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November 2011

In this issue: Surat, Back from the Plague Asia’s Skyscraper Supremacy The Ancient Martial art of Kalaripayattu (page 8)

Hello Readers! Read the article on the ongoing resurrection of Kalaripayattu, the ancient Indian martial art, on pg. 8. Asia is on its way in surpassing the storied skyscrapers of America. Read the story on pg. 16. Gandhi’s homespun cloth or haute-couture? India goes upmarket. Go to pg. 32 to find out. Surat in Gujarat suffered through a nasty plague in 1994. But the town fought back and is now one of the most hygieneconscious cities in India. Read the story on pg. 36. India is flexing its economic muscle and cutting deals with Southeast Asian countries. China doesn't like it. Read the story on this development on pg. 60. Is your accounting system broken? Learn to recognize warning signs of bad accounting that could adversely affect small businesses. The article is on pg. 66. Catch up on all the cricket action around the world in our Cricket Forum column on pg. 74. Festivals and holidays are listed on pg. 118. Catch up on all the local and regional community organizations and events on pg. 92 and get up to the minute updates at our regularly updated website:

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Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest fighting systems in existence, is practiced in Kerala and contiguous parts of Tamil Nadu and arnataka. It includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing method. Photo: Shutterstock

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of his axe. Parasurama then established 42 kalari and instructed 21 masters, who later spread the art all over the state. Historically, however, the art is supposed to have developed during the 100-years-war between the Cholas, Cheras, and Pandyas in the early part of the first millennium. The warring states refined the fighting skills and techniques prevalent in the area into a martial art form. The art flourished between the 13 and 16 centuries, becoming a part of the education of youngsters. It was a social custom to send all youngsters above the age of seven to learn Kalari. The various techniques and movements in Kalari are based on animal movements. Several poses are named after animals. Thus, the art must have developed in the jungles when hunters observed the fighting techniques of various animals.

Wh en t h e Bo d y a n d M i n d Beco m e a ll E yes By Ranjan Mullaratt Leaps in mid air, the brandishing of deadly weapons and exotic animal movements are the pictures that come to mind when one thinks of Kalaripayattu. Kalaripayattu is the Orient’s treasure trove, a gift to the modern world and the mother of all martial arts. Legend traces this ancient art form to Sage Parasurama- the master of all martial art forms and credited to be the reclaimer of Kerala from the Arabian Sea. Kung-fu, which was popularized by the monks of the Shaolin Temple, traces its ancestry to Bodhi Dharma - an Indian Buddhist monk and Kalaripayattu master. Kalaripayattu originated in ancient South India in the present-day state of Kerala. Crafted in ancient South India drawings, the art draws inspiration from the raw power and sinuous strength of the majestic animal forms – lion, tiger, elephant, wild boar, snake, and crocodile. Kalaripayattu laid down the combat code of the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pandyas. Shrouded in deep mystery and mists of secrecy, Kalaripayattu was taught by the masters in total isolation, away from prying eyes. Following the collapse of the princely states and the advent of free India – Kalaripayattu has lost its significance as a mortal combat code. In a Phoenix-like resurrection, Kalaripayattu is today emerging in a new avatar – an ancient art form – a source of inspiration for self-expression in dance forms – both traditional and contemporary, in theatre, in fitness and in movies, too.

The Art It’s when the body moves as one with the eyes, with singleminded focus seeing nothing but the nearest target, that a practitioner can attain oneness with the self. The focus is mastery of mind over body, where the body is pushed beyond tolerance levels by sheer mind power. With single-minded dedication and rigorous training spanning over a decade, a Kalaripayattu practitioner can develop intense control over his faculties and engage in gravity – defying feats.

Design of a traditional Kalari The art is practiced in a small enclosure called the kalari, which is 21 feet by 42 feet. The entrance faces the east. In the southwest corner is a seven-tiered platform called the “poothara,” which houses the guardian deity of the kalari. These seven steps symbolize seven abilities each person requires. They include Vignesu (force), Channiga (patience), Vishnu (commanding power), Vadugashcha (animal posture), Tadaguru (training), Kali (the wild expressions of the Goddess) and Vakastapurushu (sound of animals). Other deities, most of them incarnations of the Bhagavathi or Shiva, are installed in the corners. Before every session, the practitioner is required to salute the deities. The Western Wall will have images of past gurus of the kalari. The day begins with the practitioners lighting lamps at the poothara and then touching the feet of the guru.

Kalaripayattu is an intricate blend of physical skill, mindset martial techniques and indigenous medical systems. The training itself is broadly divided into three levels, ‘Meipayattu’ or physical training & preparation, ‘Kolthari’ and ‘Angathari’ which include all forms of weapons combat, and ‘Verumkai Prayogam’ which is bare handed combat – each of which consist of 18 phases of training. A befitting finale to achieving perfection in the art of Kalaripayattu is the master’s bestowal to imparting training in the use of the Urumi- the deadly double-edged flexible sword. The final training of a dedicated student includes training in Ayurveda and identifying the 64 Kula Marmas (deadly spots) in the human body.

History Kalaripayattu is perhaps the most ancient martial art in the world. Kalaripayattu is derived from the words “kalari,” which means “place, threshing floor, or battlefield,” and “payattu,” which means to “exercise in arms, or practice.” The word kalari may also have been derived from the Sanskrit words “kala,” which means the weeds growing in paddy fields, and “ari,” which means enemy. Figuratively, this means cleansing the body of impurities. Legend credits the art to Sage Parasurama, who is supposed to have reclaimed the state of Kerala from the sea with a throw

Kalari’s influence on other arts: Kalaripayattu has revolutionized the martial arts scene in India and made an impact on other countries. Kalaripayattu has strongly influenced the evolution of several of Kerala’s theatre and dance forms, most prominently kathakali and theyyam. Kathakali practitioners are required to train under Kalari masters to develop various attributes such as fitness, stamina, and martial movements enacted in their performances. Article and photos courtesy of: Kalari Academy of Performing Arts 8

November 2011

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officials have only been monitoring the diamond trade since 2008, because diamond imports are not taxed. Since the authorities began tracking the business, however, they have already busted traders with three consignments of blood diamonds, each valued around $1 million or more. In September 2008, revenue intelligence officials arrested two Lebanese men — Robai Hussain and Yusuf Ossely — with 3,600 carats in rough diamonds worth around $875,000 at the time. This April, they caught two Indians — Jora and Prema Desai — allegedly attempting to sell 48,000 carats of conflict diamonds from Zimbabwe worth more than $2 million. And in August, Indian authorities arrested an Indian trader named Pravin Ajudiya and a Congolese national named Jean Tshinaga with some 10,000 carats in alleged blood diamonds valued around $950,000. Writing in India Today magazine, journalist Shantanu Guha Ray recently cited local traders as saying that such conflict diamonds routinely come to Surat on dhows sailing from Dubai. But in each of the three cases broken by Indian officials, the alleged smugglers hand-carried the rough stones on international flights and were caught because of tips from local informants, the senior revenue official said. “There may be many such carriers,” the revenue intelligence officer said. “But unless and until we get information, we cannot catch them.” For opponents of the trade in conflict diamonds, India’s frontier-style market presents a serious problem, mainly because the entire interdiction system hinges on documentation. Since 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme has made it mandatory for diamond exporters to document every shipment of rough stones to certify that they do not come from conflict zones. According to the Diamond Trading Corporation — a subsidiary of De Beers, the world’s largest diamond company — the scheme has ensured that blood diamonds account for less than 1 percent of the global trade, compared with 15 percent before there was any monitoring system.

Conflict diamonds threaten Surat’s booming polishing business. By Jason Overdorf - This summer, the authorities in Surat, the commercial capital of the state of Gujarat, arrested two smugglers attempting to sell nearly a million dollars in so-called blood diamonds. Close on the heels of similar busts, the arrest again raised fears that the chaotic conditions making this small city on India’s Arabian coast the world’s new diamond-polishing hub may also make it one of the weakest links in the fight to stop overlords from financing armies with the precious stones. “Every month, diamonds are coming from Zimbabwe without a Kimberley Process Certificate (KPC),” said Kirti Shah, an elected official of the Surat municipal corporation who is also a diamond trader. “But I’m the only person in the diamond market who will talk about it openly.” Once known for processing small, cheap stones, Surat has gradually replaced Antwerp as the center for cutting and polishing nearly all of the world’s rough diamonds — as local traders have invested heavily in technology and infrastructure to compete for large, flawless stones. (Antwerp remains a goto for shoppers.) Yet even as local factories have installed cutting-edge, laserguided planning and marking software and the latest grinding and polishing machines, Surat’s main advantage over polishers in Belgium and Israel remains its cheap labor force and a centuries-old, trust-based system of trading that keeps transaction costs low. Every day, trading houses small and large rely on couriers to hand-carry millions of dollars worth of diamonds to Surat from Mumbai on local trains — with no protection but anonymity. In Surat’s markets, diamonds change hands on the street and zip back and forth across the city by motorcycle as traders haggle over prices. When a sale is finally made, nine times out of 10 the deal is done in cash, with nothing but a hand-written chit to record the transaction. Last year, $30 billion worth of stones passed through this city, according to the Gem & Jewelry Export Promotion Council. That’s 11 out of 12 of the world’s diamonds. And while there are no reliable estimates, it stands to reason that if nearly all of the world’s legal diamonds make their way here, a good portion of the conflict diamonds do, too. “It’s a very big market,” said a senior investigator in the local branch of the directorate of revenue intelligence — the outfit responsible for combating smuggling, counterfeiting and other economic crimes. “So many brokers are trading on the pavement itself. It’s very difficult to monitor.” Diamond traders say that local press reports claiming that conflict diamonds comprise 15 to 30 percent of the market (citing unnamed sources) have exaggerated the problem. But with some 5,000 polishing units — around 1,500 of them tiny cottage industries scattered throughout the state — it’s patently impossible to track each and every stone. “This is not a problem only for Surat, or only for India. It’s a problem around the world,” said Damji Mavani, secretary of the Surat Diamond Association, which conducts seminars and other programs to raise awareness about conflict diamonds. According to the revenue intelligence officer, who is not authorized to be quoted by name in the media, Indian revenue

But others are less sanguine about the certification scheme’s success. Once a diamond is cut and polished, there’s virtually no way to trace its origin, though a handful of retailers have tried to set up a method that would allow buyers to do so. Meanwhile, the main market for cut diamonds is increasingly moving to countries like India and China, where the idea of “ethical consumerism” is even less common than it is in richer nations. continued on page 90 12

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winds,” he said. (A mile-high tower would be roughly triple the height of the new 104-floor One World Trade Center.) “If the question is how tall can you go, then you have to ask, ‘How deep are your pockets?’” Klerks said. “The taller you go, it gets exponentially more expensive.” China, after three decades averaging 9 to 10 percent annual growth, has pockets that are plenty deep. Though unable to claim the world’s tallest building — planned towers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates are vying for the top two spots this decade — China by 2015 is slated to be home to 21 of the world’s top 50 tallest buildings. In just a few years, China will have a total of 37 buildings with 60 or more stories completed, according to figures collected by the tall buildings council. The U.S. will have 10. One U.S. contender, the proposed 150-story Chicago Spire, would have been the 10th tallest. But construction was halted after the 2008 financial crash. “Partly as a symbol of economic power and prestige, China is stepping towards these super-tall buildings of 80 stories or more,” said Jason Pomeroy, a Singapore-based architect and academic with the firm Broadway Malyan. But China’s tall-building boom is more than just a display of economic might. Each person flooding into China’s boom cities needs a place to live, Klerks said, and tall towers help contend with population density. “In Shanghai, you’ll see whole oceans of bland, ordinary buildings that are quite tall,” he said. “Those are not the sexy, supertall buildings. But they’re taking care of the people problem.” The same holds true for the Asian tropics, where flashy buildings of 50 stories or more are sprouting in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Cambodia, among the region’s poorest countries, is also feeling the skyscraper itch. Officials there have boasted, rather dubiously, of plans to build the world’s tallest structure in the capital Phnom Penh, a hardscrabble city where roosters still dart into traffic. Some overly ambitious projects are doomed to fizzle, Pomeroy said. “We are always going to see very extravagant proposals or mile-high towers,” he said. “But we’ve found that most buildings in the 40-to-60 story bracket really come to fruition.” Meanwhile, America’s skylines appear to be shrinking. Of the world’s top 30 tallest demolished buildings, eight of the top 10 were destroyed in the U.S. (Three towers, the twin World Trade Center buildings and nearby 7 World Trade Center, fell during the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.) In recent decades, more than 750 floors of skyscraper construction have been demolished in the U.S., according to council figures. But while America’s skyscraper glory is fading, and Asia’s skylines grow taller, Pomeroy notes a corollary between supertall buildings and overreaching economies. The Empire State Building opened amidst the Great Depression. Malaysia’s Petronas Towers opened in 1998, just as a financial crisis ripped through Asia. The current tallest tower, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, opened following the 2008 global financial disaster. “Dare I say it? There’s a paradox there,” Pomeroy said. “The ultra-exclusive tower that symbolizes power and prestige can mark the cataclysmic effects of a coming depression.”

Asia’s Skyscraper Supremacy Newly rich cities are putting US skylines to shame By Patrick Winn – For Americans fretting over U.S. decline, here’s another thump to the ego: the nation’s mightiest skyscrapers will soon be bested by towers in cities you’ve probably never heard of. Consider all the hype surrounding One World Trade Center. When it’s completed in 2013, it will be America’s tallest, but only third in the world — hundreds of feet shorter than towers in Dubai and Mecca. By 2015, it will slip to seventh globally, assuming all towers currently under construction are completed. And by the end of the decade it could drop from the top ten list, according to data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Shanghai and Seoul will soon claim higher buildings. So will lesser-known Chinese megacities Shenzhen, Wuhan and Tianjin. In a more ascendant U.S. era, America proclaimed its prosperity with steel and glass towers from New York to Houston to Los Angeles. But Asia’s ongoing skyscraper boom has put U.S. skylines to shame. Of the world’s 50 tallest buildings, half now tower over cities in Asia. The balance will tip even further once proposed or underconstruction buildings are complete. At that point, New York’s 540-meter tall One World Trade Center is likely to be the only American tower among the top 20. “Look at Chicago. It’s supposed to be the Mecca of tall buildings architecture. But there’s nothing going on here now,” said Jan Klerks with the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which monitors skyscrapers worldwide. “The U.S. just doesn’t have as much to prove anymore,” Klerks said. In China, however, it’s “not uncommon to find out some city you’re barely aware of is doing a 500-meter building.” Beginning in 1901, nine American towers took turns sharing the “world’s tallest” superlative throughout the 20th century. The best known include the Empire State Building, Chicago’s Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower) and the World Trade Center. Prior to America’s skyscraper dominance, the world’s tallest building was a Gothic church in Germany. This competition has since shifted eastward. Rising Middle Eastern and Asian economies are now waging the battle to build the world’s tallest tower. The titleholder seems to change countries every to six to seven years. An Asian nation first stole the title, with Malaysia’s Petronas Towers, finished in 1998. That feat was quickly bested by Taiwan’s Taipei 101, completed in 2004, and followed by the current champion, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, completed last year, and standing 828 meters tall. The race is on to reach a new peak: the world’s first kilometerhigh tower. For now, Saudi Arabia’s proposed “Kingdom Tower” is best positioned to be erected first. “They’ve got a serious proposal and serious money,” Klerks said. From there, Klerks said, engineers will likely attempt a milehigh skyscraper. “From an engineering point of view, you could go a mile high and still stand up to earthquakes and strong


November 2011

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Upcoming Movie Releases

Top Five Movies - Nov 2011

(Bollywood films slated to be released in the next 4-6 weeks) 1. Shahrukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Armaan Verma, Sanjay Dutt, and Priyanka Chopra

loot (Director: Rajneesh Thakur) Cast: Govinda, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Hansika Motwani, Shweta Bhardwaj, Jaaved Jaaferi, Rakhi Sawant, and Suniel Shetty

2. Mausam Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Aditia Sharma and Supriya Pathak

Tension Doooor (Dir: Ambrish Singal) Cast: Swaraaj Singh, Swati Anand, Sambhavna Sheth, Raza Murad, Ali Asgar, and Dinesh Hingoo

3. Mod Rannvijay Singh, Ayesha Takia Azmi, Raghuveer Yadav, Tanvi Azmi, Anant Mahadevan, and Nikhil Ratnaparkhi

Miley Naa Miley Hum (Director: Tanveer Khan) Cast: Chirag Paswan, Kangna Ranaut, Kabir Bedi, Poonam Dhillon, Sagarika Ghatge, and Neeru Singh

4. rascals Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Arjun Rampal, Kangna Ranaut, Chunky Pandey, Satish Kaushik, Lisa Haydon & Hiten Paintal

Agneepath (Director: Karan Malhotra) Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, S anjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor, and Katrina Kaif

5. bodyguard Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Mahesh Manjrekar, Shatrughan Sinha, and Hazel

Na Jaane Kabse (Dir: Pammi Somal) Cast: Garry Gill, Amrita Prakash, Sharat Saxena, Gurpreet Guggi, Lilette Dubey, Javed Sheikh, and Ayub Khan

Top Five Songs - Nov 2011 1. Desi boyz “Make Some Noise for Desi Boyz” Music: Pritam Signers: KK & Bob

lanka (Director: Vikram Bhatt) Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Arjan Bajwa, and Tia Bajpai Shakal Pe Mat Ja (Dir: Shubh) Cast: Shubh, Pratik Katare, Saurabh Shukla, Raghuveer Yadav, Aamna Shariff, Zakir Hussain, Mushtaq Khan & Joy Sengupta

2. rockStar “Phir Se Ud Chala” Music:AR Rahman Singer: Mahit Chauhan 3. Miley Naa Miley Hum “Nazar Se Nazar Mile” Music: Sajid Wajid Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Anupama Raag

The Dirty Picture (Dir: Milan Luthria) Cast: Vidya Balan, Naseruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor & Imran Hasnee

4. Saheb biwi Aur Gangster “Ankhain” Music: Mukhtar Sahota Singer: Arif Lohar

Dam 999 (Director: Sohan Roy) Cast: Aashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Rajit Kapoor, Harry Key, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, and Megha Burman

5. ra. one “Chammak Challo” Music: Vishal Dadlani , Shekar Ravjiani Singers: Akon & Hamsika Iyer

Players (Director: Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla) Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Omi Vaidya, and Sikander Kher

(Note: This top five is based on the following non-scientific research: your feedback, video rental, box office from India and United States, internet opinions & our opinion)


November 2011

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Kahaani (Director: Sujoy Ghosh) Cast: Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan rockstar (Director: Imtiaz Ali) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri & Shammi Kapoor Shanghai (Director: Dibakar Banerjee) Cast: Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Pitobash Tripathy, Kalki Koechlin, and Farooq Sheikh Tezz (Director: Priyadarshan) Cast: Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Kangna Ranaut, Boman Irani, Zayed Khan, and Mohanlal


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interesting offers. This is a very important time for women actors in Bollywood. We have Vidya Balan doing The Dirty Picture, Bebo (Kareena Kapoor) in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine. I am very clear about doing substantial parts and only when my children don’t need me to be around all the time,” Tandon told Bollywood Hungama.

Film Clips

Vivek Oberoi signed for Gyarah Challis Ki Last Metro Ek Challis Ki Last Local turned out to be a surprise hit in 2007 which also garnered the support of the critics. The film resurrected Abhay Deol’s. But director Sanjay Kandhuri has decided not to repeat the lead actor in the sequel and has finalized Vivek Oberoi. The sequel Gyarah Challis Ki Last Metro, purported to be a comical thriller, will be based in Delhi.

Freida Pinto Debuts in Hollywood Epic

Freida Pinto, whose career was launched in Slumdog Millionaire, stars in her first 3D Hollywood action epic in director Tarsem Singh’s Immortals. The ancient Greek adventure transports viewers in this tale of treachery, vengeance and destiny. As a power-hungry king razes ancient Greece in search of a legendary weapon, a heroic young villager rises up against him in a quest as timeless as it is powerful. The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army rampage across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king’s mission. As village after village is obliterated, a stonemason named Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge his mother, who was killed in one of Hyperion’s raids. When Theseus meets the Sybelline Oracle, Phaedra (Freida Pinto), her disturbing visions of the young man’s future convince her that he is the key to stopping the destruction. With her help, Theseus assembles a small band of followers and embraces his destiny in a final, desperate battle for the future of humanity. Immortals opens in theaters on November 11, 2011.

John Abraham in Housefull 2 After delivering the action hit Force, John Abraham is a star in-demand, especially as an action hero. Filmmakers are talking about adding Abraham into action sequences in their films. And the project that would feel the most immediate impact of John’s furious fist is Housefull 2. A comic romp that will feature Rishi Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, and Riteish Deshmukh hell bent on a having a comic blast. The film will have an extra “item” featuring Abraham flexing his muscles in an elaborate fight sequence. “What is being planned for me in Housefull 2 is between the two Sajids (producer Nadiadwala and director Khan). All I can say is I am very flattered,” Abraham said in an interview with India Fm.

A Qawali for Shootout at Wadala Pakistan-based band Strings has recorded their first song for director Sanjay Gupta’s directorial venture Shootout at Wadala. The song is sung by Farid Ayaz, who makes his debut in India as a playback singer has previously sung in the “Aman Ki Asha” concert as well. Ayaz also plans to visit India along with Strings later this month in order to meet other producers. Incidentally, the film was initially suppose to be without any songs but Sanjay Gupta left it to Strings to see if any song could fit into the script. The song was sent to Gupta who decided to incorporate it in the film.

Big B and Prakash Jha Team up Again for Satyagraha After the success of Aarakshan, Prakash Jha is embarking on another film with a topical issue. Inspired by the recent anticorruption “Anna Hazare Wave,” Jha is now all set to make his next titled Satyagraha, which will address the ethos of a peaceful mass protest against corruption. And once again, Jha has signed the inimitable Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role. The film will begin production in January 2012.

SRK Puts his Star-power Behind Life-saving Sanitation

Amitabh Bachchan Honored with Doctorate in Australia

Shah Rukh Khan is fighting for safe sanitation and good hygiene. He made the announcement last month at the start of the Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene, an international conference that took place in Mumbai. “I am very happy to be an advocate for these important issues, because I believe in every human being’s right to live with dignity,” Khan said. “It is shameful and tragic that every 30 seconds a child dies from preventable diarrhea — that’s two unnecessary child deaths per minute, almost 3,000 a day or 1 million young lives wasted each year.” SRK said he dreams of an India and a world where poor and vulnerable people don’t have to squat in the street or in the bushes to meet their needs. Jon Lane, executive director for the UN-hosted Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), which asked Khan to serve in the role of ambassador, says his support for the issues is welcomed.

Bachchan was honored with a doctorate from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The ceremony took place last month in Brisbane Australia. He told IndiaFM, "May this help strengthen the existing bonds between our two countries." The doctorate which Bachchan received from QUT is the fourth doctorate awarded to the actor after those given by the De Montfort University- Leicester UK, Jhansi University and the Delhi University.

Raveena Tandon to Star in Neerav Ghosh Film Mahesh Bhupathi’s next production will be an independent production that will star Raveena Tandon in the lead. The comedy will be directed by Neerav Ghosh. The film will also feature Boman Irani and Aditya Pancholi. “I’m getting very


November 2011


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November 2011

By Kirit Shukla Tribute to Hindustani Classical Singers Jagjit Singh, commonly known as “The Ghazal King,” was born on Feb. 8, 1941 in Sri Gangānagar, Rajasthan. He learned music from Chhaganlāl Sharmā and Ustād Jamaal Khan. He sang Gurbāni and Bhajans, Ghazals, film songs in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Nepali, Sindhi and Bengali beginning in 1970. Every stanza of a Ghazal has philosophical messages about life. He sang the complex forms of Ghazals in a simplified, delicate voice that touched the hearts of the listeners. Singh was first offered to sing in the Gujarati film Dharati Nā Chhoru. He married Chitra, also a singer, in December 1969 and sang many memorable duets with her. She stopped singing after the death of their son Vivek in July 1990 in an accident. Singh recorded about 80 albums during his career. On May 10, 2007 he sang Bahādur Shah Zafar’s Ghazal, “Lagatā nahi hai dil merā” in the hall of the Indian Parliament House to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of India’s first actions to gain independence in the sepoy rebellion of 1857, also known as “India’s First War of Independence.” He sang in the presence of the President and Prime Minister of India and other dignitaries. Singh received the Padma Bhushan award in 2003. He underwent surgery after he suffered a brain hemorrhage and died on October 19, 2011 in Mumbai at Lilavati hospital. Many Bollywood singers and music lovers gave him their heartfelt tributes. Some of his albums: Ecstasies, A sound affair, Passions, Beyond Times & Someone Somewhere, Duets with Chitra. The unforgettables, Hope, In Search, Insight, Mirage, Visions, Love Is Blind, Kahkashan, Chirāg, Sajdā, Aaeena, Cry for cry, Face to face, Marasim, Muntazir, Sahar, Soz, Maa, Hey Ram, and Hare Krishna. Some of his popular film songs: 1980 (Ek baar kaho) “Koi gesu koi ānchal hamein” 1981 (Prem Geet) “Hothon se chhoolo tum” 1982 (Saath Saath) “Pyār mujh se jo kiyā,” “Tum ko dekhā to yeh khayāl āyā,” “Yeh batā de mujhe zindagi,” “Yeh terā ghar yeh merā ghar,” “Yun zindagi ki rāh mein” 1982 (Arth) “Jhuki jhuki si Nazar,” “Koi yeh kaise batāye,” “Tere khushboo mein base khat,” “Tu nahin to zindagi mein aur kyā reha jayegā,” “Tum itnā ko muskurā rahe” 1983 (Zulf ke saye) “Nashili rātmein” 1984 (Ravan) “Ham to yun apni,” “Main gar mein” 1985 (Phir aayee barsat) “Na mohobbat na dosti” 1993 (Khal Nayak) “O maa tuze salaam” continued on page 82 Kirit Shukla Contact him at


November 2011


Desi rhythm Productions


By Kirit Shukla Song: Hosh vālon ko khabar kyā ... Film: Sarfarosh/A reason to live Year: 1999 Music: Jatin Lalit Singer: Jagjit Singh Lyric: Nida Fazli Taal/Rhythm: Kaharvā Starring: Aamir Khan, Sonali Bandre

The SouthEast’s


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Hoon hā hā hā hā hā hāHosh vālon ko khabar kyā bekhudi kyā chiza haiIshq kije phir samajhiye zindagi kyā chiz hai; Hosh vālon ko ..Unase nazaren kyā mili roshan fizāyen ho gayeeĀja jānā pyār ki jādugari kyā chiza hai; Hosh vālon ko ..Khulati zulfon ne sikhāyi mausamon ko shāyariJhukati ānkhon ne batāyā maikashi kyā chiza hai; Hosh vālon ko..Ham labon se kah na pāye unase hāl-e-dil kabhiAur vo samajhe nahin ye Khāmoshi kyā chiza hai; Hosh vālon ko..

