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Front cover photograph by Holly Jolliffe from Boho Felt Crafts by Rachel Henderson & Jayne Emerson. Back cover photograph by Mowie Kay from The Island PokĂŠ Cookbook by James Gould-Porter.

The Island Poké Cookbook

• Includes 65 recipes plus five illuminating features on Hawaiian culture. ISBN: 978-1-84975-968-7 176 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 65+ recipes I 7½ x 9¼ in $21.95 (CAN $31.95) I hardcover, decorative quarter-binding Carton quantity: 20 Publication: June 2018

• Island Poké continues to grow in popularity, with a growth increase of 200% and around 2,000 of its freshly prepared poké bowls are sold each week. • With its delicious, vibrant and healthy food, Island Poké has become the go-to destination for London office workers, health enthusiasts, and foodies.

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JAMES GOULD-PORTER is a British-born restaurateur who was raised between Hawaii and California. He trained under an ex-Nobu sushi chef before starting to sell poké in a street-food residency in 2012. With investment from ex-Soho House commercial director Chris Miller, the first Island Poké restaurant opened in Soho in November 2016 and a second in Liverpool Street in July 2017. James lives in London, UK.

also available:

My Vegan Travels ISBN: 978-1-84975-883-3 $21.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Food & Drink

The Hawaiian people have a laid-back love of life, and Island Poké is a London restaurant committed to sharing this ethos and the authentic flavors from these shores in over 65 recipes. Poké (pronounced Po-Keh) means to ‘slice’ or ‘dice’ in Hawaiian but it has evolved to become the Hawaiian staple of sliced raw fish served on rice with many condiments and toppings. James, the author and founder of Island Poké, became hooked on this delicacy as a child on the beach in Maui. Fast-forward a couple of decades, James sensed a gap in the market for an authentic and sustainable approach to Hawaiian cuisine. Thus, Island Poké was born? fusing the joy of real Hawaiian food, which is a delicious fusion of many cuisines including Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, South American, Pacific Rim and even Portuguese influences. The book includes recipes for popular poké dishes sold in the restaurant such as classic Spicy Ahi and Golden Beet with Chile Lime Shoyu. There are multicultural Pacific Rim inspired dishes such as Sea Bass Crudo, Teriyaki Salmon Chirashi and Baja Poke Tostadas. Famous Luau feasting recipes include Kalua Pork, Pacific Chowder and Huli Huli Chicken. Finally, a chapter showcasing tropical brunches and bakes includes Acai Bowls and Zucchini and Pecan Loaf.

Food & Drink

The Veggie Salad Bowl Fresh, healthy, wholesome, and delicious—these tasty plant-based recipes will inspire you to nourish your body from the inside out with every delicious mouthful. Modern salads are seriously sexy. Fresh, light, and quick to prepare, a salad is how most of us prefer to eat in the warmer months. With more and more people aspiring to eat healthier meat-free or part-time vegetarian diets and with such a large variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and seasonings now available, there has never been a better time to dig out and dust off those salad servers! These recipes take their inspiration from countries all around the globe and show just how easy it is to whip up colorful vegetarian and vegan dishes that are full of flavor and texture. From bright and bold Mediterranean recipes to spicy and sweet Asian-inspired classics, from forkfuls of fluffy and fragrant Middle Eastern grains to tangy and spicy Mexican fare, plant-based salads have never been so exciting. This inspiring recipe collection brings together beautifully balanced combinations of ingredients that can be put together in a matter of minutes for time-efficient midweek meals, stylish sharing platters that are fit for entertaining friends, and robust salads that will survive being transported and can be enjoyed on the move. ISBN: 978-1-84975-965-6 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 60 recipes I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 24 Publication: May 2018

• More than 60 delicious recipes that make the most of fresh plant-based and dairy ingredients, along with creative dressings. • US retail sales of packaged salads rose 8% to $3.7bn in the year leading up to April 2016 (Nielsen). • The Salad Bowl (ISBN: 978-1-84975-601-3) sold 4,000 copies.

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Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-014-7


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also available:

The Tomato Basket ISBN: 978-1-84975-598-6 $21.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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Feasts From The Fire

• Incredible flavors, inspiring ingredients, and the epitome of laid-back entertaining—grilling is the best way to cook in the summertime. ISBN: 978-1-84975-967-0 160 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 65 recipes I 7½ x 9¼ in $21.95 (CAN $31.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 20 Publication: May 2018

• 65 fish, meat, vegetarian, and vegan recipes to cook outdoors. • Beautifully atmospheric photographs taken on location in Lompoc, CA. • Smoke & Spice (ISBN 978-1-84975-350-0) by the same author, has sold over 8,500 copies.

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VALERIE AIKMAN-SMITH is a Los Angeles-based food stylist and writer. She worked in top restaurants before going on to style food for films such as Titanic and for Food Network TV. Her work is featured in many magazines and books, and she is the author of Salt, Pepper, Smoke & Spice and Pickled & Packed for Ryland Peters & Small. Valerie lives in LA.

also available:

The Mediterranean Table ISBN: 978-1-84975-813-0 $24.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Food & Drink

What better way to celebrate summer than to enjoy the very best food cooked over the fire whether at the beach, camping, or in your own back yard. Combining fresh flavors with exciting grilling techniques including cooking on a fire pit grill, salt block cooking, and cedar-plank smoking, Valerie AikmanSmith presents 65 recipes for relaxed summer entertaining. The first chapter features delicious seafood recipes including Baja Fish Tacos with Blistered Jalapeños, Grilled Snapper in Banana Leaves, and Mezcal Lime Shrimp. For meat-lovers there’s a host of ideas for grilling your favorite fare such as Jerk Pork with Mango Chutney and Grilled Honey Plantains, Portuguese Piri Piri Poussin, and an All-American Burger. Valerie includes fabulous vegetable dishes from Grilled Zucchini Flowers with Shiso Lemon Salt to Roasted Cauliflower with Walnut Romesco. Sweet Things designed to round off an alfresco feast include Matcha Ice Cream with Black Sesame Praline or a classic Grilled Banana Split with Dark Chocolate Sauce. Finally, if all the heat has made you thirsty, try a Basil Aperol Spritz with Flowering Herbs, Sicilian Slush Cocktail, or a Watermelon Margarita.

Food & Drink

I Heart Pumpkin

ISBN: 978-1-84975-971-7 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 55 recipes I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 24 Publication: August 2018

Cook yourself cozy with these 55 heart-warming recipes perfect for colder months, from wholesome savory soups and stews to delicious desserts like pumpkin pie. A blustery fall evening calls for a large helping of something hearty, nourishing, and warming—and pumpkin is the ideal ingredient in such dishes. Filling enough to leave you satisfied but ultimately a highly nutritious vegetable, it is a wonderful ingredient for feeding a family and a tonic for a cold gray day. Roasting the bright orange flesh concentrates the flavor to an intensely sweet nuttiness, which whether combined with herbs and salty cheese or spiced with cinnamon and ginger is a delightful option for both sweet and savory dishes. Choose from Light Bites such as Roasted Mushrooms Stuffed with Pumpkin and Chickpeas or Spiced Pumpkin and Feta Phyllo Parcels, each of which are perfect for serving at a winter gathering to soak up a few mulled wines. Or the plentiful selection of warming Soups and Stews such as Chicken and Pumpkin Tagine or velvety Red Lentil and Pumpkin Soup. Pasta and Rice paired with pumpkin is a classic combination, crowd-pleasing dishes include Pumpkin Gnocchi with Buttery Sage Breadcrumbs or Pumpkin and Pancetta Risotto. Bread and Baking recipes include creative yet easy to master recipes such as Pumpkin Scones or Madeleines. Finally, Desserts and Hot Drinks features sumptuous treats such as a Pumpkin Cheesecake and a Spiced Pumpkin Latte. • The most versatile of vegetables, pumpkin works well in both sweet and savory dishes and with all manner of flavors from around the world. • The perfect recipe collection for fall, from Halloween through to the holidays.

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Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-015-4


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also available:

Mushrooms ISBN: 978-1-84975-880-2 $21.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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The Gut Health Cookbook

ISBN: 978-1-84975-970-0 160 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 60+ recipes I 7½ x 9¼ in $19.95 (CAN $28.95) I paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 30 Publication: July 2018

• Publications and websites such as Science News Magazine, Huffington Post and have all reported on scientific studies that confirm the connection between gut health and mental health. • Probiotic-filled fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, kimchi, miso paste, sauerkraut and sourdough bread are all extremely popular.

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Healing miso soup If you’ve never had soup for breakfast, you should try treating yourself with a bowl of hot miso soup like this one. In Japan, miso soup is traditionally served for breakfast, accompanied by rice and pickled vegetables. It’s very clear why the Japanese have the world’s longest life expectancy! Apart from nourishing you with enzymes, vitamins and minerals, this delicious, energizing soup will also

DUNJA GULIN has worked for almost a decade as a cooking teacher and chef—both on retreats and for private clients. She also runs her own fermented food workshops. She is the author of a popular book on vegan breakfast published in her native Croatia, and of The Vegan Baker, Raw Food Kitchen, The Vegan Pantry, Hummus Where the Heart is, and Falafel Forever, all published by RPS.

support your immune system – perfect if you’re suffering from fatigue or the common cold. Don’t forget that you can combine different kinds of miso in the same soup! Since hatcho (soy) miso is of high quality but has a strong taste, try to combine ½ tablespoon of soy miso with ½ tablespoon barley miso to get all the benefits of both kinds of soy paste. In warmer weather, you may want to substitute darker miso pastes with the milder sweet white miso.

Soak the wakame in a bowl with 120 ml/½ cup cold water until soft. Drain (reserve the water), cut into small pieces and set aside. Peel the fresh ginger and finely mince half of it. Finely grate the other half in a small bowl and keep for later. Chop the spring onions/scallions and cut the tofu into small cubes. In a frying pan/skillet, sauté the white part of the spring onions/scallions for 1 minute in the sesame oil, then add the garlic, ginger and salt. Sauté a little longer, add the hot water, tofu and set-aside wakame and cover. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 4 minutes. Remove from the heat.

