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November 2020


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+ F R O M T H E M AY O R


Keeping our Community Connected


ovember is a month with holidays and events that provide us with the opportunity to reflect upon things to remember, acknowledge, and hope for.

The Roy Connection is published monthly by Connection PublishingŠ www.royconnection.com ryan@connectionpub.com 801-721-3762 PUBLISHER Ryan Spelts PUBLICATION DESIGN Robert Dodd WRITERS Mayor Robert Dandoy Jan Burrell Roy Business Advisory Board Jenny Goldsberry Ryan Spelts Kristina Case AD DESIGN Robert Dodd Abigail Rigby Crystal Rappleye EDITORS Brittany Carroll Hailey Minton

CONNECT WITH US! News, contests, photos from readers and lots more! We love hearing from you! royconnection.com

"Veterans Day is a time of acknowledging an often-forgotten past, filled with conflict in defending our way of life."

We begin the month with Election Day. It is a wonderful time to exercise our rights in selecting leaders, and approving amendments which represent our best interests. Voting helps shape the future, and honors those who are willing to run for office. Every eligible individual should cast a ballot. Be thankful that we live in a nation that allows, encourages, and provides the opportunity elections to occur; Election Day commemorates hope for a promising future.

We have Veterans Day, originally established to commemorate the World War I Armistice, which was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. Perhaps you just know it as a holiday, or a moment in time to respect service-before-self. On Veterans Day, we have a chance to ponder, as we honor and give thanks to all the men and women who have served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces. Their commitment and sacrifice should be a reminder of what it takes to be able to live, work, and play in our amazing city. Veterans Day is a time of acknowledging an often-forgotten past, filled with conflict in defending our way of life. Finally, we have Thanksgiving Day; a time of celebration and giving thanks for the produce and blessings of the past year. This special holiday is a remembrance of the first harvest festival, initiated and celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621. For generations, it has been a day of giving thanks to God for his many blessings, and for expressing our gratitude to family and friends. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, contemplate the many wonderful blessings you enjoy. Thanksgiving Day is a reminder of the first steps taken to create a great nation! We have much to be thankful for, and much to offer to others. (Give thanks for the little things in life, and you will be grateful for the important things in life). Be safe and keep your family safe! Robert Dandoy, Mayor

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Stay connected! www.royconnection.com The city's website has information on every department in the city.

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The Connection Publishing Team Meet the people behind the pages of our magazines! ALL ABOUT THE TREE! We asked our staff when they put up & take down their Christmas tree AND if they have a real or artificial tree. Melissa Spelts Owner Rhett Long Sales VP Kristina Case Graphic Design

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Ogden Musical Theatre Presents "Five Carols for Christmas pg. 22


COMMUNITY Roy Complex Parks & Recreation Calendar of Events


BUSINESS Floodsmen

ON OUR COVER 16 Reader's Favorites 30 Gift Guide Photograph by Robert Walker


Questions or comments? ryan@connectionpub.com or 801- 624-9652 Website: www.royconnection.com Advertising: Scott Jones 801-628-0555 or scott@connectionpub.com 4 royconnection.com | November 2020

Melinda Hortin Sales Kim Crook Media Manager

“We put up our fake tree Immediately after Thanksgiving and take it down shortly after New Years”.

Ann Park Sales & Writer Scott Jones Sales

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“We cut down a tree in late November and take it down by Christmas Day.”

Hailey Minton Editor & Writer

“I put up my fake Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I take it down before Valentine’s Day.”

Jenny Goldsberry Writer


Roy City Updates Key Community Contacts MAYOR Robert Dandoy: rdandoy@royutah.org - 801-774-1028 BY JAN BURRELL


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary efforts, and the citizens and employees of Roy City certainly know how to jump in and engage in those endeavors. Our residents and staff have walked through difficult days during 2020, and yet, we continue to see progress in our city and positive attitudes continue to abound. I have seen multiple necessary budget adjustments, road projects moving forward, improvements in our parks (even the dog park, just ask Ruth Osborne) and strong support for our public safety teams.Â

Jan Burrell: jburrell@royutah.org

The windstorm devastation that many of our community members witnessed on the morning of September 9 was just another historic event that called for neighbors, friends and city staff to pull together and make things happen. It was inspiring to see that our community members and city workers were not only willing to help those within our community circle, but also eager to reach out to neighboring communities in need. Countless hours were donated by individuals as well as our city workforce and again, we see evidence of ONE TOWN – ONE TEAM. It has often been said that in a crisis, we see either the best or the worst characteristics of people. I am proud to belong to a community where others always seem to rise to their best. Thanks again to our incredible citizens and staff.

City Council Meetings This month's meeting will be available on YouTube. For those who wish to make comments, please email admin@royutah.org for a link to the Zoom chats.

Joe Paul: jpaul@royutah.org Bryon Saxton: bsaxton@royutah.org Diane Wilson: dwilson@royutah.org Ann Jackson: ajackson@royutah.org

ROY SERVICES Roy Offices & Utilities: utilityrequests@royutah.org - 801-774-1000 Police: Chief Carl Merino: cmerino@royutah.org Business 801-774-1063 | Emergency 911 Fire: fire@royutah.org - 801-774-1080 Parks & Rec: parksandrec@royutah.org - 801-774-1048 Justice Court: courts@royutah.org - 801-774-1051 Community Development: 801-774-1040

Become A Roy City Crossing Guard

Roy City is HIRING for a part-time position as a School Crossing Guard. Applicants who may wish to apply or view other open positions with the city, please visit our website at www.royutah.org/Jobs.aspx

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Breen Family Medicine located at 5991 S. 3500 W., Suite 400 in Roy (801-845-4911), opened their doors on September 1st of this year. At Breen Family Medicine, the focus is on the patient as a whole person, not just their individual pieces, parts, and ailments. The clinic emphasizes a collaborative approach between patient and provider, guiding patients to meet their optimal health goals. Patients receive personalized primary care, with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion. Our clinicians are skilled at managing chronic diseases, including diabetes, sleep apnea, and weight loss. We're also experts at providing a variety of additional procedures, including injections and suturing, hormone replacement therapy, and physical examinations. Annamarie Breen has a passion for caring for individuals and their family members across their entire lifespan. She is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and completed her undergraduate at Weber State University. She then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Indiana State University.

Indoor Air Sampling Program The Air Force has begun its annual outreach to homes and businesses in the city that are near areas of groundwater contamination from Hill Air Force Base. Those affected should have received a mailing and are being offered free indoor air sampling to determine if potentially harmful vapors from the groundwater could be entering homes or workplaces. Sampling began in October and will go through March of 2021. If vapors are found above established action levels, the Air Force will take steps to prevent those vapors from entering the home or building. The city drinking water has not been affected by the contamination. If you did not receive a letter, your home or business is not within an area of concern. Those receiving the mailing are encouraged to request indoor air sampling. Information about the program, including COVID precautions that will be taken during sampling and maps showing the areas eligible for sampling, is available at www.hill.af.mil/IAP.

