touch to T'Pring. (“Yesteryear” [TAS], “Amok Time” [TOS])

Hikaru Sulu is born. (Conjecture.)

2239 

Nyota Uhura is born. (Conjecture.)

2245 

U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701) is launched. Captain Robert M. April assumes command. Dr. Sarah April is the Chief Medical Officer. (“The Counter-Clock Incident” [TAS])

Leonard McCoy, enters medical school at the University of Mississippi. During his time at Ole Miss, McCoy shares a romance with Emony Dax. (“Trials and Tribble-ations” [DS9])

Pavel Chekov is born. (“Who Mourns for Adonis” [TOS])

2249 

Spock chooses to enter Starfleet Academy rather than the Vulcan Science Academy. This leads to an estrangement between Spock and Sarek for a number of years. (“Journey to Babel” [TOS])

2250 

Captain Robert April relinquishes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, to Captain Christopher Pike. Pike’s executive officer was a female Starfleet officer whom he called


“Number One.” Robert April is promoted to Commodore and becomes a Federation ambassador-at-large. (“The Counter-Clock Incident” [TAS]) 

James T. Kirk enters the Starfleet Academy as a midshipman. He will serve on the U.S.S. Republic for some time. (“Court Martial”)

Ensign James Kirk is given a position teaching at the Academy. Upperclassmen state that in Kirk’s class, “You either think or sink.” One of his students he meets is Cadet Gary Mitchell. The two will become close friends. (“Where No Man Has Gone Before” [TOS])

2252 

Spock begins service aboard U.S.S. Enterprise. (“The Menagerie” [TOS])

2253 

Spock graduates from Starfleet Academy.

McCoy receives his doctorate at the University of Mississippi, after receiving medical training as a general practitioner. He immediately enters Starfleet Academy.

2254 

James Kirk graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is the only cadet to ever beat the Kobayashi Maru simulation. Assigned duty aboard U.S.S. Farragut. (“Obsession” [TOS], Star Trek II) o Lt. Kirk leads a survey mission on Tyree’s Planet. (“A Private Little War” [TOS])

“The Cage” [TOS] – SD Unknown – Captain Christopher Pike is captured by the illusioncreating Talosians, who want Pike to help them create a community of humans in hopes of revitalizing the Talosian civilization.

2257 

The Farragut is attacked by a “vampire cloud” near Tycho IV. The creature is responsible for the deaths of 200 Farragut personnel, including Captain Garrovick. (“Obsession” [TOS])

2261 

David Marcus is born to Carol Marcus and James Kirk. (Star Trek II)


2264 

James T. Kirk promoted to Captain and assumes command of U.S.S. Enterprise. (Conjecture)

Tuvok is born. (“Flashback” [VOY])

Vindi S’Raazh and Bruce J. Space enter Starfleet Academy. Bruce and Vindi become good friends. (“Between Friends” [GRIS])

2265 

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” [TOS] – SD 1312.4 – An energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy mutates James Kirk’s friend, Gary Mitchell, into a god-like being.

The El-Aurian homeworld is destroyed by the Borg. The few survivors scatter throughout the galaxy. Guinan will eventually serve on the Starship Enterprise-D. Tolian Naros explores other interests in the galaxy. (“Q Who?” [TNG], “Epitaph” [HF])

– 

“The Corbomite Maneuver” [TOS] – SD 1512.2 - A powerful ship captures the Enterprise, but it is just a test to learn the Federation’s intentions.

“Mudd’s Women” [TOS] – SD 1329.1 - The Enterprise rescues con man Harry Mudd and his “cargo” of three beautiful women.

“The Enemy Within” [TOS] – SD 1672.1 – A transporter malfunction splits James Kirk into two people, each with half of his personality. Spock and Dr. McCoy work to reunite Kirk’s halves, while Sulu and a landing party are trapped on the surface of a freezing planet.

“The Man Trap” [TOS] – SD 1513.1 – A salt-eating creature that can disguise itself in any form stalks the Enterprise crew.

“The Naked Time” [TOS] – SD 1704.2 – During the investigation of a disintegrating planet, a mysterious alien virus strips the Enterprise crew of the inhibitions, exposing their innermost feelings.

“Charlie X” [TOS] – SD 1533.6 – An adolescent human boy, raised among aliens who have given him supernatural powers, finds it impossible to return him to normal society.


“Balance of Terror” [TOS] – SD 1709.2 – James Kirk matches wits with the commander of an invisible Romulan spaceship.

“What Are Little Girls Made Of?” [TOS] – SD 2712.4 – Nurse Chapel’s long-lost fiancé is discovered, living in a “perfect” android body, on a planet controlled by incredibly sophisticated robots that destroyed the civilization there.

“Dagger of the Mind” [TOS] – SD 2715.1 – The Enterprise investigates a revolutionary treatment for the criminally insane, but the new device kills with loneliness.

“Miri” [TOS] – SD 2713.5 – The Enterprise discovers a planet where all the adults have died, leaving behind a population of nearly immortal children.

“The Conscience of the King” [TOS] – SD 2817.6 – James Kirk suspects that a Shakespearean actor may have been an infamous mass murderer many years ago.

“The Galileo Seven” [TOS] – SD 2821.5 – A shuttlecraft piloted by Spock crashes on planet Tarsus II, forcing him to grapple with the life-and-death responsibilities of command.

“Court Martial” [TOS] – SD 2947.3 – James Kirk’s career is jeopardized when he is put on trial for apparently causing the death of an Enterprise crewmember.

“The Menagerie” [TOS] – SD 3012.4-SD 3013.1 – Spock hijacks the Enterprise to return Captain Christopher Pike to planet Talos IV.

“Shore Leave” [TOS] – SD 3025.3 – A mysterious planet on which dreams come true in a terrifying way baffles the Enterprise crew.

“The Squire of Gothos” [TOS] – SD 2124.5 – An incredibly powerful life-form torments the Enterprise crew, but is found to be simply a small child, playing with his toys.

“Arena” [TOS] – SD 3045.6 – A powerful civilization known as the Metrons puts James Kirk and a Gorn captain on a planetoid where they are expected to resolve their differences by fighting to the death.

“The Alternative Factor” [TOS] – SD 3087.6 – A mysterious “rip” in space is opened between our universe and an antimatter universe, and a madman threatens the existence of both realities.


“Tomorrow Is Yesterday” [TOS] – SD 3113.2 – The Enterprise accidentally travels back in time to the 20th Century, where it is sighted by the Air Force as a UFO.

“The Return of the Archons” [TOS] – SD 3156.2 – The Enterprise, investigating the disappearance of the Starship Archon, finds a planet ruled by a computer called Landru. The computer now wants to destroy the Enterprise in order to protect what it believes to be a perfect society.

“A Taste of Armageddon” [TOS] – SD 3192.1 – The Enterprise is caught in a bizarre interplanetary war fought entirely by computers.

“Space Seed” [TOS] – SD 3141.9 – The Enterprise is commandeered by 20th Century genetic “superman” Khan Noonien Singh, who has survived for centuries aboard a “sleeper ship.”

“This Side of Paradise” [TOS] – SD 3417.3 – At a colony where alien spores provide total contentment, Mr. Spock finds happiness with a woman who once loved him.

“The Devil in the Dark” [TOS] – SD 3196.1 – A terrifying subterranean creature is found to be simply a mother protecting her eggs.

“Errand of Mercy” [TOS] – SD 3198.4 – The Enterprise tries to protect Organia, an apparently primitive planet, from the Klingons, but appearances can be decieveing, and the Organians neither want nor need assistance.

“The City on the Edge of Forever” [TOS] – SD 3134.0 – Dr. McCoy, suffering from an accidental drug overdose, flees through a time portal into Earth of the 1930s, where he causes serious damage to the flow of history. James Kirk must allow the woman he loves to die in order to restore the timeline.

“Operation: Annihilate!” [TOS] – SD 3287.2 – At a Federation colony, Kirk finds his brother and sister-in-law are victims of neural parasites causing planetary insanity.

“Catspaw” [TOS] – SD 3018.2 – The Enterprise crew finds witches, black cats, and haunted castles on planet Pyris VII.

“Metamorphosis” [TOS] – SD 3219.8 – While transporting a Federation official to a vital diplomatic mission, Kirk and company find historic space scientist Zefram Cochrane, still alive on a distant planetoid, and cared for by an energy life-form called the Companion.


“Friday’s Child” [TOS] – SD 3497.2 – The Enterprise crew becomes embroiled in a local power struggle on planet Capella IV when the Klingons attempt to gain mining rights there.

“Who Mourns for Adonais?” [TOS] – SD 3468.1 – The Enterprise is captured by a powerful alien who was once worshipped on planet Earth as the Greek god Apollo. He wants the Enterprise crew as his new subjects, and one Enterprise crew member to love him.

“Amok Time” [TOS] – SD 3372.7 – Spock experiences the Vulcan mating drive and must return home to take a wife, or die.

“The Doomsday Machine” [TOS] – SD Unknown – An ancient weapon that destroyed the civilization that invented it is now destroying planets in Federation space.

“Wolf in the Fold” [TOS] – SD 3614.9 – Scotty is accused of murdering two women on a peaceful planet, but the culprit is an evil entity that was once known as Jack the Ripper.

“The Changeling” [TOS] – SD 3451.9 – An ancient space probe launched from Earth centuries ago returns to Federation space on a bizarre mission to search for “perfect” life.

“The Apple” [TOS] – SD 3715.0 - The Enterprise encounters a primitive humanoid culture on an Eden-like planet controlled by a machine-god known as Vaal.

“Mirror, Mirror” [TOS] – SD Unknown – A transporter malfunction sends Kirk and company into a savage mirror universe.

“The Deadly Years” [TOS] – SD 3478.2 – Exposure to an unknown form of radiation causes Enterprise crew members to age at an incredible rate.

“I, Mudd” [TOS] – SD 4513.3 – Harry Mudd returns, now the ruler of a planet of beautiful androids. Mudd plans to use the androids to capture the Enterprise, but the androids have other plans.

“The Trouble with Tribbles” [TOS] – SD 4523.3 – Tribbles are unbelievably cute, but the trouble is that they reproduce at an amazing rate.

“Bread and Circuses” [TOS] – SD 4040.7 - James Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy, are trapped on an Earthlike planet on which the Roman Empire never fell.


“Journey to Babel” [TOS] – SD 3842.3 – The Enterprise, assigned to transport ambassadors to a critical diplomatic conference, becomes a hotbed of intrigue. One of the diplomats, Spock’s estranged father, suffers a heart attack and will die without Spock’s help.

“A Private Little War” [TOS] – SD 4211.4 – The peaceful society on a primitive planet is shattered when the Klingons provide firearms to the inhabitants.

“The Gamesters of Triskelion” [TOS] – SD 3211.7 – Enterprise crewmembers are abducted and forced to fight to the death for the amusement of gamesters who gamble on the results.

“Obsession” [TOS] – SD 3619.2 – Kirk is determined to destroy a vampiric cloud creature that years ago killed 200 people on his first Starfleet assignment, deaths Kirk felt he could have prevented.

“The Immunity Syndrome” [TOS] – SD 4307.1 – James Kirk and his crew struggle to stop a giant space amoeba that has destroyed a star system and now threatens the entire galaxy.

“A Piece of the Action” [TOS] – SD Unknown – The Enterprise visits a planet whose inhabitants have patterned themselves after Earth’s Chicago gangsters of the 1920’s.

“The Captaincy” [SF] – SD 4625.1 – The Starship Farragut investigates the disappearance of a Federation survey team.

“By Any Other Name” [TOS] – SD 4657.5 – Aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy hijack the Enterprise, but they are unfamiliar with the human forms they have assumed for this mission.

“Return to Tomorrow” [TOS] – SD 4768.3 – Two lovers and their enemy from a society that died a half-million years ago “borrow” the bodies of Enterprise people so that they may build android bodies for themselves, but the temptations of human flesh prove too much, even for these beings of immense wisdom and power.

“Patterns of Force” [TOS] – SD Unknown – The Enterprise investigates a planet where a sociologist’s experiment has gone awry, leaving the world with a government patterned after Nazi Germany.


“The Ultimate Computer” [TOS] – SD 4729.4 – Famous Scientist Richard Daystrom’s latest invention is a new computer system that could replace James Kirk as captain of the Enterprise.

“The Omega Glory” [TOS] – SD Unknown – The Enterprise encounters a planet where long-lived survivors of a terrible bacteriological holocaust worship the American flag.

“Assignment: Earth” [TOS] – SD Unknown – The Enterprise travels back in time to 1968, where James Kirk and Spock help a mysterious stranger named Gary Seven avert a nuclear crisis.

“Spectre of the Gun” [TOS] – SD 4385.3 – Kirk and company are trapped in a bizarre recreation of the American West and forced to fight in the gun-fight at OK Corral.

“Elaan of Troyius” [TOS] – SD 4372.5 – The Enterprise must transport Elaan, the beautiful Dohlman of Elas, to an arranged marriage on planet Troyius. Unfortunately, Elaan is uninterested in her duty, and instead causes Captain Kirk to fall in love with her.

“For Want of a Nail” [SF] – SD 4847.3 – The Farragut visits a race of scholars, but what happens is beyond anyone’s expectation.

“The Paradise Syndrome” [TOS] – SD 4842.6 – Kirk loses his memory and falls in love on peaceful planet inhabited by decendants of Native Americans from Earth.

“Just Passing Through” [SF] – SD 4901.2 – The Starship Farragut's Chief Engineer, Michelle Smithfield, recalls the first time she met Commander Tacket on Starbase 12.

“A Rock and a Hard Place” [SF] – SD – Captain Carter, despite objections from Chief Engineer Smithfield, decides to go on a planetary survey mission with an old flame. Are they the only ones interested in the rocks?

“The Savage Empire” [EXT] – SD 4943.5 – On a desperate mission to retrive vital medication, the Starship Exeter has a run-in with the Klingons on Andoria.

“The Enterprise Incident” [TOS] – SD 5027.3 – Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew are captured by the Romulan while on a secret mission to steal a new Romulan cloaking device.


“And the Children Shall Lead” [TOS] – SD 5029.5 – The evil spirit that killed their parents possesses children who have survived the bizarre death of their parents.

“The Price of Anything” [SF] – SD 5133.4 – Captain Carter has a chance meeting with his ailing, estranged father. After crash landing a shuttlecraft on a mission to save a rare plant, they discover a rogue Romulan and a failed experiment involving a Romulan super soldier they must fight to stay alive.

“Spock’s Brain” [TOS] – SD 5431.4 – A mysterious woman steals Spock’s brain.

“Is There In Truth No Beauty?” [TOS] – SD 5630.7 – A beautiful woman escorts an alien ambassador so hideously ugly that the sight of him can drive a human mad.

“The Empath” [TOS] – SD 5121.0 – While investigating the disappearance of a Federation science team, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and an alien woman are brutally tortured in a test of the woman’s worthiness to have her race saved from an exploding star.

“The Tholian Web” [TOS] – SD 5693.2 – Kirk disappears and is presumed dead while Spock tries to keep the Enterprise from being the victim of a weblike alien weapon.

“For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky” [TOS] – SD 5476.3 – Dr. McCoy, stricken with a fatal disease, finds love with the leader of a doomed asteroid spaceship.

“Day of the Dove” [TOS] – SD Unknown – The Enterprise crew and a group of Klingons are trapped by an energy creature that feeds on hatred.

“Plato’s Stepchildren” [TOS] – SD 5784.0 – Enterprise crew members are held captive by a civilization whose people once visited Earth during the time of Plato, and who now have remarkable psychokinetic powers.

“Wink of an Eye” [TOS] – SD 5710.5 – The Enterprise is commandeered by aliens who exist in a hyperaccerated time frame.

“The Tressaurian Intersection” [EXT] – SD 5713.1 – Investigating the sudden destruction of a Federation starbase, the Exeter becomes tangled in a power struggle between the vicious Tressaurians and the Tholians for a superweapon.

“That Which Survives” [TOS] – SD Unknown – Enterprise crew members are stranded on a ghostly planet and terrorized by the image of a beautiful woman.


“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” [TOS] – SD 5730.2 – Two men from a dead civilization are unable to shake the racial hatred that destroyed their people.

