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Lloydcrest Estate, Beverly Hills Designed by Trip Haenisch with artworks provided by Saatchi Art July 2016

Lloydcrest Estate Interior Designer Trip Haenisch Artworks Courtesy of Saatchi Art Location Beverly Hills, California Project Size 15,000 sq ft

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About Trip Haenisch

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Trip Haenisch is an award-winning interior designer, renowned for combining refined creativity with the unexpected. His signature design aesthetic consists of sophisticated, collected spaces with a laid-back twist that embodies quintessential California living.

Inquiries about Art Advisory at Saatchi Art Trip Haenisch worked with Saatchi Art’s art advisors to source the artworks for the Lloydcrest Estate. If you are interested in finding similarly outstanding works of art, please contact our art advisory team at

Trip’s highly regarded designs have won international acclaim and recognition, and have appeared in more than 70 publications worldwide including: Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Harper’s Bazaar, House Beautiful, Interior Design, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Vogue, W, and numerous coffee table books. His work has awarded him inclusion in the coveted AD 100 List, and he was most recently named one of the Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Influential Los Angeles-Based Interior Designers. For more information visit

Notes from Hayley Miner about Saatchi Art’s collaboration with Trip Haenisch Art Advisor Hayley Miner shares the inspiration and process behind building the Lloydcrest collection. From the initial meeting with designer Trip Haenisch, it was clear that three main concepts would guide the direction for the art at Lloydcrest: the contemporary architecture of the house, the remarkable location perched high above Los Angeles with panoramic city and ocean views, and Trip’s design concept and the flow of the interior spaces he created. The palette and overall direction of the interior elements were refined, airy, and neutral with earth tones and rich woods to complement the natural grey stone and board-formed concrete walls. The furniture boards reflected Trip’s selection of streamlined and elegant Italian furnishings from iconic houses like Molteni, Poltrona Frau and Walter Knoll, and we at Saatchi Art interpreted his vision for the art by adding a splash of color and a sense of California airiness to this highly customized home. With all these concepts in mind, we set out to curate a collection of vibrant contemporary artworks for Lloydcrest that included paintings, sculpture and photography, more than 40 works in total. Many of the paintings and sculptures we selected in close collaboration with Trip

are from our global pool of talent, including works by artists from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. We also included some of our stellar local artists’ work to emphasize the California vibe that complements the unforced, low-key elegance of the interiors so well. The house has a distinct modern aesthetic, which is also the perfect backdrop for some dynamic and conceptually strong works from Saatchi Art’s collection of photographers. Every step of the art selection process was guided by Trip’s extraordinary eye for sophisticated spaces and inspired by the remarkable overall design of the house. When the final installation was complete, the structure, the interior elements, the landscape and the art flowed seamlessly together. The clean lines of the modern residence were enhanced with visually striking, exuberant art while other selections added a sense of warmth and relaxed elegance. Hayley Miner, Director of Art Advisory to the Trade Saatchi Art

Interview with Trip Haenisch about the Lloydcrest Project We sat down with Trip Haenisch to learn more about his process for designing the Lloydcrest Estate and his overall philosophy when it comes to interior design. How did the project come about? I was hired initially to do all the interior architecture. As the project moved along I was asked to do the interiors and help with the artwork. This is the largest space you’ve ever designed. How do you typically begin a project? It isn’t the largest in terms of square footage but the scale of the rooms are definitely the most impressive. Most projects are started by studying the existing or planned architecture then the interior architecture and then – and only then – do we move to furniture, carpets, and art. In this case, the house was built from scratch. What is your design process when tackling a project from the ground up? Is the process different than when you are working with a pre-existing space? It’s the same in the sense that I try to get the shell of the house perfect (all the interior materials – flooring, counters, cabinetry) before planning the furniture. It’s very difficult to disguise bad interior architecture with nice furniture. It never looks right. When do you start to think about art within your design? Is it part of your initial process or do you typically introduce art once a concept is set? Art is never really part of the initial process unless clients already have beautiful existing art that we know needs to be integrated. Usually it comes towards the end of the design process. A lot of the time we will hold a space for art until the right piece can be found and afforded. This may be well after the project has wrapped. What is the typical process for finding artwork for projects, and how did working with Hayley Miner as your art advisor change the experience? I usually try to expose my clients to different artists that I think they might like. If they do, we then try to find a great example of that artist’s work to purchase. Hayley was great because she exposed me to great emerging artists represented by Saatchi Art that I was not aware of.

There are a lot of sculptures incorporated into the Lloydcrest project. Are you personally a sculpture lover? I believe art can come in many forms. It doesn’t just have to be something you hang on a wall. It can be sculptural art or it can be functional art like furniture. It can also be accessories in bronze or ceramic. What’s the number one rule you follow when picking art for a space? The number one rule is that the client loves it. In a home the size of the Lloydcrest Estate the scale of the pieces became important. Small pieces in some instances would not work. I like edgy art but a lot of clients won’t go there. Do you buy art for yourself? I’ve been collecting for over 30 years. My walls are full. But I just buy what I love. I have very expensive pieces but some of my favorite things cost very little. I love photography. Herb Ritts was a friend and I learned a lot from him. Contemporary large-scale color photography is very exciting to work with. With minimalist furniture in muted colors, what was the guiding design scheme for the Lloydcrest project? I didn’t want to take away from the architecture which is stunning. The pops of color were supposed to come from the art. What do you think is the most important design rule when adding art to an interior? Are there any common mistakes that you see? It’s subjective so I see things as tasteful or not but for me the biggest mistake is not following your gut, being fearful. That is why so many art collections look the same. People buy what their friends have. They are afraid to move out of their comfort zone or they only buy “name” pieces because in their minds price ensures quality which is not necessarily true in my opinion. I mean, I’ve seen bad Picasso’s, believe it or not.