Air Force Offers Free Indoor Air Testing The Air Force is offering free indoor air testing to residents and businesses that are over areas of groundwater contamination from Hill Air Force Base. Potentially harmful chemical vapors from the groundwater could be entering homes or workplaces. Having a test done is the only way to ensure your indoor air is safe.

The Spanglish located at 5517 S. 1900 W. in Roy (385400-1100) for tasty snacks, drinks, and hot menu items. Their shelves are filled with a huge variety of treats and candies. Below are just a few items from the menu. Savor Mangoneada (fruits on a stick), Raspados (shaved ice with a choice of over 2 dozen flavors) – or try the hot! Diablito, or Liquados (malts with seasonal fruit including papaya, strawberry, or banana). There are shakes, smoothies, soft drinks, and Aquas Frescas (flavored water). Enjoy fruit dishes like Vas de Fruta (seasonal fruit cup with lemon, salt and chili power); Coco Con Helado (ice cream inside melon or coconut); Fresas Con Crema (fresh strawberries and cream); and much more. If you love nachos or fries, they’ve got you covered: try Nachesquites; Crazy Nachos; Flaming Hot Cheese Fries; Supreme Fries; or Esquite (toasted corn) Fries. Watch the menu for tamales, shrimp cocktail, and fish tacos. 6 royconnection.com | November 2020

A letter with details about the testing was mailed to affected areas in October. If you received a letter, testing is needed. If your home has been tested previously and you received the letter mailing, additional testing is needed. If you did not receive a letter, your home or business does not require testing and is not in the affected area. All testing is free and requires placement of a pencil-size device in the home for 26 days. Any mitigation to stop vapors from entering homes or other buildings, if needed, will also be free. Testing will run from October 2020 to March 2021. For more information, including COVID precautions that will be taken during sampling and maps showing areas eligible for testing, go to: www.hill.af.mil/IAP or call 801-775-3651/3652.

+ CIT Y NEWS Its already time for our Holiday Home Decoration Contest! With 2020 being the year it was, we would love to make this our biggest year for entries ever! If you would like to NOMINATE a home in December, please email admin@royutah.org and title it “Holiday Homes.” ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 18TH. Winners will be announced at the January 5th city council meeting. Prizes will be mailed out! The judges will be driving around to all nominees the week of Christmas to make their decisions.

Prizes Awarded

2020 Holid ay Home Decor ation Contest

Please participate, and make Roy City the most festive city in the State this year! We will be holding our annual house decoration contest as we have before. Roy CTC and Roy City joined together… to bring the Fourth Annual National Family Dinner Night to the Roy community. Their goal is to share the importance of families eating together. Cars of families lined up to pick up their dinners, 600 Subway meals were passed out, and the group ‘Pockets Full of Sunshine’ gave out 200 craft kits. Roy City employees and officials, Roy Communities That Care Coalition (CTC), Roy Jr. High’s Latinos in Action, and other community members rocked this event and did a fantastic job. We have a wonderful community with a lot of involvement. Together we can make a difference!

The saying goes, “Families who eat together, stay together,” but did you know family dinners may also reduce the risk of addiction? According to the National Center on Addiction, families who eat three or more meals a week together reduce a teen’s risk of using tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. When parents engage with their children over a meal, their relationships are better. Children feel like they are part of a unit, a team. They connect with the people who mean the most to them. Parents become and remain the people they turn to, when significant problems crop up. Look forward to conversations about grades, dating, borrowing the car, and moving away. Our children won’t always agree with us - and that’s okay. Why? Because we raise them to be independent thinkers and to express themselves effectively. These conversations start at the dinner table!

FOR MORE INFORMATION E-mail royutahctc@gmail.com or contact Janae @ 801-675-1150 royutahctc

November 2020 | royconnection.com 7


Roy Complex

2150 W 4700 S • 801-774-1050

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make Friends

( Classes included in entrance fee or with pass w/exception of Barre & Aqua Zumba )


Zumba Classes

Summer Rental Registration COMING SOON!

High Fitness

On-line Registration at www.royrecreation.com

Mon / Wed & Fri @ 8:45 a.m.

January 5, 2021 Non Residents Only a few spots available!

Class Dates: Nov. 2 - 25 Registration: Oct. 30 th nd

Non Pass-holders: Pass-holders: Seniors:


Cost $ 3000 $     2000 $ 1500

Yoga Classes

Mon @ 5:45 a.m. Tues @ 6 a.m. Thurs @ 9 a.m.

Senior Exercises Mornings 8:00 - 8:45 Deep 8:45 - 9:30 Deep Evenings 4:15 -   5:00 Deep 8:00 - 8:45 Deep 8:45 - 9:30 Shallow

New to lex Roy Comp

Tues 8:15 @ p.m.

Women's Strength Training

January 4, 2021 Roy Residents

November Water Aerobics

Mon & Wed @ 7 p.m.

Classic: Mon & Wed @ 10 a.m. Cardio: Fri @ 10 a.m.


Wed @ 5:45 p.m. (4 Weeks / $3000)

Aqua Zumba

Tues & Thurs @ 8:45pm $ 00 5 per class or part of Shallow Water Aerobics class for $30 00 for 4 weeks*

HIGH fitness has brought aerobics back in a hip and unique way. The popular revival of this beloved fitness trend has quickly become the hottest new workout across Canada and the US. WHAT TO EXPECT: A sweaty blast to simple and easy-to-follow fitness choreography. Interval training moves: jump squats, burpees, tuck jumps, etc. Take it HIGH or take it low! Options given for all levels of fitness. An energetic, fun, inspiring and welcoming environment.

Parks & Recreation Thank you to our Trick or Treat Sponsors!

Event Sponsor

Location Sponsors: Dr. Carr Orthodontics • Wyld Stylz Adventure Marine & Power Sports Girl Scouts of America • Rock Run Dental Gymnastics Evolution • Roy CTC Roy High • Roy Jr. High Midland Elementary • Bridge Elementary


Tree Lighting Ceremony Cancelled Due to Covid-19, we will not be holding our customary Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, which traditionally includes school performances, Holiday Craft Boutique, Santa, and food trucks. We have good news though! Roy City staff is still working very hard to make sure we still have our beautiful tree lighting display. Lights will be available to view November 23rd through January 10th at the Roy City Municipal Offices (5051 S 1900 W). Please come out with your family and friends to walk or drive through our display, and remember to follow all social distancing rules. Masks are encouraged. We will be back in 2021!

Cemetery Winter Regulations October 29th will be the last day of 2020 that graves will be cleared for maintenance. No graves will be cleared off during the months of November and December. Graves will be cleared on the last Thursdays of January, February, and March 2021.

