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perfect home comfort with bryant dependability Trust Your Home Comfort To Bryant Life can be unpredictable. So when you’re at home, your sense of comfort and relaxation should be just just the way you want. Bryant helps millions of people take control of home comfort with innovative solutions ranging from furnaces to central air conditioners to air quality products. Even with products as reliable and efficient as Bryant’s, proper installation is critical to keeping you comfortable. Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling will work with you before installation to custom design a solution that will meet the unique needs of your home – regardless of style, layout or size.



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By Ellyn Santiago





























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By Ellyn Santiago



By Adeline Moore





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By Marge McCarthy

















44 “Where Quality & Reliability Meet”

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t Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling and Albuquerque Commercial our mission is to ensure that each and every customer, be it a homeowner with a clogged toilet or a commercial client looking to have an entire HVAC system installed, receives the highest quality service and outstanding customer care. We are a team, a family that genuinely cares about our customer. We will always go the extra mile. We will always get the job done right the first time, and we will do that job at a fair price. Our team that includes technicians, plumbers, electricians and contractors who possess skills that soar above the competition. And we don’t offer that as a boast or brag. We have customer testimonials, reviews and accolades and awards from the business community. We have grown our business by leaps and bounds since we put our first service vehicle on the road in 2008 with a handful of employees. Today, the company has 52 employees and several divisions. We believe we have achieved such growth and success in part because of our customers! Customers who have, through word-of-mouth, shared their experiences with their familys, friends, neighbors and colleagues. You cannot purchase that kind of advertising! And we are grateful. Very grateful. The team at Albuquerque Plumbing has a strong set of values: integrity, hard work, gratitude, accountability and confidence are at the core. And we are a company where employees are treated with equality, respect and dignity, where we value each other and are grateful every day that we have the opportunity to do good work for Albuquerque. We cover every service base, be it plumbing, heating, and cooling in your home or commercial facility. We do it all and then some. We all look forward to meeting you and working with you. And remember our motto: “We are not just your plumbers, we are your neighbors.”

Matt Gonzales President of Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling




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hey all lived together, this little company, surviving on Ramen noodles and sleeping on couches when they weren’t working around the clock. The story of Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling (ABQ Plumbing) is a hard-knock one. Wildly successful today, it’s a very young company but with very traditional values: work your hardest and always treat people with dignity and respect. It’s a story about honest American blue-collar grit and tenacity, aiming not to necessarily become wildly rich, but to make a good living with a strong, principled business model.

his growing family. But Matt believed, after interviewing with all the “relevant” plumbing and HVAC companies in Albuquerque and finding that there was what he described a “big deficiency because they didn’t seem to care about customer service.” He discovered – during the job interview process,oddly enough–

ABQ PLUMBING’S STORY IS A GREAT ONE. In early 2008, Matt Gonzalez was at a crossroads. His wife, five months pregnant with their first child, wasn’t on board with his plan. Matt, a skilled, certified and licensed HVAC technician was “in between jobs,” searching for work and, with a baby on the way, was under pressure; he had to provide for 8


that his best, albeit riskiest move was to go out on his own. “We had $3,000,” Matt says. That was all they had. His wife Vanessa was worried and said so. “But, I woke up one day and decided I was tired of interviewing for people I didn't believe in – their cause

“I woke up one day and decided I was tired of interviewing for people I didn't believe in – their cause or their purpose – so we went out and bought a van.” And Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling was born. – Matt Gonzales has also earned the Angie’s List® Super Service Award, given to the top five percent of contractors, every year since 2009, the second year they were in business.

or their purpose – so we went out and bought a van.” And Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling was born. “I had my tools and from that point forward we put together a marketing plan that involved walking door-to-door and putting flyers up and talking to everybody we could and we started to grow and grow and in less than a year we had four employees. We had immense success from word-ofmouth referrals as well as reaching out to our customers and showing them what we were about,” Matt explains.

and grew and by 2012 the company moved to its current home at 6145 Second St. NW, “a location we can grow in,” Vanessa says, with a huge staff and, even more dramatic, a slew of accolades and awards that just keep coming. Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling won Albuquerque The Magazine’s "Best of the City" for the plumbing company category in 2013 and was in the Top Five for that magazine award in 2014. The company

Was Matt surprised by their swift and successful rise? “In the very beginning we were surprised. We knew there was a need for reliable contractors who still upheld a higher level of business ethics, but I was truly staggered by how great that need was,” he says. In 2011, Matt explains, the company was getting “a lot more demand for commercial” so a commercial branch was created, which Matt says is “very different than residential and requires a different approach at a different level than residential. It’s a bigger job and all that comes with it.” Albuquerque Commercial, then called the “little fledgling division,” was born.

By early 2010, the beginning of their second year, the company had grown to 12 employees. Originally the couple operated the business out of their apartment, but then they moved into company partner Anthony Giannini’s house and operated the business from there. In fact, at one point, in an effort to save on costs and grow the business, everybody that worked for the company lived in the house. “Our first company meeting was around our kitchen table,” Vanessa recalls. “And there was lots and lots of Ramen,” she laughs; times were tough and Ramen is cheap. Matt jokes: “We still always have plenty of Ramen, for anyone, anytime.” Joking aside, there was a certain meteoric success occurring as the company grew 505.908.9655



“In our company we don't say ‘you’ or ‘I,’ we say ‘we.’” For example, Matt says, when a new employee is hired and they say, ‘I work for you,’ Matt reminds them that at ABQ Plumbing, “We all work with each other. That philosophy helps our morale and our positive work environment.” Indeed, as Vanessa says, especially in her role as human resources director, “we are a family.” And, she and Matt say they believe in rewarding hard work and honoring family with incentives, cash prizes for call center staff when they do great work, employee profit-sharing, holiday parties, and an annual company barbeque. She also makes a special point to remember all employees’ birthdays, and those of their kids, too.

Fortunately, as Vanessa says, they’d “found an amazing partner” in Larry English. “I don't think we could have the commercial division that we have now as a team without him. He’s amazing. He is understanding and has a very good business mind. He’s an amazing business partner,” she says. Matt agrees: With Larry’s business acumen and expertise, the "little fledgling division" is “now outpacing the residential division as far as growth goes, which I’m not happy about.” Larry says quickly: “I am.” Everyone laughs.

Matt was focusing on HVAC, Anthony was promoting and working the plumbing department. Matt agrees that it “wouldn’t be as successful and as big as it is without Anthony. He grew that division.” Whatever the division, the company philosophy remains the same, a mission born out of Matt’s original idea to focus on the people, be it customer or employee.

“We did not change our philosophy about the customer satisfaction and the customer comes first. Instead of having a house with four or six people with a clogged-up toilet, we have a building with hundreds of people with a clogged toilet ...the key is, they're all still people but on a grander scale,” Larry says. “Commercial is bigger and on a different scale, but we’re not doing business with pieces of equipment, we’re doing business with people.”(See Albuquerque Commercial and Electrical Division's story on page 28) And talking about departments in the company, Vanessa reminds that if it wasn’t for Anthony, the plumbing division “wouldn’t be as big as it is.” “Anthony was the one who pushed. He had a passion for it,” she says. So while 10 HOME COMFORT

It’s a family, yes, but it’s a business family that Albuquerque residential and commercial customers can depend on. Under the leadership of Matt, Anthony and Larry, it’s a one-stop shop for any residential or commercial job with its plumbing, electrical and commercial divisions. As Larry puts it, “One call does it all.”