7-cm/3-inch piece dried wakame (seaweed) 2-cm/1-inch piece fresh ginger 4 spring onions/scallions 110 g/⅔ cup fresh tofu 2 tablespoons sesame oil 4 garlic cloves, crushed pinch of salt 480 ml/2 cups hot water

Pour approximately 60 ml/¼ cup of hot water into a small bowl. Add the miso and purée really well with a fork, until completely dissolved. Pour back, cover and let sit for 2–3 minutes. Take the grated ginger in your hand and squeeze it to release the juice directly into the hot soup. Discard the remaining ginger pulp. Add the chopped spring onion/scallion greens, parsley and lemon juice and serve immediately!

1–2 tablespoons barley or rice miso 2 tablespoons fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped freshly squeezed juice of ½ organic lemon Serves 2



Red lentil dosas In case you have never tried to make fermented pancakes out of any type of beans or lentils, this is an easy recipe for total beginners. Except for the soaking and fermenting time, the process is pretty much the same as for any other pancakes – once the batter is ready they are fried in a little oil until lovely and golden brown.

200 g/1 cup red lentils 200 g/1 cup millet ¼ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon crushed black pepper ¼ teaspoon ground turmeric 3 tablespoons chopped spring onions/scallions or fresh flat-leaf parsley sesame oil, for frying Makes 12–14

Wash the lentils and the millet. Cover with hot water and let soak for 8 hours. Drain, keeping the soaking water. In a high-speed blender, blend the lentils and millet adding just enough of the soaking water to get a thick and smooth batter. Transfer into a bowl, cover with clingfilm/plastic wrap and let ferment in a warm place for 12–24 hours. The batter is ready when bubbles start forming on the surface. At this point, whisk in the remaining ingredients. Heat a frying pan/skillet and use a pastry brush to cover it with a little oil. Pour a small ladleful of the batter into the pan/skillet and tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly. Once the edges start turning golden brown, flip the pancake over. Dosas are best served warm with different types of cream cheese (see pages 94 and 97), with a hot condiment (see pages 111–112) or with a nice chutney. They can also be served with soups and stews, in place of bread.

also available:

Raw Food Kitchen ISBN: 978-1-84975-223-7 $24.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Breads & pancakes


Food & Drink

Boost your digestive and immune system with these delicious probiotic recipes that will leave you feeling energized and alert. A healthier gut is the key to a healthier life, so banish those all-too-common symptoms of a bloated stomach and enjoy new levels of physical and mental vitality. The state of our gut is responsible for a lot and looking after it can prove beneficial in the long run. One way to repair your belly is through introducing naturally fermented foods that contain high amounts of the friendly bacteria you may be missing. Creative chef, teacher, and health-food expert Dunja Gulin presents over 60 tantalizing ways to introduce fermented foods to your everyday diet. Start the day with Banana and Blueberry Kefir Muffins or Comforting Cacao Oatmeal. Lunch & Dinner ideas include Probiotic Gazpacho and Egyptian Rice and Lentil Stew. You’ll find globally-inspired recipes in the Side Salads & Snacks section, from a Scandinavian Chanterelle Salad to Tender Spring Rolls with Fermented Onion. In the Breads & Pancakes section, Dunja presents delicious recipes for Red Lentil Dosas and Pesto Focaccia, among others. The Probiotic Drinks section includes health-boosting concoctions like Coconut Kefir Smoothie, while Something Sweet provides delightfully tempting recipes, such as Sweet Cinnamon & Yogurt Scones.

Food & Drink

Lantana Cafe Breakfast & Brunch A collection of stylish and relaxed Australian café style breakfast and brunch dishes to cook and enjoy at home. Here you’ll find a stunning repertoire of healthy and delicious breakfast and brunch recipes to inspire you, whether you are looking for something quick to prepare on a busy week day or a relaxed way to entertain at the weekend. Featuring a host of appetizing recipes from nutritious bowls of cereal to hearty baked dishes, there is a recipe here to suit every taste. Fruit, Grains, & Oats features Bircher Muesli with French Berries and Honey-roast Figs with Orange Mascarpone and Toasted Almonds. Egg dishes include Baked Eggs with Chorizo, Mushrooms, and Lemon Crème Fraiche and Poached-Egg-topped Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes. Breads & Breakfast Bakes include Banana Bread, Raspberry and Apple Muffins, and Berry Friands. Satisfying hot Brunch Plates include Sautéed Mixed Mushrooms with Lemon Herbed Feta on Sourdough and Corn Fritters With Roast Tomatoes and Smashed Avocados. Homemade Preserves such as chutneys and jellies elevate toast to new heights and finally ideas for delicious Drinks from Pour Over Coffee to Best-ever Bloody Mary with Pickled Celery add the finishing touch.

ISBN: 978-1-84975-972-4 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 65+ recipes I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 24 Publication: August 2018

• Breakfast and brunch have never been so popular, particularly amongst millennials, whether as a pre-midday meal for power-players or a more decadent weekend leisurely brunch with friends. • The Perfect Start to Your Day (ISBN: 978-1-84975-219-0) sold over 10,000 copies and Brunch (ISBN: 978-1-84172-212-2) sold 38,000 copies.

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SHELAGH RYAN was inspired her to quit her job and move to London in 2008, where she set up the Lantana Café—London’s first truly Australian café—in fashionable Shoreditch. It went on to win several accolades, including Time Out’s 2010 “Best Café”. Two more branches have since opened, one in London’s popular tourist attraction Camden Lock and the other in Fitzrovia, near the British Museum. Shelagh lives in London with her husband and young family.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-016-1


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Foodie City Breaks: Europe If you are planning a European vacation, you need this gourmet, bite-sized guide to 25 of the best cities in Europe for foodies to visit. Want to know the best brunch spot in Berlin, where you can sample the finest pintxos in San Sebastian, or fancy tucking into the tastiest dishes in Copenhagen—Europe’s hottest foodie destination? Need a place for the perfect dinner date in London or want to get off the tourist trail and learn where the locals go in Paris? With its blend of venerable culinary destinations such as Bologna and Barcelona, to cutting-edge cities like Berlin or up-and-comers including Stockholm and Edinburgh, Foodie City Breaks: Europe will provide you with a snapshot of 25 European culinary capitals, each with 10 recommendations any self-respecting foodie simply must try. It’s the perfect travel companion for a long weekend, with all the hard work and research done for you. Simply pick a place to eat and tuck in. • Focuses on 25 carefully selected cities with a strong culinary identity—from London to Lyon, Istanbul to Porto.

ISBN: 978-1-911026-48-8 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in I $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I flexi-binding Carton quantity: 30 Publication: June 2018

• Short and to the point, each of the 250 recommendations are ideal for visitors who want an easily digestible summary of a city’s food scene.

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RICHARD MELLOR is a freelance travel and food journalist who writes regularly for Metro, The Times, The Guardian, Telegraph Online, the Evening Standard, and Broadly. He is based in Crystal Palace, London.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-911026-52-5


781911 026525

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Food & Drink

• Find out the locations for divine breakfasts, buzzing street-food spots, hidden gems, blow-the-budget restaurants, and cool places to drink.

Beer and Food Matching Mark Dredge mixes great beer appreciation with delicious food pairings. Not only does this book tell you about some of the best craft beers out there, it also looks at the science of taste and the principles of matching beer with food, explaining which ingredients enhance a brew’s flavor and what beer styles will compliment everything from breakfast and barbecue to cheese and chocolate. Also included are over 40 beer-infused recipes like stout mac ’n’ cheese or ribs in Belgian beer. With over 350 beers featured, it’s ideal for anyone who loves a drink and a tasty bite to eat. • A new edition in pocket format. The original edition (ISBN 978-1-909313-23-1) has sold 9,000 copies.

Food & Drink

• Mark Dredge’s bestselling first book, Craft Beer World (ISBN 978-0-957140-99-8), occupied the top spot on the Amazon beer book list, featured in the top 10 food and drink reference books, and has sold 12,500 copies.

ISBN: 978-1-911026-49-5 224 pages I 250 color photographs & artworks I 40+ recipes I 4¾ x 7¼ in I $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 28 Publication: May 2018

• Craft beer continues to grow with over 5,000 breweries now operating in the US alone. According to the Brewers Association, the American craft beer market is valued at $23.5 billion. Combine this with the explosion of interest in food over the last 10 years and that’s a lot of hungry beer drinkers.

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781911 026495

MARK DREDGE is a beer writer and runs the popular blog Pencil and Spoon, where he writes about anything ale-related. Mark has won an award from the North American Guild of Beer Writers for Beer and Food and is a three-time winner of the British Guild of Beer Writers Beer and Food Writer of the Year. His work is featured in leading publications across the globe and he’s an international beer judge. He is based in London.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-911026-53-2


781911 026532


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Rosé Cocktails The recent rise of rosé as THE summer drink started with the arrival of “frosé” (a cheeky concoction of fruity frozen rosé blended with strawberry syrup and served slushie-style) but bartenders worldwide are now turning their attention to the pink stuff and using it as the base for more complex, sophisticated drinks. Some are subtly spiked with vodka, gin, whiskey, or tequila, others are sweetened with sticky fruit-based liqueurs such as Cointreau and cassis, while some are sharpened up with tangy citrus juices like pink grapefruit and lime, or accented with delicate floral cordials, such as elderflower and lavender. Rosé also works beautifully in a fruit-filled summer punch, served in large bowls or pitchers and packed with juicy orchard and berry fruits. Here you’ll find recipes for all styles of recipe from short to long, flat to sparkling, tart to sweet, and fun to fancy. Choose an elegant sparkling aperitif such as a Pom Pom or a Blackberry Bellini; a sophisticated sipper like the Rosy Glow or Pink Gimlet; a long refresher like a minty Rojito or Spanish Copa de Frutas; or a tooth-tingling icy treat such as a Twisted Frosé or Raspberry and Rosé Caipirinha; or why not share the good news with friends and fill a bowl with Just Peachy Punch or serve up a pitcher of Bourbon and Blue Iced Tea.

• Trend-led millennials, serious wine drinkers, and celebrities are all choosing rosé—Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie co-own Miravel Rosé, Drew Barrymore’s favorite wine from her own winery is a rosé, and the wine even has an Instagram fan account YesWayRosé.

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781849 759694

JULIA CHARLES is an editor and writer working in lifestyle publishing where she specializes in food and drink. She has sampled many drinks on her lifelong travels, from Negronis in Naples to Pisco Sours in Peru. Here she brings her passion for cocktails, knowledge of the global bar scene and instinct for taste to the on-trend subject of rosé. Julia lives in London but is a regular visitor to both Spain (where she has family) and her favourite Greek Island (where she has delicious cocktails).