“Whom Gods Destroy” [TOS] - SD 5718.3 – Kirk and Spock are held captive in an insane asylum by a former Starfleet hero who wants to be ruler of the galaxy.

“The Mark of Gideon” [TOS] – SD 5423.4 – Captain Kirk is held captive on a duplicate of the Enterprise by people who hope he holds the solution to their planet’s overpopulation.

 Vindi S’Raazh and Bruce J. Space graduate from Starfleet Academy. Many members of their graduating class contact Space for historical information after. (“Between Friends” [GRIS]) 

“The Lights of Zetar” [TOS] – SD 5725.3 – At planetoid Memory Alpha, an Enterprise crewmember’s body is taken over by mysterious energy life-forms.

“The Cloud Minders” [TOS] – SD 5818.4 – Captain Kirk and Spock must deal with terrorists striking at the beautiful cloud city Stratos.

“The Way to Eden” [TOS] – SD 5832.3 – The Enterprise is hijacked by a group of renegades who have rejected modern technological life to search for the mythical planet Eden.

“Requiem for Methuselah” [TOS] – SD 5843.7 – An immortal man tries to build the perfect woman, but she falls in love with James Kirk instead.

“The Savage Curtain” [TOS] – SD 5906.4 – Kirk and Spock are forced to fight alongside such historical figures as Abraham Lincoln of Earth and Surak of Vulcan by aliens who want to study the human concept of good and evil.

“All Our Yesterdays” [TOS] – SD 5943.7 – Spock and Dr. McCoy are trapped in a planet’s distant past, where Spock finds love with an exiled woman.

“Turnabout Intruder” [TOS] – SD 5928.5 – Captain Kirk is kidnapped by a woman scientist who places her consciousness in his body, then traps his in hers.


“Beyond the Farthest Star” [TAS] – SD 5521.3 – The Enterprise is dragged off course by Questar M-17, an imploded negative star mass, and meets a strange shapeless being.

“Yesteryear” [TAS] – SD 5373.4 – By using the Guardian of Forever, Kirk, Spock, and the historian Erikson explore the planet Orion's past. When they return, there is no record of Spock.

“One of Our Planets is Missing” [TAS] – SD 5371.3 – The Enterprise crew learns that a massive, planet-destroying extragalactic entity has entered Federation space and threatens every planet in the galaxy.

“The Lorelei Signal” [TAS] – SD 5483.7 – The Enterprise enters an uncharted sector of space where Federation and Klingon vessels have been reported missing every 27 years.

“More Tribbles, More Troubles” [TAS] – SD 5329.4 – The tribbles return for more trouble as the Enterprise encounters Cyrano Jones, the Klingons and a new breed of the popular pest.

“The Survivor” [TAS] – SD 5143.3 – A long-lost philanthropist, Carter Winston, is discovered on board a damaged one-man vessel and is reunited with his fiancée on board the Enterprise.

“The Infinite Vulcan” [TAS] – SD 5554.4 – While visiting a new planet, Sulu is poisoned and Spock becomes cloned by the Phylosians, a plant-like species.

“The Magicks of Megas-Tu” [TAS] – SD 1254.4 – While investigating the theory of creation, the Enterprise is caught inside an energy/matter tornado and pulled to the center of the galaxy.

“Once Upon A Planet” [TAS] – SD 5591.2 – The Enterprise returns to the amusement planet where the crew had once taken shore leave, but this time things go wrong.

“Mudd’s Passion” [TAS] – SD 4978.5 – The Enterprise is ordered to find Harry Mudd, a Federation outlaw, who is accused of selling a fake love potion to miners.

“The Terratin Incident” [TAS] – SD 5577.3 – A strange flash of light paralyzes the entire Enterprise crew and all organic matter begins to shrink.

“The Time Trap” [TAS] – SD 5267.2 – While exploring the Delta Triangle, where many starships have disappeared, the Enterprise is attacked by several Klingon vessels.


“The Ambergris Element” [TAS] – SD 5499.9 – The Enterprise arrives to study the planet Argo, a water-based planet where earthquakes caused the land masses to sink.

“The Slaver Weapon” [TAS] – SD 4187.3 – When a rare artifact of the Slaver culture, a time-stopping stasis box, is being delivered to Starbase 25, it registers that another one is nearby.

“The Eye of the Beholder” [TAS] – SD 5501.2 – The disappearance of a scientific team lures the Enterprise to investigate near Lactra VII.

“The Jihad” [TAS] – SD 5683.1 – On Vedala, Kirk and Spock are summoned to learn about a stolen religious artifact that could ignite a galaxy-wide holy war, a jihad.

“The Pirates of Orion” [ANI] – SD 6334.1 – A dreaded disease, choriocytosis, strikes the Enterprise. All except Spock are cured, as the illness is fatal only to Vulcans.

“Bem” [ANI] – SD 7403.6 – Starfleet, eager to open diplomatic relations with the medically advanced Pandronians, assigns Enterprise to host one of their representatives.

“The Practical Joker” [ANI] – SD 3183.3 – While studying an asteroid, the Enterprise is attacked by three Romulan vessels which claim that the Federation ship has trespassed into Romulan space.

“Albatross” [ANI] – SD 5275.6 – The Enterprise arrives at Dramia I to deliver medical supplies when Dr. McCoy is arrested for mass slaughter and imprisoned.

“How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth” [ANI] – SD 6063.4 – While tracking a probe, the Enterprise encounters an alien vessel that is surrounded by an energy field which proceeds to encompass the Federation ship.

“The Counter-Clock Incident” [ANI] – SD 6770.3 – A hyper-accelerated alien ship drags the Enterprise into a nova and both arrive in an antimatter universe where time flows backwards.

“Come What May” [NV] – SD 6010.1 – Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter the mysterious Monap and Onabi.

“The Needs of the Many” [SFA] – SD 6047.1


“In Harm’s Way” [NV] – SD Unknown – In an alternate timeline, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Farragut, must battle the Doomsday Machine in order to save the Enterprise.

“Center Seat” [NV] – SD – Sulu returns to the Enterprise following command training.

“To Serve All My Days” [NV] – SD 6031.2 – After a battle with the Klingons, Lt. Chekov’s aging is accelerated by the disease encountered on Gamma Hydra IV.

“Power Source” [SFA] – SD 6050.5

“World Enough and Time” [NV] – SD 6283.6 – A new Romulan weapon catches the Enterprise. Sulu, investigating ways to escape, finds himself rescued, but aged thirty years with a daughter.

“Blood and Fire, Parts I & II” [NV/P2] - Pursued and damaged by repeated Klingon attacks, the crew of the Enterprise must respond to the distress call from a Federation research ship. In a matter of hours the ship and crew will be consumed by a nearby star and the crew of the Enterprise will be consumed by a mysterious horror that threatens both ships as the Klingons watch and wait.

“Conspiracy of Innocence” [SF] – SD 6594.3 – While on a mission to a strange new world, Captain Carter and crew face the ultimate challenge as a close friend gives their life to save the others. Trapped in a world below the surface of a dying planet, the inhabitants share a secret which could change the galaxy forever. While Captain Carter and the crew grieve, a threat emerges which could mean the end of the Farragut.

“Enemy: Starfleet!” [NV/P2]

“No Win Scenario” [NV/P2]

“The Child” [NV/P2]

“Going Boldly” [NV/P2] – The Enterprise begins Phase II of her five-year mission.

“Mind Sifter” [NV/P2]

Spock and McCoy retire from Starfleet.

U.S.S. Enterprise returns to Earth and begins to undergo a major refit. (ST: TMP)


Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan begins work on a treaty with the Legaran Council. (“Sarek” [TNG])

2271 

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” – SD 7412.6 – Kirk reunites his original crew to save Earth from a powerful machine life-form called V’Ger. James Kirk accepts a rank reduction to Captain. Refitted U.S.S. Enterprise enters Starfleet service. Spock and McCoy return to active Starfleet duty.

2273  The Federation Starships Enterprise and Corsair assist with a planetary disaster on Ventrys Gamma. Lt. Bruce J. Space, ship’s historian of the Corsair, saves the planetary historical/cultural archives from destruction. The Ventryns name the new archive after Space. (Date conjecture. “Between Friends” [GRIS]) 2277 

James Kirk returns to Admirality and accepts a position at Starfleet Academy. Spock is promoted to captain.

2280  Bruce J. Space is promoted to Lt. Commander. He transfers from the U.S.S. Corsair to Memory Alpha. (Date conjecture.) 2284 

Audrid Dax, a member of Trill's powerful Symbiosis Commission, dies. The Dax symbiont is transplanted to Torias

Torias Dax is seriously injured in a shuttle accident and goes into a coma. When Torias' isoboramine levels drop to dangerous levels, the Dax symbiont is surgically removed. The procedure eventually results in Torias’ death, but it will give the Dax symbiont a chance for life. Stardate 8615.2

The Dax symbiont is joined with a musician named Joran Belar. Shortly after the joining, Joran is found to have violent tendencies that make him unsuitable as a host. (“Equilibrium” [DS9])


The Starship Excelsior is commissioned at the San Francisco orbital yards. Stardate 8105.5

Dr. Carol Marcus presents the Project Genesis proposal to the Federation. The project is funded, and her team begins work at the Regula 1 Space Laboratory. (ST II, ST: Grissom)

2285 

Trill composer Joran Belar, also known as Joran Dax, writes a melody that will one day trigger a memory in Jadzia Dax. According to Trill Symbiosis Commission records, Torias Dax dies after six months in a coma. The Dax symbiont is joined with a new host named Curzon. Also according to Symbiosis Commission records, a host candidate named Joran Belar, having been recommended for rejection from the initiate program, is killed after reportedly murdering the doctor who recommended his expulsion. (“Equilibrium” [DS9])

“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” – SD 8130.0 – Spock is killed when genetic superman Khan escapes from imprisonment on Ceti Alpha V, commandeers the Starship Reliant, and uses the secret Project Genesis to win revenge on James Kirk. o “All Rumours of Past, And Yet to Come” [GRIS] – SD 8145.3 – Captain J.T. Esteban is assigned new crewmembers for the U.S.S. Grissom, as the intergalactic newsbands are buzzing with the rumours of the death of the legendary Captain Spock. o “Oderint dum Metuat” [GRIS] – SD Unknown – The Grissom’s diversion to the Epsilon Mynos system leads to an encounter with a strange Deltan research outpost; also leading to tragic consequences for the Grissom crew. o “Between Friends” [GRIS] – SD Unknown - With the Grissom about to commence her covert mission to the Mutura Sector, a worried Chief Medical Officer Vindi S'Raazh contacts an old friend, Lt. Cmdr. Bruce Space, for some advice; and learns something about herself as well. o “Actus Humanus, Actus Hominis” [GRIS] – SD 8151.7 – The crew of the Grissom have no time to rest on their laurels. Many questions remain unanswered. What exactly was Terlis up to at Cinera Base? Who in Starfleet was supporting his vile experiments? What, if anything, do the Klingons have to do with this? Can Admiral Alexander McKnight and Captains Lawrence Styles and Jeffery Pierce give any answers to Captain J.T. Esteban?


o “The Price of Virtue” [GRIS] – SD 8134.6 – The Grissom and her crew are diverted yet again, when she receives information of “Klingon” refugees seeking asylum in Federation Space aboard the luxury starliner S.S. Arcadia. This leads to a hostage situation which quickly spirals out of control, and Captain J.T. Esteban is left asking himself, “When is a Klingon not a Klingon?” o “The Hand of God” [GRIS] – SD Unknown – Lt. Sato, Ens. Wood, Cadet McLaughlin, and Dr. Saunders travel to Pacifica to collect Dr. Liebmann and discover much more than they bargained for. o “The Stars My Destination” [GRIS] – SD Unknown – The Grissom retraces her steps back to the Mutara sector, but passes dangerously near the Tholian border. The Tholians have also noted the low level gamma explosion at Mutara, and with their incessant need to acquire new technology, see any Starfleet vessel as a means to information. A Tholian attack leaves Captain Jonathan T. Esteban out of the game, and leads to another crew death. With time running out for Grissom, it is up to Commander Stephanie Ottair to show that she has what it takes to repel rampaging Tholian boarding parties. Amidst the confusion, Aabin is seriously wounded, and Chattman struggles to hold it together. o “One Moment of Humanity” [GRIS] – SD Unknown – The Romulan Star Empire has learned of all the recent activity and mysterious goings on in the Mutara Nebula sector. The T'al Shiar employs an elaborate plot, and the services of the infamous intergalactic trader, Cyrano Jones, to steal the highly classified “Genesis Project” data from the Grissom. Commander Stephanie Ottair finds herself and her landing party in the middle of the Romulan gambit, while Grissom is menaced by an Orion privateer. Is everything as it seems, or is it all just part of a greater plot? o “Errand of Mercy” [GRIS] – The Grissom, back enroute to the Genesis Planet, is detoured when answering a priority Federation distress signal. Arriving at the Alcyone system, the Grissom finds itself involved with one of the Federation's most feared diseases. As the crew decides the limits of humanitarian assistance and mercy, the fate of an entire world lies in the balance. The Grissom crew must wrestle with personal fears, tests of honor, and an exploration of the meaning of mercy and salvation. What are these limits? And how does one know what is the honorable, merciful course of action when all roads seem to


lead to disaster on a planetary scale? Do the needs of the many truly outrank the needs of the few? o “Lacus Somniorum” [GRIS] – With all the crew on edge, a new disease rapidly spreads through the Grissom. Is it some new disease, or has the Tarellian plague been brought about the Grissom? And with paranoia rampant, what role does the Chameloid agent known as “The Hand of God” have to play in all this. o “Per Ardua Ad Astra” [GRIS] – SD Unknown – The sudden death of yet another crew member brings the morale on the U.S.S. Grissom to an all-time low. There is clear evidence that whatever spy or traitor is on board, he (or she?) has revealed themselves as a reckless killer. While the senior staff is trying to prevent any more damage and casualties, Captain Esteban and his crew's investigations indicate that there may be more than one deadly stranger aboard the Grissom, not just the mysterious Cadet seen by some of the crew so far. But are these strangers, friend, or foe? 

“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” – SD 8210.3 – Kirk jeopardizes his career by stealing the Enterprise in an attempt to rescue Spock’s body and soul.

2286 

The U.S.S. Hathaway investigates the Genesis Planet remains and finds the log buoy of the U.S.S. Grissom. (“All Rumours of Past, And Yet to Come” [GRIS], SD 8302.72)

“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” – SD 8390.0 – Kirk and company voyage back in time to San Fransisco in 1986 to bring two humpback whales back to the future.

2287 

“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” – SD 8454.1 – Spock’s half-brother, Sybok, hijacks the Enterprise-A to pursue his visions of God at the center of the galaxy.

2289 

Federation negotiator Curzon Dax conducts difficult talks with Klingon representative Kang at the Korvat colony. On the first day of negotiations, Dax walks out on Kang’s speech, angering the Klingon, but winning his respect. (“Blood Oath” [DS9])

Tuvok enters Starfleet Academy at the insistence of his parents. (“Flashback” [VOY])


2290 

Hikaru Sulu is promoted to Captain of U.S.S. Excelsior. (Star Trek: VI)

Three Klingon warships under the command of captains Kor, Koloth, and Kang attempt to apprehend a criminal known as the Albino. The Albino himself escapes and sends the three captains a message that he will take revenge by murdering their firstborn children. Kang's son, one of the victims of the Albino, was the godson of, and named for, Curzon Dax. The three warriors and Dax take a blood oath to avenge the death of the three children. (“Blood Oath” [DS9])

2293 

Tuvok graduates from Starfleet Academy. Assigned to U.S.S. Excelsior. (“Flashback” [VOY])

“Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” – SD 9521.6 – An historic Klingon peace initiative is nearly thwarted when Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is assassinated, and Kirk and McCoy are wrongly convicted of his murder. o “Flashback” [VOY] – Captain Sulu attempts a rescue mission of Captain Kirk, over the objections of his junior science officer, Ensign Tuvok. The Excelsior meets a Klingon battle cruiser commanded by Kang in the Azure Nebula. The Excelsior makes a daring escape, but is thwarted in her attempt to rescue Kirk and McCoy. o “Yesterday’s Excelsior” [HF] – Warping to Khitomer, the Excelsior passes through a temporal rift, causing an alternate timeline in which the Borg have decimated the Federation. The Excelsior returns through the rift and history is restored.