8 royconnection.com | November 2020

For grades 4th-9th, coaches will be allowed to protect 3 players (including their child). Mutual buddy requests allow for each participant to request ONE friend to be on the same team, SO LONG AS THE SAME FRIEND REQUESTS THEM. For example, Joey requests Tommy and Tommy requests Joey. Joey and Tommy will be assigned to the same team. Listing more than ONE friend will void the request. If Joey requests Tommy but Tommy doesn’t request a buddy or request Joey, the request will be voided. Requests not guaranteed. There will be no live draft this season.

It’s SEW TIME! Nuttall’s


Come get your Flu Shot and recieve a FREE 5 pack of disposable masks While Supplies last. Expires 11/30/20

RECIEVE $10 off on your next purchase with any new or transferred prescriptions Discount valid only on over-the-counter or gift purchases. Some resitrictions may apply. See pharmacy employee for details. Expires 11/30/20

Steve Carlson, RPH




801-732-0202 roypharmacy.com 3460 W 4800 S Roy, UT 84067

Valid with coupon only. Expires 11/30/20

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November Calendar of Events

SCHOOL EVENTS ROY HIGH Nov 3: UHSAA Drill Camp 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Nov 6: Football Playoffs Quarter Finals 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Nov 13: Volleyball & NAL @ Wahlquist 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Nov 17: Volleyball & NAL @ Sand Ridge 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Nov 25: No school. Open Swim starts at 1;00 pm

Nov 20: Volleyball & NAL @ North Ogden3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Nov 26: Closed

Nov 11: Veterans Day Assembly

Nov 24: Volleyball & NAL @ Sand Ridge 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Nov 13: Football Playoffs Semifinals 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

Nov 14: Debate Tournament NSDA Springboard 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. | Sadies Dance 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Nov 18: Turkey Olympics Assembly 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. | Senior Dinner 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Nov 19: Mama Mia Musical Opening Night 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

ROY ELEMENTARY Nov 18: Food Pantry Nov 20: Early Out Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

VALLEY VIEW ELEMENTARY Nov 6: Fall Picture Retakes

Nov 20 - 23: Mama Mia Musical 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Nov 11: Community Council Meeting 3 p.m.

Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

Nov 20: Early Out

ROY JR. HIGH Nov 3: Volleyball & NAL @ South Ogden 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 6: Volleyball & NAL @ Sand Ridge 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 10: Volleyball & NAL @ Roy 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 17: Volleyball & NAL @ Roy 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.  Nov 20: Volleyball & NAL @ Snowcrest 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 24: Volleyball & NAL @ Roy 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break Nov 30: School Play auditions 2:45 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

LAKEVIEW ELEMENTARY Nov 2: Community Council Meeting 3:30 p.m. Nov 6: Fall Picture Retakes Nov 20: Early Out Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

FREEDOM ELEMENTARY Nov 12: Community Council Meeting 3:30 p.m. Nov 13: Picture Retakes Nov 20: Early Out Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break


Nov 3: Volleyball & NAL @ Snowcrest 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

Nov 5: Football Championship


Nov 6: Volleyball & NAL @ Sand Ridge 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Nov 11: Fall Picture Retakes

Nov 10: Volleyball & NAL @ Sand Ridge 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Nov 25 - 27: No School Thanksgiving Break

10 royconnection.com | November 2020

Nov 20: Early Out

Nov 27: Holiday Hours: Open 12pm-6pm (no lap swim). Nov 27: Dec. Water Aerobic Registration. Runs Nov 30 - Dec 24

PARKS & RECREATION Nov 30: Boys and Girls Basketball Registration ends. Coed K - 9th grade & High School Boys.

CITY EVENTS Roy City has an extensive Virtual Recreation Center available at Royutah. org. There are indoor & outdoor activities, and resources for Senior adults. Roy City wants to stay connected with residents, so share what you’re up to with them on social media!

LIBRARY EVENTS New Service: Book Bundles Parents and caregivers, there is a new way to get quick access to reading materials for children ages 0-12 years old. Call your library location and let staff know the reading level and topic your child is interested in, they will do the rest. Book Bundles also include resources to help you teach your student. Books available in English and Spanish Staff will notify you when your bundle of books is ready. At check out, each book in the Bundle will be placed on your account, but items can be returned separately at any of the five Weber County Libraries. For more information or to start your bundle, call 801-337-2674 Nov 4-30: Library Bingo. Check out Weber County Library’s virtual programming content! New videos are shared online at www.weberpl.org and via the Library’s Facebook page.

November Calendar of Events


Art at Home: Learn how to draw faces without reference, using this simple step-by-step guide to proportion!

Storytime for Littles: Weekly video program with stories and songs for babies, toddlers and their caregivers.

Craft at Home: Make a simple, adorable gnome decoration using just a few supplies! Kits will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Instructional video can be found at https://vimeo. com/showcase/wclcrafting

Zoom Book Discussions: Limited free copies of the book will be available. Book discussions will be held via Zoom. To register, call your location or sign up at www.weberpl.lib. ut.us/discover/grown-ups-corner

Cuentos en Español: Un programa en español con historias y canciones para toda la familia.

Nov 18: If the Oceans Were Ink by Carla Power 7 p.m. | Southwest Branch | 801-337-2670

Novel Teen Book Talks: Get reading recommendations just for teens from Weber County Library staff.

Gallery Artist: Marc Desobeau | Railroad Paintings

Nov 9: Utah Youth Rodeo @ Golden Spike Event Center 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Nov 1-Dec 31: Gallery at Southwest Branch

Nov 15: Matched Horses Races @ Golden Spike Event Center 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Silly Storytime: Weekly video program with stories and songs for preschool children.

FUN THINGS TO DO Nov 1: Back to the Future FREE @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Nov 4: Free Monday Concert featuring Louisiana 801 @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Nov 6-8: Acorn’s Antique & Vintage Show @ Golden Spike Event Center 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 8-9: Ogden Film Festival @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.

STEAM Stream: (science, technology, engineering, art and math) concepts.


Weber County’s ONLY Certified Repair Expert! 3520 Wall Ave., Ogden • 801-395 -1946 • collisioncenterz.com November 2020 | royconnection.com 11


Students of the Month A Step Above

Kennley Bradley

Mason Thueson

“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you, is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back... play for her.”

"If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, then your dreams aren’t big enough."

–Grayson Marshall

–Mia Hamm

Awards: 2017-18: Student Body President, Roy Jr High 2017: Standard Examiner All Area Soccer Honorable Mention 2018: Standard Examiner All Area Soccer Honorable Mention 2019: Standard Examiner All Area Soccer 2nd Team 2019: Deseret News Girls Soccer All State Honorable Mention Titles: Girls Soccer Caption Junior and Senior year Talents and Hobbies: Strong leadership skills Very Athletic Great dancing abilities Loves vacationing with family Hanging out with friends Hiking Fishing Watching Netflix

Awards: All region basketball Second-Team All Region in football Black Night award (grades, citizenship, service) Academic All State Track State qualifier 4.0 GPA Eagle Scout Titles: Varsity starter football basketball, and baseball Yearbook editor Talents & Hobbies Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Dirt Bike and snowmobile riding (Bilingual, Strong leadership skills, ) Service: Planted trees at Lindquist Mortuary Utah food bank service Laid sod at Emma Russell Park Worked Roy Days Events Scouting Service Projects Teaching 9th-grade English at Sandridge Jr. High

Congratulations Seniors FROM THIS MONTH'S SPONSOR'S 4815 S 3500 W

12 royconnection.com | November 2020

with C elebrate us at our




20% OFF

Coming in December

November 12 & 13

All Services & Products purchased those days.


