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November 2020



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Been In an Auto If Your Accident Left You With Whiplash, Headaches, Neck or Back Pain, or Other Symptoms


801-337-4000 Immediate appointments available


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Happy Thanksgiving


s Thanksgiving and giving thanks one in the same? The answer to that question depends on one’s individual perspective. In any event, I think it would be safe to say they have a common thread, which is gratitude. The simple definition of gratitude is to show appreciation and RETURN KINDNESS. With the passage of time, it is not unusual for some of us to minimize the positive things in our lives as they become common occurrences. We often don’t realize that to avoid negativity it’s important to focus on the “Good in Life.” Some of the good things in life that we may tend to take for granted are having an amazing community, good health, awesome friends and/or family, a good job, and the comforts of life. If we fail to be appreciative of these and other things, we may find that complaining becomes commonplace in our lives. Having an attitude of gratitude, or giving thanks, is a tool that can help us avoid negativity and be happier and more optimistic. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused me to reflect upon the many blessings I have in my life. I realized that gratitude involves an outward-focus instead of an inward-focus. I became aware of the fact that I was too focused on me and things that really didn’t matter. Suddenly, I recognized how important my family is and that I have been blessed with many things that perhaps others haven’t. I began to be more outwardly-focused. This helped me give thanks for the “Good in Life.” It shouldn’t take an event such as a pandemic for each of us to recognize what we are grateful for and to acknowledge and appreciate our blessings. I’m convinced that having gratitude can change people’s lives, which can result in more meaningful relationships, a happier outlook, and most importantly, being kinder. Being a realist, I understand that having gratitude is difficult because life is hard. However during this Thanksgiving season I challenge you to consider the following: • Increase your appreciation for the things you have • Employ the essence of gratitude by focusing outwardly on others • Return kindness by considering: 1. Performing random acts of kindness 2. Returning a favor 3. Paying a compliment – Mark Twain said, “I can live two months on a compliment.” 4. Finding a way to “Pay it forward” 5. Telling those close to you what they really mean to you – life is short 6. Think of five things that you are thankful for and write them down Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks! It is my hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday and that you are amazed by the things you have been blessed with. Thank you for letting me serve you as your mayor. Mayor Berube

Stay connected! www.northogdencity.com The City's website has information on every department in the City.

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GIFT GUIDE for the Cooking & Food Enthusiast

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“We put up our fake tree immediately after Thanksgiving and take it down shortly after New Years”.

Ann Park Sales & Writer Scott Jones Sales

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“We cut down a tree in late November and take it down by Christmas Day.”

“I put up my fake Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I take it down before Valentine’s Day.”

Jenny Goldsberry Writer




Resident’s Question: What are the rules for snow this year? Answer: It is illegal to move your snow onto the street

or sidewalk (see NOC 8-4-2). When snow is moved into the streets after the plows have already been through your area, it becomes problematic. The shoveled snow becomes compacted by vehicles, turning the space into a dangerous, icy area. If you see anyone violating this ordinance, please remind them of the city code and point them to this article for information. Also, please do not use vehicle-mounted snow plows to clear away snow from the city streets. Our employees will get to your area as quickly as possible, and we don’t want to risk damage to public infrastructure. Please remember that we need to keep our sidewalks clean, especially along school routes. If you have a sidewalk along the front or side of your house, you are required under city code to shovel it, to allow pedestrians to pass freely (see NOC 8-4-1). We appreciate your willingness to help us keep our children safe on sidewalks during the upcoming snowy season. For more information visit the www.northogdencity. com/publicworks page to look at information on snow removal in the sidebar menu links. If you have questions about proper procedures, city . code, building permits, community events, how-to's, or other city-related questions, please send an email to jcall@nogden.org.

Employee of the Month Officer Tracy Preece has been with the North Ogden Police Department since January of 2019. Tracy brought with her a work ethic that she displays daily with her professionalism, team-player attitude, and pride in doing the best job possible. Tracy is currently assigned to local schools as the School Resource Officer. As part of this assignment, she spends most of her time at North Ogden Jr. High. She also spends time in the three elementary schools teaching D.A.R.E. Another part of this assignment is investigating crimes involving juveniles. Tracy takes this assignment very seriously, in an attempt to seek justice for victims. Tracy was recently complimented by the Department of Child and Family Services for the job she does investigating cases. They commented on her thoroughness, diligence, and efficiency when investigating crimes against children. The North Ogden Police Department and the community of North Ogden are fortunate to have Tracy on the team. She is a tremendous asset to the city. North Ogden Police Department is fortunate to have Tracy as a part of our staff!

Snow Removal Help Many of your friends, family members and neighbors may be older, or perhaps temporarily or permanently disabled; they could need help when it snows. If you are willing to help your neighbors, let them know. Give them your phone number, and tell them to call. If you are one of the residents that are in need of assistance, talk to your neighbors, and know the phone numbers to your local church leaders and scout masters.

Expires: 11/28/30

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DEEP RESTFUL SLEEP Ultra Tech Silver Collection 10-Layer Sleeping System is the most advanced sleeping system in the world! Patented 4 in 1 system allows you to adjust firmness

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EXTENDED HOLIDAY HOURS: Begin on Black Friday Nov. 27th - Dec. 24th Serving Our Community For 36 Years 326 Washington Blvd. (801) 399-2838

Sundays 10am-3pm | Mon-Thur 10am-6pm, | Fri-Sat 10am-8pm

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Top Reasons to License Your Dog •

It helps us reunite dogs with their owners

It helps prevent the spread of rabies

No additional fines

It’s the law!

$30—Not fixed and no Microchip Please bring in rabies vaccination information and the required fee to 515 E. 2600 N. North Ogden, UT 84414. For questions about licensing, please call your friendly animal control officer at (801) 737-2212.

Fees for 2020-21 are: $5—Spayed/Neutered & Microchipped $10—Spayed/Neutered & not chipped

* Late fees will be assessed beginning on March 1, 2021.

$20—Microchipped only



Oh so delicious. Our favorite drink.

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1136 W 2700 N | PLEASANT VIEW 1871 W 5300 S | ROY

North Ogden 2586 N 400 E 801-737-3393



Marriot-Slaterville 380 N 2000 W 801-732-8388


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Flood Zones

Key Community Contacts

Questions regarding flood zones should be directed to Lorin Gardner, City Engineer, at 801-782-8111. FEMA flood maps are available for your review at the city offices. We also have elevation certificates.