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Meaning (Summary): What do conscious people know, what (a thing) being enraptured is like? Fall in love and then (you'll) understand, what (a thing) life is! No sooner did my eyes meet hers, (than) the atmosphere brightened. Today I realized, what (a thing) love's magic is! (Her) opening wisps of hair taught the season’s poetry. (Her) lowering eyes and gaze taught (me) what being intoxicated feels like! I could never tell her (with my own lips), the state of my heart. And she never would understand, what this silence meant!

The Name to Remember for the celebration you will never forget!

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November 2011

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November 2011

Musical Instruments in Hindustani Classical Music By Anita Kulkarni Revered Hindu religious scriptures of the Vedas speak of the use of musical instruments in worship. It was the only purpose since music was only for God. Indian musical instruments are evolution of Carnatic music - a series mentioned in such ancient religious works is indicative of the fact that music had an important role in ancient India. The By Smitha K. Prasad foundation of Indian music was rooted in three different forms Dear readers, as we continue looking at the evolution of of performance art. Instrumental music has been one of the Carnatic music through the years, this month, I will address the most popular arts since ancient times in Hindustani classical format of a Carnatic music concert and the changes that have music. occurred over time. Sarangi - The name derives from Sau The modern day Carnatic music concert format, called Rangi meaning 100 colors. Sarangi is kutcheri paddathi, was introduced by one of the stalwarts of played with a bow and has four main Carnatic music- Sri Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar in the 1920’s. strings and as many as forty resonant Prior to this time, most concerts were unstructured and strings. It is generally used to extremely expansive. accompany singers but can also be a Often times, the first piece in the concert presentation would solo instrument. The instruments itself take up several hours. As concerts moved out of the royal Dilruba and Esraj have common courts and temples and more into the mainstream audience, concerts also came under a time constraint to accommodate physical characteristics that make them resemble the classical Sarangi. This bowed instrument is not too large as far as size is audience interest and constraints. Today, most of the Carnatic music concerts follow the format concerned. It is carved from a single piece of wood. Its body is hollow. At the top and bottom end it is one-inch thick. The sides pioneered by Sri Ariyakudi: Concerts usually commence with a Varnam which serves as a are barely half-an-inch in thickness. The Sarangi has a metal bar warm up for the singer and the accompanists and sets the pace placed along it. There are three main strings and one brass for the concert. This is then followed by krithis (compositions) sympathetic string tuned by four pegs in the lower part of the rendered in various ragas (melodies) and talas (rhythm cycles). instrument. The upper part has eleven pegs that tune the thirtyA combination of slow and fast tempo krithis provides variety five to forty sympathetic strings fixed there. This instrument from the listener’s perspective and keeps the audience engaged was played to the tunes of the khayal, dhrupad and thumri vocals. However, as time went by this instrument gained in the concert. The main presentation in a concert is either a krithi with prominence amongst courtesans and musicians began to look expansive improvisation or ragam-tanam-pallavi which again towards other musical instruments. This instrument, though, allows for elaborate improvisation. The main presentation also has not lost complete existence because of prominent musicians provides scope for thani avarthanam where the percussionists like Gopal Misra, Pandit Ram Narayan, Ustad Sabri Khan, and Sultan Khan who are regarded as sarangi maestros. perform a solo. Following the main presentation, the concert consists of Tanpura or Tambora - The tanpura is a “lighter” items popularly known as tukkadas. Tukkadas include stringed Indian musical instrument that slokas, bhajans, patriotic songs, compositions which are not very produces the drone, which is an essential technical in nature. The concert usually ends with a rhythmic background, required for all Indian vocal thillana and mangalam (concluding piece). The mangalam is and instrumental music genres. This usually completed in the raga Madhyamavathi as it is known to instrument is believed to have been invented impart tranquility to the listener. either in the sixteenth or seventeenth Carnatic music concerts have usually been about 2 ½ hours century. Tanpura can be tuned in different long; again these days with concerts being televised, keeping in mind the audience attention, etc. it is also quite common to scales. This is a main instrument used for Hindustani vocal find concerts that are an hour or an hour and a half in duration- music. a far cry from when concerts used to start late in the night (past Dholak – Dholak is a side 9pm) and carry on into the sunrise on the following day! rhythm instrument, mostly used Till we meet next time, do try and attend a live Carnatic for Punjabi folk, Garba and music concert. Many local organizations host Carnatic music Hindi music. It is cylindrical in kutcheris; you may actually find some concerts which are free shape, bored out of solid wood. and open to the public. This is a very popular instrument in north India.

Smitha Prasad

Anita Kulkarni

is a Carnatic vocalist based in Cary, NC Email:


November 2011

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November 2011

The SouthEast's Hardest Working & Most Creative Indian DJ International DJ & Hit Music Producer

Kenz Desai

By Dr. Maha Gingrich


Manipuri I hope some of you have seen my “Dances of India” segment on Nazar Television, hosted by Divakar Shukla. I will be presenting a Manipuri dance. You do not see this dance style very often. Once you see it, you will not forget it. Situated on the northeastern region of India, Manipur presents a beautiful picture of nature and charm. The word Manipur is derived from the words “Mani” a jewel and “pur” a place. Center of Manipuri dance is based in Imphal, the capital of Manipur. This is a very graceful and spiritual dance form and is not seen very often. For centuries, people of Manipur have expressed their emotions and faith through dance and music. Initially many dances were devoted to Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi. However, through times the dances of Lord Krishna, and his lover Radha have gained more popularity. Years ago, I saw a friend of mine perform this dance style. I was taken by the graceful movements and the richness of Bhava (mood), raga (melody) and Tala (Rhythm). Every hand gesture and every inflection of the body was very calculated to convey a story and an in-depth message. The costumes were elaborate and colorful. The Manipuri dance contains both Lasya or the graceful dancing and the Thandava, the forceful dancing. The music is composed to Hindustani tunes or the North Indian tunes. Unlike Bharatha Natyam or Kuchipudi, these dances do not have any exaggerated movements, postures, or extrovert expressions, but a fine balance of hips and body. Tilting the head slightly, forming a rhythmic unison with hands, feet and the body, this dance style is a symbol of grace. However, the hand gestures or hasthas used in this dance style do overlap with Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi dance forms from south India. Through years, the classical dance form, Manipuri has retained its heavenly beauty and rich content. This dance lives through its people as a vital part of their social, religious and spiritual existence. Their deep religious faith and strict discipline in dancing has contributed to the continuation and retention of such purity in this style. If you want to see any of these classical dances, check out Nazar Television on Sundays. I will be bringing you examples of these dances and their influence on Bollywood.

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Customers Want the Deluxe Life Gandhi’s homespun cloth or haute-couture? India goes up-market By Jason Overdorf – When one of India’s largest real-estate developers opened DLF Emporio — an exclusive shopping mall devoted to fashion designers and international luxury brands — the mall charged would-be patrons a stiff fee just to get through the doors. The charge was about the equivalent of a week’s salary for many Indians. The customers poured in anyway. These days, the mall doesn’t charge admission. But from the looks of things, it could still get away with it. Even as the government debates whether 32 rupees a day (or about $0.65) is enough to survive on, the sellers of the world’s most expensive and ostentatious brands are doing a booming business in India — a land whose most cherished idol once dressed in a loincloth stitched out of cotton thread he spun himself. “The traffic in the mall has increased incredibly, because it’s one of its kind in India,” said a salesman at Louis Vuitton’s Emporio outlet. “We have all the luxury brands in a single location. That’s a big advantage.” Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna and company aren’t just for socialites and Bollywood stars anymore. Luxury retailers in New Delhi say that in India’s major metropolitan cities, the market has expanded to include people from all professional backgrounds, and India’s growing, and aspiring, middle class. “We have a number of customers who come in to experience the store, even buying a belt or a shirt,” said a saleswoman at Ermenegildo Zegna. “We have a mix of customers. Yes, we do have lawyers who are looking for a business suit, but there are also people who need formal wear for social occasions.” Even though the economy Clearly, the days when has slowed somewhat as Mohandas Gandhi urged the central bank works to Indians to spin their own yarn and sew their own rein in inflation, consumer clothes are long gone. confidence in India remains Despite the economic at an all-time high. downturn of the past year, India’s market for luxury goods grew 20 percent last year to reach around $5.8 billion as top brands penetrated second-tier cities like Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad, according to a new study conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the global consultancy AT Kearney. As the Hindu festival of Diwali approaches and India enters the busiest shopping season of the year, CII and AT Kearney forecast that the country’s luxury market will grow to $14.7 billion by 2015, despite continuing problems with infrastructure and curbs on foreign investment, the report said. That’s because even though the economy has slowed somewhat as the central bank works to rein in inflation, consumer confidence in India remains at an all-time high. In a recent survey conducted by Mastercard, for instance, more consumers in India were planning to buy luxury goods over the next year than in any other country in the Asia Pacific region, apart from Singapore — where the per-capita income is more than ten times higher. “The kind of spending power people have is expanding, so Armani and Gucci is no longer a dream,” said Bhauya Nagpal,

a salesman for Jimmy Choo. According to CII and AT Kearney, jewelry, electronics, cars and fine-dining grew faster than expected, while apparel, accessories, wines and spirits have continued their strong growth. The market for jewelry, for example, grew 30 percent, compared with an expected 20 percent jump, while the finedining segment grew 40 percent versus expectations of a modest 10 percent blip. That makes India the surprising darling of retailers combating flagging sales in their traditional cash-cow markets in Europe and the U.S. Already, nearly all of the world’s luxury brands are competing for a slice of India’s new wealth, though currently the law limits foreign investment in single-brand retail businesses to 51 percent. Retailing experts say global brands will launch some 200 stores devoted to luxury brands by 2020. Rolls-Royce sold 80 cars here last year, while Ferrari entered the market in May. Zegna has tapped the haute Indian wedding market with a special “guru collection” of Nehru suits — named after Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister and the architect of its socialist economic policies — that run around $3,500. French apparel-maker Hermes unveiled a new range of limitededition saris starting at $6,000 a pop over the weekend. And even Paris Hilton recently visited the country to launch a luxury boutique that will sell her personal line of fragrances, handbags and apparel in Mumbai. So what would Nehru think of the country’s enthusiastic embrace of ostentation? Not so much, one expects. With more than three million wealthy households, India now has more affluent families than any European country, but the annual average income remains around $3,500. That’s just enough for Zegna’s take on Nehru’s signature suit.

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Bouncing Back from the Plague

of 99 seats [in the municipal government], so there was no opposition,” said Hemant Desai, deputy commissioner of health and hygiene. “People believed it was for their benefit, so they cooperated.” Thanks to that rare spirit of consensus, Surat was able to make a raft of changes to the system, almost overnight. The city decentralized responsibility for garbage collection so thoroughly that each individual street sweeper answers for a specific stretch of road. Modern garbage trucks with closed beds conduct door-todoor collection of household trash every day — instead of the open bicycle-carts used in most Indian cities — and the garbage is taken directly to a local transfer center instead of being sorted on the roadside by collectors that moonlight in the recycling trade. At the transfer stations for each zone, the city’s 240 trucks unload 800-1200 kilograms of garbage to be sorted and collected into loads of 10 metric tons which go to the disposal site. And because the business is contracted out, and the contractors are paid by the ton, the garbage actually makes it to the weighing station. Similarly, in wealthier sections of the city, there’s a grant-inaid scheme that allows 600 residential societies, who have the biggest stake in the cleanliness of their area, to take over their own sanitation system. The entire system is computerized, so that residents’ complaints come to the attention of city officials immediately, and the same sanitary workers that are virtually invisible in Mumbai and New Delhi are in Surat empowered to collect fines on the spot from people and businesses that dump trash on the roadside. Instructively, it took a wee tweak of the system to make that happen — the sanitation department calls the fines “administrative charges” because it’s not legally empowered to issue tickets — but its workers collect around $400,000 a year keeping residents on their toes. In 2010, Surat dropped a notch to third in the rankings of India’s cleanest cities, and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board has pointed out that the city’s textile industry has not been nearly as successful in curbing industrial pollution as the garbage collectors have been in cleaning up the streets. But even if it’s less than perfect — it takes an eye wellschooled in Indian cities to see it as “clean” — Surat’s transformation has already attracted would-be imitators from cities like Lucknow and Pune to study its garbage collection system, according to Desai. And as the city population has doubled over the past 10 years, new residents have gotten at least one timely reminder that cleanliness has its benefits. When a disastrous flood hit the city in 2006, Surat’s showpiece sanitation system paid off, allowing workers to clear more than 300,000 metric tons of garbage and debris in less than a month, and Rao’s successor in the city commissioner’s office, S. Aparna, took advantage of the tragic destruction of the makeshift shanties of thousands of slum dwellers to relocate them into properly constructed, low-income housing she financed with money from the centrally funded Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM). “We have been fortunate in getting officers who are really enthusiastic about development,” said S.V. National Institute of Technology’s Yadav. And that right there may be the lesson for India — even if it is bittersweet. Government works. But only if people make it work.

After the plague hit Surat in 1994, an amazing thing happened: this Gujarat city cleaned up its act.

By Jason Overdorf – When an outbreak of the pneumonic plague struck Surat in 1994, the so-called “diamond city” took an unprecedented step, as far as India goes: It cleaned up its act. Best known for its booming textile and diamond-polishing industries, Surat fell victim to the plague because it was among India’s dirtiest cities — though its lackadaisical attitude toward garbage and sewage was by no means unusual in a country one might call hygiene-challenged. But thanks to a coming together of public will and a host of reforms, Surat successfully went from one of the country’s dirtiest cities to one of its cleanest in 18 short months. Perhaps more remarkable, despite the exodus of S.R. Rao, the municipal commissioner who made it happen, Surat has more or less maintained its high standards, despite the city’s rapid expansion over the past decade. Is there a lesson here for the rest of India? Definitely. But it will take more than plagiarizing Rao’s urban planning documents to get it done elsewhere — at least without a rash of epidemics. “It’s not a question only of the model, it’s a question of the local people’s behavior,” said K.D. Yadav, a professor of civil engineering at Surat’s S.V. National Institute of Technology. There’s nothing like a dose of the plague to get a city thinking about hygiene, it turns out — especially a strain that’s more virulent than the infamous Black Death. Thus, in 1994, after 54 residents died and some 300,000 fled to escape a possible quarantine, the people who stuck around were willing to get with the program — working to eliminate the tons of garbage and overflowing sewers that had inundated the city with disease-carrying rats. But the design of the system is instructive, too. In an effort to make city officials more accountable, Rao divided the municipality into six zones, appointing a commissioner for each, so that it was crystal clear who was to blame for problem areas. Rao ordered officials responsible for solid waste management to make personal field visits every day, rather than relying on dubious reports, and he instituted a grievance-redressal system for complaints and fines for violators. It sounds like basic stuff, and it is. The trick is that Surat made it work. And there the devil is in the details. “At that time, the [Bharatiya Janata Party] BJP had won 98 out


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State of wonder Author: Ann Patchett (Harper)

By Swapna Krishna The Good Muslim Author: Tahmima Anam (Harper) The year is 1984, and the Bangladeshi war for independence from Pakistan has been over for more than ten years. Bangladesh is an independent country which still hasn’t fully faced the difficult consequences of the war. Maya, a doctor, is returning home after years of being away. She finds that her brother Sohail has become a believer in a very traditional and strict version of Islam in order to atone for his crimes during the war. Sohail’s son, Zaid, is lost and confused, and it’s up to Maya to connect with the boy and try and do what is best for him. “The Good Muslim” portrays a lost and confused nation trying to rise out of the ashes of a difficult and costly war, but unable to because they are stuck. The story Anam keeps returning to over the course of the novel is that of the women raped during the war by the enemy. While they have been proclaimed heroes by the government, they are shunned by their families and friends. They can no longer live normal lives in their communities and no one will help them. This clash between what is said, as opposed to what is practiced, is a major theme through the book. Maya is an interesting character who is watching her beloved country fall apart around her. She has seen horrors as a doctor as she tries to help her people, and now she returns home and sees horrors of a different kind with her brother. He is completely lost to her, and she doesn’t know how to connect with him once again. Sohail is another casualty of war, even though he survived physically intact. I do wish I had known that “The Good Muslim” was a sequel prior to reading it. Anam’s first book, “The Golden Age,” is apparently the first in a trilogy about Maya and Sohail, and it centers around their freedom fighting during the war. I would have loved to see the establishment of their characters so I could more fully comprehend them at this point. At times, I felt like I didn’t fully understand the message Anam was trying to send, and now I know why. I’d definitely recommend reading these books in order, as there were times I felt lost during my reading. “The Good Muslim” is very bleak. Though there are the occasional moments of joy, the overall picture is a sad one. There is hope, underneath the surface, but it only breaks through momentarily before retreating again. Still, it is definitely worth reading. Anam presents a very interesting account of Bangladesh’s turbulent history, and since it’s a country most Westerners don’t know a lot about, it will teach you a lot. Additionally, through Sohail, Anam provides a glimpse into religious radicalism. I am interested in reading the next book in the trilogy when it releases, and in the meantime, I plan on going back and reading “The Golden Age” in order to fully understand the characters in this series.

Marina Singh is a researcher for a pharmaceutical company and is content with, if not fulfilled by, her life. Her world is thrown into upheaval, though, when her colleague and friend, Anders Eckman, is killed in the Amazon jungle. Anders had gone after Dr. Annick Swenson, a scientist researching a miracle drug but who has completely stopped communicating with the parent company funding her research. Now, at the behest of Anders’ widow, Marina must go deep into the Amazon jungle to learn the truth behind Anders’ death. “State of Wonder” is a gorgeously written and contemplative novel about overcoming self-doubt in order to find your place in the world. Marina Singh is crippled by a lack of professional self-esteem. When she was a medical school resident, she made a mistake that shattered her confidence in herself as a doctor. Since then, she has pursued research, shunning patient work in favor of the impersonal work of pharmaceuticals. But when she is asked to confront Dr. Swenson, it brings all those doubts and fears back - after all, Annick was the attending physician on duty when Marina made her mistake. Marina’s internal struggle is just one of the battles to be fought over the course of “State of Wonder.” Marina must fight against the side effects of Lariam, an anti-malarial medication that gives her nightmares and hallucinations. Dr. Swenson fights for her right to do her research without hindrance, while Marina must fight to make Dr. Swenson understand that there must be accountability. The entire research team must fight against the dangers of the Amazon jungle. Battle is a constant theme in this novel; each character must fight against the others, and sometimes the world around them, for what they think is right. Patchett’s writing is atmospheric. She does an incredible job portraying the closeness of the Amazon jungle, ensuring that her readers can feel the humidity on their skin, can hear the buzzing of the insects, and can sense the danger the jungle presents. Her writing is thoughtful and makes this novel flow easily. “State of Wonder” is not a novel to pick up if you’re looking for a quick, action-packed read. In fact, if this were any other writer, the plot might be considered a bit thin. However, Patchett fills the book with ethical issues and character exploration, and the result is a beautiful, wild, and utterly devastating novel on the nature of science and humanity.

Swapna Krishna Read more book reviews on her blog at


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“Tere Naam Se” (4.37) brings back memories of “Tera Hone Laga Hoon” from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, and even starts off with English lyrics. It’s another one of those soft, breezy, light-listening numbers which draws in the flute, techno sounds, guitar, keyboard and even chimes. It’s nice to hear the talented K.K.’s vocals, too. “Aana Phir Se Aana” (2.50) is a nice, pathos-filled rock number by Reeky, and his vocals are husky and stand out. The melody is decent and angst is conveyed well. Lyrics are ordinary but get the point across about wondering why loved ones enter into your life only to leave—“kyun hue ho tum mujhse door? Aa ke mujhe bataana.” “Ishq Da Mausam” (3.29) is a pretty catchy dance number blending Punjabi beats with techno elements and even the harmonium! Neat stuff here. Master Saleem’s vocals are always rocking and Ritu Pathak’s vocals also fit in well in this song. “Mehroom Hoon Main” (3.32) sounds a bit dated with use of a chorus, and the song seems to have a hard time constraining itself to a genre, but Shaan and Manjeera’s rendition is heartfelt, so brownie points for that. “Stupid Pyar” (3.37) is a stupid composition. The song is about the stupidness of falling in love when there is so much heartbreak and disappointment that follows. The song has rock elements but Vipin Patwa’s semi-classical style of rendition sounds totally out of place. There are Remixes of “Aana,” “Lamha,” and “Tere Naam Se” as well as an instrumental theme piece “Romantic Theme.” The only composition that stands out among these is the remix of “Aana,” thanks to Arun Daga’s decent rendition. Arun Daga is also back in “Maskara” (3.47), although this song isn’t so happening and Sasha and Sadhu don’t have much of a chance to shine, either. The lyrics are pathetic—“saali ne le li meri jaan,” and the entire composition sounds put together in a rush. Nonetheless, do listen to “Lamha Lamha,” “Tere Naam Se,” Aana Phir Se Aana,” and definitely “Ishq Da Mausam.”

By Amanda Sodhi Music reviews: Miley Naa Miley Hum and Ye Stupid Pyar Okay, let’s face it; besides AR Rahman’s Rockstar most of the Bollywood soundtracks that have been released recently are extremely, extremely depressing and horrendous in terms of quality. Here’s a look at two recent soundtracks that just released—Miley Naa Miley Hum which features music by the Sajid-Wajid duo and lyrics by Javed Akhtar, and Ye Stupid Pyar which features music by Vipin Patwa, Reeky Dev and lyrics by Sanjay Mishra and Arafaat. Aright, let’s take a look and give a listen to see how the songs fare. Miley Naa Miley Hum “Haan Yahi Pyaar Hai” (4.42) offers a nice, soothing melody. It’s a breezy, romantic song with delightful, sunshine vocals by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal, but what could have really helped take the song to the next level are some decent lyrics. What is up with Javed Akhtar? Tsk, tsk. “Katto Gilehri” (4.28) brings together Daler Mehndi and Mamta Sharma. It’s a fun, tapori, folksy dance number with nonsense “chammak challo raani” lines and “oye hoyes” thrown in. But whatever, it brings back memories of Govinda days when songs like “kurtaa phaadd ke” were the rage. “Mahi Mahi” (3.38) is quite a disaster of a wannabe Punjabi number. Wajid and Richa Sharma are talented singers but the song fails miserably. There are Punjabi elements along with techno beats and sound of the shehnaayi. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are absolutely eww—“main hoon teri heer tu hai mera ranjheyaa.” Really? Oh please! “Nazar Se Nazar Mile” (5.02) is the winner here, and SajidWajid know that, too, because it features twice in the soundtrack. While the Waji, Abhilasha Chellam and Anupama Raag version is also nice, it’s the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan version which really rocks thanks to his soulful, attention-grabbing vocals. Of course, the pace and melody is quite charming, too, and Anupama’s child-like vocals are cute. “Wake Up Now” (4.43) begins with a classical sangeet feel, tablas and ghungroos and all, but then the techno elements take over and Wajid and Suzanne D’Mello’s vocals are wasted. And the lyrics…wake up Javed! “Wake up, wake up now. Come to the party now. Aa ja re aa ja re.” Sigh. The soundtrack is only worth a listen for “Nazar Se Nazar Mile” and “Haan Yahi Pyaar Hai.” Enough said. Moving on to…

Amanda Sodhi is a Bollywood journalist, lyricist, screenwriter, and PR/marketing practitioner based in Los Angeles.

Yeh Stupid Pyar “Lamha Lamha” (4.43) is a nice romantic song about the beauty of falling in love with lovely vocals by Nikhil D’Souza (Aisha, Kucch Luv Jaisaa). Lyrics are a bit stale, though—“hosh ho rahe hain gum…sab kuch hai badla badla lagne laga naya naya.” Lyrics toh nayaa likho!


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Dadaji’s Story # 8 A kind man was walking through a jungle. He had walked many miles when he spotted a lion in a cage. The lion wanted to come out of the cage. The lion said to the man, “I am stuck here and I want to go out. You are a kind man. If you please open the cage, I will give you lots of gold coins.” The man thought that if the lion gives him gold coins, he would become rich. So he opened the cage. The lion came out and said to the man, “I am very hungry. I am going to eat you.” The man was afraid and told the lion, “I helped you to be free from the cage. You should not eat me. It is not fair.” While the two were arguing a smart fox came around. The man told everything to the fox about what happened. The fox assessed the situation and said, “Please tell me again where the lion was?” The lion jumped back in the cage and said, “I was here in the cage.” He then asked the man. How did you get the lion out of the cage?” The man said the cage door was closed when he arrived. The fox closed the door and said, “Was it like this before?” The lion and the man said, “Yes.” Now the fox told the man, “You were nice and helped the lion to come out and the lion wanted to eat you! That is not fair. Now you go home and let the lion stay in the cage.” The man and the fox left. Question: Why did the man open the cage? Moral: You should think if it is right to act before you do anything.

word world By Kirit Shukla





Make words using 4 or more letters. The central letter must be used in each word. Use all letters for the subject word. 19 + words = Excellent; 13 to 18 words = Good; 12 or less needs to improve. (Solution at bottom of page) riddles What do you use to cut through giant waves? A sea-saw.


If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what is four and five? Nine. What makes the Tower of Pisa lean? It never eats!

DJ LaLit

In what ball can you carry your shopping? A basketball.

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What does a winner lose in a race? His breath. What has two heads and two tails? Two pennies.

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What goes from branch to branch and wears a bowler hat? A bank manager.

What is the best way to get out from under an elephant? Wait until he goes away. How do you start a bear race? Ready, teddy, go. What is it that is seen better as it grows darker? A star.


November 2011

Indo-Chinese Cuisine Catering Menu Available at our Website Open for Lunch & Dinner Tuesday to Sunday (Closed Mondays)

Shops at Fresh Market - Cornelius, NC 704.896.8827 20601 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, NC 28031

WE FOCUS ON THE DETAILS SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON THE CELEBRATION! SPECIAL ROOM RATES AVAILABLE & OUTSIDE CATERING PERMITTED Free airport shuttle service and parking | Convenient location to Uptown Charlotte and SouthPark.


Charlotte Marriott Executive Park I-77 and tyvola road, Charlotte, NC Phone: 704-527-9650


November 2011

4.__I hate to step on the scale after the holiday banquet. 5. __The old paint has to be scaled off. 6.__The skin on his foot was very dry and scaley. 7. __This ruler is scaled in centimeters and inches. 8.__The wedding guests were entertained on a lavish scale. 9. __The actors are working for scale. 10.__The tenor was singing scales to warm up his voice. 11.__He scaled the mountain peak.