Customers may call in!

801-475-4300 (Services do not have to be performed on these days) Please, masks required



6112 S. 1550 E., Suite 103, S. Ogden TimeLessMedSpa.com

4815 S 3500 W • Roy, Utah 84067 Our Fast and Friendly Staff has Been Serving We offer 801-985-7011 •years! midland-pharmacy.com MEDICARE the Roy Community for over 20 4815 S 3500 W • Roy, Utah 84067 FREE DELIVERY and 801-985-7011 • midland-pharmacy.com have a convenient Open DRIVE-THRU! • • • • • • • •

Immunizations STREP & Flu Testing Mobile Refills Home Health Care Supplies Compression Socks Easy Prescription Transfers Fabric Masks (Child & Adult) Greeting Cards & Unique Gifts

Enrollment Now Until December 7th

Community Christmas Giving Tree

Help families in need have a great Christmas this year! (Donations must be turned in by December 7th)

Questions? Let us help you get the answers you need!

4815 S. 3500 W., Roy • 801-985-7011 • www.midland-pharmacy.com Monday-Friday 9am-7pm • Saturday 9am-5pm • Closed Sundays

November 2020 | royconnection.com 13


A Night out with the Hansen's “When she looked in the room, she felt the urge to laugh and cry.” BY JENNY GOLDSBERRY


here used to be a farm at about 2700 West and 5600 South. It was known as the Poor Farm. According to the Salt Lake Herald, “The purchase is intended to furnish a self-supporting home for unfortunates who may be thrown upon the public charity.” This was really just a nickname for the Weber County Infirmary, built in 1888. It was a place where people could be medically treated, even though they didn’t have the means to pay. These residents could pay the Infirmary back for their treatment and lodging by working on the farm. Many people were buried there, at what was called the “Poor Farm Cemetery.”

routine of their lives. For the younger folks, it was an exciting opportunity to meet new people (possibly a spouse). To sell the idea to the parents, these two boys promised to wash the dishes. At that time in history, washing the dishes was not as simple as putting them in a dishwasher. It involved boiling water to use to rinse them, then using sugar, sand, or baking soda as a cleaning liquid, and scrubbing dishes and pans with a bristle brush. The family got ready to go out so the boys kept their end of the deal. After a long night on the town, the family returned home late. Before going to bed, Martha opened the cupboard and found that the boys had stashed the dirty dishes inside, ‘as is’.

Hans Christian Hansen lived at the Infirmary with his wife, Jane Bringham Hansen, and their eight children, Martha, Ray, Lorin, Edna, Edith, Earl, One day, Jane heard her Thelma, and Neta. Their stories daughter Thelma in the other are recorded in the book “Roy, room laughing hysterically Utah: Our Hometown” by Rose while her other daughter, and Ida Dalton. One night after Neta, was crying and sounding dinner, two neighbor boys came a little panicked. When she over to be with the Hansen looked into the room, she children. Together, they plotted felt the urge to laugh and to go on an outing to Ogden cry. Neta had gotten a sheet for the evening. Ogden, at that The Hansen Family of fly paper stuck to her face. time, was a community center. 1. Earl, Hans C., Thelma, Jane Bringham Hansen, Neta In that day, fly paper was 2. Martha (Thompson), Ray, Lorin, Edna (Robson), Edith (Peek) The Golden Spike had already a piece of paper dipped in been driven in Promontory, molasses. Most farmers could make their own molasses at Utah, making transcontinental travel possible in the United home by boiling the sugar cane they grew themselves. A States. More train lines connected northern Utah, southern popular crop in this area was also sugar beets, which grew Idaho, the Salt Lake Valley and Ogden. Tourists could come easily in the Utah climate. Molasses was also made out of from all over to visit Ogden. The city began with a fur-trader boiled sugar beet water. Flies would be attracted to land history, so it had a better shopping center than Roy. It was on the sweet paper and immediately be perpetually stuck. also one of very few cities at the time that had a projector This was the sort of flypaper plastered to Neta’s face, and for picture shows. It was Utah’s second largest city. For the older folks, it was a place to break from the monotonous was likely removed after a lot of washing and scraping.

Do you have a Family History story you would enjoy sharing? We would love to hear from you. Please contact melissa@connectionpub.com

14 royconnection.com | November 2020

Special article brought to you by Independence University

Should you go back to school to earn your degree? How the coronavirus is changing the job market:

Juggling life’s commitments with school? It’s very doable.

Almost overnight, life changed dramatically. What was once a strong economy and robust employment outlook vanished in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the pandemic, the U.S. has been in a recession for several months.1

Thanks to technology, going back to school doesn’t necessarily equate to sitting in a classroom. With work and family commitments, you can still earn your degree online and work around your current schedule – doing your coursework on your lunch break, while the baby’s napping, or even at midnight when there’s peace and quiet. By effectively applying time management skills, even those with busy schedules can still earn a degree.

What does this mean for you? Whether you’ve been laid off or are one of those fortunate to keep their job, now is the time to review your career goals and gain the skills you need to be more marketable. In an economic environment where jobs are scarce, earning a degree just makes sense.

Education as an investment... now more than ever. A recent report from the New York Fed’s Liberty Tree Economics blog2 analyzed the returns from a college education. The study found that even though college continues to get more expensive, the financial benefits of earning a degree still make higher education a good investment. The data also indicates that college graduates tend to earn a substantial wage premium in the labor market. In fact, the current rate of return for a Bachelor’s degree is nearly 14%!2 Education has always been a good investment. Now it may be a crucial investment as well.

Business, and IT. All of our students enrolled in on-campus or online programs receive no-cost, one-on-one tutoring (if needed) and a laptop – yours to use and keep when you graduate.

Call 801-284-3216 to get started! www.Independence.edu/Ogden

In class or online…which learning model works for you? Some still prefer the more structured classroom environment and may have a more flexible schedule to accommodate this traditional learning model. The good news is that Independence University now offers both on-campus and online degree programs so you can choose what works best for you.

Independence University (IU) has hit the ground!