Mayor: Neal Berube: 801-686-0688 nberube@nogden.org

Questions, comments, accolades? Go to www.northogdencity.com/i-want-to/contact-us or see community contacts, right, for information.

Council Members: Cheryl Stoker: 801-782-9302 cstoker@nogden.org Phillip Swanson: 801-940-2111 pswanson@nogden.org Charlotte Ekstrom: 801-920-6987 cekstrom@nogden.org

City Council Meetings The Mayor and Council welcome your input and attendance at the council meetings held the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month starting at 6 p.m. Work sessions are held as needed on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Check www.northogdencity.com for changes.

Blake Cevering: 801-549-8202 bcevering@nogden.com Ryan Barker: 801-814-4306 rbarker@nogden.org City Hall: 801-782-7211

For more news www.northogdencity.com



801-737-2215 Rob Scott - rscott@nogden.org

City Recorder: 801-737-9830 Annette Spendlove - aspend@nogden.org Building:  

801-737-9831 Bruce Higley - bhigley@nogden.org

Police: Business 801-782-7219               Dispatch 801-629-8221               Emergency 911 Chief Dirk Quinney dquinney@nogden.org Paul Rhoades - prhoades@nogden.org


“We’ll keep it clear all year” Call for pricing and info!

Isaac Ward 801-410-7243 black.rock.landscaping

Public Works: 801-782-8111 David Espinoza - despinoza@nogden.org Shelly Robison - srobison@nogden.org Parks & Recreation: 801-737-0587 Tiffany Staheli - tstaheli@nogden.org Becca Godfrey - bgodfrey@nogden.org Jesse Felter - jfelter@nogden.org Justin Rasmussen - jrasmussen@nogden.org Nik Brown - n.brown@nogden.org City Manager/ City Attorney: Jon Call - jcall@nogden.org 801-737-9846 Senior Center: Zella Richards: 801-782-6211

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November Calendar of Events NORTH VIEW SENIOR CENTER Take-out lunches available at the North View Senior Center for Seniors 60+. Call Zella (801) 791-0155 to order. (Call the day before, or on a Friday for Monday’s lunch. $3 suggested donation). Mon - Fri 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

SCHOOL EVENTS Weber High: Nov 4 - 6: Original Play Festival 6 p.m. 9 p.m. Nov 5 - 7: Volleyball State Tournament @ UVU 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov 10: Region 1 Swim Relays @ Ogden 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 17: Swimming @ Fremont 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov 20: Harvest Assembly Nov 23: District Women’s Honor Choir @ Fremont 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 24: District Women’s Honor Choir @ Fremont 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. | Boys Basketball @ Sky View 3:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Nov 25 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break Nov 30: Fall Sports Banquet 5 p.m. 5:30 p.m. North Ogden Jr. Nov 5: Football Championship Nov 6: NAL @ North Ogden 3:30 p.m. | Volleyball @ North Ogden 3:30 p.m. Nov 10: NAL @ TH Bell 3:30 p.m. | Volleyball @ TH Bell 3:30 p.m. Nov 13: NAL @ North Ogden 3:30 p.m. | Volleyball @ North Ogden 3:30 p.m. Nov 17: NAL @ Snowcrest 3:30 p.m. | Volleyball @ Snowcrest 3:30 p.m. Nov 20: NAL @ North Ogden 3:30 p.m. | Volleyball @ North Ogden 3:30 p.m. Nov 24: NAL @ Roy 3:30 p.m. | Volleyball @ Roy 3:30 p.m. Nov 25 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break Orion Jr. Nov 3: Volleyball & NAL @ Wahlquist 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 6: Volleyball & NAL @ Orion 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov 10: Volleyball & NAL @ Sand Ridge 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov 13: Volleyball & NAL @ Orion 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Nov 20: Volleyball & NAL @ TH Bell 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov 24: Volleyball & NAL @ Orion 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Nov 25 - 27: Thanksgiving Break - No School Maria Montessori Academy Nov 24 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break Lomond View Elementary Nov 2: Picture Retake 9 a.m. Nov 25 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break Bates Elementary Nov 25 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break North Ogden Elementary Nov 12: Picture Retakes 8:30 a.m. Nov 25 - 27: Thanksgiving Break - No School Majestic Elementary Nov 12: Picture Retakes 8:30 a.m. Nov 25 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break Green Acres Elementary: Nov 6: Fall Individual Picture Retakes Nov 25 - 27: No School - Thanksgiving Break

LIBRARY EVENTS New Service: Book Bundles Parents and caregivers, there is a new way to get quick access to reading materials for children ages 0-12 years old. Call your library location and let staff know the reading level and topic your child is interested in, and they will do the rest. Book Bundles also include resources to help you teach your student. Books in both English and Spanish are available. Staff will notify you when your bundle of 5-10 books is ready. At check out, each book in the Bundle will be placed on your account, but items can be returned separately at any of the five Weber County Libraries. For more information or to start your bundle, call (801) 337-2652 Nov 4-30: Library Bingo. Earn a bingo and receive a sweet treat. Collect your prize at the children’s desk.

northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

Check out Weber County Library’s virtual programming content! New videos are shared online and via the Library’s Facebook page. To watch the latest videos, visit: www.weberpl.org Art at Home: Drawing Faces (Learn how to draw faces without reference, using this simple step-by-step guide to proportion) Craft at Home: Gnome Sweet Gnome Make a simple, adorable gnome decoration using just a few supplies! Beginning in November, kits for this craft will be available on a first-come, firstserve basis. The instructional video can be found at https://vimeo.com/showcase/ wclcrafting. Cuentos en Español Un programa en español con historias y canciones para toda la familia. Novel Teen BookTalks Get reading recommendations just for teens from Weber County Library staff. Silly Storytime Weekly video program with stories and songs for preschool children. STEAM Stream Explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) concepts. Storytime for Littles (Weekly video program with stories and songs for babies, toddlers and their caregivers). All book discussions will be held via Zoom. To register, call your location or sign up here: www.weberpl.lib.ut.us/ discover/grown-ups-corner Pancakes in Paris by Craig Carlson Tue, Nov 17, 7:00 p.m. 801-337-2650 With no experience in the restaurant business or living abroad, Craig Carlson went from a working-class town in Connecticut to owning the only successful American diner in the cuisine capital of the world, Paris, France. His diner, Breakfast In America, is now a favorite of tourists and Parisians alike.