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-017-8


781788 790178

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Food & Drink

ISBN: 978-1-84975-969-4 64 pages I 45 color photographs 40 recipes I 4¾ x 7¼ in I $12.95 (CAN $17.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 76 Publication: May 2018

• Rosé sales climbed 53% by volume to sales of $258 million in the last 52 weeks, according to Nielsen. (Forbes, August 2017).

Boozy Slushies, Poptails, & Ice Pops Kickstart a summer of fun with this collection of over 25 recipes for deliciously refreshing frozen cocktails. Happy hour is never far away with an ice box stocked full of these spiked icy treats. Nothing is so satisfying as a chilled fruity ice pop, grabbed and shared round languorously from the icebox on a boiling hot day. The instant cooling gratification that comes with every lick is a simple yet wonderful nostalgic pleasure. Equally as nostalgic are the neon-bright slushies of youth—and the brain-freeze and blue tongue that often came with them. These juvenile treats have clearly not lost their appeal amongst fun-loving adults, and recent trends have seen bartenders and chefs transform these childish ices into something far more sophisticated with a healthy measure of alcohol. It started with the simple frosé (frozen rosé) and now even more elaborate poptails and layered ice pops are appearing on every menu du jour. Made with real fruits, juices and alcohol, essentially your favorite cocktails and alcoholic drinks are frozen into the most luxurious of ice pops or slushies. It is remarkably easy to make these tipsy treats at home—Hannah Miles shows you how.

Food & Drink

• Frozen cocktails and drinks such as the frosé and frosecco are a major trend. • Combines two of the most enjoyable things about summer—ice pops and cocktails. ISBN: 978-1-84975-966-3 64 pages I 50 color photographs 25+ recipes I 4¾ x 7¼ in I $12.95 (CAN $17.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 76 Publication: June 2018

• Hannah Miles is the author of Popcorn Treats (ISBN 978-1-84975-200-8), Milkshake Bar (ISBN 978-1-84975-191-9), Donuts (ISBN 978-1-84975-251-0), Cheesecake (ISBN 978-184975-352-4), Sweetie Pie (ISBN 978-1-84975-610-5), and Naked Cakes (ISBN 978-184975-599-3)—all published by Ryland Peters & Small.

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781849 759663

HANNAH MILES was a lawyer and MasterChef UK finalist, and has developed a second career as a cake maker and food writer. She is the author of Popcorn Treats, Milkshake Bar, Doughnuts, Cheesecake, Sweetie Pie and Naked Cakes, all published by Ryland Peters & Small. Hannah lives in Bedfordshire in the UK but is a regular visitor to Brooklyn, New York where she has family.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-018-5


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Relaxed Coastal Style

ISBN: 978-1-84975-962-5 160 pages I 200 color photographs I 8½ x 10 in $29.95 (CAN $42.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 16 Publication: June 2018

• Explores hundreds of inspiring ideas for design and decoration to help you cultivate the simple, stylish, and casual look that’s synonymous with coastal living. • Comparable title Coastal Style (ISBN 978-1-84597-616-3) has sold more than 27,000 copies. • Specially photographed real-life houses in spectacular locations.

52995 9

781849 759625

SALLY DENNING is a UK-based freelance interiors stylist and creative director. She embarked on a freelance career 10 years ago and her work regularly appears in titles such as Homes & Gardens, Homes & Antiques, House Beautiful, and Country Homes & Interiors. She also has a wealth of commercial clients who continually draw on her styling skills and creative flair. Sally instagrams at @blackshore_style, where she is followed by a whole roster of interiors insiders. She lives in Yorkshire, UK.


A home without texture is a home without soul, so when it

Wooden furniture is ideal. Worn, bleached or distressed

comes to decorating and styling seaside interiors, it’s one of

wood works well, as it conjures up images of sun-bleached

the most important things to include. However, bear in mind

decks and driftwood. Peeling, faded or flaking paint evokes

that you need to get the balance right: overdo the coastal

a feeling of old beach huts or fishing boats that have been

touches and your home could end up looking like a marine

battered by coastal gales and crashing waves. Woven items

chandlery. Choosing textures reminiscent of the coastline

made from rattan, cane and wicker also suit coastal interiors

or seaside will ensure that you create a space that evokes a

and partner well with simple tongue-and-groove panelling or

soothing and relaxed vibe reminiscent of the sea itself.

roughly plastered walls.

Simple natural textures such as wood, stone, raw plaster

Furnishings covered in hardwearing washed linen, grain

and concrete can all be used to set the tone in a room,

sack fabrics or heavyweight cottons that can endure exposure

then textured flooring, furniture, textiles and furnishings will

to salt water and the sun’s rays are a versatile and practical

complete the look. Use anything from painted floorboards to

choice. And anything made from natural fibres such as sisal,

natural floorcoverings and stone in anything from flooring to

coir, hemp and hessian will add depth and visual interest to a

small accessories to help add depth.

scheme, as well as a relaxed seaside vibe.


Be inspired by the sights and sounds of the coast – fishing boats and beach huts, mooring ropes and rock pools, fan coral and limpet shells. All these objects have been subjected to wind, salt and the relentless erosion of the waves which, in turn, creates a desirable natural patina that you can replicate indoors. The texture of wood stripped and bleached by the sun or soft flaking paint works perfectly for coastal homes.

Coastal TEXTURES 23

The Scano’s home may look as if it’s been there for centuries, but in fact it’s a new build. However, the architecture and materials – lime-based mortar, cement floors and exposed wooden beams – are typical of the region’s traditional coastal buildings (far left and left). The pine-fringed Mediterranean coastline is a stone’s throw from the house (below).

Inside, Marcello has opted for a simple, rustic style free of superfluous elements or architectural whimsy (opposite).

Sardinian BLUES ARCHITECT MARCELLO SCANO’S HOME REVEALS A GREAT DEBT TO THE BEAUTIFUL NATURAL ENVIRONMENT THAT SURROUNDS IT. This stylish rustic home, home to architect Marcello Scano and his family, sits on a large plot of around seven acres in a rural part of Gallura, an area of great natural beauty located in the northeastern corner of the island of Sardinia. Marcello is a local boy who returned to his roots a few years ago along with wife Adriana and their family. “We wanted a place not too far from the city, but close to the sea and within a natural oasis of Mediterranean scenery,” he explains. Having

also available:

Coastal Living ISBN: 978-1-84975-733-1 $35.00 (priced higher in Canada)

To place an order fax 800-943-9831

spent months driving around Gallura in search of the ideal plot on which to build a home, the couple eventually stumbled across the right spot with a little help from the local farmers. It was a case of love at first sight. Marcello wanted to design a house that respected its historical and geographical context, and the result is a new building that looks as though it’s been there for a hundred



Home & Garden

In Relaxed Coastal Style, Sally Denning offers decorating inspiration for anyone lucky enough to live by the ocean, as well as those who only dream of it. Scientists tell us that living by the coast makes us happier and healthier: increased views of blue space have a calming effect and sea air improves our ability to absorb oxygen. Being by water brings a sense of tranquility and relaxation and a home by the sea has never been more desirable. The first part of the book offers up Sally’s unique take on coastal style, celebrating the colors and textures of the seaside: bare wooden boards, uncurtained windows, and furnishings covered in robust linen or cotton that will endure salt water and the sun’s rays. Sally also looks at lighting, furniture, and coastal decorative accents such as maps, charts, and nauticalthemed accessories. She draws inspiration from beachcombing, displaying shells, and driftwood to feel close to nature and the sound of the waves. The second half of the book visits a selection of glorious coastal houses, cottages, and hideaways that are guaranteed to enchant and inspire. Wherever you live, Relaxed Coastal Style will inspire you to adopt the relaxed, informal simplicity of life by the sea.

Home & Garden

Shabby Chic Interiors Step inside Rachel Ashwell’s beautiful world of Shabby Chic Interiors and be guided through stunningly beautiful homes that are bursting with design ideas and sumptuous details. See how Rachel has used grand items, such as crystal chandeliers and aged furnishings, to create a calming, romantic and imaginative retreat. Across numerous stunning locations you’ll explore color-schemes of off-whites and discover the power of detail with beautiful shells and flowers. You’ll even visit a gorgeous Spanish hacienda that was once lived in by Marilyn Monroe, and the stylish New York apartment that was lived in by fashion designer Betsey Johnson. In the sixth chapter, Rachel will take you Behind the Scenes where you will delve into her passion for fabric and vintage clothing before teaching you how to mix and match elements to create a perfectly imperfect shabby chic paradise. • Rachel Ashwell is the bestselling author of Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces (ISBN 978-1-907563-59-1), which has sold over 25,000 copies, and Rachel Ashwell: Couture Prairie (ISBN 978-1-78249-043-2), which has sold over 16,000 copies. • The original edition of Shabby Chic Interiors (ISBN 978-1908170-80-4) sold over 32,000 copies. ISBN: 978-1-78249-582-6 NEW 192 pages I 300+ color photographs 9½ x 11½ in I $35.00 (CAN $50.00) I hardcover Carton quantity: 10 Publication: May 2018


• Rachel has over 56k Instagram followers and over 62k followers on facebook.

53500 9

781782 495826

RACHEL ASHWELL is the founder of Shabby Chic. Rachel’s designs are available online at shabbychic. com and her Simply Shabby Chic collection can be found at Target as well as her Shabby Chic Couture store in LA. She also owns “The Prairie”—a bed and breakfast in Texas. Rachel’s titles include Rachel Ashwell: My Floral Affair, Rachel Ashwell: Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces, and Rachel Ashwell: Couture Prairie. Rachel lives in Los Angeles, CA.

also available:

Rachel Ashwell: My Floral Affair ISBN: 978-1-78249-547-5 $35.00 (priced higher in Canada)


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Door J’Adore There are billions of doors around the world and, just like people, each and every one is different. Doors are a barrier between reality and imagination and the portal between private and public. And therein lies their sense of mystery: without opening them we will never know what or who lies behind them. Our curious nature leads us to wonder what is beyond, and we only have what we see in front of us to go by, but take a closer look and you will discover that each door tells its own story. Whether it’s the particular shade of paint, the texture of the finish, an extravagant knocker, the plant that scrambles around the frame, or an elegantly turned handle, every door reveals the secret of its past, its present, its culture, and the person who lives behind it. This book showcases a variety of beautiful doors chosen for their wide-ranging appeal and celebrates the everyday beauty of something we take for granted—doors.

