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nO9 & nO10 claremont terr ace Celebrated architect John Baird designed Claremont Terrace, within the prestigious Park district, in response to demand from successful merchants and professionals. His origination of grand designs, both in the external structure and internal space, light and form have been sensitively maintained and enhanced for contemporary lifestyles. With the juxtaposition of old and new, No.’s 9 & 10 offer the very best of classical architectural features married to the finest selection of contemporary finishes within carefully considered spaces providing amenity for every home activity.

1842 - 2015

beauty in every...

claremont terrace classical History

new Design

Claremont Terrace, sitting in the

Inspiration achieved through form,

Park district (formerly known as

texture, colour and light are the

Woodlands Hill), was designed by

guiding principles at No.'s 9 & 10

Glasgow architect John Baird.

Claremont Terrace.

No.6 was the first to be constructed in

Our home is our sanctuary. It is here that

1842 and stood alone as a freestanding

we are at our most authentic. We must

mansion for 5 years until the remainder

recharge and in providing the

of the symmetrically arranged classical

wherewithal to do so, in the most

Terrace was added.

powerful way, our intention here is to enable better lives.

The two town houses at No.'s 9 & 10, like the rest of the terrace, are each of 5

Being “fit for purpose” applies as much to

storeys, including attic and lower ground

us as it does to tools of task. In identifying

floor levels. They are constructed in

life tasks at home, assessing how best

polished sandstone ashlar with steps

these can be catered for and providing

over-sailing the basement to Ionic

such as will raise the joy of the activity,

porches. All the windows have decorative

we become, in an emotional, spiritual

ramped architraves, balastraded parapets

and physical way, fitter to action our

and “hear and honeysuckle” cast iron

intentions and purposes not only within

balconies over the porches.

the home but also throughout life.

Internally, both buildings are arranged

Gordon Russell

identically and with the same footprint. The entrance hallways and ground floor front rooms feature coninthian columns with ornate cornices throught the whole of both buildings. In short, the buildings have a wealth of original high quality decorative features.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


Image ©Peter Hastings.

1842 - 2015


No9 No10

Woodlands Hill. City Centre living, wrapped by mature tree lined avenues and open green spaces.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


Image ©Kenny Whyte.

1842 - 2015


No9 No10

the properties

The two town houses at No.'s 9 & 10

All the properties at Claremont Terrace

Claremont Terrace shall be converted

benefit from the access and use of

to create two lower duplex 3 bedroom

“Claremont Gardens�. These private

apartments over the ground and lower

gardens, spread over 1.5 acres, are

ground floors, two 2 bedroom apartments

exclusive to residents, are secured by all

on the first floors and two 3 bedroom

round cast iron decorative fencing with

upper duplex apartments over the

key holders gated access and are

second and third floors.

maintained by external garden contractors. They feature an abundance

While there are variations on the theme,

of flora, woodland, lawns, paths and

both properties share the same carefully

benches and are an excellent outdoor

thought through space plans with, for

amenity whether for a contemplative

example, each of the two entrance

walk, ponder or indeed a larger summer

hallways accessing three new homes and


each having its own 3-way mail sorting drawers while the ornate panel work, fire

The following pages illustrate some

surround and decorative clock at No. 9

previous developments in the Park area

vary from the less embellished entrance

from Detail and are printed to aid

features at No. 10.

understanding of the style to be created at Claremont (in advance of the project being completed).

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

nO9 & nO10 specifications uniquely luxurious kitchen

outstanding quality

Kitchens and utility rooms in each

New finishes, fixtures and fittings match

apartment have been individually

the standard set by No. 10 Claremont

designed to take advantage of No.'s 9

Terrace’s architecture and original

& 10 Claremont Terrace’s unique spaces.

features. High levels of acoustic and

Soft closing doors/drawers; porcelain floor

thermal insulation; herringbone oak

tiling; glass splash-backs; powerful extract

parquet flooring; wool carpets; hardwood

systems; Krion worktops, Siemens

doors with quality stainless steel door

integrated appliances.

furniture; feature and task light fittings; fully restored sash and case glazed

As the Shakers said…”A place for

windows; fully restored window shutters;

everything and everything in its place”

multi column steel classical radiators

we believe the practicability’s of our

throughout; classical and ornate cornices;

kitchen designs are exceeded only by the

ceiling roses and timber skirting/

quality of their aesthetic.

architrave mouldings; feature marble fire surrounds with “living flame” gas fires…

beautiful Bathrooms

all combine in a harmony designed to

Each bathroom and en-suite matches

provide a fully uplifting environmental

classic Porcelanosa sanitary and


brassware with large-format porcelain tiling, which stretches from floor to ceiling

ready to entertain

and wall to wall. Concealed cisterns and

New cabling throughout means your Sky

wall mounted toilet pans. Hot water and

receiver, HDTV and home cinema system

heating provided via premium quality

plug straight in. CAT5/ 6 network and

Viessman boiler including a hot water ring

telephone points are plentiful. The colour

main with well-spaced hot/cold, flow/

video-controlled entry system completes

return pipes which are all fully lagged.