U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) is launched. (Star Trek: Generations)

2294 

“Return to Doomsday” [ToSF] – 33 years after the destruction of the USS Constellation the legendary Captain James T. Kirk stops a planet devouring machine and places a warning buoy near the inactive machine. The USS Justice, on routine patrol, discovers the USS Enterprise's buoy has been destroyed and that the most powerful weapon in the universe is once again fully functional.

“Upgrade” [ToSF] – The USS Justice is under going refit, but a saboteur is on the loose! A mysterious disease has been released and has already claimed one important person's


life. The crew is in serious danger. Can the Captain, Commander Stoeffles and Dr. Lupia find a cure in time to save the Justice and Starbase 24 from infection? 

“A Touch of Home” [ToSF] – SD 10306.8 – The Starship Justice goes to Planet Ta’Deb in Klingon space where the Captain undergoes a traditional ritual. While there, he and Commander Stoefells uncover a plot involving the Orions and the Romulans.

2304 

Tuvok undergoes pon farr and marries T’Pel, abandoning his Kolinahr training. Tuvok and T’Pel raise a family together. (“Flashback” [VOY])

2305 

Jean-Luc Picard is born.

2309 

Representatives of the Cardassian Union offer assistance to Bajor. The Cardassian presence is initially seen as benign, even constructive, but over the next two decades it becomes increasingly oppressive. (“Emissary” [DS9])

2311 

Tomed Incident. Last Federation contact with the Romulans. Thousands of lives are lost. For more than half a century they will remain out of contact with the Federation. (“The Neutral Zone” [TNG])

2323 

Jean-Luc Picard enters Starfleet Academy. (Date conjecture.)

2324 

Beverly Howard born. (“Conundrum” [TNG])

2325 

U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) is commissioned. (Date conjecture.)



Jean-Luc Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy. (“The First Duty” [TNG])

2328 

The Cardassian Empire formally annexes the Bajoran homeworld. An underground of Bajoran nationals conducts a terrorist campaign against the Cardassians for the next 40 years. The Federation, considering this to be an internal Cardassian affair, expresses sympathy for the Bajoran people, but declines involvement in the issue until 2368. (“Ensign Ro” [TNG])

Miles O’Brien is born. (Date conjecture)

2332 

Benjamin Sisko is born to Joseph and Sarah Sisko. (“” [DS9])

2333 

Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the U.S.S. Stargazer. (“The Battle” [TNG])

2335 

William Riker is born. (“The Icarus Factor” [TNG])

Geordi LaForge is born. (“Cause and Effect” [TNG])

Chakotay is born. (“Endgame” [VOY])

2336 

Deanna Troi is born to Ian Andrew and Lwaxana Troi. (“Conundrum” [TNG])

2337 

Natasha Yar is born. (“The Naked Now” [TNG])

2338 

Data is activated by the crew of the Starship Tripoli after the science colony is destroyed by the Crystalline Entity. (“Datalore” [TNG])

2340 

Worf is born. (“The Bonding” [TNG])


Ro Laren is born. (“Conundrum”/“The Next Phase” [TNG])

2341 

Data enters Starfleet Academy. (“Conundrum” [TNG])

Jadzia (Dax) is born. (“Emissary” [DS9])

2342 

Julian Bashir is born. (“Emissary” [DS9])

2344 

Starship Enterprise-C at planet Narendra III. (“Yesterday‘s Enterprise” [TNG], “Redemption, Part II” [TNG])

Thomas Paris is born.

2345 

Data graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2346 

Worf and his family moved to the Imperial Outpost at Khitomer.

Romulan attack on the Imperial Outpost on Khitomer. The Federation Starship Intrepid is first to respond. Worf is rescued from Khitomer by Sergey Rozhenko of the Intrepid. (“Sins of the Father”, “Redemption, Part I”, “Family” [TNG])

2347 

Julian Bashir’s parents take their son [Aledian Prime] where he undergoes extreme illegal genetic reseqencing. (“Dr. Bashir, I Presume?” [DS9])

Worf gets into trouble at school on Gault for beating up several teenaged human boys. (“Family” [TNG])

2348 

Kira Nerys is born

Annika Hansen is born at the Tendara Colony. Stardate 25479.0. (“The Gift” [VOY])


Jack Crusher proposes to Beverly Howard. (Date conjecture/“Family” [TNG])

2349 

Wesley Crusher is born. (“Evolution” [TNG])

Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time. Curzon takes Sisko under his wing and teaches him to appreciate life, guiding his education and values.

Harry Kim is born.

B’Elanna Torres is born.

2350 

Captain Hikaru Sulu sponsors Chakotay for admission to Starfleet Academy. (“Tattoo” [VOY]. It is not mentioned in the episode whether or not it is Hikaru Sulu, but if McCoy is still serving during this time period, it is reasonable to assume Sulu is too.)

2351 

Tuvok leaves Starship Wyoming and becomes an instructor at Starfleet Academy. (“Learning Curve” [VOY])

Terok Nor is constructed as a Cardassian mining station in orbit of Bajor. (“Babel” [DS9])

The Rozhenkos move back to Earth.

2352 

A new era of peace begins between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, with the installation of the second Khitomer Accords.

Tasha Yar escapes from her home on Turkana IV. She enters Starfleet Academy. (“Legacy” [TNG])

2353 

William Riker and Geordi LaForge enter Starfleet Academy. (Conjecture/“Cause and Effect” [TNG])

Ezri Tigan is born on Trill.



Benjamin Sisko meets Jennifer on Gilgo Beach. (“Emissary” [DS9])

2355 

U.S.S. Stargazer is nearly destroyed by a Ferengi vessel at Zeta Maxia. The crew is forced to abandon the ship. (“The Battle” [TNG])

Jake Sisko is born.

2356 

Starship Pegasus is destroyed under mysterious circumstances. (“The Pegasus” [TNG], “These Are the Voyages…” [ENT])

The S.S. Raven departs Earth in a study of the Borg. Up until this point, the Borg have been rumor and speculation. (“Dark Frontier” [VGR], SD 32611.4)

Annika Hanson’s family is assimilated by the Borg. (“Scorpion, Part II” [VOY])

2357 

William Riker and Geordi LaForge graduate from Starfleet Academy.

Worf enters Starfleet Academy.

2358 

Odo is found in the Denorios Belt near Bajor.

2359 

Worf and K’Ehleyr have an unresolved relationship. (“The Emissary” [TNG])

2363 

U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) launched. Stardate 40759.5

– 

“Encounter at Farpoint” [TNG] – SD 41153.7 – The entity known as Q first harasses the crew of the newly launched U.S.S. Enterprise-D as they attempt to solve the mystery of Farpoint Station.


“The Naked Now” [TNG] – SD 41209.2 – An intoxicating virus causes members of the Enterprise-D crew to lose their inhibitions.

“Code of Honor” [TNG] – SD 41235.25 – Lieutenant Tasha Yar is kidnapped in a planetary struggle for political power.

“The Last Outpost” [TNG] – SD 41386.4 – Pursuing a Ferengi ship, the Enterprise-D is captured by the last outpost of the ancient Tkon Empire.

“Where No One Has Gone Before” [TNG] – SD 41263.1 – A warp drive experiment gone awry sends the Enterprise-D into another galaxy.

“Lonely Among Us” [TNG] – SD 41249.3 – A mysterious cloud entity attempts to communicate with the Enterprise-D crew through the body of Captain Picard.

“Justice” [TNG] – SD 41255.6 – Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for a minor infraction on a planet of hedonistic pleasure.

“The Battle” [TNG] – SD 41723.9 – A Ferengi commander offers Captain Picard a gift: the hulk of his old ship, the U.S.S. Stargazer.

“Hide and Q” [TNG] – SD 41590.5 – Q offers Riker the gift of godlike powers.

“Haven” [TNG] – SD 41294.5 – Deanna Troi’s mother, Lwaxana, visits the Enterprise-D for her daughter’s wedding.

“The Big Goodbye” [TNG] – SD 41997.7 – Captain Picard and company are trapped in a Holodeck simulation of fictional Dixon Hill.

“Datalore” [TNG] – SD 41242.4 – Investigating the planet where Data was discovered, the Enterprise-D discovers Data’s twin brother, an android named Lore.

“Angel One” [TNG] – SD 41636.9 – The Enterprise-D attempts to rescue crash survivors living on a planet where males are second-class citizens.

“11001001” [TNG] – SD 41365.9 – A group of Bynars hijack the Enterprise-D in hopes of using the ship’s computer to restart their planetary computer system.

“Too Short a Season” [TNG] – SD 41309.5 – An aging Starfleet officer attempts to make amends at a planet where he traded weapons for hostages, fueling a civil war that lasted 40 years.


“When the Bough Breaks” [TNG] – SD 41509.1 – An advanced civilization offers to trade scientific information in exchange for the children of Enterprise-D crewmembers.

“Home Soil” [TNG] – SD 41463.9 – A terraforming project threatens the environment of a species of tiny crystalline life-form, a fact that the project administrator wants to conceal.

“Coming of Age” [TNG] - SD 41461.2 – Wesley Crusher fails his first attempt to gain entry into Starfleet Academy.

“Heart of Glory” [TNG] – SD 41503.7 – A group of Klingon renegades tries to capture the Enterprise.

“The Arsenal of Freedom” [TNG] – SD 41798.2 – The Enterprise-D is threatened by ancient weapons systems from a now dead civilization.

“Symbiosis” [TNG] – SD Unknown – Picard mediates a dispute involving a mysterious drug.

“Skin of Evil” [TNG] – SD 41601.3 – A strange entity taunts the crew with vicious pranks.

“We'll Always Have Paris” [TNG] – SD 41697.9 – Captain Picard is reunited with an old flame.

“Conspiracy” [TNG] – SD 41775.5 – Starfleet Command is infiltrated by alien parasites.

“The Neutral Zone” [TNG] – SD 41986.0 – The Enterprise-D revives a group of 20th Century humans who were frozen some centuries ago.

– 

“The Child” [TNG] – SD 42073.1 – Deanna Troi bears a child, the offspring of a mysterious alien life-form attempting to learn more about humanoid life.

“Where Silence Has Lease” [TNG] – SD 42193.6 – The Enterprise is engulfed by a mysterious hole.

“Elementary, Dear Data” [TNG] – SD 42286.3 – A holodeck malfunction during a Sherlock Holmes simulation causes the character of Moriarty to take on a life of his own.

“The Outrageous Okona” [TNG] – SD 42402.7 – The irascible Captain Okona drags the Enterprise-D into a love-war relationship between two planets.


“Loud as a Whisper” [TNG] – SD 42477.2 – A hearing-impaired mediator struggles to find a way to turn his disadvantage into an advantage while searching for peace on planet Solais V.

“The Schizoid Man” [TNG] – SD 42437.5 – The Enterprise provides medical aid for Dr. Ira Graves.

“Unnatural Selection” [TNG] – SD 42494.8 – Pulaski suffers from a disease that induces rapid aging.

“A Matter of Honor” [TNG] – SD 42506.5 – Riker serves aboard a Klingon ship as part of an officer exchange program.

“The Measure of a Man” [TNG] – SD 42523.7 – Data is put on trial to determine if he is a person, or merely the property of Starfleet.

“The Dauphin” [TNG] – SD 42568.8 – A young girl, sequestered on a distant planet, is returned to her home world, where it is hoped she can bring peace to warring peoples.

“Contagion” [TNG] – SD 42609.1 – An ancient computer software weapon destroys the Starship Yamato and threatens the Enterprise-D and a Romulan ship.

“The Royale” [TNG] – SD 42625.4 – The crew is trapped in an alien casino.

“Time Squared” [TNG] – SD 42679.2 – The crew encounters a duplicate Picard.

“The Icarus Factor” [TNG] – SD 42686.4 – Riker is offered his own command.

“Pen Pals” [TNG] – SD 42695.3 – Data inadvertently breaks the Prime Directive by exchanging subspace messages with a little girl on a distant planet, then comes to her rescue when he learns that her planet is endangered.

“Q Who?” [TNG] – SD 42761.3 – Q hurls the Enterprise across the galaxy.

“Samaritan Snare” [TNG] – SD 42779.1 – Geordi is taken hostage by the Pakleds.

“Up the Long Ladder” [TNG] – SD 42823.2 – Two races fight for survival.

“Manhunt” [TNG] – SD 42859.2 – Lwaxana Troi returns to the Enterprise-D with the intent of finding a husband.


“The Emissary” [TNG] – SD 42901.3 – Special emissary K’Ehleyr visits the Enterprise-D on a mission to destroy a Klingon warship returning from a 75-year mission of exploration. During the assignment, K’Ehleyr renews her romantic relationship with Worf.

“Peak Performance” [TNG] – SD 42923.4 – Riker commands a starship in a war game against the Enterprise-D and Captain Picard.

“Shades of Gray” [TNG] – SD 42976.1 – An alien organism invades Riker's brain.

– 

“Evolution” [TNG] – SD 43125.8 – A lab accident causes microscopic robots to evolve into an intelligent life-form.

“The Ensigns of Command” [TNG] – SD 43133.3 – Data must persuade colonists to move away from a planet that has been their home for generations.

“The Survivors” [TNG] – SD 43152.4 – An elderly couple somehow survive a devastating attack.

“Who Watches The Watchers?” [TNG] – SD 43173.5 – The crew encounters a primitive, pre-Vulcan culture.

“The Bonding” [TNG] – SD 43198.7 – When an Enterprise-D crewmember is killed on an away mission, a planet’s inhabitants attempt to make amends by providing a “perfect” life for her orphaned son.

“Booby Trap” [TNG] – SD 43205.6 – The Enterprise-D investigates a derelict warship and becomes caught in an ancient booby trap. Geordi LaForge enlists the help of a holographic image of Dr. Leah Brahms, the engineer who designed the Enterprise’s engines.

“The Enemy” [TNG] – SD 43349.2 – Geordi LaForge and a Romulan officer must cooperate in order to survive on a hostile planet.

“The Price” [TNG] – SD 43385.6 – Troi falls for a handsome dignitary.

“The Vengeance Factor” [TNG] – SD 43421.9 – Picard mediates a violent dispute.

“The Defector” [TNG] – SD 43462.5 – A Romulan defector crosses the Neutral Zone with a terrifying report of a planned Romulan attack on Federation space.


“The Hunted” [TNG] – SD 43489.2 – The Enterprise-D captures a fugitive whose “crime” was the fact that the government could not return him to normal society after having converted him into the “perfect soldier.”

“The High Ground” [TNG] – SD 43510.7 – Beverly Crusher is captured by a terrorist who hopes to draw the Federation into his struggle for freedom.

“Deja Q” [TNG] – SD 43539.1 – Q loses his powers and takes refuge on the Enterprise-D.

“A Matter of Perspective” [TNG] – SD 43610.4 – Riker is accused of murder.

“Yesterday’s Enterprise” [TNG] – SD 43625.2 – An Enterprise from the past mysteriously appears.

“The Offspring” [TNG] – SD 43657.0 – Data decides to become a parent and builds an android daughter.

“Sins of the Father” [TNG] – SD 43685.2 – Worf defends his late father.

“Allegiance” [TNG] – SD 43714.1 – Unknown aliens, who lock him in a room with other humanoids in an effort to study the concept of authority, kidnap Captain Picard.

“Captain’s Holiday” [TNG] – SD 43745.2 – Captain Picard on vacation at a resort planet becomes involved with in an archeological intrigue with a beautiful woman named Vash.

“Tin Man” [TNG] – SD 43779.3 – The crew faces off against the Romulans.

“Hollow Pursuits” [TNG] – SD 43807.4 – A reclusive Enterprise-D engineer compensates for his social awkwardness by creating holodeck simulations in which he is king.

“The Most Toys” [TNG] – SD 43872.2 – An eccentric and cruel collector decides to add Data to his collection.

“Sarek” [TNG] – SD 43917.4 – Sarek of Vulcan visits the Enterprise.