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hat do the Idaho Capitol Building in Boise, Foundation House in New York City, and Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehab in Warm Springs, Georgia have in common? They all use geothermal heat pumps, considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to be one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. You have very likely come across geothermal energy in your lifetime. Maybe you’ve seen the photos of frosted-headed Japanese macaques relaxing in the hot springs in Nagano, Japan. Or maybe you’ve visited Yellowstone National Park and have seen the hot mud bubbling and Old Faithful spewing. Perhaps you’ve vacationed in Arkansas and luxuriated in a Hot Springs spa. Geothermal energy is power generated from natural steam, hot water, hot rocks, or lava in the Earth’s crust. About 20 percent of this energy comes from the original formation of the planet and 80 percent from radioactive decay of minerals. How do geothermal systems work in nature? Temperatures at the core–mantle 12 HOME COMFORT

boundary may reach over 7,200° F and flows continuously outward. Think: volcanoes, lava . . . Hawaii. The heat, however, usually remains below the Earth’s crust, heating nearby rock and water—sometimes to temperatures as hot as 700°F. When the earth heats the water, hot water or steam can be trapped in permeable and porous rocks under a layer of waterproof rock, and a geothermal reservoir can form. Most hot water stays deep underground, trapped in cracks and porous rock. People from Paleolithic times used hot springs for bathing, warmth, and cleansing, and also used minerals in the water as a source of healing. The oldest known hot spring pool was built in China during the 3rd century BC and the ancient Romans used hot springs water for public bath houses. In 14th-Century France, in the spa town of Chaudes-Aigues, people used geothermal water to not only to heat their spas but also their houses. The earliest industrial exploitation of geothermal energy began in 1827 with the use of geyser steam to extract boric

acid from volcanic mud in a dry steam field in Larderello, Italy. Prince Piero Ginori Conti tested the first geothermal power generator in July 1904, at Larderello, again, where he built the first geothermal power plant in 1910. The geothermal heat pump came into implementation around the late 1940s, making it possible to heat the Commonwealth Building in Portland, Oregon in 1946, and the first residential open loop version in Ohio in 1948. Ten years later, New Zealand produced a geothermal energy plant, the first and only one since Larderello. In the early 1970s, Sweden implemented geothermal technology as a popular source for energy. A geothermal system uses of series of underground pipes called a “loop,” which is buried between 10 and 300 feet, where the earth’s temperature remains constant. These loops lay in 100–400foot trenches, if installed horizontally and if space is available, or vertically, if not. The earth loop eliminates the need for fossil fuels. Also, they can be hidden under a landscaped area, a field or a parking lot, etc.

TODAY, THESE SYSTEMS CAN BE INSTALLED IN HOMES. GEOTHERMAL ENERGY: Is available everywhere, for community district heating, space heating, spas, industrial processes, desalination, and agricultural applications. Is a renewable resource because the heat emanating from the interior of the Earth is essentially limitless and continuous. Is a resource that will never freeze. May release greenhouse gases in power plants that are harmful, but can be contained with vents that trap the gases. Therefore, it has the potential to help mitigate global warming, and replace use of fossil fuels.

These heat pumps pull heat from the Earth and distribute it through a conventional duct system or a hot water tank. To cool, the system extracts heat from the building and pumps it into the earth loop, reversing the system. When researching for a company, the home or business owner should request an experienced, qualified mechanical contractor who has been installing geo systems for many years, according to Matt Gonzales, owner of Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Look for the best contractor first,” he says. “The best home comfort system will leave you unsatisfied if installed incorrectly.”

the cost of generating geothermal power has decreased by 25% over the past two decades. Installation can start in the $20,000 to $25,000 dollar range. Upon installation there is a 30 percent federal tax credit available, which typically saves homeowners between $6,000 and $ 7,500. Long-term and low-interest financing coupled with reduced utility bills make geothermal an investment that begins to pay real monetary dividends within just a few years.

While the cost of drilling and exploration may be expensive, in the long run geothermal energy will factor in technology, energy The WaterFurnace 7 Series™ prices, subsidies, provides homeowners the ultimate and interest rate in comfort and performance and decisions, from single represents our finest products. This housing to industry. line is for those who accept only Through governmentthe best and is built using the latest technologies and highest standards. assisted research and industry experience,

Can reduce electricity usage. The electricity, which powers geothermal heat pumps only collects, concentrates, and delivers heat, but does not produce it. Compared with other heating and cooling systems, GHPs reduce electricity 30-60 percent. Can help save on utility bills. This includes up to 80 percent in HVAC costs. A WaterFurnace geothermal system offers a 400 percent improvement in energy efficiency compared to high-efficiency natural gas furnace systems. Additionally, the WaterFurnace system controls humidity and typically lasts over 20 years.

7 Series



ABQ Plumbing Loves

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico by Ellie Mae Johnson


ecause the spirit of giving back to the community is the heart Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling (ABQ Plumbing) company philosophy, learning that it is committed to supporting the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico should come as no surprise. Helping the agency that has helped thousands of Albuquerque kids comes naturally to this business ‘family.’ And it’s interesting that it was through business that the bond was formed, leading ABQ Plumbing to its sponsorship of a number of local Big Brothers Big Sisters families.

explains, Savers was their “first big install.” At its Albuquerque locations, Savers features Community Donation Centers benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters. According to Matt, after talking with Savers about the agency, ABQ Plumbing decided it was a cause they would love to support. And when ABQ Plumbing accountant John Mendez was hired, the relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters was sealed; the agency is very near and dear to John’s heart, not only because he’d worked for them for several years, but because he knows well the important and lifechanging work it does.

The global thrift retailer Savers is a longtime ABQ Plumbing customer. In fact, as company president Matt Gonzalez

“ABQ Plumbing is always searching for ways to give back to the community and we believe that investing in our youth is very


important,” John explains. “Big Brothers Big Sisters matches us with families in their program that are most in need for the holidays. We provide gifts for the family and the food for their holiday dinner.”

Matt says that ABQ Plumbing employees helped bring a Christmas filled with presents and holiday cheer to three families in 2015 and he and employees look forward to helping again this year. John says ABQ Plumbing also takes part in the annual Big Brothers Big Sister’s Halloween celebration, including the Scream-AThon held at the Sheraton hotel where, as Vanessa says, kids can safely trick-ortreat on the first floor of the hotel going door-to-door. At that event last year, Matt and Vanessa’s two-year-old daughter Paisley volunteered her time, on her birthday, which happens to be Halloween! And like last year, this year the company is once again sponsoring the Haunted House. John says last year the event drew nearly 500 attendees. “And this year we are expecting even more,” he says. Why does ABQ Plumbing believe in supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico? Like Matt says, “We’re really excited to be part of it and give back to the community.” And, he believes in the mission. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico Marketing Officer Sharon Tenorio shared that agency provided mentors to nearly 1,350 children in the service area. According to BBBS, national research has shown that positive relationships have a direct and measurable impact on children’s lives. By participating in our programs, Little Brothers and Little Sisters are more confident in their schoolwork performance, able

to get along better with their families, 46 percent less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27 percent less likely to begin using alcohol and 52 percent less likely to skip school, simply because they have an adult mentor who is there to guide them through their childhood.

of Central New Mexico

According to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico, for more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has operated under the belief that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life. As the nation’s largest donor and volunteersupported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers known as ‘Bigs’ and children known as ‘Littles’, ages 6 to 19. “We develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people,” its mission and vision statements read. Believing all children can achieve success in life, the organization has as its mission the aim of “providing children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that 505.908.9655

change their lives for the better, forever.” And Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico adds that accountability is key: “By partnering with parents/ guardians, volunteers and others in the community we are accountable for each child in our program achieving higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships, which helps in avoiding risky behaviors and a better chance of educational success.” ABQ Plumbing encourages people to learn more and, if possible, get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico. Learn more about local efforts by visiting