FUN THINGS TO DO Nov 1: Back to the Future FREE @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Nov 4: Free Monday Concert featuring Louisiana 801 @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater

7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Nov 6-8: Acorn’s Antique & Vintage Show @ Golden Spike Event Center 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Nov 8-9: Ogden Film Festival @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. Nov 9: Utah Youth Rodeo @ Golden Spike Event Center 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Nov 15: Matched Horses Races @ Golden Spike Event Center 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Nov 27-30: Perry Eqyptain Ogden Musical Theatre 5 Carols for Christmas

CITY EVENTS Nov 1: Boys Basketball 3rd-9th grade registration OPENS Nov 3: Election Day | City Council Meeting @ Council Chambers 6 p.m. Nov 10: City Council Meeting @ Council Chambers 6 p.m. Nov 15: Boys Basketball 3rd-9th grade registration ENDS Nov 24: City Council Meeting @ Council Chambers 6 p.m. Nov 26 - 27: City Offices Closed Thanksgiving

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The Trunk of North Ogden’s Family Tree: ABRAHAM CHADWICK BY JENNY GOLDSBERRY

“I imagine he practiced [the saxophone] as he walked.”


braham Chadwick was born in England in 1821. At eight years old, he began working at a printing press; his job was to press the ink pad onto the paper. When he was fifteen, he decided to make a career change and apprenticed as a tailor for five years. This decision would alter his destiny, as he ultimately became one of the finest tailors in Utah according to his great grandson David Chadwick. Abraham married Mary Burton in 1840. Together they were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His parents and family disowned him following his conversion. In 1842, he and Mary immigrated to the United States, spending eight weeks on a ship. “I didn’t realize this until now but they actually came to New Orleans,” David said. “They must’ve gone all the way around South America.” They lived in St. Louis, Missouri for six years, and raised four children. There, he continued his career as a tailor. His wife ultimately died of cholera in Iowa after being married for ten years and having four children. Abraham remarried, and his second wife was named Mary Foxall. In 1851, he started across the plains with a company of saints of 150 wagons. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in October of 1851, eventually settling in Abraham Chadwick Bingham’s Fort in 1854. This fort was built to protect roughly 50 families from two adversaries: Native Americans, and military troops from Washington. The Shoshoni Native Americans were


northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

Great Great Great grandchildren with Abraham headstone - L to R: Aleeyah Chadwick, Camille Chadwick, Jadyn Johnston, Jaxon Johnston and Cadence Chadwick.

seeking revenge after the wrongful death of Chief Terikee, who was shot by a Harrisonville farmer on September 6, 1950 as he was returning from a meeting with Mayor Farr of Ogden. Troops were sent by President Buchanan to check on the Mormon settlements. However, after the Extermination Order by Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs, the settlers were worried about the troops’ intentions. At this point, Abraham had taken another wife, who was named Mary Wheeler, and altogether they had twelve children. While he continued his tailoring business in 1856, Abraham started a band. He played the saxophone himself, and walked from his home in North Ogden to Ogden for practice with his band. “I imagine he practiced as he walked,” David said. In 1857, they had a ten-year celebration of the arrival of Brigham Young to Salt Lake. Abraham’s band played at the celebration. All the while, he continued his tailoring business. He also began to farm while living in North Ogden, since that was largely what most men did for work. He learned to tailor the farmers’ overalls.

His fourth wife, Mary Ann Newby, was David’s greatgrandmother. After marrying Mary Ann, he married Ellen Burton. Between all his wives, he had 26 children. After polygamy became illegal, he built another house for his first wife near 2100 East 2600 North. David’s great-grandmother lived in another house with another farm. This strategy was used by many polygamists, and was implemented across Utah. Luckily, Mary Ann was a tailor too, and used her skills to support herself after they separated, following the legal order. Ellen divorced him nine months later. In the end, Abraham spent six months in jail two times in his life for practicing polygamy. Abraham lived till he was 83 years old. Many of the families the North Ogden Connection magazine have already written about being descendants of Abraham, including the Randalls, Barkers, and Montgomerys. David’s grandfather, son of Mary Ann, was sent to Wyoming by Brigham Young to create a settlement there. David himself was born in Wyoming. His father was offered a position as a Botany Professor at Weber State, so when David was in the sixth grade, they moved to North Ogden, bringing his family back to their roots.

Chadwick Family - Seated Row 1 R to L: Ellen Adelia Bailey, Mary Louise Shaw, Francis Alice Barker Seated Row 2 R to L: Elizabeth Montgomery, Eliza Ann Randall, Abraham Chadiwck, Margaret May Woodfield, Mary Wheeler Chadwick, Isabella Randall, Esther Caroline Barker. Standing R to L: Ann Montgomery, Clariesa Storey, Thomas Henry Chadwick, Alonso Chadwick, Abraham Chadwick Jr., John Charles Chadwick, George Chadwick, John Samuel Chadwick, Mary Jane Rose, Olive Alberta Storey.



Utah Dealer #126A

Sales Repair Finance

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Students of the Month Congratulations to our hardworking student's that are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools. Great job!

Jace Otto

Preslie Russell

Orion Jr. High School

North Ogden Junior High School

Jace Otto is a 9th grader at Orion Junior High. He has made tremendous progress over the past several years and has shown a lot of grit! Jace works hard in school and is starting out the year with a 4.0 GPA. He enjoys dancing, taking photos, and is in Yearbook. Jace is sensitive, kind, funny, and cares about other people. Jace truly stands out as a person who tries to do the right thing and is a lot of fun to be around. Congratulations Jace!

