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City of Anarchy From Congested Gaps to Culture of Congestion Community hub Reciprocity, Indierent, Conict Celerbration Autonomous


Church - Shed Universal Architecture Applications self-assemble shed segmented formal arrangement component hierachy transition


Villa Schwob the making of swatches swatches sectional quality replacement thermal performance


LADT Library An Reciprocal Relationship for Events Exchange public library odering system intervention between objects indeterminacy


Woodstock Revolution Under Bridge Installation for Segregation Dissolvement temporary installation reclaim the junkspace homeless blur the barrier


Collection of Previous Works JSD, Gabriel Ng + Architects, Gensler, StudioWhere Models Renderings




LA Downtown Librarv

An Reciprocal Relationship for Events Exchange AUD Building Design Sutdio 412 Instructor: Katy Barkan Winter 2016

Today, a library is conceived as one of the most common representa­ tional forms of public space. It has to be consistent with the metropoli­ tan reality and highlighted by a sizeable void. More importantly, it should not be symbolically isolated but engaged and assessable by the neighborhood. The library should be a place of access to information and serve the city 24/7 The library evolves in its typology, and it is conceived as an agglomeration of platforms for social life and renewed to become more relevant to daily experiences. Therefore, my aim is to create different typological space that can enhance visitor's experience by exploring the interaction between two reciprocal building entities which are column and core. By introducing the diagonal cores, the neutrality of columns is broken down and generate various typology which defines the hierarchy and programs as well. Furthermore, the irregular layout of column grid will ref1ect on the facade design, which can implies the interior space from outside world. Generally a neutral system of grid and core will produce a typical plan in which indeterminacy happens on all aspect such as program, space hierarchy and boundary of movement. This project concerns with core to grid relationship in which how do these two reciprocal entities will affect and impact both the program layout and human movement.


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01 a.

High density of built object & low density of population


Congestion not only happen between buildings, it also happens on all levels of built objects. Thus, by applying the urban congestion type onto the site, from which i can constitute an alternative reality that is invented and designed with overly densed objects, as well as creating different scenarios.

02 a.

Concrete foundation


Composite wood floor


Ballon framing wall system


Gable roof


Imbeded program with segmented section


The constitution of space-house or furniture?

03 a.

Other than the one plumbing window, walled-in w are also present on the southwestern and south facades. Their only purpose is to continue the rh second floor windows.


Some of its walls are exposed brick, others are p over, and many more have a wooden lattice where wythe would otherwise be.


In order to accomplish the goal of congestion, borrowed urban objects are applied onto the site and classfied as both indifferent plan and reciprical plan.


Layer replacements occur in wall sections for no nical reasons. These idiosyncrasies contribute uniqueness of Villa Schwob.


The urban matrix is extracted into simplified plan that shows the driving force of each spacial condition.



By identifying both Indifferent and Reciprocity, and apply borrowed plan onto the site, various gaps are created and led to a new type of spatial condition which is conflict.

Wall layer replacement happened accordingly ba the programmatic demand. Different wall types th be catogorized into wall stawches.


Wall types are arranged in order of the degree replacement. On the left is the typical three-bric typology, with no replacement, and on the rig double glazing system with total brick substitutio


Swatches are most associated with paint pr which provide an apt analogy for architectural Contrary to popular imagination, architects don’t everything from scratch. Many building laye selected from available products.


In order to prevent producing swatches at infin geographic limits is placed on the scope of this In the spirit of Swiss political and economic neutr swatches only include materials domestically ava Switzerland.


Welcome center


Residence for staff


Residence for visitor


Learning center


Residence for researcher






Back of house i.

Back of house-playground


Back of house-Mechanical equipment

Wall Swatches Library

h. i.

Brick, air gap insulation, gypsum board, wood stud, fibe


Single pane glass, air gap insulation, double pane glass


Three wythe brick


One wythe brick, hay bale insulation


Polycarbonate panel


One wythe brick, air gap insulation, gypsum board, wood insulating foam


One wythe brick, air gap insulation, gypsum board

viii. One wythe brick, marble ix.

One wythe brick, concrete


Corten steel, insulating foam


Corregated panel, air gap insulation, gypsum board, woo insulating foam


Glass, air gap insulation

xiii. One wythe brick, 8” cast concrete wall

xiv. One wythe brick, 4” cast concrete wall, gypsum board, w stud, insulating foam


The materiality of the new wall is more diverse predecessor. They were all chose from various sw in the aim of making a more efficient and cos section in comparison to the original one.