Duct-Free BENEFITS by Maxine Reneé


uctless mini-split or duct-free system HVAC units can be a useful alternative to cool and heat homes and businesses. Through a variety of sizes and capabilities of controlling the air temperature in individual zones or rooms in the building, they offer both economic and environmental advantages. HVAC companies like Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are installing them in multifamily housing, and renovations of older single-family homes, as well as businesses’ server rooms, waiting rooms and office spaces. They also have a money and energy savings advantage when some areas of an office space are used infrequently or not at all (such as a build-out waiting for occupancy), by only conditioning the space that is occupied. Duct-free systems, as the name implies, have no duct work and consist of an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. These are linked together with tubing that houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, and a drain tube for condensation. In many ways, they operate in a manner quite similar to a standard air conditioning system. Matt Gonzales, Owner of Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, noted that the main advantages of duct-free systems are 16 HOME COMFORT

ease of installation, cost savings, energy savings and flexibility in locating the system for cosmetic concerns and sound control as well as logistical applications. “Customers often overlook, but we like to point out that duct-free systems can be installed in places where conventional ducted systems simply can’t go. Options for interior design include ceiling- and wall-mounted units, drop ceiling applications and even a picture gallery unit that allows the owner to customize the look of the space,” he said. “Floor-standing models are also available. Most indoor units have profiles about eight to eleven inches deep and have a range of aesthetically refined designs suitable for any home or office. All models offer a remote control to easily make adjustments to the system’s air flow pattern or temperature and on-and-off when it’s positioned high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling.” Duct-free systems can also help to keep your home safer, because there is only a small hole for the tubing to pass through the wall. Window-mounted and through-the-wall room air-conditioners, unfortunately, can provide an easy entrance for intruders.

“For many of our customers, the unique advantages of this type of system are important. Our installers are highly trained, they

“The cost savings can be significant in terms of installation and energy use.” attend hands-on training as well as up-to-date factory training and testing,” Matt continued. “I would caution against using a company whose technicians are not proficient in this type of installation, as each unit must be correctly sized and placed. An error here could result in wasted energy, improper temperature or humidity control, and greater long-term operational expenses.” Albuquerque encourages home and business owners replacing existing systems, building new ones or remodeling to consider duct-free systems. “The cost savings can be significant in terms of installation and energy use, without compromising the comfort level of the rooms or occupants. Our professional technicians are continuously trained to help customers determine the best options for cooling and heating their homes or business.” 505.908.9655


Thinking of Making A Switch? By Ellyn Santiago

In New Mexico and elsewhere in the southwest, it’s colloquially known as a swamp or desert cooler. The evaporative cooler – a rather accurate name since it cools the air via water evaporation – has its origins in ancient Egypt, preceding the modern air conditioner by about 6,000 years. Since its use is older than Methuselah and still regularly used, assume a desert cooler is a practical, functional and effective air cooling system. But how does it stack up against an A/C system? 18 HOME COMFORT

Swamp Coolers and AC Basics

The science behind modern the electrical air conditioner emerged in the 19th century and the first patent for commercial air conditioning system came in 1902. The difference between the two is that an AC system uses absorption refrigeration cycles. Dry air temperatures can drop dramatically when liquid water becomes vapor, as in a swamp cooler and uses much less energy than refrigeration. And, in dry climates swamp coolers add moisture to the air. But, and this is a pretty big but, there’s almost nothing more uncomfortable than when that swamp cooler malfunctions, especially when it’s 96 in the shade. The number one reasons as swamp cooler can malfunction, and especially when one least needs it to, is because of hard water. And in addition to extreme dry heat in New Mexico, another thing that’s also as common as a sunny day in Albuquerque is …hard water.

Swamp Cooler vs . AC Swamp Coolers and Hard Water

The swamp cooler is at once a tried and true method of cooling hot, dry air. Picture folks 100 years ago on an unbearably hot night that have wet or dampened sheets hanging in a window or on a porch -- we all get the concept. And while the method is basic and simple, it’s not always efficient. And in the case of evaporative coolers and hard water, there can be major problems. And here in Albuquerque, the water is often very hard (and very common) and that water can easily calcify the components of the cooler which means the equipment will wear out far quicker or malfunction completely. The costs associated include repair and often, replacement of parts and sometimes the entire swamp cooler. And therein lays a reason to consider using an AC system instead. Hard water won’t affect an AC system.


How ABQ Plumbing Can Help

It’s important to know that should you have a malfunctioning swamp cooler, we can come, give you a free estimate and are usually able to repair it the same day. But we’re experts at converting from a swamp cooler to an AC system. We can help you determine the size and type of unit you need in the most efficient way. We are able to install and repair all makes and models of central air conditioning units. For some homeowners, investing in central air is just not in the budget. If the cost to install a central air conditioning system is keeping you from staying cool, we can install a room air conditioner so that you can beat the heat while saving up for a central air system.



BOOM by Ellie Mae Johnson


he weather in New Mexico is certainly one of the top reasons people move to the Land of Enchantment, or even more likely, why folks never want to leave. With more than 300 days of glorious sunshine, generally mild seasonal temperatures with low humidity, and four distinct seasons, it’s near perfect here. But, that perfection doesn’t mean your home isn’t in need of properly designed, installed and workingperfectly HVAC systems. And in new home construction, ABQ Plumbing has the opportunity to install the best system to fit the home and the family’s wants and needs, the first time. ABQ Plumbing’s


professional HVAC installation services can keep your family comfortable and healthy all year long in all kinds of weather. GREAT DESIGN FROM THE START At ABQ Plumbing, we get it right the first time, utilizing industry standards and guidelines and engineering every new HVAC system to match the home’s capacity requirements and characteristics that affect energy consumption, including windows, doors, insulation and climate conditions. NEW HOME HVAC OPTIONS There are a variety of options to choose

from when selecting heating and cooling systems. Some new homes may require uniquely configured systems, for example, to address structural challenges, specific performance expectations and varying fuel options.

Here are some options:

■ Split Air-Conditioners: The air handler or furnace is placed inside the garage, basement or a mechanical closet and refrigerant lines and electrical connections are run to the outdoor condensing unit, which is set in a remote location to reduce noise levels.

is air balanced and to ensure the proper amount of conditioned/heated air is delivered to each room in the home. ONGOING EXEMPLARY CARE AND HIGH QUALITY SERVICE With our maintenance agreements and service plans, ABQ Plumbing will continue to provide complete HVAC repair, installation and maintenance services for our customers. We’ve set the bar for high quality workmanship and customer service and we are committed to ongoing professional training. We encourage you to contact us and speak with one of our customer care representatives to learn more about the many benefits of choosing a modern air conditioner, furnace or heat pump installed perfectly by ABQ Plumbing Heating and Cooling!

■ Package Units: The condenser and air handler are housed in a single enclosure. Package units are often used when ground space is limited, so they may be housed on a rooftop for example. These units are often seen in light commercial buildings and include straight cool, gas-electric and heat pump configurations. ■ Heat Pumps: A heat pump operates in the same way as an air conditioner, except it includes a reversing valve so the refrigerant can flow in either direction. This allows a heat pump to provide both heating and air conditioning from a single unit.