“Ménage à Troi” [TNG] SD 43930.7 – A Ferengi Daimon kidnaps Lwaxana Troi in hopes of using her empathic senses in his business dealings.

“Transfigurations” [TNG] – SD 43957.2 – The Enterprise encounters an incredibly powerful humanoid.


“The Best of Both Worlds, Part I” [TNG] – SD 43989.1 – Captain Picard is captured by the Borg as the long-feared confrontation between the Borg and the Federation begins.

– 

Curzon Dax dies. Jadzia becomes the Dax Symbiont's new host.

Tuvok ends his stint as an instructor at Starfleet Academy. In the years between 2367 and 2371, Tuvok will serve several years with Kathryn Janeway.

“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II” [TNG] – SD 44001.4 – The Borg ship decimates a Starfleet armada and threatens Earth as Riker tries to rescue Picard.

“Family” [TNG] – SD 44012.3 – Captain Picard returns home to France to recover from his experiences with the Borg. o Bruce J. Space is promoted to Captain of the U.S.S. Fearless. (“Home and Hearth” [ES])

“Brothers” [TNG] – SD 44085.7 – Data and his brother, Lore, are both summoned to a secret location by their creator, Dr. Soong.

“Suddenly Human” [TNG] – SD 44143.7 – Picard must decide a human boy's fate.

“Remember Me” [TNG] – SD 44161.2 – Dr. Crusher is trapped in a world created by her own mind.

“Legacy” [TNG] – SD 44215.2 – The Enterprise-D visits the late Tasha Yar’s homeworld, and finds her sister still living among the gangs there.

“Reunion” [TNG] – SD 44246.3 – Picard mediates a Klingon power struggle.

“Future Imperfect” [TNG] – SD 44286.5 – Riker wakes, apparently suffering from amnesia, 16 years in the future, having lost all memory of the past 16 years.

“Final Mission” [TNG] – SD 44307.3 – Wesley Crusher must care for Captain Picard when the two are stranded on a desert planet by a shuttle crash.

“The Loss” [TNG] – SD 44356.9 – Deanna Troi considers resigning her Starfleet commission when she loses her empathic powers.


“Data’ Day” [TNG] – SD 44390.1 – A typical day in the life aboard the Enterprise-D as seen through the eyes of Data.

“The Wounded” [TNG] – SD 44429.6 – A renegade Federation captain must be stopped.

“Devil’s Due” [TNG] – SD 44474.5 – A planet that has enjoyed a thousand years of peace by signing a pact with the devil now has to make good on the deal.

“Clues” [TNG] – SD 44502.7 – When the Enterprise-D falls through a wormhole, a lot of little clues just don’t add up.

“First Contact” [TNG] – SD Unknown – Riker is captured by the paranoid inhabitants of a technologically emerging planet, jeopardizing future relations with the Federation.

“Galaxy’s Child” [TNG] – SD 44614.6 – The Enterprise-D accidentally kills a large spaceborne life-form, then must care for the creature’s unborn child.

“Night Terrors” [TNG] – SD 44631.2 – The Enterprise-D crew suffers severe sleep deprivation due to proximity with an interdimensional phenomenon called a Tyken’s rift.

“Identity Crisis” [TNG] – SD 44664.5 – Geordi LaForge and his former shipmates from the U.S.S. Victory are compelled to return to a planet they visited years ago, where they are transformed into alien life-forms.

“The Nth Degree” [TNG] – SD 44704.2 – Contact with an alien space probe gives Reginald Barclay an incredible intelligence boost.

“QPid” [TNG] – SD 44741.9 – Q complicates a reunion with Picard's old flame.

“The Drumhead” [TNG] – SD 44769.2 – An overzealous admiral searches for evidence of a subversive conspiracy, but fails to see that her witch-hunting tactics are themselves subversive of the Federation Constitution.

“Half a Life” [TNG] – SD 44805.3 – A scientist must decide between helping his people or conforming to his society’s expectation of ritual suicide at age 60.

“The Host” [TNG] – SD 44821.3 – A diplomatic mission is endangered when the mediator falls ill and it is learned that he is a helpless symbiotic parasite living inside a host humanoid body.


“The Mind’s Eye” [TNG] – SD 44885.5 – Geordi LaForge is abducted and subjected to mental reprogramming by Romulan agents who intend to use him to murder an Klingon official.

“In Theory” [TNG] – SD 44932.3 – Data tries to experience a romantic relationship.

“Redemption, Part I” [TNG] – SD 44995.3 – With the Klingon Empire on the brink of civil war, Worf is torn between the Federation and his people.

– 

“Redemption, Part II” [TNG] – SD 45020.4 – A civil war threatens the Klingon empire.

“Darmok” [TNG] – SD 45047.2 – An alien ship captain strands himself and Captain Picard on a planet in hopes of helping Picard understand a language based entirely on metaphors.

“Ensign Ro” [TNG] – SD 45076.3 – Ensign Ro Laren joins the crew of the Enterprise-D crew for a special mission to locate a Bajoran terrorist.

“Silicon Avatar” [TNG] – SD 45122.3 – The crew risks all to communicate with an alien entity.

“Disaster” [TNG] – SD 45156.1 – The Enterprise-D crew copes with a shipboard disaster, trapping Captain Picard in a turbolift and placing Deanna Troi in command.

“The Game” [TNG] – SD 45208.2 – An addictive computer game leaves the Enterprise-D crew open for conquest.

“Unification, Part I” [TNG] – SD 45236.4 – Picard and Data investigate an ambassador’s unauthorized mission.

“Unification, Part II” [TNG] – SD 45245.8 – Spock plans to reunify Romulans and Vulcans.

“A Matter of Time” [TNG] – SD 45349.1 – A time-traveling professor, apparently on a research project from the future, turns out to be a petty thief from the past.

“New Ground” [TNG] – SD 45376.3 – Alexander Rozhenko returns to the Enterprise-D to live with his father, Worf, but the transition is not easy for either.


“Hero Worship” [TNG] – SD 45397.3 – A young boy whose parents are killed in a terrible disaster copes by deciding he is an android, just like Data.

“Violations” [TNG] – SD 45429.3 – The Enterprise hosts an alien race of telepathic historians.

“The Masterpiece Society” [TNG] – SD 45470.1 – The Enterprise-D offers help when a perfectly planned, genetically engineered community is threatened with destruction, but the cure may be worse than the disease.

“Conundrum” [TNG] – SD 45494.2 – Contact with an alien probe leaves the Enterprise-D crew with amnesia, so they have no way of knowing if Starfleet orders to attack a space station are genuine.

“Power Play” [TNG] – SD 45571.2 – Troi, Data and O'Brien are possessed by spirits.

“Ethics” [TNG] – SD 45587.3 – Worf is seriously injured, and his only hope for life is a dangerous experimental procedure proposed by a researcher, which Dr. Crusher believes is making unethical use of Worf’s vulnerability.

“The Outcast” [TNG] – SD 45614.6 – On a planet of androgynous humanoids where gender orientation is a crime, Riker falls in love with one who dares to call herself female.

“Cause and Effect” [TNG] – SD 45652.1 – The Enterprise-D is caught in a time loop, doomed to explode again and again unless a way can be found to escape.

“The First Duty” [TNG] – SD 45703.9 – An accident at Starfleet Academy leaves one of Wesley Crusher’s classmates dead, and Wesley is pressured to participate in a cover-up.

“Cost of Living” [TNG] – SD 45733.6 – A planetary dignitary visits the Enterprise-D to be married to Lwaxana Troi, but he doesn’t count on her being such a free spirit.

“The Perfect Mate” [TNG] – SD 45761.3 – In order to end a war, Picard must deliver an incredibly attractive woman to her future husband, but she falls for Picard.

“Imaginary Friend” [TNG] – SD 45832.1 – A little girl’s imaginary playmate turns out to be terrifyingly real.

“I, Borg” [TNG] – SD 45854.2 – The Enterprise-D crew captures an injured Borg, nurses him back to health, gives him a sense of individuality, and names him Hugh.


“The Next Phase” [TNG] – SD 45092.4 – Geordi LaForge and Ro Laren are believed dead, but they have merely been made invisible by a new Romulan cloaking device.

“The Inner Light” [TNG] – SD 45944.1 – An alien space probe takes over Picard’s mind, and he experiences a lifetime of memories on a dead planet, in just a few minutes.

“Time’s Arrow, Part I” [TNG] – SD 45959.1 – Data is transported to late 19th-century San Francisco.

“Time’s Arrow, Part II” [TNG] – SD 46001.3 – The crew travels back in time to prevent Data's death.

“Realm of Fear” [TNG] – SD 46041.1 – Barclay confronts his fear of being transported.

“Man of the People” [TNG] – SD 46071.6 – A famous federation negotiator maintains extraordinary equanimity in tough negotiation by even more extraordinary abuse of his female companions.

“Relics” [TNG] – SD 46125.3 – Scotty returns after being in transporter stasis for 75 years.

“Schisms” [TNG] – SD 46154.2 – The crew suffers bizarre symptoms after an alien visit.

“True-Q” [TNG] – SD 46192.3 – A gifted young intern learns that she is a Q.

“Rascals” [TNG] – SD 46235.7 – Several crew members are turned into children.

“A Fistful of Datas” [TNG] – SD 46271.5 – A holodeck malfunction traps Alexander, Worf, and Deanna Troi in the ancient American West, where everyone else is a replica of Data.

“The Quality of Life” [TNG] – SD 46307.2 – Data risks lives in order to protect a “living” machine.

“Chain of Command, Part I” [TNG] – SD 46357.4 – Captain Picard is relieved of command and replaced by a by-the-book officer who is intent on confronting the Cardassians.


“Chain of Command, Part II” [TNG] – SD 46360.8 – Captain Picard, held captive by a brutal Cardassian, is the victim of psychological and physical torture.

“Emissary” [DS9] – SD 46379.1 – Commander Benjamin Sisko takes command of station Deep Space Nine, putting him in the midst of an ongoing conflict between the Bajorans and the Cardassians. Shortly thereafter, Sisko discovers the existence of the Bajoran Wormhole, and inadvertently becomes the Emissary, a major figure in the Bajoran religion.

“Past Prologue” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A Bajoran terrorist attempts to destroy the wormhole.

“A Man Alone” [DS9] – SD 46421.5 – Odo is framed for murder by a man who has killed his own clone.

“Babel” [DS9] – SD 46423.7 – A virus infects the population of Deep Space Nine, making everyone unable to speak coherently.

“Captive Pursuit” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Hunters descend on the station in search of their humanoid quarry, an individual named Tosk who is befriended by Miles O‘Brien.

“Ship in a Bottle” [TNG] – SD 46424.1 – The senior staff is trapped in a Holodeck fantasy.

“Aquiel” [TNG] – SD 46461.3 – A technician on a sub-space relay station is believed to have been murdered.

“Face of the Enemy” [TNG] – SD 46519.1 – Deanna Troi is kidnapped and masquerade as a Romulan intelligence officer to avoid being killed.

“Q-Less” [DS9] – SD 46531.2 – Frequent Enterprise visitors Q and Vash introduce themselves to the crew of Deep Space Nine, while the officers struggle to save the station from imminent destruction.

“Tapestry” [TNG] – SD Unknown – Q gives Picard the chance to change his destiny.

“Birthright, Part I” [TNG] – SD 46578.4 – At Deep Space Nine, Worf finds evidence that his father may still be alive in a secret Romulan prison camp. Meanwhile, Data begins to experience dreams.


“Birthright, Part II” [TNG] – SD 46579.2 – At the secret Romulan prison camp, Worf tries to help Klingon prisoners rediscover what it is to be truly Klingon.

“Dax” [DS9] – SD 46910.1 – After thirty years, the son of a murdered Bajoran general claims that Dax’s previous host is the murderer.

“Starship Mine” [TNG] – SD 46682.4 – Picard is trapped on the ship with interstellar thieves.

“The Passenger” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A renegade scientist places his consciousness into Dr. Bashir in order to steal a valuable substance needed to prolong his life.

“Lessons” [TNG] – SD 46693.1 – Captain Picard falls in love with a member of the science team.

“Move Along Home” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A new species from the Gamma Quadrant forces the crew to play a new seemingly deadly game.

“The Nagus” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The Ferengi “godfather” dies, and Quark is the heir apparent.

“Vortex” [DS9] – SD Unknown – An alien criminal from the other side of the wormhole tempts Odo by telling the shape-shifter he can put the changeling in contact with others like himself.

“Battle Lines” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Bajoran spiritual leader, Kai Opaka is killed, then resurrected on a planet of eternal war.

“The Storyteller” [DS9] – SD 46729.1 – Against his will, O'Brien becomes spiritual leader of a Bajoran village—and the only one who can save them from a destructive energy force.

“The Chase” [TNG] – SD 46731.5 – Captain Picard’s archeology professor sends the captain on a quest to solve a four-billion-year-old mystery, a message from the first humanoid people in this part of the galaxy.

“Frame of Mind” [TNG] – SD 46778.1 – Riker is captured and tortured on planet Tilonus IV, and he’s not sure what is reality, and what is a nightmare.

“Suspicions” [TNG] – SD 46830.1 – Dr. Crusher risks her career to solve the murder of a scientist.


“Rightful Heir” [TNG] – SD 46852.2 – Worf finds his faith sorely tested when he meets Kahless, the Unforgettable.

“Progress” [DS9] – SD 46844.3 – A stubborn, old Bajoran farmer forces Kira to take a good look at how much she has changed since her alliance with the Federation.

“If Wishes Were Horses” [DS9] – SD 46853.2 – The arrival of Rumpelstitskin in the O’Brien’s quarters signals the beginning of encounters with imaginary beings created by alien forms from the Gamma Quadrant, to study human beings.

“Second Chances” [TNG] – SD 46915.2 – Riker encounters an identical double of himself.

“Dramatis Personae” [DS9] – SD 46922.3 – Unknown intelligences take over the minds of Deep Space Nine personnel, forcing them to act out an alien drama.

“The Forsaken” [DS9] – SD 46925.1 – Ambassador Lwaxana Troi visits Deep Space Nine and takes a fancy to Security Chief Odo.

“Timescape” [TNG] – SD 46944.2 – The Enterprise is frozen in time on the brink of annihilation.

“Duet” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kira arrests a Cardassian on Deep Space Nine for having committed atrocities during the Bajoran occupation, but the Cardassian is not what he appears to be.

“In the Hands of the Prophets” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A Bajoran religious fundamentalist opposes the teaching of science on the station, but it is a ploy to eliminate a rival candidate to become the next kai.

“Descent, Part I” [TNG] – SD 46982.1 – The Enterprise-D encounters a group of selfaware fanatical Borg who are followers of Data’s evil brother, Lore.

“Descent, Part II” [TNG] – SD 47025.4 – The Enterprise-D crew resolves the situation with the fanatical group of Borg by restoring Data’s ethical programming and disassembling Lore.


“The Homecoming” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kira rescues a legendary resistance fighter from a Cardassian labor camp, while an isolationist Bajoran faction begins to exert its influence on Bajor.

“The Circle” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kira Nerys returns to Bajor while Minister Jaro furthers his plan to use the Circle to overthrow the provincial government.

“The Siege” [DS9] – SD Unknown – While Sisko leads a daring last stand against the Bajoran takeover forces, Kira and Dax embark on a desperate mission to reveal the truth about the coup.

“Liaisons” [TNG] – SD Unknown – Captain Picard is captured while the Enterprise-D hosts the first cultural exchange between the Federation and a civilization with no understanding of human emotions.

“Gambit, Part I” [TNG] – SD 47135.2 – Picard and Riker infiltrate a band of mercenaries that are raiding archeological sites on several planets.

“Gambit, Part II” [TNG] – SD 47160.1 – Captain Picard discovers that Vulcan extremists are trying to steal an ancient weapon of enormous power.

“Cardassians” [DS9] – SD 47177.2 – When a young Cardassian orphan arrives at DS9, Dr. Bashir and Garak become embroiled in political intrique involving the boy’s father and Gul Dukat.

“Invasive Procedures” [DS9] – SD 47182.1 – While the station is evacuated during a plasma storm, a small group of outlaws takes control, demanding Jadzia Dax’s symbiont.

