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A Painter’s Journey Shyevin S´ng

A Journeying Painter Returns Home Regardless of the circumstances of why we travel, coming home is always a special occasion. To state a popular cliché: there’s no place like home. It is therefore an honor and a pleasure to host Shyevin’s first solo exhibition in Malaysia, one that we consider a ‘homecoming’ for this young artist. An avid traveller, Shyevin presents to us snapshots of the various places she has visited, depicted as she sees them through her artistic lens, and then transposed to canvas with rich textures that is characteristic of her artwork. But “A Painter’s Journey” is more than just a collection of snapshots. As a whole, it represents a visual diary of this artist’s many travels, allowing us to be there, almost first-hand, through her eyes. Through this exhibition, a journeying painter has finally come home…

UC. Loh & S. Jamal Al-Idrus Artemis Art

Shyevin S´ng Shyevin grew up in Kuala Kurau, a small fishing town in Malaysia. She started art at an early age and was always interested in colour and line. After years of creating visual art, she found that she had the deepest connection to oil. Vietnam Vietnam is now the country Shyevin calls home. She moved to Ho Chi Minh City seven years ago with her family. She had not planned to stay, but fell in love with Vietnamese culture. She was fascinated by the people and the way of life. Vietnam is a vibrant place to live and as an artist Shyevin enjoys living in such a rich tapestry of inspirations. Travel With a deep love of travel, Shyevin is often inspired by the natural landscapes she visits. Her paintings capture the beauty of her subject, and reflect the raw quality of nature. The theme running throughout Shyevin’s current work is exploration. As an artist she is constantly inspired by her surroundings and thus uses travel to further develop her ideas. She is interested in every surrounding landscape and travels with a camera and a set of watercolours to capture each unique moment, so that she can build on this in her studio.

Bluish Sunrise Oil on Canvas 70x105 cm.

Art and culture Shyevin believes that art enables a deeper understanding of culture. Art is very important in any country – it is an easy way to access a culture immediately, without even talking. Some things can be painted, but not spoken. Also, when viewing another artist’s work it is like a window, showing how the artist sees life, how they live, and how they feel. As an Artist Shyevin developed her impasto style 5 years ago, being inspired by the Vietnamese artists around her and Eston Tan who she call him as her mentor. This technique reflects the bold and daring elements in her character. When she paints, she aims to bring the viewer closer to her, to make them understand her thoughts and feelings. Shyevin’s work has been exhibited in galleries and collected by art collectors in Vietnam and overseas, including the United States of America, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Solo Exhibition – A Painter’s Journey As an established artist in Vietnam, Shyevin was invited to host a solo exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the major art museum in HCMC, covering two floors featuring a range of different artists. Shyevin’s exhibition occupied the entire ground floor. After immensely positive praise, the exhibition was extended to allow even more people to view such a special exhibition. The Solo Exhibition ‘A Painter’s Journey’ was aptly titled. Shyevin is a natural born traveller. She is acutely aware of her surroundings and loves to travel to see more of the natural beauty the world has to offer. This exhibition was a showcase of her work inspired by travel, name after “ A painter’s Journey”. Current work There is an essence in Shyevin’ paintings that reflects her feelings about the particular moment, and transcends the subject itself. She also instills in each painting a reflection of her own life ideals and experiences. In Shyevin’s work, texture is equally as important as colour, imbuing her work with a real sense of depth.

Kampung III Oil on Jute 40x60 cm.

Kampung I Oil on Jute 40x60 cm.

Kuala Kurau Oil on Canvas 76 x 100 cm

Canoes Oil on jute 65x80 cm

Sapa Paddy Field Oil on Canvas 100x70 cm.

Sapa Paddy Field II Oil on Canvas 120x80 cm.

Sapa III Oil on Canvas 120x80 cm.

Sapa II

Oil on Canvas 80x110 cm.

Hokkaido II Oil on Canvas 100x120 cm.

Otaru Oil on Canvas 100x120 cm.

Hakodate Oil on Canvas 90x120 cm.

Hokkaido I Oil on Canvas 94x123 cm.

Summer House Oil on Canvas 102x76 cm.

Volendam Oil on Canvas 45x90 cm.

Meadow I Oil on Canvas 50x90 cm.

Sanctuary Oil on Canvas 90x120 cm.

Golden Chain IV Oil on Canvas 100x80 cm.

Blossom I Oil on Canvas 90x60 cm.

Blossom V Oil on Canvas 110x80 cm.

Lovina Dophin Oil on Linen 100x120 cm.

Habitat V Oil on Canvas 92x124 cm.

Habitat III Oil on Canvas 60x80 cm.

Habitat I Oil on Canvas 90x90 cm.

Blossom III Oil on Canvas 70x90 cm.

Blossom IV Oil on Canvas 70x70 cm.

Red Top House Oil on Canvas 70x90 cm.

Blossom VI Oil on Jute 70x90 cm.

Artist’s Curriculum Vitae

Auction 2009 - St. Andrew’s charity Art Auction 2011 - Consular Club of Ho Chi Minh City’s Live Art Auction 2011 - Operation Smilie Charity Art Auction Solo Exhibitions 2010 - “ Shyevin & Karen” Exhibition at HCMC, Vietnam 2011 - “ Le Petit Journal” at Ben Thanh Art and Frame Gallery, HCMC, Vietnam 2012 - “ Painter’s Journey” at Fine Art Museum, HCMC, Vietnam. 2013 - “ Painter’s Journey” at Artemis Gallery, Malaysia Group Exhibitions 2009 - The Mosaic of Talents Art Exhibition at HCMC, Vietnam 2012 - Group exhibition, Mekong art at Fine Art Association, HCMC, Vietnam 2012 - Group exhibition, Celebrating Women’s Day at Fine Art Association, HCMC, Vietnam 2012 - Group exhibition, Grand opening at VinGallery, HCMC, Vietnam 2012 - Group exhibition “ Emergence” at Artemis Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012 - Group exhibition, Small Things at VInGallery, HCMC, Vietnam 2012 - Group exhibition at Asia Art, Seoul. Korea 2013 - Group exhibition “ Gallery in the Sky” at HCMC, Vietnam 2013 - Group exhibition at Luxe Art Museum, Singapore 2013 - Group exhibition at Hong Kong Art.

Design: Ignacio de Grado This catalog is published in conjunction with the solo exhibition of the artist Shyevin S´ng “A Painter’s Journey”, held at Artemis Art in August 2013. Our heartfelt thanks to the artist and to all parties who helped make this exhibition and publication possible. © 2013 All Rights Reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, except for the purpose of research, criticism, and review, without first seeking written prior permission from the participating artist(s) and publisher.

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Shyevin S'ng: A Painter's Journey  

Shyevin S'ng is a Malaysian artist who now works and lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and this is her first solo exhibition on home soil....

Shyevin S'ng: A Painter's Journey  

Shyevin S'ng is a Malaysian artist who now works and lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and this is her first solo exhibition on home soil....


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