Sources: 1. www.npr. org/2020/06/08/872470104/ economists-announce-the-u-seconomy-is-officially-in-a-recession 2. libertystreeteconomics.newyorkfed. org/2019/06/despite-rising-costscollege-is-still-a-good-investment.html

As a university known for specializing in career-focused degrees earned online, IU has expanded to include blended in-class/online degree programs at their new Utah campus. Call 801-284-3216 to take a tour of our beautiful campus at our West Haven/Ogden location. We offer degree programs in Healthcare,

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Davis Hospital

Being free of pain is the key to enjoying more freedom of movement. And that starts with a visit to Davis Hospital. Our acclaimed orthopedics staff offers a comprehensive joint replacement program and one-on-one Nurse Patient Navigators to guide you through every stage of your journey. All to get back on your feet, and into those hiking boots. Learn more at davishospital.org or call 801-807-7792. In Partnership with Physician Owners.


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RETAILER INFO *Offer valid November 15–December 7, 2020, while supplies last. Maximum savings of $500 requires purchase of a Queen-size TEMPUR-breeze° or TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt® mattress and a Queen-size TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base or TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power or Smart Base. Save $300 on any size TEMPUR-breeze° or TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt® mattress. Save $100 on any size TEMPUR-ProAdapt® or TEMPUR-Adapt® mattress. Save $100 on any size TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base. Save $200 on any size TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base, TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power Base, or TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Smart Base. Savings realized at time of purchase. Certain offers may not be combined. Excludes previous purchases. See store for availability and details. Copyright 2020 Tempur-Pedic North America, LLC. All rights reserved.





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FIND YOUR STYLE AT RETAILER NAME *Offer valid November 15–December 7, 2020, at participating retailers only. Maximum savings of $800 requires purchase of a Queen-size Reserve or Lux Estate Hybrid mattress and a Queen-size TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base or TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power or Smart Base. Save $600 on Reserve or Lux Estate Hybrid Stearns & Foster® mattresses. Save $400 on Lux Estate Stearns & Foster® mattresses. Save $200 on Estate ES4 and ES2 Stearns & Foster® mattresses. Save $100 on any size TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base. Save $200 on any size TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base, TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power Base, or TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Smart Base. Certain offers may not be combined. Not valid on prior purchases. See store for availability and details. Copyright 2020 Sealy, Inc. All rights reserved.

4802 S. 1050 W. Riverdale (Behind Chili’s)

RETAILER INFO *Offer valid November 15–December 7, 2020, at participating retailers. Maximum savings of $500 requires a Sealy® Hybrid Kelburn II Queen mattress and a TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base or TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power or Smart Base. Save $300 on any size Sealy® Hybrid Kelburn II mattress. Save $100 on any size TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base. Save $200 on any size TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base, TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Power Base, or TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Smart Base. Certain offers may not be combined. Not valid on prior purchases. See store for availability and details. Copyright 2020 Sealy, Inc. All rights reserved.

801-516-0439 MattressWarehouseUtah.com


Vote for YOUR Favorite!

Vote online at royconnection.com/vote OR simply tear out and write in your favorite businesses and mail to: Connection Publishing • 2326 Washington Blvd. 4th Floor • Ogden, UT 84401

Art and Entertainment 1. Movie Theater _______________________ 2. Entertainment Venue _______________________ 3. Live Theater _______________________ 4. Family Fun Center _______________________

Autos and Vehicles 5. Tire Store _______________________ 6. New Car _______________________

7. Used Car _______________________ 8. Repair Shop _______________________ 9. Car Wash _______________________

14. Barber Shop _______________________

Business and Industrial

15. Real Estate Agent _______________________ 16. Mortgage Broker/ Loan Beauty and Fitness Officer 10. Nail Salon _______________________ _______________________ 17. Real Estate Brokerage 11. Hair Salon/ Stylist _______________________ _______________________ 18. Dry Cleaner 12. Spa/ Medical Spa/ Massage _______________________ _______________________ 19. Employer 13. Gym _______________________ _______________________

20. Bank/ Credit Union _______________________ 21. Financial Planner/ Tax Advisor _______________________ 22. Insurance Agency _______________________

Food and Drinks 23. Food Truck _______________________ 24. Coffee Shop/ Coffee _______________________ 25. Bakery _______________________

Vote at: royconnection.com/vote Winners announced in our February 2021 issue!

EST. 1998

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Limit one per customer. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer excludes any pre-packaged beverage sold in cans, bottles, or cartons. Valid at participating locations only.


INTERNET SEARCHES CAN’T TREAT EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONDITIONS. But our doctors can. With specialized treatments and safety protocols to ensure your rapid recovery.

In Partnership with Physician Owners.


26. Mexican Food/ Taco 46. Pediatrician 56. Sports / Hunting/ Fishing 37. Best Chicken _______________________ _______________________ store _______________________ 27. Pizza 47. Holistic Health Provider _______________________ 38. Asian/ Sushi _______________________ _______________________ 57. Martial Arts Studio _______________________ Internal Print None STWP20024_ER_SB_Stroke_DHMC-WC_Pub-SC_MAG_7-5x2.indd 28. Hamburger/Cheeseburger 48. Health Store _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ 58. Bike Shop 39. Salad Studio Artist Rachel Mcentee InDesign 2020 15.0.2 Saved at 9-18-2020 4:55 PM 29. Fries 49. Physical Therapy _______________________ _______________________ b info Images & Inks _______________________ Specs40. Buffet 59. Ski Resort _______________________ Images b Live STWP20024 7.25" x 1.75" 30. BBQ _______________________ 50. Chiropractic _______________________ Stroke_Image_Only_Wide_4C.tif (CMYK; 831 ppi; 36.1%), Stroke_SearchBar_Headline_Larger_4C.tif ient Trim Steward 7.5" x 2" (CMYK; 833 ppi; 36%), Davis-Weber-2-CMYK-Blue.eps (22.56%), STW_SafeandReady_ER-CARE_Vert_ _______________________ 41. SodaPop escription _______________________ Bleed ER Search Bar "Stroke" None Stand Blue_2C_CMYK.eps (7.73%) Home and Garden omponent 31. Gutter Favorites Insert Ad None Breakfast 51. Pain Management _______________________ Inks ub Job Colors Syracuse Connection 4CP Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black 60. Appliance/ Furniture Store _______________________ 42. Seafood edia Type _______________________ Magazine Production Notes _______________________ ate Due 9/21/2020 32. Lunch _______________________ le Type Due PDFx1a w/ slug 61. Garden/ Nursery Center etouching _______________________ n/a Hobbies and Leisure _______________________ dd’l Info Logo: David Weber 33. Dinner 52. Camera Store 62. HVAC _______________________ Health _______________________ _______________________ 34. Dessert 43. Pharmacy 53. Golf Course 63. Plumber _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ 35. Appetizer 44. Dentist 54. Running shoe store 64. Electrician _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ 36. Ice Cream/ Yogurt/ Frozen 45. Medical Clinic/ hospital 55. Sewing/ Fabric/ Craft/ Art 65. Landscaping/ Lawn Care Treats store _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

Vote at: royconnection.com/vote Winners announced in our February 2021 issue!