a robust, nominated receiver, security alarm and there is “double knock” fire detection, alarm and suppression system. Socket and switch plates are flush, screwless white epoxy coated.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015

Meter Cupboard



Celar 1/1

Celar 1/1

Bedroom 2 Rear Common Stair to Garden

Celar 2/1

lower duplex

En-suite Shower Room

Upper Hallway Unit 0/1

Unit 0/1



Garden Access Garden Access

Lower Hallway

En-suite Shower and Bathroom

Jack/Jill Bath/ Shower Room

Meter Cupboard Meter Cupboard



Drawing Room

W.C. W.C.

Dining Dining

CelarCelar 1/1 1/1

Bedroom 1

Kitchen Kitchen

Bedroom 3 Entrance Hallway

CelarCelar 1/1 1/1

Bedroom Bedroom 2 2 Rear Rear Common Common Stair to Stair to Garden Garden

CelarCelar 2/1 2/1 En-suite En-suite Shower Shower RoomRoom

Upper Hallway Upper Hallway

Unit 0/1 Unit 0/1

Unit 0/1 Unit 0/1 Unit 0/1

Light Well Patio Area

Utility Utility

Store Store


Lower Hallway Lower Hallway

En-suite En-suite Shower Shower and and Bathroom Bathroom

Jack/Jill Jack/Jill Bath/ Bath/ Shower Shower Room Room


Undercroft Storage Unit 0/1

Drawing Room Drawing Room

Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom Bedroom 3 3

Boiler Cupboard

Entrance Entrance Hallway Hallway

T.V. Room Study Crash deck

Unit 0/1 Unit 0/1

LightLight WellWell PatioPatio AreaArea 0/1


Entrance Entrance

Undercroft Undercroft Storage Storage Unit 0/1 Unit 0/1

lower ground

mezzanine Lower Ground Floor


Feet & inches

5.95 x 4.15

19’6” x 13’7”

Bedroom 1 En-suite

3.49 x 3.05

11’5” x 10’

15’1” x 10’7”

Bedroom 2

5.63 x 5.02

18’6” x 16’6”

4’8” x 3’1”

Bedroom 2 En-suite

2.56 x 2.41

8’5” x 7’11”

4.50 x 4.53

14’9” x 14’10”

Bedroom 3

7.62 x 3.75

28’7” x 12’4”

8.98 x 5.56

29’6” x 18’3”

Bedroom 3 en-suite (Jack/Jill) 2.48 x 2.48

8’2” x 8’2”

Utility room

2.53 x 2.51

8’3” x 8’3”

Rear cellar storage

3.18 x 3.16

10’5” x 10’4”

Lower central hallway

3.75 x 5.23

12’4” x 17’2”

Lower front hall corridor

6.82 x 1.19

22’4” x 4’

Front light well

7.18 x 3.50

23’7” x 11’6”


Feet & inches

Upper hallway

5.38 x 2.82

17’7” x 9’3”


5.38 x 3.70

17’7” x 12’2”

Dining area

4.61 x 3.23


1.43 x 0.94

Mezzanine Drawing room

Bedroom 1 T.V. Room T.V. Room StudyStudy CrashCrash deck deck

Boiler Cupboard Boiler Cupboard

Ground Floor


All measurements and distances are approximate. Floorplans are for illustration purposes and may not to be to scale.

1842 - 2015


No9 No10

middle apartment Loft Storage 2

En-suite Shower En-suite Room Shower Room

Boiler Cupboard

Loft Storage 2 Boiler Cupboard


Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2

Loft Access (Pull-down Loft Ladder) Access (Pull-down Ladder)

Store Loft Access (Pull-down Loft Ladder) Access (Pull-down Ladder)

Loft Access (Pull-down Loft Ladder) Access

Loft Access (Pull-down Loft Ladder) Access (Pull-down Ladder)

(Pull-down Ladder)

Entrance Hallway Entrance

Unit 1/1 Unit 1/1


Loft Storage 1 Loft Storage 1

Jack/Jill Shower Jack/Jill Room Shower Room

T.V. T.V.