■ Furnaces: Furnaces use natural gas, fuel oil or propane. The natural gas option the most common residential heating, appliance since the fuel is the least expensive. SELECTION, COMES INSTALLATION After the system and equipment have been chosen, the installation phase begins. ABQ Plumbing Heating and Cooling technicians work efficiently and accurately to maintain the installation schedule; when the units are properly installed and final connections are made, the system 505.908.9655


Giving Back to Roadrunner Food Bank by Adeline Moore


Indeed, each year, Roadrunner distributes more than 24 million pounds of food to New Mexico’s hungry.

hirty-five years ago, the story goes, the Rev. Titus Scholl traveled around Albuquerque with a trunk full of sweet corn delivering it to hungry families. Scholl had grown up poor in a very large Pennsylvania Dutch family and understood hunger. As a man of God, he spent decades in service to the poor and was, in 1978, acutely aware of the hunger problem in Albuquerque. He was moved to do far more than deliver ears of corn. Having learned about the St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix, which open in the late 1960s and was the first of its kind, Scholl was inspired to start Albuquerque’s own food bank. Scholl even lent his life savings –$20,000– to help get it off the ground. In 1980, Roadrunner Food Bank was formed as a non-profit and over the decades, has fed countless families. 22 HOME COMFORT

The important and lifesaving and -changing work Roadrunner Food Bank does every day inspired the team at Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling (ABQ Plumbing) and owner Matt Gonzales in particular. “The Roadrunner Food Bank does amazing work,” Matt says. “Especially to the little cities out there in the middle of nowhere, they will make special trips to the six families in that little town to make sure people don’t go hungry.”

ABQ Plumbing Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

But Matt and his staff don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. ABQ Plumbing employees, their families and customers collected thousands of pounds of food for Roadrunner, and by extension, their neighbors. And they collected that food by being creative; they offered discounts to customers when clients donated nonperishable foods, for example. As ABQ Plumbing technician Mike Ford told a KOB TV reporter last November about the community holiday food drive, “The company I work for is so great.” Ford and a committee of fellow staff members, with the full support and blessing of owner Matt Gonzales, wanted to collect as much food as possible. Their idea was to provide service-call discounts for clients who donated non-perishable food items. That idea proved to be very successful. In addition to food collected by staff, family and friends, combined with non-perishables donated by customers, ABQ Plumbing collected more than 1,500 pounds of food for Roadrunner Food Bank. Matt explains: “When the customer is booking the appointment the dispatcher will say, ‘If you’ve got an old can of peas in the back of your pantry pull it out because we’ll buy it from you.’ The guys will come back with bags and bags of donations.” Matt’s wife Vanessa, who is the company human resources director, says ABQ Plumbing employees are “passionate” about their volunteer efforts with Roadrunner Food Bank. “We hate seeing that billboard that says one in five kids is going hungry,” she says, adding, “and explaining to my daughter who's reading, when she asks, ‘Mommy, what does that mean?’” Vanessa said it’s heartbreaking to explain to her child that there are very likely kids in her class who eat only at school. “We got everyone involved. Our families, even our customers," She Says. The latter of which she said the company is “blessed to have.” One customer held a free community Thanksgiving dinner. “They want to give back, too,” she said. Matt says that their commitment to giving comes from their humble backgrounds and their first-hand understanding of how difficult living can be, especially for the working poor. “Most of the management here, we don’t come from lavish families,” he says. “My family was a single mom with four kids. I do remember what it’s like to go to bed hungry and I don’t like knowing there's something we can do about that and we haven't done it.”


or Matt and Vanessa Gonzalez of ABQ Plumbing, Matt is company owner and Vanessa is office manager and human resources director, supporting breast cancer research is personal for the couple, and their company. “This effort is really close to our hearts,” Matt says. "Vanessa’s mother is a breast cancer survivor." She’s been cancer free for the past eight years,” Vanessa says. “Making Strides is important to us. We have a team and we donate. It’s something we always do and care about very much.” The ABQ Plumbing team at Making Strides raised more than $2,000 and they certainly stood out on the day of the walk with their pink shirts emblazoned with pink plungers in strategically placed locations! In 2014, ABQ Plumbing also supported the now-closed Susan G Komen in New Mexico with a $1,000 donation. The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks are the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, uniting nearly 300 communities with a shared determination to finish the fight against breast cancer. Passionate walk participants raise critical funds that enable the American Cancer Society to fund groundbreaking breast cancer research; provide free, comprehensive information and support to those touched by breast cancer; and help people take steps to reduce their breast cancer risk or find it early when it is most treatable. ABQ Plumbing’s statement about why it participates in the annual walk is found on the American Cancer Society website: “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is more than just the name of an event. It describes the amazing progress the American Cancer Society and our company are making together in the fight to end breast cancer.”

“We are not just your plumbers, we are your neighbors and we care,” Matt says. 505.908.9655





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air scrubber:

by Jacqueline Cross

The Cleanest Air You’ll Ever Breathe A

ccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the quality of indoor air can be two to five times (and even up to 100 times) more polluted than the worst outside air, which is why they’ve ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers.

Poor air quality can cause a host of health problems, such as coughing, sneezing, eye irritation/itching, fatigue, dizziness, headaches and migraines, as well as congestion in the sinuses and chest. It can also exacerbate allergies and preexisting respiratory conditions, including dyspnea (difficult or painful breathing), rhinitis (inflammation of the nose, runny nose), epistaxis (nose bleeds), pharyngitis (sore throat), lung disease, and asthma or worsening asthma.


Most if not all of these issues can be controlled or even eliminated by significantly improving the quality of the air in your home. Don’t assume it’s fine because it very well may not be. Ignoring this puts not only your health at risk, but the health of your entire family, including pets. So what can you do to improve your indoor air quality? Most people have some sort of air purifier, whether it’s part of your air duct system or portable, that uses a filter (usually multiple ones), electrical attraction, oxidation, or a combination of these. Air purifiers using these technologies, however, often leave much to be desired when it comes to actually improving your air quality. Enter the Air Scrubber Plus, a seamless, fully integrated 24/7 home air purification system. It makes cleaning surfaces,

mopping up offending odors, and reducing harmful airborne contaminants as simple as turning on your furnace, fan, or air conditioning system. The Air Scrubber Plus also freshens, purifying the air in your home while reducing strong odors such as those from cigarette smoke, bacteria, pets, and cooking by naturally absorbing the particles that keep those odors lingering. This allows you to spray and scrub surfaces far less, and odors won’t simply be disguised with toxic chemicals—they’ll be eradicated. Additionally, the Air Scrubber Plus purifies your air. Unlike air filters that are passive, Air Scrubber Plus actively treats the air by continually sending out ActivePure scrubbers throughout your home to greatly reduce chemicals, dangerous contaminants, mold, odors, and pollutants in the air.

The peer-reviewed ActivePure technology was derived from an air purifying system designed by NASA for the International Space Station. It’s 50 times more powerful than the average HVAC filtration system and can reduce up to 99.9% of the harmful contaminants throughout your home. The way it works is through specialized germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviroscrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, just like in nature. The key components of the Air Scrubber Plus are the honeycomb surface and UV light. The surface, which is coated with a titanium oxide and a proprietary formulation of reactive metals, creates a catalytic reaction that generates charged clusters of hydrogen and oxygen. The Air Scrubber Plus will improve your environment, and therefore your overall

health. Many of the health issues mentioned earlier will resolve, as the Air Scrubber Plus reduces harmful airborne toxins. It reduces black mold by up to 99.9%, MSRA Superbug by 99.8%, Avian Flu by 99%, Staph and Strep by 98.5%, and E. Coli by 98.1%.

A protected HVAC system can last up to 15 years or more at peak efficiency. This will save you money on your utility bills and reduce the need for expensive service calls. An unprotected system will become dirty, causing it to break down in as little as five years.

Tom Lozano, Executive Director at Air Scrubber Plus, has seen extraordinary results over the company’s eight years. “Every time we do a test at a school or a business where they keep track of attendance, we see a significant drop in absences due to sickness, up to 80 to 90 percent,” he says.