We offer FREE Curbside Pickup & Delivery Come in now and recieve your FREE Flu Shot free with most insurances

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Approvals CD AD CW


Ridgeline Realty is a locally owned full-service Real Estate Brokerage. We pride ourselves on being the BEST Real Estate Professionals in the industry. Our clients are always #1!


1885 W 4400 S Roy, UT 84067

Vote at https://RoyConnection.com

READER’S FAVORITE AWARDS-VOTE NOW! 66. Cleaning Service _______________________ 67. Hardware Store _______________________ 68. Carpet and Flooring _______________________ 69. Bridal Shop _______________________ 70. Wedding Venue _______________________ 71. Door and Window Replacement _______________________ 72. Remodel/ Handyman _______________________ 73. Painter _______________________

74. Counter Top Store _______________________ 75. Garage Door Repair _______________________ 76. Pest Control _______________________

Job and Education 77. Career College _______________________ 78. PreSchool ______________________ 79. Charter School _______________________ 80. University _______________________

81. Day Care Center _______________________

Pets and Animals 82. Vet/ Animal Hospital _______________________ 83. Pet store _______________________ 84.Boarding House _______________________ 85.Groomers _______________________

Shopping 86. Best Locally made Products _______________________ 87. Grocery Store _______________________ 88. Clothing/ Shoe Store _______________________ 89. Jewelry Store _______________________

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Vote at: royconnection.com/vote Winners announced in our February 2021 issue!

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Timeless Medical Spa


00 500 OFF Plus $ 30000 REBATE $

40% More Energy Ef ficie than tradition nt al wat er heat er s

20% OFF Plumbing Services Don’t wait till it’s to late!

Call Today 801-773-6900

Remove Your Hoses Before They Freeze! If it’s too late, we can help with the fl flo ood!

Schedule a FREE Assessment Now!


Our Local Team Has Over 17 Years Combined Experience!

Ryan Marriott

801-896-1000 u t dis as t er cl ea n u p.co m

1956 W. 2250 S., Syracuse


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Aaron’s Jewelry Buy AnyIn-Stock Jewelry Item,

Get One of Equalor Lesser Value



(Excludes Watches)

November Birthstones

Ci tri n e

Pre ceioruiasl 40% Im p all month Topaz OFF Be sure to also shop us on

Black Friday! Aaron’s Jewelry EST. 1967


5718 S. 1900 W. Roy, UT

801-775-8343 aaronsjewelry.com

*Free item must be of equal or lesser value to purchased, full priced item.

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gden Musical Theater was born in 2017. It had been nearly a decade since Utah Musical Theater closed, but Weber County had the vision to bring musical theatre back to Peery’s Egyptian Theater. Kassi Bybee was handpicked for the job and she said, when they first asked her to launch this program, she wasn’t sure it was even possible. However, she believed to her core that if she brought in the right people to help, they could accomplish something amazing, and they have! Things have been strange and challenging this year with the pandemic, however support has remained strong for the theatre and the Kids Act Up Theatre Camp that they have held, with precautions. They sold out the Kids Act Up Camp even though there were some strict requirements for all participants. Plus, the camp still went well despite everyone wearing masks and social distancing. Coming up later this month is a season tradition performance of Five Carols for Christmas. A comedy set in the 1950’s of five women, all of whom happen to be named Carol, who have

taken on the task of arranging the annual PTA Christmas performance. It is a hilarious look at all the challenges that arise and the comedy ensues. It is a great way to get some laughs while celebrating your holiday season. This musical was actually written and produced by two Weber State educators. Jim Christian is a professor emeritus from Weber State University and has 40 years of professional experience as a director, teacher, actor, writer and producer. Jim wrote this musical with friend and colleague Kenneth Plain who is the composer. The musical features both original songs combined with some traditional Christmas favorites. Maurie Tarbox is the Artistic Director for Ogden Musical Theatre and she is directing this year’s performance. Jim said the musical is spun off from his memories watching his mother and her friends. His favorite part of writing the musical has been getting to know each character as he developed their niche and influence in the group. Some are based on actual people. He also loves that it was set in the 1950’s, a fond time in his life. It is so special to have a musical theater to serve our community, especially one of this caliber. Nearly 5 years ago when the idea was brought forward, America First Credit Union took a risk and donated to just a dream, an idea really. Their help, combined with the support of RAMP Grants, Stewart Education Foundation and Weber State University, helped get things off the ground. In addition, cooperation and access to Weber State University’s Performing Arts programs gives the Ogden Musical Theater the ability to put out top quality events with local talent. “There is no need to hire big names and bring them in, we have all we need here and it exceeds expectations;” said Kassi.

Vintage Grind COFFEEHOUSE HALF OFF ANY SIZE DRINK Limit one per customer. Expires 11-30-20



SMALL DRINK $9 Limit one per customer. Expires 11-30-20

5605 S. 1900 W. Roy, Utah 84067





Tickets are on sale now at ogdenmusicaltheatre.org. Social distancing and masks will be required. Since every other row will be left vacant due to social distancing measures, they recommend getting your tickets early as all shows will likely sell out completely.

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Expecting Visitors? Visitors? Leave the cleaning to us!


Got Dirt

Free Estim ates

Fully Insured and Bonded

3 Rooms & Hallway Carpet Cleaning



(Up To 250 Sq. Feet, Regular Price Thereafter) Not valid with any other offers. Coupon must be present at time of cleaning. One coupon per customer. Expires 12/15/2020

3 Rooms & Hallway Carpet Cleaning plus Duct Cleaning (Up to 12 Vents)


(Up To 450 Sq. Feet, Regular Price Thereafter) Not valid with any other offers. Coupon must be present at time of cleaning. One coupon per customer. Expires 12/15/2020


801-782-1800 24 royconnection.com | November 2020

Been in the business for 18 years

Tami Jo Esplin Mackenzie Esplin Salt Lake Area Weber/Davis 801.425.8414 801.645.0258 GotDirtHouseCleaning@gmail.com 3275 N 750 E #1 Layton, Ut



Oh so delicious. Our favorite drink.

1136 W 2700 N | PLEASANT VIEW 1871 W 5300 S | ROY

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The Honey Jar

Floodsmen Disaster Cleanup BY ANN PARK

A local company, Floodsman, has experts ready to help your home in case of a disaster. down through the floor and flooding the room below? What if your kitchen catches fire? What if your sprinkler pipes break, creating a lake in the basement? What if the sewer backs up? What if a slow leak in your cabinets has gone undetected until mold grew? You’re going to need help to clean it up.

happy. It takes persistence and determination to make this company work. We have the persistence to complete the job, and will work with your insurance company; we have the determination to make certain the work is done right!” Their 5-star Google Reviews demonstrate that.