• Illustrated with gorgeous images from all over the world

ISBN: 978-1-84975-963-2 176 pages I 150 color photographs 611⁄16 x 8¼ in I $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 20 Publication: June 2018

• The perfect gift for anyone who loves architecture, photography, decoration, design… and doors!

51495 9

781849 759632

NICK ROWELL was born in Paris but grew up near Oxford, England. During his university years, Nick set off travelling and it was in the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires that he first developed an interest in photographing doors. In an attempt to seek out even more beautiful doors, Nick set up the instagram account @door_jadore to allow him to capture all those he came across, and connect with other door enthusiasts. He lives in London.

Introduction ABOVE LEFT Doors

that have been left untouched sometimes tell the most poignant of stories. ABOVE RIGHT

A glorious cascade of autumnal colour surrounds this London door.

I don’t claim to be a door expert (in fact I’m not even sure such a thing exists). But I’ve looked at a lot of doors over the past five years or so and I’d like to share what I’ve noticed about them. There are billions of doors around the world and, just like people, each one is different. Whether it’s the particular shade of paint, the patina or texture of the finish, an extravagant brass knocker, the climber that frames it, or an elegantly turned handle, every door reveals the secret of its past, its present, its culture and the person who lives behind it. Doors are a barrier between reality and imagination and the portal between

private and public. And therein lies their sense of mystery: without opening them we will never know what or who lies behind them. Curiousity leads us to wonder what is beyond, and we only have what we see in front of us to go by, but take a closer look and you will find that every door tells its own story. For example, the doors on the Greek island of Santorini, most of them wooden and painted an unassuming blue that’s faded by the sun’s unrelenting rays, reveal the history of the town, which is built on a cliff tumbling down to the Aegean. Many of the doors of this town hint at expansive views just beyond and

a quick peek over a side wall may give us an unexpected glimpse of the sea glittering in the distance. With the island in bloom almost all year round, the inviting floral adornments of Santorini’s doors seem to symbolize the warm nature of the island’s inhabitants and welcome us to the vibrant local culture. In contrast, Moroccan doors offer a much more guarded face to the world. Massive in their physical stature, their wood and iron panels studded with bolts and framed between unclimbable walls, these doors are seemingly impenetrable yet they have their own story to tell. Much like Indian doors, they are made

using traditional techniques and the quality of the craftsmanship is remarkable, making these doors pieces of art in their own right. They are testament to the artisan culture in Morocco, which combines Berber traditions with Islamic, Jewish and other European influences. If such a thing as door guides existed, they certainly wouldn’t run out of stops when leading tourists around the old town of Fez or the souks of Marrakesh. In modern cities, like Berlin or San Francisco doors can serve as a canvas for self-expression or popular culture: graffiti, politics and sex can all be found to some degree on the doors of the city.



of the four imposing and majestic doors in the inner courtyard of the City Palace, Jaipur, India. ABOVE RIGHT

Beautifully faded and peeling grass-green paint in St Ives, Cornwall.


A traditional carved-wood Nepalese door.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-019-2


781788 790192

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Home & Garden

• “On Instagram, photographs of doors and windows transport viewers to undiscovered worlds.” The New York Times

Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living

Home & Garden

Henrietta Spencer-Churchill brings the practical comfort of twenty-first-century living to the elegant and timeless classical proportions of eighteenth-century design. This inspiring and invaluable book showcases some of Henrietta’s favorite projects. Whether working with authentic Georgian interiors, apartments or newly-built homes, Lady Henrietta brings her perfectionist talent to the task of marrying comfort and practicality to the spirit of eighteenth-century elegance and timeless classical proportions. Georgian Style... is lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs from the author’s portfolio of work, and contains insights into how the design process works at a practical level. With chapters looking at each room in the home individually, from the dining room to the home office and media room, discover Henrietta’s secrets for achieving the ultimate blend of Georgian style and modern home. This is the classic design template for twenty-first-century living. • Henrietta Spencer-Churchill is a highly esteemed interior designer and an accomplished speaker. • Henrietta Spencer-Churchill is the author of a number of bestselling titles including Blenheim and the Churchill Family (ISBN: 978-1-78249-059-3), which has sold over 16,000 copies.

ISBN: 978-1-78249-596-3 176 pages I 200 color photographs I 9 x 11¾ in $40.00 (CAN $56.00) I hardcover Carton quantity: 10 Publication: May 2018


• Beautiful photography by Christopher Drake accompanies insider tips, practical advice and insights into Henrietta’s style.

54000 9

781782 495963

HENRIETTA SPENCER-CHURCHILL’s father was the 11th Duke of Marlborough so she spent her childhood surrounded by the exquisite architecture of Blenheim Palace. She runs the highly successful interiors company Woodstock Designs, and is the author of eight books, including Classic Interior Design, Classic Design Styles and Blenheim and the Churchill Family. Henrietta lives in London and Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK.

also available:

Romantic English Homes ISBN: 978-1-78249-412-6 $35.00 (priced higher in Canada)


To place an order fax 800-943-9831

Perfect English

• “Any book by Ros Byam Shaw inspires confidence and delight, being brilliantly researched and handsomely illustrated. Her captions are always informative, and her interest in the story and the gorgeousness of very different homes and objects is unflagging...” The World of Interiors • The original edition sold more than 13,000 copies in the US. ISBN: 978-1-84975-964-9 NEW 192 pages I 315 color photographs 9½ x 11½ in I $40.00 (CAN $56.00) I hardcover Carton quantity: 10 Publication: July 2018

• Featured homes include those of art dealer Philip Mould and designers Gilly and Geoff Newberry of Bennison Fabrics.


L E F T The kitchen was once a cowshed, attached at right angles to the original farmhouse, which has small, cosy rooms and low ceilings. In contrast this is a large, lofty space, with a more formal dining area at the opposite end


of the room to the huge, vintage Aga, which Diana Sieff describes as her ‘ultimate comfort zone’. Probably the only things the cows would recognize are the exposed beams of the pitched


roof. Antique wall cupboards

781849 759649

supplement the fitted storage.

R I G H T The Sieffs opened up the entrance hall and built a new staircase, giving the house a much more spacious feel. The floor is new, imitation flagstones. The faux-bamboo table is a long-term survivor but the pair of light oak Arts and Crafts chairs and the plain

ROS BYAM SHAW is a former Features Editor of The World of Interiors and Deputy Editor of the British edition of the US fashion and lifestyle newspaper, W. She now writes on design and interiors for The World of Interiors and House & Garden, among others. Ros is the author of Perfect English Farmhouse, Perfect French Country, and Perfect English Townhouse. She lives in Devon, UK, with her husband and dog.

18th-century commode are newcomers.

FA R M H O U S E C H I C Simon and Diana Sieff are a glamorous and cosmopolitan couple. Their Londonbased company, Sieff, offers a full interior design service and sells a sophisticated mix of smart antiques and modern, upholstered furniture and accessories made to their own designs. Their showroom is an all-white warehouse, sparsely scattered with rectilinear sofas and chairs in neutral colours, spiced with the odd piece of old furniture – perhaps a curly 1920s metalwork console, or a plain French mirror. The look is fashionably pared down, elegant, chic and more Continental than English in its seamless mixing of the old and the new. It is not, however, as Diana explains, an inflexible

unequivocal. ‘I am completely into my comfort zone –

‘house style ’ ready to be imposed on her clients.

my duvet, my bed, my pillows – and I love to be

‘The most important thing when you are designing an

surrounded by antiques. Their connection with the

interior for someone else,’ she says, ‘is to listen and

past makes me feel calm. They seem to represent a

to create the look that will make them feel most happy

quieter, less frenetic way of living.’ Although the

and at home, whether that is sharp modernity or

Sieffs’ flat in London is rather austere and furnished

traditional luxury.’ If you ask Diana Sieff to describe

almost exclusively with pieces from the 1950s, which

her personal style, her answer is immediate and

Diana describes as ‘hard-edged ’, their hearts, it


E N G L I S H RO S E f inishing touches Turning raw nature into tamed pattern is one of the many ways we appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and is far from exclusively English. Nevertheless, what we now think of as the archetypal English interior, whether a cottage with geraniums on the windowsill and rosebuds on the teapot, or a rectory drawing room with peonies on the grand piano and posies on the curtains, is characterized by its predominantly floral decoration and a preponderance of flower-related ornaments. As John Cornforth said of the charming, chintzy rooms created by John Fowler, ‘even in London he seems able to suggest bees buzzing among roses’, which, fresh from a dusty pavement after a long day in an air-conditioned office, is rather a lovely thought.

• F R E S H F L O W E R S When asked to reveal

of a bed for instant, old-fashioned charm. Do be sure

her ‘decorating secrets’, Nancy Lancaster always

to give them a good shake before you buy, as some

said she had only three, and that they were ‘open

shed feathers like confetti.

fires, candlelight and flowers’. Flowers need not be expensive but they must be fresh. A huge vase of cow parsley changed every day, a mound of primroses in a mug or a single garden rose in a glass bottle are much lovelier than drooping hothouse flowers in slimy water.

• C H I N A Hand-painted 18th- or 19th-century china, decorated with flowers, is as pleasurable to use as it is to look at and, if you don’t mind the odd chip, crack or rivet, very affordable. Crammed on a dresser, as in Annabel Grey’s kitchen, or neatly posed on a

• P O T P L A N T S tend to conjure images of dusty

mantelpiece, it is wonderfully decorative. Make up a

leaves on office windowsills but, well chosen and well

teaset from odd cups, saucers and plates, lay out a

tended, last much longer than cut flowers and can

cloth and cut some cucumber sandwiches. But don’t

provide scent and indoor greenery all year round.

put the crockery in the dishwasher afterwards.

Hydrangeas, miniature roses, stephanotis, jasmine and geraniums are all good choices. Place ugly plastic pots inside terracotta flowerpots and cluster smaller pots together, perhaps in a lined basket, or line them up in a row for more decorative impact.

