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RYANLAFAYETTE Industrial Design Portfolio

Spring 2016

“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.� -Hans Hofmann

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SURVIVAL TECH Advanced Design Fifteen Week Project


AUTOPĂœR Intermediate Design Fifteen Week Project


BLOOD PRESSURE Sustainable Design Twelve Week Project


DIVING TOY Advanced Solidworks Six Week Project


PROTOTYPING Advanced Prototyping Twelve Week Project


CHECK-OUT Ergonomics Six Week Project

Ryan J Lafayette


PURE SoftGoods Design Twelve Week Project


BICYCLE Introduction to Solidworks Twelve Week Project


THERMOMETER Ergonomics Six Week Project


MANUFACTURING Adv. Manufacturing Process Twelve Week Project


ROCKET CAR Foundations Six Week Project


HANGER Foundations Five Week Project

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SURVIVAL TECH How can emerging technology improve wilderness survival? Junior Studio || Twelve Week Project

“Panic never helps you. I’ve learned from experience: You thrive when you keep calm in a crisis.” - Bear Grylls

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Losing the Food To ind a focus area I explored some scenarios that would put a family of four into a survival situation. The scenario I had settled on was of a family going on a long backpacking trip. They ind themselves in a survival situation when their bear safe food container is defeated. They are now days away from help and out of food.

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Technological Help When researching emerging markets and new technology through the Hype-Gartner charts there were three main technologies that I though could be a big help to survival gear; augmented reality, big data and educational technology. These technologies all have the ability to bring information to the user to improve their knowledge.

Augmented Reality

Big Data


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Understanding the User With a product that I intend to be used as an educational tool outside of survival situations I needed to ind the most comfortable way to have the product easy to access. To do this I asked many of my classmates to test out my mock-ups. As they were testing them I was keeping a close eye to the diferent ways they were interacting with the object.

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Use of Technology

Camera Flash

PCB LED Display

Docking Case

Clip Induction Charger Sleep Dock Solar Glass

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Saving Power Power is not an easy thing to come by in the wilderness, so to conserve power the dock utilizes magnetic induction to put the device to sleep when docked. The screen utilizes solar glass for emergency solar charging incase the device does run out of battery.

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California Poppies Eschscholzia californica

Saguaro Cactus Carnegiea gigantea

In Northern California these are very common.

The Saguato Cactus can grow up to 70 feet tall and store a lot of water in its ribs.

Download the region you are traveling to.

Can you ďŹ nd them?

Did you know?

Data Storage


Pre-downloading the botanical data of the region you will be traveling to will remove the need to remain wirelessly attached to the internet.

When not in a survival situation there will be achievements and fun facts displayed to be educational and fun.

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Black Byrony Dioscorea communis It is a climbing herbaceous plant growing to 2–4 m tall, with stems that twine clockwise. The leaves are spirally arranged, heart-shaped, up to 10 cm long and 8 cm broad, with a petiole up to 5 cm long. It is dioecious, with separate male and female plants. The flowers are individually inconspicuous, greenish-yellow, 3–6 mm diameter, with six petals; the male flowers produced in slender 5–10 cm racemes, the female flowers in shorter clusters. The fruit is a bright red berry, 1 cm diameter. Its fairly large tuber is, like the rest of the plant,

Download the region you ....SCANNING... are traveling to.

Black Byrony


Survival In a survival situation you can actively scan the local botany to identify necessary information. Identify if a plant might be edible or poisonous, what might be used as medicine or irst aid and even identify what plants may be useful survival tools.

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Ryan J Lafayette

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AUTOPÜR Re-Inventing the coffee maker for the modern kitchen. Sophomore Studio || Fifteen Week Project

GESAMTKUNSTWERK Gesamtkunstwerk is a German term describing the synthesis of arts or allembracing art forms. It represents an idea of uniication of objects in an area to come together into one “total” artwork.

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Market Research Kitchen appliances are still stuck in the utilitarian model and need to shift if we are to keep the ideals of gesamtkunstwerk in our homes. The market is looking for more artistic and usable models.


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Physical Studies As there is so much physical interactions with cofee makers, ensuring that the forms were ergonomic and comfortable to the hand was very important.

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Elegant & Eicient Utilizing many diferent features, such as; a cofee grinder, reusable ilter, removable water carafe and accurate water heating, the Autop端r ensures that every cup of cofee will be the best cofee you can brew. All while blending seamlessly into the kitchen facade.