Mastering Meaning By Judith L. Bergman M.A. CCC Shakespeare’s play, “Measure for Measure” contains this line of dialogue which is usually thought to be a Biblical reference to the Book of Matthew 7:2: For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.1 The character, Angelo, as the acting ruler, enforces a strict moral and punitive code that he then violates in his own actions. What are the meanings of measure in Shakespeare’s line of dialogue? The line could be reworded as, “the means (the punishment) that you use to enforce your judgment against others will be applied to you to the same degree.” Hence the play’s title: “Measure for Measure.” Measure has many different meanings as a verb and a noun and also is used in several idioms.2 While all of our readers know the common verb “to measure” and the noun “measurements,” here are some less familiar expressions with “measure.” Match the sentences (1-10) with the list of meanings (a - j) below:

a. Removed in thin layers b. Relative level or degree c. A minimum wage fixed by union contract d. A device to measure one’s weight e. Overlapping, platelike skin covering f. In dimensional proportion g. Ordered marks at fixed intervals h. Covered with thin flakes i. To adjust or alter j. Ascending or descending fixed interval pitches k. Climbed up or over The meaning is in the music. The “s” in measure is a “voiced fricative” which means that it is a continuous sound made with vocal cord vibrations. If you say “sh” as in “shoe” with your hand over your throat, you will feel no vibration, but if you say “sh” and add the voicing, you will feel the vibration and you will be saying the “zh” sound in “measure” and also in rhyming words such as “treasure,” “pleasure” and others such as “leisure.” The “zh” sound comes from the French language and does not appear at the beginning of English words. ESL speakers from India and many other countries usually pronounce scale with the final /l/ sound “fronted” that is, with the tongue pushing against the front teeth. In standard American English, the /l/ at the end of words not followed by a vowel in the next word is called a “dark /l/” in which the tongue tip curls up and doesn’t touch any part of the teeth or palate (roof of the mouth). The sound seems to come from deep in the throat after the vowel is prolonged. Ask a native speaker of English to say “Mel” and “meddle” and you will hear the difference.

1. __ She always adds extra chocolate chips to the cookie dough for good measure. 2.__The sopranos don’t sing until measure eight. 3. __The new mayor didn’t measure up to our expectations. 4. __The actual extent of the damage from the tsunami was beyond measure. 5. __ Some believe that the true measure of a person is seen in his deeds, not his words. 6. __Their generosity knew no measure. 7. __The sofa measures 72 inches. 8. __ As far as the noise, you must keep it within measure. 9. __The Senate brought the measure to a vote. 10. __I measured out a reasonable amount of candy for each “trick or treat” bag when children came on Hallowe’en. a. Observe limits and be controlled b. Have the expected qualifications c. Seemed unlimited and boundless. d. In addition to the required amount. e. Has a measurement of f. Could not be determined. g. Value or worth h. Legislative bill i. A metric unit in Music j. Gave equal portions

Suggested strategies to increase your word power this month: Look for examples of the many ways measure and scale are used in newspaper headlines, business reports and memos. references: 1 2

Answers: Measure: 1-d, 2-i, 3-b, 4-f, 5-g, 6-c, 7-e, 8-a, 9-h, 10-j. Scale: 1-e, 2-i, 3-f, 4-d, 5-a, 6-h, 7-g, 8-b, 9-c, 10-j, 11-k.

Scale is another very interesting and multiple meaning word in English. Try matching the meanings below with these sentences:

Judith L. Bergman M.A CCC is the director of Triangle Speech Services specializing in foreign accent modification. Contact: or 919-489-5464

1. __The fish has glistening scales. 2. __We had to scale down our vacation plans when he didn’t get his salary raise. 3.__Are those plans drawn to scale?


November 2011

I Believe in the Value of Relationships. I view every client relationship like a partnership and truly believe that my success is a result of your success.

Rajarshi Desai CPA, PLLC

11111 Carmel Commons Blvd. Carmel Park 1 Building Suite #155 Charlotte, NC 28226

704.541.9966 or 917.612.1489 (cell) Fax: 704.541.9816

E-mail: Member: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and NYSSCPA

I am committed to providing close, personal attention to my clients. I take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive comes from 15 years of my public accounting experience including several years of Big 4 accounting firm’s advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen. My continual investment of time and resources in professional continuing education and extensive business relationships is indicative of my commitment to excellence.


• Audit Representation and Tax Resolution to 100% clients satisfaction before federal, state and local tax authorities, including filing past year returns • Review for possible Federal or State income tax exposure • Monthly Bookkeeping Services. • Payroll and Sales Tax preparation and Compliance. • Financial reviews and compilation including compliance testing. • Corporate, partnership, individual, trust and estate tax consulting, planning and compliance. • Mergers and acquisition reviews including business valuations. • Comprehensive business services in accounting and auditing. • Management information systems consulting and technology implementation services. November 2011

By Chanden Sen

Full Circle I seem to have come full circle. In my childhood, my dad had fetched the 8-volume “Books of Knowledge” all the way from England for us to read. These books were a treasure trove for my sister and me. There were hundreds of articles, stories, poems and photographs, some in full color. I loved all of them, but one picture in particular aroused my dislike. It was a photograph of a Hindu religious scholar, bare-chested, with a sandalwood mark on his forehead, sitting cross-legged and studying the scriptures, which were on a wooden table in front of him. Why, oh why I asked myself in my childish anguish was this picture given place of prominence in an otherwise delightful set of books? Why, instead of a suit and tie, behind the wheels of a fancy car, was an Indian depicted in such a demeaning pose? Well, now that I’m in my sixties, that’s the only photo that I remember from those books, and the only one whose memory I treasure, not because I’ve become a saint, but because the scholar was doing no harm at all, and reading profound writings. We have put education to doubtful uses—polluting the environment with the offals of our own technology, decimating forests and depleting our natural resources. Much, much too late, we are waking up to truths that the peasants knew, and sadhus knew, many centuries ago. I can think of no more beneficial way of passing the time than to live a very simple life, as Swami Vivekananda might have done, and read the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Gita. Our elevated thoughts would have cleansed the world with their power, and reduced our consumption of natural resources to manageable and sustainable levels. We have increased the human life span, and reduced infant mortality to the point when we have over-populated Planet Earth. That harmless scholar in the “Book of Knowledge” had committed no such sins. I salute him. I have come full circle and realized that the world is round. A Compass Pointing North It is said that leadership is all about exerting influence. When that little girl wrote to President Abraham Lincoln that he would look better if he grew a beard, and when Lincoln listened, she succeeded in exerting her influence and could be considered to be a leader in her own right. One doesn’t have to be at the very top of the pyramid to exert influence. Leaders at all levels can succeed, and these people are called “linchpins” of the organization or nation. Of course, leadership does not stop at exerting influence alone. There are other qualities that a leader must possess, and the ability to “help others get ahead” is an important one. Thus, I will vote for you if and only if you will look after my interest. And so on. Leaders are remembered – long after they are gone – by the problems they solve and the problems they create. A case in point is George Bush, who as President committed feats of intelligence and folly.

In President Obama’s case I myself agree that he and his team stopped the freefall in the economy. Yet his successes have not been spectacular, and so I doubt that he will get the majority vote in the upcoming elections of 2012. Only the very toughest problems reach the President’s desk – or should, in principle, just as only the toughest cases reach the Supreme Court. Any right thinking American will agree that our nation has some tough choices to make:Whether to continue fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan or to stop is the first question. Will a unilateral cease fire hold? The nation is tired of fighting, but our enemies seem relentless and willing to go on. Whether to go in dramatically for renewable energy, have sustainable policies and the like, or whether to listen to the naysayers and continue in the vein of “business as usual.” Should we continue to fund NASA at the present level, or increase funding and thus maintain our supremacy in space, or should we cut back on spending and let other nations take the lead. There is a third option – to increasingly internationalize the space segment and have more projects like the International Space Station. One can think of multi-national efforts to send men and women to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Should we go in for an era of small government as Michelle Bachman and the Tea Party suggests? Maybe, in their minds, they have a workable solution. Maybe they have a vision and wish to share it with the rest of us. Or maybe I’m just being a devil’s advocate and trying to out-strategize the Tea Party strategists? Because, who knows what is right and what is wrong? Which direction should we take America, even if we are equipped with a compass pointing north? Sri Aurobindo and the Nature of work As is generally known, the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo consists of, or rather involves, the triad of Knowledge, Work, Devotion, and self-perfection. The Divine Work, which the great yogi refers to, is slightly different from ordinary work. Sri Aurobindo’s writings take some effort to understand, but from what I gather, the first duty of the sadhak, or aspirant, is to seek the Divine through spiritual practices and through living a life according to scriptural principles. Once the Divine has been reached – not an easy matter by any means – the ego’s search for the Divine has been fulfilled. Now comes the work dictated by the Divine and done by the sadhak in a spirit of selflessness, without desire, with detachment, without repulsion – and done as perfectly as possible. The Divine Work is not done for the sake of the family, or promotion, or to please the boss, but simply because it is the thing that has been given in hand to do. It is a field of inner training, nothing else. One has to learn in it these things – equality, desirelessness, dedication. It is not the work as a thing for its own sake but one’s doing of it and one’s way of doing it that one has to dedicate to the Divine. Done in that spirit, it does not matter what the work is. If one trains oneself spiritually like that, then one will be ready continued on page 118

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November 2011


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Delivery Available November 2011

Namaskarasana (salutation pose) Sit with squatting position with the feet flat on the floor about two feet apart. Bring the hands together in front of the chest in a gesture of prayer and bend the head backward. Straighten the arms in front bending the head forward. Return to the starting position. This is one round. Practice 10 rounds. By Pradip Bulsara

Vayu Nishkasana (wind releasing pose) Sit in a squatting position with feet about two feet apart. Grasp the insteps of the feet, placing the fingers under the sole with These groups of Asanas are used to improve the flow of energy the thump above keeping the arms inside pressing against the in the body. This improves the flow of energy in the spine and knees. Straighten the knees bring your head forward toward improves the function of the endocrine glands. the knees. Return to squatting position. This is one round. Practice 10 rounds. Rajju Karshanasana (pulling the rope) Sit on the floor with legs straight and together. Keep your arms Kawa Chalasana (crow walking) straight with elbows locked. Imagine there is a rope hanging Sit in squatting position with the feet apart and hands on your in front of your body. Reach up with the right hand to grab the knees. Take small steps in the squatting position. As you step rope over your head and then gently pull down on the rope forward bring the opposite knee to the floor. Take up to 50 bringing your arm towards your right leg. Repeat with the left steps. arm to complete one round. Practice 10 rounds. Jhulana Lurkhakanasana (rocking and rolling) Gatyatmak Meru Vakrasana (dynamic spinal twist) Lie flat on the back. Bend both legs to the chest. Interlock the Sit on the floor with legs outstretched. Separate the legs as far fingers of both hands and clasp them around the shins just out as possible, keeping the knees locked. Keep the arms below the knees. Roll the body from side to side 10 times. straight, twist to the left and touch the left big toe with the right Sit in a squatting position. Interlock the fingers of both hands hand, while swinging the left hand around the back and and clasp the around the shins just below the knees. Roll the looking through the left side. Twist in the opposite direction whole body backwards and forwards on the spine. Try to come and bring the left hand to the right toe, while swinging the right up into squatting pose on the feet when rocking forward. arm around the back turning and looking back through the Practice 10 times. right side. This is one round, practice 10 to 20 rounds. Tiger Stretch Chakki Chalanasana (churning the mill) Sit in a squatting position. Place your palms next to your feet Sit with the legs stretched out straight about one foot apart. and jump back with your feet and arch your back and look up. Interlock the fingers of both hands and hold the hands out Jump forward to bring the feet near the palms in the starting straight in front of your chest. Bend forward keeping the position. Repeat 10 times. elbows locked and the arms straight in front moving in action of churning a mill with an old fashioned stone grinder around Wall -Stretch your feet. Swivel to the right so that hands pass above the right Sit in a squatting position neat the wall, facing away from the toes and as far right as possible. Lean back on the backward wall. Place both palms on the floor and jump up the wall. Raise swing, moving the body from the waist. On the forward swing, the head up and arch down. Lower your head and arch up. bring the arms as far left as possible over the left toes, then back This is one round. Complete 10 rounds. to the center position. This completes one rotation. Practice 10 rounds clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Pradip Bulsara Flow of energy

teaches a yoga class at the Hindu Center in Charlotte on Sunday mornings

In the same sitting position separate the legs as far wide as possible and repeat the above movement. Nauka Sanchalasana (rowing the boat) Sit with both legs straight in front of the body. Clench the hands as thought grasping oars, with the palms facing down. Bend forward from the waist as far as possible straightening the arms and then lean back drawing the hands towards the shoulders. This is one round. Practice 10 rounds in one direction and then reverse the direction.



C E R T I F I E d P u B L I C A C C o u N TA N T S

In the same sitting position, spread the legs so that the feet are three to four feet apart. Repeat the above movement over the right leg, then the left and then over the space in the middle.

• Accounting & Payroll Services • Individual / Business tax Serv. • Accounting Software Consulting • Business & Financial Consulting • Estate Planning

Kashtha Takshanasana (chopping wood) Sit in a squatting position with the feet flat on the floor. The knees should be separated from each other. Clasp the fingers of both hands and place them on the floor between your feet. Raise the arms as high as possible above and behind the head. Make a downward stroke with the arms as if chopping the wood, returning the hands back on the floor. This is one round. Practice 10 rounds.

• Personal Financial Statements • Compilations • Business Venture Financing • Business Valuation Consulting • Specialize in filing W7’s & getting tIN #s for It Consultants

1105 Dumont Ct., Matthews, NC 28104 Ph. 704.845.0918 or 704.845.0915 Fax. 704.845.0928 E-mail: 50

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Access One Realty

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Motel Short Sale C-store with RE C-store with RE C-store with RE C-store Leased C-store Leased C-store with RE C-store Leased C-store with RE C-store leased C-store leased C-store Leased C-store Leased C-store Leased C-store Leased C-store Leased C-store Leased Tobacco, Leased Tanning, Leased Shipping, Leased

High Point, NC Henderson, NC Thomasville, NC Henderson, NC Creedmoor, NC Kinston, NC Rocky Mnt, NC Charlotte, NC Holly Spring, NC Louisburg, NC Thomasville, NC Durham, NC Roanoke Rpd, NC Rocky Mnt, NC Thomasville, NC Nebo, NC Pittsboro, NC Roanoke Rpd, NC High Point, NC Cary, NC

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Customer Satisfaction & Confidentiality is our goal! Chandravadan Shah Broker-In-Charge


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November 2011

are a failure and that you should just give up. The same holds true with exercise. Weight control does not involve making perfect choices all the time; rather, it’s about making good choices more often than poor ones. Avoid surroundings where you know you’re tempted to make poor food choices. Try to plan other activities or distractions for those times, or plan in advance on how you’re going to handle them and stick to the plan. Surround yourself with people who support your efforts. Decide on some nonfood rewards for yourself when you reach interim goals. For example, buy yourself a new CD, book or go to watch a movie. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods. Set small goals and focus on these rather than the big picture. Decide where you want to be in a week or in a month, rather than focusing on the total amount of weight you want to lose.

By Anjana Agarwal Mediterranean Diet Despite being high in Monosaturated fat, the Mediterranean diet has been linked in several studies to lower body weight or better weight control. It is also beneficial for heart health and may prevent certain cancers. Traditional Mediterranean diet has modest portion size, more plantbased foods, and occasional red meats and is accompanied by regular physical activity, which is a key factor in weight management.

Consult with a registered dietitian for individualized meal plan. Many insurance companies now pay for the nutrition consult.

Simple Steps to follow a Mediterranean Diet: - Center your meals around vegetables (unlimited non-starchy vegetables), whole grains, and legumes (beans and lentils). - Eat fruit as snacks and /or dessert. - Snack on nuts and seeds, as most of them have healthy fats. - Eats sweets sparingly. - Eat fish at least twice a week, poultry (skinless white meat is best) - Limit red meat to small portions, no more than few times a month - Limit egg yolk to 3-4 a week, egg white is good source of protein. - Use vegetable oils, including olive, canola, flaxseed, safflower, peanut and sesame in place of butter or margarine. If you use olive oil, choose “extra virgin” or “virgin,” which retain more healthful compounds. - Eat low fat dairy (skim or 1% milk), and yogurt, keep portion of low fat cheeses small. Milk is not mainstay of traditional Mediterranean diet but is a good source of getting adequate calcium and protein. - Watch intake of sweets, fried foods and fatty condiments such as whipping cream, cool-whip, cream cheese, ranch and other regular salad dressings. May use lower fat or fat free versions of these condiments in small portions. - May have a glass of red wine with dinner, if you like it (and are not avoiding alcohol for health or personal reasons) and but moderation is the key: no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink for women. - Be active most of the days and try to achieve 45-60 minutes of physical activity.

Anjana Agarwal, MS, RD, LDN, CNSD, CDE Registered Dietitian Phone: 704-890-3162 Carolina Nutrition (Adult & Pediatric)


Japanese and Chinese method of mental math helps your child to enrich and unleash their full potential.

Improves their Memory, Computation, Concentration, Speed & Confidence in class. Grades: elementary School

Tips for successful weight loss Desire to lose weight must come from the individual. If you want to lose weight to please someone else, you’re likely to fail. When making changes, decide what’s right for you. Your best friend’s diet and exercise plan may be completely wrong for your habits and interest, the key is to find a system that works for you. Don’t blame yourself if you aren’t perfect, if you once fail at your attempt to curtail your overeating. It doesn’t mean you


For more info please call

704 455 1449 Location: university Area & Ballantyne 52

November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Open 7 Days a Week! Rajbhog Cafe of Morrisville 3607 davis drive, suite 111 Morrisville, nc 27560 tel: 919.585.5333 fax: 866.509.1536

Rajbhog of Charlotte, NC Pinnacle Point 9539 Pinnacle drive #100 charlotte, nc 28262 (3 Miles from ikea)

tel: 704.909.7783 fax: 704.248.7705

North Carolina

Charlotte, Morrisville

New York

Jackson Heights, Hicksville, Flushing

New Jersey

Jersey City, Iselin, Cherryhill GIFT IDEAS AlSO AVAIlABlE ON ThE WEB:


Georgia Atlanta

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November 2011

Rapid Car Care 2101 Shamrock Dr. Charlotte N.C. 28205

704-562-8066 / 704-537-4946 We provide Professional and Certified Service at Affordable Prices. Our Key Services Include: • N.C. INSPECTION • Computerized Diagnostics and Performance • Starting and Charging • General Repairs • New Tire at low price • Used Tire only $20 and up • Brakes • Shocks & Struts • Oil and Filter Change • Front End Suspension, C.V. Axle • Engine: Service/Repair - Minor & Major • Heating and Air Conditioning • Coolant Flush • Transmission Flush • Fuel Injection Service • Tune- up • Transmission: Automatic Service/Repair • Complete vehicle inspection before you sell or buy a Car. • Minor and Major Body work (Painting & Denting) • Mufflers

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Exchange purchases within 7 days. No refunds after 7 days.

*All Sales Final. No additional discount. No price adjustment on prior purchases. Cash & Checks only. Restriction may apply. Ends 11.30.11.

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Directions: We accept i-20 take exit 63 All Major Credit i-26 take exit 108 Cards & Bush river rd., behind Burger King Food stamps

open seven days a week: Monday 11-6, tue-sun 11-7:30


November 2011

Wall Street had a very difficult 3Q2011 due to fears of a doubledip recession and the economic strains in the Eurozone. The U.S. economy added 103,000 new jobs in September 2011 and the unemployment rate registered a rate of 9.1 percent. The housing market continues to be extremely soft throughout many areas of the country in terms of real estate values, foreclosures and lack of new sales. In October Crude Oil was trading around $86 per barrel and Brent Crude was trading at $110 per barrel. At the time of writing this piece, there were rumors that AOL (NYSEAOL) may sell itself to Yahoo (NASDAQ-YHOO) and there was also talk that YHOO could be on the auction block itself. Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ-AAPL) introduced its next Smartphone, the iPhone 4s on October 4, 2011 and the following day witnessed the passing of Steve Jobs, who had been battling pancreatic cancer for years - Jobs was the CEO of Apple for many years and he was the brainchild of many of Apple’s operating systems and products - the iMac, iPod, iPad and most recently - iOs5 and iCloud, which were released on October 12, 2011. In October the greenback traded in a band of $1.57-$1.61 to the £ and $1.34-$1.38 to the €. The US$ did manage to reclaim the “parity” level with the Canadian Dollar, however, it still stood below “parity” against the Swiss Franc and Australian Dollar.

By Rajesh T. Ganatra Similar to other global markets, the Sensex had a difficult 3Q2011. The index gradually regained its footing and oscillated slightly above and below 17,000 during mid-October 2011. Infosys Technologies (NASDAQ-INFY) reported its financials for the quarter ended September 30, 2011 and some of the highlights were: 1) Revenues were $1,746 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2011; QoQ growth was 4.5 percent; YoY growth was 16.7 percent. 2) Net income after tax was $411 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2011; QoQ growth was 7.0 percent; YoY growth was 9.9 percent. 3) Earnings per American Depositary Share (EPADS) were $0.72 for the quarter ended September 30, 2011; QoQ growth was 7.5 percent; YoY growth was 10.8 percent. 4) 45 clients were added during the quarter by Infosys and its subsidiaries. 5) Net addition of 8,262 employees for the quarter by Infosys and its subsidiaries, for a total of 141,822 employees as on September 30, 2011 for Infosys and its subsidiaries. Inflationary pressures continue to persist throughout the economy and this has impacted the Indian Rupee, which has weakened significantly against the US $ since July 2011. A US$ could fetch nearly 50 Indian Rupees during mid-October 2011, compared to the INR 44-ish range to the US$ that was seen during July 2011 - this sharp drop in the Rupee is expected to be a short-term situation but is expected to help exporters of IT services such as Infosys; large IT firms garner a significant portion of the revenues in US$ so the weakening Rupee does help their financial results, because the quarterly financials are indeed reported in Rupees. India’s Industrial Production (IP) from April 2011-August 2011 dropped to a 5.6 percent growth rate, much slower than the 8.7 percent growth rate that was witnessed in the corresponding prior year period. Pakistani stocks were impacted by the global sell-off during 3Q2011 where the Pakistani stock market surrendered approximately 9 percent by falling from the 12,000s down to the 11,000 level by early September 2011. There were fears that the KSE-100 would surrender the 11,000 level as well, however, the market formed a base in that area, and regained the lost millennium - the index briefly reclaimed the 12,000 marker on 10/10/11 before selling off again to the 11,600 level. The Pakistani Rupee traded in a band of PKR 86.75-87.75 to the US$ during early to mid October. Pakistan’s foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar indicated that Pakistan has decided in principle to grant the Most Favored Nation (MFN) status to India, citing a number of achievements in bilateral ties. Khar did not provide exact details as to when the MFN status would be finalized but said that “We want progress on not just one but a number of issues with India on permanent basis besides normalization of overall bilateral relations.” India bestowed the “MFN status” on Pakistan in 1996 and the India-Pakistan peace-process dialogues recently resumed after a gap of two years - the talks had been stalled after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai during November 2008. Pakistani commerce minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim, who led a high-level business delegation to India last month, had stated in Mumbai that there was a strong opinion in his country that India should be granted MFN status.

Special Note: This article contains the ideas and thoughts of its author and it does not necessarily imply the viewpoints of “Saathee” magazine or its principals. Rajesh T. Ganatra Contact him at

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November 2011


November 2011

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November 2011

influence with its South Asian neighbors in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, New Delhi has often seemed at a loss as to how to deal with Beijing. Hawks here have long asserted that Beijing builds Islamabad’s nuclear weapons program and continues to turn a blind eye to Pakistan’s use of terrorist groups to launch attacks on India. Yet none seemed to know how to deal with China’s provocative border incursions in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, or the reported presence of Chinese troops in Pakistanadministered Kashmir. And so India waffled. But in the dispute over the South China Sea, India reacted to the latest bellicose rhetoric from Beijing, and the reported “buzzing” of India’s INS Airavat by the Chinese navy in July, with remarkable savvy. It neither backed down nor allowed itself to be drawn into the broader South China Sea dispute. Instead, New Delhi emphasized that those territorial questions will have to be resolved by the ongoing multilateral negotiations between Beijing and the Southeast Asian regional bloc, in a “prompt and emphatic reaction” that former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal called “refreshing.” The accords signed last month in New Delhi, along with a deal signed by Vietnam and China in Beijing recently to ease tensions over the South China Sea dispute, suggest that the new approach may pay off. “[China is] not interested in escalating, but they are certainly interested in putting us off balance,” said Jabin Jacob, assistant director of India’s Institute of Chinese Studies. “If we bend over backwards, that’s exactly what they’ll do. They’ll push us over backwards.” Meanwhile, Burma’s slow edging toward reform through the loosening of restrictions on opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, last month’s release of some two-dozen political prisoners, and last year’s election of a civilian government — however questionable — leave it in a state of flux that could also play to India’s advantage. India was criticized at home and abroad throughout this decade for its support of the military regime. But now, as Burma’s sole democratic ally, New Delhi is now poised to benefit from the new civilian government’s seemingly greater interest in courting international approval. And, as suggested by Yangon’s recent shelving of a controversial $3.6 billion, Chinese-led dam project that Suu Kyi and her supporters had opposed, those same domestic political developments may well simultaneously reduce Beijing’s influence. “[Burma] wants to remain fiercely independent in its foreign policy,” said Kondapalli. “So they would like to balance China with other countries.” According to P.M. Heblikar, who was until recently a highlevel bureaucrat in India’s cabinet secretariat, this also offers India the chance to secure Burma’s efforts to expel various insurgent groups that attack India from its borders — as Bangladesh has done recently, and Pakistan has notoriously refused to do, apparently with China’s stamp of approval. And though sabers may rattle, New Delhi’s new backbone reflects India’s understanding of how far Beijing is willing to go. “In the South China Sea and elsewhere, will [the Look East policy] lead to a conflict between India and China? I don’t see that happening,” said Kondapalli, who believes only a narrow section of China’s military sees India’s activities as an encroachment. “During globalization you cannot simply say something is your sphere of influence. That’s a Cold War mentality.”