• P I C T U R E S In the first half of the 19th century an essential skill taught to young ladies of leisure was painting in watercolours, and a favourite subject was flowers. These watercolours, which typically filled leather-bound albums, have great delicacy and charm

• Q U I LT S Quilted feather eiderdowns must have

also available:

Perfect English Farmhouse

and, being relatively numerous and amateur, are not

been turned out by the tonne in the first half of the

expensive. Old botanical prints, close-hung and

last century, judging by how many are to be found for

identically framed, have a more graphic appeal.

sale in antique and second-hand shops. They are often covered in delightful vintage floral fabric, are no more expensive than a decent duvet, and can be laid on top

ISBN: 978-1-84975-878-9 $40.00 (priced higher in Canada)

To place an order fax 800-943-9831


Home & Garden

The English style in interior design is admired and imitated the world over. At its grandest it is a stately home furnished with antiques, but the houses featured in this book are country cottages, farmhouses, townhouses, and apartments. What links them is as much an attitude as a look. The English style of decoration is practical and informal, designed around the inhabitants of the rooms and their lifestyles. These houses are lived in and loved. All are perfect in their own way, and all as endearingly English as saying sorry when someone treads on your foot. The book’s chapters—Plain English, English Eccentric, English Rose, English Country House, and Classic English—reflect the many and varied facets of English style, and each section ends with pages devoted to suggestions and ideas for furnishing a house. At the back of the book, there is a comprehensive listing of suppliers to help readers create their very own take on perfect English style.

Home & Garden

The Art of Napkin Folding Add a stylish and thoughtful finishing touch to your decorative table setting with a carefully chosen and presented napkin. How much better food tastes when it is presented at a beautiful and stylish table, and what better way to embellish your dining experience than with a chic folded napkin. There are step-by-step instructions for 20 napkin folds in a range of stylish shapes. Inspiring ideas for decorating, embroidering, and monogramming are also included, as well as for making napkin rings using fresh flowers, fruit, and ribbons. Ten themed occasions are featured, including all-time favorites such as Classic Elegance or Romantic Dinner, festive meals such as Christmas Cheer and Wedding Breakfast, as well as occasions such as Mother’s Day Lunch or Baby Shower. For each event there is a wealth of delightful suggestions for creatively styled napkins and other finishing touches. Whether it’s a relaxed family lunch or a formal wedding table, The Art of Napkin Folding is full of inspiring suggestions for beautifully styled napkins. • Includes 20 step-by-step napkin folds, plus finishing touches for the perfect table setting. • Features ideas for table setting styles for 10 themed occasions.

NEW EDITION ISBN: 978-1-84975-974-8 112 pages (wood-free paper) I 140 color photographs I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in I $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 30 Publication: June 2018

• Inspiring ideas for decorating, monogramming, and embroidering napkins are also included.

51495 9

781849 759748

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78879-020-8


781788 790208

also available:

Jane Packer’s Flower Course ISBN: 978-1-84975-758-4 $24.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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Gardening with Junk

• A great guide to finding innovative ways to re-use and recycle items in the home, and will appeal to crafters and gardeners alike. ISBN: 978-1-78249-551-2 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 300 color photographs I 7½ x 9¼ in I $19.95 (CAN $28.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 20 Publication: May 2018

• As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing issue, more and more people are looking to re-use the items they have, rather than buy new.

51995 9

781782 495512

ADAM CAPLIN began gardening at the tender age of five. He has written for BBC Gardener’s World magazine, Easy Gardening, Saga, and Gardens Illustrated. His book Urban Eden features a garden that he co-designed and which won a silver medal at London’s Chelsea Flower Show. Adam lives in London, UK.

also available:

Tiny Tabletop Gardens ISBN: 978-1-78249-413-3 $21.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Home & Garden

Revamp, recycle, and rejuvenate your old containers into some stunning feature pieces for your yard. Learn how to become more eco-friendly and make the most of old mugs, oil cans, plastic bottles, and so much more with Gardening with Junk. Delve into gardening with the first section, Getting Started, which is devoted to teaching you the basics and explaining how to choose the right container and the right plant for your space. The second section, Planted Junk, will demonstrate how to utilize all sorts of great materials, from ceramics, stone, and glass, to wood, wicker, metal, and plastic. Learn how to make the most of any container, whether they are beer cans, wicker baskets, quirky ceramics, and so much more! The final section, Plant Directory, provides a comprehensive list of flowers and plants so that you can find what best suits you and your newly converted containers! Written by horticultural expert Adam Caplin, Gardening with Junk is a must-have for any green-fingered enthusiast with an interest in recycling and the environment.

Shibori Learn the Japanese art of shibori, including tie-dyeing, folded, rolled, and sewn techniques, using indigo dye. Then make one of the 25 projects using the fabric you have created. Shibori is the name for a range of dyeing techniques that have been practiced in Japan for centuries. Using just plain white cloth and indigo dye, you can create a huge range of patterns that will each be unique. Full photographic step-by-step instructions are given for preparing the vat and plain dyeing, so you can master these steps before you move on to the different types of shibori. Each chapter then starts with a photographic step-by-step explanation of a different shibori technique. The first chapter covers kanoko and kumo (tie-dyeing with and without stones). Next there is shibori itajime (folding the fabric and clamping it between pieces of wood), then arashi (wrapping fabric around tubes), and nui (sewing and gathering the fabric with thread). After each technique has been explained, there are simple projects to make that show off the patterns you have created at their best. A sewing techniques section completes the book, with all the basic stitches and skills you will need to make the projects.


• Includes full instructions and step-by-step photographs for the different types of shibori dyeing. •Interest in Japanese style and crafts is increasing. ISBN: 978-1-78249-598-7 128 pages I 150 color photographs & artworks 81⁄8 x 10 7⁄8 in I $19.95 (CAN $23.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 26 Publication: May 2018

• Indigo is still a key color for interiors.

51995 9

781782 495987

NICOLA GOULDSMITH is the founder of Halfpenny Home, an art and crafts shop (www.halfpennyhome. She loves making things, growing things, and living in the countryside. The Halfpenny Home shop is housed in a disused mill, where Nicola runs popular classes on natural dyeing, sewing, and other crafts. She is the author of Indigo: Dye It, Make It, and the co-author of A Green Guide to Country Crafts (both CICO Books). She is based in Needham Market, Suffolk, UK.

also available:

A Beginner's Guide to Making Curtains, Shades, Pillows, Cushions, and More ISBN: 978-1-78249-476-8 $19.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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Knit Your Own Dolls Create your own knitted dolls, full of personality and fun to make. Everyone loves dolls with character, and Fiona Goble has designed 25 knitted toys with real appeal. As well as boy and girl dolls, there are animal dolls, and a whole wardrobe of clothes and accessories. The dolls are all the same size, so outfits can be swapped between them, and you can change hairstyles and coloring as well to create a personalized gift for a child (or an adult!) As well as the dolls and their clothes, there are more than 10 added extras such as pet cats and dogs, a mini teddy bear, and beach gear, making more than 35 patterns in total. Whether you want to knit Ben the Surfer Dude, Vintage Rosie, Marion the Mermaid, or Superhero Stan, you will find easy-to-follow patterns, and instructions on everything from knitting techniques to creating the all-important finishing touches. • Fiona Goble is a best-selling knitting author, whose titles include Knitted Animal Hats (ISBN 978-1-908862-54-9, 16,500 copies sold) and Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks (ISBN 978-1-78249-2528, over 14,500 copies sold). • Hand-knitted toys are the perfect gift for babies, children, and grandchildren.

ISBN: 978-1-78249-563-5 128 pages I 100 color photographs & artworks 81⁄8 x 10 7⁄8 in I $19.95 (CAN $23.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 26 Publication: June 2018 51995 9

781782 495635

FIONA GOBLE is the author of several bestselling knitting books, including Knitted Animal Nursery, Knitted Animal Cozies, Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks, and Knitted Animal Hats, as well as Cute and Easy Knitting, Learn to Knit, Beanies and Bobble Hats, and Scarves and Cowls, all of which are published by CICO Books. Fiona lives just outside London, UK, with her husband and teenage son.

also available:

Knitted Animal Hats ISBN: 978-1-908862-54-9 $21.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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• Appeals to knitters looking for smaller projects, that can be knitted with yarns from their stash.

Boho Felt Crafts Brighten up your home and create gorgeous gifts with a colorful array of garlands, faux botanicals, and much more. Let Rachel Henderson and Jayne Emerson inspire you to create your own boho paradise made from felt with fresh green faux succulents, cheese plant leaves, and needle-felted cacti. Wall hangings and mobiles are a great way to change the look of a room quickly, and there are some great ideas here: try a leaf door curtain, a felt bead chandelier, or a daisy wall hanging to bring a handmade touch to your décor. There are lovely gifts to make, too, including a cute folk key ring and a felt ball bouquet, and don’t forget to try needle felting and make a vibrant needle-felted bird. With beautiful illustrations guiding you every step of the way, you will feel confident in embracing a wide range of techniques for working with felt, a versatile and inexpensive material with endless possibilities. • Felt is a really easy material to work with because it doesn’t fray when cut, and it comes in lots of great colors. • Suitable for beginners as well as those with a bit more experience.


• The interiors of the 1960s and '70s are very much on trend and easy to emulate with these 35 innovative projects.

ISBN: 978-1-78249-555-0 128 pages I 250 color photographs & artworks 81⁄8 x 10 7⁄8 in I $19.95 (CAN $23.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 26 Publication: May 2018 51995 9

781782 495550

RACHEL HENDERSON trained in textile design and has her own craft business. She has worked on a number of titles including Fleece Fantastic, Crafting for Girls (both published by CICO Books) and Animal Hats. She lives on the east coast of Scotland, UK JAYNE EMERSON is a multi-media textile designer who trained at Central St Martins. Her work encompasses embroidery, patchwork, fabric manipulation, and needle felting. She sells her designs to clients ranging from Topshop to Chanel. She is the author of six craft books, and regularly teaches workshops. She lives in Gloucestershire, UK.

also available:

Super-cute Felt ISBN: 978-1-78249-460-7 $19.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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The Seed Bead Book Make your own fashion-forward seed bead jewelry with this colorful guide including earrings, chokers, rings, pendants, and much more. Beading beginners will find the instructions easy to follow and will quickly become confident with the weaving and wirework techniques that form the basis of the projects. With over 35 inspiring projects to try, including lots of variations, you can match your outfit and your mood. Start with the wrap-around necklace and the heart pin, expand your new skills with the fringed bracelet and tassel earrings, then take a step into wirework with the snowflake earrings and lace bracelet. Every project builds on what you have learned in the techniques section and shows you how you can use your creativity in a new way. There are also more challenging projects for the beading expert, so why not try the charm bracelet and ring and see where your beads take you. • Beaded and tasseled earrings and chokers are a huge trend—you can make your own at a fraction of the price you would pay in-store. • This new edition includes 10 new projects and variations and an updated techniques section. • Beading is an inexpensive craft—the specialist tools are kept to a minimum and a small amount of beads can go a long way.