Website: www.utdisastercleanup.com

When something goes wrong, sometimes we aren’t sure whether or not we need to make a claim to our insurance. How much will it cost to fix? Does the site need to be professionally dried, or do sheetrock, cabinets, plumbing, and paint need to be replaced? Floodsmen can send an experienced professional to look at the damage and help you decide what to do next. If the cost of repairs is much less than your deductible, it might be in your best interest not to make a claim. Either way, Floodsmen’s free assessment will give you great information.

Ryan had a goal of creating a restoration company that was independent from any insurance company. If you have to file a homeowners claim, it’s up to you to decide who will do the work. If the insurance company chooses a company, they are likely to pick whoever will do the work for the smallest price-tag. Instead, you want to call the shots, and pick the company who will do the work the way you want it done. All of Ryan’s teams are led by highly trained and credentialed restoration experts. They know how to do the job, and they will make sure it’s done right.


Ryan believes in taking a ‘hometown’ approach to every job. “We’re a local company, and we live and work in the same communities as our customers, and we want to make sure they’re

When Ryan’s not cleaning up other people’s disasters, he is an outdoor enthusiast. He loves riding horses, hunting, training dogs and spending time in nature with his family.

INFO Business: Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Phone: 801-896-1000

yan Marriott, a resident of Syracuse, has worked in construction for many years. He is a licensed commercial contractor and restoration specialist and has 23 years of managerial and construction related experience. During his career, he has managed small, medium, and largescale construction jobs valued at over $90 million. “So managing a project in your home doesn’t scare me at all,” he said. He and his team have cleaned up a lot of really big messes. Their job is to clean, dry, restore and repair until you can’t even tell you had a problem. Floodsmen can help you if you have a disaster in your home. What if your dishwasher breaks, sending water

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Free Photo Scanning Event

Save the Date: Feb 12th, May 14th, Aug 12th, Nov 12th 10:00 am—1:00 pm Lindquist Roy Mortuary | 3333 W. 5600 S. Roy R.S.V.P. – 801-689-1931 or events@lindquistmortuary.com – Limited Space Available

Light refreshments will be served Bring up to 1000 photos to have scanned, digitized, and given back to you on a personalized jump drive for free. Bring in your totes and shoe boxes of pictures ready to scan in our special high speed photo scanners.


Special article brought to you by Wasatch Peaks Credit Union

Warm the Soles Here at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, we are excited to host our annual Warm the Soles Fundraising Program. Warm the Soles is an incredible opportunity for our community to provide new Nike® shoes to local elementary school children who are in need! This year, our recipients have been selected from the following elementary schools: Burch Creek, Heritage, James Madison, Municipal, New Bridge, North Park, Odyssey, Riverdale, Roosevelt, T.O. Smith, Wasatch, and Washington Terrace Elementary.

amazing assistance in making the Warm the Soles program occur. Once Wasatch Peaks has received the list of students, we provide the information to the Nike® staff. These staff members handpick shoes for each child on the list, including adaptive shoes for students who may have special needs. The Wasatch Peaks staff then take the time to wrap each

How Can You Help? Since 2006, Wasatch Peaks has raised $189,533, providing 6,739 pairs of shoes for our local elementary school children. Last year was a record-breaking year and we raised $33,110 in donations, more than double our goal!

How it Works: Members of our community can donate to the Warm the Soles program and help Wasatch Peaks in supporting our local children. We are able to work with the elementary schools directly so we can best benefit those children who need our support. Teachers and administrators select students, and then provide us with a list of those students and their shoe sizes. These selected students then receive a brand-new pair of Nike® shoes, purchased with the donations made from our community. The Nike® Factory Store in Farmington has provided

their time. During our visits to deliver shoes, we have seen shoes that don’t fit or are filled with holes, children wearing sandals in the slush and snow, and shoes that are held together with tape. These new shoes make a huge difference in these kids’ lives, providing them confidence, comfort, and the ability to focus and succeed in school.

pair of shoes, complete with a pair of socks and some treats. After they’ve all been wrapped, the shoes are gifted to the children at their schools.

The Impact: The Warm the Soles Program has a lasting impact not only the children receiving the shoes, but also for those who are donating or volunteering

This year, we have the amazing opportunity to support 1,960 of our young local students with 1,960 pairs of new Nike® shoes. We appreciate any and all donations made to help us provide these new shoes. A new pair of shoes costs just $25, so any donation makes a big difference.

Donations can be made at: • Online: wasatchpeaks.com • Venmo: @WasatchPeaks • Mail: 4723 Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84403 • Visit: Your local Wasatch Peaks branch

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Surprise your home cook with a personalized recipe box to keep all their treasured recipes in. Bedbathandbeyond.com $47.99

Staff Pick!

my “This is on ” t! lis h wis

Make two gorgeous 7” round waffles at once so making breakfast is faster! Six settings allow you to easily customize how crisp and golden you’d like your waffle to be. Kingarthurbaking.com $99.95


GIFT THISGUIDE SPACE RESERVED Recipes Cooking & Food Enthusiast Do you have someone in your life that loves to cook, eat or bake? Here are some items they might love to receive this Christmas. BY KRISTINA CASE


Perfect for entertaining friends and family. Can personalize for $12. Williamsonoma.com $29.99


Chances are the baker in your life loves to give away their delicious treats! This set comes with 12 boxes, baker’s twine and white tags so they can present their goodies in style. Amazon.com $14.99


A favorite in European bakeries, this basket made of natural cane allows dough to rise evenly and promotes a crispy crust. The bread baker in your life will love this! Williamsonoma.com $39.95

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This beautiful acacia wood natural salt cellar has a convenient and charming swivel lid and will look great in any kitchen. Crateandbarrel.com $9.95


Show off your newly baked goods on this beautiful white cake plate. Magnolia.com $34


The beautiful photos will inspire any home cook!

Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook : Favorite Everyday Recipes from Our Family Kitchen Utah’s own food blogger, Maria Lichty, published her first cookbook last year and it highlights delicious everyday recipes with beautiful photography. Walmart.com $23.21


Treat someone with a delivery of fresh seafood right to their door from Topsail Steamer in Surf City, NC. Ready to cook! Includes: Shrimp, Snow Crab, Little Neck Clams, Sea Scallops,Andouille Sausage, Kielbasa Sausage,Sweet Corn, Red Bliss Potatoes and Homemade Seasoning Goldbelly.com $159

Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten A household name.

Her latest cookbook THIS SPACE RESERVED features recipes inspired favorites Recipesbylikechildhood Cheesy Chicken


Beehive Cheese Company is familyowned gourmet cheese producer located in Uintah, Utah that uses local ingredients. 6 best selling cheeses in a box including: Apple Walnut Smoked, Barely Buzzed, Big John’s Cajun, Promontory, Seahive and Teahive. Beehivecheese.com $34.99

Enchiladas, Boston Cream Pie and Cheddar and Chutney Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Target.com $24.50

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains

Tieghan Gerard grew up in a large family in the mountains of Colorado. Her fresh take on comfort food, stunning photography, and charming life in the mountains make k! Staff Pic this a great gift for any cook. of ts “This has lopes Amazon.com $18.40 cool reci in it.”