India, China Face Off in the East Vietnam, Burma visits may herald new Indian influence in Asia-Pacific By Jason Overdorf – Despite its burgeoning economic importance and millionman army, India has long punched below its weight when it comes to international relations. But a new boldness last month suggests New Delhi might finally be coming into its own — not in Afghanistan or the Indian Ocean, but in Asia-Pacific. India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh signed an energy accord with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang in October that flies in the face of recent Chinese opposition to IndoVietnamese oil exploration in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. China has said it considers those waters sovereign territory. New Delhi and Hanoi also agreed to launch a joint security dialogue, held twice a year, to expand a burgeoning strategic partnership. “A strong India-Vietnam relationship is a factor of peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region,” Singh said at a joint press conference with Sang following their meeting. “It stands on its own merits. The president’s visit has given a new thrust and direction to this partnership.” In October Singh also met with Burma’s President Thein Sein, marking a significant opportunity for India to continue to transform its decades-old “Look East” policy from a modest trade initiative into a full-fledged strategy to extend India’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region. Of course, both Burma and Vietnam need to remain friends with China as much or more than they need to build better ties with India, just as New Delhi needs to improve relations with Beijing despite their differences over China’s support of Pakistan. But recent events in Burma and Vietnam have opened a window to the east that India has so far only been looking through. New Delhi now appears ready to make its move. “Most major powers today are preoccupied with their own domestic problems,” Singh said Tuesday in a speech before the leader of the three branches of India’s armed forces at the Combined Commanders’ Conference, according to the Indian Express. He added, “We must therefore consolidate our own strategic autonomy and independence of thought and action.” India’s Look East policy was crafted by then-Prime Minister Narasinha Rao in 1991 to boost trade at a time when India desperately needed foreign-exchange reserves. Aiming to emulate China’s success in courting investors, India targeted the so-called Asian tigers as the key to shoring up its finances, according to Srikanth Kondapalli, a professor in Chinese Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University. The policy paved the way for economic agreements with Japan and South Korea, and a free-trade deal with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a regional economic bloc, Kondapalli said. Asian nations now account for 60 percent of India’s foreign trade and a hefty portion of foreign-direct investment, he said. Although in recent years, India has sought to transform the Look East policy into a strategic response to China’s growing


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Is real estate your real Marketing Problem? They say that “location, location, location” is the key—but sometimes, it’s the problem. A while back I was at a business function where the owner of a local printing company bemoaned the fact that Internet printers are putting pressure on long-time printers. His company hadn’t invested in digital printing, relying instead on being one of the largest offset printers in the area. For years, that was good enough. But it’s not working anymore. Here’s why. In the “old days” (pre-Internet), companies could carve out a market by being the only local whatever. There are fewer and fewer products and services where “local” alone is good enough to guarantee you a market. Sure, you can’t order a fresh-brewed latte from out-of-state, but you can buy a latte maker and order the coffee from anywhere in the world. You can even order pizza and a gourmet dinner via one of the many upscale frozen food companies that deliver anywhere in the US. (You may not save on the cost of the entrée, but there’s no charge for your drink, tax or tip.) Location alone won’t save you. If you can’t compete on The problem isn’t with price with the people who provide the same service via the market; it’s with the the Internet, then you’re mind. Envision yourself as a going to have to compete on national or international turnaround, exceptional business person. customer service or really tangible value-addeds to keep your business. Most companies are stuck thinking of themselves as limited by a certain local geographic region—usually the distance they or their customers are willing to drive for a face-to-face meeting. Who said that had to be the limit? Most of my business is done via phone with customers I have never met in person. Much of the work I contract out is done by talented people who had the right skills at the right price all over the world. Welcome to the global economy. Wake up! How can you repackage, repurpose or rebundle your services to provide something that could be provided to anyone, anywhere? Real estate is supposed to be the ultimate “local” business. But a growing number of real estate agents in high-growth areas are connecting with agents in areas where people are leaving due to relocation. They work out a referral fee that benefits both parties, and suddenly, the whole of North America is their territory. Restaurants may find a way to mail a favorite menu item (the Penn State Diner has been mailing its oh-so-wonderful Grilled Stickies to hungry alums for decades), or even a sauce or dressing. Think you’re limited by licensure? Oh really? Does “WebMD” ring a bell? How about the places that sell pet medications or contact lenses via the web? The problem isn’t with the market; it’s with the mind. Envision yourself as a national or international business person. Now—how do you supply your service or product to

your market? Yes, it means making changes to your mindset, your pricing, your business model and your goals. Suck it up, pull up your big boy tighty-whiteys or your big girl panties and get over it. When the market shifts, those who don’t figure out how to shift with it get left behind. If you’re having a real estate problem with your marketing, it’s time to foreclose on old ideas and flip your intellectual property to a whole new way of looking at the world. Free Information builds Trust, relationships Can you ever give away “too much” information for free? Think about what it costs you to go to an average trade show, and then reconsider the question. Companies will routinely spend tens of thousands of dollars to stuff trade show goodie bags with all kinds of useless stuff, much of which is given to the attendees’ children or dumped on a breakroom table for office “vultures” who will never be purchasers or decisionmakers. Now think about who is likely to download a white paper or a limited-use trial subscription. These are not casual freebie collectors. These are likely to be people who are seriously shopping for a current need. Much of what is given away on the internet is really repurposed content. That is, it was created for another use and has fulfilled its initial purpose. Now the choice is to have it lie around collecting virtual dust, or be out helping to sell your company. So are you giving away the store? Only if you are giving away something you could actually sell. If you created audio recordings of a five-part teleseminar series that is still fresh and relevant, maybe you give the first session for free and offer the other four recordings for a nominal fee. If it’s more than a year old and you are routinely creating new content, give the whole thing for free but use it to plug this year’s new content. Or, give away one level of information (white papers, articles, short web/audio) and then offer a paid level of access to get more indepth information (teleseminars, webinars, trial products or beta downloads). Remember that customers need to trust you before they buy from you. The more intangible your product, the more difficult it is for them to “test-drive” before they commit. That’s why case studies, articles, etc. are so important for knowledge providers, and why limited-use downloads and limited-access trial periods are essential for product/service providers. When you allow visitors to your site to download “free” information, make sure you are gaining their permission to add them to your newsletter list so you can stay in contact. This is very valuable, since a “house list” of opt-in email addresses is the basis for permission-based email marketing. Once visitors opt-in to get the freebies, you have a way to nurture that relationship and lead them down your sales funnel. Internet culture has strong roots in sharing information freely. When you share information with site visitors, you’re not only being a good Internet citizen, you’re also being a savvy marketer.

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November 2011

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By Krutika Chheda Is your Accounting System broken? Recently we have heard and seen so much about Greece’s large debt burden and budget deficit leading to a contagion of problems threatening to take the entire Euro Zone down. You wonder how this problem just revealed itself so suddenly without any prior warning. After all didn’t the Government of Greece and the Euro Zone’s central bank know they were taking on too much debt? Wouldn’t their accounting system tell them the level of debt and growing deficit, as it got worse over the years?

or accounts payable, and any other accounts with strange names or balances. It is difficult to fake a balance sheet. If you see goofy numbers on your Balance Sheet, your accounting system is not capturing the financial data of your business accurately and is not working as it should. The debt and long term value of your business is determined by the Balance Sheet. If you have a professional firm manage your books of accounts, you must be able to review your Balance Sheet at the end of each month or at least at the end of each quarter. Warning Sign #3: Your CPA gives you lots of adjusting journal entries. It is common to get adjusting entries at the end of the year, especially during tax return preparation. At K&M Accounting and Tax Services, we often prepare a handful of accounting entries such as tax return depreciation, and deductions for small business clients while preparing the tax return. If your accountant or bookkeeper is making many other adjustments, however, you should verify that the accountant isn’t adjusting accounts at year-end because you’re not regularly tracking the account as you go through the year. Especially making adjusting entries to your Cash or Inventory Accounts is dangerous. Large end-of-year adjustments mean just one thing: The books aren’t up to date with the financial realities of your operation. This lack of up-to-date information, sadly, means you may be flying blind.

If Greece were not a nation but a corporation, it would probably have had to file for bankruptcy by now. The reason why its problems went undetected for so long is that they had a broken accounting system. Every year, I come across so many small and large businesses that have accounting systems that don’t work. Business owners invest in accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Peach Tree, and pay thousands of Warning Sign #4: You don’t receive regular financial reports dollars in fees to CPA and accounting firms but their accounting from your accountant for several months. systems are just not set up to do what they are supposed to. As a business owner, you must expect regular reporting from your accounting system. Profit and Loss Statement, Balance How to tell if your Accounting System is Broken? A broken accounting system can break your business and Sheet, Sales Tax and Payroll Tax Report, Accounts receivables your financial well-being. Fortunately, you can tell very quickly and payables report are some of the standard reports that you if your accounting system is working the way it should. Here should have access to on a monthly basis. If your accounting are some broad indications that can help you assess the health system is not able to produce accurate and timely reports for your review, it is most likely broken and needs to be reviewed. of your business accounting system. A well managed and accurate accounting system not only Warning Sign #1: You don’t know how much money your provides you with the information needed to make important business made last week, month, quarter or year. Many small business decisions, it also serves as a system of record to prove business owners just don’t know exactly how much money your point in case of a legal or tax liability. Having a their business is making. They have a “‘general” idea that the professionally managed accounting system becomes the first business is making money, but have no clue of the exact profit step in proving your case in a legal battle with business or loss the business made last month or last year. If the partners, IRS or any other claimant. Remember, broken accounting system is set up and running right, you should be accounting systems can eventually take down large able to tell at any point in time exactly how much money your corporations such as Enron as well as entire Nations and business is making looking at the Profit and Loss Statement. Regions. As a small business owner it is important to stay on Whether you hire a professional accounting firm to manage top of your accounting system which in turn will help you stay your books or do it yourself, you need to generate a profit and on top of your business performance. loss statement that summarizes your revenue and expenses for a specific interval of time. Given the nature of your business, Keep in mind this column and the articles published here are only you may not need to know your profit or loss on a daily or meant to provide you with high level information about tax and weekly basis. But you must be able to tell at least on a monthly business matters and in no way should you consider this as tax advice. basis, exactly how much money your business is making. If you Consult your tax and legal advisors regarding your individual tax hire an accounting firm to manage your books, make sure you and business situation. This Article provides only an overview to the complex Tax Laws. It is not exhaustive nor a substitute for receive a monthly profit and loss statement. Independent Tax Advice provided by a Tax Accountant or a Tax Warning Sign #2: You see items on your Balance Sheet that Attorney familiar with your case. don’t make any sense to you. Balance Sheet is a record of your business assets, liabilities and owner’s funds. It provides a Krutika Chheda snapshot view and health of your business at a certain point in K&M Accounting and Tax Services time. If there are items on your Balance Sheet that you do not recognize or understand, your accounting system may be You can Contact her at broken. Wrong balance sheet numbers include things like big (704) 502 3960 negative bank account balances, incorrect accounts receivable


November 2011

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November 2011

By Samir Shukla Stranded It was a cold February night. It turned out to be the coldest night of that winter. The ghostly streets of downtown Charlotte seemed frozen, literally, as well as in time. There was no traffic or movement on the streets. A glance at my watch showed it was around 2am as I drove home from a show at a local nightclub. There weren’t many people at the show on that Tuesday night. It was just as well because the band played as if they didn’t want to be there. They might as well have taken the night off and spent it in a warm motel room instead of loading and unloading their equipment into and out of the club on a frozen night. My route took me through some of the rough neighborhoods of Charlotte. The same areas today sparkle with shiny buildings and burgeoning businesses. But the frozen night was I drove home was the year of Orwellian doom, 1984. The classic rock radio station was playing an old favorite as I approached downtown on my way home. All of a sudden the car jerked hard and the headlights dimmed a bit. I rolled to a stop at a red light on the edge of downtown. Charlotte was the biggest city in the Carolinas then, as it is now, but it was still a relatively unknown city nationally. My old car had been acting up all during the week and when it jerked hare, I knew something was wrong. At the red light, on the edge of downtown on that coldest of nights, the old car proved me right. There was a whooshing sound, the car revved up and shut down with a metallic clang. I cranked it many times while the light shifted from red to green and back to red and now back to green again. It’s never fun when your car dies at an awkward and inconvenient time. Two o’clock in the morning on a frigid night at the edge of a deserted downtown is an awkward and inconvenient time. This was the early 1980s and of course cell phones were still many years in the future. I had driven through this area many times, but didn’t know where the nearest payphone was. It could have been just a couple of blocks away. But in which direction? To make matters worse, I didn’t have any change on me, either. I needed a quarter and brave feet for a long and cold walk through an eerily abandoned downtown. This was also a time when the Charlotte downtown was a collection of a few tall buildings and economically depressed areas scattered like patchwork on the perimeter of the buildings. The area where my car broke down was not a place you’d want to be during the day, let alone in the middle of a freezing night. I cranked the car numerous times to no avail. I popped the hood and took a look. Of course, I couldn’t fix anything to save my life, but still, I tightened the spark plug wires, twisted and caressed all other wires I could see in a vain effort to get the jalopy cranking again. I even kicked the tires. I finally gave up and scanned the perimeter for any passing cars or a warm soul to help improve my predicament. I sat in the car for a few minutes, wishing I had a hot cup of chai. I gathered my thoughts after nearly grinding down my starter and ventured out looking for a payphone. I walked a few blocks in one direction and remembered that there was a county

jailhouse just about 3-4 blocks from where I’d broken down. So I bundled up for a bone-chilling stroll. Of course the place was locked up and there was no way to ring the bell or alert a security guard of my situation. As I turned away and decided to stroll back to my car, a security guard stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and take a break from his night shift. I don’t know who would want to leave their warm building and step outside into such a frozen night, but I was ecstatic that help maybe a hand wave away. I was able to run over and flag him down before he slipped back into the building. I explained my predicament and he was kind enough to let me use the phone to call AAA. I ran back to the car, hugging myself to keep warm. The soft glow of street lights and the softer glow of lights of distant office buildings created the aura of an abandoned space station on a distant planet of some long forgotten sci-fi film. I expected a burly alien to appear behind me at any moment. I had never been stranded like that before. Right in my hometown, a few miles from my house. If the guard had not walked out of that door, I would have sat in the car waiting for a passing vehicle for help. Or I could have hiked all over downtown looking for a payphone. The frigid night added to a sense of complete isolation. I sat there while waiting for the tow truck thinking of stories one reads about stranded travelers stuck in raging snowstorms or someone lost in the woods for days. The stillness of the night was spooky, as well as meditative. You could hear the wind howl every few minutes. I was mentally prepared to sit in the car for a few more hours if the tow truck didn’t show up. It was already around 2:30 in the morning and within a few hours the downtown workers would start driving by. You get crazy thoughts in your head when you are dead tired and stranded in an isolated place, even though that place maybe just a few miles from home. Stranded in your own hometown also conjures up images of horror films where someone takes a wrong turn while driving through familiar neighborhoods and winds up in an isolated alley or deserted road. The theme from Twilight Zone would pop into my head every few minutes. In knew I would only be stranded for a short time, although it was so cold that my fingers were already numb after sitting in the car for about a half hour. There wasn’t much to do except sit motionless machine and rub my hands for warmth. There wasn’t a time before or since that I’ve felt stranded like that. That feeling of chilled isolation and of being helpless is something I’ll always remember. I was nodding off when the reassuring, blinking lights of the tow truck pulled in behind me. A grumpy old man, yawning and half-asleep, driving what seemed like an even older truck had finally appeared. He took a few minutes before hopping out of his truck. He tried to crank the car, then tried giving it a jump and gave up and began attaching the tow chains. He was kind enough to give me a ride home after dropping off the car at the repair shop. I thanked him and walked into my warm apartment just as the sun was rising. Samir Shukla is the editor of Saathee magazine. contact -


November 2011

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rices P w ! Lo yday r e v E

NZ 127/no loss, 13.3/20 overs Mon Oct 17 - 2nd T20 - Zimbabwe v New Zealand @ Harare Sports Club Result: NZ won by 34 runs (D/L method) NZ 187/3, 18/18 overs ZIM 154, 16.5/18 overs By Rajesh T. Ganatra

Nokia Champions league Twenty20 2011 The Nokia Champions League Twenty20 2011 was held from Sep 23 - Oct 9, 2011. India organized this year’s international tournament. The tournament consisted of ten teams: Chennai Super Kings (India), Cape Cobras (South Africa), NSW Blues (Australia), Mumbai Indians (India), Trinidad and Tobago (WI), Royal Challengers Bangalore (India), Warriors (South Africa), South Australian Redbacks (Australia), Kolkata Knight Riders (India), and Somerset (England). There were 23 matches - 20 matches in the Group stages, 2 semi-final matches and then the final match. Since the entire tournament was 20 over format, there was no favored team per se; anybody could beat anybody on any given day. After the Group stages were completed, the two semi final matches consisted of Bangalore Royal Challengers vs. New South Wales and the Mumbai Indians vs. Somerset. The two India-based teams were victorious in the Semis and squared off in the final match in which Mumbai emerged victorious by 31 runs.

Thu Oct 20 - 1st ODI - Zimbabwe v New Zealand @ Harare Sports Club Sat Oct 22 - 2nd ODI - Zimbabwe v New Zealand @ Harare Sports Club Tue Oct 25 - 3rd ODI - Zimbabwe v New Zealand @ Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo Tue Nov 1 - Sat Nov 5 - Only Test - Zimbabwe v New Zealand @ Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo england visits India Fri Oct 14 - 1st ODI - India v England - Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad Result: India won by 126 runs IND 300/7, 50/50 overs ENG 174/all out, 36.1 overs continued on page 82 Rajesh T. Ganatra Contact him at

American College Cricket Now on TV Asia College Cricket in United States took a leap with American College Cricket announcing an agreement with TV Asia. American College Cricket recently announced an agreement with TV Asia as their exclusive worldwide broadcast partner in all formats for matches that began on October 09, 2011 in the United States. The Semi finals and Finals of the North East and Mid Atlantic Regional Championships will be available on TV Asia every Saturday at 7 pm EDT beginning October 29, and repeated at 12 midnight EDT each Saturday until December 8, 2011. The schedule will be more extensive next fall. The top 32 teams from this fall season will then compete in the Nationals, the American College Cricket Spring Break Championship in March 2012 in Florida - Cricket Craziness just before College Basketball’s March Madness! TV Asia will televise the American College Cricket Spring Break Championship including the final 6 matches live from Florida on TV Asia. The National Championship will be played as usual for the Shiv Chanderpaul Trophy. “In continuing with our mission to highlight and encourage local Talent, TV Asia is proud to be associated with American College Cricket in televising the regionals and the Spring break Championship Cricket matches in USA & Canada,” stated H.R. Shah Chairman of TV Asia. For details on American College Cricket visit the website The American College Cricket was founded November 2008. The first national Championship took place in March 2009 with 5 newly developed teams. It has grown, and developed enduring structures, in about 50 Colleges for the 2011 regional Championships. Details:

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At the same time, those familiar with Bollywood and all its masala, enjoy the opportunity to dance to Bollywood music in a safe environment, while getting a workout at the same time. For them, the nostalgia they feel when they hear the “dhol” or the “shehnai” often brings back memories, thus involving them in the classes at a much deeper level. Of course they are intrinsically familiar with the moves, whether they consider themselves dancers or not, there is an in-built momentum that kicks into action! In this day and age we all know how important it is to be physically fit. And choices are unlimited. Some of us prefer a brisk walk in the neighborhood while some opt for state-of-theart gyms; but once in a while, it’s great for your mind, and your body to blast some really wild Bollywood music and go crazy. Shake off those inhibitions, stomp out the stress, and relax! In just a few minutes you will discover moves and muscles you never knew you had. Article courtesy of

Saathee readers Forum bollywood Music Goes Fit By Ashima Kodali and Seher Khanna From the golden era of Madhubala to the thumkas and jhatkas of Munni and Sheila, the Indian film industry has transformed, modernized, and exploded into “Bollywood.” And along for the ride have come the costumes, dances, and the music. Today the leading musical talent from Bollywood collaborates with the likes of Akon, Snoop Dogg, and Kylie Minogue. The result is the sometimes sultry, sometimes earthy, always pumping music we love. Bollywood music pervades almost everywhere today. In India of course you can hear it blaring from chai stalls filled with autorickshaw wallas, and high-end discotheques frequented by the who’s-who. Bollywood music has gone far beyond the big screen with reality shows Just Dance and Dance India Dance capitalizing on the Bollywood craze by choreographing competitive routines using hip-hop, ballroom, Latin etc. with Bollywood music. Here in the US, shows like So You Think You Can Dance regularly feature Bollywood dance and music, and of course A.R. Rahman’s “Jai Ho” topped the music charts in five countries around the world. So what’s next for Bollywood music? Well, let’s take all that bhangra, garba, classical, and fusion music from Bollywood, throw it in a box with some high energy, easy to follow dance steps, shake it all up, and voila: an exotic new fitness routine is born! Consequently, Bollywood music has begun to play a major role in the global fitness arena. Popular dancers like Serena Jain and Hemalayaa have successfully launched dance-based fitness programs and videos, all set to the beat of catchy Bollywood tunes. Mainstream gyms are adding Bollywood-based fitness classes to their offerings as an alternative to Zumba, well aware that gym-rats are always on the lookout for the next new fitness craze to add to their workout regimen. And Bollywood fitness is just that. The combination of moves and music is unique, yet you don’t have to be on Dancing with the Stars to get the hang of it. Simplifying Farah Khan’s choreography and Hrithik Roshan’s dance moves retains the very essence of Bollywood, and combining this essence with targeted, aerobic moves yields an exciting and effective workout. And so, Bollywood fitness classes are springing up everywhere in the US as well as in India, attracting a diverse range of clients. Especially after Slumdog Millionaire’s eight Oscars, there is a growing segment of the American population interested in Indian music, food, and culture. For them, traditional and classical Indian dancing often seems complex, daunting and inaccessible. However, Bollywood, especially in a fitness domain, is much less intimidating, and non-Indians are excited to be part of this movement. Not only do they get to experience a different genre of music they also gain familiarity with certain cultural aspects related to the Indian sub-continent. Xeniya Klimova, a regular at BFit Dance in Charlotte, says, “I love the unique combination of ethnic choreography with cardio moves. I feel like I’m dancing rather than working out, it raises my mood on the rest of the day.”

Priya’s Son is Coming to Town By Sadashiva Godbole (Sung to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”) We can’t wait, we can’t sleep, We can’t do ‘most anything, Priya’s son is coming to town. Lots-of-toys are here, the bassinet is all set, So is baby’s swingo-matic, and soft-cozy blanket. We can’t wait, we can’t sleep, We can’t do ‘most anything, Prem’s son is coming to town. Nanee-is here-and-ready, Nanaji is ready too! Dadee-is waiting eagerly, for the happy happy news. We can’t wait, we can’t sleep, We can’t do ‘most anything, Our grandson, is coming to town. Dear Priya is hosting, the process of creation*, Let’s give-her-a jolly-big-hand, and-watch God in-action. We can’t wait, we can’t sleep, We can’t do ‘most anything, Priya’s son is coming to town, Prem’s son is coming to town, Our grandson, is coming to town. * The conception and child bearing process are very actively associated with God’s creative power. During this process, stem cells are created, which differentiate into specific cells to, further forming the physical structure of the body. Therefore, a pregnant lady has an especially active God’s presence in her during that time and it is an opportunity to see God in action. She is hosting, and participating in the divine creation process, which continues until the child is weaned off mother’s milk. Thus she should be specially respected, honored, and treated with tender love and care during that time. God has entrusted ladies with this exclusive capability. We welcome submissions from readers. If you have an interesting remembrance, essay, experience, travel story, or other short writings you would like to share with Saathee readers, send us an email with potential topics and samples. We will review the article get back to you if we can use anything - Send query to 76

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November 2011

* Fingerlings - Small and slender, these are popular on the menus of gourmet restaurants throughout the country. A secret - they’re easy to cook at home, too. They come in a range of colors and have a firm texture that’s great for pan frying, which brings out their natural nutty or buttery tastes. Recipe to try: Pan Fried Fingerlings with Wild Mushroom Sauce. Seven days, seven ways to put a new spin on potatoes

* Purples - The vibrantly colored skin and flesh of these potatoes look like something out of your child’s favorite fantasy book, but they’re a healthy, delicious choice for everyday meals. They hold their shape well with cooking and their nutty flavor is a unique addition to salads or other side dishes. Recipe to try: Blackened Blue Potato Salad.

Few things say “fall” like the crispness in the air, the bright colors of changing leaves and the warm, comforting foods that come with the season’s harvest. While the classic recipes that you rely on year after year will always have a place on your menus, simple twists on a beloved vegetable will keep everyone clamoring for a prime spot at the dinner table. Seven unique potato types mean you can try a new one every day of the week for a fun and varied menu plan. Not only that, but potatoes are a healthy addition to your menu. At just 110 calories per serving, they’re packed with essential vitamins and minerals and are a good source of potassium. A medium-size (5.3 ounce) skin-on potato has almost half your daily value of vitamin C, and no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Try these recipes to give your family new ways to enjoy a perennial favorite.

* Reds - Preparing roasted meals is much more appealing in fall’s cool temperatures, and red potatoes are ideal for that cooking method. They stay moist and flavorful even after roasting. They retain their color, making a visually appealing addition to your table. Recipe to try: Roasted Pesto Potato Salad. recipes Cheddar Cheese Scalloped Potatoes Ingredients: 4 cups thinly sliced potatoes (about 4 medium potatoes) 1/2 chopped onion 4 ounces sauteed mushrooms salt 1 (10.5 ounces) can condensed Cheddar cheese soup 1 cup diced tomatoes 1 cup herb-seasoned croutons

Method: Lightly butter a good sized baking dish. Layer half the potatoes, onion, and mushrooms. Sprinkle with a little salt. In a medium bowl, combine soup and chopped tomatoes. Pour half the soup mixture over vegetables in baking dish. Repeat layers, ending with cheese soup. Cover the baking dish with * Yellow potatoes - These buttery delights have smooth, foil. Bake at 350° for about 1 1/2 hours. Uncover, top with golden flesh under a thin golden skin. They’re dense enough to croutons, and bake 5 minutes longer. Let scalloped potatoes stand up to grilling, and using that method will give you crispy stand 10 minutes before serving. Scalloped potatoes serves 8. skins and a hint of sweet, caramelized flavor. Recipe to try: Grilled Potato Planks. easy Fluffy Mashed Potatoes Ingredients: * White potatoes - Varieties with light tan skin and creamy 2 1/2 pounds Russet, or baking potatoes, cut into 1-inch chunks, white flesh are a great choice for making classic mashed about 8 cups of cut up potatoes potatoes. Because their flesh is dense, it becomes thick and rich 1/4 cup milk or half-and-half, or more to taste when mashed. Because the skin is thin, there’s no need to peel 1/4 cup butter before mashing. Spice up your favorite mashed dish with new 3/4 teaspoon salt, or to taste flavor additions. Recipe to try: Chipotle Mashed Potatoes. 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper * Russet potatoes - They’ve likely been a fixture on the dinner table since you were young, but russets have more to offer than just the basics. Indeed, they’re great for baking, because their flesh comes out light and fluffy, and the skin stays tasty and crisp. Recipe to try: Baked Potato Nachos.