Dining Dining

Study Study

Lounge Lounge Kitchen Kitchen

first floor

First Floor



Feet & inches


Feet & inches

Entrance hallway

6.03 x 3.30

19’9” x 10’10”

Utility cupboard

1.10 x 0.70

3’8” x 2’3”


8.98 x 9.70

29’6” x 31’10”

Loft storage 1

6.78 x 5.20

22’3” x 17’2”

Bedroom 1

4.23 x 3.95

13’11” x 13’

Loft storage 2

4.50 x 2.56

14’9” x 8’5”

Bedroom 1 En-suite (Jack/Jill) 2.40 x 1.75

7’10” x 5’9”

Lower ground cellar storage

2.00 x 1.12

6’7” x 3’7”

Bedroom 2

4.62 x 4.54

15’2” x 14’11”

Bedroom 2 En-suite

2.56 x 1.57

8’5” x 5’2”

All measurements and distances are approximate. Floorplans are for illustration purposes and may not to be to scale.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


upper duplex Lounge Area Lounge Area En-suite En-suite Shower Shower Room Room


Kitchen Kitchen






Linnen Linnen 3 BedroomBedroom 3

2 BedroomBedroom 2 Upper Upper Hallway Hallway Cloaks




Upper Upper Hallway Hallway

Store Study


En-suit Bath/Shower Room

Lower Hallway Lower Hallway



Unit 2/1

En-suit Bath/Shower Room

Cloaks Unit 2/1

Loft Access (Pull-down Ladder)

Loft Access (Pull-down Ladder)

En-suite En-suite Shower Shower Room Room

1 BedroomBedroom 1 Dressing Dressing



Drawing Drawing Room Room

second floor

Second Floor

third floor

Third Floor


Feet & inches


Feet & inches

Entrance hallway

5.20 x 5.36

17’ x 17’7”

Bedroom 1

9.76 x 4.33

32’ x 14’2”

Kitchen/Dining/ Lounge

10.17 x 5.80

33’4” x 19’

Bedroom 1 En-suite

2.74 x 2.11

10’ x 6’11”


2.19 x 1.87

7’2” x 6’1”

Bedroom 2

5.11 x 3.78

16’9” x 12’5”

Drawing room

9.78 x 5.93

32’1” x 19’6”

Bedroom 2 En-suite

2.13 x 2.74

7’ x 9’

Bedroom 3

5.83 x 4.56

19’2” x 15’

Bedroom 3 En-suite

3.27 x 1.86

10’8” x 6’1”

Utility cupboard

1.49 x 0.90

4’10” x 3’

Upper hallway

8.28 x 1.18

27’2” x 3’10”

Lower ground cellar storage

1.67 x 1.18

5’6” x 3’10”

All measurements and distances are approximate. Floorplans are for illustration purposes and may not to be to scale.

1842 - 2015


No9 No10

the west end Location, Location, Location

City Centre, Park, West End


No.'s 9 & 10 Claremont Terrace, at the

With taxi ranks at Charing Cross and

heart of Park district, nestle comfortably

Sauchiehall St. they are always easily

between the City Centre and the

available usually arriving outside your

West End. This privilege provides the

door within 4 minutes.

very best of urban amenities including: À pied Transport/communications

Walking into the City Centre, deep into


Kelvingrove park (River Kelvin walkway)

M8 is only 2 minutes away with access

or into the heart of the West End takes

at Charing Cross. All other major routes

less than 10 minutes.

are easily accessed. Parking outside Claremont Terrace is by residents permit


at £50 p.a. per car. Visitors free after

There are simply too many quality

6pm and at weekends. Spaces are

amenities available within a short

always available.

distance of Claremont Terrace to list them all however they do include…Opera, ballet,


theatre, cinemas, galleries, museums,

Stations at Charing Cross, Queen Street

parks, monuments, conference centres,

& Glasgow Central all within 1 mile.

music venues, libraries, sports halls, gyms, swimming clubs, tennis courts,


bowling greens, guided walks, talks,

Woodlands Rd, Sauchiehall St and Great

festivals, cafes, bars, restaurants,

Western Rd within a 5 minute walk for

department stores, fashion stores, niche

busses in all directions.

stores, supermarkets, open markets, nurseries, schools, colleges, universities,


doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals…

Kelvinbridge station is only a

honestly, all of the above and more can be

5 minute walk.

reached within a max. 15 minute walk from No.'s 9 & 10 Claremont Terrace. G3…it’s the place to be.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

detail Detail have been providing interior design and architectural services to discerning cognoscenti for over 25 years. We understand that our environment impacts directly on how we feel, on how we behave and indeed the profundity of affect it has on our very being. Our commitment to good design; our rigorous attention to detail and our dedication to quality allow us to create homes that elevate the experience of life lived by those who dwell in them. Live better longer. While most of our professional lives have been spent in London and Paris, we have now been creating homes in Glasgow, and most particularly in The Park District, for over 5 years where the established quality of architecture and infrastructure provide the very best foundation upon and within which we know (as we live here too) greatness in life can be attained. We hope you will enjoy. Gordon and Natasha Russell (founding partners) Detail.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015


1842 - 2015


No9 No10

contact information For more information on this stunning development, please contact Corum's West End branch who will be more than happy to help.

Corum West End is Sole Selling Agent Telephone: 0141 357 1888

Renassaince is a joint venture between Detail and Charlesfort.

No9 No10


1842 - 2015

beauty in every...

Claremont Terrace - No 9 & No 10  
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