ISBN: 978-1-78249-556-7 128 pages I 200 color photographs 81⁄8 x 10 7⁄8 in I $19.95 (CAN $23.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 26 Publication: May 2018 51995 9

781782 495567

KATE HAXELL is an experienced craft editor and author. She has written a wide range of craft and design books, including Sew-licious Little Things, Super-cute Pincushions, and Sewlicious, all published by CICO Books. Visit her website at She lives in south London, UK.

also available:

Macramé Jewelry & Accessories ISBN: 978-1-78249-320-4 $19.95 (priced higher in Canada)

To place an order fax 800-943-9831


Letter Crafts Letter Crafts contains 35 quirky and cool makes to bring a touch of typography to your home. Clare Youngs presents a range of simple projects, using inexpensive and easy-to-find materials, so you can make your very own colorful alphabet. For a stylish display, adorn your mantelpiece with bold letters made out of recycled fruit crates, make your own vintage fabric “T”, or cheer up a child’s bedroom with a bright alphabet pillowslip. All the projects are clearly explained with step-by-step artworks, and there is a tools and techniques section so you can brush up on your crafting skills—all you need to do is decide which letter to create. It’s as easy as A, B, C. • Catch on to the bold new interior design trend of decorating with letters. • All projects are easy to make and use simple tools and recycled materials. • The original hardcover edition of Book Art (ISBN 978-1-908170-92-7), also by Clare Youngs, has sold over 9,000 copies. New paperback edition available (ISBN 978-1-78249-569-7). • Follow Clare on Instagram @clareyoungs to see more of her work.


NOW IN PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-78249-600-7 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 250 color photographs & artworks I 7½ x 9¼ in $19.95 (CAN $23.95) I paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 30 Publication: July 2018 51995 9

781782 496007

CLARE YOUNGS studied graphic design and has worked in packaging design, illustration, and book jacket design. Her other books include Creative Collage, Folded Book Art, A Year in Crafts, and Book Art (all published by CICO Books). She is based in Kent, UK.

also available:

Folded Book Art ISBN: 978-1-78249-415-7 $21.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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Decorating Pumpkins & Gourds Learn how to make and decorate all sorts of fun and fantastic lanterns and wreaths with pumpkins and gourds. Pumpkins and gourds are very versatile vegetables and make great dishes to celebrate the fall (or have all-yearround!) but they also make excellent indoor and outdoor decorations. Whether you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration or just want to create something lovely to display in your yard, Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell will teach you how to make all sorts of beautiful things. She will show you how to carve some striking swirls into a butternut squash to create an unusual but stunning centerpiece, and how to make a gorgeous Rose Window squash that would cast an atmospheric glow in any garden. You will learn how to cut out Maids in a Row, fashion an attractive Fall Wreath, and so much more. There are a variety of projects, both big and small, some easy and some hard, so that you will be able to make something regardless of your experience or the shape of your vegetables. With 20 fun and easy projects, Decorating Pumpkins & Gourds will inspire you to get crafty with your veggies. ISBN: 978-1-78249-601-4 96 pages I 50 color photographs & 50 color artworks I 7½ x 7½ in I $14.95 (CAN $18.95) hardcover Carton quantity: 40 Publication: July 2018

• Halloween is a widely anticipated holiday and as a result more and more people are investing in pumpkins and gourds to make festive decorations. • Carving pumpkins and gourds is a fun activity for all the family. This book has projects for both adults and children of all abilities.


51495 9

781782 496014

DEBORAH SCHNEEBELI-MORRELL originally trained in fine art and is an award-winning artist. She has appeared on radio and television, and is a frequent contributor to magazines. She has written over 20 practical craft books, including Pebble Mosaics, The Art of Papercutting, and Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots, all published by CICO Books. Deborah is a keen crafter and gardener, and is based between Wiltshire and London, UK.

also available:

Beautiful Wreaths & Garlands ISBN: 978-1-78249-152-1 $19.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Children’s Activities

My First Painting and Collage Book My First Painting and Collage Book shows you different ways to make fabulous pictures you will be proud of. You’ll find lots of ideas in Chapter 1, Printing Fun, from creative T-shirts and bags to gift wrap and bunting. Then have fun trying out the projects in Chapter 2, Ink, Paint, and Pastels, where you can get messy with the ink blot lion project, make striking 3–D cards, and create fabulous pictures such as the oil pastel owl. In Chapter 3, Beach and Vacation Art, you can make use of natural materials that you find while you’re playing, such as driftwood and shells, plus have a go at the postcard project to send to your friends. Finally, use scraps of paper, photos, and magazine pages in Chapter 4, Collages and Paper Pictures, for super creations, including a tissue paper peacock, robots, and an impressive cityscape collage. All the projects are easy to follow with adorable artworks to guide you along the way; plus, each one has a grade so you can start with the easiest and then move on as your artistic skills develop. • Fun projects for vacations and rainy days. • Clear, easy instructions and adorable artworks make all the projects easy for children to follow independently. • Part of the successful CICO kidz series, which includes My First Craft Book (ISBN 978-1-907563-34-8), My First Origami Book (ISBN 9781-907563-70-6) and My First Sewing Book (ISBN 978-1-907563-71-3). ISBN: 978-1-78249-608-3 128 pages I 200 color photographs & 50 artworks 81⁄8 x 10 7⁄8 in I $14.95 (CAN $18.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 26 Publication: June 2018 51495 9

781782 496083

CLARE YOUNGS studied graphic design and has worked in packaging design, illustration and book jacket design. Her other books include Folded Book Art, A Year in Crafts, Color Yourself to Happiness, Book Art, Mobile Art, Wall Art, Make Your Own Woodland Creatures, Letter Art, and Folk Art Needlecraft (all published by CICO Books). She is based in Broadstairs, Kent, UK.

also available:

My First Card-making Book ISBN: 978-1-78249-445-4 $14.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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My First Rock Painting Book

• Rock painting is growing in popularity with many children painting rocks and hiding them as part of a rock treasure hunt. • Gathering rocks is a fun activity and a good way to get children to explore outside. • All of the projects have skills levels from easy to harder and simple step by step artworks to follow. ISBN: 978-1-78249-609-0 112 pages I 200 color photographs & 50 artworks 81⁄8 x 10 7⁄8 in I $14.95 (CAN $18.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 26 Publication: June 2018

• Part of the successful My First... series, designed for children aged 7+ to craft independently.

51495 9

781782 496090

EMMA HARDY is a stylist and designer who has worked on various lifestyle and interiors magazines, including Country Homes and Interiors and Marie Claire. Her previous, and highly successful, books include Fast, Fun Cards, Sewing in No Time, Quilting in No Time, Green Crafts for Children, Making Children’s Clothes, and Sewing for Children, all published by CICO Books. Emma is based in south London, UK.

also available:

My First Cupcake Decorating Book ISBN: 978-1-908170-36-1 $14.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Children’s Activities

In My First Rock Painting Book, craft expert Emma Hardy shows how to take a simple rock and transform it into something truly amazing. In Chapter 1, Fabulous Food, the projects include fun fruit, cute pumpkins for Halloween, and a tasty selection of cakes that really do look good enough to eat! In Chapter 2, Creative Creatures, Emma has designed adorable penguins, a sleeping cat, and an elephant, as well as sea urchins, fish, and colorful googly-eyed monsters. Chapter 3, Patterns and Shapes, has some beautiful ideas for simply decorated rocks, from hearts for a loved one through to striking black and white designs. In Chapter 4, Home and Garden, you can make cacti, flowers, a cell phone, and even a cute swaddled baby. What you do with your painted rocks is up to you. They make wonderful decorations on a shelf or mantelpiece, and have a practical use as a paperweight, or you may want to pass on your creations as gifts for your friends.

Children’s Activities

My Very First 100 Words An illustrated book of 100 first words in English, including 100 double-sided flash cards in French and Spanish. The optimal time for a child to learn another language is from birth to 3 years—at the same time he or she is learning a first language—so My Very First 100 Words includes 100 everyday words in three languages! Every word is illustrated with a colorful, eye-catching photograph and on a separate double-sided flash card the word is translated into French and Spanish. Categories include At the Farm, At the Zoo, Toy Box, On the Move, and Things to Wear. With its bright colors and clear design, this essential book and card pack will be loved by babies and toddlers and used by parents time and again, as they encourage all-important early language skills. • Each word is given in English, French, and Spanish. • The colorful photos will appeal to babies from birth. • Will help babies and toddlers say their first words. • Helps babies and toddlers with object recognition. ISBN: 978-1-78249-454-6 12 pages plus 100 flash cards 100 color photographs I 9 x 9 in $9.95 (CAN $10.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 20 Publication: August 2018

• Encourages parent/child interaction. • Highly durable and wipe-clean so can be repeatedly handled by babies and young children. • Includes 100 flash cards stored in recessed holders.

50995 9

781782 494546

also available:

Animal Fun! Count to 10 ISBN: 978-1-78249-400-3 $9.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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365 Mindful Meditations & Mantras for Busy Mothers

• A meditation for every day of the year. ISBN: 978-1-78249-612-0 160 pages (wood-free paper) 100 color artworks I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 24 Publication: May 2018

• Studies appear to show that mindful parenting is linked to more positive behavior in children—meaning less anxiety, depression, and acting out. • Mindfulness continues to be a best-selling topic in books: The Little Pocket Book of Mindfulness (ISBN 978-1-782492-03-0) has sold over 13,000 copies.

51495 9

781782 496120

SARAH RUDELL BEACH became a mother in 2006, embarking on a powerful journey in both motherhood and mindfulness. She has had a personal mindfulness practice for many years now, holds a master’s degree in education, and is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. As the executive director of Brilliant Mindfulness, she teaches mindfulness courses to children, teens, and adults. She also has 17 years of experience as a high school teacher. Sarah writes about mindfulness and healthy living for the Huffington Post, and on her blog, Left Brain Buddha. She lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her husband and two children.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78249-630-4


781782 496304

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Health, Body, Mind, & Spirit

Bring peace and calm to your busy-mama days with these 365 meditations and mantras—one for every day of the year. Mindfulness is a powerful practice that can help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood, and help you be the mother—and the YOU—that you want to be. Mindfulness is our ability to attend to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgment, and it transforms how you relate to your own life and how you engage with the world. There is a growing body of research out there that tells us that when mothers practice mindfulness they experience less stress and anxiety, build stronger relationships with their children and feel less overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. Their children experience less stress and anxiety, too. In this beautifully illustrated book, mindfulness expert Sarah Rudell Beach introduces the basics of mindfulness and then offers a collection of meditations and mantras. From dealing with tantrums and your patience being tested to making time for yourself and practicing self-compassion, you’ll discover how a mindful approach can lead to greater calm, balance, and ease in your daily life.