A professional heating and cooling technician can easily install the Air Scrubber Plus. A standard unit covers up to 3,000 square feet when operating and begins working at once. The unit is not visible inside your home—a small 4” square cut is made into your existing duct work and the unit is mounted directly above your HVAC’s air handler. Once that is done, you’re on the way to breathing the cleanest, freshest air of your life.

What’s more, the Air Scrubber Plus extends the life of your existing heating and air conditioning system by trapping dirt, dust, and other debris before it enters through the filter, which can damage the coils and blower that keep your system running effectively.






n late 2011, ABQ Plumbing president Matt Gonzalez noticed there was an increasing demand for commercial services. It didn’t take long for his company to seize that opportunity to significantly grow the business. “We branched off into a specific division that focused on commercial,” Matt says. He explains that while each and every ABQ Plumbing customer is treated equally with regard to excellence of service and care, commercial customers have different requirements from residential customers and often require a grander scale of service and often more immediately or urgently. “It’s a bigger job and all that comes with it,” he says. Enter new partner Larry English, who would head up the new ABQ Plumbing division, Albuquerque Commercial. And with Larry onboard, that division has grown and flourished far beyond anyone’s expectations. In fact, as Matt says, ABQ Commercial is “now outpacing the residential division as far as growth goes.” Larry describes ABQ Commercial’s growth this way: “Commercial is different from residential 28 HOME COMFORT

based on scale, but in marketing it, we really truly counted on those residential customers to spread the word. They all work somewhere, and the same thing with commercial, all those people live somewhere so it’s a very symbiotic relationship and we marketed it that way. We really counted on that original Albuquerque Plumbing customer base to help it get going on the commercial side.” Larry continues: “Once we established a base of good customers, we were really able to work on our reputation and build on that customer base where we have some really strong clientele that we partner with. We really like to use that word, ‘partner,’ because that’s the relationship we have with our customers. And the growth since has been absolutely amazing, only because we stuck to that original belief of customer satisfaction.” ABQ Commercial is a one-stop shop for any building or facility need, Larry says. “There’s virtually nothing inside a commercial building that we don’t have the technicians, the tools and the capabilities to fix. We can fix anything that’s in that building, whether it's fire protection, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, anything,” Larry explains. And the beauty part is, given the “great relationship inside the company between technicians,” there’s always a skilled tech to handle any job. “We can pull from each side of the house when we need to,” Larry says. “We have a vast array of technicians, plumbers, and cooling people with varied trade skills, so we don’t just have two people that can work a commercial job, we have 50 that can go.”

The services ABQ Commercial can provide run the gamut. For plumbing, Larry says, ABQ Commercial can handle highusage systems in buildings and facilities like a “multi-shift manufacturing facility with purified water and compressed air systems or a 24-hour food service establishment with a largevolume boiler and over-taxed sewage drains.” Quick response and excellent customer service “ensure a business won’t be offline for very long.” For heating, ABQ Commercial makes this promise: “Even with winter’s freezing temperatures battering at your building’s exterior, customers in your lobby and employees throughout the facility likely want reasonable comfort as well. The solution is a properly maintained furnace and distribution system calibrated with your electronic environmental controls. By contracting with ABQ, your heating system will be inspected for safe operation and serviced periodically throughout the winter.”

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For cooling, whether a commercial facility has a centrifugal chiller or multiple refrigerated-air units, ABQ “has the expertise to keep them working properly throughout the summer months,” Larry says, both to keep customers happy but also to maintain a “comfortable internal environment is operating your systems efficiently so as to consume minimal energy and stay within budget.” Larry says that even though the company can fix anything, repair anything or install anything related to heating, cooling and plumbing, the bottom line for the company’s success is more about its values than anything. “We’re not doing business with pieces of equipment. We’re doing business with people; people who want to be comfortable. And that’s what we provide: comfort. And we do that every day, starting with treating the customer the way we’d like to be treated.” That’s the business model. And for ABQ Commercial, it’s the right model because business is booming. 505.908.9655

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by Adeline Moore


he air conditioning unit outside of your home works hard day in and day out to keep your family cool. Just like every other bit of technology in your life your air conditioner accumulates wear and tear every day from casual use. If you are having some problems finding AC repair, Jacksonville leaves you with many choices.

beneficial to just keep what you have and complete the small repair. When it comes to an older air conditioner though, the improvement on energy efficiency alone can quickly offset the price paid for a new system. Keep this in mind when trying to choose between an AC repair or an AC replacement.

Find the best AC repair Jacksonville has to offer, and make some repairs on your AC unit this year. There is a good chance that installing a new air conditioning system will end up costing you less in the long run. You can decide whether you are going to repair your current unit or replace it. Here are some tips to help you figure out what the future of your air conditioner is.

The General Rule of Air Conditioner Efficiency

Cost Difference: AC Repair & AC Replacement

The first thing that you are going to want to look into is what the difference in cost is between having your current AC repaired or having a brand new one installed. If the cost of fixing your expensive home appliance is close to your quote for a new installation, the replacement option is a better choice.

Age is Often the Determinant

On the other hand, with a newer air conditioner that requires just a simple fix that is low in cost, you will find it more


The rule of thumb for trying to decide, based on the age, is if the system is around two years old, there is a good chance repairs will be beneficial. An air conditioner’s lifespan is around eight years. If yours is around that age, replacement is what you are looking for. When it comes to air conditioners that are about four years old, it is possible for the decision to go either way.

Get Rid of Faulty Systems

If your air conditioner has done nothing but give you problems since it was installed, it could save you future headaches by just junking your constantly failing air conditioning unit. This will save yourself more hassle than you know. Having a system that is reliable and efficient that also includes a yearly scheduled maintenance visit will prove an amazing choice that will continue functioning for years.


IS IT TIME TO REPLACE YOUR A/C? 1. Age of your unit? a. 1-7 b. 8-12

2. How much have you spent on your unit the past year? a. Under $600 b. Over $600 3. Are your energy bills increasing each month? a. Yes b. No 4. Do you regularly maintain? a. Yes b. No 5. Does your home have humidity problems? a. Yes b. No 6. Are some rooms in your home often too cold or to hot? a. Yes b. No 7. Is your HVAC unit unusually noisy? a. Yes b. No 8. Does your home have excessive dust? a. Yes b. No KEY: 1. a-0, b-1 2. a-0,b-1 3. a-1, b-0 4. a-0, b-1 5. a-1, b-0 6. a-1, b-0 7. a-1, b-0 8. a-1, b-0


Rely on Newer Technology

The biggest advantage of a new AC unit is the strong possibility that the new model is energy-efficient. It is not likely that the monthly savings on your utility bills will show the savings in the first month. In the course of a few years, that air conditioning unit can successfully pay for itself and begin to make you money.

Energy Star Efficiency

When choosing a new air conditioning unit, look for the seal from Energy Star. This model meets or exceeds guidelines that the Environmental Protection Agency sets for energy efficiency. This can all get confusing if you are not sure what it means. Call Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning for your AC repair in Jacksonville. We will provide a free quote for problems stemming from your air conditioner. You can expect outstanding customer service that will exceed your expectations when you choose Snyder. We will send our highly qualified technician to your home to inspect the issues you are having with your air conditioning unit.


Based on information you provided, your HVAC system should be repaired! In order to fix your unit, please reach out to our team of experts to receive a FREE quote. Remember, regular maintenance for your HVAC system is required to keep your unit running properly. Use these tips to prevent future problems: don’t skip routine maintenance, make service calls when there is an unusual problem, keep your coils and filters clean, and keep the outdoor unit free of debris.