Method: Place potatoes in a 4-quart saucepan or Dutch oven; bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. Drain potatoes thoroughly. Transfer to a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients to the bowl. With an electric hand-held mixer, beat potato mixture until light and creamy. Serves 4 to 6.

* Petite potatoes - Kids love the mix of colors and adults love them for their concentrated flavor and quick cooking times. Prep is simple for potato salads - cook whole and unpeeled potatoes your preferred method until they’re fork-tender, toss with your favorite potato salad ingredients, and you’ll have a dish that tastes as good as it looks. Recipe to try: Red, White and Blue Potato Salad.

Experimenting with different types and preparations of potatoes may just help you find a new family favorite - it could even help you fully accessorize your kitchen. Visit to see more potato recipes and howto videos. Courtesy of AraContent


November 2011

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November 2011

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2nd ODI: South Africa v Australia at Port Elizabeth - Oct 23, 2011 Mon Oct 17 - 2nd ODI - India v England - Feroz Shah Kotla, 3rd ODI: South Africa v Australia at Durban - Oct 28, 2011 1st Test: South Africa v Australia at Cape Town - Nov 9-13, 2011 Delhi Result: IND won by eight [8] wickets with 80 balls remaining 2nd Test: South Africa v Australia at Johannesburg - Nov 17-21, 2011 ENG 237/all out, 48.2 overs IND 238/2, 36.4 overs Pakistan vs. Sri lanka at uAe Thu Oct 20 - 3rd ODI - India v England - Punjab Cricket Tue Oct 18 - Sat Oct 22 - 1st Test - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Sheikh Association Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh Sun Oct 23 - 4th ODI - India v England - Wankhede Stadium, Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi Wed Oct 26 - Sun Oct 30 - 2nd Test - Pakistan v Sri Lanka Mumbai Tue Oct 25 - 5th ODI - India v England - Eden Gardens, Kolkata Dubai International Cricket Stadium Sat Oct 29 - 20 over match - India v England - Eden Gardens, Thu Nov 3 - Mon Nov 7 - 3rd Test - Pakistan v Sri Lanka Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium Kolkata Fri Nov 11 - 1st ODI - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Dubai International Cricket Stadium west Indies visit bangladesh Tue Oct 11 - 20 over match - Bangladesh v West Indies - Shere Mon Nov 14 - 2nd ODI - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Dubai International Cricket Stadium Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur Result: BAN won by three [3] wickets - with 1 ball remaining Fri Nov 18 - 3rd ODI - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Dubai International Cricket Stadium WIN 132/8, 20/20 overs Sun Nov 20 - 4th ODI - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Sharjah Cricket BAN 135/7, 19.5/20 overs Association Stadium Thu Oct 13 - 1st ODI - Bangladesh v West Indies - Shere Bangla Wed Nov 23 - 5th ODI - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi National Stadium, Mirpur Fri Nov 25 - 20 over match - Pakistan v Sri Lanka - Sheikh Zayed Result: WIN won by 40 runs Stadium, Abu Dhabi WIN 298/4, 50/50 overs BAN 258/7, 50/50 overs continued from page 74

Sangeet Sat Oct 15 - 2nd ODI - Bangladesh v West Indies - Shere Bangla continued from page 24 National Stadium, Mirpur Result: WIN won by 8 wickets with 44 balls remaining 1994 (Khudai) “Din ā gaye,” “Ulfat kā jab,” “Ye sheeshe” BAN 220/all out, 48.5/50 overs 1998 (Dushman) “Chitthi na koi sandesh” WIN 221/2, 42.4 overs 2001 (Tum Bin) “Koi fariyād” 2002 (Vadh) “Bahut khoobasurat” Tue Oct 18 - 3rd ODI - Bangladesh v West Indies - Zahur 2003 (Dhoop) “Benām sā,” “Hat ek ghar,” “Teri ānkhon se” Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong 2006 (Umar) “Khumari chadhake utar gayi” Result: BAN won by 8 wickets with 180 balls remaining 2011 (Dear Friend Hitler) “Har aur tabāhi ka manzar” WIN 61/all out, 22/50 overs BAN 62/2, 20/50 overs Fri Oct 21 - Tue Oct 25 - 1st Test - Bangladesh v West Indies Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong Sat Oct 29 - Wed Nov 2 - 2nd Test - Bangladesh v West Indies Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur Australia visits South Africa 1st 20 over match: South Africa v Australia at Cape Town - Oct 13, 2011 Result: AUS won by five [5] wickets with 3 balls remaining SA 146/7, 20/20 overs AUS 147/5, 19.3 0vers 2nd 20 over match: South Africa v Australia at Johannesburg Oct 16, 2011 Result: SA won by three [3] wickets with 5 balls remaining One of his popular classic song’s lyrics: “Hosh vālon ko khabar AUS 147/8, 20/20 overs kyā ...“ from the film Sarfarosh is given in this issue of Saathee SA 148/7, 19.1/20 overs magazine in Evergreen Classic Film Lyrics on page 26. 1st ODI: South Africa v Australia at Centurion - Oct 19, 2011 Result: AUS won by 93 runs (D/L method) AUS 183/4, 29/29 overs SA 129/all out, 22/29 overs

(Note: The contents for this article are compiled from books, internet and my knowledge & love for Indian music. Same is applicable for the past articles I have written.)


November 2011


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November 2011

Community Focus events of Note:

Community News:

Shiva Ganga by Shantala Shivalingappa Dancer/choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa shares a mastery of the highly rhythmic 2,000-yearold Indian classical dance form Kuchipudi with a passion for contemporary dance. Her performance will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at Memorial Hall, UNC Chapel Hill. The show begins at 7:30pm. Influenced by modern dance maven Pina Bausch, for whom she has appeared in many works, she has collaborated with major figures including theater director Peter Brook and choreographer Maurice Béjart. Born in India and raised in Paris, Shantala bridges East and West in her devoted exploration of dance, music, and theater, melding dazzling technique with ethereal sensitivity. Tickets range from $15-$39. For further details about this performance visit the UNC website

Charmee Mehta Awarded National Merit Scholarship Charmee Mehta, daughter of Haresh Mehta and Dr. Urvashi Mehta, was awarded the National Merit Scholarship this summer. She graduated as a Valedictorian from Fort Mill High School with an outstanding GPA of 5.0. She is a recipient of the National Merit Scholarship, which is a national recognition of her scholarly and community achievements. She was also a semifinalist for the Presidential Scholarship, which is also national recognition of highly motivated high school students who excel in numerous arenas of their lives and is awarded annually by the US Government. There were only 500 semifinalists awarded out of 3.2 million graduating students for the last school year. She began her undergraduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill this fall. Dr. Mohammed Khan Appointed library Director Dr. Mohammed Abdul Shaheed Khan, born in Hyderabad, India, was recently appointed Library Director at Spangdahlem U.S. Air Base in Germany. Khan has worked as Chief Librarian, U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School, Columbia, SC, and U.S. Air Base in South Korea. He also worked as Librarian at U.S. Army Allen Library, Fort Polk, Louisiana, as well as Librarian at Sheppard Air Base, Wichita Falls, Texas. He was a Senior Information Specialist, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait, and has served as Lecturer/Librarian at the King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He received his master’s degree in Library Science from Long Island University, New York and a doctoral degree in Information Systems.

Dances with Diyas – Diwali Fest 2011 The India Association of the Triad is organizing the annual Diwali program: Dances with Diyas - Diwali Fest 2011 on Saturday, November 12, 2011 beginning at 6pm at the Greensboro Day School, 5401 Lawndale Dr., Greensboro, NC 27455. General admission is $25 (includes show, dinner, and party); Free for members. For further details call Dr. Krishna Balu at 336.292.9462 or visit Poetry of the Gita Mani Rao is the author of eight poetry books and a translation of the Bhagavad Gita. She has given talks and performed at literary festivals around the world. Rao will present a talk and reading on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at Patanjali’s Place, 700 Foster St., Durham, NC 27701 from 4-5pm. She will talk about her new, critically acclaimed “The 21st century Bhagavad Gita: A new translation for a new millennium.” A reviewer said, “In this bold, new translation of the Gita, poet Mani Rao cuts past conventions and uses space and language innovatively to deliver an experience of immediacy for the reader. At the same time, she adheres strictly to the meaning of the original and is sensitive to the nuances of the Sanskrit original with all its word-play and texture. Mani Rao’s Bhagavad Gita sets a new standard for the translation of canonical spiritual texts.” For more details call 919.475.1355 or visit For details on Rao visit

Nitin Shah Named to Two university Advisory boards Nitin Shah has been selected to serve as an advisor at two Georgia universities, joining the Asian Studies Advisory Board at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw as well as the J. Whitney Bunting College of Business Advisory Board at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, where he earned his master’s degree in business administration. Shah serves simultaneously as chairman and CEO of Embassy National Bank in Lawrenceville and as president of Imperial Investments Group, which owns hotels and commercial real estate properties. Shah was among the founders of Atlanta-based Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), one of the world’s most influential and respected hospitality groups. He continues to be actively involved in leadership roles, serving for the past four years as co-chair of the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee as well as the Banking Committee for AAJOA. 84

November 2011

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November 2011

began preparing for the show back in March and presented it to a packed audience on Sept. 23. The show opened with a few vignettes of her most popular kathak pieces. There was short film about “Maiti Nepal” and then Ritu Mukherjee spoke about how the idea of a fundraiser was born. The dance items were presented with wonderful costumes, foot stomping music and acclaimed choreography. Students of the academy, ranging in age from 5 – 45, displayed their efforts with enthusiasm. “Devdas,” the tragic love story of a rich man’s son and his childhood sweetheart is a classic Bengali epic and has been made into films several times. The academy presented the story in dance and drama format.

V. Sagar Sethi, M.D. Mental Health research Award established A new research award designed to recognize psychiatrists and other medical professionals for basic research has been established by The Psychiatric Foundation of North Carolina. The V. Sagar Sethi, M.D. Mental Health Research Award was created with an endowment from Dr. Sethi, a practicing psychiatrist in Charlotte and a long-time member of the North Carolina and American Psychiatric Associations. It is his vision to “honor a scientist for significant contributions to basic research in the neurosciences, psychology, or pharmacology at a molecular, cellular or behavioral level.” The award will be presented to a psychiatrist or other professional doing research in the United States. The inaugural winner of the 2012 V. Sagar Sethi, M.D. Mental Health Research Award will be announced in early 2012 by a selection committee that includes leadership from the Departments of Psychiatry at NC’s four medical schools. The award includes a significant financial prize and travel support to present a lecture at the 2012 Annual Meeting and Scientific Session of the North Carolina Psychiatric Association. The announcement of this award and the gift of $50,000 to the Psychiatric Foundation of North Carolina was made September 17, 2011, in Asheville at the North Carolina Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner. Dr. Sethi was born in India and earned his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Pharmacy from Banaras Hindu University. He earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Munich University, Germany. At the age of 50, he received his medical degree. Since 1991, Dr. Sethi has been in the private practice of psychiatry in Charlotte. He has published more than 80 scientific papers in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and anti-cancer drugs. In 2004, he published the book “Solving Psychiatric Puzzles.”

Community reports: Devdas Presented by Nrityangan Dance Academy

Photos Vinod Devlia and Atlanta Dunia

Global Mela The Global Mall of Atlanta hosted the 10th annual Global Mela on Oct 8 and 9, 2011. Over 15,000 people attended the event that featured food, performances, a children’s area with pony rides, vendors and various non-profit groups. For more details and photos visit Charlotte-based Vithaldas Patel releases book Subtitled “How an immigrant transformed the fortune of his family,” Vithaldas H. Patel tells his inspiring life tale in the newly published book “Marshall Plan versus The Great Society.” The book presents the story of the Patel family, a rural farming family in pre-independence India and its migration, halfway around the world, to the United States for a better life. The author, Vithaldas H. Patel, came to the US in 1960 for postgraduate studies in engineering at the University of Michigan. When he returned to India, with his wife and two small children, his parents asked him to help his siblings. Patel and his wife reasoned that any amount of direct financial help would be never enough and never ending. It would also make

The Nrityangan Dance Academy hosted its seventh annual day recital on September 23, 2011 at the Elevation Church, Blakeney, Charlotte. This year’s recital was a fundraiser benefitting “Maiti Nepal,” which works to rescue sexually trafficked girls in India and Nepal. Choreographer Ritu Mukherjee and her students


November 2011

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the recipients dependent on aid, and deprive them of incentives to be self-reliant. Any hand-outs and freebies would be similar to many of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs (hence the one half title of the book). The author rejected such direct help, but he felt by doing nothing would disappoint his parents. The author and his wife devised a plan to help dozens of members of their families. While the book is a memoir of the author, spanning seven decades, the Mini-Marshall Plan of his family lasted about 25 years. During this period, the author and his wife assisted many of their family members with legal migration to the United States, paid for their travel, and in some cases, for their college education. They helped the new immigrants with employment and housing. As in the Marshall Plan of Europe (hence the other half title of the book), the Patel family members were given interest free loans, to be paid when the beneficiary became gainfully employed. Vithaldas H. Patel was born in the British colony of India and he talks about the inspiration of witnessing “two of the greatest peaceful revolutions of the human history, the independence struggle of India and the Civil Rights struggle of the United States.” The book “Marshall Plan versus the Great Society” demonstrates, by many examples, how he and his wife used incentive-based method to help family members. Patel and his wife, Shobhna, are both retired and live in North Carolina. The book can be found at the website 2011 International Festival of the City of raleigh By Yash Garg

from Indian Curry to Greek pastry, enriched culinary experiences. Vidya Arvapalli presented this year’s cultural exhibit on the 2011 theme of the Myths and Legends. Her dolls decoration told the story of Ganesha and how he became the elephant-headed God. Cultural exhibits offered a chance to visitors to ask questions. Geetha and Bhaskar Rao and Dr. Harish Chander’s presence at the exhibit acquainted many visitors with the story and significance of Ganesha. The setting of the main stage was spectacular under the skillful direction of Karen Edwards, who has been organizing the center stage dances since the very beginning of the festival. The audience could watch the steps and movements of the dancers on an uncurtained stage. More than 200 Indian dancers participated in almost all categories – children, teens and Adult dances, ranging from Bollywood dances to Punjabi Bhangra, Bengali folk to Rajasthani folk, and from classical kathak to Bharatnatyam. Many vendors were also on hand. 2011 Gandhi Jayanti By Yash Garg Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti is always an important as well as a happy occasion as it brings out cultural sentiments of Indian Americans living in the Triangle area to the fore through artistic presentations made by children and adults as well as speeches emphasizing Gandhi’s message. October 2, 2011 marked what would have been the 142nd birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the revered father of India (affectionately called Bapu) who taught the world the language of non-violence. It is also the UN International day of non-violence. Gandhi Jayanti celebration was presented by Heritage India Association of North Carolina on October 2, 2011 at the Marbles Kids Museum, Raleigh. A Gandhi statue is also located there. The Program began with garlanding the Gandhi Statue by Dr. Jagdish Narayan and Mr. Steve Rao. People gathered to pay their tribute to Gandhi ji and the entire assembly sang his favorite bhajan Raghupati Raghav Rajaram….” After garlanding ceremony, the celebration was held inside at the Venture hall beginning with the “Lamp Lighting Ceremony” by Saroj Sharma and a short address by Dr. Arvind Shah, who gave an overview of the Gandhi Project. A patriotic group dance performed children 5-8 years of age followed. The program’s emcee, Nandita Garg, introduced the items, which included bhajans, dances, speeches, and awards ceremony for the Gandhi Essay Contest. Dancing with the Carolina Stars 2011

A three-day long International Festival was held from Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2011 at the Raleigh Convention Center, with the laudable aim of bringing together the ethnic groups of the Triangle area and building better community relations. I was amazed at how much I learned that weekend about different cultures, history, and about countries I had never visited. The festival brought together a large number of people from all over the world to eat, dance, and celebrate diverse cultures. While storytelling, arts and crafts kept children quite absorbed, ethnic cuisine demonstrations, ranging from Baklava to Egg Rolls, and


Capitalizing on the popularity of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” a local human service organization – Senior Action – staged the 2nd Annual “Dancing with the Carolina Stars” on October 1, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville, SC. The fundraiser included local “celebrities,” a diverse group of community leaders and influencers. The celebrities were November 2011

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paired with professional dancers to train and compete for the public’s votes. The event raised $72,000 for Senior Action. RP Rama, of JHM Hotels, and Frederick Turner, of Lockheed Martin went into the evening as the top fundraisers. The evening took a dramatic turn when both men received perfect “10’s” from the judges’ panel. RP Rama eventually swept the evening, winning both the “Champion Fundraiser” trophy and “Champion Dancer” trophy for his Viennese Waltz with partner, Cary Beth Scherban, of Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Senior Action in a non-profit organization committed to assisting Greenville County seniors access appropriate, affordable service through Senior Action Premiere Programs.

Composting Classes in Charlotte Learn to reduce waste the natural way. Fall is almost here, and there’s no better time for the residents of Mecklenburg County to go natural and learn to make rich fertilizer for spring gardening. In their ongoing effort to reduce waste, experts from Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Management have announced a series of workshops in composting and other methods of residential organic waste control. Anyone can compost almost anything organic – from vegetable peelings to yard waste. Instead of relegating all that organic matter to the garbage can, learn how to put it to good use. The workshops are held the following Saturdays from 10 a.m.-noon and the cost is free. November 5, 2011: St. Albans Community Garden, Davidson; November 12, 2011: Reedy Creek Nature Center; November 12, 2011: McDowell Nature Center, Charlotte. Register at, under the Home Composting tab, or call 704.336.4304 to sign up.

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Website: | Email: Phone: 1.877.HE.Or.SHE (436.7743) or 313.574.7500 in the U.S.

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Last year, as the U.S. economy languished, around 70 percent of India’s gem and jewelry exports went to diamond traders Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. “Essentially, illicit diamonds that bypass the early stages of the Kimberley Process (such as those from Gabon and Cameroon, or those smuggled from Cote d’Ivoire, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe) can be laundered through willing companies in the cutting and polishing industry,” Ian Smillie, chairman of the Diamond Development Initiative, wrote in a recent report. “Arrests and the seizure of uncertified rough diamonds in the United States, the European Union, India and elsewhere demonstrate what may be the tip on an iceberg, one that the [Kimberly Process] has been unwilling to acknowledge or deal with.” Non-governmental organizations like Diamond Development Initiative, Amnesty International and Global Witness have repeatedly criticized the Kimberley Process for failing to plug loopholes in the system, and, worse, for failing to crack down on offenders like Venezuela, Guinea, Lebanon and Zimbabwe. But faith in the Kimberely Process has recently fallen to a new low. Activists walked out of a key meeting in June in what Global Witness termed a “vote of no confidence” triggered by a deal to allow Zimbabwe to sell diamonds from its violenceplagued Marange fields that “does not contain sufficient checks and balances to prevent substantial volumes of illicit diamonds from entering the global diamond supply chain.” According to India Today, the deal allowed the Surat Rough Diamond Sourcing India Limited, a consortium of 1,500 diamond traders, to directly source rough diamonds from miners in Zimbabwe, making it more difficult for the Kimberley Process to track the stones. Last year, Surat Rough Diamond Sourcing India Limited and the Zimbabwe government signed an agreement for the regular supply of diamonds worth $1.2 billion a year in exchange for training Zimbabweans in Surat’s diamond-processing units, the magazine reported in May. Many of those stones will doubtless wind up in Surat’s “Mini Bazaar” — a small outpost compared to the main market in Mahidharpura, where there are some 50,000 traders, according to a local broker. On a typical weekday afternoon here, hundreds of diamond brokers line the street. Clad in the standard cheap polyblend slacks, button-down shirt and rubber sandals, they sit on the back of motorcycles and on stoops, lean against shopfronts or squat on their heels, farmer-style, on the curb. Behind them, in open-air shops, dozens of traders sit crosslegged behind rows of tiny desks, examining sachets of glittering stones with tiny jeweler’s loupes. If the roughs they came from once had blood on them, nobody would be the wiser, judging from the way polished stones change hands. “Hello, hello, gentleman,” a local trader calls out from behind a tiny desk. Keen to make a sale, he spills a sparkling pile of half-carat diamonds onto the table from a paper sachet. “All the documents are in Mumbai only, so there is no need to look at them,” he says when asked whether they are legal. “We buy the diamonds on trust.”


November 2011




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Carolinas Christian Assembly Carolinas Christian Assembly, Charlotte, N.C is excited to announce the appointment of our new pastor Rev. Dr. K.C. Paul, MA, M. div, PG, PC, MS, PhD. We are welcoming Rev. Dr. Paul & family to Charlotte, NC area. Rev Dr. K.C. Paul is the founder and pastor of Christ Church, and Director of International institute of Counseling in Bangalore, India Carolinas Christian assembly is the first Indian church that was formed in the Charlotte, N.C area in 2001. Our current worship Centre is conveniently located minutes from Downtown, Charlotte and highway 485 & Independence Blvd. Details and schedule of service can be obtained from our website at’. New Sunday evening English service is being held at Matthews campus. Carolinas Christian assembly has outreach stations at Lake Norman, Raleigh, & Fort Mill, SC. Rev Dr. Paul can be reached at 704-771-1414 by phone and by e-mail:

Rev. Dr. K.C. Paul, MA, M.div, PG, PC, MS, PhD

For Details Contact: Carolinas Christian Assembly 12601 Idlewild Road, Matthews, NC 28105 Rev. Dr. K.C. Paul 704-771-1414

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Contact for further details Rev. Dr. K.C. Paul (704.771.1414), Rajan Mathew (704.756.4969), Jose Varughese (704.453.6177), Varughese K. Thomas (803.322.9549).

Charlotte Art of living (Healing with the breath) Art of Living is dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. This is done through self development programs that recharge the body, mind and spirit and allow people to function at their optimum potential. People from all backgrounds, religions and cultural traditions come together in service and celebration. For Further Details: 704.248.2647

Charlotte Gita Study Group Beginners and advanced students of the Gita are welcome. The group meets the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 3 - 5 pm. This course is based on the Home Study Course of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Saylorsburg, PA. Each session starts with a meditation followed by a recorded lecture in English, supplemented by discussion among the group. For further details: Rishi and Shikha Bhatnagar,, 513.518.5300 Shridhar and Kruti Dave,, 704.844.9567 Naras and Beena Eechambadi,

Association for India’s Development - Charlotte A volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just-development. AID Charlotte supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources, health, women’s empowerment and social justice. For further details: Kiran Uppalapati 704.307.6450 Venkata Ramana Duddu 662.231.2350.

Charlotte Hindu Center Table Tennis The group meets every Monday and Wednesday from 6.30 - 10 pm. New players come after 7.30 pm for orientation. The TT action takes place at the Vihar Hall of Charlotte’s Hindu Center, 7400 City View Dr., Charlotte, NC 28134. All levels and types of play. Free coaching and lessons. For further details: or visit

bAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Regularly scheduled activities include a daily Aarti at 6:30 am and 7 pm. Darshan: Mon-Fri 6:30 am-12:30 pm and 4 - 8:30 pm, Sat/Sun 6:30 am-8:30 pm. Gujarati classes are held every Sunday from 3 - 4 pm and “Satsang Sabha” is held every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. The Swaminarayan Temple is located at 4100 Margaret Wallace Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28105. For Further Details: 704.573.0805 704.573.0820 (fax)

Charlotte Indian Christian Fellowship The group meets the third Saturday of every month at 6:30 PM for Bible Study, Prayer and Fellowship. Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship along with family and friends. For Further Details: Hema at 704.841.7060 Charlotte Kannada Koota The Charlotte Kannada Koota is an organization that promotes understanding of Karnataka culture and provides a medium for people of Karnataka (Kannadigas) to get together. The activities include social get-togethers, music, and drama. For Further Details: 704.526.9990 (Appan Patil), 704.281.8732 (Raj Kulgod),

bethel Christian Fellowship Bethel Christian Fellowship offers services in various Indian languages (i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.) Sunday School Time - 11:15 - 11:45 am; Sunday Worship Service time: 11:45 - 1:15 pm. Sunday Service Location: Fort Mill Church of God, Student Life Center Building, 216 Academy Street, Room 102. Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715. Saturday Service Location: Life Builders Church - 730 Oak Dale Rd, Charlotte NC 28216. For further details: 803.792.7223; (Pastor: Rajan Samuel).

Charlotte Kriya yoga Group Charlotte Kriya Yoga Group Promotes Kriya Yoga Meditation practices as taught by lineage of realized masters such as Mahaavatar Baba Ji, Lahri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Hariharananda, and Prajanananada. A sincere seeker who follows the path of Kriya Yoga with love and devotion and a desire for spiritual growth can attain Selfrealization. Center hosts two annual initiation programs and a weekly Sunday meditation for initiates. For Further Details:

Carolina Sanskritk Maharashtra Mandal CSMM promotes Maharashtrian culture and language. Maharashtra mandal is committed to serve Carolina Marathi community with various cultural, social and traditional Marathi programs and events. For Further Details: Abhay Khanore,, 803.554.1234 Manish Khot,, 215.380.8722 Sangeeta Korde,, 704.421.4279

Charlotte Table Tennis Club Charlotte Table Tennis Club is located at 345 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28204. Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 6-10 pm, Saturday 2-6 pm Sunday 1-5 pm. For Further Details:

Carolinas Christian Assembly - Charlotte Everyone is cordially invited to join for Sunday worship, Bible class, Sunday school: Sundays from 9 am - 12 pm. English and various Indian languages are used in the Sunday services.