Hailey ist eine Schulerin in meiner Deutsch 2 Klasse. Sie ist pünktlich, vorbereitet und aufmerksam. Sie passt immer gut auf und will auch immer etwas weiteres lernen. Sie ist sorgfältig und schreibt die neue Vokabel immer auf. Sie ist immer bereit, anderen zu helfen und macht ihre Klassenaufgaben schnell und vollständig. Preslie versucht immer das beste zu tun und will, dass die Klasse auch Fortschritt macht. Sie ist eine fleissige Arbeiterin, eine tolle Schülerin und eine prima Deutschsprecherin. Ich finde ihre Einstellung sehr toll und liebe ihr positives lächeln. Ich bin stolz auf ihrer Arbeit in der Klasse und weiss, dass sie in der Zukunft auch vieles erreichen wird. Ich hoffe, dass Sie von Presley immer etwas Grossartiges erwarten, denn das kann sie schon! Ich gratuliere!

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. - NELSON MANDELA

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPONSOR OUR AWESOME STUDENTS? Students of the Month recieve a $25 gift card from a business every month. Your logo will be featured here.


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Vote online at connectionpub.com/vote OR simply tear out and of N businesses and mail to: write in your favorite E D G O H ORT Connection PublishingN • 2326 2 0 2 1Washington Blvd. 4th Floor • Ogden, UT 84401

Art and Entertainment 1. Movie Theater _______________________ 2. Entertainment Venue _______________________ 3. Live Theater _______________________ 4. Family Fun Center _______________________

Autos and Vehicles 5. Tire Store _______________________ 6. New Car _______________________

7. Used Car _______________________ 8. Repair Shop _______________________ 9. Car Wash _______________________

n 14. Barber Shop Connectio g Publishin _______________________ F BESTOgO n e d North 2021

Business and Industrial

15. Real Estate Agent _______________________ 16. Mortgage Broker/ Loan Beauty and Fitness Officer 10. Nail Salon _______________________ _______________________ 17. Real Estate Brokerage 11. Hair Salon/ Stylist _______________________ _______________________ 18. Dry Cleaner 12. Spa/ Medical Spa/ Massage _______________________ _______________________ 19. Employer 13. Gym _______________________ _______________________

20. Bank/ Credit Union _______________________ 21. Financial Planner/ Tax Advisor _______________________ 22. Insurance Agency _______________________

Food and Drinks 23. Food Truck _______________________ 24. Coffee Shop/ Coffee _______________________ 25. Bakery _______________________

V o t e a t : n o r t h o g d e n c o n n e c t io n p u b .c o m /v o t e W in n e r s a n n o u n c e d in o u r F e b r u a r y 2 0 2 1 is s u e !


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2389 N Highway 89, Ogden

385-492-3594 HelpMeZK.com

Thanks for the support!

See you in the spring! 305 W. Pleasant View Dr., North Ogden

801-782-7320 www.thebarngolfclub.com

26. Mexican Food/ Taco _______________________ 27. Pizza _______________________ 28. Hamburger/Cheeseburger _______________________ 29. Fries _______________________ 30. BBQ _______________________ 31. Breakfast _______________________ 32. Lunch _______________________ 33. Dinner _______________________ 34. Dessert _______________________ 35. Appetizer _______________________ 36. Ice Cream/ Yogurt/ Frozen Treats store _______________________

37. Best Chicken _______________________ 38. Asian/ Sushi _______________________ 39. Salad _______________________ 40. Buffet _______________________ 41. SodaPop Stand _______________________ 42. Seafood _______________________

46. Pediatrician _______________________ 47. Holistic Health Provider _______________________ 48. Health Store _______________________ 49. Physical Therapy _______________________ 50. Chiropractic _______________________ 51. Pain Management _______________________

Hobbies and Leisure Health 43. Pharmacy _______________________ 44. Dentist _______________________ 45. Medical Clinic/ hospital _______________________

52. Camera Store _______________________ 53. Golf Course _______________________ 54. Running shoe store _______________________ 55. Sewing/ Fabric/ Craft/ Art _______________________

56. Sports / Hunting/ Fishing store _______________________ 57. Martial Arts Studio _______________________ 58. Bike Shop _______________________ 59. Ski Resort _______________________

Home and Garden 60. Appliance/ Furniture Store _______________________ 61. Garden/ Nursery Center _______________________ 62. HVAC _______________________ 63. Plumber _______________________ 64. Electrician _______________________ 65. Landscaping/ Lawn Care _______________________

V o t e a t : n o r t h o g d e n c o n n e c t io n p u b .c o m /v o t e W in n e r s a n n o u n c e d in o u r F e b r u a r y 2 0 2 1 is s u e !

QUALITY ALWAYS COMES FIRST We match competitors’ prices with a lifetime workmanship warranty!

Over 30 Years Professional Experience

Licensed • Insured Satisfaction Guaranteed

CALL 801-603-4308

Or request a FREE estimate from our website!


November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 17

O U R F I R S T R E A D E R ’S F A V O R I T E A W A R D S ! 66. Cleaning Service _______________________ 67. Hardware Store _______________________ 68. Carpet and Flooring _______________________ 69. Bridal Shop _______________________ 70. Wedding Venue _______________________ 71. Door and Window Replacement _______________________ 72. Remodel/ Handyman _______________________ 73. Painter _______________________

74. Counter Top Store _______________________ 75. Garage Door Repair _______________________ 76. Pest Control _______________________

Job and Education 77. Career College _______________________ 78. PreSchool ______________________ 79. Charter School _______________________ 80. University _______________________

81. Day Care Center _______________________

Pets and Animals 82. Vet/ Animal Hospital _______________________ 83. Pet store _______________________ 84.Boarding House _______________________ 85.Groomers _______________________

Shopping 86. Best Locally made Products _______________________ 87. Grocery Store _______________________ 88. Clothing/ Shoe Store _______________________ 89. Jewelry Store _______________________

V o t e N o w !!

V o t e a t : n o r t h o g d e n c o n n e c t io n p u b .c o m /v o t e W in n e r s a n n o u n c e d in o u r F e b r u a r y 2 0 2 1 is s u e !


northogdenconnection.com | November 2020








November 24

VIP SPONSOR OPEN HOUSE 11:00 am - 6:00 pm virtual event with message, Entertainment & auctions


November 25

JUBILEE TREE OPEN HOUSE 11:00 am - 6:00 pm





NOVember 23-27 2020 OGDEN ECCLES


November 26

Happy Thanksgiving Closed Friday

November 27

JUBILEE TREE OPEN HOUSE 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Free public event Reservation required*


*Jubilee Tree Open House will require a reservation for a specific date and time to view and purchase trees. For a safe and festive experience, masks will be required, group size will be limited, space between trees and groups with directed movement will be required for all attendees under Utah Department of Health guidelines.