We recommend having a technician come out to further inspect your unit! In order to give you the most accurate advice, please reach out to our team of experts to schedule an appointment.

6-8 Points – REPLACE YOUR A/C!

Based on the information you provided, your HVAC should be replaced! In order to determine the best new unit for your home, please reach out to our team of experts to request a FREE installation quote. Did you know that if your unit is more than eight years old, it could be using twice the amount of energy that a new one would?


Heaters 101 By Marge McCarthy


e have all heard people boast about having the same water heater forever, and they typically say that it “still runs like a champ.” But, of course, that’s only until it doesn’t.

♦ Test the pressure relief valve by lifting the valve handle and letting it snap back. This should release a burst of water into the overflow drainpipe. If no burst of water appears, have a new valve installed.

No water heater has an unlimited lifespan. The lifespan of a water heater depends on both the quality of the appliance and the quality of the water running through it. In areas with hard water or areas with humid climates homeowners may have to replace a water heater more often.

♦ Maintain the temperature setting on the thermostat at 120 degrees, reducing damage to the tank caused by overheating.

Don’t be faced with making the decision on your next water heater when in crisis mode. The options for heating water have become more varied than ever before. The new high-efficiency models save on energy, and incentives from area utility companies, and possible manufacturer rebates, make it worthwhile to do your homework in advance. Research your options on water heaters in advance, talk to a trusted advisor, and learn about pricing and options.

Conventional Water Heater Maintenance

As with any piece of equipment or appliance that works day in and day out, a maintenance plan can help avoid problems. Waiting until a water heater shows signs of trouble may be too late. Here are a few maintenance tips to prolong the life of your conventional water heater and keep it running efficiently: ♦ Getting rid of collected sediment can help keep the unit running efficiently and prevent corrosion. Drain the water heater twice a year to keep it healthy. 32 HOME COMFORT

If a conventional water heater is not producing as much hot water as you expect, it’s time to have it checked. Oftentimes, small leaks can go undetected for a long period of time, so a visual check once a month is prudent. The worst situation is when there is a flood of water that pours out of the water heater. This can cause a lot of of damage, especially if you are not at home when it happens.

Replace or Repair

Water heaters are the quiet background worker in any house, getting a constant workout and always expected to perform, until they don’t. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, leaks around the base of the tank, works erratically or not very well, it probably needs to be replaced. In any case, make sure that an electrical problem, such as a blown fuse or tripped breaker, is not the reason for the unit failing. Before making any repairs, or purchasing a new water heater, check the nameplate on the side of your current unit. Here you will find helpful information including the tank capacity, insulation R-value, installation guidelines, working pressure, model and serial number. If you have an electric water heater, the nameplate will

also list the wattage capacity and voltage of the heating elements. This information will serve as the starting point in your search for replacement or for parts. If you choose to replace an electric unit with a gas unit-or vice versa, a professional will need to be contracted. Either way, a professional contractor can provide a variety of options that will help you make your decision, based on your needs. They will know how to get the job done quickly while meeting required building safety codes. Installing a water heater, especially when it requires changing the power source, is not a DIY project. It requires the correct tools and a higher level of knowledge. Consider these points when deciding what to do or who to work with on replacement: ♦ A building permit is usually required when replacing a water heater. This is for the safety of the occupants and the future homeowners. If you are buying a home and they have indicated that the water heater has been replaced, you should verify that it was permitted or it may not have been installed correctly. ♦ Conventional water heaters are heavy and very bulky, so consider this when planning a replacement. ♦ How do you dispose of an old water heater? Local codes govern the disposal of such appliances. Know what those are before you proceed, or you might have a new piece of yard art for a while.

WHY USE BRADFORD WHITE? Most water heaters are gas or electric, but choices are no longer so limited. Compare the options to determine the water heater best suited for you: ▪ Electric – Uses 1 or 2 heating elements to heat water Electric water heaters can be used “almost” anywhere.

Conventional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

▪ Natural Gas or Propane – Uses a burner to heat water; needs circulating air; combustibles cannot be stored nearby and must be vented. Gas water heaters are usually installed in a home that has existing gas for another appliance, like a furnace, stove or fireplace.

Conventional Water Heaters – Most common size for homes is 40 or 50 gallons, but conventional units can range in size from 2.5 gallons to 70+ gallons for a home, depending on dimensions of the area where it will be placed. Keep in mind that these units continually heat the entire tank of water to a consistent temperature, so they run constantly.

▪ Solar – Uses heat from the sun to heat water; most require back-up systems for cloudy days; tax incentives may be available. ▪ Heat Pump – Uses energy from outside or inside air; larger than standard water heaters. It is practical to consider an upgrade when purchasing a new water heater. For example: if space allows, you may choose to increase the unit’s holding capacity to accommodate a growing family, or consider an ondemand tankless water heater to save on space and energy. Replacement time is the perfect time to lower your energy bill by choosing a water heater that is more energy efficient.

Tankless or On-Demand Water Heaters

When looking at water heaters, consider these points: ▪ Recovery Rate – Conventional water heaters are rated for the number of gallons that can be heated per hour. The greater your demand for hot water, the higher the recovery rate needed.

These units do not store hot water, so energy to heat the water is not used until there is a demand for hot water. Tankless water heaters turn off when demand is no longer needed, so no water is being heated all day and night, or while you are away. Instead, the water passes through the unit, over a series of coils that quickly heat the water to be delivered. A tankless unit is usually more energy-efficient than a traditional storage tank water heater.

▪ Location Dimensions – The height and width of the space must be considered. The physical space may limit your ability to upgrade a unit. ▪ Energy Efficiency – ENERGY STAR® is the trusted, government-backed label that posts the energy efficiency of a unit. It provides consumers with an estimated annual cost of operations.

Whole-house tankless systems are powerful enough to provide hot water for your entire home. Compact units are also available and designed to work in a specific segment of the home, nearest the area of use.





here are so many things to love about New Mexico. Hard water is not among them. In the Land of Enchantment, not unlike most of the country, hard water is an unfortunate reality. According to the U. S. Geological Survey, in a number of counties across the state, the water is not just hard, but “very hard.”

The list of hard water crimes is long, from the aesthetic issues that accompany hard water to the potentially costly ones. And while there’s little evidence to support claims that hard water negatively impacts health and indeed, there’s some research that points to some mild benefits for some, other issues with hard water make it undesirable. But hard water can be softened and conditioned. And Albuquerque Plumbing has the fix for that. Simply stated, hard water is defined by the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium found in it. The high mineral count is formed as water saoks through ground deposits of chalk and limestone, both of which are almost entirely composed of magnesium and calcium carbonates. You know the water is "hard" when, after washing your hands, for example, there’s a residue left behind; soap often reacts with the calcium and forms, for lack of a more delicate word, scum. Soap and hard water don’t mix well, especially water that’s warm or hot, because heated water, like the water in a dishwasher, hot water heater or washing machine, creates calcium carbonate solids. This is a problem on many levels. Calcium carbonate deposits from heated hot water can make bathing and cleaning dishes and laundry unpleasant: • In a shower or bath they can cause an unsightly and uncomfortable scum. Plus it is difficult to produce lather, and you use a lot more soap to do it. • The effects of hard water are very noticeable in your dishwasher, where a white film or white spots are often left on dishes, silverware and glassware. • Hard water build-up can clog coffeemakers and ruin pots and pans. • When doing laundry, hard water may be responsible for graying white or light colored fabrics but it also can roughen fine fabrics and wear out the fibers of cloth more quickly. • Even when re-cleaning of laundry or dishes is possible to remove stains, film and scum, a lot of extra work is involved. And sinks and bathtubs too are left with a film that leads to frequent re-cleaning.