Health, Body, Mind, & Spirit

The Magical Home Transform your living space into a comforting home with a little magic. From step-by-step instructions for divine decluttering to “pagan feng shui” for every room, Cerridwen Greenleaf’s guide to a happy home is essential reading for anyone who wants to live the good life. Replete with easy ideas for a charmed life, this gorgeously illustrated book teaches you how to increase your happiness quotient at home. Learn how you can make an effortless herbal prosperity potpourri and which crystals will create harmonious vibrations and improve relationships. Delight in healthier options for the whole household with DIY herbal cleansers that reduce toxins in your personal space and ensure your home is always filled with good energy. Create your own magical pantry and ensure your sleeping space is a true sanctuary with spells and scents. As instructive as it is inspiring, The Magical Home is a go-to guide for anyone who wants to live an enchanted life. • Paganism is estimated to be practiced by as many as 1.2 million Americans (Huffington Post, October 2015). • Cerridwen Greenleaf is a best-selling author who is currently living in California, USA. ISBN: 978-1-78249-604-5 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color artworks I 7½ x 9¼ in I $19.95 (CAN $28.95) paperback with flaps Carton quantity: 30 Publication: May 2018 51995 9

781782 496045

CERRIDWEN GREENLEAF has worked with many of the leading lights of the Wiccan world including Starhawk, Z Budapest, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Luisah Teish, and many more. She has led ritual and magic workshops throughout North America, including workshops on house magic. Cerridwen’s graduate work in medieval studies has given her deep insight into ancient spells, making her work unique in the field. Her Witches’ Spell Book series has sold over 100,000 copies. Author of the highly popular The Book of Kitchen Witchery (CICO Books), she blogs regularly at She lives in California.

also available:

The Book of Kitchen Witchery ISBN: 978-1-78249-372-3 $19.95 (priced higher in Canada)


To place an order fax 800-943-9831

The Green Wiccan Year

• Updated edition with a new, specially written introduction. • Spells, rituals, recipes, magical herbs, witchy meditations and activities for the whole Wiccan year. • Record your observations and create your own notes to look back on. ISBN: 978-1-78249-629-8 144 pages (on wood-free paper with 8 dividers & pockets) I 100 color artworks I 65⁄8 x 91⁄2 in $19.95 (CAN $28.95) I hardcover, concealed wire-o-binding, cloth quarter-binding, elastic closure band I Carton quantity: 10 Publication: June 2018

SILJA writes the “Herbal Magic” column for UK magazine Soul & Spirit. As a Wiccan High Priestess, she has led a Celtic training coven in Ireland, where she grew up. She is the author of The Green Wiccan Herbal and The Green Wiccan Book of Shadows, published by CICO Books. She divides her time between Arkansas and Dublin, Ireland.

51995 9

781782 496298

Flower Essences for Well-being Learn the healing properties of over 150 plants with this beautifully illustrated guide to flower and tree essences. Made by floating flowers in spring water in the light of the sun or moon, essences work by raising our vibrational energy to the perfect pitch. Taking a flower essence is like making your body hum to the tune of nature. Flower Essences..., by healer and flower essence pioneer Barbara Olive, profiles readily available flower and tree essences, and explains how using them may speed you on your journey toward better health. The A to Z Symptom Finder, based on Barbara’s extensive practical experience, features a host of flower essences for both physical and emotional healing. With this gorgeous guide, complete with stunning photography, you will discover the energy at the heart of every flower. • The perfect gift for anyone who loves herbs, trees, and flowers, and wants to feel more connected to nature. • Flower healing is an ancient practice that has been refined over thousands of years. BARBARA OLIVE is a pioneer in the field of flower-essence healing. She advised hundreds of clients each year at Essence World, the clinic and shop she founded in Eton, England. She is the director of BodyLink Essences, her own essence brand, and pioneered Intuits™, a system that helps a client intuitively select essences. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

ISBN: 978-1-78249-605-2 144 pages I 300 color photographs & artworks 7½ x 9¼ in I $19.95 (CAN $28.95) I paperback with flaps I Carton quantity: 30 Publication: May 2018 51995 9

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781782 496052


Health, Body, Mind, & Spirit

Celebrate The Green Wiccan Year with this beautifully illustrated guide, complete with spells, rituals, and teachings that will encourage you to live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Beginning with Yule and the Winter Solstice, which celebrates the birth of the Sun God on December 21st, all 8 festivals of the Wiccan calendar are included: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasa, Mabon, and Samhain (the Witches’ New Year). For each occasion, Silja explains all the associated traditions, symbols, and rituals. There are also additional spells, meditations, and quotes throughout the journal—ranging from ways to boost your energy and your income, to helping you find a partner and make your dreams come true. The Green Wiccan Year is a must-have guide with plenty of room to keep a daily record of your Wiccan experiences, notes, and reminders.

Health, Body, Mind, & Spirit

Mermaids and Dolphins Discover your future with these stunning and magical cards inspired by mermaids and dolphins. Gillian Kemp shows you how to divine your fate with these 52 beautiful cards expressing the magic of two of the ocean’s most beguiling creatures—the mermaid and the dolphin. The mermaid, mistress of fateful beauty and queen of her realm, will command your attention as she divulges her knowledge of the unknown, while the dolphin, an ancient symbol of healing and salvation, will appear to you with other creatures of the seas to bring you gifts of light and learning. Together, the mermaid and dolphin rule the ocean and together they will help to reveal the hidden depths of your destiny. Choose a card each day as an affirmation, or try one of the ten layouts shown within the illustrated book to foretell the future and connect with your deepest desires. • Taps into the current trend for mythical creatures. Unicorn and mermaid styles are very widely searched. • Horoscopes, tarot cards, and other methods of divination remain hugely popular. • Includes 52 beautifully illustrated cards. • Oceanic Tarot (ISBN 978-1-78249-339-6), a comparable title, has been very successful and has sold over 10,500 copies. ISBN: 978-1-78249-607-6 Boxed set with 52 color cards & 64-page paperback book (53⁄8 x 6¼ in) with 52 color artworks I Box: 55⁄8 x 65⁄8 x 1½ in $18.95 (CAN $26.95) Carton quantity: 20 Publication: June 2018 51895 9

781782 496076

GILLIAN KEMP is a best-selling author and clairvoyant who can prophesy the future using astrology, tarot cards, playing cards, crystal balls, palmistry, tea-leaves, flowers and dreams. Gillian was taught the craft by her mother, who is also a clairvoyant. Gillian’s books and packs have been popular in many countries including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan among many others.

also available:

Oceanic Tarot ISBN: 978-1-78249-339-6 $18.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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I Am Dragon Learn about all things dragon—lore, magic and where to find them—and how you can be more dragon in everyday life. Kirsten Riddle introduces you to the inspirational world of dragons. From the Chinese dragon, a symbol of auspicious power, to the Lindworm that appears in Norse mythology, dragons have featured in legends, literature, and on screen throughout the years and continue to fascinate us. As well as teaching you about dragon folklore and magic, Kirsten explains how to “train your own dragon”—tap into your creativity and inner fire with easy rituals and visualizations to express your true self and achieve your goals. She also describes how to become a Dragon Queen, with guides on makeup, hair, and fashion that all evoke the powerful spirit of dragons. • Dragonology is a perennially popular subject, with dragons featuring in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. • The immensely popular “Game of Thrones” TV dramatization of Song of Ice and Fire has brought the majesty of dragons to life for a new generation. • Includes beauty tutorials for dragon hair and makeup.

51295 9

781782 496038

KIRSTEN RIDDLE writes regularly for UK magazines, such as Chat: It’s Fate, and writes regularly for Spirit and Destiny, and Kindred Spirit. She is also a columnist for Take a Break: Fate and Fortune as Alison Davies. Kirsten’s books for CICO include A Beginner’s Guide to Wicca, and, most recently, I Am Unicorn. She lives in Nottingham, UK.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78249-631-1


781782 496311

also available:

I Am Unicorn ISBN: 978-1-78249-565-9 $12.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Gift & Humor

ISBN: 978-1-78249-603-8 144 pages (wood-free paper) 100 color artworks I 4½ x 6 in $12.95 (CAN $17.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 60 Publication: May 2018

My Cool, Awesome, Incredible, Fun, Rad Dad Capturing those special moments between a father and his child. All dads are different, but all are cool in their own way… or at least they like to think they are! My Cool, Awesome, Incredible, Fun, Rad Dad is a celebration of all the funny/awesome/embarrassing things that dads love to do with their kids, and that kids love to do with their dads. Whether it’s playing videogames together, going on a camping trip, an afternoon spent baking cookies, or being the subject of a beauty makeover, the charming and playful illustrations are guaranteed to make your cool dad smile. • The perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Gift & Humor

• With over 25 dads illustrated, which one are you: the one who can fix anything, the movie buff, the baker, or the petrol head?

ISBN: 978-1-911026-51-8 64 pages I 30 color illustrations 4¾ x 7¼ in I $12.95 (CAN $17.95) hardcover Carton quantity: 76 Publication: May 2018 51295 9

781911 026518

RUS HUDDA is a dad, illustrator, and creator of the brilliant Eat, Sleep, Sniff, a series of diary comics about his life with his family and cat, Tali. He is also the author of Cool Cats and Fashion Felines and Mindfulness for Cats. He is based in south-east England.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-911026-55-6


781911 026556

also available:

Cool Cats and Fashion Felines ISBN: 978-1-911026-05-1 $14.95 (priced higher in Canada)


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Gym Junkies If you think there are only two types of people that frequent the gym—body builders and you—think again. The Serena Williams Grunter, The Enabler, The Center of Attention, The “But First, Let Me Take a Selfie” Girl, these are just a few of the characters you might encounter during your post-work work out… but which gym junky are you? Perhaps you’re the Disco Devotee, so caught up in the Beyoncé blasting out from your Beats headphones that a misplaced dance move takes out the person waiting patiently behind you for a turn on the cross-trainer. Or maybe you’ve got plenty in common with the Hoarder, a quasi-Neanderthal usually found holed up in a corner with every. single. kettle bell scattered under his feet like a pile of spat out bones. With over 25 hilarious entries covering everything from gym style to gym etiquette, anyone who’s ever signed up for a spin class or benched their own body weight will recognize the Lycra-clad cardio queens and protein-shake-chugging posers profiled in Gym Junkies. • From the bros beasting it to get bulky to the newbie struggling to turn on the treadmill, read these hilarious descriptions of the different types of gym lover. • According to Statista, over 55 million adults in the US have a gym membership and fitness industry revenue is $25 billion per annum.