To register please go to the Foundation website: Foundation.wsd.net


November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 19


Ogden Musical Theater BY HAILEY MINTON

Ogden Musical Theater was born in 2017. It had been nearly a decade since Utah Musical Theater closed, but Weber County had the vision to bring musical theatre back to Peery’s Egyptian Theater. Kassi Bybee was handpicked for the job and she said, when they first asked her to launch this program, she wasn’t sure it was even possible. However, she believed to her core that if she brought in the right people to help, they could accomplish something amazing, and they have! Things have been strange and challenging this year with the pandemic, however support has remained strong for the theatre and the Kids Act Up


Theatre Camp that they have held, with precautions. They sold out the Kids Act Up Camp even though there were some strict requirements for all participants.

northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

Plus, the camp still went well despite everyone wearing masks and social distancing.

Coming up later this month is a season tradition performance of Five Carols for Christmas. A comedy set in the 1950’s of five women, all of whom happen to be named Carol, who have taken on the task of arranging the annual PTA Christmas performance. It is a hilarious look at all the challenges that arise and the comedy ensues. It is a great way to get some laughs while celebrating your holiday season. This musical was actually written and produced by two Weber State educators. Jim Christian is a professor emeritus from Weber State University and has 40 years of professional experience as a director, teacher, actor, writer and producer. Jim wrote this musical with friend and colleague Kenneth Plain who is the composer. The musical features both original songs combined with some traditional Christmas favorites. Maurie Tarbox is the Artistic Director for Ogden Musical Theatre and she is directing this year’s performance. Jim said the musical is spun off from his memories watching his

mother and her friends. His favorite part of writing the musical has been getting to know each character as he developed their niche and influence in the group. Some are based on actual people. He also loves that it was set in the 1950’s, a fond time in his life. It is so special to have a musical theater to serve our community, especially one of this caliber. Nearly 5 years ago when the idea was brought forward, America First Credit Union took a risk and donated to just a dream, an idea really. Their help, combined with the support of RAMP Grants, Stewart Education Foundation and Weber State University, helped get things off the ground. In addition, cooperation and access to Weber State University’s Performing Arts programs gives the Ogden Musical Theater the ability to put out top quality events with local talent. “There is no need to hire big names and bring them in, we have all we need here and it exceeds expectations;” said Kassi.

Tickets are on sale now at ogdenmusicaltheatre.org. Social distancing and masks will be required. Since every other row will be left vacant due to social distancing measures, they recommend getting your tickets early as all shows will likely sell out completely.

Early Detection Makes All the Difference

Don’t Skip Your Skin Check! Home of the FREE Skin Check Program visit www.RMDMed.com for details

Call Today: 801-827-9100 TWO CONVENIENT

WEBER COUNTY LOCATIONS 434 E. 5350 S., Suite D, Ogden 1920 W. 250 N., Suite 17, Millcreek Plaza, Marriott-Slaterville

November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 21




s we try to put 2020 behind us, one major milestone stands The Insurance Center owner Shawn Iverson, and family. between us and the new year. It’s time for open enrollment decisions about Medicare BROUGHT TO and Healthcare. What does that mean to you? YOU BY THE INSURANCE It’s time to get with your health insurance advisor to CENTER discuss your options. Don’t attempt to do it alone or

It’s time to get with your health insurance advisor to discuss your options.

just online. There is no additional cost to you to use an advisor. The insurance carrier pays the advisor directly. You don’t save anything by going direct. Ask for help! It’s the best way to find the product that meets your specific needs. How do you find the right advisor? Your health insurance advisor should have the following characteristics: 1. A physical office close to you. Whether you visit in person, over the phone, email, or zoom meeting, it is still important that if you wanted to see the whites of their eyes, you could. 2. They should be knowledgeable, with years of experience. You want someone that has “been there and done that,” someone with the experience to give you the best service possible. 3. Great online presence. Look up their online reviews.

4. Make sure the advisor represents multiple insurance carriers. You want options that will be specific to you. Once you have found your trusted advisor, make sure you share all the pertinent information with them. Let them know which doctors and hospitals you prefer. Review any upcoming procedures and your past medical history so they can advise you effectively. There are hundreds of plans available, and your advisor can help you select the best one for you.


If you are approaching age 65 or older, you have many excellent options available. It’s time to reap the benefits of terrific healthcare at affordable pricing. An expert can help you understand Part A, B, C, D of Medicare. Or maybe an Advantage plan is right for you? You have between October 15 and December 7 to make changes for the upcoming year.

Individual and Family Medical Insurance

There are some new plans available in Utah this year due to changes in the law. If you haven’t looked at your options, this is the year you should look. Make sure you speak to an advisor who has access to the exchange as well as many options off healthcare.gov. Open enrollment is November 1 through December 15. Talk to an advisor during this time.

CONTACT US! 1741 N 2000 W • Farr West • 801-622-2626



northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

WATER STORAGE IN YOUR PLUMBING ALWAYS FRESH self rotating ALWAYS SAFE you’ll never handle chemicals HASSLE FREE maintenance free after installation

Order within 30 Days and get $50 0ff Use discount code: 50off



80 or 120 gallons

Call or Email for a FREE Consultation 801.394.2494 Neil@readymadewater.com November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 23

Special article brought to you by Wasatch Peaks Credit Union

Warm the Soles Here at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, we are excited to host our annual Warm the Soles Fundraising Program. Warm the Soles is an incredible opportunity for our community to provide new Nike® shoes to local elementary school children who are in need!

amazing assistance in making the Warm the Soles program occur. Once Wasatch Peaks has received the list of students, we provide the information to the Nike® staff. These staff members handpick shoes for each child on the list, including adaptive shoes for students who may have special needs. The Wasatch Peaks staff then take the time to wrap each

This year, our recipients have been selected from the following elementary schools: Burch Creek, Heritage, James Madison, Municipal, New Bridge, North Park, Odyssey, Riverdale, Roosevelt, T.O. Smith, Wasatch, and Washington Terrace Elementary.

How Can You Help? Since 2006, Wasatch Peaks has raised $189,533, providing 6,739 pairs of shoes for our local elementary school children. Last year was a record-breaking year and we were able to raise $33,110 in donations, more than double our goal!