November 2011

Serving the South Asian community

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November 2011

surrounding areas. “Gurdwara” address: 1760 Stoney Creek Lane, Charlotte, NC 28262. Regular Program: Every Sunday: 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Asa Di War by Bhai Satnam Singh Jee, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Keertan by Children, 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm, Keertan by Bhai Satnam Singh Jee, 1:15 pm - 1:30 pm, Ardaas, followed by Guru Ka Langar. For Further Details: 704.948.7664 (Roshan Attrey),, 704.541.0350 (Sajjan Dhaliwal),, 704.948.8091 (Inderjeet Rajpal),

Charlotte Telangana Association Charlotte Telangana Association is a non-profit organization formed to promote two different aspects —- to promote not only the Telangana cultural activities within greater Charlotte area, but also to bring together all the Telangana people living in the greater Charlotte area and also to discuss, plan, and take action around the development of Telangana focusing both on rural and urban Telangana areas. “CTA” will also actively engage in educating private, public and non-profit organizations about the great resources that Telangana has for business activities, political climate of Telangana reason, and the need for non-profit across telangana region. For further details:

Hindu Center of Charlotte The Hindu Center is located at 7400 City View Drive, Charlotte, NC 28212. Temple Phone: 704.535.3440. The library is stocked with books, CDs, DVDs and other materials on varied genre such as religion, culture, history, philosophy, yoga and health. Library info: 704.554.0765. Children’s Religious Oriented Program (C.R.O.P.) is for children Kindergarten through 12th grade to educate them in culture and understand religious practices. A glimpse on understanding The Bhagvad Gita provides children with an opportunity to learn about the GITA with simplicity, ease and in an inclusive discussion format. Info on CROP 704.547.1676 (Chetna Patel) The Senior Citizens Group meets on the 1st Sunday of every month at 4 pm and followed by Satyanarayan Katha at 5 pm. Future trips and activities are in the planning stages. Info on the group: 704.334.2462 (Gobind Bhojwani). The sloka class teaches children above the age of five different Hindu hymns, their meaning and significance. The class meets Sundays at 9:30 am. Info on the class: 704.814.9355 (Lakshmi Muthukrishnan). Info on the Social Welfare Committee: 704.372.1265 (Narain Amar) or 704.948.5609 (Dhinakaran Pillai). The Vedic Havan is held at the vedant hall on second Sunday of every month at 10:30 am to 12:00 pm noon followed by Prasadam. Info: 704.825.9223 (Swadesh Sawhney). The Pranayam classes are held on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Info: 704.649.5374 (Kajal Jain), 704.554.0765 (Manisha Naik), or 281.304.5597 (Sanjay Vyas) Yoga classes are held Sundays at 9 am. Info: 704.864.8212 Free Table Tennis Open Play & Coaching is available for Members and their families (especially children 10 years and over). The hours are from 6.30pm to 10:00pm every Wednesday in the Vihar Hall. No prior registration is necessary. There are five good tables and can add more as necessary. Free coaching is also available from Srinivas Janardhan (SJ) and three other experienced certified coaches from Charlotte Table Tennis Club (CTTC). For further details visit or contact SJ (, Hemant Amin ( or Chetan Thakker ( Upcoming Events: Sat Nov 5 - Diwali Dinner - Vihar Hall @ 6:00 p.m. For further details:

Charlotte Vipassana Meditation Group Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills. The Charlotte Vipassana Meditation Group holds weekly group sits and monthly all day sits for established students (those who have taken at least one ten day course from S. N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers). Ten-day courses are also available for all students. There is never a charge for a course. To apply for a 10 day retreat visit the website For Further Details: 704.277.5013, 704.563.5440, Classical Music Association of Charlotte (CMAC) CMAC sponsors many classical concerts during the year in Charlotte. Membership forms are available at concerts. For Further Details: 704.541.3361 (Rama Rachakonda), 704.814.9355 (Lakshmi Muthukrishnan), ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI) was established to help in the overall development of the remote tribal and rural villages in India. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA along with EVFI is committed to the cause of eradicating illiteracy from tribal areas. Education is the key to self-esteem, self-sustenance, economic well being and happiness. Ekal Vidyalya (One School One Teacher in one village) plans to establish 100,000 schools in tribal areas by 2012. This will cover all the villages in tribal areas where there are no schools today. The Carolinas Region of the EVFUSA conducts fund raising and awareness programs in North and South Carolina. For Further Details: Ekal Charlotte Chapter: Neena Narumanchi Ekal Columbia: Janak Dalal /

IAMC (Indian American Muslim Council) - Charlotte Chapter IAMC formerly known as IMC-USA (Indian Muslim Council – USA) is an Independent not for profit, tax exempt organization

Gurdwara Sahib - Charlotte The Sikh Heritage Society strives to unite and enrich the lives of the Sikh & Punjabi communities of Charlotte and


November 2011


Smruti Patel




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OR Subscribe online at E-mail to:

Fax: (704) 527-7590 Call: (704) 527-7570 NOTE: The mailing list information is kept strictly confidential. We DO NOT sell our mailing list to outside agencies and the phone number is used to verify your address. Shukla Entertainment does use the mailing list to mail Saathee Magazine advertising supplemental fliers, mailers, etc. Free subscription for NC, SC, VA & GA only. Digital edition avalable at Moving? Please drop us a line so we can update your mailing address.


November 2011

• Emotional support • Referrals to professional and community services regarding legal issues, health care, short-term child care, psychological counseling, and temporary shelter and housing • KIRAN’s services are completely confidential. Translators and crisis counselors do not disclose any information provided. For Further Details: Crisis Hotline: 1877- NC-KIRAN or 1-877-625-4726

committed to promoting peace, pluralism and social justice for all through advocacy. The organization is also committed to promote and protect human rights and human dignity in India as they are the foundation of freedom, justice and peace. IAMC-Charlotte, seeks to reach out to Indian Muslims living in and around Charlotte to join our efforts as we are dedicated to promote Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice for all in India, to strive for Inter-Faith, Inter-Community understanding in the United States with particular focus on Indian Diaspora and to build alliances and relationships with individuals and groups who share our basic values. The IAMC-Charlotte chapter is supported by donations from its members. For Further Details: Ashfaq Mehdi 704.904.5778 Afzal Syed 704.770.1103

Net IP Charlotte NetIP Charlotte is the only official Carolinas chapter of North America’s Largest Network of Indian Professionals. NetIP Charlotte provides a forum for on-going Career Developmental and Professional Networking activities. It arranges various events and maintains deeper ties with Businesses & the community. It provides various effective ways for Carolinas’ Indian Professionals to connect with other professionals. For Further Details:

Indian Performing Arts Association of Charlotte (IPAAC) IPAAC (Indian Performing Arts Association of Charlotte) promotes classical Hindustani music by inviting well-known artists from India. For Further Details: Sarla Kumar 704.846.4423 Chaula Jain 704.364.0984

Pratham - Charlotte Area Pratham is India’s largest non-profit organization with grass roots programs in the area of primary education. Pratham has made an impact on the learning levels of several million children through its Read India campaign, which reached 31 million children across India. Pratham has developed an accelerated learning technique, which helps children to read & write in two months. With nearly half the children in India who attend schools not learning to read and write at the required level, Pratham is trying to fill an important gap in the area of primary education. For Further Details: Anju Desai ( or 980-622-0125) and Shubhra Chakraborty ( or 704-9424798).

Indian Visual Artists Association of Charlotte (IVAAC) IVAAC was founded by artists of Indian origin living in the Charlotte, NC area in their pursuit of a creative outlet, stemming from an urge to express the flow of their innate artistic moods and ideas. The vision is to promote the enigmatic and intriguing Indian culture into meaningful forms of expression that exposes the rich traditions and diversity of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth, in today’s fast blending global culture and to create an organization that provides planning and funding required to ensure and support a vibrant and culturally diverse Indian art community. For Further Details: 704.540.8799 (Amit Shah), 704.688.5387 (Kinshuk Agarwal)

Probasi of Charlotte Probasi is the Bengali community based in Charlotte and surrounding areas. The community’s goal is to organize cultural and educational program related to Bengal in the Greater Charlotte area, to increase Bengali cultural awareness, and to provide community service in the area. For Further Details:

Kiran KIRAN is a multi-cultural, non-religious, community based, South Asian organization. Promoting the self-reliance and empowerment of South Asian women who are in crisis through outreach, peer support, and referrals in a confidential manner. The group spreads awareness of South Asian women’s issues in the community and we cooperate and collaborate with organizations in the USA and elsewhere with similar objectives. Countries in South Asia include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Though there are differences in language, customs, and religions across these countries, these regions share many basic cultural and historical similarities. Call the crisis phone line Monday- Friday (9am – 9pm). For info regarding domestic violence call an advocate. Services offered are confidential and free of charge: • Information in a culture- and context-sensitive manner • Non-judgmental help and support to women who are experiencing oppressive/crisis situations

Sahaj Marg Meditation- Charlotte Area Sahaj Marg, which means Simple or Natural path, is a Raj Yoga system of spiritual training based on the heart centered meditation. The unique features of this meditation include transmission of divine energy into the heart of the practitioner and cleaning of deep impressions, thereby regulating the mind. Regular practice of this system of meditation integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human being, while still encouraging people to maintain a normal family and working life. In the Charlotte area, group meditation is held at the Unity of Charlotte on Sundays and Wednesdays. For Further Details: Arun and Promila Sehra 704.844.0147 Srikanth Katakam 704.496.4411 96

November 2011

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Business owners Ask us about how your business can benefit with advertising on! call (704) 527-7570 or e-mail:

Shree Swaminarayan Satsang Mandal Vadtal On the 1st Saturday of every month, Shree Swaminarayan Satsang Mandal Vadtal has kirtans and bhajans at the Hindu Center of Charlotte at 5 pm. After the bhajans, there is Aarti and Mahaprasad. In addition, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, an additional Satsang Sabha is held at sponsor’s house at 3 - 5 pm. For Further Details: 704.392.4488 - Ramesh Dhanani

Greensboro Art of living (Greensboro) The Art of Living Foundation offers programs to uncover the strength, peace, and joy that lie at the core of every human being. Part I courses are offered regularly in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Charlotte and now Greensboro. The Part I course covers breathing techniques to eliminate stress & tension; skills for improving relationships at home & at work; practical wisdom to get the most out of life; insight into the laws that govern the mind & emotions; low-impact yoga and the masterpiece of the Art of Living Course is a powerful breathingbased technique called Sudarshan Kriya, or the healing breath. For Further Details: Nirupama Shankar @ Puja Verma @

Shri rang Avadhut Parivar (Parspar Devo bhav) Soul devotees of Guru Dattatraya Rang Avadhut and Shri Prem Avadhut meet every Thursday evening in Charlotte, NC from 7 - 8 pm. for recital of Datta-Bavani, singing devotional Dattatraya Bhajans and reading Guru-Lilamrut. Detailed information about Charlotte meetings, literature, videos, Nareshwar Ashram and Shri Avadhut’s life is available. For Further Details: Bharat Shah - 704.724.6247 Nagesh Patel - 704.399.7805

Greensboro Cricket Club (GCC) Good news for cricket lovers! There are several teams that play cricket in Greensboro. The goals of GCC are fun, fitness, and friendship. For info on play and location contact below players. For Further Details: 336.501.3566 Dev, Greensboro Warriors,; Venky, Triad Tigers,

SouthPark Cricket Club South Park Cricket Club is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and it has been an active member of the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference since 2002. The club’s home ground is located at the Reedy Creek Park, 2900 Rocky River Road, Charlotte, NC. For Further Details: 847.722.9865 (Baseet Ahmed),

Gujarati Cultural Association of Piedmont (GCAP) The Gujarati Cultural Association of Piedmont serves the Asian Indian community through sponsored events, cultural, educational and social programs. GCAP, 127 Landmark Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 For Further Details: Narendra Patel: 336.601.1978 (Pres.) Dipak Patel: 919.478.4759 (Vice Pres.)

Srishti of Charlotte Srishti based in Charlotte has emerged to fulfill the North Carolina community’s need for togetherness and the desire to showcase Bengali culture, heritage, literature, theatre, music and popular arts. Literally, the word Srishti means an act of creation. Though established and coordinated by a group of Bengali families, Srishti welcomes and brings together people of varied cultures, ethnicity, languages, background and nationalities who are interested in East Indian traditions. Members include not only Bengalis but also Indians from other parts of the country and a few foreign nationals too. For Further Details: Samiksha Bose: 704-321-1964 Santanu Sarkar : 704-541-3451 Rituparna Mukherjee: 704-844-9505

India Association of the Triad The objective of the Association is to promote social, cultural and educational interests of its members, develop understanding between members of the Indian community and other residents of the Triad, and make the latter aware of issues of concern to the Indian community. Diwali Program - Dances with Diyas - Diwali Fest 2011. Sat Nov 12 6pm to midnight. Venue: Greensboro Day School, 5401 Lawndale Dr., Greensboro, NC 27455. Tickets: $25.00 (show, dinner and party), free for members. For Further Details: Krishna Balu - 336.292.9462

Tamil Catholics of Charlotte Tamil Catholics living in the Charlotte-Greensboro area interested in attending monthly mass in Tamil contact

Indo-uS Cultural Association of winston-Salem The Indo-US Cultural Association’s primary mission is to increase awareness of the cultural heritage of India which is tremendously rich in its diversity and history. The Association seeks to reach out to the thriving Indian-American community within the Piedmont and Triad areas to share the vibrant Indian culture and promote cross-cultural understanding. For further details: Manjunath C Shamanna, 336.413.5090

united Cricket Club Forming a team this March of experienced as well as beginners that love cricket. Team will play in the Atlantic League. Practice is every Sunday at Reedy Creek Park (11 to 4pm). Sunday and Monday evenings for ages 15 and up. Join the fun. For Further Details: 704.905.9127(Captain-Syed) 704.493.7629(Vice Captain-Mohsan)


November 2011

life bliss Foundation The NC Chapter offers workshops, books, CD’s, and DVD’s on spirituality and enlightenment from living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Many videos are available on YouTube. Satsang in Greensboro is held the first Wednesday of each month. The meeting includes meditation, video discourse, and Q&A. Satsang Location: First Wednesday of the month, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Integrative Therapies, 7-E Oak Branch Drive, Greensboro NC 27407. Meditation workshops are taught on a regular basis. For further details: 336.644.1111

established with a view to: Bring together Nepalese residents of this region and their friends to work cohesively toward preserving and promoting Nepalese ethnicity, culture and arts; Promote friendship, cooperation and mutual respect among the Nepalese people and the diverse Triad community; Provide direct and supportive services to the community; Empower community members to achieve skills and confidence in order to contribute to the well being of the Triad community; Collaborate closely with local organizations and agencies to fulfill our mission to address any challenges of the community. For further details:

life Mission, uSA This ashram has been established to provide helpful benefits for all - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All these benefits can be achieved through the natural remedies of yoga therapy, ayurveda, naturopathy and diet. 8136 NC Highway 119 South Mebane, NC 27302. Upcoming Programs: Nov 24: Health Retreat For further details: 336.421.0690


Sri Sathya Sai baba Center of Greensboro, NC The Center regularly conducting Sai Bhajans, Study Circle, various service activities and SSE class (for students) in Greensboro, NC all Sundays — 9:45 AM to 12:15 PM For Further Details: Swami Rajendran 908-875-6964 Dr. Varatharajah 336-851-9150 Temple of the Holy Name Prabhupada Village is a rural Hare Krishna community situated in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Every Sunday at 3 p.m. —- chanting, dancing, feasting and philosophy. Temple is located at 1283 Prabhupada Rd, Sandy Ridge, NC 27046 For Further Details: 336.593.9888 Triad Hindu Temple The Triad Hindu Temple is located at 2424 Huffine Mill Rd., Greensboro. Its mission is to serve the Hindu Community and promote Hindu Culture through religious, social and educational activities. Regularly scheduled events include Puja, bhajans, children’s programs, celebration of holidays and community service. For Further Details: Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC) TNCC is an association of Nepalese and friends living in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. The Piedmont Triad region encompasses the cities of Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas. TNCC was

AANC - Assamese Association of North Carolina AANC is a Socio Cultural organization with the objective of promoting and providing understanding of Assamese Culture and Language. AANC celebrates Assamese festivals and organizes cultural activities like Bihu Dance, music, songs and social get-togethers with essential touch of Assamese culture. Everyone from Assam as well as anyone with any connection to or interest in Assam or Assamese culture is most welcomed. For Further Details: 919.200.4020 Academic Foundation for International Cultural exchange (AFICe) Interested in exploring the diverse cultures of the world? Become a host family for a high school exchange student! All the students will come from various countries around the world, and all students speak fluent English. They are of high school age (15-18) and will attend local high school in their respective communities. Each student will live as member of their American host family, sharing household duties and responsibilities. AFICE is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing cultural gaps by allowing foreign students the opportunity to live as part of an American community. For Further Details: Art of living (raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) The Art of Living Foundation offers “Art of Living” Course that teaches you practical tools to better handle the stresses of daily life, to unlock their deepest potential and bring fullness to life. In the Art of Living course participants will learn and experience: Breathing techniques that heal and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, eliminate stress & tension; Skills for handling negative emotions and situations; Practical wisdom for improving work and relationships; Insight into the laws that govern the mind & emotions; Low-impact yoga. The masterpiece of the Art of Living Course is a powerful breathingbased technique called Sudarshan Kriya, or the healing breath. It is immensely powerful and incorporates specific natural rhythms of breath to release stress and purify the entire system by releasing toxins at the deepest cellular level. Ongoing


November 2011

drastic Improvement in SAT / ACT Scores

Bring this Saathee ad and receive a $100 DISCOUNT toward your tuition. Bring this Saathee ad and receive a $100 DISCOUNT toward your tuition. 9601 Holly Point Drive Huntersville, NC 28078

(704) 896-9699 4701 Park Road Pfeiffer University Campus Charlotte, NC 28209

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“Serving Families Since 1977”

research has shown that the rhythmic breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya, and its accompanying practices (SK&P) can lead to improved physical, mental and emotional health. For Further Details: Phone: 919-275-0443 (Priti Manmode) E-Mail: Association for India’s Development (AID) Duke university Chapter AID’s mission is effect social change in India, by supporting projects with grassroots non-governmental organization in India in the areas of literacy, health care, rural credit, women’s empowerment etc. For Further Details: balagokulam Gokulam is where Lord Krishna’s magical childhood days were spent. It was here that his divine powers came to light. Every child has that spark of divinity within. Balagokulam is a forum for children (4-15 years age) to discover and manifest that divinity. It will enable Hindu children in the US to appreciate their cultural roots and learn values. This is done through games, yoga, stories, songs, shlokas, arts/crafts, and Seva (selfless service) in the community. Balagokulam sessions are free for all and are held on Saturdays. For Further Details: (Charlotte region) bAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir invites everyone to the regularly scheduled events: Ravi sabha - every Sunday at 4 - 6 pm followed by Aarti and Maha Prasad. Mahapuja – every Purnima at 7 pm. Many classes are conducted. Fresh Indian snacks and sweets available at Shayona. 1020 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560. For Further Details: 919.469.6605 bengali Association of North Carolina (bANC) BANC seeks to promote Bengali culture, language, music, arts and social activities by offering varieties of programs for members of INDO-American community within North Carolina and adjacent states. The association is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, social and educational purposes. For further details: 919.461.2386 (Ratan Ray), 919.510.7943 (Swaty Sen), bharatiya Senior Citizens of North Carolina (bSCNC) BSCNC is a nonprofit organization for senior citizens of Indian origin that are age of 60 years and above. The BSCNC members meet on the second Saturday of each month at Cary Senior


Center in Bond Park in Cary NC from 10am to 3pm. The next meeting will be on Sat Nov 12 at which ``Annakut Darshan’’ will be celebrated and everybody is requested to bring Prasadam. There will also be a “fancy dress competition” in which both gents and ladies are encouraged to participate prizes will be awarded. There will also be an election for the Board of Directors for those positions that will be vacated as per the rotation for three members. Ballot papers for the Board positions and also for amendment of various Articles of the Constitution will be sent to all of the members shortly for appropriate voting. Members are requested to provide their current/correct address details to a member of the current Officer group to ensure that they receive the appropriate materials. For Further Details: Harish Shah 919.387.1629, Mahendra Patel 919.793.6588, Raojibhai Patel 919.866.4391, Mulchand Patel 252.446.7891 Carolina rajasthani Association Visit the website for upcoming events. Sushma Maheshwari - 919-880-8529, Shruti Singhi - 919-412-4819, Chinmaya Mission Chinmaya Mission is a worldwide non-profit organization promoting spiritual growth, started by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. The Chinmaya Mission Raleigh Durham (CMRDU) chapter conducts Balavihar classes from 3 year old to youth on Sunday from 10 am to 11:30 am at Reedy Creek Middle School, Cary. The classes are tailored to each age group by special curriculum created by experienced Swamijis and Acharyas exclusively for CM Balavihar. Trained teachers conduct the classes. Curriculum includes learning to chant the Bhagavad-Gita verses, shlokas, singing devotional bhajans, stories from scriptures, family pujas, meditation, and fun activities like overnight lock-ins, picnics, and competitions. Introduction to Hindi and Sanskrit is also included. This year’s theme being Rama - My Brother, the children will learn to incorporate helpful virtues throughout their life. All festivals are celebrated with families and Prasad. Parents wishing to enroll their children in Balavihar can register through the website. A regular adult study group is conducted for adults on Sunday mornings at Reedy Creek Middle School, as well as other locations in the Triangle. For Further Details: Venkat Mandavilli at 919.387.8434 Srinivas Andhavarapu at 919.439.4444 Dada bhagwan Satsang Don’t miss on the lifetime event of “Gnan Vidhi” which opens up the path to “Moksha” - everyone is encouraged to procure details of the “Gnan Vidhi” at their nearest location. Meanwhile, download some spiritual books and enrich the spiritual foundation. Subscriptions for monthly spiritual magazine “Dadavani” are also available. When in India, visit Tri Mandir at Adalaj near Ahmedabad. Visit and watch Satsang on Web TV. For children - visit November 2011

ekal Vidyalaya Foundation rTP Chapter Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI) was established to help in the overall development of the remote tribal and rural villages in India. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA along with EVFI is committed to the cause of eradicating illiteracy from tribal areas. Education is the key to self-esteem, self-sustenance, economic well being and happiness. Ekal Vidyalya (One School One Teacher in one village) plans to establish 100,000 schools in tribal areas by 2012. This will cover all the villages in tribal areas where there are no schools today. The Raleigh Chapter EVFUSA conducts fund raising & awareness programs in the Triangle. For further details: Ekal/RTP: Geet bazaar radio Program Every Sunday morning from 10 am - 12 noon on WKNC 88.1 FM, join hosts Afroz Taj and John Caldwell, for a wide variety of music from India, Pakistan, and other countries and languages of South Asia. Geet Bazaar will also publicize community events free of charge. For Further Details: 919.851.1119 (Dr. Afroj Taj) GeM - raleigh Church of God Attend worship services, prayer meetings or Sunday School. For Further Details: 919.395.6208 (Pastor Thankachan M.) Heritage India Association of North Carolina (HIANC) HIANC aims at providing Indian cultural experience through performing arts, cultural arts, fine arts & crafts of India. Its mission is “to preserve and promote Indian heritage and culture.” During the year, Heritage India Association of North Carolina presents several events and also coordinates Indian dances for the main stage performances for the Raleigh International Festival. For further details: Hindi Vikas Mandal of NC Hindi Vikas Mandal (HVM), based in the RTP area, promotes study and appreciation of Hindi language and strives to foster Indian culture and traditions through Hindi. HVM has a special focus on the youths for the preservation of Indian Culture and heritage. For Further Details: Saroj Sharma 919.851.0225 V.P. Tiwari 919.423.0365 Hindu Society of North Carolina - Morrisville, NC The Hindu Society of North Carolina, located at 309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, N.C. serves the Indian community in the Triangle area and its vicinity. Temple timings are: Mon. - Fri. 8 - 11 am and 5 - 9 pm, Sat. - Sun. 8 am - 7 pm. Daily Aarti and Puja is also conducted by the Priest. Other regular religious and cultural programs: Monthly Vedic Havan, Tuesday Hauman Chalisa recitation, Sri Ramakrishna Study Group, Sri Sai Baba Group, Gita Study Group, Devi Puja, Vaishnav Bhajan Group, Akhand Ramayana Recitation, Weekend Language and


Spiritual Knowledge Classes, and Sloka classes for Children. Yoga classes are also offered twice a week (Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.) at the Cultural Hall. Priest services are available at your home and/or at the Temple at a nominal charge. For Further Details: Saroj Sharma at 919.654.5224 or 919.851.1225 Arvind Shah 919.434.8021 Hindu Students Council (HSC) - NC State university HSC-NCSU is a chapter of the national organization Hindu Students Council (HSC). HSC-NCSU is a cultural and religious student organization. It aims to provide opportunities to learn about Hindu philosophy, spirituality and cultural heritage through various activities, events and projects and is dedicated to provide “seva” (service) to the community. For Further Details: 919.676.0298 (Mrinmoyee Sanyal) Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) The HSS conducts weekly activities to develop character and leadership skills in participants, emphasizing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence and a spirit of selfless service (seva) for humanity while maintaining Hindu cultural identity in harmony with the larger society. HSS is inspired by the idea that the whole world is one family. HSS started in 1989 in the United States and currently has over 100 chapters (shakhas) across the country. The Research Triangle Park chapter meets every Saturday. Activities are tailored to include yoga, games, songs, lectures and discussions on Hindu dharma and culture. For Further Details: - Triangle area - Charlotte region. Hum Sub Hum Sub is dedicated to sharing the social and cultural traditions of India with the residents of the Research Triangle Park and North Carolina. For Further Details: 919.367.0461 (Sonali Luniya) 919.851.5959 (Poonam Gupta) Indian American Forum for Political education (IAFPe) IAFPE, known as the FORUM, is the oldest and largest Indian American organization for political education in the country. This is a non-profit organization with numerous chapters throughout the United States. The North Carolina Chapter is in Raleigh and has just established a new committee for a 2-year term. IAFPE is excited and motivated to educate the community on political issues and help the community with various services. Support is needed from the community to help grow and provide services and informative events. For Further Details: Nilesh - 919.656.4361 November 2011

Saathee M A G A z I N E

Free Subscription (NC & SC) Name: ______________________ ______________________________ Address: _____________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Phone: ______________________ Date: _________________________ E-mail: _______________________

Mail to: Saathee Magazine Subscriptions PO Box 11468 Charlotte, NC 28220 OR Subscribe on line at E-mail to: Fax: (704) 527-7590 Call: (704) 527-7570 NOTE: The mailing list information is kept strictly confidential. We DO NOt sell our mailing list to outside agencies and the phone number is used to verify your address. Shukla Entertainment does use the mailing list to mail Saathee Magazine advertising supplemental fliers, mailers, etc. Moving? Please drop us a line so we can update your mailing address.

Looking for a Job or a business? Want to take music lessons? Want to Sell a business? ChECk Out thE SAAthEE ClASSIFIEdS! Page 122

Saathee Classifieds. they Work For YOu!

An inexpensive way to reach thousands of South Asians throughout the Carolinas and beyond.