“Interface” [TNG] – SD 47215.5 – The crew of the Enterprise-D uses an experimental probe connected to Geordi LaForge in an attempt to rescue the crew of a Starfleet vessel.

“Phantasms” [TNG] – SD 47225.7 – The Enterprise-D is plagued by interphasic parasites that attack the crew and affect Data’s dream program, giving him nightmares.

“Melora” [DS9] – SD 47229.1 – Dr. Bashir becomes romantically involved with an officer whose homeworld is a low-gravity planet; Quark’s life is threatened by an old acquaintance.


“Dark Page” [TNG] – SD 47254.1 – Deanna Troi enters her mother’s mind to bring her out of a coma and learns of a sister that she never knew she had.

“Rules of Acquisition” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A Ferengi female who has defied the law and disguised herself as a male risks it all when she falls in love with Quark.

“Necessary Evil” [DS9] – SD 47282.5 – Odo’s investigation of an attack on Quark causes him to re-examine a 5-year-old murder case where Kira was a suspect.

“Attached” [TNG] – SD 47304.2 – Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher are kidnapped by an isolationist nation whose political entity is petitioning for Federation membership.

“Force of Nature” [TNG] – SD 47310.2 – The Enterprise-D is disabled by two scientists trying to prove that warp drive is damaging the very fabric of space.

“Second Sight” [DS9] – SD 47329.4 – Sisko falls in love for the first time since his wife’s death, but the object of his affections may not be all that she seems.

“Parallels” [TNG] – SD 47391.2 – Worf finds himself shifting between different quantum realities.

“Sanctuary” [DS9] – SD 47391.2 – Kira is torn when a displaced alien race arrives on Deep Space Nine and claims Bajor as its people’s legendary homeland.

“The Alternate” [DS9] – SD 47391.7 – Odo’s humanoid “father” helps him track down a mysterious shape-shifting entity on Deep Space Nine.

“Inheritance” [TNG] – SD 47410.2 – On a mission to avert a planetary crisis, Data meets a woman who claims to be his mother.

“Homeward” [TNG] – SD 47423.9 – Worf’s adoptive brother violates the Prime Directive in a desperate attempt to save the primitive people he has been studying.

“Rivals” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark feels threatened when a charming swindler arrives on Deep Space Nine and opens a competing bar.

“The Pegasus” [TNG] – SD 47457.1 – A Starfleet admiral tries to salvage his old starship and its illegal cloaking device before the Romulans can beat him to it. o “These Are the Voyages…” [ENT] – SD 47457.1 – Riker relives the final mission of the Enterprise NX-01 in a holodeck simulation.


“Armageddon Game” [DS9] – SD 47529.4 – Dr. Julian Bashir and Chief Miles O’Brien are marked for death after helping two formerly warring peoples to eliminate their biological weapons.

“Sub Rosa” [TNG] – SD 47423.9 – Dr. Crusher falls under the spell of a ghost lover.

“Whispers” [DS9] – SD 47581.2 – O’Brien returns from a security mission to notice that the entire crew has seemingly turned against him.

“Lower Decks” [TNG] – SD 47566.7 – Four junior officers worry about promotions, and one goes on a covert mission in Cardassian space.

“Paradise” [DS9] – SD 47573.1 – Sisko and O’Brien find themselves trapped on a planet where humans have abandoned technology.

“Shadowplay” [DS9] – SD 47603.3 – Odo and Dax try to solve the mystery of an alien planet whose inhabitants are disappearing without explanation.

“Thine Own Self” [TNG] – SD 47611.2 – A stranded Data loses his memory.

“Playing God” [DS9] – SD Unknown – While hosting her first Trill initiate, Dax discovers a tiny, developing universe, which threatens to destroy the station as it expands.

“Masks” [TNG] – SD 47615.2 – An ancient archive begins to convert the Enterprise-D and Data into representations of its culture.

“Eye of the Beholder” [TNG] – SD 47622.1 – Suring the investigation of a crew member’s death, Deanna Troi experiences a series of bizarre hallucinations.

“Profit and Loss” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When Quark is reunited with the love of his life, a Cardassian who is now a fugitive, he is ready to sacrifice everything to win her back.

“Genesis” [TNG] – SD 47653.2 – A cure for a simple flu becomes a disease that causes the crew to regress into the evolutionary forbearers.

“Journey’s End” [TNG] – SD 47751.2 – Wesley Crusher re-examines his future.

“Blood Oath” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Dax is bound by an 80-year-old oath to help three elderly Klingons avenge the deaths of their children.


“The Maquis, Part I” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The Cardassians and the Federation deal with the Maquis, militant colonists defending their homes in the Demilitarized Zone.

“The Maquis, Part II” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko forms an unusual alliance with Gul Dukat, who aids him in the clash between the Cardassian and Federation settlers.

“Firstborn” [TNG] – SD 47779.4 – An enigmatic family friend gives Worf some unexpected help in teaching his son to be a Klingon warrior.

“Bloodlines” [TNG] – SD 47829.1 – A renegade Ferengi promises revenge on Picard by threatening to kill a son Picard never knew he had.

“The Wire” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Bashir fights to save his Cardassian friend Garak, who is slowly being killed by a brain implant to which he is addicted.

“Emergence” [TNG] – SD 47869.2 – The Enterprise-D’s computer systems develop sentience and give birth to a new life-form, taking over the ship in the process. The emergence of this new life-form causes a lot of strange images on the holodeck.

“Crossover” [DS9] – SD 47879.2 – Dr. Bashir and Kira find themselves in a mirror universe where the Klingons and Cardassians have conquered humans.

“Preemptive Strike” [TNG] – SD 47941.7 – Ro Laren infiltrates the Maquis.

“The Collaborator” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Major Kira discovers that the cover-up of a massacre on Bajor involves Vedek Bareil, who is favored to be elected as the Bajoran spiritual leader.

“Tribunal” [DS9] – SD 47944.2 – O’Brien is arrested by the Cardassians and put on trial for a crime he insists he did not commit.

“All Good Things...” [TNG] – SD 47988.1 – Mankind’s existence hangs in the balance as Q causes Jean-Luc Picard to travel between the pas, present, and future to reconcile a space-time anomaly.

“The Jem’Hadar” [DS9] – SD Unknown – On a vacation trip to the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko and company are captured by the Jem’Hadar. o Several Odyssey crew members are transported off the ship before it is destroyed. Lt. Nayeli Stone Striker is among the survivors imprisoned on Fulkan


II in Avkar space. She later gives birth to Derrick Lightning Doran. (“The Mission” [ES]) –

“The Search, Part I” [DS9] – SD 48213.1 – Hoping to avert an invasion, Sisko takes his officers into the Gamma Quadrant on a dangerous mission to find the mysterious leaders of the Dominion.

“The Search, Part II” [DS9] – SD 48213.1 – While Odo struggles to learn the ways of his people, Sisko discovers that the price of peace with the Dominion may be too high.

“The House of Quark” [DS9] – SD Unknown – In order to boost his business and gain respect, Quark lies about killing a Klingon, then winds up forced to marry the dead man’s widow.

“Equilibrium” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Dax learns that she was once hosted by a murderer.

“Second Skin” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kira is kidnapped by the Cardassians, who try to prove to her that she is really one of their people.

“Caretaker” [VOY] – SD 48315.6 – While searching for a missing Maquis ship, the U.S.S. Voyager is transported to the distant unexplored Delta Quadrant of the galaxy along with the Maquis ship. The Maquis members join the crew of the Voyager when their ship is destroyed.

“The Abandoned” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A Jem’Hadar baby is discovered on Deep Space Nine and grows at an alarming rate into a warrior, genetically programmed to kill.

“Civil Defense” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When Jake Sisko accidentally activates an old Cardassian security program, the station is locked down and threatened with selfdestruction.

“Meridian” [DS9] – SD 48423.2 – Dax falls in love with a man whose planet disappears for 60 years at a time.

“Parallax” [VOY] – SD 48439.7 – Voyager is contacted by a ship trapped in the event horizon of a collapsed star, but it’s a reflection of the Voyager itself.


“Defiant” [DS9] – SD 48467.3 – Thomas Riker (William Riker’s duplicate) arrives on DS9 and hijacks the Defiant for a Maquis mission deep in Cardassian territory.

“Time and Again” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Paris and Janeway are sent back in time.

“Fascination” [DS9] – SD Unknown – During a Bajoran celebration on the station, Lwaxana Troi suffers from an unusual illness that causes an epidemic of romantic attractions among the crew.

“Past Tense, Part I” [DS9] – SD 48481.2 – A transporter accident sends Sisko, Dax, and Bashir back in time to San Fransisco in 2024.

“Past Tense, Part II” [DS9] – SD 48481.2 – Sisko, trapped in the past, must assume the identity of a doomed historical figure to ensure the continuity of the future.

“Life Support” [DS9] – SD 48498.4 – Dr. Bashir fights to prolong a gravely injured Vedek Bareil’s life during secret negotiations with the Cardassians.

“Heart of Stone” [DS9] – SD 48521.5 – When Kira becomes trapped in a living crystal, Odo is her only hope for escape. Meanwhile, Nog lobbies for admission to Starfleet Academy.

“Phage” [VOY] – SD 48532.4 – The Vidiians steal Neelix’s lungs.

“Destiny” [DS9] – SD 48543.2 – The arrival of Cardassian scientists on DS9 appears to fulfill an ancient Bajoran prophecy—one that also predicts the destruction of the station.

“The Cloud” [VOY] – SD 48546.2 – While searching for fuel in what they believe to be a nebula, the crew of Voyager discovers that they have injured a new life-form.

“Eye of the Needle” [VOY] – SD 48579.4 – The Voyager discovers a small wormhole, through which it makes contact with a Romulan vessel in the Alpha Quadrant.

“Prophet Motive” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When the Ferengi leader suddenly decides to abolish his race’s greedy ways, Quark is determined to find out the truth behind his actions.

“Ex Post Facto” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Tom Paris is wrongly convicted of murder on an alien world and as punishment, he must repeatedly relive the last moments of the victim’s life.


“Visionary” [DS9] – SD Unknown – An accident causes O'Brien to inadvertently jump briefly into the near future, where he witnesses his own death... and worse.

“Emanations” [VOY] – SD 48623.5 – While exploring an ancient civilization’s burial ground, Harry Kim is transported to a distant planet in another dimension, whose inhabitants believe Kim has arrived from beyond the grave.

“Star Trek: Generations” – SD 48650.1 – Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain James T. Kirk meet in a time nexus and combine forces against a scientist who is jeopardizing the lives of millions of people.

“Prime Factors” [VOY] – SD 48642.5 – An alien leader refuses to share valuable technology with Voyager.

“State of Flux” [VOY] – SD 48658.2 – There’s a traitor on board Voyager.

“Distant Voices” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Comatose and dying after an alien attack, Dr. Bashir must access different parts of his personality, which take the form of crew members, to save his life.

“Through the Looking Glass” [DS9] – SD Unknown – In a parallel universe, Sisko must assume the role of his dead counterpart in order to save the mirror version of his late wife.

“Heroes and Demons” [VOY] – SD 48693.2 – The Doctor is called upon to investigate the disappearance of three crewmembers from the ship’s holodeck.

“Improbable Cause” [DS9] – SD Unknown – An attempt on Garak’s life triggers an investigation by Odo that uncovers a secret plan by Cardassian and Romulan forces to attack the Dominion.

“The Die Is Cast” [DS9] – SD Unknown – After Garak is picked up by the renegade attack fleet of Romulan and Cardassian ships, his loyalties are tested when he must torture Odo for information about the Founders.

“Cathexis” [VOY] – SD 48734.2 – Chakotay’s disembodied consciousness tries to warn his fellow crew members against entering a dangerous nebula, but the Voyager crew mistakes him for an alien presence.

“Faces” [VOY] – SD 48784.2 – B’Elanna Torres is captured by the Vidiians and split into two separate beings—one Klingon, the other human.


“Explorers” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Benjamin Sisko builds a replica of an ancient Bajoran solar-sail spacecraft, in which Jake and he voyage to Cardassia. Dr. Bashir encounters an old classmate from Starfleet Medical School.

“Jetrel” [VOY] – SD 48832.1 – Neelix confronts his painful past.

“Family Business” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark and Rom return to their homeworld when their mother, Ishka, is accused of breaking Ferengi law; Benjamin Sisko meets a friend of Jake’s.

“Learning Curve” [VOY] – SD 48846.5 – Tuvok attempts to train several unruly Maquis crewmembers in the finer points of Starfleet protocol, while the ship’s bio-neural circuitry contracts a viral infection.

“Shakaar” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sent to Bajor on a mission against her former leader in the resistance movement, Kira ends up joining him as a fugitive.

“Projections” [VOY] – SD 48892.1 – Illusion and reality collide for the Doctor.

“Facets” [DS9] – SD 48959.1 – Dax undergoes a Trill ritual that lets her meet her previous hosts.

“Elogium” [VOY] – SD 48921.3 – When Voyager encounters a swarm of space dwelling life-forms, Kes’ reproductive process speeds up, jeopardizing her only chance to have a child.

“Twisted” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Voyager crew is lost on their own ship.

“The Adversary” [DS9] - SD 48962.5 – Benjamin Sisko is promoted to captain. A member of the Founders infiltrates the U.S.S. Defiant in a plot to disrupt the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

“The 37’s” [VOY] – SD 48975.1 – Voyager encounters humans abducted by aliens in 1937.

“Initiations” [VOY] – SD 49005.3 – A young Kazon boy earns his Ogla name with the help of Commander Chakotay.


“Non Sequitur” [VOY] – SD 49011.0 – Ensign Kim finds himself back on Earth in an alternate reality, one in which he never served on Voyager.

“The Way of the Warrior” [DS9] – SD 49011.4 – DS9 is drawn into a conflict between the Klingons and Cardassians, and Gowron dissolves the treaty between the Klingons and Federation. Worf joins the crew of DS9.

“Parturition” [VOY] – SD 49068.5 – Neelix and Paris must put their jealousies over Kes aside when they are ordered to investigate a planet that may be rich in foodstuffs—and end up becoming foster parents to a reptohumanoid hatchling.

“Hippocratic Oath” [DS9] – SD 49066.5 – Dr. Bashir and Chief O’Brien are captured by renegade Jem’Hadar soldiers who demand that the doctor free them from their genetically-engineered drug addiction.

“The Visitor” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When a tragic accident causes Sisko to vanish before his son’s eyes, young Jake begins a life-long obsession to bring him back.

“Persistence of Vision” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Voyager crew is assaulted by a Bothan, who uses telepathy to force them to face their deepest fears.

“Indiscretion” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When parts of a Cardassian warship that was transporting Bajoran prisoners are found, both Kira and Gul Dukat go on an expedition to investigate the remains.

“Tattoo” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Chakotay is stranded on a planet.

“Rejoined” [DS9] – SD 49195.5 – Jadzia Dax must choose between her feelings and the rules of Trill society when she is reunited with the wife of one of Dax's previous hosts.

“Cold Fire” [VOY] – SD 49164.8 – The Voyager crew encounters the Caretaker’s mate, a malevolent entity who has enslaved hundreds of Ocampa, while Kes discovers the incredible power of her latent telekinetic powers.

“Little Green Men” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When Quark, Rom, and Nog take a trip to Earth, their ship proves to have been sabotaged, forcing them to crash-land in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947—where they are presumed to be aliens from Mars.

“Maneuvers” [VOY] – SD 48423.0 – Chakotay faces his traitorous former love.


“Starship Down” [DS9] – SD 49263.5 – A fierce battle with the Jem’Hadar leaves the Defiant trapped in a planet’s volatile atmosphere and the crew in danger.

“Resistance” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Janeway must escape from the Mokra.

“The Sword of Kahless” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kor, a revered Klingon warrior, sets out with Worf and Dax in search of a mythical, ancient artifact they believe has the power to unite the Klingon Empire.

“Our Man Bashir” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A transporter mishap results in Sisko, Worf, Kira, Dax, and O’Brien entering Dr. Bashir’s secret-agent program in the holosuite as a 20th Century mad scientist and his henchman, a beautiful professor, an assassin, and a Russian agent.

“Prototype” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Torres reactivates a humanoid robot.