How it Works: Members of our community can donate to the Warm the Soles program and help Wasatch Peaks in supporting our local children. We are able to work with the elementary schools directly so we can best benefit those children who need our support. Teachers and administrators select students, and then provide us with a list of those students and their shoe sizes. These selected students then receive a brand-new pair of Nike® shoes, purchased with the donations made from our community. The Nike® Factory Store in Farmington has provided


their time. During our visits to deliver shoes, we have seen shoes that don’t fit or are filled with holes, children wearing sandals in the slush and snow, and shoes that are held together with tape. These new shoes make a huge difference in these kids’ lives, providing them confidence, comfort, and the ability to focus and succeed in school.

pair of shoes, complete with a pair of socks and some treats. After they’ve all been wrapped, the shoes are then gifted to the children at their schools.

The Impact: The Warm the Soles Program has a lasting impact not only the children receiving the shoes, but also for those who are donating or volunteering

northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

This year, we have the amazing opportunity to support 1,960 of our young local students with 1,960 pairs of new Nike® shoes. We appreciate any and all donations made to help us provide these new shoes. A new pair of shoes costs just $25, so any donation makes a big difference.

Donations can be made at: • Online: wasatchpeaks.com • Venmo: @WasatchPeaks • Mail: 4723 Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84403 • Visit: Your local Wasatch Peaks branch

Special article brought to you by Heiner's Insurance Center

3 Tips to De-Stress Your Thanksgiving POSTED BY ADDIE B. - ACUITY

Thanksgiving is all about family traditions. Whether chatting during meal preparation, watching football as a family, or going out for hours of shopping— family comes to life on Thanksgiving. We all look forward to spending time together and enjoying favorite family recipes, but all that family in one place can be stressful. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the stress ruin your holiday. Here are some suggestions that will help you have a happy and stressfree Thanksgiving.

1. FOSTER GENUINE GRATITUDE. Encourage your children to see how important it is to have a thankful heart. This is a time to reflect on the accomplishments and joys you and your family have experienced. Coordinate a volunteer event in your family or neighborhood to help someone in need. There is no greater joy than to be a blessing to someone else.

2. ANTICIPATE THE FAMILY TIME AND REMINISCE ABOUT YEARS PAST. It is fun to think about each family member and which part of the meal they look forward to most. When the table is set and everyone is seated for the meal, take turns expressing the things that you are most thankful for. It is so touching to hear everyone talk about what matters the most. Take a family picture so you can look back on the memories that have been made.

3. TAKE A WALK. When you have had enough of the kitchen craziness, head outside in the brisk air for a walk. There are many benefits of getting your body moving. When walking, your increased rate of breathing moves oxygen through your bloodstream. It promotes digestion and can have a calming effect because the release of endorphins can relieve pain and stimulate relaxation.

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family.

So, when Uncle Bob starts telling the embarrassing story you hate—or when the kids start to fight—remember not to stress. Enjoy the time with your family and remember to keep the holiday spirit alive and well.

“We pay for Ashes and Crashes” Since 1948 606 Washington Blvd • Ogden, Utah 84404 Ph: (801) 621-2620 Fax: (801) 621-7642

www.heinerins.com | 1-800-565-7720 November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 25




By Attorney Garrett T. Smith

An ABLE account is a taxadvantaged savings account for individuals with special needs.

BLE Accounts were created through Federal legislation passed in 2014 called the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act). An ABLE Account is a taxadvantaged savings account for individuals with special needs. The beneficiary of the account is the account owner. Any income earned by an account will not be taxed. Contributions can be made to an account by any person. Contributions will be made with post-taxed dollars and are not tax deductible (federally). Some states, including Utah, allow for state income tax deductions for contributions. Many individuals with disabilities and their family rely on public benefits for health care, food, income, and housing assistance. Individuals reporting more than $2,000 in cash savings, retirement funds, and/or other items of significant value are ineligible for certain public benefits like SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, etc. The ABLE Act recognizes that there are extra and significant costs associated with living with a disability. Many of the public benefits do not cover all of the health care, personal assistance services, assistive technology, housing, transportation, and other needs to have the desired quality of life. There are certain eligibility requirements for ABLE Accounts. The onset of the disability must have occurred before the individual reached 26 years of age. If an individual meets this age requirement and is already receiving benefits under SSI and/or SSDI, that individual is automatically eligible to open an ABLE Account. If an individual is


northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

not a recipient of benefits under SSI and/or SSDI, but still meets the age of onset of the disability requirement, that individual may be eligible if he or she meets the following requirements: 1) Meet Social Security’s definition and criteria regarding significant functional limitations, and 2) Obtain a letter of certification from a licensed physician. One disadvantage of an ABLE Account is that upon the death of the beneficiary, the state in which the beneficiary lived may file a claim to all or a portion of the funds within the ABLE Account equal to the amount that the state spent on the beneficiary through the state Medicaid program. This “Medicaid Pay-Back” allows the state to recoup Medicaid related expenses from the time that the ABLE Account was opened. An ABLE Account should be used to supplement a Special Needs Trust rather than supplant it altogether. The advantages of each provide an individual with special needs, and their family, with more comprehensive tools to manage and protect assets. An ABLE Account provides the individual and family more control and flexibility while a Special Needs Trust avoids the Medicaid Pay-Back and provides greater protection of assets. This is a complex area of law and small mistakes can have major financial consequences. If you need help navigating these issues, please give me a call!



FAmily Law • Business Law • Personal Liability Trusts • Wills • Estate Planning • Professional Planing GARRETT T. SMITH Attorney at Law

801-876-5297 garrett@integralaw.net

GET YOUR DREAM KITCHEN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Enjoy more access to your kitchen with custom pull-out shelves for your existing cabinets


WE ’













*Limit one offer per household. Must purchase 5+ Classic/ Designer Shelves. EXP 1/31/21


Schedule your FREE design consultation!

(801) 845-3565 | shelfgenie.com

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428 E. 2600 N. North Ogden We offer card games, board games, video games, miniature games and role playing.

Call for Class info on Self Defense and Martial Arts 8 0 1 . 6 4 5 . 4 7 8 8


northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

Halloween Special

$31 Dollar Sessions Through the End of November Personal and Small Group Training




1966 N 400 E, North Ogden, UT


November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 29



This family run and car-loving business keeps the families they serve first.