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List of Artworks Provided by Saatchi Art

1. Harlequin Romance 1

Lucas Lai Black & white on paper and wood 20 x 16 in $980

2. Harlequin Romance 2

9. Honoring the Modern

Gina Adams Ceramic, clay, paint and wax on ceramic 11 x 11 x 11 in $1,350 10. First Born

Mark Yale Harris Stone and marble on marble and stone 17 x 11 x 19 in $7,275

Lucas Lai Black & white on paper and wood 20 x 16 in $980

11. Balance

3. Harlequin Romance 3

12. Give Some Heart

Lucas Lai Black & white on paper and wood 20 x 16 in $980

Betty McGeehan Mixed media on wood 60 x 44 x 5.5 in $2,150 Stephen Rowe Acrylic and gesso on wood 48 x 48 in $4,330 13. Cosmos

Ber Lazarus Wood on wood 81 x 72 x 25 in $6,900

Simon Meiklejohn Metal and steel on stainless steel and steel 89 x 27.6 x 9.4 in $4,300

5. Heavenly Swim

14. Belle

4. Rising Arches

Matthew Farrar Color and digital on paper 30 x 20 in $780 6. Abstract Expressionism

Irena Orlov Digital, paint and ink on canvas 80 x 44 in $11,550 7. The Marriage

Irena Orlov Digital, paint and ink on canvas 80 x 44 in $11,550 8. Sands March

Melissa Herrington Acrylic on canvas 48 x 70 in $6,800

Jonas Fisch Acrylic and gesso on canvas 35 x 55.5 in $3,710 15. Red Bull and

the Human League Pawel Przewlocki Acrylic on wood 24 x 18 in $1,080 16. Bronze Skull

Michael Boroniec Ceramic and luster glaze 6 x 5 x 8 in $1,700 17. Raíces Ancestrales

Num. 10 Juan Pedrosa Wood on iron and wood 57.9 x 11.8 x 11.8 in $4,410

18. Asleep at the Wheel

Mark Yale Harris Bronze on stone and wood 12 x 3 x 3 in $1,750 19. Streamer 10

Frans Muhren Metal on steel 11.8 x 23.6 x 27.6 in $1,910 20. Emerging, 1986

Carl Yoshihara Plaster, hydrocal, acrylic and paint on other 10.5 x 8 x 7 in $6,400 21. Trinity III (#143)

Harry Moody Oil on canvas 60 x 48 in $9,100 22. Speak Softly 1

Candace Primack Acrylic on canvas 41 x 31 in $2,710 23. Streamer 24

Frans Muhren Metal on iron 8.3 x 13.4 x 6.7 in $1,740 24. Fiddle

Brian Nash Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 $610 25. Abstract Red

White Blue #149 Harry Moody Oil on canvas 40 x 30 in $5,150 26. Standing Mummy

Frans Muhren Metal on iron 17.3 x 2 x 2.4 in $980 27. The Vibrant Hues

Irena Orlov

Acrylic, gesso, spray paint and pastel on canvas 48 x 36 in $7,200 28. DD092314 (Franztastic)

Daniel DeLuna Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 in $6,200 29. The Marriage

Irena Orlov Digital, paint and ink on canvas 54 x 96 in $12,750 30. Bullet

Betty McGeehan Wood and steel on wood 71 x 18 x 9 in $2,210 31. Kim Kardashian

36. Petrichor 1

Mélisa Taylor Acrylic and sand on canvas 72 x 48 in $3,710 37. A Fairytale Told

Jonas Fisch Acrylic, gesso and ink on canvas 76 x 76 in $5,150 38. FB8

Dean West Digital and C-type on paper 38 x 48 in $2,050 39. Kundalini

Hans-Juergen Gorenflo Wood on wood 55 x 10 x 15 in $3,650

11,728 Comments Anyes Galleani Acrylic, digital, fabric and paper on wood 36 x 36 in $2,150

40. The Singing Cowboy

32. Open to Change

Annika Banko Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 in $3,810

Celia Zusman Bronze and granite on bronze 12 x 10.5 x 9.5 in $2,910 33. Kkl.15

Jessica Muller Oil on canvas 63 x 45.3 in $4,710 34. Un bar aux

Folies Bergère Michiel Muyres Acrylic and gesso on aluminum and canvas 78.7 x 59.1 in $4,410 35. Soundless

Aleksandra Batura Oil on canvas 78.7 x 51.2 in $6,150

Jonas Fisch Acrylic, gesso and ink on canvas 45 x 72 in $4,750 41. When Opposites Attract

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