“Homefront” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Benjamin Sisko is recalled to Earth and made head of Starfleet Security after a high-level conference is bombed by a shape-shifter.

“Paradise Lost” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko discovers a greater threat to the Earth than the changelings when Admiral Leyton attempts a military coup of Earth’s government.

“Death Wish” [VOY] – SD 49301.2 – A member of the Q Continuum asks Captain Janeway to grant him asylum, so that he can commit suicide.

“Alliances” [VOY] – SD 49337.4 – In an effort to survive in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the Voyager tries to forge an alliance with the sects of the Kazon Collective.

“Crossfire” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Odo’s feelings for Kira interfere with his duty to protect the Bajoran First Minister.

“Threshold” [VOY] – SD 49373.4 – Paris crosses the transwarp threshold.

“Return to Grace” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A demoted Dukat enlist Kira’s aid in regaining his former status in the Cardassian Empire.

“Meld” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Tuvok mind-melds with a murderer, causing the Vulcan to lose control of his violent emotions.

“Bar Association” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark’s heavy –handed management is more than his employees can stand, so with Rom’s leadership they form a union and go on strike.


“Dreadnought” [VOY] – SD 49447 – A Cardassian automated missile that B’Elanna Torres reprogrammed for the Maquis turns up in the Delta Quadrant and she must deactivate it before it destroys an inhabited planet.

“Accession” [DS9] – SD Unknown – An ancient Bajoran ship emerges from the wormhole bearing an occupant who claims to be the Emissary of the Prophets, causing a resurgence of Bajoran fundamentalism and enmity for the Federation.

“Lifesigns” [VOY] – SD 49504.3 – The Doctor creates a holographic body for a female Vidiian suffering from the phage and falls in love with her.

“Investigations” [VOY] – SD 49485.2 – To flush out a spy aboard Voyager, Tom Paris is put off the ship to act as bait for the Kazon.

“Deadlock” [VOY] – SD 49548.7 – The Voyager and its crew are duplicated, and one Kathryn Janeway must sacrifice herself and her ship so that the other can evade the Vidiians.

“Sons of Mogh” [DS9] – SD 49556.2 – Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf's dishonor, his outcast brother asks Worf to kill him.

“Innocence” [VOY] – SD 49578.2 – Tuvok becomes stranded on a moon after a crashlanding, and he aids three Drayan who appear to be children, but in reality are very old hand have been sent to the moon to die.

“Rules of Engagement” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Worf faces a hearing to determine whether he should be extradited to the Klingon Empire for destroying a civilian ship.

“The Thaw” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Janeway and Kim are held hostage by fear.

“Hard Time” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Falsely accused of espionage, Miles O’Brien is subjected to a prison sentence in the form of Argrathi artificial reality program that simulated the memories of a 20-year prison sentence when in reality only hours have passed.

“Tuvix” [VOY] – SD 49655.2 – Tuvok and Neelix are fused into one being called, Tuvix.

“Shattered Mirror” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko follows his son into a war-torn alternate universe after Jake is lured there by the living counterpart of his late mother.


“The Muse” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Lwaxana Troi, pregnant with an unborn son begs Odo to help her escape her husband; Jake meets a mysterious woman named Onaya who encourages his literary pursuits—but her help may cost Jake his life.

“Resolutions” [VOY] – SD 49690.1 – After contracting a virus on an away mission, Janeway and Chakotay are forced into exile.

“For the Cause” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kassidy Yates and Lieutenant Commander Eddington are revealed to be Maquis members; Garak and Gul Dukat’s daughter come to an understanding about each other.

“The Quickening” [DS9] – SD Unknown – While traveling in the Gamma Quadrant, Kira, Dax and Bashir respond to an automated distress call from a planet that the Jem’Hadar destroyed 200 years ago. o U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) is launched, under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Stardate 49827.5

“To the Death” [DS9] – SD 49904.2 – Attempting to stop a group of Jem’Hadar renegades from gaining power, Sisko and the Defiant crew must join forces with deadly Jem’Hadar soldiers.

“Body Parts” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark, thinking he is about to die of a deadly disease, agrees to sell his remains to raise money, only to learn that his diagnosis was in error. Meanwhile, Keiko O’Brien is injured and her baby is placed into Kira Nerys’ body.

“Broken Link” [DS9] – SD 49962.4 – Odo returns to the Founder’s home world to find a cure for a strange debilitating disease and is judged by the Great Link for his killing a changeling.

“Basics, Part I” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Kazon-Nistrim take control of Voyager, via an elaborate trap involving Seska’s infant who is purported to be Chakotay’s son.

“Basics, Part II” [VOY] – SD 50023.4 – The crew of the Voyager, stranded on a primitive world, struggles to survive while Tom Paris, Suder, and the Doctor plot to wrest control of their ship back from the Kazon.


“Apocalypse Rising” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Benjamin Sisko, Worf, Odo, and Miles O’Brien masquerade as Klingons and infiltrate Gowron’s Command Center on a mission to expose a shape-shifter in the empire.

“The Ship” [DS9] – SD 50049.3 – While exploring a Gamma Quadrant world, Sisko, Dax, Worf, O’Brien, and Muniz—one of O’Brien’s men—watch as a Jem’Hadar warship crashes into the planet's surface.

“Looking for par’ Mach in All the Wrong Places” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark’s Klingon ex-wife shows up on DS9. Worf finds himself falling in love with her; but is surprised to learn that Dax has eyes for him.

“Sacred Ground” [VOY] – SD 50063.2 – Janeway tests her spiritual beliefs.

“False Profits” [VOY] – SD 50074.3 – The two Ferengi lost in the Barzan wormhole seven years earlier are found acting as the Holy Sages to a planet’s inhabitants.

“...Nor the Battle to the Strong” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Jake experiences the horror of war firsthand when he and Bashir respond to a distress call from a Federation colony being attacked by the Klingons.

“The Assignment” [DS9] – SD Unknown – An alien entity possesses Keiko O’Brien and plots to kill the life-forms who inhabit the Bajoran Wormhole.

“Flashback” [VOY] – SD 50126.4 – What appears to be a repressed memory resurfaces in Tuvok, and Kathryn Janeway must mind-meld with him in order to prevent brain damage. The mind-meld takes them back to Tuvok’s first assignment aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior, commanded by Captain Hikaru Sulu.

“The Chute” [VOY] – SD 50156.2 – Harry Kim and Tom Paris are convicted of terrorism by the Akritiri and are thrown into a hellish prison where devices attached to the inmates’ necks slowly drive them insane.

“Trials and Tribble-ations” [DS9] – SD 4523.7 – Deep Space Nine crewmembers travel back in time—and integrate with Kirk’s Enterprise crew.

“Remember” [VOY] – SD 50203.1 – Torres has troubling dreams.

“The Swarm” [VOY] – SD50252.3 – Voyager battles a swarm of alien ships.


“Let He Who Is Without Sin...” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A vacation on the pleasure planet Risa does not go as planned when Worf joins a radical group called the Essentialists who are bent on closing the planet.

“Future’s End, Part I” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Voyager is thown back in time to Los Angeles in 1996, where Kathryn Janeway must locate a megalomanic who has stolen a 29th Century Federation timeship, in order to prevent a catastrophe that will destroy the future.

“Future’s End, Part II” [VOY] – SD 50312.5 – Starling and Kathryn Janeway match wits over the 29th Century timeship, while Chakotay and Torres are captured by militiamen who believe the two are a part of a government conspiracy.

“Things Past” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko, Odo, Dax and Garak find themselves on Terok Nor during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.

“Warlord” [VOY] – SD 50348.1 – Kes’ body is taken over by a ruthless political leader.

“The Ascent” [DS9] – SD Unknown – As Odo escorts Quark to a Federation Grand Jury hearing, their sabotaged runabout crash-lands on a deserted planet, forcing them to rely on each other for survival.

“The Q and the Grey” [VOY] – SD 50384.2 – Q asks Janeway to be the mother of his child.

“Rapture” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko has a vision and recommends that Bajor not join the Federation at this time.

“The Darkness and the Light” [DS9] – SD 50416.2 – Members of Kira’s old resistance cell begin turning up dead, systematically picked off by an unknown assailant who taunts the major after each killing. Despite her pregnancy, she is unable to remain helpless, and travels into the Demilitarized Zone to track down the one responsible.

“Macrocosm” [VOY] – SD 50425.1 – After returning from a trade negotiation with the Tak Tak, Captain Janeway and Neelix discover Voyager has been invaded by macroviruses, cells billions of times their original size and mass.

“The Begotten” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Odo become the guardian of an infant changeling, and Kira gives birth to Miles and Keiko O’Brien’s child.


“Fair Trade” [VOY] SD Unknown – Upon encountering the Nekrit Expanse, an uncharted region of space, Voyager stops at a supply base administered by an unknown alien called Bahrat. While searching the station for materials needed for Voyager, Neelix encounters his old friend, Wix. To repay a debt to Wix for not reporting Neelix’s involvement during an incident with the Ubeans, Wix convinces Neelix to help him smuggle illicit narcotics for a race known as the Kolaati.

“Alter Ego” [VOY] – SD 50460.3 – Harry Kim falls in love with a beautiful holodeck character, then turns to Tuvok to help him eliminate his emotions. Unfortunately, Tuvok falls for her too, then learns that she is actually a lonely being living in a nearby nebula.

“For the Uniform” [DS9] – SD 50485.2 – Benjamin Sisko takes the Defiant into Maquis territory on a mission to apprehend a Starfleet officer turned Maquis leader, Michael Eddington.

“Coda” [VOY] – SD 50518.6 – Kathryn Janeway is involved in a near-fatal shuttle crash and an alien presence in his mind takes the from of her dead father and tries to convince her that she is in the afterlife.

“Blood Fever” [VOY] – SD 50537.0 – A Vulcan crew member undergoes pon farr, the Vulcan mating drive, and he selects B’Elanna Torres as his mate.

“In Purgatory's Shadow” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The threat of a Dominion attack convinces Sisko to close the Wormhole while Garak and Worf are held prisoner by the Jem’Hadar.

“By Inferno’s Light” [DS9] – SD 50564.2 – Dr. Bashir, Worf, and Garak break out of the Jem’Hadar prison; Captain Sisko and Gowron combine forces to face an impending Dominion attack.

“Doctor Bashir, I Presume?” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When Dr. Lewis Zimmerman arrives to make a “template” of Dr. Bashir for Starfleet’s latest version of the holographic doctor program, Bashir’s estranged parents reveal a terrible family secret that could end his Starfleet career. Meanwhile Rom attempts to find the courage to reveal his feelings for Leeta before she leaves for good.

“Unity” [VOY] – SD 50614.2 – Chakotay becomes involved with Borg exiles.


“Darkling” [VOY] – SD 50693.2 – The Emergency Medical Hologram incorporates personalities from several historical figures with disastrous results.

“A Simple Investigation” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Odo falls in love with a mysterious woman.

“Rise” [VOY] – SD Unknown – A planet is bombarded with artificial asteroids as a prelude to invasion.

“Business as Usual” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark becomes an arms dealer in an effort to finally erase his debts.

“Ties of Blood and Water” [DS9] – SD 50712.5 – Kira’s encounter with a Cardassian dissident brings back traumatic memories.

“Favorite Son” [VOY] – SD 50732.4 – Harry Kim receives genetic memories from a retrovirus and guides the ship to a planet where the female inhabitants greet him as a long-lost son, but he is wanted only as a donor of genetic material.

“Before and After” [VOY] SD 50973 – In the future, when Kes undergoes treatment to extend her lifespan, she is sent out of temporal synch. She then travels back and forth through time glimpsing the future of the Voyager’s crew.

“Ferengi Love Songs” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Quark returns home and discovers some shocking secrets about his mother.

“Real Life” [VOY] – SD 50863.2 – The Doctor experiences family life.

“Soldiers of the Empire” [DS9] – SD Unknown – General Martok regains command of a ship, but his crew is dispirited.

“Distant Origin” [VOY] – SD Unknown – An alien professor kidnaps Chakotay.

“Children of Time” [DS9] – SD 50814.2 – Benjamin Sisko and the Defiant crew must choose between the lives they have always known and the lives of their own descendants.

“Blaze of Glory” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Benjamin Sisko springs Michael Eddington from incarseration in hopes of stopping a final Maquis attack that could lead to a devastating Cardassian and Dominion reprisal.


“Star Trek: First Contact” – SD 50893.5 – The Borg travel into Earth’s past to prevent Zefram Cochrane from inventing warp drive and making first contact with the Vulcans.

“Empok Nor” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Crew from Deep Space Nine must salvage needed parts from a derelict Cardassian space station.

“Displaced” [VOY] – SD 50912.4 – Voyager is pirated by an alien race.

“In the Cards” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Jake tries to cheer up his father, who is overly stressed by the Dominion threat.

“Worst Case Scenario” [VOY] – SD 50953.4 – A holo-novel program becomes all too real.

“Call to Arms” [DS9] – SD 50975.2 – The Federation mines the entrance to the wormhole to prevent further Dominion reinforcements from coming through. Gul Dukat, with Dominion support, attacks and takes over Deep Space Nine. Rom and Leeta get married, and Worf and Dax become engaged.

“Scorpion, Part I” [VOY] – SD 50984.3 – Janeway faces an enemy more dangerous than the Borg.

“Scorpion, Part II” [VOY] – SD 51003.7 – Voyager faces off against Species 8472 and gains a new shipmate.

“The Gift” [VOY] – SD 51008 – Voyager adjusts to its new crewmember.

“A Time to Stand” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko and his crew are given an undercover mission that could change the balance of the Dominion war. o Tolian Naros is commissioned as a Starfleet officer, after spending many years as an enlisted man. (“Modus Operandi” [HF])

“Rocks and Shoals” [DS9] – SD 51107.2 – Sisko and his beleaguered crew are captured by the Jem’Hadar.


“Day of Honor” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Torres reluctantly observes the Klingon Day of Honor holiday and later finds herself floating stranded in deep space with Tom Paris, waiting to die when their environmental suits run out of oxygen.

“Sons and Daughters” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Worf is reunited with his estranged son, Alexander.

“Nemesis” [VOY] – SD 51082.4 – Chakotay is caught in the middle of a war.

“Behind the Lines” [DS9] – SD 51149.5 – Captain Sisko receives a promotion that takes him away from the Defiant and Odo’s loyalties are tested by the arrival of the female shape-shifter.

“Revulsion” [VOY] – SD 51186.2 – The Doctor encounters a psychopathic hologram.

“Favor the Bold” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The Federation continues to lose the war with the Dominion/Cardassian Alliance—and morale is sinking fast.

“Sacrifice of Angels” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Dukat loses a daughter, while the Alpha Quadrant gains a victory.

“The Raven” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Seven of Nine seeks to rejoin the Collective.

“Scientific Method” [VOY] – SD 51244.3 – An alien race conducts dangerous experiments.

“You Are Cordially Invited...” [DS9] – SD 51247.5 – Worf’s plans for a traditional Klingon wedding are threatened when Martok’s wife refuses to accept Dax into their family.

“Year of Hell, Part I” [VOY] – SD 51268.4 – A temporal weapon threatens Voyager and the timeline.

“Year of Hell, Part II” [VOY] – SD 51425.4 – The destruction of Voyager changes history.

“Random Thoughts” [VOY] – SD 51367.2 – A telepathic race arrests Torres.

“Resurrection” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When a stranger beams aboard the station and takes Kira hostage, she is shocked to see that he looks exactly like her dead love, Vedek Bareil.


“Concerning Flight” [VOY] – SD 51386.4 – A small pirate ship raids the Voyager. Among the pirate’s booty are the ship’s computer core and the Leonardo daVinci holographic program.

“Statistical Probabilities” [DS9] – SD Unknown – With the secret of his geneticallyengineered past out in the open, Bashir is asked to work with a group of others like him.

“The Magnificent Ferengi” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The Grand Nagus calls with news that Quark’s mother, Ishka, has been captured by the Dominion.

“Waltz” [DS9] – SD 51413.6 – En route to Gul Dukat’s war crimes investigation, Sisko meets with the former Cardassian leader, now a prisoner.

“Mortal Coil” [VOY] – SD 51449.2 – Neelix dies and is brought back to life.