A Water Conditioner By Ellyn Santiago

• If soap scum isn't bad enough, hard water can clog pores and, for some, create skin conditions or cause rashes. And hard water does not favors for your hair, either.

Hard water is costing you money. • In a hot water heater, coils, backs of toilets, and plumbing pipes, hard water also leaves the solid calcium carbonate deposits. These can lead to build-up over time resulting in damage and likely, costly repairs and replacement costs. • While hard water build-up in pipes restricts the flow of water, the calcium carbonate build-up in a boiler restricts the flow of heat into water and that reduces heating efficiency. In in some cases, metal boiler and

heater parts can overheat. Again, repair and/or replacement costs are possible. • Hard water corrodes pipes. • Swimming pools do not escape the wrath of hard water, either. The water will appear milky. Following this laundry list of hard water crimes, you should know that there’s light at the end of the pipes. North Star water conditioning systems soften water and also filter water, removing impurities. You could spend money on a shower faucet filter head or water softeners for your dishwasher and washing machine, but with a North Star water conditioning system, you’ll get the results of several devices in one system.


North Star filtration and softening systems correct myriad hard water problems, while helping to improve your water quality overall. And when water quality in your home is improved, the life of your plumbing equiptment is increased, your bathing routine is much better, your clothing is cleaner, your soap lasts longer and your dishes aren’t dingy. Most importantly of all, you’ll save money with a North Star water conditioning system. Call Albuquerque Plumbing today for more information.




he first sign that you may have a water leak is a bill that’s higher than normal. Water leaks can occur anywhere, and they may not always be easy to find. If you notice water flowing where it shouldn’t be or your water bill is mysteriously rising, it may be time to call a plumber. The cause of a leak may be hard to determine, and fixing the problem may not be as simple as a patch job. Here are some common areas in your home where leaks may sprout and how you can help identify them.


Faucet and showerhead leaks are typically easy to detect and fix during a routine plumbing maintenance call. Normal use of faucets and showers can cause these problems over time, but it’s still good to solve them early if you’re interested in saving water and money. WATERLINE Waterline leaks are those that occur wherever water flows–in pipes behind walls, under the floorboards, and underground. If you notice a pipe leaking or mysterious water flowing from your wall or floorboards, suggest certainly a sign of a problem. However, most line leaks won’t be that easy to spot. Detecting leaks in unseen pipes isn’t easy, and will require an experienced professional to properly identify them. Leaks in pipes that aren’t easily visible may require the use of specialized equipment for detecting leaks. If a leak is found, the pipes will need to be uncovered or bypassed in order to be repaired. There may be symptoms of hidden line leaks that you can see (i.e. flooding in your yard), but many times the only indication that there’s a problem will come from higher water bills. It’s also a wise idea to to pay attention to your water pressure; a sudden or gradual change in water pressure can also be an indication that things aren’t flowing so well or that you have a leak. Because of the complex and insidious nature of waterline leaks, a professional plumber is the only person who should be trusted to diagnose and solve these problems. Repairing and replacing damaged pipes inside your walls and under surfaces isn’t a do-ityourself task, since you could end up making mistakes that will cost you a fortune. Always hire a professional. TOILET Toilets do a lot of work every day, and as a result they are one of the most common places you’ll find a leak. Something as simple as a toilet tank with a flapper that doesn’t close all the way can cost a small fortune over time, wasting thousands of gallons of water in as little as a month. Times are tough and money is tight, so any wasted water is too much. And if you’re someone whose home uses a well, that leaky toilet equals higher power bills. Luckily, toilet leaks are easy to identify and are typically accompanied by the noise of running water. If you notice yourself having to jiggle the handle to stop your tank from filling, flush multiple times, or if you’re hearing running water when you shouldn’t, it’s time to get your toilet fixed before your monthly bills take a hit.

Pay attention to what the water in your home is telling you. Keep an eye on your utility bills and water pressure, and keep your ears open for any strange noises. Be diligent when it comes to your plumbing, since water can cause major damage over time. The best way to stop leaks is to seal them before they happen. Annual plumbing maintenance is recommended so that problems can be solved before the first drip.

For more information about plumbing leak detection, visit the Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling website at

SHOWERHEAD AND FAUCET When you turn your faucet off, the water should stop flowing, right? Well, sometimes water continues to drip out of the faucet even after you’re done using it. If it drips for a few moments, there may not be a problem. But if your faucet continues to leak long after you’ve closed the line, it’s time to fix it. Showers and sinks that leak even tiny amounts of water can waste gallons over time. If you notice yourself having to over-tighten the faucet in order to stop the dripping, it isn’t working the way it should.




avien Tankless Water Heaters and Boilers are the professional’s choice for high efficiency commercial grade domestic hot water heaters and whole house boiler systems. WHY SHOULD HOMEOWNERS CARE? ■ Hot water on demand for as long as you need it. ■ Lower energy bills: utilizes $.98 of every $1 spent to heat water. ■ Up to $675 rebate from NM Gas Company depending on model. ■ Space savings: up to 80% smaller than traditional tank-type water heaters. ■ Less environmental impact with lower CO2 output. ■ Best industry warranty: 15 Years Heat Exchanger, 5 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor.


The leader in Condensing Technology

Navien Tankless hot water heaters produce hot water on demand (no more waiting for hot water after someone takes a long, hot shower!) as opposed to regular tank–type heaters that keep your water hot all day long, every day. Navien heaters are the lowest operating cost heaters available in the market today. Typical tank-type heaters only utilize $.62 of every hard-earned $1 you spend to heat your water. Navien Tankless heaters reduce CO2 output by 1,217 lbs. per year compared to traditional tank-type heaters; this would be equivalent to 62 gallons of gasoline in your car, according to the EPA. In addition, available NM Gas Company rebates of up to $675 make Navien both economical and easy on your budget. See for more information. Navien’s industry-leading warranty is far superior to tank-type water heaters, which carry only a standard six-year warranty. Navien offers an industryleading 15-year warranty on its dual stainless steel heat exchangers, a fiveyear warranty on parts, and a one-year warranty on labor. Doc Savage Supply is a proud partner of Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling in the sale and support of Navien products. Together these two companies have a combined 250 years of experience in plumbing, heating and cooling products and services. 38 HOME COMFORT

DON’T GET CAUGHT! Installation of an American Standard Cadet 3 Elongated Toilet includes new seat, wax ring, closet bolts, and supply line.

Ask about other color choices, models and pricing 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty


505.908.9655 Lic#380656









Dishwashers and Washing Machines

It may be a wise idea to run your dishwasher and washing machines at night, or while you’re busy with other things. This helps conserve warm water and stabilize water pressure in the home. Remember to keep these machines clean– remove any debris from filters are drains.

Garbage Disposals

Turn the disposal on before you add food, and watch what you throw in there. Avoid bones and other difficult-to-grind foods that could damage your unit. After use, continue to run water in order to flush food particles down the line.



Never pour oil down drains. Avoid and remove any hair or food that may be blocking the flow of water. After doing dishes, let the water run for a minute to assure that any grease and debris is washed away.

Water Quality

Have your water tested for any imperfections, and always filter your water before you drink it. Most homes would also benefit from a complete water purification and softener system. These remove hard minerals and filter out unwanted additives.





Outdoor Water Flow

Keep your gutters clean and free of debris. If your property contains a drainage ditch, remember to keep it mowed and remove any tree branches or other items that could potentially block the flow of water.


Never flush tissues, cotton swabs, tampons, or anything else down the toilet that shouldn’t go there. Make sure to check and see that your tank refills and flushes properly. If you notice any clogs or slow draining, fix it immediately.