51295 9

781911 026501

SIMON GLAZIN is a freelance journalist and awardwinning fashion blogger. If he’s not talking clothes and fashion fads, he’ll be critiquing exercise trends on the Mail Online. Simon has written for YOU magazine, The Sunday Times Style, Huffington Post, and Glamour magazine. He is based in Hertfordshire, UK.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-911026-54-9


781911 026549

also available:

The Office: A Survival Guide ISBN: 978-1-909313-76-7 $15.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Gift & Humor

ISBN: 978-1-911026-50-1 64 pages I 30 color illustrations 4¾ x 7¼ in I $12.95 (CAN $17.95) hardcover Carton quantity: 76 Publication: June 2018

Sherlock Holmes’s London Enjoy this portable guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes, then and now. Packed with fascinating information about London past and present, and in a handy pocket-sized format, this new edition of Sherlock Holmes’s London will take you on a journey of discovery. Walk the streets of London in the footsteps of literature’s most famous—and enduring—detective, the immortal Sherlock Holmes. From his fictional home of 221B Baker Street to the wharves and warehouses of the east end, you will see much today that is unchanged since Arthur Conan Doyle first created his much-loved sleuth. Other features of Edwardian London may be buried a little deeper, but can still be uncovered if you know where to look. With maps showing the general outlay of the areas covered in each chapter, and photographs of the modern-day streets and buildings of London, you’ll be able to explore the city on a self-guided tour dedicated to the Sherlock Holmes of the stories, the films, and the television adaptations.

Gift & Humor

• Portable format edition of this comprehensive companion to the London of Sherlock Holmes. • Packed with fascinating stories and facts about the streets and buildings that feature in Conan Doyle’s stories, as well as locations used in films and television. ISBN: 978-1-78249-615-1 128 pages I 50 color photographs & 7 maps I 4¾ x 7¼ in I $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I hardcover Carton quantity: 52 Publication: July 2018

• 4.3 million Americans visited the UK in 2016 (Visit Britain).

51495 9

781782 496151

ROSE SHEPHERD is also the author of At Home with Henry VIII for CICO Books, as well as books on London’s most amazing places, and Britain’s royal places and stately homes. She is based in Ramsgate, Kent, UK.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-78249-632-8


781782 496328

also available:

Dinner with Dickens ISBN: 978-1-78249-449-2 $24.95 (priced higher in Canada)


To place an order fax 800-943-9831

Foodie City Breaks: Europe If you are planning a European vacataion, you need this gourmet, bite-sized guide to 25 of the best cities in Europe for foodies to visit. Want to know the best brunch spot in Berlin, where you can sample the finest pintxos in San Sebastian, or fancy tucking into the tastiest dishes in Copenhagen—Europe’s hottest foodie destination? Need a place for the perfect dinner date in London or want to get off the tourist trail and learn where the locals go in Paris? With its blend of venerable culinary destinations such as Bologna and Barcelona, to cutting-edge cities like Berlin or up-and-comers including Stockholm and Edinburgh, Foodie City Breaks: Europe will provide you with a snapshot of 25 European culinary capitals, each with 10 recommendations any self-respecting foodie simply must try. It’s the perfect travel companion for a long weekend, with all the hard work and research done for you. Simply pick a place to eat and tuck in. • Focuses on 25 carefully selected cities with a strong culinary identity—from London to Lyon, Istanbul to Porto.

ISBN: 978-1-911026-48-8 144 pages (wood-free paper) I 100 color photographs I 611⁄16 x 8¼ in I $14.95 (CAN $21.95) I flexi-binding Carton quantity: 30 Publication: June 2018

• Short and to the point, each of the 250 recommendations are ideal for visitors who want an easily digestible summary of a city’s food scene.

51495 9

781911 026488

RICHARD MELLOR is a freelance travel and food journalist who writes regularly for Metro, The Times, The Guardian, Telegraph Online, the Evening Standard, and Broadly. He is based in Crystal Palace, London, UK.

Available as a counter display pack includes 6 copies of the book ISBN: 978-1-911026-52-5


781911 026525

also available:

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Taste of France ISBN: 978-1-78249-378-5 $24.95 (priced higher in Canada)

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Gift & Humor

• Find out the locations for divine breakfasts, buzzing street-food spots, hidden gems, blow-the-budget restaurants, and cool places to drink.

Index 365 Mindful Meditations & Mantras for Busy Mothers 27

Gulin, Dunja The Gut Health Cookbook 5 Gym Junkies 33

A Aikman-Smith, Valerie Feasts From The Fire 3 Art of Napkin Folding, The 16 Ashwell, Rachel Shabby Chic Interiors 12

B Beer and Food Matching 8 Boho Felt Crafts 20 Boozy Slushies, Poptails, & Ice Pops 10 Byam Shaw, Ros Perfect English 15

C Caplin, Adam Gardening with Junk 17 Charles, Julia Rosé Cocktails 9

D Decorating Pumpkins & Gourds 23 Denning, Sally Relaxed Coastal Style 11 Door J’Adore 13 Drake, Christopher Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living 14 Dredge, Mark Beer and Food Matching 8

E Emerson, Jayne Boho Felt Crafts 20

F Feasts From the Fire 3 Flower Essences for Well-being 29 Foodie City Breaks: Europe 7, 35

G Gardening with Junk 17 Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living 14 Glazin, Simon Gym Junkies 33 Goble, Fiona Knit Your Own Dolls 19 Gould-Porter, James The Island Poké Cookbook 1 Gouldsmith, Nicola Shibori 18 Green Wiccan Year, The 29 Greenleaf, Cerridwen The Magical Home 28


Ryan, Shelagh Lantana Café Breakfast & Brunch 6

S H Hardy, Emma My First Rock Painting Book 25 Haxell, Kate The Seed Bead Book 21 Henderson, Rachel Boho Felt Crafts 20 Hudda, Rus My Cool, Awesome, Incredible, Fun, Rad Dad 32

I I Am Dragon 31 I Heart Pumpkin 4 Island Poké Cookbook, The 1

Schneebeli-Morrell, Deborah Decorating Pumpkins & Gourds 23 Seed Bead Book, The 21 Shabby Chic Interiors 12 Shepherd, Rose Sherlock Holmes’s London 34 Shibori 18 Silja The Green Wiccan Year 29 Spencer-Churchill, Henrietta Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living 14

T tarot cards Mermaids and Dolphins 30

K Kemp, Gillian Mermaids and Dolphins 30 Knit Your Own Dolls 19

V Veggie Salad Bowl, The 2

Y L Lantana Café Breakfast & Brunch 6 Letter Crafts 22

M Magical Home, The 28 Mellor, Richard Foodie City Breaks: Europe 7, 35 Mermaids and Dolphins 30 Miles, Hannah Boozy Slushies, Poptails, & Ice Pops 10 My Cool, Awesome, Incredible, Fun, Rad Dad 32 My First Painting and Collage Book 24 My First Rock Painting Book 25 My Very First 100 Words 26

O Olive, Barbara Flower Essences for Well-being 29

P Perfect English 15

R Relaxed Coastal Style 11 Riddle, Kirsten I Am Dragon 31 Rosé Cocktails 9 Rowell, Nick Door J’Adore 13 Rudell Beach, Sarah 365 Mindful Meditations & Mantras for Busy Mothers 27

Youngs, Clare Letter Crafts 22 My First Painting and Collage Book 24

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Anne McGilvray & Company Tel: 214-638-4438

Southeast: AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN

Chicago Showroom 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 13-245, Chicago, IL 60654 Tel: 312-321-0710 Fax: 312-321-9563

RPM Gifts & Greetings Americas Mart, Bldg 2 #1735 230 Spring Street NW Atlanta, GA 30303 Tel & Fax: 404-220-3206

Minneapolis Showroom 10301 Bren Road West Orange Gallery #s 378 & 379 Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343 Tel: 952-932-7153 Tel: 952-938-1307 Fax: 952-912-0273

South Central: AR, LA, OK, TX

Mid Atlantic: PA, NJ, MD, VA, WV, DE, WA, NY, New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties ISBN Sales: 141 Friends Lane Newtown, PA 18940 Tel: 215-428-1152 Fax: 215-736-1981 Rocky Mountains: CO, UT, WY Bonnie Hawley Associates Tel: 303-834-8961

Goetz Inc. 2100 Stemmons Freeway 2111 Dallas Trade Mart Dallas, TX 75207 Tel: 214-748-2128 Fax: 214-747-3399 Northwest: AK, ID, MT, OR, WA Bettencourt Group 501 South Lucile Street, #102 Seattle, WA 98108 Tel: 206-762-2240 Tel: 800-462-6099 Fax: 206-762-2457

Southwest and Southern California: AZ, NM, NV CMA Showroom Las Vegas World Market Center 455 S Grand Central Parkway Building C, Showroom 691 Las Vegas, NV 89106 CMA Office Tel: 213-452-7000 Tel: 800-874-6716 Fax: 213-452-7010 Fax: 866-262-4817 Northern California GIFT SALES Air Company 448 Ignacio Blvd., #408 Novato, CA 94949 Tel: 415-436-6350 Fax: 415-436-6351 GOURMET SALES The Lundgren Group Tel: 925-889-9075 Fax: 925-673-8539

All details are correct at time of going to press and are subject to change without notice.


Summer Catalogue 2018  

Food & Drink | Home & Garden | Craft | Children | Health, Mind, Body & Spirit | Gift & Humour

Summer Catalogue 2018  

Food & Drink | Home & Garden | Craft | Children | Health, Mind, Body & Spirit | Gift & Humour