“Who Mourns for Morn?” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The crew is shocked to learn that Morn has been killed in an ion storm.

“Waking Moments” [VOY] – SD 51471.3 – The crew is attacked in their dreams.

“Far Beyond the Stars” [DS9] – SD Unknown – After a friend’s ship is destroyed and Sisko considers leaving Starfleet, he begins having visions of his crew as 1950’s Americans.

“One Little Ship” [DS9] – SD 51474.2 – In order to investigate a rare subspace phenomenon, Dax, O’Brien, and Bashir board the Runabout, U.S.S. Rubicon, that is shrunken to four inches long.

“Honor Among Thieves” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Starfleet Intelligence recruits Chief O’Brien to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate, the Alpha Quadrant’s leading organized crime ring, to find a Starfleet informant.

“Message in a Bottle” [VOY] – SD 51462 – Voyager makes contact with the Alpha Quadrant.

“Hunters” [VOY] – SD 51501.4 – The Voyager crew receives letters from home.

“Change of Heart” [DS9] – SD 51597.2 – On a mission to extract an important defector from a Dominion base, Worf abandons his mission and risks his career to save his wife’s life after she is wounded on a jungle planet.

“Prey” [VOY] – SD 51652.3 – Voyager is caught in the middle of a deadly game.


“Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kira finds out some shocking news about her mother.

“Retrospect” [VOY] – SD 51658.2 – Seven of Nine experiences repressed memories.

“Inquisition” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Dr. Bashir is interrogated by a member of Section 31—a branch of Starfleet Intelligence that answers to no one.

“The Killing Game, Part I” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Crewmembers believe they are characters in a holodeck simulation.

“The Killing Game, Part II” [VOY] – SD 51715.2 – A World War II holodeck simulation goes awry.

“In the Pale Moonlight” [DS9] – SD 51721.3 – Sisko goes to great lengths to enlist Romulan support in the Dominion war.

“Vis a Vis” [VOY] – SD 51762.4 – An alien switches bodies with Paris.

“His Way” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A new Holosuite program gives birth to “Vic,” a 60’s crooner who also provides advice for the lovelorn.

“The Omega Directive” [VOY] – SD 51781.2 – A space phenomenon must be destroyed.

“The Reckoning” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko is called to Bajor when an ancient tablet addressing the Emissary is discovered.

“Unforgettable” [VOY] – SD 51813.4 – A mysterious woman makes an impression on Chakotay.

“Valiant” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Jake and Nog find themselves on board a rogue starship, piloted by a fresh-faced crew of Starfleet cadets. o Several cadets, including Xanthus Talkart, are beamed off the Valiant before the ship is destroyed. They are taken to a secret Dominion base where they undergo extensive genetic mutation. (“Wolf’s Heart” [ES])

“Living Witness” [VOY] – SD Unknown – An alien species duplicates the crew.

“Profit and Lace” [DS9] – SD Unknown – When Zek’s status as the Ferengi Grand Nagus is in jeopardy following his revolutionary ideas about female rights, Quark temporarily changes sexes to prove a point.


“Demon” [VOY] – SD Unknown – On a planet with an extremely hostile environment, the Voyager crew discovers a living liquid life-form that is evolving by creating exact copies of the ship’s personnel. Duplicates of the entire crew remain on the planet after the ship departs.

“Time’s Orphan” [DS9] – SD Unknown – While on a picnic, young Molly O'Brien disappears in a mysterious vortex, only to reappear as an 18-year-old woman.

“One” [VOY] – SD 51929.3 – Seven of Nine faces her deepest fears alone.

“The Sound of Her Voice” [DS9] – SD Unknown – The Defiant unknowingly picks up a time-displaced distress call.

“Tears of the Prophets” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A valued Deep Space Nine crewmember meets an untimely end.

“Hope and Fear” [VOY] – SD 51978.2 – Starfleet sends a ship to bring the crew home.

“Night” [VOY] – SD 52081.2 – Voyager traverses a night-like void in space.

“Image in the Sand” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko, now retreated back on Earth to gather his wits, meets an old friend.

“Shadows and Symbols” [DS9] – SD 52152.6 – Sisko searches for a lost Orb.

“Afterimage” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Ezri Dax struggles to win acceptance among Jadzia’s old friends in general and with Worf in particular while Garak suffers from claustrophobia.

“Take Me Out to the Holosuite” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A group of Deep Space Nine rookies answer Sisko’s challenge to try and beat a Vulcan baseball team.

“Drone” [VOY] – SD Unknown – A Borg drone is born on Voyager.

“Extreme Risk” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Torres heads down a path of self-destruction.


“Chrysalis” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Jack and his genetically enhanced friends return to Deep Space Nine, where Dr. Bashir is successful in helping the catatonic Sabrina to emerge to near normalcy, but her recovery is threatened when he falls in love with her.

“In the Flesh” [VOY] – SD 52136.4 – Voyager makes a disturbing discovery.

“Treachery, Faith, and the Great River” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Odo is lured to a secret meeting site, where he finds himself face to face with Weyoun, the Vorta leader of the enemy Dominion.

“Once More Unto the Breach” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Worf is surprised to be paid a visit by Kor, an aging Klingon war hero.

“The Siege of AR-558” [DS9] – SD Unknown – A brutal battle on planet AR-558 has far reaching consequences for young Nog.

“Once Upon a Time” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Neelix comforts a little girl whose mother is missing.

“Star Trek: Insurrection” – SD Unknown – Picard fights a Starfleet admiral who is complicit in the relocation of an indigenous people in order to exploit their planet’s natural properties.

“Covenant” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Dukat returns and he wants Kira to join his cult of Pah-wraith followers.

“11:59” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Janeway learns about her ancestor.

“It’s Only a Paper Moon” [DS9] – SD Unknown – After losing his leg in battle, a somber Nog returns to the space station to recuperate.

“Prodigal Daughter” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Ezri Dax returns to her home and family while trying to gather information on the missing Miles O’Brien.

“Timeless” [VOY] – SD 52143.6 – Harry Kim attempts to rewrite history.

“Thirty Days” [VOY] – SD 52179.4 – Paris is confined to the brig.

“The Emperor’s New Cloak” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Grand Nagus Zek is abducted and held hostage by Alliance members from the mirror universe.


“Field of Fire” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Ezri must solve a series of murders by summoning Joran, one of her previous incarnations.

“Chimera” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Odo returns from a conference with an unexpected guest: a Changeling who tracked and boarded his runabout.

“Badda-Bing Badda-Bang” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Vic’s is about to be taken over by the heavy-handed mobster Frankie Eyes.

“Infinite Regress” [VOY] – SD 52188.7 – Seven experiences multiple personality disorder.

“Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” [DS9] – SD Unknown – On the eve of Dr. Bashir’s departure for a conference on the Romulan homeworld, he’s visited by Sloan, the director of Section 31, a secret and unsanctioned extremist entity within Starfleet Intelligence.

“Nothing Human” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Torres puts her life in the hands of an enemy.

“Penumbra” [DS9] – SD 52576.2 – Worf is missing in action and Ezri takes it upon herself to find him.

“Counterpoint” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Janeway falls for a man who may be using her.

“‘Til Death Do Us Part” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Sisko and Kasidy plan to marry, but circumstances are not in their favor. Meanwhile, Dukat returns posing as a simple farmer.

“Latent Image” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Doctor has memory problems.

“Strange Bedfellows” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kasidy must adjust to her new role in life, while new Dominion alliances are formed.

“Bride of Chaotica!” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Janeway and Paris must defeat Doctor Chaotica.

“The Changing Face of Evil” [DS9] – SD Unknown – DS9’s crew’s relief at Worf and Ezri’s safe return is tempered by reports that the Breen have attacked Starfleet Headquarters on Earth.

“Gravity” [VOY] – SD 52438.9 – A stranded Tuvok struggles with his emotions.


“When It Rains...” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Kai Winn discovers how to unleash evil, while Damar’s rebel movement gains ground.

“Bliss” [VOY] – SD 52542.3 – All the Voyager crew’s dreams seem to come true.

“Tacking Into the Wind” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Bashir works on a cure for Odo’s debilitating illness, while Martok assumes power following the death of Gowron.

“Dark Frontier” [VOY] – SD 52619.2 – Seven is lured back to the Collective. Janeway launches a mission to rescue her.

“Extreme Measures” [DS9] – SD 52645.7 – Bashir gets inside the mind of Section 31’s Sloan in an attempt to find a cure for the Founder's disease.

“The Disease” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Kim chooses love over duty.

“The Dogs of War” [DS9] – SD Unknown – Bashir and Ezri’s feelings for each other increase, as do the consequences of the Dominion war.

“Course: Oblivion” [VOY] – SD 52586.3 – Voyager crewmembers begin dying.

“Enemy Unknown, Part I” [HF] – SD Unknown – Following the Battle of Lapolis, the U.S.S. Devonshire, under the command of Captain Ian Knapp, encounter the mysterious Gray in the Macallister Nebula.

“What You Leave Behind” [DS9] – SD Unknown – As the Cardassians revolt against the Dominion, the Federation and its allies start to get an upper hand in the war. Meanwhile evil brews from another front. As the confrontation with the Dominion comes to a climax, so does Sisko’s fate. o Xanthus Talkart escapes the Dominion and returns to the Alpha Quadrant. (“Wolf’s Heart” [ES])

“The Fight” [VOY] – SD Unknown – An alien race communicates with Chakotay through hallucinations.

“Think Tank” [VOY] – SD Unknown – A problem-solving alien comes to Voyager’s rescue.

“Juggernaut” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The crew races to prevent a catastrophic explosion.


“Someone to Watch Over Me” [VOY] – SD 52647 – The Doctor takes an interest in Seven.

“Relativity” [VOY] – SD 52861.274 – Voyager’s future depends on Seven of Nine.

“Warhead” [VOY] – SD Unknown – A weapon takes control of Voyager.

“Equinox, Part I” [VOY] - SD Unknown – Another Federation starship brings trouble for Voyager.

– 

Ted Space is promoted to Captain of the Akira-Class U.S.S. Firebrand. (“Wagon Train to the Stars” [ES])

“Equinox, Part II” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Equinox continues to cause problems for Voyager and Janeway begins following a dangerous path.

“Survival Instinct” [VOY] – SD 53049.2 – Seven is confronted with her past.

“Barge of the Dead” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Torres embarks on a journey to Klingon hell.

“Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Doctor experiences daydreams.

“Alice” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Paris rebuilds an old shuttle.

“Dragon’s Teeth” [VOY] – SD 53167.9 – Voyager stumbles into Turei under-space.

“Riddles” [VOY] – SD 53263.2 – Tuvok suffers neurological damage.

“One Small Step” [VOY] – SD 53292.7 – Voyager searches for a long-lost Mars spacecraft.

“The Voyager Conspiracy” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Seven suspects there is a conspiracy.

“Pathfinder” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Lt. Reginald Barclay tries to make contact with Voyager.

“Fair Haven” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The crew enjoys the holodeck creation Fair Haven.

“Blink of an Eye” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Voyager encounters a strange new world.


“Virtuoso” [VOY] – SD 53556.4 – The Doctor experiences fleeting fame.

“Memorial” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The crew experiences strange visions.

“Tsunkatse” [VOY] – SD 53447.2 – Seven must fight for the entertainment of others.

“Collective” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Voyager encounters Borg children.

“Spirit Folk” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Problems arise when Voyager runs a holodeck program non-stop.

“Ashes to Ashes” [VOY] – SD 53679.4 – A crewman returns to Voyager.

“Child’s Play” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Icheb returns to his family.

“Good Shepherd” [VOY] – SD 53753.2 – Underperforming crewmembers go on a mission.

“Live Fast and Prosper” [VOY] – SD 53849.2 – Voyager encounters con artists.

“Muse” [VOY] SD 53896 – Torres is stranded.

“Fury” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Kes returns to Voyager.

“Life Line” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Doctor’s creator is dying.

“The Haunting of Deck Twelve” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Neelix spooks the Borg children.

“Unimatrix Zero, Part I” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Borg Queen returns.

“Unimatrix Zero, Part II” [VOY] – SD 54014.4 – The crew infiltrates Unimatrix Zero.

“Drive” [VOY] SD – 54058.6 – Paris and Torres compete in a race.

“Repression” [VOY] – SD 54090.4 – Maquis crewmembers are mysteriously attacked.

“Enemy Unknown, Part II” [HF] – SD 54121.3 – Captain Ian Knapp, now commanding the Galaxy-Class Dreadnought U.S.S. Excelsior assigned to Deep Space 12 in the Ba’ku system, becomes familiar with the inexperienced crew assigned to his command.


“Enemy Unknown, Part III” [HF] – SD Unknown – Captain Knapp and the Excelsior make a second encounter with the Gray.

“Two Hours” [HF] – SD Unknown – The crew of the Starship Independence discover an unusual anomaly in the Briar Patch. The readings turn out to be nothing of note. (In an alternate timeline, the Independence is attacked by a timeship from 29th Century Starfleet and transported through a time portal to early 20th Century Earth.)

“Imperfection” [VOY] – SD 54129.4 – Seven suffers a breakdown.

“Critical Care” [VOY] – SD Unknown – The Doctor is stolen.

“Inside Man” [VOY] – SD 54208.3 – Voyager gets an unexpected delivery.

“Body and Soul” [VOY] – SD 54238.3 – The Doctor experiences actual human senses.

“Nightingale” [VOY] – SD 54274.7 – Harry Kim takes command of a ship.

“Flesh and Blood, Part I” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Voyager's holo-technology comes back to haunt them.

“Flesh and Blood, Part II” [VOY] – SD 54337.5 – The renegade Holograms abduct Torres.

“Shattered” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Chakotay experiences different eras of Voyager's history.

“Lineage” [VOY] – SD 54452.6 – Torres worries about her unborn child.

“Repentance” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Voyager transports prisoners.

“Prophecy” [VOY] – SD 54518.2 – Torres’ unborn child may be a Klingon “Savior.”

“Perehelion” [HF] – SD 54529.1 – The Excelsior investigates the mysterious disappearance of a Federation starship.

“The Void” [VOY] – SD 54553.4 – Voyager is pulled into a void.

“Workforce, Part I” [VOY] – SD 54584.3 – The crew works on an unknown world.

“Workforce, Part II” [VOY] – SD 54622.4 – Chakotay tries to rescue his lost comrades.

“Human Error” [VOY] – SD Unknown – Seven experiences more emotions.

“Q2” [VOY] – SD 54704.5 – Q and his son visit Voyager.


“Author, Author” [VOY] SD 54732.3 – The Doctor works on his new holo-novel.

“Friendship One” [VOY] – SD 54775.4 – Starfleet orders Voyager to locate a probe.

“Natural Law” [VOY] – SD 54827.7 – Seven and Chakotay are stranded.

“Homestead” [VOY] – SD 54868.6 – Voyager discovers a Talaxian settlement.

“Renaissance Man” [VOY] - SD 54890.7 – Janeway is held hostage.

“Echoes” [HF] – SD 54971.6 – Robin Lefler is reunited with Wesley Crusher.

“Endgame” [VOY] – SD 54973.4 – Admiral Janeway travels back in time to change Voyager's history.

– 

“Refugees” [HF] – SD Unknown – Princess Illiana and Aris escape from the Tren’la system to the Federation, bringing the Gray with them.

“Yesterday’s Excelsior” [HF] – SD Unknown – In an alternate timeline, the Battlestar Excelsior defends the remnants of the Federation from the Borg.

“Old Wound” [HF] – SD Unknown – Captain Knapp is put on trial after the apparent murder of a Dominion official.

“The Great Starship Robbery” [HF] – SD 55409.2 – Lefler, Luko, and Witczak are captured by the Andorian renegade Sha’kev.

“Encke” [HF] – SD 55492.7 – Ensign Corey Aster assists the Excelsior crew in their investigation of the destruction of the colony ship Encke. Meanwhile, Ensign Ro deals with some uncomfortable feelings.

“To the Stars” [HF] – SD 55601.2 – Ensign Artim Ibanya tells Counselor Elbrey how he decided to join Starfleet.

“Fire in the Heart” [HF] – SD Unknown – Captain Knapp is reunited with his daughter, Traya. Meanwhile the Excelsior comes under attack by the Gray.