Honey Sampler includes three 6 oz jars of Wildflower, Clover Blossom and Orange Blossom flavors. Thehoneyjarhome.com $12.99/$19.99 shipped anywhere in the US


ARTISAN ENGLISH TOFFEE This award-winning artisan toffee, made by an Ogden candy maker, is made in small batches by hand using simple ingredients of fresh sweet cream butter and pure sugar. Chocolot.com $20

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Free Delivery to your home, Curbside Pickup available. We can sync all your meds to be refilled at the same time.

High dose Flu shots are available here, along with the regular dose. It’s important to get your flu shot this year with the COVID-19 epidemic. Get them before they go out of stock!



hT iClAi's C RD GIF

ith 3 or more ...to anyone w transferred prescriptions acy. to the pharm

Located inside Tanner Clinic

3443 W. 5600 S., ROY

801-825-6400 ApothecaryPointePharmacy

DEEP RESTFUL SLEEP Ultra Tech Silver Collection 10-Layer Sleeping System is the most advanced sleeping system in the world! Patented 4 in 1 system allows you to adjust firmness 12 layers Flame Retardant Electromagnetic Silver Shield Protects aganst EMF

Clima 3d Air Chambers regulates temperature Hypoallergenic Silver Fabric Non-toxic fire retardant layer Open Cell Memo Layer Relieves Pressure Points

Receive an adjustable base and 2 free silver pillows FREE with purchase Call Chris Turpin For a FREE Demo Authorized Dealer 801-648-4380

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Winter is Coming And We Can Still Repair Your Roof!


s if 2020 hadn’t dished out enough already, our recent severe wind storm has caused a lot of problems. Not only are all the contractors, (including us), working hard to help our customers in a timely manner, but we are also facing the challenge of supply shortages. In the aftermath of the storm, most of the shingle manufacturers are running short on material for the time being, and lumber has more than doubled in price in the last few weeks. If your home was damaged and you’re working through insurance claims, be sure your contractor reviews the insurance breakdown to be sure the adjuster has taken these new factors into account. Many people think that they’ve missed their opportunity to repair their roof for the season. That is not true! Our employees are local residents that work all year round and they have families to support. We want our work to be the best, and in order to do that, we need to keep the same experienced, talented craftsmen on our team. There are certain procedures we implement in the winter months to ensure that the roofing materials adhere as they should. The ambient temperature of the roof during Utah winters rarely goes below the minimum temperature recommended by manufacturers. When it does, or if weather is inclement and creates a dangerous work environment for our crews, we hold off for a day or two until it is reasonable to return to work. But there is no need to wait until spring. If you need our help, let us know and we’ll be happy to help. Another consequence of the windstorm is that many out-of-state roofing companies have been in our area. Their offers are tempting to homeowners because it seems that help is right

Owners Tim & Maria Berry

at their door. But everyone should be aware that each state has varying building standards. For example, warmer states do not require Ice and WE’LL COME Water Shield to be applied. We have found that BY AND this has been missed on many of the projects that out-of-state contractors have worked on. GIVE YOUR That likely means future leaking, leaving the ROOF A FREE homeowner with little recourse as the contractor CHECK UP! has gone to another state. When you choose a roofing company that has been working locally for many years, they can back up your roof Licensed & with a warranty. Another thing to watch for is Insured with unusual promises made by a company. If you feel that you are being sold goods that you do over 30 years not need or offers that sound too good to be experience. true, we recommend getting a second opinion Financing, from a local business with experience. It falls Warranty & to you as the homeowner to do your own dueMaintenance diligence. Utah recently deregulated many of Programs the contractor classifications, making it fairly available. easy to get a roofing contractor’s license. Please check the DOPL and make sure the company who approaches is truly licensed thisroof statea free check up We'llyou come by and give in your and check to see how long they have been in business! You can find us on the DOPL website Call Today! under “Bear Creek Services” license # 64378835501 (Since 2007).

Did You Lose Shingles

in the STORM?


LICENSED & INSURED 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Financing, Warranty, & Maintenance Programs Available

860 W. Riverdale Rd., Ste A7

CALL US TODAY AT BearCreekRoofing.com Creek Bear "Vote" 801-668-6379 as your Favorite Roofing Company! www.BearCreekRoofing.com


November 2020 | royconnection.com 33

Early Detection Makes All the Difference

Don’t Skip Your Skin Check! Home of the FREE Skin Check Program visit www.RMDMed.com for details

Call Today: 801-827-9100 TWO CONVENIENT

WEBER COUNTY LOCATIONS 434 E. 5350 S., Suite D, Ogden 1920 W. 250 N., Suite 17, Millcreek Plaza, Marriott-Slaterville

34 royconnection.com | November 2020

Amazon Doesn’t Sponsor Your Kid’s Soccer Team! BY RYAN SPELTS

Don’t worry, this is not going to be a lecture on how amazon. com is evil and ruining our local economy. I personally use Amazon, probably a little too much. I do however make every effort to buy locally. I recently wanted to buy some sporting equipment and shopped locally at four stores, until I couldn’t find what I needed and then went online. To me, that extra effort is worth it because I am a local business owner and I want to support others who also have local businesses.

While I can recognize the beauty and convenience of buying something in my pjs and having a brown box on my doorstep, sometimes the very next day, I also love getting a scoop of ice cream from Big Scoops Ice Cream, or some flowers from Reed Floral. I also know they don’t exist unless a portion of us makes the choice to shop there. So this season, I encourage you to make the effort to stop at a local shop, buy from them if they have what you want or need. It helps, it really does.

I love walking into Harmon’s, Kent’s or Smith’s and seeing the neighbor’s kids working there, learning at their first job. Ben Lomond Heating and Air hired my son for his first job. Advanced Electrolysis, hired my daughter for her first job. To me though, it is bigger than that. It is connection to our community. It is why this magazine is called Connection! By shopping local, we get to be part of the community and support someone who lives here too, someone who hires us, or our kids. Since nearly half of the workforce is employed by small businesses, there is a 1 in 2 chance that you work for, or own, a small business. Our economy needs you, and me, and all of us to thrive.

• Organized • Modest dance costumes • Extra COVID-19 precautions • Age-appropriate music


Still Open REGISTER Now Online!


3518 W. 5600 S., Roy in Kent's Market Plaza



November 2020 | royconnection.com 35

“ N ot e v e ryon e w with an a amazin g s bor n bu ff bab bod, but y e ve an amaz ryon e can have in g real broth e r tor. My , Du stin , can po you to t int h e pe r f e ct h o u s e .”


Two Brothers

LANCE PETERSON Loan Officer 801-388-5888 NMLS # 253142


Realtor 801-528-9500

www.2brothersutah.com Corporate NMLS #248240 Regulated by The Division of Real Estate

Profile for Connection Publishing

Roy Connection November 2020