A features magazine for the South Asian Community of the Carolinas

704-527-7570 or e-mail: Classifieds also available at


November 2011

Indian Classical Music & Dance Society (ICMDS) ICMDS is dedicated to the task of promoting Indian classical music and dance in the Triangle area. ICMDS invites the top artists from all over the world to perform in the Triangle area. For Further Details: Indo-American Friendship Foundation Did you know that about 90 percent of rural orphans are female and most of them are abandoned at birth due to their gender? Not one of them gets the opportunity to become a doctor, engineer, or even receive basic education. Because they cannot live in the orphanage when they turn 18, many of them fall victim to different types of exploitation, including sex trade. IAFF has created an orphanage education fund to help qualified orphans to rise as high as they can climb in the educational/professional ladder. For Further Details: 919.362.7653 (Dr. Subhas C. Mohapatra) Indus Foundation Indus Foundation was founded in NC by a group of professionals with the sole purpose of giving back to the community and the country that has helped members achieve success. Every dollar is wisely spent back into the community without any overheads. Current major projects: Indian Cancer Society rehabilitation Center in Mumbai, Mental Healthcare Center for socially rejected Women in Indore, and three Educational Centers in Gurgaon. Adopt an on-going project or launch an new project under specific guidelines. Make a commitment today to build a better tomorrow. For Further Details: 919.461.0001 (Dr. Vinnie Goel, Chairman) 919.467.0598 (Dr. Shri Kulkarni, President) 919.319.7294 (Dr. Vijaya Bapat, Vice-President) International Community Church CC is a worship center for people from India and neighboring countries. The pastor is Joseph B. Jesudason and the church office is located at 1215 Franklin Jones Road, Suite #204, Raleigh, NC 27606. For Further Details: 919.233.2900 International Hindi Association International Hindi Association (IHA) promotes Hindi language and literature and has chapters all over the United States. The Raleigh Chapter periodically organizes Kavi Sammelans with local and indigenous talents. Open to those interested in listening to poetry or in reciting poetry. For Further Details: 919.656.5224 (Saroj Sharma) 919.678.9056 (Sudha Om Dhingra) International Swaminarayan Satsang organization (ISSo) Primary objective of ISSO is “To advance the Sanatan Dharma in accordance with the principles and teachings of Shree Swaminarayan Sampradaya, founded and ordained by Lord


Shree Swaminarayan (Shree Sahajanand Swami),” enabling His devotees from both the Nar Narayan Dev Gadi (Ahmedabad) and Laxmi Narayan Dev Gadi (Vadtal) to practice their religious duties in harmony. The Raleigh-Durham chapter organizes a “Satsang Sabha” every two weeks, which includes Kirtan bhakti, Katha, Aarti and Mahaprasad. For further detaiils: 919.363.2356 (Niraj Joshi) Kiran KIRAN is a multi-cultural, non-religious, community based, South Asian organization. Promoting the self-reliance and empowerment of South Asian women who are in crisis through outreach, peer support, and referrals in a confidential manner. The group spreads awareness of South Asian women’s issues in the community and we cooperate and collaborate with organizations in the USA and elsewhere with similar objectives. Countries in South Asia include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Though there are differences in language, customs, and religions across these countries, these regions share many basic cultural and historical similarities. KIRAN operates a crisis phone line MondayFriday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. For help or information regarding domestic violence call an advocate. Services offered are confidential and free of charge: • Information in a culture- and context-sensitive manner • Non-judgmental help and support to women who are experiencing oppressive/crisis situations • Emotional support • Referrals to professional and community services regarding legal issues, health care, short-term child care, psychological counseling, and temporary shelter and housing • KIRAN’s services are completely confidential. Further Details: Crisis Hotline: 1877- NC-KIRAN or 1-877-625-4726 lakulish yoga and Health retreat Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreat is a secluded resort in Caswell County, located at 8136 N.C. Highway 119 South, Mebane, NC 27302. It is a place of natural beauty that stimulates a spirit of detachment and inspires and uplifts visitors. This resort is hallowed by a Yogi, a Sannyasi who ensures that the true practice of Dharma and Yoga flourish, offering the North Carolina community and visitors an ongoing program of free Yoga Classes. The classes are offered each Wednesday from 6 8 pm, and each Saturday from 11 am - 1 pm. For Further Details: 336.421.0690 Nuv yug Nuv Yug is a cultural organization with a mission to promote awareness of Indian cultural arts and heritage. Striving to create synergy among cultural groups from the South Asian region. For Further Details: November 2011

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Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00 pm Saturday 10:30am - 2:30pm. Sunday by Appointment

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UNIVErSITy PlACE 8525 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC

Minutes from Oasis Temple & Hindu Center, UNCC & I-85 / I-77

704.549.4544 Ask for rashmi or Sam Weddings • Graduations • Family reunions & Other Events


November 2011

Pakistani American Association The Pakistani-American Association (NCPAA) is a non-political, non-sectarian, cultural and social organization that promotes Pakistani culture to all the communities living in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Several events are presented during the year. A family dinner is held on the second Friday of every month. For Further Details: Pratham - Triangle Area Founded as a UNICEF initiative, Pratham is a grass-roots organization that works towards universalizing primary education in India. With a goal of reaching 20 million children, Pratham is one of the largest NGOs in field of literacy movement in India. Pratham continues to evolve, grow and works to meet the continually changing needs of the children it educates. Pratham’s North Carolina chapter actively aims to collaborate with individuals, local organizations and community associations and seeks ideas, volunteers and resources to deliver the vision of “Every Child in School and Learning Well.” For details: Gunvant Bhakta, 919-488-8975; Punit Chhabra, 919-380-9569; Sudha Rathie, 919-481-4451; Harshad Shah, 919-341-8894. For Further Details: Priyadarshini Arts Known for their unique dance drama pieces, is a non-profit, duo sister team, promoting India’s Vedic and modern heritage through the various forms of dance and acting. For Further Details: Varshana at Professional Indians’ Association [PIA] PIA is a meetup that serves young South Asian professionals in the Triangle Community. The group is made of Indian professionals and grad students interested in cultural events, socializing and meeting/making friends with like-minded people around the Triangle. Monthly events include meeting at bars/restaurants, Bollywood movie nights, potlucks, Indian concerts/performances, outdoor activities, community service and volunteering. This will also be an opportunity for professionals to share their thoughts on respective industries, social causes, the economy and politics. For Further Details: raleigh Karaoke Group Raleigh Karaoke Group meets once a month, normally on the first Friday, for the South East Asian community of the Triangle area to showcase their talent and lose themselves in nostalgia through song. The November session will be a tribute to Jagjit Singh who left a big vacuum in the music world and in our hearts with his sudden, untimely, and sad demise, and will be held on Friday 4 November from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM at Zayka Indian Cuisine in the Brier Creek area of North Raleigh-phone 919.361.5370. Choose from over 15,000 Hindi Film, Non-Film, Ghazals including Jagjit Singh and Chitra favorites, Gujrati,


Punjabi, Kanada, Koli, Konkani, Malayalam, Malayalam Muslim, Marathi, Oriya, and English Songs. Events are free and open to the entire music loving community for singing or listening to friends. For Further Details: Shafi Parekh at (919) 413-3924, or Email at raleigh Sai Center Parthi Sai devotees of Triangle area meet every Sunday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the Mini-Hall of Hindu Bhavan in Morrisville. There will be Study circle, Bhajan Practice, Veda Chanting etc. during the 4-5 pm slot depending on the week, followed by bhajans from 5 - 6pm. The center carries out several service activities as well. The Human Values Education (SSE) classes for the children of different age group will be from 3:30 - 5:00. All are invited to participate in the Satsangh and service activities. For Further Details: Ganesh Kumar, President, Raleigh Sai Center at (919) 413 0579 or (919) 833-7523 E-mail ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Carolina The Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of NC draws inspiration from the timeless, philosophical wisdom of the Vedanta as practiced and preached in the modern day by Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. Perhaps you know a great deal about Practical Vedanta and the message of the harmony of religions and the spiritual oneness of Existence - or perhaps you are just curious and want to learn more. Regardless of background and/or knowledge the organization welcomes participants. For Further Details: rTP Maharashtra Mandal RTP Maharashtra Mandal promotes Maharashtrian culture and language. Maharashtra mandal is committed to serve RTP community with various cultural, social and traditional Marathi programs and events. For Further Details: 919.468.8824 (Jayant Yete) 919.757.7300 (Neeraj Shikarkhane) S. V. Temple of North Carolina S.V. Temple of North Carolina is built on over nine acres of centrally connected triangle area. This grand tribute to Lord Venkateswara and his consorts is designed to exacting standards of shilpa shasthra and features the only shrine in North America to incorporate abodes to Lord Viswaksena and Lord Sudarshana/Lord Narasimha as part of Srinivasa Parivaram. The temple rituals are performed in accordance with Pancharathra Agama Shastra. Upcoming Events: Sat Nov 12 (6pm) - Diwali Dinner Gala For Further Details: 919.468.0040

November 2011

The BEST Ways to Reach the South Asian Community of the Carolinas G R E A T

A D VE R T I S I NG Your web connection to the South Asian Community of the Carolinas Ask us about how your business can benefit with internet advertising on, Call (704) 527-7570


MAGAzINE A FREE monthly features magazine for the South Asian Community of the Carolinas Email or call (704) 527-7570 for advertising rates & info




TElEVISION Bringing the BEST of Bollywood to the Carolinas every Sunday. Time Warner Cable Check local listing at Call (704) 527-7570

November 2011

Sahaj Marg Meditation - Triangle Area Sahaj Marg translates to â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Natural Path.â&#x20AC;? It is a natural, simple system of Raja Yoga meditation and spiritual practice that helps one realize the ultimate potential within oneself. Regular spiritual practice under capable guidance enables aspirants to progressively experience the sublime presence of the divine in their daily lives. Sahaj Marg system of meditation is freely offered to seekers worldwide through Shri Ram Chandra Mission. In Triangle area, group meditations are held on Sundays and Wednesdays. For Further Details: (919) 303-7447 (Raj Solanki) (919) 493-6180 (Devi Sekar)>, SAMPIGe - Triangle Kannada Association The Triangle Kannada Association is a cultural association for people residing in the Triangle area from Karnataka, India. Sampige organizes Kannada (the language spoken in the Karnataka area) activities in music, dance and drama as well as social activities. For Further Details: Share and Care Foundation Carolina Chapter Share and Care Foundation Carolina Chapter is part of Share and Care Foundation based in New Jersey. It is a charitable organization focused their work in Rural India and their main goal is to empower children and women by providing funding to NGOs for their education, vocational training and microloans. More than 90% of donations reach the empowered people with the least administration and marketing cost. For further details: 919.237.2816 (Manu Patel), 919.481.4618 (Piyush Patel) Sikh Gurdwara of North Carolina The Sikh Gurudwara of North Carolina welcomes visitors of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. All peoples, regardless of their origin or orientation, are welcome to attend our services and share in the blessings of God. Religious services are held every Saturday evening and Sunday morning, followed by a community meal (langar). In addition to religious services, we offer educational programs for children and young adults. Adults participate in religious discourse during monthly study circles. Members of the Sangat (congregation) regularly participate in community service projects in the Triangle area. The Sikh Gurdwara at North Carolina is located at 3214 Banner Street in Durham, NC 27704. For Further Details: 919.220.9917 South Indian Fine Arts Academy (SIFAA) SIFAA is a non-profit organization that works to arrange and promote concerts and performances in the Triangle and Triad areas, concentrating on Carnatic music for the present. Upcoming Events:

Sun Nov 12 (4pm) - Gayathri Venkatraghavan (Vocal), Mysore Srikanth (Violin) and Neyveli Skandasubramanian (Mridangam). Venue: West Cary Middle School, 1000 Evans Rd., Cary, NC For further details: 919.773.1580 Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir NC SSMNC promotes Sai philosophy and facilitates worship and services similar to Shirdi SaiBaba Temple, located in ShirdiIndia. This Organization is dedicated to sponsor and support religious, spiritual, cultural, educational and charitable activities in the United States and abroad. Mandir Timings: Monday Friday 9 - 10 am, 12 noon - 1pm, 6 - 9 pm. Sat - Sun 9 am - 9pm. For further details: 919.386.1085. St. Gregorios Malankara orthodox Syrian Church Holy Qurbana and Sunday School are held in Malayalam/English, led by Reverend Dr. M. K. Thomas at 225 Bashford Road, Raleigh, NC. For Further Details: 919.461.1773 Tamil Cultural Association of North Carolina (TCA NC) TCA NC is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of providing youths with exposure to Tamil culture. Everyone is invited to join TCA and become part of a wonderful organization promoting Tamil culture in the Triangle area. For Further Details: Tamil Sangam of Carolina The Tamil Sangam is an organization that promotes understanding of Tamil culture and provides a medium for people of Tamil culture to get together. The activities include music, drama, lectures, Tamil movies, etc. For Further Details: (919)-465-1606 - Ravi Shanmugam (President) Telugu Christian Fellowship of NC (TCFNC) The Telugu Christian Fellowship of North Carolina (TCFNC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reach out to Telugu Christians living in North Carolina, to be united and bonded together as a Telugu Christian family of God and encourage and pray for each other. TCFNC provides a place for Telugu Christians for time of worship, prayer and fellowship. They also provide a forum for kids to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and to equip them to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ. The group organizes, each year, an Annual Telugu Christian Family Conference. For further details: Phone: 919-43-TCFNC (82362) 110

November 2011


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November 2011

Triangle Area Telugu Association (TATA) The Triangle Area Telugu Association (TATA) is a non-profit organization (started in 1983) committed to building a vibrant Telugu Community and promoting Telugu culture and language in the Triangle area of North Carolina. For Further Details:

Triangle Vegetarian Society (TVS) The mission of TVS is to build a sense of community between current vegetarians and people who are interested in vegetarianism and have a forum for a discussion of issues. Thu Nov 24: Annual Thanksgiving Feast at Café Parizäde. For further details:

Triangle bangladesh Society (TbSNC) TBSNC strives to arrange musical programs by artists who have captured the hearts and minds of millions of Bengali-, Urduand Hindi-speaking music fans all around the globe. For Further Details: 919.741.9343 (Ishtiaque Mohiuddin)

Two Cents of Hope (TCH) Two Cents of Hope was started by a group of Indian students at NC State University with the belief in empowering youth via education. The goal is to uplift the weaker sections of the society through education. By using coin boxes to collect loose change, the total donations result in a collection that yields considerable amount of money, enough to give education to a poor student - indeed a firm footing for the rest of his or her life. For further details:

Triangle Chapter-India Development & relief Fund (IDrF) IDRF is a registered, tax-exempt non-profit organization that supports volunteer-based, honest and highly experienced nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in India in serving their populations’ critical needs around education, childcare, healthcare, women empowerment and tribal welfare, as well as relief and rehabilitation in times of natural disasters. For Further Details: Triangle Gujarati Association (TGA) Triangle Gujarati Association is a non-profit Organization with a mission to promote Gujarati culture in the Triangle area. The goals are to serve the Gujarati community by organizing various events throughout the year and impart Gujarati culture and language on the youth. Upcoming events: Sat Nov 12 – Diwali Hungama featuring talent from local universities and Penn Masala Group. For Further Details: Triangle Indian youth organization (TIyo) This organization has been created with the purpose of encouraging youths of Indian origin aged between 12-18 years to develop skills for leadership, to organize team-oriented efforts, understand and participate in community services, understand and develop individual potential. There will be activities that will fall into the broad categories of education, arts, cultural, charity, religious and community services. For Further Details: 919.363.7339 (Latha Pamarthi [Director of TIYO]) Triangle rang Mandal Devotees of Pujya Sri Rang Avdhoot Maharaj meet every Saturday in Cary or Raleigh from 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM to sing devotional Dattatreya Bhajans and Datta-Bavani in a spiritual atmosphere. Special programs organised on Guru Purnima and Rang Jayanti and on the occasion of Pujya Sri Prem Avdhoot Bapji’s annual visit to the US. For Further Details:


urdu Majlis Urdu Majlis is a literary organization for the promotion of Urdu language and literature and has no political, national or religious affiliations. The group has monthly meetings in which enthusiasts and scholars of Urdu literature meet to discuss life & works of a selected literary figure. For Further Details: 919.851.1119 (Dr. Afroz Taj) 919.596.4792 (Ashraf and Seema Faruqi) Vaishnav Samaj of Triangle Area The Vaishnav Samaj is a group of like-minded devotees who meet for religious worship and understand Pushti Marg Principles at large. Recently, a sub-chapter of Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO) was formed under the leadership of Mrs. Harsha Shah. Regular Bhajan recitations are held 2nd Sunday of the month from 4-6 pm and Seniors are requested to encourage youngsters to participate in the activities. For Further Details: Arvindbhai Shah 919.233.7677 Vithalbhai Shah 919.467.4254

regional barsana Dham satsang [Greenville, NC] For Further Details: Madhu Sharma 336.404.7047 email: Cape Fear Cultural Association of India - wilmington Cape Fear Cultural Association of India is an organization that promotes understanding of Indian culture and promotes a medium for people of Indian culture to get together. For Further Details: Shashin Patel, President. (910.790.9448) Sanjay Batish, Vice-President. (910.371.9860)

November 2011

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336-510-0568 Cell: 336-508-4702 Toll Free: 1-877-510-KHAN Fax: 336-510-0825 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Comany and Affilliated companies. Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Home Office: Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark and On Your Side are federally registered service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.


November 2011

Hindu bhavan of Fayetteville, NC Hindu Bhavan of Fayetteville, NC is a non-profit organization. Ceremonies and events take place regularly. Temple Address: 907 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville, NC 28302. Upcoming Events: Dec 6: Geeta Jayanti For further details: 910.485.4626 or 910.484.8956 Hindu Society of eastern NC (Greenville, NC) Upcoming Events: Sat Nov 5: Talks by Swami Yogatmananda, 2 PM to 5 PM Sun Nov 6: Talks by Swami Yogatmananda, 10 AM to 12.30 PM Sun Nov 13: Bhajan by Devotees - 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon Sundays Nov 13, 20, 27 - Balagokulam - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Sundays Nov 20, 27 - Balavihar - 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon Sundays Nov 20, 27 - Geeta Study - 10.30 AM to 12.00 Noon For further details: B.S. Srivatsa 508.654.0360 Sri Somesvara Temple Sri Somesvara Temple is located near Asheville, NC. Temple hours are 8 am - 7:30pm. Regularly scheduled pujas: Subrabhath Aarti - 8 am, Rudrabhishek Nityapuja - 9 am - 12 noon, Pradoshakala puja and mangala aarti - 6 pm - 7:30pm. The temple also hosts special events. Contact the temple: 828.476.4073. Located at 95 Mount Soma Blvd., Clyde, NC 28721 For further details:

South Carolina American South Asian Cultural Association of Columbia, SC The American South Asian Cultural Association of Columbiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fundamental goal is to increase cultural awareness and develop cultural understanding among American Southeast Asian Community in Columbia area. A monthly Lunch meeting will be held on the Second Sunday of every month between 1 to 3 pm. There will be $7.00 Per Person charge for Lunch (Kids Ages 6-10 pay half price) at Delhi Palace, 542 Saint Andrew Road, Columbia, 29210. Contact in the evenings: (803) 233-7042 OR (803) 233-3995. bethel Christian Fellowship Bethel Christian Fellowship offers services in various Indian languages (i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.) and Sunday Worship services are at 11:30 a.m. Address: Fort Mill Church of God, Student Life Center Building, 216 Academy Street, Room 102. Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715 For Further Details: 803.792.7223 Pastor Rajan Samuel @ Hindu Society of Greater Spartanburg The daily Aarti is at 7 pm, Balvihar classes are conducted from


10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on scheduled Sundays, and Satsang is on second Sunday every month from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Temple is located on 1130 Fairview Church Road in Boiling Springs, S.C. 29303. For Further Details: 864.599.7048 Hindu Temple of South Carolina The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of South Carolina was established with an objective to fill the need for thousands of Hindus in the State of South Carolina to worship and pray together, perform sacraments and rituals, to observe and celebrate festivals, and to perform and engage in humanitarian and educational activities. For Further Details: India Assoc. of Greater Charleston (IAGC) The IAGC was founded in Charleston to bring together people who were interested in India and to provide a forum to increase the understanding of the heritage of India in US. For Further Details: 803.884.0859 International Fellowship Church of Greenville, SC International Fellowship Church offers Sunday worship services and other weekly activities for people of Indian origin. For Further Details: 864.234.1256 (Pastor Suhas Raiborde) Masjid Noor-ul-Huda The Mosque is located at 517 Winmet Drive, Columbia, S.C. On the first Saturday and third Saturday of every month from 6 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8pm, Islamic session is held by Hafiz Mohammed Basheer. Quranic Reading classes are conducted daily, and everyone is encouraged to send their children to these sessions. For Further Details: 803.749.0827 (Dr. Shami) 803.740.5127 (Qari Abdul Khader Multani) 803.754.2632 (Mosque main number) Sirigannada Sirigannada, the Kannada Association of South Carolina, a nonprofit organization, was created in 2004 by interested Kannada speaking people of South Carolina. It is a voluntary organization primarily run by memberships and donations from Kannadigas of the State of South Carolina. For Further Details: Telugu Association of Greater Greenville, SC Telugu Association of Greater Greenville, SC, serves the Telugu community of the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. The group sponsors events throughout the year. For Further Details: Send updates or events for your club, group, organization, or association, for inclusion in the Community News section by the 15th of the month to: November 2011

W hi te h orse W eddi ng s

704-213-7076 WhItE hORSE available for weddings in the Carolinas. Also booking now for 2012 & 2013


November 2011

Pop’s Puzzles & Jokes Clues Down:

By Kirit Shukla

Note: * denotes abbreviation of the word or phrase Clues Across: 1. The chemical element, Symbol: Pb, Atomic No. 82. 4. Of a particular place; Local. 10. Pertaining to the principles of applied science. 12. A medium-sized reddish antelope of S. Africa. 14. Calling to God to send evil down on some person. 16. The thirteenth letter of Greek alphabet. (Ν) 17. “Guru ___”, the founder of Sikhism. 19. To propel (a boat) on water by using oars. 20. Gross National Product. (*) 22. The expanse of the heavens and the open space above. 23. The symbol for the element Didymium. (*) 24. Secret and available only to authorized persons. 28. “The _Table” Saathee’s Feature of readers’ forum. 29. Snarled or growled. (Echoic. Now rare) 31. The people of Sind, (now Pakistan.) 33. Nebraska. (*) 34. Virginia. (*) 35. Cable News Network. (*) 36. University of Virginia. (*) 38. To talk in light, easy, informal manner. 40. To sprout, as from a spore, seed or bud. 43. Laughing; Smiling; Cheerful. 44. Sixth largest city in North Central Utah, home of UVU. 46. “_ BZ,” Saathee’s Feature to test your own IQ. 47. One hundred-millionth of a centimeter; A unit in measuring the length of light waves.

1. False; Not truthful. (Adjective) 2. Adenocine Tri Phosphate. (*) [Formula: C10H16P3O13N5] 3. The presiding official of a cathedral church. 4. A U.S. holiday observed on 4th Thursday of November. 5. Ontario. (*) 6. To pluck or gather (Flowers, berries etc.) 7. Intensive Care Unit. (*) 8. A messenger or porter. 9. In addition; Besides. 11. The division of society into ranks or castes. 13. Eating with enjoyment; Chewing with a crunchy sound. 15. A female sheep. 18. The sixteenth letter of Hebrew alphabet. 21. A small calendar used for scheduling. 23. The supervisor who instructs as to how to act in a film. 25. Help. 26. A person enthusiastic about a specified sport or game. 27. A Sanskrit word for God in Hinduism. 28. Cancer Stem Cells. (*) 30. A fixed level from which the elevations are measured. 32. Of, belonging to or a typical of man. 37. Formicidae, black or red insects living in colonies. 39. Any central male character in a novel, play or film. 41. A long, narrow inlet which widens towards the sea. 42. Delaware. (*) 45. Electromagnetic. (*) (Puzzle solutions are on page 124. NO peeking!)

Hee Hee A state trooper pulled Booddhoo over and said: "Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car several miles back?" Booddhoo: "Thank God. I thought I had gone deaf!" •••••••••••••• Judge: “Every time you come here, you get punishment. Are you not ashamed of coming to the court again and again?” Thief: “Sir, I come here occasionally, but you come daily!” •••••••••••••• Teacher: “What is farther away from here? India or Moon?” Chiki: “Sir, India.” Teacher: “How?” Chiki: “ I can see the Moon from here but I can’t see India.” •••••••••••••• Doctor: “Your husband needs complete rest. Here is the prescription for the sleeping pills.” Lady interrupted: “When should I give him the pills?” Doctor: “The pills are for you to take, not for your husband.” •••••••••••••• A candidate: “Will you please give me your vote?” Voter: “But I don’t know you!” Candidate: “That’s why I asked you to give me your vote. Because those who know me do not want to talk to me!” 116

November 2011

YOUTH CORNER (Created By Kirit Shukla) (Find & circle the words in the puzzle). (Subject: “Hindu Festivals” )



The unused 12 letters spell “The full Moon day in the Indian calendar month of “Ashwin.”

TEST YOUR OWN IQ The common letters are “Fo” - Fill in the blanks 1. Situated outside one’s own country. FO _ _ _ _ _ 2. To open and spread out. _ _ FO _ _ 3. Either of the front feet of an animal. FO _ _ FO _ _ 4. The large yellow flower of the lily family. _ _ _FO_ _ _ 5. A mass of mist, smoke, dust etc. FO _ 6. A lens of eyeglasses with one part ground for close focus and the other ground for distance. _ _ FO_ _ _ 7. Of many sorts; Multifarious. _ _ _ _ FO _ _ 8. Unidentified Flying Objects. (*) _ FO 9. Twenty two multiply by two. FO_ _ _ FO _ _ 10. To compel observance of (a law). _ _ FO _ _ _ 11. A state of the SW US. (CA*) _ _ _ _ FO _ _ _ _ 12. Last In First Out. (*) [Inventory valuation]. _ _ FO 13. A leaf or flower with three lobes. _ _ _ FO _ _ 14. A page of a ledger. FO _ _ _ 15. To make better by removing faults. _ _ FO _ _ 16. An enemy. FO _ 17. A mount in SE Alaska.(@ 16200’ high) _ _ _ FO _ _ 18. Walking; In motion. _ FO _ _ 19. Information. (*) _ _ FO 20. Preceded by three others in a series. FO _ _ _ _ 21. An opera singer who plays a comic roll. _ _ _ FO 22. Luck; Fate. FO _ _ _ _ _ 23. A sleeveless apron worn over a blouse. _ _ _ _ FO _ _ 24. A young horse or a mule. FO _ _ 25. To carry out; Execute. _ _ _ FO _ _ (Puzzle solutions are on page 124. NO peeking!)