“Coward’s Death” [HF] – SD 55832.6 – Dr. Henglaar helps a crewman deal with depression.


“Worst Fears, Part I” [HF] – SD Unknown – In the wake of an immient Gray attack, Knapp is relieved of command of the Excelsior.

– 

“Worst Fears, Part II” [HF] – SD Unknown – Knapp makes a desperate ploy to keep the Gray from destroying DS-12. Meanwhile, Shelby deals with the pressure of commanding the Excelsior.

“Worst Fears, Part III” [HF] – SD Unknown – Shelby works to rescue Captain Knapp without releasing the Gray as well. Traya deals with losing her father.

“Heroes” [HF] – SD 56354.7 – Knapp and Traya spend time together, while Commodore Cole investigates a mysterious artifact.

“In Memory Of…” [HF] – SD Unknown – Ensign Corey Aster relates to Counselor Elbrey an encounter with the Borg.

“Modus Operandi” [HF] – SD 56512.6 – Shelby and the Excelsior are called on to diffuse tensions between the Cardassians and the Son’a.

“Santa Q” [HF] – SD Unknown – Christmas for Commodore Knapp is interrupted by a visit from Q.

“Ashes” [HF] – SD 56725.1 – While mediating a colony dispute, Ro is reunited with Corey Aster.

“Voyage of the Defiant” [HF] – SD 56872.3 – The Constitution-Class U.S.S. Defiant is found, and Lt. Luko takes her out for a spin.

“Star Trek: Nemesis” – SD 56884.9 – A Romulan clone of Picard seeks revenge and threatens the destruction of the Federation with a powerful weapon. o U.S.S. Fearless destroyed by Remans in the Romulan Neutral Zone. (“Like an Eagle, Part I” [ES])

“Hell’s Gate, Part I” [HF] – SD 56928.3 – The Excelsior investigates the destruction of the Gray Research Facility, revealing a much bigger threat to the Federation.


“Hell’s Gate, Part II” [HF] – SD Unknown – Commander Naros is reunited with an old adversary.

“Piracy of the Noble” [HF] – SD 57236.1 – A renegade Starfleet captain brings to light atrocities committed by the Cardassians.

“Addictions” [HF] – SD Unkown – Dr. Henglaar confronts his brother over his participation in trafficking the Venus Drug.

“Grave Matters” [HF] – SD 57425.1 – Ensign Ro investigates a mass Bajoran grave.

“Crossroads” [HF] – SD Unknown – Starfleet engages in a desperate battle to wrest control of a Tetrahedron.

“Entanglement, Part I” [HF] – SD 57912.3 – Starfleet begins to investigate the Briar Patch currents. Meanwhile, Dr. Henglaar is reunited with an old flame.

– 

“Entanglement, Part II” [HF] – SD 58117.3 – The Excelsior investigates the Tetrahedron found on Ba’ku, while the Independence makes a discovery in the currents.

“Imminent Danger” [HF] – SD 58217.3 – Ensign Barrett deals with the consequences of command.

“Darkest Night” [HF] – SD 58312.6 – Shore leave for the Excelsior crew, becomes a dangerous encounter with the Gray.

“Security Counsel” [HF] – SD 58423.1 – Lieutenant McCabe becomes embroiled in an investigation on a planet where freedoms are constantly curtailed by the government.

“Epitaph” [HF] – SD 58523.1 – While Shelby deals with loss, Commander Naros takes a mission to the center of the Briar Patch.

“The Battle is Joined” [HF] – SD Unknown – Jorian Zen’s old mentor comes to the Excelsior with an unexpected request.


“Like an Eagle, Part I” [ES] – SD 59002.4 – Captain Bruce J. Space takes command of the Starship Eagle Star exploring the unknown frontier of the Gamma Quadrant. Unfortunately, new enemies also arise on the frontier.

“Like an Eagle, Part II” [ES] – SD 59007.5 – Captain Space confronts his old rival, Erik Diabolus, now commandant of the Avkar Solidarity.

“Countermeasures” [HF] SD – SD 59131.4 – War between the Tholians and the Federation breaks out in the Alpha Quadrant.

“Former Enemies” [ES] – SD 59142.3 – Attacked by the Avkar while exploring a nearby asteroid field, Captain Space and Sandarklan come to terms with one another.

“Dancing in the Dark” [HF] – SD 59254.1 – In order to gain more information on the Tetrahedrons, Commander Naros proposes a unique mission.

“Homeport” [HF] SD Unknown – The crew of the Excelsior recover from the Tholian attack.

“Heavy Lies the Crown” [INT] – SD Unknown – The Starship Intrepid is assigned to assist the Merchant Marine Service in the building of a new colony on planet Chiron IV. While appearing routine, a dangerous adversary is discovered, forcing Starfleet and the Merchant Service to work together.

“Beachhead” [HF] SD 59421.6 – Commodore Knapp receives a promotion while trying to keep the Federation’s allies together as the Tholians take the Tren’La system.

“Transitions and Lamentations” [INT] SD 59491.7 – In the wake of a second Surai attack on Chiron IV, Commander Navar must decide where his loyalties lie.

“Vigil” [HF] SD 59522.3 – On a mission to recover another Tetrehedron Key, Barrett is lost, while Captain Shelby and Captain Calhoun from the Excalibur work with the Romulans.

“Diplomatic Protocols” [ES] SD 59527.5 – After discovering an Avkar spy installation, Captain Space proposes moving Deep Space Fifteen to the New Horizon system. Trying to enlist the Federation’s allies help becomes harder.

“Confessions by Firelight” [INT] SD Unknown – Captain Merik and Govenor Finney discuss the difficulties facing the Chiron IV settlement.


“Her Battle Lanterns Lit” [HF] SD 59623.1 – Naros is promoted to Captain of a new starship and Starfleet rallies to retake Tren’La, but the battle will not be all that everyone thinks.

“Machinations” [INT] SD 59753.2 – In an attempt to try and decipher the situation with the Surai, Commander Navar must look to someone whose relationship with the Intrepid crew is less than ideal.

“Wagon Train to the Stars” [ES] SD 59783.6 – Moving Deep Space Fifteen to New Horizon becomes much more complicated when the Avkar invade New Horizon and the Federation’s allies want to colonize the system.

“New Horizons” [ES] SD 59788.1 – The Eagle Star, with assistance from the Federation Alliance, drive the Avkar from New Horizon.

“Heavy Losses” [HF] – SD 60121.3 – With the battle plan shattered, and the enemy maneuvering to annihilate them, no one is safe from the clutches of Siroc and the Tholian Assembly.

“Home and Hearth” [ES] – SD 60173.6 – Bruce and Dana Space return home for some much needed rest and relaxation, but find more than they planned once they return to Earth.

“Wolf’s Heart [ES] – SD Unknown – While the Eagle Star makes contact with a new race, Lieutenant Talkart never thought he’d experience jealousy at another crewmate, especially over Cammy Spencer. He was wrong.

“The Stone Unturned” [INT] – SD 60211.7 – Sparks fly on the Intrepid as Captain Hunter deals with a living legend and an ancient mystery.

“Where There’s a Sea…” [INT] – SD 60233.4 – While transporting Lieutenant Cole, the Merchant ship Ariadne comes under attack by the Orions.

“Turning Point” [INT] – SD Uknown – Lieutenat Cole confronts an Orion raider.

“Bound” [HF] – SD 60234.1 – With the Grey continuing to be a no-show in the struggle for the tetrahedrons and Dyson Sphere, the fate of Admiral Knapp’s daughter hanging in


the balance, and Barrett’s friends still struggling with his MIA status, things are beginning to rush headlong into a breakdown. 

“Stab in the Dark” [ES] – SD Unknown – Crewman Sandarklan experiences his first romance with an unlikely person.

“Past Sins” [HF] – SD 60327.8 – Dao’s past on Trill haunts him when he returns home in an attempt to kick-start the stalled research on the Tetrahedrons, and Doctor Henglaar has his own problems when he must now take responsibility for his troubled niece.

“Hearts and Minds” [HF] – SD 60423.8 – Admiral Cole is confronted with overwhelming odds and an increasingly restless civilian crew in a desperate battle to survive.

“The Assassin” [ES] – SD Unknown – In the wake of an assassination attempt on Captain Space, Commander Kevin Doran jeopardizes his career to track the culprit down, but the trail is not as easy as he thinks.

“The Widening Gyre” [HF] – SD 60523.8 – Disaster has struck for the 12th Fleet - right at the worst time it could happen. With the walls closing in on all sides, Shelby must bear increasing pressure to win back the hearts and minds of Starfleet's allies and contend with her shrinking pool of friends and family.

“Ancient of Days” [ES] – SD 60629.3 – On a desert planet, the Eagle Star crew makes a shocking discovery.

“Things Fall Apart” [HF] – SD Unknown – Shelby has to face up to the toughest challenge of her career with less help than she's ever had, Dao must face his past if he has any hope of going into the future, and the prisoners must make their stand if they hope to survive the seemingly mindless brutality of Siroc and his henchmen.

“The Center Cannot Hold” [HF] – SD Unknown – With the return of an old friend and the loss of new ones under tragic circumstances, Excelsior is in a desperate race to get back to her home station, as the entire patch has suddenly gone deathly silent.

“Alternatives” [ES] – SD 60849.7 – Captain Space enlists the aid of a mysterious ally to rescue his captured crewmembers.

“It’s Hour Come Round At Last” [HF] – SD Unknown – Deep Space Twelve is under siege by the Grey once more, as the crew of the Helena struggle to catch Siroc before he arrives at the Dyson Sphere. While the battle rages outside, Shelby and Lefler are


leading a skeleton crew in a desperate ploy to restore Excelsior and rejoin the fight to protect the station's civilians. With time completely gone, all hope lies in Knapp, Martinez, Dao, Aster and McFarland being able to figure out the Hybrid in time; but things are far more different—and deadly—than they seem. –

“Ice and Fire” [ES] – SD Unknown – Bruce Space and the Eagle Star crew struggle to survive stranded in Earth’s Ice Age. Meanwhile, his Mirror Universe counterpart leads an attack on the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

“Iliad” [ODY] – SD 61125.8 – Following the Tholian War, the Romulan Empire is invaded by the Archein. The Romulans turn to the Federation for assistance and Starfleet sends the Starship Odyssey to the Andromeda Galaxy to counter the Archein threat.

“The Mission” [ES] – SD 61132.3 – The Avkar make a bold attack on Deep Space Fifteen. Captain Space decides to go on the offensive and track down the source of Commandant Diabolus’ power.

“Where the Lightning Strikes” [ES] – SD 61155.6 – Commander Doran persuades Captain Space to track down captured Federation survivors from an Avkar prison colony. He finds more than he expected.

“Orphans of War” [HF/INT] – SD Unknown – Following the Archein invasion of Romulan space, the Intrepid and Excelsior investigate a system in which the Archein have left something behind.

“The Wine Dark Sea” [ODY] – SD 61251.3 – The Odyssey struggles to find resources to return to our galaxy, while divisions among the crew appear to rise.

“Sanctuary Lost” [HC] – SD Unknown – Six months after the Archein invasion, Corey Aster recovers to deal with the loss of the Odyssey. Meanwhile, the Starship Helena investigates the destruction of a nature preserve.

“The Lotus Eaters” [ODY] – SD 61306.3 – The Odyssey crew meet with the Kelvan resistance and discover the dangerous reason behind the singularity formations threatening the Andromeda Galaxy.


“Obsessions” [HC] – SD Unknown – Captain Fisal and the Helena crew make a risky deal for a vital piece of technology, but what it costs them is beyond anyone’s expectation.

“Vile Gods” [ODY] – SD Unknown – When Ro is captured by a renegade Kelvan captain, T’Lorra and Stadi are forced to work together to rescue him.

“Operation Beta Shield” [HF/INT] – SD 61723.8 – When a second Archein invasion of Romulan space appears imminent, the Excelsior and the Intrepid are called on to both defend the Romulan Empire and investigate the forces threatening to destabilize both the Beta and Alpha Quadrants.

“Unity” [FED1] – SD Unknown – Assigned to Federation One for Presidential Security, Lt. Cmdr. McCabe continues to investigate the shuttle explosion that claimed the life of President Se’Fron. Meanwhile, President Vindenpawl deals with an intrigue of her own.

“Keepers of the Wind” [ODY] – SD Unknown – In desperate need of repairs, Odyssey docks at a mysterious space station.

“Letter of the Law” [HC] – SD 61847.5 – Aster and Lefler conduct a dangerous experiment. Meanwhile, Starfleet has pulled in assistance to track down Helena.

“Institutions” [FED1] – SD Unknown – President Vindenpawl’s authority is challenged.

“The Minstrel Boy” [HC] – SD – Helena copes with their experiment gone wrong. At the same time, multiple forces converge to capture them.

“On the Knees of the Gods” [ODY] – SD – It’s been a year since Odyssey became trapped in Andromeda. Pursued by the Archein and determined to get home, T'Lorra must face her past, and Ro must step up to the plate and negotiate with the Archein before it's too late.

“The Immortal Loom” [ODY] – SD Unknown – Odyssey discovers a research station and the chilling secret remaining there.

“Red Sky at Morn” [HC] – SD Unknown – Aster is being held prisoner by Section 31 and being coerced into creating more Omega devices. Meanwhile, Helena finds an ally.


“Leashed Thunder” [HC] – SD Unknown – Helena makes a desperate attempt to rescue Aster.

“For All Time” [ODY] – SD 62 – Ro makes a painful decision, while the Archein complete a new wormhole gateway.

“One of Our Own” [INT/HF] – SD 63023.1 – When word reaches Admiral Shelby that a dear friend may still be alive, she and Captain Hunter embark on a rescue mission.

“Tossed Upon the Shore” [ODY] – SD – The crews of the Odyssey and Helena must fight to return the Odyssey home to Ithaca (the Milky Way) in time to save both galaxies from certain destruction by ever expanding black holes, stop the Archein invasion and reunite two star-crossed lovers.

2393 

“Out of Shadows” [DF] – SD Unknown – In the Mirror Universe, the crew of the I.S.S. Arkangel come together to continue the Terran battle against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

“Thy Promises Made, Thy Promises Kept” [DF] – SD Unknown – Dark mysterious dreams plague Captain Mathis. Soon these nightmares reveal an even darker secret. One which has the Captain’s most loyal comrades looking over his shoulder.

“Voice From the Past” [DF-OD] – SD Unknown – The recent discovery of an old style message bouy, raises questions about a 23rd century light cruiser. The I.S.S. Sudrian, which went missing in the outer unexplored reaches of the Alpha Quadrant over 130years ago. The Lord Marshall has ordered an away team to investigate.

“Dead on Arrival” [DF-OD] – SD Unknown – After departing Terok Nor on their mission, the away team soon finds the I.S.S. Sudrian, adrift and strangely, seemingly untouched over the last 130 years. But looks can be very deceiving; for they are not alone. They are being watched ever so closely. The only thing darker than the eyes of their watcher, is her heart.

“The Infection” [DF-OD] – SD Unknown – The away team begins the task of establishing main power and regaining control of the Sudrian. While Dr. Aron reviews the medical


logs of Dr. Ryan Curtis. It is soon realized, that the crew of the ship suffered from some type of viral infection. How the virus is spread remains a mystery, that Dr. Aron feels he must solve. 

“Appropriate Action” [DF-OD] – SD Unknown – After finding more clues on the planets surface, Dr. Aron returns to the Sudrian. Dr. Carter and her team continue to search the Sudrian for the device. But time is running out. With the away team nearing complition of the repairs, she must take action to slow them down.

“Reclamation” [DF-OD] – SD Unknown – After regaining control of the Sudrian, the away team prepares to return to Terok Nor. But they are not alone. Dr. Carter and her team are discovered attempting to depart, sparking a firefight below decks. Contact is made with a mysterious race of alien beings, who have come back to reclaim those they had lost.


Star Trek: Timeline  

This timeline, based on the official Star Trek Chronology, includes all "canon" Star Trek Episodes, the unofficial animated series, a number...

Star Trek: Timeline  

This timeline, based on the official Star Trek Chronology, includes all "canon" Star Trek Episodes, the unofficial animated series, a number...