Another constraint was that the new wall needed superior R-values to the precedent. This rule stem Le Corbusier’s own interest in thermal perfor evident in his early double skin facade design. In h improvements range from slightly better to vastly


At Villa Schwob, Le Corbusier separated structu enclosure into different performative layers of t section, thereby realizing a free facade. In here, t was extended into the free facade itself, dividing frames, insulators and membranes. Just as Le C er’s concrete frame gave him more freedom to ch facade type, in this case framing the free provided more freedom to choose its layer comp

windows heastern hythm of

04 a.

Grid typology reflects on program layout


Facade variation indicate the interior spatial change


on-teche to the

ased on hen can

of layer ck layer ght is a on.

roducts, choice. t design ers are

nitum, a project. rality the ailable in


d stud,

od stud,


than its watches stly wall

to have ms from rmance, here, the y so.

ure and the wall the logic g it into Corbusihoose a facade position.


Johnathan Club Facade design


Abnormal mine for the abandoneds


Section model of the Old Town Library


Trash concentration


Louver detail


Temporary shelter


Drapping model


Pyramid invasion toward homeless


Pavilion model


Forgotten part of the city


LongDong shopping mall


Breeding ground for local crime


Tianguowu kindergarten design-overall view


Playground for the abandoneds


Tianguowu kindergarten design-house within house


Pavilion design


Floridabanca Residential Block design

Under bridge conditions


plastered e a brick



Offer platform for different social class to interact


Reimagine the public space in urban junk space

Raoyang Yang Education 09.2015 - Present

University of California, Los Angeles

| MArchI

School of Architecture & Urban Design 08.2011 - 05.2015

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

| Bachelor of Science in Architecture Study

Illinois School of Architecture 08.2014 - 05.2015

Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya

| University of Illinois study aboard program It is a one year study aboard program at the Technical University of Catalunya in Barcelona (UPC) which enables me to spend one year in School of Architecture at Valles (ETSAV) and to integrate into ETSAV studios and local culture.

Professional Experience 06.2016 - 08.2016 Gensler | Los Angeles, CA Assisted in schematic design and model making for a large scale recreational project. Prepared permit set, physical models and polished renderings for a local planning project. As well as implemented digital modeling and renderings into office for more visualized presentations. 06.2014 - 09.2014

JingSen Studio Design

| Guangzhou, China Worked as the personal assistant of a Portuguese Project Architect and collaborated with design proposal as well as concept diagrams for two governmental competitions.

05.2013 - 08.2013

Gabriel Ng + Architects Inc | San Francisco, CA

Participated in several local houses renovation designs and proposed a preliminary design for a taxi company Headquarter. Also gained first hand experience by participating on different stages of several projects.

Summary MArchI student in UCLA, with background in architecture study, possessing proficient skills on multiple digital software and adaptive personality on different working environments, as well as analytical skills to conduct data analysis and surveys. Ability to work in field projects, prepare comprehensive drawings for presentations, and make representational models by hands or digital tools.

Professional Skills Autodesk Autodesk Autodesk Autodesk

AutoCAD Revit Maya 3ds Max

Sketchup Rhinoceros Vray Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe

Photoshop Indesign Illustrator Premiere

MS Office

Competition & Recognition 2016-2017

AUD Continue Student Award

| University of California Los Angeles

Spring Term2014

Edward C. Earl Prize Award

| First Place | University of Illinois Recipient of the 1st place of the Edward C. Earl Prize. Award recognize the outstanding student work completed in the studio courses at all levels of the curriculum.

Fall Term 2014

Elwood E. & Adalaide Schwenk Scholarship | University of Illinois Nominates outstanding students based on their exceptional studio works.


Edward C. Earl Prize Award | Nomination | University of Illinois Award recognize the outstanding student work completed in the studio courses at all levels of the curriculum. 03.2013

VideoTect 3

| Honorable Mention | AIA MN Honorable mention for one of the four best video in the AIA-MN VIDEOTECT 3 competition. This contest challenged entrants to show how the future of a city would be.


VideoTect 2 | Honorable Mention | AIA MN Honorable mention for one of the four best video in the AIA-MN VIDEOTECT 2 competition. This contest challenged entrants to debate what the most sustainable transportation would be in our modern society. 09.2011

“Architecture is” Competition | First Place | AIA SF First place in the AIA-SF ‘Architecture is’ competition. This contest challenged entrants to define what architecture means in all perspective.

Research Topic Winter Term 2015 | UCLA

The Mock-Up Machine Investigate kinetic motion, its representation, and the mechanism of moving components in the architectural design in relation to the surrounding conditions. As well as considering kinetic facade as a societal, environmental and technological negotiation zone of multi-quality system.

Languages English Mandarin Cantonese

Ryan portfolio of work collections  

Selected works of Raoyang Yang, Architecture Portfolio, University of California Los Angeles-AUD, 02/2017

Ryan portfolio of work collections  

Selected works of Raoyang Yang, Architecture Portfolio, University of California Los Angeles-AUD, 02/2017