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PURE Using textiles to better the health of the public. Softgoods Studio || Twelve Week Project

Problem Identiication More people are switching to public transit as their primary means of transportation due to many factors. This opens their lives up to many things that could be harmful. Is there something that can make their lives healthier and safer?

128.6 Million Commuters

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25% Use Public Transit


Jason Roy

Stefany Tran

Briana Edwards

Military Professional

College Student

Single Mom

“A good rule of thumb is too keep things out of site, and out of mind. But these things happen at random. You are never 100% safe, so you have to prepare yourself for that situation.”

“I carry pepper spray but its on my lanyard and usually in my purse. When I was robbed it happened so fast there was no time to grab it.”

“I feel vulnerable for my health with sicknesses on my commute. I work wear a mask but they look so weird and are uncomfortable. As a single mom I need my sick days for emergencies.”

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Collaborative Research To ensure that no rock was left unturned the problem and idea were presented to a focus group. The focus was then turned to what the needs, wants and worries of the user base were. Gaining irsthand knowledge showed that this product would need to be discrete. Many of the face masks currently on the market are either inefective or far too large to wear on a commute.

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Sketch Exploration

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Patterning To make sure the project was going in the right direction prototypes were presented to the user group to validate the solution. This gave a lot of insight on the size and it of the iltration device. Ultimately leading to a inalized pattern capable of producing many iterations of the iltration device.

“I like that it looks like a scarf so it isn’t calling too much attention, but I’d like to be able to put it down when I’m not using it. I wouldn’t want it to always be covering my face.”

“Can the ilter be kept in a pocket or integrated into the inner lining so I don’t have to make sure I have a place to hold the ilter.”

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Discrete Filtration The Pure personal iltration cowl provides the user with fresh air no matter their location. Utilizing activated carbon ilters for fumes and HEPA ilters for particles and bacteria the Pure ilter will remove all contaminates. With an ultra-light low power fan the Pure ilter can operate for 70 Hours of use between charges.

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BICYCLE Introductions to 3D Computer Modeling Introduction to Solidworks || Six Week Project

Constructing the Bike Over the semester pieces of the bike were completed by following tutorials and adding personal twists. The bike frame, tires, rims, saddle, handlebars, forks and accessories were all personally designed. With added parts given all pieces were constructed into an assembly so that the right pieces would be able to rotate and turn.

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BLOOD PRESSURE Identify and apply sustainable design practices on an existing product. Sustainablility Studio || Twelve Week Project

Understanding Impact To understand the environmental impact of the Omron blood pressure monitor properly disassembling and weighing each individual part was necessary. This gave me insight into what areas of the manufacturing process where the worst for the environment, so that I may construct a plan for reducing the overall environmental impact.

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Environmental Impact

Component Weights

Plastic Body






Environmental Impacts vs Component Weights

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Impact Exploration Utilizing the Okala Impact wheel as inspiration I began brainstorming diferent ways to reduce the impact of the product. From manufacturing practices and material reductions to elongating the time of use of the product.

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Impact Reduction

Reduce Energy Use During Use o Encourage Low-Consumption

Reduce Product & Packaging Volume Reduce Product & Packaging Develop Reusable Packaging S

Minimize Number of Production Steps

Design for Durability Design for Maintenance and Easy Repair

Minimize Number of Production Components/Materials

Design for Reuse of Components

Minimize quantity of materials Use renewable resources

or Fast Manual or Automated Disassembly

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Impact Reduction The biggest reduction of the Omron blood pressure monitor came in adding ECG monitoring to the device to increase the hours of use. Separately scaling down to remove unnecessary space and switching to environmental friendly electronics added large reductions. Lastly making the inlation bladder interchangeable lowers the waste of materials when needing to upgrade or replace components.

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39.8 Impacts

Standard PCB’s

21.7 Impacts


0.87 Impacts

End of Life

1.81 Impacts


14.1 Impacts


Hours of Use


2.35 Impacts

700 Hrs

Materials RoHs PCB’s


End of Life



Hours of Use

77% Reduction

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DIVING TOY Create a child’s toy in solidworks utilizing surfacing with advance modeling techniques. Advanced Solidworks || Six Week Project

Modeling Playfulness My goal for my inal toy was to create something that looked anatomically correct but was also functional as a diving toy. Surfacing was used to create all parts of the body allowing for optimal control of the detailing of the in and body shape. The model is designed to be heavy in the front with dorsal ins angling up to allow it to glide forward in the water.