The team at ZK can finance vehicle puchases, repairs and upgrades.

Today, they have a mechanic shop and collectively, ZK mechanics have over 100 years of experience. Many of them hail from the beautiful city of North Ogden as well.

INFO Business: Automotive Sales, Repair and Finance 2389 N Highway 89 Ogden (385) 492-3594 HelpMeZK.com



Automotive is a family-owned business, owned and operated by North Ogden and Pleasant View residents, built to serve residents along Northern Utah. Jennifer Roskelley, her husband Tyler, and father Mike Salazar, are the owners of ZK Automotive. Tyler grew up in Huntsville. Mike was born in North Ogden, and Jennifer has spent the better part of her life in our community as well.  After Jennifer and Tyler married, they decided to start a full-service auction company. Mike, having a love for thrifty buys and restoring items of rusty items, gained his Auction License in 2014 and never looked back. All three got their car state auction license soon after, and from there it grew.  “We all LOVE cars,” said Jennifer. She admitted that fast cars are her indulgence.  

northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

Jennifer explained that car dealerships go to state dealership wholesale auctions, in order to purchase cars for their fleets. “We can offer that to the public.” People can buy or sell their vehicles through ZK Automotive auctions, which has moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Look for their restart in the Spring of 2021)! In 2016, they decided to transfer their passion for cars into expanding their services in order to offer more help to their customers.  “We believe in being diverse and expanding where you can, when it makes sense,” Jennifer said. They offer a wide range of financing options for ALL credit types, and they finance vehicle purchases, repairs, and upgrades. Today, they have a mechanic shop and collectively, ZK mechanics have over 100 years of experience. “They’re great,” said Jennifer. “They come second to none!” And many of them hail from the beautiful city of North Ogden as well.   Jennifer said they like to be innovative in running their business. They offer a car service subscription, which reduces the hourly rate of service when customers bring

their vehicles in to have work done. Jennifer explained that a lot of places will charge anywhere from $110 - $130 per hour for normal mechanic work. Theirs ends up coming to as low as $59.95 per hour. They chose to incorporate this into their business, with families in mind. “On the back end, it genuinely saves families thousands of dollars if their transmission goes out, their engine breaks down, if they need alignment jobs, or have a huge leak. We are a family first oriented business and that’s not going to change.” That has been their motto from the very beginning. They have made some hard decisions along their journey.  “As an entrepreneur, you either fail or succeed. At one point we were really beginning to feel that pressure. The return in revenue wasn’t there and it didn’t make sense to continue, but we know the secret to success is to keep working hard and never give up. Innovate! We decided to change up our procedures, restructure, and learn how to better manage our time and costs,” said Jennifer. “From that point success came easier. It’s all about working harder and smarter, and never giving up.” 

Managing your medications has never been easier

We know managing multiple prescriptions and other medications can be timeconsuming, frustrating and just plain scary. We can help. We can organize your medications by time and day to make it easy.

Mountain View Healthmart Pharmacy 1100 W 2700 N PLEASANT VIEW, UT 84414 801.475.3695 MOUNTAINVIEWHEALTHMART.COM

This pharmacy is independently owned and operated under a license from Health Mart Systems, Inc.

November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 31



Surprise your home cook with a personalized recipe box to keep all their treasured recipes in. Bedbathandbeyond.com $47.99

Staff Pick!

my “This is on ” t! lis h wis

Make two gorgeous 7” round waffles at once so making breakfast is faster! Six settings allow you to easily customize how crisp and golden you’d like your waffle to be. Kingarthurbaking.com $99.95



Cooking & Food Enthusiast Do you have someone in your life that loves to cook, eat or bake? Here are some items they might love to receive this Christmas. BY KRISTINA CASE


Perfect for entertaining friends and family. Can personalize for $12. Williamsonoma.com $29.99


Chances are the baker in your life loves to give away their delicious treats! This set comes with 12 boxes, baker’s twine and white tags so they can present their goodies in style. Amazon.com $14.99


A favorite in European bakeries, this basket made of natural cane allows dough to rise evenly and promotes a crispy crust. The bread baker in your life will love this! Williamsonoma.com $39.95


northogdenconnection.com | November 2020


This beautiful acacia wood natural salt cellar has a convenient and charming swivel lid and will look great in any kitchen. Crateandbarrel.com $9.95


Show off your newly baked goods on this beautiful white cake plate. Magnolia.com $34


The beautiful photos will inspire any home cook!

Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook : Favorite Everyday Recipes from Our Family Kitchen Utah’s own food blogger, Maria Lichty, published her first cookbook last year and it highlights delicious everyday recipes with beautiful photography. Walmart.com $23.21


Treat someone with a delivery of fresh seafood right to their door from Topsail Steamer in Surf City, NC. Ready to cook! Includes: Shrimp, Snow Crab, Little Neck Clams, Sea Scallops,Andouille Sausage, Kielbasa Sausage,Sweet Corn, Red Bliss Potatoes and Homemade Seasoning Goldbelly.com $159

Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten


Beehive Cheese Company is familyowned gourmet cheese producer located in Uintah, Utah that uses local ingredients. 6 best selling cheeses in a box including: Apple Walnut Smoked, Barely Buzzed, Big John’s Cajun, Promontory, Seahive and Teahive. Beehivecheese.com $34.99


Honey Sampler includes three 6 oz jars of Wildflower, Clover Blossom and Orange Blossom flavors. Thehoneyjarhome.com $12.99/$19.99 shipped anywhere in the US

A household name. Her latest cookbook features recipes inspired by childhood favorites like Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, Boston Cream Pie and Cheddar and Chutney Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Target.com $24.50

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains

Tieghan Gerard grew up in a large family in the mountains of Colorado. Her fresh take on comfort food, stunning photography, and charming life in the mountains make k! Staff Pic this a great gift for any cook. of ts “This has lopes Amazon.com $18.40 cool reci in it.” -Ann

ARTISAN ENGLISH TOFFEE This award-winning artisan toffee, made by an Ogden candy maker, is made in small batches by hand using simple ingredients of fresh sweet cream butter and pure sugar. Chocolot.com $20



northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

“ N ot e v e ryon e w with an a amazin g s bor n bu ff bab bod, but y e ve an amaz ryon e can have in g real broth e r tor. My , Du stin , can po you to t int h e pe r f e ct h o u s e .”

