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Ryan Mahoney Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ryan Mahoney of Dubai, UAE is an active and prolific entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Better Homes and the CEO and owner of CenCorp, both of which are based in Dubai and form part of the UAE property market. Mahoney assumed his role as Chief Executive Officer of Better Homes in 2004, a role he continues to fulfill. Mahoney has a strong interest in Dubai’s economic transformation, particularly its business and lifestyle environment. He has built and co-founded many start-up businesses across different industries in Dubai, including Dubizzle, MasterKey CRM, Houza, Taqado restaurants and Octopus Maintenance. Mahoney’s professional interests include the property market, business development and proptech. He also has key skills in creative – particularly branding and design, having studied Art at the University of Kent in the UK – and strategic planning and process building. Outside his career, Mahoney enjoys a range of cultural activities that relate to art and history.