Kirit Shukla Contact him at


November 2011


continued from page 48

November 2011 Nov. 2 - Jalāram Jayanti Nov. 6 - Dev Oothi Nov. 6 - Prabodhini Ekādasi Nov. 6 - Chaturmās ends Nov. 10 - Dev Diwāli Nov. 10 - Tripurāri Purnimā (Full Moon) Nov. 10 - Guru Nānak Jayanti Nov. 10 - Tulsi Vivāh Nov. 11 - Veterans Day Nov. 14 - Nehru Jayanti/ Children Day (India) Nov. 16 - Sabarimala Mandala Kalam begins Nov. 21 - Utpatti Ekādasi Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving Day Nov. 24 - Darsha Amās (No Moon) Nov. 27 - Muharram /Hizri San: 1433 begins. December 2011 Dec. 2 - Pramukh Swāmi Mahārāj Birthday Dec. 6 - Gitā Jayanti/Mokshadā Ekādasi/ Tazia Dec. 10 - Dattātreya Jayanti Dec. 10 - Akshar Purnimā (Full Moon) Dec. 20 - Jain Pārshwanāth Jayanti Dec. 21 -Safalā Ekādasi Dec. 21 - Hanukkah Dec. 24 -Darsha Amās (No Moon) Dec. 25 -Christmas Dec. 31 -Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Dec. 31 -New Years Eve. (2011 ends)

to do, in the true way, whatever special work directly for the Divine, one may be given to do. Sri Aurobindo further says that your chosen work should be performed with psychic zeal. In these difficult times when many people are not able to truly do the work that they were trained for and apply their skill sets, Sri Aurobindo gives a way out to avoid frustration and achieve inner spiritual growth. Sri Aurobindo further states that the only work that spiritually purifies is that which is done without personal motives, without desire for fame or public recognition or worldly greatness, without insistence on one’s own mental motives or vital lusts and demands or physical preferences, without vanity or crude self assertion or claim for position or prestige, done for the sake of the Divine alone and at the command of the Divine. All work done in an egoistic spirit, however good for people in the world of the Ignorance, is of no avail to the seeker of the yoga. Moreover, the Gita’s yoga consists in the offering of one’s work as a sacrifice to the Divine, the conquest of desire, egoless and desireless action, bhakti for the Divine, an entering into the cosmic consciousness, the sense of unity with all creatures, oneness with the Divine. Finally, at the risk of some repetition of ideas, Sri Aurobindo writes that men usually work and carry on their affairs from the ordinary motives of the vital being, need, desire of wealth, or success or position or power or fame or the push to activity and the pleasure of manifesting their capability, power of work and the good or bad fortune which is the result of their nature and their Karma. When one takes up the yoga and wishes to consecrate one’s life to the Divine, these ordinary motives of the vital being have no longer their full and free play; they have to be replaced by another, a mainly psychic and spiritual motive, which will enable the sadhak to work with the same force as before, no longer for himself, but for the Divine. If the ordinary vital motives or vital force can no longer act freely and yet are not replaced by something else, then the push or force put into the work may decline or the power to command success may no longer be there. For the sincere sadhak the difficulty can only be temporary; but he has to see the defect in his consciousness or his attitude and to remove it. Then the Divine power will act through him and use his capacity and vital force for its ends. Such is the nature of Divine Work.

January 2012 - February 2012

Looking for a Job or a business? Want to take music lessons? Want to Sell a business?

Jan. 1 -New Years Day. (2012 begins) Jan. 5 -Putradā Ekādasi Jan. 5 - Guru Govind Singh Jayanti Jan. 14 -Makarsankrānti Jan. 14 - Uttarāyan Jan. 19 -Shatatilā Ekādasi Jan. 26 -Republic Day (India) Jan. 28 -Vasant Panchami Jan. 30 - Mahātmā Gāndhi Punyatithi Feb. 3 - Jayā Ekādasi Feb. 14 - Valentines Day Feb. 17 - Vijayā Ekādasi Feb. 20 - Mahāshivarātri

ChECk Out thE SAAthEE ClASSIFIEdS! Page 122

Saathee Classifieds. they Work For YOu! An inexpensive way to reach thousands of South Asians throughout the Carolinas.

Saathee 704-527-7570 or e-mail: Classifieds also available at 118

November 2011



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debt this month. Your investment is going to bring good return in the near future. Traveling can be fun during this month; however, long distance journey may not bring desired results. Good state of health is also clearly indicated. Try to relax and wait. lIbrA (Sep 23 - oct 23) You may take everything very light and focus on enjoying your time. Be prepared to start harvesting products of your luck during second half of the month. Try not to be greedy. It is advisable to involve your spouse in any financial matters. You may experience major changes in your ideology and routine lifestyle beginning last week of the month. Avoid businessrelated travel this month.

General Predictions for November 2011 ArIeS (Mar 20- Apr 20) Time is turning positive for you now. Even if you make a mistake, destiny is going to bring good results for you. Be prepared for a major change through your partner or friend during the second half of the month. Take brave decision, and make a move. You should enjoy improvements in health by the last week of the month. Avoid dispute with your spouse as it may lead you towards wasting energy, and losing opportunity.

SCorPIo (oct 23 - Nov 22) You may feel very romantic this month, and may go out of your way to enjoy life. Very high confidence and energy to execute the project may lead you towards making mistakes. You may aggressively look for changes to hide your mistakes and protect your reputation. Second half of the month may be very hectic and full of challenges. Don’t rush for anything to avoid problems in life. Avoid disputes with your spouse.

TAuruS (Apr 20 - May 21) You may try to cheat with your closest people and face health consequences during first half of the month. Your friends may teach you new ideas to handle the situation. Later on a sense of fear may bother you during the last week of the month. Try to avoid this situation and watch your health and reputation. You may think of relocating to another place. Major property-related expenses are also possible this month.

SAGITTArIuS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Due to constant health problems and difficulty in proper diagnosis, you may slow down in life. You should be able to maintain a steady flow of income. Major changes in your career are possible during last days of the month. Avoid telling lies or cheating; it may lead you towards major financial problems. It is advisable to play safe and pass the time by going with the flow. Focus on your health.

GeMINI (May 21 - Jun 21) Victory becomes a matter of prime importance for you. You may use bad tactics to achieve success. If you can’t win by third week of the month, your own ideas may backfire on you. Try to play safe tricks. More than one health problem may bother you this month. Any risktaking tendency must be curbed. Business-related travel is possible this month. Be prepared to change your schedule.

CAPrICorN (Dec 21 - Jan 20) Life is taking a major positive turn now, but don’t plan any permanent action, as you may have to change your plans again in the near future. Don’t forget to take care of your health. The month is very positive as far as financial gains are concerned. Benefit through business partner is possible during second half of the month. Be prepared for a hectic schedule during that time period. Study the situation before making a move.

CANCer (Jun 21 - Jul 22) Try to slow down in the beginning of the month, but don’t compromise with your enemies. Major careerrelated changes are possible during second half of the month. Avoid listening to your friends and focus on family business. Destiny may put you in a position where you may make a mistake and be forced to adopt changes in your routine life. Second half of the month could be much better than first half. Enjoy good health.

AQuArIuS (Jan 20 - Feb 19) Benefit through your spouse or family business may delight you during last week of the month. Money may come your way from more than one direction. Avoid travel and drive carefully. Throat or hearing problem may bother you this month. Family happiness may not be there, but your friends may come forward to help you. Avoid any wrongdoing to make easy money.

leo (Jul 22 - Aug 23) After a negative start of the month, major changes in personal life during second half of the month shall place you on top. Be careful of your enemies, as they will try to damage your reputation. Travel plans should be postponed till beginning of next month to avoid careerrelated disturbances. Improvement in health during last days of the month should make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

PISCeS (Feb 19 - Mar 20) Disturbances in relation with your spouse may ruin your month. Your health may also not be good during second week. You may be able to handle your enemies but will end up paying for it. The most possible impact could be losing a good moneymaking opportunity. You may lose faith with God and start criticizing Him. However, relaxing news during the last days of the month will give you some peace of mind. Take it easy.

VIrGo (Aug 23 - Sep 23) Life is on the way for major ups and downs. You may change your strategy next month. Hence it is better not to make any major decisions this month. Avoid taking

By Jalendu Vaidya Contact: 908-638-6388 / 120

November 2011

Helping children develop to their fullest potential through a secure, nurturing, loving stimulating environment. Helping children develop toand their fullest potential through a secure, nurturing, loving and stimulating environment.

Now enrolling and accepting applications for the fall!! • P.T. & F.T. Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten • Full Day Kindergarten • First Grade

Private school recognized and in compliance with the NC Public School system

Privately owned and operated Privately owned and operated Low staff : child ratios Low staff : child ratios Offering programs for infant – 5 years Offering programs for infant – 5 years After school programs for 5 – 10 years After school programs for 5 – 10 years Intimate, home-like environment Intimate, home-like environment Bi-lingual learning opportunities for all ages, every day Bi-lingual learning opportunities for all ages, every day 910 E. Arrowood Road • Charlotte, NC 28217 704.553.2100 910 E. Arrowood Road • Charlotte, NC 28217 • 704.553.2100 • • • • • 14115 • • •Lancaster • • • Highway • 704.540.2250 Charlotte, NC 28277 14115 Lancaster Highway • Charlotte, • • • • NC • 28277 • 704.540.2250 Huntersville • • • • Town • • Center Coming Soon Huntersville Town Center Coming Soon

buSINeSS oPPorTuNITIeS: Kumon Math and reading Center Franchise for sale. Located in Wesley Chapel, NC. Just south of Charlotte in Union County. If interested please contact or call 704-843-5555. businesses For Sale: Café, restaurants, deli, coin laundry, dry cleaners, and more plus residential listings. Call for the best discounts when you buy or sell. Guaranteed Excellent Service! 704-649-9095. Broker. C-Stores: Archdale, NC, $825K + Inv., GR $1.7M; Mills River, NC, $1.1M + Inv., Gr $3M; Greensboro, NC, $950K + Inv., GR $2.0M; Gastonia, NC, $1.5M + Inv., GR $4.2M; 704814-9435 Indian restaurant For Sale: Well established and profitable in North Charlotte prime location. Serious buyers only. Contact: Independent Hotel For Sale In South Carolina flanked by forest on one side and restaurants on the other. on one of the busiest exits on hwy I-95 .This well maintained hotel sits on a large plot consisting of 52 rooms and a large size owner apartment. This is one time opportunity to own a revenue generating and a turnkey hotel which can be managed by a family. Contact Moni: 206 349 4183, High Volume Gas Station/Conv Store: On very busy intersection in Augusta, GA for lease. Very populated neighborhood with highway traffic. Call Manpreet 864-554-4846. Call between 9am-5pm. businesses for sale: Two Hair Salons in Cary, $149K, $99K; Coin-operated laundromat / car wash w/RE (Person Co., $650K). 919881-9997 Tobacco Store For Sale: Excellent $ and high visibility. North Carolina. Store volume 25K & lotto. Asking price only $75K plus inv. Please call: Jitu 704-7436719 or 574-540-9428 Gas-station/C-store for Sale: Upstate, SC Well established & Very Busy Location Asking 125,000 plus Inventory Branded Gas/ Diesel, Lotto, ATM, EBT, U-Haul Dealership & more. For Inquiry email: For quick sale 35 unit Americas Best Value Inn in Jonesville, NC. Avg. 3 yr Gross 200,000. All brick, new roof & recently painted. No punchlist. On I-77. Financing available. Asking $625K Contact Vipul: or call 336-526-2616

C-Store/Gas Station/Liquor Store with property and living space for sale in South Carolina. Inside Sales: $68,000 Gas: 20,000 Gallons Lottery Commission: $2,500 PM with much more to do & expand. Owner Retiring. $625,000 + Inventory Please Call Vijay: (908) 510-9125

brand Name Gas Station/Conv. Store For lease: In S.C. Rent only $2500 Per Month. Inside Sales $35,000. Asking Price $45,000. Call 679-326-6564 For More Details. Gas Stations with C-Store For lease: Dobson, NC; Quick Shop 50K Inside / 40K Gas. Mt. Airy, NC: 40K inside + 10 gas + other. Clover, SC: 50K inside + 60K Gas + other. Call Mark 336-244-0633 (Between 3-7 pm) Smoothie store for sale in uptown Charlotte, five day business. Great opportunity for owner operater. Call 704604-2133. Store for lease in Lincolnton NC. Inside store sales $45K,gas $45K,lotto $25K. Please contact for more info 704-280-3753; 704-578-4470. business For Sale with Property: Convenience/Gas & Liquor Store. Good running business, BP Brand, college next door, owner moving. Serious inquiries only. Call Gordon 864-923-4213 Gas-station/C-store for sale: High Point, NC. Inside $28k-$30k, Gas 15k gal. Lotto commission $900, Rental Income $420 + ATM asking $389k plus inventory. Call 336-686-1429. Gas Station with C-Store for lease: Winston-Salem, NC: 250K (Yearly) inside + 250K Gas (Yearly) plus Lotto / ATM / M.O., Reasonable Rent: Call 336-577-9419.

ProPerTy For SAle or reNT:

Eyebrow Threader



Business Opportunity C-STORE FOR SALE


We are hiring females who know Eyebrow Threading or henna tattoo. Training provided. Fulltime, part-time or weekends. Cary, NC Eyebrow Threaders Waxing / Facial Specialists Raleigh, NC Eyebrow Threaders Waxing / Facial Specialists Fayetteville, NC Eyebrow Threaders Virginia Beach, VA Eyebrow Threaders (773) 507-8848 (773) 981-8848 Email: If you wish to make up to $3000 a month (with tips) and are ready to move out of state, please call immediately.

Seeking long-term (3-5 years) commitment of a full-time nanny for infant baby. In Ballantyne area. Job includes light housework and cooking. Please call 704-752-9370. Excellent pay and possible other benefits. Nanny Needed: Seeking full-time nanny for 3 month old. Family lives in Ballantyne area of Charlotte. Job includes light housework and cooking. Please call 704-243-5080 Front desk help wanted: Best Western Carowinds. 30-40 hours per week. Requirements - basic computer skills and good customer service skills. Should be available for holidays & weekends. e mail: Threading Practitioners wanted: Full or Part-Time. In Charlotte, Raleigh, & Virginia areas. Experience & Good English Skills Needed. Please call 980322-1110 Nanny required: For a 4 yr old and 1yr old in South Charlotte from 1pm to 6pm. Should have own transportation. Please call 704-971-1210. Help wanted: Energetic male or female needed for retail clothing stores in South Carolina. Must speak fluent English. CONTACT 706 877 0314 or email resume @

Town home for rent: 3 br, 2 bath, 15 minutes from Univ. & downtown, rent $800 include HOA and water. 7668 Petrea Lane, Charlotte, NC Call 704-4588006 or email

Hotel Management Firm Now Hiring: Various positions available for House keepers, front desk (must speak fluent English), and General Manager/s of franchise hotels. Experience is REQUIRED for all positions. Serious eMPloyMeNT oPPorTuNITIeS: inquiries only. E-mail resumes to OR call ( 704-649Gujarati Speaking live in/live out 6833 m-f , 9:00 am- 5:00pm) Nanny: Needed in Cary, NC. Cooking and light housework. Excellent Nanny Needed: Seeking live-in nanny accommodations. call (919)244-2457 for 1 yr old. Must speak English and Full/Part Time Nanny Needed: In drive. Job includes cooking and Charlotte (sharon road west). For cooking, housework. Great pay and light household work and baby care. If accommodations. 704-277-6089 or interested, please call 704-941-5755. 122

November 2011

Hiring Immediately: Young & Energetic Sales Person. Needed for part/full time position in men’s clothing store. Must speak fluent English and be people friendly. Stores located in Camden, Columbia, & Orangeburg, SC. Good Pay+Commissions. Contact Mr. Manoj 803-427-1681. refulgent Technologies Inc.: IT staffing company is currently recruiting Java, .Net, SQL Server and QA candidates. We also do Training & Placement. Please contact Anu:  e-mail: recruiter or 704-405-4238 Gas Station Help: Looking for full-time or part-time help for a gas station in Mooresville, NC (Lake Norman Area, Near Charlotte, NC). Experience preferred but not needed. Call 704-2228998 or leave a message. Hotel Help Needed: Single energetic resident person. Accommodation provided must have computer skills, Fluent in English, guest friendly. Will consider couple. E-mail Vaishnav Cook Needed: for Ambaji Mandir in Tampa-Bay Florida area. Full time position. Please e-mail or call for more details. 630-202-8008 Vaishnav Hindu Priest: Needed for Ambaji Mandir in Tampa-Bay Florida area. Must be familiar with performing Ambaji Aarati. Must be totally vegetarian and should be fluent in Hindi and Gujarati. Full time position. 630-202-8008 live-in/ live-out Nanny: Needed to take care of 1 year old baby. House located in Ballantyne area (Zip code 28277) in Charlotte. Please call 972-261-8659 or email live In or live out Nanny Needed: University area for a 15 month old baby girl. Vegetarian cooking and household work also. Please call 704-900-9134 or email at Help wanted: Young Experienced Sales Person. Needed for part/full time position in men’s clothing store in NC. Must speak fluent English and be people friendly. Contact at Gas Station Cashier Needed: Looking for a couple or single full-time for gas station near Rock Hill, SC. Must Speak English and have legal status. For details call @ 803-981-2242. Need Household Help: Live out. Light clean,laundry, ironing,etc. Driving Licence is a plus. Call 980-328-4251 Gas Station Help wanted: Looking for a Couple or single. Full-Time for convenience store / gas station / restaurant near Charlotte, NC. Accommodations Provided! 704-701-9975

MATrIMoNIAl: Seeking A Hindu Indian Female: For a divorced male age 37 for marriage, working in NC on h1b. For info call: 704957-9005 SerVICeS: Priest available for Shri Satyanarayan Katha, Lakshmi Havan, Vastu Puja, wedding, baby shower, engagement and all other types of puja. 704.500.2210 (h) & 704.450.6447 (c). Catering & Tiffin Service: Including Gujarati, Panjabi, Indo-Chinese, South Indian & more. for details call Shyam 919-961-0482. Computer Consulting: Assistance with software installation, set-up, formatting, back-up, troubleshooting and more. Very reasonable rates. 704-619-2358 Neeta’s beauty Parlor: Charlotte area open 7 days a week. Full service. Please call for appointment. 704-968-0270. Pari beauty In Matthews, NC: Threading, Waxing, Facials, Bleaching & Much More! 20 years of experience with Special Deals & Great Service. For Appointment Call: 704-846-7912 Mehandi (Henna): Award winning artist from Jaipur, India specializing in wedding parties (Bride & attendants). Satisfaction guaranteed regarding design, color & price. Please call: Krishna Priya Dasi 919-824-7734 E-Mail: Foreign Accent Modification: Your speech is your "vocal resume." Speak English clearly and with confidence. Individual tutorials with certified speech specialists at Triangle Speech Services. South Indian Priest: Sastriji is an independent priest Call for Pujas, Gruhapravesh, Weddings, Multi-lingual, Vedic traditional priestly services, etc. Call 704-625-7578 or 704-231-0751. Email: Indian bridal Make-up Artist + IndoChristian bollywood Dancer: For weddings and other special events. Discounted Rates! Flexible to travel. Contact Natasha at 704-706-2402 or Dholi For Hire: Plays the Dhol (drum) for any occasion! Classes Available! Barat, Doli, Graduation, Birthdays, Baby Showers & any other festivity. Affordable rates! Call Arpan Bhandari 704-843-7202 or email: Gujarati Priest: Devendra Dave Independent priest. Ganesh, Randal, Navratri, Diwali’s Laxmi & Sharda Pujas, Satyanarayan Katha, Weddings, Vastu, Baby Showers, Funeral Seva. Call Daveji 704-780-3563. God Blessings to All. 123

Henna artist, specialist in Bridal, Arabic,Traditional and all types of Mehendi for all occasions. Eyebrow Threading Available. Call : 320-322-3341 / 980-333-8560 or e-mail: ribald Farms Nursery & Florist: Specializes in Indian wedding reception design and floral arrangements. For more information contact Shawna Turner at 803-328-2266 or Tuition Available: Experienced Math, Physics, Chemistry tutor for middle, high school, IB, AP courses (including AP Statistics). Cary, Raleigh, Durham area. Call 704-497-2639 Astrologer with Gold Medals - Jayanti Lad- Contact for Health, Wealth, Relationship, Child, Enemies, Court Cases, Marriage, Job, Business, Vastu Problems, Preparing & Matching Horoscope. Call 919-463-5180 or 919-7982598 MeHANDI & SAreeS: Specialist in Bridal mehandi and henna for all occasions (20 Yrs of experience). We carry designer sarees, 1-2 gram jewelery, Kurtis and accessories. Contact Neena Jain (Trendz) 919-367-0746 or e-mail: experienced, dedicated teacher in ballantyne area: For Preschool/Elementary kids. CMS curriculum, homework help, daycare available. Please call 704-264-7422. Dance Classes in South Charlotte: Bollywood, Latin, Contemporary, Fusion dance lessons being offered for kids of all ages and teens. Email or call 704-576-2225 for details.

Saathee Classifieds: Business ads are $25 & personal ads are $15 up to 25 words. Ask about upgrades to color and box. Submit classifieds on-line at Deadline is the 20th. We accept credit cards and checks. Ads are posted on at no extra charge with paid print listing. Feel free to call us with any questions.

704.527.7570 Fax: 704.527.7590 Po box 11468, Charlotte, NC 28220

A features magazine for the South Asian Community of the Carolinas

November 2011

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MyTripFare (Travel agent) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 Nationwide Ins. (Maqsood Khan) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 Nazar Television . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80 Neeta's Beauty Parlor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Oza, Rishi (Immigration Legal Services) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 Passage To India - Fine Indian Cuisine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87 Patel Brothers (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Patel, Champa (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 Patel, Mrugesh (Law Offices) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Pathak, Atul (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Payal Groceries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 Poplai, Deepak (White Insurance) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Prashant Video Production . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Premier Petroleum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 & 35 Raj D Batra (Kamera Art Photo & Video) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Rajbhog Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Rajdeep Mandap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Rajdeep Video & Photography (Ramesh Panjabi) . . . . . . . . .113 Rajesh Jyotishi (Shalin Financial Services Inc.) . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Rapid Car Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Ravindra Dave Pandit (Religious Services) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 Religious Ceremonies (Swaminath Sastrigal) . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Roop Beauty (Pooja Patel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 RP Photo & Video (Rashmi Patel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Saathee Subscription Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 Saffron Restaurant and Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 Shah, Anish (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 & 41 Shah, Kirti (CPA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 Shining Star Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .121 Shukla, Kirit (Music Lession & Band) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Shyama Beauty Parlour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 Situl Indian Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Skynet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Sleep Inn (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 Soni Family Law . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Spice South . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Sri Somesvara Temple (Calender of Events) . . . . . . . . . . . . .125 State Farm Ins (Matt Woodford) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93 Swift Telecom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Tandoori Grill & Dream Of Bombay (Columbia SC) . . . . . . .93 Thakkar, Beena (Realty) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 The Blue Taj . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Toyota Of Concord (Rajan Patel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .126 Transportation (Diamond Cab) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72 Travel Universe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69 Travelinks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 Ttravel Guru . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 UroGender Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90 Usha Decor (Wedding Planning & Decor) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Vyas Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Weldone Beauti Parlour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93 White Horse Weddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 Wide Screen TV (TV repair and more) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Woodlands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Worldwide travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 Yogi Cash & Carry (Indian Food & Spices) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25

A & V Satellites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 A2Z Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Abacus Math . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Access Realty & Funding (Chandravadan Shah) . . . . . . . . . .51 All Car Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Anjana's Kitchen (Catering) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Ankusha Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Apna Travels (Morrisville) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Ashwini Kathak Dance Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Asiana Fusion.Sushi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Aura And More... Boutique (Ladies Fashions) . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Bashyam & Spiro LLP (Immigration Law) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Belladev Hair Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Bethel Christian Fellowship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Bharat Bazaar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79 Bhindi Jewellers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Inside Front Cover Bipin & Smita Parekh (Real Estate) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Blooming Buds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Bollywood Bites (Restaurant) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Bombay Grille Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 British American School of Charlotte . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Brow Bar (henna, hair, make up, threading...) . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Carolina Christian Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 CaroMont Medical Group (Dr. Manu Patel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 Cary Photo & Video . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 Chai Pani (Restaurant - Ashville, NC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Challa Law Offices, PLC (Immigration) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68 Chawpaty Food (Catering) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 Chiro-Carolina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Concha, David - Immigration Attorney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119 Copper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Country Inn & Suites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 County South Realty & Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Delhi Palace (Columbia, SC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Dentist (Dr. Prashant Rao - Cedar Walk Dentistry) . . . . . . . .83 Desai Desai Accounting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Desai, Rajarshi (CPA, PLLC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Dish Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Dish Network (Viren Mehta) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 DJ Hangama . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 DJ Kenz (Kenz Desai) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 DJ Desi (Amit Vasi) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 DJ Don (David Pandoria) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 DJ Lalit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 DJ Ravi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Eco-Bidet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119 Elegant Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 E-Nopi of Charlotte (Math, Reading & Writing) . . . . . . . . . . .19 Eshaan Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Eyebrow Threader Wanted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .122 Fairview Home Mortgage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Five Star Car Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72 Flavors Of India (Uptown Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Friends Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119 Fu Lin Asian Cuisine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Gandhi International Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74 Grover Medical Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68 H2 Laser & Skin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Handyman Services (Rapid Richard) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Henna Mehendi Artists (Bhavini Patel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Henna's Dulhan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Hindu Center Charlotte (Events) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 & 65 Huntington Learning Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101 iFuturistics Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 India Cash & Carry (Mooresville) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 India Grocers (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73 India Super Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 India Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Indian Grocery (Columbia, SC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Jaipur Indian Restaurant (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81 K & M Accountant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 K.B. Zaveree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Kaya Designs Boutique . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 KD Photographics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 Khandekar, Shobana (Coldwell Banker Realtors) . . . . . . . . . .81 Khanna & Sons Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Koolz Enterprises (Apartments in Banglore) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Law Office of Rashmi Shah (Immigration) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Legacy Jewelers (Atlanta) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Inside Back Cover Travels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Maharani Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Malani Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Back Cover Malaya Kitchen (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Marriott Executive Park (Charlotte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Mathur, Gitanjali (Allen Tate Realtors) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27


November 2011

The only Hendrick Automotive Toyota dealer serving Charlotte! Across from Concord Mills Mall Minutes from anywhere in Charlotte

Huge selection of 30+ MPG vehicles on site

Hindi and Gu jr spoken ati !

New Camry 33 MPG Highway and Financing starting at 0% For qualified buyers

rajan Patel Cell: (980) 721-6081 New and Certified Pre-Owned Sales

7670 Bruton Smith Blvd. Concord, NC 28027

Saathee Magazine November 2011 Charlotte  

A features magazine for the South Asian communities of the Carolinas and beyond.

Saathee Magazine November 2011 Charlotte  

A features magazine for the South Asian communities of the Carolinas and beyond.