LANCE PETERSON Loan Officer 801-388-5888 NMLS # 253142


Realtor 801-528-9500

www.2brothersutah.com Corporate NMLS #248240 Regulated by The Division of Real Estate

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Rejuvenate Your Skin Just in time for the holidays.

Pumpkin Spice Facial $80 Packed with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, your skin will be left bright and glowing. Want to step up your treatment? Add in a pumpkin peel !

Advanced Laser Treatments 20% Off Veins Redness Pigmentation Repair your skin with these quick laser treatments to even your skin tone. Enhance the effects by adding our post-vitamin mask to visibly brighten and rehydrate your skin.

Scan me!

1690 N Washington BLVD STE 3

A Electrolysis



North Ogden, Utah 84404


Does Your Beard Leave Your Skin Dry & Itchy?


Amazon Doesn’t Sponsor Your Kid’s Soccer Team! BY RYAN SPELTS


on’t worry, this is not going to be a lecture on how amazon.com is evil and ruining our local economy. I personally use Amazon, probably a little too much. I do, however, make every effort to buy locally. I recently wanted to buy some sporting equipment and shopped locally at four stores, until I couldn’t find what I needed and then I went online. To me that extra effort is worth it, because I am a local business owner and I want to support others who also have local businesses. I love walking into Lee’s or Smith’s and seeing my neighbors’ kids working there, learning at their first job. Ben Lomond Heating and Air hired my son for his first job. Advanced Electrolysis hired my daughter for her first job. My dentist, Ben Lomond Dental, seems to sponsor nearly every sport at the High School, and Dr. Larson, said, “I don’t think anyone has ever come in and said, ‘I saw your logo on my child’s dance t-shirt and so I want you to be my dentist’!” He probably won’t ever hear that, but I, for one, am glad that a small business owner like him is willing to sponsor sports and other activities for our youth. (The challenge of naming a few businesses is that I could never fit everyone in one article, and so I inevitably leave some out…sorry!) There are so many business owners like this here in North Ogden. Behind the scenes, doing work and providing work, contributing to our local economy. Our support matters to these businesses. The point of this article is to remind


Beard & Skin rejuvenation

northogdenconnection.com | November 2020

By shopping locally, we get to be part of the community and support someone who lives here too, someone who hires us, or our kids.


There are so many business owners here in North Ogden behind the scenes, doing work and providing work, contributing to our local economy.

each of us to shop here when we can. Our city gets sales tax revenue from locally purchased goods, which helps our city operate. Operation is good. To me though, it is bigger than that. It is connection to our community. It is why this magazine is called Connection! By shopping locally, we get to be part of the community and support someone who lives here too, someone who hires us, or our kids. It’s the chance for me to work side-by-side with fellow business owners Jenice Jones (Jones Shirts and Signs), and Shawn and Sharlene Maynard (Bull Frog Spas) on the Small Business Development Committee; they voluntarily work to try to make the business environment for our community better and stronger. And since nearly half of the workforce is employed by small businesses, there is a one in two chance that you work for or own a small business. Our economy needs you and me and all of us to thrive. While I can recognize the beauty and convenience of buying something in my pj’s and having a brown box on my doorstep (sometimes the very next day), I also love getting a scoop of homemade natural ice cream from the Cannery Creamery, or a gift from All Aflutter. I also know they don’t exist unless a good portion of us make the choice to shop there. So this season, I encourage you to make the effort to stop at a local shop and buy from them, if they have what you want or need. It helps, it really does.

3 Rooms & Hallway Carpet Cleaning



(Up To 250 Sq. Feet, Regular Price Thereafter) Not valid with any other offers. Coupon must be present at time of cleaning. One coupon per customer. Expires 12/15/2020

3 Rooms & Hallway Carpet Cleaning plus Duct Cleaning (Up to 12 Vents)


(Up To 450 Sq. Feet, Regular Price Thereafter) Not valid with any other offers. Coupon must be present at time of cleaning. One coupon per customer. Expires 12/15/2020


801-782-1800 November 2020 | northogdenconnection.com 37



This time of year, I am always aware of how blessed I am. We all are really, living in this incredible part of the world. With that awareness comes a desire to spread a little love and give thanks in small acts of random kindness. Here is a list of ideas that you can use to pick one or two options to do this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

• Pay it forward (or for the person behind • • • • • • • • • • •

you) at your favorite drive-thru Give a hamburger and hand warmer to a homeless person Adopt a foster kid for Christmas Rake a neighbors leaves for them or shovel for them in secret Take someone a meal Give a treat to your mail carrier Leave a roll of quarters at the Laundry mat Write a love note to a relative Babysit for a friend for free Smile Let someone go in front of you in the line Make something yummy and share with your neighbors

• Be polite on the road, let someone in • Call or FaceTime grandparents • Thank our policemen, firemen and • • • • • • • • • •

nurses Hold the door open for someone Donate blood Ask if you can help Serve in a homeless shelter Leave money on a vending machine for someone to find Spend time with your family Take the time to listen to someone Do a siblings chore without being asked Buy groceries for the person behind you Reconnect with old friend

CAMARADA Celtic Groove

Join us for an evening of live music as Camarada performs Celtic favorites like “Banish Misfortune” and “The Gael” that feature rock-like arrangements infused with traditional elements of composition and instrumentation, set to a fluid rhythmic undercurrent.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14 AT 6PM & 8:30PM Royal Room at The Monarch 451 25th Street, Ogden

Adults $25, Students & Children $10

Visit ONSTAGEOGDEN.ORG or call 801-399-9214 for tickets and info on our COVID-19 safety plan! 38

northogdenconnection.com | November 2020




Includes a Tire Rotation Up to 6 quarts. Excludes Diesels. Offer ends 12/31/20



ON A SET OF FOUR TIRES! See dealer for details. Tire offers expire 11/30/20


SERVICE & PRICES that will make you

S M I L E Dealer #1107

3535 Wall Avenue | Ogden 801.394.2611 | JohnWatsonChevrolet.com

SERVICE HOURS Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Profile for Connection Publishing

North Ogden Connection November 2020