Turn your valves on and off from time-totime to prevent them from sticking. Consider adding some sealant or lubricant to stop outdoor valves from rusting shut.

Water Heater

To prevent burns, keep your water heater turned to a safe temperature. If your water heater is over 10 years old, consider a replacement. It’s likely burning too much energy and if it ends up failing, a repair could end up costing you big.



by Ellie Mae Johnson

KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE from this Silent Killer!


his silent killer is odorless, colorless, tasteless and virtually undetectable. Deadly carbon monoxide (CO) is perhaps the most common type of fatal air poisoning. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which may mimic other types of poisoning and infections, include headache, nausea, vomiting and fatigue; sounds a bit like flu. In homes, and especially in winter months, the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning increases. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that some 430 people die every year from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t take chances. Protect your family (and pets.) by immediately installing CO detectors on every floor, especially near bedrooms. Any appliance that burns fuel is at risk for releasing carbon monoxide if something goes wrong, including fossil fuel-burning furnaces, gas stoves and water heaters. If carbon monoxide is released, you and your family may not know until it’s too late. Additional symptoms include heart palpitations, confusion, and drowsiness, but because of the invisible nature of CO, identifying your condition can be a problem without testing. “The single most important precaution you can take in protecting your family is to 42 HOME COMFORT

have carbon monoxide testing performed in your home,” says Albuquerque Plumbing president Matt Gonzalez. Carbon monoxide poisoning affects more than 20,000 people annually, with hundreds of fatalities caused by accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Yet not everyone remembers to install CO detectors, let alone check them regularly. Just like smoke detectors, having working carbon monoxide sensors in your home is critically important to the health and safety of you, your family and your pets. Carbon monoxide detectors work by measuring the toxicity of the air. If CO levels exceed a certain threshold, the device will let out a loud beep to alert anyone in the vicinity of the potential danger. This typically happens before one starts noticing any of the symptoms of poisoning and before any damage can be done to any of the people and pets who live in your home. Carbon monoxide detectors for home use are relatively inexpensive, with high-quality models running from $50 to $100. Portable machines often used by professional companies price at $700. These potentially life-saving devices

come in two basic models. The first are detectors that plug into any electrical outlet in the home and typically have a safety device that sends out both a visual and audible alert if the power goes out or the unit comes unplugged. The second style runs on batteries and, similarly, will send out warnings when it’s time to change them. Both types are effective for detecting CO in the air. Albuquerque Plumbing services include carbon monoxide testing. “It’s not just a preventative measure, it could affectively save your or your loved ones lives,” says Matt Gonzalez. Although the City of Albuquerque's Fire Code does not require that a CO detector be installed in homes, the city strongly recommends that detectors be installed in hallways near bedrooms. Bernalillo County does require that new homes be outfitted with carbon monoxide detectors. And it is generally recommended that any dwelling with fuel-burning appliances have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed. For more information about carbon monoxide testing, contact Albuquerque Plumbing at 505.908.9655.

Chirashi Sushi: Salmon Avocado

Ingredient: ( 4 servings) ■ 2 cups of sushi rice ■ 4 tbsp rice vinegar ■ 2 tbsp sugar ■ 2 tsp salt ■ 8oz smoked salmon ■ 2 avocados ■ 1 cucumber ■ 1 piece celery ■ 2 tbsp shrimp caviar (ebiko)


Cut cucumber and celery into small cubes. Cut smoked salmon and avocado into bite-sized pieces. To prepare rice, rinse rice thoroughly in a sieve. Drain well. Pour the rinsed rice into rice cooker, add 2 cups water and start to cook. When the steamed rice is ready, transfer it to a big bowl, add rice vinegar, sugar & salt and cool to room temperature.


When the sushi rice has turned cool, mix the cucumber, celery cubes, and ebiko into the rice. Mix well. Then, arrange avocado cubes and salmon pieces on the rice then serve.


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PRESIDENT Matt founded the company in 2008. Born in Iowa, he moved with his family to New Mexico when he was just 3-years-old, so one might say he’s almost a native New Mexican! When Matt isn’t working and enjoying family time, his hobbies include fishing, golf, and cooking.

OFFICE & HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER Vanessa, owner Matt Gonzalez’ wife, started the business with her husband in 2008. She is a native New Mexican, born in Las Cruces. While not working and enjoying time with Matt and their two children, Aryn, 7 and Paisley, 2, Vanessa enjoys crocheting, fishing, and reading.

VICE PRESIDENT, RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Not long after ABQ Plumbing founder Matt Gonzalez started the company, Anthony came on board. He first got a job in plumbing in 1999 as a way to earn money to buy a motorcycle but soon discovered plumbing would be his chosen career path. When Anthony isn’t working he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, ranching and golf.


COMMERCIAL SERVICES DIVISION MANAGER Larry, who joined the company in 2011, has 40-plus years of customer site service experience. Customer satisfaction is his passion. Born and raised in Albuquerque, Larry enjoys playing with his grandchildren, building model train sets, is an active member of a local Corvette club and Larry really enjoys holding hands and walking along the beach at sunset!




hank you for choosing Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to supply your indoor air quality needs! Here are just a few words on how to maximize your investment by understanding warranties.

When you purchased your new air conditioning system, it included a manufacturer’s warranty. You should have received a copy of this warranty from the manufacturer, which contains the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. If you can’t find your warranty paperwork, call our customer service department. We’ll be happy to help you! Manufacturers are beginning to enforce the terms and conditions within your paperwork. These changes may affect you. Most manufacturers allow you to transfer warranties to the new owner upon the sale of your property for a small fee and within 30 days of the closing. Manufacturers are now requiring the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. There are thousands of possible OEM parts for any of the multiple manufacturers, which make 46 HOME COMFORT

by Jason Schreyer

using and obtaining OEM parts difficult, and we can no longer use generic stock parts to replace a warranted unit. However, it is our priority to repair your equipment as quickly as possible. Manufacturers do not cover costs for labor performed. This means that if you need service after regular business hours, extra charges may and likely will apply. Manufacturers now require yearly maintenance by an authorized dealer/servicer in order to keep a warranty in good standing. If you are not currently having maintenance done on your equipment at least annually, please contact us or an authorized dealer/servicer in your area as soon as possible. Please call our Customer Service Department if you have any questions, or to schedule maintenance. We have several maintenance plans and our professional staff will gladly explain them to you and help you choose which plan best fits your needs. Again, thank you for choosing Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We are honored to serve you.


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Heating & Air Conditioning

» (1) Heating Maintenance Check » (1) Cooling Maintenance Check » (2) 1” Standard Filter Replacement » Priority Service » 10% Discount on all Repairs » One Year Warranty on all Repairs


1st System ....................................$199.00 Additional Unit ............................ $75.00 Accessory......................................$ _____ Total $ _____


1st System ....................................$259.00 Additional Unit ..........................$120.00 Accessory......................................$ _____ Total $ _____



» (1) Plumbing Maintenance Check » Flush and Clean Water Heater

» (1) Electrical Maintenance Check » Replace Customer Supplied

» Clean Visible Clogs at Sink and

» Replace Broken or Missing

» Priority Service » 10% Discount on all Repairs » One Year Warranty on all Repairs

» Priority Service » 10% Discount on all Repairs » One Year Warranty on all Repairs



Plumbing ........................................ $85.00

Electrical ......................................... $85.00

Additional Water Heater ........... $50.00

Additional Panel........................... $50.00

Tankless Water Heater..............$165.00

Total $ _____


Tub Stoppers

Light Bulbs

Switch/Receptacle Cover Plates

Accessory......................................$ _____ Total $ _____

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