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THERMOMETER Apply ergonomic techniques to make an existing product more comfortable and user friendly. Ergonomic Studio || Six Week Project

The Pain Points To design with ergonomics in mind an analysis of the “Pain Points” of the product was important. “Pain Points” represent the areas that are diicult or painful to interact with.

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Finger Holds Clustered Buttons

Viewing Angle

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Looking for Solutions With the “Pain Points� Identiied the next step was to begin understanding why these points of the product are diicult and how they can be improved. For the kitchen thermometer screen visibility in the Kitchen triangle is diicult to achieve so an idea screen angle must be found. For button placement understanding the range of motion for someone with arthritis or lower mobility in their ingers can be gained by taping ones knuckles and seeing if the buttons are still usable.

Best Angle

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Mimicing Arthritis

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Applying the Findings With screens diicult to view from the kitchen triangle the ergonomic redesign has a dock which sets the screen at the optimal viewing angle from anywhere in the kitchen. A Bluetooth receiver and antenna allows the product to go with you instead of being out of sight. Centralized buttons allow for ease of use and dot matrixed background allows for easier readability.

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MANUFACTURING Design a Smart Speaker, based o the Amazon Echo, for both low and high volume manufacturing techniques. Advanced Solidworks || Twelve Week Project

Designing Low Volume When designing something artisan or unique it will vary often be lower volume. Utilizing multiple manufacturing techniques and generally have many diferent parts. Low volume manufactured product place a higher degree of importance on appearance and aesthetics than part cost. With that in mind there is still an optimal production amount for proit margin which can be found by doing an amortization.

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What is DFMA? DFMA is an acronym that stands for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. It represents the practice of simplifying a design for certain manufacturing practices as well as making assembly as quick and straightforward as possible. Generally this means lowering the amount of parts and keeping as few manufacturing processes as possible, leading to more emphasis on part cost.

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PROTOTYPING Looking at the design process through the perspective of prototyping and physical ideation. Advanced Prototyping || Twelve Week Project

Collective Brainstorm To change up the design process we started with rapid mock-ups of any idea we could think of when looking at purchased products. We presented those concepts and collaborated to try to build upon those ideas to reine them into full concepts.

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3D Play


Precision Machinning The case was machined out of ABS plastic for its tensile strength and machined on the mill for the high precision needed to be able to snap the iPad in and out. Finally creating a case with removable interactive building blocks to create a synthesis of the digital and physical world to keep children more engaged when using technology.

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For physical model please reference process book.

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CHECK-OUT In groups apply ergonomic techniques to a check out Kiosk to make it more comfortable and user friendly. Ergonomic Studio || Six Week Project

Ryan Lafayette || Monica Montelongo || Fernando Ruiz

Designing for the 99% To ensure that the kiosk is accessible for everyone our group worked to ind the best solutions for the whole public. We looked irst at the needs of the 1% to begin to ind what an ergonomic kiosk would need to be. Monica then synthesized the groups ideas into this Solidworks model.

Multi-Adjustable Screen

Accessable Pay and Cups

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Wheelchair Foot Relief

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User Interface With integrating a self-ordering system we also needed to think of how the user interface was designed to be more accessible. Fernando designed this user-friendly display so that the ordering process could as easy as possible.

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User Experience The experience of the store is almost as important as the interface or ergonomic design of kiosk. Our group identiied the pinch points of a standard Jack in the Box restaurant. I then designed a new layout that would ofer a better user experience from ordering to departing from the store.

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ROCKET CAR Create a CO2 racer that inherently looks fast. Foundations || Six Week Project

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Embodying Motion With the scorpion’s ability to strike its prey in an instant, I wanted to capture that motion. Converting the ability to strike quickly into an appearance of motion. The model is meant to look as if it could take of at any moment, ready to strike

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FLATPACK Create a hanger capable of being assembled from a at piece of cardboard. Foundations || Five Week Project

Maximizing Material To maximize the cardboard sheet my mind went instantly to modular components. With modular components they can be arranged to maximize space but also easy to assemble for the end user. This ultimate lead to a design capable of holding 20 Lbs. and hanging a full suit without wrinkling any part.

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Junior Year Porfolio  

Portfolio of work up to junior year at SJSU

Junior Year Porfolio  

Portfolio of